Spider-Man: Rises is a 2021 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics Directed by Ross O Hare. It stars Grant Gustin, Alexandra Daddario, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Bryan Cranston, Jon Voight, Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Mark Harmon, and Morgan Freeman.


Peter Parker 


  • Grant Gustin as Peter Parker/Spider-Man:
  • Alexandra Daddario as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat:
  • Thomas Brodie Sangster as Harry Osborn:
  • Bryan Cranston as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin:
  • Jon Voight as Uncle Ben:
  • Meryl Streep as Aunt May:
  • Anna Kendrick as Betty Brant:
  • Mark Harmon as Captain George Stacy:
  • Morgan Freeman as Robbie Robertson
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