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Spider-Man is a 2018 live action superhero comedy, drama, tragedy and adventure flick based on the highly popular 2018 video game of the same name and is yet another sequel to the long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe and based off the Marvel comics by Stan Lee (1922-2018). Halfway through the development time of Spider-Man: Summer Tour, SONY, who STILL held the rights to the Spider-Man character at the time, approached Marvel Studios and began talks for ONE MORE Spider-Man film to be included into the MCU, this time based off the popular game from Insomniac. Once Marvel found out that their idea involved transforming one of the best video games of 2018 into a game-to-film adaptation, the studio went dead silent for months, giving their unlucky nature with games in the past. It wasn't until AFTER principal photography for Doctor Strange 2 ended that Marvel came back at SONY with a response. Marvel Studios AGREED to help SONY take on the project, with the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige throwing in a curveball saying that if the film based off the game suffered worse than the game itself, they would FULLY get the rights back to Spider-Man 100%. SONY was hesitant but alas, they agreed on the decision and principal photography began shortly before the beginning of Phase 5.

The film is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and Columbia Pictures. It will also be produced by Kevin Feige and two of the original Spider-Man directors, Jon Watts and Sam Raimi. Finally, the film will be directed by the man behind the Kingsman films, Matthew Vaughn.


  • Dylan O'Brien as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Mark Hamill as Dr. Otto Octavius / Dr. Octopus (Doc Ock)
  • Katherine McNamara as Mary Jane Watson
  • Daniel Wu as Martin Li / Mr. Negative
  • Bryan Cranston as Norman Osborn
  • Constance Wu as Captain Yuri Watanabe
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as May Parker
  • Chosen Jacobs as Miles Morales
  • Chris O'Neal as Ned Leeds
  • Léa Seydoux as Silver Sablinova / Silver Sable
  • Morris Chestnut as Officer Jeff Davis
  • Donald Glover as Aaron Davis
  • Phil Morris as Dr. Morgan Michaels
  • Jennifer Connelly as KAREN
  • Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture
  • Michael Mando as Mac Gargen /Scorpion
  • Bokeem Woodbine as Herman Schultz / Shocker
  • Oleg Taktarov as Aleksei Sytsevich / Rhino
  • Aaron Paul as Max Dillon / Electro
  • Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin
  • Violett Beane as Felicia Hardy / Black Cat (voice)
  • J.K Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson
  • Amber Stevens West as Liz Allen
  • Zendaya as Michelle Jones
  • Michael Ja White as Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone)
  • Stanley Tucci as Charles Standish
  • Demian Birchir as Dr. Issac Delaney
  • Naomie Harris as Rose Rosemann
  • Charlie Rowe as Harry Osborn
  • Harrison Ford as Ben Parker

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Taking place years after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, a grown-up Peter Parker has to adjust to perma-adolescence, continuing to deal with the duality of life as a superhero while taking on a threat bigger than himself: responsibility.


Manhattan: The most densely populated of New York City's 5 boroughs currently at 1,664,727 It's mostly made up of Manhattan Island bounded by the Hudson East and Harlem rivers. Among the world's major commercial financial and cultural centers it's the heart of "The Big Apple"

A heart of such prosperity also lies the heart of injustice: the foul wretched dirty and disgusting plagues that locked the ethics and moral beliefs of this city tight in it's iron grip. Crime and corruption appear disappear reappear constant occurring almost a daily basis and with New York's Finest not every crime can either be held accountable for even dealt with in time. Especially with individual armies and underground empires of criminals waiting and praying for an opportunity to make this a vessel all theirs as their playground.

But when it became too much for police to get done on their own some outside interference would nice to help even the playing field in that instance there's only one.

A Black Widow Spider dangles it's web crafting taking it's time descending down from the window of an apartment in the Chinatown district of Manhattan. Right outside the windowsill lies a discarded and messy apartment in ruins

Keyboard circuit amiss

Dirty cloths

Dirty cabinets

Coffee mugs old Pizza boxes and Chinese takeout

Then there was the more rudimentary items: photographs of the landscape of New York and designated friends and family. Notebook full of drawings of projectile launching. Avengers articles. A memoir book written by the Mayor of New York. Newspapers describing all the natural disasters that had occurred rapidly in the city over the past few years pinned above the bed. A portrait of Tony Stark

But not so alarming as what lied across the bed: A webbed mask inside out connected to a USB hoper attached to a laptop that had been running all night. All this gave off the significance of someone who's either down on their luck or knows what they want to do but unsure of how do it

That would be further from the trough all things considered as an iPhone 7 rang excessively on the counter only to be swiped past the home screen and connected to the police dispatch

All units: level four mobilization. Location: Fisk Tower.

Alarmed 23 year old Peter Parker (Dylan O'Brien) bolted out from bed and traces back a few seconds listening back to that same line again.

Peter: Fisk.

No time to waste was the only thing running through his head at the moment whipping it two pieces of toast and flipping them into the toaster

On the side of his cabinet near the door laid his suit for the job He however cringes giving it a quick whiff and groaning in disgust under his breath seeing how he never got it cleaned. Tossing it over in the bed he clips on both his web shooters before zipping the toast over. Chowing down on fresh toast with no hands free he was left jumping into his suit looked and first soggy and hanging everywhere even after he unplugs the mask from the USB port turning it outside in

It isn't until he places the mask on that the outfit starts to resemble itself together. Slapping the logo on his chest the suit quickly fastens itself wrapping skintight around Peter's skin locking everything in place thanks to it's vacuum seal; compressing the suit to appear as though he is wearing nothing underneath

Thus appeared him in the Stark Suit (From Spider-man Homecoming)

Enter the Amazing Spider-Man

Getting a feel for the suit adjusting his camera shutter eye lenses a built-in augmented reality display system displays the HUD for the basic suit under an urgent SYSTEM LOADING warning. No sooner should the system loading complete the lenses zoom in catching the letter sliding underneath the crack of Peter's door: An urgent final notice letter regarding Peter's rent that been past due

To further drag it through the HUD quickly displays another stating "PAY YOUR BILLS PETER!" No question Mr. Diktovich was behind this much to Peter's dismay. He really wanted to get his life on track (If that's possible) but he stares back over at his phone still displaying the police dispatch radio he contemplates himself

Four steps forward and one step back as he looks down staring the letter in the face knowing how utterly close he was to being screwed

SWAT is 10-84 at Fisk Tower. All units standby warrant is en-route

Spider-Man: Aw man.....

No time for that now Peter thought to himself as he ran back towards the window and leaped out into the open streets of Chinatown quickly sipping away from his apartment running on railing and zip-lining past every avenue and block that came his way

Web swinging past Chinatown and into the Financial District he makes a quick call midway through

Spider-man: Karen, Call: Yuri.

Good morning, Peter. Calling Yuri Watanabe.

A dial tone and three rings later the connection went through.

Captain Watanabe.

Spider-Man: Hey Yuri it's me. Finally going after Fisk. Got anything to take him down yet?

Unfortunately no. We're at Fisk Tower but we're still waiting on the warrant. By this rate, it could take awhile

Spider-Man: Mind if I join in on the fun?

You know how his lawyers are. We can't tolerate with any outside interference. This needs to go by the book.

Spider-man: Ah C'mon Yuri. It's been 8 years now. You know how long I've been waiting for this.

You really want to help? Then head to Times Square. He's got his men keeping my back from reaching the scene

Spider-man: Right. On my way.

(To be continued)

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Featured Songs

  • Bon Jovi ~ Livin' On A Prayer, We Don’t Run
  • Nickelback ~ Hero, Home
  • Post Malone and Swae Lee ~ Sunflower
  • Shinedown ~ DEVIL
  • Hoobastank ~ The Reason
  • Spiderman Goes Heavy Metal ~ Your Friendly Neighborhood (You-Tube)
  • SIAMES ~ Firestorm
  • The Script ~ Superheroes

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