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Spider-Man: Right Hand Of Power is a 2019 action adverture drama superhero film, released in the summer of 2019 and is the sequel to Avengers: Fever Of Rage and X-C 2: Rise of Sinster. The film will be directed by Jon Watts, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Sony Entertainment and Columbia Pictures.

The cast consists of Tom Holland as the main character/protagonist. It also features Odeya Rush, Jason Clarke, Felicity Jones, Sean Faris, Jermey Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Rudolf Martin, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei, Dylan Baker, J.K Simmons, Katie Holmes, Richard T. Jones, Morgan Freeman, Peter Gallenger, George Clooney, and Chloë Grace Moretz.


Ever since coming back from the battle with Sinster, Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) has tried her best to calm herself with her boyfriend, Peter Parker (Tom Holland). But since he is the spectacular Spider-Man, he's got a few bones to pick with the Green Goblin (Jason Clarke) as well as a rampid vampire on the loose (Rudolf Martin). Spidey has a lot to deal in not a great period of time, and even with some uninvited help, the Web-crawlers got a long way ahead of him......


  • Tom Holland - Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Odeya Rush - Rachel Lang
  • Felicity Jones - Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Jason Clarke - Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
  • Sean Faris - Harry Osborn
  • Jermey Renner - Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • Scarlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Rudolf Martin - Michael Morbius
  • Julianne Moore - Shriek
  • Marisa Tomei - Aunt May
  • J.K Simmons - J. Jonah Jameson
  • Katie Holmes - Betty
  • Richard T. Jones - Robbie
  • Dylan Baker - Dr. Curtis Connors
  • Morgan Freeman - Dr. Stromm
  • Peter Gallenger - Uncle Ben
  • George Clooney - John Hardy
  • Chloë Grace Moretz - Carrie White



We start at Oscorp and as the camera goes into free for all and zips to one of the labs, we see Norman Osborn (Jason Clarke) developing a new working serum, in hopes that he would cure his dis-use of becoming the Green Goblin. He had tried basically everything he could think of, so if this doesn't do it, nothing will.

Norman: Dear God.....please let this work.

He ran a full scan on the serum and slowly looks at it.....


He then injected into himself....'till there was a bang on the door and board members came in, causing him to drop what was left of the serum.

Board member # 1: Osborn? What's the meaning of this?

Norman: Y-You don't understand. This process is delicate. My very life depends on it!

Board member # 2: Listen to him. I told you he was nuts.

Norman: Please. You cannot do this to me. My son's future is at stake cause of this. I was the one who built this company!

Board member # 2: Well, now you're running it into the ground! We're in three million dept cause of you! These experiments stop NOW!!

Norman: PLEASE!!

Board Member # 1: Guards, shut all this equipment off NOW!! You're out, Norman.....

The guards manually knocked all of his experiments down and were just about to 'till Norman started to go......crazy....

Norman/Goblin: *OuT, aM i?!*

He started flickering and changed his form in a painfully accurate animation sequence and made the Goblin laugh

Board member # 1: What in the name of....

Norman (Goblin's voice): Gentlemen. I believe this FAR from over. Hehehehehe!

The guards screamed as he attacked and yelled "NO!"  and we zoom at a wall as we hear agony screams and cracks.

We hear a booming sound getting louder as we zoom out from the room and then.....

~Title Sequence~

We cut to the next day in Queens, where Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) got off a bus in tears, after the events with Sinister since Carrie's (supposed) sacrifice and was devastated thinking she lost her sister for good....

She tried her best to cover up the tears, but she just couldn't as she walked into Peters apartment.

She barged inside without saying a word to Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) (for some reason) and went straight into Peters room which startled Peter (Tom Holland) as he was getting some last minute homework done.

Peter: AHH! Rachel, what happened? Where have you been? It's, like....

Rachel just looked at him with an obvious look of disbelief and nervousness. She then went up and hugged him, trying desperately to hold back the tears as she couldn't stand to keep crying anymore

Peter: What happened?

Rachel: It's Carrie......she's gone.

Peter: What?! But--but she...

Rachel: I know.....

Peter: Tell me what happened.....

We cut to a few hours later when Rachel told him what happened at Sinister's castle.....and Oeter could understand.

Peter: Rach....I--I'm so sorry. Your sister was a generous person.

Rachel nodded with tears and Peter held her to comfort her as Aunt May saw outside the door

Aunt May: Everything ok?

Peter: Rachel just lost her sister.

Aunt May: Oh dear. Honey, I'm sorry.

Rachel nodded with her head still perked down. Aunt May and Peter just looked at each other and Aunt May walked inside completely.

Aunt May: Rachel.....sweetheart......I think Peter has to tell you something.

Rachel: Hmmm?

Peter: It's what happened to my Uncle Ben.

Rachel sighed and looked up.

Rachel: I'm listening.

Peter: sighs When the night when it happened, I--I was supposed to pick up Aunt May from the subway.....somehow....and I forgot. And Uncle Ben wasn't happy when I told him about it.

Rachel: They don't take it lightly, huh?

Aunt May: Unfortunately, not.

Peter: Anyways, he gave me a speech that.....had become a part of me since but.....I threw it all back in his face because of.....*sniffles*

Now Peter was trying to keep himself together.

Rachel: So I'm guessing you left.

Peter: Yeah. But he went after me. That's when.....HE came.

Rachel: You mean....?

Peter: Yes. He ran out of some department store and he ran passed me. I didn't stop him and didn't know Uncle Ben was coming for me and then.....I heard the shot.

Rachel gasped.

Peter: I followed the shot to where it came from and that's when I found Uncle Ben.....wounded on the sidewalk.

Rachel: Oh God....

Aunt May was just about to sob.....

Peter: When I found him, I yelled for help and....he just....DIED right in my arms. I mean.....He was just giving me something that I needed for myself and the last moment I had with him was when we fought.

Aunt May: *Sniffs* I tried telling Peter he shouldn't blame himself. We all had matter of crisis like this. So Rachel, we all know what you're going through.

Rachel: I'm so sorry, Pete.

Peter: It's best if we not talk about that right now. This is about your sister.

Rachel: Right.....but I don't want to make it worst for myself. I'll be right back.

She walks out of the room and leaves the door open for some reason as Aunt May and Peter looked at each other again.

Aunt May: I don't think she's mentally herself right now.

Peter: Trust me, I don't think she will be for a while. Gotta catch up with her.

He then got up from where he was at and followed her out as Aunt May stayed still in the bed, almost erupting with tears.

Peter managed to catch up with Rachel outside the apartment as she was about to enter the elevator.

Peter: Rach---

Rachel: I don't want to talk about it.

Peter: Look, as much as I want to mope around about my Uncle. He wanted the best for me and he would've wanted to see me become the person I am now. If Carrie was still alive, she would've wanted the same for you.

Rachel: two did make me realize what it felt like to have a family.....and.....

Silence invaded the hallway.

Rachel just looked up at Peter and hugged him again.

Peter: We're gonna get through this, ok? I promise.

Rachel: *sighs* I love you.....

Peter: I love you too.....

We then cut to the Osborn residence, where we see Norman knocked out on the floor and mumbling until Dr. Stromm (Morgan Freeman) and Harry Osborn (Sean Faris) walks by and sees him.

Harry: Dad?!

Dr. Stromm: Mr. Osborn?

They both went over to him and get him up, knocking him out of his.....memory loss.

(I don't know what else to call it)

Norman: W---wha-wha--huh?

Harry: What are you doing in the floor?

Norman: Idk. I--I can't remember.

Harry: Do you need your pills or something?

Norman: No. No I'm fine.

Dr. Stromm: Mr. Osborn, I know this is a bad time but....there's been a murder at the lab at Oscorp.

Norman: What??

Dr. Stromm: We found a few board members and guards dead this morning. And the....uh....the serum you've been working on....

Norman: What about it?

Dr. Stromm: It's been stolen, sir.

There came a moment of silence as Norman blinked a couple of times and walked out of the room. But he dropped something in the process. Yet, Stromm and Harry didn't notice yet.

Harry: Wait, what serum? The one for---

Dr. Stromm: Yes. Oscorp has a ton of serums made for testing, in case of any unexplained, catastrophic events. One day he came to me and said that Oscorp is close to losing the contact to quest and was mere weeks away from being shut down.

Harry: So he basically injected the serum in himself as a last minute attempt?

Dr. Stromm: Yes, I did tell him that is was too big of a risk to take. I told him to wait two weeks. That was all we needed to for the serum to be officially ready. But of course, he insist--

Before he could finish the sentence, he stepped on something.

Dr. Stromm: What the?

Harry: Careful. Move your leg slowly away.

He slowly moves his leg away and it shows......

A flat de-activated Pumpkin bomb.

Harry: What the--where did he get that?

Dr. Stromm: I have no idea, Harry...

As they observe over it, we go to another cut later and we go inside the apartment of.....Felica Hardy (Felicity Jones).

Felicia was sewing (or re-sewing) an outfit of hers and working out some mechanics.....until a news report caught her attention

Reporter on Tv: We now take you live at the scene where late last night, the Manhattan art museum was robbed. Four arts and an artifact was stolen and the suspect is currently unknown. However, the vigilante we now know as Spider-man was last seen at the scene that very same time period as when the robbery occurred. Details are sketchy, but witness testimonies seem confirm that Spider-man might be involved in the heist.....

Felicia stands up, shuts the news off and lets out a crooked grin.

Felicia: Well, well, well....Mighty gracious of you, Spider, to take the fall for me. Nice to see you're still in one lovely piece. *chuckles*

She then walks out of the room an head to the closet.

Felicia: It looks like my reputation precedes me once more.....

The camera cuts to her closet and it shows the stolen art.....

Back at Peter's apartment, he came home from school to notice his friend Harry was just about to knock

Peter: Harry??

Harry: Pete, hey!

Peter: Oh god...I hadn't seen you in forever. What happened to you?

Harry: I've just been stuck with my dad. He's gotten a little....out of it....since his business deals went high.

Peter: I see.... From what I heard Oscorp was close to being shut down.....right? *suspects something*

Harry: You alright?

Peter: Huh? Yeah, yeah. You want to come in?        

Harry: Sure, definitely.

So Peter lets him inside, and they see the news report about Spider-Man making an appearance near the Manhattan Art Museum. Peter already had a good idea on who committed the robberies, but he had to play casual.

(As he always does)

Harry: The hell?

Peter: He probably got there too late, Harry. You know, vigilantes have busy schedules.

Harry: I'm aware of that, but why show up JUST when the crooks escape? It makes it seem like they're the ones who did it.

They both sit down on the couch as Harry takes a sip out of a soda can.

Peter: Well....yeah......I can agree with you on there. That is odd. But Spider-Man is a national hero to this city. He wouldn't do something like that.

Rachel: I know he wouldn't do something like that.

Both Peter and Harry turn around to see Rachel peeking in between them.

Harry: Uhh.....hello.

Peter: Oh....yeah. Harry, I'd like you to meet Rachel Lang....

Rachel: I...I'm Peters girlfriend.

Harry: Holy--Pete, man. This is amazing.

He walks up to Rachel and shakes her hand, although he noticed her grip was unusually tight.

Harry: Ow! Wow. That's a good grip. No one should pick a fight with you.

Rachel: Oh, trust me. A lot have. Unfortunately.....

Harry: Ahh....So how'd you two....?

Pete and Rachel looked at each other.

Peter: Um....Rachel's here, trying to get signed up for colleges as I am after high school. Aunt May was kind enough to let her stay with us.

Harry: I....see. And where you from?

Rachel: Florida. I used lived there with my dad...till....

She started to get emotional inside as she struggled to get keep this layer of her past under wraps.

Harry: Till what?

Rachel: Complication. I got to go the bathroom.

She hurried to the bathroom and as soon as she left, Harry tapped on Peter with his elbow.

Harry: Pete, you devil, she is so fine. Does she have a sister?

Peter: Uhhh....she used to....her sister recently passed away.

Harry: Damn.....I'm sorry. That sucks. What happened?

Peter: Um....she doesn't like to talk about it promised her I wouldn't spread it around.

Harry: I'm sorry, bud. What a blow.

Peter: Yeah.  

Harry: I know it reminds you a lot about your uncle, but there's very little you can do about now. It could've gone so much better then it did.

Peter: Yeah....but.....I could've done better.

All of a sudden, a beeping noise was going off in his pocket.

Peter: Oh no.....

Harry: Is--is that your phone?

Peter:'ve been getting calls all day. Let me get this one, ok?

Peter then rushed into his room and locked the door behind him. He then took out what was in his pocket: a pager.

Peter: Ok....let's see what you got for me.

He receives a voice mail from "Unknown" which surprised him at first.

But he still pressed play and it didn't take long to notice the voice on the other end of the voice mail......

Tony's voice (Robert Downey Jr.): Hey Pete. It's me. Listen.....things are a little tight right now, for we got a few mishaps happening in New York. First things first, something was stolen from your friends family corporation. Some kind of.....uh....serum. Now I don't know what kind it is, but I hope it's not Steves. It could be dangerous if it's in the wrong hands for all we know. I'd help you get it back if I could, but something's going down at S.H.I.E.L.D. Don't worry, it's under control. I'll let you know if we need your help. Good luck, Pete.

As soon as the voicemail ended, Pete had a ominous feeling that Stark was talking about Oscorp as he looked out the window and then Rachel came in

Rachel: Pete, what's wrong?

Peter: Had a voicemail from Mr. Stark. Something was stolen from Oscorp and I gotta.....Listen, you can read minds right?

Rachel: Yes.

Peter: See if you can tap into Harry's mind and see what he knows. Then text it to me. But don't let him suspect anything.

Rachel: Ok. will we keep him occupied to......

Peter: I just thought of calling out pizza for the three of us. That should have Harry busy enough for you to look into his thoughts.

Rachel: He'll realize that you're missing.

Peter: That's gonna be before we buy them. I need to take care of this now, babe.

She just looked over at him as he went into his bag and pulled out his Spidey suit.

Peter:'s time to go to work.

Another cut later, we get to Micheal Morbius (Rudolf Martin) and he's incarcerated in the confines of an abandoned hideout and eventually, out of the shadows, was his wife, Shriek (Julianne Moore)

Shriek: I can understand your pain, Michael.

Morbius: Frances....Wha--What.....did you do to me?

Shriek: Ahh....I never meant to hurt you, my darling. I am terribly sorry. I released the blood pathogens you were researching in your lab. They must've poisoned your system. *sighs*

She looked down for a second and frowned. But then she chuckled sinisterly.

Shriek: But....there is always room for improvements, Michael.

Morbius: Please.....take this....curse away from me, dear.....

Shriek: Oh, no need to worry. *chuckles* I can make you stronger again, my love. Stronger then ever. With my loyal followers and children behind us, the family we wanted is finally ours. Together.....we can have everything we desire.....and more.....and NO ONE can stop us......

Michael felt the inside of him yelling, "Frances, No!!!" and then Shriek injected most of her energy into him as Michael each separate change.....slowly forming into.....the Living Vampire.

Meanwhile, it cuts to Oscorp as Spidey swung by there and crawls into an vent, seeing that the place was heavily protected (as usual).

Spider-Man: Alright, Spidey. You made it this far. So now what? If any of these guards manage to raise an alarm, I'm out of luck. I can't let them see me. Stick to the shadows.

So in classic Spidey style, he snuck by some of the security systems as well as the guards, who had to take some out along the way.

After knocking out the last guard, he took his passcode and used it to get into the elevator that led into the weapons/vaccine chamber (the one from Amazing Spider-Man 2). And eventually, all of the doors opened up on their own.

Spider-Man: *to himself* Holy sh**. I can't believe y'all kept ALL this down here.

Spidey was amazed, but he couldn't forget the task at hand. He looked around until he stumbled into a room which had a bunch of untested serums on display and of course, one of them was missing

Spider-Man: Alright, let's see what we got here......

He searched every section until he found another door that had the inscription "Formula X" stamped on it. He looked into it and saw an empty space where it last was. He went back and read the inscription again.

Spider-man: Hmm.... "Formula X." Hmm...I think I remember now. Harry telling me about it. It's suppose to be a serum of radiation, increasing the blood stream to unlimited reflex. Whoever stole it must be desperate for power. That is freaking nuts. So how am I gonna find the guy who took it? And who is it?

Suddenly, some other guards on the upper levels noticed the ones knocked out and sounded the alarm immediately.

Spidey knew they'd be on his behind soon, so he couldn't stay.

Spider-Man: Uh oh! I guess someone found my trail of knock outs!

He jumps up and immediately headed out through the air-vents, but his phone vibrated. Unfortunately, he was too busy trying to get out to actually recognize it.

Spidey then burst out of the ventilation systems on the roof and looked around wondering.....what exactly could've done such a thing?

But then his phone vibrated again and his time, he noticed. He took it out and saw the text message Rachel sent him. It said:

"No luck , Peter. He didn't know anything."

Spider-Man: Damn it.

He got lost into his thoughts again and then.....from another building away, he saw the Black Cat prancing around with a metallic object in her hands.....and since she's known for stealing....well, that makes her the first one.

Spider-Man: Ugh.....of course, its her. Why am I not surprised?

So Spidey web-zips over to that building just as Black Cat was skipping away and he called her out.

Spider-Man: Felicia!!!

She stops in her tracks and smiles, for she knew that voice all too well. She then turns around to face him.

Black Cat: *smiles* Hello, my lover. Isn't it a beautiful night?

Spider-Man: I don't have to time for stalling. You have something I need. Just hand it over.

Black Cat: What....this? *holds up the serum and smirks* Come and get it.....

She then tosses it off the roof and Spidey had to web-zip it back to him.

He catches it in time, but Black Cat scratched him and snatches the serum out of his hands, at the same time, in lighting quick speed. And she just chuckled.

Black Cat: I'm sorry.....Kitty forgot to retract her claws....

Spider-Man: Yeah. Ha ha ha. Laugh it up, Felicia. But that thing ain't no laughing matter. What do you want it for?

Black Cat: C'mon, this is completely obsolete. At least.....not until I get my point across.....You wanna know what I want? Hmmm? I want YOU, Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Felicia.....stand down.

Black Cat: Make me, bad boy.....

She then pounces at him. Spidey blocks her attack and they have a pretty one sided battle. Even though Spidey tried to hold back, Black Cat kept beating on him and eventually she got him "grounded" (on the ground). She then crawls onto him.

Black Cat: Aww, come on. On your feet, sweetie. I'm just getting a taste.

Spider-man: Ugh! I don't have time to joke around, Felicia. Just tell me what you want with Formula X.

Black Cat: Formula....X? Now Spider...How would I know about that?

Spider-man: That's what was stolen at Oscorp. That was you, right?

Black Cat: I don't know anything about an X. I only came for the super solder serum.....which is what you're holding right now. I didn't take no X. But....if you can search me further.

Spider-Man: Oh brother.....

She moved down to his masked face till.....she felt a force holding her up and she was floating.

She turned her head around to see that it was Rachel holding her up with her telekinesis.

Rachel: Back off, lady! No one touches the Spider, but me.

Spider-man: *Stands up* Easy, Rach. Keep ahold of her.

Black Cat: Spider....I'm speechless. You never told me you met someone else.

Spider-man: You didn't really ask. Now if you didn't steal the Formula X, who did?

Black Cat: How would I know? Maybe someone wants to win a science fair with it for God knows what reason.

Suddenly, she launched her grappling hook at Rachel that distracted her and forced her to let Black Cat go. She immediately made a run for as Spider-man saw she was being attacked by.....

Morbius the Living Vampire.

Rachel: What the--

Spidey: Cat!!

He didn't even bother thinking twice. He ran over and tackled Morbius before he had a chance to do anything. Eventually, after taking Morbius down, he almost immediately gets back up.

Morbius: I suggest you leave me alone.

And then he vanishes.

Spidey was all confused about it 'till Black Cat latched a retractable grappling hook around his neck as he spun him around and he fell. She then took back the super solider serum.

Black Cat: And the Spectacular Spider-Man saves the dashing damsel in distress. *chuckles*......I'll thank you later.

She jumped off the building and disappeared into the night.

Peter just looked down the side of the building, frustrated that he didn't get the right serum. But Rachel just looked down and frowned at Peter from behind him.

Peter: What?

Rachel: You never told me your ex likes to play cat and mouse.

Peter: She wasn't even my ex. The girls obsessed with me.

Rachel: But could've told me.

Peter: Look, I was so busy doing what I do as well as doing my favors for Mr. Stark, I didn't have any time whatsoever to tell you about it. There's a lot of complications that being Spider-Man has brought me that I couldn't explain all at once. And she can't expose me without exposing herself. I.....

Rachel: Well, she sure as hell got her claws all over you.

She backs up from Peter and storms off before eventually flying off.

Peter: Wait, Rachel! Argh......I should let that weird guy tare me to shreds when I had the chance.

The next day at the Daily Bugle, Peter came in with his face down, still bummed out about the other night.....until Betty spoke to him.

Betty (Katie Holmes): Hi Pete. You're looking a little down. Girl trouble?

Peter: Huh? Uhh.....something like that. Umm.....does Mr. Jameson want me?

Jameson (J.K Simmons): Parker! My office! Now!

Betty: Yep....

So Peter runs into his office to see J. Jonah Jameson facing out the window.

Peter: You need something, Mr. Jameson?

Jameson: I need pictures for tomorrow's headline.

He throws a paper on his desk and Peter takes a few seconds to read it.

Peter: "Spider-man and Black Cat rob the labs of Oscorp"? But, Mr. Jameson, how do you know it's not one and not the other? What's your problem with Spider-man? He's a good guy.

Jameson: Good guys don't sell papers.

Peter: Oh, come on.....

The phone on his desk ranged.

Jameson: This is Jonah.

Unknown voice: Hello, my dear friend Jonah. I've got a new head line for you. "Bugle bombed to smithereens" Hahahahaha!!

Peter: *To himself* That voice.....

Jameson: What? Who is this? And how'd you get this direct line?

Unknown voice: Your paper ruined a reputation of a good man. A man that only wanted to build a good future for our fair city. Now it's payback time! See you in the funny pages. Hahahahaha!

He hangs up....

Jameson: Ahh, damn prank callers. So Parker, like I said----

He looked up and noticed that he was gone. And as usual, he's annoyed.

Jameson: PARKER!!

Anywho, Peter changed into his Spidey suit and snuck out the Bugle without anyone noticing.

(Seriously though, how does he do it?)

Spidey makes it to the roof and uses the enhanced eyes on his suit to try and see if he could detect the Goblin from there.

But, he couldn't see anything.

Spidey: Nothing.

Even though, he couldn't find him yet, he had a trick up his sleeves. He brought out his Spider-Tracers (Amazing Spider-Man game reference) and quickly web-zipped to any high antenna points as he placed the tracers in each of them.

And then.....BOOM 💥

He looked over and saw the Bugle already bombed and burning.

Spidey: Aww, come on.....

As soon as he saw it, he immediately jumped back to get there in time.

The explosion engulfs the Bugle in fire and a cloud of smoke. Others couldn't find where to go. But Jameson was desperately trying to make his way through the smoke and fire. Unfortunately, he inadvertently runs into the Green Goblin, who casually jumps off his Glider, grabs him by the neck and puts him through his table.

Betty and the others saw this and immediately ran for the hills (ran away)

Goblin: J. Jonah Jameson! I warned you this building would go down crumbling above your squared head!

Jameson: *choking* Wh--who are you?

Goblin: Hahaha! Who am I? WHO. AM. I? I'm just a concerned citizen helping to clean up our fair city.

Goblin held his fist up about o strike, but Spidey came up from behind and web-kicked him, causing his head to go through the wall

Spider-man: Leave him alone, Goblin! I'll give you more fight then you can handle.

The Goblin took his head out of the wall and looks up at Spidey

Goblin: Speak of the devil!

Jameson: Spider-man! I knew it! How many other menaces d--

Spidey had shoots webs at his mouth and kick him aside to keep him out of harms way.

Spider-Man: Shouldn't mess with the grown ups, kiddo. Let the professionals talk for a minute, will ya?

Goblin then attacks Spidey throughput h the fire and he fought back as much as he could; but with people stuck in the fire, there was hardly any time left

Then as Spidey was attempting a mid strike combo, Goblin slammed him down and grabbed him by the neck.

Goblin: Why fight me, Spider-man? These people have already turned against you. Thinking it was YOU who stole the formula X.

Spider-man: *Chokes* Are you kid---You...?? You're the one who took the Formula X?

Goblin: Yes. And I'd be more than happy to share some with you. If you could only THINK for yourself!

He threw him across the room, then Goblin called his glider, hopped on it and flew off laughing

Spider-man: Damn! He's getting away! No time to chase him, though. I got to get everyone out! 

Luckily, he looked outside to see firefighters on the scene heading inside.

Spider-Man: Perfect. Alright, here goes nothing.

He sprints across the top floor and jumps out the building but then he launches multiple weblines to other buildings and attached them together. Spidey had to reload a couple times before he could put it together and form a huge, ginormous spider web

(Sound familiar?)

However, he was unaware that Clint Barton (Hawkeye) (Jermey Renner) was watching him from afar, and was every bit as surprised.

Barton: Nice tactic, Pete.

He jumps up back up to the building and takes a few people at a time down the building. They would occasionally scream as they held onto him, but Spidey used his webs to slow himself down as soon as they got the web. The firefighters got most of them down and to safety.

Pretty soon, Jameson and Robbie were the last ones to go.

Spider-Man: Ok.....hope y'all ain't nauseous. This is gonna be a long one.....

Jameson: Just get us out of here, damn it. Hurry up!

Robbie (Richard T. Jones) I trust you, Spider-man.

They all jumped down as Spidey eventually landed on his feet on his web, putting them down.

Robbie: Thanks, Spider-man. I told you Jonah was full of himself about you.

Jameson: No, I'm not. And if you think I'm gonna cut you any slack for saving my life, you're wrong.

Spidey: Hmmm.....I was expecting that. I appreciate that. Anyways, I got to go find that creep that destroyed your building.

He then swung away as Robbie looked around and saw the....other guy lurking form the corner......but then he vanishes.

Robbie: Who was that other guy?

Later, back at Peter's apartment, Rachel sat there looking at the T.V while it showed the event on the news.

Reporter on T.V: And so earlier today, when the Daily Bugle was savagely attacked by the mysterious menace known as the Green Goblin, the masked vigilante known as Spider-man bravely saved the poor civilians trapped inside. Again, we have indication on what his true motives are, especially after what had happened at the Art Museum, but.....

Rachel: Whatever.

Rachel was still angry about the whole "Black Cat" situation and as she muted the T.V., her powers began to shake the apartment as things began to fly and spiral out of control.

It caused Aunt May to come out of her room and unfortunately, she saw it.

Aunt May: What the--Rachel?

Rachel: Huh?

It caused her to loosen the force of her powers and the items in the living room dropped.

Rachel: will pay for that.

Aunt May: What was that even supposed to be? Why was everything flying?

Rachel: Look....Th--that--that wasn't me. I'm not---not in a good mood.

She gets up from the couch and tries to walk out of the room until Aunt May grabs her arm.

Aunt May: If you have a problem, you can always tell me.

Rachel was skeptical, but she complied and sat back down.

Rachel: Ms. honest with me about this: Doesn't it just annoy you when you feel like Peter just....isn't telling you everything know.....?

Aunt May: What exactly are you trying to say?

Before Rachel could answer, Peter came in and they they turned their heads to him

Aunt May: Peter, uh....

Rachel: *Nods* I need some air.

She stormed out and ended up slamming the door as Aunt May looked at Peter

Aunt May: Peter? Is everything alright between you two?

Peter: We...kinda had a fight yesterday.

Aunt May: What happened?

Peter:'s a long story. I'll tell you about it when I get back.

Peter went out the apartment and tried to catch up with Rachel again, but unfortunately, she had already gone into the elevator and went down.

Peter: Oh god....what am I gonna do about this?

He slowly turned away from the elevator and walked back to his apartment until he saw an empty container roll in front of him. He picked it up and through the ripped paper, it said "Super Soilder Serum". Peter began to ball his fist up until he heard a voice.....

Felicia: Having family trouble, Pete?

Peter looked up to see Felicia, standing near the end of the hallway, with her arms crossed.

Peter: Felicia. *picks up the empty container* It's bold of you to show up here.

Felicia: Yeah, right....Then again, your girlfriend was bold enough to tell your dear Aunt your secret. That is....until you walked in. She even saw her using her powers. I heard the whole thing.

Peter: This ain't funny, Felicia and you know that.

Felicia: Who's being funny? As a matter of fact, why even keep it from your Aunt? The world, I can understand but....why from your own family?

Peter: You're definitely one to talk. Cause you're messing with my head now. Felicia, you need to get out of here.

Felicia: Me? And why should you stay? Is it cause of your responsibility or....her? What's REALLY going on with that?

Peter: Is it really any of your business?

Felicia: *smirks* I guess it's not. Have it your way, itsy bitsy Spider. But always know to keep your friends close and your enemies....closer.

She plants a big red lipstick kiss on his cheek and just smirks at Peter as she disappears back into the sideway hall.

Peter rushes back inside to wipe the lipstick off of him.

Meanwhile, at the Osborn residence, Norman, is trying to go over the schematics from the serum. And he was just about to inject it into himself.....until he heard a voice.

Goblin: ARGH!!!

It startled Norman as he immediately dropped the serum and regained himself.

Norman: Somebody there?


Norman was just about to lose it as he looks around the entire mansion as if he was paranoid.

Norman: Who said that?

Goblin: Don't play dumb with me. You've known all along.

Norman: Where are you?

Goblin: I'm right here!

Norman looks at a mirror and seeing an image of The Goblin staring back at him left him petrified.

Norman: No....why can't you leave me alone?

Goblin: Why, Norman....I'm crushed. After all these years, we spent them together destroying innocent lives and attacking New York all at once. All for one cause: to cleanse the filthy wretches of this city.

Norman: Th-that's all you! I had nothing to do with it!

Goblin: Oh? Then why do you keep letting me out? Besides, our own enemy, Spider-man has something to hide as how you once hid your own true nature. During his time with these so called "Avengers", he now has his hands on something....much unique.

Norman: What do you mean?

Goblin: Hehehehe....the Right Hand of Power. Imagine of what we could do with that kind of power. It's only just beginning for the both of us. Hehehehehehe!

Back at downtown, Rachel was sitting on the roof Peters fully rebuilt high school, looking out into the sunset. She then remembers something, so she used her powers to pull out a pic of Carrie and it flew in her hand.

Rachel: *Cries* If only you could see how am I right now, Carrie....why did you have to leave me....when I needed you most....

As she continued to weep, voices from someones thoughts echoed into her head......

I need fresh blood!

She looked over, but saw nothing

Rachel: Is someone there? 

As that was happening, Peter was still trying to look for Rachel. In the meantime, he picked up a newspaper and what was shown on the front page caught his attention

Peter: "Vampire university: Man last found drained of blood on ESU Campus. Spider-man suspected?" Vampires? What, has Dracula come to feed in New York?

But then it clicked to him.....

Peter: Wait.....oh God.....that guy who almost killed Felicia....

Then all of a sudden, his pager buzzed again l. He took it out to see that it was another message.

Unknown: Hey, Pete. Listen to this....

NYPD unit: Attention all units, send 10 in progress at location noted on your GPS unit. Witnesses report seeing a what believes to be a vampire and a pale white female in junction off of Forest Hill, Queens. Bet there to be a full moon out tonight. They're currently in route to the reconstructed high school near the ESU campus.

It didn't take long for Peter to recognize the street it was on.

Peter: Oh god, no.....

He immediately went into the nearest building he was, so he can get changed.

Meanwhile, Rachel felt a eerie feeling around her as she looked left, right and around and still found nothing.

Rachel: Why is this happening to me?

But then.....she got caught in Shrieks grasp.

Rachel: No, no, no, no....NO......

Shriek: Shhhh......Do not fear me, my child. Your gifts will make a rather lovely addition to our family!

Rachel: D--do your w-worst, b**ch......

Shriek used her powers once again to cast a spell on her, changing Rachel's skin as pale like her and into a powered vampire!

(Yeah really)

Meanwhile, Spider-man followed the address from his pager, where this "Vampire" was spotted and it was Morbius, hovering down from a roof top, trying to shield itself from the sunset.

Spider-man: I think that's our little dark prince. Wait. Where'd he go?

He suddenly appeared in front of him and knocked Spidey off the roof as he hit the ground hard.

Spider-man: Ahh....that was him alright. And damn, he's strong.

After that event, when he came back home, Aunt May was working late that night and Peter didn't see Rachel around at all.

Peter: Rachel? You in here?

He looked in all the rooms and she wasn't there. But suddenly, Rachel appeared behind him as his Spider sense went off and she grabbed him with her powers. Eventually, she ended up slamming him around like it was nothing. As a vampire, her telekinesis was MUCH stronger than before and he could not move this time.

Peter: R-Rachel?

Rachel: *I hunger for blood.*

She was about to bite him 'till....Felicia kicked her aside, causing her to fall out the window. She eventually goes over to Peter and helps him up.

Felicia: You're putting your foot in it this time, Spider.

Peter: Felicia? What you do to Rachel?

Felicia: I didn't do anything. But our mutual friend who attacked us the other night along did this to her. I'm sure of it. If you want to get her back, we're gonna have to set aside our differences and fight them together.

Peter: I don't---

Eventually, they both heard another voice outside, distantly screaming......

Woman outside: OH MY GOD! HE'S A VAMPIRE!!

Peter: Ticked me off on the wrong night, Count! 

So, in a flash, he changes into his suit and immediately bursts out of the window without taking Felicia with him and as he climbs the wall, he sees Morbius just about to strike another woman in the street.

He web-zips down there and tackles Morbius again, and then he throws him into a department store.

Spidey: God....that's the last time I read mythology.

However, Morbius burst out of the building grabbed him and held up in the air before slamming him, on the roof of his own apartment.

Spidey: You're really....pushing it, are you? What is it with you and your obsession for hunger?

Morbius: If I don't feed, I die. And I don't plan on dying.

Spider-Man: Well, it's safe to say your life insurance just expired, pal!

He kicked himself back up and they begun to fight. But since Spideys dealing with a technical immortal supernatural being, he had no idea on how to predict his fighting pattern.

Spider-Man: God damn it, man....

Morbius: As worthy as you are, Spider-Man, you are raw. Inexperienced.

All of a sudden, three arrows fire into him and they explode. Spider-Man immediately turns around and sees Hawkeye.

Spider-Man: What the---

Hawkeye: Sorry, Pete. Ran a little late. I don't think we've properly been introduced. I'm Clint Barton, but you can call me Hawkeye.

Spider-Man: Nice....

All of a sudden, Morbius got back and Hawkeye and Spidey laid posed to fight.

Meanwhile, Black Cat manages to claw her way to the roof as she immediately gets pushed back by Rachel's supercharged telekinesis.

Rachel: You will regret having crossed me

Black Cat: Awww, come on now. You wouldn't want to irritate me. Otherwise, you'll make me break my new cat toy.

Rachel: Why you.....

They both charge at each other. However, that CAT fight was short lived. Since Rachel's powers increased, she was ten times stronger then before. Rachel caught Black Cat in the same force she caught Peter in, as she used metamorphosis to drain her

Rachel: Blood....

Meanwhile, back with Spidey....

Morbius: My patience with you HAS EXPIRED!!

Spider-Man: That's not the only thing about to expire.

Morbius: TIME TO DIE!!

Spider-Man: NOW!!

He flew at them, but Spidey flipped over him and caught him in weblines as Hawkeye took a shot at him . Morbius caught the arrow, but it opened up and sprayed him with garlic.

Morbius: DAAAH!!

He bends over, trying to keep himself from suffocating.

Hawkeye: That's one way of stunning a vampire.

Spider-man stood up until he saw Rachel about to bite Black Cat.

Spider-Man: RACHEL, NO!!

She turned over to him and dropped Black Cat. Spidey then pulled off his mask to get Rachel to focus.

Peter: Rachel, look at me. Look at me. I know you're still in there.

Rachel: Your suit inspires blood.....

Peter: Rachel, no. Look at me! It's Peter.

Black Cat: Yes. We're your friends.....

Rachel: Friends? Hehehehe.....Think again.....

She pushes Black Cat back again, and was about to attack Spidey till....

Hawkeye shot ANOTHER garlic arrow at her. It once again sprays over her as she shrieked in agony and fell. Luckily, Peter caught her in time and carried her in his arms, just before the sun-rise.

He looked close at it and then looked over at Morbius.

Morbius: The sun. It'll kill me! Uhh!! *Falls*

Spider-Man: What the---

Hawkeye: Either this guy's a real vampire or one of the best method actors I've ever seen.

Black Cat slowly gets up and sees Morbius and Rachel unconscious.

Black Cat: Argh...ok. So....what'd we do with them?

Spider-Man: Don't worry. I know a guy from around here, who could sensitize an antidote. At least.....I HOPE.

Black Cat: Always the man with a plan.

Spider-Man: Hey, Clint. You don't mind coming along?

Hawkeye: I don't have much to do. Like I said, I'm retired but.....sure. What the hell?

Black Cat: In that case.....try and keep up.

She immediately dashes from rooftop to rooftop and she was gone.

Hawkeye: Goddamn.....*to himself* Where's Quicksilver when you need him? How fast are you, Pete?

Spider-Man: How fast am I? You're asking the wrong person, man.

It then cuts to the Osborn residence in which Harry is having a nightmare.

He's seen tossing and turning as he gets a terrifying image that he can't erase from his mind.

The images of his nightmares reveal an image of the Green Goblin and he hears his dad yelling out for him.

Norman: *distantly* HARRY!! HARRY! HELP ME!!

Harry: DAD?! DAD!

The Green Goblin laughs and hovers down with his glider and scoops Norman up.

Harry: No! Dad! Just....a little further!

He continued to run and eventually reached out to him, but then the Goblin turned to Harry and grabbed him.

Goblin: GOTCHA!! Trust me!

Norman: Harry!

Goblin slowly loosens his grip on Norman and he eventually falls.

Harry: Dad!!!!

As Harry looks up at the Goblin, he laughed and then he suddenly changed into Rachel (Really really)

Harry: Rachel?!

Rachel: Ha!

She immediately drops Harry like a bad habit and as he got closer and closer to the dark abyss, Harry gasped out of his nightmare covered in sweat.

Later at Dr. Connor's lab, the heroes arrived on time, placing Rachel and Michael on tables.

Spider-man: Any idea what we're dealing with, Doc?

Dr. Connors (Dylan Baker): Actually, I know him. He was one of my colleagues. Michael Morbius. God knows what terror took hold of him. I'll try to bring him around.

Spider-man: Careful, Doc. He might attack again.

Hawkeye: Yeah, I had to use the last of my arrows to stun him and

Connors soon dosed Morbius with a waking serum and he soon....awoke. He was weak and his vision was unclear for a moment, but he was I n control of himself this time.

Morbius: Curt Connors? Thank God, it's you! I beg of must help us. Something's wrong. I-I don't know what. It takes over at night. I can't...control it! I know it sounds crazy.

Dr. Connors: I understand. More than you know.

Hawkeye: As do I.

Spider-Man: Alright. Listen, you'll be fine, but...someone I care about caught your.....condition.

Black Cat: Just tell us what happened.

Morbius: My wife....Frances. She did it to me. But she wasn't herself. She's been changed somehow too. Find her! Maybe she knows a cure.

He eventually passes out again.....

Black Cat: His wife....I think I might've ran into her earlier, today.

Spider-man: Then we'll go find her.

He then looks at the unconscious Rachel.

Spider-Man: I'm so sorry, Rach. I'll get you out of this mess, I promise. *Kisses her hand*

Soon as Black Cat dived out the window, Spidey then turned to Connors

Dr. Connors: Be careful, Spider-Man.

Spider-man: We'll fix him, Doc. We have to. You and Robin Hood there keep an eye on him and Rach. Cat and I, we'll go find his run-away bride.

He eventually swings out.....

Hawkeye: *Crosseyed* Robin Hood??

As Peter went out and followed Black Cat, Hawkeye took a good look at Rachel and then she....balled up her fist.

Hawkeye pulled out his bow and arrow ready to defend himself, but Rachel slowly got up as her skin turned normal and she went back to herself.

Rachel: Uhh.....woah.....head-rush....

Dr. Connors: Oh my good---Ms....are you alright?

Rachel: I--I don't know. Last night was...kind of a blur.

As Rachel struggled to get off the table, Hawkeye went out of the room and made a call.

Hawkeye: Hey....yeah. It's me. I'm gonna need some your hands for some extra help here.

It then cuts back to Oscorp in which some guards are goofing off while off duty. And then the Goblin invades.

The Goblin threw razor bats at the guards, killing them in seconds. He then causally walked to a door and opened it with an eye scan. He had to manually adjust his goblin eyes in order to use his real ones for the scan.

Computer: Identity confirmed. Good evening, Mr. Osborn.

Once the door opened, he walked into a lab and came by ANOTHER shipping of Formula X.

Goblin: *picks it up* Good. With this amount of chemicals, I should carry this burden for a long time. Now....time to find the second subject I came for.

The Goblin went onto the main computer and typed in "Right Hand of Power" and what he saw left him stunned and grinning......It went into search mode and after only a few seconds, it locked on to the Right Hand Of Power that Goblin was looking for.

Rachel Lang.

Goblin: Well, well, well......what a tangled webly seems I have date tonight.

All of a sudden, a few electric mines (or whatever they're called) roll right next to him and they shock him, momentarily. But that also causes the main computer to explode and it sends him back.

As he tries to get up, smoke rolls into the room and used his inhered vision in his eyes, he saw the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) walk through and look down at him.

Black Widow: You know, I was hoping I didn't have to deal with another costume bafoon. Guess I spoke too soon.

Goblin: The assassin.....*gets up to one knee*'re so predictable.

He throws Pumpkin bombs at her and they turn into Razor Bats.

Black Widow: Oh Christ.....

Without hesitation, she manages to dodge 5 out of the 7 Razor blades as the last two cut her up, giving Goblin the opportunity to strike.

Goblin, however, was stronger and a little faster then Natasha was and that REALLY gave her a difficult time.

Near the end of the fight, Natasha tries to electrify him again, but Goblin knees her and then throws her into Menkins office. Thankfully, he isn't there. As the Goblin casually walks through he ruble, he picks Natasha up again and slams her up against the window.

Goblin: This is all the infamous Black Widow has to offer me? Disappointing.....but my compliments to you: Your skills are tremendous. Just like Spider-Man, you're wasting your talent helping the pathetic worms of this city.

Black Widow: So what? You're some disgruntled guidance counselor?

She pushes the Goblin back and just stands up straight.

Black Widow: Face it, Gobby. You're done.

Goblin: *cackles* That's what you think....Goblin: I have arranged a little parting gift.

All of a sudden, his glider bursts in and he jumps on it as Black Widow backs up a bit.

Goblin: I was saving this for the web head, but you will have to do. Through out downtown, I've planted bombs which have been planted with a deadly gas. When they go off....well, use your imagination. Hahahahaha! You might be able to stop them or you can try and stop me. The choice is yours.....Heroin.

He then Flies off, leaving Black Widow frustrated.

Black Widow: Ugh! Damn! Why did Stark have to send me and Barton to help the kid? I'd almost rather be out facing that Detmer kid with the others. *sighs* I guess I'll have to deal with the Green Creep later. I can't let those bombs go off.

She calls her jet forward and she hopes in, as she takes off for downtown.

Meanwhile, Spider-man and Black Cat managed to find Shriek in Town Square where vampires were wreaking havoc.

Black Cat: Mrs. Morbius, I presume.

Shriek: Get lost, you creepy prowlers! I don't like strangers lurking while my kids are out playing!

Spider-man: Your--kids? Sounds like they could use a major time out.

They jumped down, but found themselves surrounded by Shriek's vampire army, almost immediately.

Black Cat: Ugh....

Shriek: Squash these pests, my darlings......

Shriek disappeared and left her army/kids (or whatever) to feed off of Spidey and Black Cat

Spider-Man: This is why I'm not a big fan of mythology.

Black Cat: Hmm.....typical of you, Spider.

The army attacked, but unlike Rachel or Morbius, these vampires were less then intimidating. It took both of them about 6 minutes combined to dispose of all of them.

Black Cat: Whew.....ever wonder why we make a good team?

Spider-Man: Don't say it, Felica. We gotta get back to Morbius wife.....

He looks down and sees a meteorite of some sort. And then he sees an Obelisk being placed near Grand Central Station. As it begins to charge with energy, so do the meteorites.

Spider-Man: And now I know where she is.

Black Cat: Very, very clever.....

Shriek reappears and charges herself in the Obelisk. An aura appears around her as she looks down at the two of them.

Black Cat: I hope you're ready for an extreme makeover, lady.

Shriek: Fools! I have more power then you two can imagine.

Her aura field begins to spike and then when she got fully charged, she blasts at them.

Spider-Man: Holy--INCOMING!!

Spidey reacted quickly and pushed Black Cat out of the way of the blast.

While that was happening, Black Widow, somehow managed to get to the third bomb, and she was exhausted.

Black Widow: many bombs does this goon have?

Suddenly she saw flying robots (Lightmeches) setting up a fourth bomb.

Romanoff: That better be the last one!

She once again calls her jet and flies off. However, Spidey had Shriek distracted as the Black Cat tried to disable the Obelisk. Shriek looked over at Cat for a split second, running towards something and fired.

Spider-Man: NOW!

She stopped and then got out of the way as the blast and it worked. The blast hit the satellite and it reflected back to the Obelisk, completely disarming the shield surrounding the Obelisk. It may have run out of power, but Shriek was doing her best to bring the shield back.

Spider-Man: Oh come on....

Without even thinking, Spidey grabbed some of the meteorites on the Obelisk with his weblines. He pulled them both off and then destroyed the last two ones in it. It resulted in the Obelisk slowly crumbling and falling down. Shriek also fell to her knees as she looked up at Spidey and Black Cat, unwilling to accept defeat.

Shriek: Argh....YOU WILL BOTH PAY!!

She brings her aura shield back and then blinds the both of them with a flash of light. When they get their sight back, they see she's disappeared.

Spider-Man: Damn. She's got away!

Black Cat: Hold it, Spider! We got a bigger problem.

Cat threw an hologram from her belt of trinkets and it showed Black Widow fighting off the Lightmeches to get to the fourth bomb.

Spider-man: Hey, that's....that's Mr. Stark's friend, Natasha.....Romanoff. Why is she here?

Black Cat: I hardly care at the moment. But....that looks like a bomb down there.

Spider-man: Mr. Osborn. Then she needs our help! Come on!

As they hurried to get down to Natasha, Connors was trying to reason with Rachel about her current situation with Peter.

(He's been doing this for, at least, a couple hours)

Rachel: Dr. Connors, I'm just saying....

Connors: There's not much else to say about it. I'm sure you're overreacting at this point.

Rachel: Overreacting? That's what you'd call it? How'd you feel if your wife or kids lied to you? Or locked you up? Or even....

At that point, Barton injected himself into the conversation.

Barton: Hey, kid. Take a chill pill. I know you're distressed about Peter, but if you wanna think about it, the guys got a tough schedule. I mean.....considering the fact that I have kids of my own that look up to me, I--it's on me to do what I have to do. I don't always make it him to my wife and kids, but when I promise to make it back home, I live up to it.

Rachel: Wait. You---you have a family?

Barton: Yep. Everything that I do, isn't just for the world or S.H.I.E.L.D. I do it for them as well.

Hearing what Barton had to say made Rachel have flashbacks to what Carrie would do for her. And at the same time, she considered what and if Peter would've done the same. She closed her eyes as Dr. Connors held her shoulder.

Connors: I am sorry for your loss. Spider-Man told me about your sister.

Rachel nodded as she heard a "whoosh" sound. She slowly looked up to see the trio standing right in front of her. Rachel then ran up to Spidey and hugged him.

Rachel: I thought you were dead.

Spider-Man: I'm alright. Are you.....

Rachel: Yeah. I'm better. Connors told me what happens, but he's helping me control it. For how long, I don't know.

Spider-man: We'll find a cure. I promise.

Barton then turns over to Romanoff, who had clear signs of a ragtag battle.

Barton: Hey. Where you been?

Romanoff: Chasing Goblins and bombs while you were vamp-sitting.

Michael: here?

Cat: Sorry, Mike. She escaped before we could get to her.

Connors: Not good.

He went over to his computer and it showed Shrieks powers inside of him slowly ripping away the blood from his veins and heart.

Both (Rachel, Romanoff): Oh god.....

Connors: His condition's worsening. Rachel's too. If we don't cure them soon, they'll surely die...or worse.

Michael: me. If my wife won't come.....then take me to her. Please.

Hawkeye: Woah.....Michael, we can't risk it.

Connors: He's right. If we move you or Rachel, you might not even be able to make it.

Michael: It's....a risk that....I'm willing to take. She's....the only hope we have....

Spider-Man: Doc. He's right. It's our only chance.

Meanwhile, at some abandoned testing site, the Goblin was working on his machine to analyze the Formula X and set his machine on active for "Right Hand of Power".

Goblin: Now all I need is the girl.....

His cell vibrated somewhere in his suit and the caller ID said "Harry".

It caused Goblin to snap out of character (or in character, if you will) and cause him to pick up the phone.

Norman: Harry?

Harry: Dad? Where the hell are you?

Norman: I'm just putting the finishes touches on the serum.

Harry: Oh my---Dad. You're gonna end up killing yourself before you save anyone else.

Norman: No....I must....this....without the formula, I won't be able to save myself....for the sake of this city....I will lead Oscorp to a....brighTER AND BETTER TOMMOROW!!

He lost character there for a second and it made Harry confused.

Harry: Dad, I'm not playing. What the hell is going on?

Norman: Son....this is mandatory. I don't have a choice at this.....PLEASE....

Norman/Goblin: FoRgIvE mE.....

He snaps back into Goblin character, drops the phone and shatters it as he continues to finish up his machine.

Harry couldn't figure out what just happened, but he needed to do something about it.

Meanwhile, it cuts to Shrieks hideout where her army/kids were keeping her company. But that's when Black Cat and Spidey burst in

Shriek: You again?

Black Cat: C'mon. You only took one life out of me cause of your spouse. But not this time. I've been sharpening up my claws for this.

Shriek: Too bad curiosity's about to kill you faster then

Spidey: Uhh....I don't mean to interrupt here, but somebody needs your help.

He held down Michael from his grasp and Rachel made her entrance as well.

The trio stared at Shriek as she laid care to Michael and placed him on her table.

Shriek: Michael, my dear....what have they done to you?

Morbius: I--can't me....F--Frances.....

Shriek:'s O.K, Michael.....Ssssssslleeeeeeeeppp.......

She used her powers to temporarily make him doze off and eventually, he fell asleep as she gave him a kiss on the lips. And then she turned her attention to Rachel, Black Cat and Spidey.

Shriek: Rest now, Michael.....levitates up in the air and looks at the trio....I will handle the pests myself.

She puts on her force field and it spikes with energy as she begins to charge up.

Rachel: Oh God......Wait.....

Rachel was able to notice something: a few meteorites around the hideout were surrounded in a ominous glow and realized that they were surrounded by the same aura as Shriek.

Rachel: whispering Guys, please tell me you're seeing this....

She points over at the meteorites and both of them look over to see them glowing. For some reason, Black Cat casually walks over to one of them, picks one of them up and slices it. It causes a small disturbance in Shrieks energy files as it shocks her.

Shriek: AHHHH!

Both (Spider-Man, Rachel): Holy s*t.

Black Cat: *to Shriek Oh....dear me. It looks like that hurt, didn't it? scoffs Pain is such a rush.

Shriek: Why you--

Before she could launch an attack, Rachel used her telekinesis to push her back into the wall and Spidey had to web her up to momentarily keep her in place.

Black Cat: Well, well.....smirks....I guess you aren't as disruptive as I thought.

Rachel: We're not partners here, alright? Remember that.

Black Cat: Oh, of COURSE.....

Rachel: Ok, so the meteorites are the source of her power? Now what?

Spider-Man: I guess we get rid of the meteorites, her energy depletes and who could reverse the effects in you.

Rachel: How do we even know for sure?

Before anyone could answer, Shriek started to free herself from Spideys web.

Spider-Man: Oh god......

Black Cat: Rachel, get Mr. Vamps out of here 'till we get this straightened out.

Rachel: You really want to go up against her like that?

Black Cat: No worries.....this cat still has plenty scratch.

Rachel: Oh my---knock it off already.

Spider-Man: Rach.....just please. Get him out of here. We'll be alright.

Rachel: *sighs* Careful, hon.....

She gets Morbius and tries to move him to another room, but Shriek blocks the way.

Shriek: No one is going anywhere.

And then....Shriek let's out a.....shriek, making the entire room flash in a bright light.

As the room cleared up, the trio was taking aback by three images from their past.

Spidey saw an image of his Uncle Ben (Peter Gallenger) as Rachel saw Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Black Cat saw her father John Hardy (The Cat) (George Cloony)

Spider-Man: Uncle Ben??

Rachel: Carrie?

Black Cat: *Gasps* Daddy??

Uncle Ben: *to Peter* How could you not stop him, Pete? I tried to tell you with great power comes responsibility. And you just.....let him get me......

Spider-Man: No...Uncle Ben. I--I'm sorry....I didn't know.......

Rachel: Carrie...wait.....

Carrie: *to Rachel* I gave my life for you, Rachel, just as the Lord gave his for us. And you DARE disgrace me by becoming a blood seeking child of Satan. I expected better from you....

Rachel: No.....Sis, I.....

Hardy: *to Felicia* You let me down, Felicia. Just as you let down your mother.

Black Cat: Daddy......I wanted to be there for her.

Hardy: But you weren't. You were partying and drinking like a spoiled girl while she choked her last breath. You let her die!

Black Cat: No!!!

The image of Carrie's eyes went black....

Carrie: I just hope this hurts all of you just as much as you've hurt us.....


while that was happening, it cuts to Aunt May, who was just getting into her apartment, and boy.....was she exhausted.

Aunt May: *stretches* What a day....

However, as soon as she gets in, she's taken aback by the apartment, being in a completed and utter mess.

Aunt May: Oh my....Peter! Rachel! Get out here! What's going on?!

Unfortunately, she felt a huge gust of wind behind her as she slowly turned around and saw the Goblin. She fell down tot the floor and backed away from him. And at that same moment, Harry just happened to walk in to see the carnage.

Aunt May: Wha--No, no....please.....

Goblin: Tough day at the office, hmmm? Mine was a killer.

He immediately grabs Aunt May and Harry jumps on the Goblin, but he immediately throws him down and it knocks him out

Aunt May: *screaming*

Goblin: *cackles* Put your heart into those screams, my lovely girl. The better to bait my trap!

He flew off at hyper speed, leaving the apartment in a utter mess.

Meanwhile, back at Shrieks hideout.....

The images beat the trio back to the wall, but they still refused to fight back because of how real they looked like.

Rachel: Carrie, no.....please, I'm sorry....

Black Cat: this.....this can't be real.....

Spidey looked over at the meteorites again and it clicked to him.

Spider-Man:'re right. It's not.

He flipped over the image of Uncle Ben and did a web rodeo to three meteorites, destroying them.

It once again shocked Shriek and revealed the images to be Shrieks army.

Black Cat: Son of a.....

Rachel beat Shriek's kids/army down with her powers and Spider-Man took Shriek down, completely draining her energy in the slightest.

Morbius, however, woke up and saw what was happening. He got up and stood between the two of them until....

Shriek: Michael.....

He grabbed her and held on to her as Spidey just backed up a little bit. Then Shriek grabbed Rachel as well and cast a spell, using the last of her energy and changing both Michael and Rachel back to normal. But the energy loss was too much for her and it flew her back as she fell out cold.

Spider-man: Are you....?

Rachel: Yeah. I think so.

Morbius: We have to save her....

They all approached her as the camera zoomed up around them.....

Later back at Connors lab, they got Shriek back there with Morbius standing by her, along with Hawkeye and Romanoff

Connors: Well, it looks like those two will be alright.

Spider-Man: But she hasn't got any better.

Michael held his wife's hand with tears.

Connors: I don't know what the cause of her illness is, but it looks like it came from the readings of ooze on her.

Rachel: What are they?

Connors: There character instants of a symbiote. These things have a nature to bond with another.They need that in order to survive. But sometimes when they DO bond, It could be pretty hard to unbond.

(Y'all know what's that means)

Morbius: my wife. She's all I have left.

Hawkeye: Hey, no worries. We'll help her. But we can't treat her here.

Black Widow: We could get her to a lab back at S.H.I.E.L.D and see if we can have our scientists find a cure for her.

Morbius: Let me come. I am a man of science. Perhaps, I could help.

Hawkeye: Hey, of course.

Connor: You all must be careful. This thing is very powerful......

Hawkeye: Well, so are the Avengers. And speaking of which, we need to get to them soon. We got another telekinetic on the loose.

Rachel: Another?

Hawkeye: Yeah. A dead one. Well....not dead now....he was.....but....Rach? We meant to tell you we saw your s---

Before he could finish, Pete's cell phone rang in the back pocket of his costume

Spider-Man: Oh uh....pardon me a moment.

Rach fallowed him out to the hall as he took his phone out. His caller ID said Harry. He tried to act casual.

Spider-Man: Harry?

Harry: Pete! I-I'm sorry I tried to stop him! I....

Spider-Man: Harry, calm down. What happened?

Harry: It was that Goblin freak from on TV. He broke into your apartment and....I'm sorry.....he took your Aunt.

Peter didn't say anything. As soon as he heard that, he froze up and he drops the phone in slo-mo and it brakes on the floor, crashing slowly.

Rachel: Pete? What is it?

Spider-Man: Aunt May's been kidnapped. Mr. Osborn has her.

Rachel: No....

Spider-Man: Hurry, get on my back!

Rachel climbed on him, but they were unaware some of the symbiote from Shriek had snuck on board on Spideys boot and soon Hawkeye and Romanoff saw them jump out the window.

Romanoff: Where they going?

Hawkeye: No idea. Should we go help?

Black Cat: Leave that to me. I know how the Spider acts.

Romanoff: Probably a good idea. Clint, we need to get Mr and Mrs Vamps out of here. I got a feeling ,whatever that stuff is on might be another potential threat.

Hawkeye: I was just about to tell Rachel her sister's with the Avengers again fighting that Detmer kid.....

Black Cat went off after Spider-Man and Rachel as Clint, Romanoff and Morbius took Shriek back to S.H.I.E.L.D, in hopes they can find a cure for her.    

t once again cuts back to Oscorp as Goblin had Aunt May incarcerated behind one of the doors in the weapons chamber.

The Goblin, however, was on top of Oscorp and had carried his portable machine over there with him.

Goblin: Open.

Using his voice recognition, he opens up his device and it starts sparking.

Goblin: I had offered them the world and they threw it all away. I built this company and they fire me? UNACCEPTABLE!!!

His machine started spiking more power and it.....causes another blackout. And it didn't take long for Spidey, Cat, and Rachel to notice.

Black Cat: Oh goody.....Lights are out.

Rachel: Of course....of course; you can see in the dark. Who else could?

Black Cat: Jealous, much? I would be. Now.....

Spider-Man: Oscorp. It just HAS to be Oscorp. It's where you took the super solider serum, right? And.....Goblins gotta have Aunt May in there somewhere. *sighs*

Rachel, however, heard siren noises from afar and looked behind her.

Rachel: Uhh....Cat....I think you have the big dogs sniffing your trail.

Felicia turned around, saw the sirens and just smirked.

Black Cat: Dad would've been proud. Gotta move fast, then.

Rachel: Hold up. By following YOU?

Black Cat: Got a better option? I didn't think so.

Spider-Man: Move, move, move. They're coming! COME ON!

Cops: Freeze!!!

They jumped up, swinging with Rachel still on Spidey's back with a helicopter not far behind.

Pilot: We got a visual and it looks like the Bugle is right: Spider-Man is Black Cat's accomplice! And, hold on....there's someone on his back....could be a hostage.....We're still in pursuit

Rachel noticed the helicopter was speeding up, so she slowed them down with her powers, without killing the pilot.

Spider-Man: Whoo....thanks, Rach.

She nodded and they got to a LARGE gap in between the building they were in and the Oscorp building, which was a LONG WAY AWAY.

Spider-Man: Oh god.....


The cops in the helicopter shined its lights in them as they started to catch up to them.

Meanwhile, Aunt May was just stuck in that same room, banging the back of her head on the door until she hit the control panel on the inside of the room.

It didn't unlock right away.....until she realized she could use her hairpin as a way of a key.

She tried to use it but....

Computer: Access: Denied.

Aunt May: What?

She then got grabbed from behind and pushed back further inside the door.

Goblin: Forget it, Mrs. Parker! Those calibrations only respond to ONE person only!

Aunt May: Please....what'd you want?

Goblin: Two things. Spider-Man's head on a plate. And your nephew's girlfriend's my system.

Aunt May: Rachel....What'd you want with her? She's just a girl.

Goblin: Don't play dumb with me, Mrs. Parker. Surely you know. If not, I know someone will deliver her for me for your sake......Rachel and I.....are gonna have a hell of a time.....

As Aunt May laid back petrified, we cut to outside Oscorp when we see Spidey attached two web-lines to two pipes and slowly moved back.

Black Cat: Spider, what are you doing?

Spider-Man: Just....going the distance.....

Police: HEY!

Spider-Man: Oscorps too far away to keep running from here. We're gonna need a slingshot.

Rachel: Very clever of you, Pete. Flying is out of both our angles at the moment.

Police: SURRENDER!!!

Spider-Man: What? What's wrong? Cats can't fly?

Black Cat: Don't make me slice those pretty lips off your mouth.

Rachel: Guys, COME ON!

Both of them held on to Spidey as he got close to the


Spidey: Sorry, peeps! Gotta take this for a test drive!

He lets go and they web zip up into the air as they somehow ended up flying like a torpedo.

They flew straight ahead to Oscorp in hopes that it wasn't too late to save Aunt May.

Rachel: If I were to guess, I'd say this place will be heavily guarded.

Spider-Man: Right in the money there. If the Goblin's already here....the ones that didn't make it out are already dead.

They manged to find a way in and Spidey's hunch was correct. Their were bodies cut open from the Goblin's razor bats and skeleton fractures and corpses caused by pumpkin bombs.

Rachel: Oh my---I never seen anything so cruel. Why would Mr. Osborn do this?

Spider-Man: He's....not really himself. When he's the Goblin....he's like....the whole Jekyll and Hyde thing.

Black Cat: How'd you learn who he was?

Spider-Man: Two years ago. It was Halloween. We fought at....Brooklyn bridge and when he threw a bomb at me, I threw one of his bombs back at him.....and it blew half of his mask off and....well you know the rest.

Eventually, they soon came down into the lab to find Aunt May, knocked out in the capsule.

Spider-Man: AUNT MAY!!

He rushed to it followed by Cat and Rachel was about to tag along 'till.....

Goblin: *'From behind* Gotcha!

He grabs her and uses a Oscorp transcript needle to take a sample of her blood. As she screams in agony, it got Spidey's attention.

Spider-Man: RACH!!!! *To Black Cat* Get my Aunt out of here.

He ends up running after him, but Goblin saw him coming. So, he put Rachel's blood sample in his glider and laid HER knocked out while carrying her and flies off. But Spidey swings off after them.

Spider-Man: If you hurt her, I'll make you suffer!

Goblin: Ooh! Now you're getting into the spirit of things.    

Spidey manages to catch up to Goblin, thanks to the power of plot convenience and eventually, Goblin stops at.....RAVENCROFT.

(Out of all places, he went to Ravencroft)

As Goblin lays Rachel down beside him, he puts her blood sample into his glider. Spidey landed and finally met face to face with the Goblin as a fight ensues between the two.

Meanwhile, Black Cat managed to get Aunt May back to the apartment, by dropping her off on the roof.

Aunt May: Ahhh, thank you....miss. did you....

Black Cat: Peter sent me.

Aunt May: He did? You a friend of his?

Black Cat: Nah....*chuckles* He's MORE then that to this kitty.

She slowly walked backwards and stood on the edge of the roof.

Aunt May: Wait....who are you.....

Black Cat: Me? *chuckles* I'm Black Cat. And unfortunately for poor Peter Parker, he just crossed my path. Now.....if you excuse me.....

She slowly dives off the edge of the roof and disappears into the night. Aunt May laid back, worried about what might happen to Peter.

Meanwhile, back to the fight, Goblin was just demolishing Spidey.

Goblin: I held the curtain to you Spider-man. I wouldn't want you to miss the show.

Spider-man: This is between you and me Osborn! Leave her out of it!

Goblin: I'm NOT Osborn! I am the Green Goblin!

Spider-Man: Oh yeah? Well, if Mr. Osborn IS here, doesn't he know his own son Harry would fall apart if he had any idea what his father was doing?

That statement caused Goblin to snap out of character.


He suddenly cuts back into character.

Goblin: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Spare me your preaching family quotes, Spider-Man. If I were you, I'd be more concerned of what's above your head.

His spider sense went off and Lightmech robots came flying down, blasting at him. But Spidey dodged the blasts and got out of the way, but then Black Cat came about and took out a few robots.

Spider-Man: Cat?

Black Cat: Why do I always have to bail you out of everything, Spider?

Spider-Man: I guess you're just lucky.

Black Cat: Trust me....I have luck for days.

So the two of them stood side by side and provided each other with backup. They double teamed offensively and defensively until only one Lightmech was left.

Spider-Man: Hold on. I got this.

Spidey attempted a web rodeo to launch the robot at Goblin, but Goblin sliced through the robot and kick Spideys lights out, enraging Black Cat.

Black Cat: Oh no, you....didn't!

She takes her turn to try and out-match Goblin, as she jumps on him. But he then throws her off him and throws a few razor bats at her and unlike Natasha, she dodges all of them.

Black Cat: Gotta move quicker then that, big boy.

And then, she pulls out the Formula X.

Black Cat: Lose something, elf?

Goblin: What?! Give that back!

Black Cat: How bout a deal? Give us the girl and you can have your little medicine.

As the negotiation was happening, Spidey rushed to Rach's aid

Spider-Man: Rach?

Rachel: Mmm.... *Opens eyes* Peter?

Spider-Man: It's going to be ok.

However, as that was happening, a broken but still active Lightmech pointed it's blaster and shot Black Cat in the leg, causing her to fall and drop the Formula X.

Black Cat: AAAAAAAHHH!!!

Spider-Man: CAT!!!!

Rachel even gasped as the Goblin laughed


Goblin: Freak? Hehe....I'm the freak? Have you looked in a mirror lately? I'm merely a victim of cruisifictisn. Unlike you two.

Rachel: You.... You're a monster!

She immediately held him up with the Darth Vader choke and Goblin couldn't breath. Luckily, Spidey stepped in before anymore serious damage was done.

Spider-Man: Rach! No!

Rachel: He's cold blooded! You want him dead as much as I do!

Spider-Man: But we're not like him. You're not that monster anymore, Rachel. Do NOT let him do this to you.

Rachel: You're unbelievable sometimes. This guy murdered innocents for years now and he hasn't PAID for it! H--how can you show him any mercy after he attacked your Aunt, kidnapped me and.....everything?!

Spider-Man: Carrie showed mercy more then you did, Rachel. I know she wouldn't settle for this....because what would she do?

It snapped to her. Carrie was the only family she had and with her gone, she didn't want to go against what she believed in. But at the same time, she knew that times had changed.

Her eyes slowly revert back to normal and loosens her grip on Goblin.

Unfortunately, that was a mistake as Goblin blinds her with his eyes and then dropkicks her, knocking her into Peter. It knocked her out again, but Spidey struggled to get up.

Goblin: *cackles* Running into you again was an unexpected bonus. But you've spun your last webs, Spidey. Now if you be so kind, stand back and witness true terror. I'll delude you of your deeds soon enough.

He took her blood out of his glider, put it into his device and activated the Right Hand Of Power. He then did the same to the Formula X. Soon enough, a small portal opened and he placed his hand inside, striking him a tight grip and endless stream of energy equipped into his suit as well as his glider.

Unfortunately, the symbiote that was stuck to Peter started to ooze all over him and it struck him.

Spider-Man: Argh......

Goblin: *Looks back* What the....

Spidey slowly gets up as he concrete cracks from the impact of his fists, pounding the ground. The camera rolls over him as it zooms out it reveal....the Black-Suited Spider-Man.

Black-Suited Spider-man: This. Ends. Now.

Goblin: And so it shall. Nice new suit, Spider-man clever you changed that quick but it's nothing compared to......

As Spidey looked on, HIS suit changed design and color as his glider automatically turned its weapon systems on and Goblin jumped on it.

Goblin:......The Right Hand of Power!

The glider had contained Rachel's telekinesis through her blood sample and it immediately grabbed Spidey in force, but....he barely inched at all. The symbiote suit made him strong enough to brake free. Spidey then tied a webline around Goblins neck and commenced a web rodeo before slamming him down. He then swung up, but the newly glider powers pushed him off long enough for Goblin to get back on as he flew around Ravencroft.

Black-Suited Spider-Man: Oh, no you don't!

He immediately jumped up and went after him.

Rachel groaned in pain as she tried to recover herself. Her vision was dim, but it soon came back into focus as she looked over and saw Black Cat losing blood. Even though she didn't like her, she wouldn't let her die in this manner. She managed to tear off a part of straight-jacket with her powers and warped it around Felicia's leg, making a tourniquet.

She then looked up at Spidey and Goblin's force powered battle above as she helped Felicia up.

 Rachel: Wha---Peter?

Both Spidey and the Goblin went to battle yet again, but Spidey was just a little bit faster, stronger know, prepared for what Goblin had in store.

He eventually web-kicked the Goblin off his glider and caught the glider with his web. He swung it around and slammed it into the ground, effectively destroying it.

Eventually, Felicia woke up and looks around. She sees the Goblin backing up and Spidey in his new black suit.

Black Cat: Oh my god....chuckles....where did he get this sort of power?

Rachel: Don't ask.

Rachel, somehow, recognized the texture on the suit, but she couldn't figure it out. She then puts two and two together and remembered Shriek.....


Spider-Man: What?

While left distracted, Goblin landed a dropkick, knocking Spidey back a few feet.

Goblin: Hehehe....well done. You surely improved. Especially with the new suit. But the best still to come!

He pressed a button on his suit and a back-up glider at Oscorp was activated. It went to hyper speed and flew towards Ravencoft and it came right behind Spidey. Luckily, Felicia saw the glider coming in fast.

Black Cat: Spider, look out!

Luckily, his spider sense went off and he flipped over it, but.....

Goblin/Norman: Oh.

The glider hit and IMPALED him through the chest and flew with him for a few seconds before Spidey yanked it out and crashed it into a wall. They all were left speechless as they jumped down and looked down at Norman, who had fallen off the edge of the building with the wounds from his glider, visibly clear.

Rachel: M-mr. Osborn?

Norman: Tha--thank god for all of you. *Groans* At least....HE....HE won't take me again.....

He reaches his hand out and Peter immediately grabs it.

Norman: Tell...Harry....I'm sorry. Uhhh.....

His grip slowly hardens, his pulse fades and.....he dies. Peter just goes down to a knee and tries not to get too emotional.

Spider-Man: I'm sorry too.

Black Cat: As we all are.

Rachel: Pete.

Peter then looked over at her.

Rachel: We got to get that suit off you. I know what it is. It's the symbiote from Shriek. You have to get it off now!

Spider-Man: What?

He looks at his hands and notices the change in his suit and strength.

Spider-Man: You sure? Cause....this feels good.

Black Cat: I'm sure it does, Spider....I'm counting on it.

Spider-Man: Well, if Shriek can control it....then so can I....

Rachel: Pete, please take it off.

Spider-Man: Rachel, no worries. I got this.

As Rachel looked on in worry, Peter relaxed and took calm breaths as the symbiote slowly crawled off into its own Spidey suit.

Peter shivered as the cold got to him, as he appeared nude. Rachel took off what was left of her jacket and covered him up with it as Peter continued to shake.

Rachel:, it's ok. I'm here.

They leaned their heads on each other as Cat looked at them, feeling down then looked at the Goblin's lifeless body. She then looked at Spideys black suit, smirked and took off.

The very next day, back at Peter's apartment, Peter and Rach watch the news together on last nights events as both were healing their wounds/injuries.

Reporter: And after a tremendous battle between the masked vigilante known as Spider-Man and the criminal known as the Green Goblin, the prison facility, Ravencroft appeared to be damaged during this event. However, there had been no civilian causalities. This turn of event had also taken place during the recent passing of Norman Osborn, head of funding's of Oscorp. We---

Peter then mutes the T.V and sits back.

Rachel: Poor Harry.

Peter: I know. He doesn't know what his father had done. He can never know.

Rachel: How was he when you saw him?

Peter: Broken down. I had to bring his body back to the manison. But Harry caught me leaving at the last second. *sighs* He...he thinks Spider-Man killed him and he swore....

Rachel: Ohh...Peter.....

Rachel looked down and then hugged Peter as the camera zoomed out of the apartment and revealed the whole city.

And then the Spidey symbol zooms over the screen and....

~Cuts to credits~

Post Credits Scene

As we cut back to Peters apartment, Rachel had just got out of a shower and was wearing a towel and drying her hair till....

Ding dong

More coming soon......


  • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - He call his back up glider over to kill Spidey, but he sees it coming. As Spidey jumps over the glider, it impales Norman clean through.


Spider-Man: Right Hand Of Power, as expected, was critically acclaimed by critics and audiences alike and was marked as yet ANOTHER impressive comeback by the wall crawler. The film currently holds a score of 7.3/10 on IMDb and the movie review aggravator website gave this film a score of 85% on the Tomatometer. Its critical consensus reads, "Marvel and Sony reach the climax zone here as Spider-Man: Right Hand Of Power leaves perfect opportunities for a sequel and a new direction for our proud friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man."

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  • Hero - Nickelback
  • Two Steps From Hell - Strength Of A Thousand Men (Remix)


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