Species: Resurrection is a 2021 science fiction horror thriller film. It is the fifth installment of the Species series.


A scientist create three perfect alien for his special project but things backfires when his aliens escape into real world and seeks out to find their true "identity" while their "father's" secret threatens to ruins his career.



  • Daveigh Chase as Darcy Robertson
    • TBA as Young Darcy Robinson (age 12)
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Jacob Robertson/Michael, Molly and Darcy's adopted father and a scientist
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Molly Robertson
    • TBA as Young Molly Robinson (age 15)
  • Oscar Isaac as Michael Robertson
    • TBA as Young Michael Robertson (age 18)
  • TBA as David TBA, a mysterious man and Darcy's love interest
  • Micheal Madsen as Press Lennox
  • Marg Helgenberger as Dr. Laura Baker-Lewis
  • Mykelti Williamson as Dennis Gamble
  • Vanessa Morgan as Ayesha Lewis/Laura's daughter who befriend's Darcy
  • Katy Perry as Camryn Jones/Ayesha's friend
  • Emma Watson as Frieda
  • James Marsden as Martin Meate/Jacob's colleage
  • Forest Whitaker as Dan Smithson
  • Alicia Silverstone as Alena Matthews/Jacob's girlfriend
  • Wesley Snipes as Tyrone Lewis/Laura's husband and Ayesha's father
  • Chad Michael Murray as Neil Morgan/Frieda's boyfriend


Darcy, Camryn, Frieda and Ayesha meets David

  • (David in the bar, watching Ayesha, Camryn, Frieda and Darcy)
  • Frieda: That man is creepy, he's still watching us.
  • Darcy: Who is he looking at?
  • Camryn: I don't know. Do you guys think he got a hot shot for me?
  • Ayesha: I don't think, Camryn. You fucked up every relationship and Frieda already got a boyfriend.
  • Ayesha: Somebody already got my eyes and Darcy...
  • Darcy (drink): is Virgin.
  • Camryn (giggle): How old are you? 20?
  • Darcy: Shut up. I don't know how I am old.
  • Camryn: Bullshit.
  • (David walks to the tablet where Darcy, Camryn, Ayesha and Frieda sitting)
  • Frieda: Holy shit, he is coming.
  • (Darcy cough with her drink)
  • Ayesha: Are you OK?
  • Darcy (cough): No, help me out.
  • (Ayesha taps Darcy's back 6 times and Darcy cough at the same time)
  • (Darcy hard cough for 3 times)
  • David: Good evening, ladies.
  • (Frieda and Camryn sighs)
  • (Darcy pants)
  • Ayesha: Are you OK?
  • Darcy: No...
  • David (give Darcy his drink): Drink this. It is water.
  • (Darcy drink David's water)
  • (Darcy breaths and pants at the same time)
  • (Darcy sighs)
  • (David sit down, next to Darcy)
  • David: Are you OK? You has a bit of scare.
  • Darcy: I am fine! I mean... I am OK.
  • (Darcy smile at David)
  • (Camryn and Frieda look at each other in confused face)
  • Ayesha: I am really sorry about my friend. 
  • David: Don't worry, she is a little cutie.
  • (David touch Darcy's leg)
  • Darcy: Er...
  • Ayesha: My name is Ayesha.
  • Ayesha (point to Camryn and Frieda): Camryn and Frieda.
  • Ayesha: This is Darcy.
  • David: Hi, Darcy. My name is David.
  • (Darcy and David shake each other's hand)
  • Frieda (stand up): So, we are getting more drinks to celebrate our trip. Camryn, come on...
  • Camryn: Really, I want to know Davi...
  • Frieda (drag Camryn): Now!
  • (Frieda, Camryn and Ayesha stand up, walking to the bar)
  • Darcy: Ayesha...
  • Ayesha (talk to Darcy): Play around.
  • (Frieda, Camryn and Ayesha stand in the bar)
  • Ayesha: I am not sure this is best idea, leaving Darcy with a stranger.
  • Camryn: She is also a stranger, Ayesha. We don't even knew her. If your parents found out...
  • Ayesha: Trust me, they will not know.
  • Frieda: Camryn is right, you are playing with fire.
  • Ayesha: Well, I trust her. Look at her, she is friendly, nice and good-looking.
  • Ayesha: She was a lonely when we found her. We will give her a new identity and life. Please, trust me.
  • (Camryn sighs)
  • David: Where are you from?
  • (Scene change with Darcy and David in the table)
  • Darcy: New York.
  • David: Why are you here in Los Angeles?
  • Darcy: I don't know. I was lonely.
  • David (smile): Really? You don't know why you end up in this shiny city.
  • Darcy: No...
  • Darcy: Me and my slibing was running away but things didn't goes as plan. We has an accident and they left me behind.
  • David: Yikes.
  • Darcy: I don't know where they went. I end up in the dessert where Ayesha and her friends find me and took me in Los Angeles.
  • David: You got lucky.
  • Darcy: What about you?
  • David: You really don't want to know about my life. My life is a fucked up.
  • David: I didn't knew my parents.
  • (David sighs)
  • David: I don't like to talk about my past. It haunted me forever.
  • Darcy: Why?
  • David: Nobody will understand the truth, about who I am.
  • Darcy: I understand. I just like you. Too scared to show myself.
  • (Darcy touch David's hand)
  • Darcy: My father kept me and my slibing from outside world. I didn't have any friends, just me and my slibing.
  • (Darcy and David look at each other, almost kiss each other)
  • Camryn (put the drink into the table): Drink!
  • (Ayesha, Camryn and Frieda sit down)
  • Camryn: Anybody for a night club?
  • Darcy: What is a night club?
  • David: Really? How old are you?
  • (Ayesha, Camryn, Frieda and David laugh)
  • David: Don't worry, I am only joking.
  • (Ayesha, Camryn, Frieda, David and Darcy grab their drink)


131 mins

Rated R for strong violence, sexual content, graphic nudity and language.

18 certificate

It is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures.

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