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Holy Spear

Archibald wielding the Spear of Destiny against the Lord of Terror in Heaven
Kanji 運命の槍
Rōmaji Unmei no yari
Alias/Titles Holy Spear
Spear of Christ
Holy Spear of the Lord
Spear of Longinus
Type Holy Spear
Spear of Longinus
Sacred Gear (Highschool DxD)
Wielders Archibald (Current)
Saint Longinus
Unknown Wielders

Spear of Destiny (運命の槍, Unmei no yari) is a legendary spear forged by God for the Archangel Archibald to use to combat against the Darkness. Eventually, the Spear soon used by the "Centurion" or known has "Saint Longinus" and pierced Jesus Christ on the Cross. Currently, the Spear is with Archibald.



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