A Fetcher fan made fiction of Action Drama and Comedy based on the Video Game Marvel's Spider-man going years later after Spider-man homecoming and Far From Home where Peter Parker faces the most deadliest challenge of his life that will bring the entire city to crumble based on the Marvel comics by Stan Lee (1922 2018)

Feathering our favorite characters Mary Jane Watson May Parker Ned Leeds Otto Octavius Miles Morellis Martin Lee and many more


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Years later after all the events with the Avengers 23 year old Peter Parker now faces the ultimate road of double working as a scientist at Octavius Industries with Dr. Otto Octavius only to face a road of destruction when masked terrorists called the "Demons" threaten New York City with a path of death and destruction it's up to Spider-man and his allies to stop this madness before the city is consumed in utter chaos


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Post credit scenes

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