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Spider-Man is a 2018 live action superhero comedy, drama, tragedy and adventure flick based on the highly popular 2018 video game of the same name and is yet another sequel to the long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe and based off the Marvel comics by Stan Lee (1922-2018). Halfway through the development time of Spider-Man: Summer Tour, SONY, who STILL held the rights to the Spider-Man character at the time, approached Marvel Studios and began talks for ONE MORE Spider-Man film to be included into the MCU, this time based off the popular game from Insomniac. Once Marvel found out that their idea involved transforming one of the best video games of 2018 into a game-to-film adaptation, the studio went dead silent for months, giving their unlucky nature with games in the past. It wasn't until AFTER principal photography for Doctor Strange 2 ended that Marvel came back at SONY with a response. Marvel Studios AGREED to help SONY take on the project, with the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige throwing in a curveball saying that if the film based off the game suffered worse than the game itself, they would FULLY get the rights back to Spider-Man 100%. SONY was hesitant but alas, they agreed on the decision and principal photography began shortly before the beginning of Phase 5.

The film is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and Columbia Pictures. It will also be produced by Kevin Feige and two of the original Spider-Man directors, Jon Watts and Sam Raimi. Finally, the film will be directed by the man behind the Kingsman films, Matthew Vaughn.


  • Dylan O'Brien as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Mark Hamill as Dr. Otto Octavius / Dr. Octopus (Doc Ock)
  • Katherine McNamara as Mary Jane Watson
  • Daniel Wu as Martin Li / Mr. Negative
  • Bryan Cranston as Norman Osborn
  • Constance Wu as Captain Yuri Watanabe
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as May Parker
  • Chosen Jacobs as Miles Morales
  • Chris O'Neal as Ned Leeds
  • Léa Seydoux as Silver Sablinova / Silver Sable
  • Morris Chestnut as Officer Jeff Davis
  • Donald Glover as Aaron Davis
  • Phil Morris as Dr. Morgan Michaels
  • Jennifer Connelly as KAREN
  • Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture
  • Michael Mando as Mac Gargen /Scorpion
  • Bokeem Woodbine as Herman Schultz / Shocker
  • Oleg Taktarov as Aleksei Sytsevich / Rhino
  • Aaron Paul as Max Dillon / Electro
  • Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin
  • Violett Beane as Felicia Hardy / Black Cat (voice)
  • J.K Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson
  • Amber Stevens West as Liz Allen
  • Zendaya as Michelle Jones
  • Michael Ja White as Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone)
  • Stanley Tucci as Charles Standish
  • Demian Birchir as Dr. Issac Delaney
  • Naomie Harris as Rose Rosemann
  • Charlie Rowe as Harry Osborn
  • Harrison Ford as Ben Parker

(More coming soon)


Taking place years after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, a grown-up Peter Parker has to adjust to perma-adolescence, continuing to deal with the duality of life as a superhero while taking on a threat bigger than himself: responsibility.


Manhattan: The most densely populated of New York City's 5 boroughs currently at 1,664,727 It's mostly made up of Manhattan Island bounded by the Hudson East and Harlem rivers. Among the world's major commercial financial and cultural centers it's the heart of "The Big Apple"

A heart of such prosperity also lies the heart of injustice: the foul wretched dirty and disgusting plagues that locked the ethics and moral beliefs of this city tight in it's iron grip. Crime and corruption appear disappear reappear constant occurring almost a daily basis and with New York's Finest not every crime can either be held accountable for even dealt with in time. Especially with individual armies and underground empires of criminals waiting and praying for an opportunity to make this a vessel all theirs as their playground.

But when it became too much for police to get done on their own some outside interference would nice to help even the playing field in that instance there's only one.

A Black Widow Spider dangles it's web crafting taking it's time descending down from the window of an apartment in the Chinatown district of Manhattan. Right outside the windowsill lies a discarded and messy apartment in ruins

Keyboard circuit amiss

Dirty cloths

Dirty cabinets

Coffee mugs old Pizza boxes and Chinese takeout

Then there was the more rudimentary items: photographs of the landscape of New York and designated friends and family. Notebook full of drawings of projectile launching. Avengers articles. A memoir book written by the Mayor of New York. Newspapers describing all the natural disasters that had occurred rapidly in the city over the past few years pinned above the bed. A portrait of Tony Stark

But not so alarming as what lied across the bed: A webbed mask inside out connected to a USB hoper attached to a laptop that had been running all night. All this gave off the significance of someone who's either down on their luck or knows what they want to do but unsure of how do it

That would be further from the trough all things considered as an iPhone 7 rang excessively on the counter only to be swiped past the home screen and connected to the police dispatch

All units: level four mobilization. Location: Fisk Tower.

Alarmed 23 year old Peter Parker (Dylan O'Brien) bolted out from bed and traces back a few seconds listening back to that same line again.

Peter: Fisk.

No time to waste was the only thing running through his head at the moment whipping it two pieces of toast and flipping them into the toaster

On the side of his cabinet near the door laid his suit for the job He however cringes giving it a quick whiff and groaning in disgust under his breath seeing how he never got it cleaned. Tossing it over in the bed he clips on both his web shooters before zipping the toast over. Chowing down on fresh toast with no hands free he was left jumping into his suit looked and first soggy and hanging everywhere even after he unplugs the mask from the USB port turning it outside in

It isn't until he places the mask on that the outfit starts to resemble itself together. Slapping the logo on his chest the suit quickly fastens itself wrapping skintight around Peter's skin locking everything in place thanks to it's vacuum seal; compressing the suit to appear as though he is wearing nothing underneath

Thus appeared him in the Stark Suit (From Spider-man Homecoming)

Enter the Amazing Spider-Man

Getting a feel for the suit adjusting his camera shutter eye lenses a built-in augmented reality display system displays the HUD for the basic suit under an urgent SYSTEM LOADING warning. No sooner should the system loading complete the lenses zoom in catching the letter sliding underneath the crack of Peter's door: An urgent final notice letter regarding Peter's rent that been past due

To further drag it through the HUD quickly displays another stating "PAY YOUR BILLS PETER!" No question Mr. Diktovich was behind this much to Peter's dismay. He really wanted to get his life on track (If that's possible) but he stares back over at his phone still displaying the police dispatch radio he contemplates himself

Four steps forward and one step back as he looks down staring the letter in the face knowing how utterly close he was to being screwed

SWAT is 10-84 at Fisk Tower. All units standby warrant is en-route

Spider-Man: Aw man.....

No time for that now Peter thought to himself as he ran back towards the window and leaped out into the open streets of Chinatown quickly sipping away from his apartment running on railing and zip-lining past every avenue and block that came his way

Web swinging past Chinatown and into the Financial District he makes a quick call midway through

Spider-man: Karen, Call: Yuri.

Good morning, Peter. Calling Yuri Watanabe.

A dial tone and three rings later the connection went through.

Captain Watanabe.

Spider-Man: Hey Yuri it's me. Finally going after Fisk. Got anything to take him down yet?

Unfortunately no. We're at Fisk Tower but we're still waiting on the warrant. By this rate, it could take awhile

Spider-Man: Mind if I join in on the fun?

You know how his lawyers are. We can't tolerate with any outside interference. This needs to go by the book.

Spider-man: Ah C'mon Yuri. It's been 8 years now. You know how long I've been waiting for this.

You really want to help? Then head to Times Square. He's got his men keeping my back from reaching the scene

Spider-man: Right. On my way.

The line hangs up as our friendly neighborhood hero swings onward to Fisk Tower hearing the sirens growing louder

Spider-Man: Karen, what's the situation in times square?

Fisk men have created blockades to every entrance to that street. He must've knew the NYPD had a shot on him before they did. Seems after the last two arrests 10 years ago. The Kingpin has built a habit of preparing for any shots against him.

Spider-Man: He's good I'll give him that. He and Fury would get along well if he wasn't controlling crime in the city. I'm almost there. Have a full scan of the building ready by the time I get to Fisk Tower.

As you wish. Incoming call from: Otto Octavius.

Spider-Man: Ah man I must be late for work again. Accept.

The dial connects

Spider-Man: Um....Hello?

Parker? Where are you? We have to run through the demonstration at least ONCE before the grant committee arrives. They'll be here less than 30 minutes.

Spider-Man: 30 minutes?! Uhh….I mean YES. Sorry. Yes. Dealing with a.....personal issue. I'll be there soon. I promise.

The line hung up and Spidey felt more screwed than he did seeing the Final Notice to his rent earlier

Spider-Man: Eesh last time Willie and I tangled after my fight with Mystero it took me 40 minutes to beat him. I better TRY and wrap this up quick and get to my Real job.

30 percent chances on clearing the way for police backup and taking Fisk down and getting to Octavius Industries in 30 minutes or less are on a scale one to ten.

Spider-Man: You had to tell me the details. Thanks.

My pleasure.

Spider-Man was now minutes away from Times Square as Police Cars rode towards the same destination and people running off the streets in panic and screams

Spider-Man: Looks like Yuri called in the Calvary.

At the Blockade Fisk's men started shooting down cop cars they tumbled broke down even flipped over

Most of the cops still alive got out and ducked behind their cars and fired back but were pinned down by the constant gunfire


Cop # 2: 10-32 Times Square. Officers under fire!!

The Fisk men were ordered by the leader to stop as he held up his hand in a fist and trapped on his ear

Leader: Bring in the Hammer.

Noticing they weren't firing the first cop jumped up pointing his gun but the thugs were gone

Confused for a minute he heard something driving to them from behind looked back seeing a truck coming at them

Cop # 1: MOVE!!!

They jumped aside and the truck crushed two of the police cars the container tipped over and fell BLOWING up as it hit the streets

Fisk's men reappeared and approached the downed cops clicking their guns loads this seem like it was it for them till....

...the guns were being pulled out of their hands by web lines

Spider-Man swoops down blocking their path to the cops

Spider-Man: Morning guys! Who's ready for their hot fresh cup of bodily harm?

Leader: It's Spider-Man! Get him!

Peter web zipped to them and began punching kicking and dodging their attacks and webbed most of them to walls and the ground

When another truck pulled in more Fisk men came out with more guns


Spider-Man: Willis's got a lot of guys on his payroll.

They fired but Spidey dodged every bullet with his spider reflexes and started beating them down too with hard uppercuts air beats and were soon down for the count

Incoming call from: Yuri Wantabe.

Spider-Man: Accept.

Spider-Man. What's your status?

Spider-Man: Almost done here. Yours?

We're about to go inside.

Spider-Man: Be there soon. Man I tell ya I can't wait to see the look on Willie's face when you slap the cuffs on his big hands.

The line cut off as more Fisk's men ran into the action and less than a minute they were beaten and webbed down

Spider-Man: Whoo….ok Karen. I'm done here. Have you got the scan for....

Next thing Pete heard an explosion and looked back to see the fire and smoke coming from Fisk Tower

Spider-Man: Yuri? YURI!

I have the full scan of the building ready Peter. But odd are Fisk's heavy arms are growing more numbers.

Spider-Man: *Angrily* I knew Fisk wouldn't go quietly!

He leaped up and swung over to Fisk Tower but there it was a Warzone Fisk's men had the cops pinned down Captain Yuri Wantabe (Constance Wu) of the NYPD kept down and talked on her walkie talkie

Yuri: Get me more backup! And lockdown the airspace---


Startled she turned to look up seeing Spider-Man on the left side of the SWAT van

Spider-Man: You ok?

Yuri: No. If he makes it out of that building we'll loose him for sure.

Spider-Man: Then do you mind if I--

He points to the sniper on top of the entrance skylight

Yuri: Do your thing.

Spider-Man: Yes!

With permission granted, he leaps off the SWAT van and immediately begins swinging all across enemy fire, simultaneously zipping up random enemies and dodging bullets mid-air. Fisk’s men were popping out as much lead as possible and still not getting any hits on the web-slinger as he just zipped over and blinded two of the three gunmen guarding the balcony outside.

The last one suddenly took to heart what was about to happen next and made a run for it; just a few seconds too late.

Spider-Man: Aww where you going?

Grabbing him by the belt of his pants, he hurls him through the glass window leading him to the main floor level. Hurling the gunmen into another random gun toting thug who happened to be there, Spidey literally injected himself in yet another gun battle this time INSIDE of Fisk Tower.

Police were pinned down once again, nearly on the brink of almost ill-fated destiny until Pete landed beside them, alarming them all. They were highly vocal, to say the least.

Spider-Man: Hey. You stay behind me, I’ll lead the way. 

SWAT officer: Get outta here, Spidey! We got this!

Spider-Man: Sorry to break it to ya but you do NOT got this buddy.

Zipping again to the very front of the room, he sucker punches one gunmen out cold before uppercutting another one midair and slamming him down via axe handle. He again dodged another one charging at him as his face slams into the wall but Spidey doesn’t pay all that much attention, getting smacked across the floor with the butt of an assault rifle only to kip up like it was nothing. Dodging one, two, three punches and blocking the last one, he turns him around before flipping over the back, around the head and then just tosses him into the last gunmen, taking them both down. 

There was, however, one more who unrelentingly wouldn’t stop shooting him from afar. Dodging the entirety of the way, Peter gets up close to grab the gun and break it in half, not deterred in the slightest when he startles the gunman making him flinch and start running away.

Done with his piece, he just walks back to the front unfazed in the slightest only to catch his Spider senses tingling excessively noticing more gunmen above him by the elevators. Before they could even fire, Spidey just launches a small ball backhanded without even having to turn around. The bomb explodes, catching all the goons in a giant web grenade. 

Nice web grenades.

Spider-Man: Not a problem, Karen. Alright guys, you’re good to go.

No time whatsoever, the SWAT team manages to move out and mobilize to the elevator. 

SWAT officer: Damn it. They shut the elevators down! Take the stairs!

Making a minor detour to get upstairs, Spidey wasn’t fit on using stairs as he looked back towards the elevator. 

Spider-Man: Yeahhhhhhh.......no. I prefer a more direct approach. 

And by direct, he means walking up to said elevator and sliding the doors open with relative ease only to climb amongst the inside of the elevator shaft. 

That’s when he gets another call. 

Spider-Man. Status?

Spider-Man: Heading to the upper floors — and hoping no one turns on the elevators.

Chances of that are 20% likely.

Running up amongst the walls of the shaft, he finds this vent outside the door of the fourth floor and immediately crawls amongst the inside. For a dirty criminal, Fisk sure has some remarkably clean air vents.

Spider-Man: How’s it going outside?

Not good. Choppers are in the air but they’re taking fire; looks like Fisk has armed men on every floor.

Spider-Man: He’s desperate.....

.....yet he’s hitting us with everything he’s got. And get this: We just picked up chatter — they’re wiping all data servers from their mobile network. We need that evidence in one piece if we’re gonna stop him for good.

Spider-Man: Right: server room, it is. Karen?

Rerouting route to server room. Incoming call from: May Parker.

Spider-Man: Crap. Gotta answer. Accept.

Soon as the line connects, he crawls out the vent to an entire plethora of gunmen shooting, explosions erupting, debris falling, glass flying everywhere: it was almost nucleic how everything was coming apart. Luckily, directions were displayed to give him the route needed to go which lead right up above him. 

But he still needed to answer that call. 

Spider-Man: Oh. Hi, Aunt May.

What is all that noise?

Spider-Man: Umm, I’m watching a.....superhero movie.

He stalls as he leaps to reach the next wave of gunmen above leaping above and behind one’s back, wrapping his legs around and tossing him backwards off the railing taking another man with him.

And by that you mean.....

Spider-Man: Yeah......Spidey assignments.

One sidekick and a roundhouse later, another henchmen was down.

Well.....ehh, look: when you’re not busy making the city safer, I just wanted to know if we were still on for dinner tomorrow night.

Spider-Man: Totally. Umm, listen. I got bad guys to lock away so I’ll call you later if that’s fine with you?

Okay then. Love you.

Spider-Man: Love you too, Aunt May.

Pete quickly glares hie eye’s straight ahead to the doors, leading to the server room shortly after he ended the call. Everything that was ever needed to put the Kingpin out of his misery was all right in that room. 

Which arose a issue.

Spider-Man: Gotta get in here before there’s no evidence left. But I go in this way and they’ll spot me on sight.

Adjusting and honing in his senses, more specifically his eyes squinting as they close in providing Parker a greater depth of field, he does manage to sense one other way inside. A route all too familiar, dangling fro the ceiling above.

Spider-Man: Ahh. My own private ventrance.

So, up the vents he went. Meanwhile......

Fisk thug #2: Hurry up now. The boss wants everything erased.

Fisk thug: Can’t make it delete any faster, but it’s already halfway there. Just need another minute or two.

Fisk thug #3: You think the cops know where we are?

Cops weren’t really all that of an issue compared to what was lurking right above them, dangling out of the vent in a yo-yo position.

Fisk thug #2: Don’t worry about that. Worry about what’s in here.

Spider-Man: Uhh, hey. 

They all look behind them startled as Spidey jumps down to size.

Spider-Man: Is this tech support? I forgot my password. 

Fisk thug #3: Don’t let him near the console!

Spider-Man: Web Blossom!

Leaping upwards, he launched multiple Splinter webs outwards all at once while spinning in a 360 degree motion, webbing everyone in the room up to the wall, ceiling or floor, eliminating them from combat. 

The room aesthetically was a mess now but what was really important here and what was really in the way? 

With the alarms going off in a surprisingly mild manner, the time limit going off on the screen connected to said console treated the alarm like an afterthought. 

Peter, there’s thirty seconds left before—

Spider-Man: I caught that. Thank you.

Rushing to the panel, he briefly taps his Spidey emblem again as the reconnaissance drone floats and levitates next to the keyboard, reverting into a USB slotting in, giving Pete the central advantage to start hacking. 

Spider-Man: Lets see how good these guys security is. Aww, c’mon! How did you guys miss the latest kernel patch? 

Hiding in the server room? 

The screen redirects the attention of the web-slinger, bringing him face to face with the man he’s been itching for a shot towards for almost a decade in advance: Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), the Kingpin Of Crime himself.

Kingpin: Cowardly......even for you, Parker.

(C’mon, by this point, he’d have to know.)

Spider-Man: So says the guy frantically erasing his search history.

Kingpin: After all these years, you’re still just an ignorant child underneath. 

Spider-Man: Yeah.....but that’s just part of my charm. 

One more tap on the keyboard as the USB reconnaissance drone reverts back into Peter’s suit and the monitor read “Download uploaded. Process completed.”

All evidence incriminating Wilson Fisk of his activities was present once more and Kingpins demeanor quickly changed from across the screen, gritting his teeth. It was at this moment he knew he was screwed.

Kingpin: Damn you. Get that door down NOW!

Pete looks back and see's more Fisk men busting the floor down the first man who charged at him ended up getting uppercutting by the web slinger and he shot webs at him to yank him down bashing him on the flour knocking the thug out

Get past him! Destroy everything!

The rest of the men charged in and soon ended up with another one man against many brawl

Look around you. I did this I wanted to give this city a better tomorrow. What have you done that ever mattered?

Pete kept dodging and fighting at the same time while he answered Fisk's question

Spider-Man: Well let me think. It started out when I took on Captain America in Germany. Next thing I meet a guy with a fish bowl over his head. Next thing I meet a powered blind old lady and fought a big black alien monster in San Francisco. Then over the passed eight years there was that time I took down a pompous overstuffed crime lord before breakfast.

Spider-Man flipped kick one Fisk man and webbed another to a wall then caught another in a web line and swung him around throwing him aside

And you think taking me down will make this city safer? You fool. Without me the scum I kept in check will run rampant! Criminals even Terrorists will rein hellfire and brimstone! And all the innocent people they'll kill their blood will be on YOUR hands! Everything they'll do will be your fault!

Spider-Man dodged more gunfire by a another Fisk man by the door and Spidey webbed zipped kicking head to the wall and falls down

Mere prelude. Whatever happens to me will be just the beginning.

Spider-Man slides under the last Fisk man and knocks him out by hitting him in the back of the head

Soon as the men were down Pete waltzed over to the top floor open

Spider-Man: Karen. Yuri.

Calling: Yuri.

Spidey web zips up to the blown flour as Yuri answered after the first ring

I know. I saw it. Fisk could have the whole place wired up. I'm gonna send in a bomb unit.

Spider-Man: Good I'll make sure no one gets in their way.

The line cuts off and the Wall-Crawler encountered more Fisk men so one by one Spidey worked through his spider abilities

In time they were all beaten

Suddenly the bomb squad barged in from the sixth flour as Spidey zipped up to that balcony

Squad Leader: It's clear! Move up!

Spider-Man: Hey guys. Guess bombs are also part of Willies getaway too.

Squad Leader: They're perfect way. Listen Web Head do what you gotta do just stay out of our way while we do our job. We're only cutting you slack by the Captain's orders.

Spider-Man: Fair enough.

  • BOOM!*

Peter and the leader looked up hearing the cries for help from the flour above them

Spider-Man: Crap....I think they're in trapped...

Squad Leader: Go on. You go after them. We'll look for the bombs. GO! GO!

Spidey zipped up to the next flour seeing a fire and remaining people rushing out


As people ran Spider-Man ran in to the fallen ruble and pulled them open with web lines with people running out afterwards

Woman: I heard more people trapped back there.

The Woman ran as Spider-Man crawled under more of that fallen ruble till he heard shouts

Spider-Man! Thank God! We can't move, we're pinned down!

Spider-Man: Hold on, I'll lift it. Once you're free get out fast. If you can walk help the injured. Got it?

The trapped woman nodded and Pete and began to lift the ruble which he groaned in pain but the ceiling tumbled down and made it heavier making Pete Flashback when that bus pinned him down during his fight with the Vulture

And just remembered....

….Tony's Stark's quote

If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it.

Each time he flashbacked to when he said that made him more motivated and he yelled in pain lifting the ruble completely off the trapped civilians

Spider-Man: Go! Go! GO!!

The people crawled then Peter let go in a split second leaping out of the way as it all fell

Peter looked onward and headed for another vent

Spider-Man: Karen. Where will this vent lead me?

Two flours up right under the flour of Fisk's location.

Spider-Man: Roger that. Ok, Willie. I'm coming your way.

Soon as he webbed pulled the vent open Yuri calls in again

Spider-Man. It's Yuri. The Bomb Squad reported people trapped in the fire. Are they ok?

Spider-Man: They're in one peace. How we doing Captain?

Could be better. Our choppers took a beating--- we just had to ground our last one. If Kingpin calls in a chopper we have no one to stop it from landing.

Spider-Man: And I assume that means no one to chase him if he flies away....makes me wish Iron Man was here.

Better. Makes me wish THOR was here. But why do I get the feeling that's what he was planning all along?

Spider-Man: I guess cause he probably was.

Soon Peter jumps into the flour under Fisk's flour and saw injured people being aided by paramedics

Soon Peter jumps into the flour under Fisk's flour and saw injured people being aided by paramedics

Spider-Man: Oh sh**....! Yuri we're gonna need an ETM up here. Fast!

We're trying. We're just trying to shake these goons off our backs enough as it is.

The line cut off again and soon Spider-Man saw ANOTHER Fisk man with a rocket launcher

He pointed it at him with Peter's Spider Sense going off

Spider-Man: Uh oh...not good! INCOMING!

He fired and Spidey dodged it shooting web lines at the rocket and throws it back the thug ducked and Peter webbed zipped knocking him out but one the flour above two more with rocket launcher of their own

Spider-Man: More rockets?! Little excessive don't you think?

They both fired but Pete dodged again zipped up and yanked one launcher out of one's hands as the other fired again only for Spidey dodge again and zip to kick him in the face knocking him out and Spider-Man webbed up the first one

But a fourth rocket man steps in from across the bridge

Spider-Man: Give me a break! Is it national rocket day or something?!

Again he zipped over with his web lines hitting his head and knocking him out

Spidey then made his way to the entrance to the Kingpin's office where he met up with the bomb squad again

Spider-Man: You guys alright?

Squad Leader: Yeah. We were just about to call for backup.

Spider-Man: I know you don't like me but....I think I'm it.

Squad Leader: You're better than no back up. That's for sure. Lead the way. We're right behind you.

Soon as Spidey walked passed them to Fisk's door the leader went on his walkie talkie

Squad Leader: Heads up boss.

They all pointed their guns....


His sense went off and slipped over as they opened fire

Spider-Man: So you guys were in bed with Fisk's all this time? Awe man I'll never get that out of my head! I'm gonna be having nightmares about it!

They fired and attacked but like all the other Fisk men Pete dodged flipped kicked uppercut and web yanked them all down one by one

Soon as they were down he called Yuri back

Spider-Man: Yuri, it's Spider-Man. I got good news bad news and better news. The good news is I'm at the same floor Willie's in. The bad news is....your bomb squad was on his payroll.

For Christ sake.

Spider-Man: I know. But the better news:....they were his last line of defense. I'm standing right outside his office.

Excellent. Take that fat bolded headed bastard down. Now.

Spider-Man: WITH pleasure.

Inside said the office was where the target laid siting amongst his oval shaped office table writing furiously amongst multiple shredded pieces of paper undeterred by the abundance of gunfire he kept hear he kept hearing over the intercom eyeing at the family picture on his desk of himself his wife Vanessa (From the Daredevil Netflix series) and their nine year old son Richard. He was definitely no knight at the round table. It got to where he had to shut the intercom off to avoid any distractions

Except his biggest one had already entered the room and started flapping his gums again

Spider-Man: Writing your memoirs? Don't forget the hyphen between "Spider" and "Man"

Brief seconds follow and he doesn't even bat an eye. Rather insulting to some degree pretending that he wasn't even there took his family frame placing it in his front coat pocket. Again he briefly turns back on his intercom

Kingpin: Get the chopper ready. I won't be wrong.

Shutting it off yet again there was no real need to prepare for this inevitable clash. Cracking his knuckle with ease Fisk just eases out of his chair looked bored out his mind. In reality he's pissed he still has to deal with this guy

Kingpin: I shouldn't be surprised that you made it this far but I am.

Spider-Man: What do you expect huh? I'm not the one to idly stand by in the presence of evil. You took control of crime in New York right under everybody's nose. The whole knows you're crooked yet everyone still kissed your tuchas for nearly that decade. Lot of ground to cover for the most corrupt criminal in town.

Tossing his office hair gently across the room he longer allows the comforts of his office desk block him from his trajectory of Spider-Man. Blood in the water tension in the air as the two approach one another

Kingpin: The only criminal I see is this scrawny mischievous bone-headed munchkin self obsessed with rejection inadequacy and loneliness....who just so happens to be the masked man guilty of breaking and entering into private building on more than one separate occasion

He says as he stares down the wall-crawler. No quipping jokes about height here.

Kingpin: A violent vigilante the Daily Bugle has branded a menace

He's not wrong.

Flustered slightly he ignores Karen's remark

Spider-Man: Call me whatever you like but I've waited long enough. Today's the day Willie and you're going down.

Kingpin: And now you threaten me again.

Turning his back to his rival it's only the prelude to get another countless run-in from Spidey. Someone of his caliber his stature didn't have time to

He keeps walking further and further away up until the very end of the room where he just stands motionless mere feet in front of the wall. But not before he grabbed ahold of his pen

Kingpin: I dare say Jameson will praise me a hero after I kill you....in self-defense of course.

Spider-Man: Fine. Be that way but I'm not the one the police are here for. Otherwise they be shooting at "Spider" Tower.

Pressing down on the butt of his pen glass-proof walls shield Kingpin from within that distance gap and preventing him from getting into contact with Peter as he so pleases

Needless to say the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man wasn't intimidate as much as he was confused

Spider-Man: You know I can still see you right?

Kingpin: Eight years of this insolence ends now.

He's quick to hear mechanic whirring from behind. Spidey turns to see 4 turrets popping out from the columns of the wall and were aiming directly at him. Walking right into a trap: the old Parker luck

Spider-Man for me? Awww you shouldn't have

With his Spider-sense going off excessively the turrets began to fire only for all the bullets to somehow bounce off and ricochet off of his skintight

Thanks to magnetically polarized armor plating none of the heavy hitting rounds from the turrets were barely effecting Peter methodically walking towards Fisk's desk. Long before the bulletproof armor wore off he connected two web lines to the torrents aside from him

No effort placed he rips them out from two of the flour columns holding the room in place. Flinging them around carelessly like a pair of nunchucks Spidery just slams them again and again before tossing them straight at Fisk

First one creates a giant dent in the barrier

Second one shattered it completely rendering Fisk free and understandably angry

Kingpin: HOW is this happening?!

Spider-Man: What's wrong, Willie? You seem angry.

Spider-Man: I will DESTROY you!

He says running up to his desk and absolutely smashing it to pieces before flipping the debris at Spidey which he dodges with ease

To him it became second nature

Spider-Man: Funny how they ALL say that.

Kingpin: I'll be the first exception this time!

Charging forward he hits nothing but the empty wall column since Spidey moved out of the way. He comes hammering down with basic punches and roundhouse none of which stun Fisk in the slightest. Uppercutting him with both his feet Spidey yanks himself down only for Fisk to grab the webs and clobber Spidey down completely with both webs

Still grabbing ahold of them both he decides to take him for a swing: a literal swing as he hurls the webslinger into the other columns including the last two with the turrets embedded into them.

Nowhere near done yet he hoists him back up only for Peter to yank right underneath Fisk and wraps the webs down from THAT AREA up to around his neck. While not intenrionally trying to choke out the big man it does slow him down

Until he realized that it wasn't

Spider-Man: ARGH! Taser webs!

The basic webbing allowed for an electric current to flow through the webbing barely rendering Kingpin down for even a fraction of minute before he just ripped the webbing off and tosses Peter halfway across the room

No sooner should Peter he gets bombarded with punch after punch slamming him further and further into the wall. For a man his size his speed and mobility made it incredibly difficult for Peter to catch up

You can't afford to take anymore hits like this!

Spider-Man: I can-ARgh!-Clearly see that!

Incoming left fist!

Heeding KAREN's warning Spidey barely catches Fisk's fist coming down on him barely holding it up with the best of his ability. Giving himself an opening, Pete just gut punches Fisk in the abdomen before kneeing him in the face and sliding underneath

A roundhouse kick later Fisk was sent face first into the wall giving Spidey a little breathing room to refill his web canisters

Taking the initiative JUST as Fisk pulls himself out he grabs the web yanking Pete forward and hits him with a lariat knocking Spider-Man inside out

Kingpin: You're out of your depth boy!

No time to recover he kicks Pete back up to his feet before soaking him with a right hand and then tackling him out of his office crumbling another wall leading him straight into a pipe which crumbling another wall leading him straight into a pipe which combusts on impact. Missing a ground pound Fisk knocks Peter woozy again and just tosses him like a ragdoll through the wall again and into the next room

No leverage to stop himself Pete has to launch a splinter web to cushion to the impact to no avail. He goes through ANOTHER wall and just stumbles to a complete stop

Groaning slightly noticed pretty early how his skintight suit was torn. Not to mention his mask fell off and that blood was showing trickling out of his nose. He briefly catches a glimpse at the mask beside him but stops to collect himself first

You appear to be bleeding from the impact. He packs quite a punch.

Peter: Dually noted.

(To be continued)

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