Sonic Heros is based off the game boy game starring Christian Hall, Neil Patrick Harris,
Sonic Heroes cover
Paul Walker, Ian Somerhalder, Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer, Selena Gomez, Shanley Caswell, Jonah Hill, Seann William Scott, Chris Colefer and Milo Ventamilga.


Voice Cast

Team Sonic

Christian Hall as Sonic the Hedgehog

Neil Patrick Harris as Tails

Paul Walker as Kunckles

Team Dark

Ian Somerhalder as Shadow the Hedgehog

Amanda Seyfried as Rouge the Bat

Alex Pettyfer as E-123 Omega

Team Rose

Selena Gomez as Amy Rose

Shanley Caswell as Cream the Rabbit

Jonah Hill as Big the Cat

Team Chaotix

Sean William Scott as Epsido the Camelion

Chris Colefer as Charmey Bee

Milo Ventamilga as Victor the Crocidile

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