Sorority Row 3 is an American Slasher horror film, starring Ellen Wroe, Kristen Bell, Emma Bell, Aisha Dee, Sharon Pierre-Louis, Megan Fox, Meagan Good, Shantel VanSaten, Dakota Fanning, Channing Tatum, Arlen Escarpeta, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Austin Butler, Helen Hunt, Dania Ramirez, Anna Faris, Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton, Taye Diggs, Alex Pettyfer, and Mason Cook



  • Ellen Wroe as Julie Everhart: The New Sister of Theta Pi sorority
  • Kristen Bell as Camilla: The Mean Sister
  • Emma Bell as Elise: The Brave Sister
  • Aisha Dee as Claire: The Techo Geek Sister
  • Sharon Pierre-Louis as Karima: The Diva Sister
  • Megan Fox as Sarah: The Bossy Sister
  • Meagan Good as Danni: Sarah's Best Friend
  • Shantel VanSanten as Bobbi: The Shy Sister
  • Dakota Fanning as Cici: The Rich Sister
  • Channing Tatum as Luke: Camilla's Boyfriend
  • Arlen Escarpeta as Hiram: Claire's Boyfriend
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy as Leila: Camilla's Best Friend
  • Austin Butler as Marcus: Julie's Love Interest
  • Helen Hunt as Ms. Olivehive: The Housemother
  • Dania Ramirez as Onya: Ms. Olivehive's Assistant
  • Anna Faris as Olivia: The Snob Sister
  • Emma Roberts as Erin: The Weird Sister/The Killer
  • Sara Paxton as Wendy: The Sporty/Dead Sister
  • Taye Diggs as Robert Murphy: Erin's Killer Assistant
  • Alex Pettyfer as Dick: Sarah's Boyfriend
  • Mason Cook as Tommy Everhart: Julie's Little Brother


Julie, Elise, Claire, Karima, Bobbi, Marcus, and Tommy


  • Wendy- Gutted (Erin)
  • Onya- Thrown off roof (Robert)
  • Olivia- Tv thrown on head and electrocuted (Erin)
  • Luke- Stabbed in throat with machete (Erin)
  • Danni- Stabbed in chest 7 times with machete (Erin)
  • Leila- Decapitated with an axe (Robert)
  • Ms. Olivehive- Hanged (Erin)
  • Dick- Stabbed several times with machete (Robert)
  • Hiram- Stabbed in eye (Robert)
  • Sarah- Impaled on deer antlers (Erin)
  • Cici- Head forced on garden shears (Robert)
  • Camilla- Throat slit (Erin)
  • Robert Murphy- Stabbed in stomach multiple times with machete (Julie)
  • Erin- Stabbed in chest with machete and shot several times in back with a .357 magnum (Julie and Elise)


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