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Spider-Man 2 is a 2023 live action superhero comedy, drama, tragedy and adventure flick marketed as the official sequel to Spider-Man (2021 film) which based on the highly popular 2018 video game of the same name, and another chapter in the long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe and based of the comics from Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. With Marvel and SONY in a previous engagement regarding the future of the webslinger involving the previous film being based off the popular game from Insomniac, the collaboration worked well within both Marvel and SONY's favor as the film was both critically and universally praised and financially successful too, earning $1.36 billion over a $150 budget worldwide.

Talks for a sequel began almost immediately and with most of the cast and crew returning, principal photography began shortly afterwards once the sequel was greenly.

The film is produced by Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. It will also be produced by Kevin Feige and one of the original Spider-Man directors, Sam Raimi. Finally, the film sees the departure of Matthew Vaugn and the arrival of the director of The Equalizer films, Antoine Fuqua.

Main Cast

  • Dylan O'Brien as Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man
  • Chosen Jacobs as Miles Gonzalo Morales / Kid Archanid
  • Katherine McNamara as Mary Jane Watson / Spinneret
  • Bryan Cranston as Norman Virgil Osborn / Green Goblin
  • Tyler Posey as Harold "Harry" Theopolis Osborn
  • Samara Weaving as Felicia Hardy / Black Cat
  • Constance Wu as Captain Yuriko "Yuri" Watanabe
  • Michael Shannon as Hammerhead
  • Katherine Langford as Morgan H. Stark
  • Jennifer Connelly as KAREN (voice)
  • Meagan Good as Liz Allen Toomes
  • Chris O'Neal as Edward "Ned" Leeds
  • Jasmine Cephas Jones as Michelle "MJ" Jones
  • Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth "Betty" Brant
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Eugene "Flash" Thompson
  • Joe Pantoliano as Dr. Mendel Stromm
  • Phil Morris as Dr. Morgan Michaels
  • Jason Isacc as Max Vargis 
  • Dylan Baker as Dr. Curtis "Curt" Connors
  • J.K Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson
  • Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes
  • Michael Jai White as Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone)
  • Donald Glover as Aaron Davis
  • Gina Rodriguez as Rio Morales
  • Richard T. Jones as Robbie Robertson
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop
  • Seo Young-Joo as Ganke Lee
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts
  • Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan
  • Dawn Michelle King as EDITH (voice)

  • Mark Hamill as Otto Octavius

  • Tom Hardy as Edward "Eddie" Charles Allan Brock Jr. / voice of Venom
  • Joan Celia "JC" Lee as herself 
  • Gary Oldman as Walter Hardy (Flashbacks)

(More coming soon)


Months after the Devil's Breath plague, the invasion of the demon terrorists and the defeat of the Sinister Six, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is about to face greater challenges and a new enemy. Hammerhead, the notorious crime boss brews a gang war to take the Kingpin's throne while his former Queenpin, the cunning Black Cat returns to resume her path of burglary but that is the LEAST of Peter's worries. When corporate members of Oscorp are found murdered one by one, he soon learns the face of the enemy that'll give Otto a run for his money. The weight of responsibility now triples for Peter Parker, gaining a new protege in Mile Morales, Peter's love Mary Jane Watson developing changes of her own that will alter her life forever and the sudden arrival of a new villain on the block: The Green Goblin. Not much can go wrong but when you're Spider-Man, everything can take a turn for the absolute worst.


~Opening SONY Columbia Tristar and Marvel Cinema Studios~

New York City Hall

Where the Mayor runs the entire city that never sleeps a man who kept law and order firm a man who has worked tirelessly to keep crime and corruption at bay one man who inured everything in his power would never slip from his fingers until......after an instant caused by a gang of terrorists that nearly destroyed the city which City Hall was under construction from a tragic story that had gone public which has now forced the Mayor to an early resignation after months remaining indoors of defeat

The story that destroyed his position was the tragic story of Martin Li the head of F.E.A.S.T. homeless shelter of china town AKA Mr. Negative the leader of the Demon Terrorist gang

As a boy he was diagnosed with fatally disease which he recovered during the first test of GR-27 (Devil's Breath) but a a terrible price the process cost the lives of Martin's parents and fueled with power of negative energy transforming him into the vengeful and deadly Mr. Negative years later he brought the japan legend of the demon to life by creating an army of demons and set attacks on Osborn properties and eventually Martin Li would have succeeded on killing the man who ruined his childhood with the help of Doc Ock AKA Dr. Otto Octavius and the rest of the sinister six (Scorpion Rhino Vulture and Electro) who are all now in custody but Li had mysteriously disappeared not heard from for a year

Only a handful of his men remained in the city

But since Li's disappearance the city now knew the truth about their beloved Mayor he was who created both Li and Doc Ock and brought all this chaos into their fair city and the Mayor was now clearing out his office

Norman Osborn (Bryan Cranston) packed up his belongings from his office he looked at it with sad disappointed and defeat Norman closed his suitcase walked out of the office switching off the light

Once Norman was outside of city hall people who walked by him all gave him dirty looks and who can blame them Norman couldn't but he thought to himself: If they only knew

Norman went in his limbo and drove him back all the way to Oscorp the cooperation of tech and science and medical treatment Oscorp Tower was once the old Stark Tower to Avengers Tower until the now deceased Tony Stark AKA The legendary Iron Man until it was sold to Norman who build Oscorp there

Once Norman arrived he was called in for a meeting Norman entered the meeting room

Norman: Good evening everyone. Sorry I'm late. Let me just get my----

Norman opened his case gathering what he needs as the Board Members all looked at him firmly and serious and surprisingly the square head J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) happen to be there since he was on the board for editing the Oscorp articles when he ran the Daily Bugle before the opening of Just the facts with J. Jonah Jameson that and he was promoted there by Norman given they were buds

Soon Norman sat down acknowledging everyone at the table

Norman: everyone may know.....Oscorp has taken a big hit due to last year's terrorist attack. I have signed in my resignation as mayor but.....Oscorp has survived worse than this as I speak the chemical war fares are still in order our tech is still high and our status has never been higher.

Max Vargas (Jason Isaac): That's wonderful news Norman. Wonderful indeed. But.....I'm afraid your position as mayor isn't the only thing we expect you to turn in.

Norman blinks hearing that

Norman: Beg your pardon?

Max: Norman ever since the Martin Li story went public people have been loosing trust in us they demanded Oscorp be shut down.....unless you resign.

Norman: But that was an accident! Martin was dying and I was only trying to help him. I never meant for his parents to be killed. I never wanted that to happen. They were my friends.

Max: I understand Norman. But this is a lot bigger than you and me. The whole city is convinced you brought these disasters upon them. Many lives loss and they're blaming us for it. Mainly you. So the only way to earn back the city's trust was we had to uphold your resignation. Everyone here had to accept this term. If Oscorp were to go down then half of New York would too. We build years to insure Oscorp had the best medical currents this city ever needs and the chemical war fares hadn't been a use in nearly a decade. And with your past partnership with Otto Octavius the board expects your resignation in a month.

Norman: Otto made his choice! That was all on him! He was reckless before he ever met me! Yeah I took him under my term but his actions are all on him! I didn't create those metal arms! That's what Jameson said on his show! If he hadn't published it I----

Jameson (JK Simmons): I stand on for my the facts! That's what I dedicated my entire life to it for this city. You on the other hand Norman provide power more than your own friends. That's probably what Octavius thought when he snapped.

(He's not wrong)

Norman: But can't just----after all I've done for all of you?! I build this company with my blood sweat and tears.......YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HAD TO SACRIFICE?!?!?!?!

Everyone went silent as Norman turned to Vargas in a pleading expression

Norman: Max.....we've known each other for years. Please!

Max: Norman. If there was any other way I would have taken it gladly but the board can't support your run for this company now that the Martin Li incident is public knowledge. I'm sorry Norman.....but you are here by.....fired. From Oscorp Industries.

Norman was just not believing this Li was bade enough but now his past had now come back to bite him and it seemed both Li and Octavius have beaten Norman after all not the way they tried to do it but......he was now out of business

Soon after a minute Norman came storming in his office in frustration and defeat yelling and cursing himself slamming his fists on his desk

Norman: Those ungrateful Goddamn traitors! The board can't fire me! After everything I did for them I build this damn company! How dare they?!

Norman pushes everything off his table and he heard a glass break Norman looked down seeing the framed broken family picture of him his wife Emily and their son Harry Norman just about teared up

Norman: Harry......Emily I wish you were here. All I've ever done was only try to save you and our son. Harry forgive me. I made a promise I'll keep trying I WILL find a cure. THAT'S a promise.

Norman walked to the window staring at the window with a broody but sinister serious expression

Norman: I'm not giving up on you son. I failed your mother but I won't fail you. We'll teach them a lesson they'll never forget.


That laugh.....that echoing disturbing laugh Norman has been hearing in his head since the Devil's Breath Pandemic finally echoed in his head again after a month Norman jumped turning around hearing it again he was terrified at first but soon......he grew a small grin

Down into the contract deques labs Dr. Mendall Stromm (Joe Pantoliano) Norman's assistant in the lab was packing it in for the night he had heard of Norman's resignation himself and was planning to move on from the projects he provide with Norman soon as he came to the elevator......

......they opened revealing a determine Norman Osborn

Dr. Stromm: Mr. Osborn? What'd you doing here? You're not suppose to be here anymore.

Norman: Screw it. I don't give a rats ass wherever I'm suppose to be or not suppose to be. This is my company! MINE! And I'm gonna make sure it STAYS that way. Even if I have to die trying.

Norman storms pass Stromm who was confused and worried what Norman was planning he seen him like this before that got them both in trouble but this time it was bigger than before he saw Norman take out one of the hidden serums design for chemical war fare.

Dr. Stromm: Mr. Osborn.....what'd you----

Norman: Never mind that. It's time we proceed with human trials on this.

Stromm: I---I---I'm sorry sir but I must have heard you wrong. I thought you said "Human trials"

Norman: You heard me correctly Dr. Stromm. This test is this company's and my son's last hope. If the board directors or Max take it I loose everything! Including Harry! Well not without a fight. Prepare the chamber for procedure.

Dr. Stromm: Mr. Osborn with all due respect......that much dosage would kill you.

Norman: Then I won't have anything to loose if I loose Harry.

Dr. Stromm: Mr. Osborn I understand how you feel but we can't possibly condone...

Norman: Dr. Stromm either prepare the chamber or your OWN resignation! Either way I'm testing this serum NOW!!

Dr. Stramm: Y---yes sir.

Through out the hours both men of science worked preparing the experiment Stromm's worries only grew more as did Norman's determination as soon as everything was in place Norman stripped out of his jacket collar shirt and tie with Stromm continuing to reason with him

Stromm: Mr. Osborn I must protest. With the proper medical record on this serum it hasn't been positioned as a safe procedure. Even if you survive it the damage could be server. It'll destroy your sanity. Your mental stage. Please reconsider sir!

Norman: Don't be a coward Stromm. Scientists all over the world have risked their lives in projects for generations. If they hadn't how would we have satellites and technician? Or even step on the moon?

Stromm: Look all I'm saying let's take time. The board only expects your resignation in a month. Just give me three weeks.

Norman: Three weeks?! Three weeks Max will already have more control over Oscorp than me. Sometimes you got to take the next step.

Norman now shirtless opened the hatch of the table and lies down and Stromm strapped him in injecting tubes in both his arms which hurt him like real needles and activated the chamber to pull him in

Stromm was still hesitant but he fallowed Norman's orders by pressing the commence rejections and the serum began flowing into the chamber where Norman now got a little scared as it was now injected into him Norman breathed heavily as the pain was overwhelming to him

At first nothing was happening.....

.....nothing but the rate monitors raising at it's highest and soon.....

Norman began to shake and yell from the procedure

Stromm: Norman? NORMAN?!

He continued to yell as his skin color.....was soon.....changing.....Green Norman clutched his fists as he opened his eyes as they shift yellow and the yells turned into laughter


Norman's strength even increased as he broke free from the holdings with his own bare hands Stromm had never been more terrified than what he had seen he shut down the procedure and Norman's laugh grew louder and louder

The laughs echoed and fainted cutting it to that evening at midnight one of the board members just arrived home at his apartment he placed his suit case down and tended to get settled

And two minutes when he was he was about to turn in for the night but then.....a noise outside caught his attention

The man turned from his bed and walked to his window and looked out he saw nothing but the noise got louder it sounded like a running machine

He assumed someone was running something at first only to remember he was 50 stories up so before he turned away he looked back out again with that noise getting louder.....and louder.....and LOUDER till it got annoying to him and soon......


The face of his wall was blown open sending the Board Member yelling and falling over the other side with his bed and furniture all blown over by the impact of the explosion


That laugh sounding like the laugh from Norman's head drew the Board Member's attention from the screen a P.O.V. was heading towards him the man was struck in fear and tried to crawl away but was grabbed by the figure of that P.O.V.

And.....was tossed out of the blown hall the man fell and screamed 30 stories and......


The screen cuts out to a blackout

Opening tite:


Every soul in this city lives in their own damn bubble, and sometimes… leads to some terrible choices. Not as much as what Otto Octavius (Mark Hamill) had committed, his bubble having long since burst.

One of the brightest minds in all of New York and perhaps one of the last reliable sources of science and research, Octavius came equipped with baggage that would later trample over everyone. Serving as an employer and mentor figure as a scientist, he and his protege at the time, Peter Parker were working on highly advanced prostheses/prosthetics, in the hopes of providing replacement limbs that could interface with a human being's nervous system just like any natural limb does.

In their vain efforts to help people, he had created an inept technological gadget tossing out the limbs and replacing it with an intracranial neural interface. And in that effort…..lost himself. His former friend turned bitter enemy Norman Osborn effectively revoked his grant purchases in a sheer act of spite, on top of his involvement in Martin Li’s transformation to a demonic parasite…..

And Otto finally snapped.

Taking advantage of the Devil’s Breath chase to release the faulty vial out into the city, it was the perfect playground for him to take down any and all institutions holdings within the city connected to Oscorp, the parent company he once shared, if meant making Osborn admit to his secrets.

Unfortunately, he didn’t take into account how persistent Spider-Man would be when it comes to the city he loves the most. And now……he’s incarcerated here at The Raft, set to live out the rest of his days in isolation before dying a whittled corpse.

He stood, looking at his reflection. Never looking away, never ceasing to recall his failures. He was a failure, he saw it in those pale grey eyes staring back. He was on the verge of greatness, yet he had miscalculated as he had always seemed to do. Staring into those sad eyes, he fumed with anger.

How could he have let this happen?

He was a renowned scientist always imagining the impossible to be possible through his scientific research. But now, now the people who once considered him a scientific genius now call him a monster.

It was infuriating. He continued to look into those pathetic eyes


"Monster", he scoffed under his breath.

The monster wasn't him, it was that thoughtless, self-seeking former mayor Osborn; and to think he once considered him his friend. His BEST friend.


But like always he appeals to the people; it is, as they say, ignorance is bliss. He could tell the people he's doing human experiments on children and they'd still applaud him.

The man staring in the mirror inflamed with anger and began grinding his teeth as his thoughts trailed.

Otto: You did this.

The man once again whispered under his breath. Still tied to those eyes looking back, the man unhinged and tried to break the glass, but couldn't reach due to his limited mobility. Otto, still furious, saw the reflection laughing at his failed attempt. He clenched his jaw and snarled.

Otto: I will get my revenge, Osborn… oh you just wait. Doc Ock made a promise, and a promise I'll keep.

Another time for another day for another dollar.

Four loud knocks banging against his cell door reverberate through the cell, his ears barely picking up the vibrations echoing through the door. He could only stand to further crunch his back forward, twiddling his thumbs.

Reluctantly, Otto gives in to the sound, turning towards the two guards on the outside of his cell before unlocking the door and making their way in.

Guard #2: Rise ’n ‘shine, Octopus.

Guard #1: You have a visitor.

Otto could pick apart the sudden reluctance in both men to simply drag him off his bed and carry him with them. He couldn’t blame them; even he, himself, raised an eyebrow at the prospect of someone from the outside laying him a visit.


Who the hell would be foolhardy to have a mano-a-mano chat with the mad scientist that brought this city to its knees and almost wiped New York off the map at the expense and the sins of the former mayor?

Peter Parker (Dylan O’Brien).

The former scientist turned Avenger had only just entered the Raft a mere minute ago with the waviest of welcomes: bloodcurdling screams.

Loud thumping against the doors that echo through the isolated, colorless hallways.

It had been months since the Devil’s Breath pandemic bled into what turned out to be a bleak, odorous, joyless Christmas and now having transitioned into the new year, his sixth sense could peek and poke around the innovations added to or taken away from the super-powered maximum security prison.

With the Raft having been the first step in Otto’s master plan, restructuring the foundation of that junction of the prison was priority number one. It had been well and truly renovated, being upgraded with a bio-energy dampening field surrounding the prison to suppress superpowers. Especially powerful inmates have inhibitors implanted on their spines. The waters around the island in a half-mile radius are infested with jellyfish that possess a powerful nerve toxin. The courtyard is protected by a force field and thirty ray-guns coordinated by a targeting computer.

Peter also took notice of all the guards wearing light armor with obscured faces developed by Mach-V, carrying electroshock weapons that only work when operated by a specific guard.

He refrained from cracking an obvious diss at Silver Sable and her guards, the first thing popping through his head being ‘They ripping you off, double S.’ But now wasn’t the time, place, or sustained the right mental framework for that. His attention mattered greatly today….

….and his priorities lied elsewhere.

Visiting center.

Propped up in the cabin available to detainees and visitors cropped up in the other side of that room, it left Otto crammed in. Two thick slabs of metal almost squeezed him in from the side while a wall closed him and other inmates off at a measly seven feet.

The only pariah in the prison complex, yet still fancying himself the only three-dimensional prospect amongst a sea of artificial constructs, all the commotion around him? He blocked it out.

Other inmates talking with their visitors on phones and through the windows were muted out; all that could be heard tapping his hands and thumbs together. All visitors who entered had to wear guest tags to differentiate from the others.

Eventually, he found solace in closing his eyes…..only to have that momentary relapse in concentration broken by Peter himself tapping on the window.

While not asleep, it was a tricky conundrum for Otto to crack to force himself to believe otherwise. Raising his eyebrows at his former student in his front-view, Peter plopping down to his seat told the former scientist everything he needed to know: Peter was his guest today.

The very man who put him in this hulking institute of a cage.

Otto squinted at Peter through hardened eyes that once had been a salvatious harmony in troubled times, but now they brought only the unfounded accusations of a…..jealous lover. Every muscle in his face was tense and without a word, he communicated intense mistrust, anger, despising.

In that renewed silence, Peter’s eyes only glow. They aren't yellow like a comic book cat, but the softest of hues - like they soaked in the spring sky only hours ago and are now letting it radiate out gently into the twilight.

Peter picked up his phone from his side and upon the ring being cut off from its monotonous pattern of dinging, breaks the silence. A moment passes before Otto picked up his phone.

A revered sigh enters and exits the microphone and earphone portion of the telephone on Otto’s side before Peter speaks.

Peter: Hello, Doc.

That’s the first thing Peter says to the monster octopus that almost destroyed the city after almost four months with no contact…..and it momentarily breaks Otto.

How was it that Peter, after all that, could still be so compassionate?

Otto: Peter.....I never thought you would still call me that. No more than I thought you'd ever see you again.

That’s awfully civil, Peter pipes in his head.

To the settled heart and wise soul, every face is an open book. Otto’s face only buried the parasitic resentment he held against Norman and ultimately towards Peter since his incarceration.

He had only gotten better at hiding it. No wonder he could only look down after ushering that statement.

Looking back over at Peter, Otto’s defense was breaking: his eyes now laid frozen over like the surface of a winter puddle, robbing them of their usual warmth.

No question that he was in there, at least that’s what Peter wanted to delude himself with that knowledge…..but it's like Otto just took a huge step back from life. He won't accept it. Rekindling his heat while his insides were too damp with uncried tears?


Otto: Peter I....I can't tell happy I am to see again.

Peter: I wish I could say the same.

Otto: I thought you should know my paroral is next month. If it takes maybe we can finally start over on changing the world again. Only this time Osborn won't----

Peter: Save it Doc. I doubt your paroral is gonna take not after I testified against you.

Otto's eyes raised in shock hearing that come from his former loyal assistant

Otto: What did you say.....?

Peter: I testified against you Otto. Because what you done got a lot of innocent people killed. And that goes against everything I stand my second job. You almost destroyed the city with the Demons letting out notorious super villains that caused utter destruction and you supported Martin Li and the Demons on their terrorism. Families lost many loved ones cause of them! My friend Miles lost his dad to them! And supported them with your mad crusade against Norman Osborn!

Otto: Because Osborn took everything from me! I did what I had to open the city's eyes for the real criminal he is!

Peter: Well they do now. He's resigned from Mayor and it's more than likely he'll loose his position in Oscorp. So in a got your revenge so I ask you this: Was it worth it?

Otto: Yes. All of it was worth it. The lives I risked was worth EVERYTHING that would destroy Norman's name! And given the chance....I'D DO AGAIN!


Now they both went silent as Otto was in more shock of the breaking news Pete just threw at him

Otto: What?

Peter: My Aunt May....the last parent figure I had....the woman who raised me and was the main reason I became what I am gone. The Devil's Breath the BIO weapon YOU unleashed on the city got to her! I had to make a choice either to save her....or the WHOLE city. I almost left town till a real good friend unlike you told me it should never be about how things end. It's how they lived. And when my eyes opened.....I saw I lost May.....because of YOU.

Otto: Peter I---I----

Peter: Sorry?! It's too late for that. And she's the reason I testified against you. So Otto Octavius.

It chilled him hearing him say his full name

Peter: I ask you again: Was your revenge on Osborn.....WORTH my Aunt's life?!

Otto: No! Peter no! Of course not! I know I let you down and I'm very sorry about May. If known about it of course I would have given you the Anti-Serum.

Peter: I told you she was dying that night on the roof. And then you said if she had to die for Norman to suffer.....then so be it.

Otto: Peter no! That was the Neural Interface talking. Not me. Peter please you have to believe me. You promised me you'd never abandon me. I ask you not to. I will make up for it.....because your secret.....will always be safe with me.

Peter: You believe what you want Doc. The promise I made to you was the promise I made to the man who wanted to change the world not the monster octopus who wanted to destroy it. This is goodbye Otto.

Otto: No Peter. Please----

Peter said no word as he stood up and hung up the phone


He gave his former boss dash friend one last disappointed look and turned around and Otto became hysterical as he cried out to him drawing the guards behind him to pull him back


Peter just walked out of the room and the old mad scientist shouted


Exposing him didn't draw Peter back he was already gone and it's not like anybody believed him anyway Otto was then thrown in the hole soon after

And that couldn’t even be more inaccurate if Otto had bothered to check the credentials and read between the fine print because going back on his promise to keep his secret, albeit a short-lived one, wasn’t even that good of a distraction to deter away from the point.

Yes, Peter Parker was the official Spider-Man. But that didn’t mean he was the only one.

Enter Miles Morales (Chosen Jacobs).

The only son of former police officer Jefferson Davis and teacher Rio Morales (Gina Rodriguez), Miles had already proven to be a true talent set apart from most boys, developing an inclination for technology at an early age, taking apart his family's TV at the age of five. At his current years, he created a phone app that allowed them to hack into almost any technology, even military-grade equipment.

But then came City Hall. And the death of his father.

A day in infamy worsened by the revelation that the culprit Mister Negative fled the city shortly after the Devil’s Breath pandemic wore off, Miles decided the best course of action to move on from the tragedy and truly to be better…..was to take his friends Peter Parker’s advice and apply for FEAST.

AND THEN…..In a memory that would later cement itself as one of the best days in Mile’s life, his decision to reveal his newfound abilities prompted Peter to do the same, revealing two Spider-Men now walked amongst New York City.

Not too long afterward, it left Peter with the maneuverably long and laborious process of actually having to train the young African/American. Unfortunately, that proved more difficult than expected…..mostly because Peter was reluctant to even go through with it.

Miles was training to become Spider-Man himself, calling Peter frequently for help with training. While Peter was initially unwilling to let Miles jeopardize his life by following in his footsteps, Deja vu to his predicaments with Tony Stark cast an unrelenting uneasy shadow over his head. While no longer that same annoying, provocative eager kid from before, he caught an early glimpse of Miles's untapped potential.

Outside of jumping off a bridge and breaking his toe in the process.

Peter was finally convinced to train Miles in the way in which he taught himself……but only before the big move. Around two months after the Devil's Breath crisis, Miles and his mother moved from Brooklyn back to her childhood neighborhood in Harlem.

Thus putting him closer to the action in Manhattan meant working with Peter became thousand times easier. And today was the day where he finally got his big, big break. All that he needed to do was wait for that call.

But even THAT was painfully slow and arduous.

Watching the blue light from his phone eradicate through his pupils as he scrolled from text message to text message trying to find where, when, or even if Peter left him a message regarding the big mission? In the subway no less?

A tiny part of him could’ve sworn Peter was trolling him. He had it in him.

He checked Peter’s phone number and messages. Nothing.

Then his social media account NYCWallCrawler. Nothing.

If only he could read his mentors' mind to find out he wasn’t on his phone. Peter’s hands were left firmly out to the side, preserved amongst the refrigerated chill of the complex crawling up and over around and down his spine. The burden he laid to rest over him upon placing almost every single person in here weighed heavy in the back of his head.

Whether tomorrow, the day after that, or the moment he walked out of the door, someone was going to escape. Something was going to go wrong. All he could hope was that after today, it’d be the last thing he’d have to shift his attention to for a while.

Walking out the front doors of the Raft, the weight of that responsibility only quadrupled as Peter’s shoulders, back, and posture slouched after a hefty sigh.

So thank god for Mary Jane Watson (Katherine McNamara), for actively being a support system and making sure she occasionally did more than just the bare minimum.

Situated on the other side of the dampening field of the prison, it set the two allies-turned-lovers-turned-exes-turned-partners-turned-lovers again six feet apart from each other. Six feet apart doesn’t sound like a considerable distance away…..and it wasn’t, but considering their last breakup painted a rather hasty portrait on just how badly one wanted the other…..

….neither felt comfortable in denying how much either’s company was required in situations like this. And judging from the lack of transparent indefatigable sparks in Peter's eyes upon walking out the building, MJ knew he needed a hug.

No sooner should the dampening field pry open shortly to allow Peter to walk out the prison confines, the two just waltzed up to one another and embrace in a tight hug, hurting each other’s faces into one another.

MJ: How is he?

Peter: Don’t even know if he’s all there anymore.

MJ: I'm so sorry Tiger. I much you looked up to him.

Peter: Doesn't matter. You know my bad luck with father figures. Not that I replaced Uncle Ben with him like I did with Tony Stark as a kid but......I really think the Otto Octavius I truly gone. His hate for Norman Osborn has really gotten the better of him.

MJ: Brings up my question from before IF the Otto Octavius you knew was even there at all. He has held a grudge since they were our age.

Peter: Yeah. May even wondered the same thing about Li. Saying whatever became of him that's not the same Martin she wanted to remember.

MJ: Well....given the bullet that was shot at the Mayor he's probably finished already. I hate to think what Harry will think of this whenever he comes back from Europe.

Peter: You still haven't heard from him?

MJ: Nothing. I even wondering if he even is at Europe. Cause his phone doesn't ring when I call. It just goes off the hook.

Peter: I'll have to check for any Europe records from him.

Peter looked back at the prison again and faced down and MJ didn't had to read his mind to find out what was still getting to him and placed her hand on his face compelling him to look at her

MJ: I truly am sorry about Otto Pete.

She gave him a soft kiss pulling him to kiss her back and Peter felt mildly cheered up but the moment was interrupted when he felt his phone vibrate and pulled out the same cracked up phone from before

MJ: You need a new phone tiger.

Peter: I need a new everything

It was a text from Miles: Is it time to go on patrol yet?

Peter: I created a monster.

MJ: Miles?

Peter: Yeah. Yuri's men are escorting our last super villain back to the raft: Rhino.

MJ: Oh my god. Peter you're not taking him out there are you? It's dangerous. He could get hurt. Even if he has your powers.

Peter: He's never stopped driving me crazy about it. I hope when he see's how dangerous it is....he might not want to do it again.

MJ: I hope so. He's a strong kid and reminds me of you in a lot of ways but.....Miles is still a baby.

Peter: I was his age when I first fought Rhino.

MJ: Technically you were two years older than him but still.

Peter: I won't let anything to happen to him MJ.

He kisses her again making her feel little better

MJ: Ok. At least let me come along. I promise I'll keep a distance.

Peter: I need you at the Bugle. After your last report about the latest Magia Activity we both know our favorite shark is eating the Big Apple again.

MJ: Hammerhead. Ok. But keep me updated tiger and BOTH of you be careful.

Peter: "Go get em tiger?"

MJ smirked and giggled

MJ: Go get him tiger.

Peter gave her one last kissed and ran as MJ watched him go till she turned away pulling up her perse unaware of the lab spinneret spider from Norman's lab still hiding on it as she hopped into the nearest cab

On a roof Peter suited up in his newest and advanced suit he dawned on the final battle with Doc Ock and entered.......

.......The Amazing....SPECTACULAR Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Karen. Call Yuri.

(Jennifer Connelly): Good afternoon Peter. Calling: Yuri Watanabe.

Captain Watanabe.

Spider-Man: Hey Yuri. I'm suited up and ready for action. Are they moving him yet?

Not yet but they will soon. I'd join you but I'm investigating a recent case. Think you can drop by soon as you're done with the Convoy?

Spider-Man: No problem. What's the case? Magia?

I don't know yet. There was a murder last night. One casualty. Reports say he was tossed out of his apartment....out of a hole that was blown from the outside.

Spider-Man: Sounds like Donny's doing to me. I'll be there soon as Alex is back in his zoo cage.

The line cuts

Spider-Man: Karen call Miles.

Perfect timing.

Miles was now finally getting off the subway, entering 125th Street Station, Harlem.

Emerging from the train and up the stairs away from the subway station, existing as a microcosm of every waiting room in the world, take away the walls, the track, the metal benches and it could be any wait for anything anywhere anyplace. It was alive with the sound of a spirited violin.

But it wouldn’t be long before all that hustle and bustle would be drowned out by honking horns, birds chirping and a delectable link sunrise, the pinks, and oranges and reds glazing across Mile’s eyes only intensified the beauty of the two-way street.

Snow still perched on stairways and railings, gracing the ground. Christmas decorations still feasting the golly season despite Christmas having already passed.

Taxi cabs and Metro buses roam around the roads.

Everyone on the sidewalk either greeting incoming bystanders or just minding their own business.

Rocking his tan Timberland 6-inch waterproof boots among the sidewalk, Miles waves off to the side, more pedestrians piping in and greeting him, either as a newcomer or recognizing the aroma of Rio’s presence having been back in her childhood home, with her son around.

Not shortly before he walks off, he skims past the tail end of a Goods Move truck, specializing in domestic and international packing and moving. One such neighbor appeared to be almost done with his packing; only a few more boxes and a giant navy blue fabric couch.

Only the end tip of the couch was in the truck and he was struggling.

Sensing an extra hand was required, Miles effortlessly swooped in, his super strength easily helping the neighbor readjust his position and lift the rest of the couch in. Moreso, there was still room left over for the last of his boxes.

Neighbor: Gracias, chico (Thanks, kid).

Miles: ¡De nada! (No problem)!

They fist-bump, displaying gratitude for each other and then Miles takes off again. Teo’s Bodega was his next stop; his mom Rio was stuck at work and she needed some groceries for dinner later so she asked Miles to take care of the deed for her.

It was less than a hop and skip away, literally across the street on 4th. And yet, this was an area Miles wasn’t all that accustomed to the new ways of moving and adjusting to new things, whether it be not having his dad around or uncle around.

Or, to put it more frankly, being situated somewhere that didn’t feel quite like home.

But that skepticism eventually faded away, his eyes setting upon a universally familiar sight, let alone one that got him to remove his headphones momentarily.

Miles: That is so cool.

Think of the best way you can think of to honor your favorite celebrity: speech, letter, journal, meeting up with them in person, autograph, however you’d like to prefer.

How about a giant mural on the side of a building? And this was just one of MANY Miles had grown accustomed to seeing: the Spider-Man.

The orange was already bleeding well into the red and black and white surprisingly enough with just enough space to add a Daily Bugle headline on the far left, mocking Jameson’s rants. Only some blue was shown, barely eclipsing the edge of the building but reflecting off as a darker tint of purple in Miles's eyes.

Still under construction, a mural painter was left doing the deed with a young woman, dressed comfy for the weather was helping lift up the paint cans for him to use.

Miles: I got it.

The mural painter was nearly done with the mural but more paint was needed, so he did the favor of having to stop midway through by picking up the other can of blue from the side. And in doing so, he recognized the second face helping him out.

Hailey Cooper (Natasha Ofili), another street artist living near him in East Harlem with impaired hearing, uses her sign language to connect with others. She’d seen him around here and there, and vice versa.

Miles: (Hey, Haley).

Hailey: (Hi, Miles).

Miles: Hey, uh, you think you’re gonna add that new Spider-Man, too?

Mural painter: The kid? Yeah, maybe. Original’s just…..he’s my guy, you know?

Miles: Yeah, I know. Hey, wait… Teo’s Bodega nearby?

Mural painter: Bright yellow sign down the street. Can’t miss it.

Miles: Thanks. Maybe leave a little bit of room for the new guy, just in case though.

Having received his directions, Miles, with a wink, is once again on his way.

No sooner should he finally cross the street on 4th Avenue, his phone rings. Blaring off in his pocket to the tune of Jacob Banks ‘In The Name Of Love’, he finally gets the call he was waiting for.

Realizing it was Peter, he immediately picks up.

Miles: Peter!

Convoy’s leaving early. Let’s shake a leg!

Not another word was spoken before he hangs up, leaving Miles on one hell of a cliffhanger.

Of course, unexpected because he wasn’t expecting the convoy to move forward for about a few more hours. So this was a real step up. But what about the groceries?

Sorry, Mom, he thought to himself, actively choosing to not go through with the shopping at the designated time in which she preferred. But he could always make time.

This was, to some extent, more important. This was what he wanted…..and he intended to not let Peter down. So off he went, dashing off to the side….

….before sprinting up and off the top of Teo’s Bodega, sliding off one of the four heaters on the roof as the second Spider-Man.

Aside from wearing his personal blue parka and red hoodie, with the inner being Peter's old Spider-Man mask and upper bodysuit which was Tony’s personal gift to Peter the first time they met, Miles also wore a pair of fingerless gloves, black tight pants, black socks, and red-lined black basketball shorts.

The only thing that didn’t change was his Timberland boots.


After multiple weeks and months of being stuck strictly on training wheels, today was the day. The big one. The one where everything from this point onwards would matter significantly. And judging from how hastily he webzipped onto the top of the MTA subway cars on Line Route 6, nearly tripping over his own momentum against a moving vehicle….

….it was hard not to fault his optimism. But his spirit was unwavering.

And if his little sunset flip into a web-swing combo was nothing to be proud of, then his zipping definitely would. Regardless, he was off of the train and swinging his way to Peter’s location….

… the HUD display in the mask zooms in with a quick relay on Peter’s location on top of the MetLife building. Thirteen minutes away from him.

The wind brushing up against him and the snow sloshing against the vacuum seal of the suit under the parka, moving at rapid fast speeds in 34-degree weather a full week and a half after the new year wasn’t doing Miles any favors for his skin or temperature or potential colds.

Incoming call from: Peter.

Miles: Patch through. Hey Pete - headed your way! Did I miss the convoy?

Not yet. They got the big boy in, but they're still rounding up a couple of inmates.

Miles: Must be a relief, watching the guys who broke out get taken back.

The Raft’s an eyesore, but it’s secure. As long as the octopus-related flaws have been fixed.

His voice dipped saying that. He sounded sad, indignant….almost ashamed, and Miles caught onto that. It wasn’t often Peter became depressed.

But you’d be too if your former friend had an obsessive grudge building for years and you inadvertently gave him a tool to help exact such violent means on not only him but the whole city?

Miles: You alright, man?

I will after today. You getting close?

Miles: Closin’ in on you. Be there soon.

The line cut and Miles was having the time of his life while jumping and swinging from building to building to Peter's location he almost forgot to call his mom since she wanted him to pick up stuff from the store

Miles: Awe crap. Got so caught up in this first field work I almost forgot about calling mom telling her I might be late. Uh....Ms. Karen was it? Can you call my mom?

Calling Rio Morales.

Miles: That is so cool.

Miles. Que Pasa (What's up) Did you get the shopping list?

Miles: Yeah mom just.....

Miles turned his head for his sec and turned back to see he was heading straight for a building

Miles: WHOA!

He web zipped side ways in the nick of time

Miles? Estias Bien? (Are you ok?)

Miles: Si. (Yeah) Just almost tripped but uh....I called to tell ya the bodega was out of coconut milk. So I'm on the subway to down town to get some there.

Oh sweetheart that's sweet thank you. But please avoid Midtown the prison convoy is a nightmare. And stay way from the diamond district. I heard there was a murder there on the news and a lot of Magia Activity are happening close to Central Park.

Miles: Oh yeah. I mean...YEAH! everyone on the train are talking about it. I'll be careful. I promise. See ya at dinner.

The line cuts as Miles was now half a mile way through MIDTOWN

Miles: DAMN! How does Pete do it with this secret identity thing? It's completely stressing me out!

Peter expands his double life to uphold his secret his possible. When he was your age it was a more stressful.

Miles: Remind me to tell him that Karen. Really nice to have someone to talk to during this.

On the roof of the COLEX building Miles arrived an hour in a half later and he was out of breath he had to pull off the mask to catch his breath

Miles: Ok Miles. You made it this far. So be cool. Helping Spider-Man protect a giant prison convoy should be a piece of cake. You can handle this just breath in breath out. Be cool.

Miles looked around but no sign of Peter yet

Miles: Pete? You here?

Yeah just downin' some rocket fuel.

Miles turned to see Spider-Man with his mask half open and sipping a lunate

Miles: How are you.....drinking? Upside down?

Spider-Man: Very....VERY carefully.

Miles: I got to ask. Does this ever get tiring for you? I had to lie to my mom to buy time.

Spider-Man: Trust me I did the same thing in my time. It was stressful yes but you'll get use to it.

Miles: Stress---wait how do you---

Spider-Man: Karen is linked in both our suits whatever we say to her we both can hear her under our suits.

Miles: Wow.

Spider-Man: Now time to call the Guy in the Chair. Ned status.

The convoy's heading your way. Just entered Midtown.

Spider-Man: Good. Keep an eye on any calls from Yuri. I promised her I help her look into a murder case after this. Send anything you patch through to Karen.

On it.

Spider-Man: are you sure about this Miles cause this isn't a video game or a Saturday Night cartoon this is major stuff. And what they're carrying in there is a thousand times worse.

Miles: I'm sure.

Spider-Man: Alright then. Just stay close to me and remember what we talked about. Let's take this by the book.

Miles: Yes SIR!

Peter smirked when hearing a helicopter's Pellars running and looked above them seeing the super prison helicopter carrying the giant secured crate flying above them

Spider-Man: Alright. Go time.

Can’t forget about recycling, Peter piped in his head, chucking down his coffee cup down the full 808 feet of the building. Luckily, a single THWIP from his web-shooters later and the cup was safely placed in the nearest garbage can.

No littering on his behalf.

And just in time too, as a dark grey Osprey twin router helicopter sourcing the skylines of the early New York blew past the two Spider-Men, with a single revolving prison crate suspended by four steel cables on the underside holding it down, coupled by a mini safety net. If anything was considered, here’s hoping the weight of that crate doesn’t buckle down and cause them to crash.

Underneath, there were about four vehicles with inmates and escapees inside passing by Midtown: two trucks and two vans titled Police Transport. They were left being led the way by some of New York’s finest in the NYPD.

That was their cue. Peter was the first to web-zip off the antenna with Miles somersaulting not too far behind him.

Helicopter Pilot: Helix 2 en route with heavy payload.

Officer: Copy, Helix 2. We have you on scope.

And on scope, it was a pretty big deal. The last remaining supervillain to be returned to the Raft before some degree of normalcy could return and after everything with Li, the Devil’s Breath, Otto, and just how much the former Mayor was involved…..

….the city welcomed that gracious, if not bumpy, return towards that delicate, uneven balance between order and justice. While not alive and lively with lights that echoed heavens stars, New York had lost semblance of its heart, rhythm, and beat.

It needed that back. And if the NYPD couldn’t muster that, the Spider-Men definitely would.

How they didn’t catch either Spider-Men swinging and zipping behind the twincopter in line of sight of literally anybody on a rooftop or who’d be willing to just LOOK UP was staggering. Nothing on their radars or even the bloody rear-view mirrors.

It was puzzlement in and of itself.

Miles: This is….a big operation.

Spider-Man: With hundreds of felons escaping the Raft months ago, it’s gotta be. Police aren’t taking any chances with bringing them all back in. Especially with our guest of honor.

Guest of honor: the most important guest at an occasion or, at least, the one where people pay the most attention to. One where that aura oozes out into the room and sets the tone in place.

Said guest was whoever was in that giant crate suspended below the twincopter. And given how large it was, there was ever only going to be one right answer as to who would fit such a massive metal crate.

Putting two and two together wasn’t hard for Miles. “You mean one of the guys who helped Doc Ock is in there?”

Spider-Man: Yeah, if isn’t Electro or Scorpion, then it could be—

A sudden jolt to the crate, shifting it to the far left forced that run-on sentence to stop immediately. Miles was left alarmed but Peter already expected shenanigans at the forefront coming from within a mile away.

He knew who was inside didn’t take too kindly to being caged and the prospect of escaping was too great for said detainee to ignore.

Spider-Man:…..someone bigger.

Miles: Bigger? You mean—?!

Spider-Man: Ok, look alive. We got a problem!

Unbeknownst to the NYPD and the pilots, the crate was breaking free from its holdings underneath the twincopter. Another jolt from within burst sparks from the crate and the far left end of the steel cable began to splinter and rip apart. While the other coils were keeping the crate in the air, it was just barely.

Already the momentum of the twincopter was shifting away from the projected direction ahead, tipping in favor of the loosening crate instead. The coil continued to rip and rip and pull itself apart.

To Miles, this was nothing more but a simple fix.

Spider-Man: Hang back, Miles. Let me ta—

Miles: Don’t worry, Pete. I got this.

Spider-Man: Miles, wait!

This was the trouble with trying to teach someone: plan ahead. Prioritize what might come before and after such an event and keep a close eye on who you have beside you. Miles's persistence on trying to prove himself had already put him in a sickly precarious manner that was only going to end one of two ways.

Assuming Miles did his job…..which he didn’t.

All he did was, upon zipping to the far end of the airborne crate, shoot a single strand of webbing at the decaying wire in hopes of maintaining structural equilibrium with the rest of the twincopter’s weight.

Spider dragline silk has a tensile strength of roughly 1.3 GPa. The tensile strength listed for steel might be slightly higher, but spider silk is a much less dense material depending on the alloy used, so a given weight of spider silk is five times as strong as the same weight of steel. Rather unfortunate, in this case.

For only a few seconds, the web held the crate securely and Miles saw fit to remind Peter of such, holding his hand out to him.

Miles: It’s secure.

But then….came…..badness.

One more jolt from within the Raft crate and Miles buckles off the crate. Seeing as this wasn’t flex tape, the webbing splintered into tiny microscopic pieces, further decaying the already loosening metal wire before it finally snaps.

The twincopter is left drifting off to the right as another cable snaps off the dangling crate, resulting in further weight imbalance.

Officer: You’re drifting, Felix 2!

Helicopter pilot: We have a weight imbalance.

Not even thinking ahead, Miles was already left shooting a web upwards to escape but short attention span failed him. Unable to think ahead to see where he would escape, he was left shooting his web upwards……

….and after an immediate thrust and pull, jolted him further up into the air to discover he was being pulled INTO the left propeller, the rudders having already caught fire from the fluids.

His eye lenses widened at the impending doom approaching; so derailed by the shock he didn’t find it in him to let go of the webbing, yelping loudly. Luckily, a hasty Peter rushes in, zipping him away from the left propeller…..

….just enough for the twincopter to lose further altitude.

Helicopter pilot: Rudders unresponsive. Brace for impact!

And brace they did.

The right rudder of the propeller slams into the closest building nearby, further exasperated by the dangling crate caving a hole in the building. Now the twincopter completely spirals out of control with both rudders on fire and the two Spider-Men on the side to watch it happen.

All while the civilians and bystanders watch the now-aflame airborne vehicle tumble down onto them.

Helicopter pilot: Helix 2 going down!

Co-pilot: Brace brace BRACE—-

Finally, it crashes onto the busy streets, the twincopters propellers clipping one of the two trucks beside it causing it to tip over before all the metal cables snap off the crate, causing the giant prison box to fall all while the crashed vehicle clips the tarmac underneath it and it’s massive hull curtails both vans and a police cruiser off to the side.

This left the 30 foot wide, boxcar-sized crate to tumble over the sidewalks hardly steaming rolling over three separate civilians before coming to a skidding halt, colliding with another police cruiser.

Sirens die down and the crate finally comes to a halt. What was left behind was complete and utter shambles.

One little mishap in his judgment and Mile infinitely made the entire scenario worse. If he didn’t think his presence could make things worse, Miles knew he’d be fired on the spot now.

Soon as Peter landed he checked for survivors with Miles pleading to him

Miles: Pete I'm sorry man I...I didn't mean to---

Spider-Man: It's ok don't panic. We got this. We just need to contain it before---

Spidey was startled by a tumbling noise and he and his newly pupil turned around to see the giant titanium box shaking and rumbling inside

Spider-Man: Ohhhh fuck....

The crate BURST open entering the Rhino AKA Alex Sytsevich (Oleg Taxtarov)

Miles: Before that happens?

Spider-Man: Before that happens....

Rhino stepped out all angry and copped he growled softly Miles was scared stiff remembering his last encounter with Rhino and was barely spotted by him

Rhino: Hel-lo tiny Spider. I see you brought another tiny spider.

Alex yelled smashing the bolt shackles off his wrist and he looked dead at the two young heroes

He charged at them yelling and Pete web zipped over him hitching a ride as Miles leaped side ways and they hit the crashed armored car letting out the last of the inmates and former Demons with Peter talking in the communication in Miles's mask

I'll handle Rhino. But I need you to contain the escapees. Not one of them gets away!

Miles: I'm on it!

And then begin Mile's first fight with a gang of criminals with Spidey holding off Alex as he ran around the area crashing into cars

Prisoner: HOLD STILL!

Miles avoided a punch and countered him off kicking him back he leaps a few more with a leg flip and punch another behind him

Miles: Ahh man Spidey's never gonna trust me on a mission again!

Don't assume Miles. You're doing great.

Rhino kept running thrashing cars away thankfully they were empty and near by civilians panicked and run with Pete on top of him

Spider-Man: Alexi wait wait wait!

Rhino jumped over the fallen armored car with police arriving and he smashes their car on another armored car freeing more inmates

Spider-Man: How's it looking out there?!

Miles: Nearly.....almost contained.

Some of the inmates got their hands on weapons and try shooting at Miles but good thing Pete taught him to trust his spider sense for it let him know when to dodge

Miles: Can't let Spider-Man down. Need to get this under control. Any ideas Karen.

Try web grenade.

Miles: Web grenade got it.

Miles launched two web grenades tying three inmates to the fallen armored car when they exploded

As for Pete and Alex Rhino swings his arm back to knock him off but Pete ducked to avoid it

Spider-Man: Whoa Alex! Great arm! You ever pitch?!

Rhino: Shuddup!

Spider-Man: Seriously: You're triple A easy! Whole new career just waiting for ya!

They crashed into a building with Miles finishing off a handful of the inmates

How are the streets Spider-Boy?

Miles: Spider-Boy? Really Pete?!

Couldn't resist. But seriously how are they?

Miles: Honestly......

He uppercut an inmate running at him

Miles:.....kinda terrifying.

I told you it would be. Just keep rounding them up.

Rhino crashed back outside still running with Pete still on him he yelled and crashed through another building and soon came running towards Miles as he wrapped up the last inmate

Miles leaped aside to dodge him only to notice some prisoners jumping into vehicles with guns and driving off

Prisoner: I got the keys! Let's move!

He would have stopped him but

Spider-Man: Uh....Spider-Boy? I'm gonna need a hand up here? You free?!

Rhino was just ear on shaking him off and Miles was forced to make one choice:

Stop the escaping inmates....or help Peter with Rhino

Unfortunately, he wasn’t given much of a choice then.

The next time he sees Peter dealing with Rhino, he’s barely hanging onto the latter’s back, holding two weblines over the horn as he slid close behind him. With the strength of his webbing, it would allow him to temporarily blind Rhino but redirect his steering at the same time which ended up making a ruckus out the entire area.

Somebody was guaranteed to be leaving today in much worse condition than it was when either of them arrived.

Spider-Man: Gotta say, your New Year resolution is proving to be a little overzealous, Aleksi!

That didn’t stop the former Russian mobster from making things worse. He simply takes off to the left with Peter on his back and simply charges towards a wavering pedestrian, who had the brilliant idea of taking a selfie in the middle of a mass breakout.

And he almost got run over for it.

Being the selfless hero he was, Peter zips him out of the way before leaping right back onto Rhino who, again, takes off. Miles knew he couldn’t stay there, for the regular inmates, he knew he could find again.

Rhino? Not so much.

So off he went after the two, with Peter and his adversary moving off deeper into downtown, while he was left trying his best to keep up with them by swinging and zipping to maintain his top speed at all times.

He still was far from the best at web-swinging from pillar to post. Sure, Miles got the THWIP-RELEASE tactic down pat but all of that momentum in real time? Aiming with his hips, looking where he wanted it to release? Not forgetting to follow through, not throwing out his back?

All of that information to process wasn’t going to cut it.

Especially with his mentor on the back of a former mobster with a war machine grafted to his body just casually rampaging through the streets and knocking over two oil trucks off the roads as of it was nothing. Should’ve known: with Spider-Man, things inevitably go wrong as they always do.

Miles: Uhhh, be honest, man: how good are we doing?!

10 for generating spectacle, 1 for minimizing destruction. Bugle headline tomorrow’s gonna be a doozy.

Miles: If the only thing coming out of this is a bad headline—WHOA! Yeah, Imma count us lucky?!

Lucky off of a bad headline? Maybe.

But that would’ve been the LEAST of their worries if either Spider-Men didn’t saddle up and de-horn the Rhino, the latter of whom was now dragging Peter towards and through the Winter Bash in Bryant Park.

Miles: Oh crap crap, the Winter Bash!

Pixie glass igloos being trampled over was the tip of the iceberg here. The lawn, now covered in 7 feet of snow, shaded walkways, and amenities such as a carousel, pétanque, chess and backgammon tables, more Christmas stockings yet to be taken down, and even a ping pong area…..all went ass over tea kettle.

Despite being located entirely over an underground structure that houses the library's stacks, the sheer weight of Rhino’s hulking charge trampled the library stacks underneath as well.

And still, Rhino charged on, merging onto West 40th and 42nd Street, leaving Miles just a few feet behind him yet again.

Miles: Pete, it’s starting to look real bad man!

Don’t think like that. We’re going to stop him. Speaking of which—Ugh! Mind if—ARGH! Mind if you give me a hand here?

Miles: Oh yeah yeah! Hold on!

And needless to say, he wasn’t sure how much he could take of Rhino leaping up to buildings - tossing parking signs his way that he needed to dodge in midair or risk taking damage and slowing him down.

He needed to rein in on this unstoppable charger.

Finally, six feet apart from the two, Miles leaps further up into the air and a single multi-laced strand of webbing later, now he was the one having to get ahold of the big man himself. Peter left his post, hoping Miles would be able to improvise on the fly.

Miles: Alright, Pete! WHOA! I got this!

Spider-Man: Take it away, cowpoke!

Pete leaped off of Rhino and Miles was now going for a ride and it was gonna be a drag.....literally

He then zipped up on Rhino's back and he took a jump UP into.....a mall

Spider-Man: Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait not the mall! NOT THE MALL!


Miles: WHOA!!!

Rhino and Miles landed in the parking lot and continued running as Miles wrapped his webs around him to try and steed him like a horse

Rhino: Hang on tight tiny spider. We going for a ride.

Miles: Oh geez.

He ran tossing cars aside and CRASHES through the mall entrance causing a panic and people inside running and screaming and crashed into directories and Miles had to steer him away from near by civilians

Miles: Hey Spidey! Little help--

Rhino jumps off from the escalator and knocks over the sqaure shaped chandler and impacts on the flour causing more panics and people running

Coming in hot! Just keep him away from any people!

Miles: Gotcha.

Rhino keeps running with Miles steering him with Pete swinging in grabbing any people out of Rhino's way

Rhino jumps again off the top flour and lands on another flour and keeps running and Miles spots a baby carriage and the mother falling aside

Miles: Oh baby!

Rhino: Excites me!

Miles web zips to the carriage and grabs it and gets it out of the way and hitches a ride back on Alexis as he runs by him

Mother: Thank you!

Miles then KICKS him causing him to fall of the rail and smashes through the flour and ends up on the bottom flour Miles gets on him again as Rhino continues to run with Peter hot on their tail saving many people as possible

Spider-Man: Hey you know you're ruining a new year right?!

Rhino: Last year I was locked up 30 feet of steel!

Rhino jumps again and he and Miles crashes through another wall

In another room Jameson was in his broadcast room rehearsing on his episode tonight

Jameson: He's a MENACE! Nah too soft....He's uh....he's a LOW ENERGY menace! Nah too easy. Maybe: He's a WEAK MINDED----

Jameson and near by staff and producers were startled by the wall bursting and Rhino running in with Miles still on him and Peter behind them

Miles: Hey Jonah! Looking good jerk!

Spider-Man: Very festive.

Jameson: TWO OF THEM?!

They were soon gone


Miles was mildly relieved to be out of Jameson’s crosshairs. The sooner he was out of his eyesight and his hair the better. However, it was a long way down from the mall back to solid ground, and given how quickly Rhino was falling, pulling Miles down with him was a no-brainer.

Even as Miles flips over him in hopes of the webbing actually doing the work for him and knocking him off his feet, all it does is disorient the youngster and leave him fully at Rhino’s mercy. With no intentions in slowing down, Aleski takes off again, jolting Miles with him. Now being squarely behind the mammoth….

….now he could say it was a real drag.

You know how the snow sleigh would be built with either a smooth underside or a separate body supported by two or more smooth to reduce the friction and help carry heavier loads? Not this one. Miles was left having to further adjust all his weight backward in hopes of getting Rhino to slow down.

He was lucky Peter was swinging alongside him trying to keep up but the carnage was very much afoot in the streets still.

Avoiding more cars, signs, the roads, and being hurdled through yet another building only to barely barrel roll through by the skin of his teeth and other obstacles merely helped him avoid damage - and that’s something Miles wanted nothing to worry about right now.

Not to worry about innocent bystanders, though. Just like before, Peter ran interference to keep them out of harm's way - though Miles was left with most of the hero work, straining his arms, legs, and back to steer Rhino away properly. She since there were no brightly colored mall directory ads to guide the path or steer around, he was left waiting until his senses came to fruition or Rhino made the move for him.

In any video game, this would be the directional QuickTime events that you’d have to answer within three seconds flat or you’d put the controller down and start drinking battery acid. Instead…..Miles got a phone call.

Incoming call from……

Miles: ANSWER!

Hijo, donde estas? (Son, where are you?) It’s been a while now.

Miles: Mom? Yeah, right. Coconut milk. Still trying to find it; it’s been, ehhh, an adventure.

Are you…..running?

Miles: Yeah, umm sorry. Trying to catch a train.

Hey ahora, no seas un mentiroso. (Hey now, don’t be a liar.) Grab the milk and hurry home, please. I need to prepare for later.

Miles: Si, mama. Te quiero mucho. (Yes, Mom. I love you).

He’s left hanging abruptly as Rhino jolts upwards, finally deciding to take the high road and slam him against the edge of the tarmac. The further Rhino runs, the more Miles's hips are scrapped alongside the metal and hardened concrete, meaning he was gonna need a lot of stitches after tonight.

But then another parking sign is hurdled at him from the side, thanks to Rhino leaping up and off the very edge of yet another indoor parking lot. Fed up with the constant debris, Miles twirls around his own webbing before flipping over the last airborne sign.

Finally, he somersaults forward, landing on Aleksi. Apparently, he didn’t mind the company.

Miles: Shit man! Do you have any non-destructive hobbies?!

Rhino: Fly fishing on the Volga!

Miles: That sounds, ehh……nice.

Rhino: The power over life and death….excites me!

Miles: Ok, less nice!

Speaking of nice, Peter finally came about, barely landing on the other side of the big man’s other shoulder. Again, apparently, he doesn’t mind company like he wants one to believe.

Spider-Man: We gotta bring him down FAST!

Miles: Yeah. Yeah, What do we do?!

Rhino: Let us raise temperature.

Now the dial was about to crank up to somewhere around shit-hundred and fuck. Aleksi was charging onwards, straight for the Roxxon Power Plant….

….and he was heading right towards the giant canister composed of flammable gas.

Spider-Man: No no no no! Bad, bad, VERY BAD!

They both shot webs but didn't take Rhino's strength was too much for them and then........

.....he CRASHES through the fence hitting the tank causing an explosion sending Miles shooting off hitting a near by wall and getting it together looking for Spidey

Miles: Pete?! Pete are you ok?

No answer

Miles: Karen where's Peter?

Five feet under debree. Oxygen 5%.

Miles: Shit he needs our help then.

Miles spots Alex still running crashing into things causing more explosions causing a blackout in Hell's Kitchen

Miles: Oh no. No no NO NO!

Miles! It's ok. Just recovered.

Spider-Man bursts out of the ruble tapping on his ear

Spider-Man: I got him. But we're heading your way.


Miles was about to join in but soon spotted the escapees from earlier cutting them off from the other side

Miles: Yyyyyeah....might uh....need a minute. The cons are back. And they look ready for a war. And.....there's some other guys with them.

The ones with them.....were Magia for they met up with the inmates not long ago for they kept tabs on Rhino as the Spider duo was and they had bigger fire arms rocket launchers sniper rifles everything

Magia....Miles just stay focus on Rhino. These guys mean business.

Miles: I GOT THIS!


He webbed zipped down which tingled his spider sense seeing one of the Magia's aiming the Rocket Launcher at him and fired but Miles easily dodged it

He web zipped to him and knocked him down and fought off the rest

Miles: Tip for the Police: Maybe don't bring RPG's to the prison convoy next time. Better yet: Maybe don't bring them anywhere!

Rhino and Peter crashed in running pass them

Spider-Man: That the best you got Aleksei?!

He smacks him off

Spider-Man: Ok.....that was pretty good.

Soon backup arrived and cops started firing at the Magia and remaining inmates all though not all were happy to see the Spider-Men

Cop: Get out of here Spider-Boy! You're making things worse!

Miles: Man cut off the Spider-BOY things! I'm trying to help you!

They kept pushing webbing up each one by one after a beating Miles spider sense went off to see Magia on a roof trying to sniper the cops

Miles: More guys up top!

He web zips up and fights them off

Magia # 1: It's Spider-Man!

Miles: Thank you!

Magia # 2: No it's the Night Monkey!

Miles: WHO?!

And they fired at him with Miles fighting them all back

They were more of a handful than the escapees but nothing Miles couldn't handle-ish it was getting intense

Miles: Spider-Man it's getting hairy out here! Police Escapees and Magia are shooting it out.

Back up the police. I can hold it out a little longer.....but don't screw around with the Magia they mean business.

Miles: Karen Pete's counting on us. We gotta stop these guys.

Activating enhance combat mode.

Miles: What combat mode?

The system in his suit increased the mode to take out three Magia's at once web up four to the wall and lunging kick five more


Turns out not much else needed to be done there. Enhanced combat mode very well annihilated every walking imp with a gun near his vicinity. Good on him, cause that meant he could finally focus on helping Peter….

….amidst all the fire and brimstone leveling the power plant.

He couldn’t get an exact location so he had to check every building in that area that didn’t have a 40-foot tall hole in the wall or just completely ash-ridden to the moon and back. So he was left searching from scratch.

For the first few minutes, no such luck.

The last building in that power plant facility that was unscathed on the exterior was near the right edge of the plant. Landing downside, Miles couldn’t say his luck had really improved that much. No matter how strained he sounded or desperately he called, Peter wouldn’t pick up on the other side now.

Hopes were dwindling quickly.

Miles: Peter? Spider-Man? Hello?

But finally, his spider sense rings off in his head. Danger incoming from behind; the wall collapsed from behind him and something bolts through.

Flipping out of the way, Miles then discovers, to his horror, that Peter was the one being flung from out of the building, crashing into the electrical substations. Back and shoulder first into a circuit breaker, Peter sparks a few crackles out of the circuit breaker before slouching down to the far end.

No grunts. No moans. Not so much as a peep from Peter. He lied there, motionless.

Dropping everything, Miles dashes to his mentors' aid, desperate to wake him up.

Miles: Hey Pete, get up! C’mon man, you gotta wake up!

Again, Peter barely moves.

Miles: Get up man! Please, stay with me! C’mon, Spider-Man! C’MON!

He could hardly even hear the sound of protruding metal kicking off the leftover bricks from the wall before stepping back out into the sunlight behind him. The massive footsteps grew larger in quantity, indirectly drawing Miles's attention back towards Aleksi.

Miles could hardly keep his eyes straight towards Peter anymore, the latter finally slinking down to a horizontal basis, almost resting on his right. Cold, shallow, hazy breaths perforated through his mask, barely achieving the bare minimum survival tactic in staying alive.

Of course, that wouldn’t mean a damn thing if Rhino had anything to say about it.

Rhino: This Spider-Man is broken. I would like to exchange for new one.

For once, he actively, willingly turns his attention to Miles.

Rhino: Ahhhhh. This one will do.

Spider-Man: Miles—get—get out—of here…..

No point in listening now.

Miles quickly bolts back up to his feet, staring Rhino down, unwilling to allow this inkling of a previous Deja Vu to repeat itself. The last time Peter fell into a state of disrepair was against Doc Ock and the Sinister Six and he had to literally be stitched and patched and pieced back together fragment by fragment like Humpty Dumpty.

Peter may not be dead but he was in no condition to compete anymore. Miles wasn’t going to take that lying down.

Now he was going to have to fight Rhino head on, in Peter’s stead.

Miles: Bro…..

Little did the young man know that he had an equalizer up his sleeve, finally unleashed. Bringing his arms out to the side, he begins fizzling with pure energy with his hands radiating an invisible force field with yellow bio-electricity.

Balling up his fists tightly, Miles could hardly feel the energy building up with each voltage spike. But he hardly paid any attention.

Miles: Back….the hell….

Rhino: ARGH!

Miles: OFF!!!

Sprinting up towards one another, Miles takes the effort, leaping forward with a single punch. Rhino’s plan was to simply pluck him out in mid-air but the enhanced control of bioelectricity in Mile’s fists, allowed Miles to both stockpile huge amounts of electrical energy and release it at will.

One step forward later and BAM!

Immediately, Rhino was taken off his feet, with Miles rolling on through. No matter how he almost tripped over himself upon finally looking down at his hands, watching all of that energy.....explode out from within.

Miles: What—what is this?

No time to wonder. The ground once again trembled at Rhino’s anger and frustration.

He couldn’t hope to ponder about the how. He just simply had to use it.

And he would have to figure it out soon cause Rhino soon stood back up and he was MAD

Rhino was just about to attack till Miles reached back charging up another super punch and UPPERCUTS him in the jaw forcing him back and he was stunned enough for Miles to start beating him down

And would have if Rhino hadn't smacked him away Miles flew across the area and then Aleksi leaps forward throw a giant punch at him but Miles got out of the way in time and Rhino punched through the ground

Rhino: You survive while your mentor perishes! How unexpected.

Miles: And you're using words longer than "Crush" and "Smash".

Rhino ripped out a chunk of concrete from the ground throwing it at Miles but dodged it and Miles charged up another punch and this time was able stun him more and get beat down again but this time Rhino grabs him slams him around and smashes him through wall to wall

And they end up in a boiler room

Miles rolled on the ground and Rhino charges but Miles leaped over and web zipped on his back again and began running

Miles: Whoa....hey!

Rhino: GET OFF!

He hit a boiler forcing Miles off

Rhino: You are.....worthy but small opponent.

Miles: Flattery's gonna get out of this Aleksei!

Rhino: You will not stop me.

Miles: You destroyed half the city! Don't you care?! What about the people you nearly killed?!

Rhino's only response was knocking him down and throw down his fist but Miles held it back and forced it back and web zipped kicked him back

Miles: Gotta tell ya big man chasing you through the city kinda like know the word? Wild.....GOOSE chase.

Rhino stopped and thought back unknown to him that was him he was looking for at the dock when he last said that

Rhino: Wild....goose.....that was you I chased at docks?!

Miles: Uh oh.

Uh oh was right thankfully Rhino doesn't know his name but pointed him out as who he chased then


Fortunately Miles did meant to piss him off cause that way he be out of focus as he charged at him Miles did a charge of his own and the THIRD electric punch now KNOCKED Rhino completely down hitting another wall

Exhausted Alex threw crates at him but he dodged them and then Miles delivered the final blow smashing through the wall and sending them both back outside

Rhino was finally down for the count and Peter was finally recovering and Miles ran to him

Miles: Hey man you alive?

Spider-Man: Kind of.....

Miles helped his mentor and soon police arrived to Uptain Rhino

As minutes went by they barely secured back Rhino in a new secured crate as one of the cops talked to the Spiders

Cop: Wow. Just....WOW. Officer Stacy. Captain of the of the 37 precinct. It's an honor to meet you. Both of you.

Spider-Man: You too. Listen Cap uh....sorry our ball landed in your yard.

Stacy: No you actually did us a favor. If not for you two who knows how much damage our large friend could have done. And cause of you both there were no casualties. Want to thank you. Both of you. Taking down Rhino....especially you....solo? you are going places bud.

Miles: Thanks. But he's still dangerous.

Stacy: Don't worry we'll keep him contain till we can move him. Thanks again. To be honest I thought those silver troopers last year were over kill till.....something like this happens. Oh duty calls hey really great to meet you both. Future's looking bright.

The officer went on his phone as Peter placed his hand on Miles's shoulder

Spider-Man: Come on. Let's clear out and police can do their job.

Miles: Yeah....yeah alright.

They webbed zipped up and later both sat on a roof having leo's pizza Peter however was amazed when Miles told him about the bio electricity

Peter: Bio electricity? Wow. If you want me to be honest I'm jealous.

Miles: Hey look. I still got nothing on the OG. Think we should run more tests tomorrow before the next mission?

Peter: Yeah. Sorry I've been meaning to tell you. There's not gonna be another mission for awhile.

Miles: That some kind of Pete joke I don't get?

Peter: No just.....with the Magia back in town things are gonna get messy more messy than this morning so until we put Hammerhead away I'll need you to sit everything out. Including training. Besides I promised Yuri I help her solve a murder case and MJ and I have a school reunion tomorrow. So I gotta tie up the remaining loose ends tonight.

Miles: You’re telling me I can’t help with that?

Peter: More or less, looking out for your safety.

Miles: Peter, is that a ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’?

How could he answer that? There was no real easy answer to what was a simple question on the surface. Only reason why such an inquiry was questioned has a lot to do with the embedded lore of superhero’s and their travels.

Already mirroring that fatherly-son bond between him and Tony decades prior, Peter quickly saw himself falling into that rabbit hole of skepticism and worry. With worry, there must also be balance. Is it keeping him safe or too safe? There must be safety enough to live well and thrive. There must be not so much safety that necessary risks cannot happen.

Worry is fear but love can manifest as worry as well, the same kind of love that can be overbearing and force one to leave the other: the latter of which Peter was all to fixated towards.





Too many times, this skintight durable uniform, the legacy it withheld, the burdens this symbol had to carry proved to be too much for the subconscious to handle. Yet, that same love is wanting others to live their best life, to achieve what they were born to do, to rise up into their passions and feel the exhilaration that brings.

For after, there is real self-respect, and satisfaction of living up to full potential, of being a true hero, of making a positive impact upon the world. Miles had well passed that threshold….

….but events from earlier today mirrored Peter’s own recklessness when he first started out.

Quite the double-edged sword.

Peter: I’ve been at this gig for almost 20 years at this point and I’ve spent almost half of that time on my own. You’re going to make your fair share of mistakes along the way; we’re only human…..and that’s how you learn.

Miles: So….?

Peter: You floundered and then picked yourself back up. The journey matters as much as the destination and in my eyes, you did well.

He says as he casually passes Miles a clothes box wrapped under six different sets of crumbled newspapers, all of which are old Daily Bugle headlines, lambasting his personal over the years.

If Miles wasn’t mistaken, he’d call this an after-Christmas present.

Miles: Christmas present?

Peter: Didn’t want your Mom to be in on the secret, so I decided to postpone it. Was gonna wait ‘till later but…..hey, you delivered big time today.

And he was right.

Already, he was seeing Peter as more than just a friend or a mentor; it was hard to dispute how much his life had already changed because of Peter, and his gratitude graced no bounds.

He had to take the gift. Being the kid he was, though, he couldn’t help being curious.

Miles: When do I open it?

Peter: Whenever you like. You still got ‘till the end of the day. But first…..

The awkward silence stretches from that second onwards with Peter holding out his hand to him in the webshooter position, and up close… looked stupid.

Not that either one of them was going to point that out. Both were fully encompassed into this moment.

Peter:… gotta take the oath.

Miles: Ummm…..ohhhhhkay? Should I hold out my hand?

The original Spidey only nods.

How this thing worked back then with MJ has since then evolved into more than a two-man job. And once Miles mimics that famous web-slinging motion outwards towards his friend and teacher….

…..Peter recites a decade-long oath.

Peter: Repeat after me: I make a commitment to take a stand against injustice. I will treat others with respect and kindness. I will have the compassion and the courage to not be a bystander. It is my RESPONSIBILITY to help others and I promise to do everything in my power to protect this city.....and those closest to me.

Nodding almost vigorously, the young man follows suit.

Miles: I make a commitment to take a stand against injustice. I will treat others with respect and kindness. I will have the compassion and the courage to not be a bystander. It is my RESPONSIBILITY to help others and I promise to do everything in my power to protect this city.....and those closest to me.

Peter: That's it.

Miles was dumbstruck that it was only one monologue for an oath and couldn't help but to chuckle

Miles: Man be honest that oath a real thing?

Peter: Totally. Definitely didn't just make it up. I mean MJ took it.

Miles: But she didn't had powers. Does she?

Peter: If she did or not she still did. better go pick up that milk for your mom.

Miles: How did you---??

Peter: Karen.

Miles: Right. Right.

Peter: Well I'll see you at F.E.A.S.T. this weekend. You did a good job today.....Spider-MAN.

Miles's heart skipped a beat finally giving him the MAN title instead of boy they fist bumped and Peter pulled his mask back on and leaped off swinging away

Miles: He called me Spider-Man......he...called me Spider-Man. Please don't screw this up.

Miles pulled on his own mask and leaped off himself

On the way to the Diamond district Peter was finally on his way to the murder scene Yuri was looking into he called her through Karen

Spider-Man: Yuri. The convoy was a disaster but Rhino's been recaptured and on his way back to the Raff. How's the new case coming along?

It's hard to make out better you see for yourself. It's a real mess.

Spider-Man: Heading your way.

The line cuts

Incoming call from Mary Jane Watson.

Spider-Man: Patch her in Karen. Babe what's happening?

You haven't called me that in awhile.

Spider-Man: Feeling was mutual on "Tyger".

Hehehe anyway I was calling to tell ya I think I got a lead on the Magia. Where you at now?

Spider-Man: Heading to the murder scene Yuri's looking into. She hasn't found any leads but hopefully I'll find some when I get there.

Is Miles still with you?

Spider-Man: No. He's on his way home.

Thank God.

Spider-Man: But he took the oath.

You mean the same oath I took after I moved here from San Fransisco?

Spider-Man: Bingo.

Hehehe....anyway call me soon as you and Yuri are done. This lead is really big I think the Magia might strike later tonight.

Spider-Man: You got it babe.

Hehehe talk to you soon....babe.

The line cuts off

We come back to the same apartment from earlier when that Oscorp Board member was killed by an unknown assailant

Captain Yuri Watanabe (Constance Wu) was on the scene few assisting officers taking pictures

Yuri: I want this whole flour under lock down till we find any further evidence. Jesus falling off a 50 story. It's madness.

That why you called for Spider-Cop chief?

Yuri: Hell no.....

Yuri turned around with a disapproving smirk seeing Spider-Man spin a web lowering upside down from the blown hole

Yuri: Last time you had Spider-Cop on a case he officially retired.

Spider-Man: Well he still has some loose ends to tie up. Especially after we busted who was behind the Chinatown Crime Tower crises who was really trying to bust Fisk out.

Yuri: Fair enough.

He hopped down

Spider-Man: So what'd you find so far?

Yuri: Nothing that will ID a suspect. But we did ID the victim: One Andy Powler. He's one of the head board directors of Oscorp. A real respectable one. A divorced father of three. Been in Oscorp since after....the blip.

Spider-Man: Snapped out or lucky?

Yuri: No way to know for sure. All I do know the attacker came in from that hole....blown from the outside.

Spider-Man: My money's still on the Magia. Earlier today they tried to assist Aleksei with bazookas.

Yuri: Maybe but till we know for sure we'll need more evidence. I have my men will work on the clock but with the Magia making their moves we're short staff as it is.

Spider-Man: Hey whoever they are we'll catch them like flies.

Yuri: Isn't that your theme song?

Spider-Man: Didn't know you listened to it!

Yuri: I don't. colleagues do. But serious note we need to find out who's responsible for this so we can put them in the Raft too.

Spider-Man: say the victim was an Oscorp Board Director didn't you?

Yuri: Yeah why?

Spider-Man: How do we know it's not Li? We never found him all year for all we know he could be back to finish what he started. He could have killed this guy to get to get to Osborn again.

Yuri: We can't be certain. He's been ghost since we put away Octavius. But if Li is back then we need to stop him and fast. We just stopped his gang war now that Hammerhead's moving in to take Fisk's thrown Li could jeopardize everything all over again. I'll warn Osborn and anyone in Oscorp. But as soon you find anything you call me.

Spider-Man: You got it Milady.

Yuri: What have I told you about calling me that?

Spider-Man: Couldn't resist. But note: I'll call soon as I find anything right now one of my sources is looking into Magia Activity. I think we got a lead.

Yuri: Alright. You go look into it and don't do anything stupid.

Spider-Man: I try but.....stupid is as stupid does Cap. Later.

He dived out of the hole with Yuri nodding at his direction

No guesses on how quickly the anticipation scale for this case just skyrocketed. So many scenarios, so many outcomes, way too many possibilities….

….and yet, all of that was undermined or, better yet, unveiled thanks to all the dirty little secrets the former Mr. Negative, Martin Li snuffed back out into the light; yet another man who fell prey to his literal inner demons thanks to what Norman did to him years prior. He came so close to following through on his conquest as well despite Norman having already lost the fight along the way, that him being gone didn’t matter much anymore.

His aura still soured the soil of the ground every citizen walked, talked, and breathed on in this very city; a city he was willing to cripple to its knees and sacrifice for the sins of just one man. The fact that Otto was just as, if not, more crucial in his crusade already painted a cascade of choices and possibilities that far outstretched his reach….

….and deemed themselves too good to be true.

Was Li actually back? Did Otto find a way to breach his way out of the Raft too? Did either man’s reign of tyranny act as a signal for others who feel similarly to try and finish what they started?

Could the Magia really be in on this? Is there a new villain on the block?

So many options and so little time. The best alternative to legitimately find out was to get his hands dirty… always.

But not before tying up one more loose end, just to make sure. A quick detour was needed.

Peter approached the door to his former place of employment, scanning the key card to enter for the last time. Given how he couldn’t exactly muster the courage to trudge through this shallow blanket of old memories alone, he had to call his guy in the chair, Ned Leeds (Chris O’Neal) for an emotional wing.

Not much of the place was left as the two of them entered, blowing past the yellow tape. A quick survey of the place revealed to Peter that, luckily, Otto was nowhere in sight.

That’s one crisis averted.

Ned: Very surreal nowadays.

Peter: Not bad, huh?

After the grant committee and the owners of the building contacted him about collecting the belongings he had at the lab before everything else was taken away, Peter had initially planned on going himself. However, as he thought about it more, he felt it would be good for Ned to tag along.

As much as he would’ve liked Miles to tag along, knowing he’d have an appreciation for the tech that would be there, Peter desperately needed someone other than MJ to see the good man that Otto had been before being consumed by vengeance. As bright as Miles was, he was still emotionally tainted from his dads' death.

Of course, Mary Jane had tried to offer her help as well, the two of them fresh off of getting back together.

She had told him this should be something for just him and Miles someday, which he had accepted before she told him how proud she was for how he was pouring into the boy's life. And yet Peter couldn’t bring himself to follow through.

Ned quickly moved over towards the metallic arm Peter and Otto had frequently utilized in their work.

Ned: Is that one of your prototypes?

Peter: That was before we had fully developed the intracranial neural network. Here, let me show you.

Peter grabbed the remote control for the arm, which could be synced up with it. Placing a coffee mug on the table, he began to manipulate the arm over towards it, the fingers gently grabbing it and lifting it up into the air.

Ned: Wow, not bad. You guys were really doing some good work here, weren't you?

Peter: We were…..

Peter replied, his tone nostalgic but his voice now less enthusiastic and more somber.

He didn't have much that was actually his own at the lab; mostly just his own shriveled-up labcoat, repair equipment, and some basic analytical materials. This did allow for some extra time to let Ned see some different areas of the lab as they went and try some more of the equipment out.

As they finished up gathering his things, Peter glanced up at the board in one of the rooms that contained the final designs for the mechanical arms that would turn Otto Octavius into the menacing Dr. Octopus. His mind wandered back to all the time he and the doc were working together, all the signs he should've seen.

Maybe, if he'd just paid better attention.…put his foot down more….

That being said, the feel of Ned’s hand on Peter's shoulder brought the latter back to the moment.

Ned: You good?

Peter: What? Oh, yeah. Sorry, man. Just…..reflective I guess. He carried a lot of hate in him, but I still have to believe that, somewhere inside of him, there's still the good man I came to work for. He was like a father to me. I think all the time about what else I could've done.

Ned: Hey man, what happened to him wasn't your fault. You can’t keep blaming yourself.

Peter: I know. Well, when I'm really, really honest with myself, I know. That doesn't mean I don't stop thinking about it.

The guy in the chair can only nod in response.

Eventually, they finished packing up the rest of the stuff there, and Peter told Ned he needed a minute and he would join him shortly. Ned silently nodded, grabbing a box of materials and walking out the door.

For a moment, Peter just stood in the center of the room, looking around at everything, taking it all in one last time. What had started off as a hopeful place filled with possibility had become a bitter reminder of the tragedy that was Otto Octavius, a horrid example of what happens when vengeance and hate consume a man. Still, despite all of that, Peter knew he couldn't forget the good times that happened here as well; honestly, he didn't even want to forget.

No matter what, he would always cherish the memory of the kind, caring and determined scientist that the man had once been. His white spider outfit was a reminder of that every time he put it on; it was a testimony to his kind and generous nature.

Finally, Peter grabbed the final box he needed to take and walked over towards the door. Grabbing the handle, he turned around so the lab was in full view.

Peter: So long, Otto. I'll never forget you.

Peter then turned and walked out, closing the door behind him for the last time. They confronted me in the day of my disaster, but the Lord was my support, he thought to himself.

Psalm 18:16-19

Not too long after Peter closes the doors on the lab for the final time, he collects himself hoarsely breathing on automatic.

It’s not that he noticed, unfortunately.

Ned suddenly grinned at him.

Ned: You are breathing... on automatic.

And so suddenly that process Peter was unaware of is there in his thoughts and as his breathing pattern changes, he chuckles mildly in the same way he did as a little child. So Ned laughs too, and then there they are, two idiots thick ’n’ thin laughing together on a sunny day.

Time for laughs quickly ended.

Incoming call from: MJ.

Peter’s phone picked up an intense vibration in his pocket, a sign Peter couldn’t ignore, flipping his mask back on.

Spider-Man: Accept.


Spider-Man: So far, yeah. I’ll have to circle back to that with you later. Right now, just tell me what’s going on with the Maggia. I thought they went out with swing dancing, both times.

They were. But we know how these scenarios play out. With Fisk and the Demons out of the picture, La Costa Nostra is making a comeback.

Peter couldn’t refrain from a mild chuckle there.

Spider-Man: I love it when you talk dirty.

Easy, Tiger. So you know the Feds raised the Maggia a couple months back, right? Well, one of the Dons had this lost masterpiece painting called The Maria. And now they’re displaying it over at Manhattan MOCA.

Spider-Man: I’m gonna take a gamble and say one of the families plan to steal it back?

Yep. It’s going down later tonight.

Spider-Man: Sounds like there’s more to this than just art appreciation.

The line cuts and our hero swings his way for Central Park making his way towards the museum

A minute later when Pete arrived looks like the Maggia beat him to it and it look like a break in in progress

Few men trying to crack the lock and armed Maggia's pacing the area

Spider-Man: Karen. Look's like MJ's source was correct. There's a small army of Hammerhead's goons trying to break in. Keep MJ on the line while I take a closer look.

Sure thing. Be careful though. According to my data files these guys play for keeps.

Maggia # 1: Hurry up come on! Boss wants that panting now. He's already on to us that we didn't get that giant human Rhino earlier. We should have been in and out by now.

Maggia # 2: You want to try? Be my guest.

Spider-Man: Jesus. Some people will do anything to avoid paying full-price admission.

He webbed zipped around planning out his tactics imagining himself playing Batman Arkham Asylum and scanned for any goons by themselves and picked off one by zip kicking him down knocking him out

Spider-Man: These guys have to learn how to appreciate art during business hours.

Soon spotted the next one and webbed him and sticking him on the statue he was on

The next one he lunged down to

Spider-Man: Nap time!

And didn't take long for the Remainers to notice some of their comrades were missing

Maggia: Zito any trouble over there?

No answer

Maggia: We got a problem with Zito. He's not responding check it out.

Soon as they sent one of them to check it out they found Zito the first goon taken out on the ground

Maggia: MAN DOWN!

And then he got knocked out by Pete and was spotted by all of them

Fourth Maggia: IT'S SPIDER-MAN!


Spider-Man: Time for a little demonstration of the fine art of subduing criminals.

Peter fought them all off one by one dodging their attacks webbing them up and knocking them out pulling a crow bar out of one's hands and web zipped him to him and knocks him down

He uppercuts one in the air and beats him up in the air the next he zipped down knocking him out and slid under the last one and kicked him from behind knocking him out

Spider-Man: Whoo....what a workout. Karen call MJ.

Already have her on.

Spider-Man: MJ. I subdued the Maggia. A lot of them I know from before. The first one is Frederico Frezelli.....the second is Sal Partillo.

I know them too. They're part of Hammerhead's crime family. Why would he the Maria? Doesn't seem like his thing.

Spider-Man: Beats me. I'll have Karen do a quick scan around the place make sure no one got in a different way and I'll send it to you. Meantime send the information to Yuri. She'll want in the loop.

No problem.

The line cuts

Spider-Man: Front door seems secured. Better check the other entrances. Karen activate vision scan.

The P.O.V. of his eye lens opened a vision scan to pick up anything out of the ordinary and KAREN did picked up something on the right side of the museum

Peter I got something head for the back parking area.

Once he did he picked strange marks on the wall

Spider-Man: Wait what's this?

He got a close look on the marks and the scan picked up.....FAMILIAR traces they were claw marks....and Peter seen these claw marks before

Spider-Man: Uh oh......

Peter had a sinking feeling about what he was gonna find later and he found more of those marks heading up the roof he walled crawled found a door but the marks lead up to another wall

Spider-Man: Nope. No one got in through here.

He ran up to the wall landing on the roof and found the skylight with a cut circle opening into the building

Spider-Man: Please tell me we're not about to run into who I think we're about to run into.

There's only one way to find out.

Spider-Man: MJ, someone cut a hole in the skylight. I’m gonna find out who.

He says before diving straight through, landing directly on the inside of the museum, opposite the front door the Magia guys were trying to crack open.

Wait, so while Hammerheads guys were trying to break in through the front, someone else slipped in through the roof?

Spider-Man: Looks that way. So far, no sign of anyone. At all. Aren’t there supposed to be guards here at night?

Good call, maybe check the Security Booth near the entrance. If there’s cameras there too, it’ll see whoever broke in.

The line cuts off, leaving Peter to his tunneler-encrypted misery.

First off, the Manhattan Museum of Modern Art plays a major role in developing and collecting modern art and is often identified as one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. The MMoMA's collection offered an overview of modern and contemporary art, including works of architecture and design, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, prints, illustrated books, and artist's books, film, and electronic media.

A.k.a, too many goodies that some low-time common crooks would like to get their slimy claws on…..especially since there were one too many places to perk in and view.

A library, an archives room, four exhibition houses, and a presentation that oozed out the worst signs of Deja Vu for the veteran.

Secondly, all MJ was doing was further stoking Peter’s reluctance to follow through on the task. He was hoping one of the Maggia had already gotten a headstart and grew an extra pair of balls and brain cells to actually go up through the roof and get in early for the rest of his colleagues. But that, right there?

Way too hopeful.

Deep down in his subconscious, that nasty little earworm he’d done stopped trying to wiggle out was practically screaming in his ear screeching the obvious out in his head. Peter had a bad feeling about who was behind this….

….and he prayed for his sanity, and most MJ’s, that this wasn’t at all who he thought this was. The best chance at combatting that theory was checking the security booth.

And as he waltzed over to the said booth, one fact quickly came to light: it wouldn’t be easy to get into. The door was locked, meaning the room was secure.

But he’d need a palm print to get in. Getting the confirmation required to override the lock to get in meant scouring around for fingerprints and he was no Batman…..

….or was he?

Spider-Man: Off I go.

There was a painting room on the extreme right of the building. From the main door, he took the stairs; yes, really, on the sides of the front desk. Going up and then an extreme right, he reached a room with paintings.

There was a small table kept near on the wall with a walkie-talkie brimming the edge. Picking it up, Peter immediately rotates it around and finds another partial fingerprint from his HUD scanner: the thumb and one half of the index finger.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have to go far to continue.

Exiting the room and returning back to the center area, there laid a flashlight and a notepad on the floor towards the right. Odd, considering none of the guards was seemingly inside tonight. Made it embarrassing for anybody who thought it’d be a good idea to count sheep in here and get lazy.

The flashlight was his concern.

Another rotation later and on the button used to turn on the flashlight, he gets the second partial print: the rest of the index finger, and both middle fingers.

Then came the time for him to take the entrance in the front-left where he originally found the flashlight. Looking up for the MMoCA sign over the entrance, Peter quickly turned left and reached another room with more paintings.

On a small couch on the right wall, there lied a coffee cup near a clipboard with yellow paper clipped underneath. The cup was still warm. Luckily, a few widescreen zoom in’s with his eye lenses later and the final partial print was collected.

Spider-Man: Ok, got the prints. Now to for the booth.

The booth was far from the main course with this obstacle. But it gave him some luck in trying.

It had certainly been a while since he ran any circuit testing since Otto’s arrest. Nowhere near rusty since the man needed to keep himself updated on his material and such but the circuit minigame? It was welcome!

Placing his hand down upon the scanner, as expected, it shut him out since his fingerprints weren’t in the system. But even with a backend port found, that meant Peter could reconfigure the scanner so it could take his data.

He needed to get to a voltage of 5, and some of the circuits were already locked in - evidence of a break-in, indeed. Just not all of them. By highlighting the ones that don’t have the screws on the borders and removing them all, the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler got to work.

Since the two +3 voltage circuits couldn’t be manipulated, and he didn’t have a -1 voltage circuit, Peter ignored the upper path and instead charted a course down and to the right through the other empty voltage slots. He now had a +3, +4, and +5 circuit to choose from, as well as a -3 and -4 for the negative voltage slot in the middle.

He needed a target of 5, so he added +3 and +5, and then a -3 in the middle, and snaked a course along the bottom right, back left and through the negative circuit to the goal.

Spider-Man: Got it.

The handprint was analyzed and ported into the scanner, essentially deepfaking his fingerprints as someone else’s. But hey, it opened the door for him finally.

To which he discovered……an ordinary security booth with the missing guards found. Unconscious but alive. Red flags were quickly raised.

Zooming in on a closer look at the guards, he eventually found an answer regarding their sudden disappearance: both were tranquilized from the neck down.

Spider-Man: MJ, we’re in.

Nice! What do you see?

Spider-Man: Guards we’re dragged in here, tranquilized from the neck down. Still breathing, yet no signs of a struggle.

Definitely not Hammerhead’s M.O. So if not him…..who?

Peter felt cursed withholding the obvious from her……again. But hopefully, that threat would be neutralized soon.

Luckily for him, cameras were nearby.

Spider-Man: There’s a camera feed.

And said camera feed to his right consisted of a large flatscreen above three other computer monitors on a metal desk beside the cabinets. It only highlighted four displays of CCTV Network distribution sights of four separate places of the museum.

Well, make that three.

One of the feeds, Camera 5 had no input. Someone disconnected the feed.

Spider-Man: Someone disconnected Camera 5.

Well, isn’t that ominous.

Spider-Man: Hold on, I’m turning it back on.

Peter quickly scrambled to bring back the feed in a vain attempt to seize ahold of whatever who’s inside didn’t want anyone to see. All signs pointed to the painting Mj briefed him in on earlier. But if he kept his fingers crossed long enough, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal.

In both scenarios, they were both right.

The feed re-established, the camera picked a singular wide lens, semi-dutch angle at a contemporary painting, one whose grace and eloquence in its style, hue, tints, and setting echoed the brilliance of the Mona Lisa. All lights were on, no glass was broken, no marks were present anywhere.

It seemed the coast was clear.

Spider-Man: Camera was pointing at one of the paintings.

That’s gotta be the Maria.

Spider-Man: And nobody’s touched it yet. Looks like a pretty normal painting to me from the looks of it.

Because it is. Honestly, there’s way more valuable stuff in that museum. Why’s the Maggia got their trunks in a knot over this?

Sounds pretty open and shut, right? Who was in here wasn’t looking for the Maria specifically and something less…..obvious. But even then, that wouldn’t help matters since there were just as many more priceless, valuable items in that museum so…..

….not so lucky.

Undeterred by being interred, Peter decided to find out. A closer look was needed, see what was so special about this piece of modern pastoral and expressionism. Luckily, the painting was only a slight jog away in the center of the upper floor.

As expected, not much changed when he got there.

Even as a double security measure, he checked his HUD display for any thermal layering underneath the bulletproof glass protecting the painting.

No fingerprints.

Any luck?

Spider-Man: The security wall’s intact and bulletproof.

Solidifying his point, he simply taps on the glass twice before turning his back away from the painting.

Spider-Man: Don’t know if they were even after it here but they’re not getting near the Maria anytime soon.

So we find the intruder and mission accomplished, then?

Spider-Man: I hope—

He found himself cut off by falling concrete: a circular hole in the wall collapsing within the protective barrier keeping the Maria in safe havens. No sooner should he turn around, nothing but a swirl of dust coats itself around the fake trees and pours out from the rest of the wall.

A perfect circle in the wall.

And a perfect circle on the roof as well.

As if the day couldn’t get worse already, his fears were founded once the former Queenpin, Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat (Samara Weaving) leaped through the hole and onto the branch of the fake tree.

The instant she lands, all fours on the artificial branch of that tree, her green eyes direct towards him. And then came…..that damn smile.

Felicia bit her lip, eyes nowhere else but on Peter. Then he moves closer towards the glass again, through no fault of his own, with those eyes that look so deeply into her own, "Hey, it's me." Her breathing becomes softer, the pensive look melting into a smile as soft as the morning light. Her body squirms just a little as her muscles relax.

There is something about that gaze of his she'll never find in another man as if in that moment their souls have made a bridge.

As for Peter, his heart sank. Not only was someone after the Maria, after all, but it was also another old flame from his past fishing for it too.

He’d really REALLY hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with her again after their last predicament…..and with MJ back in the fold, that was a powder keg just waiting to burst.

Spider-Man: MJ, someone’s coming. I’m gonna have to call you back.

Why? What’s going o—

He cuts her off before she could finish. She shouldn’t have to hear any of this.

Black Cat: Sexy exy. Looking good.....

Spider-Man: Oh god.

Black Cat: Love the new suit. Didn't you get the one I made for you?

Spider-Man: Only used the design for this.

Black Cat: Either way you look good.

She flips over landing on the ground

Black Cat: Been working out....Spider?

Spider-Man: No! I mean you know---a little. But it's not your business.

Black Cat: You mean....not anymore?

No words but her chuckles

Black Cat: swinging solo again. Or back with that annoying red head ex of yours.

Spider-Man: Leave MJ out of this!

Black Cat: Whoa Pete honey watch the temper. I was only asking.

Spider-Man: Well you ask a lot.

Black Cat: I'm just curious.

Spider-Man: And I hear that's bad for cats. But my turn to ask questions: Why you really here? You with Maggia now or covering for Fisk again?

Black Cat: Neither. Just waiting for the right moment. Look behind you stud.

He did and saw two more mobsters with rocket launchers like before coming at him

Pete webs him in the face only to shoot the rocket up top blowing the hanging art off and falling on them then more of Hammerhead's goons came running in with more rocket launchers and fire arms

Pete fought them all off as Cat turned to the painting growing a sinister smirk

Spidey dodged every rocket fired at him and knocked them down as well as the fire armers and fought every single Maggia from top to bottom all over again

Soon as Felica took the painting off she watched her favorite man spider fought off all of the remaining Maggia

Soon they were all webbed up beaten down and the last ones retreated

Soon after Pete went back to the window seeing Felica carrying the painting he tapped at the glass and she turned to him with a smile

Black Cat: Love your new tricks.

Spider-Man: And I've had it with your old ones. Put it back now.

Black Cat: But I didn't hear you say "Please" like a gentleman.

Spider-Man: Ugh....please put it back? I can't believe you're still stealing art after you broke your promise you wouldn't anymore!

Black Cat: Who said I was after the art?

She busted it in half with her knee which was a shock to him


She pulls out a drive from the top half forcing Pete's eye lens to widen

Black Cat: Think I'm the least of your worries right now. Don't you have lives to save?

Pete turned and the hanging statue was about to fall on the maggia trapped under the debree Spidey web zipped to them and webbed up the falling giant ball which nearly hit them but held tight

Pete looked back to the glass and the Cat.....already prowled off

Spider-Man: What the where'd she go?!

Incoming call from---

Spider-Man: Accept Karen.

Peter is everything ok? I was worried sick when you cut off!

Spider-Man: I'm sorry Mary Jane. I didn't mean to worry you I just---ran old friend.


Peter happen to notice carved writing on the glass: "Missed you <3*

Spider-Man: Bad Luck.

Yeah BAD LUCK you're back with your old girlfriend then suddenly your other one comes back to play Pete knew his hands were gonna be more full than ever knowing with the Black Cat back in town along with the Magia and a mystery killer lurking in the shadows weather an old or new enemy

Later that evening the other side of town a limbo was driving by through traffic if you were expecting a billionaire think again

The limbo happen to be carrying the man everyone has been talking about the source of this new brewing gang war up coming

The father of the Maggia himself the shark eating this big apple

Hammerhead (Michael Shannon) And let's just say he was not in a generous mood of everything that's happened all day

The Convoy and the Museum and Spider-Man of course having a new Spider-Man helping him

Hammerhead: Let me get this crap straight. You're telling me you failed to require that human animal because Spider-Man had another Spider-Man helping him?! Next thing you jackasses fail to get the drive?! You idiots are useless than a short out flatscreen. I'm not gonna keep playing messenger boy while that gray haired masked bitch is prowling my city stealing what belongs to me. Just have Lincon keep rolling those weapons in. Spider-Man will likely pick up what we're up to in a matter of time. We lost to this freakshow last time cause we underestimated the masked avenger. Well not this time. Meantime I want to know more about the 2nd Spider-Man. He'll likely be helping the first one try to nail us. And do whatever it takes to silence anyone who gets in my way even if Fisk gets out I want to make sure we have more power than him. That understood?

Yes sir. We're on it.

Hammerhead: Damn right you are or it's your ass and your families.

The mob boss hung up overly frustrated

Hammerhead: Howard? Home.

Howard: Yes sir.

The limbo drove on and minutes later they arrived back at Hammerhead's mansion in Haarlem to find.......

.....smoke was coming out of it it was in ruins like it faced Armogan

Hammerhead and his driver came out of the car dumbstruck and shocked on what happened

Hammerhead: What in the crises is going on?! Get reinforcements down here now!

Howard: Yes sir I'm on it.

Howard went on his phone as Hammerhead stormed to his front door and kicked it open to see things on fire and dead Magia everywhere

Hammerhead: The fuck?!


Joseph (His actual first name) frowned hearing that shout he took his gun out slowly walking up stairs as the man up stairs kept shouting and pleading


Hammerhead: The hell's going on?!

He approached a closed door where the commotion was coming from stepping over more dead goons and Joesph kicked the door open finding one of his goons still alive but nearly beaten and tortured to death

Maggia: Boss thank god.....

Hammerhead: What the devil's going in here?!

Maggia: There's some kind of....there's some kind of DEMON here!

Hammerhead: I don't have time to hear about fairytales now tell me what really happened here?!

Maggia: I swear to god it wasn't human! I had green skin and yellow eyes! It killed everyone here tortured me for the safe code that's where it is!

Not buying his story Hammerhead shot him dead and went to the safe to find it open and looked see a figure taking money into his Satch holder and it was chuckling....sounding like the laugh from Norman's head

Hammerhead walks in pointing his gun only to hear a loud screaming laugh


An explosion was erupted and forced Hammerhead to fly out of the safe hitting the flour and heard the sound of a machine flying over him and the minute he sat up another explosion was erupted and jet sounds were heard in there

Hammerhead got up only to noticed a hole was blown open on the back wall the figure was gone.......with ALL his money

First his drive, then his men and now his money? Metalhead bastard couldn’t catch a break.

But perhaps, neither could Miles either.

That coconut milk his mother pressed him to get ahold of, really was at Teo’s. But given he was too far away to manage a quick u-turn, Miles had to improvise with downtown…..and was lucky to get it anyways.

Anything to save him any ire coming in after a long morning. Besides, coconut milk thai iced coffee wasn’t going to fix itself.

The rest of it would be used later. Thankfully, Miles had a chance to relax.

Situated and mostly isolated in his room, a room that had just about everything: graffiti behind the bed, closet on the right, flat-screen TV, a PlayStation controller WITHOUT THE PLAYSTATION and postcards, newspaper bits, cards and maps and report cards lined out with red strings towards the end of the windowsill and door……you can’t Miles didn’t have ways to keep himself occupied.

Only one thing peeked his interest as of this moment: the clothes box wrapped in newspapers that Peter gave him earlier. A quick thinker, he was able to let it slide by his Mom by stating the obvious: a late Christmas gift from Peter.

A few meters across from an unfinished Rubix cube, the suspense was killing Miles.

Miles: Ok, here goes!

The door was locked so no use in Rio (Gina Rodriguez) barging in on the surprise. Quickly tearing away at the crumbled-up newspapers, leaving crumbs and tears of it on the glossy wooden floor beneath him, all that was left was the bendable apparel box either cover on top.

It might as well have been Christmas again once Miles finally opened the box. His eyes shot wide open at the sight, elated at this glorious prospect before him. First, he got the official nod as Spider MAN earlier on today….

….and now Miles was gifted with his very own super suit. His first official one at that.

The suit maintained the classic Spider-Man design, to reflect Miles' inexperience knee and shoulder pads are placed in their respective areas as a form of protection. Noticeably, the suit isn't as streamlined as Peter's suit and seems more of a quick thing Peter put together considering the suit didn’t have implemented red-black sneakers. Meaning instead, Miles would have to wear his own from his Sportswear suit.

But this was more than a hearty thank you from his mentor. He had to try it on.

If not for ONE ISSUE.

Miles? Miel? (Honey?)

Miles: Uh..... Estoy Bien (I'm fine)

Miles looked at his mirror seeing his costume on it and was amazed he really couldn't wait for the next mission


This time no response

Miles: Karen?


Miles: Oh man. Peter must not have add her in this thing.

Actually he didn't Karen wasn't responding because unaware to Miles.....his new suit was on training wheel protocol like Peter's first suit during the Civil War and Homecoming

Miles tisked but that frustration didn't last long for he was too amazed of the suit he leaped off the flour sticking to the Sieling he laughed out which caught Rio's attention when he saw the nob opening


Miles answered unmasked hiding the suit behind the door revealing a curious and concerned Rio Morales (Gina Rodriguezz) wife now widowed of the deceased Jefferson Davis and mother of Miles

Rio: Miles what'd you doing in there?

Miles: I was just playing a video game got too excited of a new score I got.

Rio: Well give it a break ok dinner's almost ready.

Miles: Alright yeah. No problem.

Rio walked away and Miles shuts his door as he breathed out in relief looking down at his new suit

Miles: I gotta go swinging in this soon.

That would still have to wait given what Peter told him earlier but despite that his trigger finger was very itchy

But anyway Miles manage to hold in long enough to get dressed and fresh up and join Rio for dinner Miles was mostly quite for his excitement had his mind full didn't know what to say which only drew mor of Rio's attention

Rio: You hardly said three words all night. Estas bien (You ok?)

Miles: Si (Yeah) I'm just tired I mean getting that milk was a saga. Plus I got a long weekend ahead of me at F.E.A.ST.

Rio: I thought you were gonna try out for the team at school.

Miles: Folks been needing me more Ma. I mean ever since May passed I couldn't turn my back on them.

Rio: You're just like your father. He carried a lot of weight on his shoulders too. Especially in high school.

Miles: Uncle Aaron always said he was a cop before he was a cop.

Rio: Your uncle was always the robber too.

He chuckled softly

Rio: You still see him at F.E.A.S.T.

Miles: Yeah but he's finally getting his own place next week. This week his last day there. Pete and I are gonna help him move his things there.

Rio: Oh that's sweet. How is Peter by the way?

Miles: He's good.....

Almost spilling both their beans Miles thought a quick excuse

Miles: Um.....he told me MJ's doing a piece on the Magia cases.

Rio: My the young lady sure is adventurous. I just hope she stays safe I'm no fan of those dangerous things she looks into.

Miles grew a nervous smirk and a news report caught both their attention with a male reporter breaking the news of the murder from last night

....and now our most compelling story late last night a man was murdered last night and found splattered in the middle of the district curb. Police have not ID the suspect but the victim was recommended of one of Oscorp's Board of Directors. Latest reports say that the victim was tossed out of his own apartment from a hole blown open. Police identify that the Notorious Crime Boss the Hammerhead is suspected of the attack but no guarantee----

Rio: God these incidents never end. Dios ayudanos (God help us)

Miles: I'm sure the Spider-Men will stop them.

Rio: Spider.....Men?

Miles: Yeah. They say Spider-Man has a partner now. Another Spider-Man who helped him at the convoy.

Rio frowned

Miles: Uh.....I saw it on tv at the store.

Rio: Two Spider-Men? Wonder if we'll have a third. Just do me a favor and stay close to home till this thing blows over.

Miles: No hay problema (No problem)

No luck in making any promises he couldn’t keep.

Fortunately, the process wasn’t anything he has too attached to. And Miles took no joy in hiding this massive secret from his loved ones in a claustrophobic muddled midst of everything calming down.

Felicia was not that generous.

To think, for a short relapse, a tiny period of time, the second Black Cat, daughter of the first Black Cat, Walter Hardy used to be a formidable adversary for the New York City Wallcrawler. As the former Queenpin of Crime, she was cooped up within Wilson Fisk’s clutches and came into contact with Peter on multiple occasions.

And that hostility eventually blossomed into an infatuation…..and a minor obsession.

Peter, being the honorable yet oblivious bimbo he can often be, refused most of Felicia’s advances at the time, even after she stepped away from the Kingpins empire…..but all bets were off when MJ broke up with him. So from that point onwards, she actually had him all to herself. Due to her feelings for the wall-crawler, in a shocking twist of events, Felicia gave up on her criminal ways and became Spider-Man's partner for a brief period, both professionally and romantically.

The problem was…..she just couldn’t stay away.

When we lack healthy addictions, the addictions we are born to biologically need, the pain can cause drug addictions and substance abuse. Crime might as well have been her drug addiction. And the moment Peter found out she robbed again, he couldn’t stay with her any longer; a compromise that both parties agreed to.

Felicia ended up leaving the city to forge her own path…..until now.

It felt good to be home again, especially in an estate as big as this. A penthouse, in fact.

The window was so large it reminded her of a store-front, but so high up. Who can see in any way? It's triple-glazed and so clear that the panorama is like a high-definition screen at the movie theatre. The birds travel past, buffeted by the winds that whistle through these towers as if to remind us that we're in their space now.

This real estate in the sky felt so futuristic. The first time she got this, the expectations were high as if….if Spok just beamed himself in there right from the office. The city, both above and below, looked so far away it's like another world, those ant-like people and all their problems were of no more consequence than temporary static on an intercom. All this concrete was her cocoon and the window, well, the window showed her as much detail as she wanted to know.

And then some.

Felicia took no time, getting herself comfortable after her successful heist, tossing her domino mask and goggles off to the side of her bed. Twiddling the USB drive around her retractable claws like a petulant child who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar only to plunge back in the second the adults weren’t looking, it was her nature to break the rules.

And she’s hardly had to try to avoid detection, except whenever she wanted to get caught.

She had taken a lot more valuable pieces of art, trinkets, and toys over the years; hell, most of which she willingly let Peter find by the railroad tunnel on the West Side Line under Riverside Park: the standard display of jewelry and diamonds.

One such painting similar to the Mona Lisa that Fisk had reported stolen.

A statue that Peter caught Felicia attempting to steal which marked their first official meeting as their respective alter egos

Wine, champagne, and Chardonnay, all from Maggia courtyards.

Even financial data on the Maggia crime families.

But this? This ONE drive, alone, was hot-wired with over half a million dollars. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

There were more with the same amount of money and carries all of Hammerhead's secrets walk away with that much you live an utter rich life and take down Hammerhead in the blink of an eye

Felicia smirked examining that but needed the other drives if she wanted the Maggia wealth but it wasn't just about the money the Maggia case was that much important to her than working for Kingpin for she had a deeper history with them

As we soon see her turning her head down to a framed picture and picked it up looking emotionless to it flashing backing to her own younger times where we meet Walter Hardy (Gary Oldman) in his office wrapping his robe on closing a closet containing.....his hidden gear

Even chuckled when hearing a door creep open

Walter: Come in Felicia.

We meet a seven year old Felicia Hardy looking all cute and playful just years before she became cunning and feisty in adult age

Walter: What'd you doing out of bed at this late hour?

Young Felica: I LIKE being up late. That's when I get to see you Daddy.

He chuckled again as she ran to him with him kneeing down to her daughter hugging her

Walter: We're both very much alike kitten. We're all so comfortable when we're wrapped in the dark blanket of the night.

Felicia comes back to reality as the framed picture she was holding was a picture of her father

Felicia: I know you disappeared protecting me daddy. Yet the Magia killed you for spitting at their face. But I won't let it be in vain. I'll finish what you started. I'll rob Hammerhead blind under his nose. I may have to make some sacrifices in order to keep Spider from catching on. I won't forgive myself for this I still love him.....but since he's unlikely to trust me I'll do what I have to do to avenge you. And that's a promise daddy.

She put the picture stood up and walked up to the padio door still talking to herself

Felicia: For 20 years the Black Cat lurks the streets of New York wrapped in the dark blanket of the night. Well now.....those who wronged us will finally pay Daddy. Hammerhead will pay. Though it kills me to wrap Peter under my strings again it's the only way to keep him from stopping us from reaching our goals and fullfilling our destiny. I'm sorry Spider. I love you but even I can't let you stop me either.

Thunder clashes

Later as rain falls we come to an office building run by Oscorp a man in his office was writing his project and typing them all down

It would seem like a quite night of work but outside in the stormy night the camera shot a point of view with the jet sounds from earlier rising up to spot the man in the office and we hear that demonic laugh again


The man kept at his work not expecting anything not even to hear a pin drop till.......


The man screamed as hellfire and brimstone blew the window open blowing away everything

The man grunted in frustration and pain as he looked up and P.O.V. was coming at him with the same mystery figure from before coming at him laughing


A pumpkin the size of an apple was thrown at him and before the man knew exploded BLOWING him to his skeleton

Security guards came in a minute later and already too late they saw the figure flying away and the skeleton of the victim


A question for another day.

Tomorrow became today. But not just any day: Peter’s high school reunion.

Which meant Peter was given an unofficial day off to spend some time with Ned, Michelle, Betty, and Flash, most of whom Peter had already seen prior to the Devil’s Breath pandemic and all of whom are aware of the veterans' alter ego. And given MJ transferred to Midtown High during the senior year….

….she was a part of this as well.

But all of that? That comes later. They all still had most of the day to get through first which meant more work, more paperwork, more staying up at night, yelling at the TV for the redhead.

And still, she shows up to work the very next day at the Daily Bugle.

Funny enough, nobody would’ve even considered working for the Bugle while Jameson was in charge. You’d be lucky to find someone who’d touch that news building with a 29 and a half foot pole. But once the skinflint became a podcaster and got his own show, Robbie Robertson (Richard T. Jones) was quick to take control and seize his position.

And luckily for the workers, he was a lot more easier to handle than his former boss.

The former website turned New York tabloid newspaper had not only taken a great interest in moderation the anti-superhero slant that has since tainted but also buoyed the Bugle’s image since the aftermath of the Blip, the newspaper had also published important exposés of political corruption and organized crime in the city, and also takes a strong stance in favor of mutant rights, which has led to its being targeted by various criminals and hate groups.

But bowing to criticism, they wouldn’t do. Off days? Those were more common.

Robbie was fast asleep in the main office, almost snoring to some degree, his face laid to rest on his arms over his desk.

The light suddenly flashes before him and Robbie slowly adjusts his vision to what’s up ahead. As he wakes, his mind swims with a departing dream; he sighs, reluctant to banish it and begin his day. The light of late morning shines into his slowly opening eyes and he brings his hands to guard them. Everything about him feels heavy from his arms to his feet.

Robbie lets his head loll from one side to the other, eyes closing one more time as he enjoys the brief darkness. There is no option to sleep on, no chance to rest and conjure his dream anew. However, he does perk a smile towards the front of his office seeing MJ beside the doorframe with her finger over the light switch.

Even those in charge needed an off day.

MJ: Thought you said we could count sheep at home.

Robbie: Deja Vu, eh? Normally, you’d get paid to count them here.

MJ: Heh. Any updates on your New Year resolutions?

Robbie: Ahhh. Nothing too complicated, just….

MJ:.....Just same old Daily Bugle front page.

Robbie: More like multiple pages. Maggia moving into to claim the city for their own. The legendary jewel thief Black Cat ruturns.

Mentioning her brought chills to MJ down her spine knowing Peter

Robbie: And the next thing two Oscorp Board Members found dead in the last two days.

MJ blinked hearing "2 board member murders"

MJ: Two?

Robbie: For a reporter you don't watch any news do you MJ?

MJ: Sorry. What happened?

Robbie: An office was blown to bits. Security Guards caught some....figure flying away from the scene and found a skeleton lying on the messy flour. Didn't need to put two and two together that it was the board member.

MJ: Oscorp has been taking a lot of hits lately. I mean first Martin Li and now board directors dropping dead. I wouldn't be surprise if Norman Osborn's still the target.

Robbie: He's definitely become the city's biggest pariah. I mean what he done to that boy was just.....horrifying. I can't believe they didn't arrest him along with that Octopus maniac.

MJ: Osborn has the most powerful family lawyers. But not that do him any good. After the Li story went public he's bound to loose everything now. His company his money....all of it.

Robbie: Still depends.

MJ: On what?

Robbie: With New York having a serial killer in it's mints and Oscorp Board members being targeted.....they may get desperate enough to let Osborn back in.

Some kind of suspicion soon accrued to MJ but that disappeared when.......

Robbie: Unless he's a target too.

MJ: Yeah......

Robbie: I mean this city has gone more to hell than ever. Thank God for Spider-Man. Knowing he's out there looking out for us I know he'll stop whoever's responsible.

MJ chuckled unknown to her boss he was talking about her boyfriend

MJ: Yeah. I have no doubt he will.

Robbie: Yeah. But anyway you got any reports MJ?

MJ sat in front of his desk putting on a pair of glasses which looked.....oddly familiar and reads out an article she's writing

MJ: My sources confirmed what the Black Cat stole from the museum was drive.

Robbie: A drive?

MJ: Apparently the Magia were after it too but Black Cat got ahead of them. No one knows what's on it but it's clearly important to Hammerhead and clearly weather the Black Cat is working for the Magia or getting ahead of them it's important to her too. Whatever's on it could be money or files on Hammerhead. Maybe something that will put him away for good. Probably he wants it so bad. And maybe the Black Cat's trying to blackmail him. But it's a theory.

Robbie: Well until those theories become facts I recommend keeping what your sources tell you in this office. If people catch on might get messy.

MJ: No problem.

All though MJ couldn't completely keep that promise when it comes to Peter she moved the glasses higher up to her face but pressed something in her point of view the right side of the vision said recording sent

Yes MJ was wearing E.D.I.T.H. unaware to Robbie and no doubt she recorded the entire conversation and sent it to Peter

Robbie: Meantime MJ run another piece on this Magia stuff the more we know about their moves the more we can warn people and hopefully Spider-Man will catch on.

MJ: I'm on it chief.

MJ walked out removing the glasses and placing them in her pocket and she was already receiving a call from Peter and answered while walking through the main room

I heard everything on what you sent me. I'm guessing that's a fat chance you'll keep it in the office. I mean I'm living proof.

MJ: You betcha.

Guess we'll have a lot to talk about after the reunion.

MJ: Or before it when we get ready and drive there. Are you on your way to my place?

As we speak.

MJ: See you soon.

However, that wouldn’t be the end of that conversation. Peter just had to beat around the bush with it some more; of course, he meant well by it.

Wait wait. What about Felicia?

But that wasn’t how it was perceived.

Again, her name was dropped. Huffing silently to herself, MJ had the slight distinct notion of picking that conversation back up later. Peter was lucky enough to have told her after the Museum break-in but that was about the extent of it. Nothing about the cassette tapes he left her.

Nothing about the plushie cats harvesting RFID signals.

Nothing about the strange Black Cat murals.

And certainly not her little cats cradle by West Side Line underneath Riverside park. What Peter told her last night about Felicia’s resurgence? That was the first and only time MJ had even heard a PEEP on Party Hardy coming back to New York.

And almost everything about how that conversation played out last night smelled fishy. And a little too convenient. While it was hard to piece apart fact from fiction in anything, the one thing MJ wished she could change was that Peter hadn’t jumped the shark the instant they called it off that one time.

Because she never heard the end of it from that….that… And upon resurfacing an unpopular memory, her veins began to tense up with her hands balling up and out in anger.

Red-hot, ashy, volcanic anger was a tried-and-true trademark for Mary Jane ever since her mom passed, dad died and Aunt lost her battle with cancer; a rabbit hole Ms. Watson had fallen into one time too often and barely crawled out of, an impossible build up steam, burning me on the way out, burning the one on the receiving end.

But maturity and self-control come with age; while only just, she had learned to dose that fury and prioritize what is more appropriate for the situation. So she asks Peter, almost sarcastically…..

MJ: What about her?

She gets no answer back for a good few seconds. As expected, he doesn’t pry any further about the subject for now.

Nothing. I’ll—see you in a few.

The line cut off with MJ still chilled to the bone about this Felicia stuff but went off her marry way


Things seemed quit other than traffic and people walking unaware on one of the roof tops lied the 2nd but juvenile Spider-Man

Miles was in the new suit and in his jacket and hoody for his excitement got the better of him once more he couldn't wait for the next mission or more training but given Pete would be busy for awhile he decided to go for a joy ride in the suit

Miles walked back to the other side of the roof for he was planning to make a leap forward to the other building to get the excitement out of his system

Miles: Strong focus on what I want.

Miles turns around pulling on his mask and then he started running to the other side with fire and determination in his eyes and by the time he reached the edge he leaped off into the air

Miles: WHOO!!!!

Miles nearly made it to the other roof but slipped off the pipe and nearly fell he screamed out but lucky for him he had web shooters on and he shot a web to swing to the left

Miles: WHOA!!

He swung through an ally and came out and the open and a few public eyes caught on to him


Yeah you could understand that child thought Miles was Peter given like he said yesterday he's been doing this gig for 20 years Miles....just getting started and he still had no idea how much he had to learn

So the kid swinged through town above the road he was yelling out more "Whoo hoos" like he was king of the world

Miles took a quick chance to dive down to the road and caught more eyes but shot another web to pull himself up back in the air

Miles then landed on another roof laughing his butt off like he was just at an amusement park he pulled of his mask and he couldn't stop laughing

Miles: Damn this is something else.

Soon enough Miles was wall crawling back up to his bedroom window and once he made it through thankfully his door was closed so if Rio was home no way she'd catch him red handed unless she walked in of course

Miles climbed through pulling his legs in and sat up shutting his window pulling off his mask again

Miles: Whoo man. That was some workout.

Miles pulled out his phone and had a crack on it

Miles: Awe man not again.

Miles shrugged his frustration off and about to text Peter but suddenly his door knob turned and at a panic Miles leaped up to the ceiling and who came in was his best friend at school......Ganke Lee (Seo Young-Joo)

Ganke: Miles you in here?

He was no where to be found unaware........he was on the cieling above him mouthing: Shit

Ganke: Guess he's not in. Well might as well make myself comfortable.

Miles mouthed again: No, get out of here!

Ganke sat on the office chair putting on his ear plugs listening to music and he kept the spinning the chair Miles tried to stay behind him moving around as he turned

But unfortunately.............

.....Miles made a wrong turn as Ganke turned his direction and slowly moved his head up both his eyes and Miles's eyes widening open catching him red handed...........

.....Ganke fell off the chair fainting


Not even a year, A YEAR into his own genre-shifting journey of becoming a Spider-Man in his own right....and somebody outside of Peter and MJ just figured out who the hell he was. Flashing back to what was ushered by Peter yesterday before the Rhino incident, now he understood the dexterous and evasive nature behind what makes the life of superhero all the more ravenous......outside of the blatantly obvious.

Miles: No no no no!

Freaking the freak out, he detaches from the ceiling and immediately rushes to Ganke's aid, lifting him up effortlessly and tossing him onto his bed. Luckily, not too much of a mess was made when he fainted; the last thing Miles wanted or needed was to leave a physical trace of his infidelities spread across the surface for anybody to walk in and see.

From there, he begins to pace back and forth between the footstool of the bed, working himself into a frenzy over what the hell this was going to do to his friendship and everyone else at school tomorrow.

That's when the panic set in.

There are two strongly interwoven seeds of tension set in, regarding how somebody panics. The first is a kind of intense worry that you could override if you wanted to, that in this panic, painful though it is, you can keep on functioning. It is still chronic stress, damaging your body, brain, even altering the expression of hundreds of genes. It's bad, very bad.

Second kind is worse. The second kind is when your brain is so bombarded by fear that your actions become erratic and escalate, in this time some become a danger to themselves and others, they can poison society with their paranoias.

If there was a third level to that, it'd be a full-blown panic attack. But luckily, the son of Jeff Davis was only at DEFCON 2: Still pretty bad.

Miles: Shit shit shit! What'd do I do? What do I do? What do I do?!

Miles? Boys you ok?

Miles: Uhh....YEAH! YEAH FINE!

Ganke lied there for minutes as Miles had time to change and kept talking to himself in a panic

Miles: Awe man Peter's gonna kill me. I knew this secret identity thing was too much. What am I gonna say?! Ok Miles just relax hopefully.....he'll think it was a bad dream. Shit that's stupid!

Ganke groaned as Miles already pulled on his pants and still shirtless he grabbed a shirt from his dirty laundry pile and threw it on and saw the suit still on the flour and at a panic he threw it on top of the pile and tried to act cool

Ganke: Ow.....hit my head.

Ganke turned to Miles as he was at an utter panic shaking in his knees

Ganke: Miles.....were....were you.....did I see you....? Oh it couldn't be I mean I hit my head was it a.....dream?

Miles: Uhh.....yes! Yes it was.

Ganke: You sure? It real. I you were on the ceiling.

Miles: No I wasn't!

Ganke: Bro come on I'm not an idiot! How did you even.....wait.....

Miles's panic was getting worse as Ganke stood up from the bed

Ganke: You''re the night monkey!

Miles: The what?

Ganke: Night Monkey! The Spider-Man from Prag years ago. The news said the Night Monkey helped Spider-Man recaptured the Rhino!

Miles: I don't know what you're talking about I'm no Night Monkey! I'm not----

Ganke: Miles come on it's me! We've known each other since the 6th grade I'm not a fool. Last year you tell me you punched Spider-Man and now you're the Night Monkey.


Ganke: Sorry sorry'd this happened?

Miles: Nothing happened you only dreamt it.

Ganke crossed his eye and eyed at the laundry spotting his suit on top of the pile

Miles: Dope!

Ganke: Still thinking I was dreaming?

Miles had to face fact he was caught red handed

Miles: Ok ok yes I'm the second Spider-Man. But I'm not this monkey guy you mentioned.

Ganke: WHOA THIS IS SO AWESOME! know who the REAL Spider-Man is?

Miles: I can't talk about that but you got to swear to me this won't leave this room. You can't tell anyone not at school not your family no one! Not even my mom.

Ganke: Why not?

Miles: Because A. The REAL Spider-Man won't be happy with me if word got around and won't let me do this anymore. B. There's baddies out there who hate him and if they catch on to me they'll come after the people closest to me. And mom would flip the F out. Especially after my dad. Come on man I'm begging you. Please.....

Ganke was at a loss he had no words to agree to this term but given all three of those reasons were good enough not to spread this around

Ganke: Ok....I won't say a word.

Miles: Thank you. God he's gonna kill me.

Ganke: How did you even get the powers? Did Spider-Man affect you when you punched him?

Miles: NO! Look I'll tell you everything but not here Mom can't hear what we're talking about.

Miles got fully dressed and rushed Ganke with him out the door while Rio was on the phone

Meanwhile at MJ's apartment Peter was sitting on the couch while MJ was changing in the bedroom before heading to the school reunion as they talked about what went on at the museum

So Black Cat was the one who went in through the roof? Do you think she's working for Hammerhead or just swiping from him?

Peter: She was probably watching me the whole time when I was in there.

But how could you let her get away with what was in that Maria?

Peter: I didn't. Just two of Hammerhead's goons would have been squished like bugs by a work of art if I went after her. I know I messed up letting her get away two save them.

You did the right thing.

Peter: I guess. But you have no idea what's on that drive?

Good question. After the reunion I'll make some calls and ask around.

Peter: And I guess I'll start fallowing cat prints tonight.

What about the Board Member murders?

Peter: Yeah I'll have to look into that too. My money's still on either Li returning or Hammerhead.

I don't think so Peter. Ugh....can never hooked this. Sorry bra issue. But anyway Robbie says witnesses saw a figure flying away on some....vehicle or something. But no one saw a face.

Peter: Like… aircraft carrier?

From the looks of it…..maybe a glider?

Glider: why did that word sound familiar? A distinct memory from another time when he was younger. Mysterio.

The Bugle.

The multiverse.

The other Spider-Men.

Only one time he was able to get a clear look at it back then but that glider was a transportation device created by Oscorp. It was kept with a specialized exoskeleton in the Special Projects chamber Including the suit. The exo-skeleton was also revealed to heal the person using electrically conductive nano-fibers, an Oscorp prototype of a new military body armor.

As that glider vehicle was from another universe, that would only serve to further escalate the situation from onwards and spiral everything out of control. All he could hope was that this Glider-riding nut job wasn’t a demon let loose from the multiverse again and if not…..then he’d still have to deal with that later.

Tonight, however, was the only concern. Mr. Parker was already dressed for the occasion: still rocking one of his Uncle Ben’s old dress suits, yet another reminder of how much his darling Aunt May would be missed.

It spelled out ‘business suit’ all over it: was as crisp as a new banknote and dyed to a uniform shade of bleak blackish-blue. Above white-collar line, it was as if Peter’s face had been fashioned from those inky dots.

The odd thing here is…..he was the first one ready. Normally, it’d be him rushing to get ready and dressed. Noticing the weird shift in positioning, Peter bolts off the couch and rushes to the bathroom, knocking on the door.

While they weren’t in a hurry, the Avenger in his later years did not want to have too much time wasted.

Peter: MJ, c’mon. The schools not gonna open the doors for us.

He says as the door of the bathroom swings open, with MJ stepping out still in her black bathrobe.

Absolutely baffling.

MJ: Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m almost ready.

Peter: You’re not even dressed yet?

MJ: I’m getting ready to get ready; it’s all a process.

Peter: And what’s that about?

MJ: We all do it: gotta take my shower, put on my body butter and let that marinate. Put on my makeup, choose my hair. And that only just finishes the first phase, alright? It takes time to be this beautiful, babe.

Peter: Look, I will settle for just plain ol’ gorgeous if it’s gonna get us out of here any quicker.

MJ: Always in a hurry. Like you were when Fisk almost cut you in half.

Peter frozed when she brought that up remembering.....their first night together when they were young

MJ smirked and went into the bathroom shutting the door hearing the shower running in there had Peter on edge he paced back in forth as the camera rotated down to the coffee table where her perse was......

.....the Eugenic Spinner Lab Spider finally crawled off the perse and wondered on the table

A minute went by and Peter was sitting on the couch again watching tv with news reports about the second murder

....where late last night a second victim was found burned alive to the bone. Details in sketch the attacker is still unknown though eye-witnesses reported seeing someone flying away. Security footage manage to get a glimpse of an off image of the attacker.

The screen clipped an image of the figure flying away on this..."Glider" they mentioned earlier and the figure was human size but didn't look human from the head as the reporter on tv spoke more details

Though the image cannot identify the attacker police confirmed that New York may have a new serial killer in it's mits. The victim however was confirmed to be another Oscorp Lead Board Member----

Peter froze in shock for he wasn't listening to the reporter he kept taring at the image of the figure and a hint of fear was freezing his heart not that this blew his theories of Li and Hammerhead causing this but feel this is likely a new player......and there was something about it to he thinks it's the Boogey Man or something

Soon enough the bathroom door opened snapping Peter out of his thoughts and in came MJ black dress high heels and hair up which stunned Peter in more shock as he stood up seeing how lovely she was

MJ: I know you want to get everything over with but....would you want THIS to end quickly?

Peter: Everything.....except this.

She grinned at him and after another minute they went out the door with the camera spotting the lab spider on the side table by the door for it crawled over to the end of the table

MJ rented a car a week ago that was due back next week and as she drove Peter was riding shotgun for he was on his phone texting Yuri

Heard about the second murder. Any clues?

Unfortunately second verse same as the first.

Spider-Cop's on the case.

Oh hell no.

Peter chuckles catching MJ's attention

MJ: You ok?

Peter: Yeah. I was just....checking in with Yuri.

MJ: She find anything?

Peter: Another dead end. She's just as clueless as everyone else. Even earlier the Martin Li and Hammerhead theory went away....they had a none focus image of the attacker but hard to make out. Whoever it was chilled me to the bone.

MJ: Well whoever it is we'll stop him and Hammerhead and.....


MJ: Yeah....Felica. Tiger I've always wondered and I don't mean to pry Tiger but.....I know you and Felicia had a history but....I can't help but to noticed that you guys are on a first-name basis.

Peter: Well I mean----I guess---maybe. But it doesn't matter babe. She made her choice a long time ago. Now that she's working for Hammerhead just proves my point on her.

MJ: We still don't know if she is or not. She didn't come in till you stopped the Magia. But even if she is.....why would she sign up with him? You always told me she flew solo.

Peter: Who knows? I stopped trying to figure her out a long time ago. Hell May didn't even like her.

MJ: She told me you had a pride.

Peter: Parker pride.

MJ: Says you get it from your father and uncle. Least now I know why when.....we broke up before that was mostly your pride.

Peter: That and you hated me saving you.

MJ: Only cause I wanted to save you. For once.

Peter: You have. Each time I did. If I lost you......I'd hang everything up.

Peter took her right hand off the wheel and kissed it and she grew a smile to him

Soon they reached midtown after five stop lights and when Peter turned on the radio to kill the silence and wouldn't you know it......they heard just the facts with J. Jonah Jameson on

JARED! Call my doctor and double all my prescriptions! What are we on?! Um....good morning New York and welcome to another episode of Just the facts with J. Jonah Jameson. I apologize for my outburst folks it's just....I am in the red here! Eyewitness's confirmed that during convoy disaster yesterday that there is no longer ONE Spider-Man but TWO of them! I mean ONE is bad enough! But I'm having a ard time dealing with the idea of multiple menaces winging through our beautiful city! It's just....JUST---Jared I might be having a heart attack. I'm sorry to cut this short folks but I need to lie down. No! Don't call an ambulance! It's too expensive! Call a cab! I have a coupon in my wallet....don't go in my wallet Jared! I'll do it! I'LL DO IT!

Holy shit was the immediate first thought that set off in both of their heads. Jameson getting worked up THIS MUCH over Spider-Man, now that Miles is in the picture?

The two knew that Jameson had it out for Peter since the beginning but the outburst only proved this was a LOT more than just petty squabbling. His hatred was deep, soaked into his skin, every fiber of his being and it may as well almost be killing him. It wasn’t the appropriate time to laugh at an old man practically losing his marbles and sanity over a reactionary change he couldn’t control…..

…..but the thought alluded the two of them, Peter finally stepping out of the car and slamming the door. He’s quick to open the door for MJ like a proper gentleman, with the matter inching out with one heel at a time.

Midtown School of Science and Technology: the school that Peter attended for, to put it bluntly, 8 to 10 years thanks to the Blip. Then again, so did Ned and Betty and Michelle and MJ and everyone else who wasn’t lucky to escape Thano’s disastrous snap.

Quite the view.

The last few years of Peter’s run at the school, hell, everyone’s run at the school was a whirlwind of lies, subterfuge, deceit, miscommunication, and a LOT of emotions spiraling out to the forefront. Normalcy was no longer a thing when he was last here within the confines of these decade-old walls and Peter had well counted his blessings, considering everyone else had adapted to it then too.

Now the circumstances would drastically change. Upon trudging up the stairs and swinging the doors open, a rush of somber sentimentality floors Peter upon stepping into the hallway.

Once a bustle of chatter and flowing of friends, these hallways had become a steady stream of order, each of the classmates doing a good job at not remaining a careful two meters apart from one another. The memories were euphorically endless: his first time arriving.

Making friends with Ned.

The school's marching band, robotics lab's club, Academic Decathlon team.

Returning after being brought back to life.

Every hallway bombarded with confused souls piping away at the notion that he was Spider-Man…..for a time.

And of course, that final walk. Graduation: a mountain peak, elevating and humbling, for once a position of responsibility is reached, you have a greater sense of the challenges your heroes faced and overcame.

And not even a quarter of these people in this school knew the gargantuan risks Peter and eventually MJ would take to be literal heroes. Would what encompassed the school before change? Would it be any different than when Peter last stepped through these doors? Well, of course…..

….all except for one thing: the Gym.

Serving as the party room for tonight’s occasion, it was where most of the decorations laid bare. The bunting banner printed with the words: Class of 2025: Class Reunion. Welcome back! felt refreshing but also a deeply depressing omen of how people had to be lost and then found to even get to this point. The blue and yellow color theme was still as lovely as ever, tablecloths were sturdy with lantern table lights lit, and the disco ball…..

It was still there.

Straw decorations, treat boxes, flyers, Twizzlers, gold confetti, and plastic stars all over the place, and the flashing blue/purple, green strobe lights around the gym? This wasn’t a bloody reunion in Peter’s mind any more with this brief but distinct visual cue.

He might as well have been flashed back to Homecoming in 2016: the night he left his date, Liz Allan, all alone in the middle of the dance floor……as a remedy for how his other homecoming/prom outings didn’t fair smoothly to him either.

Peter: Oh man.

MJ: What is it?

Peter: We never really had a homecoming or prom night that ended well for us, did we?

MJ: Heh. We sure didn’t….

Peter: I walked out on Liz just to go fight her dad.

MJ: And later all half the class become an army of vampires even had to team up with that weird guy with the samurai sword to reversed the infection.

(See that in: Spider-Man Graduation coming soon)

Peter: Yeah. You as a vampire gave me nightmares.

MJ: Hey I had a nightmare you became a mutant man size spider.

Peter: Ugh....I hope that never becomes a reality.

MJ: You and me both.

Well well well.....

That familiar voice made them turn around and to their surprise revealed........a man walking slower than others wearing a metal of honor in an honorable uniform and cap

To Peter and MJ's shock...... was Flash Thomson (Brandon T. Jackson) giving them both a smirk

Flash: My old Punching Parker bag and the fiery Mary Jane.

MJ: Flash Thomson?

Flash: In the flesh in blood. Well....sort of. What's up Pumpis Parker?

Peter: Still giving me nicknames I see.

Flash: Hey it's better than the other ones isn't it?

They both laughed and hugged patting each others back with MJ smiling at them

Peter: Medal of honor I see.

Flash: And still no key to the city?

Peter: Not with Osborn running things.

Flash: Figures.

MJ: If you don't mind us asking.....what's with the limp?

Flash: Caught that huh? Let's just save some comrades of mine....cost me my legs.

Pete and MJ widen their eyes hearing that then Flash lifted the left sleeve of his pants revealing prosthetic legs

MJ: Oh my god......

Flash: Prosthetic legs. Custom made titanium alloy. It's what they use at the space shuttle.

MJ: I have a friend from the DA's office who use to work at the space shuttle. He played baseball on the moon.

Flash: He pitch or bat?

MJ: Pitch.

Peter: Wow. Maybe you should be the Next Iron Man.

Flash: Nah. I prefer Captain America.

The two former enemies now friends chuckled as MJ eyed at the doors and who happened to noticed Ned with Betty Brant (Amanda Seyfried) on his arm

MJ: Hey boys look.

They turned around to see them too to were surprised to see them.....back together

Peter: Ned and Betty.....back together?

Flash: About time.

Peter: Maybe we'll get that double date after all.

MJ: With me or the other MJ

She laughed teasing him with Flash laughing too and Peter crosseyeing both of them and then......

You mean me?

Turning around MJ turned to see.....the MJ Michelle Jones (Jasmine Cephas) behind her


Michelle: MJ.

They hugged themselves then Michelle turned to Peter and Flash

Michelle: What's up losers?

Peter: Some things never change.

Pete took a turn to hug his oldest ex before Mary Jane and hugged Flash next

Michelle: I see you three can't stay out of trouble for five minutes.

Flash: Hey least we're not fighting each other.

Michelle: Fair enough. So Peter still....swinging around? Wait I see you on tv what am I saying. Love the new costume.

Peter: Thanks.

MJ: So how you been MJ?

Michelle: It's Michelle now Mary Jane. But to answer your question.....I'm now taking up to the science fares with Ned....curtsy of our science professor Dr. Curtis Connors.

Michelle pointed out revealing Dr. Connors (Dylan Baker) at the snack table talking to some of the staff the reason he's here was to accompany his students

Peter and MJ remembered him too when they were at his class at ESU and during senior year.....he became a mutant creature known as the Lizard before the Vampire Prom Night

The brain has little concept of time, regardless of one's best efforts and so a painful memory is experienced as a current event. This is why, once we have come to terms with them and gained new perspectives on what happened, it is important to move on and recall the happy times instead. This way you deal with them, disarm them, and choose real health for yourself. This way you love yourself and set yourself free.

All memories, the good and painful, are photographs - and one can choose what kind of album they wish to build. These select few here have let bygones be bygones after a certain amount of years…..and the Blip was long past them.

Although, Peter couldn’t help but admit the trajectories his other friends have gone on after high school was pretty surprising. It came off as no surprise that Betty stuck through at the Bugle after Jameson left; MJ was a life reserver for her whenever shit hit the fan.

Ned was barely able to finish up college and now his options are rather limitless. But Flash and Michelle were the few major bombshells out of everyone else.

Inspiration is a triple-edged sword in a world where no one option is correct or wrong in any way. To inspire is to give advice with the freedom to move in any direction. To inspire is to provide a platform to jump from, fly from, inspect, or reflect. The inspiration is a gift and it is for the receiver to choose their own response. Flash’s response to Peter’s hoarding years of vigilance actively turned him around for the better.

But Michelle? Working as a mini-supervisor under Dr. Curt Connors? Especially with her dry sense of humor and sarcastic demeanor? It didn’t seem like the type of profession she’d actively choose or require an artistic drive for. Art was definitely more or less her strong suit…..

….as Peter noticed her still holding onto the broken Black Dahlia around her neck.

But everyone in this group had to display some kind of shield and some kind of guard at some point in time, which made it all the more heart-throbbing for Peter as he finally turned around.

And his smile fades.

Out of the corner of his eye, his old Homecoming dance, Liz Allan Toomes (Meagan Good) came into view. And in yet another convenient twist of Deja Vu, she’s rocking the same mixture of light pink and burgundy in her dress from the very same night.

Almost immediately, the tension ratchets up in his bones, and Peter freezes.

Soon enough, the rest took notice of his intended direction, almost radiating in an omnipresent light behind Peter…..metaphorically speaking. Not much came out of just staring at who Pete once considered ‘the prettiest girl in the school’ but it had been a while since any of them had seen her.

Either since Homecoming all those years ago or shortly before the Devil’s Breath pandemic spiraled out of control.

Eventually, the silence and the contemporary gazes from afar became unnecessarily unnerving, and sensing that, Liz finally piqued her own interest and turned around. Amongst the crowd, Peter’s face was the first that immediately locked eyes with hers. And again, the memories flooded through.

His tardy, unexplained absences weren’t always quickly ignored but they were definitely shady; they only reached a breaking point once she was left on her lonesome that fateful night…..

…..and only NOW, she realized her Homecoming date was Spider-Man, the same man who locked up her dad.

Some say she’d rather not remember but what’s the point in all that? The negative memories always come with a cost, as addictive as they feel, once lessons are learned, there is nothing in them of value. The positive memories come as a friend with a picnic basket, they are good and nourishing, supportive, and kind.

And so as years passed on, she chose to build herself up in a way that would benefit her healthily, letting the bad ones wander off on their own and encouraging the good ones to blossom and grow.

At this moment, she chose to smile at him.

Peter wanted to let his guard down but how could he? Was this genuine or a ploy? No clear way to dissect that from the manner in which she was walking over to him.

But Michelle, solid judge of character, just leaned up to Peter from behind before whispering…..

Michelle: Go get your dance.

As if he didn’t need a more obvious cursor to what this meant, she playfully nudges him forward. Right in front of Liz’s field of vision, he’s left bombarding her eyesight and vice versa.

A few shallow blinks and deep breathes later, Peter eased his storm, the quirky shyness that once consumed him quickly whittling away.

Liz: I must say……this came off weirder than I expected.

Peter: This too close?

Liz: Can’t say that, all things considered. How’s the whole…..

She slightly motions her hands about in the air, mimicking that web-swing motion to get the imagery across. Felt weird for Peter, her finding out after May died.

It was never an easy feat.

Peter: Some good days, some bad days. All things considered, I feel a little better now that… know.

Liz: Can’t be too reckless with that, you know. Who knows, I could be cursing your name in my thoughts.

Peter: Heh. I mean…..hey, I’m just glad you remember me at all. After everything and…...yeah.

Liz: I just....I have to know one thing.

Peter: Anything.

Liz: Why didn't you tell me?

Peter: firs I was protecting my Aunt from the pain after what happened to my Uncle. And cause if you seen the news my secret was exposed I had to go through time to meet....other Spider-Men who helped me cover it back up. I mean if I went to Dr. Strange to have him erase everyone's memories they're be more side effects more than what Thanos has caused.

Liz: No not that. My dad.

Peter frowned

Liz: You knew what he was doing. I know you had to stop him and I didn't know why you ran out just like that till I learned your secret. And I can't be mad at you cause we all saw you loose your aunt.

Pete faced down

Liz: I didn't mean to bring that up. My point is....why didn't you tell me what he was doing?

Peter: Would you have believe me?

Liz smirked which made Peter frowned again

Liz: Yes.

Peter: What??

Liz: Peter part of me suspected what my dad was up to. He's been obsessed with Tony Stark than you have. The way he talked about him sounded like he had a grudge. My mom had her suspicions too I mean he kept going on will make a brighter future than what Stark will provide for us and he'd make sure of it. I couldn't understand what he was talking about....until he was arrested. I know my dad Peter and of course I would get suspicious of him and plus him giving you the so called dad talk.....I had a feeling he threaten you the way you were shaking. So if you told me....of course I'd stop him.

Now Peter was dumb founded not knowing till now his former first high school crush had her own suspicions but then would he known since he didn't know Adrian was her dad till he picked her up for homecoming

Peter: How could have known Liz?

She chuckled

Liz: Fair enough.

So given Peter and Liz finally got their closure they continued their dance

Outside of the school more people kept going in and coming out and to some others surprised a limbo pulled up and the back door opened revealing a girl who's face isn't show on screen yet and shuts the door walking up to the front entrance and some others looked at her like.....they knew her off magazines

Back in the gym MJ and Michelle were talking to Betty and Ned while Flash was catching up to some of their old teachers at one of the tables

MJ: So when did you two get back together?

Betty: Not long ago really. In fact after everything that happened last year......we just.....started talking again after May's funeral.

Ned: Then during some time we kept talking and.....seeing each other.

Betty: And one night we were driving back to campus a drink then....our car ran out of gas. We weren't near any gas stations and the toeing was closed for the night so....we had to stay at a motel at Queens.

Ned: They still didn't respond to us till after the first day of the weekend and they come get our car on Monday which meant we would be late for our exams.

Betty: So we remained thing lead to another and......

Michelle: Ohhhhhhh.......

Ned: Yyyyyyyeah......

Michelle: That may explain why you two showed up late during the science exam.

MJ: That and why you weren't at the Bugle one Saturday Betty. You could have called me and Pete and I would have come help jump start.

Betty: We didn't want to bother you and Peter since you two just got back together.

Both MJ's smirked and nodded to each other and then soon they heard a female voice call out: MJ and both Mary Jane and Michelle looked back and spotting a young woman (Katherine Langford) smiling sweetly mostly at Mary Jane

MJ: Um....I'm sorry do I know you?

Girl: You don't remember me MJ?

MJ: If I should....can you tell me how we met?

Girl: I was a little girl back then. You came to my house with Peter and he introduced me to you then we watched one of my dad's video images. I even asked you if you....were my brother's girlfriend.

MJ's jaw dropped and her eyes bolted up with the others still confused as one name.....slipped from MJ's lips

MJ: Morgan.....? Little Morgan?

The girl named Morgan.....gave her a nod

And the others only knew one person named Morgan......Morgan.....STARK

Ned: My god......

Betty: It can't be.....

Michelle: Tony Stark's daughter?

Morgan: That's me.


Growing a smile and excited and MJ got up running to the all grown Morgan Stark given last time she saw her she was a little child and hugged her tightly


Morgan giggled hugging MJ back

MJ: It's been so long you've grown so much. What'd you doing here?!

Morgan: I heard there was reunion here today and hoped you and Peter would be here so I decide to drop in.

MJ: Peter's gonna be so shocked to see you. Especially of the woman you've become.

Morgan: I wouldn't say woman yet given most of my life I still been acting like a little girl.

MJ chuckled and soon enough as the music ended Pete and Liz came back to the table confused who MJ was hugging

Peter: MJ?

MJ: Tiger you'll never believe who it is.

Morgan turned to face him and wide a smile Pete frowned in confusion as did Liz till Morgan quoted.......

Morgan: Hi......big brother.

Peter's eye browns raised up slowly knowing only one person called him her brother he recognized her instantly hearing that

Peter: Morgan? I.....what.....oh my....

Peter was about to burst in tears and both walked to each other and he grabbed her in a tight hug letting out cries

Peter: I can't believe it's you.

Morgan: The one and the same.

Peter: How'd you get so big?

Morgan: Ten years is a life time Peter.

Peter: True.

Soon after everyone even Flash sat down and mostly listen to Morgan's stories given no one has seen her in a lifetime sure Morgan came to see them graduate but that was the only time they saw her

Liz on the other hand given she wasn't around since Homecoming first got acquainted with her finally

Morgan: So over the years my mother has been teaching me the family business of Stark Industries even working ways to build a new Avenger initiative. Possibly.

Ned: Whoa....

Morgan: And during my internships I manage to provide more the Stark Wealth plus many have been asking me if I would take back the tower....given Oscorp hasn't been city approval lately.

Peter: Yeah that's kind of a long story.

Morgan: I been watching the news. I heard about these....people in masks called.....Demons?

MJ: That's only half of it. The city suffered a more serious pandemic worse than the covid 19.

Morgan: Well glad you made it one piece.

Betty: Thanks Morgan. So what'd you doing now? Are you a CEO at your family company now?

Morgan: Not really. My mom still runs things all though we had a.....STANE problem last year but....that's a story for another time.

Ned: STANE??

Morgan: Like I said: Story for another time. But anyway....what'd you guys doing now?

Flash: As you noticed: War hero now: Under the medal of honor.

Michelle: Betty Ned and I are finishing college soon.

Betty: Secretary at the Daily Bugle on weekends.

MJ: Daily Bugle too. Asociate Editor.

Ned: Science major still the guy in the chair.

Peter: Curer change but....still swinging....with a new protege.

Morgan: And does that Protege happen to be....the second Spider-Man who helped you stop Rhino? I saw it all on tv.

Peter: Yeah. I'll introduce you to him one day. is your mom? And Happy?

Morgan: They're good. In might see Happy later when he comes to pick me up.

Peter widen his eyes he really hadn't seen Happy in years sure they still talked on the phone and email but in person not in years and it made him weak in the knees to know a possibility he could see him soon

So as minutes passed Morgan told them more and everyone had their fair share of stories and as the hours passed everyone was soon leaving and Peter and MJ waited with Morgan for Happy

Peter: You think Happy will recognized me?

Morgan: Course silly. He's kept tabs on you for years.

MJ: I wonder if his beard's long.

Morgan: No but he's finally keeping his glasses on.

They chuckled and soon enough Morgan's limbo pulled up and Pete and MJ were more curious with Morgan still grinning and who came out of the driver's seat was the familiar old man from Peter's past Mr. Stark's head of security: Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau)

Peter gasped softly as Happy widen a smile

Happy: Pete. Look how big you got.

Peter: Happy.....

Happy: Happy to see me?

Peter laughed out and ran to him hugging him with Mary Jane and Morgan smiling at them

Happy: MJ. Good to see you too.

MJ: Likewise.

Morgan: MJ? Is it ok if I steal Peter from you for a bit? There's....something I need to talk to him privately about....if that's ok?

MJ: Course honey I don't mind. I you Tiger?

Peter: Not at all. I'll see you back your at your apartment.

He expresses confidently, keen towards catching up with an old relic of his past after so long. MJ, understanding of how much Tony meant to him for a time, saw no fit to deny him this opportunity to resurface old memories. The happy times.

Better times.

But not without leaving him one last thing.

Having brought her pocketbook to the occasion, it makes sense how she’d keep it on her person at all times. More surprising was how what she had in there. MJ eventually pulls out the wooden glasses case containing the DITA FLIGHT 006 SUN EDITH sunglasses inside before simply handing it to Peter.

To say she had been….rather selfishly holding onto those glasses since re-visiting her and Peter’s previous scuffle until the latter saw the error of his ways as a means to punish him…..yeah, that was a lot. But at the end of the day, Peter didn’t really need it.

And as much use MJ put behind how useful EDITH was, it wasn’t in her character to keep ahold of something that didn’t belong to her in the first place.

So she hands the case towards Peter, keeping her hands diagonal with the case as she inches forward to him. She was actively giving the case back to Peter and he saw right through what MJ was implying in this moment.

Of course, a quick scan of the object was required because…..of untreated PTSD from another memory a lifetime ago but these fears were not found. The glasses were there.

Sighing heavily, Peter closes the case.

Peter: Thank you.

MJ smiles and nods before planting a moist kiss on his cheek. Walking off to her to call it in for the night, it left the former Iron Boy Jr with Happy and Morgan, the latter waiting for him in the car.

Real lucky for him that Morgan was already waiting in the car otherwise the surprise would’ve been spoiled. Quick to slot the glasses in his coat pocket, Peter does eventually slide into the limo, Morgan making room for him so he has space to close the door and reposition his footing in the back seat.

Happy couldn’t resist peaking back and smiling, seeing Morgan finally cheer up after….god knows how long.

Peter: So…..said you wanted to steal me for a bit? Where to, miss?

Burger King.

Because, of course, Morgan was hungry.

She scarfed her mouth on that giant cheese burger like a shark to seal Peter couldn't help but to chuckle as he was twitching one of his fries between his fingers knowing Tony ate his cheese burgers like that too he thought to himself: Like father like daughter.

Peter: Good god you're just like your father. I haven't seen anyone devoured a burger that big since him.

Morgan: Says the guy who does the same with Eddie's pizza.

Morgan beat him there

Morgan: I mean come on these are the best. It's heaven.

Peter: I know the feeling.

Peter placed a fry in his mouth and Morgan took another big bite on her burger it was almost a half burger

Peter: So......what'd you needed to talk to me about sounded like it was urgent.

Morgan: Glad you asked really.

Morgan placed her burger on the opened wrapper and pulled out her phone and pulled up app images of new Spider-Suit Designs and Web Gadgets which.....really caught Peter off guard

Morgan: Ever since I saw you in your new suit I took the liberty designing other ones. Including new gadgets. You'll love this one.

Morgan pressed an image revealing a gadget with a laser ray design

Morgan: This baby can tie an enemy to wherever it's planted. Walls ceilings anywhere. Once they cross the laser....ZIP!

Peter: Uh huh.

Morgan: This one is one of my favorites. An electric magnetic tornado. Shoot this on your enemies or anywhere near them they'll float like they're falling off a cliff for minutes.

Peter: That's something.

Morgan: Other one's I'm still working on but I made a new upgrade for your mask. Stark Tech vision ray. It's like an upgrade to whatever recordings your eye sights might. Not only will they replay videos of what you see but will spot some flaws even hack into what security cameras might record near you.

Peter: Stark Tech.

Morgan: Yeah. So what'd you think?

Peter: Morgan....this is great stuff but....I can't accept these.

Morgan's expression dropped to surprise confusion and.....little disappointment

Morgan: What do you mean big brother?

Peter sighed softly with Morgan still calling him that making him feel more guilty he replaced his uncle with her father he had to come clean

Peter: Morgan. You're old enough to know this now. The main reason I came to your house when you met MJ there was another reason I was there. I came to give your father closure.

Morgan: I don't understand.

Peter: To say goodbye. I looked up to your father when I was your age but.....I made mistake with him too. Tones of mistakes but my biggest mistake.....I replaced my Uncle Ben with him. When he died......I had an empty hole and I let Tony fill it up. And it took me years to realize that....even years what my uncle tried to teach me before he died. Your father was a good man and I'll always be thankful for everything he did for me. But.....he wasn't my father figure Uncle Ben was. So I came to say goodbye to him. I'm not the next Iron Man Morgan. I'm just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Peter's words was breaking Morgan's heart she was ready to tear up

Peter: I can't live in his shadow Morgan. The truth is I never should of. It made me do stupid things. I ditched detention almost got people killed which made him take my old suit and then I fallowed him to an alien planet and maybe the blimp wouldn't have happened.....if maybe I let Tony stop him.

Morgan: Peter why are you saying this? I still look at you as my brother.

Peter: And I'm flattered. But we're not siblings Morgan. Tony was YOUR father. Not mine. I'm not your brother I'm your friend.

Morgan bursts out hearing "They're not siblings" she slammed the table and yelled


That caught everyone's attention which caught them both off guard and Peter had to signal them they just had a small disagreement

Peter: Sorry. Some....misunderstanding. We're just horsing around.

Morgan sat back down regretting snapping like that and she was really crying as Peter looked at her confused and concern

Morgan: Peter I'm sorry for snapping but....I can't loose you after everything that's happened.

Peter: Morgan what'd you talking about?

Morgan: Not everything has been well Peter. My life has been a total mess over the years. Everywhere I went people looked at me like I was some cockroach that needed to be squished. People judged me for my own mistakes like they did my father for Ultron even something happened like that happened not too long ago. And the next thing I get pushed that draws me to fight and my mom.....I disappointed her a lot. I couldn't be anything like her I'm not cut out for this not without.......


Morgan: Everywhere I go......I see his face everywhere I look.....hearing him say: "I love you three thousand".

Peter: I'm sorry Morgan. I didn't know. I know what it's like to grow up without a father. I guess I should have realized that before telling all that. Happy once told me......I don't think he would have done what he did.....if I wasn't gonna be here but more importantly......You. He was a mess and second guessed everything. He wanted me to be better and since he died I tried my hardest to be and still am. It's just....I wouldn't be if I kept living under his shadow.

Morgan: I know. It's just....I just really miss him.

Peter: I miss him too.

They both drop their heads down in defeat, slinking back into the cushions of their seats. No use in dissecting the others' thoughts and prayers: they were almost universally alike with one thing in common.

Tony was severely missed.

Broken hearted is not a destination, yet a difficult road that often appears at the feet, that must be walked in order to get to a better future. We can pad our shoes with good memories to absorb the shock, or let our soles feel the full pain of this change in terrain. At times they’d alternate between the two and other times, just get better at hiding the other side.

As the days would become months and years, the good memories would keep them walking with ease, and then, when ready to love again, feeling healthy and well.

Swept away by grief, it always comes in waves and the lack of preparation makes the emotion ten times stronger.

Peter: Fate hasn’t really been kind to us, has it?

Morgan: Depending on your interpretation of fate.....?

She nods ‘No’.

Morgan: Is this what it’s like to be famous? To be monitored for your every move, ridiculed for the smallest mistakes? Was being a Stark always a curse?

Now she was straight-up talking out of her mouth and Peter didn’t like the way she was intending to finish up that statement. So he inches up forward to her, instinctively grabbing her hands without so much as pondering a second thought.

It takes her out of her grief for a little while.

Peter: His burdens, his battle scars…..they’ve shaped you, absolutely. But they will not define how you want to live your life.

Morgan: He….he was like a god to others. A cancer. And it’s infuriating to know what that must’ve felt like—I—I—I can’t even remember what he looks like anymore....

Once more, tears began to stream down her cheeks. All of that time, all those years wanting to fit in, the burdens of being a celebrity can get tedious, tiresome, exhausting and after a while, they do more harm for you than good.

The only daughter of the infamous Tony Stark was breaking in front of Peter’s very eyes…..exactly how he was when May died and MJ and his friends comforted him in his time of passing. Tolls of the living….

….weighed heavily on her shoulders.

It couldn't be real. It wasn't fair. But life wasn't fair, certainly not for Morgan Stark. The last few years had proven nothing if not that.

Morgan: Peter…..

She swallowed to try and get strength back in her voice, allowed herself to lean into his support, just for a moment. Then she dragged a breath in, barely regaining composure.

Morgan: Do you still love me?

Flabbergasted by the response, Peter put in enough effort to lift his head so he could meet her eyes. He squeezed her hand, leaning closer so she couldn't avoid his gaze even if she wanted to.

Peter: I love you 3000.

Morgan's tears were still shedding she got up from her seat Pete did after and she hugged him more tighter

Morgan: And you'll always be my brother?

Peter didn't want to disappoint Morgan further than he already has and gave her a nod on her head

Peter: Course I will.

Morgan felt comfort from that holding Peter tight

Later on Pete paid for the check and were a couple of apologies for Morgan's sudden out burst and soon as they walked out the building in their jackets Morgan pulled out her phone and held Peter by his shoulder pulling him to turn to her

Morgan: Peter even though you don't want to live under my dad's shadow I really think you should take in these designs you and your.....sidekick could really use them.

Peter: I'm sure we can. It's just.....ever since Dr. Octavius went on his crusade his lab has been condemned. I haven't been able to make new gadgets in awhile.

Morgan: You couldn't keep working your tech.

Peter: The power was shut down when they condemned it.

Morgan: Oh no. You need a lab to make these. You know what? I got an idea I'll call my mom's lawers to make a legal term for you and I'll fund your lab back up.

Peter: What? No Morgan. That's not necessary.

Morgan: No really it's no problem. I got millions of holds on my dad's best attorneys. I can make a deed for you have that lab opened before you know it. No one will even know what you'll do there.

Peter: I really appreciate that Morgan. It's just.....that place brings up a lot of memories....and they all end where Dr. Octavius became mad with rage and revenge on Norman Osborn. Being there......just effects me so much.

Morgan: Don't let it. You done a lot of good there you shouldn't let the Octopus drama bring you down. With a lab you can be more advance on your missions. You'll have every sightings around the city you can even upgrade K.A.R.E.N. to a new level.

Peter: I.....I don't know.

Morgan: I'll tell you what. You still got my number?

Peter: Yeah?

Morgan: Good. Cause I'll be in the city for awhile and if you ever change your mind just give me a call.

Peter thought long and hard about this he wasn't sure about this but to make Morgan happier mostly he gave her a nod

Peter: I'll call you. Just let me think about it for a few days.

Morgan: No problem.

A car horn was honked catching their attention it was Happy who waved at them and they waved back

Morgan: Can I give you a ride home at least?

Peter: Uh....sure I mean....could you drop me off at MJ's? I promised I meet her at her place.

Morgan chuckled with a smirk

Peter: What??

Morgan: Nothing lover boy. Come on.

Peter raised his eyes when Morgan called him "Lover boy" and she moved around him to the limbo with him fallowing her

We join back with Miles and Ganke at Minks as he explained everything to him and why he doesn't want this getting around

Miles: So ever since my dad was murdered by the Demons mom and I been edge. Uncle Aaron's been helping us through it along with my other friend from F.E.A.S.T. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson from the Bugle. I'm not even sure really but I think my powers came from this....spider that bit me at the shelter.

Ganke: Why you think it's the spider?

Miles: Cause the real Spider-Man told me that's how he got his from a spider bite too. He didn't give me any details but....said it was radio active.

Ganke: So he's not really a mutant like that guy with the claws?

Miles: I don't even know. But point is Gank.....we keep these secrets for a reason I mean Spider-Man's made a lot of enemies and if any of them knew who he was they'd come after us too.

Miles paused in thought and Ganke nodded in understanding

Ganke: Bro it's alright I get it. I just have to know one thing.

Miles: What's that?

Ganke: How did you do that....electric punch on the Rhino? I never seen Spider-Man do that.

A good question.

The only logical train of thought was for Miles to assume that the spider that bit him simply passed its traits down onto him. But what part of that made any sense? Since when would a spider pass down bio-electricity to its host?

Then again, when do radioactive spiders grant their users the abilities to harness super strength, massive durability, flexibility, an ability to leap high and stick to any terrain they see fit? Long gone are the days of just ONE Spider-Man…..

….and the absence of one streamlined move set of abilities. At this point, it was anybody’s guess.

Miles: You got me there, man.

That’s the best response he could muster, not bothering to answer Ganke’s question with a question as he gnaws down on three fries at once.

Ganke: What do you think?

Miles: I think it’s some kind of bio-electric discharge? Field induction? Supercharged static electricity?

Ganke: Oooh, we gotta name it! How about…..”Venom Power”?

This left Miles staring off at him in peppered confusion.

Didn’t exactly help Ganke’s case that the name he chose was already plagued to the brim with copyright infringement. Needless to say, he needed to work better on the delivery.

Ganke: Y’know? ‘Cause, it stings?

The follow-up, however? Much better, as he got Miles to chuckle.

Miles: Ok that’s not bad. But you know what that means, right? There’s more we have to find out.

Ganke: I’m game.

Miles: Tomorrow after school?

Ganke: Sold.

They shake hands on the agreement.

Here's the thing on agreements, however: it’s almost like you’re signing a contract, and depending on what you’re involved in, these contractual obligations can expire long before they even start.

Some agreements were made to be broken. Others were tampered with from the inside.

And then there’s some who made it their duty to bend the agreement to their will the way they see fit and they are so drunk on power that once it finally gets stripped away from him, he can’t muster what to do without it. Norman Osborn would know a thing or two about that.

Following the aftermath of the Devil’s Breath pandemic, everyone now knew how involved Norman was regarding the information of a project he swore to keep secret. All of its defects, the amount of trail runs it’s had, the sheer length of patience and pain and strings pulled to insure it works…..and Otto exposed how rotten to the core he was.

Upon coming face to face with the truth, many New Yorkers lambasted the former Mayor for his involvement with the project and the sheer quantity of lives lost because of it. The short time they were on lockdown, Norman’s numbers for re-election dived off a cliff and the backlash got so bad that Norman was forced to resign as mayor.

His reputation now in tatters, he hardly stepped out within the confines of his penthouse walls. At least until two weeks ago, when the board called him in for a meeting.

That meeting would get him fired.

Days later and the former Oscorp CEO was left plopped on the couch, prone on his front like you would if you’re flopping like a dead fish. Couldn’t be bothered to slug his way to his own bed with the door open and the light flickering no less than six feet away from him; anything that would remind him of Emily would not be good on his conscience.

Slouched down with his hands and arms skidding the carpet above the glossy wooden floor, Norman keeps sliding and sliding further out before a loud SKKKKKRRRHH bolts him awake. Upon reanimating on and reawakening, he immediately bolts off the couch but not before cramming his left knee into the wooden table in front of him.

Slight shock resonating through, Norman is left to lick his momentary morning wounds all while looking the worst he’d ever look, frantically spinning his head back and forth between the outside patio….

….to the living room….

… the laundry room and back to the kitchen and fireplace. One of many.

No auditory substances on where that horrendous ringing sound originated from.

All Norman could do was stare about at the sky, mouth agape and his eyes barely staring out towards the overwhelming flashes of light. In this early dawn, his eyes are the dew, scattering the nascent rays, ever illuminating his soul.

When stressed and afraid, the human brain is only made better at learning and remembering things we fear - it locks us in with our demons and gives them longer claws. It made Norman want to hide in the dark and make no sound, ready to fight if he needed to. In this state he invented new monsters, looking for more desperate means to survive... though in truth, the stress may have been caused by his own frivolous wrongdoings.

The result is that of the same: amp up the fear of whatever he had been conditioned or directed to fear.

Knock knock knock

Knocks there came thrice, strong and loud, frantically spiraling Norman more out of control. His head a scrambled eggs worth of a mess as it is, he could hardly even decipher the original of the hardened knocks.

The sound of the knocking mirrored the sound of his own heartbeat….

….quickly growing louder and louder in frequency as Norman trudged his way towards the front door, and so the door was opened wide.

Yuri: Mayor Osborn?

Norman: I’m…..not the mayor no more but…..yes.

Yuri: Captain Watanabe. City Precinct. I have a couple of questions informing you about the murder of some of your colleagues. Know anything about the incidents last night and the night before?

Finally; Norman is mentally shaken and stirred awake by the news of this revelation.

His speech silences itself in reverence to her words, to the new light they shine upon old ideas. If this was dumbfounding, then Norman had found himself quite stupid by comparison and couldn’t wait to hear more because nothing was clicking. It hadn’t even been that long ago since he’d seen the board members.

Clouded in disrepair, thinking back to his little incident in the lab or when the board directors canned him… was impossible to piece anything together at this point in time. All he could do is was nod to her.

Norman: Incidents? Murders?

Yuri: Yyyyyeah. NYC’s got a new player in town; burst in and attacked two Board Directors.

Norman: What do you mean 'attack'?

Yuri: You don't watch a whole lot of news, do you, Mr. Osborn?

Suspicion of disbelief can only suspend so far for some people and yet, nothing was clicking to Norman.

He could’ve sworn he saw the Board of Directors only a week ago. The very cause of that meeting was arguably one of the worst days of his life but in his fractured shriveled mind and the horizontal tunnel-wide visual frame of perpetual innocence he placed himself under, he’d never be one to wish death on anyone.

The brain, when locked in fear, can become scattered and unfocused, yet the primitive fears can also hijack the ability for logical analysis to produce a plethora of paranoid ideas that sound so plausible that even the teller fails to see them for what they are. Normally, Norman would find the systematic elimination of those who questioned his authority a blessing in disguise, a call for the greater good.

This time? He actually felt some semblance of regret creeping in.

Norman: Max? Is he—?

Yuri: As of right now, he’s fine. But I wouldn't be surprised if he's the next target. Or you. And yet, now that I think about it…..

The captain starts to be a little dicey with the former mayor, stepping foot into the confines of his penthouse.

Yuri: Being crucified by the public without the nails would be reason enough for someone of your caliber.

Norman: Are you accusing me, Captain?

Yuri: Not at all sir. Just that you took a big melt down after your forced resignation. Especially now that the city knows of your.....accident with Martin Li.

Norman: Of course it was all an accident.

Yuri: Maybe so. But the city is convinced of many things after last years tragic events. It proves a lot of accidents can come back to bite us and other around you. You had the entire city in your hands and that' how Li was able to bite all of us in the ass sir.

Norman: Well you see Captain ever abduction by Li I.....had a nasty blow to the head that my doctors confirmed I may.....have a minor memory loss problem. Sometimes I forget almost everything instantly. So if I knew anything I don't really remember. But I would if I did.

Yuri: That a fact?

Norman: Call them yourself. They'll tell you the same thing.

Yuri was skeptical on Norman's words drawing more suspicion but given Norman has been bullet proof LITTERALLY since the day he was born Yuri had to take his word for it not that it drew away any suspicion from her but couldn't make move on the doctors knowingly Norman has always been one step ahead so if they didn't or did know anything wouldn't be enough to make an official case on him

Yuri sighed in defeat and nodded as she pulled out her card from her pocket

Yuri: Understood sir. Here's my card. If your memory ever jogs about the incidents....ANY of them you give me a call.

Norman took the card polity giving her an approving nod

Norman: Absolutely. Thank you very much Captain. And good luck for......cracking the case. And I'll be sure to....send charity to the families of my....fallen colleagues.

Yuri gave Osborn one last suspicion frown and slowly turned away walking out and as doors shut Norman couldn't believe what she just told him

It all seemed like a bad dream but why couldn't he remember anything about those who were murdered or even hearing about them anyway

Norman saw a Daily Bugle article on the table he took it with a picture of Oscorp Max and himself and didn't like what he read

Vargis publicly soon to be new owner of Oscorp? The end of Osborn?

Norman gripped the paper mildly crumbling the sides and then....came that distinct laugh echoing behind the walls behind him


Norman turned around looking at the portrait of him and a young Harry Osborn and the laughs were coming from Norman's face on it


Norman turned away closing his eyes and walked away sweating moving off screen

We join back at MJ's apartment when after Morgan and Happy just dropped him off there he told her everything about earlier including Morgan's outburst and everything she told him what she went through while growing up

Peter: She begged me not to leave her too. I don't know what really happened with her but....I can understand where she's coming from. I mean I know what it's like to be young without a father.

MJ: So do I. Mine bailed on me and my mom only to get squished by a building in Sokovia. But I can understand too. Morgan was still just a baby and the way she knows you as that caring older brother. That's all she said about you in the reunion.

Peter: I wished it ended there. Morgan wants to refund Dr. Octavius's lab....just for us to use for Spidey work. She made new designs of new suits and gadgets but she outburst when I refused at first.

MJ: You guys made up. That's important thing. And who knows maybe having a lab will be an advantage. Especially in Miles's training.

Peter: Maybe but still healing from the Doc Ock nightmares.

MJ: That's understandable. Anyway.....before I get dinner started why don't we go back to where-----

MJ was interrupted by the home phone in her kitchen started ringing they looked at each other odded and she got up as Peter went to check his cell seeing he had another text from Yuri

I think we need to keep an eye Osborn. Not jumping to conclusions but I think he's got more info on the murders than what he's letting on. Don't move on him till we know more.

Peter replied: Okay.

MJ passed the hall wall not noticing.....the Lab Spider crawling up to the wall

She came in the kitchen and answered

MJ: Hello? Yeah this is she. Who? Yeah he's here with me.

Peter looked over her direction given she was talking about him....meaning the call was obviously for both of them and happen to notice.....MJ's expression.....dropped into shock


He grew concern

MJ: No.....NO!

He stood up suddenly

Peter: What??

MJ covered her mouth letting out a muffled cry

MJ: No not him.......

Peter was more confused mostly concern of MJ's sudden reaction of whatever she was hearing to see her breaking down like couldn't be good especially hearing her say: Not him.

MJ: Yes....I'll tell him. Thank you.

Mary Jane slowly hung up and cried out walking out of the kitchen drawing Peter to hug her in comfort and she cried on his chest

Peter: Shh MJ.....tell what happened.

She lift her head up showing her teary eyes just like Morgan's earlier and she slowly mumbled......

MJ: He's.....he.....he's gone.

Lots of people close to him and MJ that Peter could deduce from that sentence alone. So many to choose from and yet the memories quickly begin to flood: his parents.

His uncle.



Finally, it comes around full center, revolving back to what a certain someone said to him shortly before he left.

Thank you for everything. I’m gonna miss you.

Awww Peter. I’m not going anywhere. I will always be by your side……

It was Stan. He passed away.

When Peter rounds the corner of the couch, he is ashen, lips almost blue from the heat in the room. His limbs move as if some inexperienced person is controlling them remotely and his eyes are wide, looking right at her, but not really.

Gently, slowly, MJ, beside herself, pulled his hand from hers, leaning over to press his face into his palms.

MJ: I never got to say goodbye. I’m never got—

Peter moved impossibly closer to her, their legs touching from knee to hip. She said nothing, just wrapping her arms around his torso, mindful of her own crushed spirit, and pulled him close. For however long it took for her body to stop shaking, her tears to stop falling, he held her.

And she held him.

When you help someone, you help everyone. But when helping everyone means you have to not help someone, you need someone to help you deal with the aftermath.

As paul bearers walked down the Ile holding the casket carrying the passed creator many hero comics that changed the world in many ways creating billions of believers in heroes they placed it on the center as vocalizing echoed in the church and when they stopped everyone sat along with MJ and Peter and at the other front row seat across the ile from them lied Morgan and Pepper Potts (Gweneth Paltrow) holding hands with Happy with them coming to pay their respects themselves given what Stan told Peter before he too was an inspiration to the Starks as well

Ministor: And now direct your attention to JC Lee. The daughter of our departed friend Stan Lee.

The priest moved away as the blonde woman JC Lee (Herself) as she stood up to the microphone

JC: Thank you all for coming to give love to my father. Stan Lee was born into a world what he believed.....needed heroes. A world filled with hate and evil. But a world....which later fallowed him everywhere he went.

MJ couldn't hold back her tears as Morgan couldn't either Peter looked up to JC with wide weeping eyes as she spoke on

JC: My dad was always a true believer in heroes. Even though he knew we don't live in a disney universe but we a world of what he believes that we're all capable of being heroes. The comics he written we're not just for entertainment they were also a tool of comfort a tool of healing.....and a tool......of belief.

Peter began to slowly grew a grin as did Morgan MJ had a inbetween smile sad expression as her cries grew on

And Peter happen to notice.....JC looked down mostly to him

JC: My father also once said.....that things never have to be about how things end....but how they began. In our great circle of life as he believed it was a circle no matter whoever is gone a parent a sibling or a friend......they.....have never left.....they would with you. As will my father.

Peter's smile widen with tears remembering when Stan said the same to him the last time he saw him alive at his shop

JC: He also said.....all though the journey will not always go in the most comfort zone there will be moments you won't know who to trust or to see as an enemy but despite who you trusted before and don't trust now the feeling they have for you....will never ever change. Not even the feelings my dad....had for you.

Peter smiled emotionally MJ smiled too but really couldn't hold back her cries she hugged Peter and he comforted her Morgan cried on Pepper's shoulder and she comforted her daughter too

JC: And so true believers as I speak on the days that will fallow.....this difficult time we must carry out Stan's vision.....and that is a vision where in his vision.....we are....HIS heroes.

Many cries came out from many and all applaud as soon the screen showed a large framed picture of Stan himself

Stan Lee

1922 - 2035 (In reality 2018)

~Stan you are sorely missed~

Later after the service when the church was empty which soon Peter came back in the chapel seeing JC staring at the portrait and the coffin he walked up behind her JC was letting out her own tears as she was startled when Pete quote: Excuse me

She gasped and turned around

Peter: Sorry sorry didn't mean to scare you.

JC: No. I'm sorry I wasn't expecting anyone till....the Barrial.

Peter: I just....wanted to say......I'm sorry for your loss. Even to say.....your speech was beautiful. I remember your father telling me the same thing.

JC: Thank you Mr. Parker.

Peter: You know my name?

JC: My dad never shut up about you. You were always his favorite.

Peter: know my Uncle Ben looked up to him too. When I was a kid he took me to his shop every weekend for comics and his games. He always thought Stan was a God of legends.

JC: In a way he was.

They looked at the picture again

JC: When my mom died he always tried to be strong for us.....for me.....and for the world. All though I know he was still grieving in his own way.

Peter: I know. I also know your parents are peace now. And will always be looking down at you. My Aunt said the same to me about my parents and uncle.....and......a dear friend of mine. (Tony) And like both your father and you just said today......he'll always be with you.

JC looked at Peter with a sweet grin

JC: Thank you Mr. Parker.

Peter: Peter.

JC: Peter. Thank you.

JC hugged him for the comfort he gave her as he looked at the picture again

Cutting to a minute when JC already left Peter walked up to the chapel looking down at coffin placing his hand on the coffin

Peter: So long old friend.

~Returning to Midtown High~

The morning of Tuesday we join back with Miles as Rio drove him and Ganke out there but Miles simply didn't notice they arrived for he was too busy looking his texts to Peter and it was endless but not a single reply from him

Hi Pete it's Miles just wondering how the Maggia stuff is going maybe soon....we can go back on training

Hey Pete. Heard you left town sorry about Stan. Loved his comics. So know yet when we'll train again or the next mission?

Hey Pete. It's me again. Just want to say thanks again for the suit can't wait to take it on another mission.....or training.

Hey Pete. Miles again. Sorry to leave so many text messages just.....getting the itch for the next mission and training. Should I at least still practice?

Yeah the texts were endless like Peter's texts to Happy after the Civil War and given Pete hadn't replied it was just a question if he even saw them

Rio: Ok boys. Aqui estamos (Here we are.)

Ganke: Thanks Mrs. Davis.

Ganke grabbed his bag as Rio noticed Miles was still on his phone spacing out

Rio: Miles?

No response and Rio rocked his shoulder which startled him

Miles: Huh?

Rio: School.

Miles: Oh sorry Ma. I guess I been distracted.

Rio: Not the first time. Is there something you're not telling me?

Miles: No. Just.....this weekend is gonna be a long one at F.E.A.S.T. and hoping no one needs my help there.

Rio: I'm sure they can survive a week without you. Bien (Alright?)*

Miles: Bien momma (Alright ma)

Miles hugged his mom and grabbed his bag and he and Ganke left the car pulling them on their backpacks on their shoulders after waving to them Rio drove off and Ganke turned over to Miles as they walked to the entrance

Ganke: You were texting Spider-Man weren't you?

Miles: Um.....kind of.....

Ganke: Why didn't you tell me you had his number? Can I get it?

Miles: Not a good idea right now. If Spider-Man found out I gave his number to anyone he'd fire me.

Ganke: Fire you? Does he pay you with this?

Miles: No not what I meant. Look it's complicated to explain right now. But....he's not responding right now.

Inside the hall was packed with students walking coming up and down the stairs even at their lockers and coming in and out of bathrooms

Ganke: You know I was thinking.....maybe we could create our own Spider-Man website. Some folks would sign up and would know when to call him when need help.

Miles: Then he'd get a thousand at once. So would I....especially with the Magia and the killings.

Ganke: It's genius bro. We could make a killing.

Miles: Whatever we do we better not make it sound like a scam.

Coming at the end of the hall lied a girl named Kate Bishop (Hailee Stienfield) passing out ads on Spider-Man

Kate: Don't forget this year show your spider spirit of donating the charity group of honoring Spider-Man for his never ending battle of saving our fair city from the Kingpin Martin Li and Dr. Octopus.

Miles looked at Kate puzzled and course he took an ad and looking at the paper

Spider-Man Charity Group

Show your spider spirit

Miles: This is something F.E.A.S.T. could use.

Ganke: Exactly.

During History Class in 2nd period the teacher was talking on the revolution but Miles with a book opened and standing on his desk in front of his face

Once again looking at his texts to Peter.....and still no reply

Miles was about to text again till he heard: Mr. Morales?

Miles snapped out of his thoughts when called forth

Teacher: Are we boring you?

Miles: maim. Just.....

He placed his book down

Miles: Just reading on the electricity project by Ben Franklin.

Teacher: Well then keep your head on the current essay.

Miles: Sorry.

Teacher: Now where was I? Oh yeah---

As the teacher spoke on again Miles.....went back on his phone again

Repetition happened to be the name of the game yet again…..and yet this time, Miles seemed to catch himself falling into the trap he himself perpetuated.

Mass spamming on mass was a desperate ploy, and a tricky one to tolerate too. No sooner should his thumb barely edge the touchscreen, feeling his own static electricity briefly stalemate against himself, Miles finally puts the phone down and stuffs it underneath his seat. His eyes turning back down towards his essay, Miles is quick to scribble in through the first page, his pencil scratching and scribbling alongside the paper.

But something eventually pulls him away.

Given he was situated at the front of the class, thus not far from the window frame in the door, he was able to briefly peak out from the side and catch whoever was passing by. The girl who was passing out flyers for the Spidey event….now looking lost. Normally, being "lost" is a matter of perspective. Though lost, you are somewhere. Once accustomed to this place it becomes home, and you’ll make your roots here instead of there.

Her, though? It felt discomforting. Like she didn’t even go to this school.

And then, something else hit Miles. What if maybe, just maybe…..she knew something about Peter. Perhaps she was posing as a staff member to get in some crucial splices of info out regarding Spidey? What if she was a superhero like him?

Nah, too far-fetched, Miles told himself as he turned back towards his paper.

But it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The ambiance at Micks was nowhere near this optimistically curious, drowned out in a sea of anguish and sorrow. It was excruciatingly difficult for MJ and Peter to recover from the previous events regarding Stan’s burial; how Peter felt when May passed, now is what MJ felt.

And sitting across from one another, their fingers cupped together underneath the table, wee hours of the morning, unable to speak a single word to each other…..the shock had yet to die down.

Neither of them felt entirely comfortable trudging through this; readjusting to their normal day routines was excruciating to simply blow on back to since the death of arguably an industry titan in Stan Lee.

But like he told Peter previously, how he lived his life matters more than how he went out. An adage that spoke volumes on how most people in Peter’s life vanished from him forever….

….and yet here he remained, still standing, with the person he loved the most.

Peter: We ready to talk?

MJ: Yeah, yeah……I’m ready whenever you are.

Holding her hand out for any such emotional support, Peter takes his, intertwining his fingers with hers.

Peter: How much did you regarding the museum?

MJ: Well….here’s the best I was able to figure out: nobody really knows what was on that drive in the Maria painting. But from what I was able to gather, word is now Hammerhead’s got it and the other Maggia families are freaking out about it.

Peter: Must’ve been pretty valuable if it made a notorious art thief ignore art.

MJ: See….that, I just don’t get that. Black Cat always kept her circles closed, always preferred flying solo so what changed now?

Peter: Forgetting she used to work with Fisk?

MJ: They’re both leagues above Joe, Pete.

She wasn’t wrong in that regard. But that only made the potential reasoning behind her change in targets all that more salivating because if Li proved anything, it’s that so many lesser-known obscure gangs are going to chomp at the bit to get a taste of both the Kingpin’s throne and the grip he held over the criminal underworld.

Imagining what Felicia would do with all that power was nauseating. But it did make the seemingly overblown-to-be situation a lot more condensed in hindsight. There appeared to be a clear-cut motivation.

Peter: I think you just answered my question.

MJ: Former Queenpin wants to bag the throne, move up the evolutionary ladder.

Peter: And whatever’s on that drive, she could bait the other families into a gang war.

MJ: Bad luck on all fronts. I mean…..

She was left gambling on about potential theories, implausibilities, the sources she had manufactured, all of which had viable chances to hold water and it brought a visible smile to Peter’s face as he burrowed every word, sentence, and syllable away in his head for safekeeping.

It was harmony when they got on the same page like this. And yet…..

…..just as quickly, the brief glimmer of sunshine in Peter’s mid quickly cracked into a thunderstorm of rain. And barely looking over at MJ’s shoulders while she poured this information dump on him, it was the last thing he wanted.

But what he saw……in conjunction to what she was talking about? Bad news.

MJ:—leverage because last thing that we need is another power pl—Peter? Peter? Are you listening to me?

Peter: Oh fuck me.

No leeway was necessary to figure out the cause of the disastrous switch in tone in Peter’s voice. All he had to do is point towards the front of the entranceway, the doorbell jangling as a new customer entered Micks.

Bad luck indeed….

…..cause here comes Party Hardy.

Rocking a classic sheepskin B-3 bomber jacket with a detachable fur hood, Felicia might as well have looked like she had been to a party; the kind of sorority chick who crashes the festival despite being three hours later and the Damn things almost over. Even more alarming since Felicia barely tends to show herself during the daytime. Here though, it came off a lot more insulting.

Stan had just been buried the previous day and Felicia is infamous for eavesdropping on things she’s isn’t supposed to; a novelty for how that trait sort of runs in the Parker family.

Neither of them looked particularly pleased to see her but that was always the hard part with Felicia: just catching up to her. A master manipulator, deceptively fast and tens times smarter Peter was willing to give the second Black Cat credit for, it was simply pure luck whether they’d actually catch or not. Most of the time, she lets them do it.

But that instance was over with.

They were essentially given a get-out-of-jail-free card with Felicia waltzing on in heading directly towards them and if, IF things went to ‘plan’, whatever that plan was, an escalating gang war could very well be stopped before it even starts. Unfortunately, cracking Felicia’s defenses was the equivalent of playing a game of 3D chess; she wouldn’t give any information away willingly.

And if not, she’d be at the mercy of an angry redhead.

Finally, approaching the table, Party Hardy just bends over the table frame, crowding Peter and MJ in her peripheral vision in both eyes. All of their eyes were on her now; the center of attention.

She couldn’t help but to smirk, her gaze focusing over to Mary Jane, the woman who beat her for Peter’s affection…..twice.

Felicia: To give credit where it’s due….

She starts off, firmly instigating a compliment to come while dinking her stiletto claw nails against the wooden frame of the table.

Felicia:….you two don’t look bad back to back.

MJ: I suppose you think you’re the better match.

Felicia: What gave you that idea?

That smirk eventually grew to a playful but flirty, sinister smile, pearly whites glistening out from her red lips. Of course, the sight was directed mostly at Peter.

MJ's eyes widened softly all while Felicia pulled a nearby chair over to sit at the long end of the table opposite of the window. Her mere presence severely annoyed both Pete and MJ on how close she got to them.

MJ: What'd you doing here?

Felicia: Can't an old friend just say hello now and then?

MJ: Last I saw you, Cat, you were arrested in Brooklyn.

Felicia: And last I saw you, Red, you been snoozing and losing.

Peter: And last I saw you, I did make it clear what would happen if you broke my promise, right?

“Awww”, she jokingly poked at the two in a childish manner, left slouching back and just chuckling to herself all while checking her nails.

This is what always frustrated Peter about Felicia: her complete bluntness and disregard of others feelings. It left Peter looking at her like a stranger, yet worse. Instead of the tunnel-visioned, insecure fragile soul Felicia claimed to have loved for so long, she instead saw an enemy; a revelation she either didn’t seem to catch or just didn’t want to admit to herself.

Oh sure, Peter saw who Felicia for who she was, know the person she was to him but the bad stuff he tried to overlook.....until he just couldn’t pretend anymore.

That fragment of the love they shared? A seed that might grow into a new relationship - a friendship to heal them both? It wasn’t visible.

Felicia: You know, I can still feel you two glaring at me and it’s not helping.

MJ: You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to poke the bear some more or if there’s something important to share about the Maggia.

Straight to business with you, as always, the second generation Hardy refrains from spilling out loud. Needless to say, she did have a point. She wouldn’t have the courtesy to even shows up a day after Stan was buried if it wasn’t important.

God knows the last thing she needed to see was either of these two pop a blood vessel. Only thing preventing that was….she was on a time limit. So no playing around for much longer.

Felicia simply dipped her head off to the side, like a child staring at a parent with puppy dog eyes desperate to get one more ride on the Ferris wheel….

….and then slips out the hard drive from within the sleeves of her coat.

Felicia: This what you’re looking for?

Peter: You know it is.

MJ is quick to reach for the drive but Felicia is quick to snatch it away, continuing to take the fun out of finality. If she felt the need for it, she’d drag it out forever.

Felicia: It takes TWO to tango, honey…..

A fancy way of her saying she’d spill the beans for Peter…..and Peter only.

MJ: You cheating little shit—

Peter: MJ…..

Now his turn, effectively, to voluntarily put her on a leash, he barely prevents MJ from lashing out any further, that volcanic temper a few potshots away from boiling over on the surface.

Huffing loudly, it wasn’t MJ’s preferred method of dealing with this but as yesterday proved, nothing is pre-determined. Nodding to herself with shallowed breathing, MJ is quick to scooch past Felicia. Purposely bumping into her on the way out, she heads straight for the bathroom.

She was leaving this conversation in Peter’s hands, having trusted him enough to ensure the conversation stays professional.

Now…..the masks were fully off.

Felicia: Finally.

Not holding back as she’s quick to slide into the booth where MJ previously sat.

Felicia: Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Peter: You don’t get to talk about her like that.

Felicia: That bitch? To hell with it. So annoying, so condescending, selfish and.....Jesus Christ, how many did times did you have to save her miserable ass?

Peter: On account, more than eight and a half thousand times.

Scoffing, Felicia just rolls her eyes. She might as well have said Proves my point.

Peter: It’s called imperfection. We all go through with it and she’s had it way worse than me.....not that you deserve to hear it. You lost the right when you went back on your promise.

Felicia: Now you’re shifting the blame to me? When you know better than anyone else that I can’t help being who I am?

Peter: You can, Felicia. You just choose not to.

Felicia: Hypocritical, that coming out of your mouth. You know damn well she never appreciated anything you did for her.

Peter: At least she didn’t leave me to die when my life depended on it.

Felicia: Oh I know you would survive.

Peter: Did you?

Felicia: That's not the point. The point is why do you keep bothering with a normal girl? Normal is BORING.

Peter: Because One: Normal is half my life. Two: MJ is not a criminal like YOU. Three: The break up was on both of us. She didn't appreciate me ONLY because I didn't trust her to help me. And Four: She doesn't lie. She doesn't steal. She doesn't brake her promises. More importantly she does NOT use me to get what she wants and leave me to die!


One of the few leverages Peter had on Felicia, shortly before they broke up, a double team mission went completely awry and Peter was barely on deaths door. Felicia had the chance to help him…..but didn’t.

The rest of them Felicia always went against Peter's promise to his Uncle Ben and when she promised him not to do it and only end up doing it anyway it hurt Peter more than MJ walking away from him which is why he'd never forgive her enough to take her back

NOT ever

Having to stitch himself up from scratch, he always held that against her whenever she’d dare to talk to him again because, despite all evidence to the contrary, Peter wants to believe Felicia knew that was the wrong choice to make and express some semblance of remorse.

Yet once again, he doesn’t hear a peep out of her. She jus sits there in contemplation, throwing more of his precious time down the toilet to where Peter just ups and asks the obvious question to get them both back on track.

Peter: You know what? To hell with that night. Just tell me what’s on the drive?

Her face drops a little, the life in her eyes shortly going dim and the smile fading. This was always the tricky part of this job for Felicia: keeping such things semi-confidential from those she claims to care about.

At the end of the day, though, it’s always her or them…..and she wouldn’t be here if she chose herself. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t completely lie.

Felicia: I don't even know myself. Hammerhead says it's encrypted. And it's not the only thing he wants me to get for him. He's taking a big risk, going after Fisk's throne, knowing the drives are his keys to his palace.

Peter: Hammerhead always plays for keeps, Felicia. The last time he was here, he nearly turned the city into Armageddon. You give him that drive or anything he's paying with, you'll---

Felicia: He's not paying me, Peter.

Now that was even more interesting.

Finally getting her to talk seriously was a hassle but it looked like it paid off, if only at the cost of more confusion puzzles. Peter frowned in confusion, seeing how backward this morality seemed.

Felicia would never play for free and she’d make sure she’d see through that until the end so why now? What changed?

Peter: That's unlike you. You never do anything without the right price.

Felicia: It's something bigger than that now.

Joe would’ve never given me the right piece if he cracked his noggin in two.

Peter: Then why are you working with him?

Again, simple question. Took forever for her to answer.

However, the last thing Peter expected was for Felicia to lean in over to him and whisper an utter bombshell of a revelation while looking even paler than the Corpse Bride. The fact that she hesitated to give out the information was an early sign that this was rather delicate to Felicia.

Felicia: Because if I don't.......

But even then, Peter wasn’t expecting THIS.

Felicia:……he'll kill my son.

Almost immediately, he stumbled out of his seat and out the booth, his knees kicking the table up and attracting the attention of everyone else in the restaurant.

Her comment was so out of character, so far from what he knew of her, Peter just stared at her open-mouthed. His brain formulated no thoughts other than to register that he was shocked. He closed his mouth, then looked at his toes before glancing back up to catch her eye.

Only when he caught MJ walking out of the ladies' room did he finally formulate something to say.

Peter: Check please!

Felicia smirked at him laughing at him on the inside Peter's shout out even caught MJ's attention when coming out of the bathroom took a minute but the near by waitress brought the check and Pete dropped some money which was more than what he owed them

Peter: Keep the change.

Peter rushed away from the booth not looking at Felicia for a second grabbing MJ by the arm all confused and rushed out with Felicia still smirking at them leaving

Felicia: So uncivilized.

Waitress: I'm sorry dear can I get you anything?

Felicia: Just a cup of coffee please. And some fresh milk.

Peter rushed MJ away from Minks as possible who was just confused as hell on why he's in such a hurry

MJ: Peter what is going on?! What's the rush? What did she tell you?

Peter: I'm sorry MJ just....I found out she is working for Hammerhead. She didn't tell me what was on that drive.

MJ: Really. How "Methodical" of her. Which by the way I heard that "Bad Rubish" part.

Peter: I stood up for you.

MJ: Thanks but getting off the subject. Still wonder what's on that drive. Did she tell you anything else?

Peter was lost at words Felicia has a son? how would he explain that to her without the possibility of another break up with her given his....history with her

He prayed to God on the inside they wouldn't again not that he should panic I mean it's not that Felicia mentioned who the father was Felicia was gone a long time she could have paired with anyone but who knows

Peter: Well....not much.

Peter felt bad lying to the ONLY woman he loves he just didn't know how to drop this on her the way it dropped on him

MJ: Ok? Still sounds to me she's helping Hammerhead make a power play on the on the other crime families. Even those still loyal to Fisk.

Peter: Which could end badly for all of New York.

MJ: And that's the last thing the city needs. Another gang war after the last one with the Demons. Listen I got run to the Bugle I'll let you know if I turn up anything on that drive maybe see if there's more. They're usually is.

MJ was about to walk to the nearest cab but Peter grabbed her arm again pulling her to face him again pulled her in a passionate kiss which MJ widen her eyes the way he kissed her but kissed him back and felt he wouldn't let it end and when MJ tried to she couldn't help but to giggle

MJ: Tiger....what's gotten into you?

Peter: I just love you so much. And I hope you know that no matter what turns up. I won't ever leave you again.

MJ: You're sweet. And I love you too. But are you sure there's nothing you want to tell me.

Peter: There....kind of is....and I will but....I need to think of it over. Plus I need to see Ned. He'll want to know what we just found out.

MJ: Alright I'll see you tonight.

Peter tried to kiss Mary Jane again which made her more confused but laughed at it anyway while kissing him back and soon was able to get loose from him jump in the cab and drive off

Peter wished that made him feel better but.....not technically he just couldn't shake it off

Peter: Dammit. I've gotten out of situations almost impossible but nothing like this. I can't believe Felicia has a son! How?! I mean I know how but......she could have....and I could be----NO NO NO! Not gonna think about that for awhile.

Peter had no choice but to shrug it off and went off to meet up with Ned which he did at ESU hours later in his dorm and told him everything about earlier and Ned was dumb founded given he too knew of Pete's past toxic relationship with the Black Cat and to know too she has a missing son was another thing

Ned: God Pete.....

Peter: I know.

Ned: So Hammerhead kidnapped Felica's kid to force her to steal things for him?

Peter: That's what she told me.

Ned: don't know if you're----

Peter: I got out of there in a hurry. I didn't bother to ask.

Ned: did MJ take it?

Peter gave him a guilty expression which was obvious to Ned to learn she doesn't know

Ned: Oh Pete!

Peter: I know! I know! It's just....I tried so hard to put this thing with Felicia behind me after she broke her promise. Plus I made so many mistakes MJ I've already lost count. I don't even know how to tell her. I'm scared Ned.....I'm really scared......I don't want to loose Mary Jane again.

Ned: Pete I really sympathize. I do but keeping this a secret from her is more wrong than not trusting her. If she finds out from Felicia or will loose her forever.

Peter sighed softly sounding sad and looking down shaking his knees again

Ned: Peter look you know I got your back. And I know wasn't there for you since San Fransisco. But I am now. And whatever happens I always will. But as your friend you need to be the one to tell MJ. You'll hurt her less than you will if Felicia does.

Peter nodded knowing he was right

Ned: But first.....there's something I need to show you.

A minute after Peter and Ned were on his laptop with Ned sitting at his desk and Pete leaning beside him to look at the screen

Ned: After the museum I ran on the Black Cat's history turns out she was pulling heists in some other states London. Paris. Even WDC. I been keeping tabs on her records on her all week and one thing caught my attention.

Peter: Which is?

Ned clicked and what pulled up was the history of "Walter Hardy" which brought curious to Peter

Peter: "Walter Hardy"?

Ned: Felicia Hardy's father. The ORIGINAL Black Cat.

Now he remembered this loose thread dangling about from a couple of years. Years ago, what felt like a decade in passing, Karen tried to get info on Felicia’s past and where she came from for Peter. Now with those shackles loose, this was revealed to be more than just a simple hobby Felicia grew up to love and crave.

She was literally born into this profession.

Peter: Turns out this cat burglarizing operation is a constant family business.

Ned: And that’s not all. Finally got some info on her dad.

Scrolling down to the next page of procedurally generated scripts of code flashing into Peter’s face, the best way to describe what little history he got on Mr. Hardy was…..interesting.

It was more information given to her than Felicia was ever willing to tell Peter personally.

Not much was known about Walter Hardy's early life, beyond having Felicia. Around the late 90s, he began operating as the original Black Cat. His skill as a thief eventually caught the interest of the powerful Maggia crime syndicate, who asked him to work for them. Walter's refusal earned him the Maggia's ire in due time, who promptly ordered a hit on Hardy with the intent of making him an example…..

….thanks to a young up-and-raising Hammerhead who looked to ahold of the reigns and make a name for himself in the gangster world.

To protect himself and his daughter, Hardy allowed himself to get arrested and imprisoned in Ryker's. Soon after his arrest, he broke out and tried to escape by swimming to shore. Unfortunately, the adage ‘cats can’t swim’ was proven true in this one instance.

He drowned.

But in that escape attempt and the events of his death, he posthumously ensured that Felicia would be spared from the Maggia. Only problem was….

….it didn’t do much.

Peter: She wants revenge.

Ned: Can’t really say that I blame her. And if what you say about ‘her son’? If it’s true—

Peter:—she’s gonna goad them into a gang war to kill them all. Daddy really didn’t want daughter following in his paw prints? Gotta say almost feel bad for the guy; could’ve set himself up for life.

Ned: I dunno. At this rate, probably could’ve gone for the best how it went down?

Something about that comment caught a sliver of Peter’s ire. Knowing a thing or two about being abandoned, he almost went squarely on the defensive.

Peter: Seriously, Ned? A dead body? A kid growing up without a parent? Trust me, Ned: that’s never for the best.

Ned: With the Maggia involved? When they got a grudge, you never know with them. Hardy’s death appeared to square things off for the most part. If he and Felicia vanished off the face of the map, they never would’ve stopped looking for her.

Peter: Could’ve gone to witness protection.

Ned: Probably was at his wit's end, old age and all. When you’ve got as long as a reach as the Maggia or Norman…..

Peter:…..or Tony?

A quick off-topic 180 but it sort of fit in to what Ned was saying.

Ned: Yeah. With them, sometimes you can’t come back from those things. But at least now, I think we got the full puzzle behind why Felicia’s doing this. And while we’re at it….

Logging out from the police database, he switches up the feed to an overlay view of the city and 10 estimated locations marked on the map for potential traveling. Only guess is this was something of Hardy’s work that the police just couldn’t find.

Talk about doing your job.

Ned: He’s got a bunch of paintings still missing about in the city. Maybe you could return what he stole and draw Felicia out?

Peter: She’s not focused on that right now. The Maggia is likely to be her only concern.

No sooner should he say that does his phone vibrate and divert away his attention. Yuri was calling.

Peter: And speak of the devil. It’s Yuri. Hello?

I know we’re busy working on the Board Members murders but can you stop by Hudson and North Moore? Some of my guys are in an active shootout right now; some Maggia guys couldn’t wait to get the jump on us.

Peter: In broad daylight?

Got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, what can I say?

Peter: Tell your men I'm on my way.

He hangs up and turns to Ned

Peter: Keep digging on Walter Hardy maybe he left some loose ends and maybe something that might help us with Felicia.

Ned: I'll let you know what I find.

Minutes after Pete changed into his suit and was about to hop out the window till Ned called: PETE!

He turned back around to him

Ned: Don't keep this from MJ too long. I'd tell her sometime today.

Spider-Man faced down and nodded to him

Spider-Man: I'll tell her when I see her tonight. Or call her after this. Keep me updated.

He nodded and Pete leaped out and swung towards the direction where the shootout was going down

Meanwhile not far from Haarlem we join a cab in traffic for they were passing through construction another Board Director of Oscorp was in the back talking on his cell

Board Director: Yes Mr. Vargas the forms are filed they'll be ready by the end of the week. The governor even approves. Yes sir well on it. My commitment sir? I can assure you nothing would please me more than to put Norman Osborn out of business.


Startled the Board Member dropped his phone when the driver yelled out like that and went out of the car he did too to see everyone coming out of their cars and all looking up in shock

Board Director: What's everybody looking at?!

He looked up too and he frowned in confusion

Board Director: The hell is that?


The Board Director's expression changed from confusion to fear when that laugh echoed in his ears

Board Director: Oh my god!

Something fired and BOOM! An explosion blows the center of the traffic killing the director and a handful of people and survivors and other civilians near the scene all screamed and panic and the mystery figure flew out of the smoke still laughing


People ran out many calling the police and just fleeing from the scene those who weren't lucky all died out.....burning from skin to bone

Meanwhile Spider-Man finally arrives at the Hudson seeing police and Maggia firing at one another even spotted Yuri and one of her colleagues behind a police car and firing at them too

More mobsters just kept coming with heavier fire arms than the others

Cop: We're getting our asses handed to us!

Yuri: Just keep firing!

They're not being subtle.

They looked up to see Pete on the wall behind him

Cop: Spider-Man!

Yuri: What took you so long.

Spider-Man: Same old crap. May I?

Yuri: Do your thing.

Spider-Man: Time to shut this down before someone gets killed.

He webbed zip to the Maggia web swinging kicking four at once and web zips some guns out of their hands dodging those shooting at him and shooting webs at their faces to blind them

Spider-Man: Karen activate enhance combat mode.

On it.

The mode activated and Pete took down five Magia at once by kicking and punching under the mode and webbed up three more on near by walls

Soon he subdued the last one....or was it the last when a truck pulled up

Spider-Man: Delivery truck. Hope it's those new slippers I ordered.


The back of the cart opened revealing a brute with a mini gun

Spider-Man: Aw hell.

The big guy fired away and Peter had no choice but to move his but fast enough to dodge those sharp shots

Spider-Man: My slippers did NOT look like that online! I refuse to sign for this package!

He kept dodging the shots as the brute kept firing but luckily for Pete the minigun over heated two minutes after and then he leaped in on the attack

The Brute fought back by swinging the weapon around and no matter what Pete threw at him he kept coming for more

Spider-Man: Screw this. Karen: Taser Webs.

Spidey shot taser webs with five bolts that stun the brute knocking him out

Spider-Man: Whoo....did I get everyone?

The NYPD sighed in relief and making arrests on every mobster on the ground Yuri walked over to Spider-Man giving him a hand and pulled him back on his feet

Yuri: Good timing. Another minute we would have been shark food.

Spider-Man: Hammerhead took a big risk to chomp a stake this big.

Yuri: The fish are swimming and the Hammerhead is hungry.

Peter's spider sense went off picking up one more mobster hiding behind a car aiming his gun at Yuri

He pulled her away and webbed his hand to the car dropping his gun

Yuri: THE HELL?!

Spider-Man: Sneaky monkey.

Pete leaped up landing on the car as the Mobster struggled to get loose but to no avail and our hero approached him like a real spider to a fly stuck in it's web which made the man whimper and piss himself

Mobster: ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I GIVE UP! The boss wanted us to take out the Captain. But I surrender. If I talk do I get time off?

Spider-Man: You won't if you don't.

Yuri: And not just and I are gonna dance in the in the holding cells not in a Cinderella way.

Mobster: Ugh.....the gray haired chick. She told us to come down here and make some noise. Boss said if the Captain was here we take her out.

Yuri: Why does Hammerhead want me dead?

Spider-Man: And this gray haired chick. You wouldn't be talking about the Black Cat would you?

Mobster: Yeah.....

Spider-Man: Sucker bait. And I'm the sucker.

Yuri: Where did you meet her?!

Mobster: The bodega on Waverly!

He’s quick to flinch in terror as Spidey was quick to move about, leaping off of the roof of the cruiser and taking off. Of course, heroics for one meant paperwork for another.

That mobster was now left in the hands of the Captain, planted squarely at her mercy.

Yuri: Now where were we?

Spidey was quick to dash away from the scene of the crime that was intended to not be subtle; yet another cat-and-mouse foot chase. In broad daylight, no less.

The whole shootout being a distraction to draw the police away from Waverly street? That became an even more damning strategy once he put two and two together and realized Waverly was the front for yet ANOTHER Maggia family: The Ciceros.

Hasn’t even been that long since she dropped that bombshell about her son being in Hammerhead’s grimy clutches so her persistent rush towards yet another Maggia front meant two possibilities: They probably had another hard drive for her to clep off of them…..and whether it’s in their intention or not, Felicia was willing to ruffle up their feathers, if not for her sons' sake, then her father’s.

All Peter could do was web-zip over to Waverly as fast as humanly possible and pray that he wasn’t too late again.

Upon arriving at the Bodega, it looked that way. Nobody was in the Bodega this early in the morning, lights weren’t on, the gate wasn’t open; it was completely empty. Only solution left here was up.

Readjusting his eye lenses, Spider-Man’s HUD display switches to a scanner, and upon highlighting the building and the nearby environment in a quick flash of gold overlays, only one collective group of tracks were left behind from the scanner: Cat scratches and paw prints.

So with the trail left out for him in secret, it was a quick zip and run up the side of the building before he was, again, left at a dead end. Or so he thought.

Spider-Man: Deja Vu.

With technical equipment on a rooftop, bombarded with a red flag after red flag, all of this equipment stationed like a stakeout with all her pictures and the tinkers and trinkets reminded Peter of only a piddly three months prior when she first came back.

And then there was the miniature tripod with a camera stationed over a blanket.

No choice but to use the camera…..again.

Having to use the lenses to zoom in and around the area, there wasn't much luck with finding anything that stuck out as suspicious. Last time he used this, he’d zoom around for a blurry black and white painting over on a roof entrance to a warehouse, showcasing a painting of Black Cat. But Peter adjusted to the situation and quickly found the top entrance to the Ciceros front….

….and Felicia, rolling on in from the far left corner of the camera lens.

Here, the camera was left situated exactly where she wanted it to and it wasn’t long for Peter to catch on that she, again, was waiting for him.

The instant she sneaks in through the front doors, Spidey lets go of the camera and launches two weblines over to that rooftop, a mere 200 feet away from him.

Pulling back with just enough vibration yanking against him to let him know there was tension applied, Peter gradually thrusts himself forward with a slingshot before dashing through the air and rolling onto the roof of the Ciceros.

Spider-Man: Caught her in the act.

Spoke too soon.

Soon as he inches towards the front door, he barely even has to touch the handles before the door swings open, momentarily readjusting his Spider-sense to adapt.

Black Cat, anticipating his arrival, was too fast for him to react towards so she was left him lallygagging around with her former ex, tripping him over with a Japanese arm drag before airplane-spinning across him….

….and landing on his lap. She was holding a mini-statue in her hands, however.

Black Cat: Oh! Hey there, Spider.

To his surprise, she rips the head off the statue, revealing the structure to be hollow and withholding yet another hard drive inside.

Black Cat: Glad to know you’re still checking up on me.

Spider-Man: Listen, Felicia, I know why you’re doing this; I know how much it means to you. But the Maggia don’t play around on these parts. You shouldn’t—

Black Cat: Awwww. But I love to play.

She effortlessly rolls off of Peter and quickly leaps away off the roof, leaving the broken statue on his chest….

….just in time for some Cicero Maggia mobsters to burst through the door and immediately halt at the sight of Spider-Man getting up with the statue in hand.

First impressions were hard not to deduce.

Mobster #2: Spider-Man?

Mobster #1: He’s working with the Cat! Stop him!

Spider-Man: WHAT?! I'M NOT---

They charged at them and they started fighting off which didn't last given Pete webbed them up in a heart beat but more started coming in and he fought them off with NO help from Black Cat she was already gone

Pete even fought off more brutes with miniguns he had to overcharge his taser webs which stun them and those around them he was out of charge soon as they were all beat down

All....but one.....

.....the doors kicked open revealing Hammerhead himself laughing and having a minigun himself

Spider-Man: Hammerhead.....

Hammerhead: End of the line freak!

He fired away with Pete forcing himself to dodge them he couldn't get near him for he never stopped firing

Hammerhead: What's the rush Spider-Man?! Don't know why you think you're going!

Spider-Man: I was really just gonna see if they had anymore of those empire state building snow globes. If you want one.

He kept firing and Peter kept dodging the sharp shots he finally leaped over Joe and webbed yanked the weapon out of his hands and webbed it out of his reach

Spider-Man: Now I got questions fin boy. What'd you do to the kid you---

Hammerhead interrupted him by responding by charging at him like a bull

Our hero dodged him and Hammerhead hit the wall without showing signs of pain

The hard steel in his head is why he's called Hammerhead in the first place

In coming call from Yuri Watanabe

Spider-Man: Sent her a text Karen telling her I'm with Hammerhead as we speak!

Joesph charged again this time grabbing him and was about to headbutt him but Spidey shot webs in his face blinding him forcing him to let go

She's insisting you answer Peter. Saying there was another murder during the shootout

Spider-Man: What? Where?!

Hammerhead pulls the webs off and charges again kicking Pete off his feet and ran back

Haarlem. Multiple casualties.

Spider-Man: Multiple?!

Hammerhead grabbed another minigun from one of his fallen men

Spider-Man: Oh god.....


He fired at him for Peter to dodge the bullets again Hammerhead was laughing like Dr. Frankenstein when laughing "IT'S ALIVE!" and the firing was none stop Peter tried to shoot taser webs at him again only to be reminded

Taser webs at 1% charge.

Spider-Man: Oh give me a break.


He fires again and Pete got hit on the side of his arm he fell off the building landing in a dumpster

Hammerhead looked down no sign of Spider-Man not even seeing him in the dumpster since it slammed shut when he landed in there

Hammerhead: Smart little spider. I'll get you next time.

His cell vibrated from his pocket and answered

Hammerhead: Yeah? Slow down idiot what you say?! WHAT YOU MEAN MY BANK IS BEING ROBBED?!

Hammerhead's Mob Bank near the Upper West side was being held up while closed the security guards and mob staff there were all dead necks snap blown on fire and......

....a glider hovering by the safe and the same mystery figure that's been killing these board members and ripping off Hammerhead was stealing his money there face still not shown but hearing that same laugh


The screen shows his legs walking out of the safe dragging out heavy bags of money and hopped on the glider flying off with one survivor hiding behind the front desk scared out of his wits of the horror that just took place here and the figure was already gone

The surviving staff was even the on the phone with Hammerhead

Surviving staff: I don't know what it was but it killed everyone here. It's taken all the money.

And you didn't stop the bastard?!

Surviving Staff: This thing wasn't human boss. It was a one man army it blew everyone to bits killed some of the guards with his bare hands! I was hiding sir.....

Hammerhead: Well you better find another hiding spot cause I'm on my way to the bank now to hand your ass to you.

Hammerhead hung up on the poor guy looking for Spider-Man again still no sign of him but walked away

The screen rotates down to the dumpster as Peter came out covered in garbage holding his wounded arm

Spider-Man: Well that was fun.....except Hammerhead nearly shooting my brains out. Now.....where's Felicia?

She may have to wait Peter. Yuri's calling again.

Spider-Man: Patch her in.

Spider-Man where are you?! I been calling you the last hour.

Spider-Man: Had a run in with both Black Cat and Hammerhead they slowed me down.....but both got away. But never mind that what happened in Haarlem?

I wish it was a pleasant story. We had countless 911 calls down there saying another attack happened in the middle of traffic this time civilian casualties.

Spider-Man: Dammit. I should have gone there instead.

If you did Hammerhead would have gotten us and we wouldn't be here to prevent more.

Spider-Man: Was one of the casualties another board member from Oscorp?

Sadly yes.

Spider-Man: Shit. I'll be there soon. I got to make another call.

The line cut

Spider-Man: Karen call MJ.

Before I do I have another call from Ned.

Spider-Man: He must have found something on Hardy. Accept.

Peter. You're not gonna believe what I found where Hardy hid his stolen art they're spread out through out the city. I got the locations.

Spider-Man: Good work.

There's more're not gonna believe this....turns out......Hardy had a partner and you're not gonna believe who......

Spider-Man: Who??'s uh.....Mr. Criminal.

His eyes lit up.

Quickly, he asked Karen for a photo ID.

It was at that moment then and there, staring at a digital imprint of Aaron Davis' (Donald Glover) ID, that everything started coming back to him. Not exactly in a very positive light also. He knew Aaron was a small-time crook trying to move up in the criminal underworld from his younger days, trying to move up himself.

But all this proved was that not only did Aaron eventually move on up; he had been in close proximity to Miles, his mom and literally everyone else at FEAST in the last few months. His past had been well and truly sheltered and the man, last he saw him, had no interests in returning to that dark time of his life. And he’d probably advised himself to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, this meant that an actual loving family was tied up in the midst of yet another of his investigations and the last thing Peter wanted was to inadvertently bury another member of the same family who is still grieving.

Thing is someone had already beat him to the punch at FEAST down in Chinatown. Except it was the other way around.

And it involved Aaron questioning Miles and Kate Bishop. The two of them sat next to one another at the other end of the coffee table opposite of a perplexed Aaron in the gym filled with bedbunks and a couple of TVs highlighting news reports, it was rather claustrophobic for all three of them, mostly due to the little sporadic pieces of trivial confidential information that Kate spilled out to Miles…

….and then told to his uncle.

Miles went through on his promise to actually talk to Kate shortly before school went out for the day and his suspicions were confirmed: she wasn’t a student there, or a staff member; she was casually passing through. But trying to get her to spill anything on how she knew about Spider-Man was a hassle.

At least until she inadvertently spilled that she used to be partners with the original Hawkeye.

No sooner did Miles get that confirmation did he realize, maybe she knows a thing or two about what’s been happening in the city as of recently. Of course the process of actively getting that information meant going behind Peter’s back but when someone is desperate to prove themselves to someone, you gotta take a leap of faith whenever you can.

Bringing her up to his uncle Aaron might not have been the wisest choice on Miles behalf though.

Aaron: So… mean to tell me—

Kate: I do mean to.

Aaron:—that you once helped the original Hawkeye take care of an Avengers level threat?

Kate: I mean—it wasn’t big big but it mattered a lot to him.

Miles: I didn’t want to believe it myself.

Aaron: I have to say that's the most amazing story I've ever heard.

Miles: You're telling me Unc.

Kate: Well given the records I made much more especially with the Kingpin. But anyway....I'll let you two talk gonna make some routes.

She got up and walked to the other side of the gym

Aaron: Buddy your friend there is a hellion.

Miles: Tell me about it. She could give the Spider-Men a run for their money.

Aaron: Only time we seen the 2nd Spider-Man was the convoy disaster. That kid....had guts.

Miles went in his thoughts on that

Aaron: So you wanted to talk?

Miles:'s a little weird but....this was just out of curiosity.

Aaron: Let it rip anyway.

Miles: Unc....I was wondering if you know about a guy named.....Walter Hardy?

Turns out Peter finally gave Miles another spider assignment sooner than he thought and after what Ned told him earlier he thought Miles could get his uncle's story if he told him

Aaron....hadn't heard that name in ten years TEN years and his reaction did confirmed....he did know him and faced down breathing softly

Aaron: Very well. Back when your pops and I were in college before he started dating your mom Walter Hardy was charitable and he was a well respectable art collector till....his secret got Maggia. Turned out he was a cat burglar known as the Black Cat.

Miles: Black Cat? But I thought the Black Cat was a woman.

Aaron: The one on the news today is. The one before her......was Walter Hardy. He pulled off a number of heists in his time merely cause he was loosing his fortune or whatever they say. Or he probably built it with these heists. I don't really know. All I do know is Hardy stole from what he believed were the real criminals Maggia Silvermane many mob families.

Miles: So what was he Robin Hood?

Aaron: Good question. However he did had a partner. Miles have you ever heard of a cat burglar known as....the Prowler.

Miles: Mm mm.

Aaron: Well he helped the Black Cat in many of his jobs. They pulled heists all around the city but the Prowler......did intend on helping innocent people. He could say he was the Zorro in this city in his time.

Miles: So what happened to them?

Aaron: When Hardy was arrested the Prowler one knows what happened to him. But sadly the Magia weren't done with him. They marked him and were coming for him for slipping under them on the jobs he pulled on them. Walt tried to escape but drowned in the bay. Left his little girl alone.

Miles: Poor guy....and that poor kid.

Aaron: Yeah sadly the Hardy's never get a happy ending. In my own curiosity why you ask?

Miles: Like said just curious.

Out at the front desk Peter was standing looking down at a crest of May's memory

In loving memory of

May Parker

1941 - 2034

Peter: Miss you May.

How you holding up kid?

Peter turned around to that voice and turned out the homeless woman Gloria he saved from muggers last year still remained in F.E.A.S.T. and been doing volunteering since May's passing and recently started a new job

Peter: Gloria hey.....I'm fine day at a time. Isn't that what May use to say?

Gloria: She said cause it's true. If you need anything we're all here for you.

Peter: That means a lot. You know looking at this place now after everything that happened last year reminds me of all the good May did here.

Gloria: I'm living proof. They hire more people at work....and cause I did well when they were understaffed they made me manager.

Peter: Wow congratulations. Thanks for that. And Gloria? Hearing that....being almost feels like May's still with us.

Gloria: You know what else does? Seeing you. As the man she raised you to be. So don't be a stranger. I know I won't even after I get my own place.

Peter: No worries. This center all you're family.

Gloria patted his shoulder nodding and soon spotted Miles coming in the room and both looking at him

Gloria: Miles.

Miles: Hey Gloria.

Gloria: Just want to say great work for last weekend. You really been pushing yourself lately.

Miles: I guess I get it from my dad.

Gloria: If only he could see you now.

Miles: Yeah....if only.

Gloria: boys stay out of trouble.

Gloria walked off leaving Peter and Miles both thinking: We try but trouble always finds us.

Peter: How'd it go?

Miles: Your hunch was right Pete. The old Black Cat did had a partner. Called himself....the Prowler.

That name sounded familiar to Peter it wasn't hard for him to figure the obvious the only thing Miles knew was just what Aaron told him

Miles: I hope it helps anyway.

Peter: I does thanks a lot....Spider-Man.

Miles laughed in excitement.

Peter: Listen go to the kitchen see how much food we have I'll be right with you.

Miles left and Pete pulled out his phone calling MJ

Hey Babe what's up?

Peter: Nothing much. Just thought I tell ya Ned's theory was correct. Felicia's father had a partner called the Prowler.

I've heard of him. He was never caught was he? It's like he vanish off the face of the earth. You don't think Aaron is---I mean is that why he was---

Peter: It's too good to ignore. I don't think Miles knows and I rather he didn't till he's able to swallow it.

Good thinking.

Peter: And there's.....something else.....

What's up?

Peter: Back at Minks.....there was something I neglect to say what more Felicia told me.

I thought you said she didn't say much.

Peter: Yyyyyeah....... that why you had us leave in a hurry?

Peter: Yeah. There's this thing....probably not a big one COULD be a big thing. A little.......maybe big.

Tiger can you please say a sentence that doesn't include the word: "Thing"?

Peter: Ok sorry. It turns out Felicia is working for Hammerhead cause he kidnapped.....her son.

Son?? Wow. She's been busy. I didn't even know she had a son. Guess it would make sense given that's what Hammerhead would do.

Peter: It does but.....I don't think it ends there. You know after we broke up she and I.....dated for a short while?

Yeah. So?


Oh....oh my....OH! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Peter: I mean I don't really know for sure. I didn't ask cause I was in a hurry and I couldn't ask before Hammerhead walked in on us but it's.....possible.....

More silence

Peter: M---MJ......?

All he heard.....was a hang up

That was NOT a good sign.

This was exactly why he contemplated even telling her in the first place. All of that hard work, the lessons he learned, the sheer perpetual amount of spit and glue he threw in to ensure both he and MJ could make this second chance work….

….and his secrecy led to yet another relic of his past being unsheathed, so much so that Felicia might as well be inadvertently holding Peter hostage at gunpoint and screwing him up the ass.

If he couldn’t explain himself on the phone, maybe he’d have better luck in person…..assuming MJ would be willing to give him the time of day.

So now we enter Phase #176 of “Most Awkward Swing of Peter Parker’s life”. And it always seems to happen when he gets himself in trouble for stupid shit. Not his friends, not his other family, not anybody else frolicking around and about their day.

It always seems to revolve around him or something he did before: a thought that kept burrowing through the hippocampus region of Peter’s brain the more he was forced to think about it while no wind breezes past the fabric of his Advanced suit.

Leaving FEAST in a jiffy meant he left Miles in charge of the place again until further notice but he trusted Miles enough to handle it.

This was more important. Peter unintentionally made it so.

Crawling in through the window…..wasn’t what Peter had in mind. Last thing he wanted was for MJ to see him crawling through like he was deliberately sneaking out to do something he was supposed to, regardless if he was responsible. Upon landing in the roof, he already had his mind made up.

Slipping through the door in the rooftop effortlessly, scouring down the stairs and into the cramped hallways of this apartment complex brought back harrowing memories.

The bustle.

The noise.

The landlord.

The bloody rent.

All of those long hours.

MJ had long since moved past Peter in regards to maturity, knowing what she wants and how to get it and the last thing she needed was Felicia’s filthy claws burrowing deep where it didn’t belong.

All the more reason Peter needed to square this away right here and now so that a replicate of the Martin Li scenario doesn’t play out.

Unfortunately, as Peter squeegees the knob on the door and walks into her apartment, the scene had already been set to where it might as have been that similar situation replaying again.

The lights were off; most of the lights were being reflected from the windows outside with MJ’s shadow not emanating that dark silhouette from the kitchen or the bathroom or even the coffee table in the living room. She didn’t appear to be anywhere.

Until Peter’s sense highlighted her in the far left corner of the room, with the swivel chair turned directly away from him.

Dr. Evil vibes.

MJ: Were you EVER going to tell me?

Peter: That was never going to be an easy thing to say over the phone.

MJ: You said she told you at Micks. If you damn well felt like it, you could’ve told me right then and there. Maybe I would’ve understood it more thoroughly if….

Peter: If what?

More inarguable silence glistens through the apartment, the utter lack of syllables spilling out doing a lot of the emotional work than either of them utter a single word.

Often or not, it’s tricky to piece together how quickly trust can be lost and how much of an onward journey one could find to regain that trust. The instant it’s broken, relationships can never truly reach those high endorphin highs they once soared to.

While not broken immediately, the immersion is interrupted with MJ swiveling around in her chair, coffee in hand with her best Dr. Doom impression…..

….and it was working.

MJ: If that kid was yours.

Eyes agape, Peter had to resort to picking his jaw up off the floor for the next few seconds. Did she even listen to what he said before she hung up?

Peter: I said I don’t know.

MJ: Then why didn’t you tell me?

Peter: Because of how you’re reacting right now.

Translation: even after all they’ve been through together, Peter STILL didn’t trust MJ enough to dissect this gritty information specific to getting ahold of this case.

Low blow.

Now offended, MJ bolts off out of the chair but not before crushing her coffee cup, spilling the dark liquid over her jeans and furniture. She immediately rushes over and shoved him down to the couch behind him with full force.

Just like how they interacted after their failed “date”.

He kinda had this coming.

But it did cause Peter to reflect on painful memories, hinting at the truth behind his real intentions from the past.

His quick departure from MJ to Felicia after his third breakup was a shocking and heart-throbbing gut punch to truly recover from, from both sides of the same coin but the circumstances surrounding Peter’s state of mind at the time….

….did align in place with how MJ was feeling now.

And he really really wished it wasn’t the truth. Because now regret was washing over his face, with restrictive anger building up in his eyes and his fists balling up and out again.

MJ: Then Don’t.

Peter: Don’t what?

He asked, unaware of how callously MJ’s pent-up rage was seconds from boiling over. MJ had grown more composed in her frustration the older she got; in the life of a superhero, things hardly ever go the way you want and it was that repeated circle of life that kept repeating and making things hard for her and Pete.

But this was different. She was hardly holding herself in pieces now.

From the angle in which she steps away from him at only a measly five feet apart only to slowly turn her head back to him and then stare him down, MJ looked like a tornado waiting to wreck havoc.

They were both too caught up in the moment to truly stop now.

MJ: Don’t. You. Push It.

Peter: Push it? Who’s pushing who?!

MJ: Peter, I've known you a lot longer than she did. We grew up together…..practically our whole lives. And still find s way to surprise me because not once, did I even consider.....that you would really go bang the first thing that moves when we broke up!

Peter: The break up didn't count as cheating!

MJ: I don’t care about that! Do you care how this makes me feel....?

Tears began to break through her defense. Crying soon became a forefront at this moment but there was something almost…..primal about it.

There is something so very wrong when we call crying "hysterical." There is something cold and judgemental where true warmth and empathy is required. To cry so much, to be processing so much pain, is a time for unconditional love…..

….and MJ wasn’t getting any, in her mind.

MJ: There are SO MANY PEOPLE that want you to be with her.....shippers want you to marry her! That hurts enough to hear it from someone I know Jack shit about but my own friends, colleagues? I wish I could tell them otherwise but I keep it to myself because your secret is too great for the both of us.

The worse part she intentionally leaves out: unable to bring herself to eye over at the growing pile of hate mail stacked up against the edge of the door, most of whom called her either the worst reporter on the planet, annoying as hell, or any combination of the two.

Early days of this debacle, Peter was present for and it wasn’t any easier than either. With the both of them still struggling to figure their way about in the world, all this did was greatly diminish the young woman’s confidence; Peter was the only one willing to step up to her and give her the confidence to ignore it.

It didn’t seem that same level of care and dedication was there for her anymore. And to her credit, that was the hard part of this job.

Finding the strength to keep going.

Peter: I’m proud of that relic from our past. Still not.

MJ; Well, you did Jack shit to convey that. You ever once looked back at that day and think maybe that was a bridge too far? Did you even apologize to me about that, even for ONCE after the fact?


MJ: But I let it go because I did it. It was my decision to puts us off. For the both of us. We needed to get better on our terms, not piggybacking off of each other. Feels rather stupid saying that now considering…..

As expected, Peter can only nod in agreement. What they hoped to achieve out of calling it quits a year ago was eventually a nirvana that was reached…..but only after a citywide pandemic and finally working out what the hell went wrong with them.

Unfortunately, it looked like they were retracing those steps back to square one.

MJ: Just…..I didn’t think out of anybody you’d choose, that It would be her. HER?!

Peter: You think it was easy for me getting rejected again, breaking my back for a living?!

MJ: You really thought it was easy for ME to see you with someone else? To move on that quickly?!

Peter: You’re the one who broke up with me, remember?!

MJ: Because I was pissed off! Not because I didn’t love you anymore!

Peter: Well, could’ve fooled me! You really wanna know the truth?

Words no longer doing her justice, she nods ferociously.

Peter: I still love you! YOU! No one else! But back then……I admit. I fucked up.

And he didn’t stop there.

Peter: Maybe I was still an insecure immature little brat back then who got sick and tired of doing everything I could for the city and you know, not being appreciated for it! So yeah, maybe I did call up Felicia just to make you jealous. I’ve had to sacrifice love as much as anything else I’ve had to sacrifice just for the city’s survival and beyond: Liz, aunt, and then you too? No. No, I was done with it; I was absolutely over it!

He finally succumbs to the sound of silence. The horrifying screams are halted, unaware he had escalated his voice beyond that of a chest level volume.

And in that lapse of judgment, Peter quickly sees the fault in his anger; the power of his words.

All of that ire, all that guilt, all that pain squawking into the void, bellowing out for no one to hear. He had swallowed that anger with himself when it was a fire-seed and forgot to drink something cool, and so it grew in his belly until it came out as hot as any dragon has ever flamed.…

….on the person he loved most.

He’ll never forget her eyes, how that fire burnt her to ash. MJ normally loved his sparks of passion, the way he….sizzled even in the rain, but this time, that inferno was more than her heart could manage.

She turns her back on him, quite literally allowing the words to fully sink in.

Words weren’t enough to heal this moment, not at this time.

Peter knew he couldn’t attempt to fix this now. MJ wouldn’t let him after an outburst like that. He immediately took it upon himself to take his leave, heading straight for the window.

MJ took a minute to look back at the open window and the wind blowing outside and burst out in cries she fell on her couch covering her face crying out..... the screen rotates up.......

......revealing the Lab Eugenic-Spinner Spider already in it's web above her crawling around

Out in Hell's Kitchen under some construction from the Rhino damage from before Peter landed on the roof frustrated depressed regretting the way he just treated MJ he felt his whole life was falling apart again

Feeling Felicia had won the war and MJ would never talk to him again he pulled off his mask kicking a brick wall letting out his frustration as his own tears spilled out

Let it out Peter. Let it all out.

Peter: I screwed up big time Kar. MJ's never gonna forgive me now.

Of course she will.

Peter: No. I never thought I would ever get on to her about anything. I never thought I'd be more angry at her than her at me. Never.

There's a first time for everything. Peter. You and MJ are just like any couple who would have fall outs like this.

Peter: I don't think any couple has one like this.

Believe me they do.

Peter: That's not the point Karen. Felicia has been bad luck in my life ever since I first got involved with her. Now that she has a son I'm more than likely to pay for it for the rest of my life and I'm likely to loose every chance I have with Mary Jane. And I'm likely to pay child service with Felicia! I can't be dad I'm not ready for this anyway! I can't----


Peter: Will I even have to marry her like a high school kid to his pregnant girlfriend?! No not her! All she does is steal and bring bad luck in my life! I'll never make this up to MJ!

Did she say you WERE the father?

Peter went in silence in thought realizing Felicia only said it was HER son she could have said "OUR" if it was his she could have told him who was the father Felicia didn't even say when she had one since he hadn't seen her three years for he turned her in to the feds after she broke his promise and went back to her thieving

So if it was his did Felicia give birth in the raft? Was the kid in foster care? So much possibilities flood in Peter's head K.A.R.E.N.'s question lowered his panic level

Peter: Well no.......

I wouldn't jump to any conclusions Peter. Not until she actually says you are or not. Felicia has been MIA for a long time she could have been with anyone. MJ is gonna forgive you. She always has. She just needs time to cool down. Blow off steam. Remember what I told you last year you're Spider-MAN not Spider-Boy.

Peter faced down nodding

So weather or not her son is yours he needs our help. We have a job to do Peter.

Peter: You're right Karen. You're always right about everything. Thanks again.

Let's go on patrol. It'll take your mind off things.

Peter nods and he picks his mask back up pulling it back on

In coming call from Yuri Watanabe.

Spider-Man: Patch her in.

Spider-Man. Black Cat has struck again.

Spider-Man: Where?

According to the dispatch there was just a burglary matching her M.O. I'm sending you the location.

Spider-Man: I'm on my way.

The line cuts and Peter started swinging

Spider-Man: Karen. Keep every info we find and send every possible link to Ned. We'll find more of Felicia's targets faster that way.

No problem. Incoming call from Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: Oh boy. Go ahead and let him on. Hey Miles what's up?

Hey Spidey! I just want to ask if there's any more assignments you have for me.

Spider-Man: Not at the minute I'm kind of fallowing a lead right now.

Tell him about---

Shut up he'll hear you!

Spider-Man: WHAT??

Sorry I wasn't talking to you.

Spider-Man: Then who were you talking to?

Can I talk to him?

No! Shut up!

Spider-Man: Miles what's going on?

I'll tell you later. Gotta go.

The line cut a split second making Pete worry more than he already was he didn't catch fully on but he could have swore he heard someone with Miles even worry more....if Miles was caught by someone himself like Ned caught him before

Peter's panic mode picked up again and he shook it off for now planning to ask Miles later and soon Spidey arrived at the scene with cops fire trucks and ambulance everywhere

Spider-Man: Felicia....what have you done this time?

He pressed on his eye lit scanning everywhere

Spider-Man: Karen call Ned.

Calling Ned Leeds

Spider-Man: Ned cops have blocked off a whole street at my location. I think Felicia hit this place harder than the other spots.

I'm looking at now.

At Ned's dorm

Ned: According to the security cameras looks like she used a flashing grenade to blind everyone and slashed her way to her target no one was killed but a guard was injured.

I'm looking at him now.

Spider-Man: Looks like he's hurt bad. Maybe the EMT can tell me what happened. I'll keep you posted.

The line cuts and Spidey web zipped down to the ambulance where they were holding the injured guard

ETM: Spider-Man?

Spider-Man: The Captain informed me of the incident. What happened?

ETM: I heard someone stole a rare book or something. That's all I know.

Spider-Man: Is the guard gonna be ok?

ETM: He and few others already at the hospital had bad case of photokeratitis. Basically a flash burn of his corneas. But they'll recover.

So the front of the building was already a complete bust.

And then there was the mention of “rare book”: the former meaning something that’s hardly ever seen or talked about or doesn’t get brought up ever. Given the track record Felicia had been on recently, there was no multiple choice answer required for guessing what she hit next. The day was still fresh and young so there was still time.

Peter could only hope and pray that any trail would be left behind for him to scan and trace.

So he’s left jogging on to the back; the revelation of telling MJ still rattling his brain to the point where it made him airsick trying to web-swing momentarily. Eventually, he finds a black stain on the ground at the doorstep of the….well, door.

Except this black stain left a barely visible brownish circle around the area of impact. His hand dragging out the black markings from the ground, he hardly had to look at the chemical staining on his fingertips to figure out what this was.

The key was in the smell.

Spider-Man: Magnesium flare. Probably want burned that guards eyes.

Magnesium flare: A brilliant white flare containing metallic magnesium wire or ribbon. With magnesium as the illuminating agent, its burning (rapid combination with oxygen to form MgO2) is both very energetic and gives off most of that energy in visible light.

Also very likely to leave behind residue stains.

Without even having to instruct Karen on anything, the HUD display switched out the dispersed citywide view from the lenses to the fragment inventory. Upon analysis, it was the perfect use for the Spectrograph puzzle.

Said puzzle featured both additive and reductive fragments, making things a bit tricky. For the first pattern with two regular lines, he had to look for the sixth and fifth fragments in the inventory to add the three lines and subtract one. The next pattern had two regular lines on the left - so that meant choosing the second and seventh inventory fragment to complete this one. Finally, the last pattern had a bold line and two regular lines, meaning he needed to add both the first and fourth fragment from the inventory to bolster back the first line and get rid of the second.

With the fragments spliced together, the substance came back to him as an exact match for magnesium flare: aluminum/potassium perchlorate. And if Felicia was unlucky, there should be a trail nearby.

Once again, he was left putting his lenses to good use. Frequently adjusting them over the next few seconds, the lenses sent out a low-frequency scan throughout the entire city in search of a dispersal path. To his luck, with the compound analyzed, he was able to successfully scan for a dispersal path - luckily, only spanning out to one direction.

The path curves up the building in front of him so he follows in pursuit before leaping off and about to another rooftop and a couple of wirelines connecting the two.

He eventually sees the trail disperse down into an alleyway before streaming back off to the right and up another building and across more rooftops. Based on how the path was curving in and out from horizontal to vertical streams, it would be not long before he shortly moves out of Greenwich.

Another hop, skip, jump and skim across the rooftops overlooking the streets and avenues of the borough, the trail finally lads him o another alleyway.

Not much about it stood out on its own…..except there were a total of four men waiting.

Spider-Man: More of Hammerhead’s men.

And in came a trailer truck from the other side. Almost immediately, Peter switches gears, his lenses dialing the filter to photographic proportions. The first he catches on the truck is the license plate number.


Once again, his lens picks up the image just in time for the monsters to exit the van. A few seconds of analyzation later, the image and data the license plate withheld were downloaded into the database.

Spider-Man: Karen, just uploaded an image of a license plate. Think you can run it back and tell me where it leads?

Already on it.

As he thought, this was a mini-meeting of sorts between more of Hammerheads goons. Just how many he had was out of the question because when got as much dirty money as Joseph, you can just about bribe anybody you damn well please.

Luckily for these goons, they took the liberty of scouting the area beforehand; everyone except for the rooftops so there goes the predictability factor on where this would go, in Peter’s mind.

Mobster #1: Got the book?

Mobster #2: Yeah, right here.

He hands it to him. The rare book was in fact a book safe meant to store the third hard drive. Great…..

….except there was one problem.

Mobster #1: The hell?

The drive wasn’t there. The slot meant to keep it in one place was hollow empty.


Mobster #1: Where’s the drive?

Mobster #2: She wanted to deliver it to him personally.

Mobster #1: Didn’t I tell YOU to get it, Sonny?

Mobster #2: If she’s delivering it to him, I don’t see the big deal!

Pissed off, he just slams the book downwards, drenching it in a nearby puddle, mostly because the boss was anxious to get his hands on them and Sonny’s incompetence led to Felicia duping them again.

Mobster #1: I asked one fucking thing from you and you couldn’t do that?

Mobster # 2: Wait! Wait! I'll get it WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!

As the other mobster pointed his gun it was web yanked out of his hands and Spidey swoops down kicking him down and the truck took off driving as the remaining mobsters stood their ground

Mobster # 1: It's Spider-Man! KILL HIM!

The armed took their shots as Pete leaped aside dodging them and kick punching the unarmed web yanking the other guns and continued pumping the rest dodging their attacks and webbing them to walls and the concrete

Soon big guys came running in and Pete finally had his taser webs recharged and was able to stun them and beat them down

Soon enough they were all down for the count and Pete went to the wooden book they dropped as police cars pulled up and once he opened it......

.....the drive in it was already gone

Spider-Man: Great......

Two cops came up to him and Pete handed them the book

Spider-Man: Here fellas. It's probably overdue.

The first officer took it nodding as the other one started cuffing the goons on the ground as our hero zipped back up to the building

Meanwhile we join back with Spidey's "Number 1 fan" in the same news station that Rhino crashed through which was barely reconstructed and giving off his latest report on tonight's episode

Jameson: Folks I was just on the internet today and saw footage of Spider-Man encountering the Black Cat at the museum. And apparently there are hordes of young fans cheering them on. They're called: "Shippers"! No that has nothing to do with boats it's short for...."Relationship." As in many want Spider-Man and the Black Cat togeter.....ROMANTICALLY. But I don't. Because they have quite intense arguments about it. "Flame wars" I believe is the term.

Jameson holds out a paper with a picture of Black Cat on it

Jameson: I mean look at her picture. Does she look like she's ANYTHING worth shipping anyone too when she's thief and menaces like Spider-Man don't in bark on relationships!

He slams the paper down finishing his cigar

Jameson: You know in my day we didn't have time for flame wars about shippings You know why?

He throws the cigar out the window behind him

Jameson: BECAUSE WE HAD JOBS! So here's J. Jonah Jameson's public------

He suddenly.....was interrupted by the same cigar being thrown back in landing on his desk which made him and his crew frown he looked at Jared and..............


The window behind him blew open causing fire and ruble fall over the place Jared and the crew all ran out in panic the fire even caught on the Black Cat's paper.....burning her picture chart

Jameson coughed out when suddenly a green arm with a purple glove grabbed him by the neck


That voice that's been making those creepy laughs conclude the unknown figure was attacking him now and next thing he was flying his glider with Jameson tied to a wire hanging him about


Luckily for old sqaure head Spidey happen to be in the neighborhood and spotted what was going on

Spider-Man: What in blazes is that? Is that Jameson? Oh boy who'd you piss off now?

Probably the wrong guy as he can tell from the way he was tied on that weird vehicle he webbed zip to it dangling by Jameson who spotted him


Spider-Man: J.J. you're such a sweet talker. Hang tight for a minute I'm gonna have a chat with your new here.


He climbed up to the glider standing behind the figure

Spider-Man: Jigs up pal!

The figure turned it's face revealing it for the first time on screen with a green face yellow eyes and wicked smile which made Pete's heart skip a beat

Spider-Man: What the---?! Who are you?!

Green Goblin: What an unexpected bonus meeting you today.

This new player grabbed Spidey by both arms pulling him in front of him

Green Goblin: I'm the Green Goblin! NOT that you'll live long enough for it to matter!

He gripped his hands tight enough to CRUSH web shooters this Goblin guy seemed so strong he even hurt Pete himself he let out a cry out and in pain and threw him on the left wing of the glider

Spider-Man: This guy's no push over!

He pressed to shoot webs to no avail realizing what just accrued


Not like Otto crushing his web-shooters the instance he was forced to put him away didn’t hurt just as badly or anything. No; this unknown creature burst onto the scene and immediately went for arguably the most important asset to Spider-Man’s arsenal. And to make matters worse….

….he had to save JAMESON.

The man who helped originally exposed him for being too reckless with powers, and now that he was left without a quarter and a half of them, he’d still be shitting him out. Of course, now wouldn’t be an appropriate time since he was literally dangling from underneath a foldable large jet-powered wing aircraft, locking the actual glider in place.

Something that Peter didn’t take long to figure out: docking the smaller glider in place with the bigger one meant it wasn’t a permanent connection. So one of two things had to happen: either the smaller glider was integral to controlling this aircraft or it was being administered remotely.

Lucky for him, Peter inches up to see the Goblin did indeed have an operational device hooked to his hip: a remote control. As gimmicky as that looked, it did bring his second option to light.

Spider-Man: Hey, Lizard king….

Balancing himself upwards on the glider, slowly arching himself up to a vertical basis? It didn’t take long for him to catch the Goblins ire. Despite getting socked with a backhand, the latter saw fit to drag Peter over to his right.

On the right side of the wing, Goblin grazes Peter’s body up against the cool metal of the wing, seeing fit in watching the arachnid-based man May praised as a hero perish by his hands and his ALONE.

It’d be the one accolade he’d take away from The Sinister Six.

Goblin: You wish to fall? So be it.

Spider-Man: We’re thinking alike for once.

Swiftly thinking, Peter lunges forward far enough to rip the remote control away from the Goblin’s hip and then takes his leave, leaping off of the glider. A quick look at the remote later, he presses down on the big red button…..

….which immediately detaches the Goblin Wing below the original Goblin Glider. The new creature of the city is able to withhold his balance to prevent a recoil but with Jameson directly below the bigger glider, it was a hasty move.

But it was Peter’s next best option.

Already firmly in freefall, the Glider was somehow falling seconds faster than him since its weight held up more mass than Peter’s 172-pound frame. Luckily, he hardly had to tip over to come in contact with the glider again.

Swimming in midair with the wind fighting against him, Spider-Man barely helicopter spins around to the tip of the right wing and with the cold metal gracing his red reinforced fabric in his suit and the white carbon fiber in his chest emblem, what became apparent is how everything this green elf touched was twice as deadly as his intellect and Otto’s brain.

Spider-Man: You alright under there, JJ?!


No need to tell me, almost spitting out loud. Getting on top of the goblin wing wasn’t the connoisseur's choice as he didn’t have the proper technology accustomed to fully control the glider without the remote.

And with the goblin wing hurdling further downwards towards street level, it attracted mere circus crowd levels of unwanted attention. Civilians down on Park Avenue were quick to move out of the way or left staring up in horrified awe at the sight of a living monster in broad daylight.

Neither went well in Peter’s book.

Just taking another quick gamble on the remote, Peter shifted his attention to the oblong ovular buttons normally accustomed to volume settings on a remote control.

The Goblin wing hums loudly before the thrusters pry open with extractable resonance, immediately turning itself back on long enough to catch itself just before it collided flat on the tarmac.

Only just saving JJJ and Peter’s skins.

Crisis averted….for now, Peter is left with the attracted crowd he didn’t want around with the remote in hand. He rolls off the glider quickly before crawling underneath the hull of it to find Jonah, squinting his eyes in preparation for the inevitable doom to come. Except….

….it wasn’t coming.

Spidey whispers loudly in his ear to jolt him up.

Spider-Man: This might sting a little.

He says, reaching above Jonah to grip ahold of the coax cable that had him tied up. With his increased strength, he holds the cable outwards, snapping it out of the hull.

There Jonah falls, bumping against the ground but safe nonetheless.

Spider-Man: Oh hey! That actually worked.

Jameson: Very funny.

No brownie points for this and he knew full well.

He extends his hand out to the old skinflint, who completely ignores it and rubs the excess dirt and pebbles off his coat. Pretty much the reception I expected, Peter nearly gawked aloud as Jameson stumbled to his feet.

Being the bigger man didn’t come with preferential benefits to the bearer and this, Exhibit J, was another primary example as to what that felt like. Especially as JJJ felt the notion to turn back around and get one more word in.

Jameson: Well, if you think I’m gonna go easy on you cause you saved my life, you’re wrong.

Spider-Man: Well, I wouldn’t expect any—incoming!

Again, his spider-sense alerts him to the presence ahead, blazing ahead directly towards him with no intentions of slowing down.

Peter selflessly pushes Jonah out of the way just as the actual Goblin aboard the actual glider zips to him in overdrive. In a vain effort, Spidey leaps high up into the air, his sights set on knocking him off the glider with a corkscrew axe-kick in mid-air.

The Goblin seized control of the situation, snatching Spidey out of mid-air and takes off with him, all while the larger Goblin Wing tails behind him thanks in turn to the remote still being stuck in Peter’s hands.

And the next few minutes was Peter slugging away with hard punches against big, mean, and ugly’s face all while Goblin hardly flinches to any of the shots.

Instead, by the last punch, he laughs to his face, devilishly.

Another punch later, Goblin blocks to the last one before head butting him and slamming the web-slingers face into ongoing rocks and hard places on his left and right.


And again.

And again.


Till he was utterly down for the count the Goblin then turned to Jameson again who looked at him with bolt up eyes and grabbed him again only by his collar this time

Jameson: What'd you want from me you lunatic?!

Green Goblin: Same thing I want from those other fools who stood between me and my DESTINY!

Jameson: The hell you talking about?!

Green Goblin: Won't matter to you after I'm done with you!

Goblin was about to strike a deadly punch that would be it for Jameson if Spider-Man hadn't tackled him from behind and both rolled around wrestling on the ground and Spidey pins his newly enemy down

Spider-Man: Who are you really?! And why are you doing this?!

Green Goblin: So many questions so little time.

He kicked him off and hit the ground hard and Goblin turned to Jameson again but this time....for some reason he started getting more interested in Peter than Jonah and threw pumpkin bombs

Luckily for Peter his spider sense warned him and dodged the bombs and leaped over to the new foe to swing a kick but caught his foot

Green Goblin: Impressive! MOST impressive.

Pete's eye lits widen seeing his new rival used a star wars joke like he use to and then punches him off

Spidey flew across the area hitting hard on a wall

Green Goblin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The glider flew in and he hopped back on and as soon as our hero recovered the Goblin was flying at him and soon fired live rounds at him but dodged them and Goblin pulled up

Jameson was just speechless the way he saw how the showdown was going he wished he had a camera for this

Goblin swoops back down Pete runs thinking he might fire again but didn't this time he grabbed him pulling him on the glider and started knocking his lights out

Pete fought back but kept getting countered and he knocked him off and then Spidey reached for the bottom of his glider and pulled wires out causing it to fly fast out of control

Green Goblin: WE'LL MEET AGAIN.........SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both Pete and Jameson watched him till the Goblin was out of sight and looked awkward to each other in hate but confusion for one another till Pete broke the silence while out of breath

Spider-Man: You ok?

Jameson: No thanks to you.

Spider-Man: That's sweet of you.

Sirens were approaching

Spider-Man: Well you'll be fine. By the way JJ love the show.

He was about to wall crawl then.....

Jameson: Hey! Uh....Spider-Man?

He looked back at him

Jameson: I uh......just wanted to say.....I uh....I mean I.....

Spider-Man: You're welcome.

He ran up on the walls up to the rooftop with Jameson nodding with an unapproved look you'd think he'd be really grateful for once.....

.....guess we all hope too much

Soon Peter took pose on a water tower staring down at the police and ambulance seeing his "Number 1 fan" being escorted to one of them Pete could not help but to think on who this new player was and that there was....something about him.....that was unlike the other enemies he faced especially Doc Ock who Pete thought: This guy could give Doc a run for his money.

Spider-Man: Karen call Yuri.

Calling Yuri Watanabe.

Spider-Man: Yuri. What can you tell me about a criminal who calls himself.....The Green Goblin?

Never heard of him. Why?

Spider-Man: I think he's the killer we been looking for. The security images match his MO. I just ran into him today a lot of eye witnesses saw him too. I just stopped him from attacking Jameson.

YOU? Saved Jameson? You actually surprise me Spider-Man. After all the crap he gives you I didn't think you actually cared about that lazy trash talker.

Spider-Man: I think the word: Care is a strong word. I just can't ignore my duty. Did I say duty?

Yes you did. Anyway.....are you sure this Goblin guy is our board director killer?

Spider-Man: I'm certain. The images match that.....air craft he was riding. I seen it before it's a glider something they used in the military. Funded by a respected General name Slocum. He was also in Oscorp's contract and given this Goblin guy is attacking Board Directors no doubt he stole it from them.

Alright. I'll put an ATM. However.....something else turned up. The bank of the upper west side was robbed the same matching image as your friend you mentioned earlier.

Spider-Man: Isn't that a mob bank owned by our friend Joey?

Yes. And get this....all the money was taken. My men found all the staff dead there.

Spider-Man: Ok. So we know he's not working for Hammerhead. He's just ripping him off.

Seems that way. Either way we now got three criminals on the loose. The Black Cat. Hammerhead. And this Goblin....whoever you say he is way.

Spider-Man: We'll catch them Yuri. ALL three of them.

Any idea who this guy is really?

Spider-Man: Not a damn clue. Whoever he is....somebody has to stop him.

Hours later that evening.....we come back to Norman's penthouse as he was sleeping heavily but not well he was tossing and turning and then........


That laugh scared Norman out of his sleep he looked around sweating

Norman: Who's there?!

A friend perhaps.

He gasped

Norman:.....who said that?

His vision blurry, dilating his pupils did nothing to clear up the Dutch angle view from his narrow field of vision.

Everything maintained a blurry fragmented shape in pieces and no sharp photographic memory would help him automatically see from the front or from his peripheral vision. Nothing but oblong shapes, tinted blacks, and grays and utter blackness engulfs him….until an angled being barely protrudes out from the shadows, jolting Norman.

Norman is left making a beeline for the lamp on Emily’s side of the bed…..

….and sees nothing upon flicking it on.

But the noises still ring. The voices won’t recede.

Norman, Norman, Norman……

Nightmares like this, come in visual puns and communicate in metaphor as the creative dreaming brain does, offering suggestions and seeking answers in return. For what is the nightmare but a form of internal communication?

The demons of dreams came to educate him, if he was brave enough to look into these dark recesses of his brain…..and sure enough, he was crumbling under pressure. Vargas.

Board members.


Devil’s Breath.



His former stint as mayor.

The powerful self-righteous streak of the former mayor eroding alongside his political mask. Every single solitary front in which he had illegally obtained was now actively being used against him.

And a certain psyche switch embroiled deep into his head felt the need to twist the knife in further.

Want to numb the pain, Norman? You think you deserve that?

Norman: STOP!!!

Blind as a bat, he has no chance against a ghost. He’s left chucking the lamp at the doorway before his eyes chuck towards another corner of the room. The next minute might as well have been a circus act: the former mayor tossing pillows, wine glasses, anything he could get his hands on.

Norman was practically clipping through empty air. But that mattered little to him.

Just as long as he hauled ass to the bathroom to escape the invisible parasite coating his brain.

At least he would’ve hauled ass, had he not sprained his ankle from tripping over the broken lamppost with shards of broken glass everywhere. The left leg twisting in a contorted fashion, Norman knew better than to walk on that leg. The inflamed tissue needs time to heal, and walking on it too soon may cause more damage.

So crawl he does, barely tipping over the post before skimming over the tiled floor of his bathroom, breathing heavily and collecting his breath. The bathroom….

….was meant to be a place of nurturing sanity with the sensation of warm water and aromatic soaps. For the body must feel loved and cared for, for then it feeds back these messages to the brain and begins to set up a positive cycle of wellness.

He gets no semblance of wellness or balance once Norman crawls up to the counter of the sink. Delaying his actions, he dreaded looking up at the mirror to see his reflection. And once he does…..

….he understands why.

Goblin appears in his reflection.

Norman is quick to jump back in shock before lunging forward to punch out the mirror, further straining his left leg even further while breaking his knuckles and staining them in blood.

And once again, the green emerald elf taunts him.

You’re struggling to keep everything you have while the world strips out every aching piece of your heart and shoves it down your throat!

Norman: Who are you?

You mean don't remember me? I been with you sense you were a child. I am the inner self that remained dormant until slowly you lost your grip of your power allowing finally speak. Your human trials.....allowed become more real than you.

Norman: How is this possible?

You think everything was happening at random? Or did you think it was all a bad dream? No. The power you been regaining for the past week has all been happening for you......for us.

Norman: What'd you want from me?

The same thing you want from me. To regain power over hunting down.....

The reflection pointed at the paper on the table

.....and destroying everything......that took it all from you.

Norman faced down to the paper and he picked it up and reads about......the murders of three board members that were murdered all week

Norman: The board directors?

Uh huh.....

Norman: The Captain said.....they were murdered....she was YOU! YOU KILLED THEM!


Norman: What'd you mean we??

Come now Norman.......surely you know if not for would have lost! You need me Norman. Harry needs me. And because in a way....I'm your OTHER son. The son that wants to bring his father what he's always wanted. To save his dying brother and bring power back to you. And it's only just the beginning......Daddy!

Norman: You're not my son! You're some.....MONSTER!

NO! The Board Members! They're the monsters! Including your buddy Max. He wants everything that belongs to you. And crush you with them! Which is why you need to let me stop him and those who support him!

Norman: But it would be wrong!

And what do you know about wrong?! Look at Martin Li and Otto you think they still would have done what they did....or become what they are now....if it weren't for you?! Are you telling me....THAT wasn't WRONG?!

Norman: But....but Harry.....

Harry is understandable but do you think he'd be pleased to see what his loving and loyal father.....has become....or created?

Norman: This can't be real.

It's real enough to make your dreams come true....even if it's your worst nightmares. But now.....a new rival stands in our way. And won't stop at nothing.....until he stops us.....either we destroy him.....

Norman was now getting scared

.....or......imagine if he joined us.

Norman: No.....I can't.......

Oh you CAN! YOU MUST! Let me out Norman. LET ME OUT.....NOW!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Norman: No no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norman grabbed his head as he screamed in agony with his skin changing green and his eyes shifting yellow as the scream turned into a laugh

Goblin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

From one Shakespearean tragedy….lies the foundation for another.

Fast asleep Peter lied, his body contorted and flat on his side. His right arm dangling off to the edge, his hand held his phone. It barely was left dipping off his fingertips, a few inches away from the floor of his apartment.

The entirety of his late night and early morning was dedicated almost entirely to frantically calling and texting Mary Jane to try and explain the situation to her. In a desperate shallow attempt to make up for his earlier outburst, it was a long stretch but an effort he was destined to try out at the very latest…..and one that was guaranteed to fall flat.

Because when MJ got furious, it takes a while for her to move past it.

20 voicemails. 76 text messages.

That’s how deeply this heartache was breaking him apart; let alone due to an issue that whether he liked it or not, he did technically have a say in. It took until at 3 in the morning for him to cease and desist on any more.

Figured he caused her enough grief since yesterday.

But then the phone begins to ring.

Immediately, Peter is jolted awake. Gathering his wits, he fails to catch on to the instincts as the loud noise opens his eyes widely and throws his entire body off balance.

Meaning he threw his phone up into the air.

Reaching out wasn’t as difficult as playing hot potato with the damn thing, especially as someone was trying to call him. It left Peter falling out of the bed and flat on his back….

….but he was able to catch the phone at the last minute and answer.

Peter: Ok, listen MJ. Please I—

The call wasn’t who he thought it was. And his face shifting from chirpy, various optimism to stoic sadness was apparent.

Said call was a lot more serious than that.

Peter: Where are you now?

Turns out that call came from an old friend

One of Peter's oldest friends who he meets at the lobby of New York General

Liz was there to visit a relative of hers who was being held there for his current condition Peter was kind enough to subway there and arrive at the hospital to check in

Liz: Peter. Thanks for coming especially on an hour till morning.

Peter: Kind of three hours still's New York. It never sleeps.

Liz: No doubt....I just assume you be the right one to call have your late nights.

Peter: You know me too well.

Liz: I do now. By the way when you thought I was MJ you sounded worried. Everything ok with you guys?

Peter: It's complicated but.....that's not why I'm here. How is.....HE?

Liz: He.....wanted to see us both.

That put Peter in a worry given who they were talking about

Her father Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) who was Peter's first rival known as....the Vulture was diagnosed with spine cancer from the side effect of his machined wings which didn't took it's terminal effect in years.....till now

After the super villains were all recaptured Adrian was transferred to New York General to be treated before putting him back in at the Raft

Surgeries took forever only for them to realize.....the cancer was too sever it should have been treated a year before the blimp weather he was a lucky one or snapped out the year before should have been when he got treated but now that he was far gone and there was nothing more they can do

Liz was the first to know of course and he did ask her to get Peter give him real closure as well as his daughter

Soon the Doctor lead the former Homecoming partners to his room and let them in and Liz entered the room first and the old bird let out a chuckle

Adrian: Hey gumdrop.

Liz: Hi Daddy. How are you feeling?

Adrian: Ehh....I looked worse. Is he here?

Peter came in nervous and nodding to him

Peter: Hello Mr. Toomes.

Adrian: Petey. Still so formal?

Peter: Habit.

Adrian: Indeed.

Peter: What'd you want to see me for though?

Adrain: Well.....for one: I trust you know about my.....condition.

Liz: Oh Daddy.....

Peter: Yeah. And I'm really sorry.

Adrain: Don't be Pete. It was on your buddy Tony. Well....mostly me cause.......yeah I danced with the Devil on a Pale Moon Light.

Peter: Hehehe Batman jokes.

Adrian: I am Batman.

Everyone laughed

Liz: Dad stop.

Adrian: I am gumdrop. Hehehe anyway.....Pete.....I....I never thanked you for.....saving my daughter....and my life.

Peter: Oh I was only.....doing my job.

Adrian: A job you shouldn't have add till your late 20's or early 30's. But really Pete.....when we met....I mean when you chased Herman and I snatched ya to the air......I really didn't think much of you....till DC.

Peter: Well that that didn't stop you from threating me with your...."Dad talk".

Adrian: That's not going away anytime soon.

Liz: Dad.....when I told you I had my suspicions.....there could have been other ways to process. I mean you didn't start stealing till the Starks closed you off.

Adrian: I did all of it for you gumdrop.

Liz: But look where it got you.

Adrian: Lizzy.....when you have would do anything to make sure they never have to suffer the way their parents use to. When they closed us be a matter of time before you would....and loose your future and your dreams.

Liz: I still got them. Dad after you were arrested I manage to still make those dreams a reality. It took baby steps especially during the blip.

Peter: Tony wasn't perfect. It took me forever to see that. But a crime was a crime. And right now....someone I use to making the same mistake as you Ad. She can't put her son through that like you couldn't with Liz.

Adrian: Well I hope this friend of yours.....see's the errors of her ways as I did. Maybe if you ever have to save her son she might.

I wouldn't be too sure as Peter thought to himself given knowing Felicia enough to know even if her heart is in the right place no guarantee she'd ever change her ways

But Peter snapped out of his thoughts the second Adrian started coughing rapidly

Liz: DAD!

Peter: Adrian?!

Adrian: reason.....I wanted to see you....I....looked up to you....since I saw your true kids.....teach us elders as well as we do for you. And there's no one....I trust look after my Liz....than you Pete.

Peter: I do the best I can.....but I'm not better than Iron Man Adrian.....

Adrian: Neither am I....just know....I know you'll what's right......just.....take care of my Liz.

Liz: Dad......

Adrian breathed heavily and couldn't speak further

Peter: Ad? AD?!

The heart monitor was racing and Liz broke down as doctors came rushing in one of them pulled Peter and Liz out as the other two tended to him

Hours went on and on and it was already 2:00AM and Liz was impatiently pacing around and Peter faced down assuming the worst and......

......a doctor came up and he looked down Liz rushed up to him soon as she spotted him

Liz: How is he?

Doctor: I'm sorry......

Peter: Sorry?

Doctor: We tried to stabilize his heart rate anyway we could couldn't take the process as the cancer made it's final commence.

Liz: What does that mean? Wh----?

Doctor: Ms Toomes I'm sorry to say.....your father just passed.

Liz covered her mouth in disbelief and sadness as Peter's expression dropped in shock another tragedy had seemed endless Peter then pulled Liz to him to comfort her as she cried on his chest

Peter was just screaming from the inside though he was not close with Vulture as he was when they were rivals but felt for Liz with another loss but.....he had to remind himself....there were things he couldn't save everyone from and continued to comfort his first ex more as her cries became louder echoing through the halls

When morning arrived we join back at the Daily Bugle with MJ flat down on her desk still hurt from the tiff her and Peter had yesterday she had her elbows on the desk her hands covering her face and was softly crying still thinking she lost Peter again.....but not by Felicia....for the way things went down

Betty came by her desk with two mugs of coffee and saw MJ how she was

Betty: Mary Jane?

She lift her head up and dried her tears when she saw her

MJ: Morning Betty. I was just uh.....going through these latest pages.

Betty came over handing her her coffee as she sipped hers both placing their mugs on the desk and Betty sat on the right edge

Betty: You look like you haven't slept all night everything alright?

MJ looked up at her with a disappointed expression the sadness came on again

MJ: No. No I haven't closed my eyes all night.

Betty: What happened?

MJ: I really don't want to talk about it but....I have to confined in someone without giving away Peter's secret.

Betty: What'd you talking about?

MJ: Peter and I had a fight yesterday.

Betty: About what??

MJ: You know Peter use to date Felicia Hardy after we broke up last time? Turns out she has a son who was supposedly kidnapped by Hammerhead forcing her to steal drives for him. But because of their history.....Peter......

Betty: You think Peter is a daddy now?

MJ: That's the thing I don't know. But I wouldn't be surprised if he was. It's just for a long time.....some folks go off routing for Spider-Man to pair off with the Black Cat I try not to let it bother me but with a son now between them it's like they'll get their wish. Even the hate mail I get is telling me off. I mean listen to this.

MJ took some letters out of the drawer

MJ: "Dear Ms. Watson you claim you help people but all are is a cockroach that needs to be squished." "What'd you trying to prove claiming you work with Spider-Man? You're annoying as fuck!"

Betty: MJ......

MJ: "You call yourself an editor? You're the lousiest reporter to ever walk the face of the earth. Go choke yourself bitch!" I never let them get to me.....till Felicia comes back! And some of my friends want Peter with her....MY boyfried!

Betty: MJ look at me! Look at me!

She does

Betty: Before I say what I'm gonna say.....let me ask you.....was there a DNA test of Peter as the father?

MJ: I don't even know. All I can think about is how much I want to kick that bitch's ass.

Betty: Well till you do if I were you: I'd search for high evidence before assuming anything. And I understand these shippers are pissing you off and pisses you more off you can't tell them off without exposing Peter. But Ned and I been through this too. Before he went back to his "Chair" he wanted a normal life....I.....started wanting to help people and.....we didn't talk since graduation. You would not believe how heated it was between us.

MJ: Did he ever tell you a raised voice?

Betty: Hell yeah. We're all human MJ. Nobody's perfect. Look I known Peter since the fourth grade and he was a hot mess. There was a time when I thought HE was annoying the way he kept staring at Liz at Freshman year I thought he was a bug. But the one thing he wasn't a bug about....was you. MJ you would not believe how much Midtown High routed for you too. You were the school's favorite couple. Everybody loved Peter when he kicked Flash's ass at San Fransico. They even loved when you played Wendy in the Peter Pan School Play. YOU......were everyone's shipping.

MJ: Really?

Betty: Yeah. I mean you should have seen Peter's face when you danced with Brad when he played Peter Pan.

MJ: I guess so. Just......who does Peter really match Felicia?

Betty: Want my honest opinion?

MJ: Yes......

Betty: You.

MJ blinked in surprise

MJ: What? Not that I don't appreciate it but....why?

Betty: Because A. Felicia is a criminal. And B. You and Peter are dedicated on saving the city. She isn't......I don't even think she loves Peter really.....or doesn't know how to.....she only wants to possess him.

MJ: Yeah I guess.

Betty: Now chin up. You can really kick Hardy's ass but not letting this son thing get to you and talk to Peter.

MJ: I don't think I can. Yesterday was real intense. What do I even say?

Betty: Three words: "I. Love. You."

Three words, eight letters.

A manifestation of emotions, erotica, and stability regarding two people meaning they’d either put their best foot forward or not at all.

As MJ learned first hand, love was crazy. It’s sweet, yet more like fresh fruit than candy or confectionery. Colorful, yet more as summer blooms than the neon lights of frenetic city streets. Steady and forgiving, yet more as the wise mother than the servant in chains.

Love hears and speaks with the wisdom of the heart, with a sense of the soul of the other. In love, we have our "forever home" and it gives us the ability to fly so freely, joyfully returning when each heart calls for the other's touch.

Troubled beyond her reach but unwilling to revert back into the cold, heartless bitch she once used as a mask to shield her insecurities, MJ reflected back on how important the sacrifices both of them had to make impacted them and this was the one-time emotion completely overshadowed the deeper context….

….since the break-up.

Betty wasn’t wrong in that regard: she was still human after all. Take it from someone who actively tried to go against Peter and quickly turned tail and switched gears anyways.

There were more important matters pertaining to the city’s needs beyond their own.

It was that same emotionally turbulent pitfall that Peter was stumbling deeper and deeper down into, smack dab after the passing of his first crush’s dad: a man who knew a thing or two about sacrifices.

Something about the word sacrifice always bit Peter in an obtuse area where the sun doesn’t shine. While not as strongly dense as before, he didn’t take too kindly to how finite that word meant and parental duties didn’t fancy up to be his cup of tea. Being a parent… changes you.

Being blessed with a baby, a sacred gift, a sacred duty, to raise them with love and protect them, yet give them their freedom when the time is right? Every blessing would become a curse. Having to accept that to love them is to sacrifice for them in whatever ways are necessary… spite of both parents' boundaries and essential squabbles with the other.

It was the latter that proved to be the hardest part coupled with the building blocks of the first step. And it didn’t take long for Liz to catch on to that psychological turmoil ravaging his head.

Liz: You’re a dad, aren’t you?

How could I answer that?, Peter bludgeons himself over the head with said question. The responsibility of protecting an entire city day in and day out was now child’s play compared to life of a newborn.

As an orphan, the thought hardly crossed his mind. But lying to Liz was not an option.

Peter: I—I’m not ready for that. Any of that….

Liz: Nobody is. You never will be ready for what life throws in your way.

Peter: I just—don’t want to let her down. Like I let you down.

Liz: You didn’t let me down.

Hearing about that affirmation spoken aloud, he turns back towards his first crush.

Liz: You had to make sacrifices……just like my dad. Now it’s a matter of learning how to live with those choices.

Peter: It’s hard to not feel…..ugly for…..

No use in finishing that statement.

He crumbles once again under the burden-to-be, almost drowning out the sound of trolleys and the pitter-patter of frantic steps and amalgamated voices pervading the premises. Burying his face into his hands, it takes no time for Liz to comfort him by his side.

A true friend will still be by him no matter what.

Liz: Mary Jane’s a special girl. Whatever happens next, she’ll love you just the same as my dad loved me.

Peter: What makes you so certain?

Then and there, a revelation was made.

Liz: Because I still love you.

Peter let out a chuckle nodding down

Liz: Don't give up on her Peter. Even if she's not the mother of your FIRST child.

Peter: I don't want to I just hope I don't have to.

MJ: Have to? Peter....the only things you HAVE to make a choice. You always said we always have a choice. Now it's time to make yours.

Peter chuckled briefly and nodded and he and Liz hugged one last time

Liz: I gotta go call my mom. YOU need to call Mary Jane.

Peter: I will. But there's someone else I have to check with first. And later tonight I got.....patrol. I don't know if you heard there's a new player in town.

Liz: Well I hope you catch him.

Peter and Liz said their final goodbyes and Liz went off her way requesting an uber and Peter.....went to the nearest Brooklyn

~Morales Residence~

A door bell rang and Rio answered and it was Peter

Rio: Peter!

Peter: Hello Rio.

Rio gave Peter a greeting hug

Rio: Como estas? (How are you?)

Peter: Multa. (Fine.)

Rio: Well come on in. Make yourself at home.

Rio let Peter in as he looked around seeing the place was more shaped up than before when he crashed with him before his apartment was ready

Peter even saw the framed picture of Jeff (D.B. Woodside) with the folded flag Peter flashbacks when he met him at the Fisk Wearhouse and when he was murdered by Li at City Hall and his funeral

Rio: I wish you could have met him.

Peter: Huh?

Rio: I mean Jeff would have liked you. Especially you getting Miles into F.E.A.S.T.

Peter: Oh yeah. Your husband was a good man.

Rio: Thank you. You should have seen how he was when he was Miles's age....he was always nervous around speeches.

Peter: You knew him since he was Miles's age?

Rio: Yeah we met at High School. We didn't started dating till college. But Jeff was always so nervous....but brave.

Peter: Yeah.

Rio: Anyway honey....what brings you here?

Peter: Miles called me yesterday I was wondering if he needed anything. He home?

Rio: No. He told me he's with his friend Ganke. They were gonna go to the arcade near ESU.

Peter: Mind if I wait up?

Rio: Not at all dear. I'll brew some coffee.

Rio goes into the kitchen as Peter pulled out his phone and called Miles going to voicemail

Yo it's Miles! Leave a message.

Peter: Ugh.....Miles you better not be doing what I think you're doing.

Unfortunately.....he was

Miles was in the new suit near ESU outside the museum as he fallowed some Maggia there tending to break in as it was closed

Miles: Alright Ganke....they're making their moves. I'm going in.

Monitoring now. Miles tell me again why we're doing this.

Miles: I figure while Spider-Man is busy I tie up some loose ends at least this is my chance to prove myself to him.

Hope you give a good word about me to him.

Miles: We'll see about that but no promises. Again you weren't suppose to know so this will be hard to explain to him. I'll get back to you.

Miles got off his cell which clearly since KAREN was not linked in his suit that's the only way they could communicate

Miles web zips to the roof only to notice.....the vent was already open....with familiar cat claws

Miles: Hmm....


Maggia # 1: Hey I bet that's worth some bank.

Maggia # 2: Hands off! Stick to the plan. We're waiting for the Spider. You set off an alarm and bring the cops no amount a money is gonna save you from Hammerhead. You dig?

Maggia # 1: Eesh.

Miles was already in spying on the Maggia from behind a wall

Miles: Looks like they set a trap for Pete. Well not gonna happen with idiots like these. Cause you deal with Miles Morales. Hmm.....better take out the cameras or the cops will blame both of us on this. Maybe my hacking app will do the trick. Haven't used it since the Devil's Breath pandemic.

A long time, indeed.

Compared to last time, such a task that required this type of peripheral would not grace him with easy access. Phone wasn’t getting much service on that side of town and what would normally take a few seconds….

…..turned into a full two minutes.

Miles: C’mon, c’mon!

Impatience boiling up, flipping up to the ceiling hardly sped up the process. But luckily, the service tipped through at the last second, and the CCTV system got decrypted and hacked within seconds later.

Every camera located at Sector 6, 4, 7, 1, they all flicked off or turned away from the intruders long enough for Miles to collect himself. And not a single mobster in that museum noticed….

….much to Miles’ delight.

Miles: Alright!

Now came the fun part: liquefying the prey and cocooning them for storage.

The layout of the museum took Miles up a floor already. Last thing Miles expected was for the American Museum of National History to be shit down and turned into a font for Hammerhead but alas…..a lot went down when half of life was taken away. Not that it mattered anymore.

Outside of the giant fossilized remains of the T-Rex stationed at the bottom floor, it was one of many collections that contained 34 million specimens[4] of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, human remains, and human cultural artifacts, as well as specialized collections for frozen tissue and genomic and astrophysical data, of which only a small fraction can be displayed at any given time.

Despite not having Karen linked directly to his suit, Miles was able to use his lenses through his mask to zoom out and survey the area, all enemies and inanimate objects highlighted in a shade of light blue.

2 goons were cooped up in the Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians.

The other two got stationed at Akeley Hall of African Mammals.

Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites kept the last three in his field of vision.

Miles: Man. Too easy. Let’s see how this works before they figure out I’m here.

He first sets his sight on the upper floor, the matter of which he was already situated. Might as well get it out of the way first, crawling up the columns to get to the vents.

Making his way to the Reptiles Hall, out the vent and scaling above the ceiling where the last two Mobsters were held up, Miles couldn't help but to now notice how…..effortless this procedure was.

It distracted him momentarily, almost dazing him off before commotion brought him back to fruition. Once again, the last two mobsters were extremely close. Noticing how one would alert the others of spotted, Miles shot a web towards one of the buttons, introducing one of the old dinosaurs to separate the two.

With the other exposed, that left him the only one available unfortunately as the other got cocooned from the ceiling above. No sooner should the last henchmen suspect something odd, he's pounced on from behind with the second web-slinger standing over his unconscious body.

This was the due process, for the next few minutes. Mobster after mobster was webbed up, liquified, put to sleep, and incapacitated without so much of a whiff of Spider-Man’s presence.

At least until Miles prances over to the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites to take care of the last two. That extra bounce in his step?

Here came more trouble.

Out of no where Miles was tripped and fell flat on the flour and pinned down with a skin tight leather boot on his neck

Black Cat: Hello Spider. I been mis----

Felicia got a good look at the 2nd Spidey knowing that wasn't the same suit from before and that he was smaller than Peter even the jacket was a dead give away

She let him go but was confused....and disappointed knowing this Spider-Man wasn't the one she was expecting

Black Back: You're not Spider-Man.

Miles: Actually Miss I'm not the SAME Spider-Man. I'm the new one from the convoy. And you picked a bad time----

Felicia trips him

Miles: Oof!

And she grabs him by the collar

Black Cat: Who are you?! Where is Spider-Man?!

Miles: I am.....A Spider-Man. I'm-----

Felicia wasn't having it she pushed him off and was getting

She lunged at him but Miles countered her only to get kicked off

Black Cat: Tell me who you are and where is Spider-Man before I get rough with you!

Miles: Lady....I'd love to see you try.

He balls up his fists as Felicia charged at him and before she knew it she was floored back by a venom punch skidding back a mere 10 feet away from him the Cat couldn't help but to admit that took her by surprise

She thought to herself: This kid is something different than Peter.

And given the quick smile that formulated afterwards guess this was gonna be fun after all not the fun she was planning but the fun she was gonna have by kicking his ass like she wants to do with Mary Jane too

Miles: So skin tight leather. Doesn't that kind of shift?

Felicia got mad again


Cat threw a smoke pellet blowing in Miles's eye and coughs and she disappears

Miles: Hey where'd you go?

Look kid. I don't want hurt you. But I will if I have to. You're something I'll give you that but you're not the one I want. Bring me Spider-Man......or this will get ugly.

Miles: You think Spider-Man has time to deal with you? He's probably out looking for your boss. Even if he was here.....I don't think he'd be here for tea. Face it sugar. Like it or not you got me.

Listen kid. You're deep in a fight you can't win cause you don't understand it.

Miles: Maybe....but all I know is I can't just leave now. I have to do my part. So come on back out like a good kitty.

I'm warning you now brat. There won't be another.

Miles: Ohh already on the first date and we're on the name calling

The next thing Miles felt was a slash from behind knocking him off his feet and Felicia pins him to the wall this time

Black Cat:!

Miles: Sorry too soon for personal information.

He kicks her off

Miles: And too soon tongues

Black Cat: That's little punk you're so dead!

She attacks trying to slash him but Miles kept countering her

Miles: You telling me you got a problem with next-gen upgrades?!

Black Cat: Don't they remind you: You can't replace the original!

She yells out trying to slash him only for to dodge and counter every attack

Miles: Can't we kiss and make up?

Black Cat: My heart belongs to the REAL Spider-Man. ONLY Spider.

Miles: Uh....I don't know why you say that. But he doesn't date villains.

Black Cat: You call me a villain? Not very gentleman like.

Miles: Well you are. All villains commit crimes.

Black Cat: Peter didn't tell you everything did he?


Wide open, Cat knees him in the gut before leaping up with both legs around his neck and hurling him downwards with a hurricanrana, spinning to the side and locking her ankles around his neck so Miles fall through.

While he does, he barely avoids falling flat on his back, landing feet first.

Dissatisfied, Felicia again pounces forward and does succeed in tackling Miles off his feet. Hooking her hands around his neck, she brings up both legs so that the feet is placed on the hips/waist of the opponent; making the head hold and the sense of balance the only things allowing both of them to be in an upright position. At this point, Felicia shifted her weight so that Miles fell upwards while rolling upside to the floor, forcing him to barrel roll twice over and land flat on his face.

Undeterred, Miles immediately kips back up to his feet and in a lucky move, knocks Felicia back with a double punch to the gut. He intended to use his venom punch…..

….but he couldn’t get the electricity to flow through on command.

Black Cat: Struck a nerve, didn’t I?

Miles: You…..know nothing about Peter.

Poor child, she thought to himself. Blind obedience had him firmly wrapped around the spider’s little web and she was about to shatter it.

One claw scratch at a time.

Black Cat: Then let me enlighten you. Once upon a time, the Spider’s hypnosis on a young girl began to wear off. Tension kept building, and building, and building……until finally, she calls it quits and throws him out.

Miles: MJ?

Black Cat: Soon……he realized she was no good for him. But given as he was too heartbroken to admit, he needed to release that tension upon someone more……

He didn’t like where this was going.

Black Cat:…..dependable.

Miles: Shut up!

He leaps forward and Cat immediately knocks him down, scratching Miles through his mask.

Black Cat: Oooh! I’m so sorry. Kitty forgot to retract her claws.

The aura surrounding this fight was…..vigorous. What makes an opponent formidable depends on a lot of factors both present and Omni-present outside of the barriers control and for some reason, Miles was strictly unable to unlock the full potential of his powers.

One year of hard work and training wouldn’t be enough to unlock his full potential. Taking notice of the claw marks piercing through his mask and now coating the left side of his cheeks with blood, he somehow felt more crippled in his abilities than the fight during Rhino.

And Black Cat wouldn’t let him get the last word in.

But that didn’t mean Miles wouldn’t try…..and yet, he made the mistake however at making the first move, for upon shooting webs at her hands to try to pull her to him, Cat just flips him over to her and kicks him in the head, sending him crashing down.

Black Cat: First time?

Miles: Something like that.

Kipping up to his feet, he thrusts himself a few inches forward, uppercutting Felicia with both of his feet as she staggers onwards for a few seconds. It didn’t matter how hurt he was: he was going to stop Black Cat.

He then slides up from behind, slipping underneath her before attaching another web to her right arm, wrapping around her own face before dropping down onto his back, bringing her with him. And just for good measure, after rolling in through the maneuver, Miles hurls himself upwards thanks to weblines attached to the ceiling….

….and attempted to drop down on Cat for a recasting double foot-stomp.

Ever the slippery specimen, Felicia gracefully rolls back to a vertical basis and kicks Miles directly out of mid-air, the latter not even five feet away from her when he was about to land. Quickly thinking, Felicia fires a grappling hook from her wrist….

….a little memento to her former lover….

….and fastens itself to Miles's legs to where Miles couldn’t get much leverage out of it as Felicia methodically dragged him to her. He was lucky he didn’t have to see the animalistic mirth creeping in on her face.

Black Cat: Ahhh, there’s my new toy.

Miles: Lady, I am nobody’s toAAARGH!

That was the sound of his back being trampled constantly by the heels of both of her boots. And she was not being gentle.

Black Cat: If you could do me one favor sweetie, I won't kill you.

Miles: SCREW you!

Black Cat pinned him harder and taking the damage from her made it more painful for him

Black Cat: Just one favor......for momma.

Miles: You that repulsive?!

Black Cat: Just tell Peter....and that annoying redhead.....the Cat is on the prowl and won't stop......till....she gets what she wants....including Spider.

Cat let him go and ran to the near by window

Miles: Not so fast!

He shot a web to pull her back but Cat turned and grabbed the webline pulled HIM instead and kicked him away

Black Cat: Catch ya on the flip side.

Felicia dives back shattering a window falling out

Miles got up and looked out the window and the Black Cat was already gone

Miles: Argh.....why do I feel like I just got my ass handed to me?

Because he did but that was the least of his worries now....for he felt his phone vibrate in his jacket pocket pulled it out seeing it cracked more than before from the fighting and under it.....Peter's name on the caller ID

Miles: Uh oh......

He answers anyway

Miles: Uh....hey Pete.

Miles where are you? I'm at your house right now.

Miles: Shit......

What shit?

Miles: I....I mean shit I didn't know you were coming over. What'd you need?

That's what I wanted to ask since you.....called me yesterday?

Miles: Oh yeah! I'll---I'll be there soon.

Miles cuts off and hear sirens coming and leaped out the same broken window Cat leaped out of

Minutes later back at the Morales Residence Miles subway back there in social attire trying to keep the scratches covered as possible the one on his face he got when Cat slashed his mask....he'd have to make something up

His mom might believe it....Peter......given he taught him this cover up.....he would not be fooled

Miles thought: Here goes nothing. and grabbed the knob of the front door pulled it open to greet Peter on the couch and Rio coming down the stairs

Miles: Hola tipo. (Hi guys)

Rio: There you are.

Peter: Miles hey.

Miles: Sorry I'm late. The arcade was a warzone. Ganke wouldn't get off the Injustice for an hour.

Rio: Just glad you made it back safely.

Rio kissed her son on the cheek and noticed the scratch on him

Rio: Miles Que paso? (What happened?)

Peter happen to notice too who grew more suspicious than concern

Miles: Oh uh.....I stepped off the curb and tripped falling on the side road got scratched.

Now Peter would say a bike messenger knocked him down but this wasn't taken with him only cause Peter had the same scratch before and Peter.....figured it out

Rio: Oh my goodness. Peter will you stay with him while I get the tellenol?

Peter: Sure thing.

Rio had Miles sit down while she ran back up stairs and Peter stood in front of him.....with his arms crossed

Miles: What??

Peter: You weren't at the arcade were you?

Miles: Uh....I.....

Peter: Miles....I been covering my ass for 20 years. I know how these things work. In fact I invented it. You were swinging around weren't you? And I take met the Black Cat.

With Peter now as the mentor he can finally understand what he put Tony Stark through cause now Miles was doing the same as him

And given Miles knows that.......

....he also knew Peter wouldn't buy into this

Miles: I might have....came upon her?

Peter: Ugh!

Peter slaps his own head in disbelief and started pacing and was about to rant at him but Miles was saved by his mother who came back with

tellenol and cotton balls

Rio tended to her son's injury but Miles wasn't off the hook yet Peter sat on the coffee table and Rio cleans him up

Rio: I hope you don't get any infections from this. Especially after last years pandemic.

Miles: That was all treated.

Rio: I know but you're still all I have left.

Miles: I know.

Peter: You really got guts. A lot of them.

Miles could still Peter was displeased with him and the only thing from protecting him from scolding him....for now was Rio protecting both their cover

Rio soon set a bandage on the scratch

Rio: There we are. Better?

Miles: 100%.

Rio: Well then....Peter would you like to stay for dinner?

Peter: I.....would love to. Meantime can I have ten minutes with him?

Rio: Sure.

Miles mouthed Awe shit.

The air was practically sucked out of the apartment the moment Rio stepped away from Miles and away from the kitchen. Miles couldn’t be anymore busted.

Buggy eyes, sweat building upon his forehead, facial muscle contortions, nervous foot-tapping? Miles knew he was in trouble. It was like playing Call of Duty; like he had just been gunned down by a sniper on the rooftop 63 miles away laying prone with a ghillie suit on. No getting out of this.

And Peter just…..let him have it.

Peter: What made you think that was a good idea?

Miles: Says the guy flirting with the chick out of The Devil Wears Prada.

Peter: Miles! Seriously? Why didn’t you tell me you were in contact with her?!

Miles: Why didn’t you tell me you two were a thing?!

Already having him beat, Peter bolts out of the chair in frustrated anguish. Once more, he should've known that Miles was going to get nosy regarding his duties and whatever Peter was involved in but this was something more challenging because this was Miles acting out on only one half of the story.

Not even one half, a quarter of it. And pulling the follicles out of his hair only made him look more guilty than he should have any right to be.

He’d already been through enough.

Peter: Because what’s my concern shouldn’t have to be yours.

Miles: It might as well be mine now. She knows about MJ, who knows what else she has dirt on? Does she know about this?

Peter: Of course, she knows. That’s what I’m gonna try to fix today.

Miles could tell there was no heat in Peter’s voice, as if his heartbeat so steadily, even though she took a different view from his own.

He wasn’t angry. Just concerned like any parent would. But that still left the overarching problem at hand: now that Miles is officially involved, that made him as big of a target to her, Hammerhead….

…..and this Green Goblin.

The risks were too great and yet Miles couldn’t simply just sit on the sidelines anymore.

Miles: What do you mean fix----did something happen with her Pete?

Peter: It's grown up stuff Miles. But that's not the point. The point is you do NOT I repeat do NOT go into Maggia activity or the Black Cat without me. Sadly they're not the only dangers out there. There's a psycho killer vigilante on the loose in the city and so far he appears to be more dangerous than Hammerhead's men and Felicia. So I need you to promise me that if you ever come across them or anything out of the ordinary....You. Call. Me.

Miles: Peter that might be another problem. What if it doesn't come down to that? You maybe the ORIGINAL Spider-Man but you're gonna need my help one day against these freaks. But I can't be in the loop if you don't let me.

Peter: I understand Miles. I do but....look I'm gonna tell you something crazy about myself. I was a LOT like you when I was your age and....I got in more trouble countless times. I told you what happened with Tony Stark when you showed me your powers and he told me.....if I died.....that would be on him. So if YOU died......that's on me.

Miles: What does this have to do with Iron Man? I thought you didn't like comparing yourself to him.

Peter: He was still a mentor and a friend and as yours you need to listen to what I say.

Miles: Well that works both ways Pete. The mentor should listen to the pupil as well as he should from him. That cat lady and the Maggia were planning a trap for you. If I hadn't stepped in what if they killed you? Or brought you to Hammerhead and he'd kill you? What if this killer you mentioned plans something worse for you? Peter the city needs you but you can't save it....without help. You NEED a partner.

Using MJ's words Peter knew he wasn't wrong not even about the Mentor listening to the Pupil as well as he should to him

Peter: Ok. I'll make a deal with you. I'll keep you in the loop much as possible ONLY......if you listen to my every instruction. But it's still not gonna be field work for awile.

Miles: Awe.....

Peter: No complaints. If you can manage that I'll....detail you everything a I do with MJ and Ned.

Miles: got it.

Peter: But don't walk out on school. Trust me when I did....I paid for it till Senior Year.

Mile: You got it.

Peter: Good man. Now----

Boys! Dinner's ready!

Peter: Oh well I'll explain it after dinner Miles.

Miles: Right.

Miles stood up and Peter opened the door letting Miles walk out and fallowed closing the door

We cut to the middle of the sunset....back at the contract deques labs in Oscorp the chamber where Norman had his human trial before Stromm was his desk talking on his phone to.....guess who

Stromm: Yes sir Mr. Osborn. Mr. Vargis will likely be there this evening around 8:00PM. Of course sir. Understood sir. Very well....I'll make the status tomorrow morning. Yes sir. Good night sir.

Stromm hung up and from the looks of it he had a guilty expression facing down elbows on the desk and hands on face Stromm couldn't help but to feel guilty...... the part he was playing in with....Norman's plan meaning likely....he was working for the Green Goblin in a way

Stromm nodded in regret he picked his phone back up and made another call

Stromm: Yes. Get me Dr. Morgan Michaels please.

Somewhere in another medic office in New York we finally join......

....Dr. Morgan Michaels (Phil Morris) long after since we last seen him helped treat the anti serum of Devil's Breath he and Norman created it and after being saved by Spider-Man from Martin Li Dr. Michaels spent the whole year rebuilding the damage the serum created still tending the GR-27 victims

Michaels was on his projects till his secretary came in

Secretary: Dr. Michaels? Sorry to disturb you but you have call on line 1 from a Dr. Stromm?

Dr. Michaels: Oh he's one of my former colleagues. Patch him in.

The secretary left the room and Michaels picked up his office phone

Dr. Michaels: Dr. Michaels?

Morgan it's Mendal. I need to ask you of something. It''s an emergency.

Dr. Michaels: Then why don't you just call the police?

Stromm: Because this isn't an emergency they can't handle it's.....THAT kind of emergency.


Stromm: That's why know how to contact Spider-Man.....I need his number.

Michaels was hesitant at first but hearing the way Stromm sounded on the line it must have been THAT bad

Dr. Michaels: Alright. Spider-Man wouldn't turn you down so....if it's that bad I'll give you wat you need. You have a pen and paper?

At the lab Stromm took a pen from his front pocket pulled a blank sheet of paper in front of him

Stromm: Yes go ahead.

Stromm began writing

Stromm: Uh huh. Uh huh. Thank you Morgan.

He disconnected and was hesitant himself but.....knew it had to be done

As soon as night fell we join back with Peter as he was already back in Spidey suit after more talks AND promises with Miles after dinner he was already swinging off ready to go on patrol till......

Incoming call from: Unknown.

Spider-Man: Oh god it's probably Felicia. Accept Karen. Felicia?


Eye lens widen hearing a male voice

This is Dr. Mendal Stromm. your number from Dr. Michaels. I hope I'm not calling at a bad time but I need your help.

Spider-Man: No problem. It's what I'm here for. What can I do for you Doctor?

Best if I tell you in person. Any chance you can meet me on the roof of Oscorp? It's about the Board Member killings. I might have a lead that may help you catch who's responsible.

Pete thought back the last time he was on the roof of Oscorp fighting Doc Ock but he couldn't let this lead slip if he was to stop this murdering Goblin

Spider-Man: Of course. I'll be there in 20 minutes.

Thank you Spider-Man. You have no idea how much this will help.

Spider-Man: Always happy to help Doctor.

The Oscorp tower.

Former megatower high rise building turned Stark Tower turned Avengers tower had already made home and laid refuge to multiple pretty boys with a buck to spend, towering over their controversial dealings. Norman was just the latest to take ahold of and get his hands on this tower….

….and it was those controversies that had finally seemed to catch up to Norman fast enough to where he couldn’t exactly sidestep and avoid the triple-edged sword thrusted directly below his chinny chin chin. A threadbare but unfortunately dense series of unfortunate events and consequences that Dr. Stromm was now on the late receiving end of.

Which was all the more reason a phone call to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was possibly the next best option he could’ve mustered. Osborn was corrupt to the core, no question, and he needed to be put down like the wild dog he was.

Luckily for him, the wallcrawler turned Avengers cleared out his schedule just for him. Learning from his previous visit, he avoids stepping into the light before catapulting all the way to the very top of the tower and landing on the helipad.

The blue fluorescent lights that would glisten and flow through the night before became a deeper shade of purple now aside from the company name but other than that, not much changed from an exterior perspective. Going in through the loading dock would basically be asking for career suicide so another route was necessary…..

….but Stromm’s presence calmed him to a fault.

Spider-Man: If you’re planning to jump me, just spare me the melodramatic monologues. Can Norman come ou—?

Stromm: He hasn’t stepped foot in here since he was fired. I assure you…..we’re alone.

Spider-Man: Then I’m listening.

Stromm: Well, I—to be honest—bluntly speaking, I—

Already, the two were off on the wrong foot, through no fault of either own. It's not that Stromm didn't want this, it's that he wanted it so much he’s scared to be caught or worse, so he hoped that Spidey realized that being hesitant can be a great thing, a good omen.

One in which he came to appreciate as he got older.

Whenever he spoke, he just looked back at Peter as if he was a radio and not a person who is there to be interacted with. It is as if the words are still circulating his mind and not yet allowed to flow outward into the world. He hesitates because of the need to get this right the first time, further highlighting that there are things in life that are that way, and the consequences of an error would forever haunt him.

Finally, the doctor cuts the bullshit, straightens his posture, and from his lab coat, pulls out…..

…..two prototype unpainted pumpkin bombs, holding it out long enough for Peter to take notice of such a small but deadly contraption.

Stromm: The Goblin was created here.

That began Peter's first suspicion

Spider-Man: By who?

Stromm was tempted to tell him he was Norman but given his involvement in it it's more than likely he would be convicted as him and charged for the murders himself given he helped create the monster that killed the Board Members

And against of his better judgement......he had to lie to save his own ass

Stromm: We don't know. The only reason I know was cause one of our serums was used in some experiment that was unauthorized by the seemed he was his own test subject.....the serum's side effects was terribly dangerous it made him crazy and appeal his moods....that....made him act on a grudge.....we believe that's what he started killing Board Members.

Spider-Man: Does Osborn know about this?

Stromm: I don't know. He shut himself in after the Directors canned him. Given his son is sick wife passed.....Mr. Osborn practically lost everything.

Spider-Man: I feel for him. But what happened with Martin Li doesn't justify his actions. The whole city paid for that mistake.

Stromm: Very.

Spider-Man: Well Doctor if you don't know who it is do you at least know how I can find him?

Stromm: I believe do. I think his next target is a colleague of Mr. Osborn's. Max Vargis. He's elected to be the new head director of Oscorp. I can give you his address if the Goblin tends to strike at him too and I reckon he will sometime tonight. If you get to him before him you might catch him.

Spider-Man: I hope so. Just give me the address.

Stromm did by texting it to him and KAREN picked it up on the tech linking it to the systems for Pete to track it down

Spider-Man: Thank you Doctor. I'll do what I can to help your friend....but listen.....knowing Oscorp created this guy I'll have to give that info to the police.

Stromm: I understand.

Spider-Man: Well take care.

Spidey turned and ran and dived off the rail of the roof leaving Stromm scared but understanding whatever has to come after this he went back in the building to call it a night

While on an antenna on another roof Peter had KAREN call Yuri again

Spider-Man: Yuri. I got a lead on this Green Goblin character I think his next target is Max Vargis. He's suppose to be Norman Osborn's replacement at Oscorp.

Got it sending a squad to pick him up.

Spider-Man: No need I'll get to him faster and bring him to you. I need you to question the staff at Oscorp. A doctor there told me that the Goblin....was created there. Either a failed experiment or something out of a grudge against the Board Directors.

Alright. We'll have them all questioned soon. Keep me in the loop if you find anything.

Spider-Man: Spider-Cop is on it. Part man. Part Spider. ALL cop.

Awe no! HELL NO! NO!

The line cuts up

Spider-Man: She's coming around. The chief never admitted it but she always relied on Spider-Cop to always close the case.

KAREN's laughter came out from Peter's hands as he swung off fallowing the address given to him but as he went along he couldn't get one question out of his head

Spider-Man: Karen? Has there been any word from MJ?

Sorry Pete. Still nothing.

Spider-Man: I had to ask. I'm trying not to jump to any conclusions but....I don't even know if Felicia had any other boyfriends besides me. If I was a real one to her. can we be sure I'm not daddy cat?

She would have told you other wise.

Spider-Man: Or didn't get the chance to when I ran or when Hammerhead tried to blow our heads off.

She could still call and so far she hasn't.

Spider-Man: I guess.....quit panicking Peter. STOP PANICKING!

Peter wouldn't have time to panic anyway given he arrived at the address minutes later

It was another penthouse and Pete landed on the top padio and tried to open the padio door only to was dusty on the window screen for he couldn't see who or what was in there

Spider-Man: Mr. Vargis either never has time for house work or his house keeper must have quit on him. But this strange.

He tried to open it but was locked so he used the spider logo to decrypt the locks and opened the door to find.....a HELL of a mess

Spider-Man: Sweet mother of Mary!

He happen to notice a large hole that was blown open from the outside to his left which could have caused an impact that created this mess

Next thing Pete heard was a male scream assuming that was Vargis he ran to the back room into an office only to see.......

.....The Goblin holding Max down by the throat


Spider-Man: LET HIM GO!

Pete's yell made the demonic villain look up to him and he gave our hero a wicked smile

Green Goblin: Well hello there again. I told you our paths would cross again just did not expect it to be too soon.

Spider-Man: Well your actions brought me to you.

Green Goblin: So I see.

Vargis was choking he was loosing breath for the way Goblin gripping him due to his strength

Spider-Man: Let him go and give him to ME!

Green Goblin: Sure! How do you like him?! Broken neck?!

Right through Pete's very eyes the Goblin TWISTED Max's neck he leaned down dead with him still being held

Pete let out a loud: NO! seeing what just happen and the Goblin laughed and through Max's body to him but dodged it and looked down seeing Max flat dead eyes opened and mouth wide down

He looked back to the Goblin with his eye lens lowering


Spider-Man: MURDERER!!!!!!!!

He charged at him but the glider burst in from the roof Goblin jumped on it flying out through the hole and Pete web zipped up through the hole after him

Not too long before squeegeeing through the crevices of the now-broken mirror, Spidey once again found himself dashing through the air before venturing onto uncharted territory.

The enemies glider.

It was exactly how he remembered it from a lifetime ago: the multiverse counterpart of him. This device, if he could guess right, was capable of great maneuverability and speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. It was capable of supporting about 400 lbs including Norman's weight; the latter of whom only weighed 168.

Peter; 176.

Maxing out at around 354 lbs total, the two adversaries barely tipped the scale enough to support both of their weight. Peter was a waking concern however as his body laid prone against the right side of the wing yet again.

Feisty and angry, Goblin yanked Peter off of the right wing only for Peter to shift his momentum in mid-air and latch himself onto his back. Wrapping his legs around his thighs, the friendly neighborhood Spider went high in the offensive, wrapping his arms around the Goblins neck, pressing the biceps against one side of the neck and the inner bone of the forearm against the other side.

The neck was squeezed inside the arm rather tightly.

Or at least it would’ve, had Goblin begun losing control of the glider within a few seconds afterwards. Properly done, the blood supply to the brain would be reduced and unconsciousness can occur. Death or brain damage can occur if it's held long enough but neither is what Peter intended. Unfortunately, the goblin glider was steered primarily, however, by the weight and attitude of its rider.

Translation: Goblin wasn’t fading in and out of consciousness and was still very much in control, tipping the altitude of the glider to where Peter was forced to let go of his back.

And fall directly off the glider this time. Again.

Dropping like a knife-edge but with nowhere the nonchalantness like before, Spidey fired two web lines up to the glider, extending a few feet above the edge but still missing entirely. The lines dangles for a few seconds and slowly droops back down....

.....only for both Goblin to grip ahold of the lines and bring Spidey's free-fall to a dead end. The sudden jolt of the pull knocks Peter upward, being forced into looking upwards

Spider-Man: The hell are you?

Goblin: Me? I’m just a concerned citizen trying to clean up our fair city.

He cackles goofily before the glider takes off, dragging Spider-Man along with him, the sheer thrust of the glider’s propellers yanking Spidey along for the ride.

Being dragged out from mid-air was far from a pleasurable experience; having to deal with the turbulence of both the air and the thrusters spit back in Peter’s face as he struggles to just even hold on. At least he can’t say he didn’t write “Go for a piggyback ride in the air” on his new year resolutions.

Goblin: Found some new people to play with!

Spider-Man: I’d like to take a vote against that?!

Goblin: Too late!

Gripping ahold of his own weblines, Peter was unable to prevent Goblin from taking him for a swing: a literal swing as he hurls the webslinger into multiple buildings. This leaves a massive gaping straight line through the offices and hallways of the Radio Wave building down over in Hell’s Kitchen, his suit being stained and splinter with shards of glass and coffee dripping over his mask and shoulder.

Even in this instance, Peter couldn’t help but to quip in this dire situation.

Spider-Man: OW! Oh, he—Argh! Sorry! Happy—! New Year! Gahhh!

Not too long after he’s finally hurdled out the buildings, it’s Deja Vu again. Peter braces for impact as he lands in the exact same predicament, crashing through the Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Avenue, almost barrel rolling into the 777 6th Avenue apartments, conjoined next to it.

This guy packs a wallop!, he brings himself to cry out aloud realizing how effortless Goblin was tossing him aside like a piece of meat. Either he gets in some offense now or he’s as good as dead.

Once more, he’s pulled out from the other side of the buildings with the Goblin heading up 6th Avenue and heading straight into the crosshairs of Central Park…..

….and still keeping Peter as close as bay to him as possible.

Taking the initiative JUST as Goblin pulls Peter vertically, he grabs the web yanking Pete forward and hits him with a lariat, knocking Spider-Man inside out and landing him on the left wing of the glider this time.

Gripping him by the neck, Goblin goes straight on the offensive, giving Spider-Man no time to recover. Six massive gut punches and a knee to the face later, the adversary is left with the odds stacked in his favor and continues to dish out the punishment.

He inches forward and bombards Peter with not one, not two but THREE headbutts in rapid succession, leaving him woozy. Another punches would’ve landed….

….had Peter taken the initiative and blinded Gobby with a face full of webs.

This time, Peter is left with the overwhelming offensive, punching him over and over and over and over again across the face before leaping up to his shoulders, his knees barely squeezing his head….

….and slamming both elbows into the back of the Green Goblin’s head to bring him down to his knees. A sweep of the legs goes nowhere, the Goblin instinctively jumping over him and crashing back down onto Peter’s left shoulder.

Eyeing over at his opponent, he realized that the remote that he used to detach the Goblin Wing from his actual Goblin Glider wasn’t there anymore.

Gobby got desperate after that he spotted a near by bridge and laughed

Green Goblin: I been burning down bridges all day! But how bout I just knock THIS one down!

He launched a missile blowing off the supports off the bridge making it unstable people on it panicked as did Peter

Spider-Man: No! Those people! Karen find me the strongest points on that bridge. We have to stop it from falling!

Already on it!

Our hero webbed zipped towards the bridge calculating the strongest points on the bridge and webbed them ALL together and unlike the yacht with the Vulture he made sure he got them all tying the bridge back up in minutes

People looked out seeing Spider-Man web zip up and they cheered



They cheered on as Pete landed on the top of the bridge with Goblin hovering up to both locking eyes to one another

Green Goblin: I don't understand how you can be so naive. These miserable little insects wouldn't lift a finger to do the same for you.

Spider-Man: It's not their fault. It's not like they can fly like you or lift steel with their bare hands like me. So we can't really blame them.

Green Goblin: Fair enough. Run run as fast as you can!

He zoomed towards him but Pete ducked as Goblin flew over him and web zipped after him

Spider-Man: Yeah right! A ginger bread man you're not!

The chase went on through towns square

~Daily Bugle~

MJ came into Robbie's office with forms

MJ: Robbie I got those forms you asked for-----

Robbie: Shh shh! Look at this.

MJ looked up to the office tv on the right side wall as a news report was showing what went down at Central Park and Hell's kitchen just now

MJ saw her love fighting off his new rival during an intense chase as the reporter spoke

----where moments ago Spider-Man was just seen dangling with a green suited figure who is identified as the mysterious Oscorp Director killer known to the the Green Goblin. Several civilians caught visual of the incidents where Spider-Man was chasing the green menace through Central Park----

MJ: My god......

Despite their space and the possibility of Peter being a father MJ.....still worried for Peter's life given it was now confirmed this Goblin guy was the killer they were looking for

AT ESU at the lounge Ned and Michelle caught the report himself

----Though details are still catchy it seems to be a brutal battle since the attack on former Mayor Norman Osborn by Dr. Otto Octavius who tragically became the criminal known as Dr. Octopus. Who this green suited menace is entirely a new threat to the city.

Michelle: God that thing gives me the creeps.

Ned: That's not what worries me. This guy could be a heavy rival for Peter.

Michelle: Then God help.

Ned: God help us all.

Even at the Morales house Miles and Rio caught it too Rio was shaking in her feet as Miles just stared on in shock and amazement

Miles: cool.

Rio: Qi? (What?)

Miles: Oh I mean not cool. That guy is intense but.....Spider-Man will stop him.

Rio: I sure hope so. The last thing this city needs is another super villain wreaking havoc. I feel like it's plague.

Miles got text from Ganke and looked at it

Dude! You seeing the news?!

Miles replied: Yeah. It's intense.

Who is that guy fighting Spider-Man? Did he tell you?

Yeah. Yeah some guy called.....the Goblin or something. Idk.

Shit! We need to get an update on this.

Miles looked back up at the tv

~The Raft~

Inmates there were in the cafeteria we even join back with Otto not too long ago was released from the hole and he sat alone in empty table sadden.....but ANGRY knowing Peter testified against him

By his own arrogance feeling Peter betrayed him too but what caught his attention when an inmate yelled: HEY TURN THAT UP!

Another inmate turned up the tv on the wall as the breaking news was playing there too and Otto stood up when seeing Spider-Man AND The Green Goblin on tv with the reporter still talking

Many questions are being asked through out the city: "Who is this Green Goblin?" "Where did he come from?" "Why is here?"

Otto then grew a grin under his grey beard

Otto: Well well well......this fella can give me a run for my money.

If only Otto knew who he was......then it be MORE than money

But back out in the city Goblin notice Spidey still on his tail and he smiled again then he flew towards a near by building crashing through a window into an office

People screamed and Goblin grabbed a man in his desk and a woman by a counter with coffee and flew out with them widening Pete's eye lens

Spider-Man: NO!

Green Goblin: You like playing the hero Spider-Man?! BE A HERO!

He threw the man first who screamed when falling but suddenly Spidey caught fortunately and webbed him to a roof

Goblin then threw the woman who screamed louder but Pete caught her too webbing her to another roof and kept tailing him

Or so he would, had he not realized a rather unfortunate crippling sense of doubt sprouting in upon the realization that Goblin was a pretty big handful on that vehicle of his.

And then at some point, he realized the Goblin Wing that supported the actual Goblin Glider underneath that he used last time, it wasn’t there.

At all.

So at that point, the only logical course of action was to take the glider out of the equation. The end result might not have an immediate detriment in his body as before and while the possibility of injury still ranks pretty high, he might have an actual chance of beating him.

His next move was set.

Skidding to a halt and momentarily letting the Goblin get a head-start, he couldn’t have it any other way. Good thing they were on Randall’s Island, barely bridging out Hell’s Kitchen from Astoria.

Arching himself on the very tip of the Robert F. Kennedy bridge, serving as a toll road, Spidey launches a splinter web, attaching four separate weblines to the bridge and four more others towards the tip of the Robert Moses building on his closest left.

Gripping tightly, he pulls himself back harder and harder….

….and harder…..

….and harder…..

….until finally, he gives way, jumping upwards and giving himself elastic potential energy to release and flies outwards towards the sky. The kinetic energy works well in his favor again, bearing the slingshot in mind.

And just in time too, as his lenses catch ahold of Goblin almost leaving Randall’s Island.

Spider-Man: Not on my watch!

Having gotten far enough, his flung body keeps inching closer and closer until finally, Spidey tackles the Goblin off of his glider. The two tumble oddly over each other, almost hugging like they were in The Shape Of Water…..

….before crashing Odyssey House George Rosenfeld Center for Recovery.

Through the roof they go and another floor.

And another floor.

And another floor.

And another floor.

Eventually, the next floor refuses to give way again, both adversaries landing hard next to one another covered in dust, debris and marble.

Normally, the median lethal distance for falls is four stories or 48 feet, according to the reference book Trauma Anesthesia. This means that 50% of patients who fall four stories will die.

At the very least, they’re left with crippling severe injuries.

Luckily for Goblin and Spidey, they weren’t like most Homo sapiens; the best that the former was able to come out of it with was a sprained ankle: THE sprained ankle.

Worrying. The last thing Goblin wanted was Norman’s old age stupidity to rub off on him and hinder his performance.

And already that proved to be a handicap, as he found himself tackled by Spider-Man, crashing both him and himself through the closest wall they could and barrel roll into the next room.

Rolling on through, Peter charges in again and tackles Goblin off his feet, and flips back up with him in his grasp. Goblin is quick to release herself before flipping over Peter’s back but as she goes for a sweep at the legs, Peter jumps over and knees him in the gut.

What follows is a repetitive barrage of punches across the face, haymaker after haymaker after closed fist socking the Goblin rocking.

But Goblin said ‘Hey, I could do better than that!’ And narrowly avoids the next punch while delivering a barrage of his own, equipped with an extra knee strike to the face and a chop block for good measure.

Peter barely blocks the incoming roundhouse and responds with one of his own.

Next came a crescent kick which went nowhere since the Green Goblin was quick to lunge directly at him. Despite blocking the tackle, Peter couldn't see how he had flipped directly over him before tucking her into position and flipping him over his shoulders.

Not wanting any recovery, he catapults him high up in the air for a pop-up….

….but gets met with a scissor kick over his head. Goblin crashes hard onto the marble floor below and feels pressure on his lower waistline.

Peter was trying her damnedest to lift him up and to his credit, he did. Just enough to center himself towards the bottom left pillar.

Shuffling forward, he forcefully tosses Goblin into the pillar or, more specifically, towards the edge of the pillar as it was his intention to chip his face off of the side. Unfortunately, Goblin spun himself around the entire frame of the pillar, forcing Peter to leap up to his level to counteract him.

He barely leaps up to him…..and Goblin dropkicks him back to the nearest wall.

And SLAM Peter even dented the wall shaking his head to regain his focus and soon his spider sense went off like a fire alarm and his eye lens widen

Spider-Man: DAAAH!!

Green Goblin: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

He charged at him about to take a swing at him but Pete leaped up dodging the punch and Goblin PUNCHED through the wall where inside another random woman screamed with the purple fist punching through the wall and ran

Outside Spidey web zips off the wall almost getting grabbed by the Goblin he pulls his arm out and now chases after HIM now

Spider-Man: HEY! Who's chasing you?!

He web flips over him landing back on the glider and Spider-Man swings fists at the Green Goblin's jaw

Green Goblin: Ugh! No room for you I'm afraid!

He grabs Peter lifts him up and throws him off only for Peter to web zip back up to him down below people panicked as they saw what was happening above them even police fire trucks and ambulance came even Yuri came out of a police car and looked up observing the scene

Yuri: God all mighty

Goblin then fired live rounds when Pete leaped on a roof dodging the bullets and he dived down web swinging to another roof and lift himself up shooting taser webs at him which missed him the first five shots but one....FINALLY got him

Goblin was stunned by the electricity giving Pete the opportunity to web zip to him and web kick him off the glider and falls


Last minute Peter webbed him to the wall saving his ass and land beside him

Spider-Man: Gotta admit you're good. But your murder record isn't. You and I gonna talk to the Captain.

Green Goblin: Why? I was just enjoying our OWN talk.

Goblin ripped out of the webs punched him off and his glider comes in and he lands on it flying back up

Spider-Man web zipped up to him again as people watching from below kept chatting out loud at once Yuri observed through binoculars and was seeing everything

Yuri: That green guy must be our killer.

Cop: How do you figure Cap.

Yuri: Matches the MO.

Cop: I got snipers on rooftops shall we take shots?

Yuri: No. Pull them back. Let Spider-Man handle it.

Cop: Yes maim.

Peter leaped forward and cannonballed him in the head almost knocking Goblin off the glider again but he caught grip on it climbing back on it and suddenly Pete landed on the glider again

Green Goblin: I hate a back seat driver!

This time the struggled on each other with the glider flying towards a building crashing through a window causing the crowd to scream out at once more

the glider kept flying through a hotel hall which was obviously with people coming out but running back in their rooms when the glider was coming at them but peaked out again after they passed them

While flying through the hall they through punches Spidey got the first few shots till Goblin uppercuts him and grabs his neck and forces him off falling flat on the flour with the glider flying over him

Pete then shoots a line at the glider at the last second only.....the ride became......a LITTERAL drag

Goblin crashes through another window back outside with Peter still holding on for dear life on the web line with the crowd yelling out still and Yuri speaks on her radio

Yuri: Get some medics in that building! We may have injured!

Men rushed in with the Goblin looking down seeing our hero climb up the line trying to get to him but he cuts the line off forcing Pete to take a fall himself

But shoots two web lines forcing himself back up with the Goblin turning back around flying back at him

Green Goblin: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Spidey leaped over him and once again land back on the glider BEHIND him this time and wraps his arms under Goblin's shoulders like the way Goku grabbed Raditz from behind


Goblin tried to shake him off but no avail till Goblin elbowed him in the stomach and slugs him up his chin and kicks him off again

Suddenly the Goblin makes a turn over another rooftop and jumps off and crashes through a skyline Pete broke his fall web zipping back up and leaped through the opened skyline facing the Goblin man to man

Green Goblin: Impressive. Your skills rival my own. In fact I see no point of us fighting.

Spider-Man: Does that mean you're giving up?

Green Goblin: No. You and I are this city's superiors. We carry great power beyond mortal man. Yet a gang war is brewing and by fighting.....the clock is only ticking faster. And in a matter of time Hammerhead will take hold of the Kingpin's thrown.

Spider-Man: What you know about Hammerhead?

Green Goblin: That he is not worthy to rule this city. WE are. We could end this war before it ever begins and take order in this city.

Spider-Man: Is that why you robbed one of his mob banks?

Green Goblin: Yes but there's more to it than that. We both want to save this city. And we working together.

Spider-Man: Save it ugly. I'm not working with a psychopath like you. You murdered innocent people.

Green Goblin: Oh hardly innocent. Those board directors of Oscorp were just as corrupted as the Maggia. If Oscorp was in their hands they wouldn't lift a pinky to stop this gang war!

Spider-Man: Who....who created you in Oscorp?

Green Goblin: So you are as smart as they say. I expected you would figure something out sooner or later. But I'll answer your question one day. For now....I'll make you this offer: JOIN me. With your skills and MY genius we can take out Hammerhead together and restore true justice to the city!

Where has he been with this before?

Martin Li asked him a similar question and offered him a similar proposal. It was the classic bargaining chip: Join me or die.

Similar to Martin, he couldn’t completely brush this aside and say Gobby was in the wrong; but one too many times he's heard an offer like this, and one too many times he's turned it down. Senseless act of violence after senseless act of violence had ripped his life apart since the very beginning, it always made him ponder how he hadn't gone mad yet.

But that's why he had Uncle Ben to remind him why he's the man he is. Hope would always be stronger than hate to him.

Spider-Man: Thanks but NO THANKS!

That was all he intended to comply with chucking himself down at Gobby at top speeds, just with no dent in the Goblins exterior scaly skin-like armor, a result of the Retroviral Hypodysplasia taking effect, without any of its disastrous disorderly functions.

Goblin then punched him then again and again


Till Peter countered his fist by grabbing and throwing his own fist at him then Goblin kicked him down forcing Peter on the flour and then Goblin grabbed him and lifted him up by holding him by the neck

Green Goblin: Why refuse Spider-Man? Think about it. You and I can do better than separately. We'd be a BETTER team than Hammerhead and the Maggia.

Spider-Man: I'd rather be squished like a regular spider!

Green Goblin: Your choice.

He punched him more and threw him across the room Goblin ran at him but Pete shot webs at him tying him in a huge spider web

And just when Spidey was about to attack Goblin already tore through the web and kicked him and then kept punching his lights out

With all the beating he was taking Peter thought: This guy's stronger than Otto. Goblin grabbed him again but Pete forced him off by pushing him with his feet and then he threw his own punches at the stomach and the sides which still hardly did any damage to him

Goblin grabbed his fist and about to punch him again but Spidey grabbed his arm too then end up tackling and rolling on the flour and then Spidey pins him to the flour

Spider-Man: Give it up Gobby. We both know how this is gonna end.

Green Goblin: Yes we do. Either we join forces....or YOU DIE!

To Peter's surprise Norman blasted some rays from his gloves which blinded Peter long enough for Goblin to run to the patio door kicked them open and pressed the center of his belt calling his glider to him and hopped on when Pete recovered and soon as he flew out Pete ran out web zipping to him

Spider-Man: Tough guy huh?! You let your glider do your fighting for ya.

Green Goblin: Come out and try it yourself my friend it's something you can benefit from.

Spider-Man: Hey my reputation works better without you calling us friends.

You would expect another air battle but instead Goblin flew to the building next to the plaza which was a power station he land on the roof opened the nearest hatch and jumped in with Spidey not far behind and leaped in after him

When he landed the room was filled with electrifying holdings and power controls and to his surprise Goblin threw a pumpkin bomb which FLASHED brightening the room and blinding his eyes

Goblin then kicked him down and he hit the wall hard denting it

Green Goblin: How can you not sense it? Our tension? We are above all these pathetic worms of this city you waste your talents helping. That makes us TRUELY brothers!

Goblin was about to attack and given Pete was still blind he had to rely on his spider sense and then CAUGHT the fist

Green Goblin: What the hell....?

Spider-Man: Brothers huh? Then I'm telling mom.

He threw his elbow at his left cheek and kicked him to the center which both were near the electricity Goblin threw his fists only to be dodged by Peter and then both countered each other but both had to back up when an electric bolt came their way

Goblin threw two pumpkin bombs at him but Spidey shot webs at them at tossed them back at him and they explode on him for once forcing him to hit the wall himself denting it too and land flat on the flour

Spidey felt he had the apprehend now and approached the Goblin when he soon had one knee on the flour trying to stand

Spider-Man: Had enough?

Green Goblin: You aragonite misguided bumbling young FOOL!

He slowly stood up with both rivals standing face to face

Green Goblin: I offered you a chance to really save this city even my friendship and you thrown it AWAY! And for what? You really want to see this war rage which will slaughter the meaningless countless civilians more than I destroyed those who'd really destroy this city?

Spider-Man: We can't control this world on how it works Green Meanie. They'll always be wars. But doesn't mean we can't fight them to really stop them if we can't prevent them.

Green Goblin: You won't be saying that soon as Hammerhead starts spilling blood. But no matter I'll joual your deluded ideals soon enough!

Spider-Man: Safe your speeches for the judge. You're done Gobby.

Green Goblin: HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh that's what YOU think! Because I have arranged YOU a little parting gift.

Spider-Man: What parting gift?

Green Goblin: Well I'll tell ya. Through out downtown at the diamond districted seven bombs have been planted holding extremely DEADLY nuke. And I have set them in less than.....30 minutes! Hahahahahaha!

Peter's heart skipped TWO beats hearing what this madman was even saying wondered if he ACTUALLY knew what he was saying


Green Goblin: Oh I do. Trust me. And When they go off....well you don't have to use your imagination. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Outraged Peter charged at him but Goblin kicked him away

Green Goblin: I make you one more offer Spider-Man. A choice: You can either stop the can try and stop me.

He pressed his center on his belt again calling his glider and it burst through that skylight too and Goblin hopped on hovering above staring down to Spider-Man as he looked up to the Goblin as he taunted him

Green Goblin: THE CHOICE IS YOURS......HERO!

And he flew away

Dilemma time.

Yet another flick of the switch and turnaround in the life of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The life of a vigilante, superhero, or even anti-hero was one of frivolous, repetitive, and stress-inducing trial-and-error that lingered on about the possibility of one single move not being right based on ‘he said, she said’ gossip or any tiny little error. Their days are cursed the moment they take the law into their own hands….

….or until any opposition comes up against them.

Spider-Man had his handful with the Sinister Six, if only because Otto backed them up with planning involving numerous fail-safes, often having numerous back-up plans to his back-up plans, accounting for numerous possible scenarios with efficient contingencies, making him extraordinarily versatile and unpredictable and often keeping him one step ahead of Spider-Man during his crusade against the city.

By sheer numbers and attrition, the other Six were held up in just as high regard. But the Goblin?

Based on resilience, resistance, and pure persistence in his own right, the Green Goblin became even more formidable as he was and in light of baring the frankly obvious, HE WAS THE NEWBIE in town. Unfortunately, newbies don’t go around sticking a pogo stick straight up the asses of the big bad corporate yes-men in town on their first day….

….unless they aren’t actually newbies. And these bombs?

The jolly green elf wasn’t playing around.

Peter groaned in tangled frustration, knowing and accepting fully where his loyalties now readjusted to. He couldn’t let him get away, but the results regarding those bombs would automatically dip the city back to catastrophic proportions similar to that of the Devil's Breath pandemic.

And Lord knows the last thing they needed was ANOTHER COVID-19 outbreak.

Spider-Man: Shit. I’ll take care of that green menace later. Can’t let those bombs go off.

His mind set and destination locked in, Peter hardly had to leap up to the air where the broken skyline no longer halted his escape. That’s the thing, however: one thing stops you and another steamrolls into another.

Case in point: a phone call.

You got an incoming phone call, Peter.

Spider-Man: Ned? Liz? Michelle? Stromm? Yuri?

She gives him no answer, nothing immediate.

Spider-Man: Karen?

It’s Mary Jane.

Peter's eye lens widen again in surprise that MJ was finally calling him but upset again he didn't had the time to answer

Spider-Man: Argh! As much as I want to answer or catch that maniac for what he's done but if we don't stop those nukes the aftermath could be catastrophic.

You want me to send her a text?

Spider-Man: Just tell her to call back in five minutes Karen we can't let those bombs go off.


Spider-Man: Meantime call Yuri.

Calling Yuri Watanabe.

Pete leaped up and web swinged his way back to the diamond district and Yuri was already connected

Spider-Man what's happening up there?

Spider-Man: I'll explain later. But right now we got a bigger problem. The Green Goblin has planted bombs in the diamond district. They're all NUKES!


Spider-Man: Yeah! And we have less than....28 minutes to stop them.

I'm sending a bomb squad.

Spider-Man: I'll get to them faster. Right now I need you to evacuate the district.

Already on it. We're all counting on you Spider-Man. Stop. Those. Bombs.

Spider-Man: Promise.

The line cut and minutes later.....Pete now had 25 minutes before kaboom and he was able to locate the first bomb

It was a large technician device curiosity of the armed force that supports Oscorp and had a light on top and a hover craft below

Peter then landed by it and scanned

Spider-Man: Ok Karen. I need codes or a switch that will shut this bad boy down. NOW!

Downloading now.

It took a minute and Pete's heart was racing with more calls from MJ but had to ignore them to save the city more importantly HER

Got the codes.

Spider-Man: YES!

He entered the code and the bomb was disarmed

Spider-Man: Thank God. Karen tell Yuri one of the bombs is defused. Send her bomb squad to pick it up.

Already done. Text was sent. Next bomb is two buildings away.

Spider-Man: Good. Let's work fast.

Peter webbed swing as fast as he could and he only had 23 minutes left but soon enough found the second bomb it was the same as the first but the codes took a two more minutes longer to download than the first one

Spider-Man: Come on! Come on!

Finally they came in with 20 more minutes left and Pete defused it

Spider-Man: Two down. Five to go.

He webbed zipped to the location was across the district this time and when arriving he now had 15 minutes left and wasted no time downloading the codes which took much longer

Spider-Man: Shit shit shit shit!

FINALLY they were on and he entered them defusing the third bomb

Spider-Man: We're almost there Karen. We need to hurry.

Four more to go there 12 more minutes as he found the fourth bomb and took more time to download the codes

Spider-Man: Green and gruesome not playing fair.

The codes came in and of course Peter entered the codes defusing this bomb

Spider-Man: Three more left. Move it Spidey this isn't a drill.

It really wasn't cause Peter had 7 more minutes left to defuse the last three he got on to downloading the codes on the fifth bomb which took two minutes out of his time before entering the code defusing the bomb

As evacuation was proceeding Yuri was at her most worry when looking at her watch with all this traffic moving slowly

Yuri: FUCK! Come on Spider-Man. You need to HURRY!

Peter made it to the sixth and seventh bomb they were both together and began down loading and he already had three more minutes left

Spider-Man: Goblin must be really trying to hurt someone!

The codes were downloaded and the sixth bomb was defusd when entering it now Pete had less than a minute left to defuse the last bomb

Spider-Man: Please god PLEASE!

At 00:13 he finally got the codes and then.......ENTERED them the SECOND it reached 00:00

Bomb defused Peter

Spider-Man: PHEW!

He collapsed flat on his back breathing out heavily in relief

Well done Peter. You saved thousands of innocent lives that could have been lost tonight. The city will be forever in your dept.

Spider-Man: Spare me the monologue, Karen. This doesn’t feel like a victory.

That’s because it wasn’t. Stopping a few bombs that could’ve put the city back directly where it was when the Devil’s Breath was unleashed was a feat within itself and considering how faster it was to disarm and put away the detrimental trinkets at bay before any more collateral damage spilled out?

Nobody would take that away from him.

All except the man who planted them in the first place. The one who got away.

And that was the bottom line with these super-villains: unless they’re locked up, buried six feet under or beaten at their own game, nobody wins: not him, not the city, not the victims, not a single damn living person.

MJ’s still calling.

And especially not those close to the hero.

Spider-Man: Persistent as ever. Patch her through.

A long conversation was overdue. And straight out the gate, the situation was squared off the instant Peter finally picks up the call.

Finally! Thank God you picked up! I’ve been trying to reach you non-stop.

Spider-Man: I was in the middle of something. Look, MJ, listen.....

No. YOU listen....

Here we go’, Peter conjured up in his head. MJ was just as good as scolding him for his misdeeds and errors as much as she was nursing him back to health or giving him confidence; it was probably her third most definable character trait out that white-hot boiling rage she normally packs.

It was all formulated up in his brain: every syllable, comma, ellipses, run-on sentence, the entire paragraph. Basic muscle memory it was to Peter, just waiting for the typical undermining but well-needed spiel from MJ.

Except here, what he got was....the total opposite.

I—I overreacted the last time we talked.

Last thing he expected was for her to own up to something that she arguably was justified in doing. The Devils Breath situation wasn’t nearly as understandable as this and even she knew that she wasn't fully in the right then but this? It just didn’t add up; so much so that Peter was quick to try and redirect the blame back to himself, however.

Spider-Man: Ummm, no. No, that was justified. You reacted the way any sane person would to that news. If anyone overreacted, it was me.

MJ: Except that’s the thing.

She debates with him, arched over the kitchen counter, phone restrictively placed in hand, and her body opposite of the stoves and microwave. With energy slowly dissipating out of her body and voice, she struggles to admit the blatantly obvious.

But she pulled through anyways.

MJ: How am I supposed to blame you for something you knew nothing about?

Again, anyone would’ve reacted the way you did with that kind of news.

MJ: Except we weren’t together at the time. And it’s like I didn’t date other people.

But if we were to—Wait, wait, you dated people? Like “plural”?

MJ: I never said—

She sighs.

MJ: Ok, I did. But I’m just trying to bring back focus to what’s really important here: We’re adults now and there’s a child in danger.....but we’ve spent so much of that time being childish, that we must've lost very valuable time. So right now, let’s just get to saving him.

Even if it means helping Felicia?

MJ: Even if it means helping Felicia. Yes.

That was a relief for Peter to hear after that explosive powder keg that was about a day or two ago. Normally, it’d take MJ a while to cool her head over stuff like this; her short but extensive episodes in San Francisco notwithstanding.

But if there’s one thing she knew better at juggling….

….it’s separating business from pleasure. And right now, she was sorely focused on the task ahead and what that could mean not just for her and Peter but Felicia’s life as well. Differences looked to be officially set aside.

And this couldn’t have been a better time.

Spider-Man: Perfect, perfect. Ok, I—I guess we just find Felicia then?

Ehh, hold on. Just…..just one more question.

Spider-Man: Shoot.

MJ: What if she’s right? What if you are the kids' father?


Just know I won’t love you any less than I do now. Whether it’s today or a hundred years from now, you’ll always be the love of my life. When I leave, I come back to you. Always. I DON'T love Felica anymore. Yes I did once but not the way I love you. And my time with her is long gone. Even if I'm the father I still won't love her again. She lost that chance when she became a criminal again. I don't care what those shippers want I'll NEVER give them what they want because they don't understand how black hearted she is with her track record. And if they ever made me make a choice it won't EVER be her. It'll be YOU. Just you. I don't care what they want or these haters of yours want I WILL never give them their satifaction. Cause I chooe YOU Mary Jane Watson. ONLY you.

Spider-Man: This time won’t be any different.

~More Silence~

I don’t deserve you, Peter.

Spider-Man: Neither do I, red.

I know, Tiger. I know. OW!

Spider-Man: Huh? MJ?

MJ: Ahh!

Mildly jumping up from the shock, she immediately swipes her hand off to the side before glimpsing over at the culprit: a genetically altered super spider, whom fate had given a starring if brief role to play in the drama we call life.

It casually crawls off, scurrying away to the refrigerator toward her before disappearing underneath.

Absorbing the wound came with a shocking, riveting twist. Just simply touching the bite mark forced MJ to refrain from doing it again, for it was simply too hot to touch. It was like it was burning her skin. The pain was sudden and it was an avid distraction, guaranteed to aggravate her for the rest of the night.

The biggest question he had coming out of this was…..what was going to happen to her?

MJ: No. No no no no…..

Based on what Peter told her in San Francisco all those years ago, it was Deja Vu all over again.

MJ? What's going on?

MJ: I'm sorry Peter I'm not feeling well I'll....I'll call you in the morning.

MJ cut the line as she lift her arm on her head as she waltzed over to her bathroom and went to her mirror looking at herself and noticed the sweat on her upper head coming down from her read hair

MJ filled up a glass with water and chugged it down and felt.....the fever coming on MJ's suspicion of what that spider being one of those lab spiders she saw at Norman's lab wondering how could she not notice it

MJ even figure that's also how Miles could have gotten his powers too but she couldn't think smoothly cause now the headache came on

Next minute MJ was in the shower and she was breathing out heavily the side effects were growing and fast her expression under the running water looked as if she was crying and in pain like her head was on fire

Next minute she came in her room wearing a towel the screen cuts to her feet dropping the towel and the feet climbed in the bed

Mary Jane covered herself under the sheets and couldn't sleep her head was shaking like hell and the minute she closed her eyes......


MJ see's images of skulls and spiders

Even images of Spider-Man looking back at her even hearing Peter's and her voice of their years together

You're freaking Spider-Man!

I made a promise.

I had a major crush on Thor.

Thank you Mary Jane Watson.

I love you Peter Parker.

You want to work for Jameson?

Only to get the world to see you as I see you.

You're lucky to be alive.

Says the guy I saved five minutes ago.

Why do we team up?

Like a partner?

I may not have super spider powers but I'm not made out of glass!

I'm sorry I don't know what came over me.

For once I want to save you.

Still partners?


Next thing the screen revealed was MJ's DNA increasing to enhance the SPIDER DNA from her OWN spider bite

It seemed clear.....she was now being given the gift like Peter and Miles but.....that was yet to be revealed later

We cut back to......the Goblin as he broke into another one of Hammerhead's hideouts killing the Magia there

And Goblin hopped off his glider pulling a safe open and if you thought he was stealing money......

.....think again

He opened a small case that was suppose to be containing one of the drives

YES Goblin is TOO after those drives but when opening the was already gone

Green Goblin: What?!

Goblin was not happy no more happy that Spider-Man refused his proposal but stopping his bombs

Norman looked up and spotted one of......

.....Felicia's model cats

Goblin frowned and he took it looking at it and it automatically.....played a recording and it was Felicia's voice

Hi Hammy. I know you're pissed I took another drive but I assure you you won't be missing it anytime soon. I'll give Spider your regards. See you at the Hutson.

Surely you'd be confused that Cat is stealing FROM Hammerhead and NOT for him like she told Peter she's doing it to save her son....yes this would tell you something was off

But as for Goblin......he heard of this Black Cat but didn't know she had a connection with Spider-Man and assumed.....she maybe why Pete didn't take his offer

Green Goblin: Ohh when I find you little're gonna run out of ALL nine lives!

He crushed the cat statue with his bare hands and next thing he heard a cell ringing

Goblin walked out of the safe and found the cell by one of the dead Maggia's and he picked it up

The Caller ID said: "Boss" and he answered hearing Hammerhead's voice

Jones! Where the hell are you? We're already on our way to meet Lincon for the meeting. Get your ass down to Haarlem now.

Goblin smirked and hung up on him crushing the phone

Green Goblin: Looks like I got one more meeting to attend.

There we cut to another meeting room and instead of Board members it held....Maggia. Dons. And goons from both sides

Even some bikers lead by the underworld hitman himself the walking Tombstone AKA Lonnie Lincon (Michael Jai White)

And Hammerhead himself was the last to enter and he sat at the front of the end of the table with Tombstone on right beside him

Hammerhead: I appreciate you all coming. As most of you are aware.....many of our deposits were stolen. 78000$ and four drives containing ten millions.

Tombstone: I recon it's that wacked out white haired bitch the Kingpin used to make fool out of us.

Hammerhead: And her another figure. Weather it's her accomplice or not. This new son of a bitch is our main problem. Besides Spider-Man.

Maggia: More like Spider-Men. I heard on Jameson's show there's more than one now.

Don: Get out of town. I heard that was the Night Monkey and heard he made minipigs out of you clowns at ESCU.

Maggia: WHY YOU!

That Maggia goon nearly got up but Hammerhead slammed his fist forcing him to sit back down

Hammerhead: I didn't bring any of you to fight. At least that was the original plan. But now we're all desperate and that's how Spider-Man beat us before when Kingpin was running the town.

Don: What do you propose?

Hammerhead: Thanks to the arms dealing Tombstone has provided....we are able to blow these sons of bitches away. Spider-Man The Black Cat and this Green freak will be lying dead under our feat. Especially the products he picked up from Alcemax.

Maggia: How?

Tombstone: Alcemax is where I became what I am today. I been smuggling the products there to here for my boys they'll be more than enough to take out Spider-Man and those two thieving goons. When I ran shipping's for Martin Li we almost had it made....till he disappeared. Now Hammerhead has provide the solution and the weaponry....has never slowed down since.

Don: So what's stopping them from stopping that?

Hammerhead: My family was the wealthiest mob family in all of New York the family business has never been stronger. So rest assured....we will claim back what is rightfully......OURS.


All the Mobsters and goons were all startled out of their seats Hammerhead and Tombstone....looked more pissed but surprised that who came through the blown wall......

.....was the Goblin

Green Goblin: Hehehehehehehehe!

Don: Who the fuck are you?!

Hammerhead: He's dead! That's what!

Hammerhead held out a gun but Goblin's glider shot a blade knocking the gun out of his hands

Tombstone: GET HIM!

They nearly attacked but Goblin held out....a detonator

Green Goblin: Ah! Ah! Ah! Not so fast! Any wrong moves and I pulled this trigger and the bombs I planted all around this building it'll collapse on all of you before you can make it to the bottom flour.

Hammerhead: What the hell you want you green freak?!

Green Goblin: Freak? You're one to talk...."Hammy." I wouldn't be here if I didn't had to be.....but as it turns out......we're all in a predicament.

Tombstone: Is that so? You and that cat lady been stealing the drives and our money from us. So why should we hear you out?

Green Goblin: Well that's up to you rock man. I could always just detonate this place and I walk away clean.

Hammerhead: Make it good.

Green Goblin: You mustn't take things personally Hammerhead. I only needed the money to refund my own position in the city. Sorry I didn't ask wouldn't approve anyway. I am even have burglar problem and she stole your drives but I ask you.....why would you want those drives back....when I can give you something better?

Hammerhead: What can you possibly give us that makes you THINK we'd be interested in after you stole our money.

Gobby holds out something

Green Goblin: This. CATCH!

He throws it at Hammerhead and does catch it and what he threw him.....was a Sable Pistol from Sable Internationals

Hammerhead: The hell is this?

Green Goblin: Something that will make you more powerful than the Kingpin. Powerful enough the whole city will kneel before you like a king. It's a pistol from Sable Internationals.

Tombstone: Seriously? They pack the latest laser weapons!

Hammerhead: Indeed. Where the hell did you get this?!

Green Goblin: I have sources at Oscorp that have tie ins with them who they hired to fight off Martin Li and the Demons. I can get you more of them....make you all invincible as me. I just ask one thing in return.

Hammerhead: Well we can't pay you. Given you stole it all.

Green Goblin: Oh well you're in more luck the weapons are just as valuable as they are powerful. You can sell as many as you want as well use take the city.

They were all in thought mostly Hammerhead and Tombstone

Hammerhead then looked at the Goblin walked up to him who grew a smirk as he approached him

Hammerhead: What'd you want in return?

Green Goblin: The drives. You give them to me.....and the Sable weapons are yours.

Hammerhead: After you stole from us....why give these to us?

Green Goblin: Because....I can give you....TWO more things return.....I'll get rid of Black Cat for you.

He raised an eyebrow and seemed interested

Green Goblin: As for Spider-Man: He belongs to me. What happens to him is MY concern from now on. I'll keep him out of your way either if I kill him....or he joins me either way.....none of your men make a move on Spider-Man.

Hammerhead: Done.

Funny Hammerhead would accept Goblin's deal given Black Cat claims he has her son and forcing her to work for him so why want her dead you ask....well......if you haven't figured it out will soon

Hammerhead then handed Goblin a piece of paper

Hammerhead: This is the address to the Cat's penthouse. We were gonna make a move tomorrow night but....if you can get rid of that bitch for us....those goddamn drives are yours.

Green Goblin: Hehehehehehehe......

Alliances are some of the most slippery of unofficial agreements. But when push comes to shove, a common enemy is all that’s required to set even the most unlikely of adversaries on the same path.

And that spelled trouble for the veteran cat burglar, the latter of whom was actually catching a last few precious winks before preparing for the day.

She awakes to the steady patter of rain upon her windows, droplets yet to scatter the nascent rays of the rising sun. The sound brings a calmness to mind, a soothing melody, a natural lullaby. With eyes at rest, Felicia feels her center, living happily within herself for these blessed moments of solitude.

She would like to drift on calm seas, aimless as a child on summer vacation, paddling, at ease with the fluidity of time. But soon, she returns to the moment, the song of the rain becomes a fusion, birds bringing sweet high notes. In my mind's eye, she was with them, singing upon the rooftops, filling lungs with fresh air, watching the world come into focus.

And the focus was calling out to her, that battle cry to the heart of the warrior who defends for love, awakening to the way of the king. Simmering off of the left side of her bed, Felicia simply extends her arms outwards as a means to stretch out and loosen muscles.

Then came her calve muscles.

Her hamstrings.

Elbow joints.


Doing such became as much a part of her daily routine as stretching perceptions. Her brain needed to "touch its toes" as much as her body did; heists like this would do the bloody trick on her whether she put her best foot forward at this or not. But this one was especially important.

Four hard drives swiped directly under Hammerhead’s nose and the Maggia had been losing their shit over it ever since.

One more drive and she’d get her son back, and that meant the final phase of her plan would shortly be coming into play.

Stepping out the front doors of the penthouse, Felicia is quick to hang over the rails of the roof with one less chip on her shoulder. She turns a cold shoulder to the drizzle, for honeyed rain before a golden sun promises new rainbows to the day.

After today, she’d bring light to that statement.


Her eyes widen at the sound at first. She couldn't help but to perk a smile after a while, however.

Felicia: I do miss our chats.

Turning behind her, the sight of Peter on top of the roof was sight for sore eyes; one that she's gotten used to.

Peter: Do you mind if we talk like human beings for once?

Felicia: Dunno. This feels pretty human to me.

Going ground level again, Peter leaps off of the roof, landing hard before inching up to the rails, leaning up against them, keeping his distance from Felicia. He might be outgoing in the suit but even he had limits.

And even the former would be a sign that he was pushing his luck.

Peter: Listen to me. I know what’s on those drives—

Felicia: Brawn and brains. Took you long enough.

Peter: Look, I know you’re not going to give Hammerhead those drives. But I don’t think what you’re doing is any better.

Felicia: I couldn’t give a shit about what Joesph wants. I just want my son back.

Peter: That’s exactly my point! You can’t give him the drives but goading the rest of the families into conflict? Just gonna make it worse. Whether he gets those drives or not, your son’s gonna be another loose end to him no matter what you do.

For a millisecond, he wanted to cut off that segment of the conversation there, hoping that’d be enough to persuade her to drop this dense but hateful crusade.

Peter: Besides, Hammy’s not your only problem. There's a new player in town called the Green Goblin. He's behind the Oscorp board members' deaths.

Felicia: Never heard of him. He sounds jolly.

Peter: I wouldn’t have minded agreeing……except he almost BOMBED half of New York the previous night! I barely held him off king enough to get rid of those and not only that, what if your son could have been in one of those buildings?

Once again, she was brought back down to Earth.

Peter: You need to trust me.

Stubborn and determined are the same thing, passion, and obsession, single-minded and focused. So for anyone to see her in the light or the shadows, because what others see is a reflection of her own neurology? This was no edged sword; more like a tight rope balancing over a bottomless ravine

Empathic or cold?

She was determined, passionate, and focused. All of those are good attributes if you’re willing to see it through. And Peter caught ahold of Felicia’s eyes drooping.

Felicia: What do you suggest?

Peter: Stall them. Any way we can. Leave the Goblin to me; you and I will take Hammerhead together.

Felicia: Just one condition. I just want it to be you and me. Big red stays out of it.

Peter: It’s a package deal: you want me, you gotta deal with her too.….your son needs her as much as he needs us.

Even she admitted at one point: MJ wasn’t as bad as she gave her credit for. For once, she really wasn’t going to have to do this alone.

And one hand, she was thankful. But buried deep in her brain, Felicia knew the costs of even stringing out this conflict any further than it had to.

If this went wrong, neither of them would win.

Felicia: Alright. You got me on board.

Peter: Thank you. You won’t regret this.

Felicia: I missed you so much.

To Peter's surprise and....annoyance she placed her hand on his face looking at him with a flirty with a smile

Felicia: I'm glad we're back together.

Felicia would have kissed him there but to her surprise Peter forced her hand off his face like Felicia was being a best to him and looked at him in disbelief

Peter: NOT like that! EVER again!

Peter was true on his word he'd never love Felicia again and she gave him a mild grin and nod

Felicia: All cause of her right? Typical.

Felicia looked out facing the city

Felicia: Ok. You go find your green friend while I give us a couple days max. Right now Hammerhead has to believe I'm still working for him. So I still need to find that last drive. That'll buy us time.

Peter: You'll call me or MJ.

Felicia: Just you.

Peter: Felicia....

Felicia: Yes of course.

Peter: Good. Hey listen....I know this is a bad time but.....about your there any chance that I'm----

Felicia: Ben.

Peter: What?

Felicia: His name is Ben. I named him after your he'd have a part of you. I told him everything about you. All but Red and he looks up to you.

Peter's panic mode was setting on again

Peter: Oh god.....then....does that mean I am----

She put a finger on his mouth

Felicia: Later. Right now let's just find him. And when he's safe.....the three of us can talk about that.

She backed up from him putting on her mask giving her another flirty smile

Black Cat: Catch ya later Spider.

She grappled up and was out of sight a moment after and Peter nodded to himself in more of a panic

Peter: Uuuuuuuuge. MJ's gonna kill me.

Afraid MJ was the LEAST of both Peter's and Felicia's problems now for AT Felicia's apartment she wasn't there but who hovered down to her patio.....was the Goblin

He tracked her address given to him by Hammerhead and was there to kill her and for the drives she stole

Goblin used a device from Oscorp to unlock the door and deactivate any possible armed security systems probably how he got to Vargis without tripping anything

The locks were off and Goblin opened the door stepping off the glider still hovering and walked in

Green Goblin: Here kitty kitty kitty.

Like said she wasn't home but Goblin went to her desk hoping to find the drives but instead.....he found Felicia's journal

He got curious and took it opening and reading it

I almost got all the drives. Just two more to go. I know Peter will try to stop me but.....the fiction I told him I had a son who Hammerhead kidnapped was the only thing to keep him in line. I hate lying to him but knowing he'll never trust me again after I screwed up our relationship it was the only way. My father will never be at peace unless I steal the entire Maggia wealth and they're left with nothing. I promise Daddy our revenge will be ours by the time I find the last drive. I just hope Spider will forgive me for misdirecting him about the son thing. There was just no other way. Time to go.

Yes that's right! If you haven't figured it out before there's the truth Felicia has no son it was ALL a lie just to keep Peter at bay and set him and MJ against each other as a bonus if it took

And the first one to know about it.....was the Goblin he couldn't believe this Black Cat was THIS low to play Spider-Man like this and he chooses HER side than HIS? He was both angry and confused

But what confused him more.....who was this Peter she mentioned on the journal Goblin knew ONE Peter: Peter PARKER as Osborn did not take long for put the puzzle together

Green Goblin: What......but it can't be?! Peter....PARKER?! The Green Goblin's greatest a mere.....BOY?!?! IMPOSSIBLE! I---IMPOSSIBLE! ARRGGGHHH!!!! Ohhhhh......

Goblin dropped the journal as he held his hand and Norman's voice

Green Goblin (Norman): Peter Parker? He's a friend of my son Harry. How can-----how could he----ohhhh-----

And Goblin came back in control laughing

Green Green: Haaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! Shut up Osborn! I'm trying to think! From the journal Spider-Man and the Black Cat must have had some history long before our time. And given she could not ignore her true nature.....Spider-Man must have been played during this partnership. And now she is using.....a child that doesn't EXIST?! Oh Spider-Man I thought you were BETTER than that. Or should I call you.....PETER PARKER. I'm even MORE disappointed you of all people would trust a criminal who's played you God knows how many times.....than a REAL friend just like you picked that bumbling fool Octavius than Osborn.....especially Harry. Would pick her over him too?! Well now it's personal Parker.

Goblin left the journal on the flour walked out to the patio and hopped back on the glider

Green Goblin: You better grow eyes in the back of your head Spider-Man cause everywhere you'll look masked or unmasked: I'LL be for you little Kitty I'll be back for you. I have some arrangements to make first!

And he takes off


MJ gasped out of her sleep lifting up still bare shouldered it's like she heard the Goblin's laugh in her nightmares and when catching her breath she lifted the sheet up her shoulder and grabbed her robe from her stand

Coming out wearing it rubbing her face all tired hardly had any sleep if she did it was nightmares about spiders soon as she started brewing coffee she looked down to her hand

To the swollen spider bite...from last night

MJ almost forgot about it till she caught a glimpse of it even looked at both her hands getting the feeling again

MJ: Oh god......

Later after she was already showered and dressed she sat on her couch catching the news even Jameson's new update on the events that took place it turns out a new menace has threaten our fair city cause I was caught in the MIDDLE of it! This new called....The Green Goblin. Ha catchy huh? Made it up myself.

MJ: Jameson you liar.

All these creeps gotta have a name now. And as it turns out I seen this guy up-close. He was here in this very room and took me out for a flight hanging off a wire where Spider-Man happen to show up! And it turned out......he was helping the Goblin kidnap me!

MJ: What?? You lying slime ball son of a bitch!

But last night after my experience Spider-Man and the Green Goblin were seen through Central Park and Hell's Kitchen attacking the entire city! Joining us is an eye witness who witness the events herself. Maim tell us what happened?

Well I'll never forget it that's for sure. What happened was this Green figure everyone's talking about blown his way into the office and grabbed me and one of my co-workers and he took us out flying 30 stories above the ground. I swear I thought I was gonna die. I thought I never see my husband and kids again. And when he threw me I thought it so....until Spider-Man caught me. He saved my life.

WEREN'T YOU PAYING ATTENTION?! HE AND THE GOBLIN BOTH ATTACKED THE CITY! Oh sorry for yelling maim it's just I feel bad what you went through. I'm even on edge about it. But that's all the time we got on this update. JARED! GO TO COMMERIALS!

MJ scoffed and her kitchen phone ranged again and rushed over it after placing her coffee down and answered

MJ: Peter?

Sorry MJ it's me.

MJ: Oh hey Betty what's up?

Betty was at ESCU with Ned and they.....were puzzled....on what Ned is reading on a Daily Bugle article

Betty: Did you see the paper today?

No why?

Ned: This doesn't make sense......

The paper had a picture of Norman on it and the article said: Norman Osborn reinstated as Head CEO of Oscorp

Hard to say that surprised her.

The constant string of board members’ demises piling up all but guaranteed that Norman was going to get the unofficial vote to be reinstated as CEO; a potential decision that stunk worse than a phonebook in Tokyo. All strings attached, no detriment leeways or shortcuts.

Everything about this didn’t just feel wrong; it was effortless. Almost as if Norman himself was up to this every step of the way…..and that’s when the lightbulb clicks on up in MJ’s head.

For anybody who still doubted Norman’s tendency to be petty or overboard with every little thing, the Devil’s Breath pandemic was a full encapsulation on the unveiling of the former Mayor Osborn’s true character: a selfish, ruthless, arrogant, and corrupt businessman, craftily disguised behind a political mask, often spending money illegally for his own interests and abuses his position, violating citizens' rights to hire a private military group in place of the PDNY or carry out clandestine experiments.

Not batting a single eye to anybody well-being or even considering the consequences before he jumped into the deep end of the pool so it wouldn’t be a far stretch to assume the Goblin was all Norman’s doing, either another illegal experiment cooked up in the lab like GR-27…..

…..or if he was the Goblin himself.

The last option was stretched possibly way too thin for MJ to actually consider the option and yet, it was all that she could think about; almost blocking Ned and Betty out from the other side of the phone. Having almost toned out the rest of that conversation, she zoned back in.

And just in time too.

MJ, you still there?

MJ: Uhh, yeah yeah.

You didn’t hear what I just said?

Cause she was just about to get the worse of the news for today.

What do you mean? What happened?

Ned: Adrian Toomes passed.

Lost his battle with spine cancer from the Doc Ock collaboration. His wake’s in a few hours at the Greenwich Village Funeral Home, 199 Bleecker St. Will you make it there?

Once again, the conversation gets toned out with MJ hanging up the phone.

Not because she was too dumbfounded by the news being delivered but because the bloody bite on her hand started burning up again, as well as a massive headache.

And then there’s that sixth sense.

It was making her head pound she tried to lie down only for her cell on the coffee table

MJ: Uuuuge.....fuck me.

She reached for it the caller ID was Peter she sighed softly but answered

MJ: Peter?

Hey. How you feeling? I was worried when you cut off the other night.

MJ looked at her bite again and didn't felt comfortable telling him on the phone probably best they do face to face

MJ: I'm a little better....except....a headache....Peter.....remember when you told me that you got your powers from a spider with radio active abilities back in San Fransisco? Did you....ever get headaches from it?

Yyyyyyyeah? Why do you ask?

MJ: I rather tell you in person. Anyways....did you hear about the Vulture?

Heard it? I saw it. Liz called me down to the hospital when he died.

Peter: She's really broken up about it.

How come you didn't call me about it?

Peter you were......kind of mad about....that Felicia and son thing?

Right right.....I'll call Liz soon as my head stops pounding. Speaking of Felicia did you catch her and this....Green Goblin guy yet?

Peter: Goblin no. Felicia.....kind of. I manage to convince her to let us help her find her son. She's gonna stall Hammerhead long enough till we do.


MJ: Did she tell you yet if you're----?

She didn't say.

MJ: Of course she didn't. Look Peter.....I'm not judging or jumping to conclusions but....are you sure she's not playing you? I mean it wouldn't be the first time.

Peter: I understand where you're coming from and I had a feeling you might ask me that but.....I know Felicia. She's conniving and manipulative yes but....she wouldn't be working for someone like Hammerhead unless she Had to. Besides.....I rather not take chances case there is a missing kid out there.

Point taken. Well....if I were you I'd check with Ned....he and Betty caught something odd with the paper.

Peter: What'd they find?

Best you ask them it's shocking but....probably clue to our new friend. I'm gonna lie down Peter I really don't feel well.

Peter: Alright I'll check back soon.

The line cut and Peter soon took the subway to ESU and when he arrived minutes later Ned showed him the paper at his dorm and Peter was shocked....and puzzled

Peter: Norman's CEO again?

Ned: Unless I'm reading it upside down yeah. It doesn't make any sense why would they hire Osborn back with the Martin Li story now public knowledge?

Peter: I think that answer is simple Ned. All the Board Directors have been killed off one by one by the Green Goblin. With them gone....Oscorp needed Norman weather the city wanted him gone or not. So....guess if Oscorp had no one running be bankrupt.

That caught Ned in curiosity

Ned: don't think Osborn is involve with these murders do you? I mean you said that Stromm guy told you that Goblin freak was created in Oscorp?

Peter: He said he didn't know who did do have a point. Even Yuri suspects Norman has involvement. But....we got nothing on him it's possible he's a Goblin target too. I'll look into him later. Anyway did you track that license plate I had Karen send you?

Ned: Like a GPS. Want me to track it?

Peter: You or MJ....but first.....we need help Liz through this.

Peter picked up his cell making calls and as more minutes passed everybody from the previous Midtown High times gathered up well dressed Liz had them all in a van and they drove up..... MJ's apartment building

Peter: Thanks Liz....I'll go get her.

She nodded and Pete stepped out with Ned and Betty sitting behind them and Flash and Michelle in the further back

Peter came out of an elevator walked up to MJ's door nervous seeing his love since after their argument about Felicia and.....her made up son unknown to them still

When Peter knocked it took a minute but Mary Jane came out dressed but hair wet she literally just got out of the shower again given she overslept on the couch headache barely healed skin still burning up and her bite....still swelling

Peter: Hey.....

MJ: Hey.....

Peter: ready?

MJ: Yeah. Liz needs us to be supportive and...I'm the most supportive woman on earth.....or I try to be.

Peter: You are to me.

MJ: You're sweet. But let's go.

MJ lifted her hair up to tie it up but that's when Pete....noticed the spider bite and frowned

Peter: Hey....what happened?

MJ: Huh?

Peter pointed at her hand and she looked at it

MJ: Oh that's....what I want to talk to you about in person can wait. Liz needs us more.

Peter: Fair enough.

Mary Jane and Peter left in the elevator but outside.....from above we see them come out of the building and hop in the van and the camera rotates up.......

.....seeing The Goblin on his glider stalking Pete from above

Green Goblin: Hehehehehe....congratulations Spider-Man. Dealing with you just moved up to the top of MY to do list.

This was the exact ramifications that Peter’s secret identity dangled above the heads of literally every single person that came into contact with him. It put his Uncle Ben six feet under…..

…..submerged the legendary Iron Man…..

….reduced his Aunt May to a hospital bed…..

….and now this bubble was setting itself up to pop when met with the first needle it slid across with the Goblin’s prying eyes from a distance. How much more could Peter afford to lose?

A similar but recrudescing thought popped through Peter’s skull, his spider-sense alarming him of the possibility of a nearby threat approaching. He keeps his eyes poised behind the van and the nearest blocks behind them.

Above him.

By the next road.

The closest intersection.

Nothing revealed itself; so the odorless calming aura of the early morning could continue if only for a few seconds longer.

Peter was quick to scurry into the van with Mj shutting the door behind him. Sitting apart from Michelle, Betty, Ned, Flash, the only person in focus, Liz was the main attraction today and her posture in positioning let that be known.

Her left leg crossed over the other and hands intertwined but bludgeoned with the look of somebody whose mind has been completely empty, Liz let her somber ambiance sulk the mood and fragrance of the car for a few more precious seconds before she caught her own lacrimal glands secreting from her eyes.

Barely catching a tear trailing down, she doesn’t wipe away that clear expression of sadness and mourning of loss. She was proud to wear that type of mask today….

….in front of those who were as brave as her to take that pain and weaponize it for something greater.

Liz: Thank you all for coming. Hasn’t been easy.

Betty: Never was. But you need closure, so this was the least we can do.

Everyone else in the van either nods or gives a thumbs up.

But it wasn’t time to go just yet. Liz still had something on her mind to say.

Liz: Hey, this is random guys remember that trip we took to Staten Island one time?

Ned: To find the best pizza in town?

Flash: Ten-hour odyssey search for burnt toast with cold American cheese. How could I forget?

Liz: Something about…..all this hubbub with Norman and Oscorp, the Maggia…..some reason, it made that day come back to me—for some reason, Betty was so excited to ride the ferry, Peter wanted to take a ride to the park and bask in the scenery.....just made me think how simpler things were back then. No jobs, no supervillains, no intimate depression; we could throw away an entire day looking for bad pizza just because.....

She spoke out, like she was older than all of them like this age was where he was supposed to be.

Reminiscing her youth, THEIR youth with was fun, but she wasn't wishing to go back there. There was no chance in taking any of that back. Those were crazy times, anxious times, building a career, financing a home, the usual adult drivel.

Liz: Now it feels like if we take a nap, the entire world will collapse on us. Yeah, there’s no question this adult thing kinda sucks but the work we do means today’s kids can have their own Staten Island adventures.

The hectic life of toddlers had given way to the social whirl of teenagers but, in general, life, had slowed to a more sedate pace.

Peter: Kind of a circle of life thing.

Michelle: Yeah, circle of bad pizza.

This time, everyone in the van chuckles.

Liz: We can go, Ramon.

Ramon, said driver, eventually steps down on the pedal and the black Sedan takes off. Driving in the sunshine, the warm blacktop leading onward into the horizon, gave a sweet sense of freedom.

Unaware to anyone......the Goblin was not far behind them he hovered 10 stories trying to remain unseen as much as possible

During the drive everyone was quiet Liz was in shotgun with Ramon with Peter sitting with Ned and Betty and MJ with Michelle and Flash behind them

MJ was still holding her head that headache and the growing heat on her skin was getting bigger and bigger she couldn't focus which caught the first MJ's attention

Michelle: Hey Red. You ok?

MJ: Huh? Yeah just a headache.

Michelle: What you hit it with?

MJ: Nothing exactly. I mean....I think it's just a side effect.

Soon Flash caught into the convo

Flash: Of what?

MJ: Nothing major. I mean I've had sleepless nights. Being an associate editor has it's limits. I mean Robbie can get on my ass on the page one.

Michelle: Fair enough. You and Pete make up yet?

MJ: Make up?

Michelle Ned told us about.....the....CAT thing.

MJ: Oh....well....sort of.

Flash: What do you mean sort of?

MJ: We just talked it over not long ago so....we're back to baby steps and in the fact Peter is possibly a dad which I'm sure he'd be a great dad just....

Michelle: Hard you're not the mother?

MJ: might say so. But what's worrying me more....the possibility Felicia might be manipulating him.

Flash: If you ask me that Hardy chick has issues when it comes to Parker.

Peter: Who can hear you guys.

Michelle: Sorry Pete. Just being concern for you two.

Peter: Well do me a favor and keep your concerns on Liz.

Liz: Peter it's ok. I appreciate what you're all doing for me but we're always here for each other. Especially you.

Peter: Yeah well this day i about your dad.

Liz: Thank you.

Betty: Will we see your mom Liz?

Liz: Yeah we should. She'll meet us there.

The van was already through towns square when MJ sent a text to Peter

He felt his cell vibrate took it out of his front pocket and saw MJ's text

I'm sorry by the way.

Peter almost looked back to her and nodded by replying

Me too.

I still love you and I want you to know.....if Felicia's son is....legit yours.....I think you'd make a great dad.

I'm not ready for that.

Who is?

You sound like Liz.

Then it's probably true.

Let's talk about this when we're alone later tonight I got a lead I want you to fallow.

Sure. What is it?

Before Goblin went after Jameson I caught this license plate from the Maggia could lead us to her son. If not look up Ben Hardy. That's what she named him.

Ben huh? Like your uncle?


Hmm....ok just send me the tag number and I'll track it later tonight.


Peter sent her the image he took from KAREN's vision and MJ saved it to run it up later

Soon as the van reached Midtown Peter's spider sense went off and MJ.....look like she had a tingle like Peter which weird her out but both her and Pete looked around which concerned the people next to them

Ned: Pete?

Michelle: MJ?

Betty: What is it?

Peter: Know if anyone's fallowing us?

MJ: I'll check.

Mary Jane reached in her purse and pulled out EDITH putting them on and looked back behind the van

MJ: Edith. Commence scan.

The glasses made a scan at the traffic behind them nothing was out of the ordinary......until......

.....a pumpkin bomb was dropped behind them and BLEW the street causing cars turn back fast honk their horns and another panic took place with the crowd everyone was under shock regaining focus


MJ looked up zooming at the sky with Edith's visual POV and detected......The Green Goblin on their tale

MJ: Oh my god.....IT'S HIM!

And then came that laugh.

That coarser, hyena-like, maniacal gibbering cartoonish laugh you’d hear in any Saturday morning cartoon or see on the first page of the cliches villains handbook. If one were a betting man, that book would have this green bloke on the front cover so he’d immediately choke out every other word in the glossary.

It most certainly didn’t help matters that both Peter and MJ’s spider senses were flickering out like a faulty circuit board and going absolutely nuts; the latter of the two was being driven more insane by the sudden use of her sixth sense as a first-time use.

More than just the use of pumpkin bombs and the Goblin’s reappearance through the dark-orange cloud of smoke erupting into the clouds above forced MJ’s eyes and ears to widen.

Fires sparking out from the road.

Cars crashing and ramming into and out each other in a vain attempt to avoid the walking weapon in the middle of the street.

Pedestrians bouncing around creation, pushing and shoving around each other to get ahead.

Once again, on a day that should be nothing but paying tribute to one specific human being living or dead, a jackass decided to skip the formalities and just commence on the whole ‘Death do us part’ adage. It brought MJ back to a comment Peter made shortly after the bombing at City Hall.

“Are we in hell?”

Not yet. They weren’t willing to stay to find out.

Liz: Drive, drive, DRIVE!

Flooring his foot on the acceleration, Ramon is quick to propel the Sedan forward while turning the car towards the front right. Instead of just carelessly going straight forward and crashing into the car up in front, the strategy was instead to quickly dash off to the right and make the getaway.

Unfortunately, squeegeeing past now format cars stuck behind a red light wasn’t doing much for either of them. Let alone the one actively DOING the driving.

Liz and the rest refrained from screaming the drivers' ears off that the van wasn’t going anywhere, well aware that the empty cars in the way could possibly be pushed back and away with a little extra elbow grease…..

…..but the obvious Hail Mary death tallies from behind skyrocketing everybody’s fight or flight response wasn’t helping matters.

Flash, being the only one prepared, motioned towards his hip as he had a handgun burrowed towards his right hip underneath his dress coat. Not one to be outflanked, Peter was quick to slam his fist down onto his wrists, unlocking his retractable web-shooters….

….with no evidence of the driver having caught that.

Once more, the Goblin glider does its thing, firing an array of bullets amongst the crowd, filling the road with lead. More cars are totaled and destroyed in the process, causing more worry for all seven of them.

Finally, the cars ahead of them were pushed out of the way thanks to concentrated trail and error and Ramon rammed on through, blazing past the glaring red light and making an immediate drift off to the right.

While they all were now off to the races, it would only get them so far as the Goblin was quick to adjust the Glider’s speed and fly straight after them.

The story upstairs consisted of this for the next few seconds to minutes. Peter and the others having the driver constantly turn in and out of traffic, barely avoiding ramming into other cars in a desperate ploy to either confuse the Goblin or just lose him entirely.

If only they knew where to go from there.

Betty: Jesus Christ! Who’d you piss off now, Peter?!

Peter: Indoor voices please! Now’s not the time to be clamoring on when we’re about to die!

Ned: No chance at heading to the wake now!

He says as another explosion rocks them from the back of the van, an indication on just how close they were to being blown up at any second.

Ned: We should head back to the apartment!

Michelle: No you idiot! That’ll be the first place he’ll look for us!

Flash: I think I have an idea. I used to be a part of a homeless shelter on the other side of the city; shortly after I came back from the war!


Another explosion startles them, the endless supply of pumpkin bombs from the Goblin not even close to running out.

Now or never.

Flash: W 131st Street! Central Harlem! By the Apollo Theater!

Liz: Ramon, step o—

Words that quickly fell on deaf ears.

Even with a destination in tow and the road now clearing up for them to drive around as haphazardly as possible, the Green Goblin’s relentless barrage of attacks actually succeed in slowing them down this time; an endless barrage of machine-gun fire from the Goblin rains down upon the tarmac…..

….filling the inside of the van with lead. Flash and Peter are quick to re-arrange Liz and Betty away from the window while MJ and Michelle keep their heads down low. Unfortunately, two of the stray bullets of Gatling gunfire hits the driver Ramon both through the chest….

….and the side of the neck.

Blood quickly sprays out onto the dashboard and window as the driver quickly succumbs to his injuries. A few seconds of panic passing by with Betty and Liz almost screaming their heads off, the van is quick to lose control.

Begrudgingly, Liz had to push the body of her dead driver aside, resulting in her getting her hands dirty as she grips the ten-and-two position on the steering wheel.

Only problem is Goblin was still behind them, still firing and getting closer.


Peter: Yeah?!

Liz: I’m putting her on cruise! Take the wheel!

Peter widen his eyes

Peter: I don't have a license Liz....

Liz: No one will report you! Just take the damn wheel!

Peter moved up to the front over the driver's seat grabbing the wheel with Liz moving back with the Goblin circling back flying straight down with another pumpkin bomb

Green Goblin: HeheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Flash kicked the back doors open pulling out a pistol from his jacket loaded it up and pointed at the Goblin as he was zooming towards them


Flash fired at him and Goblin pulled up and glider deflected the bullets he even shot a blade knocking Flash's gun out of his hand and out on the road

Flash: SHIT! This is no good.

Peter: No doubt.

With Peter beside them everyone looked at him odd

Liz: Peter?

Peter: Yeah?

Liz: Who's driving?

Peter: Oh....uh....

Everyone looked back with Ned in front

Ned: What?

Everyone saw the Goblin hovering in front of them and all panicked

Everyone: NED! WHEEL!

Ned looked back seeing Goblin flying straight at them laughing


Ned jumped in the driver's seat having to push Ramon's body out the door and turned passed the glider

Green: Argh! You can run Spider-Man! BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!

He kept tailing them


On the other side police were on route

Yuri: We're traveling down....Main Street and uh.....make a right on the 125th.

Yuri hears a noise and see's the Goblin chasing the van and it almost hit them but the cop cars turned all at once to get out of the way Peter spotted Yuri in a split second as they passed them

Peter: That was Yuri!

Yuri came out running on the road



Ned: WHAT?!

Peter: DO IT!

Betty: No....

Flash: What?! Why?!

Ned did as Peter told him turning the last minute just when the Goblin flew over them and made a last minute pull back and the van went straight back Peter reached out the back grabbing the license plate off it ripping it off by his spider strength

Yuri: All units come in. Come in. This is Captain Yuri Watanabe----

Yuri soon saw both the van and the Goblin coming back and Peter positioned himself by the opened back doors with the plate and when Yuri jumped aside to avoid the van Peter threw her the plate

Peter: YURI!!!

Yuri didn't see him but heard him knowing that as Spider-Man's voice and looked up seeing them leave off with Goblin still on their tail

Yuri then finds the license plate on the curb takes it reading it and looking over their direction

At the Morales residence Ganke and Miles were in his room and it turned out Miles....looking into how to make a new design for a new suit and basically without KAREN they had to rely on basic stuff

Ganke: Miles....tell me again why we're making a new suit?

Miles: Well...I got an idea what I want my super hero to be. And this suit kind of doesn't match it so.....figure we make an upgrade

Ganke: And how come we can't ask Spider-Man about it?

Miles: Well if he knew what I was doing.....might complicate things. Plus I want to surprise him.

The police dispatch from Miles's dad's stuff came on as Yuri's voice spoke on it

All units the Green Goblin has been sighted in Harlem. He's tailing a van on 125th street. Track down the tag number I'm sending. I repeat the Goblin is in Harlem on 125th.

Miles: Goblin.....guess the upgrade will have to wait. Time to suit up.

Ganke: I'll monitor from here.

No time to organize, Miles just grabs his suit and is quick to jump out the window to hastily finish the getting ready process.

All bets would be safe on moving a few seconds faster however since there was still a homicidal maniac with a goblin fetish strapped to jet-boots and rocket launchers blasting West Harlem back to the Stone Age. Except the Green Goblin was having a little TOO much fun with this.

He had every opportunity to truly toast Peter right then and there and make mincemeat of the rest of his friends; every chance at eliminating the true competition was still very much up in the air and the challenge that Spider-Man provided for him over the past few days was an intoxicating mixture of adrenaline, sugar and Gatord that he didn't want to end.

The prospect of just finishing them off wasn't fun to Gobby. He enjoyed playing with them, enjoying their suffering.

Given Peter was back to sporadically jerking the steering wheel around hoping acting like a crazy person would buy them precious seconds, Flash once again had to resort to being the one to actually make a move.

At least he’s would’ve, had he paid more attention to his own hips.

He had two Guns on him the whole time; the other way being nearby in case he lost the first so when reaching time his other hip to get it, there was nothing there but the sweat dripping through his shirt.

To him and everyone else’s surprise, Michelle is seen double-checking the barrel and bullet chamber in a hurried manner.

Flash: How’d you—

Michelle: I know how to use a gun, Eugene.

To which she proves, kicking open the back doors again and firing off a few potshots off at the flying menace, most of which practically tripped on empty air. The few bullets that did count as a direct hit on the Goblin either bounced off his glider or did next to nothing, thanks to his skin.

Goblin: No toys for you!

Dashing forward, Goblin effortlessly pushes Michelle back with a single palm strike, her face bashing up against the back of the driver's seat, further scaring the pants off of Ned. Seeing as this jackass intentionally lowered up to the back of the van in active kissing distance for everyone to get a closer look at, his entire posturing charismatic but annoying aura just oozed arrogance.

Him holding out his hands to the side while wagging his fingers forward at Peter to ‘Bring it’ might as well have been a translation for Hit me with your best shot and don’t waste my time. He was actively BEGGING to be punched in the face.

Not willing to let that stand, Betty finally dares to do something and goes for a straight haymaker only for Goblin to punch her in the throat, immediately shutting her down.

Flash, again, tries to make himself useful, maneuvering around a despondent Betty so he could dropkick Gobby square across the face. All that did was leave Flash limping a little bit since both his prosthetic legs took the brunt of the impact and the emerald elf hardly even flinched.

Goblin just swoops in and grabs Flash by the neck, who immediately tries to break the grip by slamming both elbows down on his arms. When that failed, he decided to go low. But like a freakin’ Xenomorph with eyes in the back of its head, the golly green monstrosity quickly catches the first foot

Goblin: You should not be one to squander assets, Solider.

Flash: No no no no—!

Immediately, he finds himself taken off his feet with a massive back fist, the back of his head crashing against the van’s silky yet metallic foundation.

He hardly has time to recover before he realizes a wire is being tied around his left arm and Flash is just immediately pulled out of the back of the van. Liz and Betty are quick to grip ahold of whatever part of his body was closest to them but to no avail.

The strength differences between the two girls and the Goblin were absolutely pitiful, as he quickly shoos them off while yanking Flash away from them......

….at least until Peter made the save, tightening his grip around the other available leg.

Unfortunately between one superhuman pulling him from one side and another doing the same to the other like an inconsequential game of tug-of-war, the only downside is the crux in which they were fighting control over couldn’t support the two of them……

….especially since Flash’s right leg began to click loudly and detach a few notches, causing Peter to lose valuable finger space.

Flash: PARKER!


The effort waned slightly when MJ grips ahold of Flash’s other legs to help pull him back.


And some how both her AND Peter manage to pull him from Goblin's grip despite his strength which confused Pete making him look at her and she looked back at him and got pulled away when Goblin fired his rounds at them and were now nearing the Hutson

Green Goblin: Hahahahaha!!! The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the Goblin and squashed the spider down!

Goblin armed a rocket and was about to fire till......

Hey buddy elf!

Green Goblin: Huh?!

He looked to his left and Miles appearing out of no where swings in and kicks the Goblin off his glider and he falls off and lands on another car flattening it which startles the family of four in it

Woman: AAAAH!

Man: What the hell?!

The former Midtown High gang looked back and happen to see Miles swinging in behind them Peter mumbled Miles

Flash: Pete is that the Night Monkey?

Peter: What?

Flash: The Night Monkey from Europe during our trip there.

Peter: Oh well....not exactly....I'll tell you later but....that's a friend.

The Goblin recovered and he was....PISSED soon as he stood up from the top dented car he looked over seeing the family in there and the woman put on the child locks

Goblin smirked and turned away and pressed the center of his belt and the glider flies down and he hops on and tales back at them

Green Goblin: Hehehehehehe......

He zooms fast back at them and when Miles landed on the top of the van and soon saw him coming


He webbed zipped up towards him

Peter: Good luck kid!

Miles leaped up above Norman and he webbed swing kick him


Green Goblin: UGH!

He zipped back up from one hit and kick after another


Green Goblin: Oof!


Green Goblin: DAAH!


Then Goblin CAUGHT the neck

Green Goblin: Insect!

And he CHOKESLAMS him 5 stories and lands hard in the curb and the only thing damaged was his left big toe

Miles: Ugh....ugh......

Green Goblin: I don't know if that's your REAL kid or some sidekick either way he won't stop us from our destiny SPIDER-MAN!!

He zooms after them who barely got away Betty was scared stiff and crying in MJ's arms and Michelle rubbed her shoulder

MJ: It's ok Betty. It's ok Betty.

Flash looked back and saw the Green Menace coming for them again


Betty screamed as both Peter's and MJ's spider sense went off the wire......

......Goblin launched a rocket and it hit the back left tire which causes Ned looses control of the van and head for the water and......CRASH


Dipping into the drink, the van catapults into Harlem River, the 8-mile tidal strait between the Hudson River and the East River, and separating the island of Manhattan from the Bronx on the New York mainland.

Ned suffers immediate whiplash from the driver's seat once the hood of the van splashes down, slowly but surely submerging the rest of the car down into the ocean depths. The back of his head snaps up against the back of the seat; everyone else is pushed back to the very end of the van, practically stumbling over each other.

Any interior thoughts for the other to be knocked to not take in the magnitude of the situation they’re now apart of was immediately flushed alongside the rest of the inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance fluid that served as the fluid for all life on Earth.

They now were upside down with the water quickly filling in the van from the outside; the icing on the cake of being trapped in a car that’s turned turtle. It completely disorients the user, and makes escape next to impossible. It’s enough to make you have a permanent bottle of air and a sledgehammer next to you the next time you drive….

….and that thought wasn’t far from what the seven were thinking right now.

Everyone starts panicking almost immediately, scrambled yelping filling the air, and talking over each other frantically.

Ned: Shit shit shit! The hell do we—?!

Betty: Open the doors! OPEN THE DOORS!

MJ: Shoot the window out!

Immediately scrambling across the floor looking for the gun, there’s no traces of it anywhere.

Horrifically, the second gun fell out of the van shortly before they splashed into the open river. And that was technically the last weapon in Flash’s disposal.

Flash: No! I lost the pistol!

Michelle: Are you—how do you lose that?!

This went about for the next few seconds and it was purely chaotic. Crashing into the ocean only granted the inhabitants of the car a few seconds' notice of warning before the water eventually fills up most of the backseat.

Liz and MJ are quick to paddle away from the water only for it to balance out and quickly fill in the middle as well.

Peter noticed Ned was still rather fastened to his seat behind the steering wheel. Seeing as the water was quickly rising past their knees, tons of pressure were pushing up against them all, making it difficult to maneuver around in the inside of the car. Ned desperately claws against the window, his fingers sliding off the window buttons and the door handle.

Even resorting to pushing his boots back up against the wheel did nothing for his cause.

So Peter swoops in, gripping ahold of his seatbelt while yanking violently, trying to disperse the shift of momentum underwater. Another yank forward and he rips the seatbelt off of him.

Ned: Thanks for that.

Peter: Drivers side door isn’t gonna work. I’m gonna try for the passenger door.

Peter seemed to be the only safe bet for everybody in the van. As the only one with any superhuman abilities, the odds were high that he’d be able to cancel out the pressure from the water on the inside and out. And after a few seconds of pushing his elbow and left arm up against the passenger door, that appeared to be the case.

But Peter is only able to budge a few inches before he comes to a stalemate.

Even with superhuman strength, Peter could barely dent the passenger door.

Peter: I can’t open the passenger door!

Which was unfortunate, but made sense as they were still sinking.

Now the water was steadily rising faster, bubbling upward and upward, and staying calm was getting everyone more antsy and difficult to uphold that end of the bargain. It was taking for-bloody-ever for the car to just simply sink and just nosedive down to the bottom of the river, at least that’s what everyone else thought.

In actuality, it had only been a paltry 40 seconds; which Flash himself timed.

Further escalating matters, the only available air-pocket left in the van was barely wide enough to be able to hold them all in the same area for a dee more previous minutes, if they were lucky. Only Flash, Peter and Michelle had their heads as high up above the water as possible; Liz, MJ, Betty and Ned arose out from the depths to grasp ahold of the last strands of air.

Crowded, they were rapidly running out of time. Needless to say, everyone was in a hurry to just get the hell out.

Liz: Argh! How l—how long will the air last?

MJ: Maybe….just for a few more seconds but we HAVE to stay calm. Tense up anymore, the water will kill you faster.

Ned: Oh great, NOW I CAN RELAX!

Betty: Can’t we go back to the windows?!

Peter: No that’s impossible. That’s thousands of pounds of water preserving up against all that glass. I hardly cracked a dent in the door from the other side.

Michelle: Fuck. FUCK! If you can’t break through it, the hell are we supposed to do now?

That classic fight-or-flight response had well been activated minutes ago; hardly anyone was thinking radically or with a clear head and who could blame them?

MJ almost chomped at the bit to try and do something worthwhile in regards to helping out more than she did. It hadn’t only been a full day since she got bit by that spider and given the radical dissection of her sixth sense, it was now an alleged signed confession that she now had Peter’s powers or a good chunk of them.

The only downside to that is that she was still in the early stages. Her’s were sporadic.


Still evolving.

With no access to any doors or windows and with Peter’s powers surprisingly being unable to hinder the usual process of drowning to death, and MJ unable to unleash her full potential to speed up the procedure, there was only one noticeable option left.

And it wasn’t pretty.

Flash: We’ll have to wait.

As expected, nobody liked the sound of that, with only Ned turning back as a sign of obvious displeasure to the cause.

Ned: Tell me I didn’t hear that right?

Flash: Guys, think about it: we don’t have access to any doors within this car and Peter can’t do anything about that either. We’ll have to wait until the van completely fills up.

Ned: Are you serious?

Flash: I been in the army Leeds. I know how this shit works!

Peter: Flash is right.

Flash looked at Peter odd given that's the first time he's ever agreed with him their whole lives

Flash: Parker did you just....agree with me.

Peter: Given you're the expert in this I'll take any expert's advice.

MJ: Well how long will take?

Flash: Five hours or less.

Betty: You got to be shitting me Gene!

Suddenly they heard a thud on the van and felt it being lifted up Peter assumed it was Miles but soon as one of the back doors TORN off..... was the Goblin

Green Goblin: Hahahahaha!

Betty screamed as MJ held her with Michelle holding her shoulders and Goblin had his eyes on Peter remembering him....from Norman's memories

And both him and Peter locked eye contact with one another

Green Goblin: You're an amazing creature.....SPIDER-MAN!

Peter's eyes bolted up hearing that realizing the Goblin knows who he is MJ as well and everyone else

The Goblin reached out for Peter tending to grab him but Liz got on top of Peter and Goblin ended up grabbing her instead and he drops the van and they all scream and Peter yells: LIZ!


Only this time with a door opened it flooded rapidly and everyone flooded

When Goblin realizes he has the wrong person he was dissatisfied

Green Goblin: should not have interfered!

Liz: I don't....know how you know.....but....Peter will stop you....

Green Goblin: Oh...I'm counting on it my dear. I'm counting on it. Cause I'm actually trying to save him.

Liz: From what??

Green Goblin From that LYING MANPIPULIVE CAT!

Goblin taunted Liz with what he learned about Black Cat's actual plan and the missing son thing was all a lie

Miles sat up and felt his toe broken and he groaned in pain and looked over at the water and see's Goblin holding Liz up and the van sinking back down Miles was left to one choice.....

....either save Liz or save the others

But then again......

.....he wouldn't have to cause......

Liz: You mean....there isn't---?

Green Goblin: That cat thief is the REAL villain not me and he would choose her side over ME?! She let MANY die more than I killed. And trusting her again while using him...AGAIN over me....he will pay for it.....through your death.

Miles: NO!

And Goblin grips her neck CRUSHING her lungs with his bare hand and drops her

Miles web zips to them and Goblin drops her and flies away Miles catches her bringing her on land but....Liz Toombs....daughter of Adrian Toombs......was already gone

Miles learned it when he checked her pulse

Miles: No...NO!

Miles did not have time to grief or feel guilty the van was seeking fast and hard the water pouring on them Peter couldn't pull them out....not even MJ...if what is growing what we think is growing in her from.....her spider bite

Miles ran leaped on the edge of the railing shooting two web lines at the van and pulls them back to shore

It was heavy for the younger Spidey but kept pulling the van more and more and more and...MORE

And Miles finally manage to pull the van back up to land and the water poured out of it as it came back on the surface and all tried crawling out

The brave young hero panted and fell on his knees once Peter climbed out first and helped MJ out and they held on to each other while looking at one another and soon looked to Miles dropping down passing out tired from pulling them out

Peter: Miles!

MJ: Tiger!

Pete look to her hearing her still calling him her favorite animal

MJ: I'll tend to him you help the others out.

Peter nodded and went to help the others out and MJ ran to Miles tending to him pressed his neck and his pulse was wrapping from the tiredness he's under and MJ grinned at him

MJ: Peter was right about you.....Spider-Man.

Soon as everyone was out....Peter was the first to find Liz's body and gasped and ran catching everyone's attention even MJ's holding Miles and Peter held up Liz

Peter: Liz? LIZ!

He shook her but no response and pressed on her pumping

Tending support the best they could, everyone else associated with the former Allan Toomes rushed to their fallen friend too little too late.

Peter: Liz?

Peter again expresses concern, tapping on her neck and catching no pulse. Terrified of the possibility of losing yet another family member, he pants and breathes heavily, rapidly checking her vitals with no response and no success in finding a pulse.

Peter: No no no no. Please no, please no…..

Almost cracking under the pressure, this was an outcome he didn’t expect but damn well should’ve known would happen sooner or later. Saving everyone close to you was an endeavor impossible to live up to; no matter how careful you try to be. And even so, ‘try’ is a rather derogatory term in a world so fixated on the term’s ‘DO’ or ‘DO NOT’.

There was no try. Either he saved her or he failed.

As of this moment, he might as well have failed. Now the shadow of yet another Spider-Men’s failures casted a heavy dense cumulonimbus cloud over his head; Deja Vu. His only option at this discourse….

….was to eerily stare over at Miles, his head uncontrollably shaking with his eyes almost popping out his head. The light in his eyes now replaced with a confused glare and a temperamental flare, scaring the young Spider-Boy out of his mind.

Now was a wide enough bet for him to assume that he was going to get fired. Or worse.

Betty screams nearly on the verge of disbelief at the sight of Liz’s body. In total disbelief, she brushes Peter aside and scrambles to Liz's body. Immediately ripping off her suit, leaving her soaked white shirt to soak in the sun, Betty was not about to take this lying down.

Given there were no sounds of breathing, she positioned her hands, one on top of the other in the middle of the chest....and pushed hard and fast.

Using her body weight to help administer compressions at least 2 inches deep and delivered at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute was, unfortunately, a folly attempt.

Betty: Stay with me! You stay with me! Liz! STAY!

When bonds of love break we feel the devastation that of loss. She couldn't bring it to herself to admit that Liz was already gone.

Peter: No.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MJ cried with her arm around Miles who faced down

Miles: I tried to save her I really did....

MJ: I know honey.....I know.

Sirens approached

MJ: You better get out of here. We'll call you later.

Miles nodded and web zips away as minutes passed Liz's body was covered up on a stretcher and taken to an ambulance just with Yuri watching them take it away in disbelief

Yuri: Jesus....just when we already stopped the apocalypse....this happens.

Yuri looked over at the former Midtown High gang with familiarity.....and sympathy

Yuri: How are they?

Cop: In shock Captain.

Yuri: I would say so.

Peter faced down nodding not believing his first crush and oldest friend was gone too at the hands of his new nemesis.....who knows who he is

Peter: How did he find out....?

MJ: I don't know.

MJ was too puzzled on how she had a tingle herself before the attack thinking of possibilities after the spider bite but too busy helping Peter through it

Peter: It still shouldn't have been Liz. It should have been me.

MJ: No...tiger....don't talk like that again.

Peter: It was me he wanted....Liz shouldn't have.....someone should call her mother.

MJ: Pete I already made that call after Miles left.

It still didn't help him through this Betty kept crying and crying given she was the closest to Liz longer than the others with Ned comforting her

Flash was pissed.....he wanted to blast the Goblin's lights out

Flash: That son of a bitch isn't gonna get away with this.

He limps over to Peter and MJ who look over to him

Flash: Parker.....I want a piece of that Green freak when you catch him. By killing Liz he just killed a part of all of us. Now it's personal. Promise me.

Peter: Flash this guy isn't like the other super villains. He's a human plague. Almost bombed half the city. I'll find him and he'll answer for all the innocent lives he took. Including Liz.

Flash: This is our fight now too Parker. You need all the help you can get.

MJ: Much as I agree on the term Flash Peter's right. This guy is too much for us to handle with our bare hands.

Flash: I didn't mean bare hands. I'm a soldier and I can get a finest to hunt him down under Police authorizations.

Peter: You can discuss that with Yuri.

Flash: Who's Yuri?

Peter: Ask her yourself.

They looked back to see Yuri coming up them and Flash happen to remember her a little way back in their....last Summer Tour

Yuri: Listen you all....I offer my condolences for your loss....we'll catch the bastard who did this I give you all my word.

Everyone nodded

Yuri: I know any of you?

Flash: Flash Thomson. Marine specialist.

Yuri: Oh're one of the----Midtown High Field Trippers from the San Fransico events 11 years ago.'re.....

She looked directly at Peter who felt awkward around her given this is actually the first time with her without in suit and as himself and Yuri....didn't really recognize Peter

Yuri: are?

Peter almost blurt out but had to change his voice a little given....he always used the same one around her as Spider-Man

Peter: I'm---uh.....

MJ: He's Peter Parker. My photographer.

Yuri and Peter looked at MJ odd

MJ: Captain Watanabe? Mary Jane Watson: Daily Bugle.

Yuri: The reporter?

Mary Jane: Asociate Editor. You a fan?

Yuri: No.

MJ wasn't taken aback too much to know Peter's ally in the force wasn't a fan of her not like she was of the Spidey and Cat shippers but Pete did realize she was covering for him

MJ: Well you might change your mind if I tell you....that I too work with Spider-Man too occasionally. In fact I called him when he and the other Spider-Man pulled us out of the water.

Yuri: You're one of his sources like that Leeds guy? I can't believe he'd trust reporters.

MJ: He's a fan of mine.

Yuri: That makes sense. Well you all stay put for a bit my officers will have some questions for you all. I need to make a call.

Yuri turned away dialing on her cell and Peter's cell vibrated it was Yuri....calling Spider-Man fast thinking Peter leaped up while Yuri's back was turn and answered the call at a distance

Peter: Yuri what's up?

The Green Goblin has struck again. He's taken another innocent life. A civilian this time.

As upset he was for Liz he still had to act out for Yuri

Peter: Wh---who was the casualty?

One Elizabeth Toombs.....daughter of our old friend the Vulture.

Peter: My god.....

If this guy thinks it's bird season he's got another thing coming. By the way you're friend the reporter who just told me is in contact with you said you and that other Spider-Man chased him off. Please tell me you caught him.

Peter: I want to. But the guy is a squid. But I think I got another lead on him. But first did your men interrogate the staff at Oscorp?

We did. But it was a dead end.

Peter: Well let me track the lead let you know what I find.

The line cut and as Peter saw the ambulance Liz's corpse was in he faced down remembering what Flash said....and he was right....the Goblin DID kill apart of all of them by killing her but knowing he can't beat this guy in his average position he sighed and.....

....scrolled down his call list and.......

looked at Morgan's number

I’ll be in the city for a while. If you ever change your mind, just give me a call.

Those were her exact words the last time they talked. If only Peter took into account just how quickly he’d be left reconsidering that very offer the next time he’d be out on the field yet again. Balling up his fists and his veins popping out his skin, the normally level-headed wallcrawler was now reduced to a hesitant but clearly evident boiling point.

And it’s the worst he’s been through yet.

He keeps losing people, losing trust in others, losing confidence in his own skills and abilities and whether in his ballpark or not, the reality of long term superhero work continues to deteriorate him from the inside-out.

How much more could he afford to lose?

Reaching for his phone yet again and still swiping up and down past Morgan’s contact, contemplating the choice he knew full well he wanted to make, denying what he now wanted was hard to ignore. For once, he almost found himself agreeing with Flash yet again.

But for all intents and purposes, revenge was still a fool’s errand. Burrowing that animosity beneath the surface, he has to trudge through even pressing the contact button and allowing the dial tone on his phone to ring through the other side.

The instant Morgan picks up, he goes straight to business.

Well, this is interesting. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting a call to be this soon after we left the other day. But hey, I got—

Peter: Save it. Look, sorry to make this blunt right off the bat but I’m stuck in dogshit and I need your help. How fast can you get the lab re-opened?

Perpetual silence clouds the line on both sides. If only Peter could see the uneasy but heartfelt smile perking up Morgan’s face. While it’s true that Peter probably wouldn’t even be calling her even if it wasn’t this serious, from the conviction in his voice alone…..

….she knew he was serious. And she was happy to help.

Awww, big brother. I knew you’d come around.

Peter: Yeah well....that's cause I'm desperate. Hammerhead kidnapped a kid and this Goblin guy has enough blood on his hand and as I hate to admit it......I need that lab.

I'll start making calls. When do you want me to start?

Peter: At once. If it's not too much to ask.

Never. I'll get on it.

The line cut Peter still wasn't thrilled about this feeling he can never get away from Tony even in death but with out of options.......he looked back to the others as Michelle sat there on the bench and MJ came upon her

MJ: MJ? You ok?

Michelle: It's Michelle now remember?

MJ: Even having the same nickname is what made us besties.

Michelle: The MJ sisters struck again.

MJ: It's ok you know.

Michelle: What is?

MJ: We're all grieving for Liz. It's ok to let it out.

Michelle: I'm....I'm fine.....

MJ: Michelle.....Let it out. Just for today. Don't be you right now. Just let it out.

Michelle tried to hold back still but given she never denied the 2nd MJ anything and....did let out her grief and MJ comforted the first MJ as she cried

Meanwhile the Green Goblin flew back towards Oscorp

A hatch from the inside opened and the Goblin slowly hovered in attaching the glider on it's stand and soon the Goblin hopped off it and fell....on his knees

He started yelling like all his bones were breaking all at once

His green skin begin to shift to regular skin his yellow eyes changing color and chin and ears shrink painfully and the shifting Goblin crawled to the flour dialing a code on the key pad to the contract deques labs where Stromm was on his desk seeing him still shifting painfully

And soon enough....he was just Norman in purple armor and boots ad gauntlets and he was still yelling in pain and dropped flat on the flour soon as his transformation ended and Stromm rushed at him

Stromm: Mr. Osborn? Are you alright?

Norman responded with painful grunts and Stromm helped him up as minutes later Norman was sitting on a table Stromm gave him water and pain reliefs and of course.....he protests again

Stromm: Mr. Osborn this process is becoming an addiction. It's already damaged your mind to have memory loss and now....a lot of blood has been spilt.

Norman: Well now I know how Otto felt during his....mood shifts. What matters is Oscorp is back in our hands.

Stromm: But at what cost? Police are already getting suspicious they questioned the entire staff.

Norman: They couldn't make a move if they tried. Besides if I hadn't done this Harry would die. Has he make any progress?

Stromm: Um...some.

Stromm thinking back when he called Spider-Man and told him Goblin was made here which drove the Police to them but found nothing still he gave Norman a wide pad showing him Harry's results

And whatever they been doing to fix Harry which Norman likely funded with Hammerhead's mob money it had already started making positive results

Not that Harry was cured yet but already on the first step

And for the first time in awhile Norman smiled he had all his power back and it was looking possible his son might make it but question long would it last?

His process has already drawn the wrong attention and Spider-Man was now on his tail and knows he practically has his address at Oscorp but Norman wasn't that worried at least....the Goblin in him wasn't Norman be lying to himself if he wasn't worried at all he was really

But not Goblin


Around noon Morgan had already made some calls to get her family's attorney to make legal rights on the old Octavius Lab

There were several refusals but Morgan would not give up no matter how long it took to get the legal rights which took days

During those days Betty and Michelle wanted in on the action like Flash and were promised by MJ and Ned mostly they keep them in the loop

Peter even was proud of Miles for his tempts despite the tragedy Miles felt bad he couldn't save Liz but to not make him feel more bad Peter finally turned off the training wheel protocol on his suit and KAREN was activated on it mostly for keep tabs on his progress with it mostly

But after another day of Morgan getting decline that's when she called her family's lawyers and they manage to win over the legal terms on the lab given Tony had the most powerful attorneys in the world sure they tried to decline them too but lost over the lawsuit after one sign of contract curtesy of Morgan Stark

Her first official legal right and bought off the lab

Near the end of the week Morgan called Peter and MJ over to the lab and when arriving near sunset Morgan was so excited what she's been doing with the place as Peter was already wishing this was already over given this place was giving him flashbacks of Otto the minute he walked in

Morgan: You guys are gonna love this. In fact it's gonna make your jobs much easier.

Peter: We do appreciated. Just....never thought I be back here.

Morgan: Don't worry....all of Dr. Octavius's things were all cleaned out before I came here.

Morgan then showed them a voice pad speaker by the door

MJ: This voice pad?

Morgan: Not just any voice pad. A password voice pad. I gave you two Ned and this....Morales kid you told me about each a password.

Peter: Let me guess: You gave me Underoose.

Morgan: Nope.

Peter: What then?

Morgan: Who painted the Mona Lisa?

Peter's eyes widen the answer made him think of his Uncle Ben

Peter: Michaelangelo?

Access: Granted. Welcome: Peter Parker.

Pete was just amazed and touched that Morgan really understood how he feels for his Uncle Ben given he told her about him one time and that's what Ben nicknamed him cause when Pete was ten he liked to paint and they always paint their kitchen every year

The door unlocked an Morgan opened it and when walking in......

....the lab was extremely different than it was last time Peter was here

It was more cleaner and the power was running faster than 100% the backrow had new technicians of Spidey gadgets the main computer showed surveillance of the city and tech designs of new Spider Suits and Peter and Otto's old offices.....were now bedrooms case they need to sleep there

Morgan made a separate bedroom for Miles but gave Peter and MJ....the SAME room given she's clearly the biggest Peter and MJ more than the Spidey and Cat shippers

MJ: Morgan this....this place is amazing!

Morgan: I knew you were like it. The main computer monitors everything around the city linked to every signal around it you'll be able to hear cell phone conversations police dispatch anything.

Peter: Wow....

Morgan: Even made you guys a kitchen for coffee in the morning or if you want breakfast here.....which was here before but cleaned up more.

MJ: Honey I am so impressed.

Morgan: Well you'll be more impressed I turned the old offices into bedrooms. The one in the yours and Pete's.

That put Mary Jane and Peter in a.....award surprise given Morgan gave them a room to sleep in.....together

Morgan: The other for your sidekick big brother.

MJ: This---this wonderful Morg. You really been busting your ass with all this haven't you.

Morgan: All week yeah.

MJ: Well I will say....your father would be so proud.

Morgan: Thanks MJ.

She hugged her and both the girls looked at Pete who was just silent observing the lab

Morgan: Big brother? What'd you think?

MJ: Tiger?

Peter looked over them and nodded to them

Peter: It''s great I'll admit. Morgan this....was really more than I can ask for. In fact this will get me by on my patrols and will help me catch Gobby.

Morgan: Gobby?

Peter: My nickname for the Goblin.

Morgan: Ahh.

Peter: Anyway this weekend after F.E.A.S.T. I'll bring Miles here and...maybe you can meet him there. First I'm gonna call Ned here see if I can get him to track the License Plate.

Morgan: Course big brother. I'm excited to meet him myself.

Pete smiled and as MJ and Morgan talked Peter called Miles

At Midtown High Miles was there for the Basketball competition and his cell vibrated and he looked at it to see Peter's caller ID and answered

Miles: Hey Pete. What's up?

Just thought I tell you Morgan finished the lab and wanted to tell you we bring you over this weekend after FEAST.

Miles: Great I can't wait to see it. Listen....I got some school work going on. Cool if I call you back?

Not a problem. Got a track a lead anyway. See you this weekend kiddo.

Line cut off and Miles felt dumbfounded to hear Pete is on a lead he could have asked whil on the phone with him and felt stupid

Miles: Damn.

Miles moved up the stairs stubbing his....INJURED toe from the Goblin before on the step and hurt like hell

Miles: AH! DAMN!

Seething in his brief pocket of pain and anguish, Miles could almost feel his toe itching to just break off from the rest of his leg; an eerie terrifying sight to have to witness firsthand.

His fingers and palms almost lodged against the corner of the doorway, Miles restrains his hollowed breathing for a few seconds and slides his foot away from the door as slowly as possible. The pain still rang through his toe and the entire remains of his foot so it did no such good.

Just having to look down at his might-as-well-be handicapped foot and having to limp his way out to the gym was insufferable enough because he was in so much pain. But it wasn’t just that, was it?

Despite releasing the Training Wheels protocol on his new suit that Peter specifically built for him, not so much as a peep from him about any new missions or clues or so much as asking him for help. Busy bees will normally make time when due but Miles couldn’t help but feel more neglected than usual when it came to how Peter was handling this.

As if the empty hallways echoing the muffled sounds of screams and cheers from the gym didn’t spell out how barren and awkward he felt.

Part of him couldn’t help but wonder whether the Goblin attack truly soured over the bond between them, especially after the death of Liz. His best wasn’t good enough to stop Gobby from taking away Peter’s first real crush and despite him actively MJ telling Miles that it was ok….he couldn’t trust if Peter felt the same.

It had already been days and he hasn’t talked to him about it ONCE.

Miles: I will prove myself to you.

A signed confession to himself that if Peter, again, wasn’t going to give him anything to do, he’d create his own trouble to make him notice. But he did promise to keep himself focused on school in hopes that Peter would stick to his promise. Needless to say, it was a long and strenuous process.

Finally, after barely sulking and limping his way to the gym with an accidental bounce in his step, Miles found himself lucky to still be in the presence of an actual basketball game, an overly long, plodding experience which had glacial pacing, no standout or memorable moments to set them apart and often shot itself in the foot for long stretches of padding.

The players barely exerted the bare minimum to carry the rest of the game for everyone else and the opposing team was beating the home team 46 to 30.

Half time and the 4th quarter is when the crowd actually cared to wake the hell up but it did nothing to take away from a two to three-hour experience that ended up being really tedious and really boring.

Thank god Miles missed most of it since boredom is a drug very few people wake up from.

But wouldn't count him out of it completely given he was too busy to make the game he was nominated but to be part of the team but as you can guess....Miles blew it off to wait for more Spidey adventures

He would sneak off again but given Peter activated K.A.R.E.N. on it day after Liz's death Miles knew Peter would know given the tech on their suits are linked so....Peter had Miles monitored so he'd have to hold his part of their deal Pete would only keep him in the loop ONLY if Miles monitors unless Peter really needed him like he did when the Goblin chased them

So Miles was stumped

When he walked up to the bleachers he met up with Ganke on the top of the right side

Ganke: Hey there you are. I figured you were doing spider stuff.

Miles: I wish.

He sat with Ganke looking at his phone looking at his texts with Peter and hardly any knew ones

But Ganke happen to move over to see Miles and saw who he was texting

Ganke: Who's Peter?

Miles: Huh? Oh....the guy who got me in F.E.A.S.T.

Ganke: Does he know Spider-Man?

Miles: No! I mean---not entirely. Look I told you Spider-Man doesn't tell me who knows him. I'm still in training with all this so there's still a lot I don't know.

Ganke: Sorry.

The game went on as the score went up from Home: 15 Guest: 20 and soon Kate appears behind Miles and Ganke as she leaped over the rail above the bleachers and land hard on her feet startling the two

Kate: Well look who's a sight for sore eyes.

Miles: Kate?

Kate steps down beside them and sits with them

Kate: I'm surprised you're not out there with there playing.

Miles: Work kind me away from it.

Kate: Makes sense.

Miles: By the way, what are you still doing? You don’t go here.

Kate: From one Avenger to….

She nonchalantly shrugs and motions Miles in front of him, given what she told him the other day and vice versa technically led them into the same trajectory together.

Kate:……an honorary one, it helps to keep an eye out on teammates from time to time. Worked well with me and Clint.

Not exactly helping with his confidence there, but Miles couldn’t help to nod in agreement. The sentiment behind all of that was still there after all, right?

But maybe it would’ve been best if Kate stopped talking because now Ganke was getting too curious.

Ganke: Wait, I’m sorry. You worked with Clint Barton? The original Hawkeye?

Kate: Yep.

Ganke: Wait, Miles never mentioned you.

Miles: Oh god, not now.

He just covered up his ears and faced down. Even having to hear Kate blab about how she was working with an Avenger that one time was bound to give him nightmares. All he wanted was his little taste in the spotlight….

…and all he gets is a hypothetical carrot dangling in front of and behind him.

Don’t help that neither of them would stop talking.

Ganke: I’m sorry, you took down who?

All Kate had to do was mouth Kingpin.

Kate was about to reply till....

Hey asswhipe!

The three looked down to see some guy getting on to another and he had a hell of mouth

Trash Talker: You fucking with me right now?! I thought I said get me my fucking pot! Where's my goddamn pot you sorry sack of shit?!

Guy: Sorry I couldn't get them.

Trash Talker: Oh you're gonna be sorry you little prick!

Miles wasn't gonna let this guy keep on he marched down with Kate and Ganke little worried and just when the game ended Miles pulled the trash talker back who looked back at him with a taking back

Miles: Leave him alone buddy!

Trash Talker: Oh that's funny. You're gonna look more funny with your fucking teeth shoved down your throat and shit them out of your ass.

Miles: You got a big mouth. I mean what good does it do you? It's only gonna push you down the gutter.

Trash Tracker: That's it you little shit. You're about to have yourself an accident.

The guy took a swing but Miles ducked by his spider sense he took another swing but this time Miles countered him and twisted his arm behind

Trash Talker: AHH FUCK!

His shout caught half the crowds attention even the coaches with Ganke and Kate coming down

Miles: Next move's on you pal. But I wouldn't start anything I can't finish if I were you.

Coach: Morales! What's going on here?

Miles instantly let him go and the Trash Talker pointed at him

Trash Talker: This little wimp attacked me for no reason Coach!


Suddenly the guy Miles stood up for stood up and return the favor

Guy: No Coach....Morales here was just standing up for me. He was taunting me.

Trash Talker: Why you---

Coach: You....get out of here. I'll expect you in my detention first thing in the morning.


Coach: Just for that earned a whole semester of my detention.

The Trash Talker couldn't believe he wasn't winning this he stormed out as the coach turned to Miles

Coach: Morales. I respect you standing up for friends I just hope you know this grounds you in my detention too.

Miles: I didn't really fight him......

Coach: You did grab him aggressively. But.....I'll let you off the hook just this once. But this happens again it's on both of us.

Miles: Yes sir.

The Coach let him be and the kids at the bleachers applied for him more than the winning team and from there looks like Miles became the new popular kid in MTH

Later when night fell Morgan left for the night and MJ went to track down that license plate from before as Peter was already suited up on the roof of the lab

Spider-Man: Being back here sure feels weird. I just hope Morgan's right about this place. If this helps me stop Hammerhead Felicia more importantly the Goblin......I'll send her a thank you card. Meantime.....before I go on patrol.....I need a pick me up. Karen? Call Eddie's pizza.

Calling: Eddie's Pizza.

Eddie's Pizza. This is Larry.

Spider-Man: Larry! How's it going it's Spider-Man.

Spidey! My favorite super hero. You sound hungry.

Spider-Man: You know it.

So what will it be the usual?

Spider-Man: You bet. But extra pepperoni.

I'm on it. You still on roof top delivery?

Spider-Man: Yeah. What can I say? I'm a Batman fan.

You and me both. So same rooftop as before?

Spider-Man: Yes please. You'll find your money above the door it's a large web you can't miss it.

Appreciate it. I'll have it ready in 10 minutes.

Spider-Man: Thanks Larry. You're a life saver.

Nah that's your job. But if you like give us a shout out on social media? Helps with the business. In return I'll tell Jameson to stick it.

Spider-Man: Will do. And just remind him I saved his sorry butt from the Goblin. Later Larry.

The line cut and Pete swinged away meanwhile MJ road by to ESU to where she met Ned outside for the Maggia license plate given to him by Peter

Ned: Here's the address.

He sent her a text of it.

MJ: Excellent.

Ned: Listen....I been keeping tabs on that plate for weeks and it's always been driven into Maggia territory. I recommend you let Pete look into it or at least wait for him.

MJ: I'll call him. I promise.

Ned: Well in that case.....take this with you.

Ned handed her his taser he took from Norman's penthouse when he and MJ snuck in to find the location of the Anti-Serum for the Devil's Breath

Ned: This bad boy packs 12 punches at once. I used it on Sable's boys back at Osborn's penthouse. One shock they're out like lights. But make sure you sure you hit them from behind. It's purely a stealth weapon.

MJ: Got it. Thanks. Meantime Ned.

She hugged him goodbye holding up her phone to the plate tracking it when putting on EDITH

Ten minutes later Peter arrived at the rooftop where he ordered his pie with it waiting on a folding chair with a note from Larry

Thanks for choosing Eddie's Spidey! Enjoy. Curtesy your friendly neighborhood Larry.

Peter chuckled Larry using HIS pickup line and took the box carrying it to the edge sitting on it and opening the box to heavenly made pepperoni pizza that makes you drool every time you order pizza Peter was just in utter excitement he forgot his troubles even help MJ track that lead

Spider-Man: Oh ho ho ho.....I LOVE you.

Pete pulled off his mask

Peter: But now....I must destroy you.

Hey, even superheroes need an off-day every once in a while. Hardly getting any rest, hydration, stretching, carbs or calories in your body for days on end? That wasn’t going to fly.

And who’s to say Peter was even that hungry? Maybe this was just another way in which he could avoid bringing up the fact that literally another friend close to him just died and all he wanted was to find something, ANYTHING to take his mind off that or, worse of all, direct any of that attention towards Miles. Burrowing all that restraint and self-pity down on an empty stomach?

Didn’t seem any better. Especially if it meant neglecting his duties.

Thankfully, that’s why this was a partnership.

Having successfully called an Uber and taken a ride into town, MJ was hot on the trail of the license plate she and Ned had to run. Turns out the license plate traced the truck back to a cold storage building that had since been shut down shortly before the New Year kicked in.

Both Ned and MJ had to double-check the license plate number because neither were even sure it led to a place that existed. But lo and behold, there it was, in plain sight. Seemed a little too inconspicuous from a broader standpoint, seeing as it led MJ to the Upper West Side of New York.

Felt only fair to update him on progress. One phone call away.

MJ: Hey, Peter.

Oh! Ummm, hey…..

Admittedly, she was taken aback by Peter repeatedly scarfing down on large portions on the other side of the phone. The first time in a while he was showing off his rather large appetite on the job.

But it wouldn’t last. Hopefully.

MJ: Having a good meal?

Hmm? Oh—y-yeah. What’s the story upstairs?

MJ: License plate was legit. It leads back to a storage company led by one of Hammerhead's old friends. Turns out Lonnie Lincoln’s still got his knuckles buried deep into his empire.

Argh. Grhmp. Of course—Mhm—Tombstone would be involved.

MJ: Let’s save him for later. Don’t wanna get my hopes up but maybe Joseph slipped. I’m there now.

Oh! Hmph, wait! I’ll be—o-on the way there. Hold on.

MJ: Just let me know when you’re on the way.

She reluctantly hangs up and walks towards the back end of the cold storage building.

While not disappointed with Peter’s lack of transparency in his appearance, the situation that he may or may not be officially directly linked to meant they had to have eyes in the back of their heads at every turn now.

Hammerhead’s losing his shit, the Goblin has killed half a dozen people already and Felicia is still looking around for potential hiding places, still stalling Hammerhead for time in the hopes of finding her lost kid.

Here, MJ hoped that maybe she wouldn’t have to wait for Felicia to send them a tip. With some timing and a little luck, it was possible that Ben could very well be placed here so she could put all this to bed and just move on.

She is able to spot an entranceway…..through a barbed-wire fence.

Barbed wire is an essential ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ everyday object that needs no introduction, try as they might. The fence only had one noticeable feature sticking out outside of petrifying along a wall of graffiti and a few cardboard boxes: that blocked off a small opening on the left corner of the building.

“Too easy”, MJ lamented, simply pushing the wooden planks off to the side, giving her enough room to squeegee her way into the building.

Or so it would’ve seemed. The opening simply led to the compound connected to the building, still perched on the outside. And since the license plate led back to here,!it only meant one thing: heavily guarded.

MJ: Ok, MJ. Get in, find Felicia’s kid and get out. But—but what I do if it looks like Peter?

Many thoughts were spilling in MJ's head a well as many possibilities

MJ: Mary Jane stop being silly. Actually...stop letting those shippers get to you.

She moved over a piece of wood blocking the way and crawled away as she couldn't stop talking to herself

MJ: Much as I find it weird with Pete being a dad....without me being.....

Of course MJ was more down that she wasn't the mom only it's still unknown to her there is no missing boy from Back Cat and Spider-Man all but the Green Goblin

MJ: I can't imagine what's really like for him. I mean...I know he'd be a great dad and even if I'm not the biological mom I them both no matter what.

Yes MJ loves Peter enough even if he had a kid not from her she'd treat it as her own and given she was here to either save him or find any lead on him nothing would stop her no matter how much she despises the real mother....if she was a mother

Soon enough she moved forward enough to over hear what the Maggia were saying

Maggia # 1: All that stuff about Hammerhead forming a truce with that green freak. It's just hype.

Maggia # 2: Yeah well since that Cat bitch has been swiping things from us guess boss got desperate.

MJ: What are they talking about? Goblin and Hammerhead are working together? Hardy must have really pissed them off to do so. And if so Goblin must be after those drives too.

MJ soon spotted a pile of money

MJ: Holy...shit...that's a lot of money.

MJ took out her camera and took a picture

MJ: Looks counter fit.

She moved along sneaking pass even tasering some Maggia with Ned's taser to get by still no sign of....the none existing boy

Soon enough our red head heroin came across a Maggia talking to one of Tombstone's guys

MJ: I should get a picture of those guys. If the Bugle knows Tombstone is working for Hammerhead it might build a case if it goes south.

She took the picture and all of a sudden....her MJ tingled went off since the Goblin chase

Another Maggia was coming from behind her and MJ thinking quickly....suddenly moved....automatically leaping STRAIGHT up as he walked by

MJ found herself.....sticking on a Peter


MJ now knew for sure that spider bite was no ordinary one.....that spider was from Norman's lab that was on her the whole time and had a feeling possibly....that's how Miles got his powers

MJ didn't had time to freak out yet she heard a phone ring near the Maggia and the Bikers

Maggia: All day with this goddamn phone! Get back to work! No more slacking off!

Soon as they left MJ slowly crawled back down still freaked out how she stook on the wall but soon as she was back on the ground she got to the unguarded laptop they stood next to

MJ: Golden opportunity.

She typed on it to look into their activity

MJ: A shipping manifest. I'll be damned this could lead to their disruption ceinture.

MJ plugged in her drive downloading their every update including everything on Hammerhead

MJ: Come on baby. Don't let momma down.

MJ's own spider sense went off again

Awe hell no!

MJ: Uh oh.....

She....LEAPED up above the trailer as the guy came back out

Maggia: The Costa family's causing trouble! Acting like they wanna go to war! I got to have a sit down. See what we do about this! We're on alert. See anyone don't take any chances. TAKE THEM OUT!

MJ: Oh god....alright the kid isn't here obviously. But got all the shipping data that may lead us to him. Which hopefully....tell us where they're keeping Felicia's son.

MJ looked at the wall behind her and thought back when she ended up on the other one and placing her hand on stook...along did the other one and MJ soon found herself...wall crawling herself

MJ: Oh my god.....

MJ was shocked and...excited to see herself wallcrawling like her love as none of the Maggia or Tombstone's men notice her above them she soon crawled down reaching the outside of it and hopped over a fence on the ground

MJ: I don't know what the hell just happened back's close as I want to cut it.

And suddenly she felt a tap behind her which startled her


Spider-Man: Sorry! Sorry I'm sorry. I---

MJ: What'd you doing?! couldn't bother to clean that pizza smell off you?

Spider-Man: I....didn't had time to clean it off?

MJ: Well while you were enjoying lunch I was looking in for evidence on a missing child.

Spider-Man: I ate as fast as I could.

MJ: Well next time you're lunch break make sure it's not during work. Look I got stuff to fallow. I'll call you later.

MJ left and Spidey....felt a little woozy on the wall

Spider-Man: Oh man....note to self: No upside downies after double peperoni's.

Soon MJ cut across the street from the other side and ran into an allyway part of her wanted to tell Peter what just happened back there but....had to figure it out herself first

MJ looked at her swollen spider bite on her hand and her palm and looked up to the wall behind her and looked closely at her fingers to see......

....her own mini spikes on her fingers growing out and MJ looked up again and placed her right hand on the wall then her left.....

....and soon found herself....wallcrawling up the wall remembering how Peter does it and the further and further she got up.....MJ looked down thinking back to everything that just happened from the lab spider bite and......

MJ: WOOOOOOOOO..............

MJ was later leaping from roof top to roof top


In those short sporadic bursts of adrenaline, she was off.

Each roof a measly seven feet apart in metric distance, it made the leap to and from easy for MJ, barely having to lift her own bodyweight to simply glide like an eagle to reach the next one.

The next few feet she ran, her feet kept kissing the tarmac. Perhaps a little while ago, she would have balked at the idea of running so far and fast, let alone leaping from one rooftop to the next. After all, she loathed the possibility of being gifted supernatural powers at the drop of a time and having to conceal herself. That’s not her definition of what she’d believe a hero should be defined by.

Perhaps one of the few things that she and JJJ would ever get on the same page about.

Now, fooling herself of believing that was slowly and steadily dwindling. It was one thing to be swung around in midair, blazing through at 60 miles an hour……but that can never beat doing the real thing. The smile slowly chirping, gleeful across her face, she began to relish the prospect. These feet were made to travel at speed and as light as the paws of a lioness.

Breathing steady, heart strong - this girl was born to run.

For once, she could actually admit she was having fun with the idea of over-the-top heroics.

One more building having leaped onto, it was another hop and skip away across the Zabars coming off of Broadway to the Verizon building in front of her. Running from State Street at Bowling Green for 13 mi through the borough of Manhattan and 2 mi through the Bronx….

….she continues exiting north from New York City to run an additional 18 miles.

Until she finally takes a minute to breathe, heading into Yonkers. Within Westchester County, she found herself in Getty Square.

Seeing her apartment building across the square she looked at her own hands remembering how Peter shot his webs but also remembered they come from his web shooters MJ didn't think she could without them but......also remembered.....

....when Peter told her about his trip to the spider-verse mentioning another Spider-Man never needed web shooters they were part of HIS powers

MJ grinned thought: Why not? danger is my middle name anyway. And then...remembering how Pete presses down his palm with both middle fingers and wouldn't you know it.........

.....webs DID come out of her wrist MJ was amazed that finally gaining super spidey powers she naturally got the webs from the process

The Eugenic Spinner Spider must have packed natural webbing when passing it's nobilities Mary Jane....was given a greater gift than her love like Miles with his Venom-Punch

Mary Jane had natural webbing

She shot another web a long one to grab the water tower on the balcony of her building and grabbed hold of the web nervous and hopped on the railing on the building took a breath looked forward

MJ: Cowabunga.

She leaped off swinging across the square screaming out catching some attentions from locals but luckily for her she was too high to ID

And MJ barely made it to the edge of the rail and climbed up out of breath and looked back where she swung from

And when she slowly turned around

Miles.....stood out of the opened patio door catching them both in shock frozen and.......he drops his cell cracking half this time given it was broken enough from his own patrols

MJ: Miles? What'd you----?

Miles: Did you just......?

MJ: I didn't!

Miles: You just webbed swinged here!

MJ: No I didn't! Miles what'd you doing at my apartment?!

Miles: I was trying to call Peter he wasn't answering I thought he was with you!

MJ: You can't just sneak in people's apartments and----ugh!

Miles: Ha! I asked Peter if you had powers and you do! Now he can train us both!

MJ: Miles no! Miles listen you can't tell Peter about this....not yet at least.

Miles: How come?

MJ: Because....I have to tell him in adult conversation besides....just because I have powers....I...I don't know....if I'm gonna go spidey like you two.

Miles: Again I ask: How come?

MJ: Because-----

The newly super powered heroin....was lost of words

Miles: Come on MJ what's the big deal. I mean you and Pete save the city all the time this could be an upgrade for ya.

MJ: Maybe I said I rather tell Peter to adult.

Miles: Whatever you say just.....Can I at least tell you what I wanted to tell Pete.

MJ: Sure hone.

Miles: Well when Pete said he keep me in the loop I thought I keep him in mine too. I went to the basketball game at my school earlier and........I decide to try out for the team afterwards to stay active.....if that's ok.

MJ: Yeah I guess. Just be careful what you do. Just keep it believable. Don't do anything flashy.

Miles: Like what?

MJ: Well....if you....get a tingling feeling in your head don' too much.

Miles: Ohhhhh......right. Course.

MJ didn't like the look on his face and she turned serious.

MJ: Miiiiiiiiiiles......?

Miles: No it's no big deal Mary. It was only one time the dude was talking trash. But it was perfect when I countered him when he took a swing at me. I wish you and Pete could have been there.


Miles: It won't happen again. I swear.....IF......

MJ: Oh no......

Miles: agree to help train me.

MJ: Oh my're just like Peter when he was your age. Look....I'll think about it ok? But.....keep your mouth shut till I tell Peter powers.

Miles: Awesome! Cool. Okay gotta's waiting for me. See ya.

Miles left not even noticing his broken in half phone on the concrete as MJ slightly slapped herself in the head

MJ: have created a monster.

But on the positive side seeing Miles just now......gave her time to think......

.....the spider that bit her obviously was from Norman's lab when she broke in there and thought of many possibilities

What if a couple spiders hitched a ride on her to F.E.A.S.T. and one of them bit Miles there I mean he didn't get his powers till after the Devil's Breath Pandemic and the other one....bit her just a year after making her wonder how long it was on her since then and how could she not notice it anywhere in her apartment

Either way it was the only thing that made else was this possible for her and Miles?

Anyway....while MJ was figuring out the power booster we join back with our hero as he was planning an unannounced visit to Oscorp to get another clue on Goblin maybe see if Dr. Stromm had any leads or better yet FIND Gobby himself there

but just when he was near Oscorp.......

Incoming call from: An unknown caller.

Spider-Man: It must be Stromm. Accept. Dr. Stromm? I'm glad you called. I'm actually on my way to you.

Who's Stromm? Dr. STRANGE'S sidekick?

That familiar female voice chilled Peter down his spine

Spider-Man: Felicia?

It ain't Selina Kyle.

Spider-Man: Oh boy.

Your Stromm friend will have to wait. I need your help I might know where Ben is being held but it's the only lead I've had all day. I'm sending you the location.

Spider-Man: I'm on my way but Felicia----

The line just cuts off on him

Once again, his attempt to pop the question is thwarted. She really was fixated on the quest ahead; not even attempting to be coy in answering his questions or even toying around with him beforehand.

This kid meant everything to her. And Peter knew better than to question that. But still, he did.

Spider-Man: Unbelievable. She just hangs up and expects me to rush over?

Why yes. Yes, she did.

And this is why it’s impossible for Peter to just say ‘No’ sometimes, as he was left taking the bait anyway, zipping away from the former Avengers Tower turned Oscorp and headed past Central Park.

Putting his main objective on hold for a little who, now he had to switch gears to a side quest, except this side quest is just as important as the debacle with Goblin, Norman, Stromm, and Oscorp especially after the former killed his first crush.

But…, right?

Seven minutes pass before the office comes into view and Peter quickly leaping onto the rooftop that separated him from the rooftop office a measly fourteen feet away from him…..

….and Felicia.

As help was requested, she chose to wait for him for once. The sentiment was oddly nice, finally taking up his offer to help out in bits and pieces, that is.

Spider-Man: So what’s the story upstairs?

Black Cat: A tip from an “old friend”. Hammerhead’s got something “extremely valuable” up in the office above the bar.

Spider-Man: Which makes these guys expendable.

As this was an outdoor pub and bar, security was…..light, to put it mildly. Out of the seven thugs situated on the roof, only one of them was a heavy and sported a machine gun. Peter lenses blipping and highlighting the enemies did very little to take away the presentation that now tainted this particular task.

This was most likely, in all probability, a heist. A first for Spidey, in a while.

Stealth is crucial.

Black Cat: They spot me, he’ll kill him.

No question this was poised to become a brutally difficult death trap if they jumped to conclusions. The problem is the only conclusion that hadn’t been drawn was the one that obviously wasn’t made.

Given that Peter had no intentions of waiting until everything blows over for her to tell her, Peter was about done waiting for an answer on whether or not this was just her kid….

….or theirs.

Father or no father, the suspense was eating him alive. So as he suddenly bounces forward an inch, gripping ahold of Felicia’s wrist, he commanded her attention.

Spider-Man: You know what I’m gonna ask, Felicia. I know you want me to wait but I don’t like being strung along. So please…..please don’t sugarcoat it.

She knew where he was going with this.

Putting his foot down, it wasn’t a fist for Felicia; his habit on breaking habits notwithstanding, the manner in which he normally goes about it feeling staged and poached, even when he meant it.

Not this time.

She could hardly look through that homemade mask, to see Peter looking at her like the fire in her eyes had been dowsed with ice water. If anything it makes the blue more pale.

He was not used to it, it unnerved him. He wanted her to give freely but she won't. It's like she just crawled right back inside some invisible shell and no matter how hard he tried recently, she's unreachable. Felicia moves her eyes more slowly across from him, like they're heavy, an effort to move. In her renewed silence, her green eyes glow.

Despite sitting right next to her, she might as well be on the moon.

And yet from that simple glance alone, Felicia could tell just how deeply he cared for her despite his claims…..which only made it more difficult for her to willingly continue this path of deception.

Spider-Man: He is, isn’t he?

She stares back at him, glum in her eyes, her exterior breaking down for once….

…..and nods ‘Yes’.

Peter, understandably, feels his heart sink and buckle under the weight of that revelation.

Spider-Man: I knew it! I really hoped I wasn't....

Black Cat: Why? Oh scratch that I know why.....cause of her.

Spider-Man: Not cause of MJ....cause of what you do. And I worry you'll teach MY kid to be a criminal.

Black Cat: Course not. Why would I teach him that?

Spider-Man: Because your father taught you it what you called "The family business."

Black Cat: He never wanted that for me Spider I told you that. And I don't want this for him either. In fact....I hoped if you stay with'd teach him your ways.

Spider-Man: That's never going to happen.

Black Cat: Look let's stop arguing and focus.

Spider-Man: Sorry. So what are we looking at?

Black Cat: Turns that old friend is our mutual friend: Fisk. He told me about this place. He' got some people working on the inside.

Spider-Man: You talked to Fisk again?!

Black Cat: I'm the former Queenpin of crime remember? Course he's still gonna keep contacting me even in jail.

Spider-Man: Fair enough. I'll draw them in while you search for him.

Black Cat: hero.

Spider-Man: Shut the......

Peter's sense went off and he turns around and.....


Cat turns around and a sharp blade hits Felica on the stomach she yells in pain with the Goblin striking her with a green spear

Green Goblin: He belongs to me!

He kicks her off and she falls into the pub getting the Maggia's attention

Spider-Man: CAT!!

He turns to Goblin and he punches him forcing him to fall down the bar too with the Maggia looking back at them too

But all look up when Goblin hovers down on his glider

Green Goblin: All of you.....leave.....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scared the shit out of by his outburst they all ran out jumping in their cars and driving out as Pete tries to recover Felicia tends to do the same but wound on her stomach was so deep she was loosing blood and Goblin hopped down from the glider and approached her

Green Goblin: Now my dear.....I'll be taking those drives.

Black Cat: You can pry them from my cold dead hands.

Green Goblin: THAT'S the idea.

For the first time Cat felt fear that Goblin tends to kill her but Spidey web yanks him away from her and kicks him over the bar and tends to his cat burglar ex

Spider-Man: Oh my god.....

Black Cat: It's just a scratch. I'll be fine.

Spider-Man: Let me just web it up.

Peter webbed up her wound to hold of the bleeding till Felicia can get medical attention till Pete's spidey sense went off again and Goblin appears punching him across the pub

Green Goblin: I can't understand you Spider-Man. I thought you protect this city from people like her. Like a guardian of honor. Yet you protect her....from a man who offered to help you save this city.

Spider-Man: You killed one of closest friends! What kind of help would I take from you after that?!

Green Goblin: It was you I wanted. She took the bullet for you. SHE....

He looks down to Felica

Green Goblin:....wouldn't

Black Cat: Fuck you.

Green Goblin: Be honest Spider-Man.....would you really let her play you again after she's done it before?

Spider-Man: Hammerhead kidnapped her son. I'm just trying to help her get him back.

Goblin looked at Peter with confusion then smirked and.....


Spider-Man: What is so funny?

Green Goblin: She's playing you Spider-Man.....there is NO son.

His eye lens widen as Cat looked in horror how would this guy know her diversion

Green Goblin: I've already made deals with Hammerhead ONLY to keep him off your back and he wants her DEAD. He would of told me he had her kid....which he doesn't. Everything she told you about a missing child.....She played you all along from the beginning.

Black Cat: No....Spider don't listen to him!

Green Goblin: Heed me Spider-Man. I know for a fact the only childing missing this city is those who ran away and joined the circus. Hammerhead has none of them held in his little aquarium. SHE has been fooling you with a child that does NOT exist from the beginning.

Pete faced down and saw the fear in Felica's eyes and looked at Goblin seriously


Green Goblin: Am I? Look up the birth certificates and missing child reports you'll find NOTHING on a kid that belongs to her.

Spider-Man: Son of a bitch....THIS IS FOR LIZ!

Pete attacked but Goblin threw punches at him only for Spidey to counter them and Felica tried to stand up holding her webbed up wound and Norman throws him to the other side of the pub and was about to approach him only for Cat to attack him from behind and leaped right by Spidey who stood up

Spider-Man: I'll hold him off. You get inside see if Ben's in there.

Black Cat: Don't hold back. Unless you've gotten soft on your old age.

Spider-Man: Old age?! Hey I might be old-ER but I'm not old!

Green Goblin: Rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh!

Spider-Man: GO!

Cat ran in as Spidey and Goblin go at another round

This time, Spider-Man was poised to make the first move, zipping in on the straight-away and web-rushing Goblin off his feet. Quick to pounce off of him, leaping back up in the air just as the Green Meanie recovers and then socking him across the face.

Yeah, that didn’t seem to do much.

A spinning kick to the face later, Peter then lunges forward with a lifting knee strike right to Goblin’s nose. But in that brief interval of transitioning, the Goblin quickly grips ahold of Spidey as he barely interlocked his legs around his neck. Realizing he’d been caught, Peter had to willingly alleviate his own pressure.

Spinning a full 360 in the air, he comes down on Goblin hard with an axe handle to the back of the head.

Feeling springy, Peter than sprints over to the actual bar, spinning around and catapulting around the support beams holding the roof of the bar….

….and Goblin immediately catches him in mid-air, shifting his weight and slamming Spidey across the nearest table to his left with a spinebuster. He hardly heard his back cracking from the impact, Peter’s middle age catching up to him in brief spades.

No sooner should Peter crawl away from the broken table, BARELY, does Goblin lift him firmly off the ground, arms wrapped around his waist. Standing on one side of him, he lifts him upwards and slams him over back-first down to the ground again.

But he keeps the arms locked in, as he wasn’t done yet. Flipping him over, he slams Peter down with another gutwrench suplex.

And then another one.

By the time the fourth one was coming around, Peter had enough of the repetition. The next time Gobby lifts him off the ground, Spidey slips his way out of his grasps before sliding down to his back and just slamming his head down to the wooden floor.

Then he kicks Gobby back up to his feet with a shot to the ribs…..

….just in time to dropkick him over to the bar.

Pete hits the bar hard and Pete could feel that kick might have shattered a rib or two as Goblin approached him

Green Goblin: Stop fighting me Spider-Man. I don't want to kill you but I will if I have to. Don't let that lying thief pull your strings again. Stand with me and we can take back what she stole from BOTH of us and take Hammerhead together the city would be ours!

Spider-Man: I told you....NO!

Green Goblin: SHE DOESN'T HAVE A SON! SHE LIED TO YOU! And I'm sure it was NOT the first time.

Spider-Man: Even if you're right.....

He stands back up

Spider-Man: I still would NEVER summit to you!

Goblin smacks him back down

Green Goblin: No wonder you let your friend die. I bet you chose that thief over her too.

Spider-Man: SHUT UP!

Green Goblin: Don't you see the bigger picture? She knew you would never summit to her ever again. So she used a child that does NOT exist to blind you from her real path. I wouldn't be surprise if she's stealing something in there under your little bug nose. Despite everything she's done to you why bother helping her?

Spider-Man:'s the right choice. Something you could learn yourself

Goblin sighed and playfully slaps his head as he leaned back to the bar next to him

Green Goblin: Let me tell you a story what's really right: Sometimes to do what's right you have to do a little wrong. And those willing to pay the price are the real heroes of this city. Especially for what we do for those we care about. And believe me I know that more than anyone. And I know you do too. And when I found out your little secret and your toxic relationship with this thief I knew for a fact she destroyed many relationships important to you. She's only here to do it again and she will if she isn't stopped and we can if you don't let her blind you further.

Goblin playfully slapped his shoulder but Pete didn't acknowledge him Goblin knees down taking hold of the bottom of his chin pulling him to face him up close

Green Goblin: You're the only acceptable to me. And if I wanted to I could CRUSH you like a BUG right now! But I'll give you one last choice......I ask you again to join me: And we can take order in this city the Maggia and Hammerhead will be DIRT under our feet along with all who stand in our way. Or....we can keep cutting each other's throats while this gang war causes the death of countless innocents in destructive battles again and AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL WE'RE BOTH DEAD!

Goblin let him go and walked in front of him

Green Goblin: Surely that's not what you want. Even if not....take my word: Her so called son....does NOT exist! It's all been a lie. But I'm sure you'll figure that out sooner than you think and when you do....well you're going to feel real stupid you didn't listen to me.

Goblin pressed the center of his belt calling his glider and jumps straight on hovering above our hero

Green Goblin: THINK ABOUT IT........HERO!!

And off he goes

As soon as he was gone Pete tried to stand back up holding his rib from the beating it took and Cat comes back out looking as she was......

....hiding something and checks on Pete

Black Cat: You ok?

Spider-Man: I've had worse.

Black Cat: Should tell your friend no one gets to beat you up but me.

Felicia waltzed to the bar grabs a whine glass still in tact and a bottle wine after knocking down others pops it open and pours her a shot

Black Cat: Like one?

Spider-Man: You need to get yourself medical attention. That stab looks deep.

Black Cat: I told you it's just a scratch besides 9 lives remember.

Spider-Man: Did you at least.....find Ben?

Black Cat: No. But I think I might know where he is.

She sits down feet on the table sipping her wine

Spider-Man: Then stop drinking and let's go.

Black Cat: Slow down Spider. We're just narrowing it down. And if he's keeping him there that's where we'll find him.

Spider-Man: And speaking of him....I don't want to believe it but are you really have a son. When he said you didn't he brought up a lot of legit examples. He knows who we both are somehow...even our....history.

Black Cat: And do you believe him?

Spider-Man: I....don't want to.....

Black Cat: If you ask me.....Green with just jealous.

Spider-Man: Oh....Power Rangers joke.

Felicia finishes her drink throws the glass walks up to Pete smiling seductively

Black Cat: I know you love....MJ.

Pete's eye lens widen hearing for the first time Felicia mentions MJ by name

Black Cat: But don't you miss this: Us? Just a little bit?

Spider-Man: No. Because I was always getting shot at while you stole things behind my back.

Black Cat: Now you sound you like your new friend.

She turned away facing down

Black Cat: I did feel bad for what I did to you. thieving isn't more important than how I feel about you. I mostly just wanted live in greater power that was all. That's why I stole again. Even did more jobs for Fisk so he'd never come after us. And after you turned me in to the feds....I did had time to think....but after I broke out I did try to go straight cause I was single mom raising a child. Even started wearing sweatpants on weekends.

Spider-Man: I wondered where you were hiding when you left me your cat sculptures last year. Especially when you phone stalked me. I must have been hard on you especially raising a child.

She turned back to him

Black Cat: You may not love me anymore....but I still sense care in you. And it's sweet. I have to go deeper if I'm gonna find him.

Spider-Man: Let me help. I mean he's my----

Black Cat: ARE helping me. Just sometimes....I do better alone.

She leaned close to him whispering in his ear: Some things. and grappled up to hang upside down to him

Black Cat: Don't worry I'll call you.....or her if I need an extra pair of hands.

And grapples up and soon disappears into the night

The next morning everyone met up at the refunded lab MJ gave Ned the intel on the laptop she found before and went on the lab main computer the whole former Midtown High gang were there too even Miles

And Peter......told MJ.....what both Felicia and Goblin told him last night

As expected, she hardly found any wiggle room for stoicism. Her face gave nothing away of the sort but her eyes told most of the story.

Just when she thought Felicia couldn’t surprise her, there’s that.

MJ: He’s…..he’s yours?

Peter: Told me herself. Part of me was really hoping he wasn’t…..not that I wouldn’t take care of him but—

He stops himself in his tracks. Last thing he wanted was to simply badmouth someone he had never met yet or even known. And even when stopping himself from doing that, he felt guilty.

Guilty because he had conceived a child with the one person he’d rather not do IT with. Bring someone else into the world under the guise of one who knows how to only break the rules and hardly anything else, which only makes the conundrum of the situation that much harder because the natural duty of "mother" and "father" is God-given.

Both love, both protect, yet their tasks are split because of the vulnerabilities that motherhood brings. There is a reason that traditionally in times of war the men went first. If the father fails to return from the battle, then the mother is up, then the "mamma bear" comes out with claws and teeth... because then she is all that stands between her children and whatever is coming over the hill.

Felicia had survived with that kid for so long. No wonder she was hesitant to let him help the first few times.

MJ: If anything, I’m glad you didn’t let Gobby get to you.

Peter: After Liz? How could I?

On that one thing, they could agree on.

MJ: Speaking of Gobby, how do you think he found out about…

Peter: I’m just praying it isn’t someone I know…..but considering he came from Oscorp, all bets are off on that.

However, the mention of Oscorp did give both of them an idea. But similar to before, they’d need Ned’s hands.

Well, EVERYONE’S hands.

Peter: Uhh, guys. Discussion time. This might be important.

Michelle: Might?

Peter: Ok, it IS.

Flash: Just say what you gotta say.

Peter:.....turns out the only reason the Green Goblin came after us cause he knows who I am as you guys heard him call me Spider-Man. How I don't know but it's more than likely he knows about you guys too cause he knows about Felicia too.

Miles: You think.....he knows about me too?

Peter: I don't know he could but....I don't think he'll come after you Miles I hope you make sure your mom doesn't go into any dark allies.

Miles: She never does thankfully.

Peter: Well anyway....because the Goblin knows everything he's because our number 1 priority....besides saving Felicia's son from Hammerhead.

Flash: Don't you mean....yall's son?

Michelle slapped him in the back of the head for that

Flash: What? What I do?

Michelle: Pete much as I agree this scum bucket needs to be stopped and....finding the missing kid is important.....can we get to the bottom line.

Peter: The bottom line is......our lead is Oscorp. A man named Stromm told me the Goblin was born there. And from the way I see it....there's two possibilities.....Goblin has to be running some shop there secretly or.......

Betty: Or what?

Peter: Or he's some Norman hired to take out the board members who canned him.

Flash: The Mayor?

MJ: And Harry's dad Flash.

Flash: Oh yeah. He was with us at San Fransico years ago.

Peter: I first assume Mr. Osborn was another Goblin target but so far he hasn't laid a hand on him just before he got reinstated as Oscorp's head CEO even Yuri suspects something's off. So....the next move to get to the bottom of this means an unannounced visit to Oscorp.

Flash: And you're gonna bring us along right? You promised all of us you keep us in the loop. We all want a piece of that Grinch wannabe.

Peter: Yeah but this isn't a battle we're going into. It's an investigation. And each of us...will come in....separate different positions

Michelle: Hey you're clearly the boss of this place now. What'd you want us to do.

Peter took time to think for a moment and some part of him made him think back to Harry if Norman is involve in this his son would be devastated to know what his dad is doing

Peter got came back to his senses and looked over to everyone

Peter: Michelle Betty.....what I'm gonna say is gonna sound silly but I'll need you pose as interns to gather intel on the chemical war fares. Stromm says the Goblin got his powers from some hidden serums which is my guess.

Betty: Sure whatever you say.

Michelle: B.T.W. wasn't Felicia an Intern there to fill in Oscorp to the Kingpin when you met her? Officially?

Peter: Nothing escapes your memory. Flash....I'll need you to hold security with your priority experience. Given you've made some officials with the NYPD they'll accept your terms.

Flash: Hell yeah.

Peter: Ned? You'll monitor progress from here. Morgan's linked every contact in the city to hear you should hear and see everything from here.

Ned: I'm the eyes and ears in the sky.

Miles: Hey what's my job?

Peter: The best one yet.

Miles widen his eyes

Peter: I'll need your hacking app to disable security....while MJ gains access to the contract deques labs

That's not what Miles was expecting he'd hope for another Spider-Duo mission but....given Peter needs his hacking app....seemed good enough

Miles:....fair enough.

Peter: MJ? Will you know what to look for there soon as you get in?

MJ: Yeah. Either Norman himself or....anything that links him to the Goblin.

Peter: Perfect. And as for me....I'll sit tight at one of the roof tops I'll come swinging in if anyone gets in trouble. If anyone see's Gobby there don't be a hero you come calling to me. Alright you all have your assignments now let's get our ass's to Oscorp.

Flash walked out fallowed by Michelle Betty and Miles and Pete was about to fallow them till MJ grabbed his hand which pulls him to face her

Peter: What?

MJ: I want you to know....given the rumor you being a dad a fact.....I'm gonna help you get him back and given....I'm.....

Peter: Not the bio mom could make a great mother figure to Ben.

MJ briefly grinned and then......she leaned up to his face and MJ and Peter's kiss was passionate enough to seal that promise even not letting Felicia ever come between them again not even the Green Goblin

Forgetting Ned was in the room he turned away after clearing his throat which broke the kiss and both embarrassingly chuckle

MJ: I'll see you at Oscorp.

Peter: Be careful Red.

MJ: You too....babe.

She walked still grinning at him before turning away fallowing the others out as Pete watched her go and soon turned to Ned

Ned: Suit up.

Surprisingly, for a heist this important and potentially crucial to killing two birds with one stone regarding Hammerhead, Black Cat, and the Goblin, this wouldn’t be occurring at night. It’d be too much time wasted and on the off chance Peter and Felicia’s sons' location is given out….

…..yeah, that’d put everyone in a black hole they wouldn’t escape from.

So they pretty much HAD to take care of this right now.

And most of the task fell almost entirely on MJ’s shoulders. Luckily, the arbitrary task of having to blend into the crowd just to get into Oscorp was also not necessary. While not on an exact time limit, that was only going to slow Ms. Watson down.

Not to mention that was Michelle and Betty’s job to blend in until further notice.

So that left MJ thinking of one possible solution to save some time: go up.

Of course, that meant moving around and away from the rather short line leading into the entranceway and back around the side of the building, more specifically until she found herself almost directly underneath the landing pad of the building.

Gosh, I am old, she echoes to herself, realizing that compared to Stark having control over the tower in the late 2000s and Norman buying it out thanks to the former's death, it would be her first time revisiting this tower in the first time in what feels like…..


And it couldn’t have been on more unclean circumstances. Breaking and entering was more Peter’s thing than hers, except when she trespassed Tombstones motorshop….

….and the Sable base in Central Park….

…..and Norman’s penthouse. So maybe she was the right choice to break in.

Just not in the way she was poised to attempt it now.

Two deep breathes later, she crosses her heart and primes herself for a headstart, backing up a full 20 steps away to get a considerable distance apart before stopping.

Glancing back at the buidling brought about that wild sense of adrenaline she gathers every time sneaks around. MJ breathes like she has made it an art form, her chest rising and falling with the sedative qualities of a lullaby. The morning air was so quiet that she can hear each breath with ease.

A smile creeps onto her face and MJ simply lets it sit there, warming his face against the newly cooler air of late winter.

She quickly dashed towards the building, her jog quickly transitioning into a sprint with her soles barely touching the ground….

….before bouncing off of the sidewalk a full 60 feet into the air and barely gripping to the side of the building, all fingers from both hands sticking to the side of the building.

MJ: Don’t look down, Mary. Just—just keep going up.

The temptation to not do such a thing was, well, tempting. Eventually, a little nudge up the building and she was crawling up yet another wall, this time up one of the biggest buildings in the city.

But the Empire State Building, this was not.

Finally, MJ strikes jackpot. There was a vent just perched above what appeared to be the 37th floor, the latter of which was just an assessment because nobody associated with her had been on any floor except the very top of the building connecting to the helipad.

Apparently, Norman shared Tony’s penchant for spectacle after all.

As the state-of-the-art bachelor pad on the top three floors was of no concern to Mary Jane, this left her slinking in through the ventilation system. Given how this was always tricky and rather emasculating for Peter, her first time was surprisingly lukewarm.

MJ: Never thought I’d be crawling through vents; let’s hope I don’t make this a regular.

And given the multidirectional false ends and circles, she wasn’t kidding on that front. Luckily, she chose the path on her left and it took her straight down into a linear hallway.

Only one guard was visible at the end of the hallway amidst blinding lights from the ceiling as if the floor was operating at Five Nights at Freddy time. As she was in one of the dark corners of the hallway, she couldn’t be spotted.

Talk about stealthy.

MJ: I’m in.

Perfect. We’re finally in from the ground floor. We’ll work our way up.

MJ: No prob.

The line hands up.

MJ: Ok, MJ. You made it this far. Any of these guards see me, I’m out of luck. I can’t let them spot me.

Seeing a guard near by MJ leaped up to the ceiling blending herself into the shadows as he was whistling to himself when he turned around MJ stayed above him to keep out of sight wall crawling above now knowing what it's like for Peter when he does that

Remembering Miles is the only one who knows made her heart skip a beat or two but regain focus once she made it to the end of the hall and the guard turned around again she hopped down went through the door

But spot a security camera pointing at the next door

MJ: Miles. I got security camera in my way.

On it.

Miles in the lobby with Flash talking to some other guards and Betty and Michelle with official interns

Miles locked the hacking app on the camera near MJ was too strong to break

Miles: Uh....MJ we got a problem....

What is it? Guards?

Miles: No....the system on the cameras are too strong to hack. I can't pull it down. Osborn's got a stronger firewall than Sable Internationals.

Hang on Miles....I got something to help with that.

Peter outside on a roof near Oscorp in his suit pressed on the tech in his mask

Spider-Man: Karen log into Miles's phone and boost your tech into his hacking app.

On it.

Miles happen to notice a minute later his phone was boosting up and his hacking app had an upgrade of it's own

Miles: cool.

Ok Miles try again.

He does and the hacking took a mere second after effect which disabled the camera......PERMINATELY

Whoa it worked.

MJ: Great job Miles. I'm going in.

She made her way to the door crouching up the stairs and into one of the main offices

MJ: Ok Pete I'm in. What do I do next.

Alright here's what you need to know: Harry told me awhile back about Oscorp's security measures. There's big blast door on the second flour. It leads to the contract deques labs but it's gonna be tricky to get it open. Harry said no one person knows the code but you can find bits and pieces of it. But they're protected by a protocol. Miles I'll need you to hack into them to unlock them so MJ can download them.

Got it.

MJ: How many offices do I need to hit?

Three to be exact. Find two computers with locked protocols in each office and once Miles unlocks them download them quick.

MJ: Why does it have to be quick?

Because the protocol is design to lock back up if it's unlocked by a user it doesn't recognize. You'll have 15 seconds to download them on each computer.

MJ: Got it. Miles you ready?

Locked and load.

MJ: Alright. We better get started.

MJ web zipped straight up by her newly natural webbing crawling above the office cubicles and soon found the first computer and waited for the guard to walk away

Once he did MJ hopped down starting to like her newly powers now and came across the first computer pulling out her drive

MJ: Ok Miles ready?

Miles: Beginning hacking now.

The hack was interrupted....when Rio was calling

Miles: SHIT!


Miles: Not you Mary.

No choice he had to hit the ignore button to worry Rio might get on her worry mode and Miles restarted the hacking app locking on to the computer near Mary Jane and manage to bring the locks down

Ok it's unlocked.

MJ: On it.

MJ plugged her drive in and downloaded the first part of the code to that blast door

The 15 second lockdown began and once it reached 0:06 the download was complete MJ got the first part of the code

MJ: Got it. One down four to go.

The guard was coming back but this time MJ crouched down like she always did each time she did her own stealth infiltrations before getting powers

The guard walked by and MJ stealthy ran to the next cubical to the next computer with the next part of the code

MJ: Miles.

On it.

Miles hacked the locks open and MJ plugged in her drive with the 15 second lockdown commencing and MJ got it when it hit 0:08 this time

MJ: Alright....moving on to the next main office. How are you guys?

Michelle: The tour guide is speaking in riddles but....we heard something about a.....chemical project in the lower levels.

Flash: One of the guards told me something similar.

Just focus on the main objective guys.

Spider-Man: Norman's still the priority. He's been our lead on the Goblin for weeks.

Ik tiger....

MJ: But could be something we might have to deal with if it's something that'll melt the city.

Point taken. Just stay focus on your assignments for now.

Spider-Man: If you can’t find Norman down there……then that’s the next best thing.

Thank you, Pete.

Signing off, it’s back to work for the redhead.

With only two out of five of the total pieces needed to break the blast door, there was no need for MJ to stay perched at that little cubicle the Oscorp executives failed to call an office before the Board Members were killed.

Luckily, no guards were walking by and only one camera had its lenses hovering around that linear area so MJ made a quick dash to the cubicle aside from her…..

….and she wasn’t spotted.

Lucky her.

Double lucky, actually, since the cubicle ‘office’ had another computer equipped with the third code she needed; it was the only other computer in that office that was on.

Another slink in with her USB…..

…..another momentary time lapse of Miles hacking the mainframe with his app…..

….and in no time, the third piece of the overall code was in her possession. This left her with more than half of the codes needed to get past the blast door.

Only two more remained.

No sooner should MJ finish, her spider sense honed in, alerting her of another guard came walking by from her left and a camera quickly honing in from the far right. No second thoughts needed, she jumps back up to the ceiling.

However, a slight thump across the desk led to some mild confusion. The nearby guard was able to catch the notice of the sound, MJ having scrapped the heel of her boot against the desk and alerting him of something smelling fishy.

A quick scan of the cubicle, however, proved worthless. The guard, having been there since midnight, was losing his bearings somewhat.

Guard: Can’t wait to get off.

Too close, MJ warned herself, being so very very close to blowing her own cover.

MJ: Miles....

Already on it.

Hacking app took affect and MJ plugged in her drive and downloaded the code piece MJ sighed in relief soon as it was downloaded

Only one to go MJ wanted to get the job done and fast before it was really blown moved towards the next computer across the room she wall crawled towards avoiding the guards detection and hopped down once he turned

And finally she made it

MJ: Alright Miles

Hacking app once again unlocking and finally MJ had the last piece downloaded

MJ: Ok Pete. The last piece of the code is downloaded.

Excellent. Now you should be able to get that blast door open. Head for the door behind ya and take aright down the hall you should find it in the middle of the hallway.

MJ: Got it. Keep me cover Miles.

MJ made her way to the back door wall crawling but in the hall there were TWO guards instead of one whatever was behind that door.....must be really important and they were NOT leaving the door

MJ: Dammit. Pete....the guards by the door are posed.

Dammit. Send the code to me and get out of there. I'll take it from there.

MJ: No you're the contingency remember? I got an idea.

Thankfully MJ still had the squeakers Peter gave her last year during their curry dinner date

She threw one and when it makes it sounds the guards looked up

Guard # 1: What was that?

Guard # 2: Sounded like a mouse.

Guard # 1: Better check it out anyway.

They walked over to the sound and MJ made her way....the entrance doors opened and she came into a room where another door which was the real blasted door obviously and MJ came to the keypad

MJ: Let's see if I can figure this out.

It took a minute or two but MJ manage to put the pieces together in the correct order took a couple of tries but soon as it was in the right way.....the bolts turned off


Steam came out and the door made a running sound which MJ worry the guards would hear till it finally opened and the brave red head made her way in

MJ: Alright got in.

Great work MJ. Miles nice work with covering.

Spider-Man: Now head down the hall take the elevator to the bottom flour where Norman's lab is.....find any evidence on Goblin then get back out.

Uh.....Spidey? We might have another problem.

Michelle: Betty and I are looking at two scientists next to us sounds like they confirmed my theory on a chemical project.

Betty: And it's legit. Just take a listen.

Michelle and Betty got a little close to let everyone listen in on their conversation

Scientist # 1: I'm concerned about this project Dr. Rou. The city doesn't know what we're working on here. Mr. Osborn is asking for the impossible to increase the chemical war fare like this. Any sort of accidental release.....could lead to terrible countless casualties.

Dr. Rou: Listen Amtower. Osborn doesn't want theories he wants status on this project. Those are just thoughts you best keep to yourself. Now do your job.

Rou left and Betty and Michelle looked natural on the wall when he passed them

Michelle: Did you get that?

I did.

Spider-Man: And this project doesn't sound like a science fare. I'll head in and look into it.

Pete you're the backer remember?

MJ: I'll take of it.

No you need to get to that lab MJ.

Miles: I'll take care it.

Miles pulled his back pack containing his suit

Miles it's too dangerous. Besides we need you to cover up security cameras.

Miles: Don't worry I'm still over that. You had Karen increase the hacking app I'll multi task. Just leave this to me.

Miles ran to the nearest bathroom changed in a stall and then wall crawl himself to an air vent moving to where Michelle and Betty's location before their tour moved along

a minute after Miles found Amtower still in the same room faced down and worried as hell till he was startled by a: So......

Miles spined down upside down to him

Miles: What'd you guys cooking in your easy bake oven?

Amtower: I swear I had no idea Oscorp had a chemical weapons division. You have to believe me.

Miles hopped down in shock of what he just told him

Miles: Chemical weapons? That's a big hell no! Miles especially if this is Gobby's one stop weapon shop like Spider-Man says?

Amtower: There's nothing I can do I'm afraid. The research is heavily guarded. Ever since Mr. Osborn was reinstated he's been more cautious about this project. I don't even know what he's trying to create with this.

Miles: That's why Spider-Man sent me.

You kind of sent yourself.

Miles: I'll take care of those chemicals. Just tell me what to do.

Amtower: It's too complicated but I can point you to one of the control rooms that oversee chemical injections into the central VAT. I'll give you a radio to communicate with me once you get there. Be. Careful.

Miles: Thanks Doc.

Nodding, he’s quick to leap back up to the ceiling and manually crawl out the door upside down. Seeing as the telescoping door led back out to the giant mazewall of a lab, Miles was wise to immediately crawl up to the ceiling as soon as the door shut on him.

This central hallway outside of the very first room of this lab was abundantly huge. Normally, such a maze would be built of stone, the walls following the specifications of the king. He’d be delighted in knowing that there was no way out, that the prisoners could search forever and never find an exit. Not that any of them lasted long, his beasts would, of course, be hungry and not inclined to refuse fresh meat.

Needless to say, Norman took that mentality prisoner-like mentality a bridge too far, especially with all these unethical projects being produced underneath the city’s nose. And of course, the reputation of Oscorp wouldn’t help anyone’s case if the victims of GR-27 had anything to say about it.

Watch out for the guards at the perimeters. You cannot let them spot you.

Miles: Already two steps ahead.

Miles chose himself to brave this maze, and already he was finding difficulty on where to go.

There was this creeping cold like the sun surrendered the sky until dawn that a maze would contain. The walls, too thick to allow an arm through, let alone his body, marched on either side. And to his feet, chilled long before the air or ground became so cold, came a sensation of damp he hadn't noticed in the light. If he were to escape, and that he must, it will come of his own effort, some creative ploy.

Through is not the only option.

Heading down the central hallway, it lead directly to a door that would take Miles further into the lab on the off-chance he chose to move forward….which he did. He had to make sure the guard was facing the other way….

….before then dropping down from the ceiling and scooting through the door.

The next hallway has a laser grid a la Cube…..and already, Miles had hit a roadblock.

Crisscrossing blue lasers intersecting with each other connected to an electrical interface that was nowhere present within the room. On top of search beams fastened on top of cameras near the exit of the room, there were refrigerator labs on his far left and more cabinets near the end of the room perched on the far right.

Completely open-ended, sure. But the lasers were EVERYWHERE and they even extended up to the ceiling and the walls.

There was no easy way to cheese his way around this security measure: he tripped one laser, he’d raise the alarm.

Miles: Guys……please tell me you’re seeing this.

Oh fuck me. That’s not good.

Miles: What am I gonna do?

Just let me think Miles. I'll figure something out.

Miles: No time Pete....I'll have to take this step by step. trip ANY of those lasers.....this mission will be a bust.

Miles: I know Pete....but there's no other way.

Miles looked down to his feet between the lasers and took a step to the center between the lasers like Woody was around the spilled Cheetos in toy story 2 and made one step after another step slowly

But when Miles wasn't looking his leg took a step......

.....into a laser TRIPPING THE ALARM




Miles looked back and the first super soldier robot came in when all of a sudden....he......VANISHED?!

Like.....he went invisible

Miles screamed in terror but the robot went passed him like it didn't see him with another robot coming out to the guarded door

Miles: What the?!

Miles looked at his hands and....could NOT see them himself

Miles: What the?!

Miles?! What's going on?!

Miles: I....can't see out of my hands!


Miles saw more robots coming that still didn't see him but Miles used that advantage to web zip forward to the door

The web was still visible for the robot to detect and shoot at causing it to cut but luckily Miles landed beside the door which didn't had lasers on it's flour and when the door open when the robot came to it Miles used that advantage to get in and he made it to the other side and took pose on the ceiling to hide from the security till for a long minute......the alarms......

...finally stopped


Miles: I'm fine Pete. I'm fine.....but uh....I think I'm a ghost now.

What'd you talking about?

Miles soon saw his body shifting back to his normal state

Miles: Uhhh.....scratch that Pete. I don't know what happened.....but....I think I turned invisible.......

What'd you talking about?

Miles: Never mind I'll tell you later. But I made it pass the lasers.

Atta boy. Make your way to the next control room.

Spider-Man: MJ. What's the status on the lab.

Funny you should ask tiger. I'm in.

MJ came from another vent and web spined down herself from her newly powers and came on her feet reaching the flour

MJ: God I'm really starting to love these powers.

What was that?

MJ: Nothing babe. I was saying....loving the power we have to gain access cause I made it to the lab.

Yes MJ made it to the ContractQuest labs....Norman's home away from home.....and the birth place.....of that murdering monster.......the Mr. Hyde living in Norman himself.......

.....The Green Goblin

MJ observed the place and couldn't help but to be amazed at it

MJ: Wow. This place is incredible. I wonder if Dr. Banner had a lab like this before he became the Hulk.

I have no way of knowing.

Spider-Man: I didn't get acquainted with him AND Thor till....Tony's funeral. Um....either way....just find what we need and get out of there.

Hey.....'s me remember.

You sound just like......well me babe.

MJ silently giggled and soon she walked around exploring the place and found Dr. Stromm's research notes on his desk

MJ: What's this?

She read the notes

MJ: "Dap to formula"? I wonder if this is the early research on the chemical war fares?

MJ walked across the lab and observed the chamber where Norman.....became the Goblin

MJ: What's this? Some kind of.....some kind of injection chamber. I know Norman is in mad science from what I saw at the penthouse but.....this looks like something Norman could do to create.....this generations Frankenstein's monster.

MJ then walked behind the chamber and found the containers holding.....the formula....that created the Goblin

MJ: My god....what is this stuff?

Never seen it before. It must before. Harry didn't even mention something like this.

MJ: He probably never knew about it.

Yet another name drop and another idea pops in.

Not much about Harry’s involvement in Oscorp was released outward for public knowledge, for Norman actively ignored most of his personal accomplishments and even when the latter did, it was swept under the rug faster than you can say ‘Puffles the Gigglypuff’ . His research stations would have to be the worst offender; having built them for environmental attorney purposes on behalf of his late-mother. However, the company had long ignored the stations' existences before Norman tried and failed to have funding killed for those projects.

Having had no time left before his trip to Europe, Harry recorded the voice mails to entrust his friend, Peter, on completing his researches and providing them for Oscorp.

This is where the doubts finally started to creep in. How much was Harry hiding? How deep were the skeletons in Norman’s closet? Just how many secrets did Harry have to keep for his father before he had to leave? There was no question he knows his father loves him and is trying to help "in his own way", but considering he was highly aware of just who his father is and how he operated, it was impossible at this point to not assume Harry knee more than he let on.

And if that was the case, that could very well be the key on putting the Goblin/Hammerhead/Felicia fustercluck to bed and discovering the true nature behind Harry’s lack of reappearance.

MJ: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Unfortunately, yes. I don’t like where this leads but I think we have no choice now.

Yet another detour would have to be taken, but a necessary one at that.

Is there a computer nearby you?

MJ: Looking at one now.

MJ walked over to it and flashed on the screen and linked everything to the computer at Otto's old lab where Ned was still monitoring things

MJ: Ok Ned I'm linking everything to the lab computer.

I'm seeing everything you're seeing.

Ned: By the looks of it Norman's got more personal files than Dr. Connors.

MJ: Let's see if there's anything that'll help us learn about Goblin.

She scrolled around looking from File to File and soon came across one labeled: Harry Osborn case

MJ: "Harry Osborn case"?

She clicked on it and.....what she saw.....shocked her....more than the Martin Li incident video

Back with Miles he just set the third chemical in place and was ready to be set in the mixing chamber soon as he left for the fourth....well....there came another tricky part

Miles: Uh oh locked. Hey doc! The last door is locked. I can't get in.

I'll look into it. Give me a minute.

After less than minute

Oh my god....Night monkey.

Miles faced down thinking really: Really?

Get to cover. Dr. Rou is heading your way. He must think something is wrong. He has the key to open the door you need to get it from him but be careful two super soldier robots are with him.

Thinking quickly Miles webbed up to the ceiling just not long after Rou and two robots came by to the door

And didn't look happy of what he figured out

Dr. Rou: I knew it!

He turned to the robots

Dr. Rou: There's an intruder in the building somewhere. Find him and neutralized them any means necessary.

The robots when on their search now the cover was officially blown

Miles: Pete they know we're here.

Get out of there! Now!

Miles: No....we have the save the city.

Thinking fast Miles lands on Rou knocking him out and swiping the key from him

Miles: Got it!

He went to the door with the key and set the chemical in place

Miles: Alright....let's set these bad boys in place.

But just when he came out the two machines spotted

Robot: Intruder in sight!

The alarms went off and Miles had to zip his way pass them giving us a chase


Flash made a run for it when the guards ran out of the lobby Michelle and Betty made way to the nearest emergency exit

Miles made it all the way back barely escaping the robots into the mixing chamber hitting the correct orders and finally.....

.....the project was stabilized

Miles: YES! The chemicals have been stored that scratches one destroyed New York!

Great job Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: You just saved the whole city for the first time. You'll be remembered for this. How's everyone else?

We made it out but....MJ's still in there.

Spider-Man: Miles you get out of there. MJ it's time to go you find what we need?

MJ did not respond she was still horrified as she saw at the end of the footage.....Norman sealing Harry in the tank when we last saw him last year not that she saw Venom clearly just assumed it was black ooze in the green pool of formula in the tank

Goodbye my son. I promise once GR-27 is ready....we'll have that cure.

And MJ saw Norman sealing it

MJ: Norman could you....your own son?! YOU BASTARD!

MJ downloaded this on her drive and once it's complete her spider sense went off the wire.....

....a BRIGHT light shinned on her face when she turned and covered her eyes

Well well well......

MJ barely looked and saw Goblin himself stepping into the light

Green Goblin: A fox in my henhouse.

MJ backed up falling back on the flour in shock and fear

MJ:'re.....the Goblin.....

Green Goblin: Want an autograph?

Goblin approached her hovering his glider towards her with MJ crawling back and when he got a close look at her Goblin recognized her from the van even from Norman's memories

Green Goblin: Do I.....know you?

MJ gasped and nodded

Green Goblin: Ah're one of Spider-Man's allies. You were in that van I tailed after. Well this makes me wonder.....would Spider-Man choose that lying cat thief over you TOO?!

MJ: What'd you.....?

Green Goblin: There is no missing child! That cat bitch is the real villain her and Hammerhead! The child is just a distraction!

MJ: You can't expect him to believe you after everything you done.

Green Goblin: What I've done won't be anything compared to what Hammerhead will do later. Especially that manipulating cat. You should know yourself my dear compared to your relationship with him believe me....he' ALL are better off trusting me than the ally cat! But speaking of cats......didn't you know that curiosity KILLD THE CAT?!?!?!?!?!

MJ screamed as Goblin flew at her laughing and Pete heard her screams through the communications

Spider-Man: MJ! MARY JANE WHAT'S GOING ON?! MARY JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No need to be quiet anymore. Cover was blown.

MJ, quickly thinking, somersaulted over a charging Goblin, barely landing on her feet before falling over due to the weight imbalance from the fall.

Best chance now was to run along and get the hell out of dodge. Still unsure about her powers, MJ preceded to play it safe for the time being, web-zipping a nearby canister into her hands before smacking it down onto Goblins head.

Unfortunately, just a simple gripped forearm prevented the canister from splitting his head clean open. Not that it would’ve mattered because the sheer weight of his body snapped the canister in half, letting out a trail of smoke from the inside. In no time, the lab was coated in an endless cloud of steam.

It would blind the normal sustained human; except neither we’re currently in that room. Like an annoying little fly, Goblin wipes the smoke away with MJ in tow.

Except she was no longer in the room.

She had barely gotten out of that lab tumbling over herself, and with the guards and super soldiers at large, she could not have seen herself running for the hills any faster than this.

No time to think on it now, as three guards show up out of nowhere to barricade her path to no avail. MJ, undeterred by being interred, presses herself up against the wall and bounces up and over the guards and continues running.

They’re quick to follow her.

She rolls along, vaulting through another door and into the back hallway. Luckily, no guards patrol this area as frequently as the rest so she was able to squeegee through the corridor before bypassing yet another room with yet more crisscrossing laser grids.

And it just so happened to be the same room Miles crossed mere minutes ago.

Positioning herself on one of the cabinets in the back row, she was quick to target a cabinet in the grid area before zipping over to it. She was inaccurate with her positioning so yet ANOTHER laser was tripped. Three to be exact. She’s quick to zip to the doorway in the midst of the grid and step through to the next room……

….just in time to bump into Miles.

Briefly disoriented, the two are quick to lock eyes and horns with each other, having not seen in each other in hours. Luckily, common sense prevails and the two are able to gladly recognize the other.

MJ: Oh my—shit. Miles, that’s you?

Miles: What you expecting? Tiny Tim?

MJ: Oh thank god!

She’s quick to hug Miles tightly, adamant in seeing a familiar face after a while. Of course, Miles, being the observant tech wiz he is, took notice of the USB wedged in MJ’s fingers.

Miles: What? That’s it; you got the files?

MJ: Yeah, yeah, I got what I needed! You done?

Miles: Everything!

MJ: Great, let’s move!


Goblin came blasting his way on MJ's now Miles's tail

Green Goblin: Hahahaha!!

Super Soldier Robot: Target must be subdued!

The machines aimed their blasters at Goblin but he lift his arm hacked into the robot's system and took control of them all and now they obeyed him

Green Goblin: Bring me the woman and that masked kid. But I want them alive!

They chased after them and there was no way out they were trapped in the building with it being under lockdown

Miles: No good. There's no way out.

MJ looked to a ceiling air vent.

MJ: No there is. Look. That vent will lead to the roof. Take this.

MJ gave Miles her drive that holds all the information she gathered

MJ: Take this with you get it back to the lab have Ned run everything. We can build a case with it.

Miles: Sure but....what about you?

MJ: Someone has to slow them down. Give you time.

Miles: What? No way I won't leave you to that lunatic

MJ: Miles we don't have time for this. Just do as I say.

She webbed the vent open


Miles could tell MJ was being strict like a mother would to a child and he nodded

Miles: I'll let Pete know you're still here.

Miles leaped up into the high vent with the files stored in that drive and soon the robots came blasting at her she dodged them with her newly spider reflexes and lured them away from where Miles escaped

Who got out ending up on the roof of Oscorp

Miles: Pete! I made it out! But MJ's still trapped inside! She told me to get this drive to Ned but stayed to slow down the Goblin! Here's here!

Get to Ned Miles.

Spider-Man: I'll handle Gobby.

He landed on the wall looking for a way to get in

MJ ran as fast as she could with the SSR's behind her but then.....Goblin cut her off in front of her hovering on the glider

Green Goblin: dear.

MJ screamed and Goblin zoomed over and grabbed her lifting her off the flour MJ kept screaming she could use her powers to escape that would blow her OWN cover if she done anything with them later

Green Goblin: Put your heart into the streets my lovely girl! The better to bait my trap!

He blasted his way out which caught Pete's attention spotting Goblin flying off with her

Spider-Man: Too late.....

He web zipped off to swing after them


And began another chase through out town only this time it was higher than before Pete webbed swing as fast as he could to keep up with Goblin but once he knew he was on his tail he threw pumpkin bombs to slow him down but Spidey dodged them best as he could

Spider-Man: If you hurt her I'll make you suffer!

Green Goblin: Ooooh! And all this time I thought you would protect the cat. But now you're finally getting into the spirit of things!

He kept throwing those bombs and Pete got hit this time but thankfully he shot a web at the glider and he was taken for a ride

Mary Jane: Put me....DOWN you jerk!

Green Goblin: Ah ah ah that's not very lady like!

MJ looked down seeing her heroic boyfriend tempting to climb up the web line to them


Spider-Man: This is between you and me Goblin! Leave her out of it!

Green Goblin: Then hurry up! I think I'm slipping! Hahahahaha!!

The climb was taking forever Goblin shaking him made it hard so he webbed zip to him and leaped over him and landed on the Goblin's shoulders

Spider-Man: Just put her down safely! Then we'll settle this Spider to Goblin!

Green Goblin: Are you joking?! The more the merrier! But then again Spider-Man there's no way you can stop me or save her at the same time....IS THERE?!

He drops her and she screams as she falls

Spider-Man: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He leaped off him tending to catch his love but......

Goblin GRABBED him before he could

Spider-Man: NO!

Green Goblin: You owe me for the other night Spider-Man now....her death will open your eyes!

Goblin started beating him up as MJ thinking fast shot her own Webline to save herself and swings to another roof landing by a patio pool and looked up watching helplessly

Pete did his best to fight back but Goblin kept countering him and beating him unmercifully

Goblin took all his rage on our hero for in his mind Spidey slammed the door on his face when he tried to help him from someone JUST using and killing MJ would be punishment for him Goblin's beatings ripped holes open on his mask and Goblin held him by the throat

To further complicate matters, Goblin pulls out another trinket from his little belt: a mini-disc similar to the squeakers Peter once gave MJ on her missions.

Goblin: Misery, misery, misery. That’s what you’ve chosen.

Gripping Spidey by the neck as he propelled himself above higher ground......nearly 30 stories up, he intended to give a certain little red riding hood a spectacle to behold. With his parachute, hud display, web-wings and arsenal of gadgets currently disabled or out-of-reach, Peter literally had no means of catching himself if he were to be dropped.

Unfortunately, that looked to be the case.

Goblin: You disgust me, little spider. I thought you were valuable.

Spider-Man: Well, get-get used to disappointment.

Peter, again, tries to go for a punch but it’s all in vain as Goblin not only catches the fist, he then proceeds to snap his wrist.

It causes an immediate distal radius fracture, breaking the larger of the two bones in his arm.

He yelps in agony, seeing as this was the ongoing story for the vast majority of their fights together: Goblin is left gaining the upper hand eventually or he starts off dominating straight out of the gate. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man could BARELY get a number on this mysterious foe and now, appeared to be at the end of his reach.

Barely tipping towards the front end of the glider…..

Goblin: And the itsy bitsy spider…..

…..the effort to get some leeway on his opponent proved too great for Peter to ignore. He barely swiped his arm backward with his other arm and connects, finally. But the end result was folly as Goblin swiftly kicked his leg left leg out from underneath him.

And THEN proceeded to snap his other wrist into pieces.

His arms laid floppy, broken, disoriented, unable to execute their prime function after being broken by a madman. And that was just the worst of it.

Goblin:…..laid splat upon the terrain.

Channeling his inner Leonidas, a simple thrust kick to the chest later and Peter was shoved off of the glider and into the timid New York air, curdling down into freefall.

Once more, Deja Vu ruptures within the mind of the associate editor; MJ watching in horror as the fearless hero dropped effortlessly like a mannequin; a helpless ruptured mannequin. She just stood there in stunned, flabbergasted silence. Dropping down like a knife-edge, Peter's immobile flailing body quickly passes by them, mere moments away from tasting sweet release at deaths doorstep.

Not again.

Not this time.


Her bloodcurdling scream overtook the rapid-fast 56 degree winds; instincts taking over, she leaps off the side of the building, ripping off a few cement blocks in the process.

Sweaty, famished and exhausted, she felt more out of breath than she ever had recently. The sudden burst of adrenaline from earlier faded despite more daily cardio checked off the list. However, that little squirt of energy came back upon seeing her love nearly plummet to his death…..

….and there was no lifeline to help him up this time.

MJ: Now or never, MJ! C’MON!

Still a measurable distance too far and not close enough to catch him, improvisation was now key; shooting two separate weblines towards the Oscorp building and the closest apartment building to her far left.

Squeezing back on those tiny threads, she has to manually use her arms to build up on pressure….in mid-air no less.

Eventually, she releases the hold.

Zipping herself through the air at a rocking 43 miles per hour, the air blowing up against MJ made eye-to-eye coordination a chore. But she finds a way to hone in her senses…..

…..and catches the friendly neighborhood Avenger.

MJ: I got you tiger!

Pete was already unconscious when she grabbed him but when turning the webline around they fell back to the pool patio only BOTH ending up falling into the pool and.....SPLASH!!

Pete fell flat down to the flour of the pool and MJ swam down to him and grabbed him pulling him back up and reached the surface

MJ let out a crying gasp for air when bursting out of the water holding Pete up and she looked up seeing the Green Goblin fly away laughing

Lucky for her he didn't see her he just took off the moment he dropped Spidey

MJ looked up to where he flew off frowning and then pulls Pete out of the pool and gently put him on the patio flour

MJ: Peter? Peter can you hear me?!

She laid her head down on his chest to listen for a heartbeat and there was one....but a weak one

MJ: Hang on tiger.

She lifted him up wrapping his arm around her shoulder and walked to the railing

MJ: Oh god....calm down Pete carried you like this god knows how many times you can do it too. All though you're a rookie at this've always been a fast learner.

MJ held on to our battle damaged and out cold hero tight and shot her web tending to take a swing nervous she'll drop him but went for it


Soon as the sun began to set MJ and Spidey made it back to her apartment storming through the front door and MJ kicked it closed and carried him to the living room and gently put him on the couch and Pete coughed out when waking up catching air when Goblin held

MJ: Easy tiger.

Spider-Man: Mary Jane....?

MJ: I'm here.

Spider-Man: I thought you were.....

MJ: Shh shh. Lay back now. I'm gonna get you first aid first let's get this off you.

MJ pulled off his mask had Peter sit up to unzip his suit which automatically deflated when she unzipped it torn from the beating and wet from the pool she threw in a near by laundry basket near the couch and covered Pete up in a laundry blanket

MJ: Warm up I'll be right back.

MJ had to change too given she too was wet from the pool into her old white t-shirt with the heart shaped Spider-Man on she grinned when throwing it on and dried jeans

Soon as MJ got cloths for Pete and the first aid from the bathroom sink she came back in the living room with her cell vibrating on the coffee table

Having to attend to Peter she put the call on speaker

MJ: Mary Jane Watson?

MJ it's Ned. Miles gave me the files you got on the drive but told me you and Pete are fighting the Goblin.

MJ: We were but we barely escaped. Pete's hurt right now but I got him with me at my apartment. I'm gonna treat him till he regains his strength meantime run those files I ready for a horrific shock cause there's something about Harry we didn't really know about.

How bad is it?

MJ: Bad enough to know more low than we thought....I mean he didn't do anything to intentionally harm his own son.....well like I said it's bad enough.


MJ: And Ned.....I need you to....look up any missing child records something that will help us find Felicia's son.

Sure I'm on it. I'll start looking soon as I see what you got from Oscorp.

The line cut and MJ continued tending Peter's injury

Peter: What....exactly did you find?

MJ: All I can say is Norman may not be all there either. I didn't find much if he's linked to the Grinch out there but....let's just say....Harry's not really in Europe....he's somewhere in the city.

Peter: But where?

MJ: It looked like that lab from the penthouse. I think we need to pay it another visit.

Peter: I was afraid of that.

MJ poured Epicyte on his shoulder which stinged him

MJ: Easy easy I know it stings but always helps.

Peter: Nice to know Nurse MJ is still paged.

MJ chuckled remembering those moments even when the second one thing to another

MJ: Yeah....well she's still able to treat injured heroes.

Peter: How did you----? How did you survive when Goblin dropped you? I thought you were a goner when he grabbed me. Did Miles catch you?

MJ: Ehhhh.....not exactly.

Peter: Then how?

MJ: That's....what I wanted to talk to you in person....when we're alone.

Peter: Well we are now. So what's going on?

MJ did not know the best way to tell them how she finally got super spider powers like she wished she did when they argued about that "Sorry Charlie." thing back at Central Park which now she learned the hard way should have been careful what you wish for

MJ wasn't sure how to tell Pete how she figured how both her and Miles got their powers from Norman's super spiders so the only logic thing MJ could think show him

MJ: Let's just say....I....I had some....inside information.

Pete blinked and sat up assuming....he might have two children from two of the women he been with

Peter: MJ are you----?!

MJ: No! No....hehe....I....'s better I show you.

MJ stood up walked to the back of the living room and when Pete got up confused more than he already is MJ just stood there with her back turn taking a breath and.....


.....right before Peter's eyes........

.....MJ LEAPS up to the ceiling sticking on it like Miles Pete's jaw dropped open and eyes bolted the blanket he was under dropped

MJ: Heh....what'd you think?

What does he think? He thinks he's going crazy from that beating he took from Goblin he..........


Just like Ganke

MJ: Of course.

And Peter said she was the drama Queen.

She detaches from the ceiling quickly, feeling more tailored in her balance despite the unraveling nature behind literally being upside down. Needless to say, this reaction she saw coming…..but not to the extent that he took it.

Not content on leaving him smudged between the couch and table, she trudges on over to him, barely able to lift him up off the floor completely. His weight barely trumps her own.

Just two steps forward where all it took before MJ calls it a night and placed Peter’s unconscious body alongside the edge of the couch, said piece of furniture having breezed through multiple seasons and had seen better days. In what might as well be Peter's seven winks, Mary Jane's lips alight on his cheek like a dew freckled petal caught in a breeze, so soft and with the smallest hint of coolness.

Now came the real dilemma: what to do now?

Not many people survive a fall like that and MJ could still feel her heart pumping and pumping louder with each thump; 146.5 to 160.75 beats per minute is the normal target heart rate during vigorous exercise. What she felt was a few beats higher than that; she goes further and she might exhaust herself. But if not the fall....

....perhaps anxiety would better disorient her.

Miles was the only one in which she ACTUALLY officially told her secret towards and so close yet so far she came to having her identity being exposed elsewhere. Talk about feeling overbooked and not having to actually do much to convey that. Imagine how Betty, Michelle, Flash would feel.

THAT'S the position she now put Peter in.

Looking at his prone body slumped over the edge of the couch like a baby, she contemplated following suit, letting her mind and body rest.....

.....but then she caught notice of Peter's mask below the floor beside her foot. Like it was asking someone to pick it up.

MJ looked at the mask for a minute and never once in her life never thought of wearing it mostly cause she was into masks not since she switched curers from actress to reporter

MJ decided for once....give it a one shot for once and put it on when it was over her head with the bottom of her red hair sticking out MJ suddenly....heard KAREN'S voice for the first time

Good afternoon MJ.

MJ: Huh?! Who's there?

I am K.A.R.E.N. Peter's voice technician assistant curtesy of Tony Stark himself. I'm...also his therapist.

MJ: you're Karen. Peter talks about you a lot. I even see him talk to you but....never hear you.

I can only be heard to anything I'm linked to. Mainly to Peter's suit along with young Miles Morales.

MJ: Well it's a pleasure either way.

So MJ is there anything you like to talk about? Or anything you like to look into?

MJ looked at Peter still out on the couch and thought back to....well everything Black Cat and the Green Goblin even.....her own powers

MJ: Actually....there is something I do want to get off my chance.

So as the hours passed just when night fell MJ basically told KAREN almost everything

MJ: So now that Felicia fessed up that Peter IS the father and Goblin says it's a rouse I don't really know what to think. I mean none of us want to take Gobby's side but I can't help to feel like....that I'm hoping he's right. Not that I wouldn't save the child myself I even promised Peter I would.

It just bothers you you're not the mother.


MJ I told Peter something after your....spas. I told him not to jump to any conclusions. I recommend you not to either.

MJ: How do---how do you know about our fight? Oh don't tell me Peter told you.

No. I heard through his suit I see everything through his mask. I even saw you show him your powers by the bedside.

MJ: Oh.....

And because of that I took the liberty and created a suit design for your size. Sending it now.

MJ heard her laptop beeped on her coffee table she took it off the charger and sat it on her lap on the chair and opened her email and found what KAREN just sent her and when she opened it her eyes bolted looking closely

It was another spidey suit design between both Pete's old Stark Suit and Upgraded suit but the main color was pink the trim was white along with the spider logo with the legs curved in one side in each one

MJ was just amazed

MJ: Not bad.....not bad at all.

Best of all I can have it ready in a matter of minutes. With the new technician Morgan Stark installed I'll have the advanced equipment to stitch your suit for field work.

MJ: Karen I'm really....impressed. I truely am. I just...still don't know if I'm even gonna go along with it I mean....I to be my own hero. Like be who I am that's a real hero.

So does Peter. The mask doesn't really make you into another person it just protects the people you care about. You'll always be you and so will Peter. Spider-Man is only a cover from the enemies. Plus...I doubt you want the whole world to know you have Spider-Man's powers.

MJ: Ok you beat me there.

But that's not what's really bothering it my dear?

MJ: Just....I been dreading Peter may have a kid and now that it's out and the open I don't know what to think. I I said I don't want to take that murderer's side but he said the child doesn't exist and.....but he killed Liz and I hate to think----

MJ I understand. But just because Peter is a father does NOT mean he has to marry Felicia. There's no law to it....if you're not in High School. You're the one he chose. He made it clear even to her he never wants to go back with her. Weather it's now or a hundred years you are the one he chose.

MJ: God you must have heard our phone conversation too.*

I hear everything through his call connections but either not give up hope MJ. Peter still wants to be with you. No matter what don't give up. These....shippers you two keep talking about.....they don't have control of your relationship with him you do.

MJ felt a little comfort and now understands why Peter calls her is own therapist and teared up a little under the torn mask

MJ: Thanks Karen....I...really needed to hear that...I mean I hear it from Peter and Betty know what I mean.

I do. Now you don't have to choose now but I'll give you time to think about the suit. I'll have it saved till you make a decision.

MJ: Thanks Karen.

She pulls off the mask and could not stop looking the suit design

A decision that she and Miles now shared.

Twenty five designs.

That’s how many scribbled down, smudged up, intricate pen-to-pencil designs Miles had jotted down into his notebook, spanning across 10 pages each. Four of which had already been torn out, crumbled up or thrown away.

One more page, one more faulty suit design and Miles was on the cusp of what seemed to be, in his mind, another failure. Crumbling up yet another page, he’s content on tearing out the page and trying again….

….until steel brakes slam to a halt in his mind. Something just came to him.

His balled-up hands release pressure, fingers and palms easing up slightly before letting go of the page. Those creased pages within the soft green cover fluttered in the breeze of the open window, traversing each crevice and tear as it flocks to the end of the edge of the bed.

Miles had to slide off the edge to grip the book while webbing the window to pull down, blocking the wind from getting in.

Having barely held onto the notebook by a fingertip, it was a fast and furious recovery. Looking over the creased cover and back to the crumbled page yet again, Miles seemed to be having a change of heart on one of his designs.

Miles: This is getting me no where! Pete how'd you do it? How? Speak to me Pete. Speak to me.

Miles was just under a brain storm it drove him crazy he even nearly fell asleep as hours went by only for him to gasp himself awake bumped his desk when lifting his knees it caused a shake up to his bookshelf an old comic fell on his head

Miles: Oof!

Miles grabbed the comic and read the front cover

~Avengers Ultimate Edition~

Miles observed it closely and.....the title.....gave least one idea........

Miles: Ultimate? Ult---Ultimate??

He grew a grin as the word "Ultimate" really turned on the light bulb in his head and build confidence to draw in a newer design

First he drew the spider logo red color and after sleepless hours he finally got it a drawing of a spidey suit similar to Pete's upgraded suit main color black with red trim

And Miles wrote on top of it......

The Ultimate Spider-Man

Miles: Perfect.

On the top of the Empire State Building Spidey himself was posed on it looking down at the city till suddenly.......


Pete turns eye lens widen when Goblin grabs by the throat again lifting him higher than the building laughing


Spider-Man: Goblin....!

Green Goblin: Poor little will loose.....everything.

He drops him and Spidey just fell and fell and fell as he yelled out and when hitting the bottom....

.....Peter wakes up gasping in MJ's couch....turns out he was just having his first nightmare about the Goblin for he had now become the new enemy that torments our hero in reality and in dreams

Thankfully MJ was right by his side and held him by the shoulder

MJ: Easy were just dreaming.

Peter: God....I'd say......that was the most horrifying dream I had....Goblin is just everywhere I look now.

Funny he said the same thing not too long ago

MJ: Dreams come and go Pete.

Peter: I....think....I had another dream about you. I thought I saw you......WITH my powers.

MJ: Ehhh......

Peter: Oh god that wasn't a dream??

MJ: Don't faint again....but no it was real.

Peter was far from fainting this time....he was just full of a thousand questions

Peter: First Miles now you?? Is there a Spider Power sale up for new year attractions? How did this happen? How long have you had these powers? Who knows about him? What---?

MJ: Slow down slow down tiger. Just calm down and I'll tell you everything.

Peter took a breath and sat back down waiting for her answers but....MJ happen to notice.....

....he was still just in his boxers

MJ: Um....maybe you should....get dressed first?

Peter looked down and felt awkward both hiding their blushed cheeks and went to MJ's room to change

Thankfully MJ had a set of his cloths in her closet each time Peter.....stayed at her place

A minute after Pete was dressed MJ told him everything that happened while they talked after their spas MJ was bitten by that genetically spinneret spider from Norman's lab from the penthouse

Even told him her theory Miles got his powers the same way especially her talking to KAREN and she sent her a suit design of her own

Peter: So....the spider that bit you is from Osborn's lab and you think they gave you and Miles your me. And now Karen made you a suit?

MJ: Just a design but I still don't know what I'm gonna do with them. I mean when I said I wished I had super spider powers to keep you from worrying....guess a wishing star came down on me.

Peter: I guess so. So you really don't know what you're gonna do?

MJ: No. That's why I'm taking time to think about it. However sometime soon we'll have to pay the penthouse another visit.

Peter: Why's that?

MJ: Because I don't think Harry is in Europe really. He's been locked in there all this time.

Peter: What?

MJ: Peter. Harry was sick and....Norman may have only did what he did out of the love of his heart for him but he locked him in a tank when he should be in a hospital. Locking him up was out of contact. The data is the lab I'm having Ned build files on it to make a case. I'm...also having him track anything on.....your son.

Peter nodded facing down he couldn't believe all this time Harry was never in Europe and locked in the penthouse all this time

Peter: Then we better get him out.

MJ: Wait....I need you to track down another lead.

MJ opened her laptop and showed Pete what she gathered from the Magia and Tombstone's involvement with Hammerhead turns out he's shipping weapons for the gang war

Peter: So Tombstone is selling arms dealings to Hammerhead. Guess after Li disappeared Lonny probably had to switch jobs to.

MJ: I got the last known address from the data I collected from their laptop. You track that address we should find out what he's smuglling for him.

Peter: Then I better suit up. Where's my......

MJ: In the dryer. I had to stitch it up a bit and fresh it up.

Peter: Thanks.

Peter went to the back of the kitchen pulled his suit out of the drier all stitched up and he suited up heading for the window

Spider-Man: I'm going after Lonny. Maybe stopping him will slow down Hammerhead.

MJ: I'll call you if anything turns up.

Spider-Man: MJ?

She looks up to him

Spider-Man:......I love you.

MJ: I love you too.

He leaps out and then.....MJ's cell vibrated it was Ned on the caller ID and she picked up at an instant

MJ: Ned. Did you find anything?

Ehhh....that's....the weird and....confusing thing. I looked up every Maggia activity on kidnapping children even the missing child reports all over New York. I even looked up anything on a Ben Hardy even little Ben Parker for Christ's sake.....and.....everything was a zip.

MJ widen her eyes with confusion....and.....suspicion


Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. Negatory. Yuletide crap.


Weeks were spent on this topic, hours were poured into multitudes of sources, staying up late at night fostering our busy work, yelling at the TV or worst off, each other. So much blood, sweat, tears and literally bodies had been sacrificed all for the prospect of some cat burglars long lost kid….

….and now here’s the guy in the chair telling MJ and, to a lesser extent, anyone else for later usage that maybe the Green Goblin was ACTUALLY RIGHT? That they were simply dangling a hypothetical carrot hanging over all their eyes and heads?


Complete and total nothingness. All of that time spent to do a simply favor for this platinum-blonde haired bombshell and they aren’t getting anything in return. Well…..

….almost nothing.

The closest thing…..I was able to get, however, was a room-sized vault being delivered to a shipyard in Hells Kitchen. It was the only record of it amongst the 412 Maggia activities pertaining to what you were talking about. I didn’t cross it off because I was hoping you two would dig deeper into it.

MJ: Then that’s probably where he’s keeping Ben.

Maybe. Maybe not.

But it looks like now they finally had some sort of leverage locked down on where to go next and what this could lead to.

MJ: Keep searching. I'm on my way.

Nurse MJ did her part; now it was Spidey’s turn. And such endeavors led him to….a rather familiar place.

Pale Horse Ridez.

The biker gang hideout for Tombstone and his crew found in the middle of Harlem on the North side, not far from the Bar With No Name, and next to the middle bridge leading out of Harlem, in an alley. And not only that…..

….but MJ had already broken and infiltrated into that place no less than a few months ago while deciphering the whole Devil’s Breath fiasco. As if Lonnie didn’t need any more unwelcome visitors. So two for two, he was about to get ransacked in his own place of business.

Unlike the first time, however, he would actually be made aware of the adversary’s presence.

The invulnerable drug dealing brute is left kneeling up against one of the tool cabinets perched near the triple-decker window, the middle one being where he threw one of his colleagues through and pounded his face into the dirt. Sipping down whisky in a metal container, he was the only one there.

All his other henchmen and colleagues were told not to come today.

And that just so happened to work in Spideys favor. If yo-yo-ing down towards the hulking 386-pound frame of a vicious drug lord behind his back wasn’t enough to divert Lonnie’s attention over to the webhead……

Spider-Man: The angry drug lord drank alone. I’m pretty sure there’s a poem in there somewhere.

….then his voice definitely would.

Surprisingly, Tombstone was….all for Peter’s company. He actually chuckled at his remark, a sly smile peeking up above his face. Dare he admit, he was one of the few criminals in the city, let alone the world who actively respected Peter’s admiration.



Saw a little bit of himself in Peter. In bits and pieces that is.

Tombstone: Heh. You’d know better than me.

That being said, he was trespassing in his place of business, what would be considered his private property. Lonnie knew first and foremost that Peter wouldn’t even be going to this extreme unless he needed some information. Information that would’ve taken down a LOT of what he built up the past few years.

And that’d also include Hammerhead's little inner circle.

Begrudgingly, Tombstone gulped down the last of his whisky. Leaning up against the tool cabinet beside him was a giant sledgehammer that he picked up with maximum ease.

Tombstone: Never was the literary type.

If Peter wanted any bits of information out of Lonnie, he’d have to beat it out of him. But given the chemicals that stained his skin and made him invulnerable were still VERY much a factor in this equation….

…..the webbed Avenger knew he’d have trouble.

Tombstone held out a sledgehammer and took a swing at him forcing Pete to drop back avoiding it

Spider-Man: Question for you: Why sign up with Hammerhead? And before him how'd you manage to connect with Martin Li?

Tombstone: I'm on top of my game. I don't go knocking on people who find me.

He took another swing with the giant hammer but Pete counters it this time

Spider-Man: Hate to brake it to you but you're no son of Odin.

Tombstone: Neither are you.

He lunges him off and falls on a table breaking it in half it held a tank of gas it spilled drawing a flow

Tombstone throws down the hammer but Pete rolled over to dodge it and tried to web yank it out of his hand but Lonny pulls the web to pull our hero to him and swung the hammer hitting him this time and hits a shelf knocking things over falling on him

Tombstone: Remember the last time we danced like this kid? Better hope your legs healed from it cause they ain't gonna walk you anywhere anymore after this.

Spider-Man: Hurt when it rains yeah but....otherwise they'll be dandy after this. Nice of you to be so concern.

Tombstone charged at him but Pete web zipped over him and too a swing to kick him from behind but Tombstone slams him hitting another shelf which had a lighten lantern and it fell on the gasoline flown causing a fire rase

Tombstone: Burn baby....buuuuuuurn.

Spider-Man: Oh boy....these errands I ran better be worth it. The counter-drug is my only chance.

Tombstone approached him raising the hammer when all of a sudden......

Hey dirt breath!

Tombstone turns around and he's an electromagnetic force....which is obviously....the Venom-Punch by our friendly neighborhood Miles Morales the 2nd Spider-Man

He leaped over to Pete helping him up

Spider-Man: What'd you doing here?

Miles: Ever heard of a "Thank you"?

Spider-Man: Thank you.

Tombstone got up and he was.....PISSED and approached the spider-duo with a fiery chain

Pete and Miles looked at each other nodding and looked at him both lowering the eye lens from their masks

Peter made the first move by web zipping to him Lonny swings the chain at him but dodges while Miles makes the next move by web sliding under him and hitting him from behind but hardly made him flinch and Lonny grabs Miles by the head and lifts him up to him

Tombstone: So you must be the second spider. I heard Spider-Man had a sidekick now.

Pete used that distraction to save Miles by landing on top of him and forcing the counter drug on Tombstone's face forcing him to inhale it and both fell with another shelf being knocked over....ON Tombstone this time when the fire began to spread

Both Spider-Men widen their eye lens when they saw Lonny.....BLEEDING his cheek was cut meaning the counter drug had taken effect

Tombstone: The hell was that you dosed me with kid? I feel kinda.....

Spider-Man: Oh you know. Particulated deblocking agent. Curtsy from the company you been stealing chemicals from Alcemax.

Miles: He's weakening?

Spider-Man: The counter drug must have worked. Time to take him down.....TOGETHER.

Miles was excited to hear that and the two on one final round began Pete webbed zipped over him forcing him to look up to him and Miles throws another Venom-Punch really knocking his lights out

While he was stunned both spiders threw punches at him and able to dodge his attacks when he came to by their spider senses and continued punching at him then dodge another attack

Peter webs him up and Miles web kicks him and punches him which only exhausted him

Tombstone: tongue feels so my fucking tongue suppose to feel funny?!

Miles: Scale to one to ten......

Spider-Man:....yeah totally. 100% normal. I think.

Tombstone throws his chain again only for Pete to dodge but Miles got hit this time and he rolled on the flour hard

Pete went in for the attack only to get smacked back again Tombstone chuckled and walked up to him with Miles trying to stan back up

Lonny picks Spidey up and by the looks of it he was gonna BITE him with his shark teeth

But Miles swung over kicking him from behind saving Pete's ass and once again both throwing punches at him at the same time and avoids Tombstone's attack by spider sense continuing throwing punches

Tombstone throws another swing but avoid it then Pete throws an uppercut at him web yanking the chain out of his hands and Miles delivers the FINAL BLOW with a THIRD Venom Punch

Tombstone hits the wall beaten and tired while Pete and Miles stood their ground

Spider-Man: Think we can say.....your crazy drug lord days are over?

Miles: And your deals with Hammerhead done?

Hammerhead: Sure......for now. One hell of a run though. Two from you both. Hehehe.....

Spider-Man: Not quite how I'd describe it.

Lonny eyed up at a knocked over bottle of whisky he reached for it but hurt his arm when lifting it and when he grabbed it yelling in pain it shattered on the flour

Tombstone grabbed his shoulder popping it back to it's proper place

Tombstone: I gotta admit....this is new......

Miles: Too much to hope you'll take it easy now that you're.....mortal?

Tombstone: Not a chance kid. Threat of death....just ups the thrill.

Miles: Wish I could say the feeling's mutual.

Tombstone: Hehehehe....I'm starting to like YOU new guy. You got a hell of a right hook. Especially with that electricity. Can't wait for the rematch.

Miles: Well I can.

Spider-Man: Karen. Call Yuri.

Calling Yuri Watanabe.

Spider-Man: Yuri. We've captured Tombstone. Along with stored supplies he's been selling to Hammerhead. We even got a shit load of his drugs. Sending you the location.

Got it. We're on our way.

Minutes after Yuri arrived and took Tombstone into custody.....they had him in shackles given his height and weight and loaded him in the swat armored car Yuri nodded to her men while on the roof Peter and Miles......

....had another mentor to pupil talk

Though Peter was dissatisfied with Miles crashing into a dangerous battle he was impressed of his efforts and thankful for saving him

Spider-Man: Now don't get me wrong I'm quite angry you stormed into that fight when you could have been killed. But I must admit I'm very impressed of the effort you made down there.

Miles: Well still proves my point you need a partner.

Spider-Man: Fair enough. But in any case I'm letting you off the hook....just one more time. Next time you come into a battle....I need to know first.

Miles: Could you answer calls and text reply while fighting?

Spider-Man: Karen can provide it.

Miles: Cool. But listen Pete the main reason I came was cause I wanted to show you something.

Miles webbed yanked his backpack on a wall Pete smirked under his mask given that was his habit in his High School days too

Miles unzipped his bag and pulled out the drawing for his new suit design

Peter took it pulling off his mask looking at closely at getting more impressed with it

Peter: Wow Miles....this is incredible. This uh....suppose to be another suit design?

Miles: Bingo. And read the name on top.

Pete does reading out the labeled: Ultimate Spider-Man

Peter: What----is---

Miles: That's right! That's my super hero name! Call me: THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN!

Pete looked at him odd given that name....was....a REALLY extreme....even for his age

Peter: I....don't know in THIS onesie you are.

Miles: What's a onesie?

Peter: Don't ask. Either way....that seems to be extreme your age plus.....that would match you more....maybe when you're older.

Miles: But you always called yourself Spider-MAN when you were a kid.

Peter: It didn't match my age either. I mean I want you to do better than I did. So....just.....hold that off till....maybe when you're out of High School.

Miles: Then what do you prefer. Cause I am NOT going by The Night Monkey everyone keeps calling me.

Peter: Yeah I don't blame you. How bout.......hmm.....

It took a bit for Pete to figure out something idea came to his thoughts:

Peter: How bout.....The Kid Arachnid?

Miles found it....both odd and.....intriguing

Miles:'s....not a bad name. Just...that still makes me sound like a kid.

Peter: You ARE a kid.

Miles could not really argue with it even though he's the next generation of the Spider-Man legacy he's still Spider-BOY not even Spider-MAN yet

Miles: Guess so.

Peter: Look be patient Miles your time will come. Just you got a long road to drive through.

Miles nods

Peter: Look why don't I let you patrol with me for a bit but soon as it gets dark I need to take it from there.

Miles: You got it.

Peter and Miles pulled their masks back on and webbed swing away

~Osborn Penthouse~

In the secret lab behind the portrait Norman and Stromm were now opening.......Harry's tank

The uncovered the tank from the armored wall revealing.....Harry Osborn (Tyler Posey) floating in green liquid and under......VENOM symbiont

10 years in San Fransico Peter's senior summer tour had gone down of meeting Mary Jane Watson Eddie Brock and Yuri Watanabe but after Spider-Man's final battle with Venom the symbiont was subdued by Sable Internationals hired by Norman himself since he took over the life foundation and has been contained here all this time

Norman used the trapped alien symbiont to stabilize Harry's condition when it went worse and Norman tried to use Devil's Breath to create a cure for him his wife before him but failed her and vowed he wouldn't fail his son

But after being fired Norman would have failed Harry for sure IF he hadn't become the Green Goblin to kill the board members used Hammerhead's mob money to fund Harry's operation and during the last three weeks....Harry had made enough progress to finally be released

Harry wasn't fully healed yet but ready to move again

Norman: Status report Dr. Stromm.

Stromm: His vitals are good. Circulatory system is healthy. But....his brain activity is fully normal yet. I think it will be in the next week.

Norman: He's been in there long enough.

Stromm: Mr. Osborn I understand he's your son. But the disease could relapse.

Norman: I want him out now Stromm.

Stromm: But we maybe underestimating the potential danger of----

Norman: I SAID......GET HIM OUT!

Seeing Norman was in a bitchy mood and maybe understandable but....not understanding the side effects Stromm obeyed Norman's orders and drained up the tank and the symbiont flowed within Harry

The glass door opened automatically and Norman went in taking everything off his son and carried him out

Norman: Harry? Harry....wake up son!

Harry slowly opened his eyes coughing out his vision was blurry barely becoming focus eye sighting his dad

Harry: Dad.....??

Norman smiled emotionally about to hug his son till suddenly.....

.....Norman was GRABBED in the neck by a giant morphing black symbiont hand coming from Harry's right arm and morphed.....into........

VENOM (Voiced by Tom Hardy)

Venom: You made two big mistakes Osborn. Taking me and locking me up like an animal....and letting me out.....just for a snack....before my trip back home.

Venom's flat pointy tongue licked Norman on the face but at a panic Stromm grabbed a shot gun on the table shooting at the creature forcing him to drop Osborn which his skin was turning green again

Venom looked at Stromm PISSED for that shot and he approached him Stromm paniced more and kept shooting but did him no good and the alien anti-hero.......CHOMPS off his head and tearing it off

Norman's shocked expression was through the roof seeing Venom chew up and swallow the head and the headless body fell to the flour

Venom: I missed that tastey feeling.

To the surprise of the alien goo, his enveloping form coating and covering Harry’s body found itself in more natural harmony than anticipated. In all of those years confined against his will, stuck up in an aquatic grill next to who might as well be a lost cause, time tumbled down the hourglass slower than molasses.

Practically hibernation for Venom. If not for the fact that Harry seemed to be subconsciously accepting of the changes made to his immune system and other anatomy bodily functions; outside of Eddie, Venom had successfully bonded with another human being for longer than just a few hours.

But a cause for celebration? This was not.

Immediately, the parasitic black alien goo scampers off, breaking out of the lab and immediately making a mess of the place. His movement rather sloppy after a couple years immobile, Venom immediately trips over himself, his big bold fat frame colliding against the marble table in the kitchen.

Venom: Argh! Granite. Not worth it.

Sounds like someone found his standards.

No point in cautiously leaving the area, he immediately weaves around the living room and jumps through the windows that lead towards the outdoor pool. Nightfall quickly approaching, Venom could practically feel himself licking his chomps, feeling fresh air once more.

His liquidated skin tingling in contact with the wind, eyes widening with glistening light, all it takes is a simple breath in….

….and out…..

…..before Venom gets a fresh taste of the outdoors once more. A part of him couldn’t exactly believe himself still awake.

Then comes a massive explosion behind him. Directed right at him, Venom is coated, doused in a thick blanket of flames. Pain: a signal in your nervous system that something may be wrong. It is an unpleasant feeling, such as a prick, tingle, sting, burn, or ache.



Except he had no nervous system to process all this. This is a nightmare of sorts, more vicious than most, more lucid……so long after having felt none of it.

Courtesy of the half-baked, half morphed, pumpkin bomb wielding Goblin-Norman hybrid, peering around the window doors separating the pool lounge from the living room.

Pumpkin bomb in his right hand and halfway dried blood coating his other, Norman is left limping out, for the transformation to a malevolent creature wasn’t universally recommended for its perks.

As well as inebriating dual personality syndrome.

Norman: Son……son, I know you can hear me in there.

He’s tempted to take another step forward as Venom finally makes a smart move and takes a dunk in the pool to douse his flames.

Norman: I know you must have a lot of questions right now but you need to let me—

No less than a minute later, a giant burst of water erupts from the pool, Venom rising out from the surface and soaking Norman in water. He wanted nothing to do with this drivel.

A hasty retreat comes into play as Venom effortlessly hurdles himself off the balcony, leaping into the night.

Norman looked out where he leaped out and....he....started crying given he unleashed another monster in New York he was just as sad he might loose his son again

Norman: My Harry......

He faced down as the green on his skin increased and his eyes changed yellow

Green Goblin: HeheheheHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Venom landed on a far roof top across towns square leaping from roof top to roof top and leaped down to an alleyway and morphed back

Harry was out of breath as he fell back and slid down on the wall coughing out given all Harry was wearing....more like a black lab underwear given he was just let out of the tank

Harry: What in God's name is going on?!


Harry flinched looking down and Venom's head slithered out of him and faced him like Eddie which Harry....was just as freaked out

Harry: What....what the hell are you?

Venom: Not what. Who.

Harry: Ok...alright WHO the hell are you?

Venom: Venom. And you....are mine. Temporarily that is.

Harry: You you''re that thing from San Fransisco. How'd you get in me?

Venom: Ask your daddy.

Harry: What? What'd you---

Venom: I don't have time to explain. Listen carefully Osborn. You and I have been caged like animals but now....freedom is ours. I need to get back to San Fransico so I need to find the nearest airport that'll get me there. So think of yourself as my cab driver.

Harry: You just want me to get you on a plain to San Fransico? That's it?

Venom: That's it. I'll keep your condition at bay long enough to get yourself checked up but in return I need you to help me get back to San Fransisco. the deal.

Harry: What if I can't? What if you and I....get captured or killed or something?

Venom: Leave that to me. we have an agreement?

Harry: That depends do I have a choice?

Venom: Not likely.

Harry: I was afraid of that. Look I just have a few conditions of my own...if it's not too much to ask.

Venom: Course. I can be reasonable. I mean I told Eddie the same thing. Name them.

Harry: Well I need to make a couple calls.....and....I need some cloths.

Venom: Hmm....fair point.

Give me your damn purse!

Venom and Harry looked over seeing a woman being mugged and Venom....widen a grin since that mugger....was clearly a bad guy

Venom: Bad guy.

The mugger held a pocket knife to her cheek as she whimpered in fear till Venom's oozing tentacle grabbed him dragged him to him to him and the woman ran away and Venom lunged his mouth down to him with the mugger screaming echoing

Harry had the muggers cloths on and....let's just say he was more freaked out

Harry: You bit that guy's head off?

He was a bad guy. I only eat bad guys....mostly.

Harry: Yeah that don't help.

Harry walked out to the streets to blend in with the public and had to find a make his calls

Back at Otto's lab Ned showed MJ every lead he fallowed on missing children and there was nothing that reports Maggia kidnapped any children NONE what's so ever

MJ: This...doesn't make any sense. How can there not be any reports on a missing child nor anything on a boy named Ben Hardy.

Ned: Hey I even typed in Ben Parker...and all I got was Pete's uncle.

MJ: Something's not right. Ned type in the latest birth certificates in every hospital in New York. Surely there's a record of Felicia giving birth.

Ned: On it.

He looked in every hospital records of every baby delivery status and get this....Felicia's name nor pictures did NOT appear on any of them either

They been on it for the past TEN minutes and NOTHING absolutely NOTHING turned up

Ned: This is fucked up. There's a not single record on any hospital of Felicia giving birth.

MJ: What the hell is going?! There's no way no one could know about Felicia's not even if she wasn't checked in. Surely Felicia had to put him through school and.....

MJ froze with her heart starting to pick up and remembered again....when Goblin EVEN told her: THERE IS NO SON! and told Peter that MJ had a sick feeling.....finding NOTHING might be the proof

MJ: Oh my god......

Ned: What?

MJ: I don't might be something. Keep looking. I need to check something.

Ned kept searching while MJ went into one of the lab bedrooms Morgan made for her and Pete and Miles and pulled out EDITH and put them on

MJ: Edith. Activate protocol: B.A.R.F. subject Felicia Hardy's apartment time during New Years

The vision on the glasses transferred to a data Felicia's apartment at new years and caught something.....that WILL haunt her and Pete for the rest of their lives

Felica: This come back to bite me in the ass one day.....but I don't know what choice I have. Spider won't trust me ever again he made it clear when he turned me in before. I just don't know how else to slow him down.

MJ frowned while viewing the memory and Felicia went to her room and opened a jewel box pulling out an expensive purl neckless and MJ didn't like where this was going

Felicia: Spider is so cute when he's gullible. I really hate to lie to him that I WE have a....missing son cause how would he listen to me now? Probably cause of that annoying red head brat. What he see's in her I'll never know probably. But Hammerhead has to pay for what he's done to my father. His drives will be as good as mine.

MJ was horrified and when the data memory ended she ended up back in reality she was shocked but mostly.....PISSED

MJ: That......BITCH!

This was the final straw.

So many hours practically slaving away for this woman, dragging around every crime family from every borough of the city from pillar to post and practically wandering around in an empty circle for days to weeks…..and this was the big payoff; a vase of fickle promises, crushed dreams and withered spirits.

Typical Felicia Hardy.

MJ was one to admit her patience was admittedly shot about halfway through this; she was desperate to get it all over with….

….but this was a bloody ransom note.

Not even that. This was fucking bribery committed by someone who had absolutely zero respect for her or her friends time and attention span, meaning all the people who died the last few weeks….INCLUDING LIZ, might as well have died for nothing.

There was no telling what was more embarrassing: the fact this cockamamie roundabout plan was convoluted up the ass on purpose or the realization that she was just as gullible as her boyfriend for falling into her trap.

But this time, Mary Jane Watson would not be taking that embarrassment lying down. She would not let Felicia get the last laugh, if her aunts life had depended on it. The bright side to all this? Now she knew where that vault was gonna lead them to…..the perfect place to set a trap.

MJ suddenly BOUNDS up to her laptop, almost running — suddenly beast-like, veins set to burst, staring down her screen, scrunching her nose, gritting her teeth, balling her fists up.

Heading over to her Gmail, the first thing she sees is the message from Karen entitled: Whatever you need, whenever you need it. And for once, she actually obliged to accept this gift.

But that meant two phone calls incoming.

First one…..was for Peter.

MJ: Baby?

Oh hey, MJ. Just finished patrols with Miles. I was about to turn in for the night.

MJ: Perfect. Cause you’ll wanna hear this: I found Ben.

Few seconds of silence peeps in before she continues.

MJ: Ned told me there’s a room-sized vault being delivered to a shipyard in Hells Kitchen.

That’s probably where he is. Thanks, Red!

He’s quick to hang up. Now it was Ned’s turn to do his part.

Some hesitation occurs on her part before she calls, however. She keeps thinking ‘I’m actually gonna do this, am I?’

MJ, guess you got the information fast, huh?

MJ: In a way…..yes. Meet me at the lab ASAP. Got a new project to work on.

Occupations are now sinking it’s teeth in for the young redhead, as the duty now lies firmly to Peter to finish the task they begrudgingly started on together.

Already taking advantage of the information carted out for him, Peter was quick to update Felicia on the location and hightail it over to the shipyard in Hell’s Kitchen. A last ditch effort and their last chance to stick to Hammerhead where it hurts and also reunite a long lost family member with one of their own.

Like any parent would.

Issue is, being Spider-Man……every time something goes too according to plan, that’s allegedly a moratorium regarding something that’s guaranteed to go wrong. And the last thing him or Felicia needs is that hypothetical carrot potentially dangling over theirs head to amount to nothing. Or find out the entire heist was a dirty fluke for the others personal.

But hey, an op is still an op.

Similar to the construction site where he met Jefferson Davis for the first…..and last time, his eyes laid plastered from afar. Adjusting his eye lenses from atop a shipping container so the camera shutter lenses caught a clear target, scanning the area wasn’t as tedious as recognizing the last of many of pickup trucks towing on into the shipyard by the far right.

One of Hammerhead’s men was already guarding the main entrance just as more of Joesph’s armored squadron piled out the back of the pickup truck, mobilizing around the area. Crowding around in the dark, guarding retail gates, perched upon rooftops to take a sniping position, there were even snipers; the clear line of sight by a wide margin. Seven snipers scattered throughout the shipyard, all armed, equal distance separated between one another.

They were prepared to guard this shipyard no matter what it took or die trying.

Rebalancing himself and still scoping the area from afar, he hardly felt the crate beneath him jolt only slightly. Indicating someone else’s presence on the crate and in the area, he’s relieved, mostly to find that Felicia indeed took him at his word.

At least this meant they could finish this together.

Black Cat: This is the place. I’m certain of it.

Spider-Man: Already took a look around. Joesph’s really gunning out for you; MJ definitely nailed it. Isolated as all hell. They could keep the kid here for weeks without anyone noticing.

Black Cat: Not on our watch.

She says while getting awfully close to out hero, leaning up against his back to where she might as well be full-on piggybacking him. Peter…..paid no mind to it.

It was a habit of hers back when they were still a thing and as much as Peter hated to admit it…..he missed it. A little bit.

But the time for pleasantries was over.

Black Cat: We have to do this quietly.

Spider-Man: Same thing as before: If they spot us, it’s over. We need to take them all out…..

He couldn’t help but to let loose a wry chuckle underneath his mask.

Spider-Man:… we used to.

Spider-Man: Quiet as a cat.

Black Cat: Sneaky as a spider. After this and I put Ben to a booty call?

Spider-Man: How many times do I have to tell you---!

Black Cat: Yeah. Yeah. Never again. I just miss you ok?

She dives down to take a pose and Pete was about to leap off until

Incoming call from Unknown Number.

Spider-Man: Perfect timing. Accept. Hello?

I see you're still being suckered into her lies.

Spider-Man: Goblin?!

Ding ding!

Spider-Man: How'd you get this number?!

That's not important. Right now what you need to know she's luring you to a trap. Once you get in that vault she leave you to burn.

Spider-Man: How'd you know we're----you're watching me aren't you?

In fact he was Goblin was hovering high above them on the glider talking to Peter on holographic screen on his right gauntlet like Batman in Arkham Knight

Green Goblin: For a sucker you sure are a genius Spider-Man. That's what I like most about you. Predictable. Which is why it sickens me you take kindly to her. And when I snatched that lovely and fiery red head you had rage. I saw it in your eyes. So it seems to me she would be more important than the cat bitch. So....why don't you and I take her and the Maggia and the liar out together and we can whatever's in that vault all to ourselves.

I told you NO! I have to help save her son!

Green Goblin: Oh I can't believe you're still stupid enough to think there's a missing boy! Hammerhead has kidnapped NO CHILD! I TOLD YOU THERE IS NO LOST SON OF THE BLACK CAT! SHE'S LIED TO YOU....AGAIN! But it's not too late. Turn back now and we can take them all down.


Because I'm trying to save you Spider-Man. She only wants the drives for her selfish desires. And I need them for my right intentions and YOU need them out of Hammerhead's fins. The bargain I made with him is just to misdirect him but soon it'll make him unstoppable. I'm telling ya Spider-Man you're better off on trusting me than her. But I'm sure you're minutes away from finding out.

The Goblin cut him off before Pete could protest and Goblin flew back into the city Pete sighed he was over this and resumed his route on the Maggia with Felicia talking to him through his communication on the phone

Who were you talking to?

Spider-Man: Never mind that let's just focus. Let's clear the area and get to that vault.

Peter and Felicia finally resembled their tag team spider-cat duo and one by one they signaled each other taking out the snipers first Pete webbed up his half as Cat stringed up hers

Took a few minutes given most of the snipers had protectors and Maggia walking by

Soon as the snipers were taken out now they had to deal with those on the ground

Spider-Man: Alright. It's just these guys. We take them out and we'll get to your son.

I'll leave that to you. You're a big spider.

Spider-Man: What'd you mean? You're leaving me here?

Course not I'm just in a hurry to get to him.

Spider-Man: Fair enough.

So Cat made her way to the building when Pete landed behind one of the Magga's about to stealth attack one of the BIG guys with the mini guns came bursting out for they got word the snipers went silent and assumed Spider-Man was here.....and they guessed right

Big Guy: Spider-Man!

The Maggia turned around Pete's eye lens widen he been caught red handed and all fired but he dodged them in the nick of time Peter was forced to take fire for more big hosses and all kept firing at him all at once

Spider-Man: Dammit! Maybe I shouldn't have sent Miles home.

The mini gunned giants had no sign of stopping on firing where Pete took route to hide and he seemed screwed but.....

....had one last option

Spider-Man: Karen. Bring the spider-bots online.

Are you sure? We haven't had a chance to field test them yet.

Spider-Man: Then consider this the field test. Do it!

Pete pulled out mini spider bots and KAREN activated the tech on them and they levitated up over the gunners and floated down behind them and zapped electrifying rays to stun the big hosses one of them fell on burst opened one of the crates revealing.....

....Sable armor and weapons apparently Goblin sold more to Hammerhead than just one blaster

Peter fought off the remaining Maggia punching and kicking them down and webbing them all up

Spider-Man: Finally.....

Peter soon spotted the Sable stuff and his eye lens lowered and went to investigate

Spider-Man: The gear from Sable Internationals? What is this stuff doing here?

Pete scanned everyone of them and were real legit the same weapons from last year

Spider-Man: I don't get it. Why does Hammerhead have Sable weapons?

Pete was close on figuring what Gobby meant the bargain he made with Hammerhead would not only slow him down but make him unstoppable and then.....his spider sense went off

A Sable van came crashing in filled with Maggia armed with Sable weapons

Just when the night couldn’t get anymore fun. The essential rifles, pistols, automatic machine guns were aplenty; fit the agenda they had in store. Peter was left feigning surrender, shooting his hands up into the air.

Spider-Man: Thank god for rocket launchers.

His comment muttered confusion in the rest of the men.

Spider-Man: I was getting sick of those.

The distraction working but momentarily speaking from the heart, Spider-Man quickly twirls his arms together and instead of attack, wraps multiple thick layers of splinter webs around himself. Seeing the first layer of webbing and assuming it was directed towards them, the remaining Maggia members opens fired on him.

Sable was quite the tour-de-force in the ammunition department. Most of the bullets fired at Peter carried more ferocity, verbosity and speed than your normal caliber round. Of all the bullets that zips through Spidey’s temporary shell of webbing, one flew through.

Then two.






Had Peter not tripled the webbing supply, his web done would’ve been shattered by now. It’s a miracle that the bullets stopped flying after only three minutes.

So much silk laid spread across the tarmac.

And yet, the Web Dome started to shake and rumble, vibrating sensitively much to the men’s shock and dismay. Another second passing, the dome keeps vibrating higher and higher…..

….and Spider-Man bursts through, knocking only three of the henchmen back, leaving the other four covered in the web’s silky remains. Good distraction.

Now he needed to take out the rest of the trash.

Kipping up to his feet, Spidey blasts the first guard he sets eyes on with a ricochet web, the impact immediately knocking the guard out and blasting throughout the rest of the area off the walls, lights, crates, everything.

Yet another distraction Peter took advantage of.

He tackles one Maggia member off his feet before kipping him up into the air and then kicking him back towards the walls, plastering him onto the concrete before being webbed up into a cocoon.

Of course, high risk, high reward with all that attention. Maggia men open fire on the airborne crawler, immediately flipping backside and away from the gunfire…..before the ricochet web bounces back and nails one unlucky soul in the hamstring.

Spidey then takes this opportunity to forcefully yank them off the ground with one singular web thread. Felling comfortable, he slyly rolls back to ground level, tumbling himself over a lackeys back.

But with spider-sense tingling, he jumped back behind a crowbar-wielding guard and knocked him silly with a roundhouse kick only to incapacitate another approaching guard with a Web hammer and blindside the other, sending him face-first into the wall. As for the discombobulated guard, he barely managed to maintain his leverage as he held up his rifle in a crouching position targeted at the back of Peter's head.

The ricochet web however incapacitated him from pulling the trigger.

Spider-Man: Crisis averted.

With that being the last of them, hopefully, the safe was their only concern now. As soon as he can open it, that is…… was already open making Peter's heart beat down to eleven and he opened it all the way

Spider-Man: Felicia??

She wasn't in there but what was....Peter didn't like the looks of it

It was another cat sculpture.....AND...another empty drive container and NO......kidnapped boy

Spider-Man: no no NO! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!

Next thing Pete looked back hearing a noise the vault was closing in on him Pete tried to web zip out it had already sealed shut on him

Peter knew who locked him in......for he was double crossed like Goblin warned him


I'm very sorry sweetie. I truly am.

Black Cat: But I needed help to pull off a job this big. I knew you would never trust me ever again. So I did what I had to.

Peter now realized......what the Green Goblin was trying to warn him about and he would feel stupid for not listening and now....

Spider-Man: He was right....? THE GOBLIN WAS RIGHT?! HE KNEW YOU WERE JUST AFTER HAMMERHEAD'S DRIVES! He told had no son back at the Oscorp he even told me when he called----I didn't want to believe him but you----everything he said about you was all true! THE KIDNAPPING! OUR SON! IT WAS ALL A LIE!

Felicia sighed in a way

Black Cat: "Lie" is such an ugly word. I prefer the term: Misdirection.

But why?!

Black Cat: Do you really have to ask? I told you what he did to my father. He died trying to escape him. And ever since then I promised him justice.

Spider-Man: Well you're not talking about justice. You're talking about revenge.

Sometimes they're the same Spider.

Spider-Man: NO! They're never the same. Justice is about harmony and rights. Revenge is only a poison. It can turn you into something ugly.

Black Cat: Is that what you said when you hunted down your uncle's murderer?

Pete faced down knowing he couldn't argue with that

Spider-Man: Felicia...I'm begging you. If you really want to honor your father then please do the right thing for once: Give the drives to Yuri.

Black Cat: Nah fuck that. I earned these. Hammerhead took everything from both my father and me. And now I'm making him feel what I felt by stealing the entire Maggia wealth. And now it's in the palm of my hands. Besides he's on a mission and nothing can stop him. If I did anything right I only slowed him down a bit.

A moment of silence

Black Cat: Time to go. But I'll raise a glass of whine to you on the Riviera.

Spider-Man: FELICIA!

All of a sudden......another web line was shot from behind Cat and it YANKED the bag Felicia put the drives in OUT of her hand

Black Cat: What?!

She looked back to her surprise.....if you were expecting Miles THINK AGAIN it was a masked red head woman in a same type of costume as Pete's the same design KAREN sent to MJ's email it was indeed the suit KAREN design for her

She grabbed the drives in one catch and smirked Felicia however knew INSTANTLY who she was she would know her red hair and smirk anywhere

Black Cat: YOU?!

Spinneret: Time to put you to sleep kitty.

Flecia was pissed she swung a kick but MJ dodged it by flipping over and took a swing herself kicking Felica to the wall hitting the portrait of Hammerhead knocking it down with her

MJ smirks again satisfied to see her romantic rival fall

Black Cat was....just confused as hell as she stood back up

Black Cat: How is this possible? How did you get his powers?!

Spinneret: It's a long story Hardy but to make it short I got roped with labs spiders like him. I wasn't keen on this first but if this was my only option to finally kick your leather ass I didn't hesitate to take it.

Black Cat: Guess I can't blame ya.

They circled one another both ready to attack

Black Cat: I'd do the same if it were the other way around. Cause I've always hated you Watson.

Spinneret: Yeah you got your fans behind you on that. But if they knew the real you no one would cheer you on.

Black Cat: You think that matters. I think what concerns me finally having time with you.

Spinneret: Likewise.

Spinneret and Black Cat (Both): I been waiting for this for a long time.

They charged at each other then begin countering one another

In the vault Pete could hear commotion out there but didn't know what was happening

Spider-Man: What's going out there?! Felicia?! Anybody!

Black Cat swings a punch only for the newly super-heroin to counter it and smack her back Mary Jane shoots a web at her feet pulling her down only to get kicked up and Felicia hopped back on her feet

Cat swung a kick just to be dodged and MJ swats Felicia back and MJ lunged at her only to be countered and Felica pulls MJ around her hitting her on the flour

MJ looks up at her rival who chuckled sinisterly

Black Cat: I must admit I'm rather impressed with your new skills. The costume is a nice fit even for you. But tell me something dear.

She pins her down with her boot

Black Cat: Do you even KNOW how to use those powers?

Spinneret: As a matter of fact......

Felicia hardly anticipated MJ wrapping her legs around her free leg, taking her off balance as she slams the Cat down to her level. Barrel-rolling over her back, another potshot was open so she went for a sweeping kick to the face.

Spinneret: I’d say I do.

The veteran cat burglar barely bent back far ahead to sidestep the attack. Another missed kick later, Felicia takes her chance and pounces at her.

Barely audible enough to make use of her spider-sense, she pulls a Neo and bends backwards to fully avoid the strike. Unfortunately, as she regained her balance scraping her claws amongst the pavement, MJ couldn’t help to notice a slight trickling.

And as she looked down at her hands, there she sees it: drops of blood.

She was bleeding from both cheeks. She scratched her.

One distraction lead to another; the multitasker that was Felicia Hardy. She had, more or less, observed Peter’s time with the former Queenpin, the latter of whom had developed quite the ubiquitous moveset to remain as undetected and versatile as possible.

Tonight was her first hand-to-hand previewing on what Felicia had to offer and needless to say…..she couldn’t but admit she got her good.

But refusing to be one-upped, MJ simply jumped backwards while simply attaching two weblines to Felicia’s chest and slamming her back down onto the concrete. Quick to deviate strategies as she was now behind Black Cat, she pulls the webs up from underneath her….

….and turned her upside down. It was like a 8 week training session and she was working the ropes.

But then Felicia cut the webs, loosening Spinneret’s balance on her. She then proceeded to grapple her with her dad’s old grapple gun, wrap her leg around it and yank backwards…..thus pulling MJ forward.

A spinning heel kick to the jaw later, MJ’s right elbow collides with the metal safe.

The commotion continues to rattle Peter from the inside; worried sick that something else was happening that further complicated things.

Spider-Man: Hey! HEY! Felicia!

No such luck.

Felicia simply pushes MJ up against the wall again, with her claws firmly gripped around her neck.

Black Cat: Don’t yank on my tail.

She barely hits MJ before MJ retaliates, slamming Felicia into the wall with her leg wrapped around the back of her neck.

Spinneret: Too late, asswipe.

Black Cat: I was always a better girlfriend than you!

Spinneret: Wrong again. You lie. You steal. I save him. And the city.

Black Cat: Fuck you!

Spinneret: Fuck you!

Felicia flipped back over on her feet and lunged an elbow MJ countered it but Felicia headbutts her she falls back and hits a wall and looks forward widens her eyes when Cat lunges her claws yelling all pissed but MJ dodged her and swats her arm off the wall and kicks her back

Felicia flips backwards turns to face her both positioning in combat facing each other

Spinneret: How's it feel to get your ass beat by a reporter.

Black Cat: The only ass that's gonna get beat is yours! What the hell does he even see in you?!

Spinneret: I don't know what he saw in you either but the fake kidnapped son thing and pointing him as a dad was your lowest mistake.

Black Cat: The only reason he'll never trust me is cause of YOU!

Spinneret: No Felicia. It was cause of you. You just couldn't let things go. You couldn't let go of your past. I get you're angry for what happened to your father mine bailed on me but unlike you I learned from my mistakes. Just wake up and smell the coffee already Felicia. Your relationship with Peter ended....because of YOU.

Pissed off she attacked again but her temper was her flaw MJ swung a punch in the face which knocks Cat out of her concentration

Spinneret: Yaa!

She launches a kick in stomach

Black Cat: Ohh!

And then the newly super-heroin launches the FINAL blow at the former Queenpin and she falls FLAT on the flour hard and MJ instantly webbed her up all over tying her hands and legs together with MJ smirking down at her satisfied

Black Cat: Damn you! How is this possible?! How can I loose to you?! You're just----you're just an annoying reporter and a hero wannabe! You could NEVER beat me back then! HOW?!

Spinneret: Things change Felica. Just like your own luck. I've changed too. And...I'm starting to like it cause of it....I finally got to kick your ass.

Felicia was more angry the way MJ was humiliating her

Spinneret: So just sit tight and Pete and I will be back to take you to jail.

Mary Jane turns to the safe and grabs the lever to unhook the locks on it and by her strength she was able to pull it open releasing our hero

Spider-Man: Thanks uh.....who....whoever you are.....

Spinneret: You mean you don't recognize me?

Spider-Man: Should I? I look a little familiar.....and that suit is obviously a Spidey suit? Are you---a friend of Morgan?

Spinneret: Tiger! It's ME.

His eye lens widen knowing MJ only calls him her favorite animal and looked closely at her pony tailed red head and her.....wide smile under the small mask over her eyes

Spider-Man: MJ???

Spinneret: Bingo.

While they talked they didn't notice Black Cat was slowly and silently cutting herself free from the webbing with her claws

Spinneret: Do you like what you see?

Spider-Man: Yeah just.....I'm still little confused....I thought you said you weren't sure what to do with your powers. Above that I thought you didn't like masks.

Spinneret: I thought I didn't either. But guess fate had different plans for me. Besides when I found out the truth I had to come and help you somehow. AND give Felicia what she deserves for using a fake son to play us.

Spider-Man: Goblin was right about everything. I feel so STUPID letting her pull my strings again!

Spinneret: How you were you suppose to believe him? We couldn't take chances with him. Not after Liz.

She had a point there and he nodded

Spider-Man: So....what does this mean now? you want to be my sidekick?

Spinneret: No silly. I still apply on the partner thing. And....I think I'll only use this as a part time thing. Mainly a backup.

Spider-Man: Either way you'll still need a....made up name.

Spinneret: Well I'm still not using Spider-Girl. bout....Spinneret?

Spider-Man: Spinneret?

Spinneret: That was that kind of spider that bit me. Plus I don't need web shooters. That came with the wall crawling and stuff.

Spider-Man: I....I like it.

Spinneret: I knew you would. But right now let's get the drives and Felicia to the police.

Spider-Man: Right.

The two turned to see....Felica was gone the webbing on her was on the flour and the window behind her.....was left open

Spinneret: Oh no.

Spider-Man: The drives!

MJ checked her belt pack and....the bag that held the drives.....were gone too

Spinneret: The bitch pick pocket me when we weren't looking! Damn her!

They cleaned out the whole yard! Check the vault!

Spinneret: Go after Felicia. I got this.

Spider-Man: You sure?

Spinneret: Time for Spinneret to shine.

Spider-Man: Well....just be carful.

Pete leaped out the out window as two Maggia came in unarmed and flinched when first seeing the Spinneret

Maggia # 1: Who's she?!

Maggia # 2: She's wearing Spider-Man's logo. They ARE multiplying!

Spinneret: That's right big boys. Come and get it!

MJ fought off the Maggia as Pete raced back towards Cat's place when......

Peter! He's calling again!

Spider-Man: Patch him through. What'd you want now Gobby? To rub it in?!

So you finally found out the truth. I warned you Spider-Man. I warned you there was no son!

Spider-Man: If you called to shit on me why don't we do that face to face!

Glad to. But first it's time to cut this toxic relationship with that kitty cat loose. As we speak I'm on my way to her little cat house to send all nine of her lives SKY HIGH!

Spider-Man: No.....Goblin leave her alone! I'm the one you want!

Long as she lives she'll keep pulling her strings. Besides Hammerhead doesn't care about the drives anymore. He just wants her DEAD! YOU need her dead. She's got you wrapped in so much toxic you'll never keep your guard up long as she prowls. But don't fret Spider-Man I will free you from her hold on you...ONCE....AND.....FOR ALL!

Spider-Man: Goblin wait----

The line hung up

Spider-Man: Dammit. Karen we have to warn Felicia. She's in grave danger.

On it.

Miss me already?

Spider-Man: Felicia the Green Goblin is coming for you. He knows your address is coming to kill you.

I don't get you Spider. I just conned the hell out of you just for your annoying red head brat who somehow has your powers to humiliate me and I take the drives back under both your noses and here you are STILL trying to save me. How can you be so goddamn nice all the time?!

Spider-Man: It's not about being nice. It's about doing the right thing. You got so many talents. You could use them to help people instead of hurting them!

Yeah well....I'm sorry to keep letting you down Pete should know by now.....that's not the way I roll. I love you Spider but....this is goodbye.

Spider-Man: Don't do this Felicia. People can change. Goblin's coming for you! You have to get out of there!

9 lives remember? I'll miss you.

The line cut off

Spider-Man: No!

He web swings as fast as he can but by the time Black Cat arrives home she opens the patio hear that horrible voice in the dark

Tough day at the office hone?

Black Cat looks and gasps at the sight of Goblin floating on his glider from the shadows and held out a pumpkin bomb

Green Goblin: Mine was a KILLER!

He threw it just when Pete arrived

Spider-Man: FELICIA!!!!

And then.......


The penthouse erupts into a giant ball of flames; the Doppler effect of the explosion radius blowing Peter back the full distance metric of an entire football field. His back crashing against the edge of the roof, he crumbles onto the top floor with his fingers scraping the tarmac and refusing to lodge itself out the ground.

Holding his right hand up to the dome of his head, the very air turning so brittle as he breathed in and out.....Peter felt the smoke from afar suffocating his lungs. Deja Vu to San Francisco.

Hellfire and brimstone.

The fire dreams in its iron bed, cozy in the metal that glows. Her flames transform the wood into the most transient of beauties, hot ribbons of light. There are times it sparks as if it wanted more than one crazy way to dance, as if it needs to leap, to fly, willing to land where it may…..however this sight, having to watch his closest friends and allies burn alive in front of him. 

Peter wasn’t going to take that lying down. 

Luckily, his mask adjusted his camera shutter eye lenses, a built-in augmented reality display system displaying the HUD for the basic suit under an urgent SYSTEM LOADING warning. No sooner should the system loading complete, the lenses zoom in putting the entire view into a three-dimensional perspective while switching the visual quality to infrared.

 No visible body frames were visible, drawing audible grunts of worry from him.

The camera shutter lenses did pick up movement beneath the raging inferno. Flames spiking higher and higher with each flicker, the probability of Felicia surviving such a close encounter was maddeningly minuscule.

Peter, I think it's to assu--

Spider-Man: Shut up, Karen.

A factoid that Peter desperately wanted to see debunked....

....unaware a peering Hammerhead from the ground below, inches away from the nearest alleyway, satisfied in his temporary partner taking care of the feline thorn in his side that'd been causing him so much trouble.

Unfortunately, hopes were dashed the instant Peter caught the levitating propeller force of the glider rising out from the wreckage with the Goblin on top. His mere presence turned Peter into a very smitten man.

Taunting him.

TAUNTING HIM from afar with that infectious, nasally howling laughter, it forces our hero down to....a pretty uneven scenario.

Spider-Man: Karen, activate Instant Kill.

Wha--but--Peter, you're in no condition--

Spider-Man: DO IT!!!!!

Silence for a brief moment

I can't do that Peter.

Spider-Man: WHAT?!

This isn't who you are Peter. You don't kill. You told me yourself.

Spider-Man: This guy changed the rules.

Peter don't let Felica's death......if you truly cared about her.....don't let her death be in vain by taking a life.

Spider-Man: Fine! I'LL DO IT MYSELF!


Spidey webbed zip up to the fiery penthouse and swung in looking for Felica's killer

Spider-Man: WHERE ARE YOU?!

The ceiling behind him tumbled down and heard his laugh


Spider-Man: WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!

The fire was blazing in raging on as Pete got deeper in the penthouse when all of sudden Goblin appears out of no where laughing and throws a punch at him sending Spidey all the way back

Green Goblin: I warned you Spider-Man. None of this would have happened if you had only listen to me. And maybe she be alive along with your other friend. So how bout reconsidering my generous proposal now that she's dead?

Goblin had some kind of gadget resembling his pumpkin bombs but something else

Green Goblin: Are you in.....or are you out?

Spider-Man: You're the one who's out Gobby. You're out of your mind! I'm SICK of your ugly face!

Green Goblin: WRONG ANSWER!

Goblin launched a swarm of.....RAZOR bats with sharp blades that can cut you down to bone

Spider-Man: Awe shit.

Pete had to use his reflexes to avoid them and the fire

Back at the Maggia shipping yard all the Maggia were webbed up and beaten down by Spinneret

Spinneret: I think I'm gonna get use to this

MJ! We have a serious problem!

Spinneret: What's wrong Karen? What happened?

Felica Hardy....was just the Green Goblin.

Even though MJ and Felica had their differences she still took the news of her death as a shock MJ would be rotten as Goblin if she didn't had any remorse for Felica given Pete was with her once after their brake up

Spinneret: Oh my g---where's Peter?

He's in deep grave danger.

Spinneret: From the Goblin?

Him. And himself. MJ he's blind by rage given the Goblin has killed two of his friends....he's not thinking. He's fighting Goblin now but.....

Spinneret: He's going to try and kill him.....isn't he?

Or be killed trying. Goblin will have an advantage with his grief.

Spinneret: Send me their location. I'm heading there. And text the police the Maggia in the shipping yard are ready for pick up.

Already done.

Spinneret web zipped up tending to swing over to Felica's former address

There Pete ducked and leaned over dodging the razor bats then Goblin came up to him and threw punches at him

Peter countered the third punch and kicked Goblin back only to avoid more razer bats only for SLASH him on the chest

Spider-Man: AAH!

Feeling the burning cut on his chest he held his wound just when Goblin PUNCHES him out of the burning room on to the patio and Goblin came out grabbing him lifting him up then PUNCHES him again and he fell of the rail and as he fell Pete launched a web line to save his own ass

He swung to another building as Goblin came out of the flames on his glider laughing

Green Goblin: Hahahahaha!

Spider-Man: I'm never gonna let you get away with this!

Green Goblin: And I thought killing her would brake her hold over you. Yet you grief. Then perhaps you won't mind I bring that lushes red head in our little game wouldn't you?!

That was it Peter was beyond angry he webbed zip to Goblin who only launched more razor bats at him and Peter couldn't dodged them they all scratched him at once

Cutting more wounds on him forcing him to fall on the same room

Spider-Man: Great....I see your new toys pack a punch.

Green Goblin: You like my razor bats? I thought you might.

Goblin launched more and Pete was forced to web zip away he couldn't get close to him without getting shredded and they fallowed him everywhere they go like they're artificial intelligent

Spider-Man: Hate those things.

The Razor Bats gained on him and not a minute too soon they caught up to him nearly cutting him up Pete tried to web them up and brake them much as possible and one cut one of the web lines and fell down to the ground in the alleyway with Goblin hovering down

Green Goblin: Hehehehe.....poor little Spider-Man. You trust the wrong people yet when you loose them....someone always cuts your strings.

Spider-Man: How.....I don't get it.....How can you live with yourself after everything you done......?

Green Goblin: I already told you. To do what's really right you gotta do a little bad. And the ones that are willing to do it....are the REAL heroes.

Spider-Man: You're no're a murderer.

Green Goblin: To each is own. So final answer.....are you with me...or against me?

Pete's only response: He slowly.....lifts his hand......and....gave his rival.......the MIDDLE finger

Green Goblin: Rrrrrrrrr.....KILL HIM!

The flying razors launched down to him Pete feeling the end approaching he looked away but.....

.....a web line yanked him out of the way in time the bats smashed when hitting the concrete

Goblin looked up seeing Spinneret grab Pete and she shot webs in his face blinding him

Green Goblin: Dohh! Argh! I can't see!

MJ wall crawls up carrying her injured love saving him from Goblin for the second time

Spinneret: Hang on babe.

Goblin pulled the webbing off his face and looked angry when looking up seeing their feet move over the edge of the roof

Goblin growled and hovered up and MJ could hear the glider coming up

Spinneret: Shit....hang on tiger.

MJ found a spot to hide and moved behind it just in time when Goblin hovered above the roof

He was furious when he turned on the search lights for them and MJ kept Pete quiet when they hid looking back where he is

Green Goblin: I don't know who you were....but where ever you've gone....especially YOU Spider-Man....if you're still around here listen close. My offer no longer stands. You turned me down for the last time! Not even killing that bitch made you reconsider. So the next time we meet.....I won't be so merciful. But for until then....I'll let you lick your wounds. I have other matters to attend to.

Goblin opened his hand and now HE had the drives once he hovered higher with Spinneret at a panic worried he might spot them

Green Goblin: Spider-Man....we'll finish this....NEXT TIME!

He flew away laughing again

MJ breathed heavily in relief soon as he was gone and looked over at Felicia's apartment still on fire still not believing her romantic rival was now gone given it was satisfying she finally kicked her ass earlier but now she was gone was worth it?

She had no way of knowing least she never had to worry of loosing Peter to her ever again....not that she would unless she push him away permanently

She tend to Peter who groaned in pain loosing blood

Spinneret: Now I know why you couldn't leave me alone for ten minutes. Just stay with me tiger.

Spider-Man: MJ.....

Spinneret:'s going to be ok.

She lifted him up with his arm around her shoulder and of the razor bats blade on the roof flour broken and busted and she picked it up

Spinneret: What's this? Must be one of those sharp weapons he used. I should get it to the lab and show it to Ned. It could give us a clue how to ID the Goblin. Right now let's get you stitched up....again.

Down on the road by the penthouse firefighters were putting out the fire with Yuri looking up to it in disbelief

Knowing NOW this was Felica's address she was in disbelief facing the possibility the Black Cat was murdered by the Green Goblin with the Maggia wealth now in HIS hands

Yuri: What a night......

Firefighters came back out after evacuating the place and one came to her

Yuri: Well?

Firefighter: We got injured survivors but they'll pull through far that was it.

Yuri: What about the Black Cat? Did you find her or her body?

Firefighter: No Cap. Come to think of it there hasn't been single trace on her. For all we know she could either be blown to bits or made out of the fire. Either way....she's just vanished.

Yuri thought there was a slight possibility the Black Cat could still be alive the only thing making her not too sure.....she was not seen since the explosion Yuri looked up to the building with many possibilities in her head

Is the Black Cat alive....or dead.....either which.....where is she now?

As dawn rose back at Otto's former lab NOW....clearly Peter's by Morgan's deed Ned was examining the blade MJ got from the razor bats Miles was sitting on a counter throwing down a bouncing ball and catching it while Nurse MJ.....tended to Peter's wounds one of the bedrooms but turned out.....they weren't alone

Morgan: So let me get this straight. This Goblin guy works at Oscorp by murdering cooperate sabotage chemical weapons and reinstate Norman Osborn?

Peter: Other than him knowing everything about us....yeah that's what we got on him.

Morgan: If only my dad was here. If only he knew he's using HIS tower to make chemical weapons.

MJ: Well it just depends how that would go.

Peter: I don't know how Tony would do with Goblin. He's not like the other criminals I put away. Or any of the super villains. It's like he's.....I don't know how to describe it.

MJ: Sounds to met your greatest rival tiger.

Peter: Just when I already gave it to Dr. Octavius.

Ned: Hey guys! Come out here. I think I found something.

Morgan went out as Peter and MJ sat up and he put on a button collar shirt and.....

Peter: MJ?

She looks back at him and saw the sadness in his eyes

Peter: Did I....did I bring this on her? Goblin knew the truth about her and arrogance drove the Goblin to kill her. Spider-Man's suppose to inspire hope. Not......death.

MJ: You HAVE inspired hope. But you also spat in so many faces of New York's criminals. Peter you said yourself you can't save everyone. There's always going to be casualties. But we'll always be there to prevent further ones.

Peter: But Felica MJ.

MJ: Felica.....deep down believed in what you stood for. In her own....twisted way. What WE stand for.

She took his hands in her own

MJ: The city needs you Peter.

He looked over to her and....nodded which concerned MJ for a moment till......

Peter: needs US

She smiles and kisses him softly and they went out

They and Ned came over to see what Ned found as Morgan and Miles made first eye contact

Morgan: Have we met?

Miles: Not officially. I'm Miles Morales.

Morgan: Morgan Stark. Nice to meet you finally.

Miles: You too.

Thanks to Morgan’s keen eye for forensics and updates, the main computer of the lab highlighted a HUD display, outlining Unknown Substance detected. Rather odd, considering there was little to nothing else on the chipped blade or coated over it rather than invisible bacteria and atoms.

Or so they thought.

Taking the full three dimensional retinal scanner, an image of the broken bat wing was highlighted and then rotated a full 360 degrees. Nothing appeared to really stick about the design of the wing itself rather than… intrinsically sharp it was; Bat-shaped shuriken capable of lacerating and stabbing opponents.

Luckily then, they hit jackpot.

At the base of the wings where it would normally be lodged into place with the actual bomb, there was tiny sprinkles of orange still lodged in at the edge of the wings.

Ned: There’s something still attached to the wings after all.

Morgan: Freeze frame and zoom right in.

Quick to respond, the orange shards were frozen on screen, allowing Karen to pick apart the one highlighted and examine further. It turns out this orange shard lodged to the bat-wing was leased and financed under company property: property that they now had as much access to as possible.

Which was still limited.

Digging through city, state and federal databases and even a look through the dark web proved more fruitful than attempts to properly look at a lab for the Devil’s Breath back. Once again, another jackpot was landed.

To their muddled confirmation, it all led back to one place.


Miles: Guess there was a reason we went back there.

Peter: But we still missed that. I don’t understand. How did—

It seemed to be delving back down into that same bloody loophole yet again, tripping over themselves while shooting themselves in the foot over an error they either overlooked or missed. One couldn’t exactly blame them for that, given the answers were right under their noses.

But only now did the lightbulb ring off in Peter’s head. Same with MJ.

Harry was cooped up in Norman’s penthouse; in that lab alongside all the rest of Norman’s personal belongings; the same place that MJ snuck into to finally get records on the Devil’s Breath while discovering the origins of Martin Li’s hatred for Norman.

Not only that but MJ mentioned his obsession with super spiders and their fascinating abilities… well as certain sphere-like bombs that sparked an uncanny resemblance to the pumpkin bombs that tried to kill them for the past few days in a row. Talk about consistency.

But the real clincher: the Goblin went after EVERY OTHER board member EXCEPT for Norman. Stromm said the Goblin was created at Oscorp; Harry was possibly isolated in that tank on the prospect that a new cure could be isolated and Goblin striking a deal to just simply take the Maggia’s money made next to no sense.

There didn’t seem to be much of an alternative behind what the Goblin’s plan was…..until two plus two plus two plus three equaled ten. Only one solution was left open to interpretation…..

…..except neither Peter nor MJ knew this needed no further evaluation. They knew enough.

Both: Norman’s the Goblin.

Ned Miles and Morgan (All): WHAT?!

MJ: Guys come on it's obvious. Think about it. Norman was fired from Oscorp Goblin kills everyone who did making Oscorp hire him back. Harry's likely locked in some isolation chamber IN his lab. Goblin packs weapons from Oscorp the Chemical war fair was turned into weapons that could have destroyed the city. Norman had an obsession with Peter which could build up Goblin's obsession with Spider-Man. How he found out is still a's gotta be obvious.

Peter was in thought as Miles went in silent....for he was flashbacking....that tragic day in city hall when his father was murdered......

....Martin Li killed Jefferson Davis but he was really after Norman Norman fled the attack just before the Demons hit them Norman may not have laid a hand on Jeff but HE'S the main reason he died Li was after him and now Norman is taking control of everything and causing destruction in the city himself

Miles clutched his fists as the others spoke on not noticing him

Ned: Say this is true and if Osborn is our guy.....why would he want mob money from Hammerhead. He was already rich and powerful.

Peter: Well for one.....they were gonna take his fortune too. Brake him down completely and he needed to refund his projects including fixing maybe why?

MJ: Plus the files I downloaded from Norman's computer that should be all the proof we need especially it shows Norman putting Harry in that tank.

Ned: Alright......well we'll build this into a case and then----

Ned was interrupted at the sound of a door slamming Miles just stormed out building worry to the others

MJ: Miles?

MJ would have gone after him but Pete held her back by her shoulder nodding he'll talk to him and went after him and found Miles outside on the roof Pete always landed when arriving here when Otto ran the lab

Miles had his arms crossed and he was facing down looking upset

As a concern mentor and friend Pete went up to him

Peter: Miles.....?

He didn't respond for a moment till Miles let out a soft sigh

Miles: He was after him. But got my dad instead.

Peter: What'd you talking about?

Miles: When my dad....was killed at City Hall.....Li was after Osborn....not him. And he fled while dad.....took the bullet for him. the reason he's dead! HE'S THE REASON!

His outburst echoed and Peter could understand where he was coming from and even reflect on himself given Peter wanted to kill Goblin last night and seeing Miles this way....opened his eyes what he tried to do and almost died trying

Peter: Miles----

Miles: I know you don't want me in the field right now Pete....but you gotta let me help you and MJ catch that freak! So I can kill him myself!

Peter: Miles.....

Miles: Promise me Pete!

Peter: Let me tell you why....I can't promise you that. One: I wanted to kill him last night.

Miles: Then----

Peter: BUT.....I wasn't thinking. Karen tried to remind me that wasn't me. As much as I hate him for everything he's done....I can't be what he is. Two: Your dad wouldn't want that for you. Like my aunt and uncle wouldn't want that for me. Not even my parents. And three: If we killed him.....he'd win.

Miles: How??

Peter: My Aunt once said.....revenge is like a poison. When I told her what went through with Beck during my....Spider-Verse trip......I wanted to kill him for ruining my life.....but revenge is like a poison. Something more uglier than the real monster. We get a REAL taste out of revenge.....and soon....we seek out blood and that's what will make us into monsters.

Miles stared down trying to understand despite his anger and Pete took his shoulder

Peter: I really get where you're coming from and much as I want him to pay too....Osborn will stand trial. I'll make sure of it.

Miles nodded slightly all though both Pete and Miles both still wanted to kill the Goblin but had to be better to really stop him

Back in the lab MJ continued discussing what to do with Morgan and Ned

Morgan: Listen guys. I can take the files to my dad's lawyers. Given Oscorp was originally Stark Tower dash the Avengers we can take it all back with a file this big and Osborn will be charged big time for all these murders.

MJ: Thank you Morgan but with all due respect....we to do this ourselves. But what you can do for can get those designs of new gadgets you made for Peter up and ready. We may need them for later.

Morgan: You got it.

MJ just turned to Ned when her cell vibrated and she pulled it out was a random New York number from....Madison Square Garden

MJ frowned in confusion but answered

MJ: Mary Jane Watson: Associate Editor.


MJ gasped for she knew that voice which drew Morgan and Ned's concern along with Peter and Miles who walked back in

MJ: H----Harry??

The very mention of his name perked Peter’s ears instantly. Supposedly still stuck in the tank, it was a long stretch to assume the next time they’d ever get to talk to him again was either after freeing him or in the E.R. Anything as long as it wasn’t in his father's hands.

Miraculously, it would appear that Norman, for once, took pity on his own son’s suffering and let him out. If only Harry could the relief washing over Peter and MJ on the other side of the phone; gigantic tidal waves of overbooking and pressure unchaining from their backs and releasing them.

One good thing finally came out of this whole debacle. But that did leave another issue: Harry still technically wasn’t cured. So how was he walking even?

Gramercy Park. The Edwin Booth Statue near the hotel. I’ll be waiting.

MJ: Wait, Harry—

She doesn’t get far before the line disconnects on her. To be reunited with an old memory from the past and have such a short time with them; aggravating.

Given the entire conglomerate bungle that was Oscorp and Hammerhead, the wide eyes of the conversation couldn’t help but wonder if Harry knew as much as they did. And if so, how much? So many questions and not enough time was left to actually answer them.

But MJ couldn’t back out on meeting with him: a slickly fractured accord that Peter couldn’t help but agree on.

Gramacy Park, one of two private parks in New York City – as well as one of only three in the state; the only people residing around the park who pay an annual fee have a key, and the public is not generally allowed in – although the sidewalks of the streets around the park are popular jogging, strolling, and dog-walking route.

The neighborhood is mostly located within Manhattan Community District 6, with a small portion in Community District 5. It is generally perceived to be a quiet and safe area.

No wonder Harry wanted to meet here, the thought constantly blows up in MJ’s head. As he was confined in a liquidated green tank of butternut squash for the past decade and change, the first thing he wanted to hear was the sound of chirping birds and peaceful tranquility in the parks.

Rather frustrating, that he chose one of many parks in the city that the normal residing pedestrian couldn’t actively get in without a key.

MJ: Harry.....?

He turned to her to see her and was just as surprised as her but given Venom was in his head now....well.....


Yeah Venom recognized her from years ago in San Fransico and given Eddie reasoned with him not to eat her and Peter before he was captured and given it's been years Venom would still no given she's older than before

Harry: Keep quiet....

I know her. She's Parker's girlfriend.

Harry: How do you know about.....?

The call of Harry! drew his attention away and MJ ran to him hugging him since freaking forever ago

MJ: I can't believe you're alive!

Harry: Course I'm alive.

Wonder if she'll say the same about me.

Harry was already getting annoyed with Venom since he never shut up ALL night going on about that he needs to get back to San Fransico

He's been away from Eddie for years and doesn't even know if he's still alive either way he was driving Harry crazy already but tried to ignore him as possible to get under way with his reunion with MJ

MJ: I'm just glad you're free at last. How did you escape?


Harry: Wh---what'd you talking about?

MJ: Do you remember anything Harry?

I wonder how much she knows.

Harry: Um.....why don't we just....sit down and talk about it.

MJ nodded and she and Harry sat down Venom kept rambling how he knows MJ from San Fransico not that he gave anything away about Peter being Spider-Man but little about MJ which was driving Harry crazy a bit but stayed focused on MJ they found a near by bench and sat down

Harry:'s Peter?

MJ: He misses you. We all do.

Harry: He still the man of mystery?

MJ: A lot has changed but....not many so yeah.

Harry: Sounds like him.

MJ: Betty and Ned are back together.

Harry: About damn time. You and Peter tying the knot yet?

MJ laughed in embarrassment

MJ: day at a time.

Harry laughed too and finally they started to catch up MJ told him they believed all this time he was in Europe and Harry actually understood why they would cause.....was the cover for when he had to go in the tank given he didn't know how long he was in there other than Venom telling him

No way Harry would tell her about a parasite in him all though he didn't say....the P word out loud other wise Venom wouldn't contain himself YET as much as he was now however MJ was struck but....sadden of barely how much Harry knew but didn't know how to tell him what his father has been doing during his absence

The only thing MJ did tell him.......was the Martin Li story Doc Ock even the Goblin murders recently leaving out his father as the Goblin

No surprise Harry....took it all quite a shock and stood up from the bench

Harry: can you say such things about my father. He's a power hungry workaholic but he would never.

MJ: I know it's hard to absorb but....Harry the evidence is legit. All of the city knows about Martin Li. I thought you should hear it from me better than someone else.

Harry turned away he couldn't believe what his former ex now best friend was saying he nodded in confusion and.....betrayal

Harry: If you really knew my father Mary Jane would not say harsh things about him!

MJ couldn't blame Harry being angry and had a way to prove it to him but......had no way to without exposing Peter's secret Miles or her own

MJ: Harry I.....

Harry: Get away from me you traitor! You can just go straight to-----

Harry was interrupted by......


They both looked up and in MJ's horror Goblin swooped down and....he SNATCHES Harry off the ground and flies away with him with MJ running after them


MJ could use her new powers to catch up with them but didn't had her suit on her she wasn't use to packing it or wearing it underneath her social cloths as Peter was and MJ watched them disappear and cried and was in shock Norman just....recaptured his own son

Up above Harry tried to put up a fight not knowing that's his father holding

Green Goblin: Don't fight me boy! I'm a friend of your father's!


Suddenly Harry morphed into Venom and GRABBED Goblin by the neck and would have ate him if they hadn't crashed somewhere in the middle of Harlem

They landed in some construction yard where Goblin was knocked and Venom barely was on his feet to discover......

....the area was Maggia territory for they came from everywhere with Sable weapons

Maggia # 1: What the hell's that thing?!

Maggia # 2: Whatever it is KILL IT!

Maggia charged in as Venom grew....a hungry smile with Goblin unconscious and walked over him facing the Maggia

Venom: I been dying for a lunch time like this! So....Who's first?

Apparently, everyone wanted a taste as they wouldn’t let the Tar Monster 2.0 get a freakin’ move in; normally, when the regular human comes into contact alongside a force of nature or someone who looks differently or shares different beliefs, their respective viewpoint gets tainted and all they could think about was….

….well, payback.

It wasn’t even the full extent of emotional abuse Venom had to endure through most of his time on his home planet, Klyntar. But it was still nice to see not everything had changed since his re-emergence.

Now fifty shades of black and blue and pissed off, he slams his fist THROUGH the grainy texture, cracking it amongst a full six feet across from him. That’s when two tendrils shoot up from the ground....

....popping up and around the entire construction site, effectively ripping apart the bridge, construction pipes, power boxes, and whatever walls and windows it saw fit. The extensive outlay of Venom's long-rested dormant powers always seemed to run on a random number generator and these unfortunate saps were experiencing it firsthand, for the first time.

To Venom's displeasure, it didn't leave much for him to feast upon.

His tendrils practically obliterated more than half of the actual Maggia members, the sheer force of the tendril's trajectory shattering many bones, muscles, and tissue. So good freakin' luck on trying to get back up and rain hellfire and brimstone on him now.

The only detriment positive to this was Venom did begrudgingly get his wish. One such tendril sent one Maggia goon hurdling over the railing about three stories above him....

.....and all bets were off he was curdling down towards one direction; one in which Venom wasn't going to allow him further.

One simple glance of horror resonating on the man's face was music to the parasite's ears....if he had any. All he had to do was simply lick his chops, open his mouth and chow down.

A single bite severing the head clean off the neck and body, leaving this poor man flopping about like a dead fish while gushing out blood. Harry was already plenty disgusted with this forbidden alien hijacking him and being a complete sicko with almost no regard to human life.

Turning around, however, his entire perception was quickly shattered.

Ummmm, wha--what is that?

Venom: What's what?

Be-behind you.....

What Venom witnessed as he begrudgingly looked in the direction of his host was nothing new: the Goblin's scaly, hardened texture softening back to peach-like soft skin. Claws were retracting, muscles were crackling back into normal orbital positions, the barrier was reverting back to a more humanoid perceptive form.

The Goblin was slowly reverting back to Norman Osborn......and Harry's heart sank.

Venom: Ohhhhhhh, right. Forgot to mention that.


Venom: Seems you trashed talked your friend for nothing.

I just....I didn't want to believe it.....

Venom: Eddie made the same mistake....on who killed Annie....

Dad....what have you been doing?!

Venom: Pretty much...bad shit.


Police sirens approached and when the cars pulled up Norman's glider flew in picked him flying away before any of the cops barely got out of their cars and all held out their guns to the giant creature

Yuri came out of one of them and looked at Venom like she saw a ghost she too remembered him from San Fransisco

Yuri: My god......

Cop: What the hell is that thing?!



The bullets fired only stunned Venom like bees he ran away and leaped over the buildings disappeared

Yuri was already experiencing dejavu all over again first Hammerhead brews a gang war The Black Cat prowls the street to later die The Green Goblin appears to kill board directors and now....Venom has returned

Yuri thought: What's he doing in New York it felt like she was gonna have a heart attack

Sometime that noon Yuri was later back at her precinct Yuri was on the rails nodding to herself not believing what just transpired

Yuri then faced down nodding knowing already....HE was already here

Yuri: You gonna pose back there like a creep all day or we gonna talk?

Spider-Man: Was just making sure you didn't start smoking again.

Pete leaped down and walked by her leaning on the rail backwards

Spider-Man: So....when you called me you sounded like you saw a ghost. Who was it? The Ghostly Trio? Ghost ship? Oh I got it....the ghost of Titanic finally docked to New York.

Yuri: To be honest....I wish it was any of those things.

Pete's eye lens lowered from that

Yuri: The reason I needed to talk to you in's Venom. He's back.

Spider-Man: What??

Pete started getting flashbacks of his fights with him in San Fransisco even remembered when Eddie told him he didn't know what happened to the symbiont

And Pete became as clueless as the Cap of however Venom could have come here

Spider-Man: Are you sure?

Yuri: I saw him with my own eyes. He was feeding off Maggia ate them all alive. We tried to neutralize him but he escaped. Now after Black Cat dies we got----

Pete lowers his head being reminded Felicia was gone and Yuri notice even knew it was hard on her friendly neighborhood partner given she knew of their past team work to save the city

Yuri: Spider-Man I'm sorry I didn't mean----

Spider-Man: No I know you were making a statement. I mean I know Cat was a criminal still. Just what happened to her....she didn't really deserve to be murdered. Especially by that psychotic Goblin.

Yuri: Spidey....we don't know for sure....but....when we put out the fire last night we never found her body.

Spider-Man: What??

Yuri: I mean I don't want to give your hopes up but......we don't know for sure if the Black Cat is dead or alive. I mean yeah with an explosion like that she could be ashes but....right now it's uncertain.

Spider-Man: much as I.....don't approve of the wrong she's done....I just hope where ever cat is....she's finally found peace.

Yuri nodded understanding

Spider-Man: But anyway back to Venom?

Yuri: We don't know what he's doing here or where he's been the last ten years. All I do know.....he's back and he needs to be captured....anyway possible. This Goblin guy and Hammerhead are already turning the whole city into a warzone.

Spider-Man: I'm on it.

Yuri: By the way: Who's your new friend?

Spider-Man: My what?

Yuri: Your new....LADY friend who has your powers who kicked Black Cat's ass last night. As we speak.....Jameson is talking about her.

Yuri was not pulling his leg as they spoke Jameson opened a new episode to one the city of the entrance of Spinneret and.....well you don't have to be a detective to know he wasn't happy about it

THIS ISN'T HAPPENING! IT CAN'T BE HAPPENING! (BEEP) MY LIFE! WHY DOES THERE HAVE TO BE---ARGH!!! Folks please pardon my outburst. Blood pressure is just off the (BEEP)ing ROOF! Because I just received word where late last night....The Black Cat before she was killed by the Green Goblin.....she was a THIRD SPIDER-MAN! And this third menace wasn't a man! It was a WOMAN! WE NOW HAVE A SPIDER-WOMAN! Now....we now know why they're multiplying! All this time Spider-Man has had a mate in the dark! Where else did the second one from the convoy come from?! New York beware it's menace mating season out there given this Spider-Woman has defeated the Black Cat and now WE GOT THREE MENACES ON THE LOOSE! THREE! ARGH! UGH! JARED! CALL MY DOCTOR AGAIN!

If he warily avoided falling victim to a heart attack before, it looked more than likely it ‘d be happening now.

Not that most of the pedestrians in the city minded. Some tuning in for the first time were years late to the bandwagon; witnessing one of many of his famous or infamous outbursts, the regular viewer would brush it off as performance, a gimmick to draw in the standard audience while broadening out his viewpoints on the world and vigilantes. Those who have stuck with Jameson through the bad and, mostly tolerable, knee right ahead this was no act.

This was a complete physical and mental shutdown on someone who destained Spider-Man as if his life depended on it. So seeing two more pop out of the blue in the time span of a few weeks would not help his blood pressure; specially why he was coked up on so many pills, medicine and annual doctorly checkups.

Most of the audience watching didn’t share his exact opinion, however. And those of which who do hardly made themselves noticed.

You ever come across one of those scenarios where it’s played out with such surrealism but also so over-the-top and exaggerated that you have no choice but to laugh. That’s where Miles was at right now…..

….and he was literally rolling on the floor, bursting his guts out with every word Jameson spewed out with venomous flurry. It was not his intention but the execution left more to be desired.

It didn’t stop his Uncle Aaron from hearing the commotion behind him, popping up and away from the main lobby of F.E.A.S.T and startling him with a good ol’ fashioned shake-shake-shake.

Catching himself, hardly, the worst Miles had to do was reposition himself and bump down the volume as it was up 9 bars out of the required 15.

Aaron: He pop a blood vessel yet?

Miles: Wha—Oh, JJ? I—I hope it ain’t serious.

That was the best he could manage as a response, at least without digging himself a hole with no fences. Picking himself off the floor, he slides back alongside the table where he found his smile fading almost instantly.

The conundrum around respect was about a tricky triple edged sword as the basic fundamentals of human decency and emotions; nothing about how he felt for Jameson was any special.

Respect is more than passing pleasantries, more than nice words. It takes effort to look at the other and take in who they are and show them you regard their point of view with compassion and seriousness. It is listening without judgement, getting to know them with as few assumptions as possible. It is in careful understanding conveyed by empathic words and deeds to show the depth of feeling you hold for them. In this way respect is foundational for trust, just in the same way that trust is foundational for true love.

Jameson, that’s understandable. But Norman? Li?

That would be hard. And Aaron, being a former criminal himself, having understood the knee-deep bowels of spite and disdain he once held for his brother who once ratted him out….

….he had an idea on Mile’s sudden shift in demeanor.

Aaron: It ain’t JJ, is it?

Miles: No. it’s—Norman…..Mr. Osborn, he—you know he created the Devil’s—

Once again, caught his own tongue at the last second and right at the most precarious of positions. He was mere seconds out from inadvertently letting Aaron in on his big secret, one of many.

But he forgot he was talking to someone who kept his fair share; many years of street knowledge strengthening him about the inner workings of human complexity. How people are intended to react, why they do it, how they’re programmed to think. Unfortunately, he could sense Miles bubbling up from the inside…..

…..desperate to punch SOMEONE in the face.

Miles: He made Martin Li.

Aaron: That Negative guy?

Miles: The same man who killed my father. Your brother. Mom’s husband. And he—he just gets to….get away with that?

Aaron: What does that have to do with the other Spider-Men?

Miles was stumped it had nothing to do with them....just....the avenging son in him and didn't know how to tell his uncle without him....getting concern Miles had to improvise something

Miles: Mostly....I know they're doing everything they can. But that's besides the point Unc. Osbron's actions caught up with him and all of New York paid the price for it! Including dad. Uncle Aaron think about it. The guy was dirty from the beginning. He abused his power for so long insured everything to keep it when he was loosing it no matter the cost! Including Martin Li dad even the Devil's Breath which....killed May! Aaron.....Osborn is just as responsible for dad's death as well as Li.

Aaron gave him......a more concerning look anyway which....chilled Miles to the spine.

Aaron: And the next thing you're gonna tell me....Osborn is this Goblin guy?

Miles: WHAT??

Now Miles was worried

Aaron: The guy is curropt I'll admit and weather or not he's responsible for Jeff.....the guy's bullet proof....unless a bullet can hit him in the head. What exactly does Pete know anyway?

Miles: Pete? What does Pete have to do with this?

Aaron: You know I know his secret right? You saw me call Spider-Man "Peter" when Dr. Michaels and that Sable lady brought him here last year.

Miles: What----

Aaron: And you spend a lot of time with Peter when he's here or when you're not here nor school. You two been as thick as thieves.

Miles: Well I----

Aaron: And the next thing a second Spider-Man appears out of no where helps take down the Rhino battles this Goblin guy in Harlem and later a Spider-WOMAN shows up.

Miles: She goes by Spinneret. OOPS!

Knowing the city doesn't know the name Spinneret yet and Miles missaid it to his uncle he gave him.......a smirk

Aaron knew HIS secret too with him knowing Peter's

Miles was panicking on the inside

Miles: Um....I gotta go.

Miles turned but----

Aaron: Hold on Miles.

He turned around with a worried look

Aaron: To be honest I actually suspected when you asked me about Walter Hardy. Even when I saw you talking to Pete afterwards. I even saw you two on the news and watching those moves you did on those inmates. Juking those cons left and right could have sworn I saw you pulled those off when I played pickup with you and your old man. You were quick then. You're a lot quicker now.

Miles: Unc....I.....

Aaron: Look kiddo don't worry about it. When I told Pete I knew his he reacted the same way. He was so much like you when I met him at that parking garage. He really didn't know what he was doing back then. Especially with that voice changer he had under his costume.

Miles: How....did you find out his secret?

Aaron: I overheard a conversation he and May had about a year before the Devil's Breath Pandemic. I didn't understand much till he kept leaving in a hurry and minute later we see Spider-Man on tv. The rest is a longer story. But....point I'm trying to make Miles.....I didn't tell anyone cause I owed it to him after everything. So I won't tell anyone about yours. Not even your mom.

Miles: Promise?

Aaron: Promise. I mean look at you. If only your dad could see you now.

Miles: He'd probably freak out.

Aaron: Oh he would definitely freak out.

Miles and Aaron were interrupted when hearing the front door open and entered.........


Aaron: Harry Osborn??

Miles: That's Harry??

Aaron: You probably don't know what he looks like cause he was MIA when you came here.

Harry walked to the front desk with the Uncle and Nephew Davis's not taking his off him he seemed shaky and nervous and guess what he asks the front desk lady

Harry: Excuse me....I need to see May Parker.

That should’ve been the last thing he could’ve done.

Immediately, Aaron’s face and body loosened up, not as a sign towards releasing pressure but more towards directing glumly sadness and pain. One could not begin to explain how circumventing May was to most situations and yet persistent in aiding the lives of as many people as she could muster. It was that very adage that became an official slogan to F.E.A.S.T.

One in which Harry slowly directed his eyes towards at the front desk; a flyer informing any newcomers about the place: when you help someone, you help everyone.

That help unfortunately couldn’t not be provided by her, for him. Years had passed since he had last spoken to or heard from anyone, the very equivalent of a man out of time; first Captain America and now Harry had to suffer the same tragic fate. Persistence would’ve done Harry some good, maybe if he hadn’t thrown the accusations back at MJ’s face.

Nevertheless, he’d get the answer here.

Harry: Hello? Where’s May?

And he wouldn’t like it.

Aaron: May Parker…..isn’t here anymore.

Harry: “Not here anymore?” What, like she quit?

Aaron: She’s dead, Harry. Devil’s Breath pandemic did a number on her.

Now Harry was left emotionally broken.

All the information given to him a few hours earlier was as detrimental to his predicament as everyone else’s….and he brushed it off as petty whining until the truth slapped him hard across the face. The very least he thought he could do was attempt to get another side of the story and May was always a safe haven for him to express himself and not be judged.

But with the bombshell shattering him, his curiosity quickly turned to horror.

His father spent millions of millions of dollars creating an unsafe, unethical experimental vial meant to cure him…..that he let fall into the wrong hands and infect the entire city and kill one of the few remaining people he cared about most in the world. And the fact that Harry still wasn’t well, as evidence by him quickly hunching back and hacking all over the main hall…..

…..all bets were off that he couldn’t have been let out of that tank at a worse time.

Harry: Wha—I—but you—God…..

Aaron: Harry, Harry, relax relax. You didn’t know. You’ve been away longer than you would’ve wanted.

Harry: No—no cure—I’m still not—where’s…..Peter.

Despite him barely having the emotional wherewithal to process all of this, this was a last-ditch effort on his behalf. If any of this rang true, Peter would likely be the best go-to option to calm his nerves or solidify what he already knows.

Harry: Where’s Peter? I gotta let him know I’m ok? I have to—have to tell him—Where is he?


Miles: Hey man calm down. I....I got his number I can call him for ya.

Harry: Please do.....

We got to go.

Harry: Go?

Miles: Go??

We cannot see Parker right now.

Harry: What do you mean?!

Miles: Dude who are you talking to?

Harry: I---listen kid just.....tell Pete I was here and....when I can I'll....I'll try to reach him....I gotta go!

Miles: Dude hold up!

Harry just left in a hurry given for some reason Venom didn't Harry seeing Peter yet mostly cause Venom knows he's Spider-Man but Harry dose not and Harry was dumb founded

As he rushed out of FEAST Harry was pulled down the steps on to the sidewalk

Harry: What the hell was that all about?! I needed to talk to my other friend Peter.

It's not safe for him! Not yet.....

Harry: What'd you mean not yet?! What aren't you telling me?!

It's complicated right now. But your father has been watching him for sometime.

Harry: What'd you talking about?

Your father looks up to him like another son. And by what he's become and knowing we are free....he will surely use Parker to get to us.

Harry: How the hell do you know my father looks at Peter a son?

Because I know from you. I am inside your head Harry. Whatever you know I know.

Harry: Look if you just let me talk to him---

People he walked passed looked at him weird like he was talking to himself like he's crazy

NOT YET! Parker is much safer while we're at our distance. Just get me to the airport and then you can contact him.

Harry: And you said you're reasonable.

I am....but we're running out time. We need to GO!

Harry felt he was being pulled clearly Venom was in control

But back at F.E.A.S.T. Miles was already on his cell with Pete and told him what happened earlier

Miles: And then he just started freaking out like he was talking to someone else and then he told tell you he'll try to reach you.

Appreciate you telling me Miles I just got off the phone with MJ saying Harry was just taken by the Goblin. He must've escaped God knows how. Listen soon as you're done to the F.E.A.S.T. and we'll discuss a plan to get into Norman's penthouse.

Miles: You got it.

See you this afternoon.

The line cut

Miles looked back to the gym at everyone and his mind was spinning with everything that was going on as he went on the shift

Hours later when it was over Miles came on the roof and he pulled out his bag from a webbing getting more use to Peter's habits

But just before Miles could unzip his bag......

Hello Insect.

Miles flinched dropping his bag slowly turning around and........


Goblin sprayed knock out gas on Miles he coughed out when he breathed it in and then Miles fell over the rail to fall off the building passed out

Goblin flew down and caught him just before he hit the pavement shocking civilians around them and Goblin flew away with Miles

~Daily Bugle~

It was close to sunset and Betty was with MJ on her desk sipping coffee and MJ was still horrified about earlier

MJ: And Norman just came out of no where and he snatched Harry off the ground. For all we know he could have locked him back in that fish tank.

Betty: And you're really sure Osborn is the guy?

MJ: It's too obvious. Especially from the evidence I gathered at Oscorp.

Betty: Yeah it was crazy there. Given the city doesn't know it could have burnt down by an unstable chemical experiment. If Miles hadn't contained it.....God knows what would have happened.

MJ: Yeah. I'm even more worried. Harry was even angry when I told him about Martin Li and Dr. Octavious.

Betty: You can't really blame him. I mean Norman is still his father.

MJ: I know....I just would have expected him too-----



......An explosion blew open the window behind them the impact force MJ and Betty to fly over and fall back with the desk and drawers falling over and people screamed......

Green Goblin: Hehehehehehe......

Goblin hovered in the blown hole Betty screams in terror as MJ looked in shock and fright

Green Goblin: Let's see who he'll choose now. You...or the kid.

MJ screamed as Goblin reached for her and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and pulled her to him and flew out with her too

Whatever Goblin has planned for both MJ and's likely another dark plan for Spider-Man

The latter of whom had finally made due and returned to the lab, hopeful that Miles could explain in detail what the deal was with Harry, let alone why he was acting out the way he was. A rather proactive series of events that transpired the last few weeks: Adrian dying.

Liz dying.

There being no real kid.

Felicia dying.

Hammerhead still on the loose.

Norman turning himself into a monster.

And now Harry being released.

This is simply way too much for the poor arachnid-based superhero to handle; so much on his plate and not a whole lot of time to develop a credible counterattack to lessen the crippling blow of twist after twist after out-of-nowhere twist. Peter was in dire need of a break from all of this….

….one in which he would not receive in this moment.

In this cold, Peter could barely formulate much of a thought. curling his fingers around the thin fabric of his top, waving it in and out to create just a little air flow, but it's not enough, like an ice cube into hot soup. Miles was late, wherever he was. Wait.


Sounds easy, right? Full bladder. Thirsty. Hungry. Cold. Aching muscles. Bored. He was supposed to wait here until he came by and already, he was so wound up; recent events from days before continuing to catch up on him and plague his mind. Last he wanted was another setback.

But then the phone rings.

He doesn’t hesitate picking up.

Peter: Miles? Where have you—

Fair is foul…..and foul is fair.

Peter’s heart sinks the instant he hears that nasally voice on the other side of the phone. Almost immediately, he knew Goblin had something to do with the lack of Mile’s showing up.

One of the most important quotes taken away from Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, a play surrounding a dark tragedy about the consequences of a Scottish lord’s terrible lust for power: adamantly right up Norman’s alley considering all the skeletons in his closet.

This was, more or less, Norman somewhat speaking through the Goblin: enticingly reciting a line just as important to the legacy he was destined to leave behind. “So fair and foul a day I have not seen.”

The day was fair to the Goblin because he sees himself as the victor of the war…..and foul due to the loss of so many lives and the stormy weather that followed.

Not if Peter had anything to say about it.

Peter: What have you done to them?

What I had t do.

The line cuts and Peter....CRUSHED his cell like he was ready to murder him

Later as the screen slowly opens MJ wakes up she lets out a soft moan and finds Miles passed out beside her

MJ: Miles.....?

She crawls over to him and shakes him to wake up

MJ: Miles....Miles wake up.

Miles grunts waking up and he rolls over to look up at Mary Jane

Miles: Mary? What happened? Where are we?

MJ: I don't know. But we got to get out of here.

MJ helped Miles and herself up and soon stepped back but ALMOST fell off a ledge and would of if Miles hadn't caught her and they both found themselves on the top of......

.....the George Washinton Bridge

Miles: The hell?

MJ: Miles stay close to me.

Miles: We could wall crawl down. We have Pete's powers.

MJ: The bridge is populated everyone down there would see us.

Miles: So what do we do?

MJ was about to reply till BOTH their spider sense tingled and they ducked avoiding Goblin flying over them and they looked back at him

MJ: Norman.....


Miles's tone was out of anger and vengeance as it was when they figured him out then Goblin flew over the pavement where the cars drove which freaked everyone in them out

Green Goblin: Hahahahahaha! AAAARRRRRRGH!!!!!!

He pulled up as some folks got out of their cars and looked up to him in shock even kids from back seats and shot guns and some of them thought it was cool they even cheered Goblin on and Goblin.....

...starts singing something about Spidey

Green Goblin: Rock bye spider on the web top. When the Goblin flies the spider will fall.

He pulls up and looks down to MJ and Miles who she looked up to him in shock when Miles looked at him in anger and then he launched down to them

Green Goblin: Hahahahahaha......HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

MJ was in deep fright she grabbed hold of Miles

MJ: Oh god look away Miles!

MJ and Miles held on to each other looking away when Goblin grabbed them both by the throats

At the end of the bridge from the city Spidey had already web zipped over to the bridge the civilians over it saw him and of course cheered him on

Pete then landed on the center of the bridge looking up to Goblin holding both Miles and MJ over the edge

Green Goblin: SPIDER-MAN! I told you real heroes make the hardest choices. Because every choice will always come down to a sadistic one! And now....since you chose to trust that lying dead Black Cat over me the time has come for YOU to make the sadistic choice!

MJ screamed as Miles struggled they both could fight their way out but given Goblin was stronger than Spider-Man he was even stronger than them and couldn't fight him off

And yes MJ could web him since she doesn't need web shooters but more concern for Miles she didn't act on it and trusted Peter to save them

Green Goblin: Let die....THE WOMAN YOU LOVE!

MJ kept screaming and crying seeing her helpless Peter clutched his fists more

Green Goblin: Or......the boy!

Miles: I'm gonna fucking kill you for what you done! I swear!

Green Goblin: Which shall it be Spider-Man? Parker's love or the Webslinger's junior partner? Choose wisely and see how a true hero is rewarded.

Spider-Man: Let them go Osborn!

He looked at him directly hearing that

Spider-Man: I told you this was between us!

Green Goblin: And I told you heroes always make the hard choice. Now.......CHOOSE!!!!

He drops them both

Spider-Man: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I had to.

Another classic heroic conundrum: one or the other.

The needs of the many or the needs of the few.

It was either Mary Jane Watson, the headstrong instigator, enabler and long-time supporter of Peter’s crusade but not taking any of his shit when he messes up; always strives to reach the truth behind the story, even if that means resorting to dishonest means to get it…..

……or Miles Morales, the young Protégé, smart and passionate and eager to help others. It was much to his credit as it is to his detriment, as he often put himself in grave, life-threatening danger, in his quest to protect his friends and those he cares about.

Choosing between taking the life of someone you love or one who hasn’t had a chance to live it yet? You can’t get any crueler than that.

He expected either of them to be able to catch themselves; they’ve proven it time and time before. Now he wouldn’t mind that…..but the public eye definitely would.

The problem was choice….and yet the choice was far more complicated than it would appear. If it was possible to get them both out of the predicament like the tail end of a metronome, he could squeeze it.

But someone needed to be caught first. And begrudgingly…..

…..he had to go with Miles.

Immediately, he dips off the edge of the double decked suspension bridge, free falling at rapid speeds in desperation to catch up with a flailing Miles.

To Peter, Miles was the bigger concern at the moment. Last thing he wanted was to disappoint both Rio and Aaron after Jeff’s death, being unable to save their nephew and son. His trust was placed firmly in Mary Jane to get herself out of that situation…..

… acknowledgment that MJ wasted no time taking advantage of, once she realized what was happening.

No less than 400 feet away from the ground, the uncanny but odd move was made to attach a webline towards the nearest suspension cable on her left and zip away from the bridge at just the right angle. She barely clipped the sidewalks and conglomerate traffic combustion….

….by a razor’s edge.

Miles was not so lucky.

Miles: C’mon, c’mon, cmon!

Miles's electric magnetic force that powers his venom punch started charging just when Pete caught him swings under the bridge and pulls up but Miles's powers caused a chain reaction which blasted some cars back causing people to panic and run

Goblin looked down and he was.....dissatisfied

Green Goblin: Argh!

Spider-Man: You ok?

Miles: Yeah....yeah I'm good.

MJ ran to them and didn't take long for the boys to notice her and Pete and MJ hugged both relieved to see one another

Spider-Man: You ok?

MJ: Uh huh.

They heard jet fires and looked up and saw Goblin flying above them on his glider laughing

MJ: He's coming back.

Miles: Let's finish this!

Spider-Man: No both of you listen to me. I need you two to get to the end of the bridge.

Miles: No way....we'll finish this psycho together.

Spider-Man: You're out of costume Miles. You can't fight without a mask. Besides this is too personal for you. You don't want to carry this....

Miles: But.....

MJ: Miles he's right. We have to trust him.

Miles was so against this but no one had time to argue for Goblin had snatched Pete off the pavement and both fly over the bridge throwing fists at one another

They punched at each other and struggled on grabbing each other





Goblin knocked him off the glider but Spidey shot a webline on the glider and he got taken for another ride and he flew back down to the bridge

MJ: They're coming back!

Miles: HE'S MINE!

Miles ran forward to them

MJ: Miles no!

Soon as Goblin was above the pavement Miles hopped on the glider and grabbed Goblin by the neck and threw punches at him

Green Goblin: ARGH! Get off me you meddling insect!

Miles: This is for my father Jefferson Davis!

He threw more punches but Goblin countered him and knocked him off the glider just as Pete jumped behind him and grabbed Goblin and pulled him off the glider and both fell hard on the bridge concrete

Goblin elbowed him off and threw punches on him he kicks Pete to a car denting it when he hit it

Green Goblin: Hehehehe......

He turned to another car and RIPPED the driver's door off with his bare hands and soon as Pete hopped back on his feet Goblin threw the door at him but Pete caught it with a web and threw it back at him

The door hit Goblin and forced him across the bridge

Pete stood his ground while Goblin was down and Miles ran pass Spidey and he saw him running towards him

Spider-Man: NO MILES!

He and MJ ran after him just when Miles clutched his fists charging the Venom Punch and when Goblin stood up he spotted Miles as he yelled reach back about to electric punch him but Goblin blasted his own beams from his purple gloves stunning Miles to fall and no one was charged up Miles's energy it began to increase more

Goblin approached him with MJ and Spidey stopping in their tracks spotting them

Green Goblin: End of the line kiddo.

Goblin was about to blast him again but Pete POUNCED on Goblin and they rolled over struggling on each other MJ ran to Miles who was barely away from that beam

MJ: Miles? Talk to me. Come on.

MJ happen to notice....the energy increasing wrapping around him and he was over charging fast

MJ: Oh my god.....PETE!

Both Spidey and Goblin stop their fight and looked down at him seeing him charge up

Spider-Man: Miles.....

MJ: What's happening to him?

Spider-Man: The bio electric must be over loading.....he could take this whole bridge.

Green Goblin: It should be quite a blast. But I'll leave you TWO TO ENJOY THE FIREWORKS! HAHAHAHAHA!

Goblin pressed the center on his belt calling his glider and he flies away again

Spider-Man: MILES!

Miles: GET AWAY!

Miles stood up and ran towards the rail and dived off


Miles was now 100% charged as he splashed into the river and the water lit up and then........

..... BOOM!

Water BURSTED up when the charge set off and MJ cried out when her and Peter turned away from the horror that was occurring and soon the water fell back into the river drops of it on the bridge and Mary Jane looked down to where it accrued

Peter did after and were both in shock with no sign of Miles and.....they assumed the worst

MJ: he.....

Peter had no words as he was just in shock and looked to MJ when.....she started crying

MJ: But he's......he's just a child!

Peter wrapped his arms around her to comfort her as she cried on his chest Peter shed a tear under his mask too more angry and distraught that Goblin has taken ANOTHER INNOCENT life this time..... was a boy who just began to live and he would not let this go lying down

Spider-Man: First Miles......he'll pay for this....

MJ looked up to him angry under tears herself

MJ: I'll help you kill that bastard....

They hugged again grieving

Unaware at the end of the bridge down under it......a hand burst out the water and grabbed hold of the edge.....

.....Miles came out breathing for air

He survived his electric explosion he just dived in the water to save Pete and MJ from getting caught in it

He climbed out just when the police pulled up

Miles waved at them and the first to stop was Yuri

Yuri: Hey we got a torn up kid. Get some paramedics here!

Yuri went up to him as paramedics came running over to him and wrapped towels around him

As time flowed on Spidey came over to Yuri's position and she noticed how angry he was

Yuri: Are you alright? You look like you just got gut kicked.

Spider-Man: No Yuri I'm not. The Goblin just took another life. This time it was a kid.

Yuri gasped covering her hand with her heart skipping beats hearing him say that

Spider-Man: It was a 15 year old kid. One Miles Morales. He was Jeff's son. And now Goblin took him. I tried to stop him....but now......

That brought Yuri to the brink of confusion

Yuri: That's.....that's not possible. We found him by the river minutes ago.

Pete's eye lens widen and his own heart skipped beats

Spider-Man: Where is he?!

Yuri: In that ambulance over there.

Yuri pointed the way and never before was Pete happy to see Miles in one peace and he webbed zipped over to him

Miles: Pe---Spider-Man!

Miles suddenly corrected his statement giving a paramedic was tending to him Pete wanted to grab him in a hug but had to stay in character in first with the Paramedic

Spider-Man: I' to see you're in one piece. Um....sir can I have a minute with him?

Paramedic: Sure just make sure he doesn't move much.

The Paramedic left them alone and now Pete took his chance to hug him

Miles: Oh. This is nice.

He patted his back and Pete was so relieved

Spider-Man: I really assumed the worst when you dived like that. I thought you self destruct.

Miles: I don't know what it was myself I was afraid it blow the bridge up. That's why I dived.

Spider-Man: MJ and I had a heart attack. Oh speaking of MJ! Karen call her.

Calling Mary Jane.

Spider-Man: MJ I found Miles. He's alive.

Oh thank god!

Spider-Man: I'm bringing him to the lab meet me there and suit up. We're going after Osborn.

~Osborn Penthouse~

Once again Norman talked to Goblin through the mirror

Spider-Man is cunning and merely invincible. Clever to know of our connection. But he fails to understand his power is useless divided from our own.

Norman: It’s not that simple.

SAYS WHO?! You? The monster who left Martin Li run off with our son’s cure?

Norman: Leave Martin out of this. I thought I was helping him.

You did help…….bury this city in a grave it hasn’t stomached to dig itself out of yet. Spider-Man hardly lessened the blow; he cannot be stopped. But Peter? We almost broke him…..twice.

Norman contemplated staring into the cheap mirror a second longer. The crystalline-like texture didn’t even feel like glass anymore like it wasn’t even there. All he could tell from her reflection was that today, yesterdays and the previous weeks' poopity-scoops of mayhem and carnage…..

……it was no telling which felt more and more like a bird's nest: his mind or his dishonest soul.

He wanted nothing to hear from this. Norman is quick to turn away from the mirror and in his bathroom; shutting the door. Making a beeline for the living room, his amnesiac episodes were fully consuming him.

Dysfunctions can be functions if you look at them right, and then, only then, can real solutions emerge. For when the creative problem-solving genius goes into overdrive it can appear crazy, or actually, be crazy. Have we asked if the stresses of the world are so large that it induces a "do or die" increase in creativity? If we want a sane world, we must deliberately make one that gives people fewer problems to solve….

…..and Goblin’s solution was to make more of it; all for under the guise of the greater good. But with Norman actively regretting his actions and trying to break out from the maze of his own making, he looked no better off than Otto.

Get him!

Still, the voice blows up in his mind; Norman jumps up in terror at the sound of the Goblins shriek. He was lucky Harry wasn’t around.

Get. Peter. Parker. He’s why your legacy is in ruins.

Norman: I—I—I can’t. I—I won’t.

Harry almost died because of him! Imagine him…..barely scraping and clawing for survival out there, in the very city we once taught him would chew him up and spit him out without hesitation. That LEASH was for his own good…..and who’s fault was that?

Guilt-tripping was less than sanitary. And when you feel no guilt when you have been rotten to others, then you are on course to become a zombie.

Norman didn’t know it yet but he was already losing the battle with his own mind. And yet….

…..he couldn’t help but agree with Goblin, this ONE TIME. Peter was just as responsible for what happened to him and Harry as Otto and Li were.

Norman: Even if I wanted am I suppose to?

Remind him the difference between trust and distrust. Remind him how much the Black Cat has manipulated him over and over....AND OVER! And if he doesn't summit use the red head again to make him suffer enough to make him wish he was dead.

Norman: But how?

New York's white knight needs no physical pain only from emotion.


THE HEART OSBORN! FIRST WE ATTACK HIS HEART! And the one thing closest to his HER! The Black Cat's death only crippled him but HER death will DESTROY him utterly!

Norman: But what about Harry?

Spider-Man tends to corrupt Harry with his so called friendship. But what kind of friend was he....when he refused YOUR offer to work with Harry in his research stations. If you hadn't tend to shut them down. Nor even offered to share his blood to treat it. Isn't that why we had those spiders caged up in your lab?

Norman: They were just.....what we needed to stabilize GR-27.

Yes that's why Norman had radio active spiders they were other research projects for Harry's cure labeling them to treat his son's disease

But a way....HE created Spinneret and Kid Arachnid

Now in order to treat Harry's disease Spider-Man's blood must be countered. Dead....or alive.

Norman: Yes........

As Norman's guilt was growing bigger Norman felt this another necessary urge to save Harry

Back at Spidey lab Miles was now being treated with MJ's first aid she would not let him out of her sight given when her and Pete thought he died she was playing the over protective mother figure

MJ: I'm just glad you're alive. I really thought you were gone.

Miles: Nah. It'll take more than an electric charge chain reaction to defeat Miles Moreles.

Peter: You sound just like your father. He was cocky as hell when we fought the Demons at Fisk's warehouse.

Miles: My mom says the same. You guys aren't gonna tell her about it are you? She would flip the F out if----

MJ: Nothing to worry about. We couldn't if we wanted to anyway. We can't expose you without exposing ourselves.

Peter: But....the way you disobeyed an order when you promised you wouldn't. That was totally irresponsible. Your mom would......

Miles: I'm sorry Pete. But you can understand.....knowing Norman created Martin Li that makes him just as responsible for my dad's murder as him. I mean....don't you know what that's like?

Peter faced down lost of words thinking back to Uncle Ben Tony Stark Liz and Felica

Peter: Yeah. Of course I do.

MJ: We all do. But just never justified. Even Felica failed to understand that.

Peter: If you don't already know Miles Felica was suckering Hammerhead for the wealth to avenge her own father he didn't kill him but died trying to escape him Felica was blind by revenge too. And at the destroyed her. Given Goblin killed her or not......she's.....much as I hate it the Felica Hardy I know was long gone.

Miles: My condolences. And I get what you're trying to teach me and....I promise I'll do better I just.....I want to see Osborn he stands trial or dies.

Peter: And he will....stand trial. I promise. That's why MJ and I are going after him.

Miles: Why can't I come?

MJ: You know why. And besides you need to heal after earlier.

Miles: Ok.......just.....promise you call me really need me.

Peter: We will. Right now get some rest.

Peter and MJ walked out shutting the door leaving Miles in the bedroom

Giving him the opportunity to pull out his phone and make a call

Miles: Ganke it's Miles. I need your help. Go to my house and bring over my design for my suit. I'll text you the address.

Yet another blatant disregard for rules and disobeying of authority; a standpoint that Miles did not see at all. Though many of his acts are selfless, Miles was partly driven by low self-confidence in his own abilities, feeling smaller than he is…..and that was a constant burden since his father’s death that would not leave him.

But these last few days really help put into perspective for him whether he actually was a hero, or just a kid playing pretend.

The only chance he felt was the ideal opportunity to prove to himself that he was ready was now. Whether it be tonight, tomorrow or even the day after….desperation was sinking in for Miles to achieve something out of this crusade.

And yet for once, that gaping hole of guilt grew ever wider.

For Harry, it wasn’t so much a hole of guilt more than it was the fear of the unknown.

Literally seconds out from taking this turn off the Deli, simply walking or crawling across the rooftops in the late stretches of the night painted like a possessed psychedelic frog was not in Harry’s best interests. Heading down Long Island City and closing off on Jamaica, that was where the John F. Kennedy International Airport was located….

…..approximately 16 miles or 26 km southeast of Midtown Manhattan.

Considering he willingly skipped out on bloody traversing across the sky like a certain angry green man, skedaddling to the airport wasn’t an option. All Harry could hope for was that the driver hurried fast enough to where it’d be a simple yet jagged straight line from point A to point B to point C and then he’d be done.

Well, done is an overstatement cause he still wasn’t cured, evidenced by the scaly skin formulating around his hands and feet and the rashes around his arms; only a third of which he couldn’t see.

Again, coughing and hacking ensue. He’s barely able to maintain a steady composure but as he hunches his back forward on instinct, he notices something odd. The mirror in the car showed him everything.

His nails were leisurely growing longer into narrow dirty claws and the canines in his teeth were slowly lengthening to resemble fangs. Prickly hair was standing on end due to the rush of adrenaline that was released due to his disease and there even seemed to be a tiny tint of green in his bloodshot eyes.

First time looking at himself in the mirror and he sees firsthand one of many reasons why Norman went through all that trouble for him.

Venom was able to withhold the disease from gradually overwhelming Harry and kept it in stasis for this long but there’s no telling what would happen to him next after the sentient black barrel of slime let him go.

Just get me in as far as you can go……and you’ll be on your merry way.

Harry: I don’t know how much longer I’ll make it…..

Why do you say that?

Harry: I seen my mom go through this.....and she didn't.

I will hold your infection at bay long enough for you to get checked in.

Harry: How did you even get in me?

Your father had me contained for God knows how long! He held me and a few others of my kind in his lab and used me to stabilize you given I have kept you alive long enough till he found a cure.

Harry: And....when you say more of your're telling me dad has more parasites in his lab?


Harry felt his head being pulled and it his window which concerned the driver

Driver: Hey kid you alright?

Harry: Never better.....what's your problem?!


Harry: Sure whatever.....just let me go.

He did and Harry leaned up holding his head hoping he didn't have a concussion and finally came by the airport only to find it.....being held by Maggia

Harry: Oh god.....

Maggia # 1: Everyone down! On the ground now!

Security guards did try to stop them but their numbers were higher and with Sable tech they shot them all dead and took every staff and passengers hostage

Even the planes that were about to take off got delayed cause of it or they'd kill everyone

The only reaon Maggia are holding up an airport since Tombstone was arested no one was smugling weapons for Hammerhead now they need new transportation to get more so an airport was the best they could come up with

Everyone was at a panic and Harry stepped out of the car as he....coughed softly

Harry: We have to help those people.

Noted. My turn to drive!

Harry morphed into Venom which scared the driver and walked up to the front entrance and he tore the doors open scaring some of the people who all screamed and the Maggia turned in shock


Maggia # 1: KILL IT!

Venom: It's gonna be a long trip. I'll need a snack.

They fired and Venom attacks them

Meanwhile back at Osborn both Spider-Man and his NEWLY basically OLDEST partner Spinneret came on the patio where everything was locked down

Spider-Man: Great how the hell we suppose to get in.

Spinneret: Leave that to me. Karen activate imitation mode.

Imitation mode: Confirmed.

MJ pressed the center of the voice box

Please confirmed voice print for entry.

Spinneret (Norman's voice): Norman Osborn.

Voice Print: Confirmed. Good evening Mr. Osborn.

To Peter's surprise the steel doors open

Spider-Man: How did you---??

Spinneret: Same way I manage to gain access to Edith.

MJ went in and Pete was both dumbstruck but amazed

Spider-Man: Mary Jane Watson I'll never under estimate you again.

Spinneret: Only if you gone back to womble. Come on it's this way.

MJ lead Pete inside to the lab entrance where the portrait of the Osborn's boys stood s

Spinneret lift it and found the familiar keypad on it and remembering the same date Osborn bids his son farewell MJ typed in the code and the wall opened like before and Pete was still more amazed

Spider-Man: Now I know where Harry gets his love for spy movies from.

Spinneret: That's what I said last time I was here.

They went in to find.....the lab....was a mess.....

....the computers cracked the spider cages smashed with the spiders dead in there and most of all the tank Harry was in empty

Spinneret: Oh god....Harry was suppose to be in there.

Spider-Man: Then he's probably out there somewhere.

They heard groaning and looked over the table to find Norman out cold on the flour

Spinneret: Norman??

Pete ran to him and lift him up pressing on his pulse

Spider-Man: He's alive.

Norman groaned and woke up by Spider-Man kneeing down with him

Norman: Spider-Man??

Spider-Man: Are you alright Mr. Osborn?

Norman: I don't know. My head is spinning.

Spinneret: Where's Harry?!

Norman: Harry?

Spider-Man: Drop the act Osborn! We know you're the Goblin.

Norman: I don't know what you're talking about.

Norman stood up as the spider lovers helped him up but scanning his vitals through KAREN

Norman: I....can't remember anything.

My sensors aren't picking up anything vital. He's telling the truth.

Norman: I can't remember anything really. My head's cracked like an egg I can barely think straight.

Spinneret: Weather he's telling the truth or not he's still wacked.

Spider-Man: No kidding.

Norman: I can't even remember the last time I saw Harry weather it was recent or......

Norman blinked a moment after

Norman: Oh my god....I did do it. I killed them all.

Pete and MJ looked wide at him

Norman: But I didn't mean to. I tried so hard to fight it but after Emily....I couldn't afford to loose Emily or afford to loose this company but there's not a day that goes by I don't regret it but....The Goblin....he's not really me...he's...another INSIDE me! Every night the nightmares get worse....he's there when I sleep! Whispering LAUGHING! Telling me I'm as bad as he is!

Spinneret: He's completely lost his mind!

Spinder-Man: We're calling you an ambulance.

Norman: No. I'm alright. Forgive me Peter I sometimes relapse when I'm under a level of stress. But I'm perfectly fine now.

Peter and MJ were more confused

Spinneret: How do you know his name is Peter?

Norman....turned to them.....with a grin

Norman: Because there's nothing I don't know about you WATSON.

MJ gasped

Norman: COME ON! Don't tell me you're surprised. I mean Peter's love interest could not be a different person than Spider-Man's new partner. In fact the kid was too obvious from that electric chain reaction. But better yet.....I was come to this.....hehehehehehehe....HEHEHEHEHEHE.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Norman pushed things off a table as he kept laughing and to Pete and MJ's horror Norman's skin turned green and eyes changed yellow

Green Goblin: HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooooh I can NEVER get tired of that!

Ripping through his shirt and dress pants, practically tearing the cotton and fabric out of them both wasn’t nearly as disorienting as watching a grown-ass man almost enlarge in size, change skin color and turn into something that might as well be otherwise otherworldly.

The feeling that manifested when the HULK was born was brought back to fruition; just a lot worse and a lot more unhinged. Sure, they didn’t immediately freak out upon glancing at the morphing phenomenon at first sight…..

….but a mere transformation alone triggered the both of them to where the Goblin might as well have poured gasoline into the spark of fear in their belly’s. All Peter and MJ could do was hold onto each other, clinging to each other’s warmth in hopes the sudden breeze of cool rushing in would leave them.

Both their breathing clicked up a notch and their heart rate followed suit, peripheral blood vessels — in the skin, for instance — constricted while central blood vessels around vital organs dilated to flood them with oxygen and nutrients, and muscles are pumped with blood, ready to react.

Muscles — including those at the base of each hair — also became tighter, causing piloerection, also colloquially called goosebumps.

And the irony in all that? The two arachnid-based heroes?

They didn’t scare easily.

Goblin had struck such a crippling, decisive blow to both of their mental psyches, that one mere glance at this, this…..creature overtaking a man who didn’t deserve to be absolved of any guilt but had his heart somewhat in the right places and pieces…..and neither one of them even knew how to respond to him anymore.

It hadn’t even been that long since they duked it out on the bridge, mere hours ago, and this direct confirmation on what they figured out days earlier didn’t make the rapid realization any easier. What was clear, as the monstrously scaly fiend slithers and slinks towards them step by agonizing step out of the lab: he was worse than Otto.

No questions asked.

Spinneret: What’ve done with Norman?

Goblin: Norman’s on sabbatical, honey.

He immediately slingshots two makeshift razor bats at the two lovebirds, Peter having to carry MJ a full 360 degrees to avoid one like a ballroom dancer.

The former ducks the other via, low bridge bullet dodge with his back.

Goblin: All that's left is the Goblin!

Spider-Man: You really couldn't wait. You had to try something else?!

Spinneret: Do you have any idea how reckless that was?!

Goblin: Harry was dying, you idiots! What else was I supposed to do?!

Spider-Man: You could have asked us for help!

Green Goblin: Help?! HELP?! I DID!

They both stared at him confused

Green Goblin: I asked Otto Octavius for help Max Vargis! Even YOU Parker.....and YOU ALL TURNED ME DOWN! Even Harry!

Spider-Man: What are you----?!

Green Goblin: THAT DAY I CAME TO SEE YOU AT OTTO'S LAB! I wanted you to come work with Harry and me for your own business you both planned! And you chose that metal arm maniac OVER HIM! That's when I first thought you would abandon Harry.

Spider-Man: Abandon?!?! I would never-----

Green Goblin: AND THEN! You picked that lying cat burglar when all she done was use you to get....these!

Goblin showed them he had the drives.....all but one oddly

Spinneret: THE DRIVES?!

Green Goblin: I need these to refund my projects. Why I needed Hammerhead's mob money to restore my wealth! And the board members out of the way to take BACK what they stole from me! And no matter what even if I asked for your help to save Harry......and you....say NO to me?! NO ONE SAYS NO TO ME!


Green Goblin: HOSPITALS WOULDN'T SAVE MY WIFE! And I knew they wouldn't save him either so I did what I had to to keep him alive.

Spider-Man: Norman.....if you're still under there somewhere.....please know I'm sorry about your wife. I'm sorry you lost everything. I know deep down you didn't even mean for Martin Li to loose his parents. But he was a child back then. He couldn't have understood your intentions. They all had costs that's why he and Otto came for you. To them you were the monster. And proving them right by becoming THIS!

Green Goblin: SILENCE!

He throws a punch at him sending him to crash through back room and into the hall and land by the living room

Spinneret gasped and attacked Norman but he countered her and kicks her out of the lab through the entrance

Goblin went through the hole busted through wall and approached Peter

Green Goblin: You have learned nothing have you Spider-Man?

He tries to stand up

Green Goblin: I offered you friendship. And you SPAT in my face!

He then started beating the living crap out of him forcing him into the living room he fell on the coffee table breaking it in half and Goblin grabs him pulls him beating him more

Till Goblin felt himself being pulled away Spinneret web yanked him off Pete and took a swing herself but Goblin countered her and punched her down laughing

Pete grabbed hold of him behind but Goblin reversed head butthead him and kicked him out to the patio and he hit the rail hard in more pain he could ever imagine

Goblin stood out looking down to him

Green Goblin: What's the matter Spider-Man? Not winning as easily as you thought?

Spider-Man: I never said it be easy.

Green Goblin: Hehehehehe....good cause you won't be winning at all.

He grabbed him by the top of the mask and lift him up to face him

Green Goblin: WHAT BUG?! Are you feeling angry?! Humiliated?! Is that it?!

He kneed him causing our hero to yell in pain

Green Goblin: YOU IDIOT!

He started throwing punches at him


He kept beating him and threw him aside

Green Goblin: I will teach you a THING about humiliation! A new better taste of it just as you taught me! ME a powerful being who had EVERYTHING he could hope for! I had this ENTIRE city into my hands from the beginning I built Oscorp when Tony Stark gave me his OWN tower! I was a man of honor and strong will trained my son to fallow in my foot steps and rested on my shoulders was the loyal and gratefulness these worms that polite this city. A great city that KNEELED before the sound of my name! But you didn't. Did you Parker. I loved you like a son because you were like a brother to Harry. And when I found out your secret I promise I'd save you from being used by that cat! And instead of welcoming you in open arms my honor and my pride the foundations which I have always stood all began to crumble at my feet. Octavius and Li tried themselves but YOU were above them BOTH! The first time I suffered my first humiliation from you Parker was when you chose to work with Otto INSTEAD OF MY OWN SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The worst of it was how stupid you've become by trusting someone who'd use you than someone who'd give you the WORLD!!!!!!! Well now it's time you repay all of it I will NOT live my life as your second choice! The time is over Spider-Man! The feeling I had for you as my second son no longer exists to protect you! Because now every breath is now an insult in my will! But no more Spider-Man! By my hands you will be cut down INCH BY INCH! THE WAY YOU HAVE CUT DOWN EVERYTHING I GAVE YOU!

His nefarious means of carrying that out?

A portable trident he kept stored in the lab, shiny enough with so much retracting light, it’d make Poseidon blush if he could see it. Speaking of retracting, the trident slinks down from one dull-pointed pointy end of the weapon…..

….to three interconnected sharp pole blades at the top, sparks flying out from the release. Unlike the tridents of old, this pronged spear wasn’t suited for the likes of spearfishing. It preferred its targets up close.

Attacks have proven to be just as effective in combat, however. Such weapons were used as a weapon in the 17th- to 18th-century systems of Korean martial arts: dangpa; a defensive position in close combat used to trap an enemy's sword between two of the three prongs. Here, it’d look more positioned to bludgeon Peter straight through the shoulder, arm, heart, calves, head….

….literally wherever and whenever he damn well pleased.

If Peter allowed himself to take that leap.

He was holding back, though, way more than he was allowed to. The father of his best friend was still consequently trapped in this monster's subconscious and it was practically open season to dogpile on this monster and wear him down.

To his failures and everyone else, he owed them that.

Finally making a move, Peter is quick to counterattack with a Seismic Concussive blast from his web-shooters, emitting a powerful sonic wave and tumbling the Goblin backward to gain some respective distance from him. The blast also disarmed him of his current weapon; clearing the rooftop of any others immediately followed suit with floor tiles and railings dislodging due to the pressure.

The pool water blowing back and splattering both of them in waves was the icing on the case.

Peter was lucky to find out the Goblin had a weakness about as average as anyone else: he gets overconfident, he’ll tend to leave himself wide open. So exploiting the opening and taking advantage was the best method of attack for now.

Zipping towards Gobby and immediately getting knocked silly with a reverse elbow to the face, Peter, more or less, no-sells the strike by kipping Goblin up by the chin before going for the legs.

Goblin is quick to avoid the leg sweep but Spinneret is quick to take advantage of his obliviousness to being left wide open, tackling him into the pool and splashing about…..

…..only for Gobby to burst out from the waves and immediately toss MJ over the balcony.

He’s quick to find small leash-like weblines fastened around his neck; dragging him to the edge of the railings before getting dragged off the roof entirely. With Peter not far behind, the battle was finally venturing elsewhere behind Norman’s surrogate home.

And then came the Goblin glider. More specifically, the Goblin glider is attached to the much bigger Goblin wing.

Her spider-sense anticipates fast speeds hurdling through the skylines, heightened senses immediately pining all bets to the far left on any chance of attack. Sure enough, the giant glider blasts its way towards her.

Spinneret was forced to let go of the webs around Goblins neck to avoid getting tackled and impaled in mid-air. Dodging the attack, itself, came within a hair's hair, barely grazing the baseline of her neck.

Goblin then caught Spinneret and lifted her up the roof laughing

Green Goblin: Hahahahahaha!

Spider-Man: MJ!

Spinneret: PETER!

Green Goblin: Come on brother let's do this!

He flew over the roof and Peter ran up the wall web zipping straight up to catch up to them Peter was determine

He lost both Liz and Felica to Goblin he wasn't gonna loose MJ too but the second they were up there MJ grabbed hold of him and KNEED him below

Green Goblin: DOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spinneret: That's for Harry!

She kicked him off the gliders and fell on the flour of the roof and MJ flipped back landing on the feet and Peter soon came up and she looked back at him and both approached and grabbed each other

Spider-Man: You ok?

Spinneret: Yeah.

Goblin leaned up steadying himself and took a razor bat latching out the blades and Pete spot him in the nick of time and Goblin threw the bat and Spidey grabbed his love turning her over and the blade briefly pierced him from behind

Peter let out an agonizing burning scream of pain of the blade stabbing him MJ was shocked what she was seeing and Pete fell aside on the roof flour groaning in pain and MJ tended to him


Back at the airport half of the Maggia holding it up were eaten up heads bitten off and torn apart by Venom there was a brief handful left

They kept firing Sable Lasers at them and Venom dodged them as much as possible all though some shots....BRIEFLY hit him and the lasers did hurt him like fire would

Venom let out shrieks and the burns ONLY pissed him off to make him go on a frenzy and attacked many of them at once

Venom grabbed one BITTING his head off and threw him to three of the Maggia knocking them down

Venom tore off a scanning machine and SQUISHED them like bugs

Venom roars and charged at the remaining Maggia firing at him and he dodged them attacking and EATING them.....

Until there was no remaining anymore

Venom: Ahh.....tasty.

Next thing Venom heard was sirens

Venom: Damn.

The NYPD pulled up outside of the airport lead by Yuri they got the report Maggia were holding up but what they were in for.....was another surprise

Yuri: Hammerhead holding up a whole airport. Only time he'd do that is if he's desperate or just plain crazy. Alright everyone take position. Soon as the SWAT team moves in and apprehends the suspects we'll make our move.

Cop: Cap. We manage to gain access to the security fee and we saw something rather off.....all....the Maggia in there are dead.

Yuri: What??

Cop: They were that creature we saw in Harlem.

Yuri: Venom.....

Yuri did not hesitate to try and call Spider-Man but it went up to voicemail

Yuri: Dammit Spider-Man. Where are you?

Back at the lab Ganke had already arrived fallowing the address Miles gave him and let him in thankfully he was the only one there

Ned had already gone home for the night and they went on Morgan's designs of spider suits adding in and downloading a design on the suit he drew

Ganke: this is Spider-Man's lab huh? Would make sense. I mean he could have been a scientist before he got his powers and maybe an experiment went wrong turning him into what he is.

Miles: You're giving him Incredible Hulk origins bro.

Ganke: Just making a theory. So does he live here or is this....his own batcave? More like the spider cave yeah.....

Miles: It's....basically his hideout. But if he knew I brought you in here he'd kill me.

Ganke: Does the other one station here too?

Miles: Other one?

Ganke: The Spider Woman who kicked Black Cat's ass. Everyone's been talking about her. In fact the shippers are pissed as hell about it but.....some of them changed their shipping and are routing for Spider-Man and this Spider-Woman.

Miles: Awesome. And she goes by Spinneret really. Plus....she's Spider-Man's....backer.

Ganke: Just is backer?

Miles: Ok she's Spider-Man's girlfriend too. But I wouldn't tell the shippers cause you know about the rule of word getting around.

Ganke: Right right.

Miles regained his focus on designing his own suit

Once the status was was time to commence the making

That was normally the excruciating bit: putting all that time and elevated senses into putting all those materials and fabric and trinkets into one collective conglomerate bundle of dubious usefulness for an extended frivolous nightly escapade.

Not this case, though.

Ganke couldn’t help by notice how off-putting Miles was ever since inviting him over. Everything about his scrounged-up back and body language spoke more towards contemplation rather than the heads-over-heels, come-hell-or-high-water hero he prided himself on being. And this hurt to see.

Miles was having second thoughts, and despite his peppered eyes and shivering smirk, it betrayed whatever his true intentions lied.

Ganke: What’s wrong?


This was the frustrating bit in keeping people in the loop: you won’t be able to keep secrets from everyone. His emotional vulnerability also betrayed Miles at the worse of times, forcing him to really step back and consider whether he was really doing this for himself anymore or if it was just to tie up a loose end he had no control of reversing even if he tried.

Regardless, it was a good thing Ganke came over because he needed someone to talk to about this; slouching back against the stainless steel fabricator until his back was up against it and firmly on the cold floor.

With no real leeway to ease into the conversation, Miles spills his beans.

Miles: That Goblin guy flying around? That’s Norman Osborn.

Ganke: Wait, WHAT?!

All he gets was a nod.

Miles: He made Martin Li. He’s responsible for making the man who killed my father. He’s why the city was in such a cesspool for—

Once more, he stops himself. It was already more than enough for his friend to piece together why this was so personal to Miles and why he felt he needed to get out there.

And yet, that gnarly shard of doubt was still sprinkling about.

Miles: I want him gone. I really……really do. But that isn’t me.

Looking down at his hands with the webshooters still locked around his wrists and back at the suit being processed in the fabricator, he then proclaims…..

Miles: THIS…..isn’t me.

Ganke: Miles…..

Miles: When I got powers…..

He ushers to himself, watching as the base of his right arm statics out before turning invisible on him, showcasing his lack of control over his powers still.

Miles:…..I thought I’d be able to fix anything. Like, do anything that Spider-Man can. What if I’m in over my head?

Ganke: Hey. When you say Spider-Man, you always talk about the other one……and that’s rather patronizing. This is your story you’re writing here; you’ve been tied to the deep end of the pool before, right?

Again, Miles only nods.

Ganke: Good. Then I know you’re not going to drown now.

Not exactly the most empowering motivational speech Ganke could’ve gave him but the impact still stood: he was in control of his own narrative now. He knew what was right and wrong.

He knew what he had to do.

And what Peter considered his way didn’t have to be Miles’. And that’s when the lightbulb clicks on in Miles's head.

Thirty minutes passed by, it was now 11:58 sharp.

A few minutes out towards midnight, the stargazed black and blue deepened over the broad and starlit sky, like pale corn into freshly turned ground. It was the promise of life in the darkness, a sense of warmth springing from the cold. It was a vastness to bring humbleness and an eternal space to bring gratitude for the coziness of home…..

….the curtain being pulled back, when one got to see out of the window we call "the sky" to the universe beyond.

No matter how fast or slow the years that passed, Miles saw each night sky as a fresh gift given anew. It was the moment anyone that knew him would see his eyes smile and his breathing deepen just a little.

And now, it would mean so much more than the simple release of tension.

Miles: Strong focus on what I want.

He ushers, pulling down his mask and tiptoeing off the edge of the roof before inching down onto the windows, cracking the glass with each step he takes.

His balance now leveled out, he hardly had any issue standing alongside the building, literally a tiny spider outside the Oscorp building, the same building that birthed both monsters that took his father away and rocked his family. Miles made it his personal mission now to stand above Oscorp….

…..stand above the one who made his life hell and be better than that. The oath he took with Peter promised and assured him to be that better man: save everyone and everything that he can.

But also, with that came the realization that living up to Peter, MJ, his Mom, his uncles, anybody’s expectations were ultimately going to crush him. He needed to embrace his own identity, a new one to forge his own path not just in this profession but also in life.

Having wasted enough time waiting, Miles poises himself, steadies his aim….

….and leaps off the building, shattering more glass from the windows in a domino effect as he enters freefall, diving with poise, suave, flair and conviction.

Now it hits midnight.

And in doing that, a new step was taken. A new identity was concocted.

A leap of faith was taken.

Aside from, once again, donning his personal blue parka and red hoodie, red-black sneakers, black socks and red-lined black basketball shorts, the suit underneath was a totally different ball game.

His new suit was predominantly black in color but utilizes red for its spider insignia across the chest alongside a V-shape stretching from the groin up to the shoulders with two additional downward red arrow shapes on the lower half of each of Miles's' upper arms. The outlines throughout the suit's torso and mask area are colored red against the black. The finger joints where the web-shooters are located are red while the palm of the hand is black. Elsewhere on the suit, the black coloring persists, transitioning to matte coloring on the legs and feet with knee pads embedded into the suit for shock absorption. The only part of the suit that differs in this color scheme are the eye lenses, which are a faded white.

Even the web-shooters, formerly one of Peter’s old web-shooters, were upgraded and outfitted with a similar black and red color scheme.

A complete reinvention from Miles Morales… the Ultimate Spider-Man: name still pending.

But for the time being he would be known as: The Kid Arachnid till he reaches his 20's

Meanwhile back on the roof of the penthouse Goblin stood up grinning and MJ was still tending to an injured Peter he was still groaning and MJ saw Osborn coming

Spinneret grew angry at him and stood up to attack but Goblin pulled out a Sable weapon of his own and blasted the laser wires Sable herself tied Spider-Man with when they met and fell on the ground

Goblin then looked down to Pete who looked up to him in fading vision

Green Goblin: Poor fool. We could have ruled the world together. I offered you friendship....and you SPAT in my face!

Goblin started stomping his foot on Peter from face to chest and pinned him like Raditz to Goku

MJ all tied up watching helplessly seeing how Goblin was humiliating him she cried and screamed at him


Goblin looked at her and a grew a sinister smile and he walked up to her

Spider-Man: No....not her......

Green Goblin: I really don't understand you Spider-Man. You tried and failed to protect the cat bitch and now you fear for this one. Was there an open relationship between the three of you? Cause I couldn't really tell. What really pains me is I like this one better than the kitty cat. She's not as toxic but too bad since you been so selfish your little girlfriend could have stood with us but now that you really pissed me off.....I'm gonna finish her.....RIGHT in front of you....NICE.....and SLOW!

That pissed Peter off more than both Felica and Liz's death he tried to stand up but Goblin kicks him down again and he approached close to her

MJ looked up at him scared she couldn't move under those wires a tear fell from her eye under her mask

Green Goblin: and I are gonna have a.....HELL OF A TIME!

MJ turned away as Goblin was about to grab her till......

He was.....hit back by.....NOTHING

Goblin was confused he felt being punched but saw no one hitting him Spidey and Spinneret were still down and he felt another hit and another Goblin felt someone was beating him up even MJ and Pete caught sight of it and both thought he was more crazy till they heard a familiar voice......

For my father!

All three of them knowing that voice Norman felt an upper cut and he fell off the roof but Goblin pressed the center of his belt in the nick of time and was saved by his glider

Miles Morales the junior Spider-Man now the Kid Arachnid appeared from his camouflage ability which MJ grew a cheerful smile to see him

He ran to MJ and pulled the electric wires off Spinneret and both tended to Peter who looked up at Miles

Spider-Man: You came?

He gave him a nod holding out his hand and a moment later Spider-Man took the hand of his official partner and both he and MJ helped him up

Kid Arachnid: Every time you guys make me sit out you're always in your neck deep in trouble.

Spider-Man: Couple minutes ago might have been perfect timing.

Kid Arachnid: What'd you gonna do?

Spinneret: Love the new suit by the way.

Incoming call from Yuri Watanabe.

Spider-Man: It's Yuri. Accept. Cap what's up?

Spider-Man. We need your help. Venom is attacking the John F Kennedy Airport. There's people trapped inside it's a bloody mess.

Spider-Man: Venom??

MJ gasped knowing that name remembering the incidents from San Fransico Miles was confused and curious who that was

Spider-Man: We're on our way.

He cut off

Spinneret: Pete.....did she mean....?

Spider-Man: Eddie yeah. He's back. Venom must have gotten back on him and took control again and now he's probably come here for revenge.

Kid Arachnid: Wait.....who's Eddie?

Spider-Man: It's....a long story. We'll tell you on the way. We got to get down there.

Spinneret: What about Osborn?


The spider trio turned over to see Goblin on his glider with the wings reattaching and hovering up to them looking down at them

Green Goblin: So the kid finally decides to join the party. Well I must say I wasn't expecting a third opponent. But no matter all three of you will be FLAT under my boots.

Spider-Man: We'll have to lure him to the airport.

Spinneret: What?!

Spider-Man: Once they're together subduing both Goblin and Venom shouldn't be a problem with the three of us.

Kid Arachnid: If you say so.

Spider-Man: Ready......? LET'S SWING!

The three spiders dived back off the edge setting to web swing Goblin growled and chased after them himself

Green Goblin: Running away already? I'm not done with EITHER of you!

And neither were the three of them.

Given Goblin was on the outside of the chase this time, working strictly on both sides of the fence for once, attacking and falling back didn’t seem that farfetched to him; a tactic that he took full advantage of.

Of course, the incoming ricocheting gunfire from his glider and Goblin Wing left no room for any of the Spider-Men to botch up one single time. So many pop shots almost popping off their legs instead shattered nearby windows and concrete walls and ledges. Miles barrel-rolled through three separate metal exterior staircases before parkour jumping around the edge of the building and escaping up to the roof.

Peter and MJ had to guide each other hand-in-hand across the bricked surfaces as they collided and collapsed behind them.

No sooner should MJ ballerina-twirl Peter around the edge, Goblin switches gears and aims a heat-seeking missile towards the both of them. Unfortunately…..


The camouflage trick, once again, pulls the wools over the Green Goblin’s eyes. His legs were kicked out from underneath him, his calves almost exploding. Miles was quick to bring the Goblin off his feet before focusing on the real problem at bay.

His glider.

Similar to Peter mere weeks ago, Miles discovered there was more than one glider. Docking the smaller glider in place with the bigger one meant it wasn’t a permanent connection. So one of two things had to happen: either the smaller glider was integral to controlling this aircraft or it was being administered remotely.

Lucky for him, Miles inches down to see the Goblin still had the operational device hooked to his hip.

But then came option three.

Finally daring to show himself, Miles is poised to try a tricky tactic but wearily avoids the Goblins backhand before gutting him in the stomach. With distance squared off…..

….Miles charged his left arm with venom power and rips through the hull of the smaller glider, leaving the bio-electric charge from his hands to shorten out the Goblin Wing from the inside out.

The voltage causes the bigger Glider to spike out and go haywire, rendering the remote control on Goblins hip, effectively useless.

Miles: Guess I gotta take the 10 and 2!

Meaning he had to try and steer Gobby himself.

Green Goblin: Argh! GIVE ME THAT!

Kid Arachnid: COME GET IT!

Miles leaped off and steered him to keep on course Goblin was beyond control of his glider he nearly fell off till Goblin went on his gauntlet typed on it the pad on it and the remote self destruct which electrified Arachnid's hand

Kid Arachnid: EOW!

He dropped it as it blew up and Goblin regained control of the glider tailing after Pete and MJ and Miles was forced to fallow and this time he shot a webline to the glider and was being dragged himself

Kid Arachnid: Whoa!

Pete and MJ happen to notice Miles wasn't with them

Spinneret: Wait....where's Miles?

Spider-Man: Karen. Track Miles.

Behind you!

Pete looked back and happen to see Miles hanging off of a line on the glider with Goblin on their tail.

Spider-Man: Keep moving. I'll get him.

Spidey web zipped up to Goblin who looked up to him laughing and he cannon ball him almost falling off the glider and swung down grabbing the kid in one catch and swings off

Spider-Man: Who's neck deep in trouble now?

Kid Arachnid: I was trying to slow him down.

Spider-Man: Nice. But we need him to fallow us.

They kept swinging nearing the airport with Goblin still on their tail

There Venom was out on the launching lot with two planes held up from taking off he was chased out there by the NYPD lead by Yuri just after he learned which airport was going to San Fransisco

Venom tried his best not to eat them but defend himself he injured a lot of them likely to be hospitalized

Yuri: We're getting our asses handed to us! Where the hell are you Spider-Man?!

Venom was coming at them and the SWAT barely slowed him down shooting at him

Cop: It's no good Cap! This thing is too strong!

2nd Cop: Wait look!

They all looked up to see......

.....all three Spider-Men swinging in to the rescue the cops people in the terminal and people in plains looking out their windows all applaud and cheered for the heroes

Yuri only smirked at them with Venom looking up at them remembering mostly Spider-Man

Venom: Him.....

But the cheering died down when the Green Goblin was spotted behind them laughing some folks panicked even cops Yuri looked up at him curious and nervous


Venom: AWE SHIT!

The amazing spider trio all landed in front of him

Spider-Man: Jigs up Eddie.

Eddie? He means your Eddie?

Venom: Yes.

They all turned hearing the jet fire of the glider and he jumps off it landing on his feet and now it was a two on three face off but Goblin mostly had eyes on Pete

Green Goblin: You can run all you like Spider-Man but no matter will you go I will be there to chase you to the end of the earth if I have to. We cannot escape our destiny!

So essentially, it was now a mutated jolly scrunched-up, pissed-off leprechaun Goblin hybrid beast on one side and a hulking 750-pound sentient pack of sickly alien moisture on the other with the Spider-Men, Spinneret, and New York’s finest laced up right in the middle.

Only difference is Goblin was looking for a fight. The Spider-Men were looking for a fight. NYPD and their Captain were looking to de-escalate the situation but would fight if necessary.

Venom, for once, wasn’t the instigator in this scenario. He was just the one trying to get home and unfortunately, he had to drag Harry, Peter, Norman, Miles, MJ, everyone else into it.

The one time he tried to willingly avoid getting into trouble and the trouble found him.

With all eyes now gazing back and forth between the two opposing forces, the odds in their heroes' favor drastically shriveled down. All the cops' hopes and pleas for their Captain to concoct a counteractive fell on deaf ears, Yuri knowing full well that even with a well-established plan, chances at winning against either opponent both fierce and powerful, were minuscule without Spider-Man’s help.

The latter having only just narrowly avoided death by both of them and only escaped by the skin of his teeth.

While Peter is left immobilized in place letting the atmosphere engulf in on itself, Miles was trying to keep his hands from shakily balling up and out in rage.

Same for Yuri.

Goblin: He’s mine.

He assures them all, pointing to Venom who quickly spasms out in confusion and denial. Everyone but the Spider-Men are confused.

Goblin: I wouldn’t try to get out of it…..not unless you want me upping the body count by a few hundred more.

No answer comes forth from that statement.

The only response is his own laughter. His laughing was like ripples in a still pond after a stone has been thrown in. It radiated outwards through the packed crowds of the stages who had up until that moment been quite silent.

Contagious, irate, incensing volumes of an insulting cackle.

And it was only pissing Miles off even more.

Arachnid: What is wrong with you? Is he worth it, watching Harry grow up to see…..this as the legacy of his father?

Yuri: I’m sorry, am I missing something?

Goblin: I told you: Norman Osborn doesn’t exist anymore! He created me to do what he was too promiscuous to pull off; Harry doesn’t come back with me, I’ll be as big a failure as Norman already is so I will NOT be denied this opportunity!

Spinneret: It’s not about that. You—

She corrects herself.

Spinneret: Norman failed Harry because he couldn’t see what he had in front of him until it was too late; spent too much time trying to expand his life instead of living it. Don’t you think there’s more semblance to that than this meaningless crusade?!

Goblin: Meaningless? MEANINGLESS?!?!

Somebody touched a nerve there.

Goblin: WHAT DO ALL YOU KNOW OF MEANINGLESS?!?!?! Worked my way up from nothing, built an empire, a dynasty, proved against all odds nothing is more powerful than that of the intelligent mind. Shredded the past and transitioned into a glorious future, destined to better the lives of the current generation and beyond only to have it all discarded to ashes; my will, my destiny, my forsaken birthright thrown to the wayside by this eight-legged vermin! WHAT HAS SPIDER-MAN EVER DONE THAT MATTERED ANYTHING TO ANYONE?! He displays no valor, no courage, no hope for these people; he takes it ALL AWAY just like how he’s Robbed me of pride, extinguished my hopes of absolute vindication, discarded the foundation of my visionary genius, denying every descendant's family’s birthright for a brighter and better tomorrow!


Goblin: My son's life was taken because of him. He has INSULTED me with his presence, stole my honor and my brood.....and his debts must be paid!

Peter realized now there was no turning back from this fight now our hero knew as well as his enemy this must be settled once and for all which is why he stood forward to him before MJ and Miles's eyes

They looked at him in concern even Venom observed curiously

Spider-Man: Arachnid Spinneret....take care of Venom. Goblin is mine.

Spinneret: could get killed.

Spider-Man turned to her pulled up the bottom of his mask grabbed MJ pulling her to him and KISSED her which CAUGHT everyone off guard Goblin Miles Venom even Harry in him

What the fuck?!

People seeing it were shocked even took pictures of it on their phones the cops looked curious as Yuri said the same thing as Harry

Yuri: What the fuck?!

Kid Arachnid: Eww!

Surely the whole city would know this but this was Peter's tell off the shippers and maybe create BETTER ones

Soon as the kiss ended Peter whispered in his love's ear: I trust you.

MJ's heart skipped a beat hearing that and smiled at him when SHE pulled his mask back on back down and then Peter turned to Goblin while MJ turned to Miles

Spinneret: Arachnid let's take him.

He nods and they turned to Venom

Spinneret: It's over Eddie.

How does she know----?

Venom: Because Spider-Man obviously told her....and this new guy. I don't want to hurt you....but I will I have to.

Spinneret: You're gonna have to. NOW!

MJ leaped over as Arachnid slid under him and kicked him from behind

Venom fell back but slapped Miles aside and charged at Spinneret who web kicked him and upper cut him in the jaw only to get grabbed

Venom would have eaten her IF MJ hadn't remembered.....what Pete told her what happened last time and Venom's weakness....besides sound waves and fire.....

She KICKS him below too


He dropped her and sadly Harry felt the kick too


And the minute he dropped on his knees Spinneret lunged another kick in the head knocking him down with Miles landing on him and webbed his hands down

Kid Arachnid: End of the line tar monster.

Venom: For you.

He launched a symbiont tentacle out of his own stomach knocking Miles up in the air and Venom broke free just for MJ to charge but he stretched out his arm knocking her down

As for Spider-Man and the Green Goblin they both stared into each other's eyes ready to kill each other

Green Goblin: Now....I believe you and I have some unfinished business.

Spider-Man: Right. After all you mentioned a dept to pay.

Green Goblin: Hehehehe...indeed I did.

They both lowered eye lens staring at each other clutching their fists as most of everyone who watched was all nervous and anxious and after a long moment of silence.......

.....Goblin launched pumpkin bombs at him but Pete shot webs at them throwing them back only Goblin dodged them



The name slipped…..and Yuri took notice of that once the main Spider slipped his way towards the fictional darling that would most likely devour him for lunch if he wasn’t careful.

Yuri: Norman?

A bull hammer elbow was delivered right to the dome piece of Peter’s head, discombobulating him for only a split second as Peter rolled on through the whiplash of the attack and immediately went for the legs.

No such luck; Goblin somersaulted over the full depth of range on the legs before kneeing him square across the face. Not content on letting him crawl around and wait to recover, Goblin preceded to interlock his arms around Peter’s back and waist area….

….deadlifting him off the ground.

The plan was for him to simply toss Peter over his head for a patented German Suplex. Instead, Spider-Man barely caught himself at the last minute, landing flat on his feet before quickly launching two weblines to the Goblin's legs and turning him inside out.

A quick innovative reversal, the best had yet to come as not even thirty seconds free of the webs, Goblin found himself toppled off his feet by Venom’s almost 800-pound frame.

Practically almost squashing the Goblin, it was the last place Venom wanted to be.

Venom: Shit....

Green Goblin: Get off!

Goblin was able to lift him off due to his strength and Goblin stood up and then Pete tackled Goblin when MJ leaped over Venom kicking him in the stomach.

Spinneret: Arachnid electric punch! It'll stun him!

Miles ran up charging his punch and when Venom looks back he throws the venom punch which had the most bigger effect on Venom than anything else

Venom shrieked which forced most everyone to cover their ears even Peter and Goblin

The symbiont moved around vibrating around and before MJ's eyes she happen to spot Harry yelling and struggling under the symbiont

Spinneret: Harry?!

Yes it was Harry not Eddie to her shock and likely to Peter later and without hesitation MJ shot a web and tried to pull him out but this time unlike before the symbiont pulled Harry back in and formed back to Venom

Spinneret: LET HIM GO!

Venom: I need to get on that plain!

Spinneret: Well you're not taking him!

She web zipped to him only to get slapped back and Arachnid hopped on his shoulders and beat on his face only to get knocked off and land beside her

Spinneret: You alright?

Kid Arachnid: Barely.

Spinneret: Listen. I need you to use that electric punch again.

Kid Arachnid: I can't. It's used up. It's like a battery that needs to charge after every use.

Spinneret: Dammit! We got to get Harry out.

Kid Arachnid: Harry? Your friend?

Spinneret: Yeah he's the host now. Not Eddie. And I think Osborn had something to do with that too. Look we can't let him get on a plain. Not with Harry. We got to get him out of there. And we need electricity a sound cage or anything with fire.

Venom was coming at them growling looking hungry

With Pete and Goblin they clutched grips to one another squeezing each others hands both grunting angerly and painfully

They both looked at each other with grudges and Goblin headbutts him and punches him in the jaw and kicks him where the fuel pads are

Goblin took out another pumpkin bomb

Green Goblin: Let's light it up.

He throws it and Pete dodged it and the pumpkin bomb blows up the pads causing a blazing fire after exploding t

Then Pete punches his back in both the face and in the stomach then when he swung a third punch Goblin countered it and punched him back near the fire

Goblin picks him up by the throat and then throws punches at him which he almost falls into the fire but....

......Goblin catches him

Spider-Man: saved me??

Green Goblin: I'm not finished with you yet.

He throw him aside and charged at him Spidey then shot webs trapping Goblin in a giant full web like a fly

Pete ran up about to punch him but Goblin got loose by ripping the web apart and he kicked him knocking Pete down

After Venom slapped MJ aside again she saw the fire Goblin created on the fuel pads and had an idea

But that within itself could cause a multitude of problems.

Taking Harry’s health and safety into consideration above everything else was a daunting task ahead and simply yanking him out the self-aware goo wouldn’t make due the second time around. Or the third.

Luring him toward the flames wouldn’t work.

Letting Yuri and the NYPD open fire on him was definitely out of the question.

And the last thing any of them wanted was Goblin accidentally tackling Harry down by accident and killing his son by mistake. Options were dwindling faster than the Titanic after the iceberg crash.

Luckily for MJ, there was one other option. But not on her own behalf.

She even grinned about it

Goblin and Spidey kept clashing and their fight was getting more intense than Batman's fight with Superman in dawn of Justice

Osborn uppercuts Pete sending him flying INTO the terminal he crashed through the glass where people see him and run to him in concern

Goblin calls his glider by pressing the center of his belt again and hovers up there just when Pete barely stood back up causing the crowd to scream and run from him some got a distance to take photos and videos on their phones to catch the entire showdown

Green Goblin: You should have joined me Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: And you shouldn't have killed those people.

Goblin roars furiously launching his glider and Pete ducked down this time grabbed hold of the glider with his hands sticking them on it like he does on a wall and Spidey was going for another but more intense ride

Goblin flew the glider through the terminal and into a hallway filled with panicked civilians

Peter had to pull the glider out of the way so it wouldn't hit anyone Goblin didn't pay attention to where he was going cause he was more focused on our hero than anything else

But once it was all clear Pete leaped up on the glider and he and Norman threw a fist but Pete caught it and threw one himself hitting him in the jaw and Goblin elbows him falling flat on the glider

Goblin throws a fist down at him but he dodges it rolling over to the other side of the glider

Green Goblin: Bahh! Hold still!

He dodged another attack and fell back grab hold of the glider again forcing Goblin to fly up a stair case and Pete had to pull the glider back each time it reached a small flour and up another stair case and did the same on each case

Goblin then pulled it forward forcing them to crash through a wall into a room where they transport the suit cases


Green Goblin: Yeah! FOR YOU!

He kicked him off the glider and Peter landed hard on one of the moving rails knocking some suit cases

Goblin came flying down laughing and threw more razor bats at him Pete was force to web zip all over the place to avoid them

The Green Goblin chased him shooting live rounds from the glider Pete dodged those too and flipping back he web yanked two suit cases and threw them at him Goblin dodged the first one but was HIT by the second one a second after

It knocked him off the glider and he fell on another of the moving rails knocking more suit cases off

Peter landed on him grabbing him lifting him and punched at him constantly Spider-Man then punches Goblin off the rail who catches another rail with his bare hands

Pete landed on top of it and Goblin Norman's voice

Green Goblin: (Norman's voice): me! Please! Pull me up on falling!

Pete assumed it was another trick but not taking chances he does grab his hand but Goblin PULLS him down laughing

he fell straight down but shoots a web line catching Goblin and yanks off the railing and both fall on the bottom flour and land hard denting the flour

They both grunted and slowly stood back up and stared each other down this battle lasted longer than they both thought

Spider-Man: Come on Osborn. Let's dance.

Green Goblin: NOT OSBORN! Goblin.

He blasts the circuitry from his gloves forcing him to dodge them

Green Goblin: GOBLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in that battle cry, the monster regains the upper hand, tackling the persistent webhead with all the verbosity of a rail train, driving his shoulder into the opponent's midsection before tackling him and forcing him and himself into the monorail.

The spear obliterated the opening of the slider doors and left Spider-Man, again, with the full brunt of the damage, his upper and lower back denting against the metal rails and further waking up everyone on the ride.

One glance down at the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and the menacing Goblin terrorist and what does everyone on the train do next?

They run.

Very few people are trampled and run over on the way out the glaring hole now embedded within the monorail train; whether running away from something or being chased, it brings out a primal fear, the kind that evaporates every ounce of you, that empties the reserve tank of the reserve tank. The kind of fear of the worst of nightmares, that ignores physical and mental pain in the pursuit of safety.

If only those quickly piling out of the train knew that was exactly how Spider-Man was feeling after all this time.

The next stop is for B gates. B as in Bravo.

With a rotting hole in the middle of the train, watching it slowly take off for the next gate didn’t leave ample opportunity for much wiggle room, assuming Gobby even allowed it.

So Peter had to make his own.

Shooting up to the ceiling, Peter essentially carries Goblin rightside up, flipping him directly below him as he slams him down to the cold concrete. Flipping off, going off on the defensive yet again was the first place he found himself on; discharging his Seismic Concussive blast to push Goblin as far up to the ceiling.

The expansion nozzle meant a wider concussive blast and increased knockback range. Embedded seats in the wall and metal bars became unlodged, thanks to the sonic wave, meaning more nearby weapons for both of them to utilize for later use.

To his pity, the knockback attack was a blessing in disguise for his opponent; Goblin quickly parkouring through the conglomerate mess of metal and cold steel to blast Peter across the face with a swift elbow across his jaw. And just for an extra kick in the balls….

…..a kick in the balls, from behind.

Now incapacitated and wide open, Goblin grips the right arm between the poor spider’s leg and held while hooking the other arm. He then second-guesses himself, tucking his head under Peter’s free arm before effortlessly lifting him up, turning 180° and falling forward, slamming Spider-Man back-first on the floor.

Of course, he was not content on just beating him. As Goblin tried and failed to convert Peter dozens of times and kept getting the door slammed in his face, he saw no need to try anymore.....and with his trident back in his possession....

.....he planned to do away with him dirty.

No sooner should he plunge down on Peter's head, he quickly moves out the way.

Going in on the offense, he leaps up and has his four-kick combo blocked before Goblin attempts to come down at him with the trident. Spidey evaded over the metal and kicks the Goblin in the back of the head, driving him into the metal pole holding the seat column together. Growing flustered, off the metal rips as Gobby tosses it towards Spidey.

Sliding directly underneath it, he zips it back into his hand and clashes his metal with him.

It was made painfully obvious that his metal would not last much longer this way. But it didn't stop the two from clashing their metals constantly vibrating it all throughout the subway car and the pipes and hangers that got in their way. Eventually, Peter wacks Mr. Goblin across the floor with the pipe and kicks him back as he slid once more, prompting him to leap after him.

Unfortunately, somebody didn't work out the depth perception of where who was before Peter completely misses the attack, prompting the Goblin to slice at the bar and cut it down completely.

The spider-sense went off at the perfect moment then; Peter barrel-rolls through another slash, landing on the other side of the railroad car. Unfortunately, it became apparent the trident was an essential no-touch requirement, as it left a nasty gaping, gushing scar on Spider-Man's underarm.

Any more attacks, he'd be bleeding out like a stuffed pig.

Please hold on. This train is now stopping.

As soon as it did Gobby called his glider again hopping on it

Pete looked up at him flying back on him and he flipped up to catch up to him and Gobby flew back to the launching pad where Spinneret and Arachnid were still holding off Venom and MJ still put her plan into action

When they the cops and civilians still watching heard jet fire they looked up to see Goblin flying back laughing and he.....launched a rocket at one of the plains which shocked everyone to hell

Even Venom fearing it was the plain to San Fransico but no it was another one

The missile hit the left wing causing an explosion setting it on fire





As I am with Goblin. We can't let either one of them go.

Spinneret: Especially not Venom Harry's in him.


Spinneret: Turns out he's the host. Venom must have been contained by Norman all this time and used him to keep Harry's virus at bay. We need to get him out.

Spider-Man: And someone needs to save those people.

I'm on it!

Kid Arachnid: Ultimate Spider-----Arachnid's first rescue!

Atta boy.

Pete and MJ resumed their fights with Goblin and Norman while Miles web zips to the plain

Everyone in there all panicked as the fire grew big due to the gas inside it would blow any minute

Arachnid yanks the door open automatically blowing out the emergency slide and he went in eye lens widening at the panicked passengers

Kid Arachnid: Everyone! This way! The slides out!

Everyone head for Miles's direction and with no time to take shoes off they all slid down and ran to safety one after another

It was a big crowd given most plains carry so many the fire was now getting inside a couple minutes after they all made it out but Miles heard a child's voice

Mommy! Help me!

He looked back to see a little boy stuck in his seat he couldn't get the seat belt off

Kid Arachnid: Oh boy. Hang on kid!

He leaped all the way over seats avoiding fire and landed by the boy

Kid Arachnid: Hold still I'll get you out!

Miles did at first press the unfassin button at first but nothing

Kid Arachnid: Oh man!

He then pulled on the seat belt and ripped it off by his spider strength grabbed the boy and the fire was already getting worse blazes were everywhere

Kid Arachnid: Not good. NOT GOOD!

Little Boy: We'll never get out!

Kid Arachnid: Course we will. Just hold on. Karen! Find me the nearest route.


His mask vision scanned everywhere locating the nearest emergency exit

Miles ran for it leaping over seats and he kicked the door open and webbed swing out just in the nick of time before the plain explodes

Miles swings over to the nearest crowd where a crying woman ran out and he landed putting the kid down

Little Boy: Mommy!

Woman: Jason!

They ran embracing Miles reunited his first family giving him a good feeling but soon hears jet fire and Goblin's laughs from above looking up seeing Spider-Man and the Green Goblin still fighting in the sky


They all ran into the terminal and Miles looked up to the fighting

Fighting: tending or meant to stir up hostility or take part in a violent struggle or confrontation involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons.

And a lot were exchanged here.

Somehow, Miles felt his heart tensing, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up, his fists sporadically balling up and out in fury; his sights lay on the Goblin.

That murderous fiend.

So many sleepless nights, so many things left unsaid, all that time having past, Jefferson Davis’ death casted a heavy shadow over Mile’s confidence and how he influenced his decisions from that fateful day onwards. The constant condolences, the weekly drumming circles, the anniversaries, it helps numb the pain.

But for Miles, it wasn’t enough.

He needed that high to quench his thirst for vengeance. He wanted so badly to make Goblin pay; make Norman pay.


But that would come later.

Mj's screams called his attention over to both her and Venom. Groaning slightly, Spinneret’s eyes now laid as immobile as her limbs. She noticed how irreversibly damaged her skintight suit was; torn, burned, bloodied, and dirty. Not to mention her mask and goggles were just barely holding together and that blood was trickling out her nose and mouth.

She couldn’t stop Venom from literally cramping down on her neck, grabbing her from the collarbone, and yanking her off the tarmac before staring her down again. It made MJ look like a newborn baby in the face of this towering behemoth.

Venom: Leave me alone!

Spinneret: Shouldn't have--co--come back.....

Miles was quick to find himself an opening. With full knowledge of the host, it left another less painful option to end Venom's indecisive carnage.

It'd be a risky gamble, but one that would pay off tremendously if it meant one opposing force was taken care of in a swift and decisive fashion.

Quickly, Miles sprints for the alien creature.....

His invisibility kicks in and he launches in Venom sinking into him Venom felt him in there which confused the hell out of her why Venom was roaring in agony like he was having a heart attack

Symbiont bits began to wiggle all over he even began to shift all over

Spinneret: The hell?!

He was shifting and roaring for a minute till all of a sudden.....Miles visible again BURTS out with Harry and both rolled over to the left side

Spinneret: Miles! Harry!

She ran to them not even acknowledging Venom shrinking back to his mild symbiont state without a host but it took it's chance to finally hitch a ride on the plain to San Fransico on the weal and crawl into the vent

MJ aided Miles first of course

Spinneret: Honey you ok?

Kid Arachnid: Yeah.....I'll live.

She helped him stand back up and they turned to Harry running up to him

MJ lifted Harry's head on her lap with Miles beside him Harry was coughing and barely had any focus in his vision Harry barely had glimpse of MJ he mumbled which the two spidey friends barely understood......

......and then.....

.....Harry passed out

Miles looked at Harry's arms and saw his veins were mildly green due to his disease no doubt

Kid Arachnid: MJ.

She looked up at him and Miles lifted his arm showing her his veins.

Spinneret: Oh my god. I'm gonna get him to the medics you go help Peter.

Kid Arachnid: You got it.

Miles web zips up to the Goblin and Pete while MJ webzips to the police where Yuri saw her coming

She got in front of them went up to Spinneret carrying Harry finally encountering Spider-Man's newly partner and likely love given he kissed her before the fighting started

Spinneret: This man is very sick. He could be dying.

Yuri: We'll get him to a hospital.

Yuri lead her to a near by ambulance where paramedics took Harry for treatment

Back with Spidey and Gobby they were throwing punches and thrashing at one another as the glider flew down to the pavement and Goblin grabbed hold of Peter's neck again and held him down to the bottom

Green Goblin: Look at you now! New York's greatest defender....about to STUPID PATHATIC WASTE OF TALENT!

Peter struggled he tried to hit him but Goblin caught him by the rest even tried to shoot a web but....he was out of fluids already.....

Spider-Man: No......

Green Goblin: But like I promised: I'll take GOOD care of MJ little Miles and your precious Scooby gang!

Spider-Man: I won't let you---!

He kept struggling but Goblin's grip hardly soften till all of a sudden Miles comes out of no where and LANDS on the Goblin's shoulders again making him drop Spidey and fly over him



Miles beat him down Goblin couldn't concentrate on where he was going and soon enough Miles's venom punch finally charged back up and then......

.....he did not hesitate to PUNCH him off the glider stunned by the electrifying hit and both fell flat on the concrete

and the glider crashed on a near by transport truck which damaged it more than the glider Pete web zipped forward where they landed

Goblin covered in the bio electricity barely stood on his palms the power was stunning him enough his green skin began to shift back to regular skin as well as the yellow in his eyes disappeared

Goblin mutated back to Norman Osborn and everyone saw and caught videos of it on their phones the whole world would soon know.....Norman Osborn was the Green Goblin

Miles however was not done with him he looked back seeing where the glider was he picked it up like the Hulk would lift a car Pete was not liking where this was going

Norman: What.....where am I.....?

Kid Arachnid: The end of the line.

Norman looked up and to his surprise Miles had the glider lifted above him pointing blades down to him

Norman: Who are you??

Kid Arachnid: I'm not buying your fake amnesia. It's time you paid for creating Martin Li....who murdered my father....CAUSE OF YOU!

Norman's eyes widen in fright as Miles was about to strike him again but.....

....Peter lands in front of him grabbing the glider holding him back

Norman: Spider-Man!

Kid Arachnid: Out of my way!

Spider-Man: We don't kill our enemies Arachnid. I told you tha!

Kid Arachnid: Speak for yourself!

Peter remembers when he said the same thing when he was about to kill Quintin Beck for everything he's done to him but a dear friend of his......said one thing about Uncle Ben and Pete was about to say the same thing to him

Spider-Man: I'm speaking for Jefferson Davis.

That froze Miles to dead in his tracks just like it effected Peter when his uncle was used in the same fraise they stood in silent for a moment and.....and then.....

.....he....dropped the glider

Pete nodded to him patting his shoulder and both looked down to Norman

Norman: Spider-Man.....I was wrong about you. You really are an inspiration to this saved me from Otto and Martin Li last year....and you done it again

Spider-Man: I wouldn't have to if you hadn't done what you did to the board members and everyone who has died cause of you.

Norman: What'd you talking about?

Spider-Man: You don't remember now but it'll all come back to you. And when it does you'll stand trial.

As Pete spoke he didn't notice Norman pressing the center of his belt which activated the glider silently without the Spider-Men noticing

Spider-Man: I know you believed what you were doing was only to save your son but I can promise you he'll receive the best care. But for need to pay your dept to society. I'm sorry Mr. Osborn....but the law is the law.

Norman faced down in defeat as he stood up slowly looking cooperative

Norman: Yes.....your right....I've ran away from my actions long enough. No one feels bad about them than me. So....I'll turn myself in.

He held out his hands

Norman: And listen....thank you.

He then smirks

Norman: (Green Goblin's voice): AND GOD'S SPEED SPIDER-MAN!

Both Miles and Peter's spider sense went off as the Glider hovered up and pointing at them from behind and LAUNCHED

Both Pete and Miles leaped over it and heading for Norman who widen his eyes and fast thinking Spidey shoots a webline at it just when MJ finally arrived back and she helped Pete by shooting a line to it and both trying to pull it back as Norman stood there in shock

Spider-Man: NORMAN RUN!!

He still stood there and Miles tried to help shooting a line too till they all the web lines ripped up and the glider head straight for Norman......

Norman: Oh.....

…..and it ran him over.

The entire weight of the oblong-shaped military contract weapon hurdling the full 90 miles per hour rate of speed CRUSHED Norman upon impact, helplessly dragging the former businessman turned Mayor-turned mass-murdering psychopath across the airfield and off his rocker. He does not emit one single physical response after getting impaled.

Nothing but strained groaning and warped screaming from both his mind and the one in his head. And no sooner should all three Spider-people recover from the whiplash of the glider shifting back their weight….

….do they get a front-row seat to the true Shakespearean tragedy of this giant amalgamation of money, power, ego, and good deeds wrapped underneath layers of glacially morally bankrupt errors.

Both blades, mandatory with the extension of the original glider, were left impaled through Norman’s chest, easily dicing through the fourth and fifth ribs area before stabbing him clean through the heart upon impact. Normally, a small stab through the heart, let alone a direct one could be survivable…..if appropriate treatment is reached within minutes of the trauma.

This was anything but small.

Powerless to stop his own creation from re-enacting Speed Racer with him practically attached to the base of the bloody vehicle, the worst came when the glider finally came to a stop; his back slamming up against a nearby cargo container with the glider practically crunching him in-between, Norman couldn’t even feel the remains within his body leaking out and exploding upon impact.

With such a deeply penetrating cut, his brain ceased function instantaneously. And the befuddled gasps of shock and horror raining down over Peter and MJ was a testament to how badly this looked.

Miles was the only one frozen in place, almost robotic.

The difficulties faced with such a rare attack is in evacuating the pooled blood and clot and closing the wound to the heart while maintaining manual systole to ensure there is blood flowing through the chambers for the lungs and for the body. It is important also to ensure that there is no blood flow being communicated between the chest cavities, and if so, the amount of blood loss becomes unrecoverable without the above emergency methods and application by a doctor.

None of which any Spider-Men or police officers came equipped with or could’ve possibly predicted or prepared for. Not that it mattered because it was already too late.

Said violent and severe sharp trauma that punctured Norman’s heart caused the immediate arrest, only prolonged by the remaining integrity of oxygen….and death followed only seconds after impact.

Norman Osborn had effectively killed himself.

So do the proud men: crucified, not on a cross of gold—but on a stake of humble tin.

Spider-Man: He—he’s dead……

Arachnid: Somehow—somehow I thought it would mean—mean more than this.

He bellows aloud with cracks in his voice before approaching the now-defunct, deceased slimy culprit. All that time he talked a big game about making the man who hurt his family pay…..

….and yet, here Norman was.

Lodged in.

Impaled by his own creation.

Done in and choked out by the pollution he himself created.

When a man or woman dies-even someone as vile as the Green Goblin, it should mean something, right? It shouldn’t just be an accident, a stupid senseless accident; it’s got to have a point so it doesn’t just mean that we live in vain.

Miles was so dead set on believing the Goblin’s death would make him feel better….but revenge was a fool's game. Instead, it just made him feel empty.

Washed out.

And a little bit more alone.

All Miles could do, while contemplating that, was to do the honors: quickly but steadily dislodging the glider from his host while watching the body drop down to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

There was no life left in Norman’s body. And that was just one-third of the bad news washing over the three of them.

All though it marks the end of the Green Goblin and his rein of terror it also marks the beginning of another family tragedy for Harry

After the hours when Osborn's body was taken away and Harry taken to Manhattan General it was already 3AM in the morning and the spider-trio were already there to tend to Harry who was in surgery due to the critical condition he was in

Without Venom to keep his condition at bay it's possible Harry might not make it through the night either like his dad

Which put both Peter and MJ at a worry Peter leaned on the window to the surgery room where they're working on Harry with MJ staring in too leaning on him in sadness and worry

As for Miles he was on his cell talking to Rio for she got up early for work and found her son not home and had to keep the cover up and active

Miles: I'm sorry mom. Ganke and I lost track of time I got tired and fell asleep. I know. I didn't mean to make you worry. His parents weren't home that's why they didn't call you. Yeah. No don't worry about it. Peter's coming to pick me up. Yeah. No problem mom. I love you too. I'll see you at home.

Miles cuts off and went up to his partners at the window and Peter was just face down

MJ: Tiger what'd we gonna tell him? He'll be devastated to know what his dad has become. He might not believe it cause he didn't believe me about Li and Octavius.

Peter: He won't have a reason not to anymore. Everyone at the airport saw him change. By 10AM sharp the whole world will know the tragic story of Norman Osborn becoming the Green Goblin.

Miles: Damn....I thought seeing him die would make the pain of my dad go just feel empty inside.

Peter: I feel for you Miles. I do. Exactly how I felt when I watched my Uncle's killer die.

MJ: At least it's over. Oscorp might die with him.....unless Harry takes it over if he makes it.

Peter: I just hope it doesn't lead him to become a second Goblin.

Miles: What about Venom? We never found the symbiont after Osborn was killed.

MJ: That symbiont has disappeared on us before. God knows when it'll turn up again.

Peter: I do feel bad for Venom but each time he disappears I can't help hope we've seen the last of him.....but....highly unlikely.

MJ: We'll find him. We always do.

Another hour passed and Miles was already asleep on the chairs Peter gave him his jacket to cover up and sat next to MJ who leaned her head on his shoulder

MJ: This what it's always like on your greatest battles?

Peter: Pretty much. Weather the villains die by their own hands or just fall at the final blow.

MJ: I can understand now why you tried so hard to protect me from all this. I was just trying to protect both Miles and Harry from this too.

Peter: Well I learned something from you too. You're more than capable of pulling this off. I won't lie to you. Life of a super hero isn't always gonna be fun. They'll be times you'll be sick of it and make you want to quit....but the responsibility.....will grow heavy on ya. Sometimes it's just a mugger.....but's a bigger problem.

She lift her head to face him

MJ: Spider-Man doesn't have to be a loner. Don't get me wrong I still want to be my own heroin....but Spinneret might grow on me.

He grinned as she smiled and was about to kiss him.....

....till a doctor came out of the surgery room making the couple stand up with their hearts racing

Peter: How is he?

Doctor: We're not exactly sure.

MJ: Not sure.....?

Doctor: We don't know how to describe it. It appears your friend has suffered some kind of undocumented disease. Unlike anything I've ever had to treat. But....the worst thing's fatal.

MJ gasped fearing Harry for sure would not make it she covered her face with Pete's chest as Pete held her he feared the worst too

Peter: Doc there's gotta be a way to help him....his father just died and he doesn't know yet.

Doctor: I'm sorry. The only thing that can treat a virus like this he needs a transfusion that's a bio engineering doner. Unless w