Sonic Boom EXTREME is a CGI television series (also animated) originally scheduled to release in Janurary 1st, 2015, until it was confirmed to move to 2016 to have more time to plan and create new sagas and episodes. It is a cartoon comedy adventure series that is aimed from children to teens centering on Sonic, with his friends Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Silver, Blaze and Shadow going on a adventure, stopping Dr. Eggman and his plans. Sticks will also join the show, and also Lyric with old and new characters will join the ensemble. From Episode 181, it was transferred to anime, until the end of the arc. This was aired for two whole years, with the exception of Leap Year and 2017.

Plot Synopsis

There are a total of 730 episodes in Sonic Boom EXTREME and are split into ??? sagas:

  1. Sticks Saga (Episodes 1-15)
  2. Sayonara, Sonic Saga (Episodes 16-30)
  3. Lyric Saga (Episodes 31-45)
  4. Sonic Returns Saga (Episode 46-60)
  5. Pokemon Saga (Episode 61-75)
    • Note: This is the first saga to feature Non-Sonic characters, in this case: Ash with Pikachu, Serena with Braxien, Korrina with Lucario and Alexa with Gogoat
  6. Super Smash Bros. Saga (Episode 76-90)
    • Note: All eight Pokemon characters return and Mario, Link, Pit, Yoshi and Kirby debut to the series.
  7. Nintendo Saga (Episodes 91-105)
  8. Sticks Returns Saga (Episodes 106-120)
  9. New Powers Saga (Episodes 121-135)
  10. Super Mario Saga (Episodes 136-150)
  11. Subspace Saga (Episodes 151-165)
  12. Lost Treasure Saga (Episodes 166-180)
  13. Anime Saga (Episodes 181-195)

More Coming Soon.....

Episode List

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Characters and Voice Actors

Major Characters

Character Sonic the Hedgehog Miles "Tails" Prower Knuckles the Echidna Amy Rose Shadow the Hedgehog Blaze the Cat Silver the Hedgehog Sticks the Badger Lyric the Last Ancient Dr. Eggman
Voice Actor (English) Roger Craig Smith Colleen Villard Travis Willingham Cindy Robinson Kirk Thornton Laura Bailey Quinton Flynn Nika Futterman Patrick Seitz Mike Pollock
Voice Actor (Japanese) Jun'ichi Kanemaru Ryo Hirohashi Nobutoshi Kanna Taeko Kawata Koji Yusa Nao Takamori Daisuke Ono Aoi Yuki Jurota Kosugi ???
Voice Actor (French) Alexandre Gillet Marie-Eugenie Marechal Sebastien Desjours Naike Fauveau Benoit DuPac Delphine Braillon Herve Grull Clarie Morin Benoit DuPac Marc Bretonniere
Voice Actor (Italian) Renato Novara Benedetta Ponticelli Maurizio Merluzzo Serena Clerici Claudio Monetta Tania De Domenico Davide Albano ??? ??? Aldo Stella

Voice Actor (German)

Marc Stachel Anke Kortemeier
Voice Actor (Spanish) Jonatan Lopez Graciela Molina
Number of Appearences 180 (so far Episodes) 195 (so far Episodes) 195 (so far Episodes)

Characters from Different Franchises

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