Sorority Row 3: Frat House Horroris an american Slasher horror film, starring:Taylor Monsen,Ashley Tisdale,Selena Gomez,Spencer Locke,Victoria Justice,Ashley Greene,Katrina Bowden,Chelan Simmons,Emma Stone and Katie Cassidy With Neve Campbell


Three years after psychological center kelly was sally she believes is alive when she leaves a woman cuts his throat with a machete when the authorities arrived already late but the new Theta Pi will have to face the new murderer


  • Taylor Monsen As Kit Taylor/The New Sister of Theta Pi Sorority/The Nice Sister
  • Ashley Tisdale As Vivian Ashton /The Weird Sister/The Killer
  • Selena Gomez As Santana Garcia/Shelbey Sister/The Goth Sister
  • Spencer Locke As Tracy Lennox/The Techo Geek Sister
  • Victoria Justice As Candy Tatum/The Mean Sister
  • Ashley Greene As Heather Pilsbury/The Pretty Sister
  • Katrina Bowden As Cotty Harmer/The Bossy Sister
  • Chelan Simmons As Kimberly Andrew/The Brave Sister
  • Emma Stone As Cat Storm/the gossip sister
  • Katie Cassidy As Kelly Walbers
  • Neve Campbell As Mrs.Blake/The Housemother


List of deaths are also shown here:

  • Kelly Walbers-Stabbed in throat with machete
  • Cotty Harmer-Stabbed in stomach multiple times
  • Cat Storm-Stabbed several times with machete
  • Kimberly Andrew-Knife in heart
  • Candy Tatum-Head forced on garden shears
  • Vivian Ashton-shoot chest and Thrown off roof By Kit


Kit Taylor,Santana Garcia,Tracy lennox,Heather Pilsbury and Mrs.Blake

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