• Speedonic the Corey Mc, the Main Hero is fastest than the Speed of light, dark and Sound. Saving creatures from the evil Dr.chicken fried rice man.
  • Quillzy the Hedgehog, Speedonic's 15-year old Sidekick, He help Speedonic and invent gizmos.
  • Donnjackle the Dylanus, a Tough dylanus, and a friendly rival of Speedonic.
  • Dr.Chicken fried Rice man, Similar to Dr.Eggman from the sonic the hedgehog series, he's invent ultimate doomsday but defeat by Speedonic, multiple times.
  • Ulinia Cactus, a 16 year old Corey Mc and a love interest to Speedonic.
  • Claws the Tasmanian Devil, a Anti-hero and a half clone to Speedonic.
  • Qrisk the Bear, a Sleepy bear and a Rival of Speedonic.
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