Spider-Man: Summer Tour is a 2021 live action superhero comedy, drama, tragedy and adventure flick based on the highly popular superhero and is yet another sequel to both Into The Spider-Verse and the long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe and based off the Marvel comics by Stan Lee. With the success of Spider-Man (2019 film), the latter of whom was filmed back to back alongside with and released earlier in the year, Marvel and SONY reached an impasse at their next meeting, eventually decided that for now, the best direction to take the popular superhero was backwards with a film that discussed Peter's first official interaction with Venom, Carnage and Mary Jane, officially inducting both characters into official MCU lore. Halfway through Phase 5 though, trouble was still brewing as the coronavirus epidemic had not died down so principal photography could not get underway.

Once the global pandemic died down, the ok was given to green light Spider-Man: Summer Tour, only at the cost of Jon Watts who expressed his concern to move onto other projects and exited the MCU on his own terms. Marvel didn't take their sweet time picking a new director a couple of weeks after he left just in time before shooting ever started.

The film is produced by Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. It will also be produced by Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau. Finally, the film will be directed by the man behind the first Iron Man and The Lion King reboot, Jon Favreau himself.

Main Cast

  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Madelaine Petsch as Mary Jane Watson
  • Tom Hardy as Edward "Eddie" Charles Allan Brock / Venom
  • Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady
  • Tao Okamoto as Lieutenant Yuri Watanabe
  • Marsai Tomei as May Parker
  • Matthew McConaughey as Norman Osborn
  • Charlie Rowe as Harry Osborn
  • Naomie Harris as Frances Barrison
  • Jennifer Connelly as KAREN (voice)
  • Jacob Batalon as Edward "Ned" Leeds
  • Zendaya as Michelle "MJ" Jones
  • Angourie Rice as Elizabeth "Betty" Brant
  • Tony Revolori as Eugene "Flash" Thompson
  • Madison Lintz as Felicia Hardy
  • Michelle Williams as Anne Weying / She Venom
  • Connie Britton as Anna Watson
  • J.K Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts
  • Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" Rhodes
  • Ty Simpkins as Harley Keener
  • Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan
  • Donald Glover as Aaron Davis
  • Gina Rodriguez as Rio Morales
  • Martin Starr as Roger Harrington
  • J.B Smoove as Julius Dell
  • Reid Scott as Dan Lewis

  • Lexi Rabe as Morgan Stark
  • Steve Carrell as Ben Parker (flashbacks)
  • Christian Isaiah as Miles Morales

  • Vincent D'Onofrio as ????
  • Richard Brake as Dennis Carradine (flashbacks)


After a long road of self-discovery into the multiverse from the exposure to his identity and arrest of Mysterio, Peter Parker's life is supposedly back on track just in time for a new summer vacation on a tour to San Francisco. Now ready to actively be the hero whenever needed, another snag hits his path between the humorous and cunning Eddie Brock Jr, battling with deadly foes such as the released Cletus Kassidy and reacquainting with his old childhood neighbor, Mary Jane Watson. 


San Quentin.

California’s oldest correctional institution opened in 1854, the penitentiary serves as the state’s oldest prison and one of the most well-known in the entire United States. Prison can be a thing that protects society from those who would do harm. Yet, if it is cold-hearted and indifferent, if it is keeping in place via fear systems that starve and abuse populations, then it harms society. The confusing thing perhaps, is that in this mixed-up money-nexus world, it does both simultaneously....

...especially with San Quentin being home to California's only gas chamber and the only facility in the state that conducts and carries out executions.

Within the different housing units -- North Segregation, East Block, Donner, and The Adjustment Center -- there are 725 murderers, cop killers, child killers, and serial killers. It’s both a lonely and crowded world inside the country’s largest Death Row, where hundreds of condemned inmates, stripped of nearly every freedom, wait around to die.

Except, not really.

The prison had not performed an execution since 2006 via a federal court order freezing said executions, declaring California's lethal injection protocol as unconstitutional. It effectively commuted any unlucky recipients' death sentences and gave them all concurrent life without parole sentences instead.....much to the dismay of those who generally wanted to have their lives snuffed out.

Cletus Kassidy (Woody Harrelson) was not one of those people.

If one were to ask the definition behind sadist, it’d likely be a picture of this man choking out every other word on the page.

A sociopathic, homicidal sadist at heart, this curly-haired, red-headed freak of nature had always been preoccupied with a nasty side, one of which he never even tried to hide. The man could be less associated as a man as opposed to a monster given how extensively long his track record is.

In his childhood, he was known to torture his mother's dog, and when he was orphaned he stayed at St. Estes Home for Boys, but he was later accused of burning down the orphanage which killed the disciplinarian administration. He also once pushed a girl in front of a bus, killing her instantly, for simply not agreeing to go out with him. Prior to his incarceration, Kasady killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs and embarked on a massacre in New York City, and murdered 11 people on Ryker's Island. Following the massacre, Kasady dug up his mother's grave.

Nobody requested him. Nobody visited him. Nobody dropped by to say hi. Not a single soul on God’s green repugnant earth gave this serial killer the time of day for the past few decades.

That was the case.....until he asked for an interview with journalist and former reporter, Edward Charles Allan "Eddie" Brock Jr (Tom Hardy).

The only thing separating these two was this barbed-wire 84-inch by 57 width shaped cube that kept Cletus incarcerated like the animal he was.

And yet, this man flashes a Cheshire cat smile from his omnipresent blank stare, igniting his stone-cold heart again. From that Cheshire grin came a glorious sense of expectation. Some idea had made him very happy. Very happy indeed.

Emotionally indifferent people, the cold hearts, like Cletus....they don't feel awkward the way such beings attached to normalcy do. No sense of urgency rushed over him upon seeing his first visitor in years, decades even; his spine began to tingle, salivating even at the thought, the trickling suspicion of getting one pure, warm drop of blood from this man.....If he even could.

There was nothing in this tiny room before Eddie but his own heartbeat and rancid breath. At times he had hit the iron bars with the ring on his dried-up bloody fingers, just to hear something different, to make a tune. Normally at this point, the futility of it would hit the average man. One could imagine music all they want, recollect sunny days, and picture wide open spaces, but these walls aren't crumbling any century soon.

Eddie: Umm....I don’t want any of that.

Cletus: That....isn’t up for debate.

Eddie: And why....is that?

Cletus: Well, that's the fun part Eddie: the waiting. Finding out. There are two radically different types of waiting: the kind that feels like gentle onshore breezes kissing salty stones. It isn't warm but there is a sense of calm, of nature, of things expected. Then there is the kind that feels like the head of a medieval mace is loose in the guts and the head has taken a beating with a hefty plank of wood.

An oddly specific allegory to something as mundane as what Eddie was doing right now. Holding out this rose-lined, narrow-ruled, small notepad in his left hand with a silver ballpoint pen in the other, he contemplated jotting all of that down.

But he did; going against that notion would defeat the very purpose as to why he even agreed to come here. It did encourage him to ask more questions.

Eddie: Something tells me you like the mace approach more.

Cletus: It’s all a matter of setting that match and igniting the flames. Francis will be cooking it for supper.

A name drop. Another name to jot down on his notepad. Guess this conversation is taking off after all, huh? Eddie couldn’t help but think to himself.

“Francis.....Barrison”, he whispers, finishing up the name on his notepad. He’s left mumbling quietly to himself, taking the presence of such a demented individual and trying to picture him with....someone about as cruel and cunning as him. He could see it....

....but he was still working on believing it.

Eddie: That's your accomplice?

Cletus: If by accomplice, you mean firecracker? Livewire? Then yes.

He didn’t even try to maneuver his arms around the duct tape tied around his shoulders and chest and upper thigh, slinking his way back to a vertical basis. It was a terrible attempt at a straitjacket.

He was the one who previously asked Eddie to approach him, only made sense if he did the same. Cletus was left inching his head against the multi-gridded bars, fixating his eyes on Eddie....

....and his sudden lack of anxiety.

Cletus: I'd be more concerned if you weren't anxious or nervous because there is all the difference in the world between brave and foolhardy. You are brave, so you have these feelings. It's good. It makes you more reliable and solid.

Eddie: Mind telling me what the hell it is you want?

Cletus: I’ve heard about you, Eddie. Drake. The Life Foundation. How you brought them down. You have an inkling, a burning desire for acquiring the truth....I can give that to you. WE....can give that to you, if you join us.

Eddie is left scoffing at this remark. In an odd way, he’s flattered with all this attention coming his way, taking down a corrupt businessman in such a bizarre yet awkward fashion. But the simple fact of the matter was this: things like that, he was going to do on his own terms.

And the last thing he needed was two voices rambling on through his head in a moment of clarity.

Eddie: Nah, man. I ain’t gonna be like you.

The sadist staring across from him expected that answer.

Cletus: I wouldn’t be so sure on that, Eddie....

And yet that damn smile wouldn’t leave him, as he slinks away from the cell walls, sitting back down in his seat. Folding his hands in together, the urge to twiddle his blood-soaked thumbs was too great. Those rough hands were his medication, his heart-song, and his light, for that is love.

Love compacts the senses, and as when stardust so compacted in the universe, a new star is born with its own gravity and radiant light.

Cletus:....not if our mutual friend from New York has anything to say about that.

Eddie: Another one? From New York?

Cletus: Well, I wouldn't say he's close.....yet. But he is a rather special someone whose real name we don't know yet.

Eddie: Ok ok, so what'd you call him?

Cletus: How much do you know about....the Spider-Man from Queens?

Spider? Man?

Eddie: Shh....*Whispers* I told you to keep quit....

Cletus even the guard behind Eddie both looked at Eddie barely hearing him whispering Kassidy gave a grin wondering if he was talking to himself or.....loosing it like him slowly either way he was intrigued from what he may know.....about him and Drake like he said

And soon Eddie looked at Kassidy trying to act natural

Eddie: Uh....just what the Bugle say about him. Why? What's your interest in him?

Cletus: Same one....you're gonna have.

Cletus gave him one last sinister smirk till the screen cuts out

~Opening to Marvel Studios~

~Spider-Man Homecoming - Main Soundtrack~

We open up to New York an entire year after the events of Far From Home took place and for awhile everyone knew the secret identity of Spider-Man.....at least until Quintin Beck was caught committed as a fraud and murderer clearing his name but how he cleared his identity he owed that......to special friends from.....the Spider Verse

Which is a story yet to be told later

However summer had arrived since the events in Europe accrued and in the heart of Brooklyn that was once home to the old Captain America people came and went around traffic was packing up like in every New York Road

Even Paper Routings all had the front page of Spider-Man's clearing of his name and identity since it wasn't TOO long ago and soon enough we come across a cab stopping by the side of a curb and who stepped out was that familiar man we saw trying to buy one of the alien weapons from Herman Sheltz AKA the Shocker

It was who Spidey called "Mr. Criminal" but known as Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) and he was fallowed by a little boy (Christian Isaiah) with him climbing out of the cab and Aaron went to the driver's window and paid the driver

Aaron: Thank you. Have a good one.

Boy: What'd we doing here Uncle Aaron?

Aaron: This is just uh....aren I'm running for your dad. He had me run these since he let me back in the family given it wasn't easy to earn back his trust.

Boy: I still don't understand why he was mad at you before.

Aaron: Well it's grown up stuff bud. When you're older I'll tell you about it. Or he will just....they'll be a lot to process.

Boy: I wouldn't think less of you.

Aaron: I know. Come on.

Aaron lead the boy who's obviously the nephew he told Spider-Man about before and they went in some small convenience market Aaron was picking up groceries for his brother who obviously his nephew's father

Aaron and the kid went to the isle with eggs and frozen food were being contained and the boy picked up some cereal he liked

Aaron then got milk and some time pass Aaron and his nephew were ready to check out

Aaron: Hope that's everything marked down. Your dad would kill me if I missed anything.

Boy: Not more than mom would. She wrote you that list.

Aaron chuckled at his nephew's quote and soon as it was their turn to check out.....gunshots were fired

People screamed and Aaron grabbed the kid and ducked down as armed thugs in hoodies and baseball caps came rushing in shooting the ceiling

Robber # 1: Everybody on their knees! No second warning!

Robber # 2: You heard him! On your knees!

People screamed more and the boy started crying for he was scared what was happening Aaron held on to him trying to comfort and protect him and shushing him as the robbery went in progress

The third robber was forcing the staff members to fill their bags with their money till suddenly.....he was web zipped up and the kid was the first to notice he saw the robber get pulled into a vent and he crawled over which took Aaron an instant to notice

Aaron: MILES NO!

Aaron's shout gave him away and the second robber pointed his gun at the kid "Miles" who got scared but out of the same vent came out......the one.....the only.....the Amazing....Spectacular.......SPIDER-MAN (Tom Holland)

He landed behind the robber and tapped him on the shoulder who looked back and shot webs in his face and kicked him aside and little Miles being a fan of Spidey was happy to see him in person for the first time


Spider-Man: How's it going kid? Do me a favor and find a place to hide.

Miles nodded smiling in excitement at him and ran back to his uncle who pulled him over and saw him too remebering when he saw him before observing him as the first now LAST robber pointed his gun at him

Robber # 1: Spider-Man??

Spider-Man: What's going down? Hey can you point me to the nearest Spiders room?

Robber # 1: Eat leg you freak!

He fired his nine millimeter for Peter to leap off the walls then over him web yanking his weapon out of hands the crook took out his pocket knife and Pete dodged his swings

Spider-Man: I get your POINT!

He countered the last attack by grabbing his right arm and webbing it to his other arm and then leap up the ceiling sticking his feet on it shot two web lines at him tying him up and hanging him up from the ground

Spidey then web spin down upside down to him

Spider-Man: how's it hanging?

He may thought he was being funny now but suddenly cops pointed their guns came bursting the doors opened and a female cop (Tao Okamoto) spotted Spider-Man and to his surprise.....she pointed her gun at him

Female Cop: Hands to the air! I mean it you mutant freak!

Spider-Man: What?? I thought I was cleared from all that.

Cop: Lt. He's not responsible for this.

Lt: I don't care. Take him down.

The cop who defended Spider-Man felt bad of what the Lt ordered him to do and all pointed their guns at him


Lt: I said hands to the air. NOW!

Seeing no point to convince this unfamiliar cop Spidey web zipped to the back to escape through the back door

Lt: You three. Cuff the dirt bags here. The rest of you with me. We're going after that menace.

The Lt lead her men to the back room tailing Spider-Man as Aaron was the first to stand up with Miles behind his leg and turn to one of the three cops

Aaron: I need to speak with Officer Davis.

Spidey made it outside and ran to the end of the ally way only to look back to seeing he was being chased by the Lt and three cops

Spider-Man: Oh come on!

He web zipped straight up making the cops stopping dead in their tracks looking up where he zipped up

Cop: He's getting away.

Lt: Oh no he's not.

She took her radio and gave a report

Lt: This is Lt Yuri Watanabe. We have eyes on Spider-Man. He's heading west. I want choppers in pursuit. I repeat: Choppers in pursuit.

Minutes later Peter was already miles away from the store catching his breath but.....only had a short time giving he heard helicopters approaching

Spider-Man: Give me a break. At least let me brake a piece of that KITKAT BAR!

He ran and web swings off the roof trying to stay out of sight

Pilot # 1: Echo 1. to Echo 2. Orders from Lt Watanabe in pursuit of suspect in airborne in progress.

Pilot # 2: Roger Echo 1. Keep your eye out for Spider-Man.

The choppers were closing in and Pete makes a turn off behind another building to avoid being spotted and tapped on his right ear

Spider-Man: Ned. Get me a route to loose these choppers!

Give give give. That’s all I can do; take a turn off of Delmar’s old bodega and then keep heading out into Jamaica.

Spider-Man: Longways away.

Not if you know where to go from there.

He did have a point; Peter did know his way around New York in a jiffy if his current streak of rushing towards the most populated of places within a very strict time limit didn’t go unnoticed.

Spider-Man: Point taken.

Being chased brings out a primal fear, the kind that brings out every ounce of you, that empties the reserve tank of the reserve tank. It is the kind of fear of the worst of nightmares, the kind that ignores physical and mental pain in the pursuit of safety.

As he disconnects the line from his side, Peter is left having to wrestle with that very conception, having firmly been under the influence of the primal fear himself. The last time he was chased down to this extent was the moment a certain megalomaniac faked his death and put the destruction of Europe squarely at his feet. It was the most stressful time of his life so far, only rivaled by the time he and the Guardians held THANOS at bay on Titan.

Few times had he been chased before by those stronger and in numbers and very VERY RARELY had he had to swing fast, then either hide or find refuge. It's all you can do. I escaped every time. But those moments running, my brain on speed mode, ultra-focused on the escape, they stay in my head as if they were filmed in slow motion.

Unfortunately, it was only 2:43 p.m.....which meant the inevitable chaotic rush hour was a mere 17 minutes away. Meaning until he could formulate a better strategy, this cycle was going to repeat itself again. Right here, right now.

Spider-Man: C’mon Spidey, c’mon Spidey! Gotta ditch ‘em!

He announces loudly to himself, sprinting faster and faster before leaping forward and through the air, gusting the wind against his face and chest before freefalling off the Silvercup Studio’s building.

With not that much distance between him and the ground, he presses down on his palm, shooting a webline thread from his web shooter. Thwiping through the air, Peter ducks his head underneath the train track leading from the Queensboro Plaza station. And good thing too, since the W train was already moving along quickly above him.

As he continues to shoot webline after webline amongst the leggings of the lower level platform, Peter was making valuable time: zipping seconds out from Queens Boulevard east of him, which in itself was only a few minutes out from Jamaica.

Right now, it succeeded at the bare minimum: keeping him hidden.

At least until his head started to ring excessively at a massive jolt; his “Peter-Tingle” detecting a moderate source of danger soon to be coming at him in the next few seconds.

Spider-Man: Oh boy.....

Not to be pressed for time, he leaps in mid-air, via a somersault as a barrage, an endless spray of bullets, zip and fly past him. One barely skims past his left shoulder as Peter pulls off a 360 and the other brims by the heel of his right foot.

Barely avoiding them, Peter is left zipping and swinging faster. Attention was drawn back, once again, to the cops who were in full force behind him; five total cop cars. And better yet, his lenses zoomed out from his right seeing a chopper guarding the top of the tracks above.

Couldn’t catch a break this time.

Spider-Man: No where else to go?

He spots the near by lake and looked back seeing five cops coming his way and then looked back down to the lake

Spider-Man: I forgot my swim fins but....HERE GOES!

The web slinger dove off splashing loud and high into the water the cops heard the splash and ran in that direction the chopper above put on it's search light to the direction where they were heading

The officers with their guns pointing around looked around the lake but not a single image of any red and black were dumbstruck on his where abouts

The officers with their guns pointing around looked around the lake but not a single image of any red and black above put on it's search light to the direction where they were heading

Officers with their guns pointing around looked around the lake but not a single image of any red and black and they were dumbstruck on his on his where abouts

Cop # 1: Gotta give him credit he vanishes as he appears..

Cop # 2: Why are we even still chasing Spider-Man? We know he didn't kill Beck last summer so what's the point in all this?

Cop # 3: We have our orders from Lt Watanabe.

Cop # 2: She ain't in charge. The chief closed off the case last year.

Cop # 4 Maybe she's on Jameson's payroll like Pauley.

Cop # 5: Jameson isn't on the Lt's likable list maybe she just hates Spider-Man for her own reasons.

Cop # 1: Either way there's nothing more we can do here. Let's get out of here.

The cops all walked off putting their guns away but on the other side of the lake Peter came out of the water breathing for air he pulled of his mask and climbed out panting he sat down pressing down on the center of his belt activating the suit's heater to dry himself off like Tony showed him before when saving him from drowning

Peter: I proved my innocence put my identity back in the dark and NYPD are STILL after my hide. Guess the whole good cop bad cop thing doesn't sit straight with them. Least I gave them a slip.

Peter stood up pulling his mask back on then Ned's voice came on the speakers

Dude! You ok? I lost contact with ya after the resumption went bad.

Spider-Man: Yeah. Had to take a dip in the lake to shake off Watanabe's troops. That lady cop has been after me for a month and she just can't give me a break.

Well least you're in the clear. But I thought I should tell ya....those uplinks Mr. Hogan sent us are ready to download into your suit.

Spider-Man: Sweet. We can finally get Karen back! I know we're gonna need her help to solve those murders in San Francisco from the news. I'm on my way to your house.

Just use the window in my room mom just got in.

Spider-Man: Haven't used a window since May caught me in my suit.

He web zipped straight up leaving the park

About an hour in a half later Peter was already at Ned's house which is the first time we see it and in his room Ned's bed is merely a mattress flat on the flour a tv on the dresser and shelf of lego collection even his lego death star along with a lego batcave from Batman and lego Hogwarts from Harry Potter

Ned (Jacob Batalon) was on his laptop ass Peter came in carrying his suit with a bandage on his shoulder from the near shot he took even one his heel opening the suit and plugging a wire in the inner center and Ned uploaded the uplink of the original Stark Suit

Ned: You know Pete....this is just a thought but why do we need Karen to solve the murders in San Francisco? Don't get me wrong accepting the summer tour there for our senior year was a great advantage but....we could still use those glasses.

Peter: Yeah well....I kind of want to play it old school on this one. I mean when I gave Beck those glasses like an idiot that gave him the opportunity to expose my identity and.....I don't want a repeated performance.

Ned: I'm seeing your point just saying....we can still put extra stuff to use.

Peter: Well I'm Spider-Man. Not the next Iron Man.

Ned nodding in understanding and soon the download was ready

Ned: Ok....ready for download.

Peter: Don't disappoint me.

Peter walked over to Ned's position and pressed enter himself and the downloading process begins ad took merely another hour to finish it the sunset was already at it's final stage

Peter and Ned killed time like they did in Homecoming when fallowing Vulture's men to WDC by eating chips playing x-box and later Ned was on the flour nearly falling asleep as Peter's head down on his desk till the beeper finally dinged the download process was complete

Peter: It's done.

Ned: Alright. Go ahead and put it on see if she responses.

Soon after that minute Peter was back in the suit minus the mask and pressed the logo the tech shined in the suit

Ned: Whoa! What's happening?

Peter: I don't know. I seen this before though. Karen? Karen are you there?

What?? Peter?? (Jennifer Connelly's voice)



They high fived while laughing

Peter what happened suddenly I just....shut down. And....nothing....till now. How long has it been?

Peter: A year. The old suit was destroyed with you in it. But luckily Happy had your blue prints and sent me the uplinks and download you into my new suit here.

Well it's good to be back. Even more good to be working with you again.

Peter: Same. Say Karen what time is it?

About a quarter pass 9.

Peter: WHAT?!?!?! PASS NINE?! I got to get home or May will have a cow. Ned keep the remaining data packed for San Francisco. We'll need it for the murder case.

Ned: Got it.


A webline over to Ned’s right, it takes ahold of the mask and zips it over to its rightful owner as Peter puts it on.

Peter is left having to scramble to the bedroom window and leap out, not before he shoots a web at the glass and lifts up the framing before doing so. He dips out the house and into the night; the bustle of the Big Apple clouding his ears and mind as he swings on through the thankfully less-crowded streets and roads.

With the rush hour having ended hours ago, no need to fret on about any more loud noise in a day where even with the rush hour, traffic was sprinkled upon the blacktop that day as if the roads were a playset that came with only a few cars.

Ned couldn’t help but notice how blatantly Pete left the window wide open, thus letting in a brief gust of air swirl and eddy around him as if they were the rocks within a great and wide riverbed. At first, he inhaled it, feeling an extraneous amount of weight on his shoulders that went by Peter unnoticed.

Eventually, he bolts off the mattress frame and zips to the window, closing the framing of the window before cutting off the air.

All he could do in that moment was sigh heavily yet again with his back against the window, slinking and sliding down off the wall onto the wooden floor. There Ned lies, uneven amongst the columns supporting the window with his eyes fixated across to the cabinet adjacent to his door. His precious LEGO Death Star didn’t come into frame....

....more than the two miniature mini-figures standing in front of the massive 4,016 piece battle station of one of the Empires ultimate weapons.

Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker.

Ned just continues to stare them down, as uncomfortable as a chorus-girl corset, and was constricted and shallow as his current state of breathing. There was no life behind his eyes anymore. This stare was one of hurt and buried as if he feared being vulnerable more than the cold reality manufactured and serviced before him:

Behind that icy stare was a mountain of pain, yet extracting it would bring pain and instability. Never really felt this way about IT before; confused because he felt the need to gain greater perspective, to take a step back and see the wide-angle version. There was a lot more to see, little wonder he couldn't figure things out with a clearer state of mind.

Not to say Peter’s was any better.

The issue at hand being the very thing he once refused to take up before but now actively promised he would since the incident with Mysterio: step up. Ever since last summer and the ridiculously ludicrous stipulations that had been placed on Peter’s life as well as those closest to him, it did succeed in pulling back the wool over his eyes and realizing that THIS....this was no game. Any semblance, any chance of a consistently, mundane normal life now?

All flushed down the toilet.

On the one hand, he was finally coming onto himself as a more prominent figure in the city, both in the people’s interest and his own, embracing his namesake and title as an Avenger more often. But that also came at the expense of a long-increasing list of detractors, most infamously, the Daily Bugle. Jameson would not give him the time of day.

Today was not the day to have to listen to any of that since he leaves a podcast on the media outlet site once every ten hours EVERY SINGLE DAY. So home was the only logical place for Peter to head back to after a longer day than anticipated.

Another webline swing off of the nearest lamppost, he lands along the side of his bedroom mirror of what was now their THIRD apartment building that he and his beloved Aunt May had to relocate to. Taking time to catch his breath and collect his thoughts, it made him reflect back to how both of them even got here.

Nothing personal occurred over when they moved out of their first apartment. But he remembers them going through the motions again with his second apartment so vividly after the aftermath of the Blip: he wasn’t the only one who vanished as a result of THANOS; the snap took Aunt May as well, leaving the apartment vacant and eventually rented to another family. Five years later, the effects of the Snap were undone, causing May to reappear in her old apartment. However, her appearance shocked its current occupants, with the grandmother of the new family believing she was a ghost while the wife thought her to be a mistress. May was soon reunited with her nephew and the duo moved into another apartment as a result.

Thankfully, no such disastrous occupations appeared to be presenting themselves to where it would cause them to move out yet again. At least that is what Peter hoped.

And to think Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) used to think the same way; glimpsing over at this intricate decor crowding this residence from the kitchen table, from the interconnected living room and kitchen with a moderate-sized TV flat in the center 8 feet away from the double-decker couch and coffee table.

Through windows that welcomed the passage of the light and the dark, the dining room would at least be vibrant with a hint of radiant energy and liveliness. Now she couldn’t even feel that; all because of Spider-Man.

This kitchen table had seen every emotion, from the sweet silent happiness of family times, when the only sound is contented enjoyment, to the rage that bursts out in the hard times. From its rich cream surface the wood beneath peaks through, as if to remind her that they were both the same in a way, that in those tough times they could’ve learned how to show their beauty and true strength instead of the anger that damaged theme recently.

Scaling her fingers amongst the wooden surface, it was much difficult nowadays. And to think, the kitchen table once cooled her palms as the warm brown hues rekindled her soul on days like these. It was the steady companion to the aroma of freshly baked bread and the birdsong that flutters in from the garden beyond.

But still nothing.

She find her eyes quickly snapping over to the first bedroom door, with Peter slowly walking on out as causally awkward as possible. She could barely hear his footsteps flip-flopping across the bleached tile hallway.

There was no point in trying to say ‘Hi’, to be sentimental in a situation where he knew he utterly bollocksed up.

Peter: Sorry I skipped out.

May: So....ahem....how was....’work’?

The sight that escaped Peter’s dry lips as he turned back towards his aunt was slow, as if his brain needed that time to process what had happened. His eyes remained fixed on her, on the exact path May had him focused on: a narrow straight line.

She was fixating her eyes on his suit.

Peter: I—same old. Did meet a new fan though; his name is Miles.

May: Uh huh.....

Peter: Just some kid really. But he's fine. Anyway, got the baddies. All in a days work.

May: Apart from the chopper chase, you mean?

Peter felt the stress building when he mentioned that; whenever stressed, he tries to go somewhere quiet and is still for a time, letting the feelings of fear, sadness and frustration ebb and flow.

May: It was all over the TV, Peter. You’re lucky they didn't get you.

Peter: Yeah, I know....look, no one knows anymore on what and why; that's the important thing. But that.....JJ guy from the Bugle isn't giving me the time of day; if anything, he's probably why New York's finest is following me still.

May: That's what worries me, Pete.

Peter: Don’t tell me you’re believing all of that all of a sudden.....

May: If I did, I wouldn’t have went up to that skinflint to try and get him off your back! But then to make matters worse, you go and jump off a building?!

Peter: They wouldn’t have believed it wasn’t me.

That didn’t really make May’s case any better or worse, for the both of them.

Peter: Look, it had to be convincing. I'm sorry I scared you like that, May.

May: You scare me each time you put THAT on.

He didn’t need to dissect deep into the sorrow and pain in May’s voice when she directed her attention to this suit, this red and black upgraded outfit boasting varying weave patterns, and featured additional areas that were now colored black with interwoven striations, including the biceps, upper legs, and much of the forearms.

Everything about that small black and white insignia slapped onto the chest of her nephew came with a burning, fuming, new profound hatred. With a sharp inhale and exhale, she regains her composure.

May: All of this has been happening because of that suit. Because of this—this burden that you’ve had to weigh on top of your shoulders every day. You think it’s easy for me to sit on ass at home, praying you’ll be able to handle yourself after THANOS? Just why—what—

Angry wasn’t a good look on her....and it was very rare. There was this ghostly cord that grew from her bent spine and dangled over her head as some rotten carrot and she found herself utterly gobsmacked that this wasn’t helping. Having to restructure her entire life was no sunshine and rainbows but having to finally come to grips with her nephew being a ‘hero’....

....while simultaneously making things better and worse for everyone? That was both a lot of pressure and strain for someone like him had to live out and live up to.

May: I can't believe I didn't say anything before but....not anymore. It's time you got rid of it.

Peter: What?? May, you---

May: I'm not putting up with this, Peter Parker! Either you get rid of that costume or I will.

Peter: Aunt May.....I thought you encouraged me with this. You suggested I keep this up; FEAST, Europe. All of that?

May: Well, as you can see, I’ve went through a RADICAL transformation on top of everything that’s been going down at the center so you can say this isn’t doing it for me.

Peter: Have you forgotten that the last time I refused to take this with me, we STILL got put in danger? Last thing I want is for someone to die on my hands when I could’ve done something!

May: Peter, next time you go out there, you’re gonna collapse on somebody’s front porch and you won’t be able to crawl back here. You can’t handle all that responsibility!

Peter: Yeah, well, guys like me don’t have much of a choice!

They could not have gotten off to on worse terms. Peter noticed how sharp and fresh his manner was, yelling at May for the first time, feeling that momentary loss of control in the conversation. He simply covered his face up, embarrassed that it was coming to this all while May stood there, motionless, frozen.

Very rarely did Peter stand up to her in moments of clarity or stress. Just never like this.

There wasn’t even any heat in her voice telling Peter all this, as if her heartbeat so steadily, even though she took a different view from Peter’s own. She simply said this was her way of doing things.

Not for Peter. Not anymore, at least.

Peter: Spider-Man’s going to San Francisco, May. And you’re not stopping me.

May gave her nephew a dumbstruck but serious expression to her nephew as he stormed to his room leaving May speechless but furious for his own good May was not gonna let Peter win this

An hour later Peter was in the bathroom taking a shower which May used to her advantage to slip in his room being true to her word if Peter wouldn't get rid of the suit she would

May felt after everything that happened with Thanos and Beck she was doing this out of love from a parent figure to a child May and her husband before his offscreen passing raised him as their own son and May loved Peter enough if he were and to do this was for Peter's best interest so you can understand how she feels about this and felt stupid she didn't do this before

First she searched the closet it wasn't there then Peter's pile of dirty cloths on the closet flour it wasn't there either

May then turned to Peter's bed and kneed down under it finding a plastic containing box pulling it out and removes the top off finding the suit.....

......May made a serious look again and took the suit putting the top back on the container and pushed it back under the bed as if it was always there

A minute after.....May came out of the apartment shutting her apartment door locking it walking to the hall elevator carrying a bag that no doubt had the suit

May walked in the elevator as the doors opened two people out of it and May waltzed in pressing the button for the first flour and she unzipped the bag revealing the suit stored in there

May: Kiss New York goodbye Spider-Man. You're not taking my nephew away again.

The way she spoked like that....you can't blame her for this

She zipped the bag back up as the elevator doors closed.....

......on the same evening we come to San Francisco the city that Peter and his classmates were coming for a tour for the summer tomorrow May was coming too for what reaons were soon to be foretold and as you know this was the home of Eddie Brock himself after leaving New York

But there we first come to some nightclub where high disco music was playing food and drinks were being served to customers at bars and booths but out on the dance flour.....is where we finally meet our new character of the MCU dancing against three other girls

A certain redhead dancing in and out was in a red dress and black high heels and soon as her face was shown on the screen she was revealed to be Mary Jane Watson (Madeline Petsch)

Yes finally the original MJ from the comic finally appears yet making her the second MJ in this given Peter's last but now ex girlfriend Michelle Jones

Mary Jane's full story here was yet to be told soon but here she's wild spirited in partying and building a curer of acting but for some reason was into it.....to escape from being herself yet again reasons soon to be told

Mary Jane and her friends kept dancing and dancing to one another smiling holding hands and swaying pass one another

But after some time after the music they were dancing to ended they were at the bar having whine with...fake ID's making the staff thinking they were in college given their senior year would be after the summer as well after MJ took a chug she and her friends drunk all laughed with one another

Mary Jane: Girls, I've got a good feeling the show is gonna blow this city away after the grand finale.

Friend # 1: You been saying that since the end of the semester.

Mary Jane: Well forgive me for lighting the mood.

Friend # 1: No disrespect MJ just Mr. Williams (Their director) says we're no where near for the finale till May 21st.

Friend # 2: And aren't we gonna fetcher the show for some other high school potential seniors from New York?

Hearing the word "New York" made MJ eye at the friend who mentioned it for there was something about it that she had a history with that was to be told here

Friend # 3: New York? MJ isn't that where you lived before you moved here?

Mary Jane: In my childhood yeah. It's also where the worst things that happened to me accrued.

Friend # 3: Sorry MJ. Just....is it possible we'll meet anyone you knew there from the class that's coming?

Mary Jane: Maybe maybe not. But we'll give them a good show either way. But for now.

MJ held out her glass proposing a toast

Mary Jane: To the grand finale.

The girls laughed clinging their glasses to hers

They then took sip of their drinks

Hours pass more nearing 1AM in the morning at a dark apartment until the front door opened the light of the hall shinning a drunk Mary Jane came waltzed in dropping her purse and shutting the door so be surprised by a lamp turning on reveling another and older redhead woman (Connie Britton) in a chair looking firmly and serious at her like May did with Peter

Woman: Where....have you been?!

MJ scoffed the way the woman demanded an answer of her where abouts as she was in no mood to argue being too tired and drunk

Mary Jane: I told you on the phone I was gonna be late Aunt Anna.

The woman named "Anna" revealed to be Mary Jane's own aunt stood up more firmly and serious at her

Anna: I didn't expect it to be 1 in the morning. Especially what the news is saying about murders.

Mary Jane: You worry too much.

Anna: I don't have time for attitude MJ......

Mary Jane: And I don't have time for another lecture. I'm tired right now and I'm going to bed.

MJ walked over to the hall as Anna spoke more seriously

Anna: Don't you walk away from me when I'm talking to you young lady.

Mary Jane: Will you get off my back?! I'm still a person here trying to make an acting curer for the future and have a good time with my friends.

Anna: At nightclubs? Drinking? Don't think I didn't smell the alcohol on you! You're 17 years old and you're not legalized to drink any of that junk!

Mary Jane turned back to HER lecturing aunt with her hair spinning around

Mary Jane: What'd you want from me Anna?!

Anna: Not to be in harms way! There's dangerous people out at night and the news about these murders don't make me feel safe each time you're out there at night this late! The last thing I want is for you to become like your father!

Mary Jane: DON'T! Don't compare me to him....

Anna: It's hard not to MJ. Cause he did the EXACT same things you're doing when you were just a baby. I had to help your mother raise you when he was putting you both through so much tragedy. I don't want to see you do the same. Cause when he left and your mother died.....I wanted to give you something better than he did. So I am....BEGGING you Mary Jane. Please....stop with these late parties and drinking.....

Mary Jane barely could hold back a tear but her expression didn't change

Mary Jane: Or what? Are you gonna walk out of the door like he did?

Anna stood there in silence as tears ran down her own eyes refusing to let her aunt see hers MJ turned around to walk to her room again and by the time she grabbed the door nob

Anna: MJ.

She stopped already aggravated with this conversation she just wanted to get some sleep with all this alcohol in her system but Anna spoke calmly this time

Anna: It's not just cause of your father. When you.....when you disappeared.....and were gone for....five years and that was just a year ago.

She wiped her eyes trying to keep her sadness hidden and turned back to her Aunt

Mary Jane: But I'm back now. And I'm not going anywhere.

Anna: I know that but....when you're out there....I feel like you've disappeared again. You're all I have left MJ.

Mary Jane: Well I can assure you Anna....I'll know where to go if danger is right in front of me. I can take care of myself.

They went silent again and MJ took that moment to open her door waltzed in her room and shuts the door on her Aunt

Anna faced down in sadness not knowing what she's gonna do with her niece she had nothing to do except settle in for the night herself and as she was in her gown and sat on her bed and looked on her bed side looking at a framed picture there

Anna took the picture looking down at it and it revealed an image of herself....and May standing together smiling with their arms around their shoulders

Seems we now know why May was coming to SF cause her and Anna were long time friends and was coming to catch up and who knows what else as she muttered to herself

Anna: May....you're my only hope.

Whatever that hope may be it would have something to do with May helping her set MJ straight but would it have something to do with Peter too?

That too....was soon to be foretold

But not if these gruesome murders are due to cross paths with her or Mary Jane, the very last thing any parental figure should have to worry about in this day and age. The Blip was bad enough as a sudden resurgence to a seemingly futile situation in an already worse environment, taking everyone off guard....

....but to be simply checked off some deranged psychopaths bucket list especially when you just got back? One could not ask for such an unfavorable and insulting manner to go out.

A feeling Eddie Brock knows all too well.

The universal genocide which eliminated fifty percent of all life, disintegrating individuals into dust at random succession.....had also caught up to him as well, leaving the 40-year-old former reporter without anything, even his own life.

Everything became an instant downward spiral once the effects were reversed and he came back.

San Francisco was one of the thousands of cities across Earth affected by the Snap. The sudden disappearance of millions of people caused chaos and panic throughout the city, with a state of national emergency being declared; none of which made it any easier once the Blip occurred. As a result of the five years between the Snap and the Blip, many of the previous victims were displaced from their homes, including Eddie.

The mass displacement of so many people was so acute it caused the UN to create The Global Repatriation Council, a supranational organization which was given the mandate to help the returned people get housing and several forms of social security. Eddie was only just able to grab ahold of another valid social security number but housing?

That was another matter entirely.

Too many people needed nursing and a home as desperately, if not more than he did. It left him with no choice but to spend the first few months after his return on the streets; cold.



He remembered being balled up like he was afraid to release his knees, rocking in time to the beep of a truck backing up, his eyes fixed on nothing at all. His clothes were once high-end, but with enough wear and dirt, anything can look like rags. His skin was hidden behind layers of grime and his hair hung as a tangled mop of brown and grey.

The only thing that could’ve made the unbearable experience tolerable is if he didn’t trudge through it alone. So thank god for Anne Weying (Michelle Williams).

In Eddie’s fourth month tending to himself on the streets, he came across a familiar face; an eerily similar blonde-haired specimen that used to be very close to him. He’d recognize that complexion anywhere. It had taken some time for him to call her out and get her attention but once two and two were placed together....

....it made for a humble but bittersweet reunion.

She too had fallen victim to the Snap, leaving herself without a career, without a boyfriend, without a purpose, and without a body....which meant retreading back to square one and starting all over again upon returning. Unlike Eddie however, luck was on her side. The GRC was able to grant both a new social security number AND a new housing unit for her but only just.

With Eddie off on his luck and nowhere to go but more sparse and desperate than before given the circumstances, Anne, remembering the truce they shared weeks before the Snap, took pity on her friend this time and allowed Eddie to stay at her place until he got back on his feet.

A feat that, within itself, came with even more caveats and repercussions for the former journalist. Because succeeding both in his takedown of the Life Foundation and his subsequent brawl to the death with yet ANOTHER carnivorous freak of nature only to disintegrate into dust and then come back as if nothing happened wouldn’t have been that big of an ordeal if he wasn’t the only one affected by the fallout.

If he wasn’t left in the dust trying to ramble on and pick up the pieces left behind for him.

If he wasn’t alone.

Luckily for Eddie, it was nice to be in something resembling that of an apartment again after months of having to starve on the streets. As he sat beside himself, feet crossing over another on the sofa, staring up at the Nasir 2 - Light 14" Simple Bowl Flush Mount light fixtures with a laptop sat on the table across from him, it brought him back to the first time he was brought inside.

And an uneasy sensation washed over him almost immediately.

It felt cold. This heartbreak felt cold.

It felt like concrete drying up in his chest; unexpected heartbreak, as they always are - top of the world one minute and cut down the next. Why was that? Did life dislike to see him happy as opposed to him being miserable? There is a part of him that always felt low in status, powerless.

That resents his "easier" life.

That wanted someone to suffer as he did....just to walk a mile in his shoes. It was pure misery for both. Guilt for him....

....and frustration and sadness for his other half.


The reverberating, alien-like voice crept up on Eddie, knocking him out of his own cognitive slumber and back into real-time.

He grips his forehead quickly, recognizing he had been zoned for longer than he would’ve liked. What else are friends for then, with Venom redirecting Eddie’s attention span back to his laptop where on the other side of a Wix-created domain where Eddie spent days creating his own website for his own articles....

....Spider-Man had also gathered much of his attention.

What is the meaning of this?

Eddie: It’s called research, you should try it sometime.

You’ve been looking into this guy for months. There's nothing interesting about him. Unless we're gonna eat him.

Eddie: That's a fat chance. He lives in New York.

You lived in New York too.

Eddie: Yeah but that was before I moved here with Annie.....oh I speak too much.

I still don't understand why you don't fight for her. We can just eat Dan and Annie will be ours.

Eddie: And not only would you be breaking the rules I gave you Annie would also hate us with a grudge for that. She would even report us to the authorities for murder.

But isn't Dan in a way....a bad guy? For taking Anne from you?

Eddie: No he is not. He's.....he's a great guy he helped a lot of people. Besides our relationship really ended.....cause of me.


Eddie: Yeah me. I got her fired. That was that. Plus....even if they weren't.....settling down.....I doubt she'd ever come back to me.

But you still feel sad about it. It broke you down when he asked you to be best man. I feel that's bad guy of him. He nor Annie cannot expect you to be happy with it when all it's doing is taring you down.

Eddie: It doesn't matter.

That's not what I see in your head. You want her back. WE want her back. And if we can't have her---

Eddie: Don't go there Venom. Just do me a favor and keep out of my head and let me think.

Whatever you say. I just don't know why you don't talk to her. Nor what you plan to find on the Spider-Guy.

Eddie couldn't help but to admit.....even he didn't know the answer to that

He too heard about the events that took place in Queens and Europe even the exposer of Spider-Man's identity but all got cleared up leaving no one knowing his identity anymore and several mix stories of him being a hero an Avenger and menace Eddie mainly just wanted to know the real story since his interview with Kassidy

Eddie: It's.....it's just.....just a scoop

A scoop of Ice Cream if you ask me.

Eddie: I wouldn't mind any of that.....

Just let me say.....talk to her Eddie.....see how she really feels. She owes us that at least for saving the planet from Riot and Drake.

Eddie: She doesn't owe us jack shit. But....yeah you're right.

As always.

Eddie: That's not the point. The point is.....there's something I need to talk to her about.

About time. We gonna crash the wedding?

Eddie: No. Just....get a few things off my chest that's all. But mean time....let's see what's on the tube.

Don't forget the beers and the tater tots.

Eddie: Wouldn't dream of it.

He sat up from the sofa took his tater tots out of the oven took two beers from the fridge turned on the tv and caught a report on a new update on the SF murders everyone's been talking about

Reporter on tv: Breaking news to update as we enter a summer of murder where a man was found stabbed to death. Police have not yet released any information as this was the fourth recovered since last week's incident.

If we are lucky....Dan is the killer.

Eddie: I don't think he has it in him buddy.

Just saying....

Reporter on tv: Finger prints on the murder weapon have confirmed that suspect has been identified as none other than the notorious butcher responsible for the New York City carnage killing: Cletus Kassidy.

Eddie spits it out


Out of San Quentin.

On the loose.

A recipe of disaster big enough to spill all over the country if he Damn well felt like it. The sight of these nearly mutilated bodies, riddled with open pores, spilt bloody and fractured ligaments was revolting to look at; sickening. It all reminded Eddie of what were to happen if Venom ever went off the rails and imitated a killing spree.

None of this made any sense to him....

When I get out of here....and I will.....there’s gonna be Carnage.

But then it dawned on him. And his heart lodged up into his throat: he didn’t kill him.

The question at first was a stumbling bumbling ‘Why’? In what universe did this make sense to Eddie; granted, he and Cletus were gifted and cursed with being bonded by blobs of goo taking the forms of sentient alien beings. Except for the last time the two faced each other face to face where he remembered burning the man to a crisp.

Only one thing made sense as to how he could’ve walked out on his own two feet: Frances.

Everything about this scene, this image playing back for him gave both Venom and his host a bad case of indigestion. Eddie felt himself tensing up, his stomach muscles contracting all at once squeezing everything while increasing the pressure. He bit at the urge to ball up his fist and congest himself in frustration, for he had no intentions in rocketing out the tater tots he just swallowed.

It did nothing to atone for the fact that despite having already murdered an infamous serial killer and taking him off the face of the planet, like a dweller rat, the Carnage Killer popped back onto the scene as if nothing happened. Straight out of a horror movie.

And that wasn’t even the scary part.

Eddie: Anne.

Fearing the worst, he found himself wasting no time turning back and heading for the door. However, he found himself skidding amongst the layered floor rug by the entrance and stopping himself.

Eddie is then quick to dash back to the coffee table, gripping his phone case only for the phone to slip through his fingers due to his slippery palms. He’s quick to reach for it again with the other hand but time management and lack of coordination fails him.

Luckily for him, he found a black liquidized substance oozing around his left foot that caught the phone in its grasp. It was a lucky catch for Venom, who extended out from its normal extraterrestrial gooey state and flicks it back up at Eddie, who catches it this time.

Eddie: Thanks.

No time. Hurry up!

He was right; now wasn’t the time to dilly-dally. With Cletus back on the prowl, the last thing he wanted was for him to get an itch for some blood on a ceremonial cake and serve their hearts on a silver platter. Now with his priorities straightened out, he runs out the door of her apartment.

As soon as Eddie was outside he felt there was no time to call for an Uber and luckily no one was around.....well except a kid on a telescope at his window across from Eddie's position he spotted Eddie and at an instant saw him morph into Venom roaring and jumping high up to the buildingss

Kid: WHOA!!

He ran out of his bedroom

Kid: MOM! I saw a monster!

Venom ran from roof top to roof top picking up Anne's sent running closer to her direction and in a matter of time he looked down he saw her (Michelle Williams) and Dr. Dan Lewis (Reid Scott) walking to a store of Wedding Venus

Venom: Oh great....Dan.....

Venom just behave yourself and stay focus why we're really here.

Venom: Alright. But I still think this would be a chance to get rid of him and take Annie back.

And I told you----

Venom: Yeah yeah....you never let me have fun.

About a minute later Dan and Annie in arm to head in the building and laughing till the sound of Eddie's voice saying: Annie made them both turn around to see Eddie he was demorphed from Venom and gave them both surprising looks of his appearance here

Anne: Eddie?

Dan: Hey Eddie. How you doing bud?

Eddie: Good good....no not so good....

We can just warn Anne. Kassidy can have Dan.

Anne: Eddie? What's the matter?

Eddie: I....have to talk to you about something. Have you seen the news lately?

Anne: No....I was too focused on the wedding to catch up on anything. Why? You got a new episode?

Eddie: I wish but no.


Eddie: Kassidy's loose!

Anne flinched as she looked directly into Eddie's face

Anne: What??

Eddie: Remember Cletus Kassidy? The New York Carnage killer I told you Interviewed at San Quentin?

Anne: Yyyyes?

Eddie: Well the news just confirmed that he's behind the recent murders. And given.....he took some liking to me during the interview....it might make you....a target so....

Anne: You think he'll come for me to get to you?

Eddie: It's possible.

Dan: Hey Eddie---

Dan patted Eddie by the shoulder making Venom growl and snarl in his head Eddie and Dan maybe good friends now but Venom makes it clear he despises him with a grudge all cause he believes Anne belongs to Eddie and he which made it hard to not morph out and just bite his head off

But tried under Eddie's wishes though Venom started to think there should be some matters he would need to take control of even if he had to defy Eddie

Dan: We appreciate your concern. We'll just.....stay in public and....keep things tight as a bank safe.

But what's gonna keep you safe from us?!

Eddie: Shhhhh.....

Anne and Dan looked at him in confusion what he was shushing at and Eddie noticed learning he had to play it cool but Annie.....had a weird feeling about something......the same feeling she had since the fall of Drake and Riot

Eddie: Sssssssure yeah. That would be a good idea. Neither of you go into dark allies ok?

Dan: Will do.

Anne: Eddie? Is there something else going on besides Kassidy?

Come back to us Anne.

Eddie: Uh....you could say that but....I'll tell you about it later. Listen.....would it be cool.....if I tag along on your shopping? I hate to be the third wheal but....I feel it be safer if we stick together.

Dan: Yeah no problem buddy.

Venom growled in his head again so wanting to attack Dan but kept cool Anne didn't take his eyes off him still looking concern as they walked in

The rest of the day skimmed along at a brisk yet unrelenting pace. Not as swift as usual, given the circumstances but compared to other post-Snap days nowadays, it was a relief for Eddie.

7:23 a.m.

For where it would still be relatively dark over in California on the west coast, the three hour plus time gap had a marginally different effect on those on the east coast.

Normally, the sun would rise as a canopy of gold, bright amid the blue, bidding the stars to take their nightly rest. As darkness surrendered, every colour would change from tinges of charcoal to a vibrancy; the dawn would’ve brought a new freshness to the light, as if the world been upgraded to some higher definition. How refreshing a billion pure eyes of light from the sun would’ve glistened over the landscape of the Big Apple.

Not this day.

On this morning, the clouds diffused the daylight to a soft gentle sweetness; even out in the street one could be cozy under their duvet in a strong summer light. They move much as the ocean, showing the blue amid the whitish dove-grey, a medley of silvers that ripple outwards to adorn the sky.

There are growing patches of blue, the sort of hue that is soft and bright at the same time. Though beneath the sheet of cloud is a grey that deepens to steel, the leading edge is a brilliant white, as if it is the pages of a new book ready for any curious eye. So, on this day that could bring rain or sunshine, some hope for both, for the chance of a rainbow and to feel so much more because the day is blessed with clouds.

Peter almost wanted to prove himself the exception to that statement, having gotten more than a few precious hours of shut-eye week beyond the required seven-to-nine hour recommended length of rest. Alas, his eyes pry open slightly....

...only for him to bolt up and out of bed, falling off on the edge. Having awoken himself suddenly, as if it's an emergency, as if sleeping had become a dangerous thing, his heart beats fast and there is a buzzing in his brain and together they are as panic with jump-leads.

Only then when Peter glimpsed at the cloudy exterior from his window and then his alarm clock blaring 7:25 a.m, his brain destabilized like a flat battery, the exertions of the night being a marathon of erratic problem-solving he overbooked himself for. For a brief moment, he thought he overslept.

All of that long extensive potential busy work to take ahold of before dissipated into his own clouds of doubt and worry. He relaxes his shoulders and lets his arms swing throughly through his space, the breeze from the slight crack in his window cooling his nerves as Peter chuckles to himself extensively.

Couldn’t have thought of a better at times cool off, just hours before the plane took off.

Peter: Look out California, here comes Spidey.

And where was he, exactly?

Right underneath his bed, presumably. He normally kept it safe under lock and key in an old brown durable suitcase a former relative of his with the initials UBP on the front; if not, there was always the closet.

Unfortunately, said bag was destroyed following Mysterio’s attack on Europe during his last summer tour there. So until further notice (more specifically, when he’s able to convince his Aunt otherwise), his suit had to be kept in a plastic bag underneath the bed.

It used to be square in the middle but now was roughened a little bit to the far left. Given how much he tosses and turns, nothing was guaranteed to be in the same place.

He pulls out the bag but almost immediately notices the drastic weight proportion compared to before. Either the suit wasn’t in there or this was another bad dream.

His fears, unfortunately, were founded. Peter’s hand could not feel anything amongst the remains, his hand crumbling up the bag in frustration and accelerated fear.

It left him scrambling over the tiny inconspicuous space that encompassed his room, looking for any other place he coughed possibly put his suit. His suitcases were long gone.

His dirty laundry basket? Nothing.

Closet? Zip.

Washing machine? Zero.

Clothes dryer. Nada.

No dice. His suit was nowhere to be seen. It couldn’t have been in the living room or the kitchen; it’d leave way too many suspicions just being left out in the open like that.

Pete scoffed at the sight, not believing what he was seeing. Panicking of his mind, the thought didn't even occur to look over at the sticky note plastered on the other side of the door until he came out of his room and looked at it.

"Come. On." Ripping off the note did little to ease Peters raging storm as his heart sank deeper upon reading the following:

You’re gonna hate me for this, Peter. But trust me, I’m doing both of us a public service for your safety and my self-health. I’m sorry. Your aunt May.

Peter: Damn it May!

Panicking over a potential loss of a very valuable asset to him, Peter rushes through the apartment and bursts out the door, but not before accidentally ripping the door off its hinges completely as he made his way outside.

Luckily for him, the apartment dump was still there. But unaware if this was even the one he needed to be looking for, he took out his phone calling the Empire Sanitation while looking in the dump, not bothering to get his hands dirty since he's been doing it all since getting these powers.

To be frank though, if May threw out his suit, he could very well make another one. Or borrow the Iron Spider suit still working encased in its tube. But today isn’t the day he’d be in the mood for any of it.

Empire Sanitation. This is Carol.

Peter: Hi, uh, Carol, I'm trying to find some items that were accidentally picked up from a dumpster outside my apartment.

Dumpster Number?

Luck wasn't on Peter's side, since it wasn't visible in the front or underneath the lid. So he stuck himself onto the wall, lifting the dumpster with both of his feet and spotting the number on the back. It took a little bit of wiggle room for him to get over to the other side but his strength eventually gave way.

Peter: Here it is! Uh.....five two three one nine.

Route thirty-five. Truck's just leaving it's shift. There's a slim chance you might find your stuff but it's a long shot. If your pickup was on Route 33, they'd be dropping off at the shredder right now.

Peter: SHREDDER?!?!

If I were you, I’d hustle, kid.

No time to loose Peter ran through the ally way to the other side and luckily for him he never kept his suit and web shooters in the same place and when he doesn't put them up he keeps them on his wrists even while he sleeps Pete has been more cautious with them ever since Mysterio and made more web fluence everyday when free with some help with Ned Eve on weekends and during school still

Peter then jumped on sticking on to a walk and wall crawling up to a roof Peter knew where to go to get to this....."Shredder" it was something that people in Queens would go to to get rid of old cloth it's basically something they made recently soon as he made it to the top he ran like a man on a mission

He leaped off from roof top to roof top out of his complex and landing on town roof tops and kept leaping forward till he reached a building across from the Queens Shredding building next to the laundry mat

Peter: There it is.

Peter then shoots a line from his left web shooter and leaps off the building less than a second swinging down to the roof the cloth shredding building

Inside the building in the front room people waited in line and placed folded unwanted cloths on a moving panel in the back room the panel moved the cloths into a machine containing a shredder with blades sharp enough to cut into leather clothing and falling into a box of a pile of clothing the shredding machine was funded by a newly company of New York since Starks Industries transferred out of state the company that filled in for it.....was Oscorp Industries

The back door to the back room pushed open with Peter rushing in and ran to the panel looking for his suit hardly any of them showed any signs of red and black unless they were t-shirts and sweat pants

Peter was in complete panic mode his suit never came upon him from the entering at the end of the panel he then looked at the other side where the shredder stood seeing cloths go in to be.....shredded

Peter was in complete panic mode his suit never came upon him from the entering at the end of the panel he then looked at the other side where the shredder stood seeing cloths go in to be.....shredded

Peter: No....no....don't tell me I'm too late.

He ran behind the machine looking into the pile up in the box and Peter let out a frustrating panicked groan

Peter: May why?! It's gonna take me days tp make another suit and I don't have days! Spider-Man won't be able to solve that murder case in San Francisco without---

Peter stopped and froze as he caught a glimpse of a black glove with red fingers with circle traces on them Peter's eyes widen as his panic mode started to wear down slowly he reached down grabbed the glove and pulling out.....his entire suit.....STILL in one piece

Not that Peter wasn't relieved his suit wasn't shredded but it still surprised him that it wasn't and it was in with the shredded cloths he looked back in the box for the mask but not a trace and with no more time Peter changed into his suit in hoping to reach KAREN to find the mask

Peter: Karen! You there?

Of course. Where would I be?

Peter: Just being sure. Listen....my aunt threw out my suit here. I manage to get it somehow still in one piece but......

The suit is 100% shredded proof with it's high latex and titanium alamode.

Peter felt dumbstruck being reminded of that given Tony AND Happy told him the old suit was the same way

Peter: I am so stupid. I mean....thanks for the update but I need you to locate my mask. It has to be in this pile up somewhere.

Tracking now.

The suit's tracking scanner examined the shredded pile up and manage to pinpoint the mask.....pinned on the left wall of the box by the pile

Got it.

Peter leaped on the ceiling and dived into the box making grunts and sounds of kicking the other shredded clothing's and a minute late came out carrying the mask

Peter: YES!

Good work Peter. Now if I do recall.....don't you have a plane to catch?

Peter: Crap!

Pete turned and ran only to hit the back side of the container knocking it over spilling all of the shredded clothing's all over the flour

Peter: Ah man! I'll pay for this later!

He got up and ran out the door and when he made it outside in another ally way he breathed out in relief

Peter: Oh thank god.

Peter chuckled like he won first prize and he turned and the smile dropped when he saw.....

.....an old man (Stan Lee) (1922 - 2018) putting a bag of trash in a dumpster and he looked at Peter with wide eyes not moving an inch

Peter: Oh.....uh....d--don't mind me. This.....is....just a costume for this Halloween. Months away I know but.....got thrown away by accident....TAKE CARE!

He ran off leaving the old man still confused....not that he figured or even if he did he just looked at Peter with familiarity with Pete

Old Man: I think I know that guy.

(Rest In Peace Stan Lee)

Meanwhile at the John F. Kennedy Airport we gather into the terminal with Ned walking in fallowed by the entire seniors of Midtown High Michelle Jones "MJ" (Zendaya) (The first MJ) Betty Brant (Angourie Rice) Flash Thomson (Tony Revolori) Brad Davis (Remy Hii) and many more students some came with their parents to meet up with the group along with three of their teachers Mr. Harrigan (Martin Starr) and some others

While walking down the terminal with many people passing by Betty was telling both Flash and Michelle about her interning at the Bugle

Betty: So took a awhile but Mr. Jameson gave me this assignment to update any events in California and possibly get a word with the famous reporter Eddie Brock from the Brock report show all though he says I'm more qualified to be a secretary than be a reporter. Given Jason and I updated all the school news reports, he still gave me this one shot.

Michelle: Meh. No offence Bet but the guy's a slob.

Flash: Nah I think he tells the best stories. I mean apart from his articles on Spider-Man but the guy's a hoot. His rants crack me up.

Brad: Yeah he's got poor taste in Spider-Man but he knows his stuff. Rumor has it he's even writing a book about the Blimp.

Betty: "The Left Hand of Thanos". Yeah.

Ned: You guys are off your leads.

Flash: Oh yeah? Well who asked you blob?

Ned: Not you no but....Betty I don't get why you want to work for Jameson. The guy's a complete jerk cause he ratted out Peter when everyone thought he was Spider-Man.

Michelle: Ned's got a point Betty. This Jonah guy gives out nothing than what he believes and he has to be firm on them like their facts.

Betty: I get where you're all getting at. But the Daily Bugle has been a big deal for me since the 4th Grade. And besides that whole misunderstanding of Peter being Spider-Man is all behind everyone now. We all saw him save Peter from falling off a building.

Flash: If you ask me I knew it was false from the beginning.

Michelle: Liar.

Flash: I'm serious. Spider-Man is three inches taller than Parker. They don't match heights.

Ned snickered knowing Flash was full of BS given they don't know the truth anymore and his eyes widen seeing the sight of May coming in from the north entrance and she soon noticed the kids and Michelle and Betty noticed her before Flash and Brad

Ned: Hi May.

Betty: Mrs. Parker!

Michelle: Hey May.

May: Hi everyone. My goodness you've all gotten taller since the last time I saw you.

Flash: They don't call it puberty for nothing.

Everyone looked at him silently for a moment who frowned in confusion at them not knowing why they're looking at him like that but then Ned turned to May to change the subject

Ned: Uh....where's Peter?

May I thought he was you. He's probably at home still packing.

Michelle: Well he better hurry up. We're about to load our luggage and turn in our tickets.

Ned walked off from the group and May watched him go firmly given she knows he supports Peter's alter ego Michelle looked over to his direction too with a smirk given she too knows their secret since the events in Europe and Ned pressed Peter's name on speed dial

On Pete's side he just pulled on the mask over his head on another roof when KAREN spoke in his ears

Incoming call from: Ned Leeds.

Peter: Accept.

Peter, what the hell is keeping you? We’re literally just checking in.

He felt no time to answer back quickly. Having spent the last few minutes jumping from off one perched rooftop to the other, all of the air from above kept smacking back to his face constantly fighting back against him. Not that that was going to stop him though.

Another minute passes and Peter is back on the rooftop of his apartment. With no time to change back, he’s left crawling down to his arms and legs, while using his control of the electrostatic reaction between his body and any surface on an interatomic level to not only secrete sticky substances, but he can somehow bond himself to the wall leading down to his building window.

Scrolling himself down to his window, with his head peeking out from the frame, he’s lucky to still see his suitcase perched by the door.

Peter? PETER?

Peter: Sorry, sorry, got sidetracked. Just had to go back and get my suitcase.

Why even leave it?

The latter just sighs heavily, embarrassed to explain what actually kept him and why he had to be so late yet again.

Peter: Aunt May tried to throw out my suit.

She did what?!

Peter: Yeah. Whatever happened with me and Beck last summer must’ve stuck through to her; now she’s trying to prevent me from doing my job every chance she gets.

Already crawling in one piece, he recovers from landing on his floppy bouncy bed and immediately recollects himself. Gripping his new suitcase from the door, he picks up from the bottom handle beneath the suitcase and with the window still open, dashes on out and jumps through.

He’s lucky to recollect his positioning and use his web zip to catapult himself not on top of his apartment roof once again but a few feet away as he ran on the closest rooftops he could, suitcase in hand.

You....Umm....you don’t think she has a point though?

Peter: Ned, you know I’m trying to do something productive down there in San Francisco. The least I could do is dress accordingly for it.

Isn’t she trying to protect you though?

Peter: I can forgive her for that. But I have a responsibility to live up, man. And so help me god, I’m gonna keep it.

Ok ok. You got me. Just—just hurry on up and we’ll discuss it later. We’re going through security.

Peter: No problem, keep me posted.

No sooner should he cut off the transmission and reposition his suitcase from the top handle, he finally slips his mask on and Spidey was off once more.

Minutes pass as Peter was left abiding towards the same route he eerily took yesterday to escape from New York’s Finest: taking his turn off the Deli, heading down Long Island City and closing off on Jamaica, which was where the John F. Kennedy International Airport was located, 16 miles (26 km) southeast of Midtown Manhattan.

If he skedaddled quickly enough, there was a good chance he might just be able to catch up just in time to sit down with the others at the terminal gate. Unfortunately, the suit he was wearing carried a lot of burdens on him, and just when it looked like he was going to get off Scot-free....

....he’s met face to face with another dilemma.

An alarm blared on through his eardrums, stopping him in his tracks as his feet slid and skidded among the gravely asphalt of the roof. He could almost feel the repetitive bell-like ringing vibrating through his heart; most alarms made a routine work...well...like clockwork...since it made such a positive difference to standardize one’s day.

Here though....it could only mean one thing: breaking and entering.

Do I dare turn myself around, he resorted to asking himself quietly, knowing that once he does, he’ll have to put his foot down and stop it, especially with him being so close to only BARELY making his flight at the last minute.

The impulse was strong but lo and behold, duty called out to him and Peter was forced to snap his head down to the far left, viewing the closed Joseph & Sons Jewelers that now had a security breach.

Peter: You gotta be shitting me.

And who did Peter spot leaving the scene of the crime?

An individual with a feminine physique (Madison Lintz), dressed in all black and from the positioning Peter was standing, met the profound definition of a cat burglar to a T. But this one?

This one immediately came off as special.

The black bodysuit was nothing to write home about from the distance but as Pete adjusted his lenses and zoomed in, he found himself to be quickly mistaken. Said suit was matte designed, modified with all sorts of additional leather belts attached to mostly grey and black accents around the suit, all of which was barely made visible despite the white fur sewed over her shoulders and her wrists. All it could show from up there were two lines that revealed her shoulders.

The high heels were....surprising, to say the least as well as what appeared to be fitted goggles over her eyes with yellow lenses and the silver talon-like claws attached to her black cotton inspected gloves.

Even more noticeably, the bombshell platinum-blonde streaks in her hair sticking out like a sore thumb.

She didn’t give off the physicality, the vibe or even the finesse of your average thief. This spoke to someone much more enhanced than that.

Spider-Man: Umm, Karen?

Searching via Baby Monitor.

A few seconds later.....

The culprit is one Felicia Sara Hardy, age 19. Born in Flushing, Queens, New York. 25 records of theft and robbery are aplenty, dating back to early 2023. Family members are currently unknown.

Spider-Man: How could you not know who her family is?

Afraid my baby monitors can't ID that as of yet. There’s a noticeable interference blocking out the rest of the information.

Spider-Man: Just—that’s fan-freaking-tastic.

Making it out of the clear in one piece, it left him with no choice. No longer did he have to be forced into being the hero now, Peter had better handling on being the first responder at hand.

Having roamed away from the compromised Joseph And Sons Jewelers, each and every step taken among the way was spotless for the young thief, even more so since it was connected to the Rochdale Village Shopping Center. Not a single soul either saw her face or even knew she was there and that fact the store was closed on this day made that even more....

Felicia: Purrrrfect.

Felicia couldn’t help but chuckle mildly to herself, ruffling through the glove in her left hand and pulling out two gold necklaces and a diamond ring.

No chance to push forward, however, as Spider-Man zips on in from the far right, charging in and tackling her off her feet, and flips back up with her in his grasp. Felicia, reacting quickly, is quick to release herself before flipping over Peter’s back and landing on her feet but as she goes for a sweep at the legs, Peter jumps over and goes for a knee to the gut.

She cartwheels out of the way and then comes in from behind, gripping her knees around Spidey’s neck and then rolls forward over him, slamming him down as they both land on their backs hard. But Felicia is quicker to get back on her feet and as Peter approaches her, she immediately turns him inside out with a roundhouse....

....for a small while.

Peter made the mistake however of kipping back up to his feet and making the first move again. For upon shooting webs at her hands to try to thrust her forward, Felicia just flips the webs around and yanks him over to her, kicking him in the head and sending him crashing down again.

Felicia: Itsy bitsy spider. Isn’t this refreshing?

Spider-Man: Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Just hand over what you stole.

He grunts loudly, sweeping her by the leg as she falls on her back.....and then flips back up to a critical basis with Peter following suit. Matching the latters beat step for step, Peter was right to be.....cautious surrounding her.

Felicia: Fat chance. You want these?

She still clings ahold of her stolen valuables....only to toss them behind her into her open backpack.

Felicia: Come and get ‘em.

Dropping a smoke pellet beneath her, it blinds Peter momentarily as he gets lost in the smoke. Breathing and coughing heavily, his Spider-sense still alerts him as he dodges Felicia pouncing at him from behind.

Unfortunately, as she regained her balance scraping her makeshift claws amongst the pavement, Peter couldn’t help to notice a slight trickling. And as he looked down at his hand, there he sees it: drops of blood.

He was bleeding from the cheek. She scratched him.

Felicia: Awww, dying to get your hands on me now, aren’t you? Naughty boy.

Something about this reading annoyed him. It was never fun for someone else to you with another person's emotions, especially in situations like this. But every second wasted also ensured Peter would miss his flight.

So no more playing around.

Spider-Man: Try me then.

Hearing his voice lighten up ever so slightly and the notion that he was playing along for the meantime only fueled the fire. Felicia liked a challenge but above all, the thrill of it.

So this was well appreciated.

Felicia: Thought you’d never ask.

Once more, her claws unsheathed from her gloves. The lenses from his mask caught that the second time around, which meant one more viable feature to her already diverse arsenal he needed to look out for.

From the first move incoming, Peter narrow dodges a roundhouse and a thrust kick and a few nimble swipes from her claws which barely skim the material of the mask. A downward swipe later however and did disorient the kid again, long enough for the latter to flip over him.

She once again jumps up to his head, wrapping her legs around his neck, and flips backward driving Spidey head first on the ground with his chest following suit afterward. Unfortunately, she underestimated the wall-crawler's resilience. Peter quickly rolls forward with his legs now around her neck and, with a full 360 spin, tosses Felicia aside with a head-scissor.

Time was running out faster and faster; the best chance Peter got was to web her up and take the valuables off of her. On that front alone, it would be problematic because of just how versatile she was.

But that didn’t stop him from trying as he launched 3 web grenades from his web-shooters.

None of them hit; Felicia seamlessly dodged them all.

With no luck, Peter is left charging forward only for Felicia to dip down and reach under the near arm of Spider-Man, across his chest and under his far arm, while placing her other hand on the back of the opponent to hold them in place. Quickly moving, she flips both her and him over via a backwards somersault while holding Peter, and driving him flat on the mat again.

Such a quick, fierce, and cunning maneuver on such short notice; it actually left the latter perplexed. What....where she’d go to get this all this? Peter was left formulating to himself as he coughs aloud, meeting dirt to his face again.

Luckily, he did take one thing away from this encounter: she loved to get close.

Too close.

She had yet to move away from hovering directly over her as she too needed time to catch her breath. So moving in, he wraps her legs around her abdomen and pulls her back down to him.

Wrapping his right arm around her neck, Peter mildly presses the biceps against one side of the neck and the inner bone of the forearm against the other side. The neck is squeezed inside the arm very tightly, arching his spinal cavity backwards, pulling Felicia’s medulla oblongata forward, and thus applying pressure on the neck and facial region.

At least that's what was supposed to happen. Felicia found herself itching and inching up to a vertical basis ever so slowly despite the massive weight of the wall-crawler. Even as she stood on her own two feet, Spidey was holding her back.

Spider-Man: Stay down!

He gets a stomp on his right foot for his troubles.

Felicia: Make me.

She elbows him clean in the abdomen three times before stomping down in his other foot, rearranging her hands to lock a three-quarter facelock on Pete and flips up and backward, performing a backflip in the air, and landing face down to the mat, driving Spidey back-first again.

Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t squirm her way free. Spider-Man still had his hands locked firmly around her neck and whatever little pressure there was still being applied.

He ends up flipping over her the other way around, still having her locked in that sleeper hold.

Felicia: Don’t you know not to corner a wild animal? It’s dangerous.

Spider-Man: Better lock you in a cage then.

Felicia: If you wanted to be this close....you could have just asked.

Releasing the pressure only a few notches, Peter attempted to reach deep in her bag but then Felicia suddenly knees him directly below where the sun doesn't shine.

It finally forces the latter to let go of her.

Squirming in agony but looking ahead to Felicia making yet another run for it, he hopelessly limps to catch up launching a webline right to her bag.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t gonna stop moving so he was left trying to hang on while she kept leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

Needless to say, it looked like she didn’t mind all that much.

Felicia: You know when you’re comfortable, you can just let loose.

Spider-Man: Ne-never!

Felicia: Going through all this trouble for little ol’ me? You must really care.

Spider-Man: Care enough....to protect this city from people like you.

Felicia: People like me? Now I'm offended.

Felicia kept running but Spidey shoots another web line only at the last minute she turned grabbing the line and yanks him over her near the edge of the roof both falling over but Felicia launches her grapple hook to break the fall and Peter held on dearly on the web line attatched to her

Spider-Man: If you don't mind me asking what's with the skin tight leather? I'm sure I can sue you for copywriting Hallie Berry's Catwoman or was there a sale on the black marketing for criminal activity?

Felicia: Ok first off: Spandex? You might want to rethink that. Second not everything is about money sweetheart. If it's worth the sport it's worth something to me. And THIRD.

Pete's Peter sense went off the wire and Felicia leaped over cutting the webline sending Pete falling to stories off the 30 story skyscraper only for him to web zip straight up in a matter of minutes as Felicia ran to the next roof seeing Spidey still on her cat tail and she turned her head with a smirk at a water tower she placed some kind of timing gadget on it and kept running

By the time Pete landed on the same roof the timer dinged cracking the tower to tilt over the edge Pete knew this wasn't gonna just ssend the civilians plenty of fresh drinking water but the debree of the tower would crush anyone in it's path

Spider-Man: AW COME ON!

The tower nearly fell but Spidey webbed yanked it back tying the damage on it with his webs sealing it stable again and then he looked up to a higher building seeing Felica looking down at him giving an evil smirk and blew a kiss at him laughing at him walking back disappearing off the edge

Spider-Man: Oooooooo.........kay. THAT was more humiliating since Flash's locker prank in Freshman year. AND BY THE WAY: THIS IS SO NOT SPANDEX!

His shout echoed around his surroundings he checked one more time to make sure the tower was still stable and it was and Pete was breathing heavily in relief and KAREN spoke out in his ear

In coming call from May Parker.

Spider-Man: I'm so grounded. Go ahead and accept. Hey May. I'm on my way right now.

You need to hurry. We're all boarding the plane right now.

Spider-Man: CRAP! Alright yeah. I'm just minutes away. Promise.

Peter.....I hope you're not diving for that awful suit. I told you---

Spider-Man: Yeah I know. And I'm not just.....I'm hurrying.

He cut the line diving to web swing to te airport

Spider-Man: Karen! What's the fastest rout to J.K. International?

Take a left on Avenue and head forward around Atlanta. Once you cross over there take the next right and your destination should be straight foward.

Spider-Man: Keep posting the directions when I cross them!

As you wish.

Spidey leaped on launching his web glider to glide forward to Avenue

But at JK Airport May was not pulling her nephew's chain her and the Queens Class were now boarding Ned tried calling Peter himself but didn't go through when on the plane the service there was interference on his signal

Ned: Man.....they need to work on the plane signal issues. Where the hell are you Pete?

Ned moved on to the back where he spotted Michelle in her seat looking for her ear plugs turning up her head to Ned

Ned: MJ you seen Pete yet?

Michelle: *Nods* I hoped he'd show up at the lobby. If he's not here by now he's gotta lot of web swinging to cover to catch up to us.

Ned: Not if there's ocean blocking his way.

Ned then pressed on sitting in the further back with a window next the right wing looking up to see if Peter would be swinging in at least but no sign of him

May was in second class in her seat trying to call Peter again but the signal interference was effecting her phone too

May: Cheap Stark tech. I need to sign in the Oscorp bill.

The plane was no dethatched from the fueling pumps the plane was now rotating to the path way to take off

Spider-Man was now barely a mile away web zipping and swinging left and right

Flight leaves less than 20 seconds.


At the take off drive in

Flight: 147. You are now clear for take off. Have a good flight to San Francisco.

Ned: Dammit Peter.

Michelle: Where the hell are you?

In the nick of time Spidey finally landed on the roof of the airport just in time to see the plane moving forward to take off

Spider-Man: OH GOD!


He ran leaped off the roof gliding towards the moving plane landing on the right wing where Ned saw him through his window


Some of the passengers turned to his direction and Ned felt incredibly awkard.

Ned: Uh....my.....dog at the vet made it through his surgery.

Pete held on trying to stay sticked to the wing with suitcase in the other hand webbing it on the plane as he screamed out when the plane lifted off the ground taking off the sky


The plane went higher into the gray clouds as it reached 50 stories

We cut back into the the city where the old Stark Later Avengers Tower use to stand now stands the new tech and science company that builds the newly techs of New York

~Oscorp Indusdtries~

The company owned by One Norman Virgil Osborn III President and CEO of the contract deques labs and mystery buyer who Tony Stark sold the tower to and invented Oscorp creating the best techs and machines for the city Norman was even inventing working neugenics in hopes of creating anti-serums for the deadliest diseasses

But had another interest as we are soon to discover

A limbo pulled up to the main doors where a press stood and waited and as the backseat right door opened stepped out the man of the hour himself.....Norman Osborn (Matthew McConaughey) and reporters and photographer started taking pictures and asking for him

Reporter # 1: Mr. Osborn! Can we get a statement?

Reporter # 2: Mr. Osborn! What's the latest update for the new tech support?

Female Reporter: Mr. Osborn! Is it true that you're contract develops a new working serum?

Norman just gave the press a smile as he moved forward followed by his only son who came out of the limbo after him

Harry Osborn (Charlie Rowe) who was also a childhood friend of Peter but years separated since the start of High School and the tragic passing of his mother and Norman's wife Emily Osborn Harry has been taking part to stand with his father in Oscorp to refund research facilities that were built by Emily

Harry was shy around the press as he remained silent and his expression was a mild hint of sadness and soon the faboules Osborn boys opened the doors and entered the building

As Norman and Harry walked down the main hall Norman's female assistant came by him

Norman: Are they all here?

Assistant: Yes sir. Unfortunately Carlton Drake's remaining staff members had curer changes after the rocket incident. We may not get the full approval today.

Norman: No matter. All it'll take is the right grant.

Harry: Dad? I still don't know why you refunded the Life Foundation. Especially those rumors about Drake.

Norman: Rumors or facts Harry Drake made the greatest discovery since Captain Steve Rogers was found alive berried in ice.

Assistant: General Slocum called again. He's been asking about the chemical war fare again. What's your response sir?

Norman: I'll call him back later.

Norman and Harry and everyone around them came in an elevator and later all walked out on the 30th flour walking over the flour holding a logo of Oscorp Text underneath: Working for a better tomorrow.

In the meeting room Norman sat in front of the end of the table with Harry sitting at his left side beside him and the other people in the other seats lawers CEO's and Generals

Norman: As of today....Oscorp Industries has now surpassed rating techs and chemical warfare for united nations. Results are up. Disasters are down. And now we are ready to proceed a project that was left unfinished since the passing of Carlton Drake. Which is why Oscorp has refunded the Life Foundation to perform Project: Premium X.

CEO # 1: Wonderful report Norman. Wonderful. But what exactly is this Premium X? I don't remember that on Drake's list.

Norman: A codename Oscorp has given the symbiont project. Out of his own prosperity the Government tend to shut it down through Sokovian Law but with the influence Oscorp has given them Drake's symbiont project is now owned by the contract deques labs.

CEO # 2: What are we even trying to accomplish? And who's to say we do better than Drake's intentions?

Norman: If the environment were to go down badly Drake believed our survival depended on living in space. What he failed to understand was Oscorp worked around the clock to anti that environment with our working genetics. This project is the next stage to prevent the most fatal diseases.

Harry: What my father is trying to say is.....this is the first step to stabilize cancer.

The staff were mildly amazed to hear that

Norman: Thank you for that report Harry. So.....I request we look into those projects to develop tests of our own. With this in the hands of Oscorp cancer can kiss our asses. Which is why....I would like to invite my own son for this whole project.

Harry: Dad. I thought we talked about this.

Norman: Harry I know you don't want to go. But we're fighting to save billions of lives. I want to honor your mother's will to this. She would be proud as I am since you first came to stand with me to run Oscorp together.

Harry: I'm not saying you're doing this for right intention. Just since Drake's reputation of the rumored dead bodies being a fact....I wanted no involvement in something dirty like that.

Norman: That's why we're trying to rewrite those wrongs. Our hands will remain clean as a shining car. But....I will leave it to you. The helicopter to San Francisco-----

The name of the city caught Harry's attention

Norman:----leaves in the next three hours. Dismissed.

Everyone got p taking their booklits as Harry stood straight up facing his father

Harry: Dad.....did you say.....San Francisco?

If only Norman could see the gears turning in Harry’s head, in what could’ve possibly made his son switch so quickly.

One word: California.

On the West Coast of the country, it had a lot of things. Stretching from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly 900 miles, its terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland and the Mojave Desert. The city of Los Angeles is the seat of the Hollywood entertainment industry while Hilly San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and cable cars.

Natural beauty, cutting-edge technology, vibrant food culture, movies and music - California has it all....or used to. The appeal however that earned its popularity to begin with was still there. From Hollywood dreams to Silicon Valley start-ups; from Napa Valley vineyards to miles of free beaches, California is one of the most beautiful places in America, if not the most livable.

These were the hopes that the Midtown High Seniors of 2025 would be praying for, upon arrival.

This would be many’s first arrivals to California, some more than others. Said place would still be in disarray to an extent following the Blip two years back but compared to the Europe situation regarding the Elementals and Mysterio.....

....hopes were unusually high that this wouldn’t be the disaster-fire it was before. At least that’s what the teachers Roger Harrington (Martin Starr) and Julius Dell (J.B Smoove) were hoping for.

Same with Aunt May, her hands intertwined together, quietly praying that to herself.

As for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man himself, it was nothing but high hopes from that point forward, taking notice of the air currents of the wind slowly winding down. Only one thing was certain from that moment forward.

The plane was about to land.

And once it did our hero made a mild vomiting noises not like he was vomiting in his mask but he was close enough but seeing the plane was finally on the ground he webbed yanked his suit case from where he webbed it too

And just the moment the plane came to a complete stop......Pete fell off the wing loosing his grip of the case and fell hard on the lot

Spider-Man: Argh! Oh god! I'm gonna feel that in the morning.

It's likely he would but soon enough he manages to regain his balance a little nauseous from the whole flight there grabbed their suitcase and soon web zipped straight up

Inside the airport everyone got off board and Ned Michelle and May were the only ones looking for Peter

Ned told Michelle he saw him on the wing and given what May tried to do earlier he told her saw him in the back of the passenger room

All though that was gonna get him in the heat with May later knowing he's his....."Guy in the chair"

May: Are you sure you just saw him get off?

Ned: Positive. I'm sure he's likely to be about.

May: Well I'm gonna have the front desk call him over.


Michelle: No need. He's over there.

May and Ned looked to where Michelle was pointing and they all saw Peter come out of the bathroom buttoning up his green collared shirt with the suit underneath grabbing his suit case and walked over where he stopped in shock to see his Aunt approach him

May: Where have you been? And why didn't you call when----

May remembered the service was bad on the plane

May: Scratch that. Bad Reception. I just hope you weren't doing what I think you were doing before we got here.

Peter: Nah nah.....I was here the whole time; I was just.....lost in the crowd. And....I couldn't call cause.....yeah. Yeah. Bad reception.

May: Well just so you know to be sure I'm gonna have a look in your suitcase when we get to the hotel.

Now Pete was in real heat hearing that even though she won't find the suit in his case cause he was wearing it it would only delay the inevitable if he was gonna look into the SF case

Once Spider-Man in San Francisco becomes public knowledge May would learn Peter has gotten the suit back and he be more grounded for life than he already was

But......cause of the responsibility he told Ned on the phone earlier he can't let her stop him still and speaking of Ned he met up with him as they all walked to the terminal and told him everything that just happened

Peter: And after I got my suit out of the shredder which insanely is shred proof out of Stark Designs I came across this jewelry store getting robbed and I ran into this white haired girl who was the jewel thief.

Ned: Catwoman??

Peter: She did wear leather like Halle Berry but Karen confirmed her origins were unknown. All I got was a name. Felicia Hardy.

Ned: Hardy? Wait a minute.....I think I heard of that name. I mean....I never heard of a Felicia Hardy but the name Hardy rings a bell. But.....can't put my finger on it.

Peter: Guess that'll have to be another case to close when we get back home.

Ned: But what'd you gonna tell May? I just covered for you and she's likely gonna be on my ass for it whenever you go swinging around.

Peter: I know. I'm sorry about that----

Ned: I just in a way understand how she feels. I got your back still but.....like you told me before after everything that's happen to her......

That made Peter think back to that and nodding looking over at May checking in

Peter: I know Ned. No one knows more what she's feeling than I do. But after when I told you the last time I didn't-----

Ned: I know man. I know.

Peter: As much as I understand her reasons.....she has to understand mine and after what happened to my uncle I----

Peter was interrupted by a joyful scream that put him and Ned on high alert but it was Betty running up to who entered from the main entrance

Who was none other than....Eddie Brock here to meet the Bugle intern

Eddie: Remember this is for business purposes strictly. It’s a me thing, not a ‘We’ thing right now, ok? We’ll get to work on Kassidy shortly afterward.

Fair enough. Just don’t take too long.

Eddie: Depends, Buddy.

Eddie saw Betty coming and soon caught May's attention she too recognized Eddie cause let's just say she.....watches his show all the time Peter looked at Eddie odd he didn't know if this was his Peter sense being dialed to eleven again but he could feel something was off about him even Ned when he watched his former Europe trip girlfirend act like an excited child around him

Betty: Edward Brock Jr. I'm Betty Brant and may I say it's an honor to finally meet you. I watch your show all the time. It has inspired me many ways.

Eddie: Appreciate it kid. Are you.....the Bugle intern?

Betty: That's me.

Eddie: Ah. Never met a teenage intern your age before but....not complaining. So....where shall we start?

Peter and Ned kept looking over his direction still feeling something's off about him Ned however was just more curious especially seeing how Betty's being off on him

Ned: The legendary Eddie Brock. This guy has got more hits than Whitney Chain. I hear he runs wild like it's the wild wild west.

Peter: Sounds like he can give Will Smith a run for his money. But I don't know.

Ned: You alright Pete?

Peter: Yeah just....I don't know if my senses are going off but....I feel there's something off about that Brock guy.

Ned: How so?

Peter: I can't really place it. I'm not even sure if my senses are going off in my head but....maybe just a tingling feeling in my stomach I....I don't know.

Ned: Just can't trust no one after last year?

Peter: Yeah something like that.

Betty and Eddie continued their official interview as the class started getting checked in and May came close to him curiously

Eddie: So the Bugle wants a word on the refunding of the life foundation? And the murders going on?

Betty: Recent reports say it was funded by the city's newly tech company Oscorp. Rumor also has it one of New York's nitorous butcherers is behind it.

Eddie: Well most rumors are sadly facts. Cause the news confirmed----

Eddie stopped spotting May behind Betty looking at him curiously as for Eddie.....well......

Eddie: Well hel-lo beautiful.

Betty: Beg your pardon?

Eddie: Oh sorry. Uh....yeah it's a New York killer.

Pete saw the way Eddie looked at his aunt and he instantly slaps his head

Peter: Oh god.....not another one!

The constant annoyance of random strangers, with the exception of Happy, hitting on his Aunt came back to haunt Peter once again and this time, it was no laughing matter.

He knew it was bound to be a quick and constant but irrelevant complication to a sturdy and stacked summer tour that would prove to be problematic.....

....but it was far from the main issue at stake.

As for what could possibly be more important, that would be the attraction that brought him over to California in the first place: the sick and demented, psychotic sadist Cletus Kassidy.

Following his tango with Eddie Brock, twice in San Quentin and once more on the outside of the bars, his last encounter with such a familiar but vastly unique foe had this inkling of longevity sprinkled into the proceedings; made the fight carry on longer than even he admitted he would’ve liked to. He cherished his charisma, his stigma, his outlook on life....and the friend he kept under wraps.

He was the best kind of deja vu to him, the kind that feels right when it comes as if the creator just rewound time, just a smidge, then hit play again. It is when the aperture of his heart opened all the wider to let his light in. It's as if...if his memory wanted longer to make a photograph to last all his lifetime.

The deja vu he found with Eddie is sublime, and every once in a while, he found myself hoping that it all means something, that they were together in this reality and others. Even with an accomplice by his side, it didn’t feel the same without Eddie, a feeling only intensified by the lack of movement in the air....

Especially since HIM.

THANOS’ success left him in a state of uncertainty, loneliness, befuddling conflict in a world so set on tearing itself apart with no major scent of stability with half of all life having evaporated. That all changed once the Avengers reversed the effect, immediately reviving and resurrecting Kassidy’s drive for onslaught and bloodshed.

But not without a few bells and whistles to be attached first.

Today’s forecast in San Francisco was cloudy. They were the kind of grey that would make any quarry rock proud as if they were so pleased to echo the earth. All the grey, all that swirling water in the sky, condensation was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Something that spoke hand-in-hand to Cletus’ unpredictable nature.

Serving his surroundings, he merely peeped his head to his right and left to his mere delight, with not a single soul surfacing alongside him amongst the sidewalks. His hands scuffling through the curly strands of his red hair later, a house came into his eyesight quickly.

Kasady trudges his way forward with his hands in his pockets, continuing to poke his head out and about, looking out for anyone. He briefly noticed the arched windows. Through them light flows through all seasons, gracing the air without favor, illuminating the sweet-toffee browns of the wooden floor.

His attention redirects him to the door, whereupon approaching, he calmly knocks on it for about a second and then backs up.

The door slowly creaks open halfway through, the homeowner briefly sticking his head out from the neck down. Something clearly had him spooked, otherwise he would’ve been more comfortable talking to whoever showed up on the other side.

And that uncertainty grew more evident every time he opened his mouth and his voice croaked.

Homeowner: Yes?

Cletus: Sorry to drop by.....unannounced but I appear to be lost. No getting home like this, this far away. I hope you don’t mind if....I could use your phone to call for a ride.

Homeowner: You don’t have your phone?

Cletus: Don’t use one.

That was indeed a conundrum. He, unfortunately, saw no point in keeping this stranger waiting; the sooner he gives him what he wants, the sooner he’ll leave. Cletus found himself delighted when the homeowner simply shook his head ‘Yes’ and signaled to him ‘one second’.

And then he closes the door, cutting off any visual cues to the house that Kasady would’ve liked to glance at.

Except Kasady already got his fill: the house was welcoming to him from the open door to the wide hallway.

Upon the walls were the photographs of children, so obviously so loved. The floor was an old-fashioned parquet with a blend of deep homely browns and the walls were the greens of summer gardens meeting a bold white baseboard. The banister was a twirl of a branch, tamed by the carpenter's hand, its grain flowing as water might, in waves of comforting woodland hues. Under the lamp-shine, it was nature's art, something that soothed right to the soul.

A whirlwind, a kaleidoscope of memories rushed through this house.....everything that deep down, Kasady wanted. But wouldn’t admit to himself.

With the door swinging open again, the homeowner comes out with the house phone in hand, positioned in Kasady’s direction. Cletus’ observant eye caught his hands trembling in his presence. When something stresses you out, like giving a speech or watching a scary movie, your nerves kick into overdrive. Your hands shake and your heart beats fast.

He had him right where he wanted him. No need to prolong the inevitable....

....but for that tiny fragment of a second, he continued to play along, taking ahold of the phone and simply looking down at its dusted, messy, imprinted material.

Cletus: I like your house.

Homeowner: I’m....sorry and you are?

Cletus: Any chance you live here alone?

Red flags were raised immediately.

Panicking and right about his suspicions, the man was quick to shut the door on Kasady and just be done with it. To his eternal shame, Kasady’s hand and foot got in the way.

Any more pressure up against the door and it still refused to budge. It was already way too open to prevent the guy from staying out and it was all his fault.

And as Cletus slithered his way inside, he had to come to terms with the mistake he made.

Cletus: Said I REALLY like your HOUSE!

He grips the house phone and bludgeons the man over the head with it, seeing him crash onto the parquet. As expected, he didn’t stay down long. So Kasady had to kick him upside the head with the soles of his boot to ensure that he would.

But no, he didn’t just come here to bludgeon a man beyond submission. He was a serial killer, addicted to the hunt, the thrill of it, and one becomes addicted, they can’t stop.

A sly smirk creeps up upon Kasady, unsheathing his knife from his black scabbard, underneath his Grey jacket. The knife had a handle of cherry wood, and so it brought pink blossoms to his.....culinary daydreams, smiling maniacally to himself as he toyed around with the handle...

....but then he stabs the homeowner, right in the stomach.

Homeowner: ARGH!

It didn’t just hurt. It felt like being punched with a weird internal pressure. In the moment, there was a lot of adrenaline going, but after that wears off, it was bound to get wildly painful for the poor victim.

Cutting to when the body was being dragged in the cellar the mad man came out wiping his knife with a rag shutting the door behind him and soon enough.....the door bell rang

Cletus was alerted thinking either some family members of the homeowner he just murdered was returning home or some neighbors heard the commotion or worse.....cops

Cletus had his knife up slowly approached the door slightly grabbing hold of the nob peaking out the peak hole revealing no one was out there but he went ahead opening it slowly having his knife ready until.....

.....a jump scare startles him with a figure appearing in front of him he grabbed the figure holding the knife up to the neck but who it appeared to be.....was....Frances Barrion (Naomie Harris) Cletus's girlfriend and partner in crime

You could say in some way they're the Joker and Harley Quin in this universe but.....Barrion is just much as nuts as Cletus and unlike Harley Frances has some abilities of her own which soon to be revealed

Seeing it's his partner Kassidy laughed in embarrassment while slowly letting her go and lowering his knife

Cletus: Hello precious.

Frances: Cletus.....you IDIOT!

She lightly slapped him in the arm while both catching their breaths Frances walked in the living room sitting on the couch pulling her hair back as Cletus walked in giving her a grin

Cletus: Stressed again?

Frances: Could say that. The ice box should be rename itself the anti-power facility. The collar they put on me took forever to break given it neutralized my powers.

Cletus: Would end up there myself if I hadn't lost my symbiont since......

Frances: Makes you wonder if those collars would neutralize them. Speaking of Symbionts anything on Brock?

Cletus: If the reports on our escapes have gotten around he should know we're about in the city.

Frances: And the Spider?

Cletus: Don't know. If word gets out in New York of the return of the Carnage Killer only chances of Spider-Man coming here are slightly exaggerated.

Frances: Dammit. I guess we'll have to focus on Brock for now. But if we can't draw the Spider here the plan is futile.

Frances stood up more stressed out unknown to her or her nut of a boyfriend that Spider-Man is by now in SF as we saw earlier as she went to a window to brood Kassidy came behind her wrapping his arms around her waste

Cletus: You're cute when you're angry.

She slowly turned around to him staring at him with an emotionless expression and after a moment......she grew a smile

Frances: You're sweet talkig me aren't ya?

Cletus: Maybe.

She chuckled like a witch grabbing Kassidy on both of his cheeks kissing him in a rather disturbing way.....

......cutting outside of the house the curtain of the window she was standing from the closed when she pushed him back playfully away from it with the camera pulling away from the house

Little did either of them know, that the latter of the two they were looking for wasn’t all that far away to begin with.

The entire Midtown High group, including teachers and staff, left the airport at around 5:30 a.m due to the Western Time Zone; meaning lots of individuals would still be pretty tired from that long flight. Unlike the trip to Europe, nobody had to worry about jet lag.

As prior to the arrangement set up shortly before the trip’s confirmation, Roger Harrington and Julius Dell had booked the entire class to stay at the Hotel VIA, which was only a mere thirteen minutes away.

Having arrived with little to no delays and successfully checked in, then came the easy part of the tour for everyone involved: unpacking and getting themselves comfortable.

That was.....difficult to live up to, but only for two select people.

One: Betty.

Ever since running into Eddie at the airport, both of them hit it off almost immediately. Since he was a long crucial part of the interview that Betty needed for her assignment for the Daily Bugle, Eddie effectively had to go along with everybody else and the two were getting surprisingly comfortable around each other.

From the gates to the terminals to going on the bus and even arriving at the Hotel VIA, they kept on going and going, droning on about the who, what, why, and how regarding the basic news stories that encompassed the world two years past the Blip.

They found themselves loosening up as far as posture and rather quickly once everyone got into their rooms and Betty was able to try and finish her interview with him in peace but just enough to stay as professional as possible.

Betty: You really said that?

Eddie: I’ve been telling them that for years; you’d never believe the reaction he got when he saw me....

Betty: I could only imagine the reaction, had THANOS not happened.

Talk about a mood killer.

Everything just grew quiet upon mention of the Snap. It was never an easy realization to grasp ahold of, remembering just how much you’ve lost and how little time you have to regain what little speck of humanity you have while everything and everyone else has essentially moved on.

Eddie: Yeah, right.....

Betty: I—sorry to kill the mood here. We’re almost done. So, umm.....second to last question:.....

She needed to gussy up a little for the end of this, rearranging her positioning in the chair and crossing over her right leg over her lap. This question was a big one, guaranteed to either make or break the entire foundation on why she came down here in the first place.

So she hoped to God Brock came out with an honest answer.

Betty: What’re your thoughts regarding the news speculating around Spider-Man?

Eddie.....had no response to that.

On the other side of the coin, Peter was also having trouble getting comfortable. Mostly because he had the most work set up for him compared to literally everyone else.

It’s bad enough both his and his alter ego reputation is still somewhat in shatters but now people are starting to get more and more suspicious, outside of his aunt. Little did he know his teachers were perched up outside of the door of his room, eavesdropping like a pack of vultures.

It effectively made doing his job a lot harder now.

Julius: Martin, why are we doing this?

Martin: We can’t take any chances with this kid, Dell. He’s suffered enough this past year; somebody has to keep a close eye on him.

Julius: Isn’t there a less mischievous option to go through with that? Peter’s probably still traumatized from all of that; he’s got rolling in the back of his head wondering who the hells watching him.

Martin: Exactly why we shouldn’t be this upfront about it; I have a better idea.

Julius: What could be better than this? You tell me?

The two should consider themselves lucky that Peter wasn’t anywhere near the door to hear them babbling on about it. Regardless of whether or not they meant well, it mattered very little to the young web-slinger.

All that mattered was calming down, taking a brief moment of rest, and then getting back out there to do his job. That did mean putting his suitcase square up against the bed frame of the bed and unclipping it to finish unpacking.

The only thing getting in the way of that, unfortunately, was his Aunt creeping over his shoulder.

May: Ok, where is it?

It left Peter begrudgingly sighing, knowing this wasn’t going to pull the wool over her eyes forever.

Peter: Can we not do this now? We just checked in.

May: Suitcase. Now.

Peter was not believing this with May giving him the parent order he slugged his suitcase on the bed and May rushed up to it unzipping the suitcase pulling it open and she dig around in his cloths tossing them aside falling on the bed and on the flour

Pete just nodded in disbelief given what May was doing only to find his suit but.....soon a she emptied the case.......it wasn't there May sighed in relief softly but unfortunately.....our hero was not off the hook just yet May turned to him with seriousness in her eyes behind her glasses

May: Open your shirt.

Peter's heart skipped a beat the look on his face would make us think he would be screwed here and as soon as he lifted his shirt all May saw......

.....was just a white tank top

May let out a louder sigh of relief thinking now she got rid of the suit for good (For now.....) and after Peter pulled his shirt down he picked up the cloths May threw on the flour as she regained her focus she helped Peter picked up

May: I'm sorry dear. I just had to be sure.

Peter just gave her a nod

May: But I should confess......remember when I told you I use to sneak out too at your age?

Peter: Yyyyyyyeah?

May: I did cause....your Uncle Ben did too. Just to sneak into my room.

Peter: He snuck out too?

May: He and your father both. There was this thing they liked to call.....the Parker Pride. Builds up rebellious and stubbornness alike. They said it's even high influential to their partners: Your mother and I for example.

Peter: So Uncle Ben.....influenced you to sneak out?

May: He was a very free spirited kid. Like you. Strong. Brave......which.....during our 20 years together I even tried to.....stop him from....being....being so....brave.....

Pete noticed May almost grew an emotional face shedding a tear he dropped the cloths he was carrying on the bed and walked over to her holding her shoulder as she made a soft cry and rubbed her face

May: I'm sorry dear. I jut miss him so much. I can't believe.....it's been....five years since he was taken from us....

Pete shed a small tear himself remembering when it happened

May: He.....wanted to drive you to Ned's but you wanted to take the subway.....if only I had.....tried harder to stop him....all three of us would be here together.

Peter faced down revealing May was feeling guilty for what happened to her husband but not knowing why he really died which made him shed a stronger tear

May pulled herself together and kissed Peter on the head which mildly made him pull himself together and soon enough they picked up the rest of the cloths and soon enough May went on her cell and Peter notice she was texting

Peter: Who are you texting?

May: Oh well....funny you should ask. Remember when I told you I had a friend here which is why I flew with you and your classmates?

Peter: Yyyyyyeah?

May: That friend was our next door neighbor. You may not remember her but her and I have been trying to get you to meet her lovely niece. She's about your age. Red Head. And.....VERY lovely

Peter: Are you and this friend trying to et me on a blind date May? Cause....I'm actually hoping I can.....maybe.....just maybe try and patch things up with Michelle. I mean.....she broke up with me last year cause....some talk about growing apart....and I don't know if she's given Brad a chance but I want to try and see it through.

May: I understand that. Just....try and give her a chance....at least if nothing still works out with Michelle. I cause I think you'll like this one. Jut come by later after your first tour. I'll text you the address.

Soon enough Pete went in his room went on his phone calling Ned


Peter: Hey man. May tried looking for the suit just as I knew she would. You still got it with you?

Ned: Still in my bag since you stored it there before we left the airport.

Peter sighed like a slight spring breeze, soft and gentle, almost lost against the drone of the claustrophobic spacing in his room, even more so once he heard the front door swinging open and then shut again.

The coast was clear for now.

He was left juttering his bottom lip, redirecting the slow airflow that escaped dry lips. Time froze indefinitely for a short second as if his brain needed that time to process just how close Peter was to actually being caught, had he not been thinking outside the box.

Unfortunately, that left not him but Ned with as much of a giant target on his back as him. Being Spider-Man’s provider, chauffeur (at times) partner felt less and less like a partnership than it did when it first started out. Did the Snap change his outlook on how he views his collaboration with Peter....

....or were these just unrepressed, unexpressed emotions always there underneath, finally boiling up to the surface?

As for May, that was long overdue which is why upon walking out of the hotel, she found great solace in breathing. The stress slowly leaving her, calmness within can spread as eddying swirls of light, breathing with steadiness, creating such low pressure allows others to flow toward one’s loving care.

And there was one other person here in the Golden Gate City that desperately needed her presence and love more than ever.

Ten minutes pass, more than the given twelve-minute walk that was required and May finds herself face to face with the MB360 Apartment complex, with the traffic dialing up at a moderate level. It only made her wish she had a car to get here faster.

But alas, here she was.

Of course, she had to get up to the 5th floor. No doing that without signing in at the front desk; luckily for her, she was no staff member or chaperone for the school and she trusted Peter....just enough to ensure he wouldn’t do any sneaking around her these days.

So she signed in, but only as a guest for a few days.

Up on the fifth floor was what she was looking for. From one diagonal hallway to a mid-tier semi-circle to another long hall filled with rectangular repetitive patterns splattered across the carpet, it could’ve been disorienting right out of the starting gate. But luckily, she found the door number she was looking for.


No point in waiting this out, she thought out loud to himself, waking up to the door and standing motionless, taking a deep breath. The door was there as if a dream had become solid as if it had grown upon the hinges and blossomed into a comforting hue.

May stood at the door, anticipating hearing the footsteps that would come. Finally, she raises her hands up and knocks on the door.

Knocks there came thrice, strong and loud.....and so the door was opened wide.

Anna: No way....

May: What was it you used to say back then: Grass is always greener on the other side until you realize it’s been fertilized by some.....you know what?

There was no telling how peculiar this sight meant to either of the former friends turned aunts. Outside of them willingly calling each other out of the blue, it had been decades; almost twenty years to be exact since they’ve been in close contact with one another. The Snap was the only exception to this rule since, judging from May’s astonished gaze to Anna’s flourish bangs and

She was one of the lucky ones: the ones who had been left behind and was left to make it through those five years alone. A long, tedious, hideous trudge through the unknown....and yet here she was, still here, keeping her previous memories alive.

All the slumber parties, the dosing of the hoses and sprinkler systems, backyard barbecues, and night gazing, all of those precious memories unearthed and brought back up to the surface after being locked away for so long. However, not much of the latter was brought to either of their attention....

...since both were too busy locking eyes on the other.

Staring had become their mutual form of communication ever since they were younger. It was a contest of sorts and winning came at a price. May wouldn't look at Anna so much as through her, like her head was transparent and he was fascinated by an object two inches behind my skull. Except this gaze wasn’t one that reeked of conflict or bitterness.

It was the sort of gaze that was home, hearth, and hearty food. And the latter welcomed it.

Inside her apartment, not much was different.

Staring had become something of an art form to the both of them, their imposed form of communication. The first to avert their eyes is the loser, and that means subservient. That's why Anna always had it down, much to May’s dismay. It wasn’t as simple as locking eyes and checking out, one oughta be able to back it up or at least look like they can.

When their eyes lock over the breakfast table, the surprisingly soft expressions of over the past two decades didn’t evaporate; they rolled over. May holds Anna’s gaze, but with the warmth of a friend’s love. She cracks a joke about it all being a “strange staring contest” and Anna snorts, her face impassive but tilted back a little so she's literally looking down on me.

After a few seconds, she turns her head to the window, eyes just as still; then she speaks with a rather robotic tone that May was all too accustomed to hearing....

Anna: Has it really been this long?

May: It sure feels like it. When you emailed me least month it felt like yesterday. I was shocked. More shocked you moved here. Was LA not good?

Anna: It was alright. But due to some circumstances we couldn't live there anymore. This apartment's a lease May. Main reason for that.....we're moving back to New York in August.

May: Oh that's great! It'll be nice to have you back. More great to have you back next door.

Anna: No one's moved in since I left?

May: There were two families. Two college students. But for.....let's say for one.....uuhh I mean for six years no one else.

Anna: Then I guess I'll look into it.

May chuckled under her grin as she looked around the apartment seeing the hall framed pictures of MJ age 9 and 10 and current age

May noticed how beautiful and happy she looks in those pictures and soon turned back to her childhood friend

May: So.....how's little MJ? I noticed she isn't home.

Anna faced down in a sad and disappointed expression given MJ's current track record which made May look at her in concern for a brief moment before she spoke

Anna: She's.....she's.....

She let out a soft sigh

Anna: She's never home much May.

That answer made May's gut tingle a bit making her think of Peter's current habits

Anna: She's always out late after school and summer additions. Hanging out at night clubs and been drinking.

May: What?? Why has she been doing that?

Anna: I don't know.....I just don't. But I'm really worried about her May. She' been rebellious and uncooperative. She's......I'm so worried he's turning out everything her father was. He was leaving his wife to raise her alone while she's been sick. MJ was just six years old when he left them for good. I tried to provide for them but the illness took it's toll on her. I had to take MJ in when moving to Queens as you may remember. But.....ever since we moved to L.A. she's......changed. Into her father.

Now May realized Anna was just having the same problem with her niece as she was with her nephew

Little did she know Anna had a bigger problem on her hands.....one that would be just as devastating if she had decided to be honest with her niece

Anna: I'm......starting to wonder weather or not I'm doing anything wrong to make her do this.

May: Don't say things like that Anna. Don't even think them. I've known you since we were kids ourselves. I know we had an age gap.....in a way but you're the strongest person I know. You just need to put your foot down as hard as possible with her.

Anna: I've tried. But....that's not the only problem. I've been suffocating from five years to now. You have no idea what's been going on with me since......

May had a weird feeling where she was going from the stress she's under which was mighty higher than her own stress especially the way Anna kept holding her head like she had a headache every five minutes and.....in a way she did really

After Thanos snapped half of the population of the universe Anna did not go through the past five years well the stress and depression created.....a fatal condition that was confirmed not long ago

Anna: I've....caught a brain tumor May. And....my doctor confirmed it was terminal.

May's heart skipped two beats hearing that

May: You mean you.....

Anna: Yes. I'm dying May. Ever since I got the test back it's just been holding on to lifelines for as long as I can remember and Mary Jane.....she's the only reason why I've made it this far. I been hanging in there for as long as I could but.....I'm tired. And that's really why we have to move back to New York. Cause I need someone to look after her when I'm gone. You'll look after her if it comes too soon won't you?

May: Oh Anna.....of course.

Distraught knowing she was getting her BFF back only to loose her again sooner or later she gripped her hand and Anna gripped hers back nodding to her

May: I just wish there was something I could do.

Anna: You already are. Seeing you again....and knowing you'll watch over my niece when my time comes is helping me in o many ways. You been like a sister to me as long as I've known you.

May: I feel the same way. Does.....MJ know?

Anna.....nods no

Not that May didn’t know what to think of it in the long run but the way this conversation took a deep DEEP nosedive into darkness-induced audience apathy was a real turn-off, especially considering what was going on with Peter.

Anna found herself stumbling towards May before she could move away, gripping her hands as tight as she could....or at least she would’ve, had her arms and legs not been tingling.

And numb.

Real love is never painful unless it is the pain of parting. Love is comfort and protection, it is nurture and acceptance.

It is calm and passionate, stoic and spontaneous.

Generous and forgiving, a steady ship into any horizon. What we call painful love is not love at all, it is a taker and a giver, the giver as the bucket of water and the taker poking new holes in the vessel, quenching their thirst.

Painful was not even the first word to describe how both women were feeling towards one another right now; wishing how things could’ve been different under separate circumstances.

May: You know you’ll have to tell her eventually.

Anna: If I do, there’s no coming back for her.

May: If you don’t, she’ll come off even worse than her dad and that reality will bite back at you more than the tumor killing you.

Hard to argue with those words, let alone stomach the reality of a truly unhinged MJ wandering on the streets by her lonesome and losing her life by something Anna could very well avoid. And to imagine she had been silent for so long.

She finds herself shaking her head vigorously after giving the matter some serious thought, her eyes finally giving way to tears rolling down her cheeks and onto the coffee table.

As if the soul could bleed an ocean through the eyes, that was the enormity of her sobbing.

Anna: And you think it’ll be worth it in the end?

May: Anna, I was lucky to be given a second chance. If by any chance your girl is one of them, then you owe this to her.

There was no way to argue with May about it knowing the inevitable end maybe days weeks or months away the time had to come to come clean to MJ weather she'd listen or not

Anna: You're right. I know I have to hell her. It's just been hard getting through to her since she's started her wild streak.

May: There's more than one way that can get through to her. Don't you remember when we tried to get her and Peter to meet when they both were 10 years old?

Anna: Heh yeah. I could never get them off them for years. Not even out of Stan's shop. But given they're both here we could try again. They could probably set each other straight again. And hopefully....maybe they can get together when they're older like we hoped.

Anna: Each other?

May realized she nearly gave Pete away and she had to leave out the Spider-Man mentions anyway she could now

May: Let's just say....Peter's been having habits of....sneaking out and going behind my back that always get him in trouble.

Anna: He's not under age drinking and partying with his friends too is he?

May: No. No. Nothing like that. Let's just say.....during his sophomore year he was interning for this man who's been a bad influence on him.

Anna: How so?

May: Peter was always late for dinner. He cut his classes bailed on his group during a fieldtrip in Washington. And he was almost expelled cause of it too and cause he skipped detention. And that man has gotten into Peter's head so much that influenced him to make bad choices.

Anna: Who was the man? An old boyfriend?

May: He wished.

Anna chuckled mildly as May made a serious note thinking back to Tony Stark given he's who she was talking about but didn't know how to mention is name to her BFF without giving away Pete's secret still

May: But because Pete looked up to him that's why he's been a little rebellious himself. And....I blame that man for it. He passed away a couple of year ago and I do mourn for him but.....because of him Pete's always getting in trouble. I just wish Ben was to straighten him out.

Anna: Like I wish MJ's mother was here to do the same with her. You know I think I saw Peter on tv a year ago. The Bugle actually accused him to be the....masked Spider guy back in the New York of....killing some man named.....Buck?

May: Beck. Quintin Beck. And that was all a misunderstanding. Because everyone saw Peter get saved by Spider-Man when someone pushed him off a building. It scared me to death when I saw it on tv.

Which May isn't sure how that was possible herself only knowing little about the.....Spider Verse that happened after Beck exposing him

Anna: Good lord. I'm glad he's ok. But why would anyone frame him like that?

May: All I now is that man he intern for....made enemies and I think Beck did it to Peter to spite him but I don't know anything else.

Anna: Well if you think he and MJ can set each other straight I guess it's worth a shot.

May: I told him we'd have dinner with you guys so....this is a good chance.

The Aunt BFF's smiled at one another and turned their heads hearing a voice on tv they saw another episode of the Brock report

Eddie Brock here reporting in the middle of San Francisco bay. Where earlier today another body has turned up. A male victim that was found in the river and stabbed to death in the stomach.

That's right it was the same home owner Kassidy killed last night

SF's finest hadn't released any information except confirming this was another victim of the city's murders which hearing from a latest report confirming the killings is the work of....the notorious mass murderer. Cletus Kassidy. As many may know as New York's Carnage Killer. Police are now insuring civilians to stay in doors at night. Please everyone be safe and keep doors and windows locked. I'm Eddie Brock. And this has been the Brock report.

Anna: God....another one.....this is what ha me worried more of MJ's where abouts at night.

May: I'm more worried how Peter will respond to this.

Speaking of Peter he and Ned walk out his room for he came to get his suit from him and they walked to the elevator to meet up with their group at the lobby and Peter was discussing strategy

Peter: Alright here's what we'll do. After the first tour I'll slip out the first chance we get. That's when I'll look for the closet police station see if they have a file on the San Francisco killer. Then I'll create a patrolling route where the recent killings took place see where that'll take us next. And since we're here for two montsh we gotta make this count.

Ned: Sounds like a good plan but....soon as the breaking news of Spider-Man coming to SF goes virial what'd we gonna tell May? She's gonna be freaking pissed at both of us.

Peter: Let me worry about May. I'll do my best to get the heat off you.

Ned: That's not what I'm worried about. Peter I been doing some thinking.

Peter looked at his own BFF not liking where he might be going

Ned: Do you even still.....need me on this?

Peter: Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?

Ned: I just....can't help but to think what happened last year and I can't help but to see May has a good reason for not wanting you to do this anymore.

Peter: Not you too dude.

Ned: Look it's not that I want you to quit but I....feel like I been doing this for a long time. May made me realize this maybe too much. I'll always have your back bro but.....I'm not sure....if you really need...."A guy in the chair".

Peter: Ned....why are you talking like this?

Ned was about to reply to the flour bell rang and the elevator doors opened and Pete nodded while sighing

Peter: We'll talk about this later.

After everything that happened, his world went on pause.

Peter was in a sort of personal lockdown for five years until he was forced out of his shell, one in which he realized he couldn’t shrivel back into since Beck. It left him more wary and paranoid about letting anyone get too close.....with some exceptions to the rule.

The problem here came with the people who already were too close to him to let go. The realization that Ned was suggesting that he’d leave him alone came as a severe punch in the gut. And he needed clarification.

Unfortunately, no time for that conversation now, it seemed.

Julius: Alright, one at a time! Everyone on the bus!

Begrudgingly, Peter is forced to let Ned on first, slowly sidestepping out of the way as he eventually walks on outside the hotel lobby and up the stairs of the bus. Neutral doubt, confusion, and uncertainty plagued his thoughts as he watched Betty, Flash, and even Brad for that matter pile up and out, the latter of which actually exchanged a rather dubious glare over at the young man.

His mood brightens up a little bit as he turns back to the entrance to the hotel, seeing Michelle following suit behind Mr. Harrington and for that brief moment, he felt his smile coming back.

Michelle was lucky enough to return the favor, having looked over at him and then Ned as the two had their initial disagreement not too long ago. As she put it once before, she was very observant in the midst of any situation and this was no exception to her. Peter needed comfort before their tour officially got underway and Michelle had no shame in providing Peter exactly that.

“Midday blues?”, she jokes about half-heartedly while wrapping her left arm around Peter’s left shoulder and neck, actively holding back on going too far with the joke. One thing she did learn about Peter to take into consideration was how sensitive he was to certain things.

The last thing she wanted was to play with his emotions. A feat she had already failed in miserably.

Peter: Something like that.

Michelle: Thinking you messed up somewhere?

Peter: MJ, to my defense, he was the one who went to me. Said he wanted to help out whenever necessary.

Michelle: And to HIS defense, you have any idea what’s going on with him right now? How he recovered from the Blip?

Didn’t even get onto the bus yet and this was the sixth-plus question he was asked already.

And again, it wasn’t asked about in a way that felt like it was supposed to be a trick question; it was intended to be serious. Peter was lucky to remember the sudden realization of what he was going through as well.

Peter: Older sister died before he came back, grandma’s on life support. All his college funds either went missing or went down the drain; had to move out again.

Michelle: And that’s the thing, Peter: I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with....all of this.

She has to move her arms over at him to visualize the point at hand: the alter-ego. The double life. The constant lying-for-safety procedure. The point at hand was clear.

Michelle: Only other person who can match up to that is him and.....perhaps now he’s realized how badly it’s suffocating him with everything else up here.

Because people see the truth from different perspectives, their narratives of the same events are often completely different. Confusion is that time when your conscious brain can't process it but your subconscious can.

And that subconscious pointing back towards Peter spoke of Michelle redirecting that statement directly back to him. To her.

To them.

For a fraction of a second, he finds herself up close to Michelle’s face, almost blindsided by the potential notion that she was blaming him for what was happening between him and Ned. But since he knew that couldn’t be any farther from the truth, he had to ask......

Peter: Are you saying we never had a chance?

Michelle: I’m saying we took a leap of faith. We tried. I got out before we could truly crash. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

Peter: Alfred Lord Tennyson.

She glances her eyebrows up a split second in succession with a wry smile peeking out her mouth. It was refreshing that even after all of what had gone down in New York, no bad blood was really held against her and that Peter was too down-to-earth of a man to really hold that against her.

Eventually, time was running out for the tour to start. Michelle ended the conversation with a quick hug to Peter before walking towards the bus.

It was something to think about, to reconsider for the young man. His own episodes from the last year had him greatly restructure his life choices onwards; what’s so bad in listening in on someone else’s experience?

Finally, it hit a breaking point. Peter eventually decided that he wasn’t going to wait ‘till later. The bus was the....moderately fair place to talk things out with Ned, see if they can re-arrange and reestablish some ground rules. But he needed to skedaddle to the bus if he wanted to do such a thing.

And he did....but only at the expense of Julius Day holding him back by the shoulder, just as Peter set foot onto the first step of the big bus.

Julius: Peter? Me and Mr. Harrington did some talking and, uhh.....we thought it’d be better if you’d stick close by to any of the teachers.

Peter: What?

Julius: It's only temporary Peter. But after the events that went on last year we just think it's for your well being you be under our super vision.

This was going to make Peter's plan a little harder than it already was with May even if he manages to slip away after the tour there was no guarantee the eyes locked on him wouldn't turn away before he manages

Peter: Mr. Julius I understand really but.....it's not that I'm in any danger still. And besides I'm not Spider-Man. Everyone saw.....

Julius: I know. I know. We all saw on tv Spider-Man caught you from falling off a building. And I know this is hardly fair. But this is only a temporary precaution.

Peter: Well how long will it last?

Julius: Till we go back home.

Peter: Are you kid---

Julius: I'm sorry Peter. But we can't afford another performance of last summer's events. And after everything you been through we can't risk it. Here at Midtown High we treat our students as our own children. Plus since you interned for Tony Stark it's possible you inherited the Avengers enemies.

All the point he was making Peter was now more stuck and had no way to talk his way out of it

Peter: *Sighs and nods* Yes sir.

Julius grinned and patted Peter on the shoulder walking him to the bus

Peter: I promise this is only temporary Peter. We'll try to make it as easiest as possible.....long as you do.

Peter: Sure thing.

Peter and Julius boarded the bus as he was lead to the front seat of the drivers a little frustrated that he was loosing control of his plan first May forbids him from being Spider-Man and nearly tries to shred the suit Ned thinks about quitting now the teachers got him under personal vision

But soon enough the bus left the hotel and their stop.....was Transamerica Pyramid as we all remember from Eddie's side he worked there for his show and was fired after his stunt with Drake but rehired back for the show

The future seniors lead by the teachers with Peter forced to be in the front of the group all walked in looking around amazed and they were greeted by Lobby Guard Richard (Emilio Rivera) who we all know as Eddie's friend who he protected from Venom when not letting him in to the show his proof of Drake's dark secret

Richard: Midtown High?

Mr. Harrington: Yes sir.

They shook hands

Richard: I was told you were coming. I'll have your guide with you soon.

Yo! Richard!

Startled everyone turned to their right seeing Eddie coming from the elevators Betty in the middle of the group got excited Peter in front......remembering him from the airport looked at him suspicious again given remembering he got interested in his aunt like many others

Eddie: M.I.T. Remember: M.I.T.

Richard: Eddie what have I told you? You can't raise your voice like that.

Eddie: And what have I told you? There's no such thing as can't.

Then why can't I eat anyone who I want? Hmm?

Eddie laughs to act natural trying to ignore Venom's voice as possible as Richard laugh too even Harrington and Peter stepped a little close to get a good look at him and Eddie turned his head and he noticed and Pete trying to get close but soon as Eddie saw him Pete backed up

Who's the kid?

It didn't take long for Eddie to recognize him from the research he did on Spider-Man reading the records of him being framed by Beck and saw this.....as an opportunity for a bigger info

Eddie: Uhh....these are the field trippers?

Richard: Yep.

Mr. Harrington: Mr. Brock it's a pleasure to see you again. I didn't know you work here.

Eddie: Well got to pay the bills and this place opens my show so....

Mr. Harrington: Of course.

Eddie: Hey uh....I'm actually trying to write another story about.....something from New York. You....mind if.....have a minute with that kid over there?

He pointed towards Peter

Harrington looked where Eddie pointed which Peter noticed himself bolted his eyes wide and Harrington nodded to Eddie

Mr. Harrington: I'm sorry Mr. Brock but he's a student that we need to keep close under personal vision due to some......certain reasons.

Eddie: What he do? Flood the school as a campus prank?

Eddie laughed from that joke and Richard smirked nodding at him while he got on his desk phone to call in the guide

Eddie: That was a terrible joke. I meant well.


Eddie: I---I do! I.....

Everyone looked at Eddie in confusion from his response unknown to them was talking to Venom in his head even Richard while holding the phone and Peter was more curious and to get the attention off him Eddie had to improvise that last part

Eddie: I---I DO mean well.

That is the stupidest excuse ever.

Eddie: Anyway.....I'll just be a minute with him. And if it makes you feel better you can keep an eye on both of us you won't even know I was there.

How would tey not know you were there?

Now Venom was just being extra annoying given he was suppose to stay quit while on work and Eddie tried his best to not respond to him and it took a minute but seeing Eddie was allowing them to watch them both Harrington looked back and signaled Peter to come forward

He was nervous but approached him and it an instantly held out his hand

Eddie: Howdy do kid. I'm Eddie Brock of the Brock report.

Peter nodded and shook his hand but Peter felt the cold from his palm and Eddie felt his spider strength from his grip

Eddie: Whoa boy that's a good grip you got there. I hope you and I don't get into a fight.

He'd still loose.

Peter: And you're hand's so cold.

My bad.

Eddie: Uhh.....yeah I wash my hands with freezing water.

Total liar!

Eddie: Uhhh......so....tell me your name.

Peter lets go of hand

Peter: Peter.....Parker sir.

Eddie: Parker? Hmm....Irish?

Peter: I have no way of knowing.

Eddie: Well let's have a seat and let me ask a few questions before your guide arrives

Peter and Eddie fallowed by Harrington walked over to near by benches as Betty looked at them odd given she interviewed with Eddie at the airport was not sure of Eddie's interest in Peter

Betty: That's strange. Mr. Brock just took a liking to Peter.

Flash: Probably wants word on his so called Stark Internship. I STILL doubt Peter Porker was ever in the same room as Tony Stark or friends with Spider-Man or ever WAS Spider-Man!

Michelle: Oh shut up Flash.

Peter and Eddie sat on near by benches with Harrington standing by them with his hands behind his back

Eddie: So....you were born where?

Peter: Midtown but live in Queens.

Eddie: Parents?

Peter: Deceassed.

Eddie: My condolences. Legal guardians?

Peter: My Aunt. And please don't hit on her.

That confused Eddie not knowing the woman he found attractive at the airport was unknown to him that was his aunt

Hit on?

Eddie: O......k.....um.....Mr. Parker? My first question to you.....the internet confirmed you were wrongly accused once for killing a man and....you were.....the Spider-Man from New York. What was your response to that?

The last thing Peter needed was to be reminded of what he went through cause of Beck but playing it cool he gave him a solid answer

Peter: All I can say is.....when I Interned for Tony Stark all it got me was to have a target on my forehead for his rivals.

Eddie: Tony.....Stark? The Iron Man?

He gave him a nod

Eddie: Wow. That's something. So your internship with the Starks lead you to that mishap?

Peter: That's what I think yeah. He had a lot of people who wanted his head. Especially after the Sokovian incident.

Eddie: Right right. Well one more question Parker.....how much do you know about the Spider from your town?

Peter: Just as everybody else really. From You-Tube Star to Avenger to just being a friendly neighborhood Spider......man in Queens.

Eddie nodded and wrote that down and hearing the flour dings from the elevator the tour guide arrived

This interruption was the equivalent of saying “This interview is over”.....much to Eddie’s eternal shame.

He had barely gotten far with the young man and even with Peter’s comments on Stark and his perpetual framing a while back, most of his answers ranged from cliche to uninteresting to ‘he said/she said’. The least he got from this was that Peter was the most reliable source he could depend on.

How else would he get any more REAL information regarding the Spider-Man and his whereabouts?

“Well.....”, Eddie begrudgingly tells his guest. “I realize you have a summer tour to go through so we’re gonna have to cut this short.”

Peter: Well, that’s a shame.

Eddie: Tell me about it. Now look, I don’t tell everyone this.....but in my opinion, the guy’s overrated.

Peter: Overrated, you say?

Eddie: It’s just me; don’t know why. Sure, the webs and strength and maneuverability is nice and there’s no question he sounds like a cool enough guy to hang out with but.....he doesn’t feel like the kind of person you’d want to go outside the law to handle things.

That sounded every bit as patronizing as the way May was describing this situation to Peter once before. Intentional or otherwise, Peter’s livelihood was once again being called into question. It was almost as if them saying him being an Avenger still didn’t give him the authority to go looking for trouble.

Except Peter knew that he wasn’t looking for trouble. The trouble came looking for him. It’s why he started this, it’s why he stayed in this game and it’s why he’s gonna get some actual progress done.

All Peter could do, before sticking to that word was answer the question and then get out.

Peter: Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Eddie can’t help but chuckle. “Apparently so.”

Having spoken both of their pieces, their conversation grinded to an indefinite halt via a small staredown and a polite gesture. Eddie stuck his hand indicating ‘No hard feeling' to which Peter replied by taking his hand and shaking it.

Once more, complications arose.

This parting tradition considered proper etiquette didn’t end the meeting as quickly as either man had hoped. Once again, their grips counteracted with one another, dead-locking them in place for only a few seconds. Inching their eyes downwards at each other didn’t make the moment feel any less awkward.

A slight tug from Peter didn’t budge the other. So he was forced to simply release his grip and let go.

Peter could only help but to nod at Eddie, feeling the meeting hadn’t done much for him other than potentially let another person in on who he really was and waste time. And the last thing any person wants is their time wasted or just flat-out wasting time themselves. Assuring himself to keep that thought in mind, he slithers past Eddie while approaching the elevator now seeing everyone from the class all caught up for him.

Not to mention the tour guides waited on him as well. How generous.

This was the moment that began to mess with Eddie’s head.

Two separate times, he had to actively struggle to get ahold of or release himself from that hardened grip of Peter Parker. It was unlikely for anyone to come across the same amount of strength as him especially since the events of Riot and Carnage....and he was left mentally and repeatedly bashing his head against a brick wall regarding what the hell was going on.

Venom appeared to be one step ahead, however.

It’s him.

Eddie: Excuse me?

It’s right in front of you, Eddie. How do you not notice?

Eddie: Ok ok, now I know you’re just talking out of your clacker.


Eddie: Oh shut up, you know what that means.

Eddie walked out the door as Peter watched him go still suspicious around him he pulled out his cell texting to Ned who felt his phone vibrate and looked at it and read it

I don't think it's just my Peter senses now. There's something off about that Brock guy.

Ned briefly smirked and replied

Let me guess he asked for May's number?

Peter scoffed reading that and nodded in disbelief and wrote a reply to him

No when I shook his hand it felt cold.

Ned: What.....?

What do you mean cold?

I don't know. But it sure wasn't cold water. Look up Brock's backgrounds when I go on patrol tonight.

Ned sighed reading that still unsure if he was up for this but then the group began to move and went on their way for the tour of the building

The tour went on for about an hour they were shown the news room studios especially meeting the guy in charge who created the Brock report

Jacob Blue (Martin Bats)

Tour guide: Everyone this is Mr. Jacob Blue. He runs every station here including the network we built.

Jacob: Hello kids.

Jacob spoke on as Peter still in the the front row of the group was in thoughts still he couldn't get that cold feeling from Eddie out of his head

It wasn't just his hand being cold it also.....felt wet

An not water wet like....it was like Peter was touching slime but he couldn't place it

Even though he asked Ned to look him up later he nearly pulled out his phone but what stopped him was a push he felt from behind his shoulder

Flash: Hey Proker! Move along!

The group was moving along now and as over Flash pushing him around Peter just fallowed him with Flash smirking at him

On a cab ride Eddie was on hi way to make another report but Venom wouldn't stop bragging about earlier

Eddie: You know.....that doesn't make any lack of sense.

How could it not make sense? That kid was stronger than he looks.

Eddie: There's millions of teenagers like that.

I'm only saying.....it's posible. Like.....what you call.....a hunch.

Eddie: It's not the wild damn west Venom.

Says the man who lives like it is.

Eddie: Ok you got me there. But before we jump to conclusions let's.....just find proof before IDing him.

Fair enough. But one more favor.

Eddie: What now?

Call Anne.

Eddie: Oh god.....

I would do it before she sets that date. It maybe sooner than you think.

Eddie: Even if I do what do you expect me to say?

I would say......fight for her but I'm sure you won't listen to me you never do.

Eddie: That's cause you always suggest eating Dan.

JUST.....take some closure with her.

Eddie: Like you said fair enough.

Driver (Karen Soni): Sir.....I deal with people who talk to themselves all the time....but you sound like you're talking to someone else. I know it's none of my business but----

Eddie: I wouldn't ask.

The cab drove on.

Hours later it was an hour before noon and soon the future Midtown High Sneiors arrived.......

.....at golden gate theater

A performance venue located at 1 Taylor Street at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco, the 2,300-seat Golden Gate Theatre was built in 1920 to 1921 as a vaudeville house and only later converted into a major movie theater, following RKO leasing it to the Cinerama Corporation in 1954. In the 1960s, it boasted a Cinerama screen, but by the early 1970s, it had declined and was showing blaxploitation films.

It was restored and reopened as a performing arts venue in 1979 and had remained open ever since but only just in time to celebrate well over 102 years.

And it was in those detailed lines in history that always intrigue Michelle in the most rudimentary of ways.

To the tour guides' credit (the teachers also), they did their hardest to entertain them right off the bat with mildly successful results. It was indeed impressive.....if only most of the class would indulge in all the delicate beauty and expressed that same energy.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that this was technically the second play in the timespan of a year they were dragged into the theater, maybe it was brought to her attention that they were slated to see To Kill A Mockingbird out all the other plays they could’ve chosen....

....but there was some intrigue, for Michelle as to.....

Michelle: Did you know they planned to have custom-designed light fixtures and a new, burgundy stage drapery to be installed in the theater?

Ned: At least the restrooms have been enlarged and upgraded.

Peter: Well, the new red-and-gold carpet is based on an archival pattern that incorporates stylistic flourishes—such as scrolling leaves and rosettes—that refer to design elements found elsewhere in the theater.

Betty: Lover of fine arts, Pete? Where’s that Reading Rainbow when I need it?

Peter: Betty, you’re blown out from the interview, ok? After that plane ride, you deserve to unwind.

She nods in his direction, understanding that mentality.

The class arrived at the said theater from the top right entrance, basking in the glory of this exquisite place.

The comprehensive updates to the theater building included a new color palette, plush carpeting, customized light fixtures, newly accessible restrooms (including the addition of all-gender facilities), and state-of-the-art electrical and air conditioning systems. While the building’s dramatic public-facing refresh is the most visible of the improvements, the behind-the-scenes updates to the infrastructure will greatly enhance comfort, access, and safety over the long term.

Directing the kids on through to the middle of the seating columns, the theater was mostly halfway chocked full to the brim with civilians and attendees of any and all ages. Nothing but mild murmuring filled the air of the massive auditorium.

As Brad was next to make his way down the stairs, he just glimpses back over at Peter again, sandwiched between the teachers for precautionary purposes, it came off more patronizing to him and more demeaning to the rest of the class. These feelings of hostility he felt towards Peter were only meant to further escalate the longer this continued....

....and Peter noticed that cold stare.

But that’s when Peter remembered.

Peter: Umm, sorry. Sorry, I gotta go to the bathroom.

Harrington: You don’t think I could maybe—

Peter: I’ll find it. I know my way around. Trust me.

Not even allowing the conversation to get that far, Peter had put his foot down in the calmest and politest way he could muster. It was bad enough the teachers are now actively monitoring his every move like a flock of vultures circling their prey but if this continued onwards, his plan to eventually track down and find the Carnage Killer would never get off the ground.

Heading off to go to the bathroom seemed like the ideal place of privacy for planning out those ideal tactics.....plus, it helped that he really did have to go to the bathroom.

Peter was not going to let Mr. Harrington get another word in so he immediately took off and exited the theater room, much to Harrington’s befuddled disapproval.

He was lucky he didn’t share that same disappointment. Julius was also perched on the stairs, watching from a considerable distance away while guiding the other students to their seats. Once Harrington glanced back over at him and simply nodded ‘No’, Julius facepalmed.

Julius: What’re we gonna do with him?

How odd was it for that same thought to penetrate through the layers head as Peter exited the auditorium. Removing himself as far from the area as possible in search for the bathroom, results varied ever so little.

So he was left on his own.

Taking his time through the spacious hallways, it left Peter alone and susceptible to the means of his phone vibrating through his pockets. In case he didn’t, the ringtone was meant to give a particular signal as to who was calling.

Said ringtone was the silk melody ringtone. That meant May was calling. So he had no trouble picking up and answering his Aunt.

Here’s hoping better times were ahead for the both of them.

Peter: Hey May, what’s up?

Hey sweetie, how’s San Francisco treating you so far?

Peter: Can’t really complain. Just got off the bus, about eleven minutes ago. Couldn’t help but notice the subway was nearby.

They have subways down here?

Peter: Yeah.....kinda....I guess.

Well, that’s nice to know. Anything cool happen yet?

Peter: You mean between me calling you the second I got off the bus minutes ago ‘till now? Yes, May. SO MUCH.

Hey, now! Excuse me for caring.

Peter: Aww c’mon, I’m just messing with you. You know that.

This was a good start.

No misplaced comments, barely any resentment or rage boiling over the surface, even the tiniest speck of sarcasm regarding him or anything towards his alter ego would’ve killed the mood. This being the first official day of the tour, it was the worst time possible to stir up trouble or resurface old wounds.

Unbeknownst to Peter, his already extensive laundry list of problems was set to be escalated by only a mere 60 feet away from his stance.

Because his head and mind were directed towards May, his line of sight was slanted off to the side and away from the unobstructed vision that laid in front of him, despite his peripheral vision not betraying him in any way shape, or form. All his peripheral could pick up was someone was in the same hallway as him now.

And that someone was just as occupied with a lengthy phone conversation as him. Mary Jane was sporting skinny navy blue denim jeans ripped at the knees, a black solid racer back tank top, cleated sole boots in more black and her left arm holding her folded up St. John's Bay Lightweight Anorak olive grove jacket. Her phone was in the other hand with her ear scrunched up against the screen.

A few good well made pieces were all she ever needed: classic, figure-flattering, feminine, and made for natural movement.

Exactly what she just so happened to be talking over the phone about.

Mary Jane: Yeah, Anna. I’m out......figuratively and literally. Please, I doubt I’m going back; the director was very handsy, all over me, really unprofessional. Kept asking me out, wouldn’t take no for an answer. Hello, it’s because I’m an actress, not an escort. It doesn’t matter if you are, it’s unprofessional.

Similar to Peter, she too had her eyes down to the phone and away from who was in front of her. At the rate they were both going, they were guaranteed to bump into each other.

And still, neither of them noticed.

Peter: You do realize Ned’s room is miles away from mine, right? Never mind the fact that he helped you pay for our ticket, took him over an hour.


Mary Jane: Well, I got two hours before I have to get to the next one. I might go with the girls to see a movie or something.


You were out by the time we got the ticket, remember?

Peter: He still helped, right? Better than no—

To his misfortune, not keeping his eyes straight ahead of him resulted in a minor inconvenience.

The two younglings collided shoulders with each other, taking their heads out of their bubbles, eyes off the ground, and redirecting their focus back to the source of said bump.

The brief collision turned to the two towards one another, both dropping their phones as a result. Instinct took over for Peter and relying on his reflexes, catches both phones.

Mary Jane: Oh god. Oh my god, I’m so sorry.

Peter: No no no, it’s fine, it’s fine. I just—have no sense of time or place anymore. That’s all on me. I—

His eyes catching on both phones, he simply hands the woman back hers. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize May was still rambling on the other side of the phone.

Not to mention he accidentally hit the speaker option once he caught both phones meaning they both have to hear her voice quickly expressing concern with each vocal chord rising louder and louder.

Peter? Peter, where are you?

Peter: OH! Umm, sorry sorry, something came up. Gotta go.

Wait wait wait wait!

He disconnects the line. It was a mental sigh of relief for the young man, for had she rambled on longer, the suit would’ve been brought up and so would Peter’s identity. That was the absolute last thing on his mind.

Until he had to, sort of, bring that up when the woman asked “Umm, was that your mom?”

Peter: No, no, just my Aunt May. She can talk quite a lot.

Mary Jane: Aunt May?

Peter: Yeah?

Something about the name May resonated with her in some capacity. She couldn’t put her finger on it at first until the lightbulb went off in her head. Peter could see her forming a slight chuckle at that moment, but much was being made clear what was going on up there.

But the woman couldn’t help but think that maybe something was going to come out of staying here for a couple more minutes.

Mary Jane: May? As in.....May Parker?

Peter froze upon this anonymous woman knowing the identity of his aunt. He hesitated giving an answer.

Peter: Umm, how do you know her?

Mary Jane: Cause my aunt knows her. She was an old friend from Queens so that means—are you that boy from next door? You’re Peter Parker?

Peter: I-I-I—sorry to cut you off but I’m hopelessly confused. Have we met?

Mary Jane: Well....no. Not officially. I’m Mary Jane Watson. But my friends call me MJ.

Surprise isn't an emotion that Peter always takes well. That's the bonus of having low expectations, expect nothing and people will surpass it with ease.

Mary Jane saw the shock register on his face before he could hide it.....and she could guess as to why. Imagine the revelation that someone you may or may not know from back then has the same nickname as someone you feel for not too long ago. Made him feel like he was in yet another time paradox.

Last thing he needed was another one to be stuck in.

Peter: Your nickname's MJ too?

MJ: Yeah? Is yours?

From the manner of which she delivered that comment, he could tell she was joking about it. Not so much of a running gag, but Peter felt the need to chuckle.

Peter: No. Another friend of mine does. And wait.....Watson?

She nods.

Resurfacing old memories from the past was never simple for the former, for a tragedy blocked out most of the young innocent adolescence-to-be that would’ve made him normal and or more relatable. However, one eventually came back to him, if only in bits and pieces.

There was a block party. Mid 2005.

People sitting on the sidewalk, sprinklers spurting water everywhere, barbecues, lots of commotion and dancing. Redirecting those strands of his memory yielded few, if any answers. But then he replayed the name ‘Watson’.....

Peter: Wait yeah.....I know that name too. From my childhood.

....and it hit him.

Peter: Anna Watson's niece?

MJ: Bingo.

Peter: Creepy Anna?

MJ: Excuse me?

Peter: Sorry. My ba—that came out wrong.

MJ: Is that so?

He just laid his hands up defeat, knowing he stuck a foot too deep in the mud there. The reaction he got differed greatly from the reaction he expected however.

MJ: Fair game.

She found herself offering her hand out to him, much to his surprise. He found no other option but to comply and shake her hand.....

....although the latter had difficulty letting go prior to the formers super strength.

MJ: Ahhh. Little tight there.

“Umm, yeah. Sorry about that”, he apologizes again upon letting go. Not really giving himself away but can’t be too careless with it.

Peter: I don’t really know my own strengths sometimes.

MJ: It is necessary to keep track of those. You’d be on top of the world one moment and scraping down at the bottom the next.

Peter’s response was a simple nod followed by a quirky dumb smile; Mary Janes train of thought was lost by that point in time. The smile completely threw her off.....and maybe the hair.

For Peter, it was the entire complexion of Mary Jane: her matte red lips. The fiery red hair. This fascinating sparkle in her eyes. Her entire face just illuminated before him and it completely rendered him frozen.

Eventually, both of their thousand yard glares wore off snapping each other out of it.

Peter: Sorry, it’s just—You’re looking—mean.....it—Wow.

MJ: God, it really has been so long. I remember this one time when I was in Queens for the summer, you made some paper machete rocket or something in the foreyard.

Peter: Oh geez, no. Come on.

MJ: That thing blew up like a volcano. Wet paper was crumbling everywhere.

Peter: It barely even got off the ground. I remember it looking a lot better when my 6 yr old self actually did that. But.....yeah, I totally did that.

Once more, the awkward silences only got more awkward and it quickly became obvious, four minutes in and passing, that they were certainly dragging it on and they knew that for certain. Time was being lost but neither of them cared at the moment.

MJ: So, umm, what brings you to San Francisco?

Peter: Summer Tour with my class. You?

MJ: Believe it or not, I actually used to live here before I left New York with Aunt Anna. The change of scenery was nice after.....but I just didn’t think I’d actually be going back.

Peter: You don't like it?

MJ: Oh it's alright. It's just....last time I was there.....forget it it's not your problem. But while I'm here I'm working factionally to be an actress.

Peter: So you're acting?

MJ: Yeah. Thought of working in Hollywood after graduation but.....that maybe out when it's back to New York. That's why I hope do it in Broadway. What about you?

Peter: Well I don't know if I'm gonna work as a photographer like my Uncle was or a scientist like my dad guess a little in between for now till college.

MJ: Well Parker if you were to be a photographer I could get experience if you would.....do a photo shoot with me after your tour.

Peter: Uhh....that would be great! I would love to shoot you. WITH you SHOOT with you.....

Highly embarrassed MJ just chuckled at him and it wasn't long till Ned noticed them

He got curious enough to walk behind him nodding with a smirk

Ned: Peter Parker you smooth talker you.

Almost jumping at him from behind startled him more than MJ since he was caught up in the moment

Peter: Ned! Uh.....

MJ: Friend of yours Parker?

Peter: Oh....yeah Mary Jane Watson this is Ned Leeds. Ned Leeds Mary Jane Watson.

The name Watson sounded familiar to him too but none the less shook her hand

Ned: Good to meet you.

MJ: Same. So Parker when are you free?

Peter: Uhh....guess soon as the tour's over. I mean tomorrow we're going to the life foundation but after......the next hour......I....should be free....depending on another hour but I am.....if you are.

MJ: I am. But....don't get any funny ideas. It's not a date. Cause for now I'm playing on the safe zone.

Peter: F---fair enough.

MJ: Nice meeting ya tiger.

She walks to the north hall to the backstage areas

Peter: Tiger?

MJ left Pete to his thoughts now understanding why May wanted him to meet her but seeing she was playing hard to get cause of the...."Safe Zone" That would mean he was in the friendzone but you never know where it takes ya later

And soon Pete turned to Ned both laughing and they high fived in excitement

Ned: Dude! You are so lucky she is freaking gorges!

Peter; She sure is.

Ned: Did she mention a sister?

Peter: No.....but I wouldn't know if she did. But I do know....this isn't actually the first time I known her.

Ned: What do you mean?

Peter: You're not gonna believe this but May and Mary Jane's own Aunt are actually friends and they been trying to set us up on a blind date for.....God knows how long.

Ned: What makes you say that?

Peter: Would you believe me if I said she actually lived next door to me in the 4th grade?

Ned: For real? Wait a minute.....next door? Are you talking about.....Anna Watson?

He nods

Ned: Creepy Anna?

He nods again

Ned: She's creepy Anna's niece?

Peter: Yeah....but I wouldn't mention "Creepy" around her cause I think I offended her when I did.

Ned: Right. Well either way I knew the name sounded familiar.

Peter chuckled looking back to where MJ left thinking back to himself finally meeting his so called blind date and.....grew some baby affections for her but.....the "Safe Zone" was still another story

Cutting to near that afternoon a helicopter with an Oscorp logo on it's left side flew in above the city and later flew over the Golden Gate Bridge and it's heading......was the old Life Foundation

The former base of Carlton Drake's science company and where the symbionts were being held

The helicopter landed and once the pillars started to slow down and of course given the Helicopter is from Oscorp who stepped out of it was none other than the Fabules Osborn boys

Man: Welcome to the Life Foundation Mr. Osborn. Dr. Hamilton sends his regards but he was called away on short notice.

Norman: All in due time.

As Harry stepped out of the chopper he looked in the city still wondering if he was gonna see Peter anytime soon knowing he was here for the Summer Tour of Midtown High for the future seniors

Harry even out his phone looking up Peter's old number.....but....even if it was still the same number he didn't know what to say


Harry looked back snapping out of his thoughts his father was signaling him they were about to step in Harry nodded giving him a two sign he'd be with him soon and Norman nodded back and went in

Harry looked back at the view of the city looking at his phone flashbacking to a childhood memory when Younger Peter and Younger Harry watched looney tunes on May's small kitchen tv

When Emily Osborn took them to the penthouse enjoying Disney Movies on Norman's flat screen

Even when as young teens Harry was at Ben Parker's funeral being at Pete's side and that was the last time he saw his close friend

Harry came back t reality and let out a small sigh and put his phone back in his pocket and turned to fallow his father

Where they were lead by the staff members that Norman hired to take over Drake's old staff given most of them changed curers and......some were dead

Scientist: Mr. Osborn. We were told you were coming.

Norman: Duty calls. Least that's always been the Osborn way.

Scientist: Before or after you built Oscorp?

Norman: Basically before. So....what's our latest status of the symbiont projects?

Scientist: Funny you should ask sir cause....well it's better you see yourself.

The scientist lead Norman and Harry into restriction lab and there were symbionts contained still but there was only two

A red one and a greyish black not as dark as Venom's but close just in between

Norman: Two? Wren't there others?

Scientist: There were. But.....before the rocket explosion they died out during......uh...trials?

Harry: Human.....trials?

Norman: Harry.

Harry: It's public knowledge now dad.

Norman: That's not why we're here though.

Scientist: There i another one sir. But it's not here. It's somewhere out in the city with a strong host....but we don't know who. There's been latest reports of sightings of an ooze monster that preys on criminals. But we been trying to capture it for years but....it's slipped from our radar each time.

Norman: Hmm.....guess we'll need professionals on this one. It'll take some time to get in touch with them but I got it covered.

Scientist: I should inform ya sir. We're hosting a tour for some....High School Seniors tomorrow we might have to have double routes.

Harry: Midtown high?

Scientist: How did you guess young Mr. Osborn?

Harry: I......have friends there.

Norman: Which I can't wait to meet them. We'll mark that on the schedule. For now....I want the file on that missing symbiont.

Scientist: As you wish sir.

They kept on the discussion as Harry looked up close to the two contained symbionts they were fiddling around and when Harry moved closer......

....the red symbionts twitched so fast he backed up a bit

Circumstances this dreary, this unwell, spoke bad news to Harry. What makes it worse is how there was nothing his dad could do about since A. he was fully behind the refunding of Carlton's entire project and B. even if he were to get in the way of this and speak up, Norman’s pride wouldn’t let him let up.

He never bothered to listen to Harry anyways, all of which made staring down these sentient blobs of goo all the more nerve-racking.

The anxiety he felt crawling up his spine was like being hooked up to a cattle fence - not enough voltage to kill but sufficient to keep things uncomfortable. I guess that's the downside of knowing things are awry instead of living in blissful ignorance. But what is there to do other than breathe, walk and figure things out just a little at a time?

Cause that’s what Eddie had promised to do.

Normally when stressed, it is the body’s way of protecting a person. When working properly, it helps them stay focused, energetic, and alert....and in Eddie’s instance, save his life. From Venom’s experience, it was a blessing in disguise.

But this was a different kind of stress, he noticed amongst himself with his hands and arms trembling under this rhythmic uncontrollable gesture. If it was in his own home, it’d be less embarrassing. But he wasn’t.

He was out in the open, on Union Street. And about five separate people were watching him.

Calm yourself!

Eddie jumps suddenly, taken aback by the guttural voice inside his head growling at him to pay attention. Unfortunately, it all does is garner more attention to Eddie; the crowd of six turning into a crowd of twelve now.

Great, exactly what I needed: Damn tourist attraction, Eddie mumbles and growls under his breath before crossing the street. The late morning/ mid-afternoon bustle of the traffic and crowds were easy to adjust to.

Venom was something he never really could.

Eddie: Don’t you tell me to be calm, I’m freaking out over here. I never planned this out; I don’t know how to tell her.

Don’t be blunt about it then. Take your time, reel her in, let her get a feel for the situation......

Eddie: You? Giving me relationship advice?

You weren’t getting anywhere with her before I came along, did you? How well do you think you can work it out now?

Truer words could not have been spoken at that moment, it was bound to happen when one comes across something or someone who knows more about them than they know about themselves.

It wasn’t about the two of them. It was about Anne.

For Eddie to realize that they’re still on good terms even after what he had done made him grateful as to why he was close to her, why they remained friends even. It would’ve been easier to deal with if Eddie had truly gotten over her. His pride, his cold, shriveled-up heart let that fear of abandonment get in the way, and yet, the love he felt for her wouldn’t go away

Making matters worse, Anne and Dan’s wedding was less than a week away. Either he‘d get these feelings off his chest or it would eat him away forever.

Exactly why he had arranged to meet her.

So of course that meant he had to go back to Fisherman's Wharf, back the way he just came.

The last time he was here, he badly disturbed the premises in an awkwardly hilarious food-hungry craving that might or might not have turned hundreds of people away from eating here again.

So he wasn’t at all surprised to see the venue half-full, let alone still up and running after the effects of the Snap. Barely anybody was present, customers, cashiers, waiters, and waitresses of any kind. It looked and felt like the makings of a ghost town.

Eddie could only hope that Anne had gotten his text.

As luck would have it, out of the corner of her eye, Anne, situated at the far right side of the restaurant keen to last time, saw Eddie waltzing in, glancing over at what used to be the lobster tank where he dunked into the water and ate a live lobster in public in front of everyone. She could sense the uneasiness reflected from the pupils of his eyes as he looked over at it.

No fish, no crustaceans, no flora, no fauna, nothing of any kind to remind him of that weird weird day. The only momento that came out of it is ironically the clothes he was wearing.

Anne: I still remember that day.

Having spoken up, it startled him slightly. Anne’s voice always easy on the ears to Eddie; a rich deep timbre, the kind that anchored his soul a single moment in time. Seeing her immediately lightened up his mood and the stress that overtook him before.

Anne: You’re wearing the same hoodie, rocking that same disjointed, frantic expression as before. Looking back on that moment, I can honestly say.....that was worth the price of admission. As terrifying as it was, I did get some laughs later on.

To an extent, that came as a relief to Eddie as he found his seat, situating himself across the table from Anne.

Eddie: At this point, I wish it wasn’t food that was my problem.

Anna: I’d say with all you ate, I’m surprised you didn’t get a heart attack.

Eddie: That’s the discipline for you.

Anne: Say....I never actually got around to asking how you were handling.....IT. The Snap, I mean.

The very mention of that left the latter uneasily creasing the of her glass of wine and Eddie balling his fists up and releasing the tension repeatedly. Not a wise move, bringing up one of the worst natural disasters in the history of planet Earth.

There was no heat in her voice, as if her heartbeat so steadily, even though she took a different view from Eddie’s own. Luckily for him, rhythmic breathing eased his storm.

Eddie: I wouldn’t have found my footing again, had you not taken pity on me one last time. Now, I think it’s safe to say I’m back to doing what I should’ve done from the beginning: report the facts and get to the truth. Who I am, what I do, that’s who I’m desperate for people to see me as.

Tell her.

Eddie: Shut the hell up, would you?

He whispers to himself, furiously. He was lucky Anne had turned away for that minor period of time, otherwise what she saw would’ve raised suspicions.

There is a fraction of a moment between when the eyes smile and the mouth follows, and that anticipation is as exquisite a feeling as any Eddie ever felt prior to before. But dread follows suit and that fear flag? It gave him another chance to reflect upon the opportunity to arrive and find real reasons to be at peace with the change he had to adapt to.

Right here and right now, would be the moment he came face to face with the root of the problem: himself.

Eddie: Anne. This—this aura resonating between us: you, me, Dan.....we need to do something about it.

Anne: No no no, come on. Really?

Eddie: Yes, we need to talk about this Anne.

Anne: Why are you making a big deal of this again?

Eddie: Because whoever matters to you matters to me. Whomever you love, I want to love too. Because my heart is open to you, it is open to them too. This relationship with you is a coming together of family as much as you and I. There's a lot to love in that, it makes it all the bigger and better. Two is company, more is more company, love is healthier for growing larger, right?

To say this did not sound anything like the man Anne used to date would be the understatement of the year. What happened to the snake who wouldn’t trust her, got her fired, broke into her laptop, basically forced her to start over one already? Even though he never intended to actively go out of his way to do any of that?

Refreshing, yes. But she remained skeptical. Maybe having vanished off the face of the Earth and having been brought back to almost nothing had finally gotten him to wisen up.

So she nods ‘Yes’. But not before intertwining her hands together, arching her back and extending herself across the table, keeping a close eye on him.

Eddie: Whatever I feel for you, it shouldn’t have to get in the way of your wedding. I want to let this go....I want you to be happy.

Annie couldn't hide it she was touched by hi speech and grateful he supports what makes her happy without admitting it.....it reminded her she still loved him always but how was she suppose to say it now that she was engaged to another

Annie faced down with a mild but sad grin as Eddie looked at her concern

You got her now.

Annie: Eddie......I want you to know.....that's the sweetest thing you've ever said. And I'll admit.....I....missed us. Missed you.


Annie: And I want you know.....I'm not marrying Dan to punish you more for your mistake. Yes I admit I you made a mistake and despite how pissed I was about it......

Eddie: I took away your job. I never meant to.

Annie: I know. I know that now. And....I....forgive you Eddie.

This is your chance Eddie. Kiss her!

Annie: But......


Eddie: I know what you're gonna say.

It was silent even Venom went silent in Eddie's head

Annie: Dan's a good man.


Eddie: He is.


Venom was making it hard for Eddie to not respond to him again

Annie: And I'm glad you two.....get along so well.

Only reason I haven't ate him yet.

Eddie: Shhhhh!

Annie flinched of his shushing

Eddie: Shhhhhit I'm....late.

Annie: Late?

Eddie: I'm....expected to do another piece on the murders.


Eddie: I just lost track of time. Listen Annie.....thanks for this time and.....I really needed you to know everything I said was true.

Annie: Likewise.


Eddie: So.....just stay safe.

Eddie and Annie went silent again and there was a hint of moving close to one another but.....stopped when their faces were.....just half an inch

Eddie: I'm sorry.

Annie: No I'm---I'm sorry.

More silence......apart from Venom's rants

You're making a mistake! Let me talk to her!

Eddie: I.....really have to go.

Annie nodded and after one last stare Eddie left leaving Annie paused in thought and.....some suspicion

Eddie: You almost gave us away you know.

You weren't fighting for her. If you had just let me....

Eddie: Annie is better off thinking you're still dead.

Unlikely she would think that now aren't we....on the news?

Eddie: No one gets a good look at us so no one knows who we are.

Except Mrs. Chat.

Eddie: Yes. Except Mrs. Chat. Look buddy I hate it as much as you do but there's nothing I can do about it. Even if you talked to her I don't think she'd change her mind cause you still want to eat Dan.

Guilty as change. Well given you are just giving up one of these days......I'm gonna take over.

Eddie: No you are not.

Yes I am!

Eddie: No you are not!


Eddie: Rules!


We cut to later with May and Anna still at her apartment and both cooking terakihi and vegies May was cutting the vegies as Anna was cooking the chicken

Anna: Mm mm. Been awhile since I smelled this.

May: When you invited Peter and me for dinner I couldn't deny the opportunity to relive the old times. And to finally get him and MJ to finally meet.

Anna: That is if she doesn't stay out late for another underage drinking party.

May: You got to have more faith in her Anna. She may need that from you due to....you know.

Anna: I know.....but this wasn't the first time MJ has been a no show for a family dinner.

May: Let's just try to keep the faith.

All the vegetables were cut up and May washed her hands and grabbed her phone from the near by counter

May: All this is done. I'll be right back I'm gonna make a quick call.

May walked into the living room and called Peter again


May: Hi sweetheart. We just got dinner started. Are you on your way?


May: Ugh.....Peeeeeter.

No no it's not what you think....I finally met the girl you told me about. Mary Jane.

May flinched hearing that

May: You what? You're with Mary Jane?

Anna turned hearing her niece's name and walked in

Anna: What's going on?

May: Peter I'm gonna put you on speaker. Have MJ talk I got Anna with me.

Soon a May hit the speaker button

Hi Aunt Anna.

Anna: MJ?

On Peter and MJ's side they were at the lobby of the hotel

MJ:.....not at a party. Peter' actually helping me with a few pics for my acting.

That's great!

You two take your time we're still cooking.

The next thing they heard was them hanging up laughing which confused the two newly acquaintances

Mary Jane: Did they just.....

Peter: I.....don't know what's got into them but....it must be about.....a blind....date May's been trying to.....

Mary Jane: Only it's not a date.

Peter: I know I know.....just our aunts idea according to May.

Mary Jane: Well I'm talking to Anna after this later. Now how bout those pictures.

Peter: Sure.

Peter and MJ went outside and as Pete set his phone to camera mode MJ poses and Pete takes sots one pose she makes he takes a shot

Peter: I gotta say you're definitely a natural Mary Jane.

Mary Jane: Please just call me MJ.

Peter: It'll be hard to tell you apart from other friend but.....MJ. Ok.

MJ nodded at hi with a smirk and came over to Pete's side to look at the pictures he took of her

MJ: Wow. You did great Peter.

Peter: Thanks. I been doing a lot of practicing. If I wanted to get in photography that that is.

MJ: With what exactly? Priceless wannabe models?

Peter: What?? No I would never-----

MJ: Dude chill. I was just kidding. So what do you shoot?

Peter: Jut.....random stuff but.....I.....would like to shoot.....the guy from You-Tube uhh.....I don't know you watch You-Tube but there's a guy from my neighborhood who swings around fighting crime. He even....

MJ: Spider-Man?

Peter: You've heard of him?

MJ: Well duh I have a tv.

Peter: Right right. I don't want a brag.

MJ: Sure about that? Cause you just hit the jackpot tiger. Face it. Imagine Spider-Man taking pics of me. I would want to say Thor though......he's the hottest Avenger.

That there for the first time Peter felt jealous of the God of thunder and wanted to change the subject

MJ looked at him odd

Peter: I mean.....not as a date like you said I meant......just a dinner plan.....

MJ: We're having dinner with our aunts.

Peter: Yeah I meant.....tomorrow.

MJ: I'd love to. But tomorrow I have an audition at golden gate at five.

Peter: So.....what about six? Six Thirty?

MJ: Six thirty works. But DON'T be late.

Peter: Sure......sure.....how bout....uh....Luis Bros?

MJ: Luis Bros. Know where that is?

Peter nearly embarrassed himself just trying to give a straight answer. Realizing he couldn’t bring it amongst himself to verbally speak out to her anymore given his previous encounters in the past, the best he could do was nod at his direction.

He made sure not to come off aggressive or impulsive with his reaction, given Mary Jane’s demeanor and the stance she held.

The answer came off more as forced than anything genuine to the latter, however. It was still AN answer at the bare minimum though.....and MJ made sure to acknowledge that, nodding back over at Peter before finally stepping at least six feet apart from him and walking away.

MJ: Alright, see you later, tiger.

Distance, however, began to feel problematic to Mary Jane for once. Her reaction contrasted heavily to Peter’s, however fighting the urge to not bring out even the smallest of smirks. She didn’t feel confident about this one but given the brief time they talked and wasted....

....she’d like to be proven wrong.

And Peter was left totally flabbergasted by the means of his labor. A game plan had already been set out and laid into place when he’d get down to San Francisco: find the resurgent Carnage Killer and bring him to justice and possibly find some way to patch things up with Michelle.

Here he was, making matters more complicated for himself by setting up a get-together with his old neighbor from New York tomorrow.

Which meant that if Peter wanted to clear up his schedule, the best course of action (and best is putting that term lightly), would be to quit monkeying around and actually get a move on why he even came down to San Francisco in the first place.

Reminding himself of that very task, Peter looked down on his watch and catching the time as 8 p.m, meaning at this point everyone on the trip was back at the hotel and feasting themselves with dinner in the lobby. Even better, May was still spending time with Anna so there were no worries about getting caught.

The circumstances couldn’t be any more perfect. So Peter sprung into action.

Seven minutes later, Peter Parker was gone.

In his place was the red-and-black arachnid-based superhero-Avenger that was promised to make an appearance in California sooner or later. And there Spider-Man stood standing on the balcony of the hotel, leaning against the balcony rails and letting the metallic exterior crease the fabric weaves of his suit.

Bit of a shame he missed the sunset, however: the sun setting in the sky as fresh colors brushed upon an artist's canvas as if those rays were destined to create a great work of art - one given to those open to capturing simple moments in the soul.

Active duty officially starting as of right now.

Spider-Man: Karen?

Happy to hear from you again, Peter. How’s the trip going?

Spider-Man: Not bad, not bad. It’s just.....for a brief second, I almost forgot why I came here.

What makes you say that? Patched things with Michelle?

Spider-Man: That was the plan at first but....I.....met someone else.

Ohh. And who might this one be? Someone from your school again?

Spider-Man: Not exactly. I'll tell ya on the way first can you direct me to the nearet police station? I need to find a file on the San Francisco murders if we're gonna ID the killer.

The killer's already been ID's Peter don't you watch the news anymore?

Spider-Man: Little preoccupied. Who do we got?

Activating baby monitor. Murderer ID: One Cletus Kassidy. Former inmate of an Quentin. Age 35. Parents deceased history of violent acts committed to Raven Croft Instatute.

Spider-Man: Kassidy? There's something familiar about that name. Karen did you say Raven Croft? That's in New York.

New York had a killer in it's own mist 9 years ago. The Daily Globe headline him under a number of criminals murders. The Bugle named this....The Carnage Killer.

Spider-Man: The Carnage Killer? Wait....I've heard of him as a kid. The Bugle even reported the old skull's gang were all killed at there own hideout claiming one man killed them all. I don't know how the skulls were the most notorious gang in New York.

People claim Kassidy is a human animal.

Spider-Man: Like the Arkham game franchise's Joker. So what's he doing in SF?

Unsure myself. But I can ID the previous victim on the baby monitor.

Spider-Man: Alright guide me the way we're heading there now.

Pete hopped on the rail and leaped off the balcony

On the way Spider-Man told Karen everything about Mary Jane Watson

Do you like MJ?

Spider-Man: That's what I said. She was actually my neighbor in childhood.

Do you like her?

Spider-Man: Well....I....kinda asked her out but she.....she's one of those who bans relationships. I guess she knew how to pick 'em me as me that's my guess.

Well.....if I were her I wouldn't judge you before knowing you.

Spider-Man: Thanks again Karen.

Arriving at destination.

Pete landed on his feet standing outside of the house of the home owner who was murdered earlier

Spider-Man: This where the victim lived?


Spider-Man: Ok we're in business.

Spidey walked to the door but was locked

Spider-Man: Damn Karen.....I need a way to get in.

Activating logo.

The logo on his suit came off and flew on the door knob and detached the lock on the nob

Spider-Man: Whoa....so cool.

The logo came off the nob and reattached on his suit as Peter opened the door and looked around from main hall kitchen to the living room

The vision of his eye lens scanned everywhere to detect anything out of the ordinary

Soon enough Peter went up stairs to the bedrooms and when he approached one Peter felt like he was in a horror movie

Spider-Man: Don't tell me Michael Myers is hiding in there waiting to pounce on me.

He grabbed the knob slowly turned it and opened to find....blood writing on the wall with a heart traced around the letters


Spider-Man: "CK + FB 4EVER"?

From the missing plug-ins and furniture, knife marks cutting through the painted walls to the glaringly obvious markings used by the victims' own bloody, it was a disgusting portrait of supposed cannibalism and violence that Peter had yet to see.

A sight further escalated once he looked past the decomposed blood trail that stained the floor; upon seeing the body in a fettle position on the far right corner of the room.

Adjusting his camera shutter eye lenses, a built-in augmented reality display system displays the HUD for the basic suit after the SYSTEM LOADING warning comes to pass. Scanning the room, only two things come to fruition: the dead body....

...and the blood initials smeared on the wall from the body and the floor.

Initial DNA, neuron and molecule analysis confirmed that it was definitely the victims' blood....and looking back at the poor man from a distance made him look more and more like a deflated balloon, which only added more to the graphic nature of the crime and how ridiculously savage the perpetrator (or perpetrators were)

The initials CK was an instant dead giveaway on who exactly who was. This was definitely the Carnage Killers doing.....unfortunately, this was a sign he had just missed him. On the bright side, he was left with a few ideas on where to take this next.

Either he wasn’t doing it alone. Or this is what he was doing this for.

Spider-Man: Yep, this is definitely him. But what’s with the FB?


He eye-rolls at her admittedly embarrassing attempt at humor, especially in a situation that clearly doesn’t call for it.

Spider-Man: Very funny, Karen. Seriously though, I don’t know what to make of this.

Ok ok, my apologies. I do have some information regarding the Carnage Killer and an accomplice he had shortly before the Snap.

Spider-Man: Think you can find me anything useful?

Can't promise you anything, some of my systems are still buggy. But I can try. Searching database.

Mere seconds later, results come in.

Cletus Kasady was taken to Ravencroft sometime around late 2017 to mid-2018 after another visit. The only person he seemed to have any contact with was with another inmate at the Ravencroft institute when was moved there: Frances Louise Barrison.

Spider-Man: Frances Barrison?

If you like, the ones in charge of guarding her called her Shriek.

Spider-Man: Doe the baby monitor have any records on her too?

Yes it does. Frances Barrison Age: 36 parents unknown. Barrison was abused as a child by her mother went under case of drugs. Barrison became a drug dealer which exposed her to situations that ultimately damaged her sanity: and taken by New York's finest. She was committed to the Ice Box afterwards.

Spider-Man: Ice Box? Hey Mr. Stark told me about it. That's where they lock up the mutant criminals. Why was she put there?

Because the drugs not only destroyed her sanity but something about them gave her telekinetic energy and mind manipulation.

Spider-Man: Wait a minute.....abusive mother telekinesis? You're describing her as Carrie Karen.

It's the true story Peter. Many novels are based on many true events.

Spider-Man: Point taken. So what's her connection to the Carnage Killer?

My files only say she's his accomplice and.....partner.

Spider-Man: You mean.....PARTNER partner?


Spider-Man: I think I'm gonna barf.

It's unclear if she's involve with the murders since the news didn't fully confirm it.

Spider-Man: Until now. I'm gonna take a picture of this heart here. Soon as I download it to the suit's mainframe send it to the SF's finest. We should have proof she's behind this too. They'll need to know what they're up against.

Peter took a photo of the heart on his phone like he said he would and later when he was back in his hotel room in the bedroom Peter had the suit plugged into his phone and downloaded the photo on the mainframe KAREN contains

Peter even sent the photo to Ned's phone he didn't reply but given how late it was Pete knew he'd see it in the morning

He putted back on his mask spoke to KAREN

Peter: Ok Karen the picture should be in your mainframe now.

It's already been sent with a text confirming the initials to be Cletus Kassidy and Frances Barrison.

Peter: Nice work. Tomorrow Ned and I will look into more leads after our second tour. Be sure to keep me updated whenever you find any.

On it. I like how you're being independent and responsible Peter. You've really grown so much.

Peter: Just....trying to keep a promise really.

To who? Tony?

Peter: Not Tony. But I'll tell you about it tomorrow. I'm hitting the sack.

Want me to wake you if anything comes up?

Peter: Yeah thanks Karen.

Peter: Yeah thanks Karen.

Night Peter.

Peter did turn in for the night after a minute from coming out of the bathroom in T-shirt and shorts and went to bed but unaware a text came on his phone on the dresser

It was a reply from Ned who was up all along and it said: Dude....we gotta talk after the Life Foundation.

Whatever that meant maybe Ned's reconsideration as they were talking about before

And o that morning we come back to the Life-Foundation

The future seniors of Midtown High all came in as a group of course Peter was close to the teacher again which didn't give him a chance to talk to Ned

Yes he read his reply and was odd about it Michelle just gave him signals that pointed out about Ned's intentions now given what she told him about his tragedies after the blimp not that Peter doesn't understand but didn't understand that he's laying out signs of stepping back

Soon the class were greeted by one of the staff members who wasn't just a staff of the LF but of Oscorp as well according to his name tag which Peter did catch a glimpse of

Peter: "Oscorp"?

Staff member: Good morning everyone. And welcome to the Life-Foundation. After the passing of Carlton Drake the Life Foundation was almost condemned until it was refund by Oscorp Industries.

The mention of "Oscorp" even got Ned's attention even Michelle and Betty Betty remembered the Daily Bugle had a lot of headlines on Oscorp which was how she was familiar with it

As the staff member continued speak one of the elevators opened and who stepped out was the Osborn boys themselves Norman seemed more confident but Harry.....was just more nervous he kept his cool as they exited the elevator Norman just walked to another hall and Harry noticed the group and wondered if it was Midtown high

He wondered if his old friend was here and soon he walked over

Staff member: So before we begin the tour we're going to await the man who made all this possible. So feel free to look around take any pictures you like but stay together. It's a real big building.

As everyone started looking around Peter tried to get to Ned but not without the teachers fallowing him which.....made it hard to try and talk to him privately but soon he heard.......


That voice behind him made him turn around and who he saw....made his eyes bolt wide

Peter: Harry.....?

Did Peter expect any other visitors at this point still this early on in the trip? Not in the slightest, despite not falling on any major setbacks with his journey to catch the Carnage Killer....

....unless said setbacks name happened to be Mary Jane Watson.

Not this time. Instead, it was another old relic of his past, buried deep into the subconscious of his brain that now had to rummage and wriggle through to find any inklings of remembrance upon coming face to face with memories even older than his brief interactions with Ms. Watson.

Rocking a brown corduroy custom straight pocket jacket with a flat front, unhemmed, open bottom, 36" length, non-pleated front design pants, topping off with an Egyptian cotton light yellow Herringbone shirt and a green bow-tie, it was clear that Harry Osborn was here strictly on business and him being apart of what is guaranteed to be one of the biggest companies in recent memory seemed like common sense.

But the memories were so few and far in-between, Peter could not put two and two together....until now.

Both young men’s mouths laid agape at the sight of one another. Quite a parallel with these two; one of which is still high school, on the verge of graduating and still picking back at what and where he wants to go on in life while the other was left seemingly detained against his will, part of a company that sustains and boasts the same arrogance and contemptible coldness as his father.

Defense mechanisms were hard-wired to an 11 so neither man was going to come straight out of the starting gate with how much their lives had changed for the better or worse.....if they ever were.

Harry: Man, this couldn’t feel any less surreal. Here I thought I’d find you singing with the squares....

Peter: Hangin’ with—hangin’ the hard cases.....

Both: Rappin’ with the rubes!

For now, they were in the moment. And for the first time in years, this was a reunion told in the soul connection of eyes, in the touch, in the strength of such a long-anticipated hug.

And hug they did, with irrefutable energy behind it, as if the matter of one powered up the other.

All Peter could think at this moment was Could this trip get any better?

Harry: I almost didn’t recognize you for a second. The hair almost threw me off.

They pull away from the hug.

Peter: You’re talking about my hair? What’s up with yours?

It was unfortunately the first thing Peter saw on Harry when he saw him: this short hair braided cut doused in burgundy was the most alarming he had seen Harry in recent memory and that’s putting it lightly. Being the sport he is, Harry chuckles it off.

Harry: You’re not the first to point that out.

Peter: And I won’t be the last.

Harry: Here’s hoping I prove you wrong.

He refused not to playfully nudge Peter at his shoulder, prodding him gently. Peter could only look down and curdle his right arm, still not having been used to seeing another old friend of his from long ago…..especially since it never used to be that way.

There was once a period where in the early stages of Peter and Harry’s friendship where the latter wanted nothing to do with him, for he found Peter’s bookish, studious, and painfully shy nature and standoffishness as snobbery. Once he looked past that exterior, he realized that Peter was merely shy and is also worried about his ailing aunt. Despite that rocky start, the two eventually bonded and became friends.

But once Harry moved to Greenwich, the two lost contact with each other.

With the memories and years brushed aside, it seemed only fair that the two would take this moment to further catch up on the what, when, why, and how in their lives.

Not if Harry can’t get him alone, however.

Harry: Umm, say Pete.....

Inching up towards him, the sibilant speech of words without vibration of the vocal cords resonated through Peter’s ears. Not much made sense about it at first, for this unexpected reunion didn’t call for such private extremities. But as the soft-spoken words lingered on, it all began to ring in eventually for Peter.

It was just what he needed too. Talk about a blessing in disguise.

Peter eventually took note of this, turning to Mr. Harrington.

Peter: Excuse me, Mr. Harrington. Mr. Osborn needs me at this moment.

Harrington: Oh Peter, I hardly doubt that’s a—

Harry: Sir, my father humbles requests his presence at this time. Seven minutes tops, I assure you.

Harrington wasn't sure about this but given the Osborns have power over half of New York even in Queens Harrington hesitantly nodded in agreement

Harrington: Very well. But seven minutes. Just keep him close to the group.

Harry: You won't be sorry sir.

Harry walked Peter across the room and he was puzzled on what the close eye was about

Harry: Not trying to be a nose in bro but.....what's with the teachers being your body guards?

Peter: As....you may or may not know I.....got into some misunderstanding where....everyone thought I was.....S----Spider-Man?

Harry: Ohhhhh yeah. Yeah I saw you on tv last year. Yeah sorry you went through that. But glad you're ok.

Peter: Glad you and your dad got them off me for a bit. But what did he needed to see me for?

Harry: Oh.....that.....was a roue. I mean he'd like to meet you but.....just thought we take time to ourselves to catch up a bit. I really haven't seen you since....

Peter: Since your mom died? I know. Sorry. How you been since....?

Harry: I'm.....getting by. But there's been some mishaps with her research stations.

Peter: What kind of mishaps?

Harry: The board members have been talking about cutting their funding's. I been trying to keep them active as possible but dad hasn't helped with them. That's why.....I had to drop out of school.

Peter: Your mother's research stations do sound important to you.

Harry: They make me feel like she's still here.

Peter nodded understanding what that's like

Harry: So....is Ned here too?

Peter: Yeah he's somewhere.

Harry: And how bout Liz? Did you finally make a move on her?

Peter: Liz?? Oh.....no she.....actually moved two years ago. Something happened with her father and....she and her father and.....she and her mom moved out of New York. I mean I did ask her to homecoming before all that but.....I....I screwed it up with her.

Harry: What happened?

Peter didn't know how to say something proper without giving himself away so....

Peter: I.....got so nervous and scared I.....chickened out.

Harry: Really. That's a first. I mean I can understand but you been nuts about her since the 4th grade. Did she forgive you before she left?

Peter: I......honestly have no way of knowing right now.

Harry: But are you seeing anybody lately?

Peter: S----sort of. I mean....she's.....not calling it dating but we are.....gonna have dinner later tonight.

Harry: What's her name?

Peter: Do you remember my next door neighbors the Watsons?

Harry: You mean Mary Jane??

Peter: You know her??

Harry: I dated her before she moved.

Before things could get more awkward than that the two long lost friends hear a man's voice calling out: HARRY! And looked over to see Norman approach them

Norman: We're about to begin the tour aren't you joining us?

Harry: Yeah sorry dad I was just---

Norman happen to catch sight of Peter who looked at him curiously himself

Norman: Who do we have here?

Harry: Uh yeah....Peter Parker? Let me finally introduce you to my fighter: Norman Osborn the third. Dad thi is my childhood friend: Peter Parker.

Norman smiled holding out his hand to Peter who nodded nervously and shaking his hand trying to hold back his grip so Norman wouldn't feel his spider strength like Eddie and MJ did before

Norman had his grip on him tightly with approval finally meeting his son's former science partner in Midtown

Norman: So I finally meet the mysterious Peter Parker.

Peter: It's a pleasure sir.

Norman: Sir? Come now any friend of Harry is a friend of mine. Call me Norman.

Peter: N---Norman....

Harry could tell his friend was a little shy around his father but gets why he would given Norman's an important man and that Peter seen him in person just only knew Emily Osborn when she was alive.

Norman: Harry tells me you're into science right? I'm a very science wiz myself.

Peter: I read about your research in genetic projects and chemical war fares

Norman: You've read my articles?

Peter: I get my science habits from my own father he was a scientist himelf.

Norman: Then he and your mother must be very proud.

Peter: They died years ago. So I live with my aunt she is proud.

Norman: My condolences.

Harrington from a distance: Parker! Seven minutes are up!

Peter nodded to him from his position and good thing Norman was there after all to buy off from the rouse Harry gave earlier or that might have been a bust

Peter shook Norman's hand again still trying to hold back hiss strength with Norman shaking back and nodding in approval again

Peter It was a real pleasure Mr.....Norman I mean.

Norman: Likewise. Hope we'll meet again soon.

Norman gave him one last smile and turned away and walked to the front as Peter made his way to the group with Harry walking him there

Peter: You're dad seems nice.

Harry: He's alright. But between you and me I think he wants you to intern for Oscorp.

Peter chuckles as they made it back to the group with Harrington patting Pete on the shoulder with Ned beside him this time

Ned: Hey what was that about?

Peter shrugged his shoulders and took a second to notice Harry himself

Ned: Who the....?

Harry: Still in legos Ned?

Ned was confused at first.....till it became obvious especially with the Osborns now owning the Life Foundation

Ned: Oh my god....Harry???

Harry: Long time Ned.

Ned: Yeah I didn't......think to run into you here. What are the odds?

Harry: I asked the same thing.

Ned and Harry did a fist bump as a throat was cleared to the front getting everyone's attention and the staff member from earlier made an introduction

Staff Member: Ladies and gentlemen it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the man wo brought back the life foundation: Norman Osborn

The group and other staff members applaud a Norman waved out to them

Norman: Hello Midtown High. Some of you may know my son Harry when he was with you. Some of you may just know me a President of of Oscorp. But know that it is a great pleasure: to give you this tour. But before we begin let me jut thank each and everyone one of you for tending here for the upcoming senior year to come for you.

They clapped at him again....slightly as especially Peter

Norman: So....fallow me.

And so they did to begin their tour and during it Peter took pictures with his phone especially.....a more secured door.....the same one Eddie went in before when he broke in for proof of Drake's dark deeds.....

......hours later at the Golden Gate Bridge

The bus containing Midtown High's future scene was crossing there and Peter and Ned finally had a chance to talk.....

Peter: What did you need to talk about you said on your text?

Ned: It's.....it's nothing to rush really Pete it can wait when we get back to the hotel.

Peter: I think now is a good time as ever. You know the teacher's aren't gonna leave me alone till I'm secured at my room this evening.

Ned faced down and having no idea where to start.

Ned: Peter I just been thinking: This whole thing has been awesome and I was thrilled to help you on your missions as.....you know. Plus being the guy in the chair was splendid and still is. But.....Peter I happen to notice.....you happen to do much better.....without my help.

Peter: What'd you saying? Are you quitting?

Ned: Pete. Try to understand......we're almost out of high school and who knows which colleges we're gonna go to? We may not be able to do this forever anyway. Besides.....you do much better on your own. In fact you got KAREN to help you again. I just might slow you down. You don't need a guy guy in the chair.

Peter: But.....

Ned nodded making it clear to Peter hi mind was made up and Peter sighed realizing he can't judge Ned especially how the blimp effected him more than it has to him and some others I mean Jason's own little brother is older than him now thanks to it and who knows how old May would have been if she was one of the lucky ones

Lucky or not the whole world is a victim of the blimp than just being snapped out of existence and Pete patted Ned on the shoulder

Peter: I understand. If you need to step back then I'll give you my support. You missed your sister's funeral when were .....and I'm sorry.

Ned: I'll still help anyway I can. Not as much as I use to but....I'll try to help you solve the murder case but that'll be the guy in the chair's last one

Peter: Fair enough.

They fist bumped

Not far from behind the bus a cab was passing through the bride and MJ herself was in the back talking to her aunt on her cell

MJ: For the last time Anna it's not a date. I'm not even into Parker. I mean he's a handsome and nice guy I'll admit.....but I'm not ready for another commitment.

I’m not asking you to throw yourself back in the fire. Just to keep your options open.

MJ: I did….and this is where it got me. Harry wasn’t of any help either.

Mary Jane, you and I both know what happened that day was just a misunderstanding—

MJ: So Dad gets a pass on that? It doesn’t make what Harry did any better. Not to mention….. billion-dollar playboys? Not my cup of tea.

Talk about persistence. Not that she was wrong about where she was coming from.

Her heartbreak was grief that came and went in waves, grueling, stealing appetite and sleep alike. It was a shard in her guts that never really left, felt like death just the same as bereavement and in quiet moments it chokes the breath from her body and short circuits her mind. What was once whole is shattered; where once was peace is emptiness, echoes of a love she put my everything into.

But she had stopped trying long ago. And she really didn’t mind…..only at the cost of her ailing heart.

If only she could see how she wasn’t the only one who suffered.

A thought that had long since passed for Eddie. Glancing and eying at the cab MJ was in before it passes, his thoughts began to wander off. Keeping Anne and Dan alongside him as company, it was only a piddly four days left before the two would officially tie the knot after spending half a decade separated from one another.

However, the musing notion of being Dan’s best man at the wedding once found disgusting to him, Eddie now found it to be an honor. With his feelings out there and his pride no longer sheltered from his true intentions at heart, the reporter found himself the happiest he’s ever been. Smiling and waving and whatnot, it seemed more chirpy and jovial than his usual self.

And it was impossible for either Dan or Anne to not take notice.

But not just that. There was a kind of relaxation that came at the midpoint of the bridge, letting Eddie’s feet full rest, remaining in an extended moment, hearing the blues of the water sing in reflected sunlight notes while the rippling of the waves wash over and cleanse the soul brave enough to look through.

For the first time in his life, Eddie was able to let go of his past. And he felt free. It was a nice change of leisurely pace despite how out of left field the circumstances that lead from yesterday’s events were foretold.

Dan: Eddie?

Bringing him out of his newly eclipsed mental haven, Dan was able to bring Eddie back down to ground zero……which did nothing to deter his mood.

Eddie: Yeah, man?

Dan: I think this is the happiest I’ve seen you since—

Eddie: —we all came back. I know, man. Whoo! I feel good!

Anne: Ok ok ok, Nature Boy. Gotta tone it down by a few chords, last thing we want is to attract a crowd.

Eddie: What? Don’t tell me you’re scared I’ll gobble you up!

He says as he tackles her, arms wrapped around her waist as Anne yelps at Eddie’s playful course of action, nibbling down on her neck and tickling her. Eventually, she laughs it off, taking note of Eddie’s sudden burst of personality, unearthing this exuberant, caring, trustworthy individual that the old him wouldn’t let loose.

The shedded skin that, if things went differently, could’ve re-ignited a spark in their relationship again. And Anne, subconsciously unbeknownst to herself, took notice in an unprecedented way.

By hugging her from the back, Eddie had been silently speaking out that he had missed her company for quite a long time. What he wasn’t expecting to his surprise was Anne no longer restraining herself and giving in….

….turning back around to face him before relaxing into his arms, tackling him with a hug of her own. Mere seconds into the hug, his arms don’t move, don’t budge, don’t slide an inch.

Eventually, she felt him brush her hair back with his piano player fingers. And it felt nice.

Dan: I can see you two have talked out the tension, yes?

The doctor spoke with such love, in a voice that soothed and showed great emotional warmth. Always seemed to be one step ahead of them, in regards to what they needed.

Both eventually let go of each other, albeit slowly.

Anna: He invited me to dinner.

Eddie: All this leftover tension that I had from before was eating me up. You guys’ wedding don’t deserve to be ruined cause of me being a jealous hack.

We were doing you a favor, loser.

Eddie: Would you—

He’s quick to brush the remark aside, sharing his mind and body with the symbiotic sentient being getting more and more cumbersome and irritating. Yet he had to keep toughing it out.

Lucky for him, neither he nor anyone else walking alongside them caught him having a fit amongst himself.

Anne: In all seriousness, I’m glad we’ve let bygones be bygones. Maybe there is still time to rebuild even further.

Eddie: We will be back to normal. Today’s gonna be a great day, excellent. I can feel it.

Not long after he ushers those words, a hooded figure passes by him, bumping him aside from the left shoulder and knocking him aside for just a little while, separating him from Anne and Dan. The separation didn’t phase Eddie either, as he could easily find his way back….

….but the obvious elephant in the room needed to be addressed.

Eddie: Oi, watch it bud.

No feedback, no response, the figure did not respond to Eddie’s cries. Like he wasn’t even there.

No man who seeks to be mysterious can truly be, there's something about wanting the attention that gives them away. Truly mysterious men have no such desire, their motives remain hidden and hence the allure. They have a stand-offish quality that dares contact without inviting it….

….and it was working. It drew Eddie to him without him actually having to Grace him with his presence. It didn’t exactly help that nobody else was paying any attention to them.

Once Eddie bit the bullet, he saw how the man looked like he almost belonged, but not quite. He dressed in scrubby jeans like all the others and wore a scrubby hoodie with dried stains all over it. From just his stance perched to the side, alone, Eddie could deduce much about him, not to mention his hair spiking up like some boy-band prima donna….

….when all of a sudden, his eyes widens.

Wasn’t so much the hair that gave it away, more or less the fiery hot Cheeto-like color reflected away from the shadow of the man’s hood.

The terrifying reality quickly dawns on Eddie…..and his heart lodged up into his throat. Eddie’s perpetually chirpy attitude and the smile fade away almost immediately, stumbling backward trying to comprehend the what and how of this situation.

Eddie: You—son of a—

His gut instinct confirmed with a living nightmare poised in front of him, Eddie stumbles back over his feet again, turning backward as he runs away…

…just when the man turns back around to face him, showing Cletus Kasady reveling in the sight of Eddie running away from him.

His eyes illuminated at the view, his heady eyes and shriveled, black heart, glistening as bright as a new penny. If he was a pastor, his prayers had been answered after YEARS of endless waiting, sitting around and twiddling his thumbs.

Cletus: Eddie…

You know that classic but overplayed trope: “you can’t run away from yourself?” Eddie was wishing that was the case, dragging his feet across the tarmac like a cross country runner sprinting to finish that final lap. Only this time with pedestrians blocking his view every three seconds and his own anxiety chewing him up and spitting him out once again.

Here came a race much similar to that. Only this one was a matter of life or death.

Panting heavily, Eddie is barely keeping himself together upon seeing the nightmare that taught him the true meaning of fear so many years ago….just pop up so suddenly out of the blue. Confirmation over the news was one thing; seeing the real deal in public was another matter entirely.

And he was not gonna be here for it.

Looking amongst the ever-growing crowd in front of him, eventually, she saw a woman in a pale blue sweatshirt and grey high-waist jeans. That was her.

Eddie: Anne. ANNE!

Sprinting forward, with his soles feeling the earth and gaining a frantic rhythm with each step, his thoughts became lyrics: RUN.

Having wasted his oxygen, sprinting frantically and trying to keep up, he does eventually reach Anne and Dan. Eddie nearly takes himself out in trying to derail his own momentum which, in turn, startles Anne and Dan as he stumbles in front of them.

Tired and out of breath, they could tell something was going on due to the smile disappearing.

Anne: Eddie, what just happened?

Eddie: Something bad. Listen, both of you. Stay close; I’m getting you off this bridge.

Dan: Whoa whoa, Eddie, we’re almost on the other side.

Eddie: So we walk faster.

He says as he grips ahold of both of their arms, dragging the two of them alongside him to where their feet were scraping off of the tarmac. Good luck getting loose of him either because Venom’s inclusion to his mind and body meant they couldn’t wriggle free even if they wanted to.

They were being dragged practically against their will now in the midst of what’s about to be a terrible tragedy and all Eddie was doing was attracting more attention to himself. Eyes were now centered on him, staring at him like he was a controlling parent fed up with his children’s disobedience.

Anne: What has just gotten into you?

Eddie: Attitude adjustment.

Anne: Are you gonna tell us what’s going on?

Questions, questions, questions. Do something!

This left Eddie cornered. He had hoped to get both of them out alive before spilling his beans but he felt his hand being forced. The two closest people in his life were on the verge of being in danger and with precious seconds ticking away, he couldn’t spare any more time.

And yet, the means at hand wouldn’t let him. Eddie had to answer.

Eddie: Look, I—I meant to tell you this yesterday but—

Anne: He’s still up in your head.

She beat him to it. Anne always had a way of dissecting the truth, the lawyer that she was.

Eddie: I—how’d you—?

Anne: I figured he was still on you the whole time, god knows why. You’re not the best at remaining anonymous when you talk to yourself. But I had a feeling he survived the Snap…..and I never doubted for a second that eventually, he’d find his way back to you.

Dan: Wait, that thing is still on you?

Eddie: It’s a long story….and it’s not worth explaining now.

Right on cue.

There was a sudden release of energy from the bridge, causing the ground to shake and stir sporadically, mimicking the seismic waves of an earthquake and causing everyone aboard said bridge to drop whatever they were doing and stick to the closest person aside them or hang on for dear life in their respective vehicles.

Only twenty seconds this shaking lasted.

Multiple car alarms laid ringing excessively, echoing alongside the road with only a select few tipped over. Civilians who were walking alongside the bridge didn’t fare any better, with most of them on the ground or exclaiming loudly.

If Anne and Dan needed any more proof, this was it.

Eddie: Ok, we gotta go now.

Dan: That’s an understatement.

Eddie steps back about to morph into Venom and nearly did till another shake knock both him and Dan down knocking them out

Annie would have too if she hadn't caught on the rail and suddenly she felt herself being grabbed from behind she gaped in pain eyeing up with Kassidy holding on to her

Kassidy: Hi pretty face

Cletus: Hi pretty face.

Annie STOMPED on Cletus's foot with her heel forcing him to let go of her as he groaned in pain and ran and did not take long for Kassidy to recover and smiling stalking her through the disaster

As for Barrison she stepped out waving her hands causing the bridge to tumble causing cars to loose control even with MTH bus lost control kids were screaming with Pete looking out to the situation

MJ's cab lost control too as she screamed the driver tried to turn the weal but hit the break to sudden causing him to fall forward SMASHING His face on the windshield

MJ trapped in the back panicked looking out herself

MJ: No.....God help me please.....

Peter tried to get up but the bus suddenly lost control too with another shake from Frances's telekinesis causing it to come to a complete stop

Harrington: Everyone remain calm!

Peter looked out again but couldn't see what was happening but knew something was he could hear people panicking out there and his Peter senses were telling him this wasn't a natural disaster

So he turned to Ned tapped on his head

Peter: Ned.... I got to get out there. People could be hurt.

Ned: Got it. Uh.....IT'S SPIDER-MAN!!

That sure as hell got everyone's attention


Flash: WHERE?!


Everyone did look for him giving Pete barely enough time to pull open the emergency door with his spider strength with one quick pull and soon he crawled out looking back at the bus and ran forward in the determination in his eyes

He pulled open his sirt reveling te spider logo and a minute later he was fully in the suit pulling the mask on an web zipped straight up

When MJ tried to get out from the door it was blocked but seeing the front windshield cracked from the driver his head on it crawled over the front seats and kicking it as hard as possible to brake it open and she manage to squeeze out not without scratching her hands with some of the glass of course but MJ made it out looking around for a way out scared and confused

Across from her Cletus kept proceeding after Annie only to get a glimpse of MJ from a distance and gave....an interest with a smirk

Kassidy wanted to proceed after her but had to stick to the plan for now so kept chasing Annie

As Spider-Man began rescuing people from their trap cars and falling off the bridge Eddie finally began to wake up and saw Dan still knocked out

Eddie: Dan......

Now's our chance. Let's eat.

Eddie: No. We need to find Annie.


Eddie then morphs to Venom and as much as Venom STILL wanted to eat Dan and feeling this be his only chance to do it he fallowed Eddie's order and got him somewhere safe and began saving people himself on the other side of the bridge

However Midtown High's bus manage to get restarted with the kids still at panic and some looking for Spider-Man still Flash was the first to notice the emergency door was left open

Flash: Hey! The back door's open!

As everyone turned Frances was already coming their way and just when it moved she caused another shake causing the bus to stop AGAIN and it flipped over causing everyone to scream the bus landed on it's top

With MJ she tried to run to safety only to feel another shake causing her to fall back and nearly over the rail to the river

MJ screamed grabbed hold of a rail and BOTH Spider-Man and Venom heard her

Venom: Annie....

Venom assumed it was Annie cause he didn't see MJ and leaped over the cars but Pete......DID

Spider-Man: MARY JANE!!


She was looing her grip and just before Pete could run up to her he saw his bus turned over and trapped with the back door blocked by another car forcing him to choose

Spider-Man: You got to be kidding me.

Both situation are at 50% critical the bus will likely explode in 15 minutes. The rail is soon to loose support.

Spider-Man: You just had me to tell me Karen.

Forced to make a choice Pete went for the bus only for VENOM to land in front of him knocking Spidey off his balance and soon he turned to the bus and Venom Pulled the car blocking the emergency door away and the kids seeing Venom scremed even Ned Paniked seeing him


Venom turned away and walked around looking for Annie a Peter regained focus and finally got a good look at the oozing anti-hero monster himself and his eye lens widen

Spider-Man: HOLY SHIT!

Venom then looked down and to him and both he and Eddie underneath recognized him of course

Venom: The Spider-Man...?

What's he doing here?

Pete got up panicking himself shaking nervously holding out his hands for combat

Spider-Man: Y---you got no where to go. Just come.....quietly and you won't get hurt.

Not having time for this Venom SLAPPED Spidey aside causing him to hit another car

Spider-Man: Valid.

Back with Annie she kept running and running with Cletus with on her tail she came around the blockade and soon enough Frances blocked her path she screamed at her

Frances: You're going no where my pretty.

At panic she turned to see Kassidy raising his knife to his hair ssmiling the psycho couple had Venom's love of his life out numbered

First time since the Snap Anne has felt this terrified for her life. Her body tightening up and her eyes bloodshot in terror, she had every reason to be cautious on not making any drastic movements.

But Goddamn it, she wasn’t going to let them get through to her any further than the basic startled look and shame.

Cletus: Annie, Annie, Annie……well, aren’t you as cute as a button.

Anne: And you’re still creepy as f—

Pouncing at her, Kasady shushes her quickly, hands firmly over her mouth as she mourners underneath. She knew better not to scream; she couldn’t risk the chance at getting one over on either of them when the opportunity presented itself.

For now, all that was needed from her was to just comply and wait.

Given how soon Cletus let his hand away from Anne only to shove the knife up to her throat, her chance to counter the inevitable was growing shorter with each breath.

Cletus: Flattery will get you nowhere, dear.

Anne: Thought he killed you.

She found herself further shocked at his rebarbative, unappetizing smirk, one that reeked of dried and fermented tobacco from the stains in his teeth and rancid breath. Then he just glimpses over at Frances, his smile glistening wider.

Cletus: Without death, we feel no pain. Without fear, we have not suffered. We are not finished spreading that message…..

Disgusted by his putrid sulfur stench, Anne finally makes her move, spitting in Kasady’s face and left eye. It stung him momentarily like he was stung by a red wasp…..and yet it barely stopped him. He was left swinging the knife at her only for her to barely avoid the dagger and go LOW.

She kicks the man directly below the belt in his Crown Jewels, as Kasady yelps loudly feeling the effects quickly debilitating due to the sensitivity of the groin area. It brings him down to a knee as Anne does what any standard person would do next: run.

Sprinting as far from him and her asinine lady friend, in heels no less, the farthest poor Anne was able to get was a measly three feet. She could hardly feel herself gradually grind to a stop until her body is instantly pushed back with massive force, jolting her equilibrium…..

….thanks to France’s telekinesis.

One flick of her finger and Anne gravitates towards her under massive speeds, that match under a millisecond. No sooner does she jolt into Frances's grip with her left hand wrapped firmly around her neck, she chucks Anne up in the air and slams her down to the concrete.

Frances wrapping behind Anne, hooking a leg over her opposite leg. She then forces Anne to one side, trapping one of her arms with their own arm, and drapes her free leg over to Anne’s neck, forcing it downward. This causes her to eventually bellow out screaming as it elevates Frances and places all her weight on her.

Anne had one arm free, which could’ve been used for balance but with the demented woman wrapping her entire body around her like a tarantula and constricting her airflow momentarily,

She finds no leverage in breaking free. Anne desperately wriggles her free arm to the railing, inching a few meters closer and closer. Unfortunately, Frances’s impatience got the better of her and she snapped Anne’s arm out of place, finally loosening her hold on her.

The latter was left flailing around hyper-extensively like a fish out of water, flat on her back battered and physically broken with no immediate cause of action in easing her projected injury to her right arm.

Frances just smirks again sinisterly while she just methodically crawls up and around Anne, noticing the tears formulating around her eyes.

Frances: Aww poor baby. So contemptible. So damn pathetic, on your knees, crying in front of the world. This isn’t your Little Pony playground, princess. This is the jungle and the rule of the jungle is.....

She cups the side of her face, feeling the droplets of tears drip onto her palm.

Frances:.....only the strong survive.

She was just as sadistic as the man standing aside from her, which only spoke volumes to Anne how badly Eddie tried to warn her and how little she actively bothered to pay attention to his cries. Trouble always seemed to slither its way up through his digestive tract and gobble up anybody else who happens to be in close proximity to him…..

….and poor Anne couldn’t get catch the signs to get out while she still could.

“You either fight and dominate or hide and evaporate. Me......I’m not the victim any longer” is all Frances says as she pressed her hand once again up to Anne’s throat and lifts her up off the ground yet again. The latter briefly catch a glimpse at the falling debris, totaled vehicles, and screaming pedestrians over the bridge.

It wouldn’t stop her from struggling to break free with her other arm. No avail, however.

Frances: Hope you’re not afraid of heights.

That damn smirk refused to leave her as she levitated herself off the ground with Anne in tow, rising her feet and body above the carnage she caused with such a simple distraction. All Anne could do was exclaim loudly and yell in vain as the Doppler effect decreases the frequency of her scream the higher she elevates….

…much to Kasady’s delight.

As for Mary Jane, her time was almost up.

MJ: No no no no, please…..please, please!

Her hands had grown sweaty from the attempt at holding on for as long as she did and with each passing second turning to minutes, her stance and positioning worsened and the shriveled shaking of her body didn’t help matters.

She was barely able to find purchase with her toes and even then, with the railings barely extending anymore support, Mary Jane had to improvise if no one was going to come to her aid.

And since no one was, she decides she was going to rescue herself.

Dangling by the fingers with nothing at all…she improvised, swinging by a little to get the pressure mostly on one set of fingertips, so she could take the opportunity to move the other hand up a couple of inches so she was on her hand.

Then she repeats on the other side and finds herself with her hands fully on the broken railing again. With an even better grip on both sides, she glanced ahead.

There was a way to get back onto the bridge. Just required a little bit more maneuverability.

The path was clear to her.

Nodding to herself, she shimmy’s around the rusted railing hanging out above the water below as cautiously as she could. Her hands only continued to grow more sweaty and slippery by the second and noticing this wasn’t any help. She was lucky to get to the other side by the skin of her teeth….

….until the bridge started to shake yet again.

The vibrations caused the people on the bridge yet again to duck and cover with mixed results. More debris blocked their way, fires straight up denied than any safe passage off and the complete randomness of this happening repeatedly jumbled and disarranged the Golden Gate Bridge’s one abutment, two towers, and the two supporting cables holding it together.

Anymore pressure, the bridge would snap like a twig and thousands would be sharing a watery grave with Davy Jone’s locker.

Spider-Man was all too aware of the stakes involved, recovering from the car crash in due time. Leaping above two flipped over cars and underneath a silo truck through the blankets of fire, even he found himself struggling to keep his balance aboard the wobbling structure once he got up to his feet again.

Zipping to the closet perch point, he’s able to finally catch his breath.

Not before he hears screaming from above and shoots a splinter web between a hummer and a Honda van situated 10 feet away from him, providing a safety net for the father and children as they bounce against the silky thread of a spider net.

Spider-Man: Karen, how much longer ‘till the bridge collapses?

At this rate, you have an average of three minutes.

Spider-Man: Duly noted. Where’s my friends?

Nearly at the beginning of the bridge. They’re lucky to have made it that far.

Spider-Man: Who else is there?

His lenses take the initiative for him, zooming up and out towards near the beginning half of the bridge, a full half a mile away from his positioning and what he sees from there, fills his heart from dread.

The constant wobbling and vibrating had severely crippled Mary Jane’s ability to hold on to the dangling railing much further, for the railing had taken the most out of her palmar hyperhidrosis and was now swinging wildly off-course and out of place.

Spider-Man: MARY JANE!!!

No time to waste.

He leaps into action, leaping from perch point to available perch point and riding his own wave of momentum to pick up the pacing. Amongst the charred roads of ash and fire, another silo truck from the far end of the bridge is unable to slow down. The drive is left with no alternative but to leap out….

….all while the truck gains too much centrifugal from both the improperly balanced load on the back and lack of anyone behind the wheel altered the truck's center of gravity and forced it to tip over.

The load on the back snapped off into pieces and upon further tumbling over itself, a ball of fire erupts, covering the next ten to fifteen feet of the road in flames and likely incinerating the half-dozen people caught in the blast radius.

Blinded by the conglomeration of red and orange from combined fuel, oxygen, and hydrogen, the smoke further proved to be MJ’s undoing. Once again the railing snapped out of place swinging back a few inches before immediately careening to the side of the bridge again.

Having fully slipped down to the edge of the railing due to a lack of vision, MJ was unable to prevent her back from snapping against the edge of the bridge.

The jolt forced her off the railing, causing her to let go and place the precarious redhead into free-fall. Her bloodcurdling scream, however, couldn’t be heard throughout amongst all the endless drivel of noise.

All except for Peter. Now he had to act fast.

Quickly swapping through his options via his HUD display, he equips the web grenade option and tosses it in front of him, rolling through the black clouds of smoke evaporating higher up into the pitch-perfect blue skies.

Sliding on in, Spider-Man disappears into the smoke….only for the release of the grenade’s sprayer of web-fluid to catapult him a full 20 feet in the air barely overtaking the smoke. He then thwips two weblines to a nearby news helicopter just arriving and the first tower that connect the bridge together.

With a flip and a pull, he slingshots himself away from the bridge, over the edge, and out above the open water where Spider-Man laid skydiving and descending rapidly. He catches Mary Jane in his sights, the latter of whom was still screaming and didn’t pay much attention to whom was aside her until the last possible second.

By the time her body flips around in midair so that she was facing upwards, Spider-Man was already in close enough proximity towards her.

Less within an inch away from her, both of their bodies hit the ocean, water splashing around as the two hit the terminal velocity high for the liquidated surface to stop both of their falls.

Nothing but bubbles pop about the surface. Movements were subtle; rarely any noise at all was made for almost a minute…..and the silence was defining.

After a worrying period of silence, a propelling force rockets through the ocean floor and out of the water. Spider-Man had only just rescued the now unconscious Mary Jane from impending doom, placing her firmly around his back while flying up and away from the ocean with his web wings.

25 feet up high, he jumps over the sidewalks, landing firmly back on the bridge. For only momentarily, the damsel in distress was safe if only for a few precious moments.

The severity of death by water not having left his notice, Spider-Man quickly took Mary Jane off his back and lies her down. Placing his hands, one on top of the other, in the middle of her chest, Peter is left using his body weight to help administer compressions that were at least 2 inches deep and delivered at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute.

Lifting the bottom half of his mask up to unconceal his lips, he tilts MJ's head back slightly and chin, pinched the nose shut, and placers his mouth over hers to make a complete seal. Blowing into her mouth to make the chest rise, he delivered two rescue breaths, then continued compressions.

Early signs were not convincing, however.

Spider-Man: Mary? Mary?

No movement at all.

Spider-Man: C’mon cmon, get up, please. I—I caught you—I got you. Mary!

Unsure what to do, he continues the repetitive motions of chest compressions and breathing hoping for a miracle. His wish was eventually granted.

Three more compressions pass and his heightened senses finally caught a glimpse of Mary Jane’s muscles relaxing and heart-pumping ever so slightly. MJ herself jumps up off her back, forcing Peter away as she regurgitates the saltwater backed up in her throat, coughing up and hacking amongst all else.

Oh thank god, was the first thought Peter could formulate through his head.

As for Mary Jane, she could barely see in the darkness that covers her eyelids, the light so dim, her heart beats all the faster. The sun slowly sets over her with her vision quickly coming back to fruition. Now the only thing that bombarded her eyesight amongst all the other destruction on the bridge was the red-and-black ‘menace’ wrongfully accused of killing Mysterio a year back.

She had no words in regards to his presence. All she could say was “Argh. Wha—what’s, what’s going on?”

Spider-Man: Uhh, you….fainted?

Mary Jane: Where am I?

Still cooped up on the bridge. Still being totaled, still with injured or dead civilians, still nowhere safe for her or anyone else just from a single glance. Of that wasn’t bad enough, the cables holding the bridge together were nearly on the edge of collapsing.

At best and at worse, Peter had only a minute left to take what he had and roll with it before it collapsed. He quickly takes ahold of Mary Jane, carrying her up by the back and legs as he shimmy’s over the sidewalk.

Spider-Man: Now’s not the time to dilly-dally. You got to get out of here!

Mary Jane: No, hey, no! I—I—I want to stay with you.

Spider-Man: No, you’re not understanding me. It’s not safe here or around me, go get to an Uber and—Damn it, there’s no Uber’s nearby.

Reevaluating his strategy with no time to spare, luck came his way. He caught his teachers and friends just getting to the very end of the bridge, still sprinting sporadically with their tails between their legs. It was better late than never in a situation this dire but at this rate, options were running drastically low.

He had to go through with it.

Spider-Man: Ok ok, you see that group of people over there?

Mary Jane: Yeah?

Spider-Man: That’s Peter Parker’s group from Midtown. Just tell them you’re a friend of his and they’ll keep you safe until then. Go with them and hide until Peter shows up or I come to get you. Do you hear me? Don’t go anywhere else without them! You hide—

Mary Jane: Ok, but I—

Spider-Man: PROMISE ME!

Frantic, demanding but severely paranoid for her safety, it came off rather familiar to the redhead. Unfortunately, with everything else crumbling around her, options were dwindling the longer she pondered on the response and refused to give an answer. But there was no getting away from this: MJ owed him that for just saving her life and even she knows it.

For once and only once, she was actively putting her trust squarely in the hands of an Avenger.

Mary Jane: I promise…

Spider-Man nodded to her and was about to web zip till MJ grabbed his arm yelling Wait a minute! forcing our hero to turn his head back to her direction who stared at him filled with a thousand questions swimming in her brain

Mary Jane: Who.....are you?

Peter didn't had time to answer her question even if he wanted to but the soft tone from her voice drew him to turn fully forward to her as MJ's heart beginning to beat faster

Spider-Man: Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man......at your service

MJ's smile grew wider as she pulled him for a tight hug which made Peter's eye lens widen all the way and laughed nervously and as soon as she let him go she looked up her masked rescuer with a sweet gaze she hardly gives to anyone

MJ: Go get 'em Tiger.

Pete didn't know what to say from that but gave her a nod she soon did as he said earlier running to the same direction as the survivors and Pete then web zipped in the opposite direction in search for other survivors and of that monster (Venom) he saw earlier who was saving other people while searching for Annie

And speaking of Annie's she was still in clutches of Shriek's grip on her neck but soon Cletus saw Spider-Man coming and gasped in surprise and excitement


She turned her head to him and looked up seeing him coming too who also got excited

Frances: AT LAST! Find Brock and lure him here! For me......

Cletus: Oh anything for me.

He left as Shriek turned to Annie looking in the fear in the fear in her eyes

Frances: If you want to know a secret my dear. Brock.....or his parasite had a secret jealousy of your new groom to be.....but now....not to be. And the only thing that stopped him.....was his love for you. So now......who will stop him now?

Annie: Go......to.....HELL!

For that France yelled out and SNAPPED her neck killing Annie at an instant and drops her and Frances disappears just before Spidey landed in her position and saw Annie falling too

Spider-Man: HOLD ON MISS!

He shot a webline at her and it caught her successfully but our hero was unaware Annie was already gone

Venom kept searching and searching rolling empty cars around as the bridge was now 50 seconds away from collapsing till Venom heard someone yell "PARASITE!" which got his attention in firece he didn't ee anyone but Kassidy was hiding behind a van snickering but Venom did see Spidey pulling Anne from the rails

Venom: Annie!

Hurry up buddy!

Venom ran towards their direction with Kassidy smiling at them knowing he's falling in their deception as Peter held Annie trying to wake her like MJ earlier

Spider-Man: Karen? Is she---?

I'm not getting anything Peter. She's gone.

Spider-Man: No....

Spidey heard a loud thud behind him he turned around seeing Venom approached him and looked furious

Spider-Man: Oh god!


He pushed Peter asside and Venom held her up noticing she wasn't breathing even Eddie inside him had a bad feeling

Annie? Oh god please no.

Venom: Annie. Wake up. Please wake up.

When Pete recovered he looked back at Venom softly growling in sadness it didn't take long for both Eddie and Venom to realize the obvious.....and then......he turned to our hero.....with anger in his white eyes and a snarl in his smiling mouth

Venom: What....have you......DONE?!?!?!?!

Spider-Man: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, wait! IT WASN’T ME!

He wasn’t falling for it and truth be told, fury had already blinded him to think beyond the possibility of foul play involved. What he said vs what he deduced at a glance was disproportionate to what the monster had felt….and this arachnid-based little twerp took away one of the many things he grew to care for.

Snarling loudly, he pounced ahead barely tackling Spider-Man back down to the tarmac but the latter avoids any gutting from his opponent. Doesn’t mean Venom wouldn’t stop there.

Recovering mere seconds later, he swings wildly at Spidey, his arms mutating into maces as he smashes and defiles the road and sidewalk even further with no bullseye. Peter leaps over one while grabbing ahold of the other as it comes down to his face, gripping the huge muscular arm of the symbiotic being.

Barely having any leverage, Peter quickly tosses Venom over his head as he crashes alongside more charred or burning cars on the opposite side of the road. Unfortunately, Venoms tendrils grasp ahold of Peter’s neck the instant he crosses, threatening to cut off his air supply and constrict his blood flow to the brain.

Flinging him to his side of the road with a single tug, Peter is shocked to see Venom already back on his feet as the latter turns him inside out with a clothesline.

Peter was greatly taken aback by this barrage of offense; battered and tired, his brain was on five percent battery stuttering to come up with a coherent plan of attack against the big man all while he crawls up to one knee before collapsing once again.

Venom clamps down on his trapezius (look it up, it’s an actual thing) tightly, squeezing the leftover energy out of Peter while further crippling his movement. Lifting him up an inch over his head, the monstrous specimen took pleasure dissecting his newly found nemesis piece by tiny piece….only at the cost of completely losing sight of the plot regarding why he or Eddie was here.

They are yet to grasp ahold of the notion that as if this moment, both men were nothing but pawns in two psychopaths sick, demented game of chess and they had fallen directly into the palms of their hands.

And that was exactly what Cletus and Frances were counting on.

Quickly after doing what needed to be done, Frances vanished from the heights above before swooping back down to ground level and grabbing ahold of Cletus before taking him half a mile away from the bridge: Fort Point Rock.

She wanted to make sure they’d both have a front row seat to what was soon to be the newest roadside attraction in San Francisco.

And soon enough, one minute had passed.

The bridges two supporting cables began to snap…..and the abutments on each end fold in under the pressure, causing the bridge to wobble with less control than ever.

It was mere seconds from snapping.

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