South Park 3: Freedom Pals is a 2019 American live-action superhero comedy film starring Randal Westlake-Melroy, Kopelean Nuzum, Dallas Poppino, Robert Blaich, Brandon Keffer-Robalik, Brett Robalik, Marcus Amua-Sekyi, and Clancy Brown. Rated PG-13.


In 267 A.D., the Wizard King (Robert Blaich) and Elf King (Brett Robalik) are working together to fight an army called the Moors, led by legendary demon Sultur (voiced by Clancy Brown). However, Dovahkiin McCormick/Ninja Knight (Randal Westlake-Melroy) and his partner Ranger Marshwalker (Brandon Keffer-Robalik) join the battle and defeat the demon. Instead of killing it, they banish it to the nether realm and takes away it's immortality. They seal the immortality into the McCormick family and make a prophecy that McCormick's descendant will kill the demon. (the opening titles say, "South Park 3: Freedom Pals")

1,772 years later, 21-year-old Kenny McCormick (Randal Westlake-Melroy) is a regular office worker who is getting bored. However, he is cheered up by his partner Steve Tenorman (Kopelean Nuzum) and they decide to plan on doing something tonight. Also, he secretly helps clients who are being rejected by the abusive supervisor Tad ("Zak"). However, Tad goes to Kenny's desk and angrily yells at him for authorizing payment on health polices and demands him to instead get money.


  • Randal Westlake-Melroy as Kenny McCormick/Mysterion - A 21-year-old office worker who decides to become a superhero.
  • Kopelean Nuzum as Steve Tenorman/Creed - Kenny's partner.
  • Dallas Poppino as Nathan Turpin
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