Spawn is an upcoming American superhero action film based on the Image Comics series Todd MacFarlane's Spawn. The film stars Harold Perrineau as the title character. It was followed by Spawn: The Eternal and Spawn: Armageddon.


Al Simmons, a former soldier, now works as an assassin fora covert government agency. However, he soon becomes disillusioned with his work and begins to wonder what the government's true intetions were. This attracts the attention of his employer, Jason Wynn, who sends Jessica Priest, another assain, to kill Al. She shoots Al multiple times and sets him on fire, leaving him to burn.

Al wakes up in Hell, and is brought before the demon Malebolgia, who offers him a deal; Al will become his servant, a "Hellspawn" in return for Al being allowed to see his wife, Wanda, once more. Desperate, Al reluctantly agrees, and is sent back to Earth.

However, there are certain repercussions; the two most notable being that Al's face and body remain badly scarred from the fire, and five years have passed since Al's death. Wanda has since bore Al's daughter Cyan but moved on and married his best friend Terry Fitzgerald. Al tries to drown his sorrows, but while sitting in a dark back alley, he is visited by a clown, who is revealed to be an emissary from Hell and Al's guide to dealing with his new "life."

Al learns that he can form full-body armour from necroplasm, giving him superhuman strength and durability. He also learns that Wynn has since become one of the most powerful men in the world, and has discovered a new element which he is in the process of weaponizing. After finding out that Wynn will be attending a reception in the city, Al decides to go after him.

Disguised by his armour, Al crashes through the skylight and tries to attack Wynn, but is fought off by Priest. After a brutal fight, Al fatally stabs her, and she asks him who he is. He reveals his true face and she realizes Al has returned. He then tosses her over a rail and she lands on a table below. Wynn is evacuated from the building and Al is blasted out of a window by Wynn's security forces.

Wounded after the attack, Al is found by an old man named Cogliostro, a former Hellspawn who broke free of his demonic chains and now fights in the name of good. He decides to train Al to use his new abilities for good. Meanwhile, Wynn is confronted by Clown, revealing a previous deal between Wynn and the Devil; Wynn would give the demons his best soldier, Al Simmons himself, in return for psychoplasm, a supernatural substance containing mysterious and fantastic powers and is the very essence from which Hell is made. This is the new element that Wynn has made his fortune from. Clown knocks Wynn out and forces him to undergo surgery which attaches a device that will trigger the worldwide detonation of Wynn's psychoplasm weapons. It is also revealed that Malebolgia plans to have Al kill Wynn and trigger the apocalypse.

Clown sends Wynn to kill Wanda, hoping to draw Al into a confrontation. The plot is successful; Al arrives just in time in his Hellspawn form and attacks Wynn, but soon learns of the device. Knowing that getting his revenge will mean the end of the world, Al instead knocks Wynn out and has Wanda call the police. However, an enraged Clown tackles Spawn out of the building and into an alleyway, where he reveals his true form; that of the demonic Violator. After a protracted battle, Al savagely beats the Violator, forcing him to change back into Clown. Al picks him up and impales him on a fence post.

The police arrive and Wynn is arrested. Al and Cogliostro watch as Wanda, Cyan and Terry embrace and decides to move on, becoming a warrior of justice rather than evil and vengeance. Suddenly, Al notices that Clown's body is missing. The Violator jumps onto the police car, trying to kill Wynn to kickstart the end of the world anyway, but Al jumps down and severs the demon's head with his chains.

The film ends with Al watching Wanda, Cyan and Terry together, before becoming the hero known as Spawn. In prison, Wynn is forced to undergo an operation to remove the device connected to his heart. In Heaven, some Angels take note of the Hellspawn and decide it's time to action. 


Harold Perrineau - Al Simmons/Spawn

Gabrielle Union - Wanda Fitzgerald

David O'Hara - Cogliostro

Keith David - Maleboglia

Wayne Knight - Clown/The Violator

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Jason Wynn

Noomi Rapace - Jessica Priest

Amy Adams - Angela

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