Son of Cassidy: Blood Affected (film) Action, Crime, Thriller, film. Matt's Son.
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  • Nolberto Swaby as Dt. Cassidy, Matt's Dad, Matthew's Uncle.
    • Henry Rosales Torres as young Matt Matt's meets his dad.
  • Arley R Swaby-Swaby as Dt. Robbie Carter; Robbie's father.
  • Yolanda Swaby-Rivers as Louise Cassidy; Matt's Second Aunt, Friend.
  • Anthony Miguel Diaz as Matthew Cassidy; Matt's Son.
  • Erickson Brown as Robbie Carter Jr. (rumored)
  • Yasel Hernandez as Major Quinn Slade (villain)..,,, Matt's Clone.
  • Giovanni Swaby as Cam (Uncredited)..,, Matt's Adopted Son.
  • Marcus Scott as Arnold Cassidy/Matthew Cassidy Jnr. (Uncredited) Matt's Son.
  • Derlis Swaby Mayo as Lee Carter; Robbie's father.
  • Yanet Swaby as Juile Tyler; Robbie's Cousin-by- Blood.
  • Lewin Solomon Jr. as Will Slade (villain)..,, Son of Quinn.
  • Dante Thompson as Eric Browne; Matt's Mentor and Friend.

Uncredited Casts

  • Andrew Smiley as Steve 'Sticko' Brown (uncredited) Father of Gabriel.
  • Nicholas Myers as Gabriel Brown- Carter (uncredited)..,,,
  • Junior Peart as (NYPD) Lt. Mark Carter (Uncredited) Robbie's Half-Brother, Julie's Friend.
  • Yanet Swaby as Gina Lou-Carter (uncredited) Amanda's niece and Matt's second cousin.


  • "Bad" performed by Micheal Jackson courtesy by Micheal Jackson
  • "Do you Bleed?" performed by Hans Zimmer courtesy by Hans Zimmer
  • "Party Up (Up in Here)" Performed by DMX courtesy by DMX
  • "I Can't Stop Dancing" Performed by Becky G courtesy by Becky G
  • "Lose the Control" by cheapshots courtesy by Cheapshots
  • "Gets Dead" performed by John Debney courtesy by John Debney
  • "Thunder" performed Imagines Dragons courtesy by Imagines Dragons

ft. Amanda Nelson (20th Century Fox Films Corps.)

  • "Big Mouth" performed by Arley R. Swaby courtesy by Arley R. Swaby
  • "Flower" performed by Moby courtesy by Moby
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