Sorority Chainsaw Massacre 2 Is a 2015 Horror Thriller Mystery Film Starring Katie Cassidy,Selena Gomez,Lily Collins,Maggie Grace,Vanessa Hudgens,Ashley Tisdale,Kate Mara,Elizabeth Gillies,Ariana Grande,Victoria Justice,Willa Ford,Emily Browning,Logan Browning,Lindsay Shawn,Sheane Grimmes,Nikki Reed,Taylor Swift,Britt Robertson,Emma Bell,Emma Roberts,Hayden Pannetiere,Amber Heard,Sara Paxton,Brianna Evigan With Alyssa Milano And Jason Statham



  • Katie Cassidy As Kelly
  • Selena Gomez As Bree
  • Lily Collins As Grace
  • Maggie Grace As Amanda
  • Vanessa Hudgens As Carmen
  • Ashley Tisdale As Ally
  • Kate Mara As Catlyn
  • Elizabeth Gillies As Jade
  • Ariana Grande As Sarah
  • Victoria Justice As Carly
  • Willa Ford As Rachel
  • Emily Browning As Dylan
  • Logan Browning As Mia
  • Lindsay Shawn As Paige
  • Sheane Grimmes As Emma
  • Nikki Reed As Olivia
  • Taylor Swift As Lindsay
  • Britt Robertson As Marni
  • Emma Bell As Mary
  • Emma Roberts As Jenna
  • Hayden Pannetiere As Danny
  • Demi Lovato As Michelle
  • Amber Heard As Jessica
  • Sara Paxton As Katie 
  • Brianna Evigan As Abby
  • Alyssa Milano As Mrs.Harris
  • Jason Statham As Darryl


  • Abby-Stabbed in Throat
  • Katie-Neck Snapping
  • Jessica-Stabbed To Death(Off Screen)
  • Paige-Stabbed in Eye
  • Sarah-Heart Crossed By Harpoon
  • Lindsay-Ax Thrown Back
  • Carmen-Ax On Shoulder
  • Rachel-skull broken by being thrown from penthouse
  • Dannny-Hanged With Rope
  • Emma-Beheaded With Ax
  • Marnie-Throat Sliced
  • Jenna-Stabbed in Heart
  • Dylan-shot with a flare in the mouth
  • Jade-Ax in Back Head
  • Mia-Bisected With Ax
  • Amanda-Stabbed 17 Times with Knife
  • Olivia-Knife In Throat
  • Carly-Legs Snapping And Stabbed in Neck
  • Catlyn-Neck sliced
  • Ally-Stabbed in Neck
  • Darryl-Burned and Ripped by Chipper(Kelly and Bree)


Kelly,Bree,Grace,Mary And Mrs.Harris


  • Elizbeth Gillies, Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice all appear on Victorious.
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