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Ultimate victory lies within the grasp of
the dreaded Dr.Eggman. as
the tattered remnants of the Freedom Fighters
desperately seek sanctuary and time
to muster new allies.

The five sibilings Sonic,Sonia,Manic,Shadow and Silver, reeling from Dr.
Eggmans's revelation on Robotropolis,
ponder their own destiny and that of the Freedom Fighter
Alliance. Meanwhile, the search ensues for
Prince Bartleby, captive of the notorious
bounty hunter, Nack the Weasel.

To deal a final blow to the Freedom, Eggman
has hatched a new plan of which even Sleet and
Dingo are unaware. To aid them, the Doctor
has enlisted the services of the vast criminal
underworld that lurks within the
Shadows of the Empire...

The saga of Shadows begins around the Battle of Hoth, and follows the ventures of original characters Prince Xizor of Black Sun and Shadow the Hedgehog. The following is a summary of all sources of the Shadows of the Empire saga, including some information from the tie-ins.

The Battle of Hoth

The Ultimate Life Form Shadow the Hedgehog with Miles Tails Prowler arrive at Hoth to deliver the usual food supplies to Cyrus' secret Freedom Fighter base there; along with some assault blasters for Cyrus the Feral Lion. When he docks in the hangar, he is surprised to run into Sonic the Hedgehog, who had become involved with the Freedom Fighter Leader since their last meeting.

Their meeting is cut short because of an advancing Imperial force. Sonic instructs Tails to load their cargo into the evacuating transports and to retrieve their payment as he joins the Freedom Fighters for the upcoming battle. On Tails' recommendation, Manic the Hedgehog agrees to give Mighty the Armadillo an unused T-47 snowspeeder into combat.

In the ensuing battle, Mighty flies against the approaching walkers, AT-ST and Viper probe droids, succeeding in destroying some of the AT-AT walkers before the Badniks destroy the Base's deflector shield generator and the Freedom Fighters are forced to withdraw. Sonic,Sonia and Manic are left behind as the base is overrun by snowmen who have destroyed the main generators; Trevor warns Sonic,Sonia and Manic that the hangar doors of Bay 3 could not be opened to allow the Tornado to leave until power was restored. Fighting his way through the Badniks, Trevor proceeds to the base's lower level and activates the emergency generators, restoring power to the hangar door. As he makes his way back to Bay 3, he ends up before an AT-ST, which he manages to destroy with a rocket launcher.

Tails takes control of the Tornado, leading it through the Hoth asteroid belt while Sonic uses the ship's gun turret to fend off the Spacebot and Eggbomber attackers. After clearing the asteroids, the Tornado jumps to safety and Shadow rejoins the Sonic Underground.

Search for Nack the Weasel

Aboard the Redemption, Queen Aleena is informed that an Egg Strike Cruiser has spotted the fleet; Knuckles the Echidna leads the Team into a space battle so that their Freedom rendezvous point remains secret. Amy Rose meanwhile understands that Sonic is different after his encounter with Dr.Eggman and wonders what happened between them.

On the Executor, Sleet and Dingo are contacted by Eggman who chastises them for theit failure to capture Sonic on Robotropolis. He then orders Sleet and Dingo to conclude shipping arrangements of the Death Egg MkII plans with the Black Sun crimelord Prince Xizor; a discussion which Xizor oversees being a guest to the Badnik Palace.

Xizor realizes that this young Sonic who is hunted by the two Lords
of the Empire, might be related to Eggman. On his way out, Xizor explains 

to his servant Guri,

that he intends to kill Sonic and discredit Eggman, while improving his 

prestige before Eggman. Guri has made her arrangements with bounty hunters and Xizor is ready to meet Sleet.

The Slave I carrying Bartleby in carbonite block, exits hyperspace above Sandopolis and Nack the Weasel hopes to deliver it to Sleet; but discovers that a signal beacon -installed when he was on Stardust Speedway- was activated. The Swatbot2000 arrives and he has a dangerous encounter with Metal Knuckles, who intends to claim the bounty of Bartleby. Slave I sustains some damage but Nack outwits the Robot. Thinking that it is destroyed, Nack retreats to planet Gall for repairs; but the Robot also managed to survive and limps off to Ord Mantell to search for spare parts for the ship in the planet's scrapyard.

Silver and Blaze end up on Tatooine. Silver had performed a Chaos mind trick to the guard of a circus tent, and practices his abilities on the acrobat string, while contemplating his training with Elise, the Force, and meeting with Eggman. Blaze sleeps inside Chuck's hut and has a nightmare, remembering the capture of Bartleby and their last kiss.

Xizor in his palace ponders on his plans to overthrow Eggman and his other underground business, such as hiring Cyrus and meeting his lieutenant Mayth Duvel who gives him a precious rare ruby from Nezriti Organization; it does not impress Xizor the least.

In his castle, Sleet tests his injured hand by battling an ASP droid with a Gun, while briefing his agent, Wrenga 'Jix' Jixton about his foresight that Sonia will approach Sleet to rescue Bartleby. Jix is sent to Sandopolis to join Sleet's gang both to capture Sonia, and ensure his survival.

Meanwhile, Bean wanted to redeem himself of his treachery and had sent Manic to discover traces of Bartleby. Having tracked MKnux on Ord Mantell, he is sent there to learn Nack's whereabouts. MKnux hid in a salvage plant which, as Trevor scans show, is connected with a hover train. Manic rides one whose tracks run parallel to those of the train that lead to his destination. As the two trains move alongside each other, Manic leaps across the gap and makes his way to the front. Trevor then manages remotely to jam the hovertrain's auto-brakes, causing it to crash and break the door of the salvage plant. Inside, Manic finds MKnux who reveals that he had indeed tracked Nack to the Zhar system. Unwilling to let Manic stop him from taking Bartleby from Nack, the droid opens fire. Manic fights back and defeats the robot.

Back on Sandopolis, Amy and Sora are waiting in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina for Espio, as Sora defends Amy who is being harassed by suspicious figures. Finally Espio shows up with Vector and Charmy and narrates Shadow's information that Bartleby has been found.

On Eggmanland, Sleet finishes his diplomatic debate with Xizor, during which he attempted to look superior and more polite than Sleet. Finally, the two arrange 300 ships from Xizor Transport Systems (XTS) for the construction of the Death Egg MkII on Angel Island. Xizor walks in a luxury hall while a man, Hoff, makes an assassination attempt against him; Xizor kills him single-handedly. The event is watched by Sleet and Dingo, who suspects that Sleet orchestrated the attempt, only to test Xizor.

Blaze, in Chuck's hut, attempts to construct a new flames following a book left for him by Marine. He ponders his memories of him and the adventures in Carnival Night when he sees his friends coming. They tell him about Nack's whereabouts; while thinking on how to get there and approach the bounty hunBBter, Vector proposed to ask help from the Freedom Fighter.

On Eggmanland, Xizor is in a meeting of Black Sun "Vigos". Several agents are present, Durga, Kreet'ah , Clezo, Wumdi, Perit and Green. Knowing that Green's ambitions and network of double agents, Guri strangles him in order to intimidate other ambitious Vigos; and make a point that Xizor does not tolerate such cooperatives. When the meeting is concluded, Xizor summons Mighty to meet him.

Dingo is naked in his medical chamber and ponder his meeting with Sonia. He attempts to Force heal a part of his body and succeeds but the satisfaction cuts his tie with the dark side and the healing collapses.

Shadow has headed to the Badnik moon base on Gall in the Zhar system to confirm Nack's presence. Having landed in Smuggler's Gorge he makes his way through Imperial patrols along the cliffside before reaching the entrance to the base through which he fights his way to the observation tower. Once there, he accesses the computer and learns that Nack was docked in the second tower, on the other side of the nearby canyon. Stealing a jetpack, Shadow crosses the canyon and arrives to a large hangar containing an AT-ST. After disabling it, he opens and follows the facility's ventilation system near a waiting hoversled with which he reaches the Slave I. But Nack is also there; the two mercenaries open fire until Nack flees into his ship. Slave I takes off and Nack tries to aim its weapons against Shadow, who is able to damage the ship with his rocket launchers.

As Blaze continues tampering the sol jewel in the company of his friends, Trevor arrives bringing confirmation by Shadow that Slave I is on Gall.

Meanwhile, Xizor welcomes Sleet who came from Sandopolis. During their conversation Sleet gives out that the smuggler Bartleby was an affiliate to Sonic, and that his delivery was delayed. When Sleet leaves, Guri puts out the information that the bounty hunters after Sonic would be advised to locate Nack the Weasel.

Meanwhile, the freedom fighters are on board the Helecarrier on their way to Gall's moon, Kile. Mighty plays a game with Trevor (probably dejarik), and Bean makes a failed attempt to prepare "Pancakes" for dinner.

The Battle of Gall

Sonic, Sonia, Manic and Shadow meet the Oracle and the Rogues on Kile and are reintroduced to Shadow the Hedgehog. the Oracle briefs the new arrivals on the layout of the Eggman base and two Swarbots, each with a wing of starfighters. Shadow proposes to attack, drawing off the defending Spacebots, while Sonic leads Sonia and Manic to Nack's coordinates.

After his defeat by Sonic, Nack meets Nic and Bill in a cantina, who negotiate with him to `share the bounty of Bartleby. He firmly refuses and takes out a sniper placed to ambush him. Then his system warns him that Slave I has been breached.

Sleet is in his castle and trains on lightsaber fight with an ASP badnik; he feels that the slight ache in his shoulder where Manic had cut through his armor during their fight was feeling better.

Meanwhile the Underground attacks the Badniks above Gall, and Shadow hones his Force skills. Dix Rivan is killed, and the second Badnik starts to approach. As the Tornado follows Trevor's Ship on the planet, Shadow dares Trevor's piloting skill, as Trevor tells Amy about Shadow's past. To avoid Badnik sensors, they fly few meters above the trees and then into the Grand Trench. After they pass the sensor station and lift out of the canyon, they come to the shipyard where Slave I is. Less than a minute away from the target, however, Sonic leaves, being hired to lead, not fight. Cursing, Amy and Sora man the turrets to fend of the Spacebots as they approach Nack.

Above the planet, as the Rogues retreat in a mock hyperspace jump, Carlos' malprogrammed R2 seizes control of his X-wing and attempts to shoot Manic down. After avoiding it, Manic manages to shoot Carlos' R2. The Rogues land on Kile and examine Carlos. It was malprogrammed by an agent. Shadow arrives on the base explaining to Sonic and Knuckles why he was forced to withdraw.

Meanwhile, Nack arrives at Slave I to find 4-LOM with other bounty hunters attempting to steal Bartleby's slab and shoots them down, before seeing the Tornado approaching and takes off. The Tornado has sustained too much damage and Nack's departure marks the failure of the mission.

Sonic and Knuckles find that Sora's robot had been programmed by their technician Viera Cheran, who attempts to shoot Manic, before being shot by Metal Sonic. As Manic welcomes Sonic, Sonia and Knuckles investigate her account and discover 10,000 credits paid by dummy corporations, tracing to Saber Enterprises. Being a front organization for the Empire's anti-espionage operations, they believe that she was paid by Sleet.

On Eghmanland, having just ended the relationship with his mistress, and dined at Menarai, he sends Guri to Ororo Transportation, a rival to Black Sun, and arranges a second meeting with Eggman.

Blaze decides to contact an underground organization and find out who who wants Sonic dead. Unfortunately she decides to ask Black Sun, unaware that this is the very organization they are looking for. Silver is sent to follow Nack on Sandopolis, again not knowing that Xizor already expects him to do so so. However she also secretly hires Shadow to follow and protect him.

Xizor visits Eggman's skyhook and meets Dingo. Presented as a faithful servant to the Empire, he gives the largest Vergesso asteroid in the Lybeya system, as a secret Green Hill shipyard. In reality the Vergesso Base belongs to Ororo Transportation. Eggman sends Sleet and Admiral Okins to destroy the "Green Hill" base, an order which is a setback to Dingo's plans to watch over Xizor.

Hunting the Assassins

Silver and Blaze travel to Rodia, where they meet Avaro (Sonia's uncle), who promises them to bring a contact of Black Sun.

Back on Sandopolis, Blaze is in Chuck's hut finishing her flames. Meanwhile Jixton has arrived in Mos Eisley, and manages to challenge and impress Big Gizz and his gang by stealing Spiker's swoop bike and thus gains a job for Dingo. He is puzzled to learn that Dingo got a transmission that Eggman (actually Xizor) wants Sonic dead, which interferes with Eggman's instructions to ensure Blaze's survival. After a discussion in Chalmun's cantina that Sonic overhears, Jix and the gang race over to kill Blaze. Sonic steals a swoop and runs after them.

Blaze is testing her flames with Artoo when she sees the bikers arriving. She takes out one of the riders, kick one off and take his swoop to flee towards Beggar's Canyon. During the frail, Blaze is unknowingly aided by Jix who sabotages his fellows' attempts to hit Luke. The pursuers are halved and Blaze loses them by passing through the Stone Needle when Sonic arrives, drops into the canyon and opens fire causing them to scatter and flee. Big Gizz remains hidden and attempts to shoot Blaze, but Jix hit his head with a stone.

While Eggman is en route to the Vergesso asteroid, Xizor visits Dingo and reveals that he was the 'generous' informant of the secret "Freedom Fighter base". Eggman concludes the battle in his Interceptor and on his way back he contacts Sleet. Enraged, he sees Xizor in the hologram beside him.

Back in his Palace, Xizor is informed that Aleena attempts to contact Black Sun. Charmed by her beauty, he sends Guri to bring her. He then watches a recording of Guri's earlier meeting with the heads of Ororo Transportation, Z. Limmer, Tuyay and Dellis Yuls; killing them after denying to cooperate with Black Sun.

Having Sonic explained that he was sent by Amy, and the gang belonged to Sleet, Artoo detects the approach of a message droid. It is a message from Koth Melan to Leia, claiming to have vital information for the Alliance and requesting a meeting as soon as possible on Bothawui. Sonic decides to go, followed by Shadow.

On Eggman, as Eggman expresses his concerns on giving the Death Egg plans to the Freedom Fighters, Dingo says that he knows best. Aleena gets tired waiting for Black Sun and Avaro explains that it's not up to him, not knowing that Guri is already coming for her. Before that, she sends the route of Suprosa to their Bothan double agent.

Meanwhile Nack hides in an asteroid field when 4-LOM resumes operation. Before Nack disables him once more, Nic's ship picks up his signal and attacks a stranded Slave I. Zuckuss and his team board the ship and apprehend Nack. As Furlag leads him to the force cages,

Nack opens a trapdoor under his feet and gets his weapon. He kills 

everyone but keeps Bill alive to communicate with Nic. He sends Nic's shuttle back to him; when Nic's colleague looks inside he sees

his fellows dead, along with a detonation device, when Nack jumps to 


Sonic and Shadow make their way to the Intergalactic Trade Mission on Bothawui. Sonic bribes a guard but on the 16th floor, the protocol droid R0-4 refuses to let them in without an appointment, until Sonic pulls his blaster. The Bothan accepted the pair as Charmy's representatives, explaining about a new unknown Imperial military project. A secured supercomputer containing the plans is being transported from Coruscant to Bothawui aboard the Suprosa, a Mobquet Medium Transport

masquerading as a fertilizer freighter. Melan plans to capture it and 

had put together a team for the mission, joined by Sonic and Shadow,

who looked forward to an extra reward. In a hidden base outside the 

city, they meet the Blue Squadron.

On Coruscant, as Eggman expresses his concerns on giving the Death Egh plans to the Freedom Fighters, Sleet says that he knows best.

Bean, Sora and Charmy pass a long time in Avaro's casino. Bean gambled and played and won most of his games while Charmy was fed up waiting. Eventually Avaro tells her that Guri would meet them shortly.

Capturing the supercomputer

Guri's Bothan agent brings the route plans of the Suprosa to the Bothan Spynet, and Blue Squadron, joined by Ace Azzameen of the Freedom Fighters, move to the coordinates.

The vessel doesn't surrender as Silver demands and the Y-wings start disabling the engines. The Suprosa opens fire, destroying a ship and the Bothans break off to regroup. As they pull back, the freighter fires a Diamond Boron Missile.

Sonic fails to shoot it down and it destroys a group of four Y-wings, 

killing eight Bothans and another two. Despite the losses, the Freedom Fighters soon disable the freighter and Sonic takes the Tornado in to conduct the boarding operation. He docks the Tornado and boarded the freighter to look for the supercomputer.

Following Tails' directions, Sonic works his way towards the main cargo hangar, encountering heavy resistance from the crew and Swatbots. Upon reaching the hangar, Sonic destroys a loaderbot which attacked him with spring-loaded arms. After Sonic located the supercomputer and disabled the hangar force field, Tails brings the Tornado into the hangar to collect the blue blur and the supercomputer.

On Rodia, Guri inspects the Freedom Fighters at the Next Chance casino. After a brief meeting she cuts it short claiming that she has business to attend, leaving the Freedom fighters with the distinct impression that there was something unusual about her.

On the Tornado, Knuckles and Sonic discuss about the supercomputer's significance while Shadow blames himself for missing the missile. Shadow sends Sonic to Knuckles to find Amy. Himself and Knuckles moves to Kothlis with Vector. En route to Kothlis, the party is attacked by Claw and Hunter which are driven off by Blue Squadron, and a special Bothan encryption team arrives at Kothlis to attempt to bypass the self destruct device of the supercomputer.

Guri reports to Xizor that Aleena is dangerous and advocates killing the Freedom fighters. However, Xizor has other plans and asks her to be brought to Eggmanland. He then meets Eggman showing recordings of how successfully the plans entered Freedom Fighters' hands. With securing the plans, the Underground gains trust in Xizor. The plans are in truth, outdated, and the second Death Egg is fully operational, unlike what the schematics read.

Bean installs a doppraymagno scanner in their hotel room waiting for Guri, before notified that Sonic arrived on Rodia and welcome him. Guri then returns to Rodia and during their meeting, the scanner quickly confirms Aleena's suspicions: Guri is not Human. Mighty puts a sleeping potion in her tea, so that they can conduct a closer examination but it fails; the two continue to trade diplomatic small-talk until Guri, tired of proceedings, attempts to abduct Aleena only to be restrained by Trevor, Knuckles and Sonic.

Sonic and Knuckles and a Bothan special decryption team work on the supercomputer in the safehouse until bounty hunters break in. During the skirmish, a Bothan takes the supercomputer and hides it. Carlos is killed, and Sonic is captured, learning there there are two rewards on his head, both alive and dead. Unknown to him, it is Eggman who wants him alive and Xizor who wants him dead.

After much discussion between Aleena, Guri and Xizor, Vector and Knuckles follow Guri to the Stinger and move to Eggmanland. To allow the two to make it safely, Guri provides for them them the disguises of of the Ubese bounty hunter Boushh, and Snoova. Meanwhile Bean is told by Shadow that Sonic remains on Kothlis and moves there.

Eggman sends Dingo to Kothlis, both to take Sonic, and also pretend that he is there to reclaim the supercomputer. Once more, this order foils Eggman's plans to watch over Xizor. Meanwhile Sonic in his cell manages to control the mind of his guard who is get to lock himself in the cell and take a nap. Sonic exits and takes his Guitar and comlink.

On Eggmanland, after "Boushh" and "Snoova" had made it through the customs of Eggmanlanf, Aleena meets Spero, a Ho'Din who owed her a favor, and gives some information about Black Sun.

On Kothlis, bounty hunters discover Sonic who wards them off. Then Trevor shows up in an explosion and escapes with Sonic on a stolen Ship. They depart on the Tornado for Sandopolis, as the Executor has just arrived. Meanwhile the Death Egg plans managed to reach the Razor over the planet.

Sonic is gone and Eggman learns from Skahtul that someone wants Sonic dead, with suspicions that this bounty comes from Black Sun.

Amy and Espio meet Guri again. They follow Howzmin and enter a maglev car that will bring them to Xizor's palace. Xizor hosts the visitors and provides them each with appropriate commodities.

Meanwhile, Nack fixes Slave I's lasers and tells Zuckuss his plans on delivering Bartleby to Sleet.

The Tornado's hyperdrive has failed to start and Eggman feels Sonic somewhere near an asteroid and sends pilots to investigate as Trevor tries to repair the problem. However Sonic feels him approaching. The Tornado manages to leave the field and is ready for hyperspace, three dozens of Spacebots come in. The ship enters hyperspace in the nick of time for Sandopolis. Angered that his prey was lost, Eggman orders to bomb a 'suspected Freedom Fighter base' on one of the Kothlisian moons.

In Sleet's Palace, Jix gets past security and makes contact with Eggman on the Executor in order to inform him of the swoop bike incident with Sonic. Eggman learns that Sleet, too, had a bounty for Sonic dead, put by someone who used Eggman's name.

Howzmin brings Espio to Amy's room. Espio looks strangely at Amy who prepares for him, and she excuses herself, claiming she is on a diplomatic mission. All that while Xizor was preparing his pheromones for meeting her in meditation. While the Tornado is en route to Sandopolis, Sonic feels Aleena is in danger, despite Trevor's reassurance.

Aleena attempts to negotiate with Xizor about business between the Team and the Black Sun, and then reveals that she is there for Sonic, as Xizor kisses her. After an intense seductive experience, Aleena is interrupted by Espio who shows her microphones and cameras; she then instructs him to escape and notify Sonic. Meanwhile Eggman's returns to Eggmanland and reports to Dingo about the loss of Sonic. He mentions that Xizor might be the one who wants him dead. Eggman gives him a leave to look for Sonic.

Aleena eventually retakes control of herself, and after she buys some time to let Espio escape, she knees Xizor between the legs. He is outraged, and sends her back to her room. Espio is intentionally let to 'escape' (although not so easy) hoping that he would lead Sonic to rescue Aleena and into Xizor's hands. He is not worried at all that Sonic escaped Kothlis or Eggman's bidding.

Manic insists contacting his Mother and receives a message from Espio who tells that she is in danger. They change course for Eggmanland. With some flying tricks they manage to evade sensors and hid in 'sensor shadow' and land on the planet uneventfully.

Lair of the Dark Prince

Sonic, Sonia, Manic receive a message from Espio and head for Eggmanland where they meet; Espio stealthily make their way through the sewers of Black Sun in order to enter Xizor's palace. Using the Force, Sonic and his thoughts inform Aleena that he and the group are close by and will soon rescue her from Xizor. After much blasterfire with security guards with Shadow integrating his increasingly advanced chaos skills, the group finds Aleena and begins to lead her out of the palace.

They enter a hallway with Xizor, Guri, and several more of his aides, and a battle soon commences wherein Xizor and Guri are impressed with Sonic's skills as a Freedom Fighter. Sonia and Trevor soon threaten Xizor with thermal detonators that they send down the garbage chute, causing everyone to frantically panic and scatter out of Xizor's palace.

The Tornado, being driven by Trevor and Tails, wildly careens toward Sonic and company, allowing them to escape onto the

vessel above Eggmanland.

Xizor boards his skyhook, then sends four of his own starfighters at the Freedom Fighters, with Shadow defending them with flak from the laser turrets of the Tornado X. The X-wing starfighters of the Freedom Fighters soon join in, along with many Spacebots, and a big space battle commences. Guri, Xizor's assassin human replica droid, manages to escape using a paraglider.

Eggman, via hologram on the Executor over Eggmanland, confronts Xizor. Eggman warned Xizor to stay away from Sonic, but he willfully disobeyed those orders, and he thus orders the Eggman fleet to destroy Xizor's skyhook.

There is a great explosion where in the Tornado X is thought

to be destroyed when Shadow actually makes a jump to hyperspace at the 

last moment, as he is convinced that his experiences with the Freedom Fighters have been too dangerous while there is too much money to be made elsewhere.

On Sandopolis, Nack fools the stalking bounty hunters with a disguised Zuckuss and a covered up 4-LOM that would seem to be himself and a carbonite block speeding away from the Slave I. The real Nack gives the actual carbonite block of Bartleby to Sleet, and he receives his payment. Meanwhile, Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Espio, Knuckles and Trevor prepare to rescue Bartleby from Sleet.

Sonic prepares his holographic message to Sleet and puts his medallion into his pocket.

The three siblings possess enchanted medallions that transform not only into musical instruments, but also into weapons:

  • Sonic's medallion transforms into an electric guitar and laser rifle.
  • Sonia's medallion transforms into a keyboard and laser rifle.
  • Manic's medallion transforms into a drum kit which also has the
ability to control seismic activity (triggering earthquakes, 

rockslides, etc.).

  • Shadow's medallion transforms into a black electric guitar and laser rifle.
  • Silver's medallion transforms into swords and a DJ kit.

Aside from doing battle with Eggman, with their medallions in instrument form, the trio perform as their underground rock band, Sonic Underground.

Main Cast

Wendy Schaal as Queen Aleena The Hedgehog
Roger Craig Smith as Sonic The Hedgehog/Sora The Hedgehog
Cindy Robinson as Amy Rose
Dan Castellaneta as Jules The Hedgehog
John DiMaggio as Uncle Chuck/E-123 Omega/E-102 Gamma
Kate Higgins as Miles "Tails" Prower/Anti Tails/Mina the Mongoose/Mindy Latour
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Sonia The Hedgehog/Sienna The Hedgehog/Clear The Hedgehog (Sonic Older sister)
Liam O' Brien as Bean the Dynamite
Jeff Glen Bennett as Manic The Hedgehog
Travis Willingham as Knuckles the Echidna/Rotor the Walrus
Karen Strassman as Rouge the Bat/Maria Robotnik
Hank Azaria as Oracle of Delphius
Laura Bailey As Blaze The Cat
Julie Karner as Sally Acorn/Nicole the Holo Lynx/Tikal the Echidna
Michelle Ruff as Cream the Rabbit/Bunnie the Rabbot
Matt Hill as Trevor the Mouse
Johnny Yong Bosch as Nack the Weasel/Bartleby Montclair/Antoine D'coolette
James Arnold Taylor As Mighty The Armadillo
Kyle Hebert as Big the Cat/Stripes the Toger
Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman/Sleet/Dingo/Prof.Gerald Robotnik
Quinton Flynn as Silver The Hedgehog
Kirk Thornton As Shadow The Hedgehog
Troy Baker As Espio the Chameleon/Carlos The Hedgehog/Cyrus the Feral Lion
Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Charmy Bee
Keith Silverstein As Vector the Crocodile
Dee Bradley Baker as Sonia The Hedgehog (redubbed version)

Singing Voices

Stevie Vallance as Sonia The Hedgehog
Samuel Vincent as Sonic The Hedgehog
Julie Kavner as Queen Aleena The Hedgehog
Tyley Ross As Manic The Hedgehog
Hank Azaria as Silver The Hedgehog
Steve Conte as Shadow The Hedgehog
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