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Sonic Impact is a 2013 action film and a remake of the 2000 film of the same name.


Nick Halton is an agent working for the FBI who is on the trail of wanted criminal James Lester. Things are looking bad for Halton; his girlfriend leaves him and his mother becomes ill. Suddenly, he has a breakthrough and captures Lester. Things seem to be looking up...

Lester is placed on a commercial flight with several other prisoners which will transport them from New York to Los Angeles for imprisonment. During the flight, however, Lester is able to overpower the air marshal and he and the other convicts take over the plane. Lester gets in contact with the authorities and makes his demands; a special aircraft will be used to extract him from the plane in mid-air and bring him to a destination of his choosing. If not, he will crash the passenger jet into a heavily populated area of LA. 

When Halton receives word of the hijacking, he demands that he be taken along with a specially-trained team who are planning on retaking the plane mid-flight. However, the team's mission is jeoparadized when the sleeve begins to tear and only Halton actually makes it onto the airliner before the smaller plane pulls away. Halton is on his own against Lester and his gang.

Lester meets flight attendant Eva Lawrence and she assists him in his vendetta against the criminals. He fighs his way through them, eventually finding himself face-to-face with Lester once again. Lester tries to crash the plane, putting into a steep nosedive, and kills the pilots, but Eva wrestles control back and tries to steady the aircraft. In the commotion, Lester tries to escape by leaping from the plane with a parachute; in a moment of recklessness, Halton jumps after him. They wrestle in the midst of a mid-air freefall but Halton retrieves the parachute, saving himself while Lester falls to his death. As he lands safely, Eva manages to also safely land the plane. They meet up at the landing site afterwards and are shown to have developed a romantic interest in each other.


James Franco - Nick Halton

Olga Kurylenko - Eva Lawrence

Robert Knepper - James Lester

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