Sorority Row 2 Is An American Horror-Slasher Film Starring Katie cassidy,brianna evigan,rumer willis,caroline d'amore,tom welling,lucy hale,ashley greene,selena gomez,alexandra chando,andrea martin,stephen lunsford,michelle trachtenberg,naya rivera,stephen amell,emma watson,katelyn tarver,matt o'leary and erin sanders with tony todd


it's been three years since the death of the girls of Theta Pi per now maggie is in his last year did little friends like kelly, claryza, shelby, sally, chelsea, marrie, camila, sofie, jade and mia they are happy but someone Anybody she discovers that killing people in the fraternities to blame her and suspended for a month now kelly maggie aa must help but not let her live murderer


Katie Cassidy as Kelly Walbers/The Nice Sister

Caroline D'Amore as Maggie

Tom Welling as Marcus Taylor/kelly boyfriend

Lucy Hale as Sally Hunter/The Shy Sister/the murderer

Ashley Greene as ClarizaMcCoy/The Hot Sister

Selena Gomez as Shelbey Garcia/The Brave Sister

Alexandra Chando as  Chalsey Latter/The Goth Sister

Andrea Martin  as Ms.Barbra// The Housemother

stephen Lunsford as Cameron Andrew/Shelby Boyfriend

Michelle Trachtenber as Marrie Summer/The Pretty Sister

Naya Rivera as Camila Lopez/The Good Sister

Stephen Amell as Josh Foster/Maggie Boyfriend

Emma Watson as Sofie Marin/The Bossy Sister

Katelyn tarver as  Jade Harris/the gossip sister

matt o'leary as Garret

Erin sanders as Mia Chasterson/The Drunk Sister

Briana Evigan as Cassidy Tapan

Rumer willis as Elie

Tony Todd as Deputy Andrew


Mia Chasterson-Murderer stabs him with a machete when she was taking master tequila Barbra

Garret-beheaded by the ax murderer

Jade Harris -Stabbed in Neck

Sofie  Marin-Stabbed in stomach multiple times

Josh Foster-Gutted 

Camila Lopez-Knife in heart

Marrie Summers-when they are running in the cameron van in the van were going marrie, shelby, claryza, kelly and maggie and the same marrie cameron goes flying when they hit a rock and goes through with broken iron and dies.

Cameron Andrew-the ax murderer throws a head and dies

Ms.Barbra-when they arrive they see the girls and barbra chelsea were hanged in backyard tree (not shown)

Chalsey Latter-hey arrive they see the girls and barbra chelsea were hanged in backyard tree (Not Shown)

Shelbey Garcia-when the murderer tries to kill kelly, maggie claryza and cassidy and she elie and thrusts the knife into the arm she tells them to run Shelbey murderer stabs him in the arm but the murderer knife pushes him and goes through with swordfish hanging from the living room and dies.

Clariza McCoy-she runs to the kitchen but the murderer she begins to strangle off the mask and sees the murderer is sally she was upset and claryza stabs in the chest and dies

Sally Hunter-marcus kelly sally shoot chest causing it to fall from the 2nd floor and die.


 Kelly Walters,Maggie,Cassidy Tappan,Elie,marcus and Deputy Andrew

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