Sorority Slaughter 3 Is A horror thriller Supernatural Slasher Film Starring Selena Gomez,Emma Bell,Emma Roberts,Victoria Justice,Katie Cassidy,Ashley Benson,Ashley Greene,Ian Somelather,Nikki Reed,Lily Collins,Martha Igandera,Kristen Stewart,Tyler Posey,Tyler Hoelinch,Alex Pettyfer,Channing Tatum,Nico Tortella,Jean-luc Bidelou,Ellen Wroe,Shantel Vansaten,Kat Graham,Bridgetti Mendler,Leah Peples,Margo Harshaman,Daniella Monet,Kay Panabaker,Emily Van Camp,Miley Cyrus,Jamie King,Huhg Jackman,James Marsden,Janel Parish,Jacqueline McCines Woods,Jessica Zhor,Emily Osment and Liv Tyler With Rachel Bilson



Selena Gomez As Rachel Garcia

Emma Bell As Stephanie King

Emma Roberts As Nora Johnson

Victoria Justice As Madison Garcia

Katie Cassidy As Brittney D'agosto

Ashley Benson As June Benson

Ashley Greene As Lisa Hale

Ian Somelather As Luke Montgomery

Nikki Reed As Chelsea McLight

Lily Collins As Samantha Lewis

Martha Igandera As Ximena Gomez

Kristen Stewart As Rosalie Allen

Tyler Posey As Scotty Gomez

Tyler Hoelinch As Derek Phillips

Alex Pettyfer As Trevor Blaire

Channing Tatum As Tate Collins

Nico Tortella As Zac Harmony

Jean-luc Bidelou As Dilon Fitz

Ellen Wroe As Andy Marshall

Shantel Vansaten As Camil Cavannab

Kat Graham As Maddy Serratos

Bridgetti Mendler As Ashlynn Malloy

Leah Peples As Marissa Curtis

Margo Harshaman As Alisa Dano

Daniella Monet As Danna Monet

Kay Panabaker As Kim Tompson

Emily Van Camp As Blaze Hitmore

Miley Cyrus As Daisy Brooks

Jamie King As Anthonieta Penski

Huhg Jackman As Jason Labeou

James Marsden As Johnny Palski

Janel Parish As Sarah Mitchele

Jacqueline McCines Woods As Musa Dawson

Jessica Zhor As Tamar Virahn

Emily Osment As Angelic Bortex

Liv Tyler As  Faith Garcia

Rachel Bilson As Miss Jessy Blake


Angelic-multiple stab in the back with a broken shovel(Jason)

Anthonieta-decapitated with a broken shovel(Jason)

Sarah-throat sliced (Johnny)

Musa-Neck Broke by Bat

Tamar-seamed like mouth and eyes is then run over to the car rachel

Blaze-Stabbed in mouth

Daisy-Burnded alive when I was on the tanning bed













Johnny Palksi-Decapitated by Brittney and Rosalie its body is burned by scotty and derek

Jimmy Labeou-???stabbed in the chest with an ax by fait,shot with a flare gun on head by lisa rachel pushed the roof falls lake

Rachel Garcia-???when rachel is at home she sleeps like one hour later hears a noise she gets up and sees that his window is it closes back to your bed before you know it jason this underneath your bed open and is drawn low is not known if he kills or is it just a dream rachel


Rachel Garcia,Lisa Hale,Brittney D'agosto,Trevor,Tate,june,Luke,Dilon,scotty,Derek,Samantha,Ximena,Rosalie,Chelsea


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