[WARNING: Contains Violence, swearing, and adult themes]

Team Sonic and co fight against the evils that threaten the Earth, such as the nefarious Dr Eggman. Or even the vile Lyric. But many others are out for a piece of the action. Heroes and Villains clash and all they can do is fight it out!


  • Sonic the Hedgehog 
  • Miles "Tails" Prower 
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Shadow the Hedgehog 
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Omega E-123
  • Perci the Hedgehog
  • Metal Sonic
  • Burn-Bot
  • Dr Eggman

Chapter 1

Metal Sonic and Burn-Bot stood in an field, covered with green grass, with mountains and hills around them. A few trees here and there. Metal stood with his arms folded as he tapped his foot on the ground. Burn-Bot was flexing his metallic claws. Metal's vision was focused on the distance, as he was in deep thought. A small cloud of dust could be seen on the horizon. Metal nodded and Burn-Bot blasted forward at high speeds.

Perci was running at super speed towards Burn-Bot, with a trail of dust behind her. She had a contempt look upon her face as she ran. The two foes neared each other and Burn-Bot pounced into the air; firing his clawed hand out, Perci rolled and dodged the strike, before turning around and grinding along the ground, coming to a halt. She grabbed her Pistol from her holster and shot Burn-Bot in the face. Burn-Bot let out a mechanical growl as the bullet tore through his circuits, electricity sparking out. He swiped at Perci, but she dodged and back flipped over Burn-Bot's claws. Though she scrapped the side and gained a cut in her left arm, crimson red blood poring out. She growled and held her arm.

"You fucking bastard." Perci growled. She shot Burn-Bot twice in the chest, but the Robot shrugged the shots off and grabbed Perci, holding her in it's right hand. Perci squirmed and struggled as Burn-Bot tried to crush her. Perci let off a small Chaos Blast, the purple blast sent Burn-Bot crashing into a tree, setting Perci free. Perci jumped up and kicked Burn-Bot in the face as the Robot got up. Burn-Bot punched Perci back, sending her through the air. She flipped and scraped along the ground to halt herself. Burn-Bot fired a rocket at her from his chest.

"Humph. How totally pathetic." Perci sneered. She jumped up and kicked the rocket into a mountain side. Rubble falling down as a result of the explosion. Perci jumped up and fired a barrage of Chaos Spears. Burn-Bot countered them with a barrage of lasers, the collisions making small explosions. Perci homing attacked Burn-Bot, making the Robot stumble back. Perci back flipped and kicked the Robot in the chin in the process. Burn-Bot stumbled again. Perci looked up as she landed; Burn-Bot punched her in the face, giving her a bloody nose, and sending her flying back. Perci crashed into the ground, making a small crater.

Burn-Bot gave a robotic laugh. Perci jumped back up and wiped the blood from her face. She growled and showed her fangs. Burn-Bot continued to laugh. Perci shot both her arms out and flipped her hands to show her palms.

"Chaos... Lance!" Perci exclaimed. A golden ball of chaos energy sparked between her hands. It grew larger. A stream of chaos energy shot forward. Burn-Bot swiped his arm and the blast was deflected, exploding behind it. Burn-Bot had saw the attack coming. Perci growled.

"I might actually enjoy this one..." Perci sneered.

Chapter 2

Perci went flying into the air before crashing into the ground. A now heavily damaged Burn-Bot picked her up and threw her into a tree, breaking it in half. Perci was bruised and had a bloody nose. They had been fighting for a while. Burn-Bot rushed forward and punched Perci as she got up, smacking her to the ground. The robot laughed as Perci gave up and slumped down. Metal Sonic wasn't that interested in the fight and just stared into the distance. Perci crawled along weakly. Burn-Bot folded his arms and laughed. A blue blur sent Burn-Bot flying, and the Robot crashed down next to Metal Sonic. Amy, Knuckles, and Tails arrived on scene. Metal Sonic motioned as if he was chuckling.

"I got this tin-can!" Knuckles grinned. He punched Burn-Bot as the Robot got up, making a hole in the Robot's chest. Knuckles grabbed and then crushed Burn-Bot's core in his hand. He roundhouse kicked the body away. "Oh yeah!" Knuckles grinned.

"Good going, Knuckles." Tails complimented. Knuckles gave a thumbs up. Amy tapped Tails' shoulder.

"More bad guys." Amy sighed. A bunch of Badniks had arrived on scene. Tails sighed.

"Cool more things to break." Knuckles spoke, rushing in. Tails and Amy looked at each other and shrugged. They followed Knuckles into battle. Perci had got back up and had recovered. She scowled at the three Heroes as they fought with the Robots.

"These tin-cans were mine..." Perci muttered under her breath. Meanwhile Burn-Bot slowly rose up behind her, very close to death. Perci spun around and kicked Burn-Bot's head off, holding it on her foot as the body slumped down. She brought her foot down and crushed the head under her foot, sparks flying out. "This is beginning to piss me off..." Perci growled. Metal Sonic looked at her with discontent. Perci looked over at the Robot. She stretched and yawned, then she opened her left eye and looked at Metal. "Hmm... Sorry, you're not my type." Perci mocked. Metal just stared with discontent. A Badnik went flying over Perci and crashed before Metal Sonic. Sonic jumped in front of Metal. Perci looked at Sonic. "Not bad..." Perci mumbled. Sonic gave Metal a sly grin and folded his arms.

"What's a matter? Cat got your tong?" Sonic mocked. Metal put his arms by his side and glared at Sonic. He let out some beeps. "Sorry... Don't speak binary." Sonic smiled as he performed warm up stretches and leans. Metal rushed forward and tried to punch Sonic, Sonic dodged to the side and grinned. He followed up with a roundhouse to the back of Metal's head. "Alright... I got time to play." Sonic spoke. Perci put her arm in front of Sonic.

"Sorry big blue, this one is mine..." Perci grinned. Sonic grinned back.

"I'm pretty sure he's mine." Sonic spoke. Perci pushed him up against a tree. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her bottom. "I'm sure we can come to some agreement." Perci purred. Sonic darted his eyes left and right, a sweat drop rolling down the side of his face. "Whoa... Slow it way down now, Perci." Sonic chuckled nervously. "Come on... It'll be fun." Perci grinned. Sonic looked confused. "What will?" Sonic asked. "Whatever... You... Want..." Perci replied. Sonic scratched his head. "I'm just here to fight Metal me." Sonic stated. Perci backed off and grinned. "Let's get to work on him then." Perci grinned, cracking her fingers. Sonic smiled and nodded. They began to walk to Metal, who was getting back up.

"I don't have time for those idiots." Shadow scowled. He was stood atop a small mountainside, with his arms folded as he looked down at the commotion below.

Chapter 3

Sonic and Perci stood before Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic rubbed his finger under his nose before folding his arms. Sonic imitated a boxer while Perci stretched and cracked her fingers. Sonic grinned. Perci and Sonic rushed forward.

Metal dodged both of their attacks. He kneed Sonic in the stomach and elbowed Perci in the face; Sonic countered with a punch, followed by a kick, Metal blocked a 2nd punch but Perci round housed him from behind. As Metal spun through the air, Perci pulled out her Pistol and fired. Though Metal dodged and the bullet hit a Badnik in the distance. Metal dodged three more shots and blocked a homing attack from Sonic. He flipped Sonic over and punched him into a rock. Perci spindashed Metal and followed up with two kicks and punch. Metal rocketed into the air but used his thruster to boost into Perci, smacking her to the ground. Sonic homing attacked Metal and followed up with a kick. Metal blocked a 2nd kick and used the Fusion Cannon in his chest to blast him through a tree. Perci homing attacked Metal three times, knocking him backwards, and then used a Chaos Blast to send him flying. As Metal flew through the air, Sonic jump kicked him in the side of the face. Metal went crashing into the ground. Sonic revved up a spindash but Metal blasted him with his Fusion Cannon. Perci unleashed a flurry of kicks and punches upon Metal, but was soon countered with an uppercut. Metal jumped up and grabbed Perci's foot. He hovered in mid-air and spun her around. He let go and she crashed into the ground. Sonic homing attacked Metal in the back, but was sent flying by a thruster burst. Metal pursued. He unleashes a volley of punches upon Sonic in mid-air. Sonic blocked a few and retaliated with his own punches. They reached a stalemate and grabbled. Sonic kicked Metal into the ground and ball stomped on him. Metal kicked him away. Perci fired a barrage of chaos spears at Metal and followed up with a chaos lance. Metal went flying through some rocks. Metal boosted out of the smoke towards Perci, but Sonic used his Enerbeam to catch Metal and pull him towards him. Sonic pulled himself forward with the Enerbeam and kicked Metal backwards with both feet. Perci followed up with a homing attack that made Metal scrape along the ground. Perci grabbed him with her Enerbeam and lifted him into the air with it before pulling him over her head and slamming him down into the ground.

"Ha. I expected a little more." Perci grinned.

"Not bad, Perci. Thanks for your help." Sonic spoke. "If you need anything else...?" Perci hinted with a suggestive smile. Sonic scratched his head and gave a nervous smile. "You know i'm not good with this stuff, Perci." Sonic replied. "You're cute when you're embarrassed." Perci grinned. Sonic rolled his eyes. "Amy won't like this whole thing..." Sonic sighed. "Oh come on, she won't be that mad... I need some way to thank the dashing Hero." Perci responded. "Fighting Metal was thanks enough." Sonic smiled. Perci placed her hands on his chest and licked her lips. "Why not just sneak 'round my place tonight? We can have a drink and some... 'Heroes rest'... Sound good?" Perci suggested. "Nah... I'll pass. Besides, i don't drink." Sonic replied. Perci sighed. "Damn... You are tricky." Perci grinned.

Metal Sonic burst out of the rubble. He clenched his fists and opened up his chest. Sonic and Perci turned to face him. Metal fired a charged blast from his Fusion Cannon. Sonic pushed Perci out of the way and took the blast. He screamed in pain as the beam blasted him. Shadow boosted into Metal Sonic, punching him in the face. Shadow grabbed Metal's leg and pulled him back, punching him to the ground via his face. Shadow punched the downed Metal repeatedly before grabbing him by the neck and throwing him into a mountainside. Metal slowly detached from the wall. Shadow spun around, charging a Chaos Spear. He fired it and it impaled Metal onto the wall.

"Is that... The Ultimate Lifeform?" Perci wondered.

"Sonic!?" Tails called out.

"Oh no..." Knuckles spoke.

"Gah! Sonic!?" Amy followed up. She smashed a Badnik's head in with her Piko Piko Hammer. Perci looked at the wounded Sonic.

"Damn..." Perci spoke. Shadow folded his arms and looked behind him, at the group. He let out a 'humph' and began to walk off. Tails looked over at Shadow as he walked into the distance.

"Sayonara... Shadow..." Sonic chuckled as he closed his eyes. Shadow turned and looked at the group. He looked away again and walked off.

"Walk it off, Blue." Shadow muttered.

Chapter 4

Shadow walked through a dense jungle. There was an eery silence about and all of the animals seemed to be hiding. Possibly from the Ultimate Lifeform himself. Shadow had his trademark scowl upon his face as he walked along. He stopped and folded his arms, gazing left and right. He tapped his foot as he waited. Rouge dropped down silently behind him. He knew she was there even though there was no way he could have known.

"Why do you even bother?" Shadow inquired. He turned around and looked at her.

"Damn... How did you know?" Rouge replied.

"I don't have time for your games." Shadow spoke. He turned away. "Now that's just rude." Rouge grinned. "You think i care?" Shadow scowled. "You really need to lighten up and cut loose." Rouge replied. "I'm not interested." Shadow stated. "Somebody needs a drink." Rouge smiled. "I don't have the time." Shadow responded. "You got plenty of time Shadow. Come on. We can have a nice chat. Maybe i can help with your problems?" Rouge suggested. "I don't want or need your sympathy. Now go away." Shadow growled. Rouge's eyes twitched and she grated her teeth. "You are THE most stubborn, self centered, and arrogant bastard i have ever known! I am trying to look out for you and you throw the help i offer back in my face! I am just trying to help you!" Rouge screamed at the top of her lungs. Shadow just stood there and stared into the distance. "Why?" Shadow spoke. "Because i care. Because i have a heart..." Rouge held back a tear. Shadow closed his eyes. "Sorry... But i have to deal with something right now..." Shadow muttered as he opened his eyes. He began to walk off. A Badnik snuck down from a tree behind Rouge and prepared to strike. A Chaos Spear blasted it to pieces. "I hope you have Beer..." Shadow smiled. Rouge looked at the Badnik and then at Shadow. Shadow walked off, back turned. He raised his hand up and waved. "Sayonara." Shadow spoke.

Chapter 5

A metal door was blasted off its hinges by a Chaos Spear. Shadow walked through the smoke and looked around the room. Some kind of laboratory was before him. Defense turrets popped out of the ceiling and aimed at the Hedgehog. Shadow smirked at the camera to his left. The turrets opened fire; unleashing a hail storm of lasers, Shadow jumped over and dodged every one of the lasers, he jumped up and fired a barrage of Chaos Spears. The blasts destroyed all of the turrets. Shadow landed back on the ground.

"Impressive... It's been a while, Shadow." Dr Eggman spoke as he descended into the room in his Egg Mobile. He stroked his chin as he grinned.

"Doctor..." Shadow adknowledged. "Now, tell me, what brings you here?" Eggman questioned. "Omega." Shadow answered. "I'm afraid you will not find him here..." Eggman replied. "Where is he?" Shadow asked. "You do not demand answers from me!" Eggman snapped. "Tell me, or i'll send you straight to hell." Shadow growled, as he clenched his fist. "Burn-Bot! Metal Sonic!" Eggman called out. A 2nd Burn-Bot was teleported into the room, along with a repaired, and upgraded, Metal Sonic. Shadow folded his arms. "You're machines are a joke, doctor." Shadow spoke. He blasted Burn-Bot in half with a Chaos Spear. "You're power will pale in comparison to Metal Sonic." Eggman growled. "What is his power level, Doctor?" Metal questioned. "It's... It's over 9000!" Eggman exclaimed after scanning Shadow with his glasses, developing a shocked and angered expression. Metal Sonic looked at Eggman. "What!? No matter! I will destroy him." Metal growled. Shadow sighed.

Metal rushed at Shadow, attempting to punch him. Shadow blocked it and grinned. Shadow punched Metal in the stomach, making his red pupil graphics glitch and widen in shock and pain, Shadow followed up with a right hook that sent Metal flying through a wall. Shadow rushed after him. Metal recovered just in time to dodged another punch and counter with his own, sending Shadow backwards. They glared at eachother for a moment. Shadow rushed in and tried to punch Metal; but Metal blocked and kneed him in the face, following up with a punch, and an elbow, finishing with a blast from his Fusion Cannon. Shadow was sent backwards again. Metal boosted forward, trying to ram into Shadow. Shadow pushed back and kneed Metal in the face, following up with a kick and a Chaos Lance. Metal went flying through another wall but boosted out of the smoke and uppercutted Shadow, sending him through the roof. Shadow used his jet shoes to hover in mid-air. Metal flew out of the hole in the mountain. Shadow fired a barrage of Chaos Spears but Metal managed to evade them, he then punched Shadow in the stomach and round house kicked him in the back of the head. Shadow recovered and unleashed a volley of kicks upon Metal. Metal blocked the 7th kick and elbowed Shadow in the jaw. Shadow growled and gave Metal a right hook, following up with a backflip kick, sending Metal flying back. Shadow flew forwards and punched Metal in the stomach area, stunning him. Shadow began a series of lightning fast attacks. On the 37th hit, Metal blocked and they pushed against eachother with their elbows. Metal kneed Shadow in the stomach and kicked him backwards. Metal began charging his Fusion Cannon. Shadow charged a Chaos Lance. Both fired and the beams collided, starting a beam duel. Both tried to overpower the other's beam but they were pretty even. The beams exploded and the blast sent both flying backwards. Shadow recovered and stopped himself. He lifted his arms above his head and closed his eyes.

"Chaos... Ball!" Shadow exclaimed. Sparks crackled above him and a golden ball of Chaos energy appeared. It began to grow as streams of Chaos energy flowed into it. Metal recovered and looked at the site. He growled in irritation. Shadow opened his eyes and grinned. He flung the ball at Metal Sonic, who hopelessly tried to hold it back with a Fusion Cannon blast. The Chaos Ball collided with the Robot and Metal was sent flying into the distance. A light shone for a moment as he disappeared. Shadow flew back down into the base.

Chapter 6

Sonic lay asleep on his bed in his bedroom. Everybody else was out collecting more medical supplies for him. Slowly the blue blur awoke. He held his head in pain as he got up. As he sat there he looked around his room, finding a note on his bedside table. He picked it up and read it.

"Sonic. If you wake up while we're out, please stay in bed. The blast may not have been fatal, but you need some rest to recover. We'll be back soon. Tails." Sonic read out loud. He sighed. "Well... That puts a damper on my weekend plans." Sonic moand. He heard the sound of a door opening. "Huh... Not bad timeing guys." Sonic smiled. He waited a short while and then his bedroom door opened. Perci walked in with a grin. "Wha... How did you get in here!?" Sonic exclaimed.

"Lockpicking." Perci replied. "Where are the others?" Sonic inquired. "They just left 15 minutes ago... They'll be out for a good three hours." Perci informed. "Well i don't have the time for your tricks..." Sonic responded. "I came for payment Sonic, you owe me for all those times you took a bite of my action... And i am real pissed with your gang for that." Perci grinned. "Please, not now." Sonic begged. "I did take a few things from Tails' lab to help you heal though." Perci spoke. She put a few serums on the bedside table and sat down on the bed. Sonic rolled his eyes. Perci unzipped her jacket, revealing her white tank top. She grabbed a serum and passed it to Sonic. "I wonder how effective these things are?" Sonic pondered after drinking. "Don't ask me, i just grabbed some random stuff." Perci interjected. "I have a bad feeling about that..." Sonic sighed. "I'm sure things will be fine." Perci retorted. Sonic rolled his eyes. "Now... Onto business." Perci chuckled. She climbed on top of Sonic and pinned him down, wrapping her legs around him and holding his arms. She purred in a seductive tone. "Damn it, Perci. Can't you just let this go!?" Sonic exclaimed. "Oh i never let things go." Perci replied. She pressed her lips against his and stuck her tung in his mouth, wriggling it about. She pulled away for air. "I am going to enjoy this so much..." Perci whispered into Sonic's ear. "What did i do...?" Sonic moand. "Interfered with my business." Perci grinned. She unbuttoned her purple pants and pulled them down to her knees, revealing her white panties. Sonic had a sweat drop roll down his face. Perci ran her hands down her hips and along Sonic's chest. "Pay up." Perci purred. Sonic couldn't prevent his manhood from rising. "I am really in a tight spot here." Sonic sighed. Suddenly his manhood extended; traveling in the gap between Perci's legs, brushing against her panties, making Perci moan in satisfaction, up and through her belt, and reaching her tank top, pushing it up, revealing her breasts, and traveling out of the neck hole. Perci had a confused look upon her face. Sonic began freaking out.

"What the hell!? What the hell!? What the hell!?" Sonic gasped. Perci looked at the empty serum tube on the bedside table. "I may have picked up something weird." Perci spoke. "This is messed up!" Sonic freaked out. "Shuush... Just enjoy our time together." Perci ordered. Sonic looked at Perci and lost focus. Perci grinned. She wrapped her lips around his manhood and bopped her head back and forth. Sonic rolled his eyes in pleasure. "Amy will kill me..." Sonic sighed. Eventually Perci stopped and pulled down her panties. "I want you inside me..." Perci purred. She licked her lips as Sonic obeyed.

Chapter 7

Shadow was running through a canyon, a scowl upon his face, he was searching for Eggman again. The doctor had escaped while Shadow was fighting Metal Sonic. He continued to run, leaving a dust trail and a black streak behind him. He ran so fast he was creating sonic booms. A Badnik ambushed him and managed to cut him with his claws. Crimson red blood gushed out of the wound in his stomach but the cut instantly healed up and Shadow punched straight through the Badnik's head, sending pieces of metal and circuits everywhere.

"That actually hurt a little you piece of shit." Shadow growled. Shadow kicked the body into the canyon wall. He could heard the sound of fighting in the distance. He rushed off to investigate.

Amy smashed a Badnik in half with her Hammer and kicked a 2nd Badnik, behind her, away. Knuckles uppercutted a Badnik, setting it on fire, before punching it back into the ground. Tails used his Enerbeam to slam a Badnik around before throwing it into two more and throw a grenade at the trio, killing them all. Knuckles punched a Badnik behind Tails into a rock, giving a thumbs up to the Fox. Tails smiled and nodded. Amy stomped on a damaged Badnik's head. Shadow was watching the Heroes from above, on a cliff side, with his arms folded and a contempt look upon his face.

"Humph. So much for elite units, Doctor. I don't have time for those idiots." Shadow spoke. He turned and began to walk away, until he overheard the trio talking.

"These chumps are nothing, where'd that big red one go?" Knuckles spoke.

"I don't know, it had a huge array of weapons though." Amy replied.

"We'll have to focus on E-123 another time. We need to get Doc Ginger's supplies back." Tails interjected.

"Huh...? Omega...?" Shadow pondered as he stopped dead in his tracks. "I better find out what's going on." Shadow spoke. He turned back and observed the trio again. Perhaps they could lead him to Omega?

Chapter 8

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