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Spawn: Origins is a three and a half hour long (3 Hrs. and 30 Minutes) reboot of the poorly received 1997 live action adaptation, know as: Spawn.

This cinematic picture stars: Terrance Howard as Spawn, Halle Berry as Wanda, Quvenzhané Wallis as Cyan, and Will Smith as Terry White.

The Plot has The Violator, Malebolgia, Jason Wynn, Jessica Priest, an Extremist Christian Cult, and an Army of Demons as the villains.

Author's Note: The Plot's Villains The Trio of Satanists are mini-villains who are immediately killed: Killy, Savage, and Ripper and The Drug store robbers: Maverick, Chase, and Wiley.

Directors and Producers

1st Director: Frank Miller

2nd Director: Michael Bay

1st Producer: James Cameron

2nd Producer: Riddley Scott

1st Screenwriter: M. Night Shamalayan

2nd Screenwriter: Joss Whedon

Movie Synopsis

Al Simmons wakes up in Hell and become one of Mephisto's Greatest Warriors: The Hell Spawn.


Ex-Assassin, Al Simmons is living life happily with wife: Wanda and his daughter: Cyan.

Until Al is called by his Ex-Boss: Jason Wynn and needs him for Operation: A.F.T.E.R.M.A.T.H., but Al refuses and insists that he gave up that life style, coincidentally, Jason had a new assassin: Jessica Priest follow them there and kill Al if he refused.

Al wakes up in hell and make a deal with Malebolgia, that if Al saw his wife, Wanda one last time he'd lead an Army of Demons (hell's army) and become Spawn. Spawn wakes up five years later being followed by a demonic clown called, The Violator and visits Wanda, without making any type of physical or verbal contact whatsoever, seeing that she married his best friend: Terry White and has given birth to a second daughter: Valentina.

Spawn slices The Violator in half, with his chains, after their battle of great extent, then he heads to Malebolgia with a confidence to kill him, but soon realizes that Malebolgia had his family hostage, so Spawn gives up and soon severely beaten Malebolgia.

At an unsuspected twist, Spawn agrees follow Malebolgia's order at inevitable defeat, but in another unsuspected twist, Spawn kills The Army of Demons and say ot Malebolgia: "I did what you said, I let, but you never meant how, I'll tell you how I lead them to their damn doom", Spawn gains external will power takes Malebolgia to a realm where his soul and body would die and decimate him.

So after Spawn destroyed Mephisto, The Violator, The Army of Demons, and awoken satan Spawn and him are sorting out deals and eventually they come to an agreement:

Spawn would be Satan's right hand man.

And The Credits Rolls.

Mid Credit Scene

Angela is talking to Celestian Angel's and discusses Spawn's place as Good or Evil.

Post Credit Tease

Spawn is talking to the Celestian assassins: Negotiating wether he'd double cross Satan or Turn the tables on the Celestians.


Terrence Howard as Al Simmons/Spawn

Halle Berry as Wanda

Lauryn Alisa McClainas as Cyan

Amandla Stenberg as Valentina

Will Smith as Terry White

Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark (Cameo)

Wayne Knight as Sam

Bob Kane as Twitch

Jeff Bridges as Cogliostro

Christopher Plummer as Mike Smyth (Homeless Man 1)

Michael Hall D'Addario as Jake Smyth (Homeless Kid 1)

Jordana Brewster as Celestian Angel (Kith)

Mark Walberg as Jason Wynn

Scarlett Johansson as Jessica Priest

Christen as Dunsts as Angela (Cameo)

Guy Pearce as Killy

Hayden Christensen as Savage

Josh Brolin as Ripper

Aaron Paul as Maverick

Jeff Goldblum as Chase

Michael Jai White as Wiley

Nicholas Cage as Alley Junky

George Cloney as Superior One

Matt Damon as Superior Two

Ryan Reynolds as Superior Three

Chris Evans as Superior Four

Leonardo Di Caprio as Superior Five

Tom Hardy as Superior Six

Bruce Willis as Human Sacrifice victim

Zoey Deschanel as Cult Follower

Sharon Stone as Cult Follower 2

Andrew Garfield as Cult Follower 3

Emma Stone as Cult Follower 4

Jim Carrey as Cult Follower 5

Jon Favorou as Cult Follower 6

Paul Bettany as Cult Follower 7

William Sadler as Cult Follower 8

James Badge Dale as Cult Follower 9

James Franco as Cult Follower 10

Tim Curry as The Violator

James Earl Jones as Malebolgia (Voice)

Ron Pearlman as Satan (Voice)


Disclaimer: Warning the following quotes are in inchronological order, contain incredibly valgaous, violent language, and remember you were warned.

Al Simmons: "Wynn I said I was done blatantly with this assassination job,I found out that those people I killed weren't 'U.S. Threats' and they were people you had a beef with so you got me to your dirty work, so its NO, the Answer is: No, No, No, and NO."


Al Simmons: Shot 12 Times, lit on fire, and torn apart on after being hit by a helicopter blade.

Killy: Spawn hits him so hard his face implodes.

Savage: Spawn crushes Savage with a Car.

Ripper: Ironically Ripped in half.

Human Sacrifice Victim: Heart is blatantly ripped out and torn into pieces.

Maverick: Spawn drastically twists arm and the gun's trigger aims at Marvin when he pulls the trigger.

Chase: Limbs severation (Arms and Legs were removed), skin removal, and burnt to death.

Wile: Beer bottle glass severes the main function in the brain instantaneously killing him.

Superior Five: Gunned down by Jessica Priest.

Superior Six: Blown up by Jason Wynn.

Jessica Priest: Shot in the heart by a Flaming Crossbow.

Jason Wynn: Soul was melted by Superior One.

The Violator: Sliced in half by Spawn's chains/blades.

Malebolgia: Sent to Spawn's dimension where his powers were token away and is completely decimated by Spawn's abilities.


Superior One - Spawn let him live, showing him that God had abonded mankind.


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