Is a fan film that will pick up from Space Channel 5 Part 2 it is to be filmed by the same group as Don't Stop Screaming and will be filmed before it.


The Film will follow Ulala 2 years after the events of SC5Part2, After the death of CEO Micheal Ulala's Boss Fuse has become the CEO alowing Noise to become Ulala's new boss. But when an invention goes wrong Ulala Noise Pudding Pine Jaguar and others get transported to 2011. Now they with the help of old and new friends must enter a dance contest to get back to there time and save both the past ans future.

Character Bios

From The GameUlalais the reporter for channel 5 and when invention goes wrong she is one of the few people to got to the year 2011. She starts the dance crew Channel 5 to get the money to fix noizes invention to go back to the year 2505Puddingis Ulala's rival and Best friend and reporter for channel 42 she is also one of the bunch that goes to the year 2011. She is apart of ulala's dance crew and will do anything to take down the rival group sizzleandstomp.Pineis ulala's friend and space police she also is transported to the year 2011 and joins the dance crew to get home.Jaguaris ulala's friend and love intrest. He is a reporter for space piretes and seeks the truth. He is also transported and join's the crew but is seeking that even more evin is involed then the other crews.Fuseis ulala's ex-boss and curruent CEO of Channel 5 after the death of Space Micheal.he is not transported but is able to communacate through Ulala's headset.Noizeis Ulala's partner who make's the invention that transports everyone to 2011. Through out the movie he tries to collect movie to fix the invention and is the dance crew's manager.Evilais Ulala's robot twin first was evil but now is good she join's the dance team to return home.Hoorgis the morolian boss and join's the dance crew but get's head's turn cuz he is a alien.President Peaceis the president of 2505 and help's fuse get everyone back home to there time.Purgeis the evil villan from part 2 is ment to belive the main villan along with blank but is not and ulala alows him to join the team to go back home if he stays a hero for ever.Blankis the evil villan from part 1 is ment to belive the main villan along with purge but is not and ulala alows him to join the team to go back home if he stays a hero for ever.88Manis the channel 88 reporter joins the dance crew.Shinichiro Tachibanais the channel 1 reporter joins dance crew.Chloe Cachooka and Faith Anthonyare school student's who are transported when they take pudding's class on being a star.Brent Suzuki and Ms. Valala Petrieare new's reportes from channel 5 who tell the people of 2505 what is happening in 2011.Mimi and LilyPine's Backup's join crew.Moroliansare aline dancersSpace Touristsare photographersAmy Amaniais a modelSpace Micheal (Cameo)afther his death ulala has visions of him telling giving her advice.New CharatchersKal Thompsonthe host and main villan based off kenan thompson and kal mitchel.SizzleandstompTaylor Spearsis the leader and main bad girl of the crew rivial of Ulala based off taylor swift and birttany spears.Kesha Perryis Taylor's best Friend and rival od Pudding based off katy perry and ke$ha.Lea Gagais Pine's Rival and based off lea michele and lady gaga.Demi Gomezis evila's rival and is baed off demi lavoto and selena gomez.Beyonce Minajis noones rival and joins ulala's team at end. based off beyonce and nicki minajAdele Winehouseis mimi and lily's rival based off adele and amy whinehouseShakira Banksis amy's rival based off shakira and tarya banks.Alicia Williamsis chole's and faith's rivals baesd off alicia keys and haley williams.BoysFurrieJason-Zis the leader and has a think for both Ulala and taylor but Ulala does not share the same feeling's to begin with but fall's for him until she finds out who he really is as a person and does not fall jaguars rival based off jason durelo and jay-z.Justin Simpsonis jason-z's bud and has a thing for pudding. he is not anyone's rival and join's ulala's group when he get's fed up with his group.based off justin bieber and cody simpsonDrake Mathersis nozies rival and based off drake and eminem.Jamie Songzis hoorg's rival and based off jamie fox and trey songzCory Chanceis the rival for the morilons is baed off cory monthine and grycen chance.Other Main CharatchersNeve Coxis a friend the crew meet and she supports them at there compitions. based off neve campbell and courtney cox.David Cravenis neve's best friend based off david arquette and wes craven.Ryan Francois a actor based of ryan rendols and james francoNatalie Kunisis a hot atress based of natalie portmen and mila kunis.Asthon Lopezis ryans bud based off asthon kutcher and george lopez.Dianna Wasikowskais a pretty singer based off dianna agron and mia wasikowska.Nico Pettyferis a male model based off nico tortorella and alex pettyfer.Snookie (Special Aperrence)from jersey shore.Other Dance Crewsstepsistersrollingrushwhiterosesdethrowhbmovementcrewb.o.t.b.crewhotchilldragons==Soundtrack== Coming Soon

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