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*Aja Naomi King as Rose Rosemann
*Aja Naomi King as Rose Rosemann
*Tyler Posey as Harry Osborn
*Charlie Rowe as Harry Osborn
*Harrison Ford as Ben Parker
*Harrison Ford as Ben Parker
*Dawn Michelle King as EDITH (voice)
*Dawn Michelle King as EDITH (voice)

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Spider-Man is a 2018 live action superhero comedy, drama, tragedy and adventure flick based on the highly popular 2018 video game of the same name and is yet another sequel to the long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe and based off the Marvel comics by Stan Lee (1922-2018). Halfway through the development time of Spider-Man: Summer Tour, SONY, who STILL held the rights to the Spider-Man character at the time, approached Marvel Studios and began talks for ONE MORE Spider-Man film to be included into the MCU, this time based off the popular game from Insomniac.

Once Marvel found out that their idea involved transforming one of the best video games of 2018 into a game-to-film adaptation, the studio went dead silent for months, giving their unlucky nature with games in the past. It wasn't until AFTER principal photography for Doctor Strange 2 ended that Marvel came back at SONY with a response. Marvel Studios AGREED to help SONY take on the project, with the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige throwing in a curveball saying that if the film based off the game suffered worse than the game itself, they would FULLY get the rights back to Spider-Man 100%. SONY was hesitant but alas, they agreed on the decision and principal photography began shortly before the beginning of Phase 5.

The film is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and Columbia Pictures. It will also be produced by Kevin Feige and two of the original Spider-Man directors, Jon Watts and Sam Raimi. Finally, the film will be directed by the man behind the Kingsman films, Matthew Vaughn.


  • Dylan O'Brien as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Mark Hamill as Dr. Otto Octavius / Dr. Octopus (Doc Ock)
  • Katherine McNamara as Mary Jane Watson
  • Daniel Wu as Martin Li / Mr. Negative
  • Bryan Cranston as Norman Osborn
  • Constance Wu as Captain Yuri Watanabe
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as May Parker
  • Chosen Jacobs as Miles Morales
  • Chris O'Neal as Ned Leeds
  • Léa Seydoux as Silver Sablinova / Silver Sable
  • Morris Chestnut as Officer Jeff Davis
  • Donald Glover as Aaron Davis
  • Phil Morris as Dr. Morgan Michaels
  • Jennifer Connelly as KAREN (voice)
  • Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture
  • Michael Mando as Mac Gargen /Scorpion
  • Bokeem Woodbine as Herman Schultz / Shocker
  • Oleg Taktarov as Aleksei Sytsevich / Rhino
  • Aaron Paul as Max Dillon / Electro
  • Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin
  • Violett Beane as Felicia Hardy / Black Cat (voice)
  • J.K Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson
  • Meagan Good as Liz Allen
  • Janelle Monáe as Michelle "MJ" Jones
  • Michael Ja White as Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone)
  • Stanley Tucci as Charles Standish
  • Demian Birchir as Dr. Issac Delaney
  • Gina Rodriguez as Rio Morales
  • Aja Naomi King as Rose Rosemann
  • Charlie Rowe as Harry Osborn
  • Harrison Ford as Ben Parker
  • Dawn Michelle King as EDITH (voice)


Taking place years after the events of Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home , a grown-up Peter Parker has to adjust to perma-adolescence, continuing to deal with the duality of life as a superhero while coping with his responsibilities and taking on a threat bigger than himself.


Manhattan: The most densely populated of New York City's 5 boroughs currently at 1,664,727 It's mostly made up of Manhattan Island bounded by the Hudson East and Harlem rivers. Among the world's major commercial financial and cultural centers it's the heart of "The Big Apple"

A heart of such prosperity also lies the heart of injustice: the foul wretched dirty and disgusting plagues that locked the ethics and moral beliefs of this city tight in it's iron grip. Crime and corruption appear disappear reappear constant occurring almost a daily basis and with New York's Finest not every crime can either be held accountable for even dealt with in time. Especially with individual armies and underground empires of criminals waiting and praying for an opportunity to make this a vessel all theirs as their playground.

But when it became too much for police to get done on their own some outside interference would nice to help even the playing field in that instance there's only one.

A Black Widow Spider dangles it's web crafting taking it's time descending down from the window of an apartment in the Chinatown district of Manhattan. Right outside the windowsill lies a discarded and messy apartment in ruins

Keyboard circuit amiss

Dirty cloths

Dirty cabinets

Coffee mugs old Pizza boxes and Chinese takeout

Then there was the more rudimentary items: photographs of the landscape of New York and designated friends and family. Notebook full of drawings of projectile launching. Avengers articles. A memoir book written by the Mayor of New York. Newspapers describing all the natural disasters that had occurred rapidly in the city over the past few years pinned above the bed. A portrait of Tony Stark

But not so alarming as what lied across the bed: A webbed mask inside out connected to a USB hoper attached to a laptop that had been running all night. All this gave off the significance of someone who's either down on their luck or knows what they want to do but unsure of how do it

That would be further from the trough all things considered as an iPhone 7 rang excessively on the counter only to be swiped past the home screen and connected to the police dispatch

All units: level four mobilization. Location: Fisk Tower.

Alarmed 23 year old Peter Parker (Dylan O'Brien) bolted out from bed and traces back a few seconds listening back to that same line again.

Peter: Fisk.

No time to waste was the only thing running through his head at the moment whipping it two pieces of toast and flipping them into the toaster

On the side of his cabinet near the door laid his suit for the job He however cringes giving it a quick whiff and groaning in disgust under his breath seeing how he never got it cleaned. Tossing it over in the bed he clips on both his web shooters before zipping the toast over. Chowing down on fresh toast with no hands free he was left jumping into his suit looked and first soggy and hanging everywhere even after he unplugs the mask from the USB port turning it outside in

It isn't until he places the mask on that the outfit starts to resemble itself together. Slapping the logo on his chest the suit quickly fastens itself wrapping skintight around Peter's skin locking everything in place thanks to it's vacuum seal; compressing the suit to appear as though he is wearing nothing underneath

Thus appeared him in the Stark Suit (From Spider-man Homecoming)

Enter the Amazing Spider-Man

Getting a feel for the suit adjusting his camera shutter eye lenses a built-in augmented reality display system displays the HUD for the basic suit under an urgent SYSTEM LOADING warning. No sooner should the system loading complete the lenses zoom in catching the letter sliding underneath the crack of Peter's door: An urgent final notice letter regarding Peter's rent that been past due

To further drag it through the HUD quickly displays another stating "PAY YOUR BILLS PETER!" No question Mr. Diktovich was behind this much to Peter's dismay. He really wanted to get his life on track (If that's possible) but he stares back over at his phone still displaying the police dispatch radio he contemplates himself

Four steps forward and one step back as he looks down staring the letter in the face knowing how utterly close he was to being screwed

SWAT is 10-84 at Fisk Tower. All units standby warrant is en-route

Spider-Man: Aw man.....

No time for that now Peter thought to himself as he ran back towards the window and leaped out into the open streets of Chinatown quickly sipping away from his apartment running on railing and zip-lining past every avenue and block that came his way

Web swinging past Chinatown and into the Financial District he makes a quick call midway through

Spider-man: Karen, Call: Yuri.

Good morning, Peter. Calling Yuri Watanabe.

A dial tone and three rings later the connection went through.

Captain Watanabe.

Spider-Man: Hey Yuri it's me. Finally going after Fisk. Got anything to take him down yet?

Unfortunately no. We're at Fisk Tower but we're still waiting on the warrant. By this rate, it could take awhile

Spider-Man: Mind if I join in on the fun?

You know how his lawyers are. We can't tolerate with any outside interference. This needs to go by the book.

Spider-man: Ah C'mon Yuri. It's been 8 years now. You know how long I've been waiting for this.

You really want to help? Then head to Times Square. He's got his men keeping my back from reaching the scene

Spider-man: Right. On my way.

The line hangs up as our friendly neighborhood hero swings onward to Fisk Tower hearing the sirens growing louder

Spider-Man: Karen, what's the situation in times square?

Fisk men have created blockades to every entrance to that street. He must've knew the NYPD had a shot on him before they did. Seems after the last two arrests 10 years ago. The Kingpin has built a habit of preparing for any shots against him.

Spider-Man: He's good I'll give him that. He and Fury would get along well if he wasn't controlling crime in the city. I'm almost there. Have a full scan of the building ready by the time I get to Fisk Tower.

As you wish. Incoming call from: Otto Octavius.

Spider-Man: Ah man I must be late for work again. Accept.

The dial connects

Spider-Man: Um....Hello?

Parker? Where are you? We have to run through the demonstration at least ONCE before the grant committee arrives. They'll be here less than 30 minutes.

Spider-Man: 30 minutes?! Uhh….I mean YES. Sorry. Yes. Dealing with a.....personal issue. I'll be there soon. I promise.

The line hung up and Spidey felt more screwed than he did seeing the Final Notice to his rent earlier

Spider-Man: Eesh last time Willie and I tangled after my fight with Mystero it took me 40 minutes to beat him. I better TRY and wrap this up quick and get to my Real job.

30 percent chances on clearing the way for police backup and taking Fisk down and getting to Octavius Industries in 30 minutes or less are on a scale one to ten.

Spider-Man: You had to tell me the details. Thanks.

My pleasure.

Spider-Man was now minutes away from Times Square as Police Cars rode towards the same destination and people running off the streets in panic and screams

Spider-Man: Looks like Yuri called in the Calvary.

At the Blockade Fisk's men started shooting down cop cars they tumbled broke down even flipped over

Most of the cops still alive got out and ducked behind their cars and fired back but were pinned down by the constant gunfire


Cop # 2: 10-32 Times Square. Officers under fire!!

The Fisk men were ordered by the leader to stop as he held up his hand in a fist and trapped on his ear

Leader: Bring in the Hammer.

Noticing they weren't firing the first cop jumped up pointing his gun but the thugs were gone

Confused for a minute he heard something driving to them from behind looked back seeing a truck coming at them

Cop # 1: MOVE!!!

They jumped aside and the truck crushed two of the police cars the container tipped over and fell BLOWING up as it hit the streets

Fisk's men reappeared and approached the downed cops clicking their guns loads this seem like it was it for them till....

...the guns were being pulled out of their hands by web lines

Spider-Man swoops down blocking their path to the cops

Spider-Man: Morning guys! Who's ready for their hot fresh cup of bodily harm?

Leader: It's Spider-Man! Get him!

Peter web zipped to them and began punching kicking and dodging their attacks and webbed most of them to walls and the ground

When another truck pulled in more Fisk men came out with more guns


Spider-Man: Willis's got a lot of guys on his payroll.

They fired but Spidey dodged every bullet with his spider reflexes and started beating them down too with hard uppercuts air beats and were soon down for the count

Incoming call from: Yuri Wantabe.

Spider-Man: Accept.

Spider-Man. What's your status?

Spider-Man: Almost done here. Yours?

We're about to go inside.

Spider-Man: Be there soon. Man I tell ya I can't wait to see the look on Willie's face when you slap the cuffs on his big hands.

The line cut off as more Fisk's men ran into the action and less than a minute they were beaten and webbed down

Spider-Man: Whoo….ok Karen. I'm done here. Have you got the scan for....

Next thing Pete heard an explosion and looked back to see the fire and smoke coming from Fisk Tower

Spider-Man: Yuri? YURI!

I have the full scan of the building ready Peter. But odd are Fisk's heavy arms are growing more numbers.

Spider-Man: *Angrily* I knew Fisk wouldn't go quietly!

He leaped up and swung over to Fisk Tower but there it was a Warzone Fisk's men had the cops pinned down Captain Yuri Wantabe (Constance Wu) of the NYPD kept down and talked on her walkie talkie

Yuri: Get me more backup! And lockdown the airspace---


Startled she turned to look up seeing Spider-Man on the left side of the SWAT van

Spider-Man: You ok?

Yuri: No. If he makes it out of that building we'll loose him for sure.

Spider-Man: Then do you mind if I--

He points to the sniper on top of the entrance skylight

Yuri: Do your thing.

Spider-Man: Yes!

With permission granted, he leaps off the SWAT van and immediately begins swinging all across enemy fire, simultaneously zipping up random enemies and dodging bullets mid-air. Fisk’s men were popping out as much lead as possible and still not getting any hits on the web-slinger as he just zipped over and blinded two of the three gunmen guarding the balcony outside.

The last one suddenly took to heart what was about to happen next and made a run for it; just a few seconds too late.

Spider-Man: Aww where you going?

Grabbing him by the belt of his pants, he hurls him through the glass window leading him to the main floor level. Hurling the gunmen into another random gun toting thug who happened to be there, Spidey literally injected himself in yet another gun battle this time INSIDE of Fisk Tower.

Police were pinned down once again, nearly on the brink of almost ill-fated destiny until Pete landed beside them, alarming them all. They were highly vocal, to say the least.

Spider-Man: Hey. You stay behind me, I’ll lead the way. 

SWAT officer: Get outta here, Spidey! We got this!

Spider-Man: Sorry to break it to ya but you do NOT got this buddy.

Zipping again to the very front of the room, he sucker punches one gunmen out cold before uppercutting another one midair and slamming him down via axe handle. He again dodged another one charging at him as his face slams into the wall but Spidey doesn’t pay all that much attention, getting smacked across the floor with the butt of an assault rifle only to kip up like it was nothing. Dodging one, two, three punches and blocking the last one, he turns him around before flipping over the back, around the head and then just tosses him into the last gunmen, taking them both down. 

There was, however, one more who unrelentingly wouldn’t stop shooting him from afar. Dodging the entirety of the way, Peter gets up close to grab the gun and break it in half, not deterred in the slightest when he startles the gunman making him flinch and start running away.

Done with his piece, he just walks back to the front unfazed in the slightest only to catch his Spider senses tingling excessively noticing more gunmen above him by the elevators. Before they could even fire, Spidey just launches a small ball backhanded without even having to turn around. The bomb explodes, catching all the goons in a giant web grenade. 

Nice web grenades.

Spider-Man: Not a problem, Karen. Alright guys, you’re good to go.

No time whatsoever, the SWAT team manages to move out and mobilize to the elevator. 

SWAT officer: Damn it. They shut the elevators down! Take the stairs!

Making a minor detour to get upstairs, Spidey wasn’t fit on using stairs as he looked back towards the elevator. 

Spider-Man: I prefer a more direct approach. 

And by direct, he means walking up to said elevator and sliding the doors open with relative ease only to climb amongst the inside of the elevator shaft. 

That’s when he gets another call. 

Spider-Man. Status?

Spider-Man: Heading to the upper floors — and hoping no one turns on the elevators.

Chances of that are 20% likely.

Running up amongst the walls of the shaft, he finds this vent outside the door of the fourth floor and immediately crawls amongst the inside. For a dirty criminal, Fisk sure has some remarkably clean air vents.

Spider-Man: How’s it going outside?

Not good. Choppers are in the air but they’re taking fire; looks like Fisk has armed men on every floor.

Spider-Man: He’s desperate.....

.....yet he’s hitting us with everything he’s got. And get this: We just picked up chatter — they’re wiping all data servers from their mobile network. We need that evidence in one piece if we’re gonna stop him for good.

Spider-Man: Right: server room, it is. Karen?

Rerouting route to server room. Incoming call from: May Parker.

Spider-Man: Crap. Gotta answer. Accept.

Soon as the line connects, he crawls out the vent to an entire plethora of gunmen shooting, explosions erupting, debris falling, glass flying everywhere: it was almost nucleic how everything was coming apart. Luckily, directions were displayed to give him the route needed to go which lead right up above him. 

But he still needed to answer that call. 

Spider-Man: Oh. Hi, Aunt May.

What is all that noise?

Spider-Man: Umm, I’m watching a.....superhero movie.

He stalls as he leaps to reach the next wave of gunmen above leaping above and behind one’s back, wrapping his legs around and tossing him backwards off the railing taking another man with him.

And by that you mean.....

Spider-Man: Yeah......Spidey assignments.

One sidekick and a roundhouse later, another henchmen was down.

Well.....ehh, look: when you’re not busy making the city safer, I just wanted to know if we were still on for dinner tomorrow night.

Spider-Man: Totally. Umm, listen. I got bad guys to lock away so I’ll call you later if that’s fine with you?

Okay then. Love you.

Spider-Man: Love you too, Aunt May.

Pete quickly glares hie eye’s straight ahead to the doors, leading to the server room shortly after he ended the call. Everything that was ever needed to put the Kingpin out of his misery was all right in that room. 

Which arose a issue.

Spider-Man: Gotta get in here before there’s no evidence left. But I go in this way and they’ll spot me on sight.

Adjusting and honing in his senses, more specifically his eyes squinting as they close in providing Parker a greater depth of field, he does manage to sense one other way inside. A route all too familiar, dangling fro the ceiling above.

Spider-Man: Ahh. My own private ventrance.

So, up the vents he went. Meanwhile......

Fisk thug #2: Hurry up now. The boss wants everything erased.

Fisk thug: Can’t make it delete any faster, but it’s already halfway there. Just need another minute or two.

Fisk thug #3: You think the cops know where we are?

Cops weren’t really all that of an issue compared to what was lurking right above them, dangling out of the vent in a yo-yo position.

Fisk thug #2: Don’t worry about that. Worry about what’s in here.

Spider-Man: Uhh, hey. 

They all look behind them startled as Spidey jumps down to size.

Spider-Man: Is this tech support? I forgot my password. 

Fisk thug #3: Don’t let him near the console!

Spider-Man: Web Blossom!

Leaping upwards, he launched multiple Splinter webs outwards all at once while spinning in a 360 degree motion, webbing everyone in the room up to the wall, ceiling or floor, eliminating them from combat. 

The room aesthetically was a mess now but what was really important here and what was really in the way? 

With the alarms going off in a surprisingly mild manner, the time limit going off on the screen connected to said console treated the alarm like an afterthought. 

Peter, there’s thirty seconds left before—

Spider-Man: I caught that. Thank you.

Rushing to the panel, he briefly taps his Spidey emblem again as the reconnaissance drone floats and levitates next to the keyboard, reverting into a USB slotting in, giving Pete the central advantage to start hacking. 

Spider-Man: Lets see how good these guys security is. Aww, c’mon! How did you guys miss the latest kernel patch? 

Hiding in the server room? 

The screen redirects the attention of the web-slinger, bringing him face to face with the man he’s been itching for a shot towards for almost a decade in advance: Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), the Kingpin Of Crime himself.

Kingpin: Cowardly......even for you, Parker.

(C’mon, by this point, he’d have to know.)

Spider-Man: So says the guy frantically erasing his search history.

Kingpin: After all these years, you’re still just an ignorant child underneath. 

Spider-Man: Yeah.....but that’s just part of my charm. 

One more tap on the keyboard as the USB reconnaissance drone reverts back into Peter’s suit and the monitor read “Download uploaded. Process completed.”

All evidence incriminating Wilson Fisk of his activities was present once more and Kingpins demeanor quickly changed from across the screen, gritting his teeth. It was at this moment he knew he was screwed.

Kingpin: Damn you. Get that door down NOW!

Pete looks back and see's more Fisk men busting the floor down the first man who charged at him ended up getting uppercutting by the web slinger and he shot webs at him to yank him down bashing him on the flour knocking the thug out

Get past him! Destroy everything!

The rest of the men charged in and soon ended up with another one man against many brawl

Look around you. I did this I wanted to give this city a better tomorrow. What have you done that ever mattered?

Pete kept dodging and fighting at the same time while he answered Fisk's question

Spider-Man: Well let me think. It started out when I took on Captain America in Germany. Next thing I meet a guy with a fish bowl over his head. Next thing I meet a powered blind old lady and fought a big black alien monster in San Francisco. Then over the passed eight years there was that time I took down a pompous overstuffed crime lord before breakfast.

Spider-Man flipped kick one Fisk man and webbed another to a wall then caught another in a web line and swung him around throwing him aside

And you think taking me down will make this city safer? You fool. Without me the scum I kept in check will run rampant! Criminals even Terrorists will rein hellfire and brimstone! And all the innocent people they'll kill their blood will be on YOUR hands! Everything they'll do will be your fault!

Spider-Man dodged more gunfire by a another Fisk man by the door and Spidey webbed zipped kicking head to the wall and falls down

Mere prelude. Whatever happens to me will be just the beginning.

Spider-Man slides under the last Fisk man and knocks him out by hitting him in the back of the head

Soon as the men were down Pete waltzed over to the top floor open

Spider-Man: Karen. Yuri.

Calling: Yuri.

Spidey web zips up to the blown flour as Yuri answered after the first ring

I know. I saw it. Fisk could have the whole place wired up. I'm gonna send in a bomb unit.

Spider-Man: Good I'll make sure no one gets in their way.

The line cuts off and the Wall-Crawler encountered more Fisk men so one by one Spidey worked through his spider abilities

In time they were all beaten

Suddenly the bomb squad barged in from the sixth flour as Spidey zipped up to that balcony

Squad Leader: It's clear! Move up!

Spider-Man: Hey guys. Guess bombs are also part of Willies getaway too.

Squad Leader: They're perfect way. Listen Web Head do what you gotta do just stay out of our way while we do our job. We're only cutting you slack by the Captain's orders.

Spider-Man: Fair enough.

  • BOOM!*

Peter and the leader looked up hearing the cries for help from the flour above them

Spider-Man: Crap....I think they're in trapped...

Squad Leader: Go on. You go after them. We'll look for the bombs. GO! GO!

Spidey zipped up to the next flour seeing a fire and remaining people rushing out


As people ran Spider-Man ran in to the fallen ruble and pulled them open with web lines with people running out afterwards

Woman: I heard more people trapped back there.

The Woman ran as Spider-Man crawled under more of that fallen ruble till he heard shouts

Spider-Man! Thank God! We can't move, we're pinned down!

Spider-Man: Hold on, I'll lift it. Once you're free get out fast. If you can walk help the injured. Got it?

The trapped woman nodded and Pete and began to lift the ruble which he groaned in pain but the ceiling tumbled down and made it heavier making Pete Flashback when that bus pinned him down during his fight with the Vulture

And just remembered....

….Tony's Stark's quote

If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it.

Each time he flashbacked to when he said that made him more motivated and he yelled in pain lifting the ruble completely off the trapped civilians

Spider-Man: Go! Go! GO!!

The people crawled then Peter let go in a split second leaping out of the way as it all fell

Peter looked onward and headed for another vent

Spider-Man: Karen. Where will this vent lead me?

Two flours up right under the flour of Fisk's location.

Spider-Man: Roger that. Ok, Willie. I'm coming your way.

Soon as he webbed pulled the vent open Yuri calls in again

Spider-Man. It's Yuri. The Bomb Squad reported people trapped in the fire. Are they ok?

Spider-Man: They're in one peace. How we doing Captain?

Could be better. Our choppers took a beating--- we just had to ground our last one. If Kingpin calls in a chopper we have no one to stop it from landing.

Spider-Man: And I assume that means no one to chase him if he flies away....makes me wish Iron Man was here.

Better. Makes me wish THOR was here. But why do I get the feeling that's what he was planning all along?

Spider-Man: I guess cause he probably was.

Soon Peter jumps into the flour under Fisk's flour and saw injured people being aided by paramedics

Soon Peter jumps into the flour under Fisk's flour and saw injured people being aided by paramedics

Spider-Man: Oh sh**....! Yuri we're gonna need an ETM up here. Fast!

We're trying. We're just trying to shake these goons off our backs enough as it is.

The line cut off again and soon Spider-Man saw ANOTHER Fisk man with a rocket launcher

He pointed it at him with Peter's Spider Sense going off

Spider-Man: Uh oh...not good! INCOMING!

He fired and Spidey dodged it shooting web lines at the rocket and throws it back the thug ducked and Peter webbed zipped knocking him out but one the flour above two more with rocket launcher of their own

Spider-Man: More rockets?! Little excessive don't you think?

They both fired but Pete dodged again zipped up and yanked one launcher out of one's hands as the other fired again only for Spidey dodge again and zip to kick him in the face knocking him out and Spider-Man webbed up the first one

But a fourth rocket man steps in from across the bridge

Spider-Man: Give me a break! Is it national rocket day or something?!

Again he zipped over with his web lines hitting his head and knocking him out

Spidey then made his way to the entrance to the Kingpin's office where he met up with the bomb squad again

Spider-Man: You guys alright?

Squad Leader: Yeah. We were just about to call for backup.

Spider-Man: I know you don't like me but....I think I'm it.

Squad Leader: You're better than no back up. That's for sure. Lead the way. We're right behind you.

Soon as Spidey walked passed them to Fisk's door the leader went on his walkie talkie

Squad Leader: Heads up boss.

They all pointed their guns....


His sense went off and slipped over as they opened fire

Spider-Man: So you guys were in bed with Fisk's all this time? Awe man I'll never get that out of my head! I'm gonna be having nightmares about it!

They fired and attacked but like all the other Fisk men Pete dodged flipped kicked uppercut and web yanked them all down one by one

Soon as they were down he called Yuri back

Spider-Man: Yuri, it's Spider-Man. I got good news bad news and better news. The good news is I'm at the same floor Willie's in. The bad news is....your bomb squad was on his payroll.

For Christ sake.

Spider-Man: I know. But the better news:....they were his last line of defense. I'm standing right outside his office.

Excellent. Take that bastard down. Now.

Spider-Man: WITH pleasure.

Inside said the office was where the target laid siting amongst his oval shaped office table writing furiously amongst multiple shredded pieces of paper undeterred by the abundance of gunfire he kept hearing over the intercom. Eyeing at the family picture on his desk of himself his wife Vanessa (From the Daredevil Netflix series) and their nine year old son, Richard. He was definitely no knight at the round table. It got to where he had to shut the intercom off to avoid any other distractions.

Except his biggest one had already entered the room and started flapping his gums again

Spider-Man: Writing your memoirs? Don't forget the hyphen between "Spider" and "Man"

Brief seconds follow and he doesn't even bat an eye. Rather insulting to some degree pretending that he wasn't even there took his family frame placing it in his front coat pocket. Again he briefly turns back on his intercom

Kingpin: Get the chopper ready. I won't be long.

Shutting it off yet again there was no real need to prepare for this inevitable clash. Cracking his knuckle with ease Fisk just eases out of his chair looked bored out his mind. In reality he's pissed he still has to deal with this guy

Kingpin: I shouldn't be surprised that you made it this far but I am.

Spider-Man: What do you expect huh? I'm not the one to idly stand by in the presence of evil. You took control of crime in New York right under everybody's nose. The whole city knows you're crooked yet everyone still kissed your tuchas for nearly a decade. Lot of ground to cover for the most corrupt criminal in town.

Tossing his office hair gently across the room he longer allows the comforts of his office desk block him from his trajectory of Spider-Man. Blood in the water tension in the air as the two approach one another.

Kingpin: The only criminal I see is this scrawny mischievous bone-headed munchkin, self obsessed with rejection, inadequacy and loneliness....who just so happens to be the masked man guilty of breaking and entering into private building on more than one separate occasion.

He says as he stares down the wall-crawler. No quipping jokes about height here.

Kingpin: A violent vigilante the Daily Bugle has branded a menace.

He's not wrong.

Flustered slightly, he ignores Karen's remark

Spider-Man: Call me whatever you like but I've waited long enough. Today's the day Willie and you're going down.

Kingpin: And now you threaten me again.

Turning his back to his rival, it's only the prelude to get another countless run-in from Spidey. Someone of his caliber his stature didn't have time to waste with him. He keeps walking further and further away up until the very end of the room where he just stands motionless mere feet in front of the wall. But not before he grabbed ahold of his pen.

Kingpin: I dare say Jameson will praise me a hero after I kill self-defense, of course.

Spider-Man: Fine. Be that way but I'm not the one the police are here for. Otherwise they'd be shooting at "Spider" Tower.

Pressing down on the butt of his pen, glass-proof walls shield Kingpin from within that distance gap and preventing him from getting into contact with Peter as he so pleases. Needless to say the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man wasn't intimidated as much as he was confused.

Spider-Man: You know I can still see you right?

Kingpin: Eight years of this insolence ends now.

He's quick to hear mechanic whirring from behind. Spidey turns to see 4 turrets popping out from the columns of the wall and were aiming directly at him. Walking right into a trap: the old Parker luck.

Spider-Man: For me? Awww you shouldn't have

With his Spider-sense going off excessively, the turrets began to fire only for all the bullets to somehow bounce off and ricochet off of his skintight suit.

Thanks to magnetically polarized armor plating, none of the heavy hitting rounds from the turrets were barely effecting Peter, methodically walking towards Fisk's desk. Long before the bulletproof armor wore off, he connected two web lines to the turrets aside from him.

No effort placed, he rips them out from two of the four columns holding the room in place. Flinging them around carelessly like a pair of nunchucks, Spidery just slams them again and again before tossing them straight at Fisk.

First one creates a giant dent in the barrier

Second one shattered it completely, rendering Fisk free and understandably angry

Kingpin: HOW is this happening?!

Spider-Man: What's wrong, Willie? You seem angry.

Kingpin: I will DESTROY you!

He says running up to his desk and absolutely smashing it to pieces before flipping the debris at Spidey which he dodges with ease

To him, it became second nature.

Spider-Man: Funny how they ALL say that.

Kingpin: I'll be the first exception this time!

Charging forward, he hits nothing but the empty wall column since Spidey moved out of the way. He comes hammering down with basic punches and a roundhouse, none of which stun Fisk in the slightest. Uppercutting him with both his feet, Spidey yanks himself down only for Fisk to grab the webs and clobber Spidey down completely with both webs.

Still grabbing ahold of them both he decides to take him for a swing: a literal swing as he hurls the webslinger into the other columns including the last two with the turrets embedded into them.

Nowhere near done yet, he hoists him back up only for Peter to yank right underneath Fisk and wraps the webs down from THAT AREA up to around his neck. While not intentionally trying to choke out the big man, it does slow him down. Until he realized that it wasn't.

Spider-Man: ARGH! Taser webs!

The basic webbing allowed for an electric current to flow through the webbing, barely rendering Kingpin down for even a fraction of a minute before he just ripped the webbing off and tosses Peter halfway across the room.

No sooner should Peter recover, he gets bombarded with punch after punch slamming him further and further into the wall. For a man his size, his speed and mobility made it incredibly difficult for Peter to catch up.

You can't afford to take anymore hits like this!

Spider-Man: I can-ARgh!-Clearly see that!

Incoming left fist!

Heeding KAREN's warning, Spidey barely catches Fisk's fist coming down on him barely holding it up with the best of his ability. Giving himself an opening, Pete just gut punches Fisk in the abdomen before kneeing him in the face and sliding underneath.

A roundhouse kick later, Fisk was sent face first into the wall giving Spidey a little breathing room to refill his web canisters

Taking the initiative JUST as Fisk pulls himself out, he grabs the web yanking Pete forward and hits him with a lariat knocking Spider-Man inside out.

Kingpin: You're out of your depth boy!

No time to recover, he kicks Pete back up to his feet before socking him with a right hand and then tackling him out of his office crumbling another wall leading him straight into a pipe which combusts on impact. Missing a ground pound, Fisk knocks Peter woozy again and just tosses him like a ragdoll through the wall again and into the next room.

No leverage to stop himself Pete has to launch a splinter web to cushion to the impact to no avail. He goes through ANOTHER wall and just stumbles to a complete stop.

Groaning slightly, Pete noticed pretty early how his skintight suit was torn. Not to mention his mask fell off and that blood was showing trickling out of his nose. He briefly catches a glimpse at the mask beside him but stops to collect himself first.

You appear to be bleeding from the impact. He packs quite a punch.

Peter: Dually noted.

You also appear to have a mild concussion.

Peter: Argh, I've suffered worse.

Finally making it to his feet, he's greeted by Wilson stepping out from the ruble of the walls balling his fists and gritting his teeth. Time was being wasted and Fisk needed to get out before anything else deters him from making that escape.

Kingpin: You are EVERYTHING that is WRONG with this city!

Peter: Yeah.....I was--about to say the same about you.

He was about to reach for his mask but Fisk swipes it first and Pete looks up at him as Kingpin holds it up with a grin

Kingpin: Looking for this my boy?

Peter: Ok....I'm not gonna play the bullied kid here. Cause we both know how this is gonna end.

Kingpin: For years I couldn't prove your identity. But without this you'll have no where to hide when I tell the world who you are.

Peter: Oh really? You didn't expose me cause you didn't had proof? I thought it was cause of our friendship.

Kingpin: I'll teach you respect!

Kingpin charged at him again with Spidey dodging again he tried his taser webs but ran out of power

Peter: Oh bad timing.

Your taser webs require a an electric charge.

Peter: I think I just guessed that.

Fisk lunges at him like a pro wrestler doing an Irish Whip grabbing Spider-Man and smashing him to the wall and was about to pumble him on the flour but Pete upkicked him in the jaw flipping over his bald head the Kingpin turned around and Pete threw a web grenade at him

It blew out webs wrapped around Willie Spider-Man charged at him but Fisk broke free and grabbed Pete by the neck

Peter: *Chokes* something I said....?

Wilson lifted him up like Bane to Batman only he slammed him on the flour and was about to lunge his fists down but Pete dodged them and the glassed-flour broke and both fell to the bottom still fighting Pete swung both punches at his jaw they crashed through another glass flour they ended at the entrance hall

In the next second Pete shot web catching Fisk which he was tied into again and hung upside down and Pete came down hanging upside down and Pete came down hanging upside down himself and eyed his mask in Fisk's hand

Peter: Sorry Willie. But I believe THIS *Swipes it back* is mine.

Soon the cops burst in Pete pulled his mask on the last second before they were close to see his face

Spider-Man: So? Shall we kiss now?


Obviously Pete was remembering his first kiss with MJ (Yes there was another upside down kiss before but it's not the same one from the Toby Maguire's version) and laughed nervously seeing his expression

Spider-Man: Or....maybe later.

About ten minutes later cause of how hard it was to get Willie down with his weight they soon walked him out handcuffed with reporters asking him questions and photographers taking pictures of him

Soon as he was right behind the transport wagon Pete landed on it making eye contact with Wilson

Spider-Man:'s off to Ryker's huh? I don't want to hurt your feelings but I think you have more enemies there than I do.

Kingpin: You foolish boy....if you think even for a minute that this will be more than a minor inconvenience----

Spider-Man: Sorry to stop you there but gotta go. Hey! Good luck with your denied paroles Willie. I got a feeling you're gonna need it this time.

Kingpin: IDIOT!

Spidey shot a web and zipped straight up

Kingpin: I'm the only one who kept order in this city!

The officers behind him forced him into the van and his weight overweighted the van


The doors slammed and by police car escort the Kingpin was now being transported for his hearing and to Riker's

On a roof Spidey landed on a pole and he received another call from an old friend

Spider-Man: Hey Ned what's up?

Dude! I just saw you on tv! Did you do it? Is the---

Spider-Man: Kingpin heading to prison? Yep. End of an era.

Awesome man. Feel like we should celebrate. You definitely should come to the Halloween party next month. We'll drink to a new era.

Spider-Man: That be great pal. I even wish I could take a vacation.

You mean like a getaway with---

Spider-Man: DON'T say it.

I was just gonna say if you guys if you guys could work out your problems wouldn't be bad idea.

Spider-Man: No it wouldn't. But....MJ's got her own hands full as it is.

Alright. Good luck with the Darth Vader arms.

When the lung up Pete chuckled as it is and was about to shoot another web line to swing till.....

Incoming call from: Otto Octavius

Spider-Man: Ohh...I'm so fired. Accept.

Parker! Where are you? The committee will be here soon. We still haven't run an equipment check

Spider-Man: Yeah I know. I'm almost there. Just....two blocks away.

Ugh. Guess I'll have to do it myself.

Spider-Man: Wait Doc it's not safe--

The line already cut off just when he mentioned the word "Not"

Spider-Man: Ugh! Well gotta love Doc's enthusiasm. But sometimes it gets him into trouble. Especially with the Spider tech I smuggle in at night. I better get there before he hurts himself.

And then he swung off passing Madison Square Garden

Minutes later where a lab was held for "Octavius Industries" Peter changed out of his costume and into social cloths and a lab coat and rushed in with a panic tone

Peter: Doc I'm sorry I'm late--

He stopped to see his boss and the smartest man he ever knew in New York Otto Octavius (Mark Hamill) strapped to wires linking his arm movement to a robotic arm for when Otto moves his left arm it moves too fallowing the movement like a mirror

Peter: Guess you weren't kidding about doing it yourself.

Otto: It's nothing personal. The Grant Committee's director will be here soon. I had to take a demonstration

Pete gave his genius boss a worried look which made him chuckle softly

Otto: Peter it's ok. I invented this equipment back when I was teaching at Empire State. I think I can handle it.

After a moment of silence the machines exploded startling them both

Peter: Power damper!

Peter first tried to unplug them but still kept erupting he went to the computer on the desk but the whole system was locking up

Peter: Not good! Maybe we should abort.

Otto: Not yet.

Things got worse even the computer exploded which Pete almost caught fire and would have if not for his spider sense and Otto was yelling in pain from the burns in the back

Peter: Doc! Hold on!

He ran to the back wall hitting a stop button which turned all the systems at once and Peter helped get free from the holdings

Peter: Dr. Octavius....are you ok?

Otto: *Coughs* Just....another setback. *Stands up* But...we're close. I can feel it.

Pete and the Doctor looked over hearing a door opening with the committee walking into some smoke two of them even coughed too

Female Director: What happened? Anyone hurt?

Otto: The--the um....The energy levels exceeded our expectations. But from a certain viewpoint that's a very positive development

Director: It doesn't SMELL so positive.

Peter: It was my fault---

Otto: --I assure you in the next phase....

Director: Let's not get ahead of ourselves Doctor. *Coughs* Is there somewhere else we can talk about this?

Otto: Of....of course. We can in my office *To Peter* Parker maybe you should take the rest of the day off.

Peter: What....?? But--

Otto: WE'LL talk later.

He flashes a brief smile at him before Peter obliges his wishes and moves away allowing Otto and the Committee directors to move out of the room into his office to continue their business elsewhere

Soon as the door shut Peter bolts his head back around to the metallic arm just shifting and shuttering and fizzing out

Peter: Ooh man. That arm is in BAD shape. You poor little guy.

It was bad enough from afar but up close and personal it definitely looked worse for wearing

Peter: Well this was a disaster. How could the dampener fail? I know Doc said "Take the day off" but first I have to figure out went wrong.

Skimming to the iPad beside him it didn't take long to find out what exactly went wrong. Three areas needed repair: servo control path servo motor and the power voltage control

Peter: Dammit. The Circuit burned out. That's the third time this week. Better tweak this here.....

Substantially going through the Power Circuit one wire and loop at a time he couldn't forget about the other factors that contributed.

Peter: Ok now to reroute the servo control rebalance the voltage and....FINISHED!

Setup: Complete. Uploading schematic to arm.

Seconds pass and.....

Upload complete.

Satisfied Peter drops the tablet on the table and grips ahold of the controller still wanting to be sure if it actually worked out the actual bugs

Peter: Ok, let's see if that worked.

Slowly revolving this thumb over the analong sticks he felt a very smoother control to the stimulation of the arm as he saw it twisting and turning itself around without a single malfunction in place

His double check fixed the process for arm.

Peter: Good as new.

Peter was about to leave till he noticed Otto left his tv in the kitchen on where a broadcast of Jameson's (JK Simmons) show called "Just the facts with J. Jonah Jameson he premiered since retiring from the Daily Bugle

Peter: Hehe hey...looks like JJ's got a new episode out today. Guess wouldn't hurt to see what my "Number 1 fan" thinks about me taking Fisk down.

Peter turned up the volume on the tv as the show opened after it's short opening credit

This is Just the facts with J. Jonah Jameson. Where listeners like you discuss the events and issues affecting New York City with Pulitzer Prize winning--


Peter chuckled at that yell

Uhh....I mean....TWO time winning Pulitzer Prize winning former editor and chief of the Daily Bugle.

HEY! I said plug the book seven times! always if you order Mr. Jameson's oldest books Spider-Man: Threat or Menace and the Left Hand of Thanos within 24 hours of our broadcast you'll get an autograph copy with no extra charge.

No personalization's! Don't ask not gonna get it! *Ahem* Good afternoon New York and Welcome to Just the facts with J. Jonah Jameson. Alerting you to the threats that YOU are not aware of. Today's story is about the incident at Fisk Tower earlier today. Let's dive into our first call this evening. You're on sir. Speak!

First just want to say been a fan of the show since it first came on. But second....I don't want to get on your bad side for this...but you gotta cut Spider-Man some slack. He just took down the Kingpin. That guy's brought more threats to this city than ever for years. I mean one last mob boss is good for everyone.

Is that a fact? Tell me sir are you a Police Officer? Security Guard? Prosecutor Maybe another award winning reporter like yours truly? I'm just a plumber in Brooklyn.

Oh good. THEN FIX MY DAMN TOILET AND SHUT UP! Let me tell you something about crime bosses buddy. Each time one falls every scum in this city fights for the thrown creating gang wars! And sooner or later we're gonna have one in our streets. And does that web headed moron give a damn?! No! All he cares about is taking credit from hard working cops and being on TV. That's what counts.

Well we've had gang wars with or without Fisk for years. So until that one starts I'm on the webheads side.

Then you'll be singing a different tune when three or four mobsters are lining up to charge extra for that same pipe...or just brake your legs GOODBYE!

Suddenly his phone begins ringing. Not even close finished through the first vibration he picks up and answer

Peter: Hello?

Spider-Man, its Yuri.

Peter: Yuri, anything on Fisk? He make it to Rikers?

Not Rykers. Out boy qualifies for the VIP treatment and he’s been sent to the Raft.

Peter: Ahh, packed with Scorpion, Electro and all the rest. Fisk should be honored; that’s esteemed company.

Can’t argue with that. Think you could swing by the precinct? I’ve got a task at hand that could benefit from your unique skill set.

Peter: Yeah, I’m free. Anything. I’m on my way.

He hangs up.

At the precinct, the orange-yellow haze of the sunset shines off of Yuri Watanabe, hanging over the rails of the roof with a pack of sunflower seeds. The city always looked beautiful from this angle but there always laid a deep sickening layer of guilt from within. There’s always someone or something out there bound to create more trouble for the NYPD and it’s one of those instances that can get Yuri a little flustered.

There’s no way to reduce these events and even less of a way to know when they’ll even take place and that’s what drives the NYPD to somewhat of a frantic state; one that Yuri couldn’t stand to be in the middle of. She always took this moment to come out and clear her head, at least until she remembered.

She couldn’t help but to perk a smile for a brief second.

Yuri: Now long you been spying on me?

Turning behind her, the sight of Spider-Man on top of the roof exitway was sight for sore eyes; one that she’s gotten used to.

Spider-Man: Ever since you quit smoking. But what do you tell people when you come up here now?

Yuri: That I need a break from their shit.

Going ground level again, Spidey just leans up against the rails, keeping his distance from Yuri. He might be outgoing in the suit but even he had limits.

(You bet).

Spider-Man: Fair enough. So why you’d call? Need a date to the policeman’s ball?

Yuri: You got a black and white suit?

Spider-Man: Got rid of it ages ago.

Yuri: Uh-huh. Speaking of suit....

Spider-Man: Yeah, I know. I’ll patch this up soon.

Yuri: Figured. No ball this year anyway. We spent too much integrating Oscorps surveillance tech.

She says eyeing over at the Tower right beside her, branded with the Oscorp logo. Lot of memories came back to Peter, staring over at it.

He sighs heavily.

Spider-Man: Worth it though, right?

Yuri: It was.....until an hour ago. The whole system in Chinatown went down. The rest of the citywide ones are working fine but here....every OTHER tower? Zip.

Spider-Man: That's a bumper. What happened?

Yuri: I don't know. They tell me someone sabotaged the central server and now the towers here are off.

Spider-Man: You think this is an inside job?

Yuri: Maybe. I'll figure that part out when I can. Right now, I need to alert the other Precincts case they shut their towers down too. You get these towers back online and Fast.

Spider-Man: And you called me? Aw that's sweet.

Yuri: I "Called" someone I can trust. Besides all the signals are scrambled and we have no idea how to fix it.

Yuri walks back to the door as Pete hopped down from the rails

Spider-Man: I do love a challenge.

Yuri: Just remember the old saying. If you brake it you buy it.

Spider-Man: I thought you trusted me. Well you're in luck Yuri. You're favorite tough-but-lovable grizzled seen-too-much cop movies detective is in town.

Yuri: *Stops dead in her tracks* WHAT??? Oh no no no no you promised me you wouldn't do that any---

Spider-Man: Spider-Cop.

Yuri: Awe hell no.

Yuri rushed back in the precinct roof door and shut it as Spidey looked at the tower

Hehehehe I still think your impressions are very funny Pete. Especially...."Spider-Cop".

Spider-Man: Thanks Karen. Anyway get me relay on the other towers while I work on this one.

So over the hour Spider-Man repaired each tower in Chinatown by hacking in the Oscorp tech with the directions Karen gave him through each repair

But each one he fixed detected street crimes brake ins robberies even muggings

So Spidey subdued each one after repairing a tower and after the last tower he spotted a homeless woman getting cornered by punks in black masks

Punk # 1: So you must be a snitch? You gave that tip to the cops didn't you?

Woman: Back off you creep.

She was about to walk pass him till another punk came infront of her

Punk # 2: Yeah she's the one.

Woman: I said back off!

Punk # 3: Keep it quit lady!

Woman: Leave me alone!

Get away from her!

The woman and the masked punks looked up and Spider-Man swoops down like an Owl to a Squirrel and knocked the first Punk out by pounding him to the ground

Punk # 2: Sh**! It's Spider-Man! Waste him!

The thugs swung fists and kicks but like the Fisk men Spidey dodged every move they make and kicked and punched them back one of them took a crowbar at him knocking Pet down from behind and was about to hit him again but he rolled over to dodged it and web yanked the crowbar out of his hand

Spidey swift kicked him knocking him out then a BIG guy in a black mask like the others and hoody came charging at him yelling but Pete flipped over shooting webs at his head and tripped him sticking him to the ground with webs

The last punk took the Homeless Woman hostage pointing a gun to her head and Spidey turned over to see them

Punk # 4: Walk away Spider-Man or she dies!

Woman: Let me go you pig!

Thinking fast Spider-Man shot two weblines one yanked the gun away the other pulls Peter to punch a blow to his face instantly knocking him out

Pete turned to the woman who breathed heavily in relief

Spider-Man: All clear maim. You ok?

Woman: Yeah. Thanks. I knew Jameson was full of crap. You maybe a little goofy and weird....but you're heart's in the right place. I'm Gloria.

Spider-Man: I'm honored. Why were those guys after you? They said you snitched on them?

Gloria: I'm sorry. I can't really talk about it.

Spider-Man: Understandable. Do a place to go?

Gloria: No. But I can take care of myself.

Spider-Man: I--I'm sure you can. But just incase there's....a place called the F.E.A.S.T. Center. Run by a good man named Martin Li.

Gloria: Yeah, I seen it. Thanks but no thanks. I don't want charity.

Spider-Man: They got the best wheatcakes in the city. All hands down. All hands down.

Gloria: My mum use to make those when I was five. Hadn't had any since---for a long time from now. On second thought I'll look into it. Thanks again, Spider-Guy.

Gloria turns and walks away as Spidey turns around

Spider-Man: I don't know if it's still in that "One Z" but it's..."Spider-Man".

Soon Peter looked down at his rips on his costume from his fight with Kingpin

Spider-Man: Oh not good. Can't have people taking pictures or selflies of my three "Chest Hairs". I left my tools for suit repair back at the lab. Better see if Dr. Octavius left for the day. Karen? Call Otto.

Calling: Otto Octavius.

Spider-Man: Hey Doctor? How did it go with the committee? I'm real sorry I screwed things up.

Oh no need to apologize Peter. You're little restart made things up for it. I noticed your results after they left. They're just nervous in the face of imminent triumph. They'll cool off. They always do.

Spider-Man: That's good. Need me to head back to cleanup?

No thanks. I'm about to step out for dinner anyway. We'll resume tomorrow. Just one short break then it's back to creating the future.

Spider-Man: Right there behind you Doc.

The line hangs up

Spider-Man: You know Karen wish I could bottle and sell that man's optimism

He sure has a working mind. He could compare Bruce Banner for his money. Even comprehend your iron armor

Spider-Man: Huh??

The one you wore on Titan before--

Spider-Man: Ahh! Karen don't bring that up. Thanos whipping out humanity was one thing but after….

Sorry Pete.

And that minute Spider-Man swung back to Octavius Industries

Exhausted after a hard day of Spidey work Peter arrives nearly sweating buckets. Slapping the spider emblem on his chest his suit loosens and expands several sizes larger allowing him to slip out of the suit easily. Lazily tossing it on the table of his own separate office the wear and tear this suit sustained over the years became even more apparent

Even the smallest of tears looked serious.

Peter: I thought this was skintight and abrasion resistant

Nothing stays the same forever, Peter.

Peter: Especially if his name is Tony Stark.


Hearing the doctor suddenly burst in on him with a bag of food was alarming in a lot of ways. With his suit in close proximity towards him. God knows he can actually play casual when the skin of his second persona is not too far from him

Peter: Doc. I--ah---whatcha got there?

Otto: Oh Chinese. If I known you'd be here I would've---

Placing his bag of Chinese to the side the bright color of red and blue of the Spidey suit caught Otto's eyes.

Otto: Hey whatcha got there?

Peter: Uhh….just a...side project. It's...not finished yet.

Otto: Oh....can I at least get a look?

Peter: Wha-Wha-Wha----wait!

Glancing further over his shoulder, there was no taking the sight away from Otto: the eye lenses the vacuum seal the detached web wings from the upper arms and thighs a rather interesting discovery to befall Otto. Looking back towards Peter and then back at the suit the awkward glances exchanged between the two only escalated once Otto took a brief step back

Absorbing all he could putting two and two together only added more to Peter's decaying layer of secrecy. Again he couldn't help but to flash a smile.

But the damning conclusion was quick to follow

Otto: Of's you.

Peter: Umm, I-I don't know wha---

Otto: Oh C'mon, Peter. It's obvious now. Why else would you----

Peter: I-I--I can--I can explain.

Otto: I only wish you told me sooner.

Seeing how brilliant of a scientist he was feeling the need to lie to Otto was essentially pointless. He already saw the suit in Peter's possession alone and judging from Peter's stuttering stature there was almost no question he knew SOMETHING about it.

Caught "Red-handed" there wasn't much else to do.

Peter: I wanted to. But.....I was just afraid if word got out my friends....and my family might--be a target to all I try to keep off the streets. Even you Doc.

Otto: Yes...that is understandable. I would've done the same if I was you. It all makes sense now how Peter Parker is bound to be as big of a target as the branded Daily Bugle. "Menace". But I too thought that baboon Jameson was full of it.

A slight smile creeps up underneath Peter's mouth

Peter: One day....I'll get Jameson to say something nice about me.

Otto: Better luck convincing him that the moon landing was fake.

They both chuckle

Peter: So....

Otto: Don't worry about a thing. Your secret's safe with me.

Otto gave Pete a pat on the shoulder and another flashy smirk

Otto: Well I'll leave you to it.

Otto exit the room with his Chinese food. A huge sigh of relief comes over Peter and he quickly rushing over and locking the door as he just slid down wrapping his arms and legs together.

Another person unearthed his secret identity which meant a LOT of possibilities to Peter: most of which wouldn't be much of any help to his alter ego in the slightest.

Peter: Man....Not again.

You shouldn've known you would slip up again eventually. You only now have a number of your friends AND enemies who know your identity.

Peter: WOW. Thanks for the confidence boost Karen.

Just adheres more to the fact that you can't control most of what happens out there. I don't think you've truly gotten over the realization that you're still human, and no man is an island.

Peter: I still gotta do something about it: I don't wanna have to worry about having to rescue Doc when the sky starts raining fireballs or more UFO's.

Higly unlikely Peter. We're yet to encounter signs of the rapture.

Peter: Since when was I talking about the Bible.....

Turning back towards the suit he bolts himself away from the door scratching his head

Peter:....and how am I gonna fix this?

You could always don the Iron Spider Suit again.

Peter: But....that suit was destroyed.

Mr. Stark always made spares.

Crashing into his office no time flat Peter jumps at the sound only to see a pod contained in a detachable housing unit of nanoparticles. Dispersing on command the pod just shatters itself before formulating an exact model and replica: paint job nanotech and all of the Iron Spider Suit

From head shoulders knees and toes it was refreshing in some ways. Good to be in a suit that would smell like a new car again

Peter: Stark you hot dog.

Pete felt a vibration in his pocket he pulls out his cellphone and the ID read "Mr. Diktovich"

Peter: Uh oh....

Your rent is overdue from---

Peter: Yeah I know! *Answers* Hi Mr. Diktovich. Look if this about the rent---

MR. PARKER! This call serves as your third and FINAL warning! Eviction is proceeding--!

Peter: Wait! Please I just need more time I only get paid at the end of the week I can--

Eviction is proceeding will start Friday unless full payment is received by the close of business! That's my final warning! Have a nice day!

The line hangs up leaving Peter grunting in frustration

Peter: Yeah yeah, "Have a nice day" yourself.

The screen cuts as he went back to the second Iron Spider suit......

……and cuts back outside with Spidey stepping outside leaps off sprinting and flipping himself up high and shooting web as the Web Slinger shows off his Iron Suit like back in the fight with Thanos

He even swung through a crowd

Spider-Man: Coming through!

Woman: Looking good Spidey!


He swung out for the past hour having time of his life until he landed on the veeeeeeeeerrrrrry top of the Empire State Building

Spider-Man: Ah good ol' Empire State. I haven't been up here since I concurred my fear of heights. I sure hope King Kong loved the view before those plains came at him.

Incoming call from: Martin Li.

Spider-Man: Hm, Mr. Li? Accept. Hello?

Peter hey. It's Martin Li. We're all set for May's party. Just wanting to let you know whenever you're ready.

Spider-Man: Oh the party? Yeah I'm about to step off from work anyway. I'll be there in a few minutes.

See ya then.

The line hung up and Pete headed off for F.E.A.S.T. the finest homeless shelter in New York located in the heart of Chinatown

Once there Peter landed down in his social wear and came in through the front entrance and the first to notice him actually caught Peter off guard

Peter right?

He looks over to see it was Gloria the same woman he saved earlier today

Peter: Y--Yes?

Gloria: Gloria. I'm new here. Your Aunt's been showing me baby pictures.

Peter: Oh....uh...well nice to meet you Gloria.

He shook her hand

Gloria: Spider-Man directed me to this place after he beat the crap out of some punks who cornered me.

Peter: Yeah---I--I mean great! How do you like it?

Gloria: Seems nice. They're good people here. I might stick around for a little while.

Peter: Well if there's anything I can do to help just let me know.

Gloria: Same to you.

After getting acquainted with the same woman unknown to her he saved her hours ago he walked through the gym filled with beds bunks hanged cloths a couple of tv's showing news reports and Family Guy episodes


Peter soon came into the kitchen with a man turned over arranging boxes

Peter: Martin? Hey sorry I'm late.

Martin (Daniel Wu): Oh no you're right on time. May's in the cafeteria just have her distracted for just a minute while we get everything ready.

Peter: I'm on it.

Peter walked around through the hall and into the cafeteria caching his only parent figure by surprise

Peter: Hey. There's my Favorite Aunt.

May (Jamie Lee Curtis): Peter? What a nice surprise.

Peter: Need some help?

May: Y---yeah sure. Oh they're some heavy boxes---

Peter notice them putting the sign up and thought fast to keep her turned away

Peter: I mean--I mean...not yet....I actually came....just to talk.

May:'re not in any more trouble with know what are you? I mean I saw the News about Fisk and.....

Peter: Yeah. And I'm.....behind on my rent but.....I didn't come to ask for money either....

May: Let me guess Girl problems again?

Peter: What?? No no that's ridicules.

May: I'm relived you broke up with that awful Felicia woman but I still wish you and MJ could work things out. She's a great girl.

Peter: Yes she is. And don't worry I'm totally over Felicia....but yeah MJ---

May: I know the two of you would make some beautiful babies.

May almost turned again and---

Peter: WOW!

May looked back in concern of that shout

May: Peter? What is it anyway?

She sits and Pete after a second sits with her as they made eye contact

Peter: It's just....after all these helping me through college and.....working here....sacrificing so much.....and asking for nothing in don't know how grateful I am about that.

May: Oh Peter. That means a lot. I always wonder if I'm ever doing right by you.

Peter: Well don't wonder. After loosing my parents and Uncle Ben...there so many times I would've fallen apart if not for you.

May: That works both ways sweetheart.

Peter: If only there were more people like you.

He's right.

The Parker family looked over to see Li accompanied by some of his staff and homeless people pushing a cart of a large cake and cups plates and napkins

Martin: Five years ago you walked in this place telling me you were inspired by my mission to help others. And now You inspire Me. Thank you so much May for everything. To many more years of service.

The whole group applaud for her and May gave a smile and kissed Peter on the cheek which embarrassed him infront of everyone

A little while later while the cake was half gone May was talking to some of the other staff members while Peter walked by to Martin who looking at framed pictures of his years in F.E.A.S.T.

Peter: Hey thanks again for setting all this up for her. After everything she had to go through.....

Martin: Oh it was my pleasure Peter. Just makes me wish I could do more.

Peter: Well May's always said "If you help someone---"

Martin: "---you help everyone." Yeah maybe she should run for Mayor this coming election and spread it out from City Hall to the whole city.

They both chuckled but Pete felt his phone vibrated in his pocket again he pulled out his phone seeing Yuri left him (Spider-Man) a voicemail

Martin: What's that?

Peter: Oh....just a Voicemail from the Doc. I gotta run. Listen thanks again for the party means a lot. See you later Martin.

Martin: Be careful out there.

As Pete existed the cafeteria Martin gave a frown for some odd reason as he watched Peter leave like something was occurring

Not much thought went into it, however as he shrugged it off. Worked well in Peters direction since he was keeping eyes on him every step of the way.  Finally stepping out from the F.E.A.S.T center, he swipes to the contacts list. 

There was a voicemail left from Yuri.

Hey. Silent alarm at the auction site for Fisk’s estate sale just went off. Could you investigate? Quietly? I don’t want to make it a scene if it’s nothing.

Peter: Fisk’s auction site, huh? Wonder what the Kingpin had hidden in its closet?

Routing to Fisk auction site.

Appears Fisk has made more enemies than he’s bargained for; a group of five men dressed causally in black and white with rifles and demon masks on had invaded only with no intentions made to burgle the place. Who breaks in a museum like this without taking any of the extra goodies? Men on a mission. 

But these men on a mission did have one thing in their possession: an active hostage. A young black woman, mid 30’s, squandering in terror as a rifle was aimed at her from one of the demons. Rose Rosemann (Aja Naomi King) 

was terrified, as most hostages were. 

Demon: I’m running out of patience. Where is the file?

Rose: Someone else is here. They must’ve taken it! 

Demon: There’s no one here but us. We will find it or you will die.

His voice arguably just as alarming as the rifle in his hand, he shrugs Rose off the marble floor and just shrugs her forward to lead the way leaving the others behind. Rose couldn’t help but to glare over at the expensive statues and relics that were being auctioned from Fisk himself. It only made her wonder why they weren’t here for them. One last glance to the ceiling before she got shoved again. 

Up on the ceiling concealed in the vents, one watchful spider had his ears perched and his eyes on everything. 

Spider-Man: Oh that ain’t good. They’ll kill her if they spot me. Gotta pick ‘em off quietly.

Perfect timing as the group of demons began spreading out accordingly, allowing Spidey to make the first move on the demon left alone. Leaping out from the vents, he webs him up in a cocoon but not before knocking him unconscious.

He leaps away before anyone has even the slightest suspicion to check it out.

Spider-Man: Yuri the silent alarm was legit. Masked gunmen and a single hostage. Nothings been stolen yet but it looks like a heist in progress.

Copy that. Sending units your way. Keep the situation from getting worse in the meantime.

Spider-Man: Can do.

Moving as gracefully as any other spider would do, scaling the vents, he scopes all areas of the auction house picking off demon after demon after demon in exhibit room after exhibit room. 

Last demon he webbed up was close to the back of the auction site. 

Once again retreating to the vents, he continued to move as he fast as he could muster. But hearing the sound of Rose grow more and more scared only escalated the situation.

My serenity wears thin.

Someone else is here, I swear! She must have the file!

If they’re here, WHERE ARE THEY?

I don’t know, I don’t know, I just don’t know!

Spider-Man: Gotta move quicker here. Bad guys getting ready to be bad.

Finally making it to the back room, out the vent and scaling above the support beam where the last two demons were held up, Pete couldn’t help but to notice a slight glimmer of reflective light from the other side of the room. 

It distracted him momentarily, barring the resemblance of an object so crucial to his past that he almost dazed off before commotion brought him back to fruition. Once again, the last two demons were extremely close. Noticing how one would alert the others of spotted, Peter shot a web to a pile of crates to separate the two.

With the other exposed, that left him the only one available unfortunately as the other got cocooned from the support beam above. No sooner should the last henchmen suspect something odd, he’s pounced on from behind with the web-slinger standing over his unconscious body.

Spider-Man: Sleep it off. 

Crisis averted. With all the demons gone and accounted for, that left the area clear for examining. But Peter couldn’t get that reflective shimmer out his head as it once again pulls him off to the side. On one of the many columns in the back room laid an old but functional Yashica Electro 35 camera: HIS old camera.

His heart skipped a beat one instance and in the other, it sank. Conflicting emotions were seeping through the brain as he gripped ahold of the strap, massaging the matte black texture and adjusting the scope. It meant something a lot more than what he had anticipated. 

Spider-Man: No way. She’s actually here.

Don’t move.

Immediately, his hands shot up with the camera stuck in his hand, standing face to face with yet another Demon gunman. Funny how he got all but one.

Spider-Man: Buddy, if I had a nickel for every “Don’t move”.....

He gloats to no avail. A gun was pointed directly at his cranium and his brain and his method of dealing with it was gloating. Except he was poised to make the first move as soon as the gunmen. 

The opportunity doesn’t come, though. A blunt force launches over the Demons head, leaving a redhead with a eroded pipe standing over its unconscious body. Peters eyes widened at the visual perception before him; massively taken aback by help arriving when he was close to finishing the job himself. 

But the sight within itself was mesmerizing as old memories began to resurface, reigniting an old flame. So much so that the mask of the armor was dismissed at will, retracting down into the neckline of the armor revealing Peters petrified face.

Peter: M-MJ?

Mary Jane Watson (Katherine McNamara) brushing her hair off to the side, flashes that familiar infectious smile towards Peters direction and immediately, there was no taking his eyes off her. A mild chuckle erupts before she finally gets her words out.

MJ: Hey Pete. Long time no see.

Peter: Likewise.....what'd you....what'd you doing here?

MJ: The usual. Same as you. Working. I mean...I was. Heh.

Peter: The woman said someone was here I didn't--I...think you lost this.

Peter lifted his right hand carrying the camera which was obviously and awkward to him hers when they were young Pete was taking pictures of himself as Spider-Man for the Daily Bugle as Mary Jane was an actress

But around when Peter quit the Bugle and went to work with Otto MJ was kicked out of the acting and she felt adventuress enough to be a daring reporter and has been fallowing crime and Spidey activities ever since

MJ: Right thanks.

Pete: So let me guess....Robbie's got you covering the break-in here for the Bugle?

MJ: Actually...Robbie doesn't exactly know I'm here. And it wasn't a break in until five minutes ago.

Peter: Huh?? What'd you....

MJ: Let me explain.

The screen slowly fades with a text: ~15 minutes earlier~

We cut to fifteen minutes before the present time when the screen cuts to MJ walking into the auction house she looked around and as she brushed her hair over her ear she walked towards the front desk where Rose herself confronted her

Rose: Pardon me. Can I help you?

MJ: Yeah Mary Jane Watson. I'm covering the Fisk estate sale?

Rose: Rose Rosemann: I'm the head of the estate. I thought Craig said this was marked tomorrow.

MJ: He....did. But I like to get a jump on things.

Rose: Well...I don't. I'm going to ask you to leave. You'll to come back tomorrow.

MJ: Of course. Sorry.

Mary Jane went on her phone as she turned to the door with Rose walking back to the front desk as she heard talk

MJ: Hey Craig....? Yeah I'm here now but....sorry we just....I think we're gonna have to run something else on the cover....

Rose looked over nervous on what she meant by that

MJ: I don't know uh....maybe the expressionist piece?

Rose: Shit.....uh maybe the expressionist piece?

MJ: *Covers the speaker on her phone* Really?

Rose: Yeah. You're here now. No moment like the present.

MJ: Great thank you. *To phone* Craig? Yeah I'm still here. Listen cancel that. We're good.

Rose: Let's get started.

Soon as Rose turn her back to lead her to the back room MJ heard the recording on her phone she turned on while she was "Faking" the call to Craig who sent her there

(She's good)

She turned it off as she fallowed Rose and MJ caught a glimpse of a Samurai sword as they passed it she thought to herself

God....Fisk cut Peter open like a pork sausage with this first time they fought. Pete was lucky to get away but collapsed in my bed when he came in the window of my apartment in Queens. He was half dead and I had to steal my Aunt Anna's car to drive him to the ER. The first to many Nurse MJ moments. And the second one was....hehe not worth talking about right now.


When they walked in the room MJ caught a glimpse of a painting of two warriors standing in both ends and thought again

I can't get over this image. So much tension between these two. When Pete told me about the fight with Mr. Stark and Captain Rogers they had much tension between one another which divided the Avengers to two.

Soon Rose stopped and turned around

Rose: Starting with the prize: A one of a kind Kakiemonbaku.

MJ: It's beautiful. It's a Mifune?

Rose: Correct. Mr. Fisk has....exceptional taste.

MJ pulled out her camera and took a picture which flashed into Rose's eyes she rubbed them for a sec

MJ: Did you know him well...I mean before his arrest?

Rose: In a....professional context.

She lead MJ to the next phase as she spoke

Rose: I handled many of his sales. Let's move on please.

They walked back to the art when MJ thought to herself when Pete told her about the civil war between Capetian America and Iron Man

Rose: Now this exquisite piece exemplifies the traditional tarashikomi puddled-ink effect.

MJ: *Takes a shot* No offence but the two Nio are extremely imposing. I can see why Mr. Fisk loved this peace. That's likely his style

Rose: He loved the duality. "Destruction screams but creation toils in silence."

MJ: I don't mean to pry.

She speaked as they moved on.

MJ: But was there anything irregular in any of the sales you handled for him?

Rose: Oh no....of course not. I mean not that I was aware of. I mean yes I knew he's been in and out of prison from the mishaps in Hell's Kitchen but none in my knowledge.

MJ: It's just....there's a friend of mine who's running for DA in the next election he told me that Mr. Fisk used art sales to launder stolen goods.

Rose: I....heard of his records on that but....I'm....sure I wouldn't know anything about that.

MJ: Oh I know. I'm just curious now that he's arrested if you had ever noticed anything....strange?

Rose: You know what? I'm afraid I'm running short on time. How bout we grab the cover photo while we can.

As Rose walked to a side door MJ kept on speaking

MJ: He also said when I told him I was doing a piece on you....he said your name was familiar.

Rose: Just the photo please.

MJ: Are you sure....there's nothing you'd like to say the record of the Kingpin's activities?

Rose: I doubt your readers would have any interest---

Rose was interrupted by a ring tone in the room

Rose: Dammit! Wait here for a moment.

Rose opened the door and went in that room where that ringtone was coming from and....

…..something in that room caught Mary Jane's FULL attention

A Chinese statue, old enough to where it looked as if it was eroding away. But the look alone at the texture from afar rose volumes let alone eyebrows from MJ. *The Nio statue.*

MJ: Is that—No. No way, that shouldn’t even be there.

Camera in hand, she quickly snaps a photo of the statue before the commotion through the other side of the door comes to an abrupt stop, forcing her to conceal the camera away in her jacket. Rose emerges from the room, shutting the door rather vulgarly and while her body language remained tranquil, her eyes betray her. 

She was flustered but she couldn’t maintain the composure for long.  

Rose: Well then.....Ahh, my dear. I think it’s about time for you to go.

MJ: Oh. Umm, could I—use the restroom real quick?

Rose: Huh. Fine. 

MJ: Thank you. Umm, you know this—this is a really lovely space.

Rose: You’re right: it is. And this is the last time you’ll see it. The ladie’s is around the corner.

MJ: Thanks again. Be right back.

No sooner should she make her way should Rose huff in frustration, reaching for her mobile phone. 

Pausing right as she got close to the ladies room, she inches further away taking cover behind the janitors cart. The cart reeked of dead pathogens and the aftertaste of dirty mop water, passing the odor of a sewer-like smell as she covered her nose. 

*Hello Craig. Funny you should call.*

MJ could only scoot further below the cart hearing Rose’s voice raise higher in pitch and tone from where she was seated. 

Rose: Because the reporter you sent clearly is not working the puff piece we agreed upon. No, she’s here now. 

In the midst of her pacing in confusion and pent-up frustration, she was guarding the room to the back door, right there in plain sight. 

MJ: I got to get into the back room. If that statue is what I think it is, this just turned into a HUGE story.

Waiting and waiting and waiting, she bids her time until Rose gets out the way. Finding time, she quickly slides beside the next exhibit case she sees. She slips up once, she would’ve been spotted.

Rose: What do you mean we had to reschedule? If she’s not your reporter, then who is she? Craig, WHO is in my auction house?!

It went dead silent for well over a minute as she gasps slightly, losing breath but recuperating seconds later. MJ had already moved further across the room but barely had her cover blown with Rose snapping her head over in that direction. 

She sees nothing.

Her eyes fumed with anger, projecting it in her voice as she spoke back in the phone.

Rose: No, I do not trust you to fix this.......Well, the first thing I’m gonna do is have Ms. Investigative Journalist arrested and the next thing I’m gonna do is collect your head, Craig.....

MJ: Damn. She’s pissed.

Rose: It is most DEFINITELY a threat. Uh-huh. Sure, Craig.

Soon as her back was turned, the door was left wide open allowing MJ to sneak into the backroom before slightly closing the door. Even the slightest of thuds could alert the woman from the outside but no such thing happened. 

Turning back towards the Nio, she froze. The mere sight of it alone raised one question too many. 

MJ: Fisk used this to hide away evidence but why didn’t the police take this? 

Turning to her right, laid an exhibit case an office table and other expensive/inexpensive items stored in that room. Apart from a brief glimpse of the Nio in a portrait with Rose and Fisk, not much stood out at least at first glance. Following her gut instinct, MJ stares down at the book on that table, so coincidentally left with the Nio statue on the page. 

Right below the photo on the right laid the following words: 

MJ: The statue can move. Most common pose is latent power: left arm down, mouth closed, right palm facing forward.

CuriosIty struck a serious chord with her, even more so looking beside the end of the desk seeing a portfolio of the statue, holding a golden staff. Eyeing over at the exhibit case with the staffs and back at the Nio, connecting the dots was elementary. 

MJ shatters the glass, grabbing the staff near the end of the display case before approaching the statue; twisting its head to the right and shutting its mouth. She readjusts both arms with the right palm facing forward and the left arm down. The staff gets placed in the left arm for good measure.

Matching the original position, a drawer within the statue opens and MJ scuffles through the supply of paper inside but not before staring down at a file tied up with red string. Very little stuck out from its normal decor apart from everything she was holding in her hand. 

Even more incriminating: the name of said file.

MJ: “Devils Breath”? 

That’s as far as her curiosity would lead her to as the front doors swung open, drawing her attention from within the back room. Five demons in stock black and white suits 

It caught Rose Rosemann’s full undivided attention. Drawing herself over to all five individuals, she tried to escort them out safely to no avail as she was slapped down. Almost immediately, she was rendered defenseless. 

Demon: *Where is the statue?*

Rose: In—In there.

She points to the back room. 

MJ: Not good.

File in hand, she takes the left route out which just so happened to lead into the basement level. Scurrying out right as the demons burst into the room only to find nothing within the statue, they were quickly dispersed throughout the area to search unaware the one they needed to look for had already escaped. 

And she had no intention on slowing down.

~Present Time~

MJ: I had to hide back here in hopes they wouldn’t find me. I was actually on my way out until I saw some reflective red and blue. 

Peter: Oh. Heh, yeah. This—this was a gift from Tony. I just decided to.....take it out for another swing or two.

MJ: I’ll go with “Or two”

Mild chuckle from them both.

Peter: But still, consider yourself lucky to be alive right now.

MJ: Says the guy I saved five minutes ago.

*Hard to dispute that matter.*

Peter just stood there, still somewhat in exasperated awe over the actuality that here he is again, chatting with MJ. After all the  months that passed, it honestly felt longer than that. That same mentality had been stuck with him ever since he first met her and now in 2018, it hasn’t really changed all that much. 

On a different subject matter, he couldn’t help but notice how sweaty her hands were as she showed him the file she collected earlier.

MJ: Listen, whoever these guys are, they’re after this file.

Peter: What’s in that these guys want so bad?

MJ: Notes on something called “Devils Breath”. Not sure what it is but Fisk was hired to build a research lab for it scared him. He compares it to Pandora’s Box.

Peter: I don’t like where this is going. Not much shakes Fisk. 

MJ: All the more reason they want it. But I can’t get out when the place is swarming with these guys. 

Retracting his mask back on, Peter knew his job wasn’t done just yet. Duty calls.

Spider-Man: Ok then......we’re gonna get you and that file out of here. Just, umm.....I’ll take out the bad guys, you sneak to the front and try and make a break when it’s clear. 

A slight nod from her goes through to him as she just waves goodbye. Again, he refused to move his eyes away from her in his line of sight as she got to the door. But it only creeks open as Mary Jane stops. She positions herself in the pathway of the door with her arms crossed slightly. 

Calling Peter out again, she loses her train of thought briefly before saying the first thing to go through her head.

MJ: It’s good to see you again.

Spider-Man: You too. Not exactly how I pictured us meeting again, though. 

MJ: Funny. It’s exactly how I pictured it. 

A wink and another brief smile later, she exits the room. 

As he watched her shut the door our web slinging hero just stood there awkwardly and couldn't help but to sniff twice

Spider-Man: Did she....change her perfume? Smells really---FOCUS Pete! Focus!

Hyper Genting thermal calories of perfume flavor--

Spider-Man: Yeah I know the flavor.

Your heat seems to increase 40 degree per--

Spider-Man: KAREN!!! Come on man Damn!

Not saying another word Spidey zipped up the ceiling and crawled eyeing the Demon men with Rose being held two rooms away

Spider-Man: Ok Karen...give me visual scan.

Beginning: Visual scan.

The vision of his mask sight scanned around the room calculating eight hostiles. One hostage.

Spider-Man: They'll kill the woman if they spot me....I better pick them off silently

Shall I activate enhance stealth mode?

Spider-Man: Enhance Stealth mode? You didn't tell me you had that.

Mr. Stark operated 40 present stealth technician in your suit.

Spider-Man: Of course he did. Yeah....Enhance Stealth it is.

His suit enhanced it (Not making him invisible) but hardly making any noise as he web zipped and hopped on each holding in the building.

And without raising alarm to the Masked Hostiles he snatched them all in webs one by one

Soon came across the last one by one the next room entrance and zipped kicked him down knocking out the goon

Spider-Man: There. That's all of them. Now to--


Spider-Man: MJ!

One of the las Demons dragged MJ out of the back room by her jacket and as he threw her over she dropped the "Devil's Breath" file

He grabbed it and another Demon pointed her gun at MJ


He clicked his gun and Mary Jane just looked away till Pete burst the doors down landing on his feet shot webs at the gun and another's gun pointing at Rose and he yanked them out of their hands

Noticing Spider-Man the Demon with the file ran out of the Auction House and got away with it

Spidey had no time to go after him he had to deal with the remaining hostels to secure the hostages.

Spider-Man: YOU TWO! HIDE!

MJ ran back in the back room as Rose hid behind one of the Statues as the final round with the Masked Men began

Spidey using his spider like reflexes kicked and punched every Demon near him and webbing them to walls

Spider-Man: Not cool with the hostage taking guys. Cause that gets on my BAD side!

Some Demons hand glows like powered fists and tried to hit Spider-Man with them Pete even saw some had glowing scythes and tried to swing at him

Spider-Man: Whoa....what is up with those glowing stuff on your hands and weapons? Wait don't tell guys are ghosts? Never really fought a Ghost before. I mean I've fought spectres but technically spectres are not ghosts. I mean all ghosts are spectres but not all spectres are ghosts.....well you guys get it right?

Get it or not the Demons only responded by trying to kill him and Spidey kept dodging their attacks the axes made the flour and walls exploded each time they were hit on them

But just a few short minutes Pete beat down and webbed up the last ones to flour and walls

Spider-Man: Whoo! Daily cardio: Check.

After catching his breath Pete approached one on the flour and took off his mask observing it and a little curious

Spider-Man: Huh. Looks antique. But I wonder where it came from. I can tell it's chines. Maybe I know who can help me ID and track down what it is and where it's from.

Spidey heard sirens approaching

Spider-Man: I guess it'll have to wait. Better let Yuri take over here.

As Spidey left the room the screen fades only to cut to when New York's finest was observing the knocked out Demons even cutting the ones on the walls down from the webs

Rose soon spotted Mary Jane and approached her fast and seriousness in her eyes

Rose: I just talked to Craig before this disaster. You are NOT the reporter he was suppose to send. You're not even working with Heritage Arts!

MJ: I never said I did. I work for the Daily Bugle.

Rose: Wha… will NOT write a SINGLE word of what you saw here.....

MJ holds her camera up to her on Record mode

MJ: For the record. What'd you know about the file those Masked Men stole? And the long history of stolen goods the Kingpin of Crime laundered at the auction house

Rose: That....I never....I....screw this! YOUR Editor will be hearing from OUR Attorney!

Rose stormed out like an angry parent and MJ felt a vibration in her left pocket she pulled out her eyephone received a text from Pete

Hey you alright?

She replies as she walked towards the exit

Yeah. Fine. But they got away with that file I told you about.

Damn. Sorry. Can I make it up to you? Say....Dinner at Micks?

MJ: Mick's? *Chuckles* As if the last six months never happened? Ah what the hell.

Sure. See you in five minutes.

Five minute later Pete and MJ sat in a booth both chuckling for the last time they were at Mick's it use to be a Burger Restaurant but now it's Italian that still serves fries

They hadn't been here since their last date before the brake up and since it's been month a bit much changed around here

MJ: Since when did Micks become Italian?

Peter: I have no idea. Ned and I came here one day and it caught us by surprise. Even seeing Stan come here on his spare time.

MJ: I know. I normally see him at the Café in Queens when he's not at his shop.

Peter: They got good pizza. But not as good as Eddie's. Still glad they make these fries.

Pete and MJ both took a fry and ate them

MJ: Totally. Best in the city.

Peter: So's the grind at the Bugle?

MJ: Hm. The same. Betty's still asking about you. About Ned mostly. Robbie's still protesting when he calls Johana at his show. Just to get him laughed at by his viewers. He did gave me my so-called antics tonight. So I guess I'll be meeting with the legal team. Again.

Peter: Ah I wouldn't count on it. When he reads the article you're gonna write guaranteed promotion.

MJ: *Giggles* So.....about the creepy mask guys. What's your take? Friends of yours?

Peter: Never met them. Must be new in town. And maybe just another night in the city. What's your take?

MJ: I think there's a bigger story to them. But let's not make this about business. How's Otto? Did you guys get that promotion yet?

Peter: No but....we're on the cusp of something really big. Something that will change the world forever.

MJ: That's great.

Peter: Yeah and.....he knows my identity.

MJ: What??

Peter: My suit got messed up during the fight with Fisk I...tried to fix it at the lab but....he walked in on me. He said he keep my secret but....taught me a lesson to not leave the door unlocked.

MJ: I should hope so. But then a locked door didn't stop me from finding out.

Peter: Yeah....but on the positive side we're close to a brake through.

MJ: I'm happy for you Pete. But you know Oscorp would hire you in a heartbeat. One phone call to Harry....

Peter: Yeah. But....Dr. Octavius's work will help MILLIONS. I feel like I'm where I'm "Meant" to be.

MJ: You looked up to him since college. Your job with him almost sounds more important than your other job. I never heard you talk like that before.

Peter: I guess so much can change in six months.

MJ: Pete? Why did you ask me here? Do you even remember why we broke up?

Peter: This is a trick question isn't it?

They soon turn out the window seeing police cars outside ride pass them even Pete's phone vibrated on the table

The Caller ID said: "Yuri"

MJ smirked as Pete answered

Peter: Hey. Just saw the units heading down third. Where's the fire?

Looks like our old friend Herman Schultz is at it again.

Peter: Oh....*Eyes at MJ* What a....Shocker.

MJ chuckled softly

Peter: I thought his parole was decline.

Yeah. But someone made a bail for him after it didn't take. We don't know by who.

Peter: No worries. Herman's a big cupcake I'll have him back in Rykers by bedtime.

Peter hung up made eye contact with Mary Jane

MJ: Saved by the Captain.

Peter: Sorry. Talk to you later?

MJ: Yeah. Just go.

Pete was about to head for the door till he heard a man's voice call his name Pete turned to see...…

… was Stan (Stan Lee) (1922 - 2018) the comic maker and old friend of his Uncle Ben's

Peter: Stan....hey....

Stan: Ahh good to see you true believer. Gosh I haven't seen you since....I really can't say it enough no matter how much time passed. I'm still sorry about your Uncle Ben. He was a good man. He was the best.

Peter: Thanks Stan. Seeing you just reminds me how we use to come to your shop together. After the mess I made at your house while house sitting for you.....I felt kinda bad.

Stan: Oh water under the bridge my boy. Hey if you ever come by the shop again I got some Merry Marvel mayhem to get the old pulse pounding?

Peter: Thanks. I'll likely stop by when I can. For now I gotta go. But I'll come by.

Stan: Well nuff said. Anytime you need inspiration you'll know where to find me.

Nodding directly at him, he waltz straight out the door but not before he turned directly back towards MJ. She only waved goodbye at him with that infectious smile not doing much to hide the interior expression from within as he left. The doorbell jangling rung to dead silence.

Already having placed the check down, MJ found it hard to just get up and leave. Not when she’s still staring at Peter leaving from the other side of the window. No sooner should she finally get up and head for the door amidst the distraction came Stan.

Stan: So good seeing you two together again. You always were my favorites. 

MJ: Thanks, Stan. Feels good to be back. 

This suffocating cloud of sadness came over her all of a sudden as she stares back at Pete just walking off in the darkness all by his lonesome on the sidewalk; a reminder of the exact spot she was when they first met nine years ago. She felt this sudden urge to go up and just hug him, fighting back the abundance of tears she felt trickling out her eye sockets. 

While the break-up was necessary, it did little to hide her feelings and shield her true intentions: Deep down, she missed him. 

But the past was the past.

And the present was just as important as glass and debris blew from the confines of Audrey’s Finest down on the streets of Madison and Herman Schultz aka Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine) steps through, breathing as heavily from the helmet as his sweat drenched his yellow plaid protective suit. His vibro-Shock gauntlets 

Spider-Man: Hi, Herman.

Shocker: Seriously?

As quickly as he appeared, Herman pushed himself off the ground groaning loudly as he vanished with this loud crash vibrating off the ground as he left the scene. 

Unfortunately, he doesn’t get far before he notices loose web threads falling behind him. It pretty much told him Spider-Man was following him. 

Shocker: Give it up. You’re never gonna catch me. 

Spider-Man: That’s what you said last time. 

Shocker: I don’t wanna hurt you, man. You’ll just slow me down. 

Spider-Man: Ok, that’s considerate. 

That was a first, seeing how Herman didn’t want actually want to do any serious damage. 

Even more-so, despite his vibro-shock units creating high-pressure air blasts to help guide his path, not much destruction was actually left in his wake by the time he and Spidey past the Brooklyn bridge. That only rose more red flags as Herman stopped bouncing on the streets and onto the rooftops. 

Peter knew something was up. 

Spider-Man: What’s all the money for, Herman?

Shocker: Why do you care? 

Spider-Man: One: Because you know the police are watching your every move, so you shouldn’t be robbing again. And two: just trying to make polite conversation. 

Shocker: Well, I’m done talking. 

Bouncing off one of the fixed antenna pieces, Spidey barely had enough time to dodge an incoming seismic blast from Shocker as the rupturing dipper effect skins past him, caving a wall into two apartment complexes next to one another. 

But then came another one. 

And another one. 

And another one. By this point, it was getting ridiculous. 

Spider-Man: Seriously, Herman? I knew you were dumb but I didn’t think you’d be THIS dumb. You know the cops are watching your every move. Desperate much? If you’re not stealing for yourself, you’re obviously working with someone. 

No reaction.

Spider-Man: Or FOR someone. 

Still nothing. 

Spider-Man: Look, Herman. I’m sure I can help. You can either tell me now or I’ll punch it out if you later. Your choice. 

Another seismic blast barely knocking him out the air was enough to answer his question. But  barely recovering amongst the effect above a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, he couldn’t leave himself hanging out for long. Opting his visual lenses to zoom the distance feed ahead, he finds Shocker still fleeing but also two pipes sticking out from the roof. 

Attaching two webs to the pipes, bending back as far as the body would let him and letting go, he sprung amongst himself forward letting the magnitude of his kinetic energy carry him the rest of the way as he tackles Shocker square off his feet, barely catching him red-handed.

Spider-Man: Gotcha. Now let’s talk.

Shocker: I said.....I’M DONE TALKING!!!

A back elbow and straight punch later, he attempts to flee but gets blinded by the silk of the webbing and crashes back on the roof.  No sooner does Spidey flip Shocker back up to his feet, does ANOTHER seismic blast in his direction send him flying off the roof into freefall. 

Webshooters couldn’t help him much, for the electrical interference of seismic blast shorted them. This left either one of two options left and Peter took the least extravagant, pulling out a built-in parachute, deployed from the spider symbol on his back. Despite not reaching a certain higher altitude, it was the best case scenario since the webshooters were available. But at least it helped him land flat on his feet. 

He did say he was done talking.

Spider-Man: Dually noted.

He had shrug off the parachute as it blinded him momentarily. Since it was STILL the only one in its unity, Peter needed to remember to come back for it to be resupplied after its use. Webbing it up to the wall and cautiously crawling back on all fours, his optimism quickly dashed to disappointment not seeing Herman anywhere in sight. Even with a built-in surveying the area nearby, he found no traces of the yellow plaided villain anywhere to be found. 

Spider-Man: Damn it. 

A far from enjoyable conflict this time around for Peter. But then again, none of his confrontations with Shocker were exactly the definition of greatness. His first official scuffle with Herman was extremely one-sided at worst and very underwhelming at best. But responsibility comes through a lot. 

So he went on patrol to scout and monitor for him. Still nothing. He had laid low for the time being. However this free space of time; It made him think back to the demon mask from the gallery. He figured until he popped back on the radar, he’d take the initiative and get some background info on what he found earlier.

Incoming call from......

Spider-Man: Accept. 

The line picks up.

He got away, didn’t he?

Spider-Man: Just barely. 

Damn it. At least, we’re still monitoring his movements. Did you at least know anything about his motive?

Spider-Man: Tried that already. He’s not very talkative. Plus, I think he hates me. 

You have that effect on a lot of people.

Spider-Man: But you like me, right? 


From that moment, the line cuts off. Leaving Peter speechless for only a moment, he couldn’t help but to think “That might just be the nicest thing she ever said to me.”

She doesn’t sound at all like what she said.

Spider-Man: Like she said, got that effect on a lot of people. 

In coming call from: Mary Jane

A confused “Hmm” passes through Peters lips, seeing how unexpected this came. But spontaneous excitement flustered his thought process as he quickly picks up the line albeit shuddering and stumbling over what to say. All that did come to mind was.....

Spider-Man: MJ. You’re up late. 

Just catching up on the news. Looks like you had quite an event with Shocker tonight.

Spider-Man: He was unusually combative. Not in the mood for my usual chatter. 

None of your enemies are.

Spider-Man: Yeah, well, it’ll grow on ‘em. By the way, uhh.....Glad to know you’re checking in on me after all this time. To what do I owe you this call?

chuckles  How about a favor? You still got that mask from the gallery?

Spider-Man: Yeah. I’m actually about to head to the F.E.A.S.T center to ask Martin about it. 

Martin Li? How come?

Spider-Man: He’s got a degree in art history. If anybody knows the origins of that mask, it’s gonna be him. 

Suppose that makes sense. Anyways, make sure to keep me in the loop when you find out. I’m positive there’s a bigger story behind this and I plan to be the one to break it.

Spider-Man: No problem. 

Peter froze. Almost cutting the line off, he felt awkward just trying to go through that motion. And it wouldn’t paint him well considering the two just started patching up, only to squander it again. In order to make sure what was happening wasn’t a one time thing, he squirrelly mutters.....

Spider-Man: So.....we’re cool now?

He was surprised to hear her say “Absolutely”.

Spider-Man: You mean I can call whenever?

Sure. Whenever, wherever, whatever.

A massive sigh of relief resonates through Peters body, feeling massive weight from the shoulders just dissipate away as the line hangs up on the other side and the mask retracts away. 

Peter: Heh. Guess we’re talking again. Cool.

It seemed Pete's luck with MJ was finally changing but it did depend where there relationship now was going from this

Remembering MJ asking him if he remembered why they broke up was the only dent in it giving how much HE missed her too and the funny thing was he barely remembered the reason he mostly thought it was cause they were both too busy but THAT was NOT the biggest reason

And no it was not cause of Peter's other ex Felicia Hardy they didn't pair up officially till AFTER the brake up but that was more of a complicated story than with Mary Jane cause May had a real reason of being relived her nephew was not with Felicia no more

But hours later it was morning finally and after Peter waited while texting and eating a donut he changed out of his costume and into his social attire and walked in the shelter up to the second flour to Martin Li's office

He was writing a letter to May which seemed odd....and he looked like he was sweating nervously

But his trance broke off when he heard a knock on his door Li looked up fast and putted his note in a drawer storing his journal

Martin *Ahem* Come in.

The door slightly opened with Pete poking his head in with a smile making Li smile back

Martin: Peter. How are you son?

Peter: Oh same old same old. I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Li....

Martin: Nonsense. I feel no bothers of you or anyone. What can I do for you?

Peter: I....kinda need to show you a little something. I have a friend from the Bugle named Mary Jane. She's doing a story on art imports and she stumbled across this piece she couldn't make heads or tales with. So she asked me to find expert opinion on it and I know you have a degree---

Martin: And this might be the first time I actually get to use it.

Peter: Well something like that.

Martin: *Chuckles* Very well show me what it is.

Peter set his back pack on Li's desk who looked at it curiously and Pete pulled out the Demon mask which made Martin's eyes widen and felt his heart beating too fast like he was being haunted

Pete held up the mask as Martin slowly took it looking DEAD in it's pained emotionless eyes

Martin: Interesting. Nothing I thought would be in a city like this. Where did she find it?

Peter: Uh....she didn't tell me. She was working another story till she came across it. What is it?

Martin: It's a uh....

Martin was loosing words fast his sweat began to run down again which made Pete worry a little

Martin: It's a replica of an Antique Chines opera mask. I haven't seen one like this in years. Dated back when I was in an Orphanage in Hong Kong.

Martin turned the mask to it's back side and the cines symbol on it was familiar enough to ID the mask

Martin: The symbol in the back roughly translates to the darkest legend in all of China. They call it the "Demon".

Peter: The "Demon"?? What's that?

Martin: It's a Myth that inspires negativity and darkness. My father....before he and my mother left me at the Orphanage told me....ghost stories about it. Scared the hell out of made me tell it to kids at school I got laughed at about it. was no laughing matter when it came to this mask and symbol.

Martin handed Peter back the mask and Li's expression soon turned serious

Martin: Peter I need to listen to me carefully. That mask it's.....there's a BIG possibility it's connected to very VERY dangerous people. Your friend may need to find a different story.

Peter: Why? You don't think she's in trouble do you?

Martin: I....I don't know. I hope not. But she could be. So why take the risk?

Peter: I asked her that myself when we dated in High School. But knowing's likely she would.

Martin: Well trust me Pete. You may need to talk her out of it. These people....they really mean business.....and they shoot first and NOT ask questions. So....

Peter: I' to her. I promise. See you Mr. Li.

Peter grabbed his bag and headed out of the office leaving Li with the same serious expression on his face and he soon looked directly at the shrine of his parents

Giving us a funny feeling there's more about his past than what he just told Peter

Soon as Pete walked down the hall of the second flour to the stairs by the exit he pulled his phone out speed dialing Mary Jane

Hey Pete. So what did he say?

Peter: Pretty disturbing things. Mr. Li said the symbol in the mask means "Demon". He seemed so spooked he told me to tell you you should drop the story and find another one.

Haha! Fat chance! A story like that makes me wanna keep digging. What scared him though? Does Mr. Li know more than what he's letting on?

Peter: Nah. He probably just had a scary flashback or something. His childhood was pretty rough. It probably just gave him grim reminder.

That makes sense. I can bet mine wasn't any better than his. So....Demons huh? That's a Catchy Name. Well thanks for the update Pete. See ya soon.

The line hung up and Pete silently chuckled to himself thinking that went as well as he hoped he looked back again at Li's office before going down the stairs to the exit getting a tingling feeling but not by his spider sense but the feeling you get when you feel something bad is heading your way

But Pete looked back head down the stairs and out the door heading back to Octavius Industries

Today didn’t look to be that day luckily. A text message from Otto went through to him stating: We’ve just got a breakthrough. Get here quickly.

That form of breakthrough came in the form of what should be a glorified waiting game back at the lab. The prosthetic arm was finally being tested on an actual test subject on a former war Veteran with no left arm: the perfect opportunity to test it out. Otto could sense nervousness on the behalf of the veteran but none that could be visibly detected. 

Everyone has those moments where your hands are shaking, the time stops ticking, everything is just set out of motion when the notion is still possible that you could be wrong. That’s where Otto did not want to be.

Otto: Don’t worry. We’ve tested it beforehand. 

Veteran: How does it work? 

Otto: Like a natural arm. 

Briefly eying over at Peter as he walked in the room with his labcoat on, that big fat smile on his face was all he needed to hear about his presence needed.

Otto: Just think of what you want it to do and.....

No other words needed to be further expressed but a cloud of worry hung directly over their heads. Despite Peters work on the prosthetic arm beforehand, there’s always the possibility that they missed something. An arm like that has so many different moving parts that contribute to its movement that if one little thing goes out of wack, it’s a trainwreck and everything falls out of place.

Very early signs, however, said otherwise. Finger movement was evasive as well as wrist and elbow extension. Motion detection was a solid plus as the arm, as careful as a tortoise, reached for the paper cup across from him and slowly lifted it up.

Otto could help how his voice cracked as he laughed in excitement for they had reached momentary success for now.

Peter: Yes!

The success however was cut short. Three site workers, one female, two male walked in from the door and immediately began renovating the area; none of which please Peter or Octavius in the slightest. 

They had to know what was going on.

Peter: Hey! What’d you think you’re doing?

Site worker: This sites been declared a safety hazard. 

She says as she hands him a clipboard, one in which Peter doesn’t bother to look at since he still didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Peter: By whom? 

He asks to no avail as his question fell on deaf ears. Being ignored made him understandable ticked off a little.

Peter: Hey, I asked you a question!

The questions were getting them nowhere, for the place was getting ransacked top to bottom. From trinkets and tools to the more expensive, fragile gadgets and equipments used for said procedures, they were practically getting robbed of their life’s work. All of their toolboxes, documents, everything.

Otto: Stop that right now! 

He says as he takes the tool box away. 

Otto: This is very sensitive equipment. You know—that’s it. I’m calling the mayors office directly.

Peter Parker!

Otto: Speak Of the devil.

The devil, this being one Norman Virgil Osborn (Bryan Cranston), the co-founder, owner and President of Oscorp Industries and collectively, the mayor of New York City since 2006. He burst into the room with his arms up, looking ecstatic as ever with this gleefully pompous smile covering his face. 

Norman: How the hell are you?

Peter: Mr. Osborn, I, uh....

Norman: C’mon now. How long have we known each other, Peter? It’s Norman. Norman.

Still every bit as shy as he was when they first met, he thought to himself. Not that it was a bad thing. Confidence came along the way but it was nice to know that sheltered side of Peter didn’t change much. 

Otto: What are you doing here, Norman?

Norman: Good to see you too old friend. The grant agreement you signed has strict safety provisions. 

He says as he hands the clipboard over to Otto who just skims through all the cursive writing, checkmarks and innuendos Hidden in the text. He scoffs at the sight, realizing it brought up similar violations that nearly brought down his line of work but didn’t.

Norman: You know this isn’t your first violation. 

Otto: Please. These were excused. 

Norman: By me. But you should’ve confiscated this equipment a long time ago.

Otto: But we just got a breakthrough.

Demonstrating to the veteran solider with the prostatic arm attached. A small sentiment of fear and a very inhuman chill crawled up Otto’s spine, seeing Norman basically tend to his patient with his experiment literally dangling over the empty arm socket. 

Norman: Thank you for your great service to our country. These folks will escort you to Oscorp Robotics where you’ll receive the latest in prosthetics, no charge.

Escorting him out without his consent, red flags were raised and Otto was not a happy man.

Otto: This isn’t about safety infractions, is it?

Norman: I’m just trying to help you, Otto. You’re free to continue your work......but in a more naturally secure environment. 

Otto: At Oscorp.

Norman: You were always the smartest guy in the room.

Otto: You haven’t changed a damn bit. 

Norman: Neither have you. 

His preverbal efforts at hiding that crooked grin doesn’t get Norman far; Otto could see straight through his lies and deceit: using this accident as an excuse to to have his grant funding revoked and confiscate all his materials and research. No ultimatum would make Otto change his mind about Norman. 

Those days were long gone. But it didn’t stop Norman from poking the bear even more.

Norman: Hey, Peter. Harry will be back from his trip to Europe in a few weeks time. Maybe you two could finally get a headstart on the business you both dreamed about.....

Otto looked at them odd hearing that Norman is trying to get Pete work for him instead of Otto he wasn't mad at Pete but at Norman for even having the nerve to try to have his assistant quit on him and work at a business run by Oscorp

Peter: I appreciate the offer Norman.....but I’m right where I need to be.

Norman: Never say never. This is opportunity knocking. 

Even on the way out the door, that smug smirk wouldn’t leave Norman as he made his way out. The sooner he left, the quicker Otto could clear his head. Peter could see him struggling to sit down so he had to monitor him slightly, advising him to be careful. 

Morale was surprisingly low for Otto but not that it kept Peter from trying. 

Peter: Well, they didn’t take everything. Maybe we could start over—

Otto: Peter.....there’s no “we” least not anymore. Without the grant from the city, I won’t be able to pay you. I mean.....I know your other job requires no extra charge but.....

He didn’t need to elaborate any further. This left Peter in a lot of different ways: troubled, confused, conflicted and a wee bit exasperated.....exactly how he felt when his parents left. But both understandably stumped with nowhere left to go, they had to accept and come to grips with the circumstances as best as they could. The depressed Peter latched onto Otto, hugging him as long as he could not wanting to have to let go of this part of him. 

Otto: If I were you, I think I’d look for another job.

Peter only nods. As much as it tore him up, he couldn’t deny facts: he needed money. He needed stability. But Otto no longer had the means to make it so.

Back on patrol, Peter, instead of swinging, relied on jumping from building to building, taking a mid-evening run to try and cool his head. He was the furthest from his happy-go-lucky self as he ever was. The funding got cut from his job so he’s more than likely to be let go, his apartment is on the verge of being evicted and whatever the Demons has related to this “Devils Breath”, it was only going to make his REAL JOB all that more complicated. 

It made him wonder sometimes when it ever got that complicated as he took this moment to catch his breath, dangling on the edge of the rooftop in one of the buildings in Hell’s Kitchen. 

This rare unusual reflection of Peters personality struck Karen as off. 

What’s the matter, Peter? You seem mopier than usual.

Peter: I think I just lost my job, Karen. The city—Norman, actually—pulled our funding. 

Norman Osborn?

He only nods. 

Peter: I just wish there was a way I could help Doc.

Aww Peter, I’m sorry. If Harry was here, maybe he’d talk some sense into his dad.

Peter: Well, that’s the problem: Norman never listens to Harry. Even tried to kill funding for his research stations. 

Regardless of such, I believe he will make the right decision in the foreseeable future. As for you, you can find another source to exploit your talents towards. Your work is too important.

Peter: I suppose.....

Incoming call from: Yuri Watanabe

Urgency and panic sets in as the mask retracts back around his face and neck. Time to head back to work for real.

Spider-Man: Accept. Yuri? 

We just managed to track down Shocker. He’s robbing a bank on East-Thirty First.

Spider-Man: Should’ve seen that coming. 

I did manage to get more information on how he even got released in the first place. Remember how I said “someone made bail for him when it didn’t take”? Turns out that was completely falsified. Turns out one of the guards just walked up to his cell, released him, then gave him his suit back.

Spider-Man: I knew he was working with someone. 

Oh trust me: somehow it gets weirder than that. The guard who released him? He’s dead. I can only assume Shocker didn’t want any loose ends. But from looking back at the footage, the guard appeared to be in some sort of trance. And maybe it might be the lighting from the video, but his eyes appeared to be glowing.

Spider-Man: Creepy. Alright then. I’ll see what I get out of Shocker when I get to the bank. 

Police cruisers and first responders had already arrived at said bank on East Thirty First but no officers were outside themselves.

Logging in at camera six, small crackles of static ripples through the video footage of the bank as Shocker once again shows himself with two stockpile bags of money in his hands walking out of the vault. Ruble and debris laid on the outside of the vault and no means of security were in sight as every officer who entered the bank to apprehend Shocker laid battered and broken....or worse. 

The only means of security Shocker happened to run into was the dangling 5’10 human spider creeping in on him AGAIN just as he was walking out with the money. And it annoyed him.

Spider-Man: Herman, c’mon now. I’m not in the mood for this. 

Shocker: Not now, bug boy. 

Spider-Man: Hey look, I’m just doing my job. I’m no parole officer but that’s gotta be a parole violation. 

Zipping the bags of money out of his hands but the silk still sticking to his palms, Shocker had to take the incoming assault as Spider-Man zipped forward and tackled him back into the vault, all of which was recorded on Camera 06. Crawling on his back to tie up the yellow plaid menace the easy way, Herman was having none of that. The use of his gauntlets helped him bounce up to the ceiling nearly crushing Spidey in the debris, getting him off his back.

Wanting a hasty retreat, he rushes out the vault only for Spidey to shoot a thread around his neck and chuck him back in the vault before he kips up and shuts the vault door. 

Spider-Man: Whoops, guess we’re stuck in here for a while. How about we play twenty questions?

Not having any of it, Shocker throws a punch but misses.

Spider-Man: Thumb wrestle? 

Dodges another punch. 

Spider-Man: Alright, fine. Face punch it is. 

When he comes back with a punch of his own, the metal on his suit barely scrapes some of the paint job off the left side of his mask. But that didn’t stop Shocker from blowing Peter back again into the vault door, crumbling it off its hinges completely and crashing back into the main hall. 

Flipping out but quickly catching his balance, he finds the place swarming in a whirlwind of money: most of which was in Herman’s duffle-bags. The look on Herman’s face as he was storming out would’ve been priceless but Pete didn’t have to see it to envision it. 

Because he’s already seen it one time too many.

Spider-Man: Whoa! I forgot your gauntlets are all digital now. 

Shocker: Argh! Have it your way. You wanna fight?! LET'S FIGHT!

Shocker blasted shockwaves only for Spidey to leap off the chandelier and to a pillar

Spider-Man: Man....I really can't wait to put you back in jail so we can talk science!

He lands on the flour just for Shocker to create a blastering shield around himself and kept firing at Pete

Spider-Man: Remember when we met? It was under that bridge you and the other Shocker guy with those alien weapons? Me so young....and stupid I'll admit and you and the first Shocker just.....stupid!

Shocker: Yeah and what was it you said? If I'm gonna shoot at something.....SHOOT AT YOU!

He fired again only this time he hit him forcing him across the room but thanks to the iron armor it protected him from any sever damages

Spider-Man: Karen....get me the full scan of his suit.....I need a way to shut that force field down.

Already on it. It's gonna take me Nano minutes so try to keep him occupied.

Spider-Man: Sure....whatever you say....

Shocker then created a MASSIVE wave which nearly tumbled the room down Spidey had never seen Herman behave this way that is.....worse than he normally does

Plus from what Yuri told him earlier one question popped into Pete's head

Spider-Man: Why you doing this Herman?!

Shocker: Because if I don't they'll kill me!

Spider-Man: Not if you turn yourself in. Yuri can offer you protection. If you come clean we can help you.

Shocker: Then just let me have my money!

He fired again and again and again and Spidey felt like a sitting duck with Karen taking her time

Spider-Man: Kar Ren.....

Still scanning.


Shocker busted a powered fist into the flour shaking it a bit with Pete then landing on a pillar of the chandelier

Spider-Man: Come on Herm. Just tell me who you're working for and maybe I can help you cut a deal.

Shocker: Nah! If I talk I'M DEAD! They made that VERY clear!

Spider-Man: You're freaking me out Herman. I've never seen you scared of people before.

Shocker: That's the thing. I'm not even sure these guys ARE people. They could be anything under those masks....

Spider-Man: Wait a minute.....did you say....."Masks"?

Shocker: I said enough!

He fired again and Spidey leaped to the next pillar which Shocker's wave destroyed the first one

Pete. I've calculated a weak point in his suit. Nothing physical can penetrate that shield but drop something heavy and blunt should be able to brake through it.

Spider-Man: Heavy and Blunt huh?

Spider-Man looked over at the broken pillar and then up to the chandelier down to see Shocker standing under it about to fire again giving Pete an idea

Spider-Man: THAT'S IT!

Shocker fired again but Spider-Man leaped to the next one with the blast destroying that too then the same happen with the other pillars and the Chandelier began to loose it's grip on the ceiling

Shocker looks up and the darn thing collapses on him pinning him to the flour and his shield was shut down

Spider-Man: Sorry Shock. But you brought this on yourself. Literally.

Seems that was the end of an era and it wasn't long soon as police came in soon as the noise died down when Spidey came out of the bank it was already night time and he soon saw Yuri by a fire truck and walked up to her

Yuri: How'd it go?

Spider-Man: He's all yours now. But man....he was scared and desperate.

Yuri: Well good work. We already have a special cell waiting for him at the raft. We'll make sure if his next Peral doesn't make bail he'll stay behind bars this time.

Spider-Man: There's one more thing. I think he's working for the Demons. They're everywhere all of a sudden.

Yuri: Demons? That sounds like one of the Daily Bugle headline. I'm sure Jameson would find it interesting.

Spider-Man: With or Without Jameson I hear they use to have very talented photographers. But now they have some very good reporters so....the Bugle's still a perfectly fine news organization.....

Yuri: Not sure I call it better news than the Daily Globe.

Spider-Man: Well....anyway.....have you had ANY reports on….guys with masks....?

Yuri: Actually I have. For the last couple of months or less.....since Osborn's re-election was announced.....they have been pretty busy. Hitting a lot of Fisk properties. Construction Sites. Warehouses. Office Holdings.

Spider-Man: You think they're after the Kingpin? Why not just hit the Raft?

Yuri: Maybe they're actually trying to steal things from him now that he's locked up.

Spider-Man: Damn. You thinking what I'm thinking?

Yuri: Brewing gang war. We should probably get ahead of it.

Spider-Man: Agreed. Are they're any Fisk Properties that weren't hit yet?

Yuri: I know just one. One of my patrolling officers reported a bunch of activity at one of his shipyards in Portside.

Spider-Man: What did he use it for?

Yuri: No idea. But I think I know someone who does. Let me send an officer to help you there. His name's Jefferson Davis.

THAT last name "Davis" for some reason sounded familiar to our friendly neighborhood hero

Yuri: He's been working the Fisk case since that explosion in Hell's Kitchen. If anyone knows what's going on at that shipyard it's him.

Spider-Man: Thanks Yuri. When Spider-Cop's on the job come hell or high water the job gets---


Yuri rushed to her police car not wanting to hear that last part she turned the ignition and rode off with sirens running

Spider-Man: She'd never admit it. But the chief was warming up to Spider-Cop. His casual disregard for by-the-book- thinking was a breath of fresh air. She'd come around. Some day.

Hehehehe your impressions might inspire her if given an opportunity to feel right about something.

Spider-Man: Then cross your fingers Karen. But the meantime what can you tell me about this cop she's sending: One Jefferson Davis. There's something about his last name that sounds awfully familiar.

I still have the Baby Monitor protocol installed. Searching database.

Mere seconds later, results come in.

Jefferson Davis. Born on 1987 Graduated with honors in Brooklyn University. He’s one of the Skilled fighters with extensive firearm training, extensive knowledge of organized crime. 44 years old, 5’10. Husband and father of one. His brother is a few years younger than him.

Spider-Man: Can I get the brothers name?

It’s a rather familiar one at that. Aaron Davis.

Spider-Man: Aaron Davis.

The association with him to Jeff Davis was obviously apparent; nobody would deny the two are brothers. But something about that name also rung a bell or two yet Peter couldn’t place his finger on it. 

At least until he asked Karen for a photo ID. 

It was at that moment then and there, staring at a digital imprint of Aaron Davis’ (Donald Glover) ID, that everything started coming back to him. Not exactly in a very positive light also.

Spider-Man: Ahhh Jesus, it’s “Mr. Criminal”.


I’m gonna have nightmares over this, he thought to himself, cringing over the little mistakes he made from when he was still new to the whole vigilante trip. He wasn’t exactly expecting any families to get tied up in the midst of his “investigation” but fate can be cruel sometimes. 

And more things than not, it is. 

Spider-Man: Ah Jesus, I’m in for a rough one. Set coordinates to that shipyard.

The last of many of pickup trucks towed on into the shipyard near the construction site. One of Fisk’s men was already guarding the main entrance just as more of Fisk’s armored squadron piled out the back of the pickup truck, mobilizing around the area. Crowding around in the dark, guarding retail gates, perched upon rooftops to take a sniping position, time was in the essence for them

They were prepared to guard this shipyard no matter what it took or die trying.

Just do your job. Guard that shipyard with your heart on your sleeve.....and if they set one toe inside the vault, I will have your head.

Fisk guard: No worries, boss. Tripling security. Demons won’t touch a thing.

Not much was left to dispute as it the line cuts off.

Fisk guard: Alright, listen up! Boss may be in lockup but that don’t mean his hardwares up for grabs. The demons have moved in on our caches and two have already gone missing. We’re not losing anymore, understand?!

All guards minus one piped in and agreed. Shortly after he made his presence clear, he found himself panicking and resisting heavily trying to break free, only to get flipped backwards and fall flat on the upper half of his back. 

The metallic clang of Peters Iron Spider suit met with the rooftop as he rebalanced himself and scopes the area from afar. A light tingling sound caught his attention however as he felt the excessive nanites that compile his suit slither off his arms, legs, back and face and pile up within the Spider emblem on his chest, leaving nothing but the Stark suit underneath.

No other tears or rips were present in said suit anymore much to Peters bewilderment.

Spider-Man: Wait. My suit. 

I had repaired the vacuum seal of the suit and further tightened its enhanced durability while you were visiting Mr. Li. Surely, there won’t be any such incidents this time.

Spider-Man: Well, what do you know? Thanks.

Focusing back on the matter at hand, the shipyard amongst first glance was very deserted, possibly abandoned at one point. But given its location aside one of the many construction sites in the city, let alone one by the pier, Peter begged to differ. 

However the area was more heavily guarded than it needed to be.

With this much right security around a safe-house, it did make him wonder exactly WHAT caches the Demons were looking for. They’ve already invaded the auction house so they’ve made it clear whatever beef they had with Fisk appeared to be strictly more than professional.

Spider-Man: Demons got them tripling security. I’ve got to see what they’re guarding. But whatever it is, I don’t want EITHER of their hands on it.  

Adjusting his eye lenses squinting forward so the camera shutter lenses caught a clear target, Fisk’s snipers were the clear line of sight by a wide margin. Five snipers scattered throughout the shipyard, all armed, equal distance separated between one another.

Spider-Man: This is gonna be easy. Karen, thinking what I’m thinking?

He says as he scrolls through the HUD display on his fingers at all 576 web shooter combinations and swipes two options from the side.

Stun web and ricochet web.

Web shooters armed and loaded, he turns away as he fires both webs at the nearest searchhouses poised with a sniper inside. One looking through the scope caught a shadow on the very outside of the shipyard flipping through each building while being as surreptitious as possible. 

Sniper #1: Hey, Jimmy. I think we g—

Cut short by a pulsating blue ball of webs, he’s blindsided as he falls back and nearly drops the rifle. A minute after recovery, he’s knocked woozy yet again. And then the ball kept coming back, ricocheting off of every wall, every door and every other sniper guard in the shipyard like Space Cadet 3D pinball. 

Always hitting its target and never letting up. 

The last two of the snipers got did in with another violent brush of the ricochet web only to the misfortune of the ground team as a sniper round went off blasting straight through one of the guards legs and rendering him one leg short as he shouted in agony. 

Not long before the others rushed to his aid, one felt guard felt silk attached to his legs. Before long, it forcefully yanked him away dragging him alongside the concrete as the others began getting yanked away as well. No reaction time was given as they got plastered onto the wall and webbed up into a cocoon.

Hiding in the shadows, Spidey’s Spider sense tingled as he jumped back behind a crowbar wielding guard and knocked him sillily with a roundhouse kick only to incapacitate another approaching guard with a Web hammer and sent him face first into the wall. As for the wounded guard, he barely managed to maintain his leverage as he held up his rifle in a crouching position targeted at the back of Peters head.

The ricochet web however incapacitated him from pulling the trigger.

Spider-Man: Area clear. 

The Doppler effect was in effect as the whirring of sirens slowly vibrated louder and approached closer to the shipyard, causing Peter to take a Yo-yo stance and just hide out in the open for the cop car to stroll on in.

The sirens wear off, the door opens and out steps Jefferson Davis (Morris Chestnut), uniform badge and all, here for his assigned duty to investigate said shipyard. Upon realization that he was beaten to the punch given all the web silk lying around, he doesn’t bother trying to overcompensate things. 

If anything, he just chuckles it off as he sees Spidey just dangling down from the yo-yo, staring at him.

Jeff: You know we can’t vigilantes trespassing or doing illegal searches.

Spider-Man: Yeah, I know. 

Jeff:.....which is why I brought a warrant.

The entire time, he was smirking as if he was waiting for this day to come down to this.

Jeff: So how about we do some perfectly legal searching?

He chuckles.

Spider-Man: Sounds good to me.

Jeff: Jeff Davis.

Jeff held out his hand and Pete grabbed it shaking hands with him

Spider-Man: Pleased to meet you. I'm--Hehehe well yeah

Jeff could not help but to laugh either knowing that he almost introduced himself when there wasn't need to given Spidey's fame

Jeff: My son's a big fan of yours. He'd hope to meet you one day.

Spider-Man: I can send an autograph to him after this

Jeff: I'm sure he'd love that.

Spider-Man and Jeff soon came walking towards the front door and Pete was still a little bit peculiar about the warrant Officer Davis brought

Spider-Man: So uh....does that warrant cover breaking down doors?

Jeff: Yeah but.....not without a LOT of extra paper work. God I hate paper work.

Spider-Man: I can't imagine.

Jeff: I'm sure you never had paper work.

Spider-Man: No but I never get paid for my job.

The two chuckled again but soon got back on focus and of course Jeff did try to open the front door but would not even budge

Spider-Man: Not good. Guess I'll find another way in. But any place this run down should have a hole in the wall or a broken window or something.

Jeff Yeah I've seen a lot of Detective movies to know that for a fact. Why don't you check around back. I'd go myself know not Spider-Man.

After another brief moment of laughs from that Spidey did leap up to the roof of the warehouse and came across a vent on the roof he pulled it open and leapt down in it

As he was inside and landed on holdings above Pete looked a little spooked feeling this place might be...."Haunted"

Spider-Man: God...I feel like I'm in a horror movie. Uh...hello? Any Fisherman with a grudge and hook for a hand in here? Or a Hockey Player with a machete? Or....a cannibal with chainsaw?

Pete was so nervous he could not help but to reference horror characters and soon went back to finding that front door Jeff was waiting at

He then leapt down again landing right there by the front door

Spider-Man: Jeff? You still out there? I found the door and....doing my best to refrain from my habit of knock-knock jokes.

Appreciate it. Listen do you see a lock or a junction box powering the door?

Spider-Man: Yeah. I'm looking at it now.

Good. See if you can overload it that should force the door open.

Spider-Man: On it. I know just the tool I need. Karen. Activate taser webs.

As you wish.

Spidey shot a small taser web which overload the junction box automatically opening the front door and Officer Davis walks in

Jeff: Wow. Gadget man huh? You remind me of Miles?

Spider-Man: Who?

Jeff: That's my son's name. When he was five he took apart the TV when it wouldn't work. Now he and his friends are unlocking cell phones at his school.

Spider-Man: Sounds like he can teach me a few things.

And sure enough Spidey and his new cop partner began their "Legal" investigation by searching crates and shooting more taser webs at more junction boxes to open them and so far

All empty.....

Spider-Man: I think this is Fisk's way of messing with me while he's in lock up.

…...until Pete and Jeff stumbled upon an opening on the flour which took both to lift it open

Spider-Man: Wow. I see you been working out.

Jeff: We're not all donut eaters.

When they went down it lead to an abandon bootlegger's tunnel

Spider-Man: Hmm....looks like no one's cleaned this place since Al Capone.

Jeff: And there's a lot of big chunk of concrete blocking the way.

Spider-Man: Oh yeah?

Pete shot two web lines pulling the blockade off and both came in a room stored with Fisk weapons

Jeff: Jackpot! Looks like the Kingpin's men stored most of their weapons.

Spider-Man: And some are already missing. Damn! Demons might be here already. How they beat us here?

Jeff: My guess....that back door over there.

Jeff pointed at the briefly opened back door and the two peaked out to see those familiar masked men from the Auction house loading boxes of Fisk weapons in trucks

Spider-Man: Shh! Demons....

Jeff: So that's them eh?

Spider-Man: Yeah. And they mean business. Stay here. I'll try and web them all up.

Jeff: Hell no. There's too many of them. It's gonna take both of us.

Officer Davis looked back and took a smoking Grenade from a top shelf

Jeff: And some of these

As the trucks soon began to drive Spidey web zipped up as Jeff pulled out his gun and runs up and Pete shot web lines to pull the trucks back


No one pays him any attention as one of the demons from the back of the truck cuts the weblines holding the truck from accelerating any further all while one of them quickly moves along and escapes. Peter noticed how the sword had a streamlined negative energy flowing through the weapon as it took off.

Those who were in the other truck decided to stick by and take care of the web slinger now. That wasn’t gonna fly.

Spider-Man: Take cover!

Jeff: No! I got your back!

Standing his ground, it was made clear he wasn’t going let Peter hog the spotlight and rightfully so. Shaking his head in subtle agreement, both Peter and Jeff rolled out of the way of a negative electric whip. Briefly stunned but weary nonetheless, Peter dodges the whip and briefly shoots a taser web intertwining around the whip and shocking the demon.

Pulling through underneath him, he flipped him inside out only to hop over two more Demons, smashing their heads in together before dropkicking another Demon away. Unaware of another coming up from behind him, he’s alarmed of gunshots ringing through as the Demon laid dead.

Turning over to the Jeff’s direction, he only nodded vigorously only to see more Demons jump him from behind.

Spider-Man: JEFF!

Distracted, he meets a swift kick from the opposite direction and it knocks him aside. Jeff, however, was just as resistant if not resilient than Peter. With his gun still in hand, he briefly pulled the trigger blowing a Demon back before tossing another over his shoulders and kicking him away.

Pulling out his fisticuffs and going one on one with another, he turns his gaze away and barely dodges another negative energy sword knocking his cap off. Luckily, Jeff gets an opening to tackle him down but not before tossing one of the grenades aside to incapacitate more of them.

Getting a birds eye view to Jeffs resilience, Peter was impressed at his ability to multitask as well.

Spider-Man: Your timing’s impeccable.

He says as he back-elbows another demon from behind before webbing him up in a huge yo-yo pile off to the side only to catch two more unattended for, heading for the one of the trucks.

Demon: Lets go! NOW!

He shouts, barely dodging a bullet from Jeff and quickly scurrying into the drivers seat incapacitating the last one as the truck finally scurried away, screeching its tires against the pavement.

Jeff: Dammit!

Spider-Man: You alright?

Jeff: Go along! I’ll catch up!

Rushing now to finish the task at hand, he attaches himself to the nearest lightposts and slingshots himself out the shipyard and back into the midnight glamour of the city that never sleeps. Keeping a watchful eye above to the box truck, Peter adjusts his course making an immediate right at the next intersection to catch up.

Keeping up with a raging vehicle on the road was easier said than done considering the constant disturbances of traffic it was causing. Peter nonetheless was able to find a landing to attach to the truck albeit from a measly 4 feet away.

So he had to make use of him skidding his feet amongst the road avoiding traffic for the next three minutes before the back door of the truck opens and rocket launchers stick out of the abstract darkness from inside.

Spider-Man: Oh sh—

The spark of negative energy radiating from the missile barely grazes the vacuum seal of his suit as he leaps upwards to avoid the rocket and having to let go of the truck......which didn’t stop the demons from continuing to fire once Peter resorted to swing after them the rest of the way.

Spider-Man: Call Jeff Davis.

Spider-Man, few Demon stragglers in the yard. I’m held up. How you looking?

Spider-Man: Not much better. These guys are all over the road. They’ll kill somebody if I don’t catch up.

Doing my best to catch up but you might be on your own.

Spider-Man: Don’t do anything crazy, ok?

He asks as more rockets fling towards him. Fed up with the rockets, Peter launches a ricochet web, knocking the launcher away from the Demons and giving the opening he needed to get close.

Needless to say, the joy of no rockets hurling his way made the task much easier now.

Spider-Man: Sorry fellas, here’s your stop.

Both demons burst out from the back of the truck via a web grenade from behind, leaving only the driver to be occupied with. Aware of Spidey’s presence, he shoots from the window but gets his gun snatched away only to lose control of the wheel even as his attention shifted back to what’s ahead of him......

....only to realize there was no stopping it.

A fuel tank truck desperately making a last minute turn triggered Peters spider-sense, for the two were seconds from crashing into each other. Making the unfortunate decision to jump, the two vehicles crash and collide, neither one turning the other inside out.

Peter had to turn his attention away, gripping ahold of the back of the fuel truck via one single webthread alone as said truck crashed into a linear line of railroad tracks underneath the highway. The tensile level of strength from Peter alone kept the taillights of said truck and the driver as miraculously intact as possible.

Train tracks screeching in his ear from a distance almost incited an disgruntled cry of agitation on Peters behalf as he visibly blurts.....

Spider-Man: Oh great, NOW the 3 decides to run on time.

Straining his back with a tank-truck held by a single web-thread, slow and steady was the only to get said vehicle back on the road before the train fully came around. His Spider-sense however drew his attention aside as the same box truck from before sped right towards him. “Oh shit” was all he could think with his eyes dilating in shock.

No less then a few feet away, a police car rams into speeding box truck at high speeds, knocking it off the highway. Both vehicles laid demolished and crippled but both of the drivers were in a stable enough condition to have survived. While Jefferson Davis breaks down the door to his cruiser, sluggishly crawling out with purpose, the demon driver was already up about with a rifle in his hand.

Limping and shuffling to the fore-front to shoot Spidey still pulling up the tank truck, Davis disarmed said demon with his own rifle and knocked him down before collapsing onto the street.

The crisis was averted in the meantime and luckily, no civilians were armed. A crowd of bystanders surveying the scene watching in bewilderment and in awe at the scene before him, coming to the realization that Jefferson Davis just saved Spider-Man’s life. As the web-slinger helped officer up to his feet, they were both met with thunderous applause from the crowd, most of which was directed towards Jeff. Jeff groaned under his breath as Spider-Man rose his hand up, showing who the real hero of the night was as the civilians cheered in agreement.

By the next hour, this was making headlines in the news. Reporters were covering the event while paramedics and first responders were tending to Jeff as much as they could.

However, a certain redhead sporting a green jacket, no longer lost in the shuffle of the crowd, glanced at the occupied citizens and reporter crew before sneaking behind one of two firetrucks that appeared on the scene prior to the crash. She barely got up around to the side before.....

Excuse me, miss, are you supposed to be here?

A slight scoff and chuckle leaves her, having to constantly be on the receiving end of Spidey hovering over her like always.

MJ: Apparently, more than you. The Bugle, specifically Robbie, put me on the city beat after that fiasco at the auction house. Now I get full focus to look into stories like this.....and the demons.

Spider-Man: You know the closer you get to them, the quicker you become a target.

MJ: The closer I get to them, the better chance WE have to stop them.

Spider-Man: “We”? You do realize this isn’t an average interview for a Pulitzer’s prize, ok? We’re talking about people lives potentially at stake.

MJ: And there would’ve been a lot more blood on the streets if Jeff didn’t get in the way, right?

Having choked on his own words trying to ensue a counter-response, his urge to fire back a response eventually fades. It left him stumped and contemplated, none of which were MJ’s intentions but in hopes he would understand the point she’s trying to get across, she’d leave that to him.

MJ: Just relax, Pete. I got this.

Spider-Man: I still don't think you should put yourself on the line with these guys.....

MJ: Don't get your red and blue underwear tight. If you think about....after you called me on what Mr. Li told you at F.E.A.S.T. the whole city knows who they are too. Thanks to a headline I updated this morning. Now the whole city knows they're out there. You're welcome.

Spidey's eye lids widen up as Karen chuckled in his ears Mary Jane slip through the end of the firetruck and approached the ambulance Officer Davis was being taken into

MJ: Officer Jeff Davis?

Jeff: Yeah?

MJ: Mary Jane Watson. Daily Bugle.

Jeff: Sorry Ms Watson. No comment.

MJ: Yeah I don't really blame you. But I thought you'd like to know these masked guys are going to tell their story with or without you. And between you and me they THRIVE on controversy.

Jeff: Really. If so what's your angle?

MJ: I don't have one. I just like to listen?

When the paramedics lifted Jeff's stretcher into the ambulance he couldn't help but to grin liking MJ's style which was unlike any of the other reporters he met

Mary Jane was actually on a bigger role than theirs he thought

Jeff: I could loose my job for this but....what the hell. Hop in.

MJ climbed aboard as they shut the Ambulance back doors leaving Spider-Man unadmitted with her

She's good.

Spider-Man: Yeah....she is.

This may go against your better judgement but....I got a feeling if we keep her in the loop your chances of stopping the demons are likely 90%.

Spider-Man: Now don't tell me you're on HER side again. *Yawns* Man I'm beat. Time to head home and get some sleep.

I'll switch off till tomorrow. Goodnight Peter.

Spider-Man: Night Karen.

When Karen cuts off Pete found a near by alleyway to change out of his costume storing it under his social attire and putting his mask in his pocket

Later he was taking the Subway where he texted on his phone in the middle of a crowd where he received a voicemail from Otto which came in an hour before the truck chase

Peter: Doc left a message?

Peter. Listen I'm sorry if I might have been hasty advising you to look for another job. Cause God knows your...."Double" Job in the city doesn't pay much. But I have an idea. It just wouldn't stop rolling in my head. But I may need some time to plan it out first. I got a good feeling we'll live to invent another day. Call me tomorrow I should have more answers.

As the voicemail ended Pete smiled knowing Otto's shinning on still

Peter: Wow.....the Indomitable Otto Octavius. That's really great news. I hope his idea works.

Later that hour Pete made it back to his apartment building but he was in for another surprise...…..

…..when Pete just pressed his key in the bolt lock it would not turn Pete tried once and twice to turn it then lunged his shoulder forcing it open only to see....

…..his whole apartment was cleaned out Pete scoffed not believing what he's seeing even turned to see the "Evicted" sign on the door and didn't noticed it earlier

Peter: Come on.

He then saw a note taped on the door from Mr. Dikkovitch

Dear Mr. Parker!

It has come to my attention you have ignored your FINAL warning you are here by EVICTED from this apartment! We have cleaned out ALL of your belongings and threw them all in the DUMP! We expect your house key back by then end of the next day. Have a nice life!

D. Dikkovitch.

PS Don't try to sneak in I got ears like a cat and eyes like a rodent.

Peter: Oh...damn you Dikkovitch! The drive!

Peter rushed back out to the apartment dump in a hurry and panicked that Mr. Dikkovitch might have thrown a Spidey drive with years of research on it he took out his phone calling the empire sanitation while looking in the dumpster

Empire Sanitation. This is Eddie.

Peter: Another Eddie....? Uh....I mean hi...."Eddie" I'm trying to find some items that were accidently picked up from a dumpster outside my apartment.

Dumpster Number?

Peter: Uh.....

Peter couldn't find it at first then hopped sticking on the wall and lifting the dumpster with his foot spotting the number

Peter: Here it is! Uh....six four four seven six.

Route thirty-three. Truck's already left it's shift. But there's a slim chance you might find your stuff. But it's a long shot. If your pickup was on Route 35 they'd be dropping off at the incinerator right now.

Peter: INCINERATOR?!?!?!?!?

It's over by Manhattan Bridge. If I were you I'd hustle

Peter: Thanks Eddie!

Pete hung up jumping back in his suit swinging over to Route 35

Spider-Man: Karen! Sorry to wake you but I need you to point me over to Manhattan Bridge Incinerator! Dikkovitch threw out our spider drive!

Calculating now.

With Karen's calculating guidance Pete manage to swing as fast as he could to the incinerator and in the next minute he made it

There were trash bags piled up and Spidey pulled them off with his webs and found a familiar gym bag from his apartment and searched in it

Spider-Man: Please be here. PLEASE be here!

He then felt a small piece in his hand pulls it out and found his drive

Spider-Man: YES! In your FACE Dikkovitch! Hope it still works.

He placed it on his arm attatcher and Karen upload visual data on the drive

Spider-Man: Thank God. Everything's still here. Thanks again Karen.

My pleasure Pete.

Spider-Man: Now. Only thing to worry about is.....where am I gonna sleep? I....guess I could try MJ's. Now that we're talking again....

Uh Pete? Sorry to change the topic have one voicemail from an unknown caller.

Spider-Man: Patch me in.

Hey there Spider. Long time no see. Did you miss me, sweetie? Cause I sure missed you. Come to this address. Catch me if you can.

Spider-Man: Oh no.....please tell me that voice isn't who I think it is.

Fifty percent likely, Peter.

Spider-Man: And zero percent chance I could score MJ's couch. Track the address, Karen.

Tired but still running on whatever fuel he had left, the location set by KAREN sent him over to Greenwich, the southwest part of Washington County in New York. Miles away from the park, Spidey lands in front of technical equipment on a rooftop, bombarded with red flag after red flag.

This miniature tripod with a camera stationed over a blanket wasn’t alarming. It was the sticky note implying the words “Play Me” written in cursive attached to a mini-cassette that took him off guard.

He had to press play to get to the bottom of this and his heart sank quicker than quicksand after hearing the first two words. So he pulled off his mask and played it.

Hello, Spider. Been thinking about you a lot recently. Hope you’ve done the same. We were good together back in the day, weren’t we? Made a good team and even better couple. Maybe it’s time to reignite the flame.

No questions no longer needed for who sported that flirtatious voice.

I believe that is the Black Cat.

Peter: Felicia....Please don’t be scoping out places to rob. You promised to give up that life.

She was waiting for him.....and he had no choice but to continue to play her sick, sadistic game of cat and mouse, for out of the corner of his eye, he spotted this black and white painting from a measurable distance away.

No choice but to use the camera.

Having to use the lenses to zoom in and around the area, there wasn’t much luck with finding anything that stuck out as suspicious.....until he zoomed into that blurry black and white painting over on the roof entrance to a warehouse and saw it was, in fact, a painting of Black Cat. Quite an artistic touch.

Then there’s the stuffed cat doll sticking out from the door.

Peter: That’s one of her cats. She packs those things with range extenders that harvest nearby RFID signals. Fancy way of saying I just missed her.

Better call Yuri then. Calling Yuri Watanabe.

The line goes through.

Peter: Yuri, you still have Black Cat’s equipment and gear in the evidence lockup, right?

Should be. Why? Is she back at it?

Peter: From the looks of it, yeah. But we never know. Just double check and let me know if it’s still there.

Will do.

The struggle to not pull his hair out follicle by follicle was real for Peter as he laid down to a knee, breathing almost abnormally as possible. Just when things start to quiet down, they escalate just as quickly. His rent, the Devil’s Breath, his job and now Black Cat is on the loose once more.

Just another day in the life of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Peter, what’s wrong? You appear to—

Peter: Stressed out. Another day in the life of me. I’m homeless, jobless and now I got one of my ex’s stirring up the hornets nest again. But Felicia’s too smart to willingly put herself at risk like this, so either she’s desperate or....

He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but nothing was adding up. You can’t force the pieces to fit if they don’t and Felicia has a history descrambling tons of pieces for Peter to pick up and track.

Never gets old.

Peter: I’ll be on the lookout anyways.

Incoming call from: Ned Leeds.

Peter: Well, that’s a breath of fresh air. Accept.

Hey Pete, caught the news again. Even read MJ's headline. What's this about Demons I hear?

Peter: Well....all I know is they're stealing weapons from Fisk but, uhh.......I’m at DEFCON 3 over here: Felicia‘s out of prison.

Say what?!

Peter: Yeah....the Black Cat’s prowling the streets again but umm......I hate to ask dude and I hate to change the subject but....any chance I can crash at your dorm? Mr. Diktovich evicted me cause I was too busy saving the city to give him his stupid rent.

Oh man....Pete, you know I'd love to have you over but the roommate is....kinda crappy and a space hogger. I couldn't sleep for two days straight this past week. So.....

Peter: May not work?

Sorry dude. I'm not trying to keep you out....

Peter: I know, man. I know, man. You never keep me out so I get it.

You know, invitation to the Halloween party still holds.

Peter: Might very well need it now, huh? Thank again, Ned. See ya.

Hanging up left him at pause.

There wasn’t much else left for Pete to go in this concrete jungle. He had no apartment, Ned can’t let him crash, MJ wouldn’t want to let him crash given her schedule and let’s say it’s not healthy to pass out at your place of work.

So where do we sleep now?

Peter: Well, that’s the thing KAREN. I.....there is only ONE other place that I can think of.

~The next day~

It’s 10:00 in the morning. The morning light shines through the cracks of the windows of the F.E.A.S.T center, beaming full of radiant joy into the office of Aunt May. Since May has made this her new personal humble abode, she has gotten extremely comfortable. As a matter of fact, she didn’t mind letting her company be shared with those closest to her, specifically her nephew Peter.

With this being the only reasonable place Peter can find to crash for the night, he had to make due with what was, which meant couch surfing.

The couch wasn’t the comfiest place to crash but it beats ravaging for scraps on the street. A portrait of Uncle Ben (Harrison Ford) with him and May brought a smile to his face, offering another brief reconciliation with the mistake that made him the man he is today. And on the side was another: This time with Tony Stark.

This mountain of extraneous weight in his head intensifies every time he comes across Tony. The man had a way of dissecting you from just a simple glare in just a photograph, but said vulnerability made the man such a Marvel even after he was gone.

A slight distraction prevented Peter from anymore potential mourning: this yellow package envelope with a couple hundred bills inside sticking out. All he had to do was get a glimpse at May smirking at him from across her desk and he could see what was going up.

Peter: I-I can’t take this.

May: Yes, you can. And you will.

Peter: But....what if you need it pay your bills? I don't want to run you behind too.

May: Peter. You never ran me behind. So you don't need to worry about it.

Peter: Then at least let me pay you back....soon....

May: Sweetheart. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help. Everyone always needs help sometimes Peter. Even Spider-Man.

Peter tried to protest but couldn't think of anything to say which made Aunt May chuckled mildly

May: You are so much like your Father and Ben. They both worried of thinking they were taking too much. But like they did you have to learn how to swallow that Parker Pride. And accept that you're only human. Like the rest of us.

Peter faced down knowing he could never win an argument with his Aunt almost like that one time after the ship wreck and Tony Stark taking his suit knowing back then he couldn't keep it all a secret telling her he screwed up and lost the Stark Internship

Pete even knew his Uncle Ben would say the same thing as May so it's a two on one thing on this situation

Pete snapped out of his thoughts hearing a knock on the door way he and May looked back a little startled

May: Oh Martin.

Martin: Good morning May. Peter. Sorry if I'm interrupting but uh....

Peter could not help but to not help but to notice Mr. Li's tone sounded like he was weak in the knees and had a since of worry and suspicion....not from his spider sense though but it was still strange

Martin:...I've had a call from Hong Kong for a business meeting and I'm heading out of town today. I'm leaving you in charge while I'm gone.

May: Of course. You can always count on me. But how long will you be away?

Martin: I uh...I really don't know. Maybe days....months. It's a big business deal.

Peter couldn't hold in his worries he blurt out a concerned question

Peter: Is everything ok?

Martin: It's.....a real personal business I've been planning for awhile.'s nothing any of you should worry about. *Turns to May* Please....take care of this place. And everyone here. It represents....the best part of me.

May could not help but to worry too

May: Are you sure you're ok Martin?

Martin: I will be. First time in a long time. Goodbye May.

Li turned away walking away never turning back and Pete's worries grew all the way up to his heart the way he told them "Goodbye" like that something must have been going on

And he wondered if it was cause of what he mentioned before about the demon mask

May: Well....I guess I better get busy.

Peter: I hope Mr. Li is ok.

Seemed to big of a good question now if he is cause his strange behavior really had Pete chilled to the bone

But later he was back in his suit swinging around still feeling bad about taking money from his Aunt worried more about Martin Li and also planning to meet up with MJ as she told him from a call earlier when he left that she told him she's covering a press conference this afternoon Mayor Osborn just announced he's giving Officer Davis an award for his brave attempts last night

With more time to kill Spidey decides to patrol in hopes he gets some lead on the Demons or Black Cat

Spider-Man: Karen? Since we got time to kill run a scan of the city to detect any movements on Demons and Felicia.

Understood. Incoming call from Jefferson Davis.

Spider-Man: Hehe. Accept. Hey Jeff what's up? Congratulations on the ceremony.

Thanks. But I'll be glad when it's over. I'm not really a speech man. Not even during my childhood. But listen I need a favor. The Captain got a report that our masked friends are moving in on another Fisk area. A construction site in midtown. I'd help ya out with it but the wife would be pissed at me if I ditched the ceremony to play cops and robbers but....I thought my friendly neighborhood partner would want to know and look into it.

Spider-Man: Understood. I'm not far from Midtown anyway. I'll swing by and let you know what I find. Oh and I got a tip for ya on public speaking. Just picture everyone in their underwear. Wait! Uh....maybe not Osborn. Y'know never mind.....

Hahahaha....thanks man. Be careful though.

The line cuts and Pete heads over to the site to find later a truck driving in labeled "Consolidated Shipping" and heard gunfire

Spidey swung in climbing above to see Demons dragging a dead Fisk man

Demon: Ok. Find the rest. Boss wants them ALL dead.

Spider-Man: Karen. Looks like the Demons are moving in on Fisk's territory.

Shall I activate Instant Kill?

Spider-Man: No No No No these are just guys in masks. No more with the Instant Kill.

After minutes of stealth take downs and web ups Spider-Man encountered more Demons about to kill another Fisk Man

Fisk Man: got what you came for. You don't need to kill us too!

The leader hit him with his gun

Demon # 1: Fisk's territory is ours now.

Not today!

Hearing that voice the Demons look up and Spider-Man webs up the Fisk Man and kicks the First Demon off the other Demons yelled in Japanese and Spidey beated them down high and low and webbed them to walls and ceilings

After they were down Peter dangled to the hung up Fisk man who was out called and heard a cell ringing it fell out of his pocket but Pete caught it with a web and caller ID read: Unknown

But Spidey's eyelines lowered for he did not had to guess who it was

He hit accept

Spider-Man: Hey Willie. What's up?

On the screen Fisk looked over and grew angry seeing the man or in his eyes the "Boy" who put him in there


Spider-Man: Nice jump suit. It's really slimming. Where'd you get it? Parting gift to the Raft?

Stay out of my business boy! Last thing I need is you hitting my sights.

Spider-Man: Hold on a sec. If you want these Demons stopped from hitting your areas just tell me who their leader is and I'll get rid of them for you.

I told you I was the only one who kept order in this city. And now thanks to you these terrorists no longer have anything holding them back. But if you really want to help.....keep my men alive and maybe....JUST maybe I'll tell you who it is.

Abruptly hanging up over the phone with him, this was no surprise to Peter: strained relationships with the villains was never exactly a commitment but it was nice for a change of pace. That time would not be now unfortunately since he caught wind of helicopter propellers elevating up higher the construction site.

If he wanted answers, he’d go through with Fisk’s demand.

Zipping up higher to the bridge jointing the two construction sites together, it became apparent that this was going be somewhat of a finders keepers quest. Without the keeping.

Spider-Man: I’m basically saving bad guys from other bad guys. Not how I thought today was going to go.

Leaping to the bridge, there laid another Fisk guard cornered by three more Demons. Webbing the construction pipe behind two of them, he just pulls it behind them and immediately knocks them out, leaving the last Demon up to him. Sliding up from above him and sweeping him from the legs, Peter doesn’t get far but does dropkick the Demon with enough force to knock him out.

He did however forget this big demon the size of a sumo wrestler nearly squashing him from above. Peter gets out of the way and launches an onslaught of punches and kicks, none of which faze the giant. His hands generate with energy, swinging and missing with each punch and big boot he sluggishly attempts to throw before stomping down to release a shockwave as synchronizing nano-mesh particles release devastating negative energy.

It hardly rips through Peter’s skin. But that doesn’t stop him from dodging another double fisted slam and kicking him upside the head.

Except he gets caught.

He was lucky to grab him in midair and just chucked Spidey to the other side of the bridge. But failing to see what goes around comes around, he turns to see Spidey flying back at his direction, knocking him upside the head with a Web Hammer.

It barely knocked him woozy. So he slid up from underneath and just crescent-kicked his head in from behind, knocking him out.

Then his attention turns to the worker as he helped him up.

Spider-Man: I know, I know. Consider this a favor. Stay hidden until further notice.

Peter, I’m detecting heat signatures from multiple vicinities in the construction site. Closest one is directly below you. If it’s the workers, you better hurry.

This meant he had to leap back down first.

For the next few minutes, it was a farfetched scavenger hunt Demons with whips, swords, shields, none of them slowed down the Web-slinger enough to fully halt his progress. All workers associated with Fisk were spared and any if not all Demons were incapacitated and webbed up, nice and cozy.

By the time he was at the last worker, he knew he needed answers and fast. So he reluctantly calls Fisk back.


Spider-Man: Alright Fisk, your men are safe. Your turn now: Who’s running the Demons?

Maybe he’s there, maybe he isn’t. Check the roof.

Again, he hangs up on him abruptly.

Spider-Man: I miss these cryptic Fisk talks.

Fisk was partially right about one thing: The roof was, in fact, the area where most of the action was winding down.

The chopper from earlier had landed amongst the landing pad waiting for another Demon to finish dealing with one of the remaining Fisk workers that Spidey had left unintended. He tried pleading but to no avail as the negative energy from the Demons sword cut him down just as quickly.

Now he can make his escape with the others. Unfortunately, Spidey had already made his way up to the roof right before they even took off, all while the Demons sported a deadpan look underneath the masks knowing the entirety from this raiding was anything but a cakewalk.

Eyeing at him with those masks, he could tell the leader was nowhere present in this raiding.

Spider-Man: Not today.

Weblines were shot to the bottom of the helicopter aside the landing gear and attached to the power box wedged in place onto the roof. All he wanted was to prevent the helicopter from going anywhere. But even at THAT instance, he couldn’t stop a negative energy RPG sent his way. It flicked him off the power box which ripped itself off the roof and while still sticking up underneath the helicopter, it bumps into the crane.

That big of a bump disconnected the hinges from its position, dipping the crane lower and lower further increasing the likely probability of lives been wasted and the goons escaping.

If you let the crane loose, civilian casualties will skyrocket over 65%.

Leaping up to a vertical basis, Spidey rushes over to the crane meaning for now, he’d have to let the goons escape momentarily.

Spider-Man: No no no no no!

More weblines were shot, barely gripping the crane to a standstill so much that it’s weight started to drag Peter forward towards the edge. His mere strength against the weight of the crane nearly balanced each other out at least until his Spider sense honed in his senses of urgency.

Just too little, too late.

The actual hook of the crane lopsided Peter off the building, knocking him out and letting loose his grip on the crane. The force hurdling towards him left him in free fall unable to respond directly and in no position to fix the collapsing crane scenario.

That is, if KAREN wasn’t in control of the suit.

Initiate nanotech.

A sky blue florescent light radiates through the suit into the spider-emblem on his chest as it rapidly flashes before the manipulation of matter in the nanotechnology spreads throughout his body, resonating in the Iron Spider armor coating over the Stark suit.

Systems were quickly rebooting the further he fell all except for the man in the suit himself.

Peter? PETER!

His eyes bulge wide open, bringing his head back to the situation at hand. The HUD display flashes red, directing him to the tipping crane as he flips over with his web wings and glides over, balancing himself and sticking on the edge.

The crane just continues to dip downwards as nearby civilians started to take notice of how their very lives were at stake this time.

Not on Spideys watch though.

Spider-Man: KAREN, thinking what I’m thinking?

Go for it.

Sprinting and then hopping alongside the crane, he had to wait for the bright moment to tie multiple splinter webs to the edge of the construction site to keep one section of the crane in place. Then he had to attach it to two separate buildings all while debris and glass where shattering everywhere.

Then there was the hook.

The crane was secured for the meantime thanks to tensile strength in the webbing but the escaping Demons fortunately didn’t go all that far. However, the power box still webbed up from below was making more trouble for them then it needed as it not only slowed them down but occasionally wrecked a few buildings on the way.

Spider-Man: Did THAT just happen?

Yes. Yes, it did.

Nothing left to do but to go after it.

All throughout Midtown, this had civilians either chattering or screaming their heads off.

Three minutes into the chopper chase and three minutes without a capture for collateral damage started to frustrate Peter in quite an unusual way. It got up to the point where by the time the box crashed through a sign, Peter started to lose his patience and picked up the pace.

I’m getting a call from Yuri. Should I patch it through?

Spider-Man: Yes, please.

It goes through.

I’m getting reports of.....a helicopter with a wrecking ball?

Spider-Man: Things with the Demons got complicated, Yuri.

That thing is destroying the city.

Spider-Man: I know.

You need to bring it down.

Spider-Man: I KNOW.

Maybe you can superhero a little faster?!

Spider-Man: Patience is a virtue, ok? Doing my damnedest here, Yuri. I’ll call you when it’s done; I got this.

He goes off the line, sweating profusely under the mask.

Spider-Man: Please let tell me I got this.

Finally after another pretentious five minutes, it looked like he did.

Zipping up to and gripping the edge of the power box dangling from below the helicopter, the unusual choice was made to cut the web holding the box in place. And then they both crash into a narrow building while Spidey stayed ahead of the box, sprinting, sliding, jumping, ducking and avoiding any and all objects hurdling at him at all directions. Anything to prevent being trampled over.

So instead of continuing to run, Peter just stops once he gets close to the window and let’s the power box wheelbarrow over him so he can hang on and land through the next building he came across, which happened to be right below him. Crashing a hole through the roof big enough for the Incredible Hulk to slide right through, Peter leaps off before the box flattens him through the next floor, landing another

More collateral damage to pay for later.

Sweaty, famished and exhausted, he felt more out of breath than he ever had in the last five years. The sudden burst of adrenaline from earlier faded despite more daily cardio checked off the list. However, that little squirt of energy came back upon dodging a hailing of machine gun fire from the far end of the building.

The Demons wouldn’t let up.

Billets kept filling the room with alloy and holes until it needed a quick reload. So sliding, jumping and zipping to the open window was no problem as he propelled himself forward, kicking one Demon out the heli, staring the other one in the eyes, proudly boasting.....

Spider-Man: It is I, Thor, son of Odin!

One down left the other to deal with the Spider, sliding under and around the throttle avoiding a series of sword slashes all while the negative energy only damaged the hull of the helicopter even more.

Noticing that gave Peter an idea.

Spider-Man: Legs!

Upon command, the four spider legs manifested from the armor's rear spider symbol disarming the demon and wounding him. Next stop was below the propellers as two legs simultaneously pierced through the plating, destroying the engines.

This meant trouble for the pedestrians down below as the helicopter began to spiral out of control. He needed a plan and quickly.

First one that came to mind was attach the helicopter to the nearest building it came across and literally swing it through traffic.

Guess this is the plan?!


Hurdling himself and the deteriorating vehicle through an onslaught of traffic and pedestrians was an absolute nightmare. Cars were smashed, more property damage was caused, fires erupted and worse, the throttle of the heli broke off, scraping the road and crashing like a tumbleweed over everything.

Luckily, it was yanked off the road. Webbing the tail end away, that left the hurdling copter spinning a full 360 in the sky, the smoke from the broken engines leaving a toxic trail not far behind. Having to suffer from smoke inhalation wasn’t the issue as it was picking nits compared to stopping a helicopter from crash-landing and killing hundreds.

Cutting it close, Peter!

Spider-Man: You got this, you got this, you got this! Web grenade, splinter web, Cobwebs, go!

Leaping off and letting the copter fall underneath him, multiple webs were shot at once, sticking to the buildings aside and the helicopter which in turn intertwined with one another. The silky lining branched over a cafe building as it trapped the helicopter straight through while leaving a gaping area above and underneath for Spider-Man to swoop on down and land.

The majority of people who did see that act of bravery and heroism whistles and cheered from afar. No time for Peter to bask it all in though. Crawling to the broken door on the right of the copter, he slides whatever’s left of it open with the same Demon from earlier gripping his shoulder and neck.

Once again, the urge to take away the mask from his bald head was too great so Peter did exactly that. He might’ve been a helpful hand in all this.....

....if he wasn’t part of the problem.

Spider-Man: This is your master plan: replace Fisk?

Demon: Fisk is only the beginning!

Spider-Man: So......Straw, meet camels back.

Just a slight push out from the cockpit area left him falling and trapped within the giant spider web cocoon.

Yet another crisis averted.

Spider-Man: Yuri, got the crooks for you.

I feel like there’s a “But” coming.

Spider-Man: But you might wanna bring a ladder.

Oh my god. Why can't you keep your feet on the ground?

Spider-Man: Where's the fun in that?

Pete shot a web and swung above a cheering crowd we join a 15 year old boy recording videos on his cell phone of Spider-Man swinging away

Boy: Wow he is totally cool.

Yo Miles.

No response

Hey fanboy! Look alive!

The boy turned his head to the friend head to the friend who was calling out to him revealing to be One Miles Morales (Chosen Jacobs) Son of Jefferson Davis and Rios Morales who he mentioned earlier

Miles caught up with his friend only to receive a text from his dad

Son where are you?

Miles: Crap. I'm late.

Friend: You coming?

Miles: Uh....nah sorry dude. I promised my dad I be at city hall for his ceremony.

Friend: Oh that's right. Hey tell your pops I said congrades.

They high fived and fist bumped and soon the friend turned away and left as Miles replied to his Dad's text

Srry. Omway. C U soon.

Miles put his phone in his pocket and head on his way to city hall

Once there a minute or two later Miles met up with his parents Jeff and Rio (Gina Rodriguez)

Rio: There's the stage entrance. We'll be out in front over there.

Jeff was really not comfortable to be in front of a hundred people he really rather be helping Yuri cut the Demons down where Spider-Man left them

Jeff: I don't really know Rio. Sounds like a lot of people out there. And they always make me nervous.

Rio: Jeff honey you'll be fine.

Jeff: I'm not saying I won't. It's just....remember back in high school when I gave my independent report speech? Ms. Steiner gave me a C minus for that.

Both Miles and Rio laughed about that

Rio: But if Ms. Steinberg could you see you now. She would feel silly now.

Miles: Yeah Dad. You got this. Besides you saved Spider-Man's life. That officially makes you a hero like him.

Jeff: Hehehe I don't know about that son. I think the real heroes are the people who just don't give up.

The Davis family chuckled then Jeff kissed his wife and then hugged his son patting his back

Miles: Good luck dad. I'm real proud of you.

Jeff almost teared up hearing his boy say that

Jeff: Thank you Miles. Thank you for everything.

Jeff let go of him and walked to the stage entrance as Miles and Rio went out to the main entrance

But suddenly Jeff received a text from his phone and you're not gonna believe from who

Hey bro. Congratulations. Sorry I won't be in the audience but I'll be seeing you on tv. Go knock em dead Jeff.

Jeff: Heh....thanks Aaron.

A crowd stood infront of the building with Pete and Mary Jane not far from the front row where Jeff's family was where she was taking pictures and from there Norman's Deputy Mayor Jim stood up to give the greet and introduction speech

Jim: Good morning New York. And welcome to this monthly ceremony here at City Hall. Before I hand this off to Mayor Osborn I just want to say a few words.

As the Deputy Mayor on MJ and Peter whispered to each other about earlier and at Midtown

MJ: Soooooo…..?

Peter: I think this gang war might be over.

MJ: You mean....OVER-over?

Peter: Well there.....might be some loose ends that still need to be tied up but....

MJ: What loose ends?

Pete was nervous he almost blurted out Felicia and held his breath when he re-thought of the truck he saw leaving the construction site

Peter: Uh....a truck pulled away from the scene from a company called: Consolidated Shipping. I got a weird feeling something's not right over there. Just don't know what. Plus I don't even know if that was the Demon Leader I caught earlier

MJ: Well....maybe after this we can go grab coffee figure it out together.

Peter: Really?

Jim: And now ladies and gentlemen. Let's have a round of applaud to our great Mayor: Norman Osborn.

The audience applauded mildly since basically most of the city hates him too so Otto's got them behind him on that

Norman: Thank you very much Jim. I couldn't say it better myself. But wouldn't hurt to try. Hehehehe *Vlears throat* We are here today because Jefferson a hero. A better hero than that masked vigilante out there.


Peter: But I was thinking….instead of coffee we could....I don't know have some dinnere? I could come over....and....cook.

MJ turned her head giving him a cross eyed smirk remembering there LAST dinner date at her apartment

Peter: Or we could just.....grab dinner at a....totally neutral location where professional cooks work.

Mary Jane chuckled knowing how nervous he was since he too remembered what happened before

Norman: Jefferson Davis? For your noble attempts of extraordinary bravery above and behind the call of duty and service to our fair city it is my privilege to present you with the Department Medal of Honor.

The crowd applaud again as Norman pined the Medal on Jeff's uniform but suddenly Jim came up to Norman whispering to him

Jim: Sir there's a phone call for you on line one.

Norman: Tell them to call back later. I'm in the middle of something.

Jim: They said it's urgent sir.

Norman: For the love of Mary. Alright. Congratulations Officer.

Jeff: Thank you sir.

Norman went down to take the call as Jeff stood up to the speakers waving to his family who they applauded for him proudly especially Peter and MJ

Jeff: Um...thank you very much Mr. Mayor. But I don't really deserve to have all of this honor. I share it with my wife Rio my son Miles and my brother Aaron. Because without their support.....I don't think I could have done what I do now.

As Jeff spoke on too Norman took his phone from one of his security guards and spoke

Norman: Mayor Osborn.

Hello you son of a b**ch. You have no idea how many years I worked for this day. Over the coming days your company your city and everything and every ONE you love will ALL be destroyed.

Norman was puzzled on that threat and the voice on the phone was oddly familiar even to him he signaled his guards to listen in on their ear speakers

Norman: Who is this?

People will beg you for help but knowing you, you won't lift a finger to help them.

Norman: Hehe listen jackass. If this is some kind of sick joke it's not funny. Cause I get threats like this twice a week from my employees. So just grow a pair and tell what you want.

What I to watch you.....SUFFER.

The line hung up and Norman frowned looking out to the crowd seeing trucks pull up slowly he was soon escorted to his car Peter's spider sense went off the hay wire it almost gave him a headache

He looked over to see men coming out of those trucks MJ looked at him worried as he moved through the crowd knowing he was sensing danger

MJ: Peter?

He didn't respond cause he soon spotted a familiar face in the back

It was....


Peter: Mr. Li....??

Something was not right with him his hands and eyes were glowing and Demons came from behind him and to a bigger shock Pete looked at the stage to see Jim glowing and opened his suit revealing a bomb vest and Miles was the first to notice it

Miles: DAD!! LOOK OUT!

Hearing his son's warning Jeff turned to see the Deputy Mayor glowing revealing the bomb and Martin in the back....

…..BLASTED out of his hands and Jeff grabbed the cop near him ducking down

Peter: MJ!


When the bomb hit zero and Martin's blast hit the building.....

Peter: GET DOWN!

….BOOM!!!! He yells at the top of his lungs before selflessly pushing MJ out of harms way, right before more explosions rock each column and brick and from blocks and avenues away, leaving the committee erupting into smoke.




Combination of the three from the aftermath of another suicide bomber almost matched that of a cumulonimbus, rolling over what should’ve been the foundation, the mark, the celebration of heroism.

Instead, it has become a beacon of despair, the absence of hope. The elimination of trust and safety and security that the city so desperately craved for. All this chaos, this senseless act of violence and for what?

The very symbol of heroism itself, the American flag was left stained in the aftermath of this, with the committee erupting in flames and civilians fleeing for their lives. Rio Morales, namely being one of the few fleeing occupants, stumbling and tripping over herself to keep ahead. Only she wasn’t worried for her self-being.

She was worried for Miles.

The 16 yr old laid distorted and disoriented, his eyesight continuing to betray him, blacking out seconds in and seconds out amidst the explosions.

One moment, he sees how myself sliding against the concrete against his will, unable to move. Another, the sight of his mother blurs his vision entirely, not wanting to wait to see her precious little boy safe in her arms again.

He was unable to hear her desperate pleas for help or bloodcurdling screams of the other civilians despite his eyes veering over towards an unconscious Peter Parker who’s selflessness towards Mary Janes well-being had saved her life at potentially the cost of his own. Dragged out from ruble, he laid emotionless and dare I say, almost pale following the explosion.

This left MJ reeling as she immediately intertwined her hands together, compressing CPR on his chest. Results were nowhere to be found.

MJ: No no no no no please not you. Peter, no! I'm not losing you too! Peter, wake up! Squeeze my hand if you can hear me!

Rio: Miles! Miles! Honey can you hear me?

The very least she could do was to shake and stir him until he can acknowledge her in some way. His eyes kept dilating constantly, for the excess dust covered around the ashes blocked the foreground of his eyesight despite getting up off his back, coughing excessively.

Rio: Miles. You ok?

Miles: Ow....ugh I--yeah I'm stable

All was stable, except his vision.

Everything maintained a blurry fragmented shape in pieces and no sharp photographic memory would help him automatically see from the front or from his peripheral vision. At the very least, he’d be able to hear her voice and how far and how close she was. Yet her voice nearly drowns out in a muddled cloud, a void of endless screams and cries and pleas from countless civilians, Mary Jane included, who can barely feel a detachable pulse to Peters heartbeat.

Apart from that, more hellfire and brimstone erupting over what was supposed to be a peaceful day.

Miles: Wh-where's Dad?

Rio: I don't know but I'm gonna find out!

Miles: Mom!

Rio: I'll be right back! Stay where you are and you'll be safe!

No sight of her came through yet for the smoke always made things difficult to see let alone breathe so there was no telling where ok which direction she had gone. But that wasn’t going to stop him from trying. Feeling a sense of empowerment in dire straits was one of his father’s best quality so Miles made it his mission to channel his own, finally stumbling to a vertical basis as his eyesight finally cleared.

He could see everything clearly, the embodiment of impending doom smacking him dead in the face, blood and sweat were smeared on his forehead, cheeks and hoodie following the explosion.

Miles: even going on?

He ushers to himself, puzzling the how, what, who, when, all at a moments notice. Unsure of what else to come, his concern only lied to finding his father but not before the sound of more desperate, heart-torn pleas from MJ rung in his ears.

MJ: Peter, get up! Come on, come on say something! Please!

Shaking and pushing did nothing in her favor, for she still didn’t get a response and her heart continued to sink. Her heart was directing her to take that last resort in a moment of sheer panic despite her gut going against it.

A promise was made to herself to keep her distance from that connection she so desperately shared with Peter before but she cared too much to have him leave again.....not by his own behalf anyways.

MJ: Don't---don't make me do this. Don't make me say it please...just wake up. For me! Please.....

Still no response. Still no detachable pulse.

MJ almost laid her head down in defeat slumping on both of her knees, tears dripping from her eyes. The reality biting back at her felt too good to be true, with all she tried not working in the past few minutes, the internal struggle to not say it was strong with her.

But how could she hold back now? She just couldn't anymore.

MJ: I---I......I will you, Peter Parker.

Tears were no longer held back, after coming to the conclusion that one of her closest allies, partners, friends.....and lover had perished. Rising up to one knee, she was prepared to walk off until Peter suddenly inhales abruptly, coughing extensively as he sat up singed and momentarily reduced to one arm. The noise caught her attention and she was absolutely dumbfounded. But MJ had no shame in hugging him this time as soon as he recovered, her cheeks drenched in tears in fear of suffering a potential heart attack from another loss.

The hug served as a minor distraction, a psychological sucker-front, a facade to the barrier that separates him from his augmented reality back to the real world.....the whole truth. He soaks in the scenery amidst all the destruction.....and the first thing to pop out his mouth is.....

Peter: Are we in hell?

MJ: If we are, then there’s no checking out, Pete.

That wouldn’t stop him from trying, momentarily breaking the hug and stumbling up to his feet, only to see Miles crowding his way through a toppled restaurant through the corner of his peripheral vision.

Peter: Hey, stop! Kid, wait!

A cry yelled out seconds too late as he limped and hopped to his aid only to lose sight of him in the mass destruction. Miles knew exactly what he was doing however despite constantly being appalled and backed by the endless wave of violence displayed before him and unfortunately, his search for his father was put on hold for a short while. After roaming through the fires of the restaurant with his path blocked, he takes a detour only to stumble across an EMT tending to a trapped woman underneath pipes and ruble.

Further examination unfortunately forced him to see the situation in a different light, realizing it was his mother calling out for help.

Miles: Mom?!

Rio: Miles!

Rushing to her aid, he gripped the edge of the broken scaffolding and attempted to push. Slipping at first, it didn’t stop Miles from gripping the edge of the pipe and, with the EMT’s assistance, slowly lift up what was left of the scaffolding. Unfortunately, the pipe broke form its positioning, leaving his mother still trapped underneath.

Rio:-breathe! Can’t—I can’t breathe!


Undeterred, Miles once again grabbed the pipe but slid it in a different direction, managing to lock in a different hotspot to loosely tighten the pipe in. Finally, there was enough space for the EMT to drag his mother out safely as he dropped the pipe and nearly collapsed.

The two reconcile yet again following their short separation but even then, it still doesn’t last. Miles managed to save his mother, now he needed to make sure he can do the same for his father.

Miles: Gotta find Pops.

Rio: Baby, no. No, you can’t. It’s too—

Miles: I have to find him. Please, just stay here!

Rio was forced to watch as her son began looking up amongst more ruble following the destruction and she automatically knew where this would be going and she was powerless to avoid it. Miles found himself struggling to stand on a fallen support beam, further advancing further up the pile. The cries of his mother yelling.....

Don’t leave me again! Please!

.....did little to stop him. By the time he got up to the top and having to balance himself on yet another support beam, he saw that the Demons never left. And that they were only getting started. Multiple civilians were either cornered, pleading or already dead and the Demons showed no sign of stopping.

Miles knew time was on the essence and that silence was critical at this point. If he showed himself or made any sorts of noise, it’d be over for him. So he SLOWLY climbs down from the support beam before crouching behind more ruble holding a burnt Mayor Osborn flier.

The sounds of people being pushed against the flyer and impaled as he slid out from the other side and into a demolished upside down car puzzled him more than the indescribable Chinese gibberish any of the Demons sputtered. Still being weary of his location, he had to balance himself over another scaffolding pipe to get further ahead.

Finally sliding out of the compacted area with no trouble, he made his way to the podium.....where the podium once was. The suicide bombing had reduced the podium to literal ashes and the same could be said for his father, who was nowhere to be seen.

Miles: He-he was right there. Where—

The sight of a gun-toting Demon with a sword stashed away caught his eyes and he sought his opportunity to strike, carefully moving away from the massive debris, picking up a charred Stop-sign and clocks him aside the head as he rolls down the stairs.

Finally, he manages to get a clear viewpoint to his father. Having to manually roll him over due to his weight being a little over his, the dead soulless gaze Miles received from his deceased father felt more like a slap to the face than it did as any shred of posthumous praise. He risked his life for the sake of the city and this is how it works out for him in the end?

THIS is how he’s repaid? It almost made him furious as he continues to administer CPR and check his pulse with no success. The bruised face and bloodied badge only made it worse.

Miles: Get up. Get up, get up! Dad, c’mon, I’m here!

Still with little to no success, he gets more and more frustrated with tears nearly dripping from his eyelids only to hear slight crackling coming from the opposite direction. No sooner should he turn does the Demon he knocked out earlier come back swinging his sword at full force, nearly hacking the kid to pieces but only shredding his hoodie.

Barely surviving a taste with death, Miles picks back up the broken Stop sign and gets in a read stance.

If he couldn’t bring him back, then he’d have some satisfaction in taking out the people responsible.

Miles: C’mon then! Let’s see what you got!


Both men pause and lower their weapons as they face the direction of said voice. Only his voice was present to embody his presence for the smoke had blocked his body amongst all the fire and flames.

We have to leave now.

Almost immediately, all Demons in the area just flew the area, leaving Miles on his lonesome.

Looking back at his father’s lifeless body, Forced to accept the reality that someone you’ve loved deeply is never coming back is never an easy task to take hold of, period. But it was something that needed to be done...

.....and Miles didn’t look the slightest bit happy about it at all.


~1 week later~

Following the LODD (line of Duty death) of one New York’s finest, generally, a public event with full, military-style honors was the right to go about the funeral.....unless the family were to prefer a private service. Unsurprisingly, that was the route that Rio Morales preferred.

For a noble sacrifice to require an audience in such short numbers for its felt unethical. But it’s what the family wanted.

Only a portrait of Jeff Davis, a handful of civilians who familiarized themselves with Davis, a few high ranking officers and Norman Osborn were attending said funeral, gathering around the casket. One such officer handed Norman the American flag who then proceeded to hand to the Morales family but not before he consoled Miles and Rio.

To his surprise, Aaron Davis, who was also present, briefly nods at him while gripping Miles shoulder. Miles leisurely takes ahold of his hand and grips it while Aaron simply glimpses around until Peter comes into his eyesight.

And vice versa.

Peters eyes shot up when he saw Aaron staring at him from afar, not because he recognized him from the Shocker incident years ago but because this was the wrong place and the wrong time for another incident to occur.

The gears were continuously spinning in the back of his mind as if he was waiting for the inevitable to happen. But no such tragedy occurred.

The funeral proceeded as planned.

No sooner does it end hours later does Miles make the attempt to try and approach his father’s coffin. A mild twitch one moment and a calm yet ticked expression the next, he jumped back and forth between anger and sadness and turmoil and confusion, all of which led to the destruction of a child’s innocence.

Miles had just lost whatever innocence he had left.

Peter: I’m sorry for your loss.

The young child flinched at the sight of Peter appearing beside him.

Miles: Do I know you?

Peter: No. But—look, kid.....I—

Miles: Miles. The names Miles.

Peter: Peter Parker.

In a lot of ways, Peter could already see a lot of him in Miles besides the blatantly obvious. But the blatantly obvious is unfortunately what mattered at this moment: Miles will never see his father again. Peter lost both his parents, his Uncle Ben and most tragically, Tony Stark. The last thing he wanted was for what happened to him to happen to Miles.

He had to let him know it was ok.

Peter: Listen....I know you don't know me. But.....I just want you to know....

Miles:...."I know what you're going through." Is that what you were gonna say? Or....."It all gets better with time." Or "Don't's part of God's plan."

Peter: No...I was only trying.....

Miles: "......trying to help." I know, but i don't need the pity.

Miles turned away and walked away as Rio came from beside Peter with MJ close behind her

Rio: I'm sorry about that. He's been having it hard even before.....I don't know what know I'm gonna do with him.

Peter: I can't imagine. I lost both my parents as a kid. My Uncle and.....a teacher at a.....Internship. If there's anything I can do to help....

Rio: I'd appreciate it. Mr. Parker. Here's my number.

She handed a piece of paper just before she fallowed Miles with Aaron fallowing her MJ decided to walk them to their cars Pete looked at Jeff's coffin himself

He couldn't help but to wonder if there was ANYTHING he could have done to prevent this Anything that would have saved Jeff's life

But what he couldn't believe was.....HOW it happened and WHO caused this was Martin Li. The good man who created F.E.A.S.T. Who hired his Aunt to help the Homeless AND The Hopeless Peter just did not understand why someone as good as Li would do something so....EVIL

Peter was sad and ashamed of Li of what he's done and did NOT even hesitate but something started to make sense to him. His reaction to the Demon Mask he showed him and his strange behavior when he left May in charge of the shelter but it was still hard for him to understand why Li would do this

Peter: I'm sorry Jeff....

Peter walked to the other side of the church pulling out his phone and as he reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone and he stepped out to the sidewalk by the entrance ramp and speed dialed Yuri

But at the station in Chinatown Yuri's day was no better than our hero's

Chief: So....first we loose relay on the towers THEN these masked guys show up then that thief hag Hardy brakes out and now.....we lost Jeff

Yuri: It's tragic Chief. I know. The best we had on the force.

Chief: Then why pray tells does it look we're not doing anything about it?!

Yuri: I assure you we are. We're gonna roam the database I've even sent some of my finest to monitor each gang in the whole city in lockdown if things get worse sir. I assure you we're doing all that we can do.

Chief: All we can is not enough right now. You need to find this guy Yuri.

Yuri: I swear on my father's grave I will catch the bastard that did this.

Chief: I don't wanna hear that shit! Your father was worse than useless Watanabe. When he was in the force he accepted bribes off the Magia and you run these percent's straight to disaster just for these terrorists to drag us all into the stone age!

Yuri: Sir....let me assure you....

Chief: No Captain let me assure you!

As he yelled on she felt her cell vibrating in her back pocket

She ignores it briefly

Chief: You're....something special. But I've already lost my patience and while you have a great work ethic you've made one too many mistakes. And I can't afford another.

Yuri: So I take this my last chance? "Sir"?

Chief: Damn right! You just......get this guy off the streets before things get worse. And if you fail to follow through with that....I'm gonna have to release you.

Yuri: What? You in you'll fire me?

Chief: As great as you are it's one error to many and I've given out too many chances. This is it Yuri. You're a good cop but either you smoke this guy out and put him away or I'm gonna have to let you go.

Silence flood the room till she felt the cell vibrated again

Yuri: I have to take a call.

Silence floods the room again before she makes her way leave out of the chief's office keeping the smug disgruntled look on her face and pulls out her cell reading the caller ID

Yuri: Oh for God's sake.

She rolled her eyes back upon accepting the call. This was most likely urgent but the fact her phone had been blowing up all day didn't help brighten the mood from her most recent downer

Yuri: I'm busy getting yelled at by my boss and avoiding getting dismissed permanently. This better be good.

Did you start looking for Martin Li yet?

Yuri: No. I already told you: I'm not gonna initiate a manhunt for a suspect based on a hunch from Spider-Man. Not to mention I would get in trouble if they found out it came from you.

But I'm telling you the truth! He's the guy!

Yuri: But you don't have proof. Nor any solid evidence on him.

Peter at the cemetery was just frustrated his friend on the force wouldn't even believe him like it wasn't the first time

Peter: Well how bout this? Earlier that morning the same me day the bombing happened Jeff tasked me on stopping Demons from moving on another Fisk Construction Site. They had trucks from Consolidated Shipping. You know the discontinued shipping service at the recycling center? An inside source told me Li bought the center last year.

So...that's probably his base of operations. His front for Demons probably. And you're suggesting this Li guy is there?

Peter: Honestly don't think so. But so far that's all I know aside from him running F.E.A.S.T at Chinatown But if he's not at the center....

There's bound to be evidence to show he might be involved.

Back at the station she was looking around the department with the work that she's grown attatched to and staring back at her boss through the window door with his arms crossed still

Yuri: Alright, alright. Just call me back when or IF it's valid. You find anything at Consolidated and F.E.A.S.T. then I'll take over from there. BUT if you're wrong about this.....

Peter back at the cemetery had a worried look on his face're helping me find another job.

Peter heard the hang up knowing Yuri means business when she's like this and pretty soon Mary Jane came over to check on him before leaving

MJ: you feeling?

Peter: I feel like I screwed up, And that kid lost his father. I can't even believe it was Mr. Li who did it. He had a good heart at F.E.A.S.T. even Aunt May looked up to him. How could he do something some horrible?! WHY would he do this?!

MJ: Peter.....sometimes people change into something so awful. Even Mr. Li had it hard as a kid. And who knows how long he held on to his hate. So I think it's just a question if the real Martin Li you and Aunt May knew was even there before.

Peter: Yeah but either way I should have been more active something told me I didn't really catch the leader. Fisk was right. These terrorists have nothing holding them back thanks to me.

MJ: What were you suppose to do? Let him keep Godfathering the whole city?

MJ always had a fair point Fisk was just as trouble as these Demons maybe worse

MJ: Listen...I know you too well to say you should give yourself a break. What about Yuri? Does she have any leads on Li?

Peter: She's not looking for him. She doesn't even believe me.

MJ: What about Ned?

Peter: College has him pulled away from his....."Chair".

MJ: Then it's up to us to stop him. Look I've been doing some research. Can you swing me by home? I have an address you could check out.

Peter: Uh....sure yeah. Just....let me find a safe place to change.

We cut to when the Davis and Morales family where Aaron had just drove Miles and Rio home and Miles was silent through the whole drive soon as they pulled up Rio grabbed her purse and Miles remained silent

Rio: Thank you for driving us Aaron.

Aaron: My pleasure. It's the least I can do.

Aaron was the first to notice Miles sitting back there like a statue

Aaron: Rio....mind if I talk to the boy for five minutes? Alone?

Rio: Oh....not at all. You two take your time.

Rio exited the car and Aaron turned back towards Miles still facing down

Miles says nothing as soon as his mom leaves. He didn’t even bother looking up to acknowledge his uncle was talking to him, as if his mind was completely blank.

Aaron: Kiddo, I....I know it's gonna take some time. I can't imagine what you're going through. I'm gonna miss him too.

Still no response gets through to him.

Aaron: Miles? Look.....shit like this happens every day and there's gonna be hard times. But Jeff always said when it comes the hardest gotta fight harder even if you have to taste danger. Take chances you might you lose, feel the turbulence on the back of your wings, swim with the sharks, ya know....cause the real heroes are the people who never give up.

That briefly catches Miles attention back when his dad told him before the incident

Miles: Dad told you that too....?

Aaron: Way before he took up the whole renegade cop thing.

Miles: And yet.....the thought never occurred that this was where he was gonna end up?

Aaron: Miles.

Miles: Honestly, just let me know if you had thought about it. The urge, the nerve to dip your feet at the edge of that piranha tank, knowing there’s unlikely a chance to get out unscathed?

Aaron: You can’t think like that, man......I—I’ll admit I’ve run into my fair share of blockades and obstacles....and run-ins with the law. But all I wanted to was to provide for you and the rest. I’m no fan of rioting or violence or death but as a victim and a bystander to violence all my life, it’s safe to say its impossible to avoid it.


Miles: Have you ever thought of running away?

Aaron: The better question is ‘WHY do you want to run?’ You can run as fast as your legs and your mind can carry you but your problems will haunt you every step of the way. Our family doesn’t run from things, Miles. Miles: Neither did he.... Aaron: So you see my point?

He only nods at the the slowly inclining but he still found it hard to see the sun under this dark cloud. He don't know how to work through this without.....breaking someone’s face.

Aaron: Miles, let me tell you something: there's sweet lady from the shelter I'm staying at. She's got a nephew who.....pretty much had the same bad luck. He had an uncle that always told him about some responsibility that came with great power. Matter of fact, you just met him like 10 minutes ago.

Miles: You mean that Parker guy?

Aaron: That’s him. We way go back.

Miles: When he was my age?

Aaron: Yeah. He was....pretty....pretty out there. Like he couldn’t fully manage everything. But he had balls. He had guts. He had heart. And it’s taken me a long time to find someone other than your father to have all that.

Miles: I see.....and he must have been....trying to tell me that himself....and I threw in his face. Aaron: You were grieving, man. We all were. We all do.

Miles: I’ll see if I can make up for that.

Aaron: Last I heard, he works down at the F.E.A.S.T center. Maybe you run into him there, see if you can apply. Something to take your mind off this......

He nods slightly, taking and shaking his uncles hand before finally peeking the runway of smiles.

The tone for the rest of the day was rather murky, both in temperature measuring around close to 80 degrees and the weather as the cumulonimbus clouds rolled over the sky contemplating between drizzling or pouring down buckets of precipitation. For the later of the moment, it was only a slight drizzle which made didn’t make it easier for Peter to get over everything. His responsibility to protect Jeff let alone the people at his celebration cost more than just HIS life and he couldn’t help but feel as if Spider-Man’s reputation would change forever. Dropping off MJ back at her apartment having to wrestle with that thought in his head made it one of, if not the most awkward swing in his life after Michelle. But at least, there's no worrying about whether or not she's be sneaking out and about again.

MJ: Thanks for the ride, I—I really needed that.

Peter: Anytime. I think, umm......I think I need to get back out there. Much as I want to relax, I—

He stops in his tracks for the sight of another camera on a tripod lurking off in the distance struck him in the face. It was almost as if it was calling to him to snoop around. Luckily, he catches his train of thought again.

Peter:....I-I have to get back out there. Li needs to stopped.

MJ: Which is why I just sent you a text. It has very valuable information which you can dissect when you’re up for it. I wanted to show you in person but I gotta get back to— Peter: No worries, I understand. Thanks again. The two embrace in a hug.

MJ: Hope you take care of yourself. Peter: Same with you. I’ll see you soon.

Brief little glance later, the two walk away from each other as MJ heads back inside. Groaning loudly as Peter just teeters himself over the edge of the roof, the tension to watch all the strolling civilians and the speeding cars became difficult to enjoy. Nothing could possibly break off the monotony for what was already a dark and gloomy afternoon. The only solution was to find a way to entertain himself since then. And then he looked back to that camera perched on the roof. Reaching into his shirt pocket and donning a pair of advanced Matsuda retro sunglasses, he taps on the brim of the legs expanding his vision so he can see the camera clearly.

Peter: Oh god. Here we go again.

Staying cautiously out of sight but leaping to the building across from MJ’s apartment, he comes into contact with yet another camera on a tripod surrounded by a blanket, pictures and some other trinkets, none of which mattered to him. Wasting no time, he digs through the lenses and searches around. When her painting shows up, via him zooming out and moving the lenses down the bottom left, that’s when he saw the cat nearby peeking itself out of the window on the roof and snapped a photo. This area however looked somewhat familiar to him.

Peter: I think they sell rare wine here. Well, she’s definitely branching out.

She’s calling you.

Peter: Thanks, EDITH. Accept.

My oh my, look at what we have here. Once again, the spiders’ fallen into my litter box.

Peter: You know I’m not very fond of your puns.

I beg to differ.

Peter: Yeah, well at least, I’m not the one diminishing my own credibility and suffering from breaking a promise I couldn’t keep. 

Awww, poor spider. I know I disappointed you when I couldn’t go straight but....why mess with perfection? The straight and narrow got boring.....very quickly. Further illustrates how much I love making you chase me. Someday.....I might even let you catch me.

Peter: Its going to happen one way or another.

True. But just not today.

She hangs up on the other end and once more, it left Peter conflicted and frustrated. All he knew was there was more where that came from. But in order to save himself a bit of that frustration, he took a gamble and asked Karen for a favor. “EDITH, put Karen on the line." Whether or not it would pay off would take awhile. But now he needed to focus on more important matters.

Peter: Hey, Karen. Pull up phone HUD display.

Vibrating through the lenses of his glasses, he immediately pulls up a digital file of his text messages skimming past past texts from Happy Hogan, Harry, May, bills, bills, more bills and an urgent plea from Rob Lowe. Finally, skimming down led him straight to MJ’s stream of texts which haven’t been refreshed since late last year. Until today. Opening up the recent message came a flood of information: Document files and confirmation papers on Martin Li buying the recycling center around last year AND Consolidated Shipping. As for the actual address, it was closer than he had surmised.

Peter: Holy—

He exerted a grunt of amusement and frustration, finally having something done about the man who threw decades of accomplishments down the drain for seemingly least he hoped it wasn’t just for nothing.

Peter: Karen, I need to ask you a favor. Give me a orbital scan all around Manhattan, see if you can track down any misplaced cameras on rooftops or cats with range extenders that harvest RFID signals. See if anything pops up in common between where they’re located or how they’ve been placed. In the meantime, I’m heading to the recycling center.

Can do. Dispensing orbital scan immediately. Good luck, Peter.

So many kaleidoscopic beats nailing him on the head as much as him barely swinging and slinking through an alleyway: How he let Martin he let Jeff down. How he felt let Miles down, knowing that his favorite superhero/role model wasn't there to protect the people that mattered to him. It continued to eat at him the entire length of the swing over to the recycling center.

By the time he arrives though, an interesting revelation befalls him: The recycling center was completely deserted. Nobody pacing, nobody guarding the door, nobody dozing off due to boredom, nobody was there. And it puzzled Peter to no end. He could only hope that MJ didn’t send him to the wrong place on accident. Didn’t hurt to check the text again. Bringing up the address again, there was no typo, no misspelling, she didn’t miss anything: this was the location. MJ’s hunch might’ve been right but no one was in sight. Again, Peter had to assume that Demons were off on another shift. So he had to investigate further. First line of snooping meant going command central: the front entrance. Didn’t take too long for Spidey to find but it wasn’t exactly a cakewalk. The entrance door grate was embedded with a high security lock which meant barging through was out of the question. What was in question was Why does this have a high security lock? Banks normally have this. At least that’s what Peter thought to himself. Luckily, with high security locks, they normally come with a junction box to keep the door from letting in who it’s not supposed to, so Peter switched the sights on his lenses to his enhanced vision. Delving through the door and underneath the ground, the wires from the door led all the way to his left. The wires led to a power box. There was one right beside him behind a lightpost. One behind a pile of boxes. And another behind the wall with the original junction box.

All three activated with an electric jolt from his taser webs and the door was pushed open. Sliding straight through and up to the next vent inside, Peter only assumed the doors were locked so he didn’t take the chance. I mean, for a hideout, it had to be well guarded enough to not leave any doors unlocked.

Yo-yoing down from the next vent, the room he came across had that retched, that foul, that incriminating smell and scent to the point where might as well well have “evidence” and “schemers nest” written all over it. Peter was shocked at the endless crates of rifles and AK-47’s and sub-machine guns from Fisk’s armory was stashed in the corner of this one tiny room. But then the table to his right brought forward his attention in an even more pressing matter: the trucks were being used as bombs: the bombs he could barely see from the edge of said table. Unfortunately, he wasn’t done yet. His eyes locking onto the center of the room discovered a map. Peter didn’t like where or how this looked.

Spider-Man: This must be where they’re planning to attack next. Gotta—Wait, wait a minute.

Dissecting the red marker from where they stationed to go and back to where they come from, the dots were starting to connect. From first glance alone, it looked incriminating. From second glance, it was pretty much clear from the offset that this felt like an attack that had planned for far too long. But in the process, another address was earned.

Spider-Man: What the hell were you doing, Martin? Karen, call MJ.

Peter. Did you find him?

Spider-Man: Li’s not here. But the address you sent was no joke: this place is being used as a front for the Demons: gun-running, weapon’s crafting, I even saw most of them were taken from Fisk’s construction site as well as truck bombs.

Oh my god.

Spider-Man: Even worse, there’s this map. Red marker linings all separated, stretched out from another landed their targets at multiple campaign offices, all of which lead back to another address. Turns out this wasn’t a gang war. They were stealing from Fisk to go after Norman.

Osborn? The mayor?

Spider-Man: Yep, that’s him.

That makes sense.....but at the same time, it doesn’t. I know Norman's a jerk and all but....what would drive Li so deep to make him want to eliminate him?

Spider-Man: Beats me. But I think I'll find more answers back at his office at F.E.A.S.T.

Oh god....what about May? You don't think she's in danger, do you?

Spider-Man: No. When Li left, he put her in charge. I think she and everyone there are safe. The real target’s Osborn.

What about Harry? He may be out of town do we know Li won't try to track him down to get to Norman?

He couldn’t help it. The thought pondered greatly in the back of his mind, how it was common lore that said heroes friends become the perfect bad guy target. If it could happen to Liz, Michelle, Ned and especially MJ, the absentee Harry Osborn is no exception. He wouldn’t allow the same to happen to him.

Spider-Man: Point taken. I’ll try and reach him after this. In the meantime, I’ll get to Consolidated Shipping. The address I found appears to be the exact location.

Be careful.

And careful he was for a full 2000 meters away before he reached the actual Consolidated Shipping site. By the time he arrives, the drizzle has come and gone, replaced by an actual rainshower. Also, THIS time, a substantial number of Demons were present. Nothing he can’t handle. But not something he was completely crazy about, for the building with the crucial information was mere feet away. So instead of methodically clearing out the entire area, Peter stuck to the rooftops, leaping from one perch to the next. Snipers were priority number one.

But there was an easier way: trip mines. Sneaking behind one itchy trigger-finger sniper via enhanced stealth mode, Peter just snapped a trip mine behind him while stepping over the wire that would trigger the mechanism. The process repeated for all the other four snipers amongst the roof.... ....and they all feel for it. The wires were tripped and they were immediately chucked off the roof, webbed up to the side of the building on the other side. Clear pathway between him and the next window vent and..... Spider-Man: Inside we go. Diving in feet first, the room more or less was less in information spilling than the other one was. Nothing was sticking out or hidden in plain sight or obscurely placed in a position to where anything can be picked out or verified because the room was practically empty. All that it did have was a pink piece of paper dating back to Pale Horse Ridez attached to clipboard and another map clipped to the wall. This time, one showcasing the Demons multiple places of venue.

Spider-Man: Warehouses all around the city? Yeah, they have an army alright.

Suddenly, a slight bum-bum-bump rung through his eardrums as his attention turned to the door. Pop-shots after pop shots muffled by indescribable shouting and screaming was all Peter can hear from eavesdropping before most of it finally died down. Needless to say, he didn’t need another rundown from what just happened through Karen but it wouldn’t stop her.

There’s been a disturbance outside, Peter.

Spider-Man: Dually noted.

Bursting through the doors, the scene before him laid another horrific massacre consisting of nightmare fuel. Riddled with holes through their chests and some with their faces and masks burnt up, the Demons looked incredibly outmatched as a literal pile of them laid stripped of life. All except for one. Struggling and slipping to his feet, another gunshot crippled him back to his knees and the only thing he could see was in relation to the ground. His luck continued to run out the moment he inches himself up. Two heavily armored guards color-crossed in black and Silver ziplines down from the roof of the snipers. Almost immediately, they continue to mollywhop him aside and kick him.

Guard #2: Oh No no no. This one’s mine.

  1. 1: Alright.
  1. 2: Hold him up. I’m executing this son of a—

Spider-Man: Hey! Back the hell up. That’s not how we do things DOWN. TOWN!

He says as he zipped the guns away and launching them back at the mysterious armored forces only as a distraction. Following a knee to the face on one guard and a jumping axe-handle to the other, his heightened senses heard more guns being aimed and cocked from mere feet away. Multiple silver-armored men surrounded Consolidated Shipping in droves, more coming down from the roofs and barging through the front entrance guns armed and ready to shoot. The fact that they however had the decency to keep their distance from Peter struck a curious chord with him as they kept clearing the way for ‘Silver Bird’ to drop in and take it from there. Helicopter propellers flutter from up above only deepened his curiosity. Two of them came by and one held a mysterious woman shredded in silver (Léa Seydoux). And unlike an infamous platinum blonde, her hair was completely silver blending in with the rest of her outfit. The look on her face spelled trouble with Pete's eye lens lowering in curiosity. But no need to wonder no longer as she hopped down from above, dropping four disks at his direction. Leaping out the way did nothing for the wall-crawler, as homing electric wires popped from the discs and tied him up to the ground as soon as the discs landed.

No sooner should the woman land square on her feet does Spider-Man struggle and nearly succeed in ripping free. The woman only smirks as she pressed on the side of her right gun, increasing the voltage of the wires and watching the wall-crawler shake and twitch like a convulsing cockroach. Luckily, the sound of sirens pulling up past the armored vehicles halted the progression as the captain herself grabbed the gray haired woman by the shoulder.

Yuri: NO! STOP! He works with us.

The look of sudden resentment never brushed over the woman’s face neither came a hint of anger or annoyance. In fact, there was barely even a reaction. Yuri wondered whether or not she was deaf or something. But few seconds pass and she clicks the side of her guns, releasing Spidey. Needless to say, she was understandably reluctant about it.

Spider-Man: Yuri. Explanation, please.

Yuri: This is Silver Sablinova from Sable International. She and her army are here in official business, paid for by Mayor Osborn.

Spider-Man: Oh great, he’s got a pet army now.

He sort of has to look over at Sable, seeing how annoyed she was with him already.

Spider-Man: I was just doing my job, Sable.

Sable: Let me make one thing clear: Next time you get in my way, I will not be so gentle.

Spider-Man: Says the women who hired over 50 armored zilits to pop me with lead while you nearly electrocute me with wires. Did Looney tunes teach you that line by the way?

Already, slight irritation kicked as Sable growled, nearly throwing a punch before Yuri grabs her arm.

Yuri: He didn't mean it like that. Please.

Sable: I'm surprise you let him interfere with police business. 

Yuri: He's.....he's an Avenger.

Sable: Whatever Fury pays you, tell him not to nose his one eye on my job again.

Spider-Man: Umm, first of all, it’s not up to you whether Fury snoops on you or not. And if you don’t mind me asking, how the hell do you know Nick Fury?

It's no surprise that she would

That answer didn’t come nearly as fast as Yuri and Sables rapid fire stone cold glances over at his direction. Because to answer his question: “who DOESN’T know Nick Fury?”

Spider-Man: Never mind, stupid question. I should get back on patrol.

Sable: Clear from all charges, plucked off the radar, it doesn’t matter to me. Just know....I will be watching you.

Not wanting to continue this argument any further the webslinger web zipped straight up with Sable just staring up at him so SERIOUS and Yuri walking away from her

Peter was just so stumped that Norman would hire an army so strict and black and white thinking back to his trip in Europe when he met Fury made him wonder who else he was in touch with he thought of getting a hold of him but no answer from him

He even tried Happy Hogan only to hear he and the remaining Stark Family were out of town for awhile so once again our hero was on his own besides having MJ to help and he felt there was nothing else to do except head to F.E.A.S.T. to see if there's any clues on Martin Li's corrupt personality

Once there Pete out of costume found May in the kitchen doing the dishes and didn't take long for her to notice him walking in

May: Peter. I figured you were out swinging around.

Peter: I was. I was just in the neighborhood thought I swing by.

May: I saw what went on at City Hall on the news. I was worried.

Peter: Uh....yeah just jumped me. I was there with MJ while she was covering a story.

May: Mary Jane? Oh please tell me you two are back together.

Peter: We're....talking. Baby steps. I mean Felica broke out of jail and....

May: WHAT??!!

Peter: DON'T worry. I'm not gonna let her get to me again. She's a criminal. And I'm only gonna look at her as one. Nothing more.

May: Good. Last time I saw that woman she stole two of my family air looms. And the way she....messed with your head that was the last straw. So Peter? If you ever encounter her again don't EVER let her get in the way again.

May's serious tone sure gave Peter some goosebumps

Peter: You got it.

May: *Smiles* Good.

Peter: But what about you? Who's doing your old job while you're running this place for Mr. Li?

May: *Chuckles* I am. But I wouldn't mind more help. Know anyone?

Peter: Actually I do. You know a kid named...Miles Morales?

May: Morales? Wait....isn't that the name of Aaron's nephew?

Peter: Y---Y--Yeah. He's his father's brother who was Jefferson Davis. The cop who was being honored at city hall.

May: Oh good lord....

Peter: Yeah I talked to him and Aaron at the funeral. He'as a real smart boy. But....he's really going through so much.

May: I knew a boy like that once.

Peter: I even remember it helped to....stay busy. I was thinking it could help him too.

May: Well...I did just got off the phone with Aaron. He asked if it was ok he could come help with a few things.

Peter nodded and he pulled out the paper Rio gave to him at the funeral and handed it to May

Peter: Here's his mom's number.

May: *Takes it* Thanks sweetheart. I'll give her a call when I can.

Peter: By the way....have you...heard from Mr. Li today?

May: No. Why?

Peter: Oh just....wondering . I'll have to get back to my....patrol soon I'm gonna see if there's anything I can do first.

May: Please be careful when you go back out ok?

Peter: Sure.

Peter finally left the kitchen and soon his expression turned serious as he went up to Li's office he grabbed the door nob but no surprise it was locked Pete soon spotted an air vent above the door and looking back making sure no one was around Pete pulled both his web shooters out of his pockets and placed them placed them on his wrists and zipped up to the vent

And then Pete came out landing in the middle of Li's office and the first thing he noticed was the shrine of Li's parents which had Pete curious on why that was there

Peter: Li's parents? he said they left him at an orphanage in Hong Kong. I guess MJ's hunch was correct. There must be more than what he let on.

It didn't take him long to noticed the key hole on the side of the shrine Pete frowned again as there could be another room behind it he went to Li's desk where he found a note from Li to May which was the same one he was writing before Peter showed him the Demon Mask he picked it up and read it

Dear May 'Please forgive me but I didn't had the heart to tell you this in person. But I'm not really coming back. Because sooner or later you're going to hear things that say I'm a terrorist and a murderer. They're all going to be true. But what is also true was how grateful I am that you were willing to help me help the hopeless. It even brought me hope. Tell Peter I'm sorry too. He's a good kid. Tell him I was proud. But I'm so sorry to let you down. Please don't loose your faith in F.E.A.S.T. because of my failings.

Martin Li

Peter placed the note down and went in a drawer of the desk and found Li's journal which gave him some more information of Li's connection with the Demons he even found a key that could FIT that key hole in the shrine

Peter fitted the key in and what it opened was the WHOLE shrine to a back room where Pete saw more Demon Masks shinning weapons that glew like their powers he even saw he had articles of Norman Osborn in the middle wall it was for sure Li was obsessed with Norman and to his bigger surprise guess what he found on the table infront of it

Peter: Is that.....the file from Fisk's auction house?

That's right the Devil's Breath file the Demons took it from MJ and Li had it here the whole time and now he knew he had SOLIDE evidence for Yuri Pete took the file hiding it in his back pack Pete was about to leave until....he tripped on something causing his spider sense to go off and leaped to the ceiling just as the flour was electrifying seemed Li left a trap case there were any intruders but lucky for Pete he found another air vent that lead him to the laundry room

Pete came out with caution till he heard....a familiar voice

Hello Peter.

Peter's heart jumped as he turns around and it went up his throat as he saw who it was

Peter: Mr....Li???? I...thought you were out of town...

Martin: I hope you found what you were looking for.

Peter: Uh...uh....


Saved by the second voice Pete saw May coming by with a box of cereal boxes

May: Back so soon?

Peter: I'll take those! *Takes them *

Li putted on a smile to May

Martin: Not for long actually. I just forgot something at my office.

May: Did you hear about City Hall?

Martin: Uhhh…....yes. Yes I did. *Turns to Peter* How tragic.

May: Peter and Mary Jane were there. They were very lucky to get out of there alive

Martin: You? at an Osborn rally? I didn't know you were a fan.

May: Actually they know Mayor Osborn's son Harry. They spent childhood together. Right Peter?

Martin: So you two are friends with an Osborn huh??

Hearing that made MJ's other hunch correct it would seem sooner or later Martin may go after Harry too Peter was tempted to warn May about Li but worried that would jeopardize her and everyone here

Martin: Anyway....what matters now is that you two are safe and sound.

May: Amen.

Peter: But aren't you worried the bombers are still out there? Who knows what they planned next.

Martin: Trust me I don't think you or May have nothing to worry about. As LONG as you don't SWING into places you're not suppose to be.

Now that scared Peter more when he said that wondering if he possibly figured out his secret by catching him coming out of the vent but that was a question yet to be answered later

Martin: Well....I better go. My flight leaves in 20 minutes.

May: Do you know yet when you'll be back?

Martin: No not yet. I suppose whenever my work in Hong Kong is done. Once again....Goodbye May. Peter.

Martin turned away and walked down the hall to the front door some of the homeless even Gloria waved at him he tried to reply with smiles and waves but most of them time he tried not to show his real expression to them....and it was a grudge

Pete frowned again but lower after he saw this slight little speck of energy sparkle from Martins fingertips before his hand went into his pocket. Once again, another indication of the man he once knew and the man he is now was no longer one of the same. 

Thing is he wasn’t the only one to notice that.

May: Did I just see—

Peter: If we’re talking about the same thing, yes.

Peter was tempted to warn May about Li but worried that would jeopardize her and everyone here. But the temptation not to do so weared off.

May: What are you thinking right now, Peter?

Peter: I'm thinking you need to stand back. 

Him being the experienced crime fighter, May had to oblige wearily. Peter takes the forward leap ahead, tailing Li no sooner should he leave. 

What starts as a mild power walk soon gallops into a run and then a frantic sprint towards the front door as he burst straight through. Peter was just in time to see Martin take his leave in his limo a few feet from the center. Breathing heavily as he burst out the door, the glance Li gave him as he stood as immobile as possible told him I’ll be expecting you soon. And Peter ashamed and embarrassed, bit against the urge to ball his fists up and hit something. 

Easier said than done as a homeless man, for seemingly no reason, came ducking in to tackle Peter from behind unaware his spider-sense allowed him to avoid said attack. Almost immediately however, he got back up.

Then there came more homeless people from both sides of the building and each took a turn ganging up and trying to punch Peters lights out. "Wait wait wait!", he pleads to no avail. Noticing each one had the exact same negative streamline kinetic energy glowing through their bodies and how relentless their offense was getting, there was no getting through with them. All he could do was stay on the defense while his eyes repeatedly gaze over to Li escaping in his limo.

He couldn't see the apparent look of regret plastered over Martins face and the glare of sorrow in his eyes. His demeanor looks sad at first but slowly, gradually builds up to a demented smirk as the limo drives off. 

Left with no choice, Peter's urge to pull his punches was no longer ignored as he had kicked one attackee to the railing following another block check strike. He got tackled from behind, grabbed from the hips. No leverage to shake him off following his increased durability so Peter had to swing around to loosen the grip while kicking another homeless man down at the same time.

The energy appeared to have died off by the time all four of them hit the ground and even worse, none of them appeared to be breathing at least to a point where it was or wasn’t obvious. As Peter went down to check, his fears were founded: while he didn't kill him, the negative energy nearly did.

Menacing glare over his face as he left was one thing but his eyes radiating with negative energy like under some finicky advanced possession didn't make Peter all the more comfortable. Glancing down at the now defenseless band of homeless folks who attacked him, without hesitation no less, there was no beating around the bush any longer.

Li knew exactly who he was. 

The unpredictability of his Aunt coming into danger wasn't a guarantee anymore and that name drop following their conversation didn't give Peter any hope that Harry wouldn't be in trouble again. Making matters even more complicated is how he knew about the Devil's Breath, why his grudge with Norman Osborn is even a thing and why these are the lengths Li had chosen this far to go. Did he care this much about tarnishing Osborn's legacy he was willing to doom the entire city over it?

Didn't have time to find out so he takes out EDITH to make the call, and hoping this would be enough to get some hard earned justice for the man he once called his friend. 

Peter: Yuri. How are you?

Luckily.....still employed. We just got back from confiscating the evidence you informed me of over at the recycling center. As of right now......still the captain. What's happening on your end? 

Peter: Lots more where that came from. When you get a chance, head to the F.E.A.S.T center and you'll find the rest of the evidence you need.

What exactly am I going to find? 

Peter: A lovely woman named May Parker.....and a lot of stuff in his office pinpointing his destructive nature and next plan of attack. He's got something called "Devil's Breath" planned.

Sounds destructive. What exactly is it? 

Peter: Sounds like a bioweapon honestly. Picked up the folder with the information back at Fisk's auction house.

Any chance I can look at it? 

Peter: Yeah but first I need to hold on to it till I can learn more about it. I'll send you copies when I'm done.

Ok, good work. We're on our way to the center now. And if we find what you say is there, I'll put on an OFFICIAL search for Martin Li. 

Peter: Thanks, Yuri. EDITH, call MJ.

Calling Mary Jane Watson

Switching lines, disconnecting and reconnecting simultaneously, Peter got no reaction from the other side of the phone before he made the first move. 

Peter: MJ, hey. I think you might wanna hear this.

Hey, Pete. I don't think this is a good time. 

Peter: That why you're whispering?

Yeah, I'm in the middle of something. Maybe you can tell me later tonight.....say, dinner at my place? 

"OH", was all he could mutter. The conversation from the ceremony seemed to be rubbing off on them both in the best possible way. Slight baby steps into getting back to each other on a friendly basis were progressing smoothly albeit on such a bumpy collision course. Now might've not been the best time to take a minor break but anything if it meant MJ was there.

Peter: Umm.....yeah. Yeah, absolutely, sure. I can cook if you want.

Cool. See ya around.

Peter: Oh man...Dinner at MJ's. Hm. What should I even cook? Without burning anything that is.

Try Chicken Curry. They're a lot more easier to make in your experience.

Peter: Oh yeah. May loved that on her birthday last year. Thanks for the tip Edith.

Peter was just about to remove the glasses until....

Peter wait! You have a call from: Otto Octavius

Peter: Oh. I wonder if this is about his idea he mentioned on my voicemail. Accept. Hi Doctor. How you doing?

Great! Just great! Cause I got exciting news! Can you come by the lab?

Peter: You....yo mean right now?

This my defining moment! You have to see this!

Peter: Uh....Uh....that's great Doc but....I...I've made dinner plans with Mary Jane. Any chance I can come by tomorrow?

It won't take long. I promise. I know you have your hands full with your...second job. I have been watching the news but this will be real quick. You NEED to see this!

Peter: Uh....I guess....I could swing by for just a minute.

Terrific! I'll see you soon!

The line hung up and Peter took off Edith placing them in his pocket with so much thoughts in his mind the way Otto sounded he seemed more happier since Norman cut his funding made him wonder more if he had his job back

We cut to a minute later back at Octavius Industries finally where Pete came in in his lab coat which was the first time in weeks since he wore it

Peter: Doctor?

Over here Peter.

Pete looked over to the further back and noticed all the new equipment and boxes all around the lab and Peter could not help but to be amazed that his former boss had been busy since their funding was cut

Peter: My god. Look at all these new stuff. Where did you get all this equipment?

Otto: I called some old colleagues of mine. For every last favor. I had to take out a few loans but for the first time in weeks it's like we're starting over again. But THIS's going to be a hell of a lot different!

Peter came over at his position to see their robotic arm just had an UPGRADE it was bigger stronger even looked more advanced than ever

Peter: Gee Doc. You really been busy.

Otto: The Mayor cutting our funding motivated me enough to upgrade our project. And we're JUST getting started my boy. You see we've been looking at prosthetics from the wrong perspective. And it had me thinking: "Why restore people to what they use to be....when we can make them even BETTER?"

The tone of Otto's voice sounded so positive Peter never even seen him like this before not even when he attended his classes at Empire State

Otto: ready to witness the new generation to human kind?

Peter: As I ever will be.

Otto then picked up a remote controller which obviously controls the arm even at it's old state Otto switched it on and made the arm lift itself to it's highest

Peter gasped softly the way it did Otto chuckled at his reaction and as it was about to grab the coffee sadly began to spike again

Otto: No...No No NO!!

Peter: Everything ok?

The arm manage to grab the mug but then shorted out again and dropped the mug smashing as it hit the flour which drove Otto crazy

Otto: GODAMMIT!! I hope you're happy Norman....this is all your fault you SON OF A BITCH!!

Otto threw the remote on the flour with rage bursting out of his lungs and they sounded more HATEFUL than angry which worried Peter what this was doing to him he looked back seeing Otto starting to sadden as he leaned down on the table

Peter: I'm sorry Doc. I guess I now know who you're not voting for in the next election.

The Doc looked up to him with seriousness on his face

Peter: I uh....I didn't mean it like that. It was a joke. I....have a habit of making bad jokes in....tense situations.

Otto: *Wides a smiles and chuckles* No worries Peter. It was a good joke. I bet you used them more on your enemies don't you?

Peter: You caught me there. But I know you're not one of them.

Otto: Course not Parker. Never will be. It was just an overreaction. Something I had since I was young.

Peter: How bout you take a break. And I'll clean all this up.

Otto nodded and he slowly walked to his chair and sat down as Peter grabbed the near by broom where it was always kept during each hiccup they had and as he swept up the mug pieces Peter just couldn't help but to be couldn't help but to be curious on what Otto had with Norman

Given he's one of his best friend's dad and he works for a man who hates him so much but doesn't blame him despite he didn't want to hurt his friend Harry but he had to know what the deal was

Peter: I don't mean to pry Doc but....what's the deal with you and Mr. Osborn? He said you two were friends or something.

Otto: We were. We were lab partners and roommates in college. Like you and his boy were. Curt (Dr. Connors) was our Ned Leeds.

They chuckled after that

Otto: We almost did every experiment and project together, mostly Norman and me but we did reptile DNA with Curt. After graduation we decided to build a company together. We both had visions of....changing the world. We just had different ideas about it.

Peter: worked at Oscorp?

Otto: Better. I helped built it. I'm even the second reason it's called Oscorp. In grad school our classmates and teachers called us the O's. Norman thought it had a nice ring by adding corp so....when he bought the old Avengers Tower that's what he named it. Norman became President of the Contract Deques Labs. I became the Head of Research to our projects.

Peter: Then....why did you quit?

Otto: Norman became more and more obsessed with genetics. He started working on a project he called.....GR-27. It's a reducing serum that could possibly cure any dieses in the world. Even Cancer. The only problem was unethical. And then there was this.....incident that....

Peter stared at the way he paused like there was more to the story that seemed to hide some event which could have destroyed their friendship forever

Otto: Let's just say it cost so much. And then Lawyers got involved and....I just couldn't stay there after that. I went back to Empire State to teach with Curt while looking into building my own company. I relied on Grants ever since.

Peter: I see....sounds like you been through a lot there. Did you guys ever tried patching things up?

Otto: Norman tried once or twice but.....he's still on about that GR project. I just can't be around him as long as he is. If.....if this project doesn't work...…

Peter: It will. Cause I think I found the problem. The circuit was just a little short.

Peter took a half minute to reroute the circuit on the pad and just after Otto brought in some fresh brewed coffee he let Peter use the controller so when he did the arm moved again and gently grabbed the mug lifting it up which impressed them both and they chuckled

Peter: Wow! I think we did it!

Otto: Indeed. It seems to like you more. Hehehe that was a joke too. But none the less next step: Neural Interface.

Peter: Gee Doc. That sounds like a lot of work to do by yourself. I can still help. I haven't found another job yet.

Otto: That's nice of you to say but my funding's are still.....

Peter: I know but the point "Second" job is also about changing the world too. So what's a few bucks for?

Otto: *Chuckles* That's the spirit Peter. *Picks up his mug* To changing the world.

Peter made the arm clang his mug to Otto's to make a toast to changing the world Otto became more and more proud how Peter was dedicated into changing the world and he knew his alter ego as Spider-Man was just a slight start on that but Peter's motivations were just the same as they are now even during EVERYTHING he went through with the Avengers Toomes Thanos Mysterio and even his trips to the multiverse that saved his identity and when he encountered Venom in St Francisco

But those were stories to be told later but for now this was to a better future

Later that 8PM sharp we finally come to Mary Jane's apartment where the doorbell rang and MJ rushed to it's opening it before Pete could quote she just pulled him and just the door which had Peter.....a LITTLE jumpy

MJ: Peter! So glad you came. You are not gonna believe what just happened.

Peter: Uhh…

MJ: You know that Address you found at Li's base? I went there.

Peter: You....WHAT?!?!

MJ: Before you give me the "You could have been killed" lecture just check this out.

MJ reached in her pocket and pulled out a weird device she picked up during her infiltration to God knows where

Peter: What's this?

MJ: I got it off an old mutual friend of ours. And you won't believe who so just listen.

(To be continued)

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