Sorority Chainsaw Masscre Is A Horror Thriller Mystery Film Starring Amber Heard,Odette Annable,Briana Evigan,Sara Paxton,Crystal Lowe,Chelan Simmons,Julianna Guill,Deborah Ann Woll,Jamie Chung,Mary Elizabeth Winstead With Jennifer Carpenter and Jason Statan



  • Amber Heard As Jessica
  • Odette Annable As Elizabeth
  • Briana Evigan As Abby
  • Sara Paxton As Kate
  • Crystal Lowe As Sarah
  • Chelan Simmons As Jenna
  • Julianna Guill As Aimee
  • Deborah Ann Woll As Vivian
  • Jamie Chun As Sherry
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead As Leah
  • Jennifer Carpenter As Mrs.Ranch
  • Jason Statham As Darryl/The Killer


Jessica,Abby and Katie


  • Vivian-Stabbed in Neck
  • Sherry-Throat Sliced
  • Aimee-Stabbed in Eyes
  • Leah-Neck Snapping
  • Mrs.Ranch-Shot in Back by shotgun
  • Sarah-Shot in left Eye
  • Jenna-Pierced by shotgun
  • Elizabeth-Stabbed to Die
  • Darryl-Shot in Back with shotgun by Jessica,Ax in Head by Abby and beheaded by Katie



Jessica and The Girls Talk With Darryl



Jessica-Who Is Answering?

Elizabeth-Someone should Only Be An Asshole Bugging Out.


Katie-you son of a bitch! who is believed to call us bitches?

Abby-Katie! Katie! please calm down!

Jesscia-who is he? tell me or I will call the police?

Darryl-the last person to see alive bitches fucking! (evil laughter)

(Jessica phone hangs hard)

Darryl's Death

Jesica-I'll kill you for killing my friends!

Darryl-if not you first murderer.

Abby-I think katie got killed!


Jessica-take this! (jessica shotgun shoots him in the back)

Abbby-and take this! (abby throws the ax in the back of the head)


Katie-this stab in my chest motherfucker! (katie beheads darryl)

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