Spider-Man: Animation is an American cartoon animated television series.  


Peter Parker is a young average teenager at Midtown High who was bitten by a radioactive spider while on a school field trip at OsCorp where he was giving amazing spider-like powers. Than, Peter's Uncle Ben was shoot after lifting a burglar with the prize money where he didn't get after he defeats the wrestler Crusher Hogan. Peter has now become the masked superhero know as Spider-Man where he decides to uncovers the secrets of his parents when they dies in a place after they left him at his aunt and uncle.  


  •  Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Voiced by Ben Schwartz)
  •  Aunt May Parker (Voiced by Debraoh Strang)
  •  Harry Osborn (Voiced by Will Wheaton)
  •  Mary Jane Watson (Voiced by Laura Vandervroot)
  •  Gwen Stacy (Voiced by )


Season 1 

Title Synopsis
Pilot Young average high school student Peter Parker has find himself getting amazing spider-like powers after he was bitten by a radioactive spider while on a school field trip at OsCorp. Than, he begins hunting down the man who shooted his beloved uncle after left him escapes with the prize money shorty after defeating Crusher Hogan. Now, he learns that true meaning of having a great power and even, an greater responsibility, Peter uses his powers for good where he become the masked superhero know as Spider-Man where he protect the city of New York City from crime and injustice.
The Vulture of the Skies As Peter find himself getting a job at the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man encounter the flying criminal know as the Vulture who steal money and jewels. As he try to find a way of how to defeat this aerial menace, Spider-Man find himself teaming ups with the flying superhero know as the Falcon where the two heroes team-ups to stop the Vulture before he can strikes again.
An Mysterio-ish Foe When special effect artist, Quentin Beck learns the the movie studios are now using CGI, he quits the movie and decides to frame Spider-Man. After disguising himself as Spider-Man and completely frame him, he become Mysterio where he told J. Jonah Jameson, the head of the Daily Bugle, to being Spider-Man to fight him on the Brooklyn Bridge. After being defeated by Mysterio, Spider-Man must find and defeats Mysterio and also clear his name, once and for all while on the run from the police.
The Eight Arms of Dr. Octopus! When scientist Otto Octavius was caught in a lab accident while testing his four robotic hydraulic tentacles to his nervous system, which corrupted him and become the supervillain know as Dr. Octopus. Now, Spider-Man must stop him before his four arms can take over the whole city. Meanwhile, Peter's Aunt May want him to go on a date with her friend's nicer, Mary Jane Watson.
An Shocking Brawl Herman Schultz, an low-level thug of the crime boss know as the Kingpin, breaking into a OsCorps building where he stolen two shocking-powered vibranium gauntlets where he become the Shocker where he goes on a crime spree. Spider-Man must stop him before he can ever think of upgrading the gauntlets.
The Spider and the Green Goblin When Norman Osborn mysterious disappears after a accident happens in OsCorp, Spider-Man promises his best friend that he would finds Norman. However, he encounter his newest enemy, the Green Goblin who appears out of nowhere and attacking innocents. During the fight with the villains, Spider-Man was shocked to see that the Green Goblin is... Norman Osborn!
Prey vs. Predator Peter's boss, J. Jonah Jameson wondering of how did Peter get amazing pictures of Spider-Man. Than, he hires an private investigator named Mac Gargan. However, when Mac fails his mission due to Peter's Spider Scene, Jameson decides to take matters to his own hand, he took him to Dr. Farley Stillway's lab where he was powers of the DNA of a scorpion where he become the superpowered Scorpion where Jameson sent to destroy Spider-Man. However, Gargan begins to lose his mind and goes on a rampage where Spider-Man must defeats the Scorpion before he can hunt down and kills his worse critic.
Where Crawl the Lizard When an OsCorp scientist named Curt Connors using lizards' DNA where he uses its to regrow his right arm back. After using the serum where its may seem to be works. But, its has turn poor Curt into the monstrous Lizard where Spider-Man and Curt's wife, Martha must create a cure for Curt before it's two late.
Unbreakable Hide Lowlife criminal, Alex O'Hirn has enough of Spider-Man always foiling his robberies. Than, the Kingpin sent him to steal an robotic rhino-like suit from BioTech where he uses its to goes on a rampage thought New York where the public dubbed him, "the Rhino" where Spider-Man must stop him from destroying across New York City. Meanwhile, Mary Jane wanders why Peter acting a bit strange.
Six Against One When Dr. Octopus mentally being in his four robotic arms to breaks himself, the Rhino, the Vulture, Mysterio, the Shocker, and the Scorpion out of prison where the six villains team-up and become the Sinister Six, Spider-Man find himself not strong enough to beat them. So, he decides to take them out, one by one.
Interstellar Discovery, Pt. 1 When a meteorite crashes nearly Central Park where a black goo claw out of its. The goo finds Spider-Man after he quickly defeating jewelry robbers, its completely create a new black suit with a large spider logo where he uses its to battling criminals. However, Spider-Man soon learns that the symbiote is nearly taking over his mind. Than, he got rid of its. But, the symbiote landed on Peter's rival, Eddie Brock where he become Spider-Man's greatest enemy, Venom. Now, Spider-Man must saves his friends from an foe who know his greatest secrets.
Interstellar Discovery, Pt. 2
Returns When Norman begins to remember he was the Green Goblin and also know who Spider-Man is, Spider-Man must stop Norman from killing his friends and family before it's two late.

Season 2

Title Synopsis
Hunting Seasons Reowned hunter from Russia, Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter arrives in to America where he see Spider-Man as his ultimate prey of all. As Spider-Man quickly defeats him, Kraven kidnaps Mary Jane where Spider-Man must save MJ and defeats Kraven before he can hurt anyone else.
The Sand of Crime Pretty thug Flint Marko is on the run from the police. Than, he accidentally slips into a nuclear testing where his body has now completely turn into sands where he dubbing himself, "the Sandman". How can Spidey defeats a enemy who is made out of sands? Meanwhile, Peter try to find the prefect gift of his Aunt May's birthday.
Enter Electro While on a stormy night, lineman Max Dillon was struck by lightning where he was giving electric powers where he uses its to rob banks as the electricity Electro. Spider-Man must think of a way of how to defeats a enemy who would shock him instantly. While that, Peter wandering its time to decides if he would tells MJ that he is Spider-Man or not.
Return of the Sinister Six When Dr. Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio, and Vulture escapes from prison and become a new Sinister Six where Spider-Man must defeats the new Sinister Six. Than, Spider-Man soon getting himself teaming ups with the Avengers where they help him out of defeating the new Sinister Six.
Venomous When Venom come back and try to torture Spider-Man, again, Spidey find himself getting helps from Daredevil where the two heroes team ups to defeats him.
The Beetle The Kingpin hires an armored assassin know as the Beetle to hunt down and kills Spider-Man. Spider-Man calls in the Falcon to help him out again in order to battles the Beetle.
Double Troubles Fearing that Spider-Man would find out that he is the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk sent in his bodyguard, Hammerhead and his minions, the Enforcers to take care of him.
Spidey Meets Speed Demon As a new supervillain hits New York, Speed Demon robs bank and jewelry stores while running so fasts. As Spider-Man having troubles of slowing him down, he decides to get helps from Iron Man in order to stop Speed Demon, once and for all.
Hydro When OsCorp scientist, Morris Bench was accidentally push over a chemical pit where his body become a living water where he calling himself, "Hydro-Man" where he plans on making a tidal wave on Manhatten, Spider-Man must stop him. But, how can he defeats a man who is made of water?
The Spider, the Boomerang, and the Daredevil While trying to defeats his newest foe, Boomerang, Spider-Man team ups with Daredevil, again where the two villains battles Boomerang and his boss, the Kingpin.
The Return of the Green Goblin When Norman begins to remember he was the Green Goblin and know Spider-Man's greatest secrets, Spider-Man must stop him and also somehow making him forget he was the Green Goblin. However, when Osborn puts Peter's Aunt May in the Hospital and also kidnapping Gwen, Spider-Man decides to defeats the Goblin, once and for all.
Syndication, Pt. 1 Beetle, Rhino, Speed Demon, Boomerang, and Hydro-Man team-ups and break out of prison where they become an newer version of the Sinister Six know as, the Sinister Syndicate, As he think that the Sinister Syndicate are a bit powerful that the Sinister Six was before, Spidey think that he would powerless against their unite powers and teamwork.
Syndication, Pt. 2 As he almost nearly being killed by the Sinister Syndicate, Spider-Man find himself getting helps from Daredevil and his friends, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jewel, the Defenders. As Spider-Man and the Defenders are nearly defeating the Sinister Syndicate, Beetle start senting them to attack the Defenders, one by one. However, Spider-Man arrives to save them and defeats the Syndicate.

Season 3

Title Synopsis
Gangland When Kingpin, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Mr. Negative, and Silvermane are at a gang war between themselves where Spider-Man and the Defenders got themselves in the crossfire where they must make its out, alive.
The Spider-Slayer
The Avenging Spider-Man
I, Reptile

Season 4

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