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20:35, September 8, 2007Information icon.png (file)4 KBVDO ({{Information |attention= |description= |source=Wikipedia |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{fairuse}} |other versions= }})
23:40, September 9, 2007Copyright-uncertain.png (file)9 KBVDO ({{Information |attention= |description= |source=Wikipedia/Wookieepedia |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{fairuse}} |other versions= }} )
09:49, September 10, 2007User-icon.png (file)220 BVDO 
07:18, September 11, 2007Human-genders.png (file)18 KBVDO 
03:27, September 12, 2007Human Race.jpg (file)28 KBEL CID 
17:22, September 12, 2007Humans 2nd C.E.jpg (file)45 KBEL CID 
20:59, September 12, 20071105553800 0c421219f3.jpg (file)77 KBEL CID 
23:44, September 12, 2007Human Empire.jpg (file)20 KBEL CID 
03:32, September 13, 2007Human NCE.jpg (file)22 KBEL CID 
01:38, September 16, 2007Xeno Wars 5.jpg (file)98 KBEL CID 
16:49, September 23, 2007The Empire.jpg (file)147 KBEL CID 
21:58, September 23, 2007Invasion.png (file)29 KBEL CID 
02:33, October 6, 2007Ryanus shipwreck.png (file)195 KBRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description=Ryanus dives and finds the shipwreck of the ''Conqueror'' prior to the encounter with the squid |source=A compilation of two images: *[
03:33, October 6, 2007Writing.jpg (file)153 KBRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description=Writing on Looseleaf, self-made, but text from Shakespeare's ''Julius Caesar'', Act II Scene II |source=See above |author=Darthtyler (text from Shakespeare) |filespecs= |licensing={{fairuse}} |other versions= }})
04:04, October 6, 2007Predator tentacles.png (file)148 KBRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description=A Predator Squid's tentacles about to crush the ''Vicious'' |source=Several images compiled |author=Roman commander |filespecs= |licensing={{fairuse}} |other versions= }})
07:58, October 6, 2007Whale.png (file)0 BRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description=Giglioli's Whale |source=*[ Toy] Fair use- will not hurt him/her financially |author=Darthtyler |fil)
09:09, October 7, 2007BlankMap-World12.png (file)18 KBEL CID 
22:44, October 9, 2007Bloop.ogg (file)
20 KBRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description=Predator Squid's call. The bloop, of course! |source=[ NOAA page] |author=NOAA |filespecs= |licensing=This image is a work of NOAA, an)
23:33, October 9, 2007Kill martians.jpg (file)60 KBRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description= For Template:Delete |source=War of the Worlds (1953) |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{film-screenshot}} |other versions= }})
23:50, October 9, 2007ET Improving.jpg (file)25 KBRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description=Template:Improving |source=''ET: The Extra Terrestrial'' |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{film-screenshot}} |other versions= }})
23:59, October 9, 2007Cleanup.jpg (file)17 KBRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description=Template:Cleanup |source=''The Incredibles'' |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{film-screenshot}} |other versions= }})
00:57, October 10, 2007Sound.jpg (file)1 KBRoman commander ({{Information |attention= |description=Template:Sound |source=Windows Sound Recorder icon |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{fairuse}} |other versions= }})
20:17, October 28, 2007Gorgon.jpg (file)106 KBAnime Fan 
04:18, November 1, 2007Lycan map00001.png (file)40 KBEL CID 
23:37, January 21, 20085104 CE..png (file)17 KBEL CID (Reverted to version as of 23:23, 21 January 2008)
20:24, April 5, 20081st Rough Drawing of Shadow's Eta-2 Actis class light interceptor.png (file)121 KBZeldaTheSwordsman (A photograph of a drawing of Shadow the Hedgehog's Eta-2 Actis class light interceptor.)
21:48, April 8, 2008Shadow's JediInterceptor Shooting CW thing nobg.png (file)105 KBZeldaTheSwordsman 
21:52, April 8, 2008Shadows JediInterceptor Shooting CW thing nobg.png (file)105 KBZeldaTheSwordsman 
23:39, April 8, 2008CW Shadows Jedi Starfighter.png (file)35 KBZeldaTheSwordsman 
23:31, April 23, 2008Lyoko Zaber Color Finish.JPG (file)44 KBBanishedZaber (|attention= Zaber Ocrist |description= Art created by the author depicting the character Zaber Ocrist. |source= NA |author= BanishedZaber |filespecs= NA |licensing= {{PD}} |other versions= NA )
20:02, May 25, 2008Amy Viper At Anaxes.png (file)121 KBZeldaTheSwordsman ({{Information |attention= |description= |source=You must site source of the image. |author=ZeldaTheSwordsman |filespecs= |licensing=Public Domain? |other versions=none }})
22:56, July 2, 2008Gnome-speakernotes.png (file)3 KBVDO (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Gnome speakernotes symbol |source=Commons:Image:Gnome-speakernotes.png. Image from the GNOME package, a free software (GPL) desktop environment. |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{)
01:09, August 4, 2008CW Columbia 640px.png (file)61 KBZeldaTheSwordsman (The Battlestar Columbia)
19:21, August 28, 2008Flag of the Assembly of Nations (CotF).png (file)30 KBMainzer1992 
11:20, October 3, 2008Green arrow logo.jpg (file)10 KBTalix ({{Information |attention= |description=logo for Green Arrow film. |source=C:\Users\Owner\Pictures\green_arrow_logo.jpg |author=Talix |filespecs=5 MB |licensing=Used from Other |other versions= }} )
01:41, October 17, 20086.JPG (file)4 KBJendan 
06:27, October 31, 2008Enterprisecrew.jpg (file)43 KBJaster1 (Several human crewmembers of the USS Enterprise NCC-01.)
06:28, October 31, 2008Spock.jpg (file)74 KBJaster1 (Subcommander Spock)
06:29, October 31, 2008Enterprise.jpg (file)359 KBJaster1 (The USS Enterprise NCC-01.)
06:33, October 31, 2008Earth.jpg (file)30 KBJaster1 (The planet Earth.)
06:34, October 31, 2008Phoenix space.jpg (file)23 KBJaster1 (The ''Phoenix'', the first Human-built warp ship.)
06:35, October 31, 2008StarfleetLogo.gif (file)34 KBJaster1 (Logo of Starfleet)
13:27, November 15, 2008Sarah Connor Chronicles 03.jpg (file)91 KBLindsay Lohan Phoenix 
09:48, November 16, 200819 .jpg (file)35 KBLindsay Lohan Phoenix 
00:26, November 19, 2008Cameron main1.png (file)223 KBLindsay Lohan Phoenix 
14:24, November 23, 2008Young John T2.jpg (file)33 KBLindsay Lohan Phoenix 
14:29, November 23, 2008Connor44.jpg (file)10 KBLindsay Lohan Phoenix 
14:50, November 24, 2008Weaver portal.jpg (file)78 KBLindsay Lohan Phoenix 
04:32, November 28, 2008Zeldas arc170.png (file)26 KBZeldaTheSwordsman 
21:27, December 7, 2008Kendra-Wilkinson.jpg (file)62 KBLindsay Lohan Phoenix 

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