The saga of the Carrie and Marvel Crossover saga continues when Spidey and Rachel face an "alien invasion". After their battles with the Green Goblin (Spider-Man: Right Hand of Power) and then later Azazel (X-C 3: Divide and Conquer), Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) face one of their worst nightmares yet to come true: The symbiote suit. (That had returned to him after Right Hand of Power). While on, Spidey develops a new personality and Rachel encounters an old rival from her past......Featuring characters such as Venom, Mysterio, Carnage, Iron-Man, Black Cat, Jesse Ryan, Carrie White, Nightcrawler and many more.....this fandom is rated for rated PG-13 for disturbing events violence and language and references of movies and games are burrowed here.

Main Cast

  • Peter Parker (Spider-Man) / Tom Holland
  • Rachel Lang / Odeya Rush
  • Carrie White / Chloë Grace Moretz
  • Tony Stark (Iron Man) / Robert Downey Jr.
  • Eddie Brock (Venom) / Jake Gyellenhaal
  • Cletus Kassidy (The Carnage Killer) (Carnage) / Jim Carey
  • Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) / Felicity Jones
  • Quintin Beck (Mysterio) / Hayden Christensen---Voice of Mysterio / Kevin Bakerman
  • Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) / Alan Cumming
  • Jesse Ryan / Logan Lerman
  • Harry Osborn / Sean Faris
  • Aunt May / Marisa Tomei
  • J. Jonah Jameson / J.K Simmons
  • Anthony Mackie / Sam Wilson (The Falcon)
  • Elizabeth Olson / Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)
  • Morgan Freeman / Dr. Stromm
  • Jamal Woolard / ???

More to come.....


We take place two years ago in 2017 at New York Stadium where Quintin Beck (Hayden Christensen) was annoucing his newest allusion device to everyone in attendance. And boy, was he full of himself.

Beck: The images shown here prolong Hollywood's most best generated stunts. Powerful enough to bring your most desires to life. They will even feel real. And it will be unlimited. Undefined. UNBELIEVABLY magic. And so I, Quintin Beck, vow as Hollwoods most ingenious stunt creator that my duty to mankind will be fullfilled. Thank you.....

The crowd erupted and applauded louder as we cut to Peter Parker (Tom Holland) who just so happened to be in the audience, snapping a few pictures.

Beck Thank you.

Peter: *Takes pictures* You must be one piece of work Beck. How fascinating that one man could bring fantasies to life. 

Meanwhile backstage.....we cut to security guards

Man on radio: Check: 1 1, where's your 20?

Man in backstage: Just backsatage. I'm--OOH!!

Someone from the shadows smothered the guard and then knocked him out as he soon found the guard near the stage, dragged HIM backstage and then knocked him out. It then made its way to the sound generator and shut off the power as Beck was continuing to speak. His microphone screeches as he drops the mic and covers his ears as the audience looked back in confusion.

Beck: What?? *Turns around* Who dares?! Face me, coward! Face a worthy opponent.

And who came out was....


Then how is Peter in the audience???

Beck: Spider-Man??

The people panicked as they immediately got up from their seats and ran for the hills.

Peter: Wait a minute. Last time I checked, I was Spider-man.  

Beck: You fiend! You'll never.....

The fake Spider-Man shot a web line at Beck and pulled him to him to kick him off the stage. As Beck landed hard on the field, the fake Spidey was about to steal his machine 'till.....

Spider-Man: *From behind* So you think that lame costume makes you Spider-man?

Fake Spider-man: Huh?!

Just when the imposter attacked, the real one dodges and kicked him off the stage just as Beck snuck into the backstage area and gets webmail through the audio equipment......and to call 911.

Operator: 9-1-1. What's your emergency?

As the imposter tries to get back up, Spidey pinned him down with his foot on his chest.

Spider-Man: Listen up, buddy. I don't take kindly to people impersonating me. If I EVER catch you....and I mean literally....doing something like this again, there will be harsh words. Spoken by me. At you. Got it?

The fake Spidey just groaned in pain and twitched at him

Spider-Man: Hey, did you hear me pal?

But then something awkward happens....the imposter flickers excessively and then it causes a puff of smoke, blinding the real Spidey. Once he recovered, the imposter was gone and the stadium was nearly empty.

Spider-Man: What in the....

He looked around and Beck and his machine were gone too

Spider-Man: Hmm....

Unfortunately, the cops arrived and had all their guns pointed at him as he just stood there.

Cops: FREEZE!!

Spider-Man: I got to work on my truce with New York's finest.

He then jumps up into the air as the 5-0 hopelessly shoot at him as Spidey swings away

Spider-Man: See you around, guys.

(Title Sequence: Spider-Man: Alien Activity)

Two years later....

We cut to where Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) and her half-sister Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) was leaving the Nitehawk Cinemas in Brooklyn They had recently seen a movie that.....didn't gave them wormth fuzzy feelings

Rachel: *Shrugs* And here I thought this was nothing worse than what we did. 

Carrie: Seriously, I don't think I could've watched that for another hour. It just......I don't want to keep reminding you WHO it reminds me of.

Rachel: I know. And I promise I wasn't gonna say it.

Carrie: Thanks. But now that I think about it, it was your idea to come here. So....

Rachel: I don't know what I was thinking.....but...then again, that's the thing about taking risks. Didn't think the X-men taught you that.

Carrie: They sure did.

Rachel: Well....for the sake of arguement, think of it as....a helping to conquer your fears. 

Carrie: Aww, come here.

The two powered sisters hugged each other, unaware that they were being watched by.....The Black Cat (AKA Felicia Hardy) (Felicity Jones) from above.

She leaped down from a rooftop and followed them without them noticing.

Rachel: So, how's Kurt?

Carrie: He's been better. When I've been talking to him on the phone he seemed alright.

Rachel: I can imagine. I mean, I know it was hard for him cause his own father tried to take over the world and he had to kill him.

Carrie: Yeah. But he's hanging in there won't believe what he told me. He said that....Azazel told him that....Raven Darkholms is his mother.

Rachel: Mystique?? Wow. I knew there was a resemblence there, but I never thought....poor Kurt. I cannot imagine what he's going through since both of his parents were....twisted.

Carrie: was my mom. She used to drag me in the closet, forcing me to pray. Took me forever before I put my foot down.

Rachel: I'm deeply sorry about that. If only we grew up together like we should've, all our troubles could have been avoided and we would have helped each other through it.

Carrie: That's all under the bridge now. I mean we're here together now.

They hugged again.

Carrie: So what'd you want to do next?

Rachel: There's a pizza parlor just down the street.

Carrie: Good enough for me.

The two sisters giggled but then....they heard a man screaming in an allyway

Rachel: What was that?

Carrie: I don't know.

They ran down the ally only to see a dead body covered in blood and a gun was in his hands

The girls gasped with their hands on their mouths.

Rachel: Oh my god....

Carrie: I'mma call 911.

As Carrie reached for her cell in her purse, Rachel looked over at the wall with letters CK written in blood on it.

Rachel: "CK"??

Operator: 911. What's your emergency?

Carrie: I need to report a dead body.......

As Carrie was communicating on the phone, Rachel stepped back a little bit, allowing a figure to come up from behind and grab her.

Carrie: *over phone* Ok. Thank you. *hangs up* Hey, Rachel. Rachel? Rach?

She turns the phone off and looks around for Rachel, unaware that she was just around the corner of the wall.

Rachel was still muffled until she noticed some tendons on its hands. She immediately moved its hand away and pulled off its hoodie. Who she saw was no surprise to her.

Rachel: Felicia.

Felicia: *chuckles*

Rachel: I should've known this wouldn't be the last time we see each other.

Felicia: I see you remembered me. How touching.

Rachel: Is this really a good time? I was just tryi-

Before she could finish, Felicia ends up smothering her with her claws again.

Felicia: Shhhhh......don't try and stall with me, otherwise you'll have bad luck heading your way. I'm certified CRAZY, you know.....

Rachel: *muffled* Get your paws off of me.....or else.....

Felicia: That doesn't scare me.

Rachel: *muffled* Just what do you want?

Felicia: First, calm down.

Rachel snarled softly then calmed down

Felicia: Second, I know who did this.

Rachel: Who?

Felicia: Can't say, yet. First we have to find the Spider. Where is he?

Rachel: You know....these secrets and you obsessing over my boyfriend is really......pissing me off.....

Rachel was about to attack, but Felicia jumped straight up to the rooftop and she smirked at her.

Felicia: Give Pete a kiss from ME, sister. *Blows a kiss and scurries off*

Rachel got soooooo angry that she made the ground shake until......

Carrie: There you are. What's wrong?

Rachel: Huh? *Looks at Carrie* Oh....uhh...I-I--nothing. I just--

She looked up where Felicia took off again

Rachel: I just ran into an old friend.

Carrie: Who?

Rachel: No one worth talking about. Come on. Peter's worried sick.

Later at the Parker residents, Peter was actually checking out the differences of his red and blue suit that Stark gave him and.....the black symbiote suit. Two months ago after the battle with the Green Goblin, the symbiotie suit reappeared on Peter again when one night, he woke up in Midtown and the suit made him so stronger then before. At one point, he thought he could keep it this time but with Rachel unaware of it

Peter: Hmm....I don't know why....I felt a lot stronger when I first wore the suit, then this one. Where exactly did this black suit....came from? Is it really that symbiote stuff that made Mrs. Morbius into......

At that point there was a knock on his door

Aunt May (Marisa Tomei): Peter? What'd you doing in there?

Peter: Homework. You know how I am, Aunt May.

Aunt May: Well dinner's ready, you can take a break if you want.

Peter: Uh....I guess.

Peter looks at his suits, pausing for a moment

Later at dinner, Carrie and Rachel were already home and were all laughing about stories they were telling each other.

Carrie: *Laughing* And Kurt was hanging off a tree acting like a monkey.

They all laughed.

Aunt May: Kinda reminds me when Peter used to act like an elephant when he was 7.

Peter: Ah come on, Aunt May. You have to bring that up?

Aunt May: It's my job.

Rachel: Oh May, tell Carrie about the time when Pete ripped his pants behind and caught it.

Carrie: *Squeals* WHAT??

Peter: *Embarrassed* No no no, please.

Aunt May: I don't even remember how that happened, but I think....

Peter: No.

Aunt May: He was over the concession stand and a ball was sent over at him.

Peter: Please no....

Carrie, somehow, was actually able to read his mind and she learned what really happened to Peter

Carrie: Oh boy....

Both (Peter and Rachel): What?

Carrie: What??

Carrie did not know what happened, for it was the first time she had read anyone's minds and she was freaked out about it. She slowly stood up in seconds

Rachel: Sis? You ok?

Carrie: Yeah....please, excuse me.

She passed a note to Rachel without Pete nor May noticing and she read it.

I just read Peter's mind. What's happening to me?

Rachel then made a worried look.....

(To Be Continued)

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