Sorority Row 4: The Return of Theta Pi Is A horror Thriller Slasher Mistery Film and continuation of Sorority Row,Sorority row 2, and The Sorority row. Starring:Nikki Reed,Nina Dobrev,Brianna Evigan,Lea Michele,Kira Kosarin,Ellen Wroe,Demi Lovato,Alex Pettyfer,Emma Roberts,Malese Jow,Elizabeth Gilles,Emily Osment,Kat Graham,Tyler Posey,Tyler Hoelich,Taylor Monsen,Selena Gomez,Spencer Locke,Ashley Greene,Neve Campbell




  • Nikki Reed As Joyce Rondes/The Nice Sister
  • Nina Dobrev As Lori Harmony/The Sweet Sister
  • Brianna Evigan As Cassidy Tappan
  • Lea Michele As Kerrie Perry/The Killer/The Singer Sister
  • Kira Kosarin As Emma Minx/The Nerdy Sister
  • Ellen Wroe As Nora Roberts/The bitchy Sister
  • Demi Lovato As Clarice Perez/The Good Sister
  • Alex Pettyfer As Mike Dolley/Santa Boyfriend and Lyla Brother
  • Emma Roberts As Elena Dollars/The Brave Sister
  • Malese Jow As Mindy Flows/The Gothic Sister
  • Elizabeth Gilles As Laura Mille// The drama queen Sister
  • Emily Osment As Lyla Dolley/The Mean Sister And Mike's Sister
  • Kat Graham As Anna Smile/The Dance Sister
  • Tyler Posey As Camilo Garcia/The Gay Brother od Theta Pi, Santa Brother and Will Boyfriend
  • Tyler Hoelich As Will Lourde/Camilo Boyfriend
  • Taylor Monsen As Kit Taylor
  • Selena Gomez As Santana Garcia
  • Spencer Locke As Tracy Lennox
  • Ashley Greene As Heather Pilsbury

Neve Campbell As Miss.Helen Blake


Clarice-electrocuted in the Jacuzzi with a hair dryer

Emma-Gutting Knife

Lyla-eyeless(OffScreen) his body is found beside the pool

Tracy-multiple stabs in the Chest

Nora-torn face with a fan

Mindy-throat slit by Knife

Elena-pushed down the stairs and breaks his neck so they can escape other

Heather-stabbed in the stomach with a piece of iron

Anna-stabbed in the face with ax

Miss.Helen Blake-multiple stabbing a screwdriver

Kerrie-?¿?¿beaten with bat by joyce jumper and pushed by cassidy, Camilo and lori(his body falls to the lake but her body does not appear after 12 months joyce, Lori, Kit, Santana, Camilo and their boyfriends are is the house with the new Theta Pi when they finish receiving a message from his cell saying I'm still here I bitches I suddenly will be able to see)


Joyce,Lori,Kit,Cassidy,Eric,Santana,Mike,Camilo and Will.


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