Sorority Slaughter Is A Horror,thriller Movie and Second part of the Sorority Slaughter starning Emma Roberts,Danielle Panabaker,Selena Gomez,Ashley Benson,Ashley Tisdale,Emma Bell,Miranda Crosgove,Malese Jow,torey Devitto,Haley Webb,Nina dobrev,Alexz Johnson,Ashley Greene,Brianna Evigan,Katie Cassidy,Sara Paxton,Victoria Justice,Ariana Grande,Ian Somelather,Rachel Bilson,Amanda Seyfriend,Demi lovato,Robert Dowley Jr,Chris Evans And Hugh Jackman




Emma Roberts As Nora  

Victoria Justice As Madison Garcia

Danielle Panabaker As Mimi 

Selena Gomez As Rachel Garcia 

Ashley Benson As June 

Ashley Tisdale As Ashley

Emma Bell As Stephanie

Miranda Crosgove julie 

Malese Jow As Sadie 

torey Devitto As Lucy 

Haley Webb As Staci 

Nina dobrev As Maria 

Alexz Johnson As Giselle 

Ashley Greene As Lisa 

Brianna Evigan As Angel 

Katie Cassidy As Britney 

Sara Paxton As Caly

Ariana Grande As Mindy 

Ian Somelather As Luke Crewsonw

Rachel Bilson As Mrs.Blake 

Amanda Seyfriend As Torey 

Demi lovato As Mitchelle 

Robert Dowley Jr As Anthony Stateson/the murderers 

Chris Evans As Steve Roggins/the murderers 

Hugh Jackman As Dean.Jimmy Labeou/the leader of the murderers


Michelle-hit by a car when he was drunk out of the antrum By steve

torey-stabbed in chest with an ax By Jimmy

Mindy-machete in the head By Anthony

Caly-Machete in mouth By Jimmy

Angel-hanged with a rope leather By anthony

Maria-unknown she's dead in the car is not shown as kills

giselle-stabbed in the heart By Steve

Sadie-Stabbed in the Face By Jimmy

Julie-eviscerated By jimmy

Staci-brutally stabbed in the showers with a hunting knife   By Steve

Ashley-hit the window and falls on the second floor By Anthony

Mimi-split with an ax hunting By anthony and-steve

Steve Roggins-machete in the head by nora

Anthony Stateson-stabbed in the chest multiple times by the girls(Madison.June,Mrs.Blake,britney,stephanie)

Dean.Jimmy Labeou-stabbed in the chest, shot in stomach, with his ax split face hunting By Rachel


Nora,Madison Garcia,june,Rachel Garcia,Mrs.Blake,Lisa and britney,luke,Stephanie

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