sorority slaughter is An  Amrican Horror,Thriller Movie Starning:Selena Gomez,Sara Paxton,Lucy Hale,Troian Bellisario,Brianna Evigan,Katie Cassidy,Ashley Tisdale,Maggie Grace,Vanesa Lee Evigan,Kristen Stewart,Jennifer Lawrence,Martha higadera,Vanessa Hudgens,Nina Dorbrev,Erin Sanders,Katelyn tarver,Spencer,Mary Elizabeth Winstehead,Crystal Lowe,Chelan Simmons,Alex Johnson,Tyler posey,Tyler Hoelinch,Alex pettyfer,channing Tatum,Sean Faris,Nicolas D'Agosto,Bobby Campo.Nick Zano,Michael Cera,Ian Somelather,Robert Dowley Jr,Chris Evans,Chris Hemsworth,Mark ruffalo And Tobey Magury


when delta kappa alpha sorority will be attacked by their teachers crazy


Selena Gomez As Rachel

Sara Paxton As Caly

Lucy Hale As Luci

Troian Bellisario As Angelina

Brianna Evigan As Angel

Katie Cassidy As Brit

Ashley Tisdale As AShley

Maggie Grace As Maggie

Vanesa Lee Evigan As Lacey

Ashley Greene As Lisa

Nikki Reed As Chelsea

Kristen Stewart As Rose

Jennifer Lawrence As Ginna

Martha Higadera As Ximena

Vanessa Hudgens As Candy

Nina Dorbrev As Maria

Erin Sanders As jesse

Katelyn tarver As Jenna

Spencer Locke As Jill

Mary Elizabeth Winstehead As Clair

Crystal Lowe As Jennifer

Chelan Simmons as Nidy

Alex Johnson As Giselle

Alex pettyfer As Trevor/lisa boyfriend

channing Tatum As Tate/brit boyfriend

Sean Faris As Nico

Nicolas D'Agosto As Trent

Bobby Campo As Travis

Nick Zano As Cody

Michael Cera As Brian

Ian Somelather As Luke/Rachel's boyfriend

Robert Dowley Jr As Mr.Anthony/The Killer

Chris Evans As Mr.Steve/The Killer

Chris Hemsworth Mr.Jason/The Killer

Mark ruffalo As Mr.Baley/The Killer

Tobey Magury As Mr.Parker/The Killer


Brian-behead By Mr.Parker

Jesse-stabbed in chest By Anthony

Cody-Stabbed in hearth By Jason

Jenna-machete in the head By Baley

Travis-attacked with an ax in the head By Steve

Nidy-ax in his head By steve

Jennnifer-Throat sliced with bow and arrow By Steve

Trent-Stabbed in mouth By Jason

Ginna-Stabbed in stomach By Steve

Lacey-Decapitated By Baley

Nico-Stabbed in stomach, corpse run over with car By Anthony

Jill-broken head with a bat By Anthony

Angelina-stabbed in the eye and face By Jason

Luci-stabbed in the face By Parker

Maggie-stabbed in the chest and head hits the bathroom mirror By Anthony


Mr.Baley-rose head shot beheaded by angel

Mr.Parker-hands cut off with an ax by sam and harpoon shots by brit

Mr.Jason-shot in the legs by lisa chest stab giselle and beheaded by rachel











will see another 2 movie and a prequel

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