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after an evil shadow (tim curry) captures they're moms magic johnson micheal jordan and dwayne wade must rescue them by beating him in a game of basketball against his squad of shadow clones with the help of several different cartoon characters lebron james and shaquielle o neal while also helping a new cartoon characters realize they're purposes in life as they block the opponent's from grabbing onto micheal's legs as he slam dunks the final win of the game the evil shadow tries to slip away unnoticed but it turns out to be robbie rotten back for revenge on the toons bugs bunny tells robbie that this whole scheme of his is getting old robbie then admits that bugs is right but he still has no home and that he hates living at the dump bugs bunny then has the idea the maybe he could live with them robbie is delighted as bugs bunny and the others celebrate by singing for the more the merrier dwayne wade reveals that he and the others need to get home to name the new stadium robbie says he can help with that as he whistles for something and reveals his pipe system from his old home and transports the players home robbie then scores a kiss with penelope making her her whoo like daffy making her pull the next transition of the players announcing they are naming the new stadium tune squad stadium after the conference dwayne's wife asks him how he came up with it he simply states it just came to them dwayne then apologizes to her saying he was a fool for his actions and that she was always the one for him 3 weeks later dwayne's son then puts a karaoke machine on as does bugs in his world as both worlds are having the characters sing i can't fight this feeling anymore


gumball watterson

ami onuki



robot jones

bugs bunny

lola bunny

wile coyote

marvin martian

sylvester the cat




the noid

king kong

iron giant

kangaroo jack






all that cast

rise tmnt


la avatar cast

inspector gadget

rocket power

fred fish

the health inspector

kevin the sea cucumber

the mask


the voltron squad

drake and josh

nacho libre

segata sanshiro

the thundercats


the duplo aliens

the power rangers

the road rovers

batman beyond

father time

the goofalotatots

freddy fazbear and friends

willy's wonderland cast



cole young

bill cipher

ronald mcdonald

the burger king


the cockroaches

senor cardgage

the danger force

james bond

the cast of icarly


the winx club

audrey 2

the dover boys

the three bears

the two hillbillys


al micheals

charles Barkley