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Spider-Man: Summer Tour is a 2021 live action superhero comedy, drama, tragedy and adventure flick based on the highly popular superhero and is yet another sequel to both Into The Spider-Verse and the long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe and based off the Marvel comics by Stan Lee. With the success of Spider-Man (2019 film), the latter of whom was filmed back to back alongside with and released earlier in the year, Marvel and SONY reached an impasse at their next meeting, eventually decided that for now, the best direction to take the popular superhero was backwards with a film that discussed Peter's first official interaction with Venom, Carnage and Mary Jane, officially inducting both characters into official MCU lore. Halfway through Phase 5 though, trouble was still brewing as the coronavirus epidemic had not died down so principal photography could not get underway.

Once the global pandemic died down, the ok was given to green light Spider-Man: Summer Tour, only at the cost of Jon Watts who expressed his concern to move onto other projects and exited the MCU on his own terms. Marvel didn't take their sweet time picking a new director a couple of weeks after he left just in time before shooting ever started.

The film is produced by Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. It will also be produced by Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau. Finally, the film will be directed by the man behind the first Iron Man and The Lion King reboot, Jon Favreau himself.

Main Cast

  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Madelaine Petsch as Mary Jane Watson
  • Tom Hardy as Edward "Eddie" Charles Allan Brock / Venom
  • Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady
  • Tao Okamoto as Lieutenant Yuri Watanabe
  • Marsai Tomei as May Parker
  • Matthew McConaughey as Norman Osborn
  • Charlie Rowe as Harry Osborn
  • Naomie Harris as Frances Barrison
  • Jennifer Connelly as KAREN (voice)
  • Jacob Batalon as Edward "Ned" Leeds
  • Zendaya as Michelle "MJ" Jones
  • Angourie Rice as Elizabeth "Betty" Brant
  • Tony Revolori as Eugene "Flash" Thompson
  • Madison Lintz as Felicia Hardy
  • Michelle Williams as Anne Weying
  • Connie Britton as Anna Watson
  • J.K Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts
  • Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" Rhodes
  • Ty Simpkins as Harley Keener
  • Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan
  • Donald Glover as Aaron Davis
  • Gina Rodriguez as Rio Morales
  • Martin Starr as Roger Harrington
  • J.B Smoove as Julius Dell
  • Reid Scott as Dan Lewis
  • Richard T. Jones as Robbie Robertson

  • Lexi Rabe as Morgan Stark
  • Steve Carrell as Ben Parker (flashbacks)
  • Christian Isaiah as Miles Morales

  • Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin (Mid Credit Scene)
  • Richard Brake as Dennis Carradine (flashbacks)


After a long road of self-discovery into the multiverse from the exposure to his identity and arrest of Mysterio, Peter Parker's life is supposedly back on track just in time for a new summer vacation on a tour to San Francisco. Now ready to actively be the hero whenever needed, another snag hits his path between the humorous and cunning Eddie Brock Jr, battling with deadly foes such as the released Cletus Kassidy and reacquainting with his old childhood neighbor, Mary Jane Watson. 


San Quentin.

California’s oldest correctional institution opened in 1854, the penitentiary serves as the state’s oldest prison and one of the most well-known in the entire United States. Prison can be a thing that protects society from those who would do harm. Yet, if it is cold-hearted and indifferent, if it is keeping in place via fear systems that starve and abuse populations, then it harms society. The confusing thing perhaps, is that in this mixed-up money-nexus world, it does both simultaneously....

...especially with San Quentin being home to California's only gas chamber and the only facility in the state that conducts and carries out executions.

Within the different housing units -- North Segregation, East Block, Donner, and The Adjustment Center -- there are 725 murderers, cop killers, child killers, and serial killers. It’s both a lonely and crowded world inside the country’s largest Death Row, where hundreds of condemned inmates, stripped of nearly every freedom, wait around to die.

Except, not really.

The prison had not performed an execution since 2006 via a federal court order freezing said executions, declaring California's lethal injection protocol as unconstitutional. It effectively commuted any unlucky recipients' death sentences and gave them all concurrent life without parole sentences instead.....much to the dismay of those who generally wanted to have their lives snuffed out.

Cletus Kassidy (Woody Harrelson) was not one of those people.

If one were to ask the definition behind sadist, it’d likely be a picture of this man choking out every other word on the page.

A sociopathic, homicidal sadist at heart, this curly-haired, red-headed freak of nature had always been preoccupied with a nasty side, one of which he never even tried to hide. The man could be less associated as a man as opposed to a monster given how extensively long his track record is.

In his childhood, he was known to torture his mother's dog, and when he was orphaned he stayed at St. Estes Home for Boys, but he was later accused of burning down the orphanage which killed the disciplinarian administration. He also once pushed a girl in front of a bus, killing her instantly, for simply not agreeing to go out with him. Prior to his incarceration, Kasady killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs and embarked on a massacre in New York City, and murdered 11 people on Ryker's Island. Following the massacre, Kasady dug up his mother's grave.

Nobody requested him. Nobody visited him. Nobody dropped by to say hi. Not a single soul on God’s green repugnant earth gave this serial killer the time of day for the past few decades.

That was the case.....until he asked for an interview with journalist and former reporter, Edward Charles Allan "Eddie" Brock Jr (Tom Hardy).

The only thing separating these two was this barbed-wire 84-inch by 57 width shaped cube that kept Cletus incarcerated like the animal he was.

And yet, this man flashes a Cheshire cat smile from his omnipresent blank stare, igniting his stone-cold heart again. From that Cheshire grin came a glorious sense of expectation. Some idea had made him very happy. Very happy indeed.

Emotionally indifferent people, the cold hearts, like Cletus....they don't feel awkward the way such beings attached to normalcy do. No sense of urgency rushed over him upon seeing his first visitor in years, decades even; his spine began to tingle, salivating even at the thought, the trickling suspicion of getting one pure, warm drop of blood from this man.....If he even could.

There was nothing in this tiny room before Eddie but his own heartbeat and rancid breath. At times he had hit the iron bars with the ring on his dried-up bloody fingers, just to hear something different, to make a tune. Normally at this point, the futility of it would hit the average man. One could imagine music all they want, recollect sunny days, and picture wide open spaces, but these walls aren't crumbling any century soon.

Eddie: Umm....I don’t want any of that.

Cletus: That....isn’t up for debate.

Eddie: And that?

Cletus: Well, that's the fun part Eddie: the waiting. Finding out. There are two radically different types of waiting: the kind that feels like gentle onshore breezes kissing salty stones. It isn't warm but there is a sense of calm, of nature, of things expected. Then there is the kind that feels like the head of a medieval mace is loose in the guts and the head has taken a beating with a hefty plank of wood.

An oddly specific allegory to something as mundane as what Eddie was doing right now. Holding out this rose-lined, narrow-ruled, small notepad in his left hand with a silver ballpoint pen in the other, he contemplated jotting all of that down.

But he did; going against that notion would defeat the very purpose as to why he even agreed to come here. It did encourage him to ask more questions.

Eddie: Something tells me you like the mace approach more.

Cletus: It’s all a matter of setting that match and igniting the flames. Francis will be cooking it for supper.

A name drop. Another name to jot down on his notepad. Guess this conversation is taking off after all, huh? Eddie couldn’t help but think to himself.

“Francis.....Barrison”, he whispers, finishing up the name on his notepad. He’s left mumbling quietly to himself, taking the presence of such a demented individual and trying to picture him with....someone about as cruel and cunning as him. He could see it....

....but he was still working on believing it.

Eddie: That's your accomplice?

Cletus: If by accomplice, you mean firecracker? Livewire? Then yes.

He didn’t even try to maneuver his arms around the duct tape tied around his shoulders and chest and upper thigh, slinking his way back to a vertical basis. It was a terrible attempt at a straitjacket.

He was the one who previously asked Eddie to approach him, only made sense if he did the same. Cletus was left inching his head against the multi-gridded bars, fixating his eyes on Eddie....

....and his sudden lack of anxiety.

Cletus: I'd be more concerned if you weren't anxious or nervous because there is all the difference in the world between brave and foolhardy. You are brave, so you have these feelings. It's good. It makes you more reliable and solid.

Eddie: Mind telling me what the hell it is you want?

Cletus: I’ve heard about you, Eddie. Drake. The Life Foundation. How you brought them down. You have an inkling, a burning desire for acquiring the truth....I can give that to you. WE....can give that to you, if you join us.

Eddie is left scoffing at this remark. In an odd way, he’s flattered with all this attention coming his way, taking down a corrupt businessman in such a bizarre yet awkward fashion. But the simple fact of the matter was this: things like that, he was going to do on his own terms.

And the last thing he needed was two voices rambling on through his head in a moment of clarity.

Eddie: Nah, man. I ain’t gonna be like you.

The sadist staring across from him expected that answer.

Cletus: I wouldn’t be so sure on that, Eddie....

And yet that damn smile wouldn’t leave him, as he slinks away from the cell walls, sitting back down in his seat. Folding his hands in together, the urge to twiddle his blood-soaked thumbs was too great. Those rough hands were his medication, his heart-song, and his light, for that is love.

Love compacts the senses, and as when stardust so compacted in the universe, a new star is born with its own gravity and radiant light.

Cletus:....not if our mutual friend from New York has anything to say about that.

Eddie: Another one? From New York?

Cletus: Well, I wouldn't say he's close.....yet. But he is a rather special someone whose real name we don't know yet.

Eddie: Ok ok, so what'd you call him?

Cletus: How much do you know about....the Spider-Man from Queens?

Spider? Man?

Eddie: Shh....*Whispers* I told you to keep quit....

Cletus even the guard behind Eddie both looked at Eddie barely hearing him whispering Kassidy gave a grin wondering if he was talking to himself or.....loosing it like him slowly either way he was intrigued from what he may know.....about him and Drake like he said

And soon Eddie looked at Kassidy trying to act natural

Eddie: Uh....just what the Bugle say about him. Why? What's your interest in him?

Cletus: Same're gonna have.

Cletus gave him one last sinister smirk till the screen cuts out

~Opening to Marvel Studios~

~Spider-Man Homecoming - Main Soundtrack~

We open up to New York an entire year after the events of Far From Home took place and for awhile everyone knew the secret identity of least until Quintin Beck was caught committed as a fraud and murderer clearing his name but how he cleared his identity he owed special friends from.....the Spider Verse

Which is a story yet to be told later

However summer had arrived since the events in Europe accrued and in the heart of Brooklyn that was once home to the old Captain America people came and went around traffic was packing up like in every New York Road

Even Paper Routings all had the front page of Spider-Man's clearing of his name and identity since it wasn't TOO long ago and soon enough we come across a cab stopping by the side of a curb and who stepped out was that familiar man we saw trying to buy one of the alien weapons from Herman Sheltz AKA the Shocker

It was who Spidey called "Mr. Criminal" but known as Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) and he was fallowed by a little boy (Christian Isaiah) with him climbing out of the cab and Aaron went to the driver's window and paid the driver

Aaron: Thank you. Have a good one.

Boy: What'd we doing here Uncle Aaron?

Aaron: This is just uh....aren I'm running for your dad. He had me run these since he let me back in the family given it wasn't easy to earn back his trust.

Boy: I still don't understand why he was mad at you before.

Aaron: Well it's grown up stuff bud. When you're older I'll tell you about it. Or he will just....they'll be a lot to process.

Boy: I wouldn't think less of you.

Aaron: I know. Come on.

Aaron lead the boy who's obviously the nephew he told Spider-Man about before and they went in some small convenience market Aaron was picking up groceries for his brother who obviously his nephew's father

Aaron and the kid went to the isle with eggs and frozen food were being contained and the boy picked up some cereal he liked

Aaron then got milk and some time pass Aaron and his nephew were ready to check out

Aaron: Hope that's everything marked down. Your dad would kill me if I missed anything.

Boy: Not more than mom would. She wrote you that list.

Aaron chuckled at his nephew's quote and soon as it was their turn to check out.....gunshots were fired

People screamed and Aaron grabbed the kid and ducked down as armed thugs in hoodies and baseball caps came rushing in shooting the ceiling

Robber # 1: Everybody on their knees! No second warning!

Robber # 2: You heard him! On your knees!

People screamed more and the boy started crying for he was scared what was happening Aaron held on to him trying to comfort and protect him and shushing him as the robbery went in progress

The third robber was forcing the staff members to fill their bags with their money till suddenly.....he was web zipped up and the kid was the first to notice he saw the robber get pulled into a vent and he crawled over which took Aaron an instant to notice

Aaron: MILES NO!

Aaron's shout gave him away and the second robber pointed his gun at the kid "Miles" who got scared but out of the same vent came out......the one.....the only.....the Amazing....Spectacular.......SPIDER-MAN (Tom Holland)

He landed behind the robber and tapped him on the shoulder who looked back and shot webs in his face and kicked him aside and little Miles being a fan of Spidey was happy to see him in person for the first time


Spider-Man: How's it going kid? Do me a favor and find a place to hide.

Miles nodded smiling in excitement at him and ran back to his uncle who pulled him over and saw him too remebering when he saw him before observing him as the first now LAST robber pointed his gun at him

Robber # 1: Spider-Man??

Spider-Man: What's going down? Hey can you point me to the nearest Spiders room?

Robber # 1: Eat leg you freak!

He fired his nine millimeter for Peter to leap off the walls then over him web yanking his weapon out of hands the crook took out his pocket knife and Pete dodged his swings

Spider-Man: I get your POINT!

He countered the last attack by grabbing his right arm and webbing it to his other arm and then leap up the ceiling sticking his feet on it shot two web lines at him tying him up and hanging him up from the ground

Spidey then web spin down upside down to him

Spider-Man: how's it hanging?

He may thought he was being funny now but suddenly cops pointed their guns came bursting the doors opened and a female cop (Tao Okamoto) spotted Spider-Man and to his surprise.....she pointed her gun at him

Female Cop: Hands to the air! I mean it you mutant freak!

Spider-Man: What?? I thought I was cleared from all that.

Cop: Lt. He's not responsible for this.

Lt: I don't care. Take him down.

The cop who defended Spider-Man felt bad of what the Lt ordered him to do and all pointed their guns at him


Lt: I said hands to the air. NOW!

Seeing no point to convince this unfamiliar cop Spidey web zipped to the back to escape through the back door

Lt: You three. Cuff the dirt bags here. The rest of you with me. We're going after that menace.

The Lt lead her men to the back room tailing Spider-Man as Aaron was the first to stand up with Miles behind his leg and turn to one of the three cops

Aaron: I need to speak with Officer Davis.

Spidey made it outside and ran to the end of the ally way only to look back to seeing he was being chased by the Lt and three cops

Spider-Man: Oh come on!

He web zipped straight up making the cops stopping dead in their tracks looking up where he zipped up

Cop: He's getting away.

Lt: Oh no he's not.

She took her radio and gave a report

Lt: This is Lt Yuri Watanabe. We have eyes on Spider-Man. He's heading west. I want choppers in pursuit. I repeat: Choppers in pursuit.

Minutes later Peter was already miles away from the store catching his breath but.....only had a short time giving he heard helicopters approaching

Spider-Man: Give me a break. At least let me brake a piece of that KITKAT BAR!

He ran and web swings off the roof trying to stay out of sight

Pilot # 1: Echo 1. to Echo 2. Orders from Lt Watanabe in pursuit of suspect in airborne in progress.

Pilot # 2: Roger Echo 1. Keep your eye out for Spider-Man.

The choppers were closing in and Pete makes a turn off behind another building to avoid being spotted and tapped on his right ear

Spider-Man: Ned. Get me a route to loose these choppers!

Give give give. That’s all I can do; take a turn off of Delmar’s old bodega and then keep heading out into Jamaica.

Spider-Man: Longways away.

Not if you know where to go from there.

He did have a point; Peter did know his way around New York in a jiffy if his current streak of rushing towards the most populated of places within a very strict time limit didn’t go unnoticed.

Spider-Man: Point taken.

Being chased brings out a primal fear, the kind that brings out every ounce of you, that empties the reserve tank of the reserve tank. It is the kind of fear of the worst of nightmares, the kind that ignores physical and mental pain in the pursuit of safety.

As he disconnects the line from his side, Peter is left having to wrestle with that very conception, having firmly been under the influence of the primal fear himself. The last time he was chased down to this extent was the moment a certain megalomaniac faked his death and put the destruction of Europe squarely at his feet. It was the most stressful time of his life so far, only rivaled by the time he and the Guardians held THANOS at bay on Titan.

Few times had he been chased before by those stronger and in numbers and very VERY RARELY had he had to swing fast, then either hide or find refuge. It's all you can do. I escaped every time. But those moments running, my brain on speed mode, ultra-focused on the escape, they stay in my head as if they were filmed in slow motion.

Unfortunately, it was only 2:43 p.m.....which meant the inevitable chaotic rush hour was a mere 17 minutes away. Meaning until he could formulate a better strategy, this cycle was going to repeat itself again. Right here, right now.

Spider-Man: C’mon Spidey, c’mon Spidey! Gotta ditch ‘em!

He announces loudly to himself, sprinting faster and faster before leaping forward and through the air, gusting the wind against his face and chest before freefalling off the Silvercup Studio’s building.

With not that much distance between him and the ground, he presses down on his palm, shooting a webline thread from his web shooter. Thwiping through the air, Peter ducks his head underneath the train track leading from the Queensboro Plaza station. And good thing too, since the W train was already moving along quickly above him.

As he continues to shoot webline after webline amongst the leggings of the lower level platform, Peter was making valuable time: zipping seconds out from Queens Boulevard east of him, which in itself was only a few minutes out from Jamaica.

Right now, it succeeded at the bare minimum: keeping him hidden.

At least until his head started to ring excessively at a massive jolt; his “Peter-Tingle” detecting a moderate source of danger soon to be coming at him in the next few seconds.

Spider-Man: Oh boy.....

Not to be pressed for time, he leaps in mid-air, via a somersault as a barrage, an endless spray of bullets, zip and fly past him. One barely skims past his left shoulder as Peter pulls off a 360 and the other brims by the heel of his right foot.

Barely avoiding them, Peter is left zipping and swinging faster. Attention was drawn back, once again, to the cops who were in full force behind him; five total cop cars. And better yet, his lenses zoomed out from his right seeing a chopper guarding the top of the tracks above.

Couldn’t catch a break this time.

Spider-Man: No where else to go?

He spots the near by lake and looked back seeing five cops coming his way and then looked back down to the lake

Spider-Man: I forgot my swim fins but....HERE GOES!

The web slinger dove off splashing loud and high into the water the cops heard the splash and ran in that direction the chopper above put on it's search light to the direction where they were heading

The officers with their guns pointing around looked around the lake but not a single image of any red and black were dumbstruck on his where abouts

The officers with their guns pointing around looked around the lake but not a single image of any red and black above put on it's search light to the direction where they were heading

Officers with their guns pointing around looked around the lake but not a single image of any red and black and they were dumbstruck on his on his where abouts

Cop # 1: Gotta give him credit he vanishes as he appears..

Cop # 2: Why are we even still chasing Spider-Man? We know he didn't kill Beck last summer so what's the point in all this?

Cop # 3: We have our orders from Lt Watanabe.

Cop # 2: She ain't in charge. The chief closed off the case last year.

Cop # 4 Maybe she's on Jameson's payroll like Pauley.

Cop # 5: Jameson isn't on the Lt's likable list maybe she just hates Spider-Man for her own reasons.

Cop # 1: Either way there's nothing more we can do here. Let's get out of here.

The cops all walked off putting their guns away but on the other side of the lake Peter came out of the water breathing for air he pulled of his mask and climbed out panting he sat down pressing down on the center of his belt activating the suit's heater to dry himself off like Tony showed him before when saving him from drowning

Peter: I proved my innocence put my identity back in the dark and NYPD are STILL after my hide. Guess the whole good cop bad cop thing doesn't sit straight with them. Least I gave them a slip.

Peter stood up pulling his mask back on then Ned's voice came on the speakers

Dude! You ok? I lost contact with ya after the resumption went bad.

Spider-Man: Yeah. Had to take a dip in the lake to shake off Watanabe's troops. That lady cop has been after me for a month and she just can't give me a break.

Well least you're in the clear. But I thought I should tell ya....those uplinks Mr. Hogan sent us are ready to download into your suit.

Spider-Man: Sweet. We can finally get Karen back! I know we're gonna need her help to solve those murders in San Francisco from the news. I'm on my way to your house.

Just use the window in my room mom just got in.

Spider-Man: Haven't used a window since May caught me in my suit.

He web zipped straight up leaving the park

About an hour in a half later Peter was already at Ned's house which is the first time we see it and in his room Ned's bed is merely a mattress flat on the flour a tv on the dresser and shelf of lego collection even his lego death star along with a lego batcave from Batman and lego Hogwarts from Harry Potter

Ned (Jacob Batalon) was on his laptop ass Peter came in carrying his suit with a bandage on his shoulder from the near shot he took even one his heel opening the suit and plugging a wire in the inner center and Ned uploaded the uplink of the original Stark Suit

Ned: You know Pete....this is just a thought but why do we need Karen to solve the murders in San Francisco? Don't get me wrong accepting the summer tour there for our senior year was a great advantage but....we could still use those glasses.

Peter: Yeah well....I kind of want to play it old school on this one. I mean when I gave Beck those glasses like an idiot that gave him the opportunity to expose my identity and.....I don't want a repeated performance.

Ned: I'm seeing your point just saying....we can still put extra stuff to use.

Peter: Well I'm Spider-Man. Not the next Iron Man.

Ned nodding in understanding and soon the download was ready

Ned: Ok....ready for download.

Peter: Don't disappoint me.

Peter walked over to Ned's position and pressed enter himself and the downloading process begins ad took merely another hour to finish it the sunset was already at it's final stage

Peter and Ned killed time like they did in Homecoming when fallowing Vulture's men to WDC by eating chips playing x-box and later Ned was on the flour nearly falling asleep as Peter's head down on his desk till the beeper finally dinged the download process was complete

Peter: It's done.

Ned: Alright. Go ahead and put it on see if she responses.

Soon after that minute Peter was back in the suit minus the mask and pressed the logo the tech shined in the suit

Ned: Whoa! What's happening?

Peter: I don't know. I seen this before though. Karen? Karen are you there?

What?? Peter?? (Jennifer Connelly's voice)



They high fived while laughing

Peter what happened suddenly I just....shut down. And....nothing....till now. How long has it been?

Peter: A year. The old suit was destroyed with you in it. But luckily Happy had your blue prints and sent me the uplinks and download you into my new suit here.

Well it's good to be back. Even more good to be working with you again.

Peter: Same. Say Karen what time is it?

About a quarter pass 9.

Peter: WHAT?!?!?! PASS NINE?! I got to get home or May will have a cow. Ned keep the remaining data packed for San Francisco. We'll need it for the murder case.

Ned: Got it.


A webline over to Ned’s right, it takes ahold of the mask and zips it over to its rightful owner as Peter puts it on.

Peter is left having to scramble to the bedroom window and leap out, not before he shoots a web at the glass and lifts up the framing before doing so. He dips out the house and into the night; the bustle of the Big Apple clouding his ears and mind as he swings on through the thankfully less-crowded streets and roads.

With the rush hour having ended hours ago, no need to fret on about any more loud noise in a day where even with the rush hour, traffic was sprinkled upon the blacktop that day as if the roads were a playset that came with only a few cars.

Ned couldn’t help but notice how blatantly Pete left the window wide open, thus letting in a brief gust of air swirl and eddy around him as if they were the rocks within a great and wide riverbed. At first, he inhaled it, feeling an extraneous amount of weight on his shoulders that went by Peter unnoticed.

Eventually, he bolts off the mattress frame and zips to the window, closing the framing of the window before cutting off the air.

All he could do in that moment was sigh heavily yet again with his back against the window, slinking and sliding down off the wall onto the wooden floor. There Ned lies, uneven amongst the columns supporting the window with his eyes fixated across to the cabinet adjacent to his door. His precious LEGO Death Star didn’t come into frame....

....more than the two miniature mini-figures standing in front of the massive 4,016 piece battle station of one of the Empires ultimate weapons.

Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker.

Ned just continues to stare them down, as uncomfortable as a chorus-girl corset, and was constricted and shallow as his current state of breathing. There was no life behind his eyes anymore. This stare was one of hurt and buried as if he feared being vulnerable more than the cold reality manufactured and serviced before him:

Behind that icy stare was a mountain of pain, yet extracting it would bring pain and instability. Never really felt this way about IT before; confused because he felt the need to gain greater perspective, to take a step back and see the wide-angle version. There was a lot more to see, little wonder he couldn't figure things out with a clearer state of mind.

Not to say Peter’s was any better.

The issue at hand being the very thing he once refused to take up before but now actively promised he would since the incident with Mysterio: step up. Ever since last summer and the ridiculously ludicrous stipulations that had been placed on Peter’s life as well as those closest to him, it did succeed in pulling back the wool over his eyes and realizing that THIS....this was no game. Any semblance, any chance of a consistently, mundane normal life now?

All flushed down the toilet.

On the one hand, he was finally coming onto himself as a more prominent figure in the city, both in the people’s interest and his own, embracing his namesake and title as an Avenger more often. But that also came at the expense of a long-increasing list of detractors, most infamously, the Daily Bugle. Jameson would not give him the time of day.

Today was not the day to have to listen to any of that since he leaves a podcast on the media outlet site once every ten hours EVERY SINGLE DAY. So home was the only logical place for Peter to head back to after a longer day than anticipated.

Another webline swing off of the nearest lamppost, he lands along the side of his bedroom mirror of what was now their THIRD apartment building that he and his beloved Aunt May had to relocate to. Taking time to catch his breath and collect his thoughts, it made him reflect back to how both of them even got here.

Nothing personal occurred over when they moved out of their first apartment. But he remembers them going through the motions again with his second apartment so vividly after the aftermath of the Blip: he wasn’t the only one who vanished as a result of THANOS; the snap took Aunt May as well, leaving the apartment vacant and eventually rented to another family. Five years later, the effects of the Snap were undone, causing May to reappear in her old apartment. However, her appearance shocked its current occupants, with the grandmother of the new family believing she was a ghost while the wife thought her to be a mistress. May was soon reunited with her nephew and the duo moved into another apartment as a result.

Thankfully, no such disastrous occupations appeared to be presenting themselves to where it would cause them to move out yet again. At least that is what Peter hoped.

And to think Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) used to think the same way; glimpsing over at this intricate decor crowding this residence from the kitchen table, from the interconnected living room and kitchen with a moderate-sized TV flat in the center 8 feet away from the double-decker couch and coffee table.

Through windows that welcomed the passage of the light and the dark, the dining room would at least be vibrant with a hint of radiant energy and liveliness. Now she couldn’t even feel that; all because of Spider-Man.

This kitchen table had seen every emotion, from the sweet silent happiness of family times, when the only sound is contented enjoyment, to the rage that bursts out in the hard times. From its rich cream surface the wood beneath peaks through, as if to remind her that they were both the same in a way, that in those tough times they could’ve learned how to show their beauty and true strength instead of the anger that damaged theme recently.

Scaling her fingers amongst the wooden surface, it was much difficult nowadays. And to think, the kitchen table once cooled her palms as the warm brown hues rekindled her soul on days like these. It was the steady companion to the aroma of freshly baked bread and the birdsong that flutters in from the garden beyond.

But still nothing.

She find her eyes quickly snapping over to the first bedroom door, with Peter slowly walking on out as causally awkward as possible. She could barely hear his footsteps flip-flopping across the bleached tile hallway.

There was no point in trying to say ‘Hi’, to be sentimental in a situation where he knew he utterly bollocksed up.

Peter: Sorry I skipped out.

May: was....’work’?

The sight that escaped Peter’s dry lips as he turned back towards his aunt was slow, as if his brain needed that time to process what had happened. His eyes remained fixed on her, on the exact path May had him focused on: a narrow straight line.

She was fixating her eyes on his suit.

Peter: I—same old. Did meet a new fan though; his name is Miles.

May: Uh huh.....

Peter: Just some kid really. But he's fine. Anyway, got the baddies. All in a days work.

May: Apart from the chopper chase, you mean?

Peter felt the stress building when he mentioned that; whenever stressed, he tries to go somewhere quiet and is still for a time, letting the feelings of fear, sadness and frustration ebb and flow.

May: It was all over the TV, Peter. You’re lucky they didn't get you.

Peter: Yeah, I know....look, no one knows anymore on what and why; that's the important thing. But that.....JJ guy from the Bugle isn't giving me the time of day; if anything, he's probably why New York's finest is following me still.

May: That's what worries me, Pete.

Peter: Don’t tell me you’re believing all of that all of a sudden.....

May: If I did, I wouldn’t have went up to that skinflint to try and get him off your back! But then to make matters worse, you go and jump off a building?!

Peter: They wouldn’t have believed it wasn’t me.

That didn’t really make May’s case any better or worse, for the both of them.

Peter: Look, it had to be convincing. I'm sorry I scared you like that, May.

May: You scare me each time you put THAT on.

He didn’t need to dissect deep into the sorrow and pain in May’s voice when she directed her attention to this suit, this red and black upgraded outfit boasting varying weave patterns, and featured additional areas that were now colored black with interwoven striations, including the biceps, upper legs, and much of the forearms.

Everything about that small black and white insignia slapped onto the chest of her nephew came with a burning, fuming, new profound hatred. With a sharp inhale and exhale, she regains her composure.

May: All of this has been happening because of that suit. Because of this—this burden that you’ve had to weigh on top of your shoulders every day. You think it’s easy for me to sit on ass at home, praying you’ll be able to handle yourself after THANOS? Just why—what—

Angry wasn’t a good look on her....and it was very rare. There was this ghostly cord that grew from her bent spine and dangled over her head as some rotten carrot and she found herself utterly gobsmacked that this wasn’t helping. Having to restructure her entire life was no sunshine and rainbows but having to finally come to grips with her nephew being a ‘hero’....

....while simultaneously making things better and worse for everyone? That was both a lot of pressure and strain for someone like him had to live out and live up to.

May: I can't believe I didn't say anything before but....not anymore. It's time you got rid of it.

Peter: What?? May, you---

May: I'm not putting up with this, Peter Parker! Either you get rid of that costume or I will.

Peter: Aunt May.....I thought you encouraged me with this. You suggested I keep this up; FEAST, Europe. All of that?

May: Well, as you can see, I’ve went through a RADICAL transformation on top of everything that’s been going down at the center so you can say this isn’t doing it for me.

Peter: Have you forgotten that the last time I refused to take this with me, we STILL got put in danger? Last thing I want is for someone to die on my hands when I could’ve done something!

May: Peter, next time you go out there, you’re gonna collapse on somebody’s front porch and you won’t be able to crawl back here. You can’t handle all that responsibility!

Peter: Yeah, well, guys like me don’t have much of a choice!

They could not have gotten off to on worse terms. Peter noticed how sharp and fresh his manner was, yelling at May for the first time, feeling that momentary loss of control in the conversation. He simply covered his face up, embarrassed that it was coming to this all while May stood there, motionless, frozen.

Very rarely did Peter stand up to her in moments of clarity or stress. Just never like this.

There wasn’t even any heat in her voice telling Peter all this, as if her heartbeat so steadily, even though she took a different view from Peter’s own. She simply said this was her way of doing things.

Not for Peter. Not anymore, at least.

Peter: Spider-Man’s going to San Francisco, May. And you’re not stopping me.

May gave her nephew a dumbstruck but serious expression to her nephew as he stormed to his room leaving May speechless but furious for his own good May was not gonna let Peter win this

An hour later Peter was in the bathroom taking a shower which May used to her advantage to slip in his room being true to her word if Peter wouldn't get rid of the suit she would

May felt after everything that happened with Thanos and Beck she was doing this out of love from a parent figure to a child May and her husband before his offscreen passing raised him as their own son and May loved Peter enough if he were and to do this was for Peter's best interest so you can understand how she feels about this and felt stupid she didn't do this before

First she searched the closet it wasn't there then Peter's pile of dirty cloths on the closet flour it wasn't there either

May then turned to Peter's bed and kneed down under it finding a plastic containing box pulling it out and removes the top off finding the suit.....

......May made a serious look again and took the suit putting the top back on the container and pushed it back under the bed as if it was always there

A minute after.....May came out of the apartment shutting her apartment door locking it walking to the hall elevator carrying a bag that no doubt had the suit

May walked in the elevator as the doors opened two people out of it and May waltzed in pressing the button for the first flour and she unzipped the bag revealing the suit stored in there

May: Kiss New York goodbye Spider-Man. You're not taking my nephew away again.

The way she spoked like can't blame her for this

She zipped the bag back up as the elevator doors closed.....

......on the same evening we come to San Francisco the city that Peter and his classmates were coming for a tour for the summer tomorrow May was coming too for what reaons were soon to be foretold and as you know this was the home of Eddie Brock himself after leaving New York

But there we first come to some nightclub where high disco music was playing food and drinks were being served to customers at bars and booths but out on the dance where we finally meet our new character of the MCU dancing against three other girls

A certain redhead dancing in and out was in a red dress and black high heels and soon as her face was shown on the screen she was revealed to be Mary Jane Watson (Madeline Petsch)

Yes finally the original MJ from the comic finally appears yet making her the second MJ in this given Peter's last but now ex girlfriend Michelle Jones

Mary Jane's full story here was yet to be told soon but here she's wild spirited in partying and building a curer of acting but for some reason was into escape from being herself yet again reasons soon to be told

Mary Jane and her friends kept dancing and dancing to one another smiling holding hands and swaying pass one another

But after some time after the music they were dancing to ended they were at the bar having whine with...fake ID's making the staff thinking they were in college given their senior year would be after the summer as well after MJ took a chug she and her friends drunk all laughed with one another

Mary Jane: Girls, I've got a good feeling the show is gonna blow this city away after the grand finale.

Friend # 1: You been saying that since the end of the semester.

Mary Jane: Well forgive me for lighting the mood.

Friend # 1: No disrespect MJ just Mr. Williams (Their director) says we're no where near for the finale till May 21st.

Friend # 2: And aren't we gonna fetcher the show for some other high school potential seniors from New York?

Hearing the word "New York" made MJ eye at the friend who mentioned it for there was something about it that she had a history with that was to be told here

Friend # 3: New York? MJ isn't that where you lived before you moved here?

Mary Jane: In my childhood yeah. It's also where the worst things that happened to me accrued.

Friend # 3: Sorry MJ. it possible we'll meet anyone you knew there from the class that's coming?

Mary Jane: Maybe maybe not. But we'll give them a good show either way. But for now.

MJ held out her glass proposing a toast

Mary Jane: To the grand finale.

The girls laughed clinging their glasses to hers

They then took sip of their drinks

Hours pass more nearing 1AM in the morning at a dark apartment until the front door opened the light of the hall shinning a drunk Mary Jane came waltzed in dropping her purse and shutting the door so be surprised by a lamp turning on reveling another and older redhead woman (Connie Britton) in a chair looking firmly and serious at her like May did with Peter

Woman: Where....have you been?!

MJ scoffed the way the woman demanded an answer of her where abouts as she was in no mood to argue being too tired and drunk

Mary Jane: I told you on the phone I was gonna be late Aunt Anna.

The woman named "Anna" revealed to be Mary Jane's own aunt stood up more firmly and serious at her

Anna: I didn't expect it to be 1 in the morning. Especially what the news is saying about murders.

Mary Jane: You worry too much.

Anna: I don't have time for attitude MJ......

Mary Jane: And I don't have time for another lecture. I'm tired right now and I'm going to bed.

MJ walked over to the hall as Anna spoke more seriously

Anna: Don't you walk away from me when I'm talking to you young lady.

Mary Jane: Will you get off my back?! I'm still a person here trying to make an acting curer for the future and have a good time with my friends.

Anna: At nightclubs? Drinking? Don't think I didn't smell the alcohol on you! You're 17 years old and you're not legalized to drink any of that junk!

Mary Jane turned back to HER lecturing aunt with her hair spinning around

Mary Jane: What'd you want from me Anna?!

Anna: Not to be in harms way! There's dangerous people out at night and the news about these murders don't make me feel safe each time you're out there at night this late! The last thing I want is for you to become like your father!

Mary Jane: DON'T! Don't compare me to him....

Anna: It's hard not to MJ. Cause he did the EXACT same things you're doing when you were just a baby. I had to help your mother raise you when he was putting you both through so much tragedy. I don't want to see you do the same. Cause when he left and your mother died.....I wanted to give you something better than he did. So I am....BEGGING you Mary Jane. Please....stop with these late parties and drinking.....

Mary Jane barely could hold back a tear but her expression didn't change

Mary Jane: Or what? Are you gonna walk out of the door like he did?

Anna stood there in silence as tears ran down her own eyes refusing to let her aunt see hers MJ turned around to walk to her room again and by the time she grabbed the door nob

Anna: MJ.

She stopped already aggravated with this conversation she just wanted to get some sleep with all this alcohol in her system but Anna spoke calmly this time

Anna: It's not just cause of your father. When you.....when you disappeared.....and were gone for....five years and that was just a year ago.

She wiped her eyes trying to keep her sadness hidden and turned back to her Aunt

Mary Jane: But I'm back now. And I'm not going anywhere.

Anna: I know that but....when you're out there....I feel like you've disappeared again. You're all I have left MJ.

Mary Jane: Well I can assure you Anna....I'll know where to go if danger is right in front of me. I can take care of myself.

They went silent again and MJ took that moment to open her door waltzed in her room and shuts the door on her Aunt

Anna faced down in sadness not knowing what she's gonna do with her niece she had nothing to do except settle in for the night herself and as she was in her gown and sat on her bed and looked on her bed side looking at a framed picture there

Anna took the picture looking down at it and it revealed an image of herself....and May standing together smiling with their arms around their shoulders

Seems we now know why May was coming to SF cause her and Anna were long time friends and was coming to catch up and who knows what else as she muttered to herself

Anna:'re my only hope.

Whatever that hope may be it would have something to do with May helping her set MJ straight but would it have something to do with Peter too?

That too....was soon to be foretold

But not if these gruesome murders are due to cross paths with her or Mary Jane, the very last thing any parental figure should have to worry about in this day and age. The Blip was bad enough as a sudden resurgence to a seemingly futile situation in an already worse environment, taking everyone off guard....

....but to be simply checked off some deranged psychopaths bucket list especially when you just got back? One could not ask for such an unfavorable and insulting manner to go out.

A feeling Eddie Brock knows all too well.

The universal genocide which eliminated fifty percent of all life, disintegrating individuals into dust at random succession.....had also caught up to him as well, leaving the 40-year-old former reporter without anything, even his own life.

Everything became an instant downward spiral once the effects were reversed and he came back.

San Francisco was one of the thousands of cities across Earth affected by the Snap. The sudden disappearance of millions of people caused chaos and panic throughout the city, with a state of national emergency being declared; none of which made it any easier once the Blip occurred. As a result of the five years between the Snap and the Blip, many of the previous victims were displaced from their homes, including Eddie.

The mass displacement of so many people was so acute it caused the UN to create The Global Repatriation Council, a supranational organization which was given the mandate to help the returned people get housing and several forms of social security. Eddie was only just able to grab ahold of another valid social security number but housing?

That was another matter entirely.

Too many people needed nursing and a home as desperately, if not more than he did. It left him with no choice but to spend the first few months after his return on the streets; cold.



He remembered being balled up like he was afraid to release his knees, rocking in time to the beep of a truck backing up, his eyes fixed on nothing at all. His clothes were once high-end, but with enough wear and dirt, anything can look like rags. His skin was hidden behind layers of grime and his hair hung as a tangled mop of brown and grey.

The only thing that could’ve made the unbearable experience tolerable is if he didn’t trudge through it alone. So thank god for Anne Weying (Michelle Williams).

In Eddie’s fourth month tending to himself on the streets, he came across a familiar face; an eerily similar blonde-haired specimen that used to be very close to him. He’d recognize that complexion anywhere. It had taken some time for him to call her out and get her attention but once two and two were placed together.... made for a humble but bittersweet reunion.

She too had fallen victim to the Snap, leaving herself without a career, without a boyfriend, without a purpose, and without a body....which meant retreading back to square one and starting all over again upon returning. Unlike Eddie however, luck was on her side. The GRC was able to grant both a new social security number AND a new housing unit for her but only just.

With Eddie off on his luck and nowhere to go but more sparse and desperate than before given the circumstances, Anne, remembering the truce they shared weeks before the Snap, took pity on her friend this time and allowed Eddie to stay at her place until he got back on his feet.

A feat that, within itself, came with even more caveats and repercussions for the former journalist. Because succeeding both in his takedown of the Life Foundation and his subsequent brawl to the death with yet ANOTHER carnivorous freak of nature only to disintegrate into dust and then come back as if nothing happened wouldn’t have been that big of an ordeal if he wasn’t the only one affected by the fallout.

If he wasn’t left in the dust trying to ramble on and pick up the pieces left behind for him.

If he wasn’t alone.

Luckily for Eddie, it was nice to be in something resembling that of an apartment again after months of having to starve on the streets. As he sat beside himself, feet crossing over another on the sofa, staring up at the Nasir 2 - Light 14" Simple Bowl Flush Mount light fixtures with a laptop sat on the table across from him, it brought him back to the first time he was brought inside.

And an uneasy sensation washed over him almost immediately.

It felt cold. This heartbreak felt cold.

It felt like concrete drying up in his chest; unexpected heartbreak, as they always are - top of the world one minute and cut down the next. Why was that? Did life dislike to see him happy as opposed to him being miserable? There is a part of him that always felt low in status, powerless.

That resents his "easier" life.

That wanted someone to suffer as he did....just to walk a mile in his shoes. It was pure misery for both. Guilt for him....

....and frustration and sadness for his other half.


The reverberating, alien-like voice crept up on Eddie, knocking him out of his own cognitive slumber and back into real-time.

He grips his forehead quickly, recognizing he had been zoned for longer than he would’ve liked. What else are friends for then, with Venom redirecting Eddie’s attention span back to his laptop where on the other side of a Wix-created domain where Eddie spent days creating his own website for his own articles....

....Spider-Man had also gathered much of his attention.

What is the meaning of this?

Eddie: It’s called research, you should try it sometime.

You’ve been looking into this guy for months. He's not even that kid on tv everyone thought he was There's nothing interesting about him. Unless we're gonna eat him.

Eddie: That's a fat chance. He lives in New York.

You lived in New York too.

Eddie: Yeah but that was before I moved here with Annie.....oh I speak too much.

I still don't understand why you don't fight for her. We can just eat Dan and Annie will be ours.

Eddie: And not only would you be breaking the rules I gave you Annie would also hate us with a grudge for that. She would even report us to the authorities for murder.

But isn't Dan in a way....a bad guy? For taking Anne from you?

Eddie: No he is not. He's.....he's a great guy he helped a lot of people. Besides our relationship really ended.....cause of me.


Eddie: Yeah me. I got her fired. That was that. Plus....even if they weren't.....settling down.....I doubt she'd ever come back to me.

But you still feel sad about it. It broke you down when he asked you to be best man. I feel that's bad guy of him. He nor Annie cannot expect you to be happy with it when all it's doing is taring you down.

Eddie: It doesn't matter.

That's not what I see in your head. You want her back. WE want her back. And if we can't have her---

Eddie: Don't go there Venom. Just do me a favor and keep out of my head and let me think.

Whatever you say. I just don't know why you don't talk to her. Nor what you plan to find on the Spider-Guy.

Eddie couldn't help but to admit.....even he didn't know the answer to that

He too heard about the events that took place in Queens and Europe even the exposer of Spider-Man's identity but all got cleared up leaving no one knowing his identity anymore and several mix stories of him being a hero an Avenger and menace Eddie mainly just wanted to know the real story since his interview with Kassidy

Eddie: It''s just.....just a scoop

A scoop of Ice Cream if you ask me.

Eddie: I wouldn't mind any of that.....

Just let me to her Eddie.....see how she really feels. She owes us that at least for saving the planet from Riot and Drake.

Eddie: She doesn't owe us jack shit. But....yeah you're right.

As always.

Eddie: That's not the point. The point is.....there's something I need to talk to her about.

About time. We gonna crash the wedding?

Eddie: No. Just....get a few things off my chest that's all. But mean time....let's see what's on the tube.

Don't forget the beers and the tater tots.

Eddie: Wouldn't dream of it.

He sat up from the sofa took his tater tots out of the oven took two beers from the fridge turned on the tv and caught a report on a new update on the SF murders everyone's been talking about

Reporter on tv: Breaking news to update as we enter a summer of murder where a man was found stabbed to death. Police have not yet released any information as this was the fourth recovered since last week's incident.

If we are lucky....Dan is the killer.

Eddie: I don't think he has it in him buddy.

Just saying....

Reporter on tv: Finger prints on the murder weapon have confirmed that suspect has been identified as none other than the notorious butcher responsible for the New York City carnage killing: Cletus Kassidy.

Eddie spits it out

(Spoiler alert: This part contains spoilers for Venom Let There Be Carnage if you had not seen the movie and wish to avoid spoilers please go see the movie and return here afterwards)


Out of San Quentin.

On the loose.

And somehow....ALIVE?

A recipe of disaster big enough to spill all over the country if he Damn well felt like it. The sight of these nearly mutilated bodies, riddled with open pores, spilt bloody and fractured ligaments was revolting to look at; sickening. It all reminded Eddie of what were to happen if Venom ever went off the rails and imitated a killing spree.

None of this made any sense to him....

....not after Venom bit his head off lat year

When I get out of here....and I will.....there’s gonna be Carnage.

But then it dawned on him. And his heart lodged up into his throat: he didn’t kill him.

He remembered Frances had mind manipulating abilities making him believe he did kill him it was the only explanation they could possibly still be alive why else would the new confirm they were behind it

The question at first was a stumbling bumbling ‘Why’? In what universe did this make sense to Eddie; granted, he and Cletus were gifted and cursed with being bonded by blobs of goo taking the forms of sentient alien beings. Except for the last time the two faced each other face to face where he remembered burning the man to a crisp.

Only one thing made sense as to how he could’ve walked out on his own two feet: Frances.

Everything about this scene, this image playing back for him gave both Venom and his host a bad case of indigestion. Eddie felt himself tensing up, his stomach muscles contracting all at once squeezing everything while increasing the pressure. He bit at the urge to ball up his fist and congest himself in frustration, for he had no intentions in rocketing out the tater tots he just swallowed.

It did nothing to atone for the fact that despite having already murdered an infamous serial killer and taking him off the face of the planet, like a dweller rat, the Carnage Killer popped back onto the scene as if nothing happened. Straight out of a horror movie.

And that wasn’t even the scary part.

Eddie: Anne.

Fearing the worst, he found himself wasting no time turning back and heading for the door. However, he found himself skidding amongst the layered floor rug by the entrance and stopping himself.

Eddie is then quick to dash back to the coffee table, gripping his phone case only for the phone to slip through his fingers due to his slippery palms. He’s quick to reach for it again with the other hand but time management and lack of coordination fails him.

Luckily for him, he found a black liquidized substance oozing around his left foot that caught the phone in its grasp. It was a lucky catch for Venom, who extended out from its normal extraterrestrial gooey state and flicks it back up at Eddie, who catches it this time.

Eddie: Thanks.

No time. Hurry up!

He was right; now wasn’t the time to dilly-dally. With Cletus back on the prowl, the last thing he wanted was for him to get an itch for some blood on a ceremonial cake and serve their hearts on a silver platter. Now with his priorities straightened out, he runs out the door of her apartment.

As soon as Eddie was outside he felt there was no time to call for an Uber and luckily no one was around.....well except a kid on a telescope at his window across from Eddie's position he spotted Eddie and at an instant saw him morph into Venom roaring and jumping high up to the buildingss

Kid: WHOA!!

He ran out of his bedroom

Kid: MOM! I saw a monster!

Venom ran from roof top to roof top picking up Anne's sent running closer to her direction and in a matter of time he looked down he saw her (Michelle Williams) and Dr. Dan Lewis (Reid Scott) walking to a store of Wedding Venus

Venom: Oh great....Dan.....

Venom just behave yourself and stay focus why we're really here.

Venom: Alright. But I still think this would be a chance to get rid of him and take Annie back.

And I told you----

Venom: Yeah never let me have fun.

About a minute later Dan and Annie in arm to head in the building and laughing till the sound of Eddie's voice saying: Annie made them both turn around to see Eddie he was demorphed from Venom and gave them both surprising looks of his appearance here

Anne: Eddie?

Dan: Hey Eddie. How you doing bud?

Eddie: Good not so good....

We can just warn Anne. Kassidy can have Dan.

Anne: Eddie? What's the matter?

Eddie: I....have to talk to you about something. Have you seen the news lately?

Anne: No....I was too focused on the wedding to catch up on anything. Why? You got a new episode?

Eddie: I wish but no.


Eddie: Kassidy's loose!

Anne flinched as she looked directly into Eddie's face

Anne: What??

Eddie: Remember Cletus Kassidy? The New York Carnage killer I told you Interviewed at San Quentin?

Anne: Yyyyes?

Eddie: Well the news just confirmed that he's behind the recent murders. And given.....he took some liking to me during the might make you....a target so....

Anne: But how? I thought you and Venom killed him?

Eddie: So did we? But....remembering France Barrison can.....make you see and feel was all an illusion. I don't know why they would throw me off their trail like that but......

Anne: You think he'll come for me to get to you?

Eddie: It's possible.

Dan: Hey Eddie---

Dan patted Eddie by the shoulder making Venom growl and snarl in his head Eddie and Dan maybe good friends now but Venom makes it clear he despises him with a grudge all cause he believes Anne belongs to Eddie and he which made it hard to not morph out and just bite his head off

But tried under Eddie's wishes though Venom started to think there should be some matters he would need to take control of even if he had to defy Eddie

Dan: We appreciate your concern. We'll just.....stay in public and....keep things tight as a bank safe.

But what's gonna keep you safe from us?!

Eddie: Shhhhh.....

Anne and Dan looked at him in confusion what he was shushing at and Eddie noticed learning he had to play it cool.

Eddie: Sssssssure yeah. That would be a good idea. Neither of you go into dark allies ok?

Dan: Will do.

Anne: Eddie? Is there something else going on besides Kassidy?

Come back to us Anne.

Eddie: could say that but....I'll tell you about it later. Listen.....would it be cool.....if I tag along on your shopping? I hate to be the third wheal but....I feel it be safer if we stick together.

Dan: Yeah no problem buddy.

Venom growled in his head again so wanting to attack Dan but kept cool Anne didn't take his eyes off him still looking concern as they walked in

The rest of the day skimmed along at a brisk yet unrelenting pace. Not as swift as usual, given the circumstances but compared to other post-Snap days nowadays, it was a relief for Eddie.

7:23 a.m.

For where it would still be relatively dark over in California on the west coast, the three hour plus time gap had a marginally different effect on those on the east coast.

Normally, the sun would rise as a canopy of gold, bright amid the blue, bidding the stars to take their nightly rest. As darkness surrendered, every colour would change from tinges of charcoal to a vibrancy; the dawn would’ve brought a new freshness to the light, as if the world been upgraded to some higher definition. How refreshing a billion pure eyes of light from the sun would’ve glistened over the landscape of the Big Apple.

Not this day.

On this morning, the clouds diffused the daylight to a soft gentle sweetness; even out in the street one could be cozy under their duvet in a strong summer light. They move much as the ocean, showing the blue amid the whitish dove-grey, a medley of silvers that ripple outwards to adorn the sky.

There are growing patches of blue, the sort of hue that is soft and bright at the same time. Though beneath the sheet of cloud is a grey that deepens to steel, the leading edge is a brilliant white, as if it is the pages of a new book ready for any curious eye. So, on this day that could bring rain or sunshine, some hope for both, for the chance of a rainbow and to feel so much more because the day is blessed with clouds.

Peter almost wanted to prove himself the exception to that statement, having gotten more than a few precious hours of shut-eye week beyond the required seven-to-nine hour recommended length of rest. Alas, his eyes pry open slightly....

...only for him to bolt up and out of bed, falling off on the edge. Having awoken himself suddenly, as if it's an emergency, as if sleeping had become a dangerous thing, his heart beats fast and there is a buzzing in his brain and together they are as panic with jump-leads.

Only then when Peter glimpsed at the cloudy exterior from his window and then his alarm clock blaring 7:25 a.m, his brain destabilized like a flat battery, the exertions of the night being a marathon of erratic problem-solving he overbooked himself for. For a brief moment, he thought he overslept.

All of that long extensive potential busy work to take ahold of before dissipated into his own clouds of doubt and worry. He relaxes his shoulders and lets his arms swing throughly through his space, the breeze from the slight crack in his window cooling his nerves as Peter chuckles to himself extensively.

Couldn’t have thought of a better at times cool off, just hours before the plane took off.

Peter: Look out California, here comes Spidey.

And where was he, exactly?

Right underneath his bed, presumably. He normally kept it safe under lock and key in an old brown durable suitcase a former relative of his with the initials UBP on the front; if not, there was always the closet.

Unfortunately, said bag was destroyed following Mysterio’s attack on Europe during his last summer tour there. So until further notice (more specifically, when he’s able to convince his Aunt otherwise), his suit had to be kept in a plastic bag underneath the bed.

It used to be square in the middle but now was roughened a little bit to the far left. Given how much he tosses and turns, nothing was guaranteed to be in the same place.

He pulls out the bag but almost immediately notices the drastic weight proportion compared to before. Either the suit wasn’t in there or this was another bad dream.

His fears, unfortunately, were founded. Peter’s hand could not feel anything amongst the remains, his hand crumbling up the bag in frustration and accelerated fear.

It left him scrambling over the tiny inconspicuous space that encompassed his room, looking for any other place he coughed possibly put his suit. His suitcases were long gone.

His dirty laundry basket? Nothing.

Closet? Zip.

Washing machine? Zero.

Clothes dryer. Nada.

No dice. His suit was nowhere to be seen. It couldn’t have been in the living room or the kitchen; it’d leave way too many suspicions just being left out in the open like that.

Pete scoffed at the sight, not believing what he was seeing. Panicking of his mind, the thought didn't even occur to look over at the sticky note plastered on the other side of the door until he came out of his room and looked at it.

"Come. On." Ripping off the note did little to ease Peters raging storm as his heart sank deeper upon reading the following:

You’re gonna hate me for this, Peter. But trust me, I’m doing both of us a public service for your safety and my self-health. I’m sorry. Your aunt May.

Peter: Damn it May!

Panicking over a potential loss of a very valuable asset to him, Peter rushes through the apartment and bursts out the door, but not before accidentally ripping the door off its hinges completely as he made his way outside.

Luckily for him, the apartment dump was still there. But unaware if this was even the one he needed to be looking for, he took out his phone calling the Empire Sanitation while looking in the dump, not bothering to get his hands dirty since he's been doing it all since getting these powers.

To be frank though, if May threw out his suit, he could very well make another one. Or borrow the Iron Spider suit still working encased in its tube. But today isn’t the day he’d be in the mood for any of it.

Empire Sanitation. This is Carol.

Peter: Hi, uh, Carol, I'm trying to find some items that were accidentally picked up from a dumpster outside my apartment.

Dumpster Number?

Luck wasn't on Peter's side, since it wasn't visible in the front or underneath the lid. So he stuck himself onto the wall, lifting the dumpster with both of his feet and spotting the number on the back. It took a little bit of wiggle room for him to get over to the other side but his strength eventually gave way.

Peter: Here it is! Uh.....five two three one nine.

Route thirty-five. Truck's just leaving it's shift. There's a slim chance you might find your stuff but it's a long shot. If your pickup was on Route 33, they'd be dropping off at the shredder right now.

Peter: SHREDDER?!?!

If I were you, I’d hustle, kid.

No time to loose Peter ran through the ally way to the other side and luckily for him he never kept his suit and web shooters in the same place and when he doesn't put them up he keeps them on his wrists even while he sleeps Pete has been more cautious with them ever since Mysterio and made more web fluence everyday when free with some help with Ned Eve on weekends and during school still

Peter then jumped on sticking on to a walk and wall crawling up to a roof Peter knew where to go to get to this....."Shredder" it was something that people in Queens would go to to get rid of old cloth it's basically something they made recently soon as he made it to the top he ran like a man on a mission

He leaped off from roof top to roof top out of his complex and landing on town roof tops and kept leaping forward till he reached a building across from the Queens Shredding building next to the laundry mat

Peter: There it is.

Peter then shoots a line from his left web shooter and leaps off the building less than a second swinging down to the roof the cloth shredding building

Inside the building in the front room people waited in line and placed folded unwanted cloths on a moving panel in the back room the panel moved the cloths into a machine containing a shredder with blades sharp enough to cut into leather clothing and falling into a box of a pile of clothing the shredding machine was funded by a newly company of New York since Starks Industries transferred out of state the company that filled in for it.....was Oscorp Industries

The back door to the back room pushed open with Peter rushing in and ran to the panel looking for his suit hardly any of them showed any signs of red and black unless they were t-shirts and sweat pants

Peter was in complete panic mode his suit never came upon him from the entering at the end of the panel he then looked at the other side where the shredder stood seeing cloths go in to be.....shredded

Peter was in complete panic mode his suit never came upon him from the entering at the end of the panel he then looked at the other side where the shredder stood seeing cloths go in to be.....shredded

Peter:'t tell me I'm too late.

He ran behind the machine looking into the pile up in the box and Peter let out a frustrating panicked groan

Peter: May why?! It's gonna take me days tp make another suit and I don't have days! Spider-Man won't be able to solve that murder case in San Francisco without---

Peter stopped and froze as he caught a glimpse of a black glove with red fingers with circle traces on them Peter's eyes widen as his panic mode started to wear down slowly he reached down grabbed the glove and pulling out.....his entire suit.....STILL in one piece

Not that Peter wasn't relieved his suit wasn't shredded but it still surprised him that it wasn't and it was in with the shredded cloths he looked back in the box for the mask but not a trace and with no more time Peter changed into his suit in hoping to reach KAREN to find the mask

Peter: Karen! You there?

Of course. Where would I be?

Peter: Just being sure. aunt threw out my suit here. I manage to get it somehow still in one piece but......

The suit is 100% shredded proof with it's high latex and titanium alamode.

Peter felt dumbstruck being reminded of that given Tony AND Happy told him the old suit was the same way

Peter: I am so stupid. I mean....thanks for the update but I need you to locate my mask. It has to be in this pile up somewhere.

Tracking now.

The suit's tracking scanner examined the shredded pile up and manage to pinpoint the mask.....pinned on the left wall of the box by the pile

Got it.

Peter leaped on the ceiling and dived into the box making grunts and sounds of kicking the other shredded clothing's and a minute late came out carrying the mask

Peter: YES!

Good work Peter. Now if I do recall.....don't you have a plane to catch?

Peter: Crap!

Pete turned and ran only to hit the back side of the container knocking it over spilling all of the shredded clothing's all over the flour

Peter: Ah man! I'll pay for this later!

He got up and ran out the door and when he made it outside in another ally way he breathed out in relief

Peter: Oh thank god.

Peter chuckled like he won first prize and he turned and the smile dropped when he saw..... old man (Stan Lee) (1922 - 2018) putting a bag of trash in a dumpster and he looked at Peter with wide eyes not moving an inch

Peter: Oh.....uh....d--don't mind me. a costume for this Halloween. Months away I know thrown away by accident....TAKE CARE!

He ran off leaving the old man still confused....not that he figured or even if he did he just looked at Peter with familiarity with Pete

Old Man: I think I know that guy.

(Rest In Peace Stan Lee)

Meanwhile at the John F. Kennedy Airport we gather into the terminal with Ned walking in fallowed by the entire seniors of Midtown High Michelle Jones "MJ" (Zendaya) (The first MJ) Betty Brant (Angourie Rice) Flash Thomson (Tony Revolori) Brad Davis (Remy Hii) and many more students some came with their parents to meet up with the group along with three of their teachers Mr. Harrigan (Martin Starr) and some others

While walking down the terminal with many people passing by Betty was telling both Flash and Michelle about her interning at the Bugle

Betty: So took a awhile but Mr. Jameson gave me this assignment to update any events in California and possibly get a word with the famous reporter Eddie Brock from the Brock report show all though he says I'm more qualified to be a secretary than be a reporter. Given Jason and I updated all the school news reports, he still gave me this one shot.

Michelle: Meh. No offence Bet but the guy's a slob.

Flash: Nah I think he tells the best stories. I mean apart from his articles on Spider-Man but the guy's a hoot. His rants crack me up.

Brad: Yeah he's got poor taste in Spider-Man but he knows his stuff. Rumor has it he's even writing a book about the Blimp.

Betty: "The Left Hand of Thanos". Yeah.

Ned: You guys are off your leads.

Flash: Oh yeah? Well who asked you blob?

Ned: Not you no but....Betty I don't get why you want to work for Jameson. The guy's a complete jerk cause he ratted out Peter when everyone thought he was Spider-Man.

Michelle: Ned's got a point Betty. This Jonah guy gives out nothing than what he believes and he has to be firm on them like their facts.

Betty: I get where you're all getting at. But the Daily Bugle has been a big deal for me since the 4th Grade. And besides that whole misunderstanding of Peter being Spider-Man is all behind everyone now. We all saw him save Peter from falling off a building.

Flash: If you ask me I knew it was false from the beginning.

Michelle: Liar.

Flash: I'm serious. Spider-Man is three inches taller than Parker. They don't match heights.

Ned snickered knowing Flash was full of BS given they don't know the truth anymore and his eyes widen seeing the sight of May coming in from the north entrance and she soon noticed the kids and Michelle and Betty noticed her before Flash and Brad

Ned: Hi May.

Betty: Mrs. Parker!

Michelle: Hey May.

May: Hi everyone. My goodness you've all gotten taller since the last time I saw you.

Flash: They don't call it puberty for nothing.

Everyone looked at him silently for a moment who frowned in confusion at them not knowing why they're looking at him like that but then Ned turned to May to change the subject

Ned: Uh....where's Peter?

May I thought he was you. He's probably at home still packing.

Michelle: Well he better hurry up. We're about to load our luggage and turn in our tickets.

Ned walked off from the group and May watched him go firmly given she knows he supports Peter's alter ego Michelle looked over to his direction too with a smirk given she too knows their secret since the events in Europe and Ned pressed Peter's name on speed dial

On Pete's side he just pulled on the mask over his head on another roof when KAREN spoke in his ears

Incoming call from: Ned Leeds.

Peter: Accept.

Peter, what the hell is keeping you? We’re literally just checking in.

He felt no time to answer back quickly. Having spent the last few minutes jumping from off one perched rooftop to the other, all of the air from above kept smacking back to his face constantly fighting back against him. Not that that was going to stop him though.

Another minute passes and Peter is back on the rooftop of his apartment. With no time to change back, he’s left crawling down to his arms and legs, while using his control of the electrostatic reaction between his body and any surface on an interatomic level to not only secrete sticky substances, but he can somehow bond himself to the wall leading down to his building window.

Scrolling himself down to his window, with his head peeking out from the frame, he’s lucky to still see his suitcase perched by the door.

Peter? PETER?

Peter: Sorry, sorry, got sidetracked. Just had to go back and get my suitcase.

Why even leave it?

The latter just sighs heavily, embarrassed to explain what actually kept him and why he had to be so late yet again.

Peter: Aunt May tried to throw out my suit.

She did what?!

Peter: Yeah. Whatever happened with me and Beck last summer must’ve stuck through to her; now she’s trying to prevent me from doing my job every chance she gets.

Already crawling in one piece, he recovers from landing on his floppy bouncy bed and immediately recollects himself. Gripping his new suitcase from the door, he picks up from the bottom handle beneath the suitcase and with the window still open, dashes on out and jumps through.

He’s lucky to recollect his positioning and use his web zip to catapult himself not on top of his apartment roof once again but a few feet away as he ran on the closest rooftops he could, suitcase in hand. don’t think she has a point though?

Peter: Ned, you know I’m trying to do something productive down there in San Francisco. The least I could do is dress accordingly for it.

Isn’t she trying to protect you though?

Peter: I can forgive her for that. But I have a responsibility to live up, man. And so help me god, I’m gonna keep it.

Ok ok. You got me. Just—just hurry on up and we’ll discuss it later. We’re going through security.

Peter: No problem, keep me posted.

No sooner should he cut off the transmission and reposition his suitcase from the top handle, he finally slips his mask on and Spidey was off once more.

Minutes pass as Peter was left abiding towards the same route he eerily took yesterday to escape from New York’s Finest: taking his turn off the Deli, heading down Long Island City and closing off on Jamaica, which was where the John F. Kennedy International Airport was located, 16 miles (26 km) southeast of Midtown Manhattan.

If he skedaddled quickly enough, there was a good chance he might just be able to catch up just in time to sit down with the others at the terminal gate. Unfortunately, the suit he was wearing carried a lot of burdens on him, and just when it looked like he was going to get off Scot-free....

....he’s met face to face with another dilemma.

An alarm blared on through his eardrums, stopping him in his tracks as his feet slid and skidded among the gravely asphalt of the roof. He could almost feel the repetitive bell-like ringing vibrating through his heart; most alarms made a routine clockwork...since it made such a positive difference to standardize one’s day.

Here could only mean one thing: breaking and entering.

Do I dare turn myself around, he resorted to asking himself quietly, knowing that once he does, he’ll have to put his foot down and stop it, especially with him being so close to only BARELY making his flight at the last minute.

The impulse was strong but lo and behold, duty called out to him and Peter was forced to snap his head down to the far left, viewing the closed Joseph & Sons Jewelers that now had a security breach.

Peter: You gotta be shitting me.

And who did Peter spot leaving the scene of the crime?

An individual with a feminine physique (Madison Lintz), dressed in all black and from the positioning Peter was standing, met the profound definition of a cat burglar to a T. But this one?

This one immediately came off as special.

The black bodysuit was nothing to write home about from the distance but as Pete adjusted his lenses and zoomed in, he found himself to be quickly mistaken. Said suit was matte designed, modified with all sorts of additional leather belts attached to mostly grey and black accents around the suit, all of which was barely made visible despite the white fur sewed over her shoulders and her wrists. All it could show from up there were two lines that revealed her shoulders.

The high heels were....surprising, to say the least as well as what appeared to be fitted goggles over her eyes with yellow lenses and the silver talon-like claws attached to her black cotton inspected gloves.

Even more noticeably, the bombshell platinum-blonde streaks in her hair sticking out like a sore thumb.

She didn’t give off the physicality, the vibe or even the finesse of your average thief. This spoke to someone much more enhanced than that.

Spider-Man: Umm, Karen?

Searching via Baby Monitor.

A few seconds later.....

The culprit is one Felicia Sara Hardy, age 19. Born in Flushing, Queens, New York. 25 records of theft and robbery are aplenty, dating back to early 2023. Family members are currently unknown.

Spider-Man: How could you not know who her family is?

Afraid my baby monitors can't ID that as of yet. There’s a noticeable interference blocking out the rest of the information.

Spider-Man: Just—that’s fan-freaking-tastic.

Making it out of the clear in one piece, it left him with no choice. No longer did he have to be forced into being the hero now, Peter had better handling on being the first responder at hand.

Having roamed away from the compromised Joseph And Sons Jewelers, each and every step taken among the way was spotless for the young thief, even more so since it was connected to the Rochdale Village Shopping Center. Not a single soul either saw her face or even knew she was there and that fact the store was closed on this day made that even more....

Felicia: Purrrrfect.

Felicia couldn’t help but chuckle mildly to herself, ruffling through the glove in her left hand and pulling out two gold necklaces and a diamond ring.

No chance to push forward, however, as Spider-Man zips on in from the far right, charging in and tackling her off her feet, and flips back up with her in his grasp. Felicia, reacting quickly, is quick to release herself before flipping over Peter’s back and landing on her feet but as she goes for a sweep at the legs, Peter jumps over and goes for a knee to the gut.

She cartwheels out of the way and then comes in from behind, gripping her knees around Spidey’s neck and then rolls forward over him, slamming him down as they both land on their backs hard. But Felicia is quicker to get back on her feet and as Peter approaches her, she immediately turns him inside out with a roundhouse....

....for a small while.

Peter made the mistake however of kipping back up to his feet and making the first move again. For upon shooting webs at her hands to try to thrust her forward, Felicia just flips the webs around and yanks him over to her, kicking him in the head and sending him crashing down again.

Felicia: Itsy bitsy spider. Isn’t this refreshing?

Spider-Man: Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Just hand over what you stole.

He grunts loudly, sweeping her by the leg as she falls on her back.....and then flips back up to a critical basis with Peter following suit. Matching the latters beat step for step, Peter was right to be.....cautious surrounding her.

Felicia: Fat chance. You want these?

She still clings ahold of her stolen valuables....only to toss them behind her into her open backpack.

Felicia: Come and get ‘em.

Dropping a smoke pellet beneath her, it blinds Peter momentarily as he gets lost in the smoke. Breathing and coughing heavily, his Spider-sense still alerts him as he dodges Felicia pouncing at him from behind.

Unfortunately, as she regained her balance scraping her makeshift claws amongst the pavement, Peter couldn’t help to notice a slight trickling. And as he looked down at his hand, there he sees it: drops of blood.

He was bleeding from the cheek. She scratched him.

Felicia: Awww, dying to get your hands on me now, aren’t you? Naughty boy.

Something about this reading annoyed him. It was never fun for someone else to you with another person's emotions, especially in situations like this. But every second wasted also ensured Peter would miss his flight.

So no more playing around.

Spider-Man: Try me then.

Hearing his voice lighten up ever so slightly and the notion that he was playing along for the meantime only fueled the fire. Felicia liked a challenge but above all, the thrill of it.

So this was well appreciated.

Felicia: Thought you’d never ask.

Once more, her claws unsheathed from her gloves. The lenses from his mask caught that the second time around, which meant one more viable feature to her already diverse arsenal he needed to look out for.

From the first move incoming, Peter narrow dodges a roundhouse and a thrust kick and a few nimble swipes from her claws which barely skim the material of the mask. A downward swipe later however and did disorient the kid again, long enough for the latter to flip over him.

She once again jumps up to his head, wrapping her legs around his neck, and flips backward driving Spidey head first on the ground with his chest following suit afterward. Unfortunately, she underestimated the wall-crawler's resilience. Peter quickly rolls forward with his legs now around her neck and, with a full 360 spin, tosses Felicia aside with a head-scissor.

Time was running out faster and faster; the best chance Peter got was to web her up and take the valuables off of her. On that front alone, it would be problematic because of just how versatile she was.

But that didn’t stop him from trying as he launched 3 web grenades from his web-shooters.

None of them hit; Felicia seamlessly dodged them all.

With no luck, Peter is left charging forward only for Felicia to dip down and reach under the near arm of Spider-Man, across his chest and under his far arm, while placing her other hand on the back of the opponent to hold them in place. Quickly moving, she flips both her and him over via a backwards somersault while holding Peter, and driving him flat on the mat again.

Such a quick, fierce, and cunning maneuver on such short notice; it actually left the latter perplexed. What....where she’d go to get this all this? Peter was left formulating to himself as he coughs aloud, meeting dirt to his face again.

Luckily, he did take one thing away from this encounter: she loved to get close.

Too close.

She had yet to move away from hovering directly over her as she too needed time to catch her breath. So moving in, he wraps her legs around her abdomen and pulls her back down to him.

Wrapping his right arm around her neck, Peter mildly presses the biceps against one side of the neck and the inner bone of the forearm against the other side. The neck is squeezed inside the arm very tightly, arching his spinal cavity backwards, pulling Felicia’s medulla oblongata forward, and thus applying pressure on the neck and facial region.

At least that's what was supposed to happen. Felicia found herself itching and inching up to a vertical basis ever so slowly despite the massive weight of the wall-crawler. Even as she stood on her own two feet, Spidey was holding her back.

Spider-Man: Stay down!

He gets a stomp on his right foot for his troubles.

Felicia: Make me.

She elbows him clean in the abdomen three times before stomping down in his other foot, rearranging her hands to lock a three-quarter facelock on Pete and flips up and backward, performing a backflip in the air, and landing face down to the mat, driving Spidey back-first again.

Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t squirm her way free. Spider-Man still had his hands locked firmly around her neck and whatever little pressure there was still being applied.

He ends up flipping over her the other way around, still having her locked in that sleeper hold.

Felicia: Don’t you know not to corner a wild animal? It’s dangerous.

Spider-Man: Better lock you in a cage then.

Felicia: If you wanted to be this could have just asked.

Releasing the pressure only a few notches, Peter attempted to reach deep in her bag but then Felicia suddenly knees him directly below where the sun doesn't shine.

It finally forces the latter to let go of her.

Squirming in agony but looking ahead to Felicia making yet another run for it, he hopelessly limps to catch up launching a webline right to her bag.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t gonna stop moving so he was left trying to hang on while she kept leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

Needless to say, it looked like she didn’t mind all that much.

Felicia: You know when you’re comfortable, you can just let loose.

Spider-Man: Ne-never!

Felicia: Going through all this trouble for little ol’ me? You must really care.

Spider-Man: Care protect this city from people like you.

Felicia: People like me? Now I'm offended.

Felicia kept running but Spidey shoots another web line only at the last minute she turned grabbing the line and yanks him over her near the edge of the roof both falling over but Felicia launches her grapple hook to break the fall and Peter held on dearly on the web line attatched to her

Spider-Man: If you don't mind me asking what's with the skin tight leather? I'm sure I can sue you for copywriting Hallie Berry's Catwoman or was there a sale on the black marketing for criminal activity?

Felicia: Ok first off: Spandex? You might want to rethink that. Second not everything is about money sweetheart. If it's worth the sport it's worth something to me. And THIRD.

Pete's Peter sense went off the wire and Felicia leaped over cutting the webline sending Pete falling to stories off the 30 story skyscraper only for him to web zip straight up in a matter of minutes as Felicia ran to the next roof seeing Spidey still on her cat tail and she turned her head with a smirk at a water tower she placed some kind of timing gadget on it and kept running

By the time Pete landed on the same roof the timer dinged cracking the tower to tilt over the edge Pete knew this wasn't gonna just ssend the civilians plenty of fresh drinking water but the debree of the tower would crush anyone in it's path

Spider-Man: AW COME ON!

The tower nearly fell but Spidey webbed yanked it back tying the damage on it with his webs sealing it stable again and then he looked up to a higher building seeing Felica looking down at him giving an evil smirk and blew a kiss at him laughing at him walking back disappearing off the edge

Spider-Man: Oooooooo.........kay. THAT was more humiliating since Flash's locker prank in Freshman year. AND BY THE WAY: THIS IS SO NOT SPANDEX!

His shout echoed around his surroundings he checked one more time to make sure the tower was still stable and it was and Pete was breathing heavily in relief and KAREN spoke out in his ear

In coming call from May Parker.

Spider-Man: I'm so grounded. Go ahead and accept. Hey May. I'm on my way right now.

You need to hurry. We're all boarding the plane right now.

Spider-Man: CRAP! Alright yeah. I'm just minutes away. Promise.

Peter.....I hope you're not diving for that awful suit. I told you---

Spider-Man: Yeah I know. And I'm not just.....I'm hurrying.

He cut the line diving to web swing to te airport

Spider-Man: Karen! What's the fastest rout to J.K. International?

Take a left on Avenue and head forward around Atlanta. Once you cross over there take the next right and your destination should be straight foward.

Spider-Man: Keep posting the directions when I cross them!

As you wish.

Spidey leaped on launching his web glider to glide forward to Avenue

But at JK Airport May was not pulling her nephew's chain her and the Queens Class were now boarding Ned tried calling Peter himself but didn't go through when on the plane the service there was interference on his signal

Ned: Man.....they need to work on the plane signal issues. Where the hell are you Pete?

Ned moved on to the back where he spotted Michelle in her seat looking for her ear plugs turning up her head to Ned

Ned: MJ you seen Pete yet?

Michelle: *Nods* I hoped he'd show up at the lobby. If he's not here by now he's gotta lot of web swinging to cover to catch up to us.

Ned: Not if there's ocean blocking his way.

Ned then pressed on sitting in the further back with a window next the right wing looking up to see if Peter would be swinging in at least but no sign of him

May was in second class in her seat trying to call Peter again but the signal interference was effecting her phone too

May: Cheap Stark tech. I need to sign in the Oscorp bill.

The plane was no dethatched from the fueling pumps the plane was now rotating to the path way to take off

Spider-Man was now barely a mile away web zipping and swinging left and right

Flight leaves less than 20 seconds.


At the take off drive in

Flight: 147. You are now clear for take off. Have a good flight to San Francisco.

Ned: Dammit Peter.

Michelle: Where the hell are you?

In the nick of time Spidey finally landed on the roof of the airport just in time to see the plane moving forward to take off

Spider-Man: OH GOD!


He ran leaped off the roof gliding towards the moving plane landing on the right wing where Ned saw him through his window


Some of the passengers turned to his direction and Ned felt incredibly awkard.

Ned: at the vet made it through his surgery.

Pete held on trying to stay sticked to the wing with suitcase in the other hand webbing it on the plane as he screamed out when the plane lifted off the ground taking off the sky


The plane went higher into the gray clouds as it reached 50 stories

We cut back into the the city where the old Stark Later Avengers Tower use to stand now stands the new tech and science company that builds the newly techs of New York

~Oscorp Indusdtries~

The company owned by One Norman Virgil Osborn III President and CEO of the contract deques labs and mystery buyer who Tony Stark sold the tower to and invented Oscorp creating the best techs and machines for the city Norman was even inventing working neugenics in hopes of creating anti-serums for the deadliest diseasses

But had another interest as we are soon to discover

A limbo pulled up to the main doors where a press stood and waited and as the backseat right door opened stepped out the man of the hour himself.....Norman Osborn (Matthew McConaughey) and reporters and photographer started taking pictures and asking for him

Reporter # 1: Mr. Osborn! Can we get a statement?

Reporter # 2: Mr. Osborn! What's the latest update for the new tech support?

Female Reporter: Mr. Osborn! Is it true that you're contract develops a new working serum?

Norman just gave the press a smile as he moved forward followed by his only son who came out of the limbo after him

Harry Osborn (Charlie Rowe) who was also a childhood friend of Peter but years separated since the start of High School and the tragic passing of his mother and Norman's wife Emily Osborn Harry has been taking part to stand with his father in Oscorp to refund research facilities that were built by Emily

Harry was shy around the press as he remained silent and his expression was a mild hint of sadness and soon the faboules Osborn boys opened the doors and entered the building

As Norman and Harry walked down the main hall Norman's female assistant came by him

Norman: Are they all here?

Assistant: Yes sir. Unfortunately Carlton Drake's remaining staff members had curer changes after the rocket incident. We may not get the full approval today.

Norman: No matter. All it'll take is the right grant.

Harry: Dad? I still don't know why you refunded the Life Foundation. Especially those rumors about Drake.

Norman: Rumors or facts Harry Drake made the greatest discovery since Captain Steve Rogers was found alive berried in ice.

Assistant: General Slocum called again. He's been asking about the chemical war fare again. What's your response sir?

Norman: I'll call him back later.

Norman and Harry and everyone around them came in an elevator and later all walked out on the 30th flour walking over the flour holding a logo of Oscorp Text underneath: Working for a better tomorrow.

In the meeting room Norman sat in front of the end of the table with Harry sitting at his left side beside him and the other people in the other seats lawers CEO's and Generals

Norman: As of today....Oscorp Industries has now surpassed rating techs and chemical warfare for united nations. Results are up. Disasters are down. And now we are ready to proceed a project that was left unfinished since the passing of Carlton Drake. Which is why Oscorp has refunded the Life Foundation to perform Project: Premium X.

CEO # 1: Wonderful report Norman. Wonderful. But what exactly is this Premium X? I don't remember that on Drake's list.

Norman: A codename Oscorp has given the symbiont project. Out of his own prosperity the Government tend to shut it down through Sokovian Law but with the influence Oscorp has given them Drake's symbiont project is now owned by the contract deques labs.

CEO # 2: What are we even trying to accomplish? And who's to say we do better than Drake's intentions?

Norman: If the environment were to go down badly Drake believed our survival depended on living in space. What he failed to understand was Oscorp worked around the clock to anti that environment with our working genetics. This project is the next stage to prevent the most fatal diseases.

Harry: What my father is trying to say is.....this is the first step to stabilize cancer.

The staff were mildly amazed to hear that

Norman: Thank you for that report Harry. So.....I request we look into those projects to develop tests of our own. With this in the hands of Oscorp cancer can kiss our asses. Which is why....I would like to invite my own son for this whole project.

Harry: Dad. I thought we talked about this.

Norman: Harry I know you don't want to go. But we're fighting to save billions of lives. I want to honor your mother's will to this. She would be proud as I am since you first came to stand with me to run Oscorp together.

Harry: I'm not saying you're doing this for right intention. Just since Drake's reputation of the rumored dead bodies being a fact....I wanted no involvement in something dirty like that.

Norman: That's why we're trying to rewrite those wrongs. Our hands will remain clean as a shining car. But....I will leave it to you. The helicopter to San Francisco-----

The name of the city caught Harry's attention

Norman:----leaves in the next three hours. Dismissed.

Everyone got p taking their booklits as Harry stood straight up facing his father

Harry: Dad.....did you say.....San Francisco?

If only Norman could see the gears turning in Harry’s head, in what could’ve possibly made his son switch so quickly.

One word: California.

On the West Coast of the country, it had a lot of things. Stretching from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly 900 miles, its terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland and the Mojave Desert. The city of Los Angeles is the seat of the Hollywood entertainment industry while Hilly San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and cable cars.

Natural beauty, cutting-edge technology, vibrant food culture, movies and music - California has it all....or used to. The appeal however that earned its popularity to begin with was still there. From Hollywood dreams to Silicon Valley start-ups; from Napa Valley vineyards to miles of free beaches, California is one of the most beautiful places in America, if not the most livable.

These were the hopes that the Midtown High Seniors of 2025 would be praying for, upon arrival.

This would be many’s first arrivals to California, some more than others. Said place would still be in disarray to an extent following the Blip two years back but compared to the Europe situation regarding the Elementals and Mysterio.....

....hopes were unusually high that this wouldn’t be the disaster-fire it was before. At least that’s what the teachers Roger Harrington (Martin Starr) and Julius Dell (J.B Smoove) were hoping for.

Same with Aunt May, her hands intertwined together, quietly praying that to herself.

As for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man himself, it was nothing but high hopes from that point forward, taking notice of the air currents of the wind slowly winding down. Only one thing was certain from that moment forward.

The plane was about to land.

And once it did our hero made a mild vomiting noises not like he was vomiting in his mask but he was close enough but seeing the plane was finally on the ground he webbed yanked his suit case from where he webbed it too

And just the moment the plane came to a complete stop......Pete fell off the wing loosing his grip of the case and fell hard on the lot

Spider-Man: Argh! Oh god! I'm gonna feel that in the morning.

It's likely he would but soon enough he manages to regain his balance a little nauseous from the whole flight there grabbed their suitcase and soon web zipped straight up

Inside the airport everyone got off board and Ned Michelle and May were the only ones looking for Peter

Ned told Michelle he saw him on the wing and given what May tried to do earlier he told her saw him in the back of the passenger room

All though that was gonna get him in the heat with May later knowing he's his....."Guy in the chair"

May: Are you sure you just saw him get off?

Ned: Positive. I'm sure he's likely to be about.

May: Well I'm gonna have the front desk call him over.


Michelle: No need. He's over there.

May and Ned looked to where Michelle was pointing and they all saw Peter come out of the bathroom buttoning up his green collared shirt with the suit underneath grabbing his suit case and walked over where he stopped in shock to see his Aunt approach him

May: Where have you been? And why didn't you call when----

May remembered the service was bad on the plane

May: Scratch that. Bad Reception. I just hope you weren't doing what I think you were doing before we got here.

Peter: Nah nah.....I was here the whole time; I was just.....lost in the crowd. And....I couldn't call cause.....yeah. Yeah. Bad reception.

May: Well just so you know to be sure I'm gonna have a look in your suitcase when we get to the hotel.

Now Pete was in real heat hearing that even though she won't find the suit in his case cause he was wearing it it would only delay the inevitable if he was gonna look into the SF case

Once Spider-Man in San Francisco becomes public knowledge May would learn Peter has gotten the suit back and he be more grounded for life than he already was

But......cause of the responsibility he told Ned on the phone earlier he can't let her stop him still and speaking of Ned he met up with him as they all walked to the terminal and told him everything that just happened

Peter: And after I got my suit out of the shredder which insanely is shred proof out of Stark Designs I came across this jewelry store getting robbed and I ran into this white haired girl who was the jewel thief.

Ned: Catwoman??

Peter: She did wear leather like Halle Berry but Karen confirmed her origins were unknown. All I got was a name. Felicia Hardy.

Ned: Hardy? Wait a minute.....I think I heard of that name. I mean....I never heard of a Felicia Hardy but the name Hardy rings a bell. But.....can't put my finger on it.

Peter: Guess that'll have to be another case to close when we get back home.

Ned: But what'd you gonna tell May? I just covered for you and she's likely gonna be on my ass for it whenever you go swinging around.

Peter: I know. I'm sorry about that----

Ned: I just in a way understand how she feels. I got your back still you told me before after everything that's happen to her......

That made Peter think back to that and nodding looking over at May checking in

Peter: I know Ned. No one knows more what she's feeling than I do. But after when I told you the last time I didn't-----

Ned: I know man. I know.

Peter: As much as I understand her reasons.....she has to understand mine and after what happened to my uncle I----

Peter was interrupted by a joyful scream that put him and Ned on high alert but it was Betty running up to who entered from the main entrance

Who was none other than....Eddie Brock here to meet the Bugle intern

Eddie: Remember this is for business purposes strictly. It’s a me thing, not a ‘We’ thing right now, ok? We’ll get to work on Kassidy shortly afterward.

Fair enough. Just don’t take too long.

Eddie: Depends, Buddy.

Eddie saw Betty coming and soon caught May's attention she too recognized Eddie cause let's just say his show all the time Peter looked at Eddie odd he didn't know if this was his Peter sense being dialed to eleven again but he could feel something was off about him even Ned when he watched his former Europe trip girlfirend act like an excited child around him

Betty: Edward Brock Jr. I'm Betty Brant and may I say it's an honor to finally meet you. I watch your show all the time. It has inspired me many ways.

Eddie: Appreciate it kid. Are you.....the Bugle intern?

Betty: That's me.

Eddie: Ah. Never met a teenage intern your age before but....not complaining. So....where shall we start?

Peter and Ned kept looking over his direction still feeling something's off about him Ned however was just more curious especially seeing how Betty's being off on him

Ned: The legendary Eddie Brock. This guy has got more hits than Whitney Chain. I hear he runs wild like it's the wild wild west.

Peter: Sounds like he can give Will Smith a run for his money. But I don't know.

Ned: You alright Pete?

Peter: Yeah just....I don't know if my senses are going off but....I feel there's something off about that Brock guy.

Ned: How so?

Peter: I can't really place it. I'm not even sure if my senses are going off in my head but....maybe just a tingling feeling in my stomach I....I don't know.

Ned: Just can't trust no one after last year?

Peter: Yeah something like that.

Betty and Eddie continued their official interview as the class started getting checked in and May came close to him curiously

Eddie: So the Bugle wants a word on the refunding of the life foundation? And the murders going on?

Betty: Recent reports say it was funded by the city's newly tech company Oscorp. Rumor also has it one of New York's nitorous butcherers is behind it.

Eddie: Well most rumors are sadly facts. Cause the news confirmed----

Eddie stopped spotting May behind Betty looking at him curiously as for Eddie.....well......

Eddie: Well hel-lo beautiful.

Betty: Beg your pardon?

Eddie: Oh sorry. Uh....yeah it's a New York killer.

Pete saw the way Eddie looked at his aunt and he instantly slaps his head

Peter: Oh god.....not another one!

The constant annoyance of random strangers, with the exception of Happy, hitting on his Aunt came back to haunt Peter once again and this time, it was no laughing matter.

He knew it was bound to be a quick and constant but irrelevant complication to a sturdy and stacked summer tour that would prove to be problematic.....

....but it was far from the main issue at stake.

As for what could possibly be more important, that would be the attraction that brought him over to California in the first place: the sick and demented, psychotic sadist Cletus Kassidy.

Following his tango with Eddie Brock, twice in San Quentin and once more on the outside of the bars, his last encounter with such a familiar but vastly unique foe had this inkling of longevity sprinkled into the proceedings; made the fight carry on longer than even he admitted he would’ve liked to. He cherished his charisma, his stigma, his outlook on life....and the friend he kept under wraps.

He was the best kind of deja vu to him, the kind that feels right when it comes as if the creator just rewound time, just a smidge, then hit play again. It is when the aperture of his heart opened all the wider to let his light in. It's as if...if his memory wanted longer to make a photograph to last all his lifetime.

The deja vu he found with Eddie is sublime, and every once in a while, he found myself hoping that it all means something, that they were together in this reality and others. Even with an accomplice by his side, it didn’t feel the same without Eddie, a feeling only intensified by the lack of movement in the air....

Especially since HIM.

THANOS’ success left him in a state of uncertainty, loneliness, befuddling conflict in a world so set on tearing itself apart with no major scent of stability with half of all life having evaporated. That all changed once the Avengers reversed the effect, immediately reviving and resurrecting Kassidy’s drive for onslaught and bloodshed.

But not without a few bells and whistles to be attached first.

Today’s forecast in San Francisco was cloudy. They were the kind of grey that would make any quarry rock proud as if they were so pleased to echo the earth. All the grey, all that swirling water in the sky, condensation was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Something that spoke hand-in-hand to Cletus’ unpredictable nature.

Serving his surroundings, he merely peeped his head to his right and left to his mere delight, with not a single soul surfacing alongside him amongst the sidewalks. His hands scuffling through the curly strands of his red hair later, a house came into his eyesight quickly.

Kasady trudges his way forward with his hands in his pockets, continuing to poke his head out and about, looking out for anyone. He briefly noticed the arched windows. Through them light flows through all seasons, gracing the air without favor, illuminating the sweet-toffee browns of the wooden floor.

His attention redirects him to the door, whereupon approaching, he calmly knocks on it for about a second and then backs up.

The door slowly creaks open halfway through, the homeowner briefly sticking his head out from the neck down. Something clearly had him spooked, otherwise he would’ve been more comfortable talking to whoever showed up on the other side.

And that uncertainty grew more evident every time he opened his mouth and his voice croaked.

Homeowner: Yes?

Cletus: Sorry to drop by.....unannounced but I appear to be lost. No getting home like this, this far away. I hope you don’t mind if....I could use your phone to call for a ride.

Homeowner: You don’t have your phone?

Cletus: Don’t use one.

That was indeed a conundrum. He, unfortunately, saw no point in keeping this stranger waiting; the sooner he gives him what he wants, the sooner he’ll leave. Cletus found himself delighted when the homeowner simply shook his head ‘Yes’ and signaled to him ‘one second’.

And then he closes the door, cutting off any visual cues to the house that Kasady would’ve liked to glance at.

Except Kasady already got his fill: the house was welcoming to him from the open door to the wide hallway.

Upon the walls were the photographs of children, so obviously so loved. The floor was an old-fashioned parquet with a blend of deep homely browns and the walls were the greens of summer gardens meeting a bold white baseboard. The banister was a twirl of a branch, tamed by the carpenter's hand, its grain flowing as water might, in waves of comforting woodland hues. Under the lamp-shine, it was nature's art, something that soothed right to the soul.

A whirlwind, a kaleidoscope of memories rushed through this house.....everything that deep down, Kasady wanted. But wouldn’t admit to himself.

With the door swinging open again, the homeowner comes out with the house phone in hand, positioned in Kasady’s direction. Cletus’ observant eye caught his hands trembling in his presence. When something stresses you out, like giving a speech or watching a scary movie, your nerves kick into overdrive. Your hands shake and your heart beats fast.

He had him right where he wanted him. No need to prolong the inevitable....

....but for that tiny fragment of a second, he continued to play along, taking ahold of the phone and simply looking down at its dusted, messy, imprinted material.

Cletus: I like your house.

Homeowner: I’m....sorry and you are?

Cletus: Any chance you live here alone?

Red flags were raised immediately.

Panicking and right about his suspicions, the man was quick to shut the door on Kasady and just be done with it. To his eternal shame, Kasady’s hand and foot got in the way.

Any more pressure up against the door and it still refused to budge. It was already way too open to prevent the guy from staying out and it was all his fault.

And as Cletus slithered his way inside, he had to come to terms with the mistake he made.

Cletus: Said I REALLY like your HOUSE!

He grips the house phone and bludgeons the man over the head with it, seeing him crash onto the parquet. As expected, he didn’t stay down long. So Kasady had to kick him upside the head with the soles of his boot to ensure that he would.

But no, he didn’t just come here to bludgeon a man beyond submission. He was a serial killer, addicted to the hunt, the thrill of it, and one becomes addicted, they can’t stop.

A sly smirk creeps up upon Kasady, unsheathing his knife from his black scabbard, underneath his Grey jacket. The knife had a handle of cherry wood, and so it brought pink blossoms to his.....culinary daydreams, smiling maniacally to himself as he toyed around with the handle...

....but then he stabs the homeowner, right in the stomach.

Homeowner: ARGH!

It didn’t just hurt. It felt like being punched with a weird internal pressure. In the moment, there was a lot of adrenaline going, but after that wears off, it was bound to get wildly painful for the poor victim.

Cutting to when the body was being dragged in the cellar the mad man came out wiping his knife with a rag shutting the door behind him and soon enough.....the door bell rang

Cletus was alerted thinking either some family members of the homeowner he just murdered was returning home or some neighbors heard the commotion or worse.....cops

Cletus had his knife up slowly approached the door slightly grabbing hold of the nob peaking out the peak hole revealing no one was out there but he went ahead opening it slowly having his knife ready until.....

.....a jump scare startles him with a figure appearing in front of him he grabbed the figure holding the knife up to the neck but who it appeared to be.....was....Frances Barrion (Naomie Harris) Cletus's girlfriend and partner in crime

You could say in some way they're the Joker and Harley Quin in this universe but.....Barrion is just much as nuts as Cletus and unlike Harley Frances has some abilities of her own which soon to be revealed

Seeing it's his partner Kassidy laughed in embarrassment while slowly letting her go and lowering his knife

Cletus: Hello precious.

Frances: IDIOT!

She lightly slapped him in the arm while both catching their breaths Frances walked in the living room sitting on the couch pulling her hair back as Cletus walked in giving her a grin

Cletus: Stressed again?

Frances: Could say that. The ice box should be rename itself the anti-power facility. The collar they put on me took forever to break given it neutralized my powers.

Cletus: Would end up there myself if I hadn't lost my symbiont since......

Frances: Makes you wonder if those collars would neutralize them. Speaking of Symbionts anything on Brock?

Cletus: If the reports on our escapes have gotten around he should know we're about in the city.

Frances: And the Spider?

Cletus: Don't know. If word gets out in New York of the return of the Carnage Killer only chances of Spider-Man coming here are slightly exaggerated.

Frances: Dammit. I guess we'll have to focus on Brock for now. But if we can't draw the Spider here the plan is futile.

Frances stood up more stressed out unknown to her or her nut of a boyfriend that Spider-Man is by now in SF as we saw earlier as she went to a window to brood Kassidy came behind her wrapping his arms around her waste

Cletus: You're cute when you're angry.

She slowly turned around to him staring at him with an emotionless expression and after a moment......she grew a smile

Frances: You're sweet talkig me aren't ya?

Cletus: Maybe.

She chuckled like a witch grabbing Kassidy on both of his cheeks kissing him in a rather disturbing way.....

......cutting outside of the house the curtain of the window she was standing from the closed when she pushed him back playfully away from it with the camera pulling away from the house

Little did either of them know, that the latter of the two they were looking for wasn’t all that far away to begin with.

The entire Midtown High group, including teachers and staff, left the airport at around 5:30 a.m due to the Western Time Zone; meaning lots of individuals would still be pretty tired from that long flight. Unlike the trip to Europe, nobody had to worry about jet lag.

As prior to the arrangement set up shortly before the trip’s confirmation, Roger Harrington and Julius Dell had booked the entire class to stay at the Hotel VIA, which was only a mere thirteen minutes away.

Having arrived with little to no delays and successfully checked in, then came the easy part of the tour for everyone involved: unpacking and getting themselves comfortable.

That was.....difficult to live up to, but only for two select people.

One: Betty.

Ever since running into Eddie at the airport, both of them hit it off almost immediately. Since he was a long crucial part of the interview that Betty needed for her assignment for the Daily Bugle, Eddie effectively had to go along with everybody else and the two were getting surprisingly comfortable around each other.

From the gates to the terminals to going on the bus and even arriving at the Hotel VIA, they kept on going and going, droning on about the who, what, why, and how regarding the basic news stories that encompassed the world two years past the Blip.

They found themselves loosening up as far as posture and rather quickly once everyone got into their rooms and Betty was able to try and finish her interview with him in peace but just enough to stay as professional as possible.

Betty: You really said that?

Eddie: I’ve been telling them that for years; you’d never believe the reaction he got when he saw me....

Betty: I could only imagine the reaction, had THANOS not happened.

Talk about a mood killer.

Everything just grew quiet upon mention of the Snap. It was never an easy realization to grasp ahold of, remembering just how much you’ve lost and how little time you have to regain what little speck of humanity you have while everything and everyone else has essentially moved on.

Eddie: Yeah, right.....

Betty: I—sorry to kill the mood here. We’re almost done. So, umm.....second to last question:.....

She needed to gussy up a little for the end of this, rearranging her positioning in the chair and crossing over her right leg over her lap. This question was a big one, guaranteed to either make or break the entire foundation on why she came down here in the first place.

So she hoped to God Brock came out with an honest answer.

Betty: What’re your thoughts regarding the news speculating around Spider-Man?

Eddie.....had no response to that.

On the other side of the coin, Peter was also having trouble getting comfortable. Mostly because he had the most work set up for him compared to literally everyone else.

It’s bad enough both his and his alter ego reputation is still somewhat in shatters but now people are starting to get more and more suspicious, outside of his aunt. Little did he know his teachers were perched up outside of the door of his room, eavesdropping like a pack of vultures.

It effectively made doing his job a lot harder now.

Julius: Martin, why are we doing this?

Martin: We can’t take any chances with this kid, Dell. He’s suffered enough this past year; somebody has to keep a close eye on him.

Julius: Isn’t there a less mischievous option to go through with that? Peter’s probably still traumatized from all of that; he’s got rolling in the back of his head wondering who the hells watching him.

Martin: Exactly why we shouldn’t be this upfront about it; I have a better idea.

Julius: What could be better than this? You tell me?

The two should consider themselves lucky that Peter wasn’t anywhere near the door to hear them babbling on about it. Regardless of whether or not they meant well, it mattered very little to the young web-slinger.

All that mattered was calming down, taking a brief moment of rest, and then getting back out there to do his job. That did mean putting his suitcase square up against the bed frame of the bed and unclipping it to finish unpacking.

The only thing getting in the way of that, unfortunately, was his Aunt creeping over his shoulder.

May: Ok, where is it?

It left Peter begrudgingly sighing, knowing this wasn’t going to pull the wool over her eyes forever.

Peter: Can we not do this now? We just checked in.

May: Suitcase. Now.

Peter was not believing this with May giving him the parent order he slugged his suitcase on the bed and May rushed up to it unzipping the suitcase pulling it open and she dig around in his cloths tossing them aside falling on the bed and on the flour

Pete just nodded in disbelief given what May was doing only to find his suit but.....soon a she emptied the wasn't there May sighed in relief softly but unfortunately.....our hero was not off the hook just yet May turned to him with seriousness in her eyes behind her glasses

May: Open your shirt.

Peter's heart skipped a beat the look on his face would make us think he would be screwed here and as soon as he lifted his shirt all May saw......

.....was just a white tank top

May let out a louder sigh of relief thinking now she got rid of the suit for good (For now.....) and after Peter pulled his shirt down he picked up the cloths May threw on the flour as she regained her focus she helped Peter picked up

May: I'm sorry dear. I just had to be sure.

Peter just gave her a nod

May: But I should confess......remember when I told you I use to sneak out too at your age?

Peter: Yyyyyyyeah?

May: I did cause....your Uncle Ben did too. Just to sneak into my room.

Peter: He snuck out too?

May: He and your father both. There was this thing they liked to call.....the Parker Pride. Builds up rebellious and stubbornness alike. They said it's even high influential to their partners: Your mother and I for example.

Peter: So Uncle Ben.....influenced you to sneak out?

May: He was a very free spirited kid. Like you. Strong. Brave......which.....during our 20 years together I even tried to.....stop him from....being....being so....brave.....

Pete noticed May almost grew an emotional face shedding a tear he dropped the cloths he was carrying on the bed and walked over to her holding her shoulder as she made a soft cry and rubbed her face

May: I'm sorry dear. I jut miss him so much. I can't's been....five years since he was taken from us....

Pete shed a small tear himself remembering when it happened

May: He.....wanted to drive you to Ned's but you wanted to take the subway.....if only I had.....tried harder to stop him....all three of us would be here together.

Peter faced down revealing May was feeling guilty for what happened to her husband but not knowing why he really died which made him shed a stronger tear

May pulled herself together and kissed Peter on the head which mildly made him pull himself together and soon enough they picked up the rest of the cloths and soon enough May went on her cell and Peter notice she was texting

Peter: Who are you texting?

May: Oh well....funny you should ask. Remember when I told you I had a friend here which is why I flew with you and your classmates?

Peter: Yyyyyyeah?

May: That friend was our next door neighbor. You may not remember her but her and I have been trying to get you to meet her lovely niece. She's about your age. Red Head. And.....VERY lovely

Peter: Are you and this friend trying to et me on a blind date May? Cause....I'm actually hoping I can.....maybe.....just maybe try and patch things up with Michelle. I mean.....she broke up with me last year cause....some talk about growing apart....and I don't know if she's given Brad a chance but I want to try and see it through.

May: I understand that. Just....try and give her a least if nothing still works out with Michelle. I cause I think you'll like this one. Jut come by later after your first tour. I'll text you the address.

Soon enough Pete went in his room went on his phone calling Ned


Peter: Hey man. May tried looking for the suit just as I knew she would. You still got it with you?

Ned: Still in my bag since you stored it there before we left the airport.

Peter sighed like a slight spring breeze, soft and gentle, almost lost against the drone of the claustrophobic spacing in his room, even more so once he heard the front door swinging open and then shut again.

The coast was clear for now.

He was left juttering his bottom lip, redirecting the slow airflow that escaped dry lips. Time froze indefinitely for a short second as if his brain needed that time to process just how close Peter was to actually being caught, had he not been thinking outside the box.

Unfortunately, that left not him but Ned with as much of a giant target on his back as him. Being Spider-Man’s provider, chauffeur (at times) partner felt less and less like a partnership than it did when it first started out. Did the Snap change his outlook on how he views his collaboration with Peter....

....or were these just unrepressed, unexpressed emotions always there underneath, finally boiling up to the surface?

As for May, that was long overdue which is why upon walking out of the hotel, she found great solace in breathing. The stress slowly leaving her, calmness within can spread as eddying swirls of light, breathing with steadiness, creating such low pressure allows others to flow toward one’s loving care.

And there was one other person here in the Golden Gate City that desperately needed her presence and love more than ever.

Ten minutes pass, more than the given twelve-minute walk that was required and May finds herself face to face with the MB360 Apartment complex, with the traffic dialing up at a moderate level. It only made her wish she had a car to get here faster.

But alas, here she was.

Of course, she had to get up to the 5th floor. No doing that without signing in at the front desk; luckily for her, she was no staff member or chaperone for the school and she trusted Peter....just enough to ensure he wouldn’t do any sneaking around her these days.

So she signed in, but only as a guest for a few days.

Up on the fifth floor was what she was looking for. From one diagonal hallway to a mid-tier semi-circle to another long hall filled with rectangular repetitive patterns splattered across the carpet, it could’ve been disorienting right out of the starting gate. But luckily, she found the door number she was looking for.


No point in waiting this out, she thought out loud to himself, waking up to the door and standing motionless, taking a deep breath. The door was there as if a dream had become solid as if it had grown upon the hinges and blossomed into a comforting hue.

May stood at the door, anticipating hearing the footsteps that would come. Finally, she raises her hands up and knocks on the door.

Knocks there came thrice, strong and loud.....and so the door was opened wide.

Anna: No way....

May: What was it you used to say back then: Grass is always greener on the other side until you realize it’s been fertilized by know what?

There was no telling how peculiar this sight meant to either of the former friends turned aunts. Outside of them willingly calling each other out of the blue, it had been decades; almost twenty years to be exact since they’ve been in close contact with one another. The Snap was the only exception to this rule since, judging from May’s astonished gaze to Anna’s flourish bangs and

She was one of the lucky ones: the ones who had been left behind and was left to make it through those five years alone. A long, tedious, hideous trudge through the unknown....and yet here she was, still here, keeping her previous memories alive.

All the slumber parties, the dosing of the hoses and sprinkler systems, backyard barbecues, and night gazing, all of those precious memories unearthed and brought back up to the surface after being locked away for so long. However, not much of the latter was brought to either of their attention....

...since both were too busy locking eyes on the other.

Staring had become their mutual form of communication ever since they were younger. It was a contest of sorts and winning came at a price. May wouldn't look at Anna so much as through her, like her head was transparent and he was fascinated by an object two inches behind my skull. Except this gaze wasn’t one that reeked of conflict or bitterness.

It was the sort of gaze that was home, hearth, and hearty food. And the latter welcomed it.

Inside her apartment, not much was different.

Staring had become something of an art form to the both of them, their imposed form of communication. The first to avert their eyes is the loser, and that means subservient. That's why Anna always had it down, much to May’s dismay. It wasn’t as simple as locking eyes and checking out, one oughta be able to back it up or at least look like they can.

When their eyes lock over the breakfast table, the surprisingly soft expressions of over the past two decades didn’t evaporate; they rolled over. May holds Anna’s gaze, but with the warmth of a friend’s love. She cracks a joke about it all being a “strange staring contest” and Anna snorts, her face impassive but tilted back a little so she's literally looking down on me.

After a few seconds, she turns her head to the window, eyes just as still; then she speaks with a rather robotic tone that May was all too accustomed to hearing....

Anna: Has it really been this long?

May: It sure feels like it. When you emailed me least month it felt like yesterday. I was shocked. More shocked you moved here. Was LA not good?

Anna: It was alright. But due to some circumstances we couldn't live there anymore. This apartment's a lease May. Main reason for that.....we're moving back to New York in August.

May: Oh that's great! It'll be nice to have you back. More great to have you back next door.

Anna: No one's moved in since I left?

May: There were two families. Two college students. But for.....let's say for one.....uuhh I mean for six years no one else.

Anna: Then I guess I'll look into it.

May chuckled under her grin as she looked around the apartment seeing the hall framed pictures of MJ age 9 and 10 and current age

May noticed how beautiful and happy she looks in those pictures and soon turned back to her childhood friend

May:'s little MJ? I noticed she isn't home.

Anna faced down in a sad and disappointed expression given MJ's current track record which made May look at her in concern for a brief moment before she spoke

Anna: She's.....she's.....

She let out a soft sigh

Anna: She's never home much May.

That answer made May's gut tingle a bit making her think of Peter's current habits

Anna: She's always out late after school and summer additions. Hanging out at night clubs and been drinking.

May: What?? Why has she been doing that?

Anna: I don't know.....I just don't. But I'm really worried about her May. She' been rebellious and uncooperative. She's......I'm so worried he's turning out everything her father was. He was leaving his wife to raise her alone while she's been sick. MJ was just six years old when he left them for good. I tried to provide for them but the illness took it's toll on her. I had to take MJ in when moving to Queens as you may remember. But.....ever since we moved to L.A. she's......changed. Into her father.

Now May realized Anna was just having the same problem with her niece as she was with her nephew

Little did she know Anna had a bigger problem on her that would be just as devastating if she had decided to be honest with her niece

Anna: I'm......starting to wonder weather or not I'm doing anything wrong to make her do this.

May: Don't say things like that Anna. Don't even think them. I've known you since we were kids ourselves. I know we had an age a way but you're the strongest person I know. You just need to put your foot down as hard as possible with her.

Anna: I've tried. But....that's not the only problem. I've been suffocating from five years to now. You have no idea what's been going on with me since......

May had a weird feeling where she was going from the stress she's under which was mighty higher than her own stress especially the way Anna kept holding her head like she had a headache every five minutes a way she did really

After Thanos snapped half of the population of the universe Anna did not go through the past five years well the stress and depression created.....a fatal condition that was confirmed not long ago

Anna: I've....caught a brain tumor May. doctor confirmed it was terminal.

May's heart skipped two beats hearing that

May: You mean you.....

Anna: Yes. I'm dying May. Ever since I got the test back it's just been holding on to lifelines for as long as I can remember and Mary Jane.....she's the only reason why I've made it this far. I been hanging in there for as long as I could but.....I'm tired. And that's really why we have to move back to New York. Cause I need someone to look after her when I'm gone. You'll look after her if it comes too soon won't you?

May: Oh Anna.....of course.

Distraught knowing she was getting her BFF back only to loose her again sooner or later she gripped her hand and Anna gripped hers back nodding to her

May: I just wish there was something I could do.

Anna: You already are. Seeing you again....and knowing you'll watch over my niece when my time comes is helping me in o many ways. You been like a sister to me as long as I've known you.

May: I feel the same way. Does.....MJ know?

Anna.....nods no

Not that May didn’t know what to think of it in the long run but the way this conversation took a deep DEEP nosedive into darkness-induced audience apathy was a real turn-off, especially considering what was going on with Peter.

Anna found herself stumbling towards May before she could move away, gripping her hands as tight as she could....or at least she would’ve, had her arms and legs not been tingling.

And numb.

Real love is never painful unless it is the pain of parting. Love is comfort and protection, it is nurture and acceptance.

It is calm and passionate, stoic and spontaneous.

Generous and forgiving, a steady ship into any horizon. What we call painful love is not love at all, it is a taker and a giver, the giver as the bucket of water and the taker poking new holes in the vessel, quenching their thirst.

Painful was not even the first word to describe how both women were feeling towards one another right now; wishing how things could’ve been different under separate circumstances.

May: You know you’ll have to tell her eventually.

Anna: If I do, there’s no coming back for her.

May: If you don’t, she’ll come off even worse than her dad and that reality will bite back at you more than the tumor killing you.

Hard to argue with those words, let alone stomach the reality of a truly unhinged MJ wandering on the streets by her lonesome and losing her life by something Anna could very well avoid. And to imagine she had been silent for so long.

She finds herself shaking her head vigorously after giving the matter some serious thought, her eyes finally giving way to tears rolling down her cheeks and onto the coffee table.

As if the soul could bleed an ocean through the eyes, that was the enormity of her sobbing.

Anna: And you think it’ll be worth it in the end?

May: Anna, I was lucky to be given a second chance. If by any chance your girl is one of them, then you owe this to her.

There was no way to argue with May about it knowing the inevitable end maybe days weeks or months away the time had to come to come clean to MJ weather she'd listen or not

Anna: You're right. I know I have to hell her. It's just been hard getting through to her since she's started her wild streak.

May: There's more than one way that can get through to her. Don't you remember when we tried to get her and Peter to meet when they both were 10 years old?

Anna: Heh yeah. I could never get them off them for years. Not even out of Stan's shop. But given they're both here we could try again. They could probably set each other straight again. And hopefully....maybe they can get together when they're older like we hoped.

Anna: Each other?

May realized she nearly gave Pete away and she had to leave out the Spider-Man mentions anyway she could now

May: Let's just say....Peter's been having habits of....sneaking out and going behind my back that always get him in trouble.

Anna: He's not under age drinking and partying with his friends too is he?

May: No. No. Nothing like that. Let's just say.....during his sophomore year he was interning for this man who's been a bad influence on him.

Anna: How so?

May: Peter was always late for dinner. He cut his classes bailed on his group during a fieldtrip in Washington. And he was almost expelled cause of it too and cause he skipped detention. And that man has gotten into Peter's head so much that influenced him to make bad choices.

Anna: Who was the man? An old boyfriend?

May: He wished.

Anna chuckled mildly as May made a serious note thinking back to Tony Stark given he's who she was talking about but didn't know how to mention is name to her BFF without giving away Pete's secret still

May: But because Pete looked up to him that's why he's been a little rebellious himself. And....I blame that man for it. He passed away a couple of year ago and I do mourn for him but.....because of him Pete's always getting in trouble. I just wish Ben was to straighten him out.

Anna: Like I wish MJ's mother was here to do the same with her. You know I think I saw Peter on tv a year ago. The Bugle actually accused him to be the....masked Spider guy back in the New York of....killing some man named.....Buck?

May: Beck. Quintin Beck. And that was all a misunderstanding. Because everyone saw Peter get saved by Spider-Man when someone pushed him off a building. It scared me to death when I saw it on tv.

Which May isn't sure how that was possible herself only knowing little about the.....Spider Verse that happened after Beck exposing him

Anna: Good lord. I'm glad he's ok. But why would anyone frame him like that?

May: All I now is that man he intern for....made enemies and I think Beck did it to Peter to spite him but I don't know anything else.

Anna: Well if you think he and MJ can set each other straight I guess it's worth a shot.

May: I told him we'd have dinner with you guys so....this is a good chance.

The Aunt BFF's smiled at one another and turned their heads hearing a voice on tv they saw another episode of the Brock report

Eddie Brock here reporting in the middle of San Francisco bay. Where earlier today another body has turned up. A male victim that was found in the river and stabbed to death in the stomach.

That's right it was the same home owner Kassidy killed last night

SF's finest hadn't released any information except confirming this was another victim of the city's murders which hearing from a latest report confirming the killings is the work of....the notorious mass murderer. Cletus Kassidy. As many may know as New York's Carnage Killer. Police are now insuring civilians to stay in doors at night. Please everyone be safe and keep doors and windows locked. I'm Eddie Brock. And this has been the Brock report.

Anna: God....another one.....this is what ha me worried more of MJ's where abouts at night.

May: I'm more worried how Peter will respond to this.

Speaking of Peter he and Ned walk out his room for he came to get his suit from him and they walked to the elevator to meet up with their group at the lobby and Peter was discussing strategy

Peter: Alright here's what we'll do. After the first tour I'll slip out the first chance we get. That's when I'll look for the closet police station see if they have a file on the San Francisco killer. Then I'll create a patrolling route where the recent killings took place see where that'll take us next. And since we're here for two montsh we gotta make this count.

Ned: Sounds like a good plan but....soon as the breaking news of Spider-Man coming to SF goes virial what'd we gonna tell May? She's gonna be freaking pissed at both of us.

Peter: Let me worry about May. I'll do my best to get the heat off you.

Ned: That's not what I'm worried about. Peter I been doing some thinking.

Peter looked at his own BFF not liking where he might be going

Ned: Do you even still.....need me on this?

Peter: Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?

Ned: I just....can't help but to think what happened last year and I can't help but to see May has a good reason for not wanting you to do this anymore.

Peter: Not you too dude.

Ned: Look it's not that I want you to quit but I....feel like I been doing this for a long time. May made me realize this maybe too much. I'll always have your back bro but.....I'm not sure....if you really need...."A guy in the chair".

Peter: Ned....why are you talking like this?

Ned was about to reply to the flour bell rang and the elevator doors opened and Pete nodded while sighing

Peter: We'll talk about this later.

After everything that happened, his world went on pause.

Peter was in a sort of personal lockdown for five years until he was forced out of his shell, one in which he realized he couldn’t shrivel back into since Beck. It left him more wary and paranoid about letting anyone get too close.....with some exceptions to the rule.

The problem here came with the people who already were too close to him to let go. The realization that Ned was suggesting that he’d leave him alone came as a severe punch in the gut. And he needed clarification.

Unfortunately, no time for that conversation now, it seemed.

Julius: Alright, one at a time! Everyone on the bus!

Begrudgingly, Peter is forced to let Ned on first, slowly sidestepping out of the way as he eventually walks on outside the hotel lobby and up the stairs of the bus. Neutral doubt, confusion, and uncertainty plagued his thoughts as he watched Betty, Flash, and even Brad for that matter pile up and out, the latter of which actually exchanged a rather dubious glare over at the young man.

His mood brightens up a little bit as he turns back to the entrance to the hotel, seeing Michelle following suit behind Mr. Harrington and for that brief moment, he felt his smile coming back.

Michelle was lucky enough to return the favor, having looked over at him and then Ned as the two had their initial disagreement not too long ago. As she put it once before, she was very observant in the midst of any situation and this was no exception to her. Peter needed comfort before their tour officially got underway and Michelle had no shame in providing Peter exactly that.

“Midday blues?”, she jokes about half-heartedly while wrapping her left arm around Peter’s left shoulder and neck, actively holding back on going too far with the joke. One thing she did learn about Peter to take into consideration was how sensitive he was to certain things.

The last thing she wanted was to play with his emotions. A feat she had already failed in miserably.

Peter: Something like that.

Michelle: Thinking you messed up somewhere?

Peter: MJ, to my defense, he was the one who went to me. Said he wanted to help out whenever necessary.

Michelle: And to HIS defense, you have any idea what’s going on with him right now? How he recovered from the Blip?

Didn’t even get onto the bus yet and this was the sixth-plus question he was asked already.

And again, it wasn’t asked about in a way that felt like it was supposed to be a trick question; it was intended to be serious. Peter was lucky to remember the sudden realization of what he was going through as well.

Peter: Older sister died before he came back, grandma’s on life support. All his college funds either went missing or went down the drain; had to move out again.

Michelle: And that’s the thing, Peter: I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with....all of this.

She has to move her arms over at him to visualize the point at hand: the alter-ego. The double life. The constant lying-for-safety procedure. The point at hand was clear.

Michelle: Only other person who can match up to that is him and.....perhaps now he’s realized how badly it’s suffocating him with everything else up here.

Because people see the truth from different perspectives, their narratives of the same events are often completely different. Confusion is that time when your conscious brain can't process it but your subconscious can.

And that subconscious pointing back towards Peter spoke of Michelle redirecting that statement directly back to him. To her.

To them.

For a fraction of a second, he finds herself up close to Michelle’s face, almost blindsided by the potential notion that she was blaming him for what was happening between him and Ned. But since he knew that couldn’t be any farther from the truth, he had to ask......

Peter: Are you saying we never had a chance?

Michelle: I’m saying we took a leap of faith. We tried. I got out before we could truly crash. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

Peter: Alfred Lord Tennyson.

She glances her eyebrows up a split second in succession with a wry smile peeking out her mouth. It was refreshing that even after all of what had gone down in New York, no bad blood was really held against her and that Peter was too down-to-earth of a man to really hold that against her.

Eventually, time was running out for the tour to start. Michelle ended the conversation with a quick hug to Peter before walking towards the bus.

It was something to think about, to reconsider for the young man. His own episodes from the last year had him greatly restructure his life choices onwards; what’s so bad in listening in on someone else’s experience?

Finally, it hit a breaking point. Peter eventually decided that he wasn’t going to wait ‘till later. The bus was the....moderately fair place to talk things out with Ned, see if they can re-arrange and reestablish some ground rules. But he needed to skedaddle to the bus if he wanted to do such a thing.

And he did....but only at the expense of Julius Day holding him back by the shoulder, just as Peter set foot onto the first step of the big bus.

Julius: Peter? Me and Mr. Harrington did some talking and, uhh.....we thought it’d be better if you’d stick close by to any of the teachers.

Peter: What?

Julius: It's only temporary Peter. But after the events that went on last year we just think it's for your well being you be under our super vision.

This was going to make Peter's plan a little harder than it already was with May even if he manages to slip away after the tour there was no guarantee the eyes locked on him wouldn't turn away before he manages

Peter: Mr. Julius I understand really's not that I'm in any danger still. And besides I'm not Spider-Man. Everyone saw.....

Julius: I know. I know. We all saw on tv Spider-Man caught you from falling off a building. And I know this is hardly fair. But this is only a temporary precaution.

Peter: Well how long will it last?

Julius: Till we go back home.

Peter: Are you kid---

Julius: I'm sorry Peter. But we can't afford another performance of last summer's events. And after everything you been through we can't risk it. Here at Midtown High we treat our students as our own children. Plus since you interned for Tony Stark it's possible you inherited the Avengers enemies.

All the point he was making Peter was now more stuck and had no way to talk his way out of it

Peter: *Sighs and nods* Yes sir.

Julius grinned and patted Peter on the shoulder walking him to the bus

Peter: I promise this is only temporary Peter. We'll try to make it as easiest as possible.....long as you do.

Peter: Sure thing.

Peter and Julius boarded the bus as he was lead to the front seat of the drivers a little frustrated that he was loosing control of his plan first May forbids him from being Spider-Man and nearly tries to shred the suit Ned thinks about quitting now the teachers got him under personal vision

But soon enough the bus left the hotel and their stop.....was Transamerica Pyramid as we all remember from Eddie's side he worked there for his show and was fired after his stunt with Drake but rehired back for the show

The future seniors lead by the teachers with Peter forced to be in the front of the group all walked in looking around amazed and they were greeted by Lobby Guard Richard (Emilio Rivera) who we all know as Eddie's friend who he protected from Venom when not letting him in to the show his proof of Drake's dark secret

Richard: Midtown High?

Mr. Harrington: Yes sir.

They shook hands

Richard: I was told you were coming. I'll have your guide with you soon.

Yo! Richard!

Startled everyone turned to their right seeing Eddie coming from the elevators Betty in the middle of the group got excited Peter in front......remembering him from the airport looked at him suspicious again given remembering he got interested in his aunt like many others

Eddie: M.I.T. Remember: M.I.T.

Richard: Eddie what have I told you? You can't raise your voice like that.

Eddie: And what have I told you? There's no such thing as can't.

Then why can't I eat anyone who I want? Hmm?

Eddie laughs to act natural trying to ignore Venom's voice as possible as Richard laugh too even Harrington and Peter stepped a little close to get a good look at him and Eddie turned his head and he noticed and Pete trying to get close but soon as Eddie saw him Pete backed up

Who's the kid?

It didn't take long for Eddie to recognize him from the research he did on Spider-Man reading the records of him being framed by Beck and saw an opportunity for a bigger info

Eddie: Uhh....these are the field trippers?

Richard: Yep.

Mr. Harrington: Mr. Brock it's a pleasure to see you again. I didn't know you work here.

Eddie: Well got to pay the bills and this place opens my show so....

Mr. Harrington: Of course.

Eddie: Hey uh....I'm actually trying to write another story about.....something from New York. You....mind if.....have a minute with that kid over there?

He pointed towards Peter

Harrington looked where Eddie pointed which Peter noticed himself bolted his eyes wide and Harrington nodded to Eddie

Mr. Harrington: I'm sorry Mr. Brock but he's a student that we need to keep close under personal vision due to some......certain reasons.

Eddie: What he do? Flood the school as a campus prank?

Eddie laughed from that joke and Richard smirked nodding at him while he got on his desk phone to call in the guide

Eddie: That was a terrible joke. I meant well.


Eddie: I---I do! I.....

Everyone looked at Eddie in confusion from his response unknown to them was talking to Venom in his head even Richard while holding the phone and Peter was more curious and to get the attention off him Eddie had to improvise that last part

Eddie: I---I DO mean well.

That is the stupidest excuse ever.

Eddie: Anyway.....I'll just be a minute with him. And if it makes you feel better you can keep an eye on both of us you won't even know I was there.

How would tey not know you were there?

Now Venom was just being extra annoying given he was suppose to stay quit while on work and Eddie tried his best to not respond to him and it took a minute but seeing Eddie was allowing them to watch them both Harrington looked back and signaled Peter to come forward

He was nervous but approached him and it an instantly held out his hand

Eddie: Howdy do kid. I'm Eddie Brock of the Brock report.

Peter nodded and shook his hand but Peter felt the cold from his palm and Eddie felt his spider strength from his grip

Eddie: Whoa boy that's a good grip you got there. I hope you and I don't get into a fight.

He'd still loose.

Peter: And you're hand's so cold.

My bad.

Eddie: Uhh.....yeah I wash my hands with freezing water.

Total liar!

Eddie: me your name.

Peter lets go of hand

Peter: Peter.....Parker sir.

Eddie: Parker? Hmm....Irish?

Peter: I have no way of knowing.

Eddie: Well let's have a seat and let me ask a few questions before your guide arrives

Peter and Eddie fallowed by Harrington walked over to near by benches as Betty looked at them odd given she interviewed with Eddie at the airport was not sure of Eddie's interest in Peter

Betty: That's strange. Mr. Brock just took a liking to Peter.

Flash: Probably wants word on his so called Stark Internship. I STILL doubt Peter Porker was ever in the same room as Tony Stark or friends with Spider-Man or ever WAS Spider-Man!

Michelle: Oh shut up Flash.

Peter and Eddie sat on near by benches with Harrington standing by them with his hands behind his back

Eddie: were born where?

Peter: Midtown but live in Queens.

Eddie: Parents?

Peter: Deceassed.

Eddie: My condolences. Legal guardians?

Peter: My Aunt. And please don't hit on her.

That confused Eddie not knowing the woman he found attractive at the airport was unknown to him that was his aunt

Hit on?

Eddie: Parker? My first question to you.....the internet confirmed you were wrongly accused once for killing a man were.....the Spider-Man from New York. What was your response to that?

The last thing Peter needed was to be reminded of what he went through cause of Beck but playing it cool he gave him a solid answer

Peter: All I can say is.....when I Interned for Tony Stark all it got me was to have a target on my forehead for his rivals.

Eddie: Tony.....Stark? The Iron Man?

He gave him a nod

Eddie: Wow. That's something. So your internship with the Starks lead you to that mishap?

Peter: That's what I think yeah. He had a lot of people who wanted his head. Especially after the Sokovian incident.

Eddie: Right right. Well one more question much do you know about the Spider from your town?

Peter: Just as everybody else really. From You-Tube Star to Avenger to just being a friendly neighborhood in Queens.

Eddie nodded and wrote that down and hearing the flour dings from the elevator the tour guide arrived

This interruption was the equivalent of saying “This interview is over”.....much to Eddie’s eternal shame.

He had barely gotten far with the young man and even with Peter’s comments on Stark and his perpetual framing a while back, most of his answers ranged from cliche to uninteresting to ‘he said/she said’. The least he got from this was that Peter was the most reliable source he could depend on.

How else would he get any more REAL information regarding the Spider-Man and his whereabouts?

“Well.....”, Eddie begrudgingly tells his guest. “I realize you have a summer tour to go through so we’re gonna have to cut this short.”

Peter: Well, that’s a shame.

Eddie: Tell me about it. Now look, I don’t tell everyone this.....but in my opinion, the guy’s overrated.

Peter: Overrated, you say?

Eddie: It’s just me; don’t know why. Sure, the webs and strength and maneuverability is nice and there’s no question he sounds like a cool enough guy to hang out with but.....he doesn’t feel like the kind of person you’d want to go outside the law to handle things.

That sounded every bit as patronizing as the way May was describing this situation to Peter once before. Intentional or otherwise, Peter’s livelihood was once again being called into question. It was almost as if them saying him being an Avenger still didn’t give him the authority to go looking for trouble.

Except Peter knew that he wasn’t looking for trouble. The trouble came looking for him. It’s why he started this, it’s why he stayed in this game and it’s why he’s gonna get some actual progress done.

All Peter could do, before sticking to that word was answer the question and then get out.

Peter: Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Eddie can’t help but chuckle. “Apparently so.”

Having spoken both of their pieces, their conversation grinded to an indefinite halt via a small staredown and a polite gesture. Eddie stuck his hand indicating ‘No hard feeling' to which Peter replied by taking his hand and shaking it.

Once more, complications arose.

This parting tradition considered proper etiquette didn’t end the meeting as quickly as either man had hoped. Once again, their grips counteracted with one another, dead-locking them in place for only a few seconds. Inching their eyes downwards at each other didn’t make the moment feel any less awkward.

A slight tug from Peter didn’t budge the other. So he was forced to simply release his grip and let go.

Peter could only help but to nod at Eddie, feeling the meeting hadn’t done much for him other than potentially let another person in on who he really was and waste time. And the last thing any person wants is their time wasted or just flat-out wasting time themselves. Assuring himself to keep that thought in mind, he slithers past Eddie while approaching the elevator now seeing everyone from the class all caught up for him.

Not to mention the tour guides waited on him as well. How generous.

This was the moment that began to mess with Eddie’s head.

Two separate times, he had to actively struggle to get ahold of or release himself from that hardened grip of Peter Parker. It was unlikely for anyone to come across the same amount of strength as him especially since the events of Riot and Carnage....and he was left mentally and repeatedly bashing his head against a brick wall regarding what the hell was going on.

Venom appeared to be one step ahead, however.

It’s him.

Eddie: Excuse me?

It’s right in front of you, Eddie. How do you not notice?

Eddie: Ok ok, now I know you’re just talking out of your clacker.


Eddie: Oh shut up, you know what that means.

Eddie walked out the door as Peter watched him go still suspicious around him he pulled out his cell texting to Ned who felt his phone vibrate and looked at it and read it

I don't think it's just my Peter senses now. There's something off about that Brock guy.

Ned briefly smirked and replied

Let me guess he asked for May's number?

Peter scoffed reading that and nodded in disbelief and wrote a reply to him

No when I shook his hand it felt cold.

Ned: What.....?

What do you mean cold?

I don't know. But it sure wasn't cold water. Look up Brock's backgrounds when I go on patrol tonight.

Ned sighed reading that still unsure if he was up for this but then the group began to move and went on their way for the tour of the building

The tour went on for about an hour they were shown the news room studios especially meeting the guy in charge who created the Brock report

Jacob Blue (Martin Bats)

Tour guide: Everyone this is Mr. Jacob Blue. He runs every station here including the network we built.

Jacob: Hello kids.

Jacob spoke on as Peter still in the the front row of the group was in thoughts still he couldn't get that cold feeling from Eddie out of his head

It wasn't just his hand being cold it also.....felt wet

An not water wet was like Peter was touching slime but he couldn't place it

Even though he asked Ned to look him up later he nearly pulled out his phone but what stopped him was a push he felt from behind his shoulder

Flash: Hey Proker! Move along!

The group was moving along now and as over Flash pushing him around Peter just fallowed him with Flash smirking at him

On a cab ride Eddie was on hi way to make another report but Venom wouldn't stop bragging about earlier

Eddie: You know.....that doesn't make any lack of sense.

How could it not make sense? That kid was stronger than he looks.

Eddie: There's millions of teenagers like that.

I'm only's posible. Like.....what you call.....a hunch.

Eddie: It's not the wild damn west Venom.

Says the man who lives like it is.

Eddie: Ok you got me there. But before we jump to conclusions let's.....just find proof before IDing him.

Fair enough. But one more favor.

Eddie: What now?

Call Anne.

Eddie: Oh god.....

I would do it before she sets that date. It maybe sooner than you think.

Eddie: Even if I do what do you expect me to say?

I would say......fight for her but I'm sure you won't listen to me you never do.

Eddie: That's cause you always suggest eating Dan.

JUST.....take some closure with her.

Eddie: Like you said fair enough.

Driver (Karen Soni): Sir.....I deal with people who talk to themselves all the time....but you sound like you're talking to someone else. I know it's none of my business but----

Eddie: I wouldn't ask.

The cab drove on.

Hours later it was an hour before noon and soon the future Midtown High Sneiors arrived....... golden gate theater

A performance venue located at 1 Taylor Street at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco, the 2,300-seat Golden Gate Theatre was built in 1920 to 1921 as a vaudeville house and only later converted into a major movie theater, following RKO leasing it to the Cinerama Corporation in 1954. In the 1960s, it boasted a Cinerama screen, but by the early 1970s, it had declined and was showing blaxploitation films.

It was restored and reopened as a performing arts venue in 1979 and had remained open ever since but only just in time to celebrate well over 102 years.

And it was in those detailed lines in history that always intrigue Michelle in the most rudimentary of ways.

To the tour guides' credit (the teachers also), they did their hardest to entertain them right off the bat with mildly successful results. It was indeed impressive.....if only most of the class would indulge in all the delicate beauty and expressed that same energy.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that this was technically the second play in the timespan of a year they were dragged into the theater, maybe it was brought to her attention that they were slated to see To Kill A Mockingbird out all the other plays they could’ve chosen....

....but there was some intrigue, for Michelle as to.....

Michelle: Did you know they planned to have custom-designed light fixtures and a new, burgundy stage drapery to be installed in the theater?

Ned: At least the restrooms have been enlarged and upgraded.

Peter: Well, the new red-and-gold carpet is based on an archival pattern that incorporates stylistic flourishes—such as scrolling leaves and rosettes—that refer to design elements found elsewhere in the theater.

Betty: Lover of fine arts, Pete? Where’s that Reading Rainbow when I need it?

Peter: Betty, you’re blown out from the interview, ok? After that plane ride, you deserve to unwind.

She nods in his direction, understanding that mentality.

The class arrived at the said theater from the top right entrance, basking in the glory of this exquisite place.

The comprehensive updates to the theater building included a new color palette, plush carpeting, customized light fixtures, newly accessible restrooms (including the addition of all-gender facilities), and state-of-the-art electrical and air conditioning systems. While the building’s dramatic public-facing refresh is the most visible of the improvements, the behind-the-scenes updates to the infrastructure will greatly enhance comfort, access, and safety over the long term.

Directing the kids on through to the middle of the seating columns, the theater was mostly halfway chocked full to the brim with civilians and attendees of any and all ages. Nothing but mild murmuring filled the air of the massive auditorium.

As Brad was next to make his way down the stairs, he just glimpses back over at Peter again, sandwiched between the teachers for precautionary purposes, it came off more patronizing to him and more demeaning to the rest of the class. These feelings of hostility he felt towards Peter were only meant to further escalate the longer this continued....

....and Peter noticed that cold stare.

But that’s when Peter remembered.

Peter: Umm, sorry. Sorry, I gotta go to the bathroom.

Harrington: You don’t think I could maybe—

Peter: I’ll find it. I know my way around. Trust me.

Not even allowing the conversation to get that far, Peter had put his foot down in the calmest and politest way he could muster. It was bad enough the teachers are now actively monitoring his every move like a flock of vultures circling their prey but if this continued onwards, his plan to eventually track down and find the Carnage Killer would never get off the ground.

Heading off to go to the bathroom seemed like the ideal place of privacy for planning out those ideal, it helped that he really did have to go to the bathroom.

Peter was not going to let Mr. Harrington get another word in so he immediately took off and exited the theater room, much to Harrington’s befuddled disapproval.

He was lucky he didn’t share that same disappointment. Julius was also perched on the stairs, watching from a considerable distance away while guiding the other students to their seats. Once Harrington glanced back over at him and simply nodded ‘No’, Julius facepalmed.

Julius: What’re we gonna do with him?

How odd was it for that same thought to penetrate through the layers head as Peter exited the auditorium. Removing himself as far from the area as possible in search for the bathroom, results varied ever so little.

So he was left on his own.

Taking his time through the spacious hallways, it left Peter alone and susceptible to the means of his phone vibrating through his pockets. In case he didn’t, the ringtone was meant to give a particular signal as to who was calling.

Said ringtone was the silk melody ringtone. That meant May was calling. So he had no trouble picking up and answering his Aunt.

Here’s hoping better times were ahead for the both of them.

Peter: Hey May, what’s up?

Hey sweetie, how’s San Francisco treating you so far?

Peter: Can’t really complain. Just got off the bus, about eleven minutes ago. Couldn’t help but notice the subway was nearby.

They have subways down here?

Peter: Yeah.....kinda....I guess.

Well, that’s nice to know. Anything cool happen yet?

Peter: You mean between me calling you the second I got off the bus minutes ago ‘till now? Yes, May. SO MUCH.

Hey, now! Excuse me for caring.

Peter: Aww c’mon, I’m just messing with you. You know that.

This was a good start.

No misplaced comments, barely any resentment or rage boiling over the surface, even the tiniest speck of sarcasm regarding him or anything towards his alter ego would’ve killed the mood. This being the first official day of the tour, it was the worst time possible to stir up trouble or resurface old wounds.

Unbeknownst to Peter, his already extensive laundry list of problems was set to be escalated by only a mere 60 feet away from his stance.

Because his head and mind were directed towards May, his line of sight was slanted off to the side and away from the unobstructed vision that laid in front of him, despite his peripheral vision not betraying him in any way shape, or form. All his peripheral could pick up was someone was in the same hallway as him now.

And that someone was just as occupied with a lengthy phone conversation as him. Mary Jane was sporting skinny navy blue denim jeans ripped at the knees, a black solid racer back tank top, cleated sole boots in more black and her left arm holding her folded up St. John's Bay Lightweight Anorak olive grove jacket. Her phone was in the other hand with her ear scrunched up against the screen.

A few good well made pieces were all she ever needed: classic, figure-flattering, feminine, and made for natural movement.

Exactly what she just so happened to be talking over the phone about.

Mary Jane: Yeah, Anna. I’m out......figuratively and literally. Please, I doubt I’m going back; the director was very handsy, all over me, really unprofessional. Kept asking me out, wouldn’t take no for an answer. Hello, it’s because I’m an actress, not an escort. It doesn’t matter if you are, it’s unprofessional.

Similar to Peter, she too had her eyes down to the phone and away from who was in front of her. At the rate they were both going, they were guaranteed to bump into each other.

And still, neither of them noticed.

Peter: You do realize Ned’s room is miles away from mine, right? Never mind the fact that he helped you pay for our ticket, took him over an hour.


Mary Jane: Well, I got two hours before I have to get to the next one. I might go with the girls to see a movie or something.


You were out by the time we got the ticket, remember?

Peter: He still helped, right? Better than no—

To his misfortune, not keeping his eyes straight ahead of him resulted in a minor inconvenience.

The two younglings collided shoulders with each other, taking their heads out of their bubbles, eyes off the ground, and redirecting their focus back to the source of said bump.

The brief collision turned to the two towards one another, both dropping their phones as a result. Instinct took over for Peter and relying on his reflexes, catches both phones.

Mary Jane: Oh god. Oh my god, I’m so sorry.

Peter: No no no, it’s fine, it’s fine. I just—have no sense of time or place anymore. That’s all on me. I—

His eyes catching on both phones, he simply hands the woman back hers. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize May was still rambling on the other side of the phone.

Not to mention he accidentally hit the speaker option once he caught both phones meaning they both have to hear her voice quickly expressing concern with each vocal chord rising louder and louder.

Peter? Peter, where are you?

Peter: OH! Umm, sorry sorry, something came up. Gotta go.

Wait wait wait wait!

He disconnects the line. It was a mental sigh of relief for the young man, for had she rambled on longer, the suit would’ve been brought up and so would Peter’s identity. That was the absolute last thing on his mind.

Until he had to, sort of, bring that up when the woman asked “Umm, was that your mom?”

Peter: No, no, just my Aunt May. She can talk quite a lot.

Mary Jane: Aunt May?

Peter: Yeah?

Something about the name May resonated with her in some capacity. She couldn’t put her finger on it at first until the lightbulb went off in her head. Peter could see her forming a slight chuckle at that moment, but much was being made clear what was going on up there.

But the woman couldn’t help but think that maybe something was going to come out of staying here for a couple more minutes.

Mary Jane: May? As in.....May Parker?

Peter froze upon this anonymous woman knowing the identity of his aunt. He hesitated giving an answer.

Peter: Umm, how do you know her?

Mary Jane: Cause my aunt knows her. She was an old friend from Queens so that means—are you that boy from next door? You’re Peter Parker?

Peter: I-I-I—sorry to cut you off but I’m hopelessly confused. Have we met?

Mary Jane: Not officially. I’m Mary Jane Watson. But my friends call me MJ.

Surprise isn't an emotion that Peter always takes well. That's the bonus of having low expectations, expect nothing and people will surpass it with ease.

Mary Jane saw the shock register on his face before he could hide it.....and she could guess as to why. Imagine the revelation that someone you may or may not know from back then has the same nickname as someone you feel for not too long ago. Made him feel like he was in yet another time paradox.

Last thing he needed was another one to be stuck in.

Peter: Your nickname's MJ too?

MJ: Yeah? Is yours?

From the manner of which she delivered that comment, he could tell she was joking about it. Not so much of a running gag, but Peter felt the need to chuckle.

Peter: No. Another friend of mine does. And wait.....Watson?

She nods.

Resurfacing old memories from the past was never simple for the former, for a tragedy blocked out most of the young innocent adolescence-to-be that would’ve made him normal and or more relatable. However, one eventually came back to him, if only in bits and pieces.

There was a block party. Mid 2005.

People sitting on the sidewalk, sprinklers spurting water everywhere, barbecues, lots of commotion and dancing. Redirecting those strands of his memory yielded few, if any answers. But then he replayed the name ‘Watson’.....

Peter: Wait yeah.....I know that name too. From my childhood.

....and it hit him.

Peter: Anna Watson's niece?

MJ: Bingo.

Peter: Creepy Anna?

MJ: Excuse me?

Peter: Sorry. My ba—that came out wrong.

MJ: Is that so?

He just laid his hands up defeat, knowing he stuck a foot too deep in the mud there. The reaction he got differed greatly from the reaction he expected however.

MJ: Fair game.

She found herself offering her hand out to him, much to his surprise. He found no other option but to comply and shake her hand.....

....although the latter had difficulty letting go prior to the formers super strength.

MJ: Ahhh. Little tight there.

“Umm, yeah. Sorry about that”, he apologizes again upon letting go. Not really giving himself away but can’t be too careless with it.

Peter: I don’t really know my own strengths sometimes.

MJ: It is necessary to keep track of those. You’d be on top of the world one moment and scraping down at the bottom the next.

Peter’s response was a simple nod followed by a quirky dumb smile; Mary Janes train of thought was lost by that point in time. The smile completely threw her off.....and maybe the hair.

For Peter, it was the entire complexion of Mary Jane: her matte red lips. The fiery red hair. This fascinating sparkle in her eyes. Her entire face just illuminated before him and it completely rendered him frozen.

Eventually, both of their thousand yard glares wore off snapping each other out of it.

Peter: Sorry, it’s just—You’re looking——Wow.

MJ: God, it really has been so long. I remember this one time when I was in Queens for the summer, you made some paper machete rocket or something in the foreyard.

Peter: Oh geez, no. Come on.

MJ: That thing blew up like a volcano. Wet paper was crumbling everywhere.

Peter: It barely even got off the ground. I remember it looking a lot better when my 6 yr old self actually did that. But.....yeah, I totally did that.

Once more, the awkward silences only got more awkward and it quickly became obvious, four minutes in and passing, that they were certainly dragging it on and they knew that for certain. Time was being lost but neither of them cared at the moment.

MJ: So, umm, what brings you to San Francisco?

Peter: Summer Tour with my class. You?

MJ: Believe it or not, I actually used to live here before I left New York with Aunt Anna. The change of scenery was nice after.....but I just didn’t think I’d actually be going back.

Peter: You don't like it?

MJ: Oh it's alright. It's just....last time I was there.....forget it it's not your problem. But while I'm here I'm working factionally to be an actress.

Peter: So you're acting?

MJ: Yeah. Thought of working in Hollywood after graduation but.....that maybe out when it's back to New York. That's why I hope do it in Broadway. What about you?

Peter: Well I don't know if I'm gonna work as a photographer like my Uncle was or a scientist like my dad guess a little in between for now till college.

MJ: Well Parker if you were to be a photographer I could get experience if you a photo shoot with me after your tour.

Peter: Uhh....that would be great! I would love to shoot you. WITH you SHOOT with you.....

Highly embarrassed MJ just chuckled at him and it wasn't long till Ned noticed them

He got curious enough to walk behind him nodding with a smirk

Ned: Peter Parker you smooth talker you.

Almost jumping at him from behind startled him more than MJ since he was caught up in the moment

Peter: Ned! Uh.....

MJ: Friend of yours Parker?

Peter: Oh....yeah Mary Jane Watson this is Ned Leeds. Ned Leeds Mary Jane Watson.

The name Watson sounded familiar to him too but none the less shook her hand

Ned: Good to meet you.

MJ: Same. So Parker when are you free?

Peter: Uhh....guess soon as the tour's over. I mean tomorrow we're going to the life foundation but after......the next hour......I....should be free....depending on another hour but I am.....if you are.

MJ: I am. But....don't get any funny ideas. It's not a date. Cause for now I'm playing on the safe zone.

Peter: F---fair enough.

MJ: Nice meeting ya tiger.

She walks to the north hall to the backstage areas

Peter: Tiger?

MJ left Pete to his thoughts now understanding why May wanted him to meet her but seeing she was playing hard to get cause of the...."Safe Zone" That would mean he was in the friendzone but you never know where it takes ya later

And soon Pete turned to Ned both laughing and they high fived in excitement

Ned: Dude! You are so lucky she is freaking gorges!

Peter; She sure is.

Ned: Did she mention a sister?

Peter: No.....but I wouldn't know if she did. But I do know....this isn't actually the first time I known her.

Ned: What do you mean?

Peter: You're not gonna believe this but May and Mary Jane's own Aunt are actually friends and they been trying to set us up on a blind date for.....God knows how long.

Ned: What makes you say that?

Peter: Would you believe me if I said she actually lived next door to me in the 4th grade?

Ned: For real? Wait a door? Are you talking about.....Anna Watson?

He nods

Ned: Creepy Anna?

He nods again

Ned: She's creepy Anna's niece?

Peter: Yeah....but I wouldn't mention "Creepy" around her cause I think I offended her when I did.

Ned: Right. Well either way I knew the name sounded familiar.

Peter chuckled looking back to where MJ left thinking back to himself finally meeting his so called blind date and.....grew some baby affections for her but.....the "Safe Zone" was still another story

Cutting to near that afternoon a helicopter with an Oscorp logo on it's left side flew in above the city and later flew over the Golden Gate Bridge and it's heading......was the old Life Foundation

The former base of Carlton Drake's science company and where the symbionts were being held

The helicopter landed and once the pillars started to slow down and of course given the Helicopter is from Oscorp who stepped out of it was none other than the Fabules Osborn boys

Man: Welcome to the Life Foundation Mr. Osborn. Dr. Hamilton sends his regards but he was called away on short notice.

Norman: All in due time.

As Harry stepped out of the chopper he looked in the city still wondering if he was gonna see Peter anytime soon knowing he was here for the Summer Tour of Midtown High for the future seniors

Harry even out his phone looking up Peter's old number.....but....even if it was still the same number he didn't know what to say


Harry looked back snapping out of his thoughts his father was signaling him they were about to step in Harry nodded giving him a two sign he'd be with him soon and Norman nodded back and went in

Harry looked back at the view of the city looking at his phone flashbacking to a childhood memory when Younger Peter and Younger Harry watched looney tunes on May's small kitchen tv

When Emily Osborn took them to the penthouse enjoying Disney Movies on Norman's flat screen

Even when as young teens Harry was at Ben Parker's funeral being at Pete's side and that was the last time he saw his close friend

Harry came back t reality and let out a small sigh and put his phone back in his pocket and turned to fallow his father

Where they were lead by the staff members that Norman hired to take over Drake's old staff given most of them changed curers and......some were dead

Scientist: Mr. Osborn. We were told you were coming.

Norman: Duty calls. Least that's always been the Osborn way.

Scientist: Before or after you built Oscorp?

Norman: Basically before. So....what's our latest status of the symbiont projects?

Scientist: Funny you should ask sir cause....well it's better you see yourself.

The scientist lead Norman and Harry into restriction lab and there were symbionts contained still but there was only two

A red one and a greyish black not as dark as Venom's but close just in between

Norman: Two? Wren't there others?

Scientist: There were. But.....before the rocket explosion they died out during......uh...trials?

Harry: Human.....trials?

Norman: Harry.

Harry: It's public knowledge now dad.

Norman: That's not why we're here though.

Scientist: There i another one sir. But it's not here. It's somewhere out in the city with a strong host....but we don't know who. There's been latest reports of sightings of an ooze monster that preys on criminals. But we been trying to capture it for years's slipped from our radar each time.

Norman: Hmm.....guess we'll need professionals on this one. It'll take some time to get in touch with them but I got it covered.

Scientist: I should inform ya sir. We're hosting a tour for some....High School Seniors tomorrow we might have to have double routes.

Harry: Midtown high?

Scientist: How did you guess young Mr. Osborn?

Harry: I......have friends there.

Norman: Which I can't wait to meet them. We'll mark that on the schedule. For now....I want the file on that missing symbiont.

Scientist: As you wish sir.

They kept on the discussion as Harry looked up close to the two contained symbionts they were fiddling around and when Harry moved closer......

....the red symbionts twitched so fast he backed up a bit

Circumstances this dreary, this unwell, spoke bad news to Harry. What makes it worse is how there was nothing his dad could do about since A. he was fully behind the refunding of Carlton's entire project and B. even if he were to get in the way of this and speak up, Norman’s pride wouldn’t let him let up.

He never bothered to listen to Harry anyways, all of which made staring down these sentient blobs of goo all the more nerve-racking.

The anxiety he felt crawling up his spine was like being hooked up to a cattle fence - not enough voltage to kill but sufficient to keep things uncomfortable. I guess that's the downside of knowing things are awry instead of living in blissful ignorance. But what is there to do other than breathe, walk and figure things out just a little at a time?

Cause that’s what Eddie had promised to do.

Normally when stressed, it is the body’s way of protecting a person. When working properly, it helps them stay focused, energetic, and alert....and in Eddie’s instance, save his life. From Venom’s experience, it was a blessing in disguise.

But this was a different kind of stress, he noticed amongst himself with his hands and arms trembling under this rhythmic uncontrollable gesture. If it was in his own home, it’d be less embarrassing. But he wasn’t.

He was out in the open, on Union Street. And about five separate people were watching him.

Calm yourself!

Eddie jumps suddenly, taken aback by the guttural voice inside his head growling at him to pay attention. Unfortunately, it all does is garner more attention to Eddie; the crowd of six turning into a crowd of twelve now.

Great, exactly what I needed: Damn tourist attraction, Eddie mumbles and growls under his breath before crossing the street. The late morning/ mid-afternoon bustle of the traffic and crowds were easy to adjust to.

Venom was something he never really could.

Eddie: Don’t you tell me to be calm, I’m freaking out over here. I never planned this out; I don’t know how to tell her.

Don’t be blunt about it then. Take your time, reel her in, let her get a feel for the situation......

Eddie: You? Giving me relationship advice?

You weren’t getting anywhere with her before I came along, did you? How well do you think you can work it out now?

Truer words could not have been spoken at that moment, it was bound to happen when one comes across something or someone who knows more about them than they know about themselves.

It wasn’t about the two of them. It was about Anne.

For Eddie to realize that they’re still on good terms even after what he had done made him grateful as to why he was close to her, why they remained friends even. It would’ve been easier to deal with if Eddie had truly gotten over her. His pride, his cold, shriveled-up heart let that fear of abandonment get in the way, and yet, the love he felt for her wouldn’t go away

Making matters worse, Anne and Dan’s wedding was less than a week away. Either he‘d get these feelings off his chest or it would eat him away forever.

Exactly why he had arranged to meet her.

So of course that meant he had to go back to Fisherman's Wharf, back the way he just came.

The last time he was here, he badly disturbed the premises in an awkwardly hilarious food-hungry craving that might or might not have turned hundreds of people away from eating here again.

So he wasn’t at all surprised to see the venue half-full, let alone still up and running after the effects of the Snap. Barely anybody was present, customers, cashiers, waiters, and waitresses of any kind. It looked and felt like the makings of a ghost town.

Eddie could only hope that Anne had gotten his text.

As luck would have it, out of the corner of her eye, Anne, situated at the far right side of the restaurant keen to last time, saw Eddie waltzing in, glancing over at what used to be the lobster tank where he dunked into the water and ate a live lobster in public in front of everyone. She could sense the uneasiness reflected from the pupils of his eyes as he looked over at it.

No fish, no crustaceans, no flora, no fauna, nothing of any kind to remind him of that weird weird day. The only momento that came out of it is ironically the clothes he was wearing.

Anne: I still remember that day.

Having spoken up, it startled him slightly. Anne’s voice always easy on the ears to Eddie; a rich deep timbre, the kind that anchored his soul a single moment in time. Seeing her immediately lightened up his mood and the stress that overtook him before.

Anne: You’re wearing the same hoodie, rocking that same disjointed, frantic expression as before. Looking back on that moment, I can honestly say.....that was worth the price of admission. As terrifying as it was, I did get some laughs later on.

To an extent, that came as a relief to Eddie as he found his seat, situating himself across the table from Anne.

Eddie: At this point, I wish it wasn’t food that was my problem.

Anna: I’d say with all you ate, I’m surprised you didn’t get a heart attack.

Eddie: That’s the discipline for you.

Anne: Say....I never actually got around to asking how you were handling.....IT. The Snap, I mean.

The very mention of that left the latter uneasily creasing the of her glass of wine and Eddie balling his fists up and releasing the tension repeatedly. Not a wise move, bringing up one of the worst natural disasters in the history of planet Earth.

There was no heat in her voice, as if her heartbeat so steadily, even though she took a different view from Eddie’s own. Luckily for him, rhythmic breathing eased his storm.

Eddie: I wouldn’t have found my footing again, had you not taken pity on me one last time. Now, I think it’s safe to say I’m back to doing what I should’ve done from the beginning: report the facts and get to the truth. Who I am, what I do, that’s who I’m desperate for people to see me as.

Tell her.

Eddie: Shut the hell up, would you?

He whispers to himself, furiously. He was lucky Anne had turned away for that minor period of time, otherwise what she saw would’ve raised suspicions.

There is a fraction of a moment between when the eyes smile and the mouth follows, and that anticipation is as exquisite a feeling as any Eddie ever felt prior to before. But dread follows suit and that fear flag? It gave him another chance to reflect upon the opportunity to arrive and find real reasons to be at peace with the change he had to adapt to.

Right here and right now, would be the moment he came face to face with the root of the problem: himself.

Eddie: Anne. This—this aura resonating between us: you, me, Dan.....we need to do something about it.

Anne: No no no, come on. Really?

Eddie: Yes, we need to talk about this Anne.

Anne: Why are you making a big deal of this again?

Eddie: Because whoever matters to you matters to me. Whomever you love, I want to love too. Because my heart is open to you, it is open to them too. This relationship with you is a coming together of family as much as you and I. There's a lot to love in that, it makes it all the bigger and better. Two is company, more is more company, love is healthier for growing larger, right?

To say this did not sound anything like the man Anne used to date would be the understatement of the year. What happened to the snake who wouldn’t trust her, got her fired, broke into her laptop, basically forced her to start over one already? Even though he never intended to actively go out of his way to do any of that?

Refreshing, yes. But she remained skeptical. Maybe having vanished off the face of the Earth and having been brought back to almost nothing had finally gotten him to wisen up.

So she nods ‘Yes’. But not before intertwining her hands together, arching her back and extending herself across the table, keeping a close eye on him.

Eddie: Whatever I feel for you, it shouldn’t have to get in the way of your wedding. I want to let this go....I want you to be happy.

Annie couldn't hide it she was touched by hi speech and grateful he supports what makes her happy without admitting reminded her she still loved him always but how was she suppose to say it now that she was engaged to another

Annie faced down with a mild but sad grin as Eddie looked at her concern

You got her now.

Annie: Eddie......I want you to know.....that's the sweetest thing you've ever said. And I'll admit.....I....missed us. Missed you.


Annie: And I want you know.....I'm not marrying Dan to punish you more for your mistake. Yes I admit I you made a mistake and despite how pissed I was about it......

Eddie: I took away your job. I never meant to.

Annie: I know. I know that now. And....I....forgive you Eddie.

This is your chance Eddie. Kiss her!

Annie: But......


Eddie: I know what you're gonna say.

It was silent even Venom went silent in Eddie's head

Annie: Dan's a good man.


Eddie: He is.


Venom was making it hard for Eddie to not respond to him again

Annie: And I'm glad you two.....get along so well.

Only reason I haven't ate him yet.

Eddie: Shhhhh!

Annie flinched of his shushing

Eddie: Shhhhhit I'm....late.

Annie: Late?

Eddie: I'm....expected to do another piece on the murders.


Eddie: I just lost track of time. Listen Annie.....thanks for this time and.....I really needed you to know everything I said was true.

Annie: Likewise.


Eddie: So.....just stay safe.

Eddie and Annie went silent again and there was a hint of moving close to one another but.....stopped when their faces were.....just half an inch

Eddie: I'm sorry.

Annie: No I'm---I'm sorry.

More silence......apart from Venom's rants

You're making a mistake! Let me talk to her!

Eddie: I.....really have to go.

Annie nodded and after one last stare Eddie left leaving Annie paused in thought and.....some suspicion

Eddie: You almost gave us away you know.

You weren't fighting for her. If you had just let me....

Eddie: Annie is better off thinking you're still dead.

Unlikely she would think that now aren't we....on the news?

Eddie: No one gets a good look at us so no one knows who we are.

Except Mrs. Chat.

Eddie: Yes. Except Mrs. Chat. Look buddy I hate it as much as you do but there's nothing I can do about it. Even if you talked to her I don't think she'd change her mind cause you still want to eat Dan.

Guilty as change. Well given you are just giving up one of these days......I'm gonna take over.

Eddie: No you are not.

Yes I am!

Eddie: No you are not!


Eddie: Rules!


We cut to later with May and Anna still at her apartment and both cooking terakihi and vegies May was cutting the vegies as Anna was cooking the chicken

Anna: Mm mm. Been awhile since I smelled this.

May: When you invited Peter and me for dinner I couldn't deny the opportunity to relive the old times. And to finally get him and MJ to finally meet.

Anna: That is if she doesn't stay out late for another underage drinking party.

May: You got to have more faith in her Anna. She may need that from you due know.

Anna: I know.....but this wasn't the first time MJ has been a no show for a family dinner.

May: Let's just try to keep the faith.

All the vegetables were cut up and May washed her hands and grabbed her phone from the near by counter

May: All this is done. I'll be right back I'm gonna make a quick call.

May walked into the living room and called Peter again


May: Hi sweetheart. We just got dinner started. Are you on your way?


May: Ugh.....Peeeeeter.

No no it's not what you think....I finally met the girl you told me about. Mary Jane.

May flinched hearing that

May: You what? You're with Mary Jane?

Anna turned hearing her niece's name and walked in

Anna: What's going on?

May: Peter I'm gonna put you on speaker. Have MJ talk I got Anna with me.

Soon a May hit the speaker button

Hi Aunt Anna.

Anna: MJ?

On Peter and MJ's side they were at the lobby of the hotel

MJ:.....not at a party. Peter' actually helping me with a few pics for my acting.

That's great!

You two take your time we're still cooking.

The next thing they heard was them hanging up laughing which confused the two newly acquaintances

Mary Jane: Did they just.....

Peter: I.....don't know what's got into them must be about.....a May's been trying to.....

Mary Jane: Only it's not a date.

Peter: I know I know.....just our aunts idea according to May.

Mary Jane: Well I'm talking to Anna after this later. Now how bout those pictures.

Peter: Sure.

Peter and MJ went outside and as Pete set his phone to camera mode MJ poses and Pete takes sots one pose she makes he takes a shot

Peter: I gotta say you're definitely a natural Mary Jane.

Mary Jane: Please just call me MJ.

Peter: It'll be hard to tell you apart from other friend but.....MJ. Ok.

MJ nodded at hi with a smirk and came over to Pete's side to look at the pictures he took of her

MJ: Wow. You did great Peter.

Peter: Thanks. I been doing a lot of practicing. If I wanted to get in photography that that is.

MJ: With what exactly? Priceless wannabe models?

Peter: What?? No I would never-----

MJ: Dude chill. I was just kidding. So what do you shoot?

Peter: Jut.....random stuff but.....I.....would like to shoot.....the guy from You-Tube uhh.....I don't know you watch You-Tube but there's a guy from my neighborhood who swings around fighting crime. He even....

MJ: Spider-Man?

Peter: You've heard of him?

MJ: Well duh I have a tv.

Peter: Right right. I don't want a brag.

MJ: Sure about that? Cause you just hit the jackpot tiger. Face it. Imagine Spider-Man taking pics of me. I would want to say Thor though......he's the hottest Avenger.

That there for the first time Peter felt jealous of the God of thunder and wanted to change the subject

MJ looked at him odd

Peter: I mean.....not as a date like you said I meant......just a dinner plan.....

MJ: We're having dinner with our aunts.

Peter: Yeah I meant.....tomorrow.

MJ: I'd love to. But tomorrow I have an audition at golden gate at five.

Peter: So.....what about six? Six Thirty?

MJ: Six thirty works. But DON'T be late.

Peter: bout....uh....Luis Bros?

MJ: Luis Bros. Know where that is?

Peter nearly embarrassed himself just trying to give a straight answer. Realizing he couldn’t bring it amongst himself to verbally speak out to her anymore given his previous encounters in the past, the best he could do was nod at his direction.

He made sure not to come off aggressive or impulsive with his reaction, given Mary Jane’s demeanor and the stance she held.

The answer came off more as forced than anything genuine to the latter, however. It was still AN answer at the bare minimum though.....and MJ made sure to acknowledge that, nodding back over at Peter before finally stepping at least six feet apart from him and walking away.

MJ: Alright, see you later, tiger.

Distance, however, began to feel problematic to Mary Jane for once. Her reaction contrasted heavily to Peter’s, however fighting the urge to not bring out even the smallest of smirks. She didn’t feel confident about this one but given the brief time they talked and wasted....

....she’d like to be proven wrong.

And Peter was left totally flabbergasted by the means of his labor. A game plan had already been set out and laid into place when he’d get down to San Francisco: find the resurgent Carnage Killer and bring him to justice and possibly find some way to patch things up with Michelle.

Here he was, making matters more complicated for himself by setting up a get-together with his old neighbor from New York tomorrow.

Which meant that if Peter wanted to clear up his schedule, the best course of action (and best is putting that term lightly), would be to quit monkeying around and actually get a move on why he even came down to San Francisco in the first place.

Reminding himself of that very task, Peter looked down on his watch and catching the time as 8 p.m, meaning at this point everyone on the trip was back at the hotel and feasting themselves with dinner in the lobby. Even better, May was still spending time with Anna so there were no worries about getting caught.

The circumstances couldn’t be any more perfect. So Peter sprung into action.

Seven minutes later, Peter Parker was gone.

In his place was the red-and-black arachnid-based superhero-Avenger that was promised to make an appearance in California sooner or later. And there Spider-Man stood standing on the balcony of the hotel, leaning against the balcony rails and letting the metallic exterior crease the fabric weaves of his suit.

Bit of a shame he missed the sunset, however: the sun setting in the sky as fresh colors brushed upon an artist's canvas as if those rays were destined to create a great work of art - one given to those open to capturing simple moments in the soul.

Active duty officially starting as of right now.

Spider-Man: Karen?

Happy to hear from you again, Peter. How’s the trip going?

Spider-Man: Not bad, not bad. It’s just.....for a brief second, I almost forgot why I came here.

What makes you say that? Patched things with Michelle?

Spider-Man: That was the plan at first but....I.....met someone else.

Ohh. And who might this one be? Someone from your school again?

Spider-Man: Not exactly. I'll tell ya on the way first can you direct me to the nearet police station? I need to find a file on the San Francisco murders if we're gonna ID the killer.

The killer's already been ID's Peter don't you watch the news anymore?

Spider-Man: Little preoccupied. Who do we got?

Activating baby monitor. Murderer ID: One Cletus Kassidy. Former inmate of an Quentin. Age 35. Parents deceased history of violent acts committed to Raven Croft Instatute.

Spider-Man: Kassidy? There's something familiar about that name. Karen did you say Raven Croft? That's in New York.

New York had a killer in it's own mist 9 years ago. The Daily Globe headline him under a number of criminals murders. The Bugle named this....The Carnage Killer.

Spider-Man: The Carnage Killer? Wait....I've heard of him as a kid. The Bugle even reported the old skull's gang were all killed at there own hideout claiming one man killed them all. I don't know how the skulls were the most notorious gang in New York.

People claim Kassidy is a human animal.

Spider-Man: Like the Arkham game franchise's Joker. So what's he doing in SF?

Unsure myself. But I can ID the previous victim on the baby monitor.

Spider-Man: Alright guide me the way we're heading there now.

Pete hopped on the rail and leaped off the balcony

On the way Spider-Man told Karen everything about Mary Jane Watson

Do you like MJ?

Spider-Man: That's what I said. She was actually my neighbor in childhood.

Do you like her?

Spider-Man: Well....I....kinda asked her out but she.....she's one of those who bans relationships. I guess she knew how to pick 'em me as me that's my guess.

Well.....if I were her I wouldn't judge you before knowing you.

Spider-Man: Thanks again Karen.

Arriving at destination.

Pete landed on his feet standing outside of the house of the home owner who was murdered earlier

Spider-Man: This where the victim lived?


Spider-Man: Ok we're in business.

Spidey walked to the door but was locked

Spider-Man: Damn Karen.....I need a way to get in.

Activating logo.

The logo on his suit came off and flew on the door knob and detached the lock on the nob

Spider-Man: cool.

The logo came off the nob and reattached on his suit as Peter opened the door and looked around from main hall kitchen to the living room

The vision of his eye lens scanned everywhere to detect anything out of the ordinary

Soon enough Peter went up stairs to the bedrooms and when he approached one Peter felt like he was in a horror movie

Spider-Man: Don't tell me Michael Myers is hiding in there waiting to pounce on me.

He grabbed the knob slowly turned it and opened to find....blood writing on the wall with a heart traced around the letters


Spider-Man: "CK + FB 4EVER"?

From the missing plug-ins and furniture, knife marks cutting through the painted walls to the glaringly obvious markings used by the victims' own bloody, it was a disgusting portrait of supposed cannibalism and violence that Peter had yet to see.

A sight further escalated once he looked past the decomposed blood trail that stained the floor; upon seeing the body in a fettle position on the far right corner of the room.

Adjusting his camera shutter eye lenses, a built-in augmented reality display system displays the HUD for the basic suit after the SYSTEM LOADING warning comes to pass. Scanning the room, only two things come to fruition: the dead body....

...and the blood initials smeared on the wall from the body and the floor.

Initial DNA, neuron and molecule analysis confirmed that it was definitely the victims' blood....and looking back at the poor man from a distance made him look more and more like a deflated balloon, which only added more to the graphic nature of the crime and how ridiculously savage the perpetrator (or perpetrators were)

The initials CK was an instant dead giveaway on who exactly who was. This was definitely the Carnage Killers doing.....unfortunately, this was a sign he had just missed him. On the bright side, he was left with a few ideas on where to take this next.

Either he wasn’t doing it alone. Or this is what he was doing this for.

Spider-Man: Yep, this is definitely him. But what’s with the FB?


He eye-rolls at her admittedly embarrassing attempt at humor, especially in a situation that clearly doesn’t call for it.

Spider-Man: Very funny, Karen. Seriously though, I don’t know what to make of this.

Ok ok, my apologies. I do have some information regarding the Carnage Killer and an accomplice he had shortly before the Snap.

Spider-Man: Think you can find me anything useful?

Can't promise you anything, some of my systems are still buggy. But I can try. Searching database.

Mere seconds later, results come in.

Cletus Kasady was taken to Ravencroft sometime around late 2017 to mid-2018 after another visit. The only person he seemed to have any contact with was with another inmate at the Ravencroft institute when was moved there: Frances Louise Barrison.

Spider-Man: Frances Barrison?

If you like, the ones in charge of guarding her called her Shriek.

Spider-Man: Doe the baby monitor have any records on her too?

Yes it does. Frances Barrison Age: 36 parents unknown. Barrison was abused as a child by her mother went under case of drugs. Barrison became a drug dealer which exposed her to situations that ultimately damaged her sanity: and taken by New York's finest. She was committed to the Ice Box afterwards.

Spider-Man: Ice Box? Hey Mr. Stark told me about it. That's where they lock up the mutant criminals. Why was she put there?

Because the drugs not only destroyed her sanity but something about them gave her telekinetic energy and mind manipulation.

Spider-Man: Wait a minute.....abusive mother telekinesis? You're describing her as Carrie Karen.

It's the true story Peter. Many novels are based on many true events.

Spider-Man: Point taken. So what's her connection to the Carnage Killer?

My files only say she's his accomplice and.....partner.

Spider-Man: You mean.....PARTNER partner?


Spider-Man: I think I'm gonna barf.

It's unclear if she's involve with the murders since the news didn't fully confirm it.

Spider-Man: Until now. I'm gonna take a picture of this heart here. Soon as I download it to the suit's mainframe send it to the SF's finest. We should have proof she's behind this too. They'll need to know what they're up against.

Peter took a photo of the heart on his phone like he said he would and later when he was back in his hotel room in the bedroom Peter had the suit plugged into his phone and downloaded the photo on the mainframe KAREN contains

Peter even sent the photo to Ned's phone he didn't reply but given how late it was Pete knew he'd see it in the morning

He putted back on his mask spoke to KAREN

Peter: Ok Karen the picture should be in your mainframe now.

It's already been sent with a text confirming the initials to be Cletus Kassidy and Frances Barrison.

Peter: Nice work. Tomorrow Ned and I will look into more leads after our second tour. Be sure to keep me updated whenever you find any.

On it. I like how you're being independent and responsible Peter. You've really grown so much.

Peter: Just....trying to keep a promise really.

To who? Tony?

Peter: Not Tony. But I'll tell you about it tomorrow. I'm hitting the sack.

Want me to wake you if anything comes up?

Peter: Yeah thanks Karen.

Peter: Yeah thanks Karen.

Night Peter.

Peter did turn in for the night after a minute from coming out of the bathroom in T-shirt and shorts and went to bed but unaware a text came on his phone on the dresser

It was a reply from Ned who was up all along and it said: Dude....we gotta talk after the Life Foundation.

Whatever that meant maybe Ned's reconsideration as they were talking about before

And o that morning we come back to the Life-Foundation

The future seniors of Midtown High all came in as a group of course Peter was close to the teacher again which didn't give him a chance to talk to Ned

Yes he read his reply and was odd about it Michelle just gave him signals that pointed out about Ned's intentions now given what she told him about his tragedies after the blimp not that Peter doesn't understand but didn't understand that he's laying out signs of stepping back

Soon the class were greeted by one of the staff members who wasn't just a staff of the LF but of Oscorp as well according to his name tag which Peter did catch a glimpse of

Peter: "Oscorp"?

Staff member: Good morning everyone. And welcome to the Life-Foundation. After the passing of Carlton Drake the Life Foundation was almost condemned until it was refund by Oscorp Industries.

The mention of "Oscorp" even got Ned's attention even Michelle and Betty Betty remembered the Daily Bugle had a lot of headlines on Oscorp which was how she was familiar with it

As the staff member continued speak one of the elevators opened and who stepped out was the Osborn boys themselves Norman seemed more confident but Harry.....was just more nervous he kept his cool as they exited the elevator Norman just walked to another hall and Harry noticed the group and wondered if it was Midtown high

He wondered if his old friend was here and soon he walked over

Staff member: So before we begin the tour we're going to await the man who made all this possible. So feel free to look around take any pictures you like but stay together. It's a real big building.

As everyone started looking around Peter tried to get to Ned but not without the teachers fallowing him which.....made it hard to try and talk to him privately but soon he heard.......


That voice behind him made him turn around and who he saw....made his eyes bolt wide

Peter: Harry.....?

Did Peter expect any other visitors at this point still this early on in the trip? Not in the slightest, despite not falling on any major setbacks with his journey to catch the Carnage Killer....

....unless said setbacks name happened to be Mary Jane Watson.

Not this time. Instead, it was another old relic of his past, buried deep into the subconscious of his brain that now had to rummage and wriggle through to find any inklings of remembrance upon coming face to face with memories even older than his brief interactions with Ms. Watson.

Rocking a brown corduroy custom straight pocket jacket with a flat front, unhemmed, open bottom, 36" length, non-pleated front design pants, topping off with an Egyptian cotton light yellow Herringbone shirt and a green bow-tie, it was clear that Harry Osborn was here strictly on business and him being apart of what is guaranteed to be one of the biggest companies in recent memory seemed like common sense.

But the memories were so few and far in-between, Peter could not put two and two together....until now.

Both young men’s mouths laid agape at the sight of one another. Quite a parallel with these two; one of which is still high school, on the verge of graduating and still picking back at what and where he wants to go on in life while the other was left seemingly detained against his will, part of a company that sustains and boasts the same arrogance and contemptible coldness as his father.

Defense mechanisms were hard-wired to an 11 so neither man was going to come straight out of the starting gate with how much their lives had changed for the better or worse.....if they ever were.

Harry: Man, this couldn’t feel any less surreal. Here I thought I’d find you singing with the squares....

Peter: Hangin’ with—hangin’ the hard cases.....

Both: Rappin’ with the rubes!

For now, they were in the moment. And for the first time in years, this was a reunion told in the soul connection of eyes, in the touch, in the strength of such a long-anticipated hug.

And hug they did, with irrefutable energy behind it, as if the matter of one powered up the other.

All Peter could think at this moment was Could this trip get any better?

Harry: I almost didn’t recognize you for a second. The hair almost threw me off.

They pull away from the hug.

Peter: You’re talking about my hair? What’s up with yours?

It was unfortunately the first thing Peter saw on Harry when he saw him: this short hair braided cut doused in burgundy was the most alarming he had seen Harry in recent memory and that’s putting it lightly. Being the sport he is, Harry chuckles it off.

Harry: You’re not the first to point that out.

Peter: And I won’t be the last.

Harry: Here’s hoping I prove you wrong.

He refused not to playfully nudge Peter at his shoulder, prodding him gently. Peter could only look down and curdle his right arm, still not having been used to seeing another old friend of his from long ago…..especially since it never used to be that way.

There was once a period where in the early stages of Peter and Harry’s friendship where the latter wanted nothing to do with him, for he found Peter’s bookish, studious, and painfully shy nature and standoffishness as snobbery. Once he looked past that exterior, he realized that Peter was merely shy and is also worried about his ailing aunt. Despite that rocky start, the two eventually bonded and became friends.

But once Harry moved to Greenwich, the two lost contact with each other.

With the memories and years brushed aside, it seemed only fair that the two would take this moment to further catch up on the what, when, why, and how in their lives.

Not if Harry can’t get him alone, however.

Harry: Umm, say Pete.....

Inching up towards him, the sibilant speech of words without vibration of the vocal cords resonated through Peter’s ears. Not much made sense about it at first, for this unexpected reunion didn’t call for such private extremities. But as the soft-spoken words lingered on, it all began to ring in eventually for Peter.

It was just what he needed too. Talk about a blessing in disguise.

Peter eventually took note of this, turning to Mr. Harrington.

Peter: Excuse me, Mr. Harrington. Mr. Osborn needs me at this moment.

Harrington: Oh Peter, I hardly doubt that’s a—

Harry: Sir, my father humbles requests his presence at this time. Seven minutes tops, I assure you.

Harrington wasn't sure about this but given the Osborns have power over half of New York even in Queens Harrington hesitantly nodded in agreement

Harrington: Very well. But seven minutes. Just keep him close to the group.

Harry: You won't be sorry sir.

Harry walked Peter across the room and he was puzzled on what the close eye was about

Harry: Not trying to be a nose in bro but.....what's with the teachers being your body guards?

Peter: may or may not know into some misunderstanding where....everyone thought I was.....S----Spider-Man?

Harry: Ohhhhh yeah. Yeah I saw you on tv last year. Yeah sorry you went through that. But glad you're ok.

Peter: Glad you and your dad got them off me for a bit. But what did he needed to see me for?

Harry: Oh.....that.....was a roue. I mean he'd like to meet you but.....just thought we take time to ourselves to catch up a bit. I really haven't seen you since....

Peter: Since your mom died? I know. Sorry. How you been since....?

Harry: I'm.....getting by. But there's been some mishaps with her research stations.

Peter: What kind of mishaps?

Harry: The board members have been talking about cutting their funding's. I been trying to keep them active as possible but dad hasn't helped with them. That's why.....I had to drop out of school.

Peter: Your mother's research stations do sound important to you.

Harry: They make me feel like she's still here.

Peter nodded understanding what that's like

Harry: Ned here too?

Peter: Yeah he's somewhere.

Harry: And how bout Liz? Did you finally make a move on her?

Peter: Liz?? she.....actually moved two years ago. Something happened with her father and....she and her father and.....she and her mom moved out of New York. I mean I did ask her to homecoming before all that but.....I....I screwed it up with her.

Harry: What happened?

Peter didn't know how to say something proper without giving himself away so....

Peter: so nervous and scared I.....chickened out.

Harry: Really. That's a first. I mean I can understand but you been nuts about her since the 4th grade. Did she forgive you before she left?

Peter: I......honestly have no way of knowing right now.

Harry: But are you seeing anybody lately?

Peter: S----sort of. I mean....she's.....not calling it dating but we are.....gonna have dinner later tonight.

Harry: What's her name?

Peter: Do you remember my next door neighbors the Watsons?

Harry: You mean Mary Jane??

Peter: You know her??

Harry: I dated her before she moved.

Before things could get more awkward than that the two long lost friends hear a man's voice calling out: HARRY! And looked over to see Norman approach them

Norman: We're about to begin the tour aren't you joining us?

Harry: Yeah sorry dad I was just---

Norman happen to catch sight of Peter who looked at him curiously himself

Norman: Who do we have here?

Harry: Uh yeah....Peter Parker? Let me finally introduce you to my fighter: Norman Osborn the third. Dad thi is my childhood friend: Peter Parker.

Norman smiled holding out his hand to Peter who nodded nervously and shaking his hand trying to hold back his grip so Norman wouldn't feel his spider strength like Eddie and MJ did before

Norman had his grip on him tightly with approval finally meeting his son's former science partner in Midtown

Norman: So I finally meet the mysterious Peter Parker.

Peter: It's a pleasure sir.

Norman: Sir? Come now any friend of Harry is a friend of mine. Call me Norman.

Peter: N---Norman....

Harry could tell his friend was a little shy around his father but gets why he would given Norman's an important man and that Peter seen him in person just only knew Emily Osborn when she was alive.

Norman: Harry tells me you're into science right? I'm a very science wiz myself.

Peter: I read about your research in genetic projects and chemical war fares

Norman: You've read my articles?

Peter: I get my science habits from my own father he was a scientist himelf.

Norman: Then he and your mother must be very proud.

Peter: They died years ago. So I live with my aunt she is proud.

Norman: My condolences.

Harrington from a distance: Parker! Seven minutes are up!

Peter nodded to him from his position and good thing Norman was there after all to buy off from the rouse Harry gave earlier or that might have been a bust

Peter shook Norman's hand again still trying to hold back hiss strength with Norman shaking back and nodding in approval again

Peter It was a real pleasure Mr.....Norman I mean.

Norman: Likewise. Hope we'll meet again soon.

Norman gave him one last smile and turned away and walked to the front as Peter made his way to the group with Harry walking him there

Peter: You're dad seems nice.

Harry: He's alright. But between you and me I think he wants you to intern for Oscorp.

Peter chuckles as they made it back to the group with Harrington patting Pete on the shoulder with Ned beside him this time

Ned: Hey what was that about?

Peter shrugged his shoulders and took a second to notice Harry himself

Ned: Who the....?

Harry: Still in legos Ned?

Ned was confused at first.....till it became obvious especially with the Osborns now owning the Life Foundation

Ned: Oh my god....Harry???

Harry: Long time Ned.

Ned: Yeah I didn't......think to run into you here. What are the odds?

Harry: I asked the same thing.

Ned and Harry did a fist bump as a throat was cleared to the front getting everyone's attention and the staff member from earlier made an introduction

Staff Member: Ladies and gentlemen it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the man wo brought back the life foundation: Norman Osborn

The group and other staff members applaud a Norman waved out to them

Norman: Hello Midtown High. Some of you may know my son Harry when he was with you. Some of you may just know me a President of of Oscorp. But know that it is a great pleasure: to give you this tour. But before we begin let me jut thank each and everyone one of you for tending here for the upcoming senior year to come for you.

They clapped at him again....slightly as especially Peter

Norman: So....fallow me.

And so they did to begin their tour and during it Peter took pictures with his phone especially.....a more secured door.....the same one Eddie went in before when he broke in for proof of Drake's dark deeds.....

......hours later at the Golden Gate Bridge

The bus containing Midtown High's future scene was crossing there and Peter and Ned finally had a chance to talk.....

Peter: What did you need to talk about you said on your text?

Ned: It''s nothing to rush really Pete it can wait when we get back to the hotel.

Peter: I think now is a good time as ever. You know the teacher's aren't gonna leave me alone till I'm secured at my room this evening.

Ned faced down and having no idea where to start.

Ned: Peter I just been thinking: This whole thing has been awesome and I was thrilled to help you on your missions know. Plus being the guy in the chair was splendid and still is. But.....Peter I happen to happen to do much better.....without my help.

Peter: What'd you saying? Are you quitting?

Ned: Pete. Try to understand......we're almost out of high school and who knows which colleges we're gonna go to? We may not be able to do this forever anyway. do much better on your own. In fact you got KAREN to help you again. I just might slow you down. You don't need a guy guy in the chair.

Peter: But.....

Ned nodded making it clear to Peter hi mind was made up and Peter sighed realizing he can't judge Ned especially how the blimp effected him more than it has to him and some others I mean Jason's own little brother is older than him now thanks to it and who knows how old May would have been if she was one of the lucky ones

Lucky or not the whole world is a victim of the blimp than just being snapped out of existence and Pete patted Ned on the shoulder

Peter: I understand. If you need to step back then I'll give you my support. You missed your sister's funeral when were .....and I'm sorry.

Ned: I'll still help anyway I can. Not as much as I use to but....I'll try to help you solve the murder case but that'll be the guy in the chair's last one

Peter: Fair enough.

They fist bumped

Not far from behind the bus a cab was passing through the bride and MJ herself was in the back talking to her aunt on her cell

MJ: For the last time Anna it's not a date. I'm not even into Parker. I mean he's a handsome and nice guy I'll admit.....but I'm not ready for another commitment.

I’m not asking you to throw yourself back in the fire. Just to keep your options open.

MJ: I did….and this is where it got me. Harry wasn’t of any help either.

Mary Jane, you and I both know what happened that day was just a misunderstanding—

MJ: So Dad gets a pass on that? It doesn’t make what Harry did any better. Not to mention….. billion-dollar playboys? Not my cup of tea.

Talk about persistence. Not that she was wrong about where she was coming from.

Her heartbreak was grief that came and went in waves, grueling, stealing appetite and sleep alike. It was a shard in her guts that never really left, felt like death just the same as bereavement and in quiet moments it chokes the breath from her body and short circuits her mind. What was once whole is shattered; where once was peace is emptiness, echoes of a love she put my everything into.

But she had stopped trying long ago. And she really didn’t mind…..only at the cost of her ailing heart.

If only she could see how she wasn’t the only one who suffered.

A thought that had long since passed for Eddie. Glancing and eying at the cab MJ was in before it passes, his thoughts began to wander off. Keeping Anne and Dan alongside him as company, it was only a piddly four days left before the two would officially tie the knot after spending half a decade separated from one another.

However, the musing notion of being Dan’s best man at the wedding once found disgusting to him, Eddie now found it to be an honor. With his feelings out there and his pride no longer sheltered from his true intentions at heart, the reporter found himself the happiest he’s ever been. Smiling and waving and whatnot, it seemed more chirpy and jovial than his usual self.

And it was impossible for either Dan or Anne to not take notice.

But not just that. There was a kind of relaxation that came at the midpoint of the bridge, letting Eddie’s feet full rest, remaining in an extended moment, hearing the blues of the water sing in reflected sunlight notes while the rippling of the waves wash over and cleanse the soul brave enough to look through.

For the first time in his life, Eddie was able to let go of his past. And he felt free. It was a nice change of leisurely pace despite how out of left field the circumstances that lead from yesterday’s events were foretold.

Dan: Eddie?

Bringing him out of his newly eclipsed mental haven, Dan was able to bring Eddie back down to ground zero……which did nothing to deter his mood.

Eddie: Yeah, man?

Dan: I think this is the happiest I’ve seen you since—

Eddie: —we all came back. I know, man. Whoo! I feel good!

Anne: Ok ok ok, Nature Boy. Gotta tone it down by a few chords, last thing we want is to attract a crowd.

Eddie: What? Don’t tell me you’re scared I’ll gobble you up!

He says as he tackles her, arms wrapped around her waist as Anne yelps at Eddie’s playful course of action, nibbling down on her neck and tickling her. Eventually, she laughs it off, taking note of Eddie’s sudden burst of personality, unearthing this exuberant, caring, trustworthy individual that the old him wouldn’t let loose.

The shedded skin that, if things went differently, could’ve re-ignited a spark in their relationship again. And Anne, subconsciously unbeknownst to herself, took notice in an unprecedented way.

By hugging her from the back, Eddie had been silently speaking out that he had missed her company for quite a long time. What he wasn’t expecting to his surprise was Anne no longer restraining herself and giving in….

….turning back around to face him before relaxing into his arms, tackling him with a hug of her own. Mere seconds into the hug, his arms don’t move, don’t budge, don’t slide an inch.

Eventually, she felt him brush her hair back with his piano player fingers. And it felt nice.

Dan: I can see you two have talked out the tension, yes?

The doctor spoke with such love, in a voice that soothed and showed great emotional warmth. Always seemed to be one step ahead of them, in regards to what they needed.

Both eventually let go of each other, albeit slowly.

Anna: He invited me to dinner.

Eddie: All this leftover tension that I had from before was eating me up. You guys’ wedding don’t deserve to be ruined cause of me being a jealous hack.

We were doing you a favor, loser.

Eddie: Would you—

He’s quick to brush the remark aside, sharing his mind and body with the symbiotic sentient being getting more and more cumbersome and irritating. Yet he had to keep toughing it out.

Lucky for him, neither he nor anyone else walking alongside them caught him having a fit amongst himself.

Anne: In all seriousness, I’m glad we’ve let bygones be bygones. Maybe there is still time to rebuild even further.

Eddie: We will be back to normal. Today’s gonna be a great day, excellent. I can feel it.

Not long after he ushers those words, a hooded figure passes by him, bumping him aside from the left shoulder and knocking him aside for just a little while, separating him from Anne and Dan. The separation didn’t phase Eddie either, as he could easily find his way back….

….but the obvious elephant in the room needed to be addressed.

Eddie: Oi, watch it bud.

No feedback, no response, the figure did not respond to Eddie’s cries. Like he wasn’t even there.

No man who seeks to be mysterious can truly be, there's something about wanting the attention that gives them away. Truly mysterious men have no such desire, their motives remain hidden and hence the allure. They have a stand-offish quality that dares contact without inviting it….

….and it was working. It drew Eddie to him without him actually having to Grace him with his presence. It didn’t exactly help that nobody else was paying any attention to them.

Once Eddie bit the bullet, he saw how the man looked like he almost belonged, but not quite. He dressed in scrubby jeans like all the others and wore a scrubby hoodie with dried stains all over it. From just his stance perched to the side, alone, Eddie could deduce much about him, not to mention his hair spiking up like some boy-band prima donna….

….when all of a sudden, his eyes widens.

Wasn’t so much the hair that gave it away, more or less the fiery hot Cheeto-like color reflected away from the shadow of the man’s hood.

The terrifying reality quickly dawns on Eddie…..and his heart lodged up into his throat. Eddie’s perpetually chirpy attitude and the smile fade away almost immediately, stumbling backward trying to comprehend the what and how of this situation.

Eddie: You—son of a—

His gut instinct confirmed with a living nightmare poised in front of him, Eddie stumbles back over his feet again, turning backward as he runs away…

…just when the man turns back around to face him, showing Cletus Kasady reveling in the sight of Eddie running away from him.

His eyes illuminated at the view, his heady eyes and shriveled, black heart, glistening as bright as a new penny. If he was a pastor, his prayers had been answered after YEARS of endless waiting, sitting around and twiddling his thumbs.

Cletus: Eddie…

You know that classic but overplayed trope: “you can’t run away from yourself?” Eddie was wishing that was the case, dragging his feet across the tarmac like a cross country runner sprinting to finish that final lap. Only this time with pedestrians blocking his view every three seconds and his own anxiety chewing him up and spitting him out once again.

Here came a race much similar to that. Only this one was a matter of life or death.

Panting heavily, Eddie is barely keeping himself together upon seeing the nightmare that taught him the true meaning of fear so many years ago….just pop up so suddenly out of the blue. Confirmation over the news was one thing; seeing the real deal in public was another matter entirely.

And he was not gonna be here for it.

Looking amongst the ever-growing crowd in front of him, eventually, she saw a woman in a pale blue sweatshirt and grey high-waist jeans. That was her.

Eddie: Anne. ANNE!

Sprinting forward, with his soles feeling the earth and gaining a frantic rhythm with each step, his thoughts became lyrics: RUN.

Having wasted his oxygen, sprinting frantically and trying to keep up, he does eventually reach Anne and Dan. Eddie nearly takes himself out in trying to derail his own momentum which, in turn, startles Anne and Dan as he stumbles in front of them.

Tired and out of breath, they could tell something was going on due to the smile disappearing.

Anne: Eddie, what just happened?

Eddie: Something bad. Listen, both of you. Stay close; I’m getting you off this bridge.

Dan: Whoa whoa, Eddie, we’re almost on the other side.

Eddie: So we walk faster.

He says as he grips ahold of both of their arms, dragging the two of them alongside him to where their feet were scraping off of the tarmac. Good luck getting loose of him either because Venom’s inclusion to his mind and body meant they couldn’t wriggle free even if they wanted to.

They were being dragged practically against their will now in the midst of what’s about to be a terrible tragedy and all Eddie was doing was attracting more attention to himself. Eyes were now centered on him, staring at him like he was a controlling parent fed up with his children’s disobedience.

Anne: What has just gotten into you?

Eddie: Attitude adjustment.

Anne: You don't mean to tell me you have to go out there do you?

Eddie: Look, I—I have to----

Anne:I know I know you got to do something about it. careful.

Right on cue.

There was a sudden release of energy from the bridge, causing the ground to shake and stir sporadically, mimicking the seismic waves of an earthquake and causing everyone aboard said bridge to drop whatever they were doing and stick to the closest person aside them or hang on for dear life in their respective vehicles.

Only twenty seconds this shaking lasted.

Multiple car alarms laid ringing excessively, echoing alongside the road with only a select few tipped over. Civilians who were walking alongside the bridge didn’t fare any better, with most of them on the ground or exclaiming loudly.

If Anne and Dan needed any more proof, this was it.

Eddie: Ok, we gotta go now.

Dan: That’s an understatement.

Eddie steps back about to morph into Venom and nearly did till another shake knock both him and Dan down knocking them out

Annie would have too if she hadn't caught on the rail and suddenly she felt herself being grabbed from behind she gaped in pain eyeing up with Kassidy holding on to her

Kassidy: Hi pretty face

Cletus: Hi pretty face.

Annie STOMPED on Cletus's foot with her heel forcing him to let go of her as he groaned in pain and ran and did not take long for Kassidy to recover and smiling stalking her through the disaster

As for Barrison she stepped out waving her hands causing the bridge to tumble causing cars to loose control even with MTH bus lost control kids were screaming with Pete looking out to the situation

MJ's cab lost control too as she screamed the driver tried to turn the weal but hit the break to sudden causing him to fall forward SMASHING His face on the windshield

MJ trapped in the back panicked looking out herself

MJ: No.....God help me please.....

Peter tried to get up but the bus suddenly lost control too with another shake from Frances's telekinesis causing it to come to a complete stop

Harrington: Everyone remain calm!

Peter looked out again but couldn't see what was happening but knew something was he could hear people panicking out there and his Peter senses were telling him this wasn't a natural disaster

So he turned to Ned tapped on his head

Peter: Ned.... I got to get out there. People could be hurt.

Ned: Got it. Uh.....IT'S SPIDER-MAN!!

That sure as hell got everyone's attention


Flash: WHERE?!


Everyone did look for him giving Pete barely enough time to pull open the emergency door with his spider strength with one quick pull and soon he crawled out looking back at the bus and ran forward in the determination in his eyes

He pulled open his sirt reveling te spider logo and a minute later he was fully in the suit pulling the mask on an web zipped straight up

When MJ tried to get out from the door it was blocked but seeing the front windshield cracked from the driver his head on it crawled over the front seats and kicking it as hard as possible to brake it open and she manage to squeeze out not without scratching her hands with some of the glass of course but MJ made it out looking around for a way out scared and confused

Across from her Cletus kept proceeding after Annie only to get a glimpse of MJ from a distance and interest with a smirk

Kassidy wanted to proceed after her but had to stick to the plan for now so kept chasing Annie

As Spider-Man began rescuing people from their trap cars and falling off the bridge Eddie finally began to wake up and saw Dan still knocked out

Eddie: Dan......

Now's our chance. Let's eat.

Eddie: No. We need to find Annie.


Eddie then morphs to Venom and as much as Venom STILL wanted to eat Dan and feeling this be his only chance to do it he fallowed Eddie's order and got him somewhere safe and began saving people himself on the other side of the bridge

However Midtown High's bus manage to get restarted with the kids still at panic and some looking for Spider-Man still Flash was the first to notice the emergency door was left open

Flash: Hey! The back door's open!

As everyone turned Frances was already coming their way and just when it moved she caused another shake causing the bus to stop AGAIN and it flipped over causing everyone to scream the bus landed on it's top

With MJ she tried to run to safety only to feel another shake causing her to fall back and nearly over the rail to the river

MJ screamed grabbed hold of a rail and BOTH Spider-Man and Venom heard her

Venom: Annie....

Venom assumed it was Annie cause he didn't see MJ and leaped over the cars but Pete......DID

Spider-Man: MARY JANE!!


She was looing her grip and just before Pete could run up to her he saw his bus turned over and trapped with the back door blocked by another car forcing him to choose

Spider-Man: You got to be kidding me.

Both situation are at 50% critical the bus will likely explode in 15 minutes. The rail is soon to loose support.

Spider-Man: You just had me to tell me Karen.

Forced to make a choice Pete went for the bus only for VENOM to land in front of him knocking Spidey off his balance and soon he turned to the bus and Venom Pulled the car blocking the emergency door away and the kids seeing Venom scremed even Ned Paniked seeing him


Venom turned away and walked around looking for Annie a Peter regained focus and finally got a good look at the oozing anti-hero monster himself and his eye lens widen

Spider-Man: HOLY SHIT!

Venom then looked down and to him and both he and Eddie underneath recognized him of course

Venom: The Spider-Man...?

What's he doing here?

Pete got up panicking himself shaking nervously holding out his hands for combat

Spider-Man: Y---you got no where to go. Just come.....quietly and you won't get hurt.

Not having time for this Venom SLAPPED Spidey aside causing him to hit another car

Spider-Man: Valid.

Back with Annie she kept running and running with Cletus with on her tail she came around the blockade and soon enough Frances blocked her path she screamed at her

Frances: You're going no where my pretty.

At panic she turned to see Kassidy raising his knife to his hair ssmiling the psycho couple had Venom's love of his life out numbered

First time since the Snap Anne has felt this terrified for her life. Her body tightening up and her eyes bloodshot in terror, she had every reason to be cautious on not making any drastic movements.

But Goddamn it, she wasn’t going to let them get through to her any further than the basic startled look and shame.

Cletus: Annie, Annie, Annie……well, aren’t you as cute as a button.

Anne: And you’re still creepy as f—

Pouncing at her, Kasady shushes her quickly, hands firmly over her mouth as she mourners underneath. She knew better not to scream; she couldn’t risk the chance at getting one over on either of them when the opportunity presented itself.

For now, all that was needed from her was to just comply and wait.

Given how soon Cletus let his hand away from Anne only to shove the knife up to her throat, her chance to counter the inevitable was growing shorter with each breath.

Cletus: Flattery will get you nowhere, dear.

Anne: Thought he killed you.

She found herself further shocked at his rebarbative, unappetizing smirk, one that reeked of dried and fermented tobacco from the stains in his teeth and rancid breath. Then he just glimpses over at Frances, his smile glistening wider.

Cletus: Without death, we feel no pain. Without fear, we have not suffered. We are not finished spreading that message…..

Disgusted by his putrid sulfur stench, Anne finally makes her move, spitting in Kasady’s face and left eye. It stung him momentarily like he was stung by a red wasp…..and yet it barely stopped him. He was left swinging the knife at her only for her to barely avoid the dagger and go LOW.

She kicks the man directly below the belt in his Crown Jewels, as Kasady yelps loudly feeling the effects quickly debilitating due to the sensitivity of the groin area. It brings him down to a knee as Anne does what any standard person would do next: run.

Sprinting as far from him and her asinine lady friend, in heels no less, the farthest poor Anne was able to get was a measly three feet. She could hardly feel herself gradually grind to a stop until her body is instantly pushed back with massive force, jolting her equilibrium…..

….thanks to France’s telekinesis.

One flick of her finger and Anne gravitates towards her under massive speeds, that match under a millisecond. No sooner does she jolt into Frances's grip with her left hand wrapped firmly around her neck, she chucks Anne up in the air and slams her down to the concrete.

Frances wrapping behind Anne, hooking a leg over her opposite leg. She then forces Anne to one side, trapping one of her arms with their own arm, and drapes her free leg over to Anne’s neck, forcing it downward. This causes her to eventually bellow out screaming as it elevates Frances and places all her weight on her.

Anne had one arm free, which could’ve been used for balance but with the demented woman wrapping her entire body around her like a tarantula and constricting her airflow momentarily,

She finds no leverage in breaking free. Anne desperately wriggles her free arm to the railing, inching a few meters closer and closer. Unfortunately, Frances’s impatience got the better of her and she snapped Anne’s arm out of place, finally loosening her hold on her.

The latter was left flailing around hyper-extensively like a fish out of water, flat on her back battered and physically broken with no immediate cause of action in easing her projected injury to her right arm.

Frances just smirks again sinisterly while she just methodically crawls up and around Anne, noticing the tears formulating around her eyes.

Frances: Aww poor baby. So contemptible. So damn pathetic, on your knees, crying in front of the world. This isn’t your Little Pony playground, princess. This is the jungle and the rule of the jungle is.....

She cups the side of her face, feeling the droplets of tears drip onto her palm.

Frances:.....only the strong survive.

She was just as sadistic as the man standing aside from her, which only spoke volumes to Anne how badly Eddie tried to warn her and how little she actively bothered to pay attention to his cries. Trouble always seemed to slither its way up through his digestive tract and gobble up anybody else who happens to be in close proximity to him…..

….and poor Anne couldn’t get catch the signs to get out while she still could.

“You either fight and dominate or hide and evaporate. Me......I’m not the victim any longer” is all Frances says as she pressed her hand once again up to Anne’s throat and lifts her up off the ground yet again. The latter briefly catch a glimpse at the falling debris, totaled vehicles, and screaming pedestrians over the bridge.

It wouldn’t stop her from struggling to break free with her other arm. No avail, however.

Frances: Hope you’re not afraid of heights.

That damn smirk refused to leave her as she levitated herself off the ground with Anne in tow, rising her feet and body above the carnage she caused with such a simple distraction. All Anne could do was exclaim loudly and yell in vain as the Doppler effect decreases the frequency of her scream the higher she elevates….

…much to Kasady’s delight.

As for Mary Jane, her time was almost up.

MJ: No no no no, please…..please, please!

Her hands had grown sweaty from the attempt at holding on for as long as she did and with each passing second turning to minutes, her stance and positioning worsened and the shriveled shaking of her body didn’t help matters.

She was barely able to find purchase with her toes and even then, with the railings barely extending anymore support, Mary Jane had to improvise if no one was going to come to her aid.

And since no one was, she decides she was going to rescue herself.

Dangling by the fingers with nothing at all…she improvised, swinging by a little to get the pressure mostly on one set of fingertips, so she could take the opportunity to move the other hand up a couple of inches so she was on her hand.

Then she repeats on the other side and finds herself with her hands fully on the broken railing again. With an even better grip on both sides, she glanced ahead.

There was a way to get back onto the bridge. Just required a little bit more maneuverability.

The path was clear to her.

Nodding to herself, she shimmy’s around the rusted railing hanging out above the water below as cautiously as she could. Her hands only continued to grow more sweaty and slippery by the second and noticing this wasn’t any help. She was lucky to get to the other side by the skin of her teeth….

….until the bridge started to shake yet again.

The vibrations caused the people on the bridge yet again to duck and cover with mixed results. More debris blocked their way, fires straight up denied than any safe passage off and the complete randomness of this happening repeatedly jumbled and disarranged the Golden Gate Bridge’s one abutment, two towers, and the two supporting cables holding it together.

Anymore pressure, the bridge would snap like a twig and thousands would be sharing a watery grave with Davy Jone’s locker.

Spider-Man was all too aware of the stakes involved, recovering from the car crash in due time. Leaping above two flipped over cars and underneath a silo truck through the blankets of fire, even he found himself struggling to keep his balance aboard the wobbling structure once he got up to his feet again.

Zipping to the closet perch point, he’s able to finally catch his breath.

Not before he hears screaming from above and shoots a splinter web between a hummer and a Honda van situated 10 feet away from him, providing a safety net for the father and children as they bounce against the silky thread of a spider net.

Spider-Man: Karen, how much longer ‘till the bridge collapses?

At this rate, you have an average of three minutes.

Spider-Man: Duly noted. Where’s my friends?

Nearly at the beginning of the bridge. They’re lucky to have made it that far.

Spider-Man: Who else is there?

His lenses take the initiative for him, zooming up and out towards near the beginning half of the bridge, a full half a mile away from his positioning and what he sees from there, fills his heart from dread.

The constant wobbling and vibrating had severely crippled Mary Jane’s ability to hold on to the dangling railing much further, for the railing had taken the most out of her palmar hyperhidrosis and was now swinging wildly off-course and out of place.

Spider-Man: MARY JANE!!!

No time to waste.

He leaps into action, leaping from perch point to available perch point and riding his own wave of momentum to pick up the pacing. Amongst the charred roads of ash and fire, another silo truck from the far end of the bridge is unable to slow down. The drive is left with no alternative but to leap out….

….all while the truck gains too much centrifugal from both the improperly balanced load on the back and lack of anyone behind the wheel altered the truck's center of gravity and forced it to tip over.

The load on the back snapped off into pieces and upon further tumbling over itself, a ball of fire erupts, covering the next ten to fifteen feet of the road in flames and likely incinerating the half-dozen people caught in the blast radius.

Blinded by the conglomeration of red and orange from combined fuel, oxygen, and hydrogen, the smoke further proved to be MJ’s undoing. Once again the railing snapped out of place swinging back a few inches before immediately careening to the side of the bridge again.

Having fully slipped down to the edge of the railing due to a lack of vision, MJ was unable to prevent her back from snapping against the edge of the bridge.

The jolt forced her off the railing, causing her to let go and place the precarious redhead into free-fall. Her bloodcurdling scream, however, couldn’t be heard throughout amongst all the endless drivel of noise.

All except for Peter. Now he had to act fast.

Quickly swapping through his options via his HUD display, he equips the web grenade option and tosses it in front of him, rolling through the black clouds of smoke evaporating higher up into the pitch-perfect blue skies.

Sliding on in, Spider-Man disappears into the smoke….only for the release of the grenade’s sprayer of web-fluid to catapult him a full 20 feet in the air barely overtaking the smoke. He then thwips two weblines to a nearby news helicopter just arriving and the first tower that connect the bridge together.

With a flip and a pull, he slingshots himself away from the bridge, over the edge, and out above the open water where Spider-Man laid skydiving and descending rapidly. He catches Mary Jane in his sights, the latter of whom was still screaming and didn’t pay much attention to whom was aside her until the last possible second.

By the time her body flips around in midair so that she was facing upwards, Spider-Man was already in close enough proximity towards her.

Less within an inch away from her, both of their bodies hit the ocean, water splashing around as the two hit the terminal velocity high for the liquidated surface to stop both of their falls.

Nothing but bubbles pop about the surface. Movements were subtle; rarely any noise at all was made for almost a minute…..and the silence was defining.

After a worrying period of silence, a propelling force rockets through the ocean floor and out of the water. Spider-Man had only just rescued the now unconscious Mary Jane from impending doom, placing her firmly around his back while flying up and away from the ocean with his web wings.

25 feet up high, he jumps over the sidewalks, landing firmly back on the bridge. For only momentarily, the damsel in distress was safe if only for a few precious moments.

The severity of death by water not having left his notice, Spider-Man quickly took Mary Jane off his back and lies her down. Placing his hands, one on top of the other, in the middle of her chest, Peter is left using his body weight to help administer compressions that were at least 2 inches deep and delivered at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute.

Lifting the bottom half of his mask up to unconceal his lips, he tilts MJ's head back slightly and chin, pinched the nose shut, and placers his mouth over hers to make a complete seal. Blowing into her mouth to make the chest rise, he delivered two rescue breaths, then continued compressions.

Early signs were not convincing, however.

Spider-Man: Mary? Mary?

No movement at all.

Spider-Man: C’mon cmon, get up, please. I—I caught you—I got you. Mary!

Unsure what to do, he continues the repetitive motions of chest compressions and breathing hoping for a miracle. His wish was eventually granted.

Three more compressions pass and his heightened senses finally caught a glimpse of Mary Jane’s muscles relaxing and heart-pumping ever so slightly. MJ herself jumps up off her back, forcing Peter away as she regurgitates the saltwater backed up in her throat, coughing up and hacking amongst all else.

Oh thank god, was the first thought Peter could formulate through his head.

As for Mary Jane, she could barely see in the darkness that covers her eyelids, the light so dim, her heart beats all the faster. The sun slowly sets over her with her vision quickly coming back to fruition. Now the only thing that bombarded her eyesight amongst all the other destruction on the bridge was the red-and-black ‘menace’ wrongfully accused of killing Mysterio a year back.

She had no words in regards to his presence. All she could say was “Argh. Wha—what’s, what’s going on?”

Spider-Man: Uhh, you….fainted?

Mary Jane: Where am I?

Still cooped up on the bridge. Still being totaled, still with injured or dead civilians, still nowhere safe for her or anyone else just from a single glance. Of that wasn’t bad enough, the cables holding the bridge together were nearly on the edge of collapsing.

At best and at worse, Peter had only a minute left to take what he had and roll with it before it collapsed. He quickly takes ahold of Mary Jane, carrying her up by the back and legs as he shimmy’s over the sidewalk.

Spider-Man: Now’s not the time to dilly-dally. You got to get out of here!

Mary Jane: No, hey, no! I—I—I want to stay with you.

Spider-Man: No, you’re not understanding me. It’s not safe here or around me, go get to an Uber and—Damn it, there’s no Uber’s nearby.

Reevaluating his strategy with no time to spare, luck came his way. He caught his teachers and friends just getting to the very end of the bridge, still sprinting sporadically with their tails between their legs. It was better late than never in a situation this dire but at this rate, options were running drastically low.

He had to go through with it.

Spider-Man: Ok ok, you see that group of people over there?

Mary Jane: Yeah?

Spider-Man: That’s Peter Parker’s group from Midtown. Just tell them you’re a friend of his and they’ll keep you safe until then. Go with them and hide until Peter shows up or I come to get you. Do you hear me? Don’t go anywhere else without them! You hide—

Mary Jane: Ok, but I—

Spider-Man: PROMISE ME!

Frantic, demanding but severely paranoid for her safety, it came off rather familiar to the redhead. Unfortunately, with everything else crumbling around her, options were dwindling the longer she pondered on the response and refused to give an answer. But there was no getting away from this: MJ owed him that for just saving her life and even she knows it.

For once and only once, she was actively putting her trust squarely in the hands of an Avenger.

Mary Jane: I promise…

Spider-Man nodded to her and was about to web zip till MJ grabbed his arm yelling Wait a minute! forcing our hero to turn his head back to her direction who stared at him filled with a thousand questions swimming in her brain

Mary Jane: Who.....are you?

Peter didn't had time to answer her question even if he wanted to but the soft tone from her voice drew him to turn fully forward to her as MJ's heart beginning to beat faster

Spider-Man: Just your friendly neighborhood your service

MJ's smile grew wider as she pulled him for a tight hug which made Peter's eye lens widen all the way and laughed nervously and as soon as she let him go she looked up her masked rescuer with a sweet gaze she hardly gives to anyone

MJ: Go get 'em Tiger.

Pete didn't know what to say from that but gave her a nod she soon did as he said earlier running to the same direction as the survivors and Pete then web zipped in the opposite direction in search for other survivors and of that monster (Venom) he saw earlier who was saving other people while searching for Annie

And speaking of Annie's she was still in clutches of Shriek's grip on her neck but soon Cletus saw Spider-Man coming and gasped in surprise and excitement


She turned her head to him and looked up seeing him coming too who also got excited

Frances: AT LAST! Find Brock and lure him here! For me......

Cletus: Oh anything for me.

He left as Shriek turned to Annie looking in the fear in the fear in her eyes

Frances: If you want to know a secret my dear. Brock.....or his parasite had a secret jealousy of your new groom to be.....but now....not to be. And the only thing that stopped him.....was his love for you. So now......who will stop him now?


For that France yelled out and SNAPPED her neck killing Annie at an instant and drops her and Frances disappears just before Spidey landed in her position and saw Annie falling too

Spider-Man: HOLD ON MISS!

He shot a webline at her and it caught her successfully but our hero was unaware Annie was already gone

Venom kept searching and searching rolling empty cars around as the bridge was now 50 seconds away from collapsing till Venom heard someone yell "PARASITE!" which got his attention in firece he didn't ee anyone but Kassidy was hiding behind a van snickering but Venom did see Spidey pulling Anne from the rails

Venom: Annie!

Hurry up buddy!

Venom ran towards their direction with Kassidy smiling at them knowing he's falling in their deception as Peter held Annie trying to wake her like MJ earlier

Spider-Man: Karen? Is she---?

I'm not getting anything Peter. She's gone.

Spider-Man: No....

Spidey heard a loud thud behind him he turned around seeing Venom approached him and looked furious

Spider-Man: Oh god!


He pushed Peter asside and Venom held her up noticing she wasn't breathing even Eddie inside him had a bad feeling

Annie? Oh god please no.

Venom: Annie. Wake up. Please wake up.

When Pete recovered he looked back at Venom softly growling in sadness it didn't take long for both Eddie and Venom to realize the obvious.....and then......he turned to our hero.....with anger in his white eyes and a snarl in his smiling mouth

Venom: What....have you......DONE?!?!?!?!

Spider-Man: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, wait! IT WASN’T ME!

He wasn’t falling for it and truth be told, fury had already blinded him to think beyond the possibility of foul play involved. What he said vs what he deduced at a glance was disproportionate to what the monster had felt….and this arachnid-based little twerp took away one of the many things he grew to care for.

Snarling loudly, he pounced ahead barely tackling Spider-Man back down to the tarmac but the latter avoids any gutting from his opponent. Doesn’t mean Venom wouldn’t stop there.

Recovering mere seconds later, he swings wildly at Spidey, his arms mutating into maces as he smashes and defiles the road and sidewalk even further with no bullseye. Peter leaps over one while grabbing ahold of the other as it comes down to his face, gripping the huge muscular arm of the symbiotic being.

Barely having any leverage, Peter quickly tosses Venom over his head as he crashes alongside more charred or burning cars on the opposite side of the road. Unfortunately, Venoms tendrils grasp ahold of Peter’s neck the instant he crosses, threatening to cut off his air supply and constrict his blood flow to the brain.

Flinging him to his side of the road with a single tug, Peter is shocked to see Venom already back on his feet as the latter turns him inside out with a clothesline.

Peter was greatly taken aback by this barrage of offense; battered and tired, his brain was on five percent battery stuttering to come up with a coherent plan of attack against the big man all while he crawls up to one knee before collapsing once again.

Venom clamps down on his trapezius (look it up, it’s an actual thing) tightly, squeezing the leftover energy out of Peter while further crippling his movement. Lifting him up an inch over his head, the monstrous specimen took pleasure dissecting his newly found nemesis piece by tiny piece….only at the cost of completely losing sight of the plot regarding why he or Eddie was here.

They are yet to grasp ahold of the notion that as if this moment, both men were nothing but pawns in two psychopaths sick, demented game of chess and they had fallen directly into the palms of their hands.

And that was exactly what Cletus and Frances were counting on.

Quickly after doing what needed to be done, Frances vanished from the heights above before swooping back down to ground level and grabbing ahold of Cletus before taking him half a mile away from the bridge: Fort Point Rock.

She wanted to make sure they’d both have a front row seat to what was soon to be the newest roadside attraction in San Francisco.

And soon enough, one minute had passed.

The bridges two supporting cables began to snap…..and the abutments on each end fold in under the pressure, causing the bridge to wobble with less control than ever.

It was mere seconds from snapping.

Both newly rivals had to aboard Venom ran the opposite direction and leaped off the bridge as Spider-Man web zipped straight up in the nick of time

Everybody even the Midtown High group including MJ and Dan who just recovered all watched in shock of the bridge tumbling down crowd was shouting and Ned and Michelle being the only ones there knowing Peter's identity worried for him even looked at one another fearing the worst

MJ on her side nodded in silence and worried till someone yells out: IT'S SPIDER-MAN!

That drew everyone to look up web slinger leaping over them and the crowd CHEERS even the students Flash Betty Jason even Brad as well as Ned and Michelle who applaud for him MJ ran to his direction watching him swing away with an excitement smile

MJ just couldn't for some reason take her eyes off her masked rescuer wondering who he was and feeling grateful someone finally risked hiss life for hers

Meanwhile we come back to New York to finally visit what many have been talking about since the events with Mysterio where they publish the news articles that are made today

The Daily Bugle

Where the news report of the bridge being totaled was now live around the world as a female reporter explains the situation

As the cause of the disaster remains unknown many civilians were hospitalized and killed during this disaster. Police are on edge where moments ago the masked vigilante New York's Spider-Man was seen on the scene though his intentions were unknown but was sighted in a daring showdown with the monstrous vigilante....known as the Venom. We are unaware.....

What'd I tell ya: HE'S A MASKED MENACE!

That male voice was none other than the president and publisher of the Daily Bugle himself

J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons)

Jameson: I been warning all of New York about this weirdo for years and ever since the Parker case was closed people been ignoring the Spider-Man threats.....till now.

Robbie (Richard T. Jones): We been hearing things about this guy for years and none adds up to what menace would do. He was seen on You-Tube catching purse snatchers burglar even saved people from a bus crash.

Jameson: Yeah a crash he probably tried to cause. As if Stark wasn't bad enough with his robot costumes and this masked freak shows up.

He points at the tv

Jameson: A bridge goes down like the London Bridge and he's fleeing the scene what does that tell ya?

Robbie: One" He wasn't fleeing. Two: They said some monster was there too which could have done it itself and Three: HE'S A HERO!

Jameson: Then why does he wear a mask?

Robbie: I don't know. Maybe to protect the people he cares about.

Jameson: Oh please. You couldn't even pay me to believe he has anyone he cares about.

(If only you knew Jonah.....or till knew I don't know)

Robbie: Look Jonah all I'm saying is if it weren't for Spider-Man we would have never known the truth about Quinten Beck. Why he would frame some random kid God knows why but the point is Jonah....this guy deserves a lot more credit than we give him credit for.

Jameson: Well then that calls for some decent pictures. One that will how the truth about that menace. This time nothing clears him.

Robbie: I told you he' not a menace!

Jonah: And I told you----

Robbie: Besides we don't have decent pictures. Not even You-Tube has any recent videos to give us any. And the point is.....hardly anyone can get a glimpse of him.

Jameson: Then I guess he' a coward to smile for the camera. If we could get Captain America to star in school videos the least this creep can do is stand for a damn picture. Put it on today's page 1: "Cash money for a decent picture of Spider-Man." But if he doesn't want fame I'LL UNFAME HIM!

If it was up to him, Robbie would’ve thrown in the towel right then and there.

Religiously headstrong Jonah was, a stubborn and pompous skinflint determined to blacken Spider-Man’s reputation to cast the masked hero as an unhinged vigilante to only boost the Bugle's circulation. First time around, it was a mild success, for the Mysterio death rumor lasted for only a few weeks.

Felt more like a few months at this length.

But with Peter pulling out the rug from underneath them with his trump card, he placed the trust of New York and even distinct corners of the world back in his good graces…..and firmly place Jonah and the Daily Bugle back to square one. Jameson puffs his cigar, letting the tobacco blow out from his mouth and nose in frustration.

He was not a fan of repetition, especially since things went so well the first time. But then a lightbulb went off in his head.

He still had his reporter sent to San Francisco. The more publicity Spidey gets, the better for Betty to catch him in act. Slamming his desk in euphoria, he snaps his head back to Robbie, cigar in hand and his face perking with glee.

Jameson: You know what? Get Ms. Brant on the phone, bring her up to speed.

Being brought up to speed was no simple feat these days. Even with half of all life resurrected, the trickling procedure towards the path back to normalcy was a masquerade, a facade that many people foolishly believed would be be possible.

There was no mathematical reason to believe, for a second, that things were magically going to go back to the way things were because of who was involved and how.

Something Aaron Davis had to learn the hard way.

Similar to everyone else involved in the aftermath, Aaron missed out on five years of his life…..after having wasted ten on the misfortunes and misdeeds of his past life. Having been arrested four times between 2011 and 2014, while supporting his nephew Miles, he narrowly avoided the fifth incarceration behind the bars of a prison cell. His collaboration with one Mac Gargan, went downhill fast as he claimed that he was "crazy" and ceased working with him sometime before 2016.

Then 2017 happened and to a minuscule degree, it barely altered the way Davis operated.

The next time he tried to make a deal, only for Herman Schultz and Jackson Brice to assume he set them up, Spider-Man saved his life. As a result, Davis agreed to help Spider-Man get all the alien guns off the streets where they could endanger innocent lives.

But alas, one selfless act of heroism would not spare him from the tragic fate of being snapped out of existence for five years.

He didn’t think he’d be missed. But funny how half a decade makes a difference when all that time had been stripped away from you.

Upon being brought back, Miles was the first to greet him with open arms, dumbstruck with worry and anguish over what happened and not understanding a single bit of it. His mother, Rio (Gina Rodriguez) was indifferent to his re-appearance, his previous run-in’s with the law having put her, Miles and her husband in countless confrontational dead ends that left the family too emotionally crippled to repair the damage he caused.

The resolution of conflicted feelings is an inside job that requires self honesty, all self delusions rescinded……and she just couldn’t bring herself to do that, even for Miles sake. It took Aaron pleading and swearing that he’d never pursue criminal interests ever again for her to consider reconsidering that.

Now all that reminded was to return the favor and help him out.

He too was one of many who was left crippled and financially bankrupt without a pot to piss in, so Aaron was able to get NEITHER from the Global Repatriation Council, which meant starting over from scratch… usual.

So where was the next destination in store for Mr. Davis?

Washington Heights.

Known for its large, affordable apartments, Dominican food, and a number of preserved pre-war buildings untouched by new development, Washington Heights is respectively the fourth safest neighborhood in Manhattan…..and is still the one of the last affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan as of the moment.

Luckily for Aaron, Rio was able to set him up for an apartment near Fort Washington Avenue and Riverside Drive after a few weeks of treading waters safely. In due time, they both were able to rent said apartment for only 2,950 on a 24 month lease.

Far from the most sanitary of options but when everyone you have had even taken from you, you’d have to find some way to start over…..and a fresh start is always the weirdest thing, as if everything that happened to this point in time, was a prequel to what comes next.

That book on that chapter of his life was closed and a new one was guaranteed to open by now.

It was a fine day back in New York. The week-long storm theorized to wash every sidewalk and gutter clean never showed it’s face; instead, a tincture of freshness lingered through the air despite the traffic fumes. The vibrancy of the city, boroughs and barrios had bounced back in the instant the clouds cleared and already the parks were a hum of activity.

Aarons activity consisted of him wiggling his body left and right repeatedly, trying to squeeze a mid-century groan leather sofa out the back of the trunk of Rio’s van. The latter could peak at him from the rear view mirror, straining harder than he had to and poking out this ridiculous face.

She couldn’t not chuckle at him.

Also in the van were chairs, coffee tables and a TV, half of which Rio agreed to lend to Aaron until he could pay for his own material needs. The TV was on the couch and the weight of it caused Aaron to reconsider sliding it all out at once.

Aaron: Ok, ok… at a time.

Doing what he should’ve considered earlier, he grips the TV by the bottom and back end, redirecting all of its weight onto his arms and chest while Rio motioned in front of him if he needed any aid.

Aaron: I got it, I got it.

Rio: Think you’ll be suitable enough down here in the Heights?

Aaron: I’ve been in worse places than this. Never fault a face turn Rio, you know?

Rio: Sureeee……

She’s left staring at him as he enters the apartment, thumping his boot soles up against the graveled steps the further up he went.

Eyes centered squarely across from him as he entered the apartment, Rio was finally given a moments rest. There were lots of folks in her life who talked the talk, but rarely walked the talk - all except for her husband. Only then did she have trust, then she had faith in him because the language of Love is not spoken but lived.

Aaron was on the back burner of this debate, having to retread his steps from the very beginning but it was what it was with Rio. It didn’t matter what was said, what was implied or how. She’d take your word for it but she’ll watch what you do. That doesn't mean she won't support you or be your friend, but constructive criticism was one of many factors as to what made her a good teacher.

She’d gently lead you and not the other way around. It was at this moment going forward, that she’d continue to be wary of the former criminal, for the last thing she needed was to hurt his brother even more.

Mrs. Morales.

Professional, but the manner in which her title was called, connotative towards a more authoritative demeanor…..the kind that are all too familiar amongst the rest of this state and country.

Rio had no choice but to turn behind her, where the voice originated from and there she sees Yuri Watanabe, suit and tie and all. The police cruiser alongside her was a surprise, normally since cops wouldn’t hesitate to blare their sirens aloud to let someone know they were coming.

If anything, she just looked unimpressed. Not that Yuri minded anyways.

Rio: What’d he do this time?

Yuri: Nothing… of right now, that is. I just need to ask him a few questions regarding an on-going investigation.

Rio: You certain he knows anything and you just eager to lock him up again?

Yuri: If I knew he was guilty, I wouldn’t be bothered sharing this with you first and it wouldn’t be just me you’re seeing right now. Promised Jeff I’d take it easy on you….

Rios: Que me acabas de decir (What did you just say to me)—

Cutting her off, Yuri taps her across her chest with a brown envelope she pulls out from her jacket and saunters along past her. She could narrowly catch the heightened glare in Rio’s eyes flare, hearing her mention her husband by name when he had no leeway in the conversation whatsoever.

Yuri: If I was being generous.

The Lieutenant luckily didn’t have much further to walk.

The door to the apartment swings open with Aaron finally coming out to take ahold of the rest of the household appliances he was allowed to borrow. Instead, he was met face to face with the Lieutenant of the NYPD precinct, shoving her badge up in his face.

His heart sank. He was not down for another cold, sleepless night locked behind a cell.

For once, Rio was staring at him not in contempt but of worry this time.

Aaron: Unless you have a warrant or looking to stir up the kettle calling the pot again, I’d spill why you’re here.

All he gets is the lieutenant’s hand extended out, another envelope in hand.

Yuri: Your aid.

Cautious as ever, an ever so tempted Aaron just takes the sealable flap before opening the envelope, brown as bark with no distinguishing features and tipped the contents into his hand. There it fell, lightly as feathers into his palm.

Just a plain old black and white photograph. With multiple red herrings attached.

He was left staring at a barely visible rendered image of himself with his hand webbed down to the trunk of his car, a few feet away from Spider-Man. The day that he admittedly helped that man grab ahold of the location of weapons he wanted as far away from him as possible was a bright spot, a tiny flicker

This was meant to insinuate the search for the other man in this photo: it was the only thing that came to mind for Aaron.

Aaron: This doesn’t prove anything to anyone.

Yuri: Except for the fact that you were clearly talking to this man around the time Adrian Toomes was founded and taken into custody.

Aaron: And you’re not taking this to him because—?

Yuri: In your words, I want you to tell me EVERYTHING about your encounter with the Spider-Man. Did he threaten you? What was he after from you?

Scoffing from Aaron’s behalf did nothing for Yuri’s confidence or attitude; it was testing her patience amongst anything else, much to Aaron’s gratification. If these cops weren’t going to be forthcoming and respectful to him, would should he have to return the favor?

What would be in the point in extenuating himself in front of her, for expressing his truth? He saw no point.

Aaron: Lady.…let me put it this way...

He started off, motioning his hands off to the side to keep them in view and in front of the Lieutenant.

Aaron: The kid....he had no clue what he was doing when he was asking me about those weapons. All I know is we shared a common thread: he wanted them gone. He showed heart, passion, an inkling of humility in wanting to do what he thought was right. I only told him to keep my nephew out of danger, nothing more.

Self-assertive he positioned himself onto her, letting his intentions and the Spider-Man’s be known. It would do little to deter her hauteur amour propre and haughtiness and he knew that; the only proper thing he took away from cops in his lifetime.

The Lieutenant could see Aaron knew no fear. Not once did he stumble over his words, not a second passed where she caught him shaking in anticipation, nothing was sticking through to him and the frustration was mutual. She had to briefly take herself out of her element and calmly breath in and out her nose in that frame of time.

Normally, when the frustration builds and she thinks she might explode - she does worst. Worst than shouting, than having tantrum and beating her hands on the ground like a caged animal. It was impossible to vent, let it out in this moment but years of experience under her belt have wisened her to the bigger probabilities of these moments: patience.

Yuri: Take me for a sucker? I’d be more intrigued in the why if I didn’t know you also wanted in on those weapons so you can start by telling me why.

Aaron: Bad place, bad time, you’d do anything to survive if you lived where I did. But that ain’t me anymore. Again, you can’t just….talk it out with Gargan or Toomes?

Yuri: If I was that interested in what they knew, I wouldn’t have come here. Spider-Man’s the priority here in this manhunt, not them.

‘Priority’ was an alarming phrase to use but not as damning as manhunt: an organized search for a person, especially a criminal. Looking aside from the photo he was just given, and glancing at Rio from afar to see her getting the exact same photo, putting two and two together was next to impossible.

And it was infuriating, as if the cops hadn’t already inherited a shady hustle of apprehending and doing away with people who didn’t actively do anything wrong? Now they’re shifting their attention to the actual superheroes?

First Wanda, then Bucky, than Falcon and now Spider-Man….again.

Now he knew full well where her intentions lied. Aaron dared to chuckle it off, mystifying Yuri.

Aaron: Lady, you will set yourself up for disaster if you don’t leave that kid alone. He could hardly ever hurt a fly if he wanted to and what happened to him last year? A simple misunderstanding.

Yuri: Nobody takes the law in their own hands in MY city.

Egocentric pig, was all Aaron could mutter to himself silently. He was lucky she didn’t hear a peep of it.

Aaron: He’s been putting away the people your precinct keeps letting off the hook.

Yuri: He’s the worst kind of criminal: one who think their actions are justified. The kind who acts completely outside of the system.

Aaron: This ‘system’ you depend on so much is fifty shades of black and blue. It’s broken. Imperfect. La mierda (Bullshit). And if you were really doing your jobs, I take it the Avengers wouldn’t still be around.

Yuri just gave the former "Mr. Criminal" a lower serious look as Aaron stared back at her nervous but firmly she approached him and gave him a card

Yuri: This is my card. If there's anything you care to share just call that number.

Aaron: You betcha. Thanks.

Yuri's expression didn't change as she turned away with the other cops behind her fallowing her leaving Aaron in thought

We cut to precinct where Yuri laer arrived back where another female voice shouted Yuri!

She turned her head to see a female cop rushing to her grabbed her arm

Female Cop: You gotta see this quick!

Yuri: What is it?!

Female Cop: Just come look.

Her colleague pulled her over to the lounge where their tv showed the same news report about the Golden Bridge and Spider-Man was sighted there which caught Yuri's attention

Yuri: Holy shh----

Cop: I know right? It caught us all off guard.

Cop # 2: That's not the only thing. What caught me the most was that big black creature and it was clashing with Spider-Man.

Cop # 3: But what's he doing in San Francisco?

Yuri: I don't know. But he won't be there for long.

Yuri storms out of the lounge with fire and determination in her eyes and came into the chief's office explaining what she just saw on the report and demanded a warrant to go to SF and arrest Spider-Man

Chief: Let me get this straight Lieutenant: You want me to give you a warrant so you can fly all the way to California just so you can catch a single vigilante?

Yuri: We both know it was him that tore down that bridge why else would he be there? Come on Chief. It's too obvious he caused that bridge disaster himself. Look just give me a warrant and I'll drag that masked freak back here and make him answer for the laws he's broken.

Chief: Drop it Lt.

Yuri: But sir....

Chief: I said drop it! Ever since we put Quinten Beck away you been obsessing this Spider case like it's the wild goddamn west. It stops now. Nobody cares about Yuri Watanbe taking on the Spider-Man.

Yuri obviously wasn't gonna win this argument and even though the chief made it clear he doesn't want Yuri on this case it's unlikely she'd drop it so suddenly

Soon as she exited the office.....she went upstairs to the roof where a helicopter pilot was getting ready to lift off till he turned over seeing Yuri approach him with a serious look again

Yuri: You. I need a lift to San Francisco.

Pilot: California Lt? But...I'm on my way for security escort at New York General.

Yuri: Get your partner to take over. This is a top priority.

Pilot: Do we have authorization?

Yuri: Screw it. Jut get me to that damn city.

Pilot: Lt......

Yuri: Now rookie!

Making that official despite how the pilot feels about loosing his job Yuri climbed aboard as the helicopter's pellets started turning and when they reached their full speed the chopper lifted from the roof and off it went

Such an unprofessional display of ignorance on display from Yuri as she tightened herself aside the co-pilot seat. The pilot was met with minute-long glares from the Lieutenant, trying to assure that he would take her where she needed to go.

Let alone in the right direction.

For those survived the Golden Gate Bridge disaster, that direction felt miles away from them now. They just had to witness countless people get crushed, trampled or burned to death, some of which were their own loved ones and it solidified how quickly you can lose anybody at any given time.

A cruel but respectable notion in life that not many individuals respect in this world.

Dan, on the other hand, valued that cold venomous rehabilitating truth for years and having now been branded as one of the lucky survivors……it sure was hell didn’t feel like it.

Bottles on top of bottles of water laid disorganized on top of the coffee table across from him with a select fee tumbling off towards the window. Dan could only keep his gaze centered squarely on the television screen on top of him, the screen cascading different shades of red, white, black and blue as the news does what they do best: exploit.


Cash in.

It’s debatable on what could be a worse version of loss: witnessing it directly in front of you, front and center or sitting in the comforts of your home watching news outlets and media reports constantly rub it in the face of the victims and their families before they even receive the depressing news.

But it’s a painful, sad and desperately awful sign of heartbreak when it has to be experienced firsthand and then brought back to your attention a few hours later for everyone to see yourself.

It’s embarrassing, it’s tasteless and it gives the victims loved ones zero comfort and time to collect themselves amidst the horrific disaster that befallen them.

Normally a level-headed individual, Dan was now left uncertain on the stance he unceremoniously had been pulled into: a doctors main instinct, the whole crux of their job was to check in on the health of their patients as if they were their own and save lives.

He couldn’t save the life of the one he loved. That’s a special kind of hell.

Then a knock on the door brings him back to focus, mildly turning his attention away from the television. Famished and depressed, Dan nevertheless pushed himself off the couch and if he didn’t look completely devoid of life before, it showed in his walk.

Of course, it was common curtsy to check the peephole before opening the door to anyone, especially that of a mysterious stranger who you’ve had no affiliation with. However, here’s what Dan didn’t expect when looking out through the door….


Having been unconscious the whole time during the bridge attack, he didn’t even see him get him to safety. And to think what good that did him.

Dan could see from the other side of the door Eddie’s gravity-drawn shoulders painting a picture in his own heart, as if neither it nor his soul would welcome another beat after earlier today. It wasn’t enough his eye’s were red and swelled up with tears, Dan could see that his brain had built some new walls with you so lonely on the other side.

If it was of any consolation, her death left Eddie more broken and desolate than he ever was.

Slowly unlocking the lock and turning the knob, as if he was delaying the inevitable, he finally swings the door open, revealing himself to Eddie. Mere seconds later, Eddie comes forward and grabs him in a tight hug while Dan follows suit.

Nothing came from Eddie but sniffling and crying on his shoulder, tears soaking and dripping through Dan’s shirt.

Eddie: I'm sorry Dan. I normally don't show my emotion to anyone but.....

Dan: I get it. I can't believe she's gone too.

Eddie: I should have done something sooner.

WE should have done something sooner.

Dan: You did what you could. You may have an alien in you that makes you like the Hulk're still human.

Eddie: I know. Just still if we'd.....we could have stopped him.

He'll pay for this.

Eddie: Very dearly.

Dan: What??

Eddie: What??

Eddie: Sorry I was talking to Venom

Dan: I see. Look Eddie. I know your feeling for Annie never changed was hard on you she was gonna marry me I want you to know....I'd never do anything to hurt you.

First time I heard that from you.

Eddie: I know Danny. Neither would I.

Dan nods patting his back

Dan: So what'd you gonna do?

Eddie: You....don't want to know.

Dan: You're going after Annie's killer aren't you?

Neither Eddie or Venom in his head didn't say anything but they didn't need to it was clear to Dan what Eddie's intentions were it scared Dan how dark they were but he understood in a way

Dan: Eddie.....I hope you know......revenge is never justice.

Eddie: I aw him Dan. I saw her in his arms.....dead. It's nothing I can ignore. I gave up everything in New York to be with Annie. And now she's gone. And I know nothing will bring her back......but I'll never know if she's found peace.....unless I find that son of a bitch.

And then eat his ass slow!

Dan: Then I can't be here to watch you become this Eddie.

Eddie: What'd you talking about?

Dan: After Annie's funeral I'm leaving San Francisco. I'm transferring to another hospital in London. I can't stay here after Annie.....especially.....with all this you're doing with......your buddy and.....what you're about to do.

Eddie: I get it. It's not that I want to do something terrible.....but.....

Dan comforted Eddie again as he couldn't hold back the angry cry Venom snarled in vengeance in his head

Dan: I understand Eddie. But.....just know one thing.....revenge....can make us all into the monster within us. And sometimes.....we might not come back from it.

Eddie didn't know what else to say I mean he understood Dan's point cause he never in his life wanted revenge not even when Annie moved on with him or Drake getting him fired cause that wa all on him

But now.....things have changed......Eddie was in fully determination of fury and he wasn't gonna rest till Spidey paid for what he believed he's done to Annie unaware this was a set up up by Cletus and Frances

Eddie: I know I can't talk you out of leaving Dan. And I know you're trying to help but....I don't know how else to move pas this.

Dan: And I know I can't talk you out of that either just.....think about what I said. It's what Annie would want too.

Eddie nodded and both patted each other on the shoulders

Dan: Good luck Eddie.

Eddie: You too.

From pat hug to nod Eddie turned away from his friend knowing this maybe goodbye to him too he opened the door shutting it not looking back and Dan faced down sad about the tragedy of his fiance and the dark path Eddie is now fallowing

Eddie soon came up to the roof of the building as he stared out to the city with the sun at it's last setting for night to fall.....a night of vengeance

Eddie: I never thought I would come down this

Me neither. All caue of your rules. I hate to admit.....a part of me.....might miss Dan.

Eddie: I thought you hated him.

I do. But only caue he got Annie. But now.....she's gone.

Eddie: It won't be in vain.

So what'd we do now?

Eddie: A from this night forward.....after everything that's's FEAST Venom.


Eddie: You heard me. All rules are off now.

You mean it?

Eddie: Yeah. We'll hunt down Spider-Man together. But only way we can is we eat anyone who gets in our way.

Eddie then morphs into Venom


Well....lead on buddy.

And then......Venom leaps off into the night for his quest to eliminate Spider-Man and avenge Annie's death begins

If only both of them knew just exactly what they were stepping into.

Chaotic was probably the most appropriate description in detailing the atmosphere of the Hotel VIA after the incident of the bridge only an hour and a half earlier. It came as no shock to the receptionists at the receptionist desk when both Julius and Harrington, eyes popping out of their sockets and sweating profusely demanded to check out.

Of course, that left everyone else to do the same.

Ten minutes pass and everyone is up to their rooms, stuck in a perpetually identical loop to one year prior. The multiple Elemental attacks forced the hands of the ones in charge of the trip and forced the class to reschedule their entire approach, which meant packing up and heading back to the airport the following morning.

The only difference is it took only ONE attack to force everyone to fuck everything and cancel the trip this time around. They had to endure three separate attacks from the Elementals before deciding ‘Nope, time to go home’ last time.

Clothes and toiletries were stuffed without rhyme or reason, suitcases became disorganized due to urgency and not one single person had any collective idea on what or how this situation could possibly evolve any further than it did earlier today.

With the exception of the one who could hardly care less about what was happening but at the same time, did: Michelle.

She got a weird kick out of the controlled chaos, watching as her fellow students zoom past her from one side to the other, treating it like this was the end of the world. Arms crossed and her back etched against the doorframe of her room, Michelle just looked laidback and lazy.

Her duffle bag beside her, as a replacement for a suitcase, spoke to differ.

Are you kidding me? We’re just about to leave.

Michelle’s ears perk up as the door from her closest right swings open and Betty steps out, phone in hand. From the tone of her voice alone and her bound, indirect posture, it was safe to assume the conversation on the other side was just as serious as what the class was going through.

And yet Michelle somehow knew who was who.

Betty: Why you—I barely even saw him on the bridge, what’s the point in going out my way if I’m just gon—Argh! Yes, I know what I signed up for; doesn’t make it any less sanitary for me. Fine…..I’ll do it.

Pressing down on the end call button, she stashed her phone away and follows suit to Michelle, slamming herself back up against the wall and stuffing her arms crossed, huffing loudly with a suitable exhale.

A slight scoff leaves Michelle, catching Betty’s attention. Turning to her with a glint of disbelief that she was listening and/or seemingly mocking how stressed she became, it eventually grew silently. Michelle just shakes her head ‘No’, indicating it wasn’t what she thought.

But again, Michelle knew.

Michelle: Wasn’t enough with that guy the other day? Taking the high road ain’t enough to leave the big bossman satisfied?

Betty: Jameson wants me to stay behind.

Michelle: Lemme guess: Spider-Man?

She can only nod ‘Yes’, rather begrudgingly I might add.

Michelle: Told you so.

Betty: Told me what?

Michelle: Working with that pompous skinflint does nothing but waste your time and creativity. Why else would he want you to stay here?

This seemed like the precarious positions and micromanagement for a boss like Jameson to oversee his employees. To him, there’s no code or valor or sport: it’s the Hunger Games. Win by any means necessary and stoop to any spiteful level to do it.

Of course in the business world of finances, sales, fundraising, and to some extent education, it is an unfortunate common practice to get your hands dirty in order just to get by and Betty was now left in a conundrum on whether or not she really wanted to be one of many pawns to Jameson’s sick and twisted game.

The unfortunate matter in that is Betty was still new to all this. She only got the job at the Bugle because of Robbie and her sudden distant isolation of Peter following the events after London. While hesitant, she eventually chomped at the bit to get a story done on him, not intended on letting another of Peter’s mishaps risk her internship.

But when the ‘truth’ came out and Betty still got the job regardless, it just felt awkward from then onwards. She was so quick to accept that her ideals can be abandoned if it guarantees her advancement back then.

Now she wasn’t so sure anymore.

Betty: But if he saw something that I didn’t, he…..might be onto something.

Michelle: And what will that do for Spidey’s sake? For Peter’s? He still has a target on his back cause of Mysterio; you go through with it, it’ll spiral out of control faster. He’ll never forgive you.

Yet another conundrum Betty was forced to come to terms with. She and Peter were never close but he was hardly one to judge.

Nice conversation her and Michelle made, amongst the ruckus crowds of their own students moving about and exclaiming loudly, filling the hallways with an endless drivel of noise.

Unfortunately, neither woman was aware of that one room at the left end of the hallway, consisting of poor May Parker. Her head barely squeezing out the crevice of the door and her bag ears soaking up all of the juicy details from only a piddly 10 to 15 feet apart, it was already enough to take in.

Shutting the door, May’s heart and brain are left flying along at a million miles a minute. Pacing extensively back and forth, it only highlighted exactly what May didn’t want to believe: Peter went about behind her back.

Suspicions were confirmed the moment she turned around. And once again, she felt her body, her mind, and her heart melting with rage and anger.

How ironic that the mere image of Peter crawling in through the window of their room on all fours made May’s skin crawl before he even bothered to recover.

She took notice of his breathing: it was irregular. Rather heavy. There was no calmness within, no steadiness in his repetitive chest and mouth movements from his air quality index.

It spoke of a man who was left disturbed after the events of today. And as Peter removed the mask from his face, finally mustering the strength to actively turn himself around while pondering his next move, his darling Aunt May storms up to him, blocking him from taking another step.

His mask? Off.

His suit? Totaled.

His cover? Blown.

All that was left of him to do was uncharacteristically put his hands up like he’d surrender to people holding him at gunpoint. Except gunmen wouldn’t have to deal with an arachnid-based agile teen for long.

His aunt? Different story.

May: Sit down.

Peter: May, it’s been a long day. People died, a bridge is destroyed, I almost got killed. Can we not—


There she was, raising her voice at him…..intentionally this time. She was done with the games.

Peter is left shaking his head in disbelief, sulking his way to the living room and dropping back flint the first chair he saw.

She sat across from him, staring Peter down with befuddlement and venom in her eyes. Unable to keep herself from balling her fists, Peter’s heightened senses highlighted inner turmoil from his own aunt; her heart pounding and her adrenaline spiking with sweat dripping over her forehead giving away his brief stint of anxiety. May was losing her train of thought rather quickly and it made Pete worry a little bit more than she should've.

Staring across from her was the equivalent of him being locked in an interrogation room like if he was the very clever doll, one who was perhaps a puppet at one time but had taken control of his own strings and she was the puppet master looking to regain her dominance over him.

Could not have been a more imperfect scenario for the both of them, especially with the news of his deeds blaring through both of their ears with the TV a few feet away from them.

May: Am-am—am I—am I doing something wrong? Have I failed you as a parental figure?

Peter: You did your best.

May: Apparently, not good enough! You repeatedly lie to my face, take advantage of my trust and nearly bring down a bridge attempting to save it. Next thing you know, I hear Mr. Harrington is considering cutting the trip short like they did last year?!

The heat in her voice and the fury resonating from her octaves also unlocked a long-dormant piece of Peter that had been trying to keep sustained for as long as it wasn’t mentioned. But now that the cat was out of the bag, he saw no need to delay the inevitable.

Breathing shakily as he turns back towards his aunt, he was about to be at her mercy.

May: Why couldn’t you just leave the suit at home?!

Peter: I told you, Spider-Man was coming down here, whether you approved or not. What you saw on that bridge is exactly what I’ve been trying to warn you about as the reason I was coming down here so don’t try and redirect this towards me! I was doing my job, remember?!

This, this right here, this compassion, the energy he puts into everything? It’s why May loved him so much, even as sloppy or even lazy as he can appear to be as, when the man puts his mind to something, he could very well achieve it.

She felt grateful that, on one hand, Anna wouldn’t have to worry about attending yet another funeral before her own.

Unfortunately, the mere stench of Peter’s deodorant wearing off and that suit being creased out of place, crumpled and covered in blood and the ashes of the metal debris and fire, was a testament to everything May was terrified of for her nephew.

And lord help her, she was done playing.

May: Watch. Your. TONE, young man.

Peter: I don’t expect you to see it but I have—

May: Don’t pull that with me. What did I tell you? What do I keep telling you?

Peter: Are you seriously—

“You RUN the other way!”, she exclaims loudly, jumping out of her seat out of breath and wrestling heavily with the truth yet again. May could no longer help herself to her own soul-stirring self-destruction.

She sought herself out for being just as responsible for Peter’s progression into a heroic figure. The fact she did not do enough to stop him earlier or fast enough allowed the situation to escalate this high and for this long was cancerous.

So this was her putting her foot down, yet again.

May: You don’t run towards the danger! That's what I told Ben! And after everything that's happened, you still come at me with this?!

Peter: I didn't ask for this, May! I didn't ask for any of this! But there's nothing I can do about it now. Guys like me don’t have a choice, remember?

May: No. No, no, no, no! You do have a choice. You don't have to do anything, you’re not gonna be whatever Stark told you; you are my boy! Not his! I don't care how much you want to be like him! You---


May froze from Peter's shout as Peter couldn't hide his angry tears anymore

Peter: I have to do this May because.....because I'm responsible.....

May: Responsible? Responsible for what?!

Peter: For what happened to Uncle Ben.

May froze completely in confusion and hock to hear her nephew accuse himself of what happened to her husband she did not know how to place she thought where Peter was that night

May: You?? were at Ned's. You two were doing your homework.

Peter: He drove me to Ned's house but I went some place else.

May: What do you mean?

Peter looked up to his confused Aunt with teary eyes as the screen slowly cuts to a flashback to three years before the events of Homecoming took place

Peter was raised by his Aunt yes but also by her husband who is his deceased Uncle after his parents passed away when he was at a younger age Ben Parker was not only May's husband but Peter's father's older brother the only problem was they never had much money for the rent or other bills not even for Peter's college fund and Ben had a hard time with curer changing since moving to Queens

But a week after Peter's spider bite gave him his powers he thought he could use them to help with that problem so he started looking up ads and one caught his attention

There was an ad of an offering of 5000$ award in a match against New York's Heavyweight champion: Bonesaw

So one day Peter made up an excuse to go to Ned's house to study with him but Ben wanted to drive him there cause lately Pete's been secretive since his spider bite and was concern enough to try and get some info from him

Soon as they pulled up to Ned's house he wasn't home thankfully but before Pete could get out.....

Peter: Thanks for the ride Uncle Ben.

Ben (Steve Carrell): Hang on a minute Pete there's.....there's something we need to talk about.

Peter: About what? Am I in trouble?

Ben: Course not. Just need to talk.

Peter: Well why can't it wait?

Ben: Because we haven't talked all week and it's got your Aunt and I concerned. You're.....always in your room with the door locked. You been skipping your chores. Is um.......something going on at school?

Peter: No I just.....been busy with things.

Peter: Ben where are you even going with this?

Ben: It's just.....I've seen your father get into things like this.'s not a bad thing but there was a lot of trouble he got himself into. Your father was a good man Peter and you're a lot like him and that's ok but......I know you're changing from boy to man bit the important thing you have to when a boy becomes a man that makes certain choices that will turn him into the kind of man he will be for the rest of his life. And that man will gain gifts. Gifts of great power. But that great power is only by the choices that man makes out and it's important how that man uses that power with responsibility. Remember Peter with Great Power.....comes Great Responsibility.

Peter: What does all this have to do with my father? You think he had power or something and wasn't responsible with it? Are you worried I may do the same?

Ben: No that's not what I meant Peter.

Peter: Look I get things are different I know that but I'll deal with it my own way. Jut please get off my back with these lectures please.

Ben: I don't mean to lecture you Pete. I'm only trying to help you see things through. And I know I'm not your father but---

Peter: Then stop trying to pretend you are!

From there it went silent between them Peter felt an instant regret the way he shouted at his uncle who looked back at him with a heavy expression and turned away with a nod

Ben: I'll pick you up here around 10:30.

Peter wanted to apologize for his behavior knowing he was harsh on him but given the hurry he was in he stepped out of the car shutting the door and Ben drove away leaving Peter to watch him go with a heavy heart

But as soon as the car was gone Peter ran to a nearest subway to jump on the next train to Midtown

We cut to the present time in Peter and May's room from after Peter telling her about that argument we just saw

Peter: And that was the last time I saw Uncle Ben alive. He was trying to teach me something about great responsibility. And I just.....slammed

May didn't know know what to make of this as shocked and confused she got from Peter's story but it was far from over

May: So.....where did you go?

Peter: I took a train to downtown. I went to an arena where I was gonna try and win us money. There was a wretling computation being held in Midtown.

We come to another flashback where Pete was in his homemade suit and in the ring with Bonesaw himself with Pete's voice narrating from what he was telling May

When it was my turn to step in the ring I manage to take out my frusteration in the match. Poor Bonesaw never even saw me coming

Bonesaw jumps to him to attack only for Peter to leap back and landing on the cage and flipping over the pro wrestler


The match went on for minutes with Homemade Suited Spider-Man and Bonesaw thrashing one another as it cuts back to reality with Pete and May

Peter: I was terrified he'd rip me apart at first but I won the match anyway. But.....I was cheated by a greedy fight promoter.

Back in the Flashback Peter was in the promoter's office waiting to recieve the money but all he got......was two hundred

Promoter: There you go kid. Now get out of here.

Peter frowned in confusion expecting he'd recieve the whole three thousand award

Peter: Two hundred dollars? But the ad said 5000$.

Promoter: Yeah it did but it also aid you would if you beat him in five minutes and you pinned him in ten. So you get two hundred.

Peter: You don't understand I need that money!

Promoter: Oh sorry I didn't know this was charity. But why don't you complain to someone who gives a crap.

Peter wanted to knock this guy's lights out for this rip off and for being an ass but.....he wasn't worth it

So he turned away and when he reached the door it opened in front of him and entered a man in a leather jacket (Richard Brake)

Peter: Sorry

Man: Sorry.

The man let Peter through and he went out as the man walked up to the Promoter's desk and threw him a bag

Promoter: Yo buddy! What the hell---

A click was heard and the Promoter froze in shock as the Man pointed a gun at him

Man: Fill it up.

Peter was in the locker room changing into his social attire and heard commotion in the office he heard the Armed Robber yelling and cursing at the Promoter

Ignoring it he threw on his hoody and went to the elevator and pressed the button but heard more yells and turned around seeing the Robber run out of the office with the bag filled with the award money



Peter saw the man come towards him but he just stood there backing up as the Robber was three feet away from him as the elevator just opened and the man ran in pressing the close button just when the guard was ten feet away was too late

Robber: Thanks kid!

And it closed

Guard: What's your problem boy you let that prick get away.

The Guard ran back as the Promoter confronted Peter with confusion and shock just like May in the present time not understanding that he just let that crook get away

Promoter: You let him go?! What hell kid?! Now he's gonna get away with MY money!

Peter: Then why don't you complain to someone who gives a crap.

Using his own words against him the Promoter walked away in defeat as Peter chuckled softly pressing the elevator button again as the screen lowly cuts back to the present with May's face in more surprise from where this story was going

May: just let him go??

Peter: The Promoter cheated me May. His greed got the better of me so I didn't think it was my problem he got robbed. But.....I could not have been more wrong. And then.......IT happened

Cutting back to the Flashback Pete was coming out of the Subway he went to earlier it was already 10:35PM and he was worried Ben was already at Ne'd and finding him not there would have gotten him grounded for lying and going off somewhere else a if that argument wasn't bad enough but he went on to the Neighborhood anyway and just when he reached Ned's street


It's very sharp, very loud crack froze Peter in his tracks, hearing the sound of the pop propagate outwards and then decay as quickly as it formulates.

He felt every single hair on his body stand up, his spider-sense starting to enact that tingling feeling in the back of his skull, alerting him. Normally, the tingling gets stronger when the danger becomes more imminent and more threatening and Peter finds out where the danger is coming from and how to avoid it.

Here though, it was very faint. The source of what was causing it was nearby.

And it wasn't so much responding to an arachno-frequency and honing it in. It was attracting him to danger. Confused and scared, it forces him to look to the far right through the stoplights and New York humidity to the other sidewalk across from him.

For the few other pedestrians on the sidewalk, after the gunshot rang through everyone and everything, they began running for the hills. Either lots of exclaiming, hiding behind cars and buildings, or just screaming like banshees. He was taken aback by Ned actually showing up outside following that shot.

All of which Peter heard to discombobulating degrees.

Ned: Hey hey, you ok man?

Peter: No no no, I’m fine.

Ned: You sure?

Peter: Yeah, I just—

He took notice of one cars engines starting up and the tires screeching off the sidewalk and the tarmac, not even trying to turn back out and bolted for the road straight ahead. The car wasn’t of any worry to Peter…..

….it was what the car was concealing on the other side that caused his heart to sink.

There laid his Uncle, flat on his back poised with one leg crossed over the other, his left hand barely covering the exterior of his stomach which was still gushing with blood.

Peter: Oh my god! UNCLE BEN!

I remember…..seeing Ben lying there……bleeding out like a pig. I just dropped everything and ran up to him.

He does exactly that, sprinting across the street with Ned following suit and eventually coming face to face with the person who tried to offer him advice mere hours earlier. It brought forward the testament that it doesn’t matter how various or careful you’re being: you can lose anybody at any time.

Damned to not give up too quickly, Peter throws off his jacket and throws his hands on top of his Uncle's chest, preparing for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Placing one of his hands on top of the other and clasping them together, he pushes hard and fast in the center of the chest, slightly below the nipples with the heel of the hands and straight elbows.

Peter pushed at least 2 inches deep; Compressing his chest at a rate of least 100 times per minute and letting the chest rise fully between compressions…..he got no response.

Peter: Come on, get up. Get up! I’m here!

No response.

Peter: Hang in there, hang in there, please! Fight for me!

But he was already gone.


In-between the next set of compressions, Peter’s eyes took him over to the stomach area where Ben was shot. He wanted to grieve at the bullet hole, for what such an instrument of hate hath wrought.

To feel the emotional pain and disgust that such acts bring, not for the short-term, yet for the long-term for those whom love and feel the breakage of such bonds in deep ways.

The bullet that ultimately took away his Uncle was low-caliber, a 12-gauge to be exact. When one is hit with a larger high caliber weapon, it’s guaranteed to punch a hole in one side and punch a hole out the other. These bullets’ packing power were classified like this for a reason; it had just enough punch to enter.

But once it penetrates, the structural damage it causes is reminiscent of a pinball in a pinball cabinet machine. They’re almost always fatal.

Almost always. And it was this damning revelation that Peter’s emotional deterioration was blinding him from seeing: he was already too late.

Peter’s well of tears trickled down his cheeks eventually flowing into a waterfall; this sight would forever haunt him.

As the screen cuts slowly to reality with May in deeper shock with tear slowly falling from her eyes with Peter facing down with his own tears

Peter: He died in my arms May.....I couldn't take back what I said to him after that and I have to live with this regret for the rest of my life now.....and then.....I wanted to find that bastard that took him from us.

This was scaring May more hearing her boy talking he wanted revenge

Peter: I spent days weeks....and three months looking for him. It was agonizing I couldn't sleep on some nights. day.....I learned his name: Dennis.....Carradine. I bust up heists looking for him. Even fought off Russians and then.....I finally found him almost a week later just seven days before Mr. Stark came to our house police dispatch reported he and the old Skull's gang broke into Stark Industries Storage Wearhouse doing God knows what. I broke in too and beated them all up. was just him....and me.

May was frighten to ask.......

May: You killed him.....didn't you?

Peter looked up to her from asking that and it cuts back to that night he was talking about with police surrounding the Warehouse and it was owned by Stark Industries that they were robbing

This Curradine guy Peter mentioned being his uncle's killer saw all his men were beaten down and webbed up some were even hanging upside down

As scared as he was Carradine loaded his gun with the Homemade Suited Spider-Man stalking him in the shadows like a real spider ready to punce on a fly caught in it's web

He pointed his gun around walking backwards he heard movement which was what made shoot where he heard the sounds but all he shot was walls and glass and as soon as he grabbed his bag Peter landed on his feet behind the killer of his uncle and walked up to him with rage in his eyes


Curradine: What the--?!

Startled Curradine pointed his gun but Pete web yanked it out of his hand and charged at him Curridine ran in fear pulling out his knife only to feel himself grabbed and slammed on the walls and thrown to a window on the flour

Spider-Man: I'm gonna make you pay for your WORTHLESS HYDE!

He grabbed him by the collar and finally his face was in the light and to Peter's surprise......

Spider-Man: YOU?!?!?!?!

That's right Curradine was the same thief from the fight promoter's office the same guy Pete let get away to get back at him for not paying him the money he won

In shock and.......bigger strong guilt grew with his arrogance coting him his uncle's life and caused him to let go as Curradine backed up in fear

Curradine: Please.....don't hurt me......

Spider-Man: It can't be you......not's all my fault.....

Curradine: I'm warning you you masked freak! Stay back!

Spider-Man: If only I hadn't let the Promoter get to me. If only I had stopped you......maybe I could have saved my Uncle......

Peter didn't stop to notice how further Curradine was backing up but he turned to him making him panic and Curradine was about to run but he tripped on a pipe and fell back out one of the windows

Spider-Man: NO!

He ran up and saw his Uncle's murderer fall to his own death

So yes to answer May's question he did die but no not by Peter's hands didn't make Peter feel better and as soon as the police were in arresting the other skull gang members but Pete was already gone

And so.....that ended the flashbacks with Peter and May sitting across from each other as May was now sick to her stomach in the shockness of everything that happened in the flashbacks were everything Peter just told her

Peter: So.....that's what happened. Uncle Ben's killer was gone. But the wounds of why he died have not healed May. I still see Curradine running pass me in my nightmares. I still hear the gunshot in my head and it's only increased my guilt. Uncle Ben was killed cause of me and I can't get it out of my head. And worst of all.....I forgot about him.

May: When?

Peter: When Mr. Stark-----Tony came into our lives. I let him replaced him to heal the hole on my chest from the guilt for getting Ben killed. I forgot and I've never forgiven myself for it. Tony wasn't my real father figure it was Ben.....and now he's gone too but ever since then....I had to take this great power with great responsibility and it took me years to understand that. Cause back then I was just a dumb kid trying to prove myself and after my trip into the spider verse something reminded me of what Ben said to me and what he meant....and that's when I made a promise to use these powers to help people. No matter how much I wish things were different.....there's only one Spider-Man.


NOW he couldn’t hold back his tears, gushing out from the lacrimal glands in his eyes after being brave enough to share all of this: his origins.

The spider.


His death.


The impact it left on him and those who now know his secret and have to carry the burden of his crusade along with him. Far from a respectable notion under any circumstances but with life known to throw curveballs at the most unexpected of times and in the most unorthodox of ways….

….it would’ve made the Snap feel like a blessing in disguise. But still, he was here.

And obligated to finish the deed his Uncle would’ve wanted him to, Peter was left staring emphatically over at his aunt, hoping she’d understand, at the very least.

May: This—this only proves my point, Peter.

But still, she persisted. Nothing against her; he understood why.

In Mays eyes though, he suffered enough. She saw no need in putting any more pressure upon himself to carry out duties beyond his control, as pure and noble as those intentions were. Somehow, motherly maternal instincts kicked in.

May knew this wasn’t just about Ben. Mostly, yes. But there was more to it than the young man was willing to let on.

May: I had to watch my brother-in-law and your mother drop you off at our house in the middle of the night, trying to keep the world safe for you. Watching the fear elope in your eyes when they left, it broke me just as much as it did you. As much as Ben’s……and I can’t stand the thought of having to lose you again.

Peter: Then you know enough about the why.

May: You can’t call the Avengers then?

Peter: They’re disbanded, May. Another misfire I didn’t bother to look into until it was too late.

Now it was all coming out. One by one, piece by piece, segment by segment, this beautifully tragic jigsaw was finally falling into place and it only further highlighted how late to the party May truly was. At fifteen years of age, Peter’s claws were into the superhero business way too deep for him to simply back out and forget about it.

Something would’ve pulled him back eventually.

Peter: It's just me. You'll have to Let that go.

May: Not until you take that off.

Peter: Never going to happen.

May: Don’t talk back to me like that, young man; you’re still eighteen years old!

Peter: I’m technically 24.

May: PETER! I won’t let you get killed again! You take that suit off and give it to me RIGHT NOW!

Peter: You take this suit, I’ll just make another one! And—and if you take that one….I’ll make another again.

May: Why—why, Peter? I don’t—I’m not getting this; why this is a MUST for you. Your uncle died doing NOTHING! His only crime was living!

Peter: His only crime was trying to teach me how to be a better man! The last time I ran the other way, I lost him. We lost him! No more!

Then came a knock at the door.

It was Mr. Harrington

Harrington: Peter? Mrs. Parker? We need to talk to you and the group about something. Can you up?

May and Peter ignored him given they were too emotional on their argument and emotional talk but it didn't stop him from knocking but it wouldn't matter cause Peter and May kept on May dropped

May: I can't support this anymore're all I have left.....

Peter: I know. I really do. But I have..... a responsibility. I owe it to him May.

He kneed down to her as both their eyes locked on to each other

Peter: I failed him May. By letting Curradine go I failed him. And If I look the other way now then I'll never make up for my own crime that I will never be justified for. There's so much more I want to tell's best if I tell you another time. But I can't turn the other way anymore. As much as I want to and BELIEVE me I DO want to but if I do.....other families.....loose their Uncle Ben too. Or worse......their Peter Parkers. And you're at first I did all this for Tony but that was another crime I have to pay for for the rest of my life for using him to replace Ben. Because.....everything I done.....since he was taken from us is to try and make things right. And I know I can't hide this from you forever I get that now. much as I want to be the normal boy you and him raised me to be as much as......I be a best friend to Michelle Betty.....even Harry and as much as.....I be the perfect boyfriend you and Anna Watson want me to be for Mary Jane......


Peter: Yes.....I do like her. But......the point much as I want this for all of you.....I can never be any of that.....if I give up now. And I hope I will one day.....but that's day's not today May.

May: Ben wouldn't want this for you either.

Peter: He probably wouldn't no. But there's no other way. The Avengers are disbanded. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s.......God knows where and that's why it's all on me.

May's tears not once slowed down

Peter: Look....I don't expect you to accept. I know I wouldn't. And if there was someone who would I'd let them do it but there's not. I just.....I just need you to understand.

It was silent until they were interrupted by a breaking news update by a male reporter

.....Just ten minutes ago civilians came across a disturbance in the middle of downtown where just now the man eating vigilante known to the public as......the Venom was sighted near fifth avenue where it disrupted a shootout and seeing eating the armed suspects but also attacking local officers that stood in it's way. Whatever the Venom's motivations it appears it's no longer the protector of our fair city

Peter: Venom.....

May turned back to Peter as he stood up and picked up his mask and May grabbed his arm

May: Peter I'm begging you.....please.....don't do this.

Peter: I have to. People are in danger. Whatever that thing is I've got to stop it.

May: Why?? Why you?

You know why.

Peter took hold of his sad aunt's head and kissed her on the forehead and then pulled on his mask over his head and walked over to the window and turned back to his still emotional wrecked aunt

Spider-Man: May please listen to me.....I'll be back. I will always come back. A-----a---and if I don' can ground me for the rest of my life.

And from then on May helplessly watched her superhero of a nephew leap out and swing away tracking down Venom to his reported location as their door continued to knock by Harrington

Mrs. Parker? Peter?

Cutting across town we come to a diner where Mary Jane just arrived to wait for Peter for this was suppose to be their dinner plan they made when they met unaware of Peter's where abouts

MJ sat on the booth and opened her phone to see if Peter sent her any texts but......there was none so far and soon a waitress came to her

Waitress: Hello my name is Trisha can I get you anything to drink?

MJ: I'm.....waiting for someone right now but......I could use water please.

Waitress: Alright.

MJ: Thank you.

As the waitress left......the waiting began

Preparing for what was supposed to be familiar territory; a supposed social gathering just to catch up on old times came around from a streetwise kid with a more begrudging point of view, someone who didn’t or couldn’t find it in her to love properly.

And yet here MJ was, taking precious minutes out of her time and career, dipping her feet into the deep end of the pool again unbeknownst to herself. She had already braced herself for disappointment long before she walked through that door: the perks you pick you when love has let you down one too many times.

But what more could you expect with someone who’s fallen out of love?

As for Mr. Brock Jr……and his accomplice Venom, they had their own way of coping with the loss of love: eating.

At 5th Avenue branching off at Fulton Street past the Christopher Dydck Fine Art Photography and closing off near the entrance of the Golden Gate Park, which is famous for holding a vast majority of San Francisco’s homeless population from time to time, there was reported to have been shots fired in the corresponding neighborhood.

Unfortunately, that report originated from the better half of an hour ago. And said shots had died down drastically.

But not willingly.

The once busy streets were now outlined and discarded in multiple shreds of metal and debris from the police cars, littering the tarmac and sidewalks with ashes and fire and, in the worst-case scenario, human flesh.

Acts of violence like this were common in the Cali but every once in a while, when events like these defy and surpass the very means of the act committed, it only makes it less and less possible to stomach for those involved and stuck in the crosshairs.

And for this one anonymous cop, having to traverse through this reminiscent sight of a Mad Max-like wreckage wasn’t going to be the worst part of this shootout-turned-survival incident.

What came off as frightening now was the impulses of knowing what was once here was guaranteed to resurface very soon. What was scary was the realization that her being possibly the sole survivor of this nightmare meant she wouldn’t stay that way for long.

Unless she got the hell out of dodge or finished it herself.

In the light that flows water-like through the windows of her bloodshot eyes, the cop is left with her retinas flooded so all she saw was white. They kept dilating constantly, for the excess dust-covered around the ashes blocked the foreground of her eyesight and clashed with her regaining sense of sight.

Eventually, the blurriness wears off, and her eyes point her over towards her destination ahead of her. To the park.

All she had to do was just….get there.

On each arm, there were great purple welts that were guaranteed to only deepen over the coming week. Against her ghostly skin, they are grotesque, but she knew she was lucky not to have broken bones - then what would she do?

She grunts heavily, crawling towards the park and positioning herself towards the first tree she sees, reaching out in agony with each tug forward. She looks as beat up as she did in her early days of training, sparring with guys two heads taller and over twice her mass. And yet there they were as she passed two other distant defunct cops, usurped in their own blood and guts, a horrific sight to any officer on the job.

It truly sunk in that she was the only survivor of this unit left to take the situation into account whether it came at her apprehending then suspect or at the cost of her own life. But she knew what this represented at the end of the day, sucking in a deep breath as she slowly inched her right foot up shoulder width with her right arm.

Following suit with the other leg, the best she could get to was one knee.

It’s been a helluva weird day.

And it was about to get weirder.

She felt her other leg tightly bounded against a solid yet liquidated force that she found impossible to wiggle free of. Simply tapping against the black tendril and gripping the edge of it around her ankle wouldn’t free herself.

Especially after another tendril wrapped itself around the cop's neck, choking her out and forcing her down on her back again.

Eventually, brute force prevailed and the tendrils flew the cop backward by a full sixteen feet away from the park and back to the ash-ridden debris of totaled police cars. Her back snapped against the chassis of the closet car towards her, causing her to flip over the bottom half of the car and land on her back again.

Now she, for certain, couldn’t move.

The perfect pickings for Venom.

Unveiling himself from the shadows, his hand immediately lunges down and grasps ahold of the cops neck, slowly lifting her off the ground and bringing her up to face level with this alien parasite.

Venom: Should’ve stayed away tonight.

Hey, big guy!

Venom turned his head hearing that familiar voice appearing behind him was our friendly neighborhood hero who's eye lens widen yelping Oh God. as Venom slowly turned around to him dropping the cop wo got up and ran and Venom slowly turned around to him dropping the cop who got up and ran and Venom looked toward his newly enemy with death and fire in his eyes

Flashbacking finding him with Annie's body kept running in his head approaching him slowly with hunger and vengeance on his mind

Go get him buddy.

Venom: Hiiiii......murderer.

Spider-Man was beyond scared seeing up close how big he is and his eye lens were now wider

Spider-Man: Whoa whoa.....I'm gonna die.

Then like you aid to May you'll be grounded for life more than you might be already

Pete flipped back about to shoot a web but Venom shot a symbiont tentacle from his hand

Venom: Eat.....THIS!

It pushed him back with cops hiding behind their cars and civilians gathering around watching from a distance as the battle many been waiting for now rumbles

Venom forced Pete to hit a metal rail hitting the pipes and denting them land on his behind

Spider-Man: Karen what is this thing?!

Calculating now.

Venom reached out grabbing Spidey by the leg and pulls him over to him only for Peter to grab a near by sign and try to pull himself loose Venom pulls him harder growling scaring some of the civilians but then the sign broke loose and Peter in his fast thinking raises it up and swings at Venom's jaw

Some people cheered from that and it wasn't long till news vans pulled up for the scene

Female Reporter: Hurry! I want this on view now!

Camera men set up holding their cameras to record the fight with Spider-Man took another swing forcing the beast to let him go but Venom roared in frusteration blasing bigger symbiont tentacles from his back

Spidey deflected them at first but nearly caught him off guard swing the sign but was plunged into the curb

Spider-Man: Oh crap!

Venom jumps up shrieking coming down with a force down with a force kick Pete leaped back dodging Venom's attack one after the other

The reporters catching this live fee allowed others from their homes public tv even at the hotels for Peter's classmates to catch it too Ned and Michelle were horrified knowing that' their friend out there Betty.....seeing this snuck out of the hotel in hopes to get those pics for Jameson

May still in the room still crying saw it too and she just turned it off not being able to bear it or the thought her nephew might not make it back and who can blame her again

Even Anna at the Watson's apartment sipping tea caught it too and this was her realization of Spider-Man in SF she didn't catch much of what happened at the bridge except what MJ told her

Speaking of MJ a tv at the diner she was at played the live fee fight too but MJ......didn't paid attention

She already had three waters while waiting and kept looking at her phone with not a single text from Peter nor that door across te room opening except for other customers

MJ had no doubt he wasn't coming now....or at least was i for it making a frown like this has happened before

Back at the fight Spidey web zipped to Venom kicking him in the stomach then the symbiont monster swung his fists only for Peter to keep dodging them

Venom: Hold still!

Spider-Man: You'll have to catch me first!

Venom finally got a kick off on him sending him to roll over the pavement

Spider-Man: Ahh damn! This guy's no push over.

Peter. Go for the middle!

Spider-Man: What?? Uh....right

He got up charged back over for Venom to raise his hands

Venom: This one's.....for ANNIE!

He lunged multible tentacles from his hands and back but Pete leaped back and slid down raising his legs Venom's own eyes widen and then Peter lunges a kick......BELOW



Yeah Eddie screaming inide and Venom hrieking means Spidey got them both and some of the people watching laughed even the kids at the hotel Ned was dying of laughter

Soon as his slide broke Peter looked up eye lens widen again realizing what he's done

Spider-Man: Oh god.....

Oh god is right Venom and Eddie were both groaning in extreme agony holding down where they struck dropping on his knees

Peter couldn't help but to feel a little sorry for the creature now given that Felicia girl kicked him there before leaving New York

Spider-Man: Oh my.....I'm.....I'm so sorry I------oh man I swear to God I didn't know you had-----oh I'm so sorry....

Venom: FU(BEEEEP!) YOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taken aback and appalled by this sentient blob of goo using expletives and profanities so easily and without hesitation, this foe proved to be more unhinged than Spider-Man originally took him as back into the bridge. A hot temper and liable to act unsanitary whenever it suits him?

He might as well have shot off that ten-gallon mouth and no one would’ve been the wiser.

Spider-Man: Whoa! Language, man!

Quick on his feet, he thwips a thread of webs over at the parasite, shutting him up as it puts a momentary stop to the bloodcurdling screeches and howls. Venom could hardly even feel the webs attached to his mouth; yet another minor annoyance by this arachnid-based creature.

No sooner should he remove the webbing does Spider-Man take advantage of the situation, diving both of his feet onto Venom’s back just as he was getting back up to his feet. Peter took very little interest in the ongoing crowd of pedestrians on the street and by the park; long as they didn’t jeopardize themselves or try to help him in any way, no need to worry about that list of causalities going up.

Peter is left wrapping both of his legs around Venom's back and abdomen while locking his right arm around his neck. That left his right hand handling an arduous task compared to everything else: pulling back on the monster's head. His fingers now interlaced between Venom’s gums and narrowly avoiding his sharpened teeth, he found himself lucky.

Pulling back proved to be just as difficult as expected. Venom’s massive 500-pound frame was no easy walk in the park, especially since his 7 ft tall, 6 inch limit in height did make wriggling free plain sailing. Peter’s strength just tipped a little below the scale compared to Venom but he was doing a number on him, evidenced by his grunts and groans.

What he was unaware of, much to the horror of those watching the fight go down, was who Venom already had crippled underneath his symbiotic grip. Eddie, up underneath Venoms mouth with strands of the symbiote covered over his face straining alongside his friend, must’ve resembled something along the lines of a Freddy Kruger fever dream to those in attendance watching.

They were left running for the hills or back to their tents in the park.

Finally, Venom had enough.

As he repositioned himself, getting himself up on one knee with Spidey still strapped to his back, a massive tendril shoots out from his back launching Spidey up a full 30 feet into the air, finally forcing him to let go.

With the arachnid off of him, it gave Venom ample time to recover. Now fifty shades of black and blue and pissed off, he slams his fist THROUGH the tarmac, cracking it amongst a full six feet across from him. That’s when another tendril shoots up from the ground, aimed at a descending Spidey.

Spider-Man: No no no no no!

Conscious, he webzibs away from the incoming tendril quickly……only for the darn thing to follow him anyways and slam him face-first into the nearest building. Collapsing the walls and mainframe of the window, it still rendered Peter conscious enough to perform.

So the tendril simply hurled him elsewhere, slamming him about yet again.

From stores to diners to the charred cars back down to the tarmac and even towards Venoms swelled feet and fists, the barrage against the web-slinger was absolutely relentless…..

Spider-Man: Kar—argh! G’ah! Karen!

….and he had no way of telegraphing a way around it.

Can’t formulate—Ahh! Anything at the moment—ugh! Stay clear of—ARGH!

After three full minutes, the carnage subsided and whoever civilians left on the sidewalk had to watch in horror as Venom dragged along Spider-Man’s motionless body slinking and shredding across the tarmac.

He then dropped him just for Spidey to groan from the beating he took he felt like this was Thano all over again

Spider-Man: Oh......I don't feel so good.

See what I mean?

But not feeling good was the least of our hero's problems now for he felt a tight grip around his neck with Venom holding him up off his feet staring at him with death in his eyes

All the civolians and cops and everyone viewing this on tv watched hopelessly seeing what was possibly to accure

Ned and Michelle feared the worst Flash was whimpering like a little girl Brad was out of words hardly anybody noticed Betty was gone

And only one who didn't noticed the events was MJ till in her booth her elbow were on her table leaning her head on her knuckles shuttered like a hore it's been an hour later than when Pete was suppose to be there MJ was just now already over this

She leaned back with a frusterated and disappointed expression all though part of her was expecting it it still got to her

If Venom was pissed at Spider-Man he was not more pissed than MJ is to Peter now

MJ: You.....are o dead Peter Parker.

Yeah funny she should say that cause it seemed to be the case with him with Venom licking Pete on his masked face and he snarled

Spider-Man: I'M SO DEAD!

Venom: Eyes. Lungs. Pancreases. So many spiders so little time.

Spider-Man: I don't suppose you and I can talk this over?

Venom: After what you done.....hardly anything to talk about now.

Spider-Man: What'd I do?!


Spider-Man: You'll kill me?

I'm sure you can guess where Pete was filling that quote from and if not look up Jeff Dunham

Venom: Exactly. No where to run now. And no where to hide. Happy Ending!

Venom opened his mouth and Spidey screamed helplessly feeling thi maybe the end and it would be if Venom wasn't BLINDED by a sudden flash in his eyes

Venom shrieked dropping Peter covering his eyes and as he hit the pavement Spidey looked over to see Betty herself in the crowd taking pictures with her phone

She sure arrived at the last minute or Spidey would be a goner

Spider-Man: Saved by Betty. I'll have to thank her later. Right now time to wrap this guy up.

Venom's vision barely recovered as Pete leaped over and hot webs Venom was able to see them coming and leaped straight up and landing on a wall climbing straight up

It seemed now Venom was retreating but Spider-Man wasn't gonna let him go that easily he web zipped up after him trying to catch up to the beast

He saw him disappear over the edge of the building and by the time he reached the roof himself......Venom was gone

Spider-Man: Dammit! some superhero I am. I just let the bad guy get away.

Yeah wasn't exactly his moment of triumph but Betty on the ground had her luck as everyone was all shouting and chattering on what just happened and the police tried to get them to calm down and go home Betty had some good pics of Venom holding Spider-Man by the neck and ones of him on the ground and him chasing Venom to the roof

Betty: Couple of nice shots. But nothing that will compel Johana to get me into the Bugle officially. I'll need more. am I gonna find him now?

Betty if you only knew the quicker way

Back at the diner Mary Jane had just walked out still in disappointment her head was spinning of her being stood up and by her expression her history of being stood up was not a pleasant one

But she was unaware......somebody else exited the diner after and was watching her leave as he stood there the camera rotated revealing the figure stalking her to be.......


He gave her the most sinister smile as he watched her go even took pictures of her with his phone


And where's Frances you ask? Well we join her at the warehouse where workers there were killed by her powers no doubt and thankfully they had a tv which is how she caught the event of Spider-Man vs Venom she chuckled to know everything was going according to plan

The plan to set Peter and Eddie against each other was just now in emotion but the reason for this plan was yet to be revealed

Soon Frances heard the doors open she turned to see it was her psycho lover with an exciteful smirk

Frances: Where have you been?

Cletus: Sorry babe I was picking out new targets and found a delicious one.

Frances: Well I'm glad you're having fun but you just missed the show. Brock and the Spider just nearly tore each others throats out. Venom nearly bit his head off but something stopped him.

Cletus: It's only a matter of time kitten. Be patient. But mean time check out who I marked for sport.

Frances took the phone from Kassidy's hand and she scrolled from picture to picture he took of MJ in the diner and when she walked off and Frances looked at him with.....disapproval

Frances: Who's this dimbo? You're new girlfriend?

Cletus: WHAT??

Frances: You heard me. I thought I mattered to you.

Frances turned away like a jealous and sensitive high school girlfriend and Kassidy.....nodded to her thinking she's being silly

Cletus: Frances sweetheart.....she's only a target for my crusade. You're the only girl I want.

Frances: Hmph!

Cletus: Do I have to do the face again?

Frances briefly turned her head to him

Cletus: I swear she's nothing but who I rather go Jack the Ripper on.

Frances locked eyes on him

Frances: You promise?

Cletus: Cross my heart and kill again.

Frances widen her smile facing forward to him

France: Alright. Tell me about this girl.

Cletus: Her name's Mary Jane Watson. She was actually there at the bridge when we tore it down. Since then I've had time to investigate her. She's actually studying to be a celebrity actress that's really got my attention. If we put a hit on a actress that's gonna drive the world mad.

Frances: You said she was only STUDYING to be an actress.

Cletus: Yes but it works the same way doesn't it?

Frances: I don't know. Before we got at her......learn about her personal life.

Uh oh.....looks like boy problems are the least of MJ's problems now

But speaking of MJ she just happened to arrive at the hotel where in the lobby hotel staff and two of the teachers and half of the students just happend to leave and back to their rooms

She then looked to her left to see Ned Michelle Flash and Jason in the lounge and they were watching.......WandaVision

My wife and her flying saucers.

My husband and his indestructible head.

Ned: You know what I don't get? All this was created by a barrier that took a whole town hostage. But it's down now that Wanda Maximoff came to her senses so why are they still broadcasting this?

Flash: Money loser. Duh.

Michelle: No one asked you Flash.

Mary Jane came behind them but felt a bump behind her

Betty: Oh sorry I was on my phone.

MJ: No worries.

Betty got a close look at MJ's face and she could not help.....but to recognize her

Betty: MJ?

Mary Jane frowned how she knows her nickname and that even got Michelle's attention

Michelle: Yeah? Huh?

Michelle happen to noticed the unfamiliar red head herself as does Ned while Flash and Jason kept watching the show

Betty: Mary Jane Watson??

Now the abridged list of would-be people was narrowed down to one and only one person. Didn’t make the revelation any less surreal.

The bombshell fiery red hair should’ve been a dead giveaway but that was mostly overshadowed by Betty’s own bewilderment at the sight: she hardly recognized Mary Jane at all. It had been years since their last encounter in what naturally felt like an eternity.

How ironic it was that the last time they ever truly glared across from each other was the day the Chitari invaded New York. The day Loki nearly succeeded in his conquest to start a war. The day the Avengers came together for the first time and reminded everyone that there was still hope for everyone, yet the carnage that unraveled that day ended up separating these two….

… it was only fitting to leave it up to another Avenger to reunite them 13 years later.

MJ’s eyes zigzagged all over Betty, for this sight was the polar opposite of what she was accustomed to. Everyone has to grow up and find their own bubble to comfortable with, absolutely, but the entire aura that resonated through Betty as she continued to look across at her displayed the image of a soul who grew up much faster than her.

The latter could be taken into account with MJ taking notice of the camera in Betty’s hand…..

….and the Daily Bugle internship badge dangling over her neck.

Mary Jane: In all my years, I never would’ve suspected you to trade crop tops for potshots.

Betty: Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Mary Jane: Har-har. Screw you too.

Politely digging into the banter, they both just inch forward and hug. The two were fortunate to bury their despondencies from early on in the evening, both of them unable to take into account what or why certain things happened the way they did.

But if there was one thing MJ could praise Peter for, it’s for reuniting her with an old friend.

Betty: I take it you’re done with the whole renegade heroes schtick?

Mary Jane: All heroes are fundamentally flawed, Betty. It’s just a miracle I realized it early on. Ain’t looking to be anyone’s Cinderella.

That was the emotional sadist talking there: the one who had been heartbroken and scorned for decades and had long since given up. Deep down, that incident back on the bridge was both a grisly reminder of how much damage the ones tend to do cause in pursuit of such needs but also how terribly wrong she was.

Spider-Man’s selfless act of heroism felt like a rechristening of sorts; one that was best she not let them know.

Not that Betty wasn’t shove it down her throat and remind her, however.

Betty: Funny you mentioned that cause just got back from the Golden Gate Park. Caught a few pics of Spider-Man.

She offhandedly mentions, tilting the camera up. Everyone surrounding her just went silent like a two-ton megaton bomb went off. She wasn’t even supposed to be out past the 9:00 pm threshold established for the day after the incident on the bridge.

And of course, Michelle, Ned, Flash, and now MJ are the only ones who know.

Which spelled trouble for Michelle and Ned since being the only ones of this group aware of Spider-Man’s true identity would spell defraying for their silence if the secret were to ever find out. If Michelle knew one thing about Betty, it’s that she’d do anything to make it to the top. So the fact that she’s unknowingly in the process of slandering one of her friends to do so wasn’t sitting well in her book.

Ned, too.

Ned: Betty.

Solemnity was all Betty got from looking at these guys, unaware they were the only one of the two who caught onto how severe this situation is.

Betty: What?

Michelle: Didn’t we already talk about this? What this means for Peter?

Betty: I can talk it out with him later; we’re leaving tomorrow anyway, ok? Just let me do my damn job.

Ned: He’s been hurt enough already. You can’t look at it from his perspective at least?

Mary Jane: Ahem, excuse me.

Clearing the throat, typically to attract attention or express disapproval or embarrassment……something that mostly doesn’t fail. It did attract the three back towards her, her being the only one seemingly out of the loop at the moment.

While not entirely twiddling her thumbs waiting and bidding her time, it did perk out her curiosity considering how quickly the conversation switched around to Peter, a perspective that had been very heavily protected since she met the guy. As if standing her up couldn’t make her night anymore embarrassing.

Mary Jane: What are you three hens gossiping about?

She didn’t find the salvageable response from Flash all that helpful, given he rudely interjected a conversation that was just between her and the three “hens”.

She just folded her arms unimpressed at his attempt at staying face, his body language looking just the tad bit pompous in his stance and veneer to mirror similar experiences from years prior.

Automatic no.

But Flash was just too busy checking MJ out like the big bad wolf from tex avery

Flash: Well low and behold where have you been all my life?

MJ: Pardon me?

Flash: The name's Flash honey. What'd you say you and I ditch this crowd and catch a late night movie?

MJ: Are you for real?

Michelle: Unfortunately he is.

MJ: Ok first no. And second again I asked the same question about that gossip?

Flash: Didn’t hear honey? Mysterio tricked us into thinking Porker was Spidey a year ago. The last time we went overseas, the guy tried to kill us repeatedly.

Ned: Didn’t exactly take kindly to how Spider-Man got past his illusions so he made one that felt impossible to ignore.

Michelle: Peter seemingly jumped back from this ordeal as if nothing happened but that’s bullshit if I’ve ever seen it. He’s a brilliant liar and he hides his feelings better than others believe.

Flash: Fat chance. Like I’m supposed to take that dickwads word for anything.

Michelle: Speak for yourself, asswipe.

A sarcastic, guarded demeanor? Genuinely serious half the time? Dry sense of humor? Check check and check. Something clicked about her the longer MJ stood across from her and the latter seemed to think the same, turning her attention back to Mary.

Michelle looked…..somewhat pleased to be met with someone similar to her; she was looking pleased, a soft sense of happiness very rarely found in her that made itself at home in her features.

Mary Jane: MJ.

Michelle smirks it off, extending her hand out.

Michelle: MJ.

The former of the MJ’s just chuckles it off, finding Peter’s comments from before had some truth to it upon shaking her hand.

Yet this was one of many conundrums for the young inspiring actress-to-be to absorb. First, her observations on heroes simultaneously shatter within one fell swoop, being rescued by the apparent heir to Iron Man’s legacy and then finding out that same hero was involved in a worldwide conspiracy that effected ruined his life and left his supposed alter ego even worse for wear?

Would’ve made some semblance of sense, if it was true. But looking at that perspective from blue and dark eyes was far easy for MJ to dissect and relate to because it was all she knew: betrayal, cruelty, corruption. Perhaps she had hit the jackpot on the unlucky hero.

Sometimes two people can meet at the right place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, she was interested in the lesser half of the equation today……and sympathetic or not, Peter screwed up tonight.

That bit needed to be sorted out.

Mary Jane: Gonna go talk to him.

She’d find herself lucky.

Crawling back in through the window he was forced to go through a mere hour earlier, Peter was left yet another peg short, rolling down the window frame and landing on the floor. Embarrassment was temporary, depending on who, what, and why….and in this case, he could only barely stomach getting his ass beat twice, minor internal and external injuries notwithstanding.

He’d rather take that embarrassment, however, than wear a mask; emotional vulnerability was a key part of who he was and he was, unfortunately, getting good with that. That was him. Didn’t help the fact that a literal monster was roaming the streets and seemingly had his number every step of the way as far as strength, speed, agility, mobility, and multitasking.

Not tonight, Peter told himself, unwilling to let the image of what he had seen overwrite his brain beyond the point of obsession.

All he wanted to do was lay down and rest his head. But not without wishing his Aunt a good night.

Disbanding the vacuum seal from his suit, Peter shimmy’s out of it and stuffs it into his backpack tucked in the corner of his room. A quick change of attire later, he’s stuck in his PJ’s, wandering around the apartment looking for his depressed aunt.

Living room? No.

Bathroom? No.

Balcony? Nothing.

Him turning his head sporadically amongst every corner of the room left him perplexed and worried, given May never left him a message of any kind saying she was off to anywhere.

To be frank, she’s a grown woman so there isn’t a whole lot of concern surrounding her staying out too late…..except with what Peter just had to deal with. And only now was the webslinger starting to take into account what she told him before he left and how worried she truly was.

Peter: May? MAY?

She’s not here.

Startled, he bolts his head behind him towards the closet door. Sliding open, Mary Jane just waltzes right out the closet, arms crossed, sporting a glare marked as an expansion of cold emptiness, a complete disregard for his wellbeing that was only merely hinted at previously.

Now she wasn’t trying to hide it.

Mary Jane: It’s just me and you, Peter Parker.

Peter: The hell you even get in?

Mary Jane: I’m an explorer by nature; so keep in mind…..

She flicked her wrist upwards, showing off the keycard to the door; the key that Peter himself LEFT BEHIND in May’s care. The only thing that meant was MJ was actively looking for him and May either gave it to her or took it off her.

It left Peter huffing heavily, his carelessness coming back to bite him in the worst of nights.

“Did I forget something?”, he questions firmly, no attempting to sugarcoat this predicament and beat around the bush. In all fairness, Peter wasn’t in the mood tonight to deal with anybody else after nearly getting killed twice.

Her staring him down did little to ease his rising storm; having caught him at the worst possible time. But MJ continued to budge at him with this glaring fire in her eyes…..

Mary Jane: YOU. TELL. ME.

….until further inspection took hold for the young man. Then the revelation dawned on him and his heart sank.

He missed out on their meeting.

Peter: No. No no no no!

He exclaimed loudly, coming to terms with the one thing, the ONE THING he improvised on only to completely drop out and forget. Digging his nails through his raggedy hair and scalp and pulling back on his own head, it made him look desperate and sad.

The redhead didn’t expect anything less.

Mary Jane: Yeah, nearly two and a half hours. You have a LOT to answer for.

While not stuck between a rock and a hard place, the rather fiery stare from MJ was enough to put Peter in check once more, for his duties once again got in the way of him being a dependable ally or even just a regular guy. This is the part of the job that he always hated because he knew he had no excuses for missing out on something special. And the only excuse he did have would risk putting exposing his identity.

Or worse.

Peter: Mary Jane, I am so sorry about any of that. That was all on me.

Mary Jane: Keep talking.

Peter: That was stupid and immature of me to do.

Mary Jane: And?

Peter: And if I could go back in time to change things, I would.

Mary Jane: And?

Peter: And….that’s the last time that’s gonna happen, I promise.

Mary Jane: AND?

Peter: And…..

He could hint just from looking at her, there was a lot of fire in her. Most of the time when it’s convenient, she can be the master of it. When she’s triggered though, when she’s angry and sad, it becomes the master of her.

And she was justified in letting it mildly simmer over for once, waiting for yet another excuse from why Peter just left her out to dry. However, part of her wondered even why she was putting up with this: she wouldn’t normally go out of her way to hear them out. Guess there was something....odd about Peter to begin with.

Especially with his follow-up remark.

Peter: I-I, I’m sorry, I’ve run out of things to say.

It kind of threw MJ off. He never justified his actions, he never tried to blame her for it, he looked and sounded genuinely guilty about tonight. Hell, he apologized for the incident almost immediately and was upfront and honest about it.

That was something to respect. Not that it meant MJ was going to go any easier on him.

Mary Jane: Ok then. Then I wanna say a couple of things: What you did tonight was irresponsible and very selfish of you, Peter Parker.

Peter: I know.

Mary Jane: Do you? Really? Cause I have a hard time falling for that act.

Peter: It isn’t an “act”: it’s called losing track of time.

Needless to say, MJ didn’t seem to take kindly to that statement, approaching him with an extra bounce in her step even going so far as to push him back onto the bed behind him with full force.

Mary Jane: Bullshit.

Peter just looked dead in her eyes and could see the fire in them as she showed both anger and hurt mixed into her expression

MJ: There's a reason I didn't want this to be a date. I've had relationships where men have let me down all the time. My first boyfriend was just nothing but a trouble maker and was arrested God knows how many times. My second.....just went to the dance with one of my rival on MY homecoming dance.

That made him think of Liz

MJ: And my third....let's just say he was more complicated.

He wondered if that was Harry she was talking about since he mentioned it to him at the Life Foundation

MJ: So don't make the lamest excuses as them. So you tell me.....what exactly happened make you space like that.

Peter seemed to realize MJ wa gonna be the hardest person to ever hide his secret from maybe impossible and being convincing may not be enough especially to learn her homecoming was much worse than hers cause she was the Liz in her story but worse her date made another

Peter felt sorry for her and was nervous what to say and.....only muttered hi anwers

Peter: There was.....a disturbance.

MJ: In the force?

Peter and Mary Jane looked odd at one another realizing they were both Star Wars fans which almost made them forget their situation.....ALMOST

MJ: Are you like a jedi and were dueling with Darth Vader or Kylo Ren?

Peter laughed in embarrassment

Peter: So you watch Star Wars too?

MJ: Yeah....but I don't know how I feel about Lat Jedi.

Peter: Oh come on it wasn't THAT bad.

MJ: I'm not saying it is....I just.....thought it could have used a better plotline. But.....I'll be honest about one thing. I never cared much for Attack of the Clones.

Peter: I know RIGHT? I mean that's like the WORST Star Wars chapter in the entire series.

MJ: GLad someone agrees.

They both laughed so hard it took their minds off the least till Peter opened up.....

Peter: Truth is I was.....on my way.....but I got caught in the middle of the disturbance on 5th avenue.

MJ: Near the bridge?

Peter: Yeah uh.....I....actually saw Spider-Man fighting some giant blob monster with blob monster with huge teeth .

MJ: You saw Spider-Man?? Did he mentioned me?

Peter: What??

MJ: Hehe sorry. Go ahead.

Peter: was massive and he was nearly eaten alive......till someone flashed at it. Either way.....I was stuck in the crowd. And.....I did loose track of time.

Peter in a way.....told the truth just didn't give enough details but it was enough for MJ to be......SLIGHTLY convinced

MJ: Why didn't you just call then?

Peter left my phone in the room when I left earlier. It's unlike a teenager to forget his phone I know but it can happen sometimes.

MJ: I guess I can't argue with that. I just.....thought.....I don't know part of me thought....I normally don't let my guard down cause people all my life......always disappointed me. You rely on someone and they just.....walk out on you. Like my dad for example.

Peter:.....your dad??

MJ realize that came out sudden she never meant to bring up her dad to anyone not even Peter

MJ: I don't want to talk about it. But.....thanks for telling me the truth. Because you're actually the first to be honest so far.

If you only knew the other details

MJ: I mean God knows you been through enough last year.

MJ: Yyyyyyeah.....your friends down stairs told me about your.....misunderstanding of being......Spider-Man?

Peter: Ohhh.....oh yeah.....

MJ: Come to think of it.....I did see you on tv last year.

Now that chilled Peter to the bone

But that blow was softened ever so slightly, with MJ joining him upon the bed. Perched upon the edge, her body language loosened ever so slowly, a sign she was letting her guard down.

A rookie mistake.

MJ: No doubt your luck’s better than me.

Looking over at her, Peter could see tears formulating but MJ quickly wiping them away as they appeared.

Tears weren’t needed to address what was going on with her. Peter could feel her accelerated heartbeat and muscles swelling; from what he already heard and the manner in which it was spoken, this wasn’t a recent occurrence.

This was going on for way too long. It is so easy to break a person....and it takes so very long to repair. Which made what MJ deduced about Peter a bald-faced lie.

Broken-hearted is not a destination, yet a difficult road that often appears at the feet, that must be walked in order to get to a better future. We can pad our shoes with good memories to absorb the shock, or let our soles feel the full pain of this change in terrain.

The latter of the two was determined to guide the other into safer waters.

Peter: Didn’t know about any of that.

MJ: You never asked.

He nods, unanimously. It had been forever since they were kids and even longer since the Snap. God knows what they both had to suffer through.

Peter: Lost my parents too.....

MJ: I’m not looking for a pity party.

Peter:....when I was an infant.

Bombshell dropped.

Now that made MJ’s eyes and ears perk up, curiously looking over at him as he finally straightened up on the comforter of the bed; finally, something interesting to say but also admittedly depressing given how quickly the subject matter changed from missing a social gathering to tragic backstories.

And as MJ soon came to grasp, Peter’s wasn’t any less traumatic than hers.

Peter: May told me that watching the fear elope in my eyes when Mom and Dad left… broke her just as much as it did me. As it did my Uncle. Living with them all my life, I can't even remember the last moment I had with my parents before they left me at their doorstep. So….

He simply motions his right hand outwards in a sign of assertion.

Peter:….I understand not wanting pity cause I sure as hell didn't.

MJ: What did you do to express yourself?

Peter is left shrugging his shoulders, for that truth within itself was less noticeable than had come before or after said event.

“Nothing really. Just reading comics at Stan's with my Uncle Ben. I did some experimenting with cameras for a little bit but.....then came......."

MJ: Stark Internship?

He flinched hearing that, but he should’ve known. If Ned and Michelle and the others told her about the Mysterio/Spiderman debacle, then what was the point of leaving out what he was going in his spare time as well as Beck’s motivation for even doing what he did?

All he could do then was just nod in silence. The first time he’s even gotten close to intersecting with anyone outside of his current batch of friends and family about the legendary Tony Stark.

MJ: I didn't think anyone could intern for the Iron Man. How’d you meet him?

Peter: He found me. I try not to get in with the Starks much anymore. But if you wanna know...I applied for the internship and....he accepted.

MJ: What made you quit?

Peter: Nothing personal. I do grieve for him made me forget about something important.

There MJ sat, perplexed, puzzled, actively contradicting the very statement she had ushered literally minutes before. That nagging fixated emotionless crutch in her head was actively screaming “Don’t let him win!”

And yet, her emotions paved way.

His eyes spoke of a beautiful soul and her movements told of a need for nurture, but then perhaps she thought ‘Maybe that's how we all are.’ How telling it is that so many have the appearance of the animal that has known intense suffering, such as the dogs that are rescued from cruel indifference. She knew right then and there, that she maybe needed his support after all: something steady to hold onto, and in time those eyes would shine as they were born to.

And perhaps in that rescuing of him, she would rescue herself too.

MJ: Alright, you win.

Peter: Hmm?

MJ: Same place, same time. Let’s wait another day before we jump back in, however.

Peter: Yo—you’re serious?

MJ: Normally I wouldn't give second chances.....but.....seeing you're life is.....just more messed up than mine.....your parents.....your uncle.....I mean my Aunt told me a little bit about it from what May told her so......screw it......just try not to disappoint me again.

Peter: I won't.

MJ gave him a grin and turned away about to walk out the door till she stopped when Peter shouted: WAIT! and turned to him concerned and curious

Peter: It's......pretty dangerous out there to go by yourself um......can I....can I walk you home?

MJ's expression didn't change as she stared at him for a moment and usually she'd say no cause she was walking home late after late night parties and drinking but something about Peter.....actually......grew a smile

MJ: Sure. That's real nice. I mean the news on that.....Venom thing and......the serial murders.......better afe than sorry right?

Peter: My thoughts exactly.

Peter opened the door for her and walked out behind her and as the head towards the elevator Flash was already walking to his room and he had a good glimpses of Peter and Mary Jane enter the elevator smiling at each other as the doors closed

And Flash for some reason.....didn't like what he saw

Flash: Hey! Where's Porker going with my girl?!

(Your girl?? You just met her!)

Flash rushed up pushing the button but he was too late Peter and MJ entered the lobby and walked out to head for the Watson apartment

There May was there for she left the room after family spat with her nephew not wanting to stay at the room when learning he was fighting Venom at 5th avenue so she so she rode over there for a late night poker night with Anna

But May hardly said much only when it was either her turn or go fished her friend

Anna: Alright have any kings May?

May: Go fish....

Anna drew a card and waited for May's turn but......she......was just so silent she couldn't get her head in the game nor the argument out of it nor Peter's confession of what happened to Ben years ago out of her head

All this time she believed he was doing this for Tony but after is story about Ben's murder she was wrong about it all and depressed to know there was no talking him out of Spider-Man protecting New York and lately San Francisco

Feeling guilty about Ben all cause he let his killer go was just a strong motivation to keep going out there fighting the bad guys and saving innocent people and all this time May just thought he was just playing dress up for the man who gave his life to save us all from Thanos

May.....had failed to understand Peter's real reasons and she felt she failed as a parent figure failing as a wife that she didn't stop Ben from driving him to Ned's caue if she did the man she loves would still be alive and Peter would never have been provoked to go out and take risks......Spider-Man.....would have never existed

May's silence was enough for Anna to susbect something was wrong

Anna: You've hardly said three word all night. Is everything alright?

May still said nothing and Anna put down her cards and reached for her hand

Anna: May......what's going on? What's bothering you?

May looked up to her best friend with tears flowing down and she faced down and she putted down her cards and gripping her hand

May: I failed them Anna.

Anna: Who?

May: Peter's parents. Ben....and my boy.

Anna: What'd you talking about dear?

May: Richard and Mary trusted Ben and me to protect their son. And I've failed them. I failed Ben too. Cause.....the day he died.....he wanted to drive Peter to his friend's place but he wanted to take the subway.......and if only I had stopped him.....maybe Peter wouldn't feel o guilty enough what he is

Anna: Feels guilty about what?

May realized her depression let her say too much so she had to confine in Anna without giving nephew away......again

May: Peter went somewhere to win money to help us pay the rent. We were short on it and.....omething happened there the money was stolen and Peter thinks he should have stopped it.

Anna: Well how could could he? He's just a boy.

May: I know.....but he blames himself cause he says the same robber he witnessed stealing that money killed Ben

Anna was shocked and chilled to the bone to know enough this had to be the reason Peter does what May told her he does making him late for school and dinners

Anna: Is that why Peter's......rebellious?

May: Uh huh. He blames himelf for Ben's tragedy. And all this time I thought he was doing this to impress.....the man he was interning for. But it was all about his grief for Ben.....he feels responsible what happened was my fault he died really Anna. Ben wanted to drive him but if I trusted Peter by himself Ben would be here still.....

Nothing stopped her from holding back her cries

May: I failed my husband Anna....and because I failed him I failed my boy. I should have seen how he was grieving.....and I should have......comforted him through it.....instead all I've done was skulled him for his choices cause of the internship.....but this was all about Ben. I failed him Anna....I failed Ben. Richard Mary.....and now.....I've failed my child.

May cried covering her face and Anna got up walked up to her and wrapped her arms around her to comfort her and shushing her

Anna: Shh shhh calm down dear. May listen to me you did not fail Ben or Peter. I thought I was failing Mary Jane and her mother......all cause I couldn't stop my own brother from leaving them. But you came and helped me through it. And I'm telling you this....because Ben would not blame you for what happened. Neither would Peter.

May: I don't know......I just feel so responsible.

Anna: I know....I just feel so responsible.

Anna: I know. But who knows what would have happened if you did kept Ben from driving Peter. What if the shooter broke into your house and stole the car then?

May couldn't argue knowing Ben would fought him which was another crime she felt he would commit.....being brave to protect his family

May: Knowing him.....he would brave....

May cried harder and Anna comforted her more it went on for minutes Anna just couldn't let May go back out without getting some rest

So minutes later she set up a pillow and blanket on the couch for her

May: You really don't have to do this Anna.

Anna: You done a lot for me dear so now it's my turn. I'll give Peter a call and let him know you're with me. You need some rest.

May: I suppose you're right. I am tired.

May lied down and Anna tucked her in and May fell fast asleep and to Anna's surprise.......

.....she turned hearing MJ and Peter entering the room

MJ: Aunt Anna I'm home!

Anna: Shhh!

MJ: Oops!

Peter: May?

Befuddled and perplexing this sight was, swiftly adjusting his gaze back towards MJ and then to her Aunt Anna. On a different subject matter, the mere decades that had passed before Peter even went as so far as seeing Creepy Anna’s face in person was mesmerizing.

He completely forgot why the surname even caught on, why he even bothered to call her that.

The very least he could do was wave, friendly. She was fortunate to return the favor but she knew he wasn’t here for her…..

….once again redirecting her eyes back to the couch, where May rested peacefully.

To Peter, being asleep became May’s most active phase since recovering from the Snap, for in that gentle slumber she would dream a new and better world. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

In her dreams, May heard the sound of her nephew’s feet, his laughter, and impromptu singing lyrics. She would be so asleep and so awake in her soul, reliving those perfect moments of semi-motherhood. There were days she'd recall those adventures of the nighttime and lavish them over breakfast, no doubt with a few beautiful details added on the fly. And she was so beautiful as she slept, that steady heart, those steady breaths.

Peter couldn’t disturb her. Not after what happened earlier.

Peter: I’ll see myself out. Let me know how she’s doing in the morning, ok?

Directing that question towards Anna, she nods vigorously, very confidently leaving out what this meant to her and how needed just as much taking care of as the woman who nearly passed out due to exhaustion.

MJ is forced to look over her shoulder, seeing Peter open the door and remove himself from the doorframe, stepping out to the hallway. But then Peter pauses.

Turning back, he glued himself to the floor, taking everyone in the room into his field of vision. That stare was of one hurt and buried, as if he feared being vulnerable more than the cold reality he had manufactured and serviced…..except he already gotten far past that point, with what he was forced to reveal earlier tonight.

With no hopes of this blowing over by the next night, Peter finally mustered the courage to take himself away from the door and close it.

As Peter made on his merry way out of the building seeing May asleep in there helped him feel a LITTLE better after earlier he knows this was tough on her and still felt bad how he had to put his foot down on her even when he confessed why Ben really died

But now all he can hope for is May gets by well even hope he can make up for standing MJ up and felt lucky she even gave him a chance after learning she normally doesn't give second chances but none the less he was later learning she normally doesn't give second chances but none the less he was later back in his Spider-Man suit and swung back to the hotel

As morning was upon us nearly around 5:30AM a helicopter flew in approaching a SF Police station as it turn out that was the same chopper that Yuri boarded back in New York for when it landed she stepped out of the chopper just when it's pellets barely slowed down

The NYPD Lt walked into the building with determination in her eyes she was still on a mission to bring in Spider-Man

She later steps out form the main entrance with police cars and cops awaiting her arrival

Yuri: Listen up! I have selected you all for this task cause you are the best in this finest. As many of you may know the Spider-Man of New York is in your city. My finest have selected me to insure his arrest. So our top priority is unmaking and bringing the Spider in any means nessercary. Any leads on him must be reported to me. Any questions?

Cop: Two actually maim. What's our priority on the vigilante known as the Venom. Last night he was was seen attacking a few of our our officers.....ome of us thought he was on our side......but since the Golden Gate bridge was destroyed......he's hurting people and we don't know why.

Yuri: We'll send a task force to handle that thing, Right now our main concern is Spider-Man.

Cop: Second question: We still have two wanted fugitives at large in the city. Cletus Kassidy and Frances Barrion. What do we do about them?

Yuri: Have your best men apprehend them. We'll assist anyway we can if have to. Anymore quetions?

This men were silent and nodded

Yuri: Alright dismissed.

Some of the copss walked back in the precinct as Yuri got into a car given to her by them and drove off beginning her mission in SF

Back at the Watson residence May was still sleeping on the couch only a minute later she stirred and let out groggy groans as she slowly woke up only to be greeted by a young female voice


May spins her head to that direction with MJ sitting on the coffee table with her left leg over her knee and stirring her coffee

Her eyes raised up to May and gave her a friendly grin May still groggy manage to reconize her instantly

May: Mary.....Jane Watson?

MJ: Well it ain't Cheryl Blossom.

She chuckled from her joke as May sat up holding her up and MJ reached down beside her grabbing another mug of coffee and handed it to May

MJ: On the house.

May: Thanks dear.

She takes it and takes a sip

May: Where's your aunt?

MJ: She had an early appointment today. I didn't want you to be alone so I thought I should stay with ya till you woke up.

May: Appreciated. So dear......I hear you're acting.

MJ: Well I'm auditioning but yeah.

May: I even hear you and my nephew have been seeing each other lately.

MJ: Ehh....sort of. I mean.....something came up last night but.....we're gonna try again later.

Mary Jane sips her coffee and May grew a smile as she sipped hers

May: I can't believe you've really gotten taller last time I saw you. Back when you lived next door you were a cute and shy child.

MJ: So Anna tells me.

MJ felt embarrassed with acquintance with Peter's Aunt and soon she stood up from the coffee table to turn her tv on whic was showing another WandaVision scene

It was the scene where they shift their rings on

I do. Do you?

Yes. I do.

And they lived happily ever after.

For some reason MJ was touched when seeing the kiss scene

MJ: Awe....

Just a tiny bit of affection shone through. Even in the most shriveled of hearts, there was perhaps still a little bit of innocence left for her.

Needless to say, that was far from the case for Eddie.

It was now early Tuesday morning, 8:24 a.m to be specific when the traffic reaches its absolute worse before 4:30 in the afternoon. Having taken the man almost an hour and a half just to get to this hotel, he was not a happy customer.

Then again, after last night, what more would you expect? He missed his chance to ‘exact’ his ‘revenge’ on the wall-crawling ‘menace’ who ‘murdered’ the love of his life…..because of Betty Brant.

A photographer from the Daily Bugle.

He already wasn’t fond of the Bugle to begin with mostly because of who was in charge of it but Betty inadvertently preventing his self-fulfillment? Something about that damn near set him off. So it was back to the Hotek VIA for him.

Angry wasn’t exactly a good look on Brock.

It allowed him to create his own ghosts to chase, his delusions of who was responsible for what, to whom, and when. Instead of just letting those ghosts run and let them exhaust themselves, he actively chose to chase down what he felt was his only surefire. Ignoring them was the only sane response…..

…..but with a certain parasite now bonded to him, any responses or actions deemed sane now held no wager over him.

Power walking past the receptionist area, almost galloping like he was late for a meeting, Eddie was lucky to come across Mr. Harrington, whose room was on the bottom floor and was already dressed to prepare to check out.

Eddie could see the bewilderment register from his eyes and mouth, resonating throughout his face. The last thing he wanted was for him to come by for another favor when all he wanted was to get out of California.

If only he knew…..

Harrington: Mr. Brock? Your interview has passed?

Eddie: Where is she? I need to speak with her. It’s urgent!

Harrington: Betty?

Eddie nodded with a serious look on his face

Harrington: Well we're actually about to leave back to New York soon. As you may have heard we barely survived another near death experience from the Golden Bridge disaster.

We cannot let them leave yet!

Eddie: I.....see....any chance this can be quick before you leave?

Harrington: Our bus will be here soon Mr. Brock.

Eddie: I see.....well.....sorry you have to cut this short.

Harrington: It's kind of our bad luck. First Washington Europe......then this.

They shook hands and Eddie nods to him bidding him fair well but felt Venom was right he couldn't let anyone leave till he talk to Betty to get a lead on Spider-Man so he turned around but unexpectedly.....

......bumped into May who just arrived back from the Watsons

May: Oh sorry!

Eddie: Sorry.

May: I was.....

May took one good look at Eddie and recognized him immediately

May: Eddie Brock??

Eddie: Yyyyyes??

May: From the Brock report?

Eddie: Yes maim.

May: Oh my god this is an honor.

May grabbed hi hand for a handshake which caught him off guard attractive she looked

(I know right.....)

May: I watch your show all the time. I even love your world tour episodes.

Eddie: I appreciate that.

May: And....your hand is so cold.

Catching that he pulled his hand away in a hurry

Eddie: I....had a lot of ice on my hands.

May: You freeze your hands occasionally?

I told you you don't know how to lie.

Eddie: Sort of.....well I appreciate your interest Ms......

May: Parker. May Parker.

Eddie: Parker?? As in Peter Parker?

May: You met my nephew?

Now Eddie undertood what meant when he told him not to hit on his aunt when he intervied him I mean Tony and Happy and.....many others always had an attraction for May and now that Eddie was making one so now he finally got what Pete was talking about

Eddie: Yeah....I actually interviewed him the other day.

May: He didn't tell me he met you.

Eddie: Well teenagers can be secretive a lot.

May: You have no idea. Well....nice meeting you in person Mr. Brock. It's been a pleasure.

Eddie: Likewise.

May gave him one last smile before she moved pass him to the elevators and Eddie.....couldn't stop staring at her till she was out of sight

She's pretty.

Eddie: She sure is something.

Maybe after we kill Spider-Man.....let's ask her out.

Eddie: Don't jinx it buddy.

No promises. That bus is here!

Eddie turned to the main entrances to see outside the bus did arrive and he made his way outide

He stood about and went on hi phone mostly scrolling on his old pictures of Annie even ones when they were together

And soon as the driver exited the bus he walked towards it and made sure no one was watching him and he then placed his hand on the bottom of the hood

Eddie: Ok time.


Symbiont goo came out of his hand and crawled inside the hood the goo flowed through within and grabbed hold of engine covering it all up and then......CRUSHED it

Hands deep, dipped into the engine compartment, the cold silky liquidated grasp of Venom’s symbiotic form crushed the air compressor, compressor belt, and power steering reservoir, all of which would’ve made the experience on the bus a lot more nauseating for the students, teachers, and staff to sit through.

And for the cherry on top, Eddie waltzes over to the drivers' side of the bus after pushing back down the hood and stands in front of the battery above the stop sign. He observes the streets and civilians parading past him, hoping to not catch any glimpses of the wandering eye.

Whistling to himself with his arms tucked behind him like a gentleman, Eddie simply taps against the door holding the battery inside once….only for him to slam his foot through the door again, essentially shorting out the battery.

Meaning if the driver or anyone else tried, damned as they might, they wouldn’t be able to drive the bus out of here without extensive aid.

Another crippling blow to the entire senior trip, the engine components started to pick up steam and picked up smoke. His job done, Eddie quickly skedaddled away from the left side of the bus and out of the line of sight to those who could’ve been watching from inside the hotel.

Eventually, the smoke grew to produce a sickening smell. It was a kind of particulate sewage, for one to recall the stink on everything, in everything, that feeling of pollution in the lungs and on the streets. To those who could smell it from the inside…

….all bets were off on the what and where.

Both Harrington and Julius sprinted out the double doors, baffled and befuddled by the sight of the school bus destined to get them as far to the airport now looking nowhere near top billing to operate. And said anguish and frustration were only exacerbated by a little spark flickering by the compressor belt, igniting a little fire underneath the hood. The events from the bridge and nearly dying again was enough to put these two in a bad, disgruntled mood for the rest of the trip.

But this? Just trying to back to point A? It should not have been this difficult to come home; and yet, fate always seemed to throw curveballs in the way of anybody associated with the name PETER PARKER.

Luckily, Julius already had a stored pressure fire extinguisher on hand, finding the spare seconds he had to grab ahold of one before he ran out. Aiming at the hood, he sprayed the contents of CO2 over and into the hood, putting out the flames before it could enlarge and spiral out of control.

Enough was enough for these guys.

Harrington: Come on!

Julius: Damn you, you witches! Why you always gotta make our lives hell, huh?! Feeling proud of yourselves!

Harrington: We’re gonna have to….no no no. I’m not waiting. Gotta make some calls.

This was about the eighth time had and Julius had to make calls to a school bus service since late last night, with only the EIGHTH attempt having yield any fruitful bearings as this very bus was intended to take them home. So as you would expect, from frequent calls to packed in schedules to just falling apart upon arriving, the teachers' best was clearly not enough.

Fed up and done with the delays, Harrington just storms away from the scene, passing back through the doors into the hotel, just as Peter, Ned, Michelle, and Betty walked out on out aside him.

As expected, the bus did not pass their notice.

Ned: The hell happened to the bus?!

Julius: WITCHES!

Michelle: Again with that?

Julius: You got a better idea?

Michelle: No.....but can it be fixed or not?

Julius: It can need some replacements. But it's gonna take us days. Either way we're not going anywhere for another week.

Harrington: Great. JUST Great! I don't how it could get any worse.

Worse was nothing compared to what was about to accrued as Eddie still remained at a distance and when spotting the kids come out he assumed Betty was standing between Peter and Ned and Eddie cleared his throat

The two looked over and Eddie put on a friendly grin acting innocent

Peter: Mr. Brock?

Eddie: Howdy do. Car trouble?

Ned: You could say that. Our bus got busted up.

Good one.

Eddie: Heh I see. You kids sure are getting more on this field trip than you bargained for huh?

Betty: Yeah you could say so.

Peter: It's not our first really.

Eddie: Well.....I don't mean to take too much of your time but.....can I get.......get a minute Ms Brant?

Betty: Uhh.....

She looked at the bus again and shrugged her shoulders

Betty: I guess so. It's not like I can go anywhere now.

Betty walked back in the hotel with Eddie as Ned turned back to the bus as Peter was just more focused on Eddie and Betty

He doesn't know if it was still his "Peter Senses" going off or just that cold feeling he had since his own interview with him so he fallowed them and overheard what they were saying

Betty: So what's up?

Eddie: I need some information about whatever you or the Bugle knows about the Spider-Man.

That drew Peter more into curiosity as he kept listening

Betty: Well what would I know besides what anyone would know?

Eddie: As you may or may not know.....he's actually here in San Francisco. Seen mostly around Golden Gate.

Betty: Ohh yeah. You know now that you mentioned it I might have something. Last night Spider-Man was actually seen fighting some monster at 5th avenue.


Betty: And don't tell my school about this but I actually got pictures.

Betty pulled out her phone and pulled up the pictures she took showing Eddie for when she saw them he and Venom both figured out it was her making that flash blinding him and stopping him from biting Spidey's head off



Betty looked at Eddie confused and Eddie needed to think fast on his quote

Eddie:......yeah that's interesting pictures. Mind if you share them to me? I might need em for a story.

Betty: Sure yeah.

Eddie and Betty exchange numbers with Peter still watching them seriously with suspicions and wonders Betty sent Eddie the pics and nodded to her

Eddie: Thank for this Ms. Bran. You have no idea how this will help me. And for this I'll put in a good word for you at the Network in hopes the Bugle will hire you in a heart beat.

Betty: Really? Oh thank you Mr. Brock. You won't regret it I swear.

Makes up for flashing at least.

Betty: Thank you again.

Eddie: No. Thank you.

Eddie turned and left and Betty was just all excited to know he would put in a good word for her Peter however fallowed Eddie outside he was just too suspicious of him knowing he's looking for Spider-Man but unaware of the real reason

Eddie had a feeling he was being fallowed like he did when Dr. Scherg did he didn't stop to look he jut kept moving with Peter trying to keep up with him

He saw Eddie walk to an ally way and Peter caught up in a minute but when he reached the alleyway.......

......Eddie was already gone

~Onimus music playing~

Confused and dumbstruck Peter looked around the alleyway seeing nothing but dirty brick walls and trash cans standing and on the ground and Peter frowned lower

Peter: Hmm......

~Music stops~

Back in the hotel we come to Flash's room where he was in his bathroom at his mirror and he was freshening up listening to pop rock on his I-Pod for he was planning to get with another shot with Mary Jane

Flash: Oh yeah no doubt! This Mary Jane chick is the ONE for me. And it's perfect too. Since my dad drove it to me it's everything I need. First day to ride your new birthday present she's gonna jump at the chance to take ride oh yeah.

Flash finished putted on a collar shirt and jeans and leather shoes he took his room key left out the door

And in the lot he came to a fashioned car which is no doubt the b-day present he just menioned

He got in turned the ignition and drove out of the lot driving around the hotel where not far at the basket ball court the Midtown High gang all met up there discussing about the bus problems Peter was just more focused with Betty on what her and Eddie were talking about

The Mission Creek Park-Basketball Court was only a piddly four minutes away from the hotel for the spoiled teen in order to drive to; for the rest of the class, it took them essentially fourteen minutes, forcing them all to go on foot in the process.

With the school bus out of commission and the teachers pleas for a safe haven for their classmates jeopardized, San Francisco, what was normally viewed and depicted as a generally safe, if not adequate city to view and tour, now looked way less holier than thou.

The normally safe and convenient public transport was now seen as dubious to Harrington, given the number of times he had them called and were already either billed for the day or broke down. Objectively speaking, he and the students came off looking more accident-prone by the minute….

….a streak he was forlorn and desolated about since 2008. The last thing he wanted was for a post-traumatic stress disorder-induced meltdown to occur and cause him to shut down in broad daylight. Luckily, Julius was aside him as he had his back towards the black vinyl chain-link fencing, wrapping his arm around his friend and comrade.

It offered a small momentary lapse of comfort for the man, one that wasn’t guaranteed to last for long.

There was enough pressure on the students as is, having barely survived the bridge incident by the skin of their teeth. With the trip unofficially canceled but still waiting for the official ‘cease and desist’, all that they could do to hopelessly pass the time was…..actually get on the field.

With a few noticeable exceptions.

The basketball went thumping off and on and up the court, dribbling through and around the fingers of Brad Davis, determined to make the most out of this day. Bouncing the ball forward, he shuffled past two students who intended to block him.

He goes for the shot, but it misses the hoop.

As for those who didn’t participate in playing any basketball, they stayed firmly on the outside of the fence either keeping their eyes glued to the action or were occupied elsewhere. With the sun illuminating its rays of light along the bridge they were situated under (Yes, this basketball court is under a bridge), the heat it sustained could not be underestimated.

Good thing Flash skedaddled out of his new car, unenthusiastic to have his clothes reduced to holes and ashes. Cocky amongst all recognition, it didn’t pass the notice of one hawk-eyed Michelle.

Strutting up to the sidewalk, Flash took one step…..two steps…..three-step, desperately showing off to the expense of nobody but moi. He looked prepared to strut another step forward but not without eyeing back at his beauty, admiring its squeaky clean exterior; sitting as if it were formed from flowing metal, aquatic, yet feminine with its curves.

Michelle: Jesus, look at him.

She called to attention, bringing Ned up to speed with Flash blowing a kiss to his car; blowing a KISS towards his birthday present before leaving. That amount of affection for something that shiny yet interchangeable was the pits.

And Ned was in full agreement.

Michelle: Poser tries too hard.

Ned: The hell he’d even get one? He rode with us on the plane.

Michelle: His mom probably had it sent to him. Likes to brag how his parents have all the money in the world.

Ned: Has he SEEN Oscorp?

She just shrugs the comment off.

Acting the Wisenheimer never annoyed Michelle to this extent: if anything, she always had a way of getting underneath people’s skin and winning. So watching Flash try so hard and come off so recoiling in the most embarrassing of manners possible was hideous.

Flash was never less than arrogant. If he could do half the stuff he thought he could without sniveling behind somebody else’s skirt, maybe "confidence" would have been a better word. It wasn't, though. He'd been brought up with a belief that he was superior to everyone else by virtue of his birth. Perhaps without that, he could have been handsome, heroic even, but that sneer made him the ugliest damn thing to anyone with half a brain in their head.

Damn shame that Brad never got in his way or Michelle pegged him down a step.

And that ugly streak continued as soon as he saw Parker, watching the basketball game unravel from the sidelines and witnessing Brad miss the free-throw from such close proximity in distance. That damn near sparked an uncanny resemblance to his attempts towards Mary Jane.

Truth be told, the attempt at trying to make a move on such prepossessing, bewitching beauty was both customary and wonted in Peter’s case. Both times, Peter made the first move but never quite elevated his boyfriend status past first base with Liz dropping out of Midtown after being abandoned at prom and Michelle pulling the plug after his scuffle through the multiverse.

The pessimist in him couldn’t help but stare back over at Michelle, who caught his gaze a few seconds in. She eventually puckered up and flashed an innocent if not mischievous grin back at him, indicating how things could’ve gone much differently, had MJ not come into the mix.

But that left the most important factor in this debacle: he had intended to bring in the Carnage Killer when he first came down to California; now the focus seemed strictly on yearning for Mary Jane’s affection, an obsession that was soon to rot and render itself unhealthy if Peter couldn’t refocus his priorities.

And unfortunately, he could not.

Flash: Sup, Penis?

Below the belt humor, Peter eye-ROLLIN fly thought to himself, as if Flash couldn’t make his attempts at tormenting him any more embarrassingly subpar.

Peter: What happened to Dickwad? Make up your mind.

Flash: A’ight, a’ight, Mr. Ass.

Now his face drops. Flash wasn’t even trying anymore and it showed; Peter was on the verge of just dropping the whole charade and finally standing his ground. But then came him being the bigger man.

Peter: Just—save this for the airport, ok?

Flash: And miss out on another soon-to-be graduation gem?

He says as he nudged him with a little extra force, with Peter bouncing back against the fence ever so slightly while alerting absolutely no one in close proximity except for Ned and Michelle.

Flash: To hell with that.


Now, where oh where could that voice have come from?

The tantalizing sound of Mary Jane’s voice resonating from the entrance of the basketball court was an unexpected but ultimately welcome arrival. Michelle had gotten pretty used to her company thanks to last night but Peter and Flash’s reactions to her arrival in her green cargo pants, black Destiny Graphic tee-top and another long-sleeved jacket were, for lack of a better term…..


Mary Jane: Feel like this fight's getting a little stale. C’mon, put some effort in it.

Everyone was stumped with that Michelle rather impressed with tat sassy quote Pete didn't know what to think of it

Flash on the other hand grew a grin he honked his horn at her which MJ looked over to him with a confused but none interested expression

Flash: Hey MJ! Come take a ride in my new birthday present.

MJ reached to that offer with a disgusted glance and he nodded lifting her hand up to him

MJ: No thanks.

Flash: Oh come on babe. Chicks love the car. Get in.

Michelle didn't take that likely herself Peter didn't know what to make of it part of him worried she would accept his offer but luckily she rolled her eyes up realizing Flash is one of those creeps who doesn't take no for an answer

MJ: Are you nipped in the head? I said no. I came to talk to Peter not go on a joyride with creeps like you.

Everyone including Peter's expression raised to surprise Michelle and Ned turned to Peter with smiles and slightly slapping his shoulders

Ned: You lucky dog.

Michelle: Anyone who picks you over Flash is a genius.

Peter: Uh......hehehehe.....

Flash's jaw dropped as he turned off his ignition pulling out his keys very hard and fast and stormed out of his car Flash was just expecting MJ would jump right in under his impression of girls loving fancy cars and the last thing he assumed was anyone picking his rival over him

Flash came up to the others eyeing at MJ and Peter mostly in disbelief

Flash: What'd you want to waste your time with Porker ere for? Only thing he's good at is making up things that he's met Tony Stark.

MJ: Well I rather waste time with him than you cause I don't like bullying and I dated a bigger jerk than you. Been there done that. Not doing it with anyone. Like. YOU.

MJ made it firmly and surprisingly Flash was just as more shocked he didn't understand why his charm was not working even though MJ spelled it out for him

He was about to protest......but.....his eyes widen he turned to Peter with hostel intentions and Michelle backed up in next to Brad with Betty grabbing hold of Ned's right arm and Flash came up to Peter with MJ growing concern and Pete was extra nervous

Flash: Oh ho ho.....I get it now.........she's into you cause you told her that misunderstanding where everyone thought that you were Spider-Man and you even told her it was all true so you would impress her! Well game's up Parker I'm gonna show her the fraud you are.

Peter: What? No come on Flash. We aren't kids anymore. Let's not act like them. I don't even want to fight you.

Flash: Yeah? Well I wouldn't want to fight me neither. Cause I kicked ass from day one. So you either tell her what a FAKE you are or I'll kick your ass too.

MJ: Hey knock it off you two. Someone do something!

Michelle: I think we need to let them wrestle it out Mary.

MJ: WHAT??!!

Michelle: He'll be alright trust me.

Michelle's confidence came from knowing his secret plus wanting to see Flash finally get his own ass kicked like he deserves everyone including the kids playing basket ball stopped and gathered around as Flash was in a combat position with Peter a little nervous not about Flash beating him up he knew he could beat him now but worried esposing himself again

Mary Jane: Flash stop now!

Peter: Do as she ays Flash. Let's not do this.

Flash: Should of tought of that earlier Porker.

Flash swung a fist but Peter easily dodged it

Flash: What the---

He throws another fist but Peter easily dodged that too

Flash: Ugh! Hold still!

He throws both his fits but Peter kept dodging them Michelle was enjoying this Ned knew too Peter was gonna win but he too worried of him being exposed again Betty Brad end evryone there were just struck not knowing what to do as for Mary Jane.......she showed more worry for Peter than the others which she normally not worried for anyone showing another soft side of her

Flash then threw kicks but Peter dodged tem too which Flash chased him under one of the hoops

Flash then charged and yelled at him but Peter leaped up grabbing the hoop and Flash hit the fence and looked up to him as everyone cheered and chattered

Boy: Did you see that?

Girl: How'd he do that?

Peter let go and dropped to his feet turning to Flash and it didn't look like he was gonna give up that soon

Peter: Flash come on. I didn't bring up anything about that false news to her.

Flash: LIAR!

He took a near by basket ball and threw it like a dodge ball everyone gasped out loud till Peter caught it with both his hands and they cheered again

MJ's worry grew worse nodding and she was scoffin at everyone not doing anything about it she didn't know why Michelle was enjoying this

She turned to Ned in disbelief she even slapped him in the back of the head

Ned: Hey......

MJ: Help him Ned!

Ned: Like what: feed Flash my leg? I’m telling you he’s fine.

Betty, unfortunately for him, seemed to be in agreement with her former friend, supplying another vibrating, pulsating 94 pounds of force swiping past his neck and implanting the palm print through his scalp and skin to her former boyfriend. Rather shocked and appalled by his lack of camaraderie towards his friend, she just left it at that.

If only they both knew the truth.

The basketball had already fastened into Peter’s sweaty palms, having been on the defensive for the majority of this attempted mauling that finally attracted the attention of the entire class including the depressed Harrington and Julius, glancing from behind the fence.

It was the former who was doused in horror, now mauling himself to pieces under the horror of having to watch his own students tear each other apart before they even got home. Julius was nowhere near as lividly scared as his friend but it did give him ample cause for worry, especially for the man who they were allegedly supposed to keep an eye on.

Peter was never all that fixated around crowds of any size; the typical shy, mildly-tempered geek who stayed more focused on his studies than achieving any sort of mainstream street performance-like attraction would’ve found himself embarrassed that he stirred up such a storm and quietly whittle away so he could be forgotten about in a few seconds notice.

But what a difference half a decade makes…..and what better chance to put the screws to his old bully than right now?

A hefty sigh washes over Peter, having to come to terms with what he was about to do.

Nearly all basketballs have an inflatable inner rubber bladder, generally wrapped in layers of fiber and then covered with a surface made either from leather (traditional), rubber, or a synthetic composite. As in most inflatable balls, there is a small opening that allows the pressure to be increased or decreased where Peter’s sweaty left palm was directly over.

With too much static and not much ecstatic in the weight of the moment, Peter began humiliating Flash in record time, dropping the basketball as its fiber-rubber skin bounces off the field, down to the tarmac. Now the humiliation began.

The nerd began messing around with poor Flash, keeping his body squarely between him and the ball while bouncing the ball all around him.

Furthermore, it was long since established at least to other Midtown High students and staff that Peter barely knew much about basketball or was interested in the matter: no collective hand placement practice or experimenting with low, crossover, protective, or even power dribbling. To many’s surprise, they were dead wrong, witnessing Peter literally spider-dribble and skip circles around a disillusioned and aggravated Flash who looked mere seconds away from snapping.

Flash: Tell her the truth.

Peter: I don’t have to tell her anything.

Flash: You will if you savor your teeth.

Cheap intimidation wasn’t going to work on him; not this time. It’s been long past those days of giving into such meaningless prattle and Peter’s comeback reflected that refusal to do so.

Peter: Jesus, man. Your ass must be pretty jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth.

Mic drop.

Endless ooohs, ahhhs and laughter erupt around the fence for those in attendance watching, seeing Peter fire shots on all cylinders with his and his surprisingly fast flurry of spastic hand and feet movements. If only he could see Mary Jane’s reaction from the fence behind him, her eyes agape witnessing Peter holding his own, almost morphing into a completely different person right in front of her.

Peter’s spider-sense could feel Flash’s resentment bubbling up to the point of boiling over, his heart accelerating another beat per second, hands balling up with his knuckles crackling and feet constantly shuffling around in the tarmac.

This was the look of a man who couldn’t take criticism and fit perfectly into the cheap bully syndrome: you terrify the victim long enough but once they start coming around and fighting back, they tense up and try to chicken out. Flash was no different and he’d be damned if he was going to let Peter get the last laugh.

His finicky silent blistering fury finally culminated and Flash goes all in: exactly what Peter was hoping for.

Seconds in, Flash screeches in fury, charging forward with a forearm intended to rip Peter’s face clean off. With a perfect mid-second delay, Peter bends backward and the perceived trajectory of a fist delivered by a hormonal teenager raging towards his rival completely misses the mark.

His coat billowing beneath him, Peter’s body folds like his bones have jumped ship only for five seconds as he elevates his shoulders off the tarmac and kips back up to his feet with the ball in hand, while Flash immediately lost his sense of positioning and balance after that missed punch.

It was long enough for Peter to bounce the basketball off the back of Flash’s head, infuriating him more and sending the rest of the Midtown students into a frenzy.

Betty and MJ being amongst the surprised group.

Ned: Told you he got this.

Fortunately, Flash still wasn’t done, for his misguided sense of pride wouldn’t let him stand aside. He tries to aim low at the legs, only to find Peter hopping over that pathetic sweep like he was jumping a jump rope.

Flash goes for another punch but Peter ducks it. Thinking wisely, he attempts to knee Peter in the face while he’s bending over, only for the web-slinger (unbeknownst to him) to swiftly avoid the knee and a sloppy front kick with the ball still in hand.

After missing a back fist and swinging around too wildly, Flash is unable to prevent Peter from chucking the ball towards his abdomen, immediately knocking the air out of his stomach. Now crunched over, he was subject to miss arguably the most embarrassing moment of Peter’s charade.

Peter then proceeded to chuck the ball underneath Flash’s legs, barrel roll over his back to catch the ball, and then take a running start towards the hoop ahead of him. Eyes crowding around the fence further glued their sights to the scene including Harrington and Julius who were stuck watching the pointless debacle to end instead of just stopping it the moment it got out of hand.

10 feet separating him from the rim, he bloody went for it.

At the onset of Peter soon jumping, the ball is controlled by both hands and once in the air, is brought to chest level. He then quickly thrusts the ball downwards and fully extended his arms, bringing the ball below the waist. Finally, the ball is brought above the head and dunked with only one hand, slamming the ball straight through the hoop and almost ripping the backboard off its hinges.

More cheering erupted and Ned and Michelle applauded the terrific performance from their friend, whistling and clapping all the way as he barely hung from the metal hoop. If only he could see the priceless reactions of Betty and MJ from where he hung.

Jumping off the hoop and letting the ball bounce away from him as Peter landed back onto the tarmac, the surprising amount of whistling and cheers directed towards him was a euphoric one; one that unfortunately couldn’t top his daredevil-esque get-out-of-jail-free card where people finally realized he wasn’t a killer.

The first time he truly felt as if people truly began to show him some genuine celebrity love. Here, it felt lukewarm….and a little tacky.

However, his spider senses brought forward core danger closely approaching; he couldn’t bask in his glory for long. Flash, still reluctant to savor whatever dignity he had left, went all guns blazing with one last punch.

But Peter, instead of mildly avoiding the punch from connecting, block-check-strikes him at the forearm and elbow before palm-striking Flash square in the nose rendering him woozy. Groggy, Peter ducks down and sweeps him below the legs forcing Flash to fall.

Luckily for him, Peter wasn’t that merciless as he had grabbed him by the shirt holding him up off the ground by the shirt alone. This time, Flash looked intimidated.

Flash: Karate?

Peter: Something like that. Now leave the lady alone, ok man?

Flash: You for real?

Peter: Don’t make me say it louder.

His intentions made clear, Peter then just tosses Flash aside as he rolls across the tarmac, the senseless brawl finally drawn to a close.

That just made everyone cheer except for Betty Brad and MJ they were just more confused than everyone else Ned Michelle lead the crowd to run at Peter and surrounded him as Flash's friend tended to him Peter was crowded and he gave high fives and Ned laughed with him Michelle laughing behind him

Brad: How did Parker do that?

Betty: You're question's good as mine.

MJ was just silent with her face frozen in shock and confusion but deep down......she was rather impressed all though she weird feeling there's something about Peter she couldn't place but it was raise a mild suspicion

Plus this.....turned Peter from popular now the everyone even chanted his name

Crowd: Parker! Parker! Parker! Parker! Parker!

Peter's remaining high school years would not be the same after this

As some time pass most of everyone went back inside as others remained and some resuming their basket ball game with Peter and Ned talking on the bench

Ned: Dude everyone was just all over you! Your life is totally gonna change on senior.

Peter: I wouldn't say compeltely change. I don't know if Flash will ever forgive me for this.

Ned: Ehh he's lucky you didn't put him in a wheal chair before graduation.

They chuckled

Peter: I been meaning to ask.....that Venom thing out there was almost too much for me to handle alone the other night. Are you really sure you want to sit this one out. I understand why but I could use all the help I can get. And I do miss my guy in the chair.

Ned: Maybe someday I'll miss it too. But that day's not today bro. Besides......

Ned looks behind him

Ned: I think someone will do a better job than me.

Peter frowned what he was looking and he turned around to see MJ standing by the entrance way to the court Peter looked back to Ned who nodded to him and turned back to Mary Jane and approached her with Ned turning away with a smile and walk back to the hotel

Peter came up to MJ who chuckled at him

MJ: You got great reflexes for a kid from Queens

Peter: to learn how to look out for yourself. Plus.....Flash had no right to be a creep to you.

MJ: Yeah well sadly he wasn't the first.

Peter: There were others?

MJ: Sadly it' my cursse. You know....the way you pulled all that remind me of.......Spider-Man.

That made Peter's eye brows raise he almost thought he was busted

Peter: S---S---Spider-Man?

MJ: Yeah back at the bridge I thought I saw him do moves like you. Especially what I saw on tv this morning and that......thing whatever it was.


MJ: You know maybe you should teach karate at the Y after you graduate. Don't get me wrong I think taking pictures and science suits you but......that was incredible.

Peter: I don't think it would pay good. I really looked like a fool.

MJ: Not to me.

MJ sshowed more signs of her soft side she and Pete stared eye to eye for a moment they begin to grin to one another

Sadly the moment was ruined when they hear thunder

MJ: Oh dear.....sounds like Thor is raising the weather.

Peter thought to himself: Not if he's still with the Guardians.

MJ: I better be going tiger.

Peter: Are we still on for.....our second try for......

MJ: if you show up this time.

They chuckled and MJ walked back giving him one last wave and she turned away running acrosss the street Peter grinned watching her go is feelings for her was really growing more but ten frowned when he caught sight of MJ walking pass three hooded guys that looked to be muggers and he saw the way they were looking at her when she walked by

He even heard what they were saying

Mugger # 1: Hey check it out guys.

Mugger # 2: Ooh baby that's the one for me.

Mugger # 3: Not if I get to her first.

Mugger # 1: Come on.

They fallowed after her and Peter had a feeling they didn't had good intentions he ran after them pulling off his cloths revealing his suit was underneath

As the first rain drops hit it didn't take long for Mary Jane to notice she was being falloed and tried to loose them by walking fast as possible feeling a little scared

Mugger # 2: Hey baby! What's the rush!

Mugger # 3: Come have a beer with us!

Peter rushed up on the roofs trying to get his eans off as MJ tried to loose them when the rain started to pick up

Soon one of the muggers cut her off by running around her and she tried to turn back only to see the other two behind her

MJ: What'd you want?

Mugger # 3: Jut a good time honey.

The Muggers laughed as the one behind her grabbed her shoulder which triggered her to be defensive

Mary Jane: DON'T TOUCH ME!

She kicked that guy below who groaned in agony dropping on his knees

(Damn everyone's going for the middle here)

The other two grabbed hold of her she tried to fight him off but he threw her on the wet pavement and they were about to pin her down but........

.....suddenly they were all pulled weblines the muggers yelled out in terror as MJ looked out to her surprise

Her rescuer came to her aid again Spider-Man pulled the muggers away from her as possible and he flipped over landing on his feet at the muggers rushed back on their feet

Mugger # 2: This ain't your business buddy!

Spider-Man: No....this is my bad mood!

He kicked the second mugger in the face knocking him down the third one charged him only to get countered and elbowed to the chin

The first one tried to throw punches but Spidey flipped over him grabbing him from behind he web zipped straight up with him disappearing in the rain as MJ stood up looking up and looking around

MJ was confussed and dumbstruck till she was startled by Pete lowering down upside down behind

Spider-Man: Hello there.

She gasped trning around laughing

Spider-Man: Have we met before?

Mary Jane: Yeah. At the Golden Bridge. Mary Jane Watson.

Spider-Man: Well no offence Ms. Watson but you sure got a knack for getting in trouble.

Mary Jane: No offence back at you but you got a knack yurself for saving my life. Either I have a superhero stalker or you just in the neighborhood.

Spider-Man: The second one. Just in the neighborhood

MJ giggled not really caring which and after his second rescue to her her full soft side just took hold of her completly her heart was racing fast as the speed of light

Mary Jane: Who are you? Where do you come from?

Spider-Man: That's kind of an alter ego secret.

Mary Jane: Well whoever you are under that' amazing.

Spider-Man: Ahh you're just saying that.

Mary Jane: No I mean it. You are.

Spider-Man: Well that Jameson guy from the Bugle doesn't seem to think so. Some even support him on that.

Mary Jane: Well screw him. You're a hero.

That made Peter's own heart race as they both went silent in the stare

This is your chance Peter.....KISS her.

Deja vu, in the brutalist of ways.

A crucial yet harsh reminder of his previous endeavor on succumbing to the power of love forced him back to a now numb and bittersweet 6 years earlier… Washington Monument. In what would’ve been his crowning moment had he been selfish and stayed with her at the prom, Peter rescued Liz Allan Toomes from near-certain death in an elevator shaft.

Responsibility took the better of him however and he gave up on his chance to truly start anything special with her.

The same could be said with Michelle, except she was the one who made the first move…..and the one who called it off with him, no less than two and a half weeks after the Mysterio incident.

Bad luck with the ladies seemed to be an unfortunate staple to Peter’s resume now, through no fault of his own, and while he’d very much like to deny any comments on that, the man was quietly building up a lot of pent-up frustration on his inability to get laid, let alone have those close to him accept his secret.

A silver lining that might’ve very well brought Mary Jane into his life once again. His heart racing in the heat of the moment, the man was desperate to embrace this memory, to feel something. The true enemy of love is when emotional indifference takes command of logic; for only when love takes command of logic can good choices be made. Indeed, love in command of both our higher logic and our primitive drive is humanity’s hero-mode.

Neither of which were clicking for either of these two.

Mary Jane takes two steps toward, her feet merely showered in water from the rain pouring down. She didn’t care if she got a cold from the excessive rain; passing time, soaking into these moments as if this was a warm and fragrant bubble bath, cupping the right side of Spider-Man’s cheek, massaging it.

Mary Jane: So….do I get to say ‘Thank you’ this time?

Spider-Man: How so?

She chuckles wryly at the comment, not catching on to what she was specifically asking. So she decided ‘Might as well do it myself’.

Peter was brought to the attention with MJ’s nails protruding against his throat; eventually digging into the vacuum seal fabric that separated his mask from the rest of his suit. Rolling the mask downwards, his mouth was the only visible part of his skin made clear to the young lady amongst the few bright rays of sun poking out from the showers.

No point in stopping her now.

The rain created a beat upon the blacktop sidewalk. People pass as if in accelerated motion - all except two people whom have let their umbrellas fall and their guards down to the wet street and be blown by the wind. They are bound in a sensational force that is so tender the world nearly stopped on its axis to take note of their magnetism.

With magnetism comes a pull.

With a pull, someone is thrusted towards the other.

And at this moment, with their faces dripping with the wintry gifts of clouds, her hand moves down his cheekbones to his lips. Finally, she presses forward...and the two share a kiss.

To Peter, her kiss brought more warmth and shelter than jackets and umbrellas ever could.

His kiss, to Mary Jane, was not at all the same as those movie stars, but one steeped in a passion that ignites. It was the promise of realness, of the primal desire that lives in us all. And with it, he inadvertently told her that he was awake, connected within, that he embraces himself rather than hide as a copy of those romantic idols.

(Oh the irony)

There was something so heavenly about a kiss in the rain. A tender moment; that burst of love that is expressed, not caring if the water soaks through to chill the skin. It is a connection that shows the strength of the feeling, the mutual need for affection. For the time, their lips were locked together in that rush of rain, the world itself ceased to exist, blurred and indistinct as an impressionist masterpiece.

The kiss grew with fiery passion MJ gripped on Spidey's head tighter than earlier a both of them knowing how far they were going MJ was more braver how it was going than Peter he couldn't believe this was happening given how strong this kiss was since Michelle's after beating Beck at first in London

MJ even moved her right hand to the back of his upside down head gripping on as the kiss got deeper and Pete could feel how much she wanted this now which made his eye lens widen at first......then lowered

This kiss got more fiery it could have gone more far than it should

So as they slowly dethatched their lips from one another MJ kept her eyes closed and face on his as she slowly rolled his mask back up making a heavy breaths on him and soon as his mask was reattached MJ leaned back slowly opening her eyes and her and Spidey made eye contact he then leaned forward to her making MJ widening her eyes think he wanted another kiss but he went by her left ear and whispered

Spider-Man: Nice to have a fan.

MJ's smile widen as he web zipped straight up and MJ looked up laughing seeing her new super hero love interest disappear in the rain and she couldn't help but to laugh not caring the rain poured on her more feeling for the first time in a long time.......whole again as her party and drinking habits no longer mattered to her

But even though MJ was now living in a fairy tale not everybody in SF was feeling the same ass her cause at a night club......

......people were screaming and running the heard of crunch chewing and slime stuff was heard around some thugs and gamblers were on the flour chewed up and Venom appeared throwing a body aside saving one for last who was crawling back in terror loading his gun

But Venom launched a symbiont tentacle knocking the gun out of his hand and Venom grabbing him by the neck and lifting him off the flour

Venom: It's been a long time.....Flint. Last we met I warned you to leave town but now I'm glad you actually didn't.

Flint (John Cena): I was already on my way out of town....what'd you want from me now?!

Venom: Spider-Man......killed an innocent woman at the Golden Gate Bridge. I want his head for breakfast. Tell me what you know.

Flint: I don't know any!

Venom threw him across the room he landed on the flour and Venom grabbed him by the back of his green shirt and slammed him on the pool table

Venom: Do NOT.......LIE to me.

Flint: I'm not! I wear.......but....I might know someone who does.

Venom pulled him up lifting him off his feet again

Venom: Spill it!

Flint: Some sick demented couple came in here two days ago they were talking about.......this Spider guy you're looking for. The guy had red curly hair and that freaky chick of his looked all dreaded she seemed more crazier than him but they were talking about him all night when they were here.

Venom's clear white eyes widen knowing what he was talking about or WHO he was talking about as did Eddie within Venom

Venom: Kassidy.....


Flint: What??

Venom: If I let you go again Flint leave San Francesco THIS time. If I catch you for the third time......your ass is GRASSED. Do you feel me?

Flint: Whatever you say!

Venom dropped him and just jumped out of the skylight he came in from earlier and on the roof Venom morphed back to Eddie

I hope you caught all that.

Eddie: I did. Mr. and Mrs. Homicide are tied into this somehow

Then they're just as involve in Annie's murder as the Spider!

Eddie: Maybe. I mean them being on the loose again and Spider-Man coming here is.....a quincedence. But it's possible he's working for them.

So what'd we do?

Eddie: We'll keep looking weather Spider-Man is or isn't inchoates with Kassidy and Barrison they're are only lead. Never the less....he'll still pay for what he's done.

That's what I'm talking about. Let's move. The cops will be here soon.

Eddie morphed back into Venom and leaped off roaring in the raining night

The morning after breaking news reports accrued the bus Venom broke was still far from being fixed pissing the teachers off May in her room still thinking what Pete told her before Peter out patrolling for Venom and the murders as Spider-Man but couldn't get his mind off that kiss

And neither could Mary Jane at the theater she was glowing and sweet all morning feeling loved and touched her friends from that nightclu at the beginning were......totally confused

Friend # 1: Has anyone ever seen her this happy. Don't get me wrong I'm glad she is finally's like s she know.

Friend # 2: It's possibly she did.

Friend # 3: Let's not jump to conclusions. Maybe she finally made up with her aunt or.....met some guy she's actually into or the director gave her the main role.

Friend # 1: Either way.....wouldn't hurt someone should ask her what's up.

Friend # 2: Without everyone flying in at once.

The second friend went over as MJ sat in front of her mirror brushing her hair humming My hear will go on from Titanic as she aw her friend coming behind her in the mirror and turned around

MJ: Debora. Good morning.

Deborah: what is going on? You haven't acted like.....yourself all day.

MJ: What I can't act friendly now and then?

Debora: Course you can just.....what side of who's bed did you wake up from?

MJ: Hehehehe no body but my own. But.....I think I'm in love with someone.

Deborah: You are?? Who?

MJ: Well I think I am. Depending know what you wouldn't believe me if I told you. You'd think I'm a silly little girl with a crush.

Deborah: Like you were on Thor?

MJ: That was part of a Marry, Smash and Kill bet; I never meant any of that…..mostly.

Debra (Vanessa Morgan): Still doesn’t explain the who in all this; this big fat common denominator that changed everything for that Mary Jane. Thought you weren’t one to believe in fairytales.

MJ: Still don’t. But let’s just say I’m not opposed to opening those gates again.

Gone, apparently, was the wasted, pessimistic MJ of old, much to the shock and slight of everyone else in attendance especially to those who knew her rather sad upbringings.

All of the days she would cry for her misfortune, the men who treated her so badly, she’d drink herself into oblivion. Then she'd sober up and choose another, often one worse than the last or didn’t fit her standards. With her big spirit and personality snuffed out, she would hook up with control freaks and wouldn’t be surprised when things went wrong. After a few years of flying profanities and fists, she had long since given up and began to focus on her tendencies rather than someone else’s.

Which understandably made it difficult to dispute just how…..zestful and chippy MJ morphed into, in what felt like the equivalent of the three faces of Mick Foley.

MJ: Is it weird for me to say that for the first time in forever, I’m finally happy?

Debra: Let me guess it has something to do with a guy...? Anyone I know?

She doesn’t respond. She doesn’t even have to say anything; one sly glance at her later with a crooked smile but innocent baby reflection in her eyes and the

Silence was deafening…..until it clicked.

Debra: No.....Spider-Man?!

The redhead just flashes a brief smile and nods, her head still up in the clouds.

Debra: A vigilante? You’re serious right now, Mary?

MJ: Told you you’d think it’d be silly.

Debra: Well….yeah, I mean he's awesome; all those videos on YouTube and such but—I—seriously? Did you forget last year?

MJ: You seriously expect me to believe that the man who saved my life twice is a mass murderer? The selfless man who couldn’t save everyone on the bridge but god damn it, he tried? Someone who swooped in to handle a disturbance and save a lady in the rain without hesitation and ask for nothing in return? Does that sound like the action of a deranged psychopath?

Debra: Appearances can be deceiving.

Why did the manner in which she said that tick MJ off by just a smidge? Feeling perplexed and a little triggered, she resorted to steady breathing to relieve herself of stress because by previous recollection, whenever she triggered, that was a stoplight she never answered. Now she is more cautious to revert to her contingency plans of how to behave well even when her empathy was temporarily offline and had reached her limits.

Damaging relationships happened when she triggered or was triggered following the result of a damaged relationship and that was for her to control, figure out and minimize. I get that. However, when others were aware of the issue, it helped more than she liked to admit so she was thankful for Debra for being courteous of her mental health? How else was she going to get proper space without anyone being offended and return with relationships still healthy?

She wanted to get this right. And MJ, finally turning herself away from the mirror and facing her friend eye to eye, seemed to acknowledge that with a simple nod.

Debra: Just asking you to be mindful of what you’re doing. You can tend to be a loose cannon when you lose yourself.

MJ: If anything, I lost myself because of Dad. I stopped believing in all that Holier than Thou shit cause of him. Spider-Man, though? He’s like.....the perfect imperfection mirror of, well, myself, I guess.

Debra: Give me an example. Prove me wrong.

MJ: Batter up then; I’ll give you three.

Silence came between them a MJ faced down letting out a soft but silent sigh she slowly tilt her head up to her friend

MJ: One: I was treated badly by my dad just like the way those people at that Bugle place in New York. There was probably a lot of people who cast him aside the same way that freak who called himself my father cast me aside. And he probably wanted to make a difference with himself for whatever happen to him before he became.....Spider-Man. Two: If he was psychopath like those people in the Bugle say he is......he wouldn't have lift a finger to help me when my life was in jeopardy at the bridge and last night. And no one has ever stook their neck out for me.....not even my own REAL psychopath of a father. I din't think ANYONE would.....until he came along. And Three: Most of all.....whoever's under that mask....has opened my eyes. To know there's many people out there who are like me......who would be willing to risk their lives for others. I'm sure the Avengers were the same way. Who knows how they started out? And I don't mean the mythical tales of Thor or the rich legacy of Tony Stark I mean what made Steve Rogers become Captain America? What turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk or what was Black Widow's origins? For all we know.....they all started out like us. Like him....maybe like me. But my point is Deb....I didn't believe in anything for a long time....not until someone actually saved my life without hesitation. And someone who would purposely murder anyone in cold blood would not lift ONE finger to catch me while falling or pull the street thugs who tried to jump me off. And I feel like....I finally have something to believe in again. And the man.....behind the mak of Spider-Man.....has unchained my heart.

MJ's entire speech nearly made Debra tear up herself despite what she heard on the media or whatever the true story about Spider-Man was she could thank him for changing MJ's beliefs

She placed her hand on her shoulder nodding to her in an emotional smile with MJ holding on to her hand on her shoulder

Later that evening the bus was turned to the nearest auto repair shop since the teacher had no way of fixing it themselves May left for Anna's apartment again as the gang of Midtown High sat in the lobby

Flah had an ice pack on his head from the fight with Peter feeling humiliated and embarrassed Michelle was talking with Betty Brad just was watching tv with most of the others and Ned....

......Ned was on his cell with.....guess who

Ned: I'm covering as best as I can Pete. Just luckily Michelle is voguing for me.

But it's not topping the staff from assking quesstions. Just at least tell me you got any leads on that....Venom thing you mentioned earlier or the psycho behind the killings.

Spider-Man: The only things I got about the murders is they're the work of the old notorious Carnage Killer.

Ned: Him?? Didn't you catch that lunatic a month before the blimp and sent him to Ravencroft?

Spider-Man: Somewhat. But he's not in this alone. From that house I wa at earlier this week Karen confirmed he was an accomplice named Frances Barrion. Grew up drug abused and.....well it's just as tragic as Carrie from both the book and movies. Ass for that.....Venom guy....Karen also confirmed he has a tie into the life foundation.

Life found----wait the place Oscorp took over?

Ned at the hotel: You think Oscorp created thiss thing? You think Harry----

I have no way of knowing. I'll ask him in the morning. I'm gonna finish up my patrol and later I have to meet MJ at the diner in the next hour.

Ned: Hehe....Alight well just give the red head my-----

Ned stop to notice someone oddly off walking into the lobby from the main entrance.... was Frances

And what got Ned odd about her he saw her eyes glowing pure blue

Ned: Uh...Peter? There's a woman here and her......her freaking eyes are glowing.

What do you mean glowing?

Ned: Like GLOWING in that movie Village of the Damned!

What?? I'm on my way.

France: Let's ssee how Spider-Man feels when he thinks Venom caued a fire.

Frances held up her right and and a muffled viberation echoed and Ned widen his eyes and something......EXPLODED

The feedback fizzled out on Peter’s side, his service being cut off and shortened to his confusion and absolute horror.

The air turned so brittle so fast it could snap, and if it didn’t, Peter might as he sat there for those few seconds knee-deep in silence. Platitudes won't cut it right now. He could feel the fear in his chest waiting to take over. Perhaps it only wanted to protect him but there really was no pulling the wool over his eyes to see the danger was real, sitting there like an angry ball propelling him towards anxiety he just didn’t need.

He knew what he needed to do. Bolting off the edge of the building he was on, zipping furiously and swinging with a purpose, now Peter was really racing against the clock.

Spider-Man: Hurry Spidey hurry!

No point in asking Karen whether or not something had happened. The instant the connection between him and Ned was severed on his comms, not to mention what Ned had said seconds before was enough to convince Peter shit had just hit the fan.

Assuming he’d hurry, maybe nobody else has to die this week.

Situated at China Baslin St. in Mission Bay, he quickly switches trajectory and turns back towards the subway heading towards Channel Mission Bay and instead, zooms up to Mission Creek Park aside 4th Street in the next two minutes.

Making a beeline over the pier leaving detached webline after detached webline on every rooftop he could cling to, Peter was in no mood for decency.

Finally, three minutes later and Spider-Man landed in Oracle Park, a nearby baseball stadium situated directly across from Hotel Via, no less than a few seconds out. Once again, Peter was given no time to relapse and emotionally recover.

What was he greeted with once he arrived?

Hellfire and brimstone.

The fire dreams in its iron bed, cozy in the metal that glows. Her flames transform the wood into the most transient of beauties, hot ribbons of light. There are times it sparks as if it wanted more than one crazy way to dance, as if it needs to leap, to fly, willing to land where it may…..however this sight, having to watch his closest friends and allies burn alive in front of him.

Peter wasn’t going to take that lying down.

Luckily, his mask adjusted his camera shutter eye lenses, a built-in augmented reality display system displaying the HUD for the basic suit under an urgent SYSTEM LOADING warning. No sooner should the system loading complete, the lenses zoom in putting the entire view into a three-dimensional perspective while switching the visual quality to infrared.

Most of Peter’s classmates were still alive, but only just as about a good eight of them were visible, drawing an audible sigh of relief from him.

To further drag it through the mud and add to the horror, however, the HUD quickly displays another warning stating “Extinguish Immediately! Building Collapsing In 10 Minutes!”, thus placing the friendly neighborhood hero under a very strict time limit.

And then, to completely flip the script on what looked like an inside job, his suspicions were confirmed with the lenses switching off the HUD and redirecting Peter’s attention over to the far left off the roof of the Hotel.

There he sees VENOM leaping off from the balcony and away from the scene of the crime, immediately pinning him as suspect number one for arson and attempted murder, alongside his overshadowed appearance at the Golden Gate Bridge amongst other things Peter forgot to take into equation.

However, Ned mentioned a woman with glowing eyes, so already, Peter was rendered conflicted and taken aback by the glaring inconsistencies between the who behind the what regarding the when and the why. This did, however, put two things into perspective.

One: under the pretense the wool wasn’t being pulled over his eyes and that big black blob of goo was involved in this, he was his next stop after he took care of this mess. And two: his second and possibly last chance to make up his previous skirmish with Mary Jane from two days ago was going to have to be put on the back burner…..

…..yet AGAIN.

With one final leap and extending out his web-wings, he redirects the air direction straight ahead allowing Peter to barge on through the first window up on the seventh floor, shattering the glass and nosediving headfirst onto a raging inferno. The flames spiking higher and higher with each flicker, Peter maneuvered around the flames to find the floor completely empty.

Spider-Man: Guys?! Betty? Michelle? Ned?!

He bellows loudly, unable to hear anything over the flames. Spidey lunges himself to another wall as it tips over, forcing our hero to leap off and crawl up to the next floor.

But it is with this precarious scenario that Peter is forced to acknowledge the glaring common denominator that drastically altered his chances in carrying out this task; a factor that was actually highlighted during his first fight with Mysterio back in Europe…..

He didn’t bother to make his suit fireproof.

Spider-Man: Karen run a scan on each surrounding and find me gaps on the fire.

Scanning now.

He heard a crash behind him turning around to see.....

......Venom.....escaping out a window

Spider-Man: Venom!

He sprinted through the fire web zipping to look out the window but Venom wasn't really Venom.....

......the image of him vanished as it went out the window the image was an illusion by France she laughed as she tricked the Web Slinger into thinking Venom caused this fire and she escape out another window till laughing

Spider-Man: Damn him!

Peter the scanner picked up a couple of individuals. Take the elevator to two flours up.

Spider-Man: Not be safe but....I'll take the exact approach anyway.

He webbed zipped straight to the elevator and he pulled the doors open with his bare hands took a second but manage to pull them open and leaped up wall crawling web zipping straight to the third flour and came through a vent hearing yells


Spider-Man: Hey that's Brad.

He forced the vent open and leaped above the fire to another wall spotting Brad coughing through the moke with a knocked out Jason

Brad: Somebody help!

Spider-Man: Up here!

Brad looked up and spotted Pete on the ceiling

Brad: Spider-Man! Get us out of here!

Spider-Man: Hang on!

He webbed zipped Jason up to him and reached for Brad's hand who reached for his they grabbed each others hands and a minute later Peter holding on to Jason and Brad is on his back holding on to his neck

And he dropped them off safely

Brad: Thank you Spider-Man. I thought I was a goner.

Spider-Man: Call 911 and get him to an ambulance.

He nodded and he webbed zipped back in the building

Spider-Man: Hang on guys!

On the other side of town Yuri was in a police car driving her way through the city listening to dispatches but nothing came on except two pull overs one three tow and one break in

Yuri sighed and almost turned it off till the dispatch stopped her from a 911 report

All unit there's just been a 911 report of a fire. Hilton Hotel i burning down and report of sightings of the Spider-Man.

Yuri's eyes bolted forming her serious determination expression and turning on her sirens

Yuri: I got you now you son of a bitch.

She speeded to the hotels direction

Back there Peter came through another vent on to another fiery flour and he heard coughing he webbed crawled on the walls to avoid the fire and he potted Betty on her knees coughing Ned and Michelle in the middle of a ring of fire and Ned pinned on the ruble

Spider-Man: GUYS!!

The two who knew his identity looked up and saw him


Michelle: HURRY!

He leaped down and web zipped down to them and landed beside them

Spider-Man: One of you get on my back the other get ahold of me.

Ned got on his back and Michelle took hold of him and he zipped them out of the flamming but soon a he landed them on the flour rubble fell on Peter



The yells got Betty and Flash's attention and saw Ned and Michelle moving the ruble aside given how hot it was getting

Betty: What's going on?!

Flash: Someone get me out of here!

They kept moving the ruble then Michelle.....found Spidey's mask and gasped

Michelle: No....

She picked it up and both her and Ned assumed the worst......

Ned: Oh can't be....

.....but suddenly......the ruble moved up catching them off guard and Betty and Flashed looked closely and the ruble burst open revealing a bruied and charted Spider-Man.....UNMASKED

Betty: PETER?!

Flash: PARKER?!

Both classmates revolved their heads around to each other, striking themselves dumb in the sense that their words had stopped flowing, stopped because Peter had shoved both of them in a completely new direction one had never anticipated for a moment…..and one where she practically should’ve known from the offset.

All of that turmoil, guilt, and confusion that messed with her head after finding out Peter’s truth the first time was disheartening enough. But now, having to find out that entire emotional weight behind that fake-out reveal one year ago was now rendered meaningless because Peter was who law enforcement had in fact been looking for after all?

That the entire “Is he/is he now?” whodunnit was a complete waste to everyone’s time? That Betty was now face-to-face with the last person they expected to be underneath that mask, who almost got them killed on the spot whenever he showed up?

Maybe Jameson had a point about him after all, a revelation Betty thought to herself, with all the anger starting to slowly reflect off and absorb this moment the more she looked back on all the signs and how glaringly obvious they had actually been this whole time.

But that’s taking everything away from what Peter felt in this moment right now.

There's a kind of tiredness that needs a good night's sleep, and another that needs so much more. For Peter, one quickly became the other, starting out as the "one-night kind" until one day it was ever-present - like it once was a heavy jacket but became heavy bones. It was then he knew that being tired could be wearing of the emotions too, that it can come together with a tired body, and become an ingrained part of a life that isn't lived, but survived, endured….

….outlasting moments like these, surviving falling debris from a raging fire and barely walking it off like it was nothing. It did wear out the man, who kneeled down with his back bent to recover.

Peter: I’m alright. I’m al—

The texture of his charred suit actually making contact with his hot, sweaty, cooked skin was the death sentence he had wished to avoid since last year.

Part of him wanted to panic, that within itself, switching off his higher brain. From that ideal standpoint, there were two kinds of panicking, through strongly interwoven, naturally. The first is a kind of intense worry that you could override if you wanted to, that in this panic, painful though it is, you can keep on functioning. It is still chronic stress, it damages the body, the brain, even alters the expression of hundreds of genes.

It's bad, very bad.

The second kind is worse. The second kind is when your brain is so bombarded by fear that your actions become erratic and escalate, in this time some become a danger to themselves and others, they can poison society with their paranoias.

With this very moment, his identity was now out in the open and confirmed but on a face-to-face basis, Peter could hardly hear his heart lodging up into his throat and his body falling asleep at the shock of it all. Alas, there was no weaseling out of it now.

To his displeasure, Peter inched his body forward and his face off the ground, finally facing up towards Flash who displayed a disproportionate visibly scarred look of contempt and anguish all while Betty’s huddled confusion boiled down less to just perpetual grumbling and more towards petty frustration.

Peter: You can think whatever it is you might about me. But we need to skedaddle now. Harrington, where is he?

The reaction he expected however came at the extent of Betty having balled up her fists, still with the mask in her grasp.

Betty: You—why you—

Sensing where this is going, Ned and Michelle chose to intervene, getting in her way as Betty just bursts forward, charging at Peter. He could handle the dumbfounded emotionally scarred reactions of his peers any other time, but not now.

If anything, he felt lucky that Michelle and Ned were shielding him off from the meantime. Flash, understandable, stood there mortified and frozen like a deer in headlights.

Ned: Betty, stop! Give it a rest!

Betty: Why you holding me back? Let me get him!

Michelle: Betty, stop! It’s ok, it’s not what you think!

Betty: Not what you think?! Do you need a proctologist?! He’s Spider-Man!

Michelle: Yeah, well, we know, ok?! We know!

Betty: Excuse—You knew? All along, you knew?!

Michelle: Yes, I know and Ned knows but that’s it! Everyone else doesn’t know anything yet so you HAVE TO STOP SCREAMING!

Betty: How can I stop screaming when there's more breaking news than just the unmasking of Spider-Man?! Was that really the Stark Internship, huh?!

She came inches, once again, to facing him down. Again, Ned has to hold her back all while she screams.

Ned: Look Betty, I get this is too much but you got to keep this a secret! Please!

Begging: the practice of imploring others to grant a favor, often a gift of money, with little or no expectation of reciprocation. Except that’s not how it came off to the new Daily Bugle intern, who saw the proposal as tacky, desperate, and secretive.

The next second passes and Ned feels a fierce, vibrating, pulsating 94 pounds of force swiping past his face as the mark plants itself through his skin.

He had just been slapped.

Betty: Why should I when it's cause of him we're always in this mess?! Why are both of you covering for him?!

Michelle: Because we’d be in bigger messes than this if it weren't for him!

Betty: You expect me to believe that bullshit?! Any of it?! Where’s my—

With the fires raging on, as if they all forgot they were stuck in a burning building, Betty sloppily reaches for her phone in her pocket. Barely gripping it by her nails, she doesn’t get far; Ned gripping her arm from behind.

She tries to tug herself away but his grip is committed to not letting her budge an inch close to making that phone call because what else was she going to do?

Betty: Let me go.

Ned: You can't do that to him, not now. Not after what happened to his uncle......?

That stopped Betty in her tracks.

For perhaps a split second, her grief was suspended, the surprise protecting her until it shattered like glass. I guess you could call it shock, but to Ned, they were the same thing for the first fraction of a second -an inability to compute.

Ned: I was there when it happened, Betty. Mr. Parker was murdered outside my house...I had to see Peter watch him die....I....come on, just give Pete a break for his and May's sake.

If that didn’t already conflict with her enough already.

Ned: Also, in case you missed it, WE’RE ABOUT TO BE BURNED ALIVE!

Push comes to shove.....the path of least resistance has to be taken.

Betty: Argh! I don’t care what you do, just get us out of here Peter!

She tosses the mask back across towards him at a pathetically short distance, forcing Peter to thwip a web-line towards it just to klep it in his hands.

He doesn’t usher another word for the next few seconds until his mask is back over his head, his identity however now in shambles. All he could ask at that moment was…..

Spider-Man: Where are the teachers?

Ned: We think they got out. But....the woman maybe till in there.

Michelle: What woman?

Ned: The one who caused the fire it's the same one with the glowing eyes and she spread the whole fire with her bare hands.

Spider-Man: Are you sure Ned? Cause I just aw Venom escape out before I found you guys. I assumed he caused it.

Flash: Who the hell's Venom?

Michelle the black monster we saw him fight the other day idiot.

Ned: Peter I wear to god it was the woman. No one's see that thing around here.

Spider-Man: I believe you dude. But I saw him. I'll track the woman later but I got to go after that thing. First I'm gonna search for other survivors you guys wait for the police and firefighters

Hands up!

Hearing that made Peter turn around to see.....they were already here lead by the same cop that's been chasing him all year in New York and were all pointing guns at him

Michelle: The hell?

Yuri: Mask off! Hands in the air freak!

Spider-Man: Lt Watanabe?! What'd you---

Yuri: I aid MASK OFF!

Ned: NO!

Ned tried to run in to stop them but Michelle and Flash held him back and Betty was already on her phone

Spider-Man: Hello! Good guy! Saved your butt! Me! Building on fire!


He held out his hands as the others backed up not knowing what to do with Betty typing on her phone to Jameson

Mr. Jameson. I got you the story you're looking for. The story form last year was not false. Peter Parker IS Spider-Man! I've seen his face.

Spider-Man: Please....I'm not who you think I am.


They were about to shoot but Pete leaped over them and grabbed Yuri from behind holding her arm the cops did point their guns


Spider-Man: Listen to me. I don't want to hurt you. Jut give me a chance pleae.

Yuri: NEVER!

Spider-Man: LOOK! We're on te same side. The one who did thi was that blob monster Venom! NOT me!

Yuri: My side? MY SIDE?!

Yuri tried to shrug him off but couldn't brake free from his grip due to his spider strength but feeling her struggle Peter willingly let her go

Yuri caught her breath and turned to Spider-Man very seriosly and disapproval

Yuri: You and I are NOT on the same sside! We never were and we NEVER will be!

Spider-Man: And I thought Jameson was harsh.

Yuri: The only side I'm on is the law. The one you're on is those who think they have a right to thake it in their own hands making you an outlaw!

Spider-Man: Is that what this is about? Thinking I'm above the law? I have high respect for the law. And so did the Avengers. So why didn't you try to arrest them? Especially Mr. Stark?

(That was an excellent quetion)

Yuri: He had the most powerful family lawers.

(Ok maybe not)

Spider-Man: Why did I ask?

Yuri: You on the other hand have taken enough of the law on your own irresponsible vigilantism.

Spider-Man: Irreponsi-------are you kidding me?!

Yuri: You have no respect for the rights of lawful. WE have earned New York' respect unlike YOU.

Spider-Man: Oh my god! Look I don't mean to sound like Batman from Arkham Origins but if that were true I wouldn't be here!

Yuri: Prepare to fire!

The cops pointed their guns at him


Yuri: You got no where to run! Remove your mask ad you won't get hurt!

Spider-Man: Id you really knew me.....and knew why I do this..... you would know I am not as irresponsible as you say I am. I lost someone dear to me.....because THEN.....I was irresponsible and I have to pay for it for the rest of my life! I try to make up for it by taking the law in my own hands it's the only way I could hold on my sanity. You may not think that's responsible.....but....if you knew what I lost.....cause of my selfishness you would understand.

Everyone the Midtown High gang even Yuri's officers all cried hearing his speech especially Betty......

......reminding her when Uncle Ben died she was there for him as everyone was there for him she even grief so much cause Ben supported all of them all their lives.......

.....Betty thought would Ben want her to expose his own nephews secret? No.

Would Ben want her to betray her friend after saving her life in Europe and just NOW? No.

Betty cried from the speech mostly feeling guilty she would have the F**king NERVE to expose him after him after what he done for her even when Ned begged her not to cause of her.....STILL feelings for him even now knowing he too saw Ben Parker died

Betty looked at her text not sent yet to Jameson

Betty sighed o hard.....

......she deleted the text

But as for Yuri.....

Yuri: I said.....MASK OFF!

Spider-Man: SCREW THIS!

Spider-Man leaped off to the walls of the building on across from the fiery hotel and Yuri and the cops obeying orders opened fire but every shot MISSED and Spider-Man disappeared on the edge of the building

He landed on the roof barely escaping the gun fire grunting in frustration

Spider-Man: Doesn't that lady care about the people still trapped in there?!

Leaping forward he landed into a window of the fire building in search for other survivors it took hours almost all the way to midnight but Spider-Man and arriving firefighters manage to get them all out

And at the end of the last hour the fire was put out and Peter unmasked was on the phone with Ned across from the other roof

Peter: Is everyone alright?

Safe and sound. We're with Mr. Harrington and he's booked us another hotel. Not as big as the ohter but we'll be settled tomorrow if the bus ain't fixed by then. I told the staff you were with May.

Peter: Thanks man.....I owe you.....AGAIN.

You sure do. Hehe. So you still going after that creature? Especially with that Watanbe lady here looking for you?

Peter: I have to. It's still hurting people. And I'll try and track the woman you saw earlier afterwards. If we're lucky it's Barrion and she'll lead me to the Carnage Killer.

Be careful man!

Peter: I'll try.

Peter cut off and pulled his mask back over his head looking at the aftermath of the fiery hotel and he sighed softly especially seeing how black and white Yuri was but shook it off and spoke to KAREN

Spider-Man: Karen. We need to find Venom. Any leads?

Actually ye. There's sightings of him in the middle of down town. It' chasing a car down at North.

Spider-Man: Alright then we better stop that monster before it gets to them. Let's roll!

He leaped forward and web swings over to North to track Venom down

But.....unfortunately.....Venom is STILL the least of Peter's worries cause he was in for another.....MJ....stepped out of the same diner.....STOOD up again

While Peter was saving the survivors of the fire hotel MJ was once again waiting for hours and call....not even a text

MJ granted him this second chance from hearing his own family tragedy learning it wass worse than hers parents leaving him at a door step of the father's brother disappearing only to learn later they're gone

MJ thought she could understand him given they're both orphans especially when she felt a strong connection with Spider-Man from their kiss who unknown to her of coure was Peter

but now being blown off.....yet again she was not gonna let this go willingly nor take any excuse if it was the truth

Mary Jane looked at her phone with not a single text she had a deep expression of hurt and anger she was tempted to text him.....

.....but hoved her phone back in her pocket walking away unaware she wa still being fallowed.... Cletus

Cletus: Are you in for the ROLL of a lifetime......Ms. Watson.


Anyway.......KAREN' hunch was correct a car wa speeding filled with armed criminals and Venom was leaping from roof top to roof top chasing it roaring but unaware......

.......Spider-Man was hot on his tail

Spider-Man: We got him now! Keep on him Karen!


Venom soon landed on his feet on the curb and ran in the middle of the street where cars honked and stomped on their brakes as the beat came their way

He even landed and bashed on cars in his way even wit people still in them Venom's path of detruction wa really getting out of control his vengeance over Annie's death has made him blind over rage

And with force Venom bashed on the criminals car and he grabbed the driver who yelled in terror

Venom: Lunch time!

Venom was about to bite his head off as the other criminal in the shotgun took the weal suddenly.....

.....Spider-Man SWIPPED him out of Venom's grip and he threw and webbed him to the wall and landed in front of the car forcing them to stop and Venom.....facing his foe in a second confrontation

Venom: Spider-Man.....I've finally drawn you out.

Spider-Man: That fire you caused was hard to ignore. Someone had to clean up your mess. A lot of innocent people almost died tonight cause of you.

Venom: Fire? Innocent? YOU caued that bridge disaster and murdered that defenseless woman I saw you with!

Spider-Man: WHAT?!?!?!?! This again! I didn't kill anybody!

Venom: Tell it to Annie Weying.

Spider-Man: WHO????

Venom grabbed him by the neck but Spider-Man kicked him off to brake free and both looked face to face another round begins

Situated at the Civic Center on Golden Gate Avenue, both men were only a few minutes out from Mid-Market and the Theater District while once again, cosplaying as the biggest mark-key attractions of the night for the second time in a row, just hours after the Hotel Via burst into flames.

A predicament that speaks to how clueless both Spider-Man and Venom were being in the grand scheme of how these events were connected. The former finds himself being accused by a monster of something he admittedly did not commit but failed to adjust towards in time….

….and the next thing he knows, days later, he finds himself shifting blame back towards the monster for something he looked to be completely unaware of.

Hypocritically outmatched in their heads regarding the one at fault for each other’s mishaps and shortcomings, both were too deeply embedded into their own woven paths and objectives to afford, now, any more missteps going forward….especially in Peter’s case.

He’d take no pleasure in taking him down. None. It's just necessary. Venom grew to love hurting and Peter couldn’t face healing his friends and family with this monstrous goo around. Giving mercy was good until he almost hurt the innocent, countless times.

Not again.

Similar to last time, Venom caught an opening amongst the endless circling around his opponent, eventually growing tiresome. Snarling decibels and decibels louder with each second passing onwards, the symbiotic monster eventually liquidates five separate tendrils from his hands and launches them at the friendly neighborhood Spidey.

Spider-sense went haywire for Peter, alerting him of the threat, and this time, he was prepared.

Somersaulting over one tentacle and sliding underneath another, he then takes the initiative and corkscrews above the next two but not before grabbing both of them by the tail end and literally wrapping them into a bow.

Using the length of those two tendrils as a squishy springboard, Spider-Man leaped into the air well above Venom's own height which quickly re-adjusted the situation. Now hurdling a full 30 feet into the air, Deja vu began flooding back.

Venom, once again, slams his fist THROUGH the tarmac, cracking it amongst a full six feet across from him. That’s when another tendril shoots up from the ground, aimed at a descending Spidey. Learning from last time, however, Peter simply keeps descending and lets the tendril come for him.

Because once it did, Peter’s spider-sense once more ringed through his ears and head, and dodging the tendril from the sides was easy.

Realizing the same technique didn’t work twice, a visibly frustrated Venom simply leaped up after him. The only problem was….


No less than 8 feet upwards, Spider-Man clocked him across the face with a right hand so ferocious, you could’ve sworn Peter nearly broke it.

Something a brief ten-second recovery couldn’t sweep under the rug. Upon barely landing back on his own feet, woozy, Venom came to realize that that punch ALMOST knocked off his lower jaw. It’s there he comes to a shocking revelation: Spider-Man had been pulling his punches all along, and could have easily killed him and all his other enemies with just a few blows…..if he REALLY wanted to.

That, in turn, lights his fire even more and makes him furious.

So no sooner should Spider-Man make it back to the ground, Venom straight up leaps at Peter who dodges the tackle by bending backward and allowing the monster to simply roll over him.

Because of this, Venom ends up hitting the car he carelessly tossed aside, merely denting himself in the process. He then comes face to face with Spider-Man dropkicking him in the face through the walls and into the facility of the La Cocina Municipal Marketplace.

Recovering quickly, Venom is quickly met with a flurry of offense from Spider-Man. He comes hammering down with basic punches and roundhouses, half of which stun Venom in the slightest. Uppercutting him with both his feet, Spidey yanks himself down with webs only for Venom to grab the webs and clobber Spidey down completely with both webs.

Still grabbing ahold of them both, he decides to take him for a swing: a literal swing as he hurls the web-slinger around, crashing him through chairs and tables and the food column before simply flinging him upwards towards the ceiling and watching him plummet back down to the ground. Nowhere near done yet, he hoists him back up only for Peter to yank right up underneath Venom and wrap the webs down from THAT AREA up to around his neck.

While not intentionally trying to choke out the big man, it does slow him down.

Until he realized that it wasn't.

Spider-Man: ARGH! Taser webs!

The basic coding allowed for an electric current to flow through the webbing, barely rendering the symbiote down for even a fraction of a minute before he just ripped the webbing off and tosses Peter halfway across the room.

Almost immediately, Peter gets up and is prepared to shoot a web but Venom hurls a liquidated black mace at the kid and wacks him across the face, further coating his already charred and dirt-covered suit with just a tiny splice of his own blood.

For a solid forty seconds, there’s no movement from Peter. Venom can’t even hear his warped, shallow breathing from the other side of the food court, much to both his and Eddie’s confusion.

Is he still there?

Venom: Can’t hear anything.

He growls once more in frustration.

Go check behind the counter.

Venom approached the counter and with force he ripped it off the flour throwing it aside and still didn't see Peter


In more frustration Venom tor the whole kitchen apart looking for his prey Peter then was wall crawling on the ceiling and into an air vent

Venom heard the opening and turned only to see it closing with Spidey's red boot moving into it

Ah ha!

Venom: GOTCHA!

Venom leaped like a giant frog and ripped the event and climbed in spotting Spidey crawling away he launched out symbiont tentacles grabbing him and pulling him back over

Spider-Man: HEY! NO!

Venom: You're mine!

He pulled him over closer to him Peter tried to struggle but with no use and Venom's mouth widen the most horrifying wide mile with his long pointy teeth snarling

Venom: Spider eat flies but you know what eats spiders?

Spider-Man: Birds?

Venom: ME!

Venom opened his mouth very wide his long tongue twitched around Peter panicked and suddenly

Spider-Man: GOTCHA!

Spidey launched more taser webs and it went into Venom's mouth who shrieked from the burns and shock in his mouth forcing him to let go of him and fell out of the vent and Spidey came out himself and lunged at Venom

~Spider-Man theme-Epic cover~

Spidey launched punches at his jaw and stomach leaving Venom an open target and Vulnerable to Peter' attacks then he launched a webline and swung over to Venom and the former Anti-Hero looked up still under electricity

And Spidey web swings over and kicks Venom in the torso forcing him out of the kitchen and back out in the food court

Meanwhile MJ was in another Uber still furious about being stood up for the second time she wasn't gonna be too merciful to Peter this time and was gonna let him have it and possibly END it for good maybe hit a nightclub again but.....

,,,,,when the Uber pulled up to the burnt up hotel and MJ's expression from angry to.....worry

MJ: Oh my god......STOP!

The driver stop and MJ forced herself out looking in shock of the fire aftermath and feared the worst that maybe this is why Pete didn't show again

MJ: Oh god no....

Mary Jane?

She looked behind her seeing May come out of another Uber and she too was in shocked of the aftermath

MJ: Mrs. Parker. Where's Peter?! Where is he?!

May: Calm down. I just got off the phone from one of his teachers. They just transfered to another hotel.

MJ: Is he with them?

May: Knowning him unlikely. But.....wouldn't hurt to check. Hop in honey.

Mary Jane hopped in with May in her Uber and drives off to the transferred hotel

Meanwhile back at the food court Spider-Man came out of the kitchen into the destroyed court from Venom flying into it after that web swing kick and Venom was lying flat on the ground and looked out cold

Spider-Man: Karen get me a full scan of this thing. I need to know everything about it.

Scanning now.

On Peter's P.O.V. Stark-Tech scanned on Venom calculating to reveal what he is

The creature is some type of species of a symbiont.

Spider-Man: Symbiont? You mean this thing alien?!


Spider-Man: He's not the last of the children of Thanos is he?

Hardly. Thiss type pf species needs to bond to a host to insure it's own survival outside it's own planet.

Spider-Man: And when you ay bond you mean---

Bonded into another human.

Spider-Man: That means ssomeone's trapped in it! We need to get him out there.

Spidey grabbed Venom tending to tare him open to get whoever was in there suddenly he felt a grip around his ankle Venom stood up with Pete's leg in his grip and he SLAMMED him around like Hulk did to Loki


Smashing him like a ragdoll on the floor, Venom eventually lets his tendrils do the work for him again, plastering Spidey through the window. Glass shards splintering as he fell through the air and out the window, Peter soon stumbles to a complete stop.

He doesn’t give himself a moment's rest, for Venom simply would not let him.

Flipping backward up in the air, his web wings deploy from his armpits as he glides a full loop-de-loop back around the street just as Venom catches the fish of wind, mildly blowing him back. Thinking he was about to get away, Venom leaps up into the air after him and this time….

….he catches him.

In doing so, however, it drags both him and Spidey down to the top of the Grace Cathedral building. Meaning it forced Spider-Man down towards Venom, kicking him in the jaw before flipping over his head and landing safely. Soon as Venom turned around, he came in contact with another web grenade.

Wrapping around his face, it blinded him momentarily as he struggled with removing the tight webbing or so Spider-Man thought. After horizontal kicks to his dome from three corners of the room, Venom broke free, charging forward and grabbed Pete by the neck.

"Insect!" was all he spit out as he slammed him down face-first again.

And again.

And again.

Repetition happened to be the name of this game.

Groaning slightly, Peter’s eyes now laid as immobile as his limbs. He noticed how irreversibly damaged his skintight suit was; torn, burned, bloodied, and dirty. Not to mention his mask was just barely holding it together and that blood was trickling out his nose.

Once again, he couldn’t stop Venom from literally cramping down on his neck, grabbing him from the collarbone, and yanking him off the tarmac before staring him down again. It made Peter look like a newborn baby in the face of this towering behemoth.

Venom: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Peter felt himself being heavily choked out, with Venoms’ ONE HAND around his neck compressing the baroreceptors of the carotid artery, confusing the body into thinking blood pressure has risen. Due to the baroreflex, this causes vasodilation, or widening of the brain's blood vessels intended to relieve high pressure. Since no blood pressure increase has actually occurred, the dilation causes a dramatic decrease in blood pressure to the brain….

….and any longer, it’d cause Peter to lose consciousness.

On top of all that, Venom hadn’t forgotten his parasitic inheritance passed down onto him, the Klyntar hive still linked into his mind and conscience. Because of this, his normally obscure white veins from within his black liquidated base popped out in color, resonating in higher tint and hue while trickling up and around Venom's arms, legs, back, and chest.

Once interconnected towards the chest region, most of the white veins on his body disappear, instead merging into jagged lines and arches…..

…..creating his own Spider emblem embedded onto his chest.

And then he just propels Spider-Man towards him, sucking him into his chest region and absorbing him, head, body, arms, legs, and all in an act that one could only describe as carnivorous.

Swirling him up and around, in and out, taking even more of his energy in the process, both Eddie and Venom were relishing at this moment: having been the one to fully defeat Spider-Man at his own game.

Now would come the moment of truth.

Discharging, like from the lungs and out from the mouth, Venom just spits out the 18-year-old, technically 24, from his chest area. It left Peter back exactly where he was against him last time: humiliated.

The sight of him slithering, inching further and further away from left Venom immensely satisfied. It's what he wanted for days on end, having age, slept, and breathed this course of action for too long: to watch the insect burn at his feet and that very desire was unfolding in front of his very eyes.

If only he could see the true depth of terror in Peter's eyes as he dragged himself to the sidewalk alongside the dispatched car, now burning, desperately just trying to survive.

He could hardly even hear Venom’s footsteps slowly whittling away the close he got towards Spider-Man, with Venom demorphing a mere second after Peter barely BARELY inches himself up to one knee using the half-busted charred rubble of the bumper car for leverage.

Shortly afterward, Peter finds himself shoved to the wall by a livid Eddie Brock, desperately trying his damnedest not to yell his lungs out and be a vengeful, crass, asshole of fury.

What he did accomplish however was surprising his opponent.

Spider-Man: You—you—

Eddie: If only I could cause you the pain that you caused me…..

Spider-Man: What'd you----

Venom: And now we will eat both of your arms and then both of your legs and then we will eat your FACE right off your head.

Spider-Man: Look man.....

Eddie But first let's see who's behind the mask......

Venom:.......and then look into your eyes as you die.

Spider-Man: What the hell are you?!

Venom and Eddie (Both): WE.....are VENOM.

Peter tried to struggle as Venom's arm reached up to his face grabbing the mask and RIPS it off his head revealing Peter's face making both Venom and Eddie gasp at once

Eddie: Parker?!

Venom: The kid?!

Venom let him go forcing Pete to land on his back and sit up and Venom morphed back into Eddie fully and Peter saw how it wa done for the first time seeing that symbiont going through his skin was something out of a horror movie

Eddie: But how---you-----

Peter even stood up ready for another fight but Eddie held up his hands telling him not attack

Eddie: Hey hey kid kid! Calm down....I'm not gonna hurt you.....

Didn't he still kill Anne?!

Peter: Yeah right! You said you were gonna eat my arms and legs!

Eddie: No that's not----argh! Look....I didn't know you were a kid. In fact if I did I never would have assumed-----

Peter: Assume what?

Eddie: Jut let me ask you something. Tat bridge disaster earlier this week.....was that you?

Peter: What??

Eddie: I......I got in over my head over a tragedy......I.....I thought it was you who destroyed the Golden Bridge.

Peter: And I thought it was you.

He still could have killed Annie!

Eddie: No....he's just a kid. He couldn't have.

Peter: What??

Eddie: Never mind. Look kid....this was all just a misunderstanding. I am sorry I tried to----eat you. It's obvious we been played against each other.

Peter and Venom's voice (Both): By who??

Eddie: I....I don't know. Maybe....maybe....

Suddenly something started to ring bells in his head (Besides Venom of course)

Eddie: Oh my god.....

Peter: What?

Eddie: Kassidy and Barrion.....they did this to us.....they killed Annie.....

Peter bolted his eyes knowing those names too

Peter: The Carnage Killers?

Eddie: What?

Peter: Kassidy killed criminals in New York when I caught him three years ago before Thanos----actually cause of Thanos it was seven years ago. I just learned about Barrion recently. But what'd they got against you?

Eddie: Don't ask. It's a long and.....real messed up story one you won't even believe that's real anymore especially....I don't even know how you covered up your identity when I saw you on tv and later made another Spider-Man save you. But by all means....I'm really sorry we try to eat you.

I'm not.

Peter: "We"?

Eddie: Uhh.....yeah....that's also a longer story.

We're still gonna eat him roght?! YOU PROMISED!

Eddie: No buddy he wasn't responsible for Annie.

Peter: Who's Annie?

Eddie almost replied to Peter but Venom kept bellowing in his head

Then why was her body in his hands?!

Eddie: Keep your voice down!

Peter was just beyond confused he couldn't tell if Eddie was talking to him cause no one was there but him and Eddie.....or so he thought

Eddie: Barrion got in our heads before it's obvious she killed Anne and set us against the kid because he knows them too.

Point taken. But what about what the Bugle say? We now know the old story isn't false now.

Eddie: That doesn't matter! We got a bigger problems.

Peter: Mr. Brock I'm sorry to interrupt but....who are you talking to?

Eddie: Oh.....ohhhh sorry kid uh....let's just say....Venom and I.....are not exactly the same person....he....kind of....lives inside me.

That weireded out Peter and be honest would weird us all out

Eddie: Sometimes he comes out now and then during......when people? And.....when he speaks.....when he's in my head.....I'm the only one who can hear him.

Peter: Sssssssssoooooooo......that parasite talks to you in your head?

Eddie: No don't say----!


It was at this moment that Peter knew......he f**ked up!

Venom morphed back out grabbing Peter by the neck


Venom was SO close on eating him at an instant thankfully thinking quickly Pete would have been a goner no matter how much Eddie plead him not to this time but thankfully.....

.......a fire alarm of the building was set off due to fire set in the kitchen that was caused when Venom tore it up looking for him

The sound waves of the alarm were loud enough to have a lethal effect on Venom he shrieked and shiver forcing him to let go of Pete who grabbed his mask on the flour and fled Venom too fled to get as far away from the noise as possible

Venom burst out of the wall outside and runs to the river diving in with police sirens approaching

With Peter wall sprinting to another rooftop he made it to the top out of breath looking down with the police outside the food court Peter wasn't sure how to absorb this he suspected Eddie from the start but didn't expect THIS

Eddie seemed too nice and......awkwardly humorous to be something......destructive Venom hurt a lot of people ever since the Golden Bridge and since he brought up this "Annie" he couldn't put it together until.....he thought back to that blonde woman he tried to save at the bridge but didn't make it and Venom asked "What have you....done?!" now everything was puzzled together to him

Peter: Now it all makes sense. That woman had to be his girlfriend. She had to be. He thought I killed her. But.....he maybe a danger till to himself and those around him with that creature in him maybe fatal.

100% likely possible it's eating him from the inside.

Peter: We still need to stop him Karen. Only to save Mr. Brock from himself.


Peter: For now let's call it a night.

Peter was about to pull his mask back on till he stopped DEAD in hi tacks remembering something......that made hi heart racing

Peter: Oh god......OHHHHHH god.....Karen....what's the time?


Peter: WHAT?!?!?!? ONE AM?! AWE CRAP! MARY JANE! Shit now I'm in for it. Karen can you call her please?

Calling: Mary Jane Watson.

In the Uber where MJ and May were riding in her phone was shinning with Peter's Caller ID but it was on silent mode MJ didn't notice it

In fact she was panicking her self as Peter was in the back seat with May next to her

MJ: If anything happened to him I'll never forgive myself this time.

May: Dear I been worrying about him for the past two years ever since------

May stopped thinking about their argument from before making her think of Ben again

MJ: Since when?

May: Let's just say.....Peter carries a lot of respnsibility more than he should. Ever since his parents and Ben died he's put up more weights than he can handle.

MJ: Who's Ben??

May realized she said too much and sighed softly she had to come clean

May: Ben was my huband. Peter's father's brother. He passed away....awhile ago.

May beginning telling MJ about Ben's tragedy too only leaving out anything to give out Peter's ecret away just as she did with Anna MJ took it all in shock of course for Peter never mentioned MUCH about his uncle to her not even Anna told her about him

She was broken up and sympathized started building another suspicion on something that still kept her distacted from her phone

Peter on his side reached the voicemail

Hi it's Mary Jane. Sorry to mis you. Please sing your song at the beep.

Peter on his side reached the voicemail

Hi it's Mary Jane. Sorry to miss you. Pleae sing your song at the beep.

Peter didn't bother leaving one he cut off in frusteration and disbelief

Peter: Now I really blew a sure thing. She's probably not answering cause she's really mad at me this time.

Perhaps she thinks you stood her up.

Peter: Noooooo!

Would you like to call her again? Especially after that kiss confess your feelings? Maybe the truth could win her affections?

Peter: Oh I don't know. She may not even believe the truth cause I ruined my chances with her anyway.

Like you did with Liz?

Peter: Yes thanks for bringing that up Karen.

My apologies Peter but.....can I be honest with you?

Peter: Sure.

You shouldn't be hard on yourself. Not even about your uncle. It wasn't your fault. Not even about forgetting him. I'm sure Mr. Stark would have understood if he was still here.

Peter: Thanks Karen.

Meanwhile on the other side of the river Venom burst out on to shore morphing back into Eddie

Eddie: Jesus man! What is your problem?!

MY problem?! What's yours?! You said all rules were off and you just let him go!

Eddie: He's just a kid! How was he suppose to know your trigger button?! I mean for God sake Venom are just gonna keep snapping every time somebody says the P-word?!

From there Venom's head came slithering out of his back turning to face Eddie and he looked.....PISSED

Venom: Like you keep telling Richard there's no such thing as cant'.

Now Eddie was starting to get annoyed. He and Venom have always been on rocky terms despite being permanently stuck to each other, unable to help the fact that Venom is inevitably going to suck out his life force whether Eddie really wants that or not but very rarely had it gotten THIS BAD.

When Carnage first popped up on the scene, it forced Eddie to really reshape his values and perspective on actually keeping Venom around in a hostile environment while constantly having to deal with every bad decision he made.

Once more, with him back and with Spider-Man in the picture, it was back to square one again and Venom, evolving into a deliberately annoying drama-mama, saw no issue in twisting the knife in whenever it suited him.

And the problem was most of the time, he was right. And Eddie knew that, forcing himself to look away in shriveled contempt upon bringing up Richard.

Venom: Don’t look away from me!

Eddie: Alright, yeah! You’re right! I’m imperfect but so is everyone else on this miserable-looking mudball we call home! We’re born, we live, we die, life goes on; I can’t take back the promises I couldn’t keep……and I sure as hell can’t go back and save her.

Venom couldn’t help but notice Eddie’s usual know-it-all exterior was crumbling apart. Now he’s trying way too hard to hide the tears as his eyes and face water red. He almost killed a kid on multiple occasions because of mistaken identity.

That’s never easy to go through, made even worse by just how simple he fooled himself into believing it was.

Eddie: And taking it out on that kid won’t make it any better.

Venom: You’re really going to just let him go?

Eddie: Yes……because we now know who’s really responsible.

Venom: He still could’ve saved her!

Eddie: Yeah, well so could we have!

Silence rung through his ears once again, still recapping that horrific moment; where he realized he'd misinterpreted his own actions, his words, his expressions for so many if he'd been speaking a language he himself couldn't understand...

That moment where his heart broke...

Eddie: But they destroyed the bridge…..and we had to make sacrifices…..just like I’m sacrificing mine, making sure you stay with me.

Snapping his head back towards Venom’s disjointed symbiotic neck sticking out from his back, the former just stares down his unfortunate host, having finally repositioned his footing and stance after being proven wrong…..

….much to Venom’s annoyance and awe.

Was this confidence re-emerging or just more arrogance on the behalf of Eddie?

Eddie: So unless you want me to feed you to that narcissistic cannibalistic Alice Cooper Marilyn Manson motherf—ker, I suggest you get back in line. We take care of them both and we’ll talk about this later……. comprende?

This creature was left observing Eddie, his partner, his own host with the gaze of a stranger, that aloof judgment with no strings.



Resentment, bottling up from inside.

From afar, he’s has made some opinion of him. Eddie never meant to speak ill of him, it’s just a matter of him doing what he thinks he must, as must we all. Though we walk in a modern age with gadgets our fore-bearers could never have dreamt of, there is a part of us that is forever the tribal hunter.

Now he had to make an observation, a casual assessment.

Friend or foe?

That very same dilemma now poisoned Mary Jane’s mind, deeply seeded in the aftermath of tonight and still mentally trapped in the horizontal tunnel vision of only a few days ago. High off the arguably best kiss of her life and actually striking down a passable friendship with an old acquittance of hers, too much was happening way too fast.

That quickly changed after tonight.

The Hotel VIA was lucky to not have collapsed entirely by the time firefighters answered the call and doused the flames. Most of the South Beach district was placed on high alert as well as the rest of downtown.

She achingly itched her neck over to her far right, seeing both Harrington and Julius argue over how they were gonna get out of California by tomorrow, especially since the airport wasn’t even that far from where they were.

Part of her wondered if she had a bone to pick with them as well, considering how Peter technically dragged her into this with all of them. And as MJ’s eyes began to quench and tilt her head and confusion, it really did begin to look more intertwined than originally surmised.

The theater.

The bus.

The Golden Gate Bridge.

Basketball court.

And now the bloody hotel?

Evolution is indeed a mystery…..and this was anything but a coincidence now. While not enough evidence unearthed itself to conclude this was all a deliberate ruse, this was fishy enough for MJ’s tastes.

And she needed to get to the bottom of this.


But perhaps…..maybe that could wait for a couple of seconds longer. She recognized that voice but she wasn't in the mood to perk a sarcastic smile or even pretend to be happy.

And Michelle seemed to take notice once Mary finally turned to her, confused and irritated.

MJ: What?

Michelle: Something I learned down in Italy. You could translate it however you’d like. It could mean ‘Maybe’. Could mean ‘I don’t know’. Could mean ‘Leave me alone’.

MJ: I think I’d prefer the latter right now.

Once more, it was as if the world had shrunken away to leave a cold void around her skin as if she had become detached from reality itself. Just when things seemed to be going well with Peter, with Spider-Man…..

….she resisted asking the question ‘Why is my life full of shit?

Good thing Michelle was an observant eagle.

Michelle: Are you looking for Peter?

MJ turned to her direction at an instant and paused in thought for a moment just when May broke up the argument with the teachers asking them what was going on

Mary Jane: Yeah. I was just at the other hotel caught fire. Are you all alright? Is he alright?

Michelle: We are and he should be.

Mary Jane: Should be?

Michelle: He's always getting into trouble but manages to scurry out.

Mary Jane: I....I'm sorry but what does he get in trouble for?

Michelle realized he nearly opened up too much and it was starting to raise more suspicion to Mary Jane and to protect Peter's cover Michelle had to improvise

Michelle: Um.....why don't we go talk about it outside?

Mary Jane: Sure I could use the air.

The two MJ's slipped out stepping outside people came and went in and out of the hotel

Michelle: When I said trouble I didn't mean TROUBLE trouble. you may or may not know Peter can be a flake out tragedy.

Mary Jane: Yeah.....he told me about his parents. Mrs. Parker told me about hi uncle.

Michelle: Sounds like you know half of it already.

Mary Jane: What's the other half?

Michelle: I don't know if I should be the one to tell you. It's probably best you hear it from him.

Mary Jane: But isn't there want to get off your chest? I mean......MJ we only known each other half a week and....maybe you'd like to confine in someone.

Michelle paused for a moment thinking back to the events in Europe even the events of SV during thoe events their relationship took from fresh start to complicated end

Michelle turned to Mary Jane with a mild grin in between down face which drew MJ's curiosity further

Michell: The thing is MJ.......I've known Peter since junior year. I use to tease him and Ned cause they were losers cause I was a loser myself which was why I didn't had friends. I was....kind of more of a loser than them. See it's always been my mom and me. My dad....let's just say he couldn't had a life that could allow him to raise a child.

Mary Jane: So your dad bailed on you too?

Michelle: I wouldn't say he BAILED bailed let's just say he had a responsibilty where.....he carried the whole world on his shoulders kinda and with me in it.....he had to take that in his.....iniative. was just my mom and me like I said none the less and when I took time to get to know Peter more he started reminding me of my dad so much. He too carried a lot on hi houlders for his aunt. Even tried to when we were dating----OOPS!

Mary Jane: Dated? You mean you two-----

Michelle: Once one year ago. But.....let's just say it didn't last a month. And whatever you guys do.....well I only hope you do better than me.

Mary Jane was just as more confused and curious as ever

Mary Jane: It just ended like that?

Michelle: I wouldn't say JUT like that.

Mary Jane: So.....why did you call it quits?

Michelle: It's not like we wanted to. It' not like I wanted to. We were living different lives. And.....we just grew apart. After some.....misunderstanding......he was living a life I could never be apart of. So.....if you and him do better than Liz and I......I wish you luck cause lord knows you might need it. IF you can live with it.

The mention of "Liz" caught her attention

Mary Jane: Who's Liz?

Michelle: two didn't had the awkward ex talk yet. My bad. Look like I said it's best if you hear it from him. And I mean everything.

Mary Jane faced down in thought and suspicion on things by the minute as he turned to Michelle with a nod who responded with a nod from herself and patted the red head on the shoulder

Michelle: See ya MJ.

Mary Jane: See ya MJ.

Michelle walked back in as MJ looked over to a new paper stand seeing articles from Eddie's network reading: Spider-Man vs Venom Who will Win? with a picture of Spidey and Venom on their first fight at 5th avenue

MJ was in thoughts while staring at the article at the same time though her suspicions were still there.....something made her......grow a baby grin

Cutting to that very morning wouldn't you know it.....we come back to the Life Foundation where Harry was pulled away from another meeting with his dad and company director even Carlton Drake's lawers for he had a visitor

One of the assistants lead Harry to the front desk where Peter stood in the lobby faced down

Harry: Pete....hey.

Peter just gave him a nod

Harry: What's the matter? You look a little down. Girl trouble?

Peter: Huh? Uhh......something like that.

Harry: I know the feeling. But uh.....what'd you doing here? I'm the middle of a meeting.

Peter: I'm really sorry to bother you Harry but I need information. I'm uh.....doing a school project for next year. It has something to do with some of the projects that took place here.

Harry: I'm all ears.

Peter: What can you tell me about.....the symbionts?

Befuddled horror took no time to register, rendering Harry reluctant and surprised. He wished he could say he wondered how Peter even came to know about the symbiotes or anything relating to one of many of his dads' pet projects……but in truth, Peter always was an observant busy-body with a reliable but faulty eagle eye.

He probably would’ve figured it out regardless.

No point in disguising his intentions.

Finally giving in and taking Peter back with him, it was a leisurely stroll from there onwards both in destination and in explanation of what Peter and to know.

It was now just him and Peter, roaming through the Foundation’s subterranean tunnels. Peter had caught a really negative vibe just looking at the muted white and greys coating over the elevators, floors, and railings. To him, there was no openness, no space, nothing shining.

Instead the way in or out was down this long hallway so narrow yet crammed that if a wheelchair or trolley were to come to another way, Peter’d have to dip into a side room to let it go by. The walls were once painted before, he could tell that from the cream flakes that remain, though mostly they show the grey undercoat or perhaps the concrete beneath that.

The only thing that screamed personality about this place was the dead man who used to run it and the lab he conducted his experiments: exactly why he needed answers from Harry.

Peter: So...this Drake guy was studying symbiotes to help humans survive in space if we were to face extinction?

Harry: That was his public phase, yeah. His real intentions were dangerously deluded. A lot of homeless people died because of him; let's just say Drake allowed his own newfound creations to destroy him from the inside out.

Peter: Is that....creature out there connected to this?

Harry: No doubt but that thing has been running wild God knows how long.

Peter: And why is your dad into this?

Harry: He's been working years to fight the world's deadliest diseases. He thinks these…..parasites are the answers.

Bit of a relief, he wasn’t the only one who called them that, Peter came to realize. But on the off chance, any one of them were as sentient as Venom? That was a risk he didn’t want to take to chance.

One thing he did take from his last two confrontations was that Venom and Eddie were hellbent on avenging a loved one through the cause of mistaken identity: the last thing he expected from a seemingly mindless beast. Intrigue set in and Peter couldn’t help but ask…..

Peter: Are they?

Only a faint scoff resonates as a response to Peter. The latter must’ve assumed he was being fresh with that statement or he was already behind on the logistics of the circumstances.

Harry: They’re called symbiotes for a reason, Peter. SYMBIOTIC.

Peter: They need to bond with a host to survive.

Harry: Such beings need to co-exist with a human's physiology to bond with it…..which explained the rising body count. And when it comes to these freaks of nature, on the off-chance they do bind… can be hard to unbind.

That left more questions than answers at this point: the most damning of which being ‘if these sentient alien beings are that self-aware and picky on who they choose or starve out, why would Norman want anything to do with them?’

More pressingly, ‘Why was Eddie just letting Venom leech off of him like that? And how he’d last this long?’

The only way he'd find out for sure is if he'd have to learn it from him if he still had time to save him from being devoured from the inside that is if Venom still tended on eating him now after their spaz

But one more quetion popped into Peter's head

Peter: that case Harry just one more question. Do these things have any kryptonite?

Harry chuckled mildly giviving he was still making DC jokes

Harry: I just know of two. I know fire is lethal to these things as well as loud sonic sound waves. Like.....ound frequencies on six thousand huts is very harmfule to them.

Now Peter knew what new spider gadget to make next he gave his long lost friend a nod and shook his hand

Peter: Thanks for everything buddy. This really helps a lot.

Harry: Anytime but.....if you don't mind me asking....what kind of school project are you making with this anyway? No offence but I feel this is something bigger.

Peter got stumped on his alter ego on Harry's front door

Peter: I uh.....ok I'll confess.....

Harry's eyes widen

Peter: When I said school project I meant COLLEGE project. I'm planning to major science and intern for Dr. Connors at ESCU.

Harry: I see. Oh you know my dad knows Dr. Connor. He even knows another science professor at ESCU. You ever heard of Dr. Otto Octavius?

Peter nods No

Harry: He's a genius Peter. The smartest man in New York bending on.....changing the world. I can put in a good word for you when you attend. If you're already accepted there.

Peter: Not really but I appreciate it Harry. Thanks again.

Harry: Hope this goes well for ya.

Peter and Harry say their goodbyes and Peter left a minute later

Cuting to their second hotel unfortunately the teachers bad luck on leaving SF just got worse the airport near them was closed for the rest of the week frusterating the hell out of them causing more arguments

As for Betty and Flash now knowing Peter's identity both didn't know how to absorb this

Yeah Betty tended to expose him to get the story of her life but after hearing what he said to Yuri last night compelled her not to and tell Jameson she'd only get him pictures Jameson wasn't happy about it of course but he'd need pictures of course

As for Flash......

.....well discovering his identity.....wa honestly a wake up call for him he made Peter's life a living hell and he admired Spider-Man for the past three years and all this time.....he was bullying his own hero so ye now Flash finally regretted his actions against Peter for a long time not that he started liking him at an instant but felt guilty enough to give up his jerk ways for good

However.........Mary Jane herself came to visit the 2nd hotel for the second time in hoping to talk to Peter after what Michelle told her and her suspiciions grew every waking hour she elevatored to the third flour where his and May's room was this time she knocked and May answered a moment later

May: I mean MJ hey honey what'd you doing here?

MJ: I was hoping to talk to Peter. Is he here?

May: Oh you just missed him he went to see a friend're more than welcome to wait if you want.

MJ softly scoffed muffled but nodded with a grin and May gladly let her in and closed the door and walked to the kitchen

May: You want any tea while you wait dear?

Mary Jane: Oh yes please. Do you mind if I look around a bit while I wait?

May: Not at all make yourself at home.

Mary Jane walked into the hall and saw May's room door left open and saw Peter's door across from it and closed MJ's curiosity took the better of her grabbed the door nob it was locked but.....MJ had a credit card from Anna and.......used it to delock it and open it

MJ walked in looking around seeing it was a mess not surprising to her given every guy he knew was a mess she kneed down under the bed finding a box she opened it and found pictures

She examined them and the first had Peter's parents (Dominic and Niki Holland) at the hospital when Peter was just bornMJ smiled at the cute picture and the second one showed Ben May and a young Peter (Paddy Holland) MJ miled wider

And the third picture......

......showed the one from the events of Endgame Peter......and Tony Stark together given each other bunny ears which made Mary Jane's suspicion grow more

But then came the biggest shockers, attracting her attention over on the rack in the closet with the door creaked open.

MJ: Well, hello. What is that?

Rising from the bed, she just inches off the bed. Peeking out from behind one of Peters hoodies on his rack in the closet was a jar. Reaching in to grab it on her tippy-toes, she barely grabs it before it falls. Further examining the jar, MJ notices the extensive white covering the inside.....

…..and realizes it’s Spider silk.

MJ: Spider silk. So is Peter Spider-Man’s weapon’s provider or something?

Suddenly, it was like Steel brakes went off in her mind. She started to think deeper.

MJ: Unless.....

Curiosity got the better of her upon opening the jar and feeling the adhesive stickiness of the webs.....all of which brought her back to the upside down kiss.

She puts down the jar and goes snooping around in his drawers. Further going through his drawers, she felt something metallic at the very bottom stuffed through all the other clothes and PJ’s, MJ finds one of the more incriminating pieces of evidence she needed.

His Mark I web-shooters.

And If that wasn’t incriminating enough, there was this notebook sticking out from the same side of the drawer. Upon pulling it out and looking through it, the very last page showed designs for a Spider suit.

All the evidence needed was right there.

MJ: Wha—

Confusion eventually turned to delight for her, for she realized the superhero she had a crush on had feelings for her as well, much to her surprise. Everything she said about Spider-Man was also directed towards Peter in what had to be the most accidentally obvious reveal in history.

Was the lack of a narrative bedrock behind the buildup smooth sailing? Far from it. But was the reveal still satisfying nonetheless?

To her, absolutely.

MJ: He—he loves me. He loves me!

Cheering and squealing at the top of her lungs, alarming May from the outside, MJ’s attitude shifted completely through the wringer. Another 360-degree trajectorial brain fart later, and that seemingly cold-hearted pessimistic SOB was…..gone. In place was the energetic, optimistic, glowing woman she kept under lock and key for decades now….

…..and it felt so damn good to let her back out.

She extinguishes her joy outwards, jumping back onto the bed frame still gripping his notebook tightly around her chest.

If any one moment in time anchored her soul at this moment, creating a tether to this plane of reality, it was here: the moment I actually fell in love. She realized that she had a protector of pure love born out of anguish and perseverance and how could she not love that?

MJ: It was you who kissed me that night....


Startled and shutting the closet fat turning around she heard May's voice from the living room

Is everything ok dear?

MJ: Yeah fine. Just fine.

In a hurry MJ shut the closet fully closed not knowing May knows herself and believing she was protecting her newly love interest's secret

Well tea's ready

MJ: Coming.

She left the room locking the door like she was never there but her new glow wasn't going away anytime soon

Half an hour pass Pete still hadn't shown up but MJ wasn't upset this time now knowing his secret actually made her understand more but just as much was more eager to talk to him

MJ decide to head out to look for him she said goodbye to May and shut the door behind her

She walked down the hallway glowing bigger than she was after the kiss planning a new time with Peter she pulled out her phone and just pressed call Peter the minute she bumped into someone......again

MJ: Dammit not again! I'm so sorry I don't what' wrong with me----

She stopped to notice the man she bumped into......was Kassidy

Cletus: harm done honey.

MJ recognized him from the most wanted channel and on the Brock report episodes as she slowly backed up

MJ: I know you?

Cletus: You might not.......but I'd like to get to know you.......Ms Watson.

Now that scared MJ more even more when she spotted the knife in his left hand he reached for her and she screamed and ran for the elevator but......when the door open inside was.......

Frances: Going somewhere my pretty?

Mary Jane screams again and Cletus grabbed her from behind holding his knife up to her neck forcing her inside the elevator and the doors closed a she kept screaming but Frances covered her mouth

Cutting back to when Peter wass on his way back he noticed he missed MJ's call before the homicidal duo came at her

Peter: She called? Damn I can't believe I missed it looks like she like she left a voicemail. That's normally not a good sign after screwing up.

He played the voicemail but......all he heard was MJ's scream

Peter got worried looking at the phone and at an instant he returned MJ's call which her cell was viberating on the hall flour with Peter's Caller ID blinking

Peter was more worried when he reached her voicemail again

Hi it's Mary Jane. Sorry to to miss you. Please sing your song at the beep.

Peter: MJ it's Peter are you there? I heard you screaming on my voicemail is everything ok? Well listen I'm sorry again for standing you up again will you just call me when you get this? I'm heading back to my hotel now. If you have time come by ok? Just........I want to be sure you're ok.

Minutes later Peter was already back and when he came out of the elevator he found MJ's phone on the flour

Peter: Oh my god.......

He picked it up more worried than ever she saw she did call him twice too worried to worry if she was mad at him again he assumed Eddie might have took her till......


Peter looked back seeing Ned run to him from the stairs and he was in a panic

Ned: Dude! Dude dude dude you gotta come this. There's something wild going on on the news!

Peter: What do you mean?

Ned: It's Mary Jane. She's in trouble!

Peter's worries got worse hearing that

Peter: What kind of trouble?

The kind that causes vexation and heartache.

It was now the wee hours of that afternoon.

In this comforting light of day, the sky was now a dove-woolen grey; no more sun blooming on the horizon. No golden petals stretching ever outwards into the rich blue. No brilliant flower of the sky that warms the day.

No longer an invitation to a new day with a sunrise so ordinary extraordinary……especially over at The Byron Hot Springs Hotel.

If creepy, abandoned hotels are a fixture to some, then taking a drive to Byron, California to visit the once vibrant Byron Hot Springs Hotel would be at the top of an adventurers list. The hotel served as an army interrogation center during WWII, a monastery in the mid to late 50s, and a resort. The building had gone up for sale numerous times and was promised to be restored by many owners and prospect buyers.

But it never came to pass.

The ceilings were crumbling, the walls are coated in graffiti and the empty hotel rooms were littered with rubble. With four stories total, no glass remains in the windows, and some of the walls have toppled.

And in a moment on the third floor, Mary Jane is cast in crimson, bathed in a single rosy glow emitting from the sky; how the sun gives each dawn without even the asking or the earning of the light. As quickly as it showed, the grey clouds smothered the light back up.

Groaning slightly, she’s yet to open her eyes. Stretching outwards, she moves her fingers through the air that grows brighter with each passing moment until it becomes a new bold day.

She wouldn’t be happy with the rude awakening once she awoke. In the last stage in his master plan, Cletus finally had his eyes set firmly over Mary Jane with vulturous intent, his back hunched up away from the chair, scraping his thumb up against the tip of his rusting pocket knife.

Constant scraping against the metal did finally perk MJ’s ears, redirecting her attention towards the noise before her eyes finally reconstructed the picture for her to clearly see.

As expected, it wasn’t pretty.

Cletus: Hello beautiful.

Startled by the voice, she jumps. Her vision restored and finally refreshed and awake, Mary Jane is left perplexed and disgusted. Outside of one again having her day get converted into an absolute shitshow just as it seemed to finally turn around for the better, she just had to be taken by Cletus Kasady of all people.

The infamous Carnage Killer.

On top of that, she recognized this place all too well. One of her many auditions/rehearsals actually occurred here on this very floor but the atmosphere was so disengaging, haunting, and genuinely unsettling, they had to reschedule that audition on the fly after almost half an hour.

Now with the stakes presented in front of her, she realized he honestly couldn’t have picked a better location for what he planned to do.

MJ: Of course you’d go for a haunted house.

Cletus: They’re stylized glossy plates piled high with spam and the rare steaks in all of those Saturday night meals…..

He glared over at MJ again, still bonded up by the arms amidst a noticeably frazzled and apprehensive exterior. Cletus eventually motioning himself barfing in response to his previous statement only weirded out the redhead even more.

Cletus: I’m…..a detrimental lad and this…..

He says, waving his hands around the outline of Mary Jane’s body, further setting the scene for what was about to be fine a Van Gogh masterpiece written in warm red blood.

Cletus: This is the filet mignonette.

MJ: The hell is wrong with you?

Cletus: With me? You know how long I’ve been following you?

The sudden shift in conversation barely took Mary Jane off guard, soaking in the realization that a serial killer had been stalking her for almost half a week. Her eyes popping out of her head, she puts two and two together…..

….dead set on the assumption that he burned down the hotel to drag Peter away again. Shocked and annoyed, she does rearrange herself and prepares to get up.

Before she could even comment on that, Cletus abruptly sprinted towards her and landed on top of her at the spur of the moment, taking her off guard with his knife pressed against her neck. She helps in anguish as her usual protected guarded mentality couldn’t unsheathe itself to protect her from the wrath of Kasady.

Cletus: You know how many days? FOUR. FOUR FUCKING DAYS and you have not noticed me once! Not one!

His anger exploding onto the forefront, it spilled an effect that even Mary Jane couldn’t help but fall under: shriveled terror. Shivering tightly, she couldn’t help how fast and furious her best was beating at this moment.

Cletus: Really had to get me to work for it, didn’t you? And to think, you millennials make it too easy.

Disgust is important to our intuitions because it brings a strongly primitive reaction, a sense so easily evoked for purposes of deliberate manipulation.

There was a nose-holding quality to the way he was treating her, as if Cletus’ brain was some rotting fish and his thoughts were equally foul: flaunting the frolics in MJ’s hair, sniffing her like a dog, and repeatedly placing his free hand on unsanctioned areas around her neck and chest while keeping the knife firmly pressed against her hips now, it represented everything MJ’s father was to her and then some.

Of all the men she had been in crosshairs with, Cletus, to her unfortunate displeasure, took the cake for the absolute worst.

MJ: What….what do you want from me?

Cletus: What I want……you can’t give me.

Flipping gears on the dime again, he just yanks Mary Jane over to him by the hair, dragging her across the floor before pulling her up aggressively as she screams.

Cletus: But HE can.

Now having her up to eye level, he flips her around and grips his entire left arm around her neck, just enough to lock her in so she can’t wriggle her way out from the chest region up. Then comes the knife.

Still equipped, almost fastened to his skin akin to that of his favorite toy if he had one, the knife trickles and slinks its way up the redheads' hips and chest. The metal briefly taps and grazes the skin as MJ jumps, having come into contact with it again. Slithering up further, Cletus eventually plants the knife again around the throat region of Mary Jane’s throat.

On the off chance Cletus was lucky today, this death had the chance to be very VERY slow and gratifyingly satisfying…..unless the carotid arteries are all severed, in which case the target passes out after a few seconds due to lack of oxygenated blood to the brain—though it takes a certain amount of expertise to land such a strike and VERY messy to boot, particularly if the carotid artery or the jugular vein are severed.

Kasady however was no rookie at this game.

MJ: Get. OFF ME!

Cletus: Play nice, Red. PLAY……nice.

MJ spits in his face he yells out in frustration given he was hit in the eye and kicked him off and got up to run only to be pulled away by force

By Frances's telekinesis and she pulled her back to the couch she even telekinetic tie her wrists and ankles together MJ struggled and Frances turned to her maniac and idiot boyfriend

Frances: I told you no fooling around with the hostage.

Cletus: She......tried to fight muffin?

Frances: Uh huh. Look take the next watch out for Venom and Spider-Man the cops are already on their way.

Cletus: Anything for you.

He walks out and Frances turned to MJ with a smirk

Frances: I really must apologize my dear. He's in desperate need of a lesson in manors. Speaking of manors were are mine? I am Frances Barion. My friends call me.....Shriek. And Cletus Kassidy.

MJ: I know who you guys are. The whole world knows you. But you guys are uppose to be dead.

Frances: That was merely an illusion. To throw Venom off our trail until we got to Spider-Man.

MJ: Then why did you bring me here?

Frances: For your information my pretty we brought you here to draw the Spider-Man and Venom to set them against each other. I insisted on using a handful of hostages but Cletus took a liking to you and.....I figure this could be your role of a Byron Hot Hotel.

MJ: What does that mean? Are you gonna kill me?

Frances: Not yet. But after this......I'm afraid yes.

MJ: Why??

Frances: Because I promised Cletus he could carve on you after this. And I could never deny him anything.

MJ: Aren't you worried he wants to really have his way with me? Won't that count as cheating?

Frances looked at her displeased and gagged MJ covering her mouth and she yelled out muffed and soon sirens were heard

At the 2nd hotel the entire Midtown High gang saw the breaking news as police and press arrive at Byron Hot Springs as it was reported by a female reporter

Just ten minutes ago police recovered a report of a hostage situation. A 17 year old girl held in the old Byron Hot Springs Hotel.

Peter: Venom.....

Ned: You think it's him?

Peter: I don't know. But it's my guess.

Michelle: Then you guessed wrong. Listen.

The suspects havebeen identified as Cletus Kassidy. The former Carnage Killer of New York. And Frances Barrion. Who escaped from the Ice Box Mutant Facility two weeks ago. The hostage has also been identified as Mary Jane Watson. Student actress of Golden Gate theater.

Anna saw at her apartment and gasped jumping out of her seat

Anna: Mary Jane!

With the Midtown High gang Peter lowered a serious frown and rushed away and Michelle and Ned watched him go knowing why Michelle signaled him to fallow him and he did

In Peter's room he was suiting up he clutched fists in the gloves presses the logo to attach the suit to his body and pulled his mask on

Spider-Man' eye lens lowered seriously determined to save the new woman he was growing feeling for

The minute he opened the window he heard the door open and looked back seeing Ned come in

Ned: Peter.........

Spider-Man: MJ needs my help Ned. I have to get to that abandoned building.

Ned: Is there anything I can do?

Spider-Man: Just keep me covered as long as possible.

Pete was about to leap out till....

Ned: Pete!

He turned to him again

Ned: Good luck.

He nodded to him and leaped out as Ned stood there in worry but had the best confidence in his friend

Spider-Man: Karen! What's the latest update on Byron Hot Springs?

Police are already on the scene. The suspects made a demand they won't let MJ go until you and the Venom show up.

Spider-Man: They want Brock and me? Then he was right! They did et us against each others! And this whole trip we played into their hands! Get me every detail of the building. It's history and every advantage we need to rescue MJ.

Already on it but Peter.......Lt Yuri Watanabe just arrived at the scene. She's leading the reinforcements to assaul the building

Spider-Man: She could get MJ killed I got to stop her

Peter......I may suggest letting her help you save MJ. She could be a valuable ally to you

Spider-Man: I don't think she'd agree with that Karen. She's been after me since Beck. She's been after me since Beck. She didn't even care about everyone trapped in the fire when she came at me last night. Not like she'll care what happens to MJ.

Maybe if you knew her background you might understand her more.

Spider-Man: Ehh.....alright but make it quick We don't have much time.

Accessing Baby Monitor. Yuri Watanabe. Age 21. Technically 27 due to the blimp. The NYPD has been a lifetime family business for her. Her father was a cop before her her young age he was arrested for taking bribes from a crime family called magia

Spider-Man: The Magia?! in Don Magia?! The guy with the hard head?!


Spider-Man: So Watanabe's dad was dirty. No wonder she's so angry. Her family must've been wrongly pushed over for her dad's crimes. She's trying to restore her family name by righting his wrongs.

Exactly. Lt. Watanabe has been in the force for 17 years. She's been working cases on the Magia to clear her family name. Even worked with the Fisk cases......

Spider-Man: Fisk?? Where have I heard that name before?

Shall I patch on the file?

Spider-Man: No not yet. Stay on Watanabe.

As you wish. Yuri Watanabe is also one of the few people that spoke against the Avengers. As it turns out she fought out during the Loki invasion on 2012. Tending to build a warrant on Tony Stark. But since he was a rookie then she couldn't make the case. She had a lot of rejected casses as a rookie even when she was promoted Luitenet.

Spider-Man: So that's why she hass it out for me. She had it out for Tony but had no chance against him or the other Avenger. And she's not really a Jameson fan?


Spider-Man: Alright I'll try to reason with her but our main priority is saving MJ.


Meanwhile at Byron Hot Springs cops were surrounding the place and SWATS were taking position and a minute after Spider-Man landed on the wall of the condemned building

Spider-Man: Ok Karen. Let's play this carefully. Mary Jane's life depend on it. Give me full scan and track Watanabe's position.

Scanning now.

Spidey's point of view beamed a visual scan detecting every armed force but manage to pin point Yuri's location


He web zipped forward where Yuri was talking on her walkie talkie

Yuri: This is Lt. Yuri Watanabe. I want every unit in positioned armed and ready. Repeat: Armed and ready. Wait for my signal. I want Kassidy alive. Barrion either one.

Don't do it!

Startled and gasped Yuri looked up seeing Spider-Man hanging upside down lowered above her

Spider-Man: Don't send in any of your men. Kasidy and his accomplice have got a hostage. If they see your men go in they'll kill her.

Yuri: Get out of here!

Yuri pointed her gun but Pete web yanks it out of her hand and webbed it to be the ceiling

Spider-Man: We don't have time to play cop and robbers Watanabe.

Lt. We're ready.

Yuri: Proceed.

Spider-Man: Don't! The hostage's life depends on your cooperation.

Yuri: Me? Cooperate with you? Never!

Spider-Man: Listen to me for once! You need my help to stop thoe psychos and rescue the hostage. Let me get in and I'll secure the hostage then your men can move in.

Yuri: You'll stay out of this!

Spider-Man: The building's got four levels. Watch for sharp ruble stay clear of the vacant of the elevator shaft.....and try not to get spooked.

Yuri: I don't believe in ghosts.

Spider-Man: Ugh.....

He zipped straight up as Yuri continued to give order and Spidey detected te swats moving in

Spider-Man: They're gonna get MJ killed. Is there anyway to stop them Karen?

Not without making yourself a target. The only option we get to MJ before they do.

Spider-Man: Alright. Get me the location.

SWATS busted in holding their guns storming all over the first flour some even went up stairs however......

......two SWAT got snatched and stabbed to death Yuri heard the screams on the radio

Yuri: Come in! What's happening! Come in!

Spidey warned her not send them in

Now I thought our demands were made very clear. You really want to play fresh with us now?

Yuri can only pick up her walkie-talkie and listen, for she felt the usual dramatic monologue creeping in on her from the other side.

Six years on the force and you’re still acting like a rookie: peeling wigs, busting off caps. No wonder they took you off our case.

Yuri: That’s just what happens when you’re the only honest good guy left on the force willing to do whatever it takes.

Is that how you really view yourself?

Determination? Or just plain ignorance?

No response. No answer back; it stumped her to where she couldn’t counter it.

Congratulations, Lieutenant. You just cost this girl her life.

The feed quickly cuts off.

Blistering with fury, Yuri refrains the urge to smash her radio in. Unprofessionalism on the job was certain to get her chipped in the worst of ways. All she could hope for was to drop everything and sprint upstairs.

It was only a matter of time before the two would actually deliver on their promise so Yuri made a beeline for the stairs.

Cletus stares over the broken radio, now coated all over the dead remind of the two SWAT officers.

Then he hears more muffled screaming……which paints an indelible smile over his face, turning back to see Frances taking ahold of MJ by the neck again.

Quickly turning back towards Cletus, MJ immediately turns back around unable to get out of Barrison’s grasp, screaming hysterically. Frances covers her mouth, rolling her eyes while smirking at Cletus.

Her death was long since overdue.

Dragging her front and center towards the cracked windows, Kassidy just drops MJ to the floor with one simple punch, forcing Frances to let go.

The gag out of her mouth, MJ attempts to crawl away to the empty elevator shaft…..but she doesn’t get far before she finds her arms and legs fighting against her, her brain power not responding effectively to her fight or flight interactive. Cosmic waves from Shriek kept her immobile for as long as she saw fit.

Frances chuckled hysterically, relishing every second and every teardrop from Mary Jane’s eyes. She knew she wasn’t long for this world, she knew she was in control once more and she LOVED it. But as she was the one who put the screws to poor Anne….

….she felt it was necessary to let Cletus have his moment.

Frances: Darling.....would you do the honors?

Cletus: Why thank you, Frances.

Unsheathing the knife yet again, he salivated in the sight of eventual bloodshed.

MJ’s neck barely twitches away the closer he approached. Like a splitting headache, MJ almost exploded in rage and fear, finding no strength to power out of Shrieks cosmic wave and Kasady's grip around her neck. Her eyes now red with tears, she barely had the minuscule ounce to embrace the inevitable.

Cletus: Do you above.....or so below?

MJ: F-fuck you....

Cletus: Hehe, so below then. Sweet dreams, red.

A pulsating blue ball of webs blindsides him as he falls back and nearly drops the knife. A minute after recovery, he's knocked woozy yet again, this time falling into Frances. And then the ball kept coming back, ricocheting off of every wall and back to them before knocking MJ out the cosmic wave.

More company had arrived, via the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Jesus, what do they say about bad luck?

Finally, MJ felt some relief, seeing her hero arrive.

Frances: Itsy bitsy Spider......, we thought you’d be easy to draw out.

Spider-Man: Pulling both San Francisco's of the New York's finest away to sniff your tail….you knew it was gonna test me. So I'm sure as hell not here to take you two to the circus.

Cletus: You really plan to put us back to confinement?

He only nods.

Both: How cute.

Spider-Man: Let her go!

Frances: Not until Venom arrives. So till then.....

Frances held out her hand MJ gasped feeling the force of her telekinesis pulling her to Frances she screamed till her grip was on her neck

Spider-Man: I'M WARNING YOU!

Frances: Bring Venom to us.....or she dies.

She pulled MJ with her to the door behind them with MJ looking at her newly heroic love interest with desperation and fear in her eyes

She made a muffled crying yell to him under the tape on her mouth as she was being dragged away

Peter tried to fallw them but Kassidy pushed him back and they were both gone

Kassidy: Now now Spider. Let the ladies have their girl time. S let's catch to man.

He stood up loking serious at the psychopath

Spider-Man: This is between you your Frankenstein bride and me Kassidy! Leave her out of it!

Cletus: Oh Spidey. Is that all you got to say your old friend Cletus? No "Hey Cletus how you been?" or no wise guy quotes "How's life in prison or the hospital?" "How did you meet Frances?"? Ugh.......I'm really hurt.

Spider-Man: Where. Is. SHE?!

Cletus: You really want to know? Frances is taking her to see the view on the roof. Leat till our friend Eddie arrives.

Spider-Man: Eddie?

Cletus: Yeah we go way back. I mean a year after you caught me he came to me to interview me. I warned him there would be Carnage. And there was Carnage but that's a story you'll hear soon for now.....

He holds out his knife

Cletus: Let' play.

Peter was not in the mood for his games he webbed yanked the knife out of his hand then yanked him kicking him hitting the wall falling on the flour

Spider-Man: Karen. Patch me to Watanabe's radio.

On it.

Spider-Man: Lt. Barrion's heading for the roof with the hostage. Keep your men at bay till I subdue her.


Spider-Man: Dammit lady listen! This will be over sooner if I get to them. Barrion wants me. If I hold her off long enough she and Kassidy will be all yours.


She just had the nerve to CUT him off from the communication

Spider-Man: Stupid bitc----Karen. Watanabe won't trust us. Is there anyway to slow her and the other cops down?

I manage to link my systems into their communications when I connected you to the Lt. I can force the radio silence to slow them down. They won't make any moves without communications. But you'll only have 30 minutes before they reboot.

Spider-Man: Undertood. 30 minutes is all I need.

Activating system bug.

From there the SWATS and cop outside even Yuri's walkie talkies all went static from KAREN'S link to them and all went silent

Yuri: What's happening up there?! Anyone read me?! Someone answer dammit!

Spider-Man: Are they out?

Quiet as mice.

Spider-Man: What would I do without you Karen? Time to rescue MJ.

Peter was about to head for Frances's direction only to get POUNCED from behind by Kassidy again he forgot to web him down

Cletus: Leaving so soon Spider-Man? How rude. Eddie' not here yet and you just about to end our little catch up.

Spider-Man: I'm done playing games Kassidy.

Cletus: a game Spider-Man. So yes.......

He had his knife again from pulling it out of the web on it

Cletus:.....maybe you are!

He then attacked him but Spidey dodged every attack he threw at him and he swing punches at his jaw

Cletus: Nice. You still punch like you use to.

Spider-Man: I been working out.

They continued fighting as Frances and MJ oon reached the roof she pulled her over the edge viewing the cops down there

Frances: Fools. They can't even take one little demand. Lucky for you Spider-Man's already here. But where the hell's Venom?

Mary Jane muffled at her and she turned to her

Frances: What you say dear?

She pulled the tape off her mouth

MJ: Ugh! I said......probably eating someone's ead. Just let me go.

Frances: You're only here cause of my Cletus. I'm olding off till Venom arrives. Mean time you shut your trap or I'll gag you again!

MJ: Do your worst. Untie my hands and we'll settle this. You and me sister.

Frances: Wouldn't be a fair fight.

MJ: Cause of those power? No they just make you a coward.

Frances slapped her she let out a cry and gagged her again and threw her ont the roof ground and looked down to the cops again she then waved her hand.......

Lifting some of the cops cars with powerss catching the cops off guard and started smashing them around

Inside her chest, her heart was pumping widely, the heart of a hummingbird, almost without beating. Her skin was chilled by rage and cold as an ice cube.

Not even giving notice to two separate police choppers approaching the area to get a clear shot at her amongst the ongoing destruction, Frances snaps her head in their direction, and the engines short circuit and spitter before exploding, forcing both choppers into a downward spiral.

Pilot #1: Mayday! Mayday! We’re hit! We’re hit!

Pilot #2: Awwww shit.

Spiraling up and away from her direction, the choppers crash flat on their side, tumbling over three cruisers in total like a steamroller breaking the throttle and rotor as they crash into palm trees, splitting them both in half.

As the flame quickly consume the carcasses of the flying mechanical birds and the terrain alongside it, the brief squabble was clearly in Shrieks' hands.

No signs that the passengers survived but Frances could care less; her eyes laser-focused on the ongoing path before her only blocked by pigs.

Undeterred by being interred, she snaps her foot down to the roof and then…..breathes in.

And out.





Inhaling one last time, she opens her mouth and lets loose a bloodcurdling shriek; The scream told of the pain within, confusion; a primal screech originating from a place or terror, telling of a mind lost in absolute fear and hate.

High-frequency sonic waves peaking at 195 decibels, the mere shockwave alone split the concrete apart and skyrocketed a grey cruiser through the air and out of sight. The scream only continues to grow in frequency from there onwards and grow as more cars and vans either crush themselves into scrap or spontaneously combust; exploding on impact and ripping away the lives of countless more innocents.

Yuri’s ears were bleeding from the endless screeching, her eardrums rupturing about 50% of the time before finally rendering her unconscious.

The same could be said for Spider-Man and Cletus……but the latter gleefully laughs it off like a lunatic.

Had it been 202 decibels, it’d be enough to kill a baseline human from the sound/shock wave alone. It’s the same amount of energy released by detonating more than 65 lbs of TNT, or a Richter-1 earthquake.

Peter didn’t need to know more than how badly he needed to hurry up.

Spider-Man: Ahh screw this!

Peter web-zips towards Kasady and with both of his feet, turns the deranged lunatic inside out as he lands flat onto his face.

Not content on leaving him there and repeating his earlier mistake, Peter grabs ahold of the Carnage Killer from the arm region…..only to quickly realize it was a huge mistake. Cletus hastily slashes at Peter’s right shoulder with his knife, forcing him to back away.

Another slash later, Spider-Man is left covering himself and back on the defensive once again.

Shooting a webline towards the man with his other arm, it attaches itself to Cletus’s knife, a usually alarming detriment to anyone it comes into contact with. Except Cletus had long since become one with the most despised of creatures, those who had felt lost and isolated in a world where one persistent standard is the norm.

Soon as the webline swiped to the blade, he wraps his arm around the silk and, to Peter’s surprise, yanks it back towards him with all his might. It propelled Spider-Man forward, allowing Cletus to clothesline him in midair, turning him inside out as well.

Huffing and puffing, Cletus was finally getting into his comfort zone.

Towering above him, he can only get so far before Peter kips up back to his feet, uppercutting Cletus in the chin and kicking the knife out of his hand in the process. With the endless sonic ringing from outside lowering infrequent and decibels, it only meant that the cops were likely pinned down or already dead.

No telling how many more would be on the way but a young woman’s life was at risk so time was really winding down.

He misses a roundhouse however and going in for a sidekick just gets him caught in Kasady’s grasp who proceeds to kick him….right in the batteries. Exclaiming loudly from letting his guard down in the worst position imaginable, Peter didn’t even have time to fully recuperate from the nut-shot as Cletus seizes him in a head-and-shoulder hold as in a standing side slam, and takes hold of Spidey’s near leg's upper thigh with his free arm.

He then falls backward and throws Spider-Man overhead down to the ground on their shoulders and upper back. The impact forces Peter to roll over from the pain but Cletus also is left in his back for a little while.

Slamming your back into the ground like that will do the trick.

Monitoring his health and well-being was of no concern to him. The one who doesn’t fear death shouldn’t tattle.

Cletus can only manage to slink up to one knee, barely able to see just enough outside the broken window. The edges of the broken glass were as the coastline of a small country, perhaps one long ago under the night sky, before the time of neon lights. The glass itself was a grey-brown, inviting the mind to see the settled dust even at a distance. Around it was the brickwork, perfect beneath the dirt of years and rising upward to the sky and cloud.

A mortifying image of a black and white monster gracing the skies would’ve made some very compelling sightseeing…..but Venom was still nowhere in sight.

Cletus: Where are you, Eddie? WHERE ARE YOU?!

Mistakes were made then.

Taking his eyes off his opponent, he’s quick to feel a stinging blow to his cranium, causing him to bend over slightly, dipping his head and the upper half of his body out the window. Spider-Man had recovered quickly from that explorer suplex and blasted Cletus with a pele kick to the back of his head.

He was lucky he was able to catch him in time before the wind took him out of the window frame completely. Having Cletus right where he wanted him, finally apprehended, Peter webs both of Kasady’s arms to the outside of the window frame….

….and Christmas bow-tied his legs together, just in case.

Cletus: You little fu—

Cutting from that Frances had turned back to MJ after finishing off the authorities who looked up at her in fear as she cried under the tape on her mouth

Frances pulled her up to her with her telekinesis and she gripped the helpless red head on the neck and ripped the tape off her mouth again forcing MJ to let out a burning shriek

Frances: You know what happens when I don't get what I want dear? I just want to rip them apart like a dog Venom's not her. The authorities won't take one little order. And Spider-Man has to crash the party too soon. So.....guess the only to just hurt you.....really REALLY badly. I didn't make Eddie believe he killed us....just for it to burn to the ground! We needed time to lure Spider-Man here and after loosing his symbiont thingss been diffitcult and we needed Spider-Man and Venom to try and kill each other....and that happens....tonight.

MJ: Go to BITCH!

Frances yelled out and about to strike till a sudden web was shot at her face forcing her to drop Mary Jane and grabbed her head yelling blindly

MJ looked over seeing Spider-Man in front of the roof entrance and smiled happy to see her hero even knowing his secret and whispered: Peter.....

Spider-Man ran to MJ's direction just when the deranged woman ripped the webs off her face with angry face and telekinetic pulled MJ to er grasp again

Spider-Man: MJ!

Frances: I'll make this simple for you insect. Find Venom and bring him here. You two are gonna kill each other. Or.........

She held MJ over the edge and she screamed in panic

Frances: Or the community service will be whipping her off the pavement

Spider-Man: Lady I have no idea how to find that thing in fact I thought he was causing the destruction you were making. So I'll make you a choice and we can settle this peacefully.

Frances: Peacefully? I don't believe in peace. And since you're more ignorant than my own mother......kiss this sweet little mermaid GOODBYE!

Frances suddenly dropped MJ off the edge leaving her screaming

Spider-Man: NOOOOOOOOO!!

Her screams were loud enough to wake Yuri from her state and looked out the window seeing her falling

Yuri: NO!!

MJ continued screaming as she fell on and Spider-Man ran pass Frances who tried stop him but got pushed aside and dived down to her and in a minute after he caught her

He shot a web and swung over with Yuri seeing through a window

Spider-Man: Hang on!

MJ kept screaming while holding on to him and hearing a noise above them they both looked up seeing Frances levitated in the air and coming their direction with Mary Jane still screaming and crying


Spider-Man: DON'T LOOK!

MJ covered her face on Peter's houlder as Frances lunged her way to them letting out vile shrieks

All of a sudden Frances was caught off guard by firing bullets Spidey and MJ heard the shots and looked to the left seeing Yuri shooting at Frances which did none damage to her Frances hardly causing lethal harm to her

But was distracted enough that gave Peter enough time to get MJ safely to the ground which......caught........Yuri off guard from her position not her cops applauding but the way Spider-Man saved that girl and paused in her thoughts

Spider-Man: You ok?

Mary Jane: Yes thanks to you.....again.

Spider-Man: Good. Just wait here and hide. I got to go deal know

Mary Jane: I know. But thanks again.

Spider-Man: My pleasure.

MJ was about to kiss him again till they heard Frances shrieking again they ooked up and saw Frances force push Yuri forcing her to hit a wall and slide down

Yuri would have been a goner if Pete hadn't web zipped straight up with MJ looking up at him and landing on Frances's shoulder wrapping hi legs around her neck

Frances: Argh! Get off me you meddling insect!

Spider-Man: I'll say this once! Thanos called me insect before the blip only cause he wasn't from earth but know.....spiders are arachnids.

Seems with MJ safe Pete had his sense of humor back but Frances forced him off by her telekinesis he shot a web winging off Frances blast waves at him in full rage mode

Frances: JUST DIE YOU PEST!!!!!


Frances: Just stop! Cease your excessive prattling!

Spider-Man: But excessive is the best kind of prattling!

On and on again, the loudmouth, quippy individual kept giving Barrison an earful, constantly talking out of his ass and further provoking his enemy to lose all sense of composure. And to think how natural these quips and insults cost at a bargain, without Pete even having to try.

MJ’s watchful eye is in awe of the superhero, dangling through the air like a trapeze artist from afar.

Pissed the hell off and fresh out of shits to give about anyone’s wellbeing at the moment, Shriek’s hands radiate with a purple fluorescent glow, energy emitting out of her hands….

….and fires a Sonic blast at the friendly neighborhood hero.

Peter’s Spider-sense heightened the upcoming threat in his direction and luckily, he avoided the upcoming blast. Said blast puts a hole in the grassy terrain, burning a nearby palm tree.

But then the blasts keep on coming.

Repetition of the same physical action develops into a habit that, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex. Needless to say, Shriek was already adapting against her will.

She screams incoherently, launching sonic blast after sonic blast from her hands only for Spidey to leap off the ground and off his webs and to a pillar. He was making it too easy as far as humiliating and annoying her but not so much as actually stopping her.

A few web grenades and tripwires later and nothing was really getting through to the mutant force of nature; thanks to the high-frequency shield she put around herself.

Spider-Man: Ready to get hauled back to Ravencroft?!

Peter gloats getting his energy back up a notch, avoiding another blast from his old foe only to get tackled in mid-air, thanks to a sudden jolt of movement putting the breaks on his forward momentum and crippling him in mid-air.

Finding himself trapped in an invisible barrier with an aura tainted in a purple-reddish hue, it was difficult for him to wiggle his way out of the control of the force.

He then finds himself whisked forward in Shriek’s direction, blazing through the air at 50 miles per hour. Colliding with the ledge of the roof, Peter crashes through the concrete but the impact sprains his left knee as he rolls onto the roof, prompting Frances to put her shield down.

Quickly holding onto his knee, the pain from his injury was just as excruciating as his recent love affair breakups. The thing is…..the wounds, the injuries, they have a way of boosting the most primitive parts of him and silencing the best.

He quickly launches two weblines to the edge of the roof and slingshots forward, kicking Shriek upside the head. No-selling the shot, however, she FLEXS her head towards Spider-Man, catching him in midair again and chucks him back behind her again.

Luckily, Peter kicks Shriek’s head in as he loses his balance and falls back on the floor. Unlikely, she’s still standing tall, at least until a certain…..


Once again, the object of choice doesn’t take care of penetrating France's defense more than it did annoy her even further.

Thanks to Mary Jane, it was a split-second decision, one that saved Spider-Man worthy decibels worth of time all while Shriek was mentally losing her marbles. Eyes nearly popping out her skull, NOTHING was going right.

Incensed at the distractions, she blasts at MJ, who luckily avoids the blast radius of her sonic blast.

Then, at that moment, her guard was let down and Yuri leaps up onto her back out of nowhere, taking the attention away from Mary Jane and redirecting her back to the actual threat.

With Yuri’s right arm encircles Frances's neck, right hand grasping her own upper left arm, left hand placed behind Frances’s head and the elbows then brought together such that lateral pressure, from the biceps and radius bone, are applied to the neck on both sides, a Figure four blood choke was applied.

The problem was Frances wasn’t exactly human anymore. So what was supposed to be 10 seconds lasted for 30.

Just for added measure, Yuri had a taser equipped on her and goes about stabbing her with the taser in the shoulder upon immediately realizing the choke wouldn’t bring her down.

Normally, tasers have their darts connected to the main unit by thin insulated copper wire and deliver a modulated electric current designed to disrupt voluntary control of muscles. When the darts hit the target, electricity is delivered through the wires. Electric pulses pass between the probes, which incapacitate the target by disrupting the neuromuscular system.

But again, Shriek wasn’t human. All this did was enrage her further.

She immediately lifts herself up with Yuri on her back and then slams herself onto the roof, practically squashing Yuri underneath her. It didn’t force her to let go of her….

….but it discombobulated her enough for Shriek to easily chuck her off of her back and throw her to Spidey.

At least that is what would’ve happened…..had Yuri not took a rapid quick glance at her neck, grabbed her by the head, and pulled backward as Frances chucked her over at Spider-Man. Since Yuri also dragged her down along with her thanks to that bulldog, it resulted in both individuals landing supine.

That was just the opportunity Spider-Man needed.

Tweaked knee and all, the friendly neighborhood hero rushes in at the dazed mutant, still groggy from the headbutt, and slides up underneath her while blinding her with a loose splinter web. Swinging up from the web underneath her and then overhead, Spider-Man was swinging around and around, covering her in splinter web after splinter web.

To ensure Frances wouldn’t break through the webbing, Peter kept adding more and more silk, strengthening the webbing and literally crawling up and down her back and legs. It effectively tied her up and left her completely immobile to even properly move anymore.

Letting loose of the last string of webs, Frances was now left in over 100 meters of silk; the equivalent of a murderous garbage compactor if Spidey hadn’t run out of webbing and went the full 148 meters. However, amongst all the squeezing and muffled screams and wiggling, an opportunity arose for the Lieutenant as she roe back to her feet.

Absorbing the sight in front of her, she saw what Spidey’s idea was and understood his intent. Inadvertently seeing the help she did for him and the other way around, with a single nod from her…..she begrudgingly, FINALLY, got in on the same page as him….

….and attacked Shriek. Yuri swept her down with a low kick while Spidey aimed high with a high angle roundhouse straight to the face, tripping Frances up and finally immobilizing her beyond her ability to perform.

Crisis averted

And then Spider-Man grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and threw punches up her jaw she couldn't concentrate using her powers from all thosse punches and then all of a sudden.....

........Peter delivers the FINAL blow to her knocking her out completely fell back to the flour face first

Peter breathed heavily under his mask while looking down at her and soon......turned to Yuri behind him

Yuri then looked over to him as they stared eye to eye and she picked up her gun

Spider-Man: Are you alright Lt.?

Yuri: What do you care?

Spider-Man: Just showing concern.

Yuri was silent for a moment and went in thought

Yuri: I'll admit.......I should have listen to you. It got my my men killed. Even almost the girl and all those people at the hotel. But.....

She then pointed her gun at him again

Yuri:......I still have to bring you in.

Spider-Man: Oh come on! After allthis you still----?!

Yuri: Yes! After all this. Now loose the mask and put your hands over your head!

Spider-Man: Look. You said yourself you should have listen cause of your men. So make up for it by listening to me now. I know about your father.

Yuri widen her eyes and lower her gun but her expression didn't change

Yuri: What did you say?

Spider-Man: I had time to learn about your records. I know locals been talking trash at you about your family cause your father took bribes from the Magia and you been trying to clear your family name since you joined the force. I even know you tried to make a case on Tony Stark for everyone who died on 2012. And you been after me maybe cause everyone thinks I'm the next Iron Man......but I'm not. I'm just a friendly neigborhood Spider-Man.

Yuri: You still take the law in your own hands. That' as much as a crime as any other.

Spider-Man: Because I have a responsibilty. For someone I let down once. Plus I help people the police can't help on their own. Look I don't expect you to trust me. Bit I can possibly help you clear your family name.

Yuri: How the hell you gonna do that?

Spider-Man: Anyway I can.

They been silent for a moment as Yuri fully lowered her gun and soon they heard more sirens coming

Yuri looked back for a moment and Spider-Man took a chance to leap out the window which Yuri looked back forward and saw him swinging off leaving her in thought of the way Spider-Man understood her

She disobeyed her chief's orders to come to SF to bring him in but.....her actions got her men killed and almost MJ killed even the people at the hotel lat night

She was no where near on liking him but.....omething.....about him began to understand him herself

Soon as the backup arrives the newly arriving cops tended to the ones that were killed by Frances SWAT found Kassidy still webbed up who smirked at them sinisterly

Frances even recovered only to find herself in a straight jacket her mouth was gagged and tied to a dolly she even made a death expression in her eyes as they shut the van doors on her

As for Mary Jane she was still out cold from the hock wave from earlier and Spider-Man to tended to her

He was about to pick her up till she let out low moans and tossed over a bit

Mary Jane finally began to recover and looked up to Spidey offering his hand to her and smiled taking it gladly as they made eye contact with the siren lights behind him

Spider-Man: Can't take my eyes off you for a minute can I ms Watson?

Mary Jane: Please call me MJ.

Spider-Man: My apologies MJ. Just lucky for you I wa still in the neighborhood.

Mary Jane: Then I guess I owe you another thanks.

His eye lens widen thinking she was gonna kisss him again and he thought he was right when she leaned her face to his only to not opening half his mak again but this wa on the cheek and softly whispers...........

Mary Jane: Thanks Peter.

Hearing that made his eye len widen wider

Spider-Man: OH SH-------

Cutting STRAIGHT forward to half an hiur Anna drove up to the nearest police station seeing her niece a the hostage on the news she jumped out of the car and ran in the station and to the front desk with the first cop she says

Anna: Officer! I need help!

Cop: What's the problem maim?

Anna: The hostage at Byron Springs is my niece Mary Jane! I need to know if anyone's saved her! Please!!

Cop: Calm down Miss. My finest officers are on the scene now they have everything under control.

Anna: Control?! I want to know if she's alright now dammit!

She was then startled by the doors opening seeing Yuri and some of their reinforcements walk in and they had both Cletus and Frances both in straight jackets and tied to dolly's and moved them to the back

Yuri: Alright I want those psychopaths in the most secured cells till we get them transferred back to New York.

Cop # 2: Yes maim.

Anna rushed over to Yuri

Anna Excuse me. Did you just come from Byron Springs? My niece was there where is she?!

Yuri: Niece??

Anna: Mary Jane Watson. She was the hostage there and she's my niece! Please tell me if she's-----

Anna yelled in pain holding her head as her tumor was increasing due to her stress and worry for her for niece

Anna yelled in pain holding her head a her tumor wa increasing due to her stress and worry for her niece

Yuri: Maim are you okay?

Anna: Just have a headache. Look is my niece alright or not?

Yuri didn't see MJ around and didn't know what happened to her and giving her mild understanding to Spider-Man but didn't trust him.......yet she wanted to believe he found her in time but didn't know what to tell the red head woman

Yuri: My men......are with her now. I'll check in with them see if they're bringing her here or hime. She should be waiting for you right now.

Anna: Oh thank God.

Yuri wasn't sure and hope she wasn't lying to Anna given her mild understanding to Spider-Man she could really loose her badge now IF anything happened to MJ but wanted to hope Spider-Man DID find her in time given what she heard on the radio she cost her life

Yuri's arrogance started to shrink after this soesn't even know if bringing in Kassidy and Barrion will cut her off the hook with her chief she was yet to learn it soon

But finally we cut to the roof of the 2nd hotel where Spider-Man carrying Mary Jane while web winging MJ was having the time of her life during the ride while Pete's mind was spinning now that his newly love interest now knows who he is he didn't try to lie his way out of this this time cause he remembered how Michelle wasn't that follish given he watched him for a long time to know enough if he is Spider-Man

And given THIS MJ is just as smart and given he stood her up twice and had no heart to lie to her like before all can figure this out

Anyway soon as they landed MJ just couldn't stop giggling

Mary Jane: Oh my god we got to do that again.

Peter was stunned to see the 2nd MJ loved swinging with him more than the first MJ did given she never wanted to do it again and THIS MJ wanted to

And then.....she turned to Spidey with a glowing smile which widens his eye lens widen again

Mary Jane: Ok Peter mask off.

Spider-Man: Um.....can I......can I ask you something first?

Mary Jane: Of course.

Spider-Man: How did you-----how did you figure it out?

Mary Jane: Don't get mad at me but.....I.....kind of snooped in your room looking for you and.....I found your costume in the closet

Spider-Man: I had it locked.

Mary Jane: I used my aunt's credit card I use to pay for drinks to unlock the door but look seriously Peter I wan't trying to invade your privacy I was really looking for you. I even saw pictures of your parents and uncle and even one of you with Tony Stark but I promise I didn't tell anyone. Nor will. I wouldn't after what you did for me since you arrived here. I mean you not showing up at our dinners was dickish I understand.

Hearing that made Peter both confused but touched how she was and letting a soft sigh he slowly reached grabbing the top of his mask and finally.......

.......pullling it off revealing a confused and silent Peter Parker

Given she already knew MJ wass somehow still surprised to see his face under Spider-Man's mask given now they both know they kissed and given it was Peter who now saved her life three times and shown his care......and love for her

Mary Jane:

Peter: Yeah. Look MJ I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I-----

Mary Jane: No Peter I understand. I really do. Least I do now. It's I have a question of my own.

Peter: Ask me anything. I promise no more lies.

Mary Jane: I don't think you ever lied. I left out some details but I don't think they count.

Peter: Heh. Well anyway.....what's your question?

Mary Jane: Why do you-----why do you do what you do?

Peter actually was expecting that to be the question and now knowing his real reasons he faced down at first then looked at her n the eyes

Peter: Because I made a promise.

Mary Jane: Well why don't you tell me all about that promise......over dinner. And THIS time.......we go together intead of just meeting there.

She notices how quickly the shock registers on Peter’s face; a move she admittedly saw coming.

Peter was heavily conflicted about how this entire debacle unfolded and even more surprised at how it appeared to be going. He never exactly had a contingency set for afterward, if things went wrong or even planned out what’d he do next after taking care of Kasady. What was meant to be an open and shut case regarding a serial killer turned into a cat-and-mouse chase between predators with mental capacities shattered beyond recognition.

This trip, supposed to be a chance to reconcile with Michelle, transformed into a whirlwind full of old memories and acquittances. The last thing he expected was to be pursuing his next-door neighbor.

Even more so, for her to figure out his secret on her own.

Things were elevating way too quickly and way too fast for him to fully take into account how Peter even got here: His cover had already been blown over at this point; his classmates almost bit the dust thrice over, there was a stubborn cop sniffing his tail, May hadn’t seen him in what felt like days and now this?

Mary Jane fully accepting Peter’s double life without batting an eye and asking him out for dinner again? Was this the culmination of…..everything Peter had to struggle through these last few days?

It was a troubling depiction to truly absorb. Something smelled fishy about this.

And that troubling stench followed him around for the rest of the evening. With the sun finally setting and the time finally on their side, their scheduled social gathering had well and truly evolved into what one would consider…..a “date”.

Luis Bros was taken into consideration finally, the location was set, time was fairly on their side and so… they went. Only one little caveat took both of them off by surprise: the restaurant was rechristened as the Waterbar.

Regarded as San Francisco's foremost seafood restaurant, Waterbar was situated in a prime location on the waterfront of San Francisco’s Embarcadero, just south of the “Cupid's Span" sculpture, featuring panoramic views of the bay, Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, and the San Francisco skyline. It was no wonder why MJ chose this location, as it revealed her preferred tastes as well as her ongoing predilection towards being a judge of character.

Peter couldn’t bring it upon himself to turn her down. But the malignant malodor surrounding the prolonged series of events that had to occur for both of them to finally see themselves on the same page….

….it’d take more than just an event like this to flush it out from underneath. But it wouldn’t stop Peter from making the best out of it.

Just like her aunt before her, MJ had a manner in how’d she stare or glance at others, like an invitational to their souls. She had accepted it as a mutual form of communication ever since she was younger. It was a contest of sorts and winning came at a price. MJ wouldn't look at Peter so much as through him like his head was transparent and she was fascinated by an object two inches behind my skull. Except this gaze wasn’t one that reeked of conflict or bitterness.

It was the sort of gaze that was home, hearth, and hearty food, the latter of which wasn’t in front of them at the moment because she was still staring at him and Peter felt utterly creeped out by it.

Peter: That glare isn’t helping.

She keeps staring.

Peter: There something you wanna tell me?

Mary Jane: I mean—how can I—oh my fffff—Jesus Christ, how did you do it? You’re freaking Spider-Man!

Peter: SHHHH!

The exclamation made, Mary Jane didn’t catch the cursed words that escaped her lips until Peter told her to zip it. Almost immediately, she covers her mouth and crouches forward, almost prone to jump out of her seat if the word caught on.

Luckily, Peter wasn’t too far behind, motioning about while staring out to the large crowd of clamoring hungry recipients, talking amongst themselves or eating away at their food.

Only two out of ten select people were drawn to the surprisingly loud outburst and bothered to turn towards the source of the sound. Cooler heads seemed to prevail overall though, as their own personal needs eclipsed a simple usurp amongst residents in a public venue.

Relieved, Peter inhales and exhales hastily, taking into account how quickly his identity could’ve been outed yet again, had the people cared a little bit more and had MJ been only a few decibels louder.

In the buzz of the restaurant, words can be challenging to catch, yet her body language and deep soul were so easy to hear. A shame she nearly went overboard on that.

Peter: Inside voice, please!

Mary Jane: Sorry!'s's unbelievable. How did this….any of this happen?

Peter: I....don't know how to explain it without it coming off like an old 60's comic book.

Mary Jane: I've heard worse.

She persisted…..but Peter inadvertently dodges the statement with his next comment.

Peter: Don’t want another on-and-off whodunnit like last time.

He says, sipping down at a glass of water, unable to shake off the understandably dense flow of anxiety coursing through his body.

Mary Jane: People used to be so….vehement about what you ‘did’; that any signs of redemption couldn’t be found. I used to be the only person in the room who’d defend you ‘till the cows came home.

Again, she continues to stare at him, intertwining her hands together and inching forward across the table.

Mary Jane: Glad to see I was right; that it wasn’t real.

Peter: But it was Real. All of it. Still damaged my reputation, still left my relationships in tethers, still have people doubting the relevance of what I do. I know I shouldn’t care how others view me but….

Couldn’t bring it upon himself to finish. He could only nod slowly, methodically for only a brief five-second stretch. In that short condensed time, Peter is able to calm himself down.

Mary Jane: But that whole…..leaping off a building only to be saved by another…..doppelgänger?

Peter: Let’s just say I’ve made friends in high places.

Mary Jane: There's still got to be more to it than that.

Peter: Just......I don't know how much you'll be able to swallow cause it's all gonna sound like old sci-fi stuff like Alien Predator and Terminator.

Mary Jane: I think after everything that's happen even with the events that happende before......

Peter: Before?

Mary Jane: I'll tell you all that but....I want to hear how all this happened. When did this actually start?

Peter had no way of avoiding that so he took a breath while looking down

Peter: Well....I guess it really began in sophomore year when......I was a dateless nerd who....never got a brake and.....was radiation science.....and that lead to a bigger change in my life than I bargained for.

We go into another Flashback since the Uncle Ben tragedy

~September 20th 2016~

Eight weeks before the events of Captain America Civil War and a week before Uncle Ben's murder we come back to Midtown High the train dropped off a crowd of people and a camera caught the sight of tennis shoes and sweat pants rotating up to a blue and green collard shirt worn by an earlier time Peter Parker in glasses

He pulled up the strap of his backpack up his right shoulder and soon walked through the football field admiring the game practice given he wanted to play but was never let in the game given he had more brains than brawns back then

Soon as Pete was in the halls he met up with Ned who.....had a haved head (What Jacob Batalon looks like currently) and in glasses himself and soon he spotted Peter coming to him

Ned: Dude You're just in time. I finally ordered the new set of the lego death star.

Peter: No way. Really?

Ned: Yeah it's gonna be dope it'll be here by the end of the week. I figure we could start on it at my house.

Peter: Maybe.....but depends if this project doesn't have me tied to the intership I'm planning after graduation.

Ned: Which is only.....MONTH away.

Peter: Yeah I'm a workaholic that way.

Ain't that the truth Penis Parker.

The two geeks looked behind them finding themselves encountering the early Flash Thomson in a leather jacket and surrounded by his gang

Flash: Let me guess still up for that science award when you could be doing someting more useful like crack open that egg head of yours.

Peter: Is this another rope on your gags Flash?

Flash: Oh so we're being testy eh Parker?

Flash snapped his fingers and his goonss grabbed Peter dragging him to the lockers opening one about to throw him in

Ned: Hey come on Flash leave him alone.

Flash: Or what?

Flash uddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned around to see an early Harry Osborn with hair combed back in a white collar shirt and tie

Harry: Don't forget Flash your father works for my father. I can find ways to pursue him to fire him.....if you don't let Peter go.

Flash: Lay off Osborn!

Harry: Have it your way.

Harry picked up his phone and Flash panicked

Flash: Ok! Ok! Just put the phone down.

Harry: That's what I thought.

Flash signaled his boys to let Peter go and they did all walked off

Peter: Thanks for that Harry but for that Flash will be on all of our hides.

Harry: Please. He wouldn't have all his expensives if he didn't work for my dad.

Ned: That's so cool.

Harry: Yeah well......come on. The demonstration at the mid lab is starting.

From there Peter Ned Harry and other volunteers for the project radiation as the science teachers were giving updatess no one was aware that from a far back wall lied a crack in the hole which emerged from it......was a common spider that crawled up to the ceiling above the students

Teacher: Ever since Dr. Bruce Banner's disapearance we been testing the modify of this gammon radiation likely the same stuff that turned Dr. Banner into the Avenger known as the Hulk. But thanks to Dr. Banner's earliest research before the accident we were able to contain it. Giving us greater power known to man.

The students applied as the spider wa now above them

Teacher: Commence the procedure.

The staff turned on the power zapping into the reactors as the spider spins a web strolling down but was caught into the beam

Increasing it's DNA from the inside and it's web broke and when the vapor turned off it fell and landed on Peter's hand without him noticing

He was about to take notes but then the spider recovered and then.......


Peter: Ahh!

Mildly jumping up from the shock, he immediately swipes his hand off to the side before glimpsing over at the culprit: a genetically altered super spider, whom fate had given a starring if brief role to play in the drama we call life.

It casually crawls off, scurrying away to the closest lab refrigerator toward him before disappearing around the side.

Absorbing the wound came with a shocking, riveting twist. Just simply touching the bite mark forced Peter to refrain from doing it again, for it was simply too hot to touch. It was like it was burning his skin. The pain was sudden and it was an avid distraction, guaranteed to aggravate him for the rest of the trip.

Little did Peter know at the time that by accidentally absorbing that amount of radiation, the spider was already dying since the minute of exposure, and said dying insect bit the nearest thing it could put of pure shock. It would only be a matter of minutes, seconds even before the life ebbs from its radioactive body.

The biggest question he had coming out of this was…..what was going to happen to him?

Out of any scenario he could’ve chosen, the last thing he expected was to gain superhuman durability, lightning-quick reflexes, a literal sixth sense, and the ability to stick to any enhanced surfaces for a prolonged period of time. But lo and behold, it happened.

Peter is still left massaging over the wound on his right hand, the bite having long since evaporated into his skin but the mark was still present and the burning was ingrained into his mind. How else are you going to forget something like that?

Mary Jane sure wasn’t…..and she wasn’t even there when it happened. But it was clear something about that story stuck through to her.

Mary Jane: Odd.

Peter: Yeah.

Mary Jane: So it was radioactive? Like with what happened—

Peter: —to Dr. Banner, I know.

Mary Jane: Yep. Definitely a 60’s comic book.

Peter: Told you so!

She chuckles wryly.

If it were up to her, she’d say this date was going smoothly so far. And if she was in his shoes, Peter would definitely be inclined to agree. Already, they both could tell that EVERY TIME, each of their conversations extended much father than words. It was the smiles, the gentle shrugs, the light in their eyes. That they were both elevated by each other's presence was obvious and even the silences were at a steady equilibrium to where they felt comfortable around each other.

They are moments to savor the company of the other and feel that sense of peace that comes from feeling loved and protected, within the arms of friendship…..or so it seemed at first.

Besides, what’s to go wrong with some formal pleasantries at a diner, eh?

Mary Jane: If I may….

She insists, further taking in the surrealness of Peter’s own story and attempting to try and have a little fun with it. In opening up, MJ found herself slowly tempted to release the air from her compressed bag of heavy burdens.

Mary Jane:…..I might be able to give that story a run for it’s money.

Peter: Are you challenging me?

He just watches as MJ twirls her stiletto nails around the wine glass by the stem as if she has wanted a plaything, constantly eyeing over at him with playful eyes.

Mary Jane: Maybe.

Peter: I’m listening.

Mary Jane: So….

She held the wine glass in his over-moisturized fingers, his nails forming wall without mortar. Peter watched her face as she drank, contorted as if the expectation she might gain enjoyment from it was an imposition too far.

Mary Jane: What if I told you….I was still in New York when Loki arrived?

Peter blinked at in instant as he stared at MJ in a firmly surpried expression

Peter: The 2012 alien invasion in New York?

She nods

Peter: You were actually there?

She nods again

Peter: Oh man you're lucky to be alive. Seriously the city was crawling with Chitauri Aliens that day. What happened?

Mary Jane: I didn't really see much what happened that day. It happened when my aunt and I were stuck in traffic at the George Washinton Bridge.

We come to another flashback taking us back to New York 2012 during the Loki invasion and the Avengers first assembling to top him and the chitauri

But only to be shown a traffic jam on the George Washinton a MJ mentioned and we see Anna and a very youg MJ at her child age with two red pony tails for they were moving to Queens during this.

Anna: I knew I should have picked next week to book this trip

Young MJ: The other kids been aying it's the end of the world Aunt Anna. Are we gonna mom?

Anna: No......sweetie of course not. We're gonna be fine I promise.

All of a sudden they heard a crack in the sky seeing a misal heading towards the city Anna gasped as little MJ screamed and cried

Anna: Oh my god...

Anna assumed the worse till out of no were Iron Man (Robert Downey JR) flew in towards the missal which caught both the Watson Girls by surprise especially Young Mary Jane as sshe glued her shocking eyes on him grabbing the missal and flying it above the city

Anna: MJ tay in the car.

Anna got out of the driver's seat eeing Iron Man carrying the missal towards the the hole in the sky which Anna could see as for little Mary Jane she was amazed and gave a cute giggle

Cutting back to reality Peter was amazed that everything that happened in the flashback was everything Mary Jane just told him

Peter: So you were stuck on the bridge and you saw Mr. Stark grab that missal?

Mary Jane: Yeah it was incredible. To know there wa a team of superheroe looking out for us. I mean Iron Man wa clever but....I had a major crush on Thor when growing up.

Peter: Phtt. Who didn't? I mean the girls at my school were playing marry F and kill. And my friend Betty eemed to one to go on the son of Odin himself.

Mary Jane: Yeah I would have guessed. But where were you during the invasion?

Peter: Family vacation with my aunt and uncle. I didn't join the Avengers till 2016.

Mary Jane: Lucky you. I don't mean to pry.......but your aunt told me bits and pieces about your uncle. I'm sorry he passed away. But she alo told me you blame yourself for it. Why?

Peter let out a soft sigh looking down and nodding

Mary Jane: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have ask.

Peter: No. It's fine's hard to ignore it even when no one talks about it anyway. My uncle was catching on my secret a week after that spider bit me. We argued cause I was stupid to not listen to him about a ressponsibilty. I entered a wrestling compitition to win some money but got rippied off by a promoter and then some guy comes in and robs him and I let him get away only to get back at the promoter it cost my uncle his life cause he wanted a car and Uncle Ben said no and was shot.

Mary Jane: I'm so sorry. But what happened to him wasn't your uncle wasn't your fault.

Peter: You sound like Karen.

Mary Jane: Who's Karen?

Peter: Uhh....a computer system from my suit. I'll tell you about her when I get the chance it's a long story.

Mary Jane: Fair enough. But what kind of wrestling match did you enter?

Spider-Man: A cage match against the mighty Bonesaw.

Mary Jane: Bonesaw? The Macho Masked Wrestler?

Peter: Yep. That's him.

Mary Jane: I think I wa there that day.......

Peter: What??

Mary Jane: My dad was a big wrestling fan and I must have gotten it from him. My friends dragged me to a compitition and then I saw Bonesaw taking on thi red and blue massked figure who made a monkey out of him.

Peter widen his eyes knowing who she really was talking about

Mary Jane: Was that you??

Peter: Guess the secret's out. Why not this one?

Mary Jane: Guess so. However.....the only reasson my Aunt took me in.....was dad was......a drunken jackass.He had my mother......fought a lot when I was in kindergarten. Even when my mom got sick......which.....killed her later.

Peter: Oh condolences. What happened?

Mary Jane: She was diagnosed with a breathing disorder and had life support and after my dad slammed the door out.....she lost oxygen. Thankfully Anna was there but she had to watch me watch my mom die.

Peter: I know how you feel. My parents dumped me at my aunt and uncle's door step and later die in a plain crash. Your dad walked out on you with your mom passing.....we both got orphaned at an early age.

Peter: Did you ever hear from your dad again?

Mary Jane: When he and a girlfriend........died in......Sokovia.

Peter: Ultron?

Mary Jane: I was at school that day.....and it was all over tv. They listed a number of casualties The list was long and it made me nervous.......but they finally said my dad's name. He wa in a building with his girlfriend......when it fell over.

Peter: Did you still grief for him?

MJ looked at him a the screen slowly cuts to 2015 in a girls locker room we hear crying as one cheerleader enter and saw MJ in a eyes out on a bench

Cheerleader: MJ? What's wrong?

Mary Jane cried out as she looked over to her fellow cheerleader

Mary Jane: He was there.....he was there in Sokovia.....and now he's really gone.

Cheerleader: Who?

Mary Jane: My dad. He was there. And he was on that casualty list.....they found his body crushed under that ruble.

Cheerleader: MJ I.....I'm sorry for your loss but....I thought you didn't like your father after he left.

Mary Jane: I didn't but I know he's really never coming back.

MJ cried hard and the cheerleader comforted her by hugging her as she cried more on her chest as it cut back to reality

Mary Jane: My dad and I may have had our differences. But I didn't know how else to take his passing.

Peter: Well he wasn't the only one. A lot of lives were lost that day. Charles Spencer and many more. Some blamed Tony for it cause....he created Ultron. It wasn't his fault I mean how would he know Ultron would go all Skynet from Terminator?

Mary Jane: Yeah. And then.....three years after that.....something weird happened.

Cutting to another flashback at Anna and MJ's currant apartment 2018......

.......Mary Jane and Anna were on their couch as every station was cut out and on stand by

Mary Jane: Anna what's going on?

Anna: I don't know. There mut be a problem with the tv stations.

Suddenly MJ.....felt a little weird.....she grabbed her stomach and leaned over the coffee table which caught Anna' attention

Anna: MJ?

Mary Jane: I......I don't know what......

She looked towards her aunt with a scared expression which made Anna more concern

Mary Jane: Anna.....what's happening to me?

Anna opened her mouth till her eyes bolted seeing her precious niece......turn to dust from her arm crumbling up to her shoulder

Anna: Mary Jane......

Mary Jane cried out as she......crumbled away completly

Yes that's right MJ wa another blimp victim as Peter realized back in reality

Peter: You got snapped away too?

Mary Jane: Whatever it was I know the public called it the blimp. It's crazy.......I don't even know what happened.

Peter: I might know the answer to that. Mr. Stark and a wizard called Dr. Strange and I traveled into space and we came to a planet called: Titan where we met Star Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy. We were trying to top a mad titan known as Thanos. He collected the six infinty stones and he used them to snap his fingers blimping half of the universe out of existence. Even me and most of my school.

Mary Jane: Thanos? You mean that big purple guy with the chin nuts?

He was taken off guard by that comment.

No reason why, as dissing THANOS became common seeing his plan failed after all but he wasn’t expecting that derogatory remark from her.

A few moments pass….

….and the two chuckle and laugh it off.

People think of laughing as a noise that comes from the mouth, but when MJ laughed, to Peter, it was nothing like that. The laugh was in her eyes, in the way her face changed into that vision of relaxed joy and unrestrained mirth that had been buried underneath her for so long. Yet truly, it wasn't in her face either. Her laugh came from within, it was just the way she was wired. People like her just have more flexible brains, like all that humor bubbling around in her was like yoga for the synapses.

Just being around Peter for a few minutes was better than a whole day of self-absorbed pampering in some all-day-spar in Mary Jane's eyes. Just the sound of his gales, his snickers, his giggles, was enough to transport her far far away from her worries and the tension of this modern life...

A revelation had just come about.

The weird, profound joy of coming to contact with someone who suffered just as much as you filled both of their hearts with much-needed relief. If there was anything to take away from the previous two to three days, it was to keep yourself open. There will be people out there who can understand and relate.

But in coming to grips with what that meant for both of them in the long run, those smiles quickly faded.

Mary Jane: What kind of a pair are we?

Peter: I was gonna ask the same question.

Mary Jane: I didn't expect any of this....when you came into my life again. When you saved me. Nobody else bothered to comfort me.

Peter: Didn't your Aunt try?

Mary Jane: Didn't let her. I’m just glad somebody opened my eyes long enough to see that.

Reminiscing back the upside-down kiss, a memory that honestly felt like yesterday, put the two at an impasse once again. Staring at each other silently, chuckling underneath their breaths again….

….if they kept staring for any longer, someone was gonna have to make the first move. They had already got to first base so no need to be ashamed of anything.

Mary Jane: I’m grateful that someone was finally there for me; to just be there and listen.

Peter nods as they both took a moment of silence taring at one another trying to read each other's thoughts till Peter broke the silence

Peter: I'm honored. But.....where do we go from here?

Mary Jane: I don't know. I mean....I know you're leaving for New York soon as your bus gets fixed.

Peter: Didn't you say you were moving back to New York too later?

Mary Jane: Yeah but.......I don't know if it will be the same time as you leave. But I want you to know......I won't ever forget everything you did for me since you arrived. And in return.......your secret will be safe with me.

Peter smiled sweetly hearing that

Peter: Thank you Mary Jane Watson.

She nodded

Mary Jane: I just have one more question.

Peter: All ears.

Mary Jane: Who was the second Spider-Man?

Peter blinked in confusion

Peter: What??

Mary Jane: I saw you on tv last year and....everyone found pit who you were some guy named Jameson pointed out that you were Spider-Man. But after a month you were suddenly seen being pushed off a building and're caught by Spider-Man. How did you----?

Peter: Oh yeah yeah.'s kind of.....complicated.

Mary Jane: I'm all about complication so try me.

Peter: To make a long story short after a madman and murdering fraud named Quinten Beck faked his death and framed me by exposing my identity turned out the only thing he didn't lie about........was that there's a multiversse. There were rips in time since Thanos caued the blimp but when Beck shattered a tablet called the tablet of order and chaos it created loop holes to the spider-verse.

Mary Jane: Spider-Verse?

Peter: Worlds with other Spider-Men in them. Some were Peter Parker too. some were......different people. They were three Peters four if you count me. But one went by another identity caue....his past got more shattered than mine did. He went by my Uncle's first name and my Aunt's median name Riley. But getting ahead of mysself. The other Spider-Men and I had to build the tablet beating more villains he recruited beat him and.....they helped me clear my name and identity cause.....Dr. Strange said there be more loops in time if he erased their memories and we couldn't risk that so we pulled off a stunt to how the world Spider-Man saving me and having Beck in custody.

Mary Jane: You think anyone bought it though?

Peter: Not sure. one's asked me questions since the summer began. It didn't stop my teacher from playing bodyguards on me. And my aunt.....wanted me to give this up and deep down I don't blame her truely but the only way I could make her understand is if I explained what happened to Ben. He wa my real father figure and I let him down. Wore.......I let him die when I let that murderer go. But.....May and I haven't spoken since. She's been with your aunt mostly.

Mary Jane: Well I would patch things up with her. She's your only parent figure Peter. And now that I think about it......I now regret for dissappointing my own aunt........I was stupid......I see that now. So.....I'm gonna have both our aunts meet up at my apartment and we both can patch up with them.

Peter: How bout we do it at my hotel. The teachers are gonna be on to me if they know I'm not with her. That's what I had Ned tell them when I had to save you from those psychos.

Mary Jane: Good thinking. And.....when you aid Ned tell them-----

Peter: Oh yeah. Ned knows my secret. so does May and.......Michelle.

Mary Jane: Are there more?

Peter: Well just the Avengers but the remains that survived Thanos gone dark. Tony Stark knew cause he made my first suit.

Mary Jane: Ohh.....I'm guessing they're long stories too?

She grinned and one more thing came to mind for Peter

Peter: But I have one more question of my own.

Mary Jane: All ears.

Peter: When the blimp was revered what happened when you came back?

Mary Jane: I thought you might ask that.

Cutting to one more flashback we open to where a point of view opened with eyes from the view

Cutting to MJ waking up on the same couch she disappeared before she let out a soft groans holding her head as she slowly stood up and heard kids chattering loud outside

She got up and looked out hearing them yelling ounding confused not knowing what happened and MJ could understand

Soon enough she heard a door opening turning around and seeing Anna with a grocery bag and stopping in her tracks seeing her long lost niece for the first time in five years

And dropped her grocery bag all the food and supplies spilling out on the flour a Anna made a cry covering her mouth in shock and delight

Mary Jane: Aunt Anna?

Anna: Oh.....Mary Jane!

She ran to her the Aunt and Niece embraced a tight hug each other crying out and dropping on their knees as the hug got tighter and they both cried out loud cutting back to reality with Peter and MJ

Mary Jane: Anna told me it had been five years she only left the house for work and the store but that was it. She didn't age well she was all wrinkled.

Peter: I'm guessing she was the five year lucky ones.

Mary Jane: Sadly yes. All more reason we need to patch things up with our aunts.

Peter: Right.

Mary Jane miledy widely and before either one of them knew it........MJ reached up and gripped his hand Peter looked at MJ her smile hadn't changed and it wasn't long.......before he gripped her hand

There was……one thing stopping them though.

The local news network.

CNN was already on top of it, being one of many outlets to get the scoop on the incident surrounding two infamous escapees early on in the day but then being the first to actively report on it.

Not many people took notice of the TV displaying yet another news report. The Golden Gate Bridge and Hotel Via incident already painted enough bleak and dark clouds over the Golden City and the inhabitants who lived in it. Only Peter and MJ bared their eyes and ears to the TV, under the assumption it would show what had occurred hours earlier…..

….and they were both right.

In the midst of a chaotic few days for the Golden City, we come to you with the first bit of good news: the Carnage Killer has once again been apprehended. The notorious serial killer responsible for well over 11 plus mass murders was found in a cocoon of webs over at the abandoned Byron Hill Springs Hotel, alongside his accomplice Frances Barrison. While police were able to take both of them without much trouble, evidence shows that perhaps Spider-Man was here as well.

For once, and only once, a sliver of good news rained down upon this city after almost an endless week of carnage, havoc, decimation, and blood-spill. Sure, there was no radiant sunlight shining down on everyone, with trees laughing, dressed in carnival clothes with the gold and scarlet of the upcoming autumn days….

….but in a struggling economy, one that never really recovered from the Snap and is still wrestling amongst its own ranks to catch up with the rest of the world, it was enough comfort now for Peter and MJ to potentially rest easy for the next few days they were together.

Eddie however didn’t fair better hearing the reports from his end.

The news just rolled over him like an old Russian tank, slow and painful, carrying on as if nothing happened. Normally, there wasn’t a single thing he could’ve done about any of the crap he just heard….

….but the fact that he DID and yet STILL didn’t DO ANYTHING made him feel like bilge and pressing Venom into a frenzy.

Now he had gotten used to Venom being fifty shades pissed off; most of it was justified. But what the latter didn’t expect was Eddie to already admit defeat. He had pressured Venom into this position, finally gave him the A-ok to pick apart whoever he wanted to eat so long as it meant they get who they thought was responsible for Anne….

….and now he was just going to move on? Just like that?

You can't be serious!

Eddie: The kid's not responsible for Anne' murder man!

Maybe not but he still called me the P-word!

Eddie: You're really not gonna let that go? You let Dan go.

That was caue Annie died. Giving no more reaon to eat him. Now he can't have her anymore.

Eddie: She meant something to you too you know. Besides you can't do the same for Parker since he' not responsible? You know Dan called you the P word at the hospital. Even Annie before Drake's goon busted in.

I know!

Eddie: So what makes him different?

Because.....what if that jerk Jameson is right and he is a menace?

Eddie: Forgive me for speaking out of term but you said yourself you don't like Jameson yourself

AGAIN! I KNOW! But according to you every person I'm wrong about is alway right. Like Dan.

Eddie: Look none the less he's just a kid. We don't eat kid good or bad. That's our biggest rule.

You said rules were off!

Eddie: That was out of grief. But.....we went everything against what we stand for.

What YOU stand for. People are FOOD to me. The first time we took on Kassidy you even promised I could eat anyone I want.

Eddie: Venom that was....

No more lines Eddie. I'm taking over.

Eddie: What you mean you're....?

Eddie's arm morphed into Venom's arm and it punched him forcing him on the flour

Eddie: Jesus Venom what'd you doing?!

Something I hould have done before.

Beyond Eddie's control he fully morphed into Venom having enugh of being held back from hi true nature Venom had taken full control of his body and now Eddie....was just the voice in HIS head ass Venom embraced everything

Nothing holding him and there was now nothing Eddie could do

Dammit Venom! Don't do this!

Venom: I'm sorry Eddie. But now it's my turn to drive.

Venom went stomping towards the door ripping it clean off and tossing it back smashing everything it landed on and Venom stepped outside

Venom come on! He's just a kid! You're better than this!

Venom: No Eddie. I'm now making the rules.


Venom leaped up from roof to roof continuing the hunt for pider-Man masked or unmasked meaning everyone in Peter's life was in mortal danger........again

But as the morning finally arrived the bus was finally fully repaired and the teachers were really ready to go home but.....luck was still not on their side

The airport was still cloed leading to more frusteration thanfully Peter wa back there WITH MJ to get the heat off him they didn't tell Ned and Michelle she now knows the secret YET for their main focus........

......was getting their issues sorted with both their aunts

So they waited at Peter and May's room and speak of the devil both May and Anna got off the elevator with worry given Anna still was worried for her niece given the kidnapping the other night

Anna: Why hassn't she called? What if they were too late?

May: Anna try to remain calm. Remeber your condition.

Anna: I can't remain calm May I lost MJ once I can't loose her again!

May nearly spoke out when opening the door for both aunts to look in surprise Peter and Mary Jane sitting in the couch and stood up the minute they came in

May: Peter.

Peter: May.

Mary Jane: Aunt Anna.

Anna: Mary Jane my darling!

She rushed up and hugged her crying like before

Anna: Are you ok?

Mary Jane: I am now.

She looks at Peter with a sweet gaze

Mary Jane: Thanks to the Spider-Man

Hearing that shocked May beyond belief as she looked at her nephew which Peter made a mild grin with blush and embarrassment but as for Anna......she was just more surprised to hear a masked vigilante saved her after she wa told by Yuri he was with some of her cops

Anna: The.....Spider-Man??

May: You......?

Mary Jane: I'll explain everything soon but.....there's something Peter and I both want to talk to you two about.

May: What is it?

Peter: Just.....well.....we want to put something to a closure can't be in the same room due to-----

Mary Jane: Yeah. Anna. Let's go talk in one of the bedrooms while Peter and May talk.

Anna: Sure......

MJ left for the hall and Anna almost fallowed till May grabbed her shoulder making her look back at her

May: Anna. I think May grabbed her arm making her look back at her

May: Anna. I think this would be a good time to tell her.

Anna widen her eyes knowing what May was talking about and she was right Anna could not keep her tumor a secret forever if it wa really killing her

So she gave May a nod before falling MJ to the bedroom and shutting the door leaving Peter and May alone in the living room and they met eye to eye which seemed like forever since their disagreement

On one side of the spectrum, May is just beside herself with confusion, still trampling herself under the weight of responsibility Peter was taking himself under. Plans to meet him up with Mary Jane was not excepted to drift off into this bizarre heated void of chaos and mayhem and she REALLY hoped that it wouldn’t have to escalate further than just getting to communicate with one another on a surface level basis.

But this was her nephew she was talking about.

He did a pretty lousy job at keeping his identity under lock and key anyways and if he couldn’t give himself away, it was only a matter of time before the curtain was pulled back on him. Outside of Ned, Mary Jane was the one tough cookie who caught onto the mystery and followed through ‘till the end….

….unintentionally making her and Anna’s plan a wildfire success. The issue stemmed from whether or not it would STAY that way.

May: I really can’t get you to stop?

Shame crept in when she said that, her voice almost breaking upon making peace with the decision. The last few days here with Peter were just her sulking away at her inability to properly provide for him, feeling guilty, crying….


Peter: I wish I knew how to quit this. But it won’t let me.

If only 'quit' was properly in Peter’s dictionary. If only he hadn’t been bit by that stubborn little spider. If only he kept himself in check, not so keen on being desperate to prove himself. His willingness to be something more already cascaded over everyone and everything he once thought important.

A price to pay in making the world a better place. For keeping his loved ones safe. He had already made up his mind and god forbid anything happened to him, it was the least Peter felt he could’ve done for everyone. And it was that dual persona integration that was tearing May apart.

Cooped up beside her on the couch, he reached out to her, inches away from rubbing alongside her back, ensuring that there was nothing to worry about. But that was a bald-faced lie: what was the point in making promises he couldn’t keep?

Letting off the attempt, Peter just slouches next to her, latching onto her turmoil and emotional discomfort, his hands twiddling his thumbs apart

Peter: If you want to ground me, now’s the time…..

May: When you help someone… help everyone.

Immediately, Peter’s face washed blank with confusion, like his brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to take in the information from his wide eyes. That was the opposite of what he had expected to hear from her.

But this was just as crucial to May as it was to him. Everyone became a bit jaded as the years passed since the Snap and very few have learned that even though goodness can be found in the most remote of places, that sometimes other people’s vision gets so bad they become blind, unable to see how their actions affect others, unable to find empathy, too busy to bother with love and friendship. Sometimes that blindness can affect us in negative ways.

And we start to lose our ability to see.

May: I see you…..

She turns, but too slowly to be normal. When she speaks her voice trails slowly like her words are unwilling to take flight. There is a sadness in her eyes, the brown too glossy….

May:….and I love you.

Tears begin to trail out from her eyes again, before collapsing into Peter’s arms, finally giving him ample cause to wrap his arms around her. To cover her in his love.

To ensure her his promise wouldn’t go unfounded.

What is life really about than to love, to share our grief, and to see how we are all connected. This gift of sight however was a two-way street, both people must be willing to turn the light on inside of their hearts and “see,” for the gift of love and friendship is well worth it.

Something that would soon test Anna and Mary Jane's relationship for the foreseeable future.

Beneath her feet, the wooden floor felt soft, not as much as even a firm carpet, but not right for oak planks. Mary Jane moved to the edge of the room, her jeans brushing against the mildewed wall. It was hard to make out the details of the room after the summer light outside, but after a while, she could make out the features of the room.

She staggered backward, her mind swirling, her breaths shallow until she fell in a heap to the floor.

Mary Jane: You’re—you’re—

No need to finish; the tension was real. She couldn’t stop shaking at the words ushered before her. Anna just nodded yes.

Anna: I have…..months, Mary.

Mary Jane: And there's really nothing the doctors can do?! NONE?!

Anna: MJ believe me the last thing I want to do is leave you. But I assure you I never will. And besides this is why I booked us to move back to New York. I asked May-----

Mary Jane: No.....there has to be something. Anything. I know tumors can be extreme but surely there has to be-----no Anna can't.......

MJ' cries now got louder even Peter and May heard her May faced down knowing she finally told her but Peter having no knowledge of Anna' condition was confused and wonder

May: Sounds like he told her.

Peter: Told her what?

May: Oh that's right you don't know. Anna's terminally ill Peter. She has a tumor that's killing her and there's nothing her doctors can do about it. She told me the evening we arrived here and.....that's why she and MJ are moving back to New York with us.

Peter: Oh god.....poor Anna.....and......MJ.

May: Peter listent to me.......if Anna goes too early......MJ......may have to stay with us till she can get her own place after graduation. SShe doesn't want MJ in foster care till she does. There's no one else who MJ may or may not have told you......her parents pased away too and.....there's no other family.

Peter: Yeah. She told me. About her mom and......her dad was in SSokovia during Ultron's attack-----wait.....MJ staying with us?

Anna was telling MJ the same thing

Mary Jane: I have to live with Peter and May?

Anna: IF I go too soon. I jut hope Peter behaves himself. But the point is MJ you'll be in good hands till you're ale to look after yourself.

Mary Jane: Anna.....I don't know if I can survive without you. I know I made mistakes. I know I wasn't fair to you were right I wass turning out everything like my father wa. I didn't want to admit it cause of my own grief and depression I know that now. And's all my fault.

Anna: Sweetheart. That's just silly. How is it your fault?

Mary Jane: Cause I wasn't there for you. The Blip. The parties. My acting. The drinking. I should have been more supportive to you. And I wasn't. And now you're dying. I need you at my

Her cries got worse and Anna tood up from the bed and comforted her

Anna: Shh shh......MJ my tumor is not your fault. Neither was the blip. Yes I thought I lost you forever when you disappeared and yes you made bad choices yes but they had nothing to do with the tumor. And I am so're learning from your mistakes. And that's so much better than your father could have learned himself. Growing up with him wass hard given all the wild things he did in his yuth. But the one thing.....I was most proud of in life.....was having you as my niece. And the daughter I never had.

MJ smiled with her tears running fat and they hugged tighter

Out in the living room Peter and May continued their patch up talk as well

Peter: May.....I really REALLY understand why you wanted to me to stop and believe had Ned and MJ behind you on it cause they understood you as I do. But you know now.....none of this was about Mr. Stark or the Avengers.

May I know. You think you failed your uncle......but you really didn't.

Peter: What do you mean?

May: Well for one: How were you suppose to know that criminal you told me about would find his way from Midtown to Queens? He could have picked any direction from there. So what happened to Ben......really was my fault.

Peter: no....May...

May: Peter listen.

He just sat there in silence

May: Your father and uncle.......had something called the Parker Pride. Apparently it's contagious to thse who married them cause your mother and I learned that the hard way. You get yours from them and I even know it created Spider-Man too. Not that spider bite. But my pride confirms Ben's death was my fault really. I should have let you take the train but hiss pride got the better of him again. But my pride.....won't let you take the blame for Ben's murder. I never wanted you to blame yourself. You're still young. Young now cause of the blimp I know. Your age shouldn't have been halted like that. None of ours should of. but even if you have a responsibility for others you still have one for yourself. And when I say "You help others you help others." that includes yourself.

Peter: I'll remember that.

May: So disapointed I am at the same time I am proud of you. And o would Ben Richard (His father) and Mary (His mother)

Peter: Thanks May......

Peter nodded with his own tears and they hugged themselves

Peter: Aunt May? There's something else you should know. MJ knows who I am now.

That drew May's concern

May: What?? Did you tell her?

Peter: No she.....figured it out like the other MJ did. ow she did I'll tell you whenever we go home. But...... Anna still doesn't know and better she didn't given her niece has been.....spending this summer vacation with Spider-Man.

May: That's probably a wise decision Peter. I hate lying to Anna but Lord knows she suffered enough. Her brother and.....I'm sure MJ's also told you she also Blipped out.

Peter: Yeah.

May: Just promise me one thing. Whatever trouble you get very very careful. I know there'll still people or monsters Spider-Man can't handle alone.

Peter: You have my word May.

They just hugged again

And soon after a minute Anna and MJ came out with arms around each other and MJ's tears barely dried which drew Peter's concern for her as May and Anna took each other's hands to talk Peter went to MJ

Peter: You ok?

Mary Jane: I'd lie if I said I was.

Peter: So she told you huh?

Mary Jane: You knew?

Peter: Not till just now May told me.

Mary Jane: I'm the worst person in the world I shouldn't have done what I did all this time before you came. Well that settles it no more late night parties and alchol for this teenage girl. I just wish I done it ooner and maybe......maybe.....

Peter: Maybe but maybe not but.....if the worst should happen too soon.....May will let you stay with us till.....we.....graduate.......

Mary Jane: I know. Thank you Peter Parker.

Peter and MJ took each other's hands looking at each other in the eyes ass May and Anna turned away knowing that wasn't their place given their old plan was now in motion

May: Why don't we go make breakfasst?

Anna: Yeah.

The aunts walked to the kitchen but cutting downstair to the lobby.....a new visitor walked in from the main doors........

Norman Osborn.

Of all the district individuals of this city and of all the discombobulating of times, why oh why did Norman have to stick his greasy palms into Midtown High’s schedule again?

That appeared to be ringing through Julius’ thick skull as he was the only one of the teachers and councilors up early scouting the lobby. His eyes first landing upon him, it was almost bewildering. Nothing about the sight within itself was disorienting to Julius but considering they’ve been somewhat positioned at the forefront of two deadly attacks that left them all nearly killed…..

….perhaps this was pity on his part.

Or something more. But no clear way of telling just from crouching back on that comfy chair.

All Julius can do was sit up and approach the Oscorp CEO, almost chomping at the bit t get some sort of involuntary answer out of the man despite him having nothing to do with any of the events they were apart of days prior. While not an angry man, Julius’ patience and time had been put through the wringer down in San Francisco….

….and with no leeway on whether or not leaving the state would be possible now, only Harrington could get a good handle on how frustrated Julius had become.

As for now, he was left pulling up to Norman stoically without cowering to his domineering stature.

Julius: I’ve seen that jugular before.

Norman: What can I say? I’m….versatile. And that’s exactly why I’m here.

Julius: Say what now?

Norman: You see….my son, Harry had told me his friend Peter was apart of this field trip with you. The problem is…..we’re stuck.

Julius: Bus broke down on us. And now the airports' closed. Did anybody even check when it would even open again? Better yet, why does this keep happening to us; we just wanted a—

Norman: Dear charlatan……I funded the airport.

See…..normally in an argument, a confrontation, we are both reduced in our own eyes - yet in seeing things from one another's perspective and developing real empathy, we are raised up.

The only thing Julius can hope is that Norman meant what he thought it meant.

Julius: You? Fund the—the?

Norman: You have a few hours on your belt. I suggest you get the kids.

Julius was fully grateful he grabbed Norman's hand shaking it like a fan meeting his hero

Julius: Mr. Oborn you have no idea how much I appreciate your efforts to uss. We're in your dept. for your service to our school.

Norman: Not at all Mr. Julius. It's s my sworn duty to insure out children's best interest. Plus these kids are my son's friends and it's the very least I can do after after all you been through this summer and the last.

Julius: We jut have been having the worst luck with our summer vacations.

Norman: I can tell. Well.....I've got tickets paid for your flight leaves in three in a half hours.

Julius: Thank you again Mr. Osborn.

Norman gave him a mild nod and grin as Julius went to tell the staff

Back in Peter and May's room they and the Watsons were sitting at the kitchen table with pancakes and scrambled eggs and were all laughing a they talk

May: So it was our first dinner on our honeymoon. Ben got so picky and I knew hi one weakness. I selected an out door Hawaiian pizza parlor and Ben quotes......

Peter: This is the best part.

May: "Do they got Eddie's pizza in Hawaii? Cause if not the only pineapple pizza I'll eat is at Leos."

Everyone laughed

Mary Jane: Oh my goodness!

Anna: Seriously May did Ben get picky on everything?

May: Not on everything. He was persistent. Cause he got off on someone each time someone asked about me. I mean not at first ut he caught them once or twice when he hears them call me attractive. And Ben would just....loose his shit.

Peter: That explains where Mr. Delmar got that black eye when he sold him ham sandwiches.

Mary Jane: Black eye?

Peter: Not worth talking about.

Anna: Kinda reminds me of.....

Soon enough Anna was interupted by a knock on the door

Mary Jane: I'll get it.

MJ got up from the table and walked over to opening it revealing Ned on the other side which caught them both off guard

Mary Jane: Ned?

Ned: Oh hey MJ. I.....I didn't know you were here this a bad time.

Mary Jane: No. Come on in.

MJ allowed Ned to walk around er entering the room where everyone notice him by MJ

Peter: Hey man what'd you doing here?

Ned: I came by to tell ya.....Harry's dad Norman just showed up saying he's reopen the airport. We're about to leave in a few hours.

May: Oh.....

Mary Jane: Did you say Harry.....??

Ned: Yeah......?

Peter: Um.....thanks Ned just.....tell Mr. Harrigan and Julius we'll be down soon.

Anna: Oh May. I hate to see you go so soon. I mean you've only been here a week. And MJ and I haven't scheduled our move yet.

May: Yeah I'm sorry Anna. I mean ever since the mishap last year the school has been extra protective and paranode with everything. I understand why but it's been crazy.

As the aunts talked Ned signaled Peter to talk in the room and went in and Peter and MJ nodded to each other and both fallowed him

Soon as Ned turned he saw MJ behind him

Ned: Uh......MJ....Peter and I just.....want to talk about ome guy things. I'll....hand him back over when---

Peter: It's ok Ned she knows.

Ned blinked hearing that

Ned: She does.....?

Mary Jane: If you're gonna talk about Spidey stuff then yeah.

Ned: Did she figure it out too?

Peter: She.....broke in.

Mary Jane: But in my defense May let me in.

Peter: Just ay what you were gonna ay Ned. MJ's ok.

Ned which one?

MJ made a cross-eye look and the boys laughed

Ned: Kidding. I had to. I was gonna ask O aw the news you caught thoe killers but.....what about that Venom thing?

Peter: Oh yeah. Him I didn't catch. But as it turns out......Venom is actually that reporter guy who interviewd me Eddie Brock.

Mary Jane: Did you say Eddie Brock?

Peter: Yeah he's......he' you know him?

Mary Jane: Duh! I have a tv.

Peter: Right right.......

Ned: Well anyway how you gonna catch him now that we're going soon?

Peter: I.....I might not have to. He wasn't really involve in the murders. All though he attacked some people but....that was cause were played against each other by the real people behind them: Kassidy and Barrison.

Ned: The Carnage Killer and that weird woman?

Peter: That's them.

Ned: But really think it's safe to leave him at large?

Peter: Honestly no. said I don't think he's a real threat.

He says before gripping ahold of his shoulder and abdomen area, collapsing down to one knee, rendering himself vulnerable in front of the both of them. If only he wasn’t lying through his teeth the entire duration of that time.

Normally, a love-nexus, the purpose of a lie is protecting others, of necessary defense, or of saving feelings from being hurt. In a money-nexus lies have other purposes for society becomes dog-eat-dog and the reasons for deception proliferate.

Here, it was squarely the former. It always had been. But it never made any of THIS easier for himself and especially those who find out his identity, as Peter is left staring over at MJ worrying himself to death about what this potentially might mean.

It was the last thing he wanted…..but what other choice befell him? What other choice did he have?

A simple peak underneath his shirt and the grim viewing of several stitches and three moderate-sized lumps on his back and shoulders where purple welts used to sprouse. And it might’ve taken MJ and Ned a little longer to notice but his skin reflected a more pale, ghostly appearance than usual.

Maybe he wasn’t a match for him after all. But lord help him? If he wasn’t going to at least try again if it came to it. He knew he was lucky not to have broken bones - but then again, what was he going to do?

Peter: Two out of three.

He lays down the law, sighing heavily before reaching for his long-sleeved top again.

Within the hour, the class of Midtown High was finally FINALLY checking out of the Hilton San Francisco Financial District. And with their bus repaired, the International airport was their only tried and true destination.

Even more fortunate that it was only half an hour away. Compared to their previous hotel, getting to and from the same area was less than half the time it would take them now. One would wish it would’ve stayed that way but only if the entire stretch of this field trip wasn’t absolutely ripe with terrible luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Seemed to be a running trend with this class.

But hey, at least they were finally heading home in hopes the rest of the summer could be enjoyed in more somber, unrelenting tranquility.

The airport was a cocoon of steel, the walls so elegantly curved and wrapping around to create this inner space. And the beams supported so many windows, let in so much light, that in the daytime it is as bright as any summer's day.

Peter and the rest of the class arrived at noon, which is where people would normally move in chaotic rainbows, flowing from the check-in desks to the cafes and through the gates, each one of them heading for a destination of their own making.

Except they were the ONLY ONES THERE.

At this early hour, the airport was as serene as it ever is. The lack of bodies' present moving with ease, quiet rivers of humanity freshly roused from their slumber. The floors are clean and white, reflecting the early rays and the manmade light the same.

Very fishy.

Fishy enough Venom himself was now the shark on the roof waiting to attack with constantly pleading him in his head

Venom just top and think about this! I know I wasn't fair to you it was only cause.....I really wanted to protect you.

From everything that could have drawn anyone or anything that wanted you for money or kill you if we became what we tried to help people against.

Venom: Sorry Eddie. It I can't run away from my nature anymore.

Venom come on. Just think for a second! Think what Annie would want?! You think she be proud of you if she saw you like this?

Venom: No. But this is still for her.


Venom: SHUT UP BROCK! Trying to think!

Eddie was still not in the best luck reasoning with hiss alien friend but noting compared to what he intend to done once Peter or Spider-Man was in full sight and knowing they're one in the same Venom knew his class was leaving back for New York which is why he's her of course

And he was NOT gonna let Spidey scurry out of his claws so easily

And speaking of Peter he May and MJ rode with with the Midtown High future seniors a Flash and Betty were still trying to wonder what to make with Peter's identity

Brad was just.......didn't really know what to make of it given this summer vacation was another bust

Brad: That does it. From now on it's camping with this this guy.

Well who can blame him?

Ned and Michelle kept looking back at Peter and Mary Jane talking at the terminal Ned noticed Michelle just......started at them in silence and given they........dated for a short time Ned wondered if it wass hard on her that Peter wa growing fond of another especially with the same nickname as her

Ned: Are you alright........MJ?

Michelle: Yeah. More or less.

Ned: Didn't any part of you wanted to fight for him?

Michelle: Course. But as I said I.....I don't belong in his world. And.....another life has been calling me since........long before and after the blip.

Ned: And what's that?

Michelle: Let's just ay......Peter's got his responsibilities and I got mine.

Michelle turned and walked to the boarding hall as Ned looked back to Peter and MJ and it looked back to Peter and MJ and it looked like.......that wasn't his place either which is why he turned to fallow Michelle

Peter and MJ......both felt like this was ending too soon when they finally got acquinted and......close......

Peter: You's bad luck to say goodbye.

Mary Jane: We might not have to. I know it's later but.....I will be back in New York.......for my aunt......and......


Mary Jane: Peter......I want you to know......before you came my life was a hot mess. I was a selfish brat and..........

Peter: I get it. We both got dumped by our parents.

Mary Jane: My dad did but my mom......either way....I meant what I said no more parties and booze. Enough is enough. And I have you to thank for that.'re welcome.

Mary Jae: We......have each others numbers can call me. Whenever what ever.

Peter: Thanks MJ.

Peyed up and on a flat screen on a flat screen playing out a memorial of Tony Stark Steve Rogers Natasha Romanoff and Vision whic Peter paued to look at drawing MJ to look back at it too and as it ended they looked at each other and Peter was in a moment of thought......

Mary Jane: Tiger?

The "tiger" quote made Peter looked at her

Mary Jane: What is it?

Peter: There's.........remember when I told you.....that.....that Tony Stark was the reason I was even with the Avengers? Well the only good things he did for me.......was show me the right path. He wasn't my real father figure......but he was a friend. And.....there's another friend.....I want you to meet......that is whenever you're in New York.

Mary Jane: Who is this friend tiger?

Peter: The closet thing I have to a baby sister. She looked up to me since Tony's funeral and I didn't know her till after my trip into the Spider-Verse. Plus......I don't think I really said my final goodbyes to Tony and......I wanna......

Mary Jane: You wanna go and give him closure. I understand. But Peter.....there's something I mean to tell you.

Peter: Me too. But you first.

Mary Jane: Bac at Hot Springs and I thought I was gonna die.....I kept hoping that I make it to say to you that......I.......

Peter widen his eyes as MJ moved her face up close to his

Mary Jane: I........

Their faces were merely close to one another eyes closing lips nearly an inch to each other but........


No way of nobody NOT hearing that bloodcurdling, painful cry of pain echoing all throughout the airport. Everybody’s eyes rose and their hearts were slowly sinking.

Not now. Out of every other day down in Cali, would it kill Mother Nature to just LET THEM GO HOME?

The only caveat is this was anything but random.

Peter’s spider-sense started to re-enact that tingling feeling in the back of his skull again, alerting him. The tingling gets stronger when the danger becomes more imminent and more threatening and Peter finds out where the danger is coming from and how to avoid it.

Here though, it was very faint. The source of what was causing it was nearby.

His eyes pop out of his sockets, turning to Mary Jane before immediately dashing towards her, tackling her down to the floor……just as the windows to the actual terminal gate shatter, rupturing one support beam and blasting out every screwed-in chair surrounding the gate.

Not to mention the actual gate itself was left barricaded off, thanks to the massive gust of wind from that mysterious force blowing a separated chunk of the support beam in front of the terminal gate, and collapsing the rest of the wall surrounding it.

Even with HELP, the class of Midtown High couldn’t seem catch a break.

Harrington: No no NO NO NO NO!

Julius: Everybody back to the terminal!

Despite the plane that would’ve gotten them out of San Francisco was situated directly at Gate F5, which was the very gate that just got blocked up by debris, the teachers were now just fully desperate for survival under any and all circumstances. The rest of the class couldn’t argue with that same human born-and-bred mentality and most of them followed both of them.

All except Ned and Michelle.

They immediately ran the opposite direction back towards the gate, where Peter and MJ laid after the former pushed her out of harm's way and was now rendered woozy, thanks to the impact of the massive BOOM from the wall exploding.

Peter was left at a morbid disadvantage at the moment. The technically 24 year old laid distorted and disoriented, his eyesight continuing to betray him, blacking out seconds in and seconds out amidst the blowback.

He could barely hear Ned and Michelle’s desperate pleas for his name despite his eyes veering over towards Mary Jane, who was wide awake and with her hands all over him, the boldness radiating through her to get Peter back up on his feet even with the potential presence of yet another attack?

It took balls to simply not run away.

Mary Jane: C’mon c’mon, there you go. Get up!

Michelle: Peter!

Ned: Go along! We’ll cover you!

No covering would be necessary. Because in steps Venom.

Crashing onto the scene through the caved-in holes in the wall, he bombards the sight of everyone in proximity to his hulking 7 ft, 6-inch stature, and 500-pound frame. Of course, his moist, sentient, smooth oily black skin was all everyone was going to take notice too.

Well, that and his teeth.

Michelle, Ned, even the other classmates and teachers who had quickly turned back around after noticing some of their students were missing, only to become paralyzed by the monster.

And to that monster, this was meat he was surrounding himself around, all of whom served the simple matter of being consumed by fear and his teeth. He saw them as a utility, to meet an addiction or need he felt he desperately needed; a book that needed closure.

That book had only one name on it.


In that empty scream directed towards Peter, it was the pain of indifference, of a monster who had its soul sold and just took it back…..only to lose it again. No matter how religiously Venom had tried his damnedest to fit it, to be a heroic figure, he still found hell.

And despite not being at the epicenter for his suffering, Peter was his hell.

Finally adjusting to that sudden flash of light from the blowback, most of Peter’s vision maintained a blurry fragmented shape in pieces that lasted up until Venom stormed up to the disoriented young man and literally LIFTED him off the ground from the collarbone.

With his sights now cleared, Peter quickly realized the precarious scenario he was in and all alarms went blaring off in his head. He desperately tried to squirm out the hold but on the pretense that he himself was holding back due to literally EVERYONE else being present, options in which he could use were very very limited.

Luckily for him, both MJ and Ned grabbed a nearby object and with their hearts set to help as opposed to truly harm, threw a fire extinguisher and a tiny chunk of the shredded flatscreen TV at him.

Unlikely, they hardly inflicted any actual pressure to make him feel anything other than annoyance. So much so he swatted both of them away from him.

And then came yet ANOTHER thrown object.

Hurdled at his head, momentum was shifted and killed on impact as a broken pipe just barely reflect off of him before coming to a dead stop and landing on the floor.

Thanks to Betty, it was a split-second decision, one that saved Peter worthy decibels worth of time all while Venom was mentally contemplating just flat out eating EVERY ONE by the second.

And Betty was prime ready to give him ample opportunity to do so.

Betty: Forgot about me, didn’t you?

Flash: The hell you doin’?

Venom: Pardon me?

Betty: I cost you that bite! Remember?! I’M why he’s still alive!

Ned: Betty?!

Betty: You want to chomp down on somebody?! Eat me!

Buddy, don’t you do it.

Venom: She’s right….

With the reins now squarely in the hands of the parasite, Eddie couldn’t do anything but watch in horror, not intent on actually watching Venom eat anymore kids. He was lucky that Venom dropped Peter and that the distraction worked…..

….but only at the cost of what could be Betty’s life.


Venom: Fine. YOU FIRST!

Michelle: Made you look, Tar Monster!

Once more, Venom fell for the oldest trick in the book: taking his eyes off his adversary. And in doing so, he’s met with and blindsided by Michelle using the previously thrown fire extinguisher to blind Venom in a cloud of smoke the INSTANT he turns back around towards her.

The difference between tear gas and a fire extinguisher was marginally vast to Venom but the latter only just obstructed his vision for a prolonged period of time to back him away.

The further Michelle approached him and the harder she pulled back on that lever, the closer Venom, however, began to just ignore the CO2 foam and methodically March towards her, his dark silhouette popping through the foam and smoke.

Luckily for her, Peter completely rushes in into the suffocating extinguishing smoke and tackles Venom with no effort whatsoever, pushing both Venom and himself out of the caved-in wall and shattered windows…..

….before tumbling down onto the open airfield.

They rolled over the concrete flour with everyone in the terminal looking out to the shattered window especially Mary Jane who feared the worst and ran back to get out there

Soon as both Venom and our friendly neighborhood hero recovered and in a quick second Peter pulled off his social cloth reaveling the spider suit underneath and pulling on his mask and it did not take long for them to notice each other

Spider-Man: Eddie! Stop this madness! You're better than this!

I'm trying but he won't let me!

Spider-Man: Let the symbiont go!

Venom: Well well......Parker. Did you think I was gonna let you get away?

Spider-Man: I know you're still in there somewhere Eddie. I'm gonna get you out of there!

No kid! Just run!

Venom: Hehehehe....try me.......SPIDER-MAN!

Venom bellowed and stretching out his arms at Peter who flipped over him dodging his attack and he charged at the man eating beat who growled and slapped Spidey away hitting a near by pickup truck and caused Peter to drop something

It looked like a web shooter but some kind of gadget Peter wa recently working on since he learned everything about the symbionts from Harry

Spidey recovered hooting weblines around Venom and pulled himself back

Spider-Man: Still hungry Venom?! EAT THIS!

He launched himelf off kicking on Venom in the torso but the oozing beast grabbed him by the neck and tossed him off

Inside the terminal Mary Jane tried to get out to help the man she now loves but the entrance wa guarded security guards case Venom ever tried to bust in again

Mary Jane: Dammit. Peter needs my help and I don't know how to get pass those guards. Maybe.....

MJ went in thought and had an idea she went to the back of the lobby finding a fire alarm and then......

.....she set it off

The alarm boomed everyone's ears everyone started covering their ear avoiding a high pitched headache the guards at the door left to check it out and the brave red head made her way to the entrance......and slipped out

Back outside Venom approached Peter with the midtown high gang watching helplessly after the fire alarm was turned off


Michelle slapped his mouth covering it

Michelle: WATCH IT! You want him to get exposed again?!

Flash muffled Sorry in her hand

Betty: Ned can't you do something?

Ned: If I was still the guy in the chair I would.

Michelle: Everybody get a grip he'll make it. I hope.....

That hardly made anyone feel better especially Ned

Ned: If only the Avengers were still here.

Outside Peter looked up to Venom widen his smile at him

Spider-Man: You will not win this this time. Cause I know your weakness now.

Peter pointed his arms at him only to find the arm band he dropped wasn't on his arm it was across the lot from him the ame gadget he dropped and made recently 15 feet away from him

Spider-Man: Awe crap.......

Venom roared and Peter was forced to improvise he ran and flipped kicked Venom in the jaw which only pissed him off more

Venom roars again only to get webs shot in his face

Spider-Man: Sorry about that.

He kept shooting webs at him to keep him distracted for him to walk backwards towardss the sound waver

Spider-Man: You like that?!

Venom had enough and shrieked ass he stretched out his arm and slammed Peter aide forcing him 20 feet from the sound waver

Peter groaned in agony as Venom's smile widen more like Godzilla from Godzilla vs Kong

But neither one of them noticed Mary Jane wa now out in the airline hiding behind one of the pickup trucks and Michelle was the first to spot her from the terminal

Michelle: Hey is that MJ?

Flash: What'd you mean you're up here with us?

Michelle: Not me stupid! Look!

Everyone looked where Michelle was pointing and did see MJ out there

Ned: Hey that is MJ!

Betty: What is she doing?! She's gonna get herself killed!

Flash: MJ GET OUT OF------!

Michelle covered his mouth again

Michelle: You shout you'll give her away dumbass. She better know what she was doing or both her and Spider-Man are toast

She’d have to wait to see the what if on that potential scheme.

For now, MJ was merely a string of hay in a pile of needles. Any wrong move, one mistake, a single botched error made and Peter might very well not be quick enough to wrestle her out of this predicament this time.

Countless scuffling rummaged through the airfield, staining the runaway with more debris and more prolonged pieces of fabric from Peter’s suit. Given the suit was abrasion and tear-resistant, you’d think there’d hardly be anything left of the darn thing if the beating he took from days prior reached its climax. And based on what MJ was seeing…..

….it barely seemed to be doing the bare minimum of just covering him up.

She had to witness Spider-Man spinning himself around Venom’s massive left arm and yank backward while hanging down from his shoulder, desperate for some leverage and to pull the shoulder out of its joint. Venom felt it but not enough to hinder him.

He immediately punches Spider-Man in the face repeatedly to force him to let go but Peter refuses.

One punch.

Two punches.

Three punches.

Nothing would force him to let go. Like a bloody cockroach, Peter just wouldn’t go away.

Venom was forced to manually rip Peter’s grip off of his arm in the laziest manner possible: slamming him to the ground back first. On top of that, he added further insult to injury by elevating his arm higher up to slam Spidey down with three times the amount of speed and ferocity it would take to break somebody's spine.

The resistant bug continues to test Venom’s patience, still unwilling to let go. No matter to the latter though, cause he’d have to let loose eventually.

Once Peter finally did let go, however, Venom didn’t even have to slam him again. It was during the process of swinging Peter’s entire 100-pound body frame up into the air that Peter finally felt free to release himself. An opening presented itself and Spider-Man quickly thwips a web to Venom’s face and kicks him square in the mouth.

Recovering a few seconds afterward, a backflip to his left leg later and Spidey had Venom down on one knee before quickly flipping over his head and slamming him down to the ground this time, FACE FIRST.

Time wasn’t exactly on his side at this point. Venom’s resilience and animalistic mirth were growing out more by the minute and who’s to say they’ll be anyone or anything else to truly stop him if Peter couldn’t take the initiative right then and there.

If his weakness was what he thought it was upon recollection of previous events, he needed to finish this NOW.

He would’ve…..if it weren’t for one thing: MJ getting in the way.

Having noticed his detached web-shooter near a stack of crates, it was a simple tuck-and-roll towards the wooden or metal crates less than a few feet away from him. The only issue is once he arrived, they weren’t there.

He had to be informed by MJ, physically pulling him aside and slamming him towards the back of the crate she was hiding behind while holding the web-shooter firmly in her grasp.

Mary Jane: How do you work your way around this?

Spider-Man: MJ, no!

To her surprise, he snatches the web-shooter away from her, unsportsmanlike.

Mary Jane: Hey!

She snatches it right back.

Spider-Man: You shouldn’t have that.

Mary Jane: So what? You’re not gonna let me help?

Spider-Man: You were almost mutilated by a serial killer and a Carrie wannabe yesterday. You’re looking to get your head chomped off now?

Mary Jane: I’m not as fragile as everyone takes me credit for. This is my choice, Peter.

Spider-Man: I’m not gonna risk it.

He snatches back the web-shooter, or tries to, had MJ not grappled onto it. What ensued next was a really bad cosplay of tug of war over a slab of metal.

Both were lucky Michelle wasn’t right beside them and instead simply watching from up above alongside Ned, Betty and Flash back in the actual airport, still held up at the blockaded gate.

This sight just left Michelle embarrassed, facepalming at the sight of two lovers struggling over a conventionally helpful trinket while a big black alien monster is seconds out from finding the both of them. The embarrassment was immense.

Finally, the painfully…..fake struggle over the web-shooter draws to a close with Peter uncharacteristically slamming MJ back to the wall of the crate by accident. But with her right there, he took the initiative and shoots at her right arm, the sticky adhesive bonding her to the crate.

Since the webbing dissolves normally in one hour, it left MJ wiggling around like a dead fish desperate to free herself while Peter simply takes the web-shooter back.

Mary Jane: Let me go!

Spider-Man: Not until I get rid of that—that—thing out there. Doing this for your own good.

Mary Jane: You want clarification on that? Then let me help!

Spider-Man: MJ listen to me!

He was interrupted by Venom landing on the web and both Peter and MJ screamed in surprise as he approached

Venom: How nice. Your girlfriend will make a nice dissert.

Spider-Man and Eddie's voice (Both): NO!!!!!

He leaped lunging at Venom knocking them both off the web leaving MJ stuck and struggling

They both land hard on the lot flour denting it with Venom's weight and he grabbed hold of Peter

Venom: Gotcha!

He opened his mouth but fast thinking Spidey hot webs in his mouth and the awful taste got to Venom so bad he tossed him aside sending him rolling over and Venom spat out literally making sickening groans even Eddie yelled in his head that he could taste what ever Venom can


Venom: I know right!

Spidey stood up as Venom looked back like a predator to it's prey

Venom: You're gonna regret that.

Spider-Man: I have a knack for hearing that.

Venom: Not anymore.

Venom and Spidey both charged at each other but suddenly Venom was somehow pulled back by force which stopped Pete in his tracks widening his eye lens

Venom landed on one knee struggling like he's having seizer

Spider-Man: Oooooooooooooooooooooookay?


Taking back control! YOU NEED TO STOP!

Venom: I CAN'T!

Venom was shifting waggling every parts of the symbiont as Eddie briefly showed his face to Peter


Venom forced him back inside and took back control catching his breath and Spidey took his chance to hoot the sound waver from the web shooter but Venom recovered in the nick of time shifting his lef hand to a tentacle grabbing Spidey b the head and winging him around and slams him on a plane wing and drops him flat on the ground

The kids in the terminal flet helpless as their hero dash friend is barely having a chance even with MJ's help

Ned: Thi isn't good. They're not gonna last out there.

Brad: Where are the freaking police?

Michelle: They wouldn't stand a chance either.

Ned: Maybe not alone......

Everyone looked over at Ned

Ned: I'll be right back

Ned left the crowd as he went on hi phone looked up on way on how to reach Lt Yuri Watanabe

Spidey soon stood up only to be grabbed by Venom again but he shoved him off with his feet and flipped aside and leaped off web kicking Venom across the lot and he lands on a dolly of crates

Spider-Man: Ha! That's like when Ant-Man slapped me across the last airline.

Venom: I hate your jokes.

He webbed zipped at him throwing his right hook at him forcing Venom to the ground and he had the beast pinned down throwing punches at him the kids of midtown high all cheered for him even Flash and Brad

MJ even smiled down at him seeing he had the apprehand

But it didn't last long Venom grabbed his hands roaring and forced him off and the kid yelled: Oooooooohhhh!


May finally turning up for the crowd watched helplessly knowing that's her nephew down there fighting that monster and she let out a cry covering her mouth

May: No.....

As for Ned......

Ned: Yeah hi hello? I'm trying to reach Lt Watanabe

Spider-Man wass barely recovering grunting from all the beating he took from Venom but soon he now got PINNED down by Venom snarling like a hungry lion with Mary Jane looking down at them fearing the worst

Three times.

Three separate occasions in which Venom has had his number. Three consecutive moments in time where Peter simply could not find an answer to any of Venom's overbearing, overwhelming, complicity destructive offenses. Every time it looked like Peter had the advantage, Venom would shut him down.

And to think, this was when he and Eddie WEREN’T in unison. He actually had more of a chance when the two were on the same page so this was saying something.

Not to say Peter didn’t have an opening but how could he even trust that now?

Wouldn’t stop him from trying at the very least.

Things got off to a rocky start for the web-slinger upon realizing something pretty blemishing. In the hasty space of time accumulated to him, Peter attempted to shoot another thick coat of webs at Venom only for the actual web canisters in his remaining web-shooter to run out.

If only Venom could see his face underneath the mask, he’d glimpse at how forlorn Peter had become in those past few seconds.

Luckily, he didn’t need any webbing to switch to the SHCR (Seismic Harness Construction Resource) option on his mini-display. Setting the option only got him so far, however, with Venom locking both of Peter’s arms in tight tendrils locking his wrists in place.

Arms bonded together by those two singular threads, the strength of these two individuals canceled each other out yet again.

However, it would take a lot more than just simply that to truly blockade Peter, let alone keep the flexible, free-flying arachnid grounded. Despite the very real danger of either snapping his wrists or losing several layers of skin, his best course of action was to shooting star flip up and around the tendrils in a full 360-degree motion before once again, kicking Venom down to the ground.

Seconds out from recovering, Peter finds himself jolted out from this new burst of momentum thanks to the tendrils still being attached. No less than a moment out, the spider found himself flung back across the airfield again.

Having flown through the pickup truck, Peter is left tumbling back over at Mary Jane's direction, leaving her devastated and defeated at the sight of her hero repeatedly getting manhandled like this. Finally free of the tendrils, it left Peter quivering and barely able to stand on his own two feet.

But in this, came an opportunity.

The tendrils that remained fastened to Peter’s wrists for what felt like three straight minutes actually undid the locking mechanism behind the web shooters that were fastened to his suit and they clattered off his wrists….

….directly underneath MJ’s feet.

Despite Peter’s webbing normally dissolving in under an hour, some webs can be disentangled just as easily… wind and/or debris. Normally, If you're ever in a pasture when the wind is blowing watch where the sun shines on the grass inevitable, you will spot the glint of webs pieces flying by. The wind normally carries the webs and they break up as they snag on things. As they break up more and more the exposed surface area increases and they oxidize and break down.

Luckily for MJ and unluckily for the wall-crawler, the wind was rather moderate in the early hours of the afternoon and despite no sun in sight, the exposed surface area of the webs oxidized more and more before just enough of it was broken down. A tidy little vacuum tear was visible enough to where MJ could squeeze right through.

Ripping the rest of the webbing apart, she was free….

…..and just in time for Peter to see for himself, unable to help but notice Mj slowly picking up both of his detached web-shooters.

Spider-Man: What’re you doing?

Mary Jane: Stay down.

Taking ahold of them both, she only just clicks both of them around her wrists just as footsteps were approaching.

Nothing happens for a moment.

But then more tendrils grip ahold of Peter’s leg, only for Peter to hop back over the crate to wiggle Venom off of him. No such luck, as Peter was left dangling upside down nearby the dented plane, leaving him exactly where Venom wanted him.

The worst was about to happen.

The midtown High group was a few seconds out from losing their marbles, May almost had tears streaming out of her eyes, no sign of the police showing up yet…..

….and their only hope was Mary Jane Watson.

MJ found her moment and she took it.

Mary Jane: Hey! Black barrel of slime!

Calling out Venom, the latter couldn’t take anymore distractions. It seemed every time he could get just a little nibble, a TINY bit, Mother Nature gets in the way. Last time it was Eddie and LAST last time, Betty flashed in his face and distracted him long enough for the insect to scurry away.

Now he found himself staring down the barrel, coming within the Mercy of an angry redhead with an itchy trigger finger and those plucky detached web-shooters fastened to her wrists now.

Mary Jane: Production hasn’t wrapped up for you.

Venom, back away. We’re not killing anyone else.

Venom: She’s armed.

She’s a kid.

Venom: She’s dangerous.

She’s guarding the Spiderling!

Venom: And I’ve been running on empty! I haven’t been fed all day.

Mary Jane: Oh you’re starving, aren’t you fella? Well, you’re gonna go home hungry.

Venom: Not if I devour you first.

Mary Jane: Do it then. Unleash it. Destroy me. Rip me a new one. Tear me to shreds. Annihilate me. I’M RIGHT HERE!

The challenge was set.

And her patience had worn thin. Ditto for the now petulant parasite, taking his hand and formulating a giant pair of blades with his left hand.

Constantly eying up and down at Venom from time to time, Mary Jane's demeanor radically shifted within seconds. Time and time again, Mary Jane had been conditioning herself to ignore her fears and brush them under the rug, only for the last few days to yield those efforts unsuccessful.

It is as if she had retreated inside of herself; instead of being here with Peter, she's watching, in the same way, she watches television. It's as if the sounds are arriving in her brain from far, far away and is somehow disconnected.

Seconds tick away before the soul re-emerges and MJ, primed at the ready, just aims at the monster with the web-shooters theory.


Venom: Have it your way, Princess.


Mary Jane: COME ON!

Spider-Man: MJ!

The monster lunges forward and happens.

She pulls back on the wristlet and the turbine component of the web shooter which, in turn, bombards Venom with a seismic vibration that spiked against the symbiote, making both Venom and Eddie screech in agony while Peter only covered his ears.

Needless to say, it came as a complete surprise to her as much as Peter.

It merely pushed Venom back a couple of feet away, his feet skidding amongst the concrete.

Needless to say, MJ and Peter were just absolutely dumbstruck.

Spider-Man: What the--

Mary Jane: Holy shit.

Peter didn’t have much for words either but if the brief warping of the symbiote was anything to note of, it confirmed both his and Harry's earlier suspicions: the symbiote does, in fact, have a weakness for loud sonic pulses that do render the alien parasite and its host unable to perform.

Just not for long.

He’s quick to notice the symbiote quickly regaining its shape and size while not entirely removing itself from Eddie's body. So not only does he recover from the soundwaves quickly, Peter also couldn’t help but notice that the sonic pulse caused Venom to retract and pull away from the noise. It didn’t actually harm him, he just dislikes it.

And given the look of spite and ferocity in Venoms eyes and MJ slowly backing up from him again, this was gonna take a while.

Spider-Man: Sound waves affect the goo. Ke--keep going!

MJ fired another wave that had a bigger effect on the symbiont he fired again and the effects got worse and it didn't take long for Peter to finally spot an opening with Eddie showing out yelling out in pain ad soon.......

.....Spider-Man hot a web line to yank Eddie out of the waving symbiont and pulled as hard as he could to get him out which was almost impossible so Peter had to use his full spider strength to pull his hardest which still didn't seem enough caue Venom seemed like he was absorbing him again and about to reach for Spidey

Till MJ fired another wave which effected the symbiont more than ever giving Peter one lat chance to pull Eddie out and then......he manage to YANK him out and Eddie rolled over beside Peter

Spidey was out of breath as the midtown high gang ceered out loud for him even May


Betty: WHOOOOO!!!!!


May cried in joy very proud of her nephew knowing his parent and uncle would be too with Michelle jut nodding with an approving grin

Ned looked given he missed what just happened while on the phone and then suddenly.....

........Ned was stunned from something.......

......and......he passed out.......

Everyone heard him collapse and were confused till one by one all of them got stunned and all dropped to the flour knocked out

First Brad





And even May

And then the rest of the people in the terminal were cleared out by.......people in silver suits and everyone who passed out all had........darts on them they were all tranquilized by them and on Ned' phone........

Lt Watanabe. Hello? Hello?!

With Yuri she was in her car on her phone as Ned finally contacted her only to get tranquilized later Yuri assumed it wa a prank call gone bad which is why she scoffed and slammed her phone only to hear a disbatch on the radio there was something going on at the exact airport where everything was happening

Hearing Spider-Man was ighted fighting an oozing monter that was identified as Venom......

..........that's what drew her attention and grab her radio

Yuri: Thi is Lt. Yuri Watanabe. of the NYPD. Send in SWATS and any units for backup. I'm on my way.

Yuri floured it on her way to the airport

Meanwhile a Eddie was free and the Venom symbiont was squirming on the pavement Mary Jane ran towards her maked knight in shinning armor and embraced him in a tight hug and our hero held her too

Mary Jane: Glad I didn't listen?

Spider-Man: That was till dangerous. But.....Now do I get to say thank YOU this time?

MJ chuckled with a wide mile and looked into each other' eyes and MJ was about to unmask him herself to kiss him again.......

.......what stopped her was the Venom symbiont increasing it's size with Venom' head on top shrieking at them once again buzz killing them for Peter and MJ to hold each other in shock and fear as Eddie oon recovered in shock himself

The giant expanded ymbiont just about attacked and it lunged at them and Peter and MJ both tured away holding each other tight fearing this was the end but.......

........Eddie ran up standing between them making the symbiont stop in it's tracks


The symbiont snarled down at him as Peter and MJ looked over in confusion till holding each other

Spider-Man: Mr. Brock??

Eddie: You two get out of here. I'll talk to him.

Mary Jane: How you gonna do that?

Eddie: He's my friend, My best friend.

The symbiont oftly growled hearing that a Eddie held ut his hands to him

Eddie: Venom. I know you can't ignore you're nature. I know that now. But I was only hard on you cause.....I know you're better than what Riot made you believe. Like you said before......we're losers......but together.....we're more.

The symbiont growled more softly hearing Eddie talk thoughtful to him Venom never heard Peter call him his friend during their entire time together it really touched Venom' ssoft spot.....that was the most softest

Eddie: My only intention.....wa protecting you. I didn't want you hurting innocent people because......I wanted the world to see I ee you.....a friend.

Now the symbiont was finally calming down Spidey and MJ didn't know what to make of it and Eddie reached out with hi hand nodding to Venom

And the symbiont slowly reached down to him as they were about to bond again

Spider-Man: NO DON'T!


.....Pete was tranquilized too like the others and fell which caught both Eddie and MJ's attention

Mary Jane: PETER!

And then.....they too were tranquilized and fell to the ground

Following that, another sonic pulse screeches out from the heavens, and the symbiote just twitches, conversed, and bellows heavily, keeping the alien goo at bay unable to move.

A loop had practically been set in motion as Venom had no say in where to go or what to do. He couldn’t speak, it hurt to breathe, just trying to crawl his way back towards Eddie was agonizing. At the end of the day, however…..

….he just couldn’t do it.

Thanks to a glass cage being lowered on top of him, any access to Eddie or anyone else at that point was blocked and barricaded in. Feeling his weight being turned against him, he falls back into the cage before the door is locked. Now squirming with no way out, he’s left constantly pushing back against the glass to no avail.

Got the goo!

Out of the blue, more heavily armored guards and agents color-crossed in black and Silver ziplines emerged from out of the airport, to survey the area.

Not a single one of them paid any mind to the litany of civilians and bystanders they had to tase just to get to this point. Collateral damage in their eyes. Spider-Man, MJ, and Eddie were the ones closest to Venom and anymore altercations to arise would’ve surely tampered with any ongoing evidence they were looking for.

Everyone else? Rather unnecessary.

Agent #2: Remember, Osborn wants it alive!

But it didn’t matter to one Norman Osborn, the very man who had opened up the airport to the Midtown High group to get them out of California in the first place. Pulling up to the carnage-ridden airfield via transportation in a silver armored SVU, the red carpet might as well have been practically rolled out for him.

This collective kaleidoscope of a beautiful disaster could not have been more appropriate for Norman’s more egregious, shady reputation. Glimpsing about the field with all the motionless, defunct bodies in his wake, it creeps up a brief crooked smirk to him.

Then the second armored agent handed him the glass case with Venom firmly packed inside. All Norman could do was stare, ogle and gawk at his newly prized possession. Six endless years of caressing away at the obsession of madmen reveling in the bask of something beyond his control and in that discovery, laid bare an opportunity for Norman to achieve something fundamentally different.

Now with every other available roaming symbiote in his possession, the sky was the limit. Now he’ll have finished what Carlton Drake started.

Of course, there was the glaring issue of the red and black arachnid-based dweller a few feet away from him. Multiple agents crowded around the kid, guns drawn.

Agent #3: We have Spider-Man surrounded, sir. Should we neutralize him?

Norman: Let him go.

Agent #1: Sir?

Norman: We got what we came for. He’s not worth the trouble; let’s go.

His word being the above-all the end-all for these agents, they couldn’t possibly hope to go against the boss man.

So they contained the symbiont and left everyone on the ground vacating the airport just a few minutes before San Francisco's finest arrived on the scene lead by the Lt herself lead by the Lt herself

Yuri: Lock down the area. I don't want anything getting in or out.

Cop: Yes: maim.

The cop moved in along with some SWAT and a half full fallowed Yuri on the airline

The ones in the terminal found the unconscious Midtown High Gang

Cop: Get some pramedics down here.

The SWAT fallowed orders as others tended to them for pulse and were all in one piece but got suspicious on the darts on their necks they even found labels on them

"Sable Internationals"

Meanwhile in the airline Yuri and her forces found Spider-Man Eddie Brock and Mary Jane out cold on the pavement

Cop # 2: It's Spider-Man! We finally got him.

SWAT # 1: And is that Eddie Brock the reporter?

Yuri reconized MJ as the hostage from the other night realizing she didn't tell Anna any lies earlier and was in relieve she was in one piece

Yuri: Never mind that. Get those two to the medics. I'll deall with Spider-Man.

Cop # 2: On it.

The forces fallowed Yuri's orders and lifted MJ and Eddie carrying them from the scene as Yuri kneed down to our unconscious hero with the ame serious look she through this entire event

Yuri: This time I got you insect.

Yuri reached for his mask tending to pull it off but.......

.......something made her stop in her tracks

Yuri thought back to everything that happened the fire Hot Springs Kassidy and Barion

Her only intetion was bringing Spidey in any means nessercary and he had no concern for the people that needed her help the most which made her think sshe got that arrogance from her father

And thinking back to her father lead her to think back when Peter told her he can help her clear her family name from her father's bribes from the magia she wasn't sure if she can trust someone that takes the law in their own hands to do that given she been an honest cop all her life but she was desprate maybe.....give him...... ONE chance

So she let go of his mask.....and grabbed hold of him as the screen slowly fades

But once it comes back up Peter slowly wakes up feeling that sharp pain in hiss neck and found himself on an office couch of a cop

Spider-Man: What the.....Karen.....status.......

According to the readings we are at the 75t precinct of San Francisco.

Spider-Man: What?! Then how come we're not in a cell?!

A door opening startled him seeing Yuri walk in which widen his eye lens

When Yuri saw he was now awake she slammmed the door shut locking it and had her gun ready

Spider-Man: Lt?

Yuri: Don't get me wrong. I'm just as surprised a you are that I hid you here instead of putting you in a cell without your mask.

Spider-Man: You?? But I thought you hated me.

Yuri: I do. But....I owed you.

Spider-Man: What do you mean?

Yuri: I spent my entire curer in the force trying to restore my family's name after my father.......I come to realize when I arrived here just to bring you in.....I didn't think of others who needed me most. Those kids from that hotel that girl Kasidy and Barrion kidnapped their blood would be on my hands.....and that would detroy everything I tried to restore. And you....made sure I would never have their blood on my hands.

Spider-Man: I get it. Your dad let you down.

Yuri: It's worse than that. Ever since he was arrested my mother never left the house. Even my closest friends turned their back on me. I been trying to make up for my father's misdeeds ever since. I thought bringing you in might.......

Spider-Man: Listen Lt. I get it. I been misjudged too.

Yuri: I noticed.

Spider-Man: That's not what I meant. I was even misjudged by the Avengers before they accepted me cause I was younger they even misjudged Iron Man since he was who recruited me. I been trying to prove myself which cost me a lot. But it was my own wake up call. We're on the same side Lt. Jut....on opposite ides of the law. And I know that' against everything you believe in but I meant what I aid I can help you clear your family's status.......if you let me.

Yuri: I don't know how you can do that. I don't even know if I can trust you with it. make up for my.....mishaps. I'll let you go.....just once. But next time.....I am taking you in.

Spider-Man: I got a feeling there's more to you than that. But.....I'll leave that to you. Listen.....thanks.

Peter was just about to leave through the office window but something stopped him in his tracks remembering MJ and the others

Spider-Man: MJ.......

Yuri: Pardon me?

Spider-Man: There were others with me at the airline. The same red head kid from Hot Springs Eddie Brock the reporter and there were high schoolers there too and a woman too. Where are they?!

Yuri: At San Francico General. They're all fine.

Spider-Man: Even Brock?

Yuri: Yeah. Why?

Spider-Man: Just.....what the giant slime ball Venom?

Yuri: We never fund it. But I'm sure it'll turn up it always does.

Another sigh of relief comes over him. In that instance, the crisis had been averted and for once, everything seemed to be in steady succession to be…..normal.

But as Peter inches out the window……

Incoming call from: Happy Hogan.

Spider-Man: Happy? Alright, patch me through.

Doing as he instructed, he didn’t come to regret hearing that familiar monotone yet chirpy voice from the other side of the phone. One of the few people he could actually consider family.

Happy (Jon Favreau): Hey Peter. Got your messages late last night, so sorry if I’m answering too late. Do you still need a ride? Wanna visit?

Spider-Man: Actually yes both. But......not just for me. See if you can meet me at San Francisco General.

Happy: Whatever you say.

Yuri: Who you talking to?

Peter totally forgot he wa in the same office with Yuri still he had to make up something

Spider-Man: Um.....jut some allies.

Yuri didn't know what to make of it but soon a she heard a knock on the door Peter took his chance to leap out of the window and Yuri turned back to see him go wondering if she made the right choice given the man from the other side of the door spoke through it

SF General

The staff and tudents oon recovered from their does from being tranquilize were just as confused as ever of what happened the last thing they remember wa witnessing the final battle between Spider-Man and Venom and were sure Spidey won given they pulled that man out of that black goo

Who Eddie himself recovered he wasn't sure what happened himself not even sure what happened to Venom but given Venom would likely not survive long without a host and Eddie been out long enough........he did assume the worst given he was tranquilized before the symbiont was contained by Norman and those men in silver suits

Eddie even oon found himelf in the same room.......with May

Eddie: Hey there.

May: Huh? Oh sorry I.....I'm too worried for my nephew.

Eddie recognized her from the first hotel before it burn down and knowing his secret Eddie panicked

Eddie: Oh......Mr. Parker I.....I must confess.....I.....

May: Eddie Brock?

Eddie topped and looked at her

May: How did you end up here?

Eddie:'s.....a complicated story.

May: Well right now. I need to know if Peter's alright.

Eddie: You and me both.....

With Mary Jane she's with Ned and Michelle in the waiting wing after they recovered

Mary Jane: You ure you don't remember anything?

Michelle: Sorry hone but nothing. I mean we aw Peter yank that guy out of that naty stuff and harp pain in the neck and....I was out.

Ned: Same. I was just on the phone with the police Michelle said: One pain in the the neck then out. Maybe......maybe it wa Nick Fury who tranquilized us. He did it to me in Venice last summer......maybe

Michelle looked at him odd hearing Nick's name for some reason MJ......frowned in confusion

Mary Jane: Who's Nick Fury?

Ned almost replied till Michelle slapped his chest

Ned: What??

Michelle eyed behind Mary Jane and they looked back to see Peter in his social attire walking down the hall and didn't take long to notice them too

MJ grew an emotional face with Ned growing a grin with Michelle just nodding

Michelle: Go get him Juliet.

MJ chuckled at her and then ran to Peter who saw her coming and both embraced

Michelle: Ned maybe we should probably go check on the others.

Ned: What for? They said they're alright. What------

Suddenly Michelle then PINCHED him

Ned: OW! What was that for?

Micelle: Move it Ned.

Ned: Geez. Ever heard of a "Please"?

Michelle: What was that?

Ned: Nothing.

They moved along with MJ and Peter holding each other as they talked about earlier

Mary Jane: So she let you go?

Peter: The Lt's really trying to clear her family name. But I think she's growing on me.......maybe. But where's May?

Mary Jane: She's fine. She's worried sick about you. So....I'd go talk to her.

Peter: I will but MJ......I meant to tell you this before Venom but.....I want to take you to meet someone so......another friend will be coming by soon so........

Mary Jane: So you can finally......say HIM.

You don't have to be a detective.......who "HIM" is

Peter nodded

Mary Jane: Go see May. I'll meet you outside.

MJ gave him a kiss on the cheek that made Peter's heart skip a beat before he left for the eleveators making MJ more confident......of what she plans to tell him soon

Up stairs Eddie and May continued talking till a doctor came in catching their attention

Doctor: Mrs. Parker? This young man here just came in.

The doctor moved aside with Peter walking in making Eddie's heart skip a beat itself

May: Oh my boy.

They ran up and hugged and Peter soon spotted Eddie while hugging his aunt both of them widening their eyes

Inching off of the hug by a few seconds, Peter simply taps May on the shoulder informing her to look away while just turning to acknowledge the former wielder of the Venom symbiote, eyeballing him frantically after the last three instances in which he tried to eat him.

Two of which Eddie actively encouraged; if only Peter couldn’t understand where he was coming from in the first place. The best they could do since May was right there was….


Peter: Listen, Mr. Brock...

Eddie: Call me Eddie, kid.

Peter: Only if you call me, Peter.

With his energy restoring quickly, Eddie briskly nods in assent and understanding. It had been long overdue since either man would even try to do that with each other.

Now being the sentimental individual Peter was, he found himself situated down on one knee facing Eddie straight in the face and through his eyes, glimpsing into the soul of a broken man who had now lost everything and had the agonizing task of starting over from scratch.

Peter: I just...I wanna say I'm sorry about Venom……about your girlfriend.

Eddie: What happened to Annie wasn't your fault. Lord knows where Venom is now.….I just wish we had more time; that I hadn’t whittled it all away for nothing.

Peter: You didn’t. You still gave her last few days some meaning; it wasn’t all in vain.

Eddie: By chasing down the wrong man? Eating everyone’s heads off if they so much as LOOKED at me funny? Yeah, I’d say it was.

Having to stare at the brink of darkness in those few hours incapacitated, finally having come to terms with his own mortality, Eddie’s ambivalence began to boil over.

Starting over felt like the weirdest thing, as if everything that happened to this point in time, was a prequel to what comes next. It feels as if that book closed and a new one opened, appearing one word after the other, yet slowly, as if they have a calmness the first volume never possessed.

Eddie: Leaving all this behind……soon as I get out.

Peter: Sounds wise…..but I doubt fate will let you go so easily.

Peter’s presence helped maintain a calming influence over Eddie’s composure the entire time he was there, as weird as it was to think about. But if there was one thing he did do for the latter, it was affirmation.


Discernment on what Eddie needed to do, as he inches upwards, sitting up on the bed.

NOW was his chance to fully take back his life and find what makes him happy; how he wants to live the rest of his life.

Eddie: Yeah, figures as much. But either way....I'm still sorry for everything.

Peter: You and me both.

Eddie: No doubt. I just got to know one thing. How did you do it last year? Who was that other Spider-Man?

Peter: Like you's a long and messed up story.

Eddie: Fair enough.

This time, it’s Peter extending his hand out for Eddie to complete the gesture of shaking it. In only a few seconds, Eddie slinks his shoulder upwards, never minding the numbness in his arms still….

…and shakes Peter’s hand firmly.

Peter: So, is this goodbye Eddie?

Eddie: Long as you keep watching the Brock report, hardly doubt it.

His doubts reaffirmed, he can only nod at the former reporter turned vigilante. Rising back up to a vertical basis, Peter stands up at the side of the entranceway of the room before turning around back towards his Aunt.

The thought almost slipping his mind, he had something important to spill. But he wouldn’t spoil the surprise for May.

Not yet, anyways.

Peter: May, when they let you out, just meet me up on the roof.

She doesn’t get the chance to issue a counter-response or rebuttal or anything else along those lines before Peter disappears behind the door, walking away.

Where would she instinctively have to know to meet up with him?

The rooftop of the hospital.

Hands in his pockets, Peter is finally meet with a sliver, a tiny opening of sunlight resonating out from the cloudy sky. While not enough to force a smile onto his face, the glistening rays that shone down on him were evident of happier, sunny days ahead.

Upon the roof sit the birds as if they were truly fashioned as their divine perch, their place to sing and play.

The wind greeted the concrete and his skin just the same, yet he was blessed to feel it.

Its giddy currents flowing through woodland canopies, unaware of how its song soothes those who can hear. He always thought of the wind as so free, chaotic even, yet it too has its path, even if there are infinite possible destinations. It is air with passion, a drive that powers onwards, every direction an option.

You wanted us up here?

He’d recognize that voice anywhere.

Turning behind him to see May and MJ walk out from the door leading out from the roof, they also led out the entire Midtown High group, many of whom were still slowly recovering from the effects of the tranquilizers. No longer under the threat of being blown up on a constant basis, everyone had probably cause to be….

….hesitant, however.

Especially Harrington and Julius.

Those fears would quickly be disregarded in the next few seconds.

Peter: Yeah. We’re having company right about…..three…..two……one.

And then he just points up.

Two quinjets hovered above the roof of the hospital Peter gave a grin and MJ and May frown in confusion

May: Peter what's going on?

Mary Jane: That's just what I wa about to say.

Peter I had Happy arrange us one more trip and to get everyone back home.

May: Peter are we going where I think we're going? I thought you said this wan't about Tony.

Peter: It isn't. I just want to take MJ to meet Morgan.

May: Ohh.....

May: Ohh.....

Mary Jane: I this Morgan the sister figure you told me about?

Peter: She's more than that. She's Tony Stark's daughter.

MJ widen her eyes having no idea the Iron Man had a daughter once both jets landed Happy himself stepped out of one of them

May: Happy??

Happy: Oh hello May.

Peter rolled his eyes the way Happy was around May till bad enough Eddie became a new admirer at the beginning of this trip which made MJ giggle which drew Happy's attention to notice the red head for the first time

Happy: Peter who's.......who's your lovely friend here?

Peter: Um......Happy Hogan this is Mary Jane Watson. She's a childhood friend of mine. MJ this is Happy Hogan the head of security of the Starks.

Mary Jane: Hi.

Happy: How'd you do? Childhood huh? You never menioned her before.

Peter: We actually just ran into each other here. But anyway is everything set?

Happy: Yep. Your classmates will be taken back home by this jet and this one....will take us to the Starks. But sure about this? You haven't been there since......the funeral.

Peter: I'm sure.

Happy: Well everything's arranged. Pepper knows your coming but Morgan doesn't yet. We figure we surprise her.

Peter chuckled and the Parkers and MJ boarded the first jet with the econd one awaiting the Midtown High Gang.

And soon the jet they were on.....took off

Stark's Canin

The family home where Tony Stark settled with Virginia "Pepper" Potts after the Blip and eventually they had their first born daughter Morgan Stark

But ever since the Blip was reversed and all of Thanos's victims reappeared and Tony's sacrifice to blip Thanos and his forces out of existence Pepper and Morgan had to live out a a single mother and child without a father

Not that things were always bad they still had the Stark Wealth to get them by even Rhodey helped them through things since he retired from War Machine and working for Secertary Ross along wit Harley Keener

Rhody (Don Cheadle) was chopping wood in the back and Harley (Ty Simpkins) was mowing the yard

So then Morgan (Lexi Rabe) was playing in her blue Iron Man mask acting out she wass battling alien invaders like her father did

Morgan: Stand back alien invaders! No one threatens earth without a fight from.....Iron Heart! Daughter of Iron Man!

She imitated blast noises waving er hands around running around imitating flying noises but stopped in her tracks when she see's Happy's limbo pull in the driveway and Morgan lifted her mask off

Morgan: Momma Mr. Happy's here!

Morgan's cal drew Pepper Pott Stark (Gwyneth Paltrow) out of the cabin which grew Rhody and Harley's attention too

Pepper: I see . And I think he's brought you a surprise.

Morgan looked over with an exciting smile and ran up as the car came to a complete stop and engine turned off and appy stepped out of the driver's seat

Morgan: Mr. Happy!

Happy: Hey there she is. You'll never guess wo just stop by.

Morgan frowned wondering who he meant as Happy opened the back door and to Morgan's surprise..........

.....Peter came out widening her smile along with his

Peter: Hey squirt!

Morgan: Big brother!

Morgan ran up to him and Peter lifted her up a she grabbed his neck in a tight cute hug with MJ stepping out behind Peter and May coming out of the shotgun both smiling at them

Mary Jane: Ohh aren't you adorable.

Morgan’s smile only twinkled just a sparkle brighter than it did when Peter surprised her; company delighted her. But it meant more than to her: to her, any friend of Peter was a friend to her.

But off the bat, Mary Jane’s aura setting foot onto the rural terrain looked too precarious to be staged, in Morgan’s eyes. She could tell she wasn’t from around these parts, as if the casual outfit, combining sweatpants with a plaid long sleeve shirt and a torn sleeve was already enough of a dead giveaway.

Outside of her being looking having just escaped immortal danger and her looking like a snapshot back in time, it was mostly Morgan’s guts speaking when she ushered those four words….

Morgan: Are you his girlfriend?

The immediate dissection of character and relation was stunning to MJ. She was aware of the Starks shared collective unbridled range of knowledge but unbeknownst to her that it passed down to their child so quickly.

No pulling the wool over her eyes though; MJ just eyes over at Peter, motioning with her to just go on and say it.

Mary Jane: Ye—yes. Yes, that’s right.

Once more, Morgan ends up smiling.

Simply tapping on Peter’s shoulder, he lets her go and plops her down to the ground. Morgan held out her metallic alloy blueberry-blue hands wide for a hug, her gloved hands looking so sweet and comical. Standing out like a sore thumb amongst Mary Janes luxurious red hair, the obvious color contrasting wasn’t off-putting in the slightest

Then again, neither of them cared.

That’s when Peter’s attention turned towards Pepper, Tony’s widow. It had only been a year since Tony sacrificed himself and to snuff it in that manner of selflessness for everyone, the hole in her heart was just as gaping as his. Morgan made for a wonderful addition to help cope with the pain….

….but similar to Peter, that pain was never truly going to dissipate. Hell would freeze over first before either of them properly moved on from it.

Still, Peter felt obligated to ask.

Peter: Hey, Mrs. Stark?

Pepper: Please, just… can call me Pepper. Mind if you come in?

Peter: Well, I—Pepper, I’d love to—

Pepper: It’s urgent.

Peter: Like.....saving the world urgent?

Pepper: No honey. Nothing like that. But it's one more thing he left for you.

Peter widen his eyes thinking she might give him a bigger Stark Tech gizmo more powerful than E.D.I.T.H. one actually

Everyone gathered inside n the living room with the Parkers on the sofa Morgan between the Parkers on the sofa leaning on Peter arms wrapped around his left arm MJ on the arm seat with her arm around Peter's shoulder

Harley in a chair and Happy and Rhody standing behind the couch with their hands in their pockets and Pepper had an Iron Man mask on the coffee table and turned on a holographic image.....of Tony Stark himself (Robert Downey Jr.)

Peter: Mr. Stark.......

Morgan: Daddy.......

Mary Jane: that's him.

Tony's image: Is this thing on? Is it on? Sorry image test. Hello Mr. Parker. Bet you never thought I leave last message before......the endgame.

Peter and some of the others chuckled

Tony's image: Listen.......the reason whi I left this for Pepper to show you this case.....the unthinkable happens. More likely for an old man like me I just want to say if......this works......I hope to God it're gonna meet Morgan.

Morgan smiled hearing him say that as her arms got tighter around Peter's arm who grinned down at her and looked back at the image

Tony's image: I told her all about you. And she's been wishing every night to meet you. At first I thought it would be impossible after what happened on Titan.....I really thought you were gone for good. But just yesterday Cap Nat and that Ant guy who pretended to be my conscious came by telling me something about time travel. I.....I didn't get it till I ran tests myself was unbelievable. Quintom Realms. Multiverse. Just.....WOW!

Everyone laughed

Tony's image: But anyway.....getting ahead of myself as usual. Morgan is.....well she's a little ball of energy.....reminds me of you. Epecially when you were playing with things you didn't understand with your buddy that Vulture guy. And again sorry I took your suit but you still had it coming.

Tey laughed again Peter more so

Tony's image: So I didn't tell Morgan what I was gonna do cause....I didn't want to give her hopes up yet. But if it works well I just want to say.....I'm really proud of you kid. And I just don't mean the hybrid puppies. You made a differemce throughout the time I've known you. And again if the unthinkable happens.....there's no one I'll trust more than to look after my little PULSE than Pepper......and you.

Peter grinned emotionally with Morgan tearing up holding Peter more tight MJ even shed a mild tear herself

Tony's image: And whatever life you make for yourself.....there's no place you will be.....that I won't be with you. So disbanded or not the Avengers will always look up to you. Cap Bruce Nat time but she came around too. I'm ure Thor Wanda Rhody and T'chacca thought the same.

Rhody grinned from that

Tony's image: Well better wrap it up. Cap knows he won't last five seconds without this shield. He still doen't deserve it but God knows he can't live without it. But ya around Peter. And good luck......Spider-Man. PS......hey May I bet you're looking lovely as usual.

Both May and Pepper scoffed and chuckled from that

Tony's image: Well Iron Man out. Catch you all on the flip side.

And soon.....the image shut off and the hologram beam from the mask shut off and the Parkers MJ Pepper and Morgan were all in tears and all hugged each other

Peter: Thanks for this....Pepper. I do miss him still.

Pepper: Me too. Tony saw potential in you. Just if you were gonna be in the Avengers I would only expect him to train you or at least.....wait till you were older.

May: Really? I been trying to get him to hang up the suit.

Pepper: More Noble. I tried that with Tony countless times.

Peter: Yeah but before my trip to Europe she encouraged me to keep it up.

May: Peter.

Peter: Kidding. But it's still true.

Everyone chuckled

But after an hour of long talks even lunch together Peter came out back and walked down to the field with the lake behind it trolling near the woods and soon came across.......Tony Stark's grave

Peter strolled over to it reading the carving text on the stone

Here lies

Tony Stark

The Iron Man

May 29th 1970 - April 26th 2019

Even In Death I Am The Hero

Peter chuckled reading the last text making him think of EDITH

Peter: Hey.....Tony

Upon the neatly kept grass, upon the stretching green, this one tombstone withheld a lot of memories. Yet this one, with the exception of one other, brought upon his soul the greatest floods of tears, for the name etched upon it spoke straight to the heart of his pure inner child.

Peter: That day you showed up at my apartment, I often wondered how you knew where and how to…..really find me. The answer was under my nose the whole time: you didn’t have to. It was all up to me.

He takes this moment to kneel beside the flatbed rock that insinuated the resting place of arguably one of the greatest superhero’s Earth had ever seen, trying his damndest to let loose any waterworks. He couldn’t bring it upon himself to cry over Tony again.

Too many tears were already shed.

Peter: I am not a mistake. And you knew that since Day one. Umm, just.....Thank you for believing in me, for helping me discover who I really am. How I can be better…..and who I can be better with.

But it didn’t stop the well. It was quickly shattering in his mind, flooding the outgates before flowing through in streams of tears, trickling down his eyes and cheeks.

As if the soul could bleed an ocean through the eyes, that was the enormity of his sobbing at that moment. Bending down, pressing his head up against the rock, Peter’s defense was now broken.

Peter: I just wish you could see her......I wish you could see me now.....

Maybe he already has.

Wiping the tears from his eyes, he recovered from his semi-downcast breakdown and removed himself from Tony’s tombstone, the engraved lettering and soil it lies on now stained in tears.

Recovering wasn’t made any easier with Mary Jane in close proximity, having emerged out of the cabin with her plaid long sleeve shirt tied up around her waist. No signs of tears formulated from a distance but the latter was just as depressed as Peter, following her journey through the past crazy days in California.

Mary Jane: Maybe…..he sent me to you.

Peter almost slumps hearing that, hands in pockets waiting for MJ to choose: speak more or have the deafening silence tell it for the both of them. She inches a step closer, crunching the grass up beneath her soles as Peter turns again slowly, not even bothering to feign reading her mind. Her actions spoke louder as opposed to any antonym or syllable ushered from the past few days.

And they often aligned beautifully with each other to assure Peter she had his best interests at heart and vice versa.

But even then, as Peter inches away from the tombstone once again and comes close to her, validation was what he felt he needed.

Peter: What makes you so certain?

Mary Jane: A confession.

His mind began to spin in hearing that ten-letter word blurt out her mouth. Practically hearing his chest pounding faster, his heartbeat was literally pulsing through every vein of his body from his stomach, hands, and even his head.

Rarely had that happened to him.

Mary Jane: In my life, I only ever fallen twice. Once with an opposite and once with a mirror. It would've been neat for one to follow the other, but like many things in life, they came close together. I can only ever be with one, give one my heart, body, and soul. So though both were precious gifts, one brought me joy…..and that one was you.

Peter: You—

Mary Jane: I love you.

Peter: MJ.

Mary Jane: I love you so much, Peter.

She pushed her face up to his, percolating her lips around his to form a passionate kiss, and just like before, Peter was taken back but was soon caught under its gaze. Resting his hands on her hips and with her hands around the back of his neck, the kiss lasted a while; the promise of years and the sweetness of waiting for real love, that they were in reach of each other’s protective cocoon.

And then, here comes the sun radiating its rays upon both of them to say ‘It’s alright’. Before it was a simple beam. Now the clouds had well and truly vanished in the presence of the giant glistening bright ball of light in the sky.

It’s as if Tony himself was literally smiling down on them.

The kissing subsided momentarily as the two just zoned out, staring at one another. To say Peter was caught off guard would be an understatement. His eyes were still barely buggy-eyed from the element of surprise and MJ knew he was bound to say something.

Peter: Ohh shit.

Exactly the response MJ anticipated.

They hug shortly afterward.

Letting their bodies sag, their muscles become loose. Peter gave MJ the respect of an equal but cradled her like a cherished child. In that embrace, she felt her worries lose their keen sting and her optimism raise its head from the dirt. Perhaps the hope had been there all along, but without some love, it was trapped, like crystals in a stone.

She felt him brush her hair back with his piano player fingers and kiss her gently...on his own behalf this time.


The sudden shift in pitch and tone and voice caught both of them off guard. Turning around to see Morgan a few feet behind them, she then starts mildly chuckling.

But granted, her big brother got her moment so she felt the need to be present.

Peter: Morgan? Hey, you can't say that.

Morgan: Shit.

This left Peter facepalming but in refrained laughter.

Mary Jane: Who taught you that, nugget?

Morgan: Daddy did.

Peter: Of course it was him.

Morgan: Shit.

Peter: No, Morgan, no.

Morgan giggled

Peter: Wait were you watching us?

Morgan: Maybe.


Morgan: Shit.


Both MJ and Morgan laughed at him as Peter chased Morgan around the area with MJ laughig and they soon ran up to her all three of them fell on the ground all laughed with the camera pulling back from them and.....we hear Yuri's voice narrating

I kept asking myself: "Why did I let him go? I had a chance to unmak him. A chance to put him away for good so why didin't I take it?"

Slowly cutting back to New York City where the second Quinjet arrived bringing the Midtown High gang and teachers back home with Betty recieving a call from Jameson but......nodding "no" protecting Peter's secret Flash looking back to his past mishap with Peter nodding to himself turning over a new leaf knowing he was pushing around his favorite superhero

Brad confused where Peter disappeared too again especially May but given they believed this was another arrangement by Norman none asked questions

Ned recieved a text from Peter

She loves me!!

Ned smirked in a chuckled and replied

Good luck man.

But now I know because......I owed it to him. Not cause he saved the people I didn't cause I was trying to catch him. But the way he saved them it made me........start to understand him. People believe he's the next Iron Man. People even believe in him and I don't know why.

Yuri herself arrived back in Manhattan by helicopter as the chief had his arms folded cigar in his mouth and a serious frown

Yuri assumed she be canned given she disobeyed his orders but.....revealing both Kassidy and Barrison till strapped in dollies that made the chief drops his cigar in surprise give Yuri might keep her job for this given she captured the most notorious murderers in the world

They have me protecting a city so rotten.....they don't believe in heroes anymore. Nor did I. Not until......I began to understand him more than I should have before. At leat that' what I believe now. Before him before Ocorp even befor my dad I use to believe in heroes but that canged when I wa given a badge. I wanted nothing more than to bring him in. But maybe.......I let him go because I didn't want to take away the hope that the people believe in him for.

Back in SF Eddie was finally packing it in himself leaving Annie's apartment behind himself and even found an old apartment behind himself and even found an old framed picture when thet were together and grinned still in wonder what happened together and grinned still in wonder what happened to Venom and he then took his suitcase shut the light off and left the house to another place in SF

Cause when push come to shove......he was there in a time of great need. So do I ask still........did I really made the right choice on letting him go? I don't know honestly.....all I do tat since my hope was taken away maybe......he can give it back. All I do that this city does need heroes. With the Avengers gone we need someone to fill the the hole they left after the blip.

A month later MJ and Anna finally moved back to New York themselves and she and Peter finally could begin their long turm relationship since it wa long distance for a month while still in SF

MJ wa eben accepted to attend Midtown High for senior year with Peter and the others

And on some of their dates Pete would take MJ with him on wings

Mary Jane: Whooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Spider-Man: Ha ha!

They swung through town square and passed a building called: "Fisk Tower" And swung through the George Washington Bridge back in Queens and landed on the roof of Peter's apartment building

Mary Jane: God I can never get tired of that.

Spider-Man: You're really not afraid of heights are you.

Mary Jane: nope. Not since you caught me the firt time.

Spider-Man: You got it more easier than me. I wasn't over my fear of height when I was dragged up to the sky by Vulture. In order to really get by it.....I had to climb the very top of the Empire State buidling.

Mary Jane: For real??

Spider-Man: No joke I really went to the very top a King Kong did.

Mary Jane giggled

Spider-Man: So you ready to take the oath?

Mary Jane: Oath?

Spider-Man: Well being my girlfriend you're also Spider-Man' girlfriend and if you'r gonna be the new keeper of my secret than the oath ha to be taken. Plus if ever in need to help him help others and bust the criminals I put away it has to be legit.

Mary Jane: Is this official......or is it something you made up?

Spider-Man: It's spidey made up thing.

She chuckled and Pete put his right hand up holding out a pinky

Spider-Man: Now put your right hand up with one pinky and repeat after me.

MJ Grinned and put her hand up with a pinky up as he said

Peter: I make a commitment to take a stand againt injustice. I will treat otherss with respect and kindness. I will have the compassion and the courage to not be a bystander. It is my RESPONSIBILTY to help others and I promise to do everything in my power to protect this city......and those closet to me.

Mary Jane: "I.....make a commitment to take a tand against injustice. I will treat others with respect and kindness. I will have the compaasion and the courage to not be a bystander. It is my RESPONSIBILTY to help others and I promise to do everything in my power to protect this city.....and those closetest to me."

Peter couldn't resist peeking a smile under his mask and nodding his head loosening his pinky before MJ pulls him in very slowly

he moves her head closer to him

He stands frozen from both anxiety and excitement he leans in so their forehead rest agaisnt one another they close their eyes both breaths are shaking

Mary Jane: Thank you.

Spder-Man: For what?

Mary Jane: For being you. And giving me another chance to believee in things again And for unchaning my heart.

Flipping the mask off him completly herself MJ then gentely leans in kissing Peter's warm lips

They only pull apart and take shaky shallow breaths unable to contain themselves anymore Peter holds MJ's head and pulls her but sunk into the kiss erself wrapping her arms around his neck and lowering teir way around his body feeling each crevasses each line along his perfect physique

But before anything went too far that kiss broke hearing sirens and Peter turned to MJ as she gave him a wide confident smile handing him back his mask

Mary Jane: Go get 'em tiger.

Peter widens his smile and turns away pulling his mask back on and runs to the edge and duved down shooting a web swinging off with MJ running to the edge seeing him go with a smile on her face

Yuri stepped out of her station as her narration continued

Maybe he IS the next Iron Man. Maybe this city can ue people like him again.

Yuri heard a yell from above she looked ups seeig Spider-Man swinging passed her station and people cheered for him as she looked up to him with growing mild respect

And maybe this city does need........

Spider-Man continued swinging

....A friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

He then swung to the screen and cuts out


Mid-Credit Scene

Of course, whenever there is a friendly neighborhood hero, there will always be someone to oppose the hope someone like him would bring. And this someone….

….was not like most men.

This man was once a powerful businessman with interests in the future of New York City by controlling the crime waves which brought him into conflict with some of his partners who betrayed him. This was an individual who tried to tear down and rebuild Hell’s Kitchen in his own image ten times over, exploited the FBI, blackmailed and manipulated multiple agents and law enforcement officers, and scarily….

…still had much of those people in his back pocket.

And outside of JJJ, this unique specimen was one who spits in the face of Spider-Man’s every accomplishment.

Wilson Grant Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio).

Where was the most dangerous crime boss in the city situated at now, you might ask?

Originally incarcerated at Rykers Island, the Snap luckily changed his intended vacated stay behind bars…..

…..but since his third imprisonment at the hands of one Matt Murdock and Benjamin Poindexter, he had no intentions on going back. So outside of tightening both his security measures and ironclad grip on the criminal underwing, Fisk’s new plan required a lot more leverage and an extra set of hands.

Who’s set of hands, exactly?

Felicia Hardy.

Kingpin: And how did you get pass my security?

Felicia: It's what you hired me for remember? Besides someone had to run the show while you were in your little bird cage.

Kingpin: Impresive. Have things made change while I been gone?

Felicia chuckled a the giant man walked around his desk to his window

Felicia: Well buddy the devil ditched town. Along wit those lawyer friends of his. I just been making my time jumping through your hoops taking candy fund from rich babies.

Kinngpin: And I'm to assume you encountere our new masked friend: Spider-Man?

Felicia: Bingo. He's what made it all fun.

Kingpin: Really. I've heard that from you a hundred times. But remember why I plucked you from the gutter when your family's fortune drowned in your father's blood.

Felicia: Yeah yeah I get it.

Kingpin: However there are more tests you must pass.....before you pull off the biggesst job of your life.

Felicia: What tests? And what is this "biggest job of my life"?

Kingpin walks back over his desk and throws down a picture with Felica moving her feet off the desk and looks at the Oscorp

Kingpin: Oscorp holds the key to my successs. And that key is everything. There anything else?

Felica: Yeah.

She stood up standing her hands on the desk moving her face close to Fisk

Felicia: I want what I ordered

Fisk grinned nodding

Kingpin: If you dear.....Black.....Cat.

They both laughed and.....


Post-Credit Scene

Osborn' penthouse

Norman and Harry soon returned to New York themselves as the crew brought in the contained Veom-Symbiont

And soon in some.....hidden lab somewhere in the penthouse attached the container on some attachers on a shelf......with other contained......symbionts a dark blue one yellow one red one even.....a white one which caught Harry by surprise

Harry: Dad?? Are those?

Norman: Huh? Oh yes son I.....meant to tell you before. A month after the shuttle crash seems New York had a crash discovery of their own.

Harry: What do you mean?

Norman: A meteor was discovered landing in the middle of Central Park. I had a crew investigate and they found THESE assets.

Harry: Are they also for the cemical war fare or the anti-disease projects?

Norman: Indeed they are.

Norman continued to monologue when Harry suddenly sstarted coughing which drew Norman's concern

Norman: Are you alright son?

Harry: Yeah just.....

He continued coughing and they sounded louder than the firt ones

Norman: Are you sure? You don't sound so good.

Harry: I'm fine I probably just caught a cold from the breeze at the Life Foundation. I'm uh......I'm gonna go lie down.

Harry left the lab and Norman drew more worry and he then.....looked at Venom's symbiont in it' container it hift into the image......of Venom's face hearing his snarl



Spider-Man - Peter Parker

Mary Jane Watson

Eddie Brock - Venom

Ned Leeds

Michelle Jones

May Parker

Anna Watson

Flash Thomson

Betty Brant

Brad Davis

Mr. Harrigton

Mr. Julius

Norman Osborn

Harry Osborn

Yuri Watanabe

Cletus Kasidy

Frances Barriosson

Felicia Hardy


Aaron Davis

Miles Morales

And Kingpin - Wilson Fisk


  • Home owner - Stabbed in the stomach by Cletus Kassidy
  • Anne Weying - Neck snapped by Frances
  • Ben Parker - Shot by Dennis Curradine (Flashback)
  • Dennis Curradine - Falls out a window (Flashback)
  • Warehouse workers - killed by Frances (Offscreen)
  • SWAT # 1 - Stabbed by Cletus
  • SWAT # 2 - Stabbed by Cletus
  • Cops at Byron Hot Springs - killed by Frances Barrion's telekinesis

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  • Spider-Man 3
  • Spider-Man v. Daredevil: Blind Justice
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Web of Shadows PART 1
  • Web of Shadows PART 2


  • Into the Spider-Verse

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