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Soleillien–Yamato War

Soleil (purple) & Yamatai's colony (green) on the eve of the war. Neutral territories in grey.






East end of the Vieillesse Peninsula, Northeastern Aquilonis


Yamatai cedes colony to Soleil


Soleil flag.png Kingdom of Soleil

Yamatai flag.png Empire of Yamatai

The Soleillien–Yamato War was a territorial conflict between the Kingdom of Soleil and the Empire of Yamatai over the latter's recently-established colony at the end of the Vieillesse peninsula.


東を見ると過去が見えます。古い、混沌とした、疲れた。西を見ると未来が見えます。 新しく、手つかずで、磨きに熟している。

Azuma o miru to kako ga miemasu. Furui, konton to shita, tsukareta. Nishi o miru to mirai ga miemasu. Atarashiku, tetsukazu de, migaki ni juku shite iru.

When I look east, I see the past; old, chaotic and tired. When I look west, I see the future; new, untamed and ripe for the polishing.

~ Toki-tenno of Yamatai

With the conclusion of the Two Hundred years' War in Fuso, the Empire of Yamatai was eager to stretch its wings and expand further. Expanding eastward onto mainland Marlakcor was considered, but ultimately discarded due to belief that the historically chaotic lands of the east would be too much to handle. Yamato expansionists had long known about land of Aquilonis to the far west across the Sakaikai sea thanks to Genjin explorers. Viewing the new and untried lands to the west as a better place to set up and expand, Toki-tenno gave the okay to start colonization efforts in 2145INO.

The first settles arrived in what was to become Yamatai's colony in 432DE/2148INO, disregarding the fact that the sudden arrival of unfamiliar foreigners would bring the ire of the locals, in particular the expanding Kingdom of Soleil, whose own people were starting to expand into the region after recently conquering the petty kingdom of Dzhondalʹ (ⰄⰆⰑⰐⰄⰀⰎⰠ), the last Salrin kingdom in eastern Vieillesse.


The war began in 446DE/2162INO, barely fourteen years after the colony's establishment, when the Kingdom of Soleil, then under the rule of the Puissance dynasty, attacked the colony, viewing the expansion of it as a threat to Soleillien expansion.


The outcome of the wars was not a favorable one for Yamatai, as their ambitions of westward expansion had been thwarted. It also had the effect of souring relations between the two powers for decades, albeit in different ways: Soleil all but forgot about the conflict as the powers that be at the time were more focused on securing their place in Aquilonis, but were wary of foreigners from then on; Yamatai, meanwhile, never forgot and retained an antagonistic stance against Soleil from then on.

One other result of the conflict was that it brought black powder to Aquilonis for the first time. Some was captured by the Soleilliens but much was left behind when Yamatai vacated the peninsula. Soleil was quick To incorporate it into their ways of war and entertainment, and from there it spread across Aquilonis and eventually into Eurodysia.

A few generations later, all former animosity between the two country's was forgiven and forgotten by both governments and their peoples when Soleil, under the newly inaugurated Sorcellerie dynasty, intervened in Fuso on the side of Yamatai against the invading Lin dynasty of Tianchao in the Lin Invasion of Yamatai.

A sense of camaraderie developed between the two peoples as they fought side-by-side to repel the Lin invasion and free the occupied territories and islands of Yamatai from Lin rule, giving birth to the Soleillien–Yamato Alliance, a treaty of friendship, free trade and military alliance that endures to this day.

Notes & Trivia

  • At the time the war broke out, Soleil had nowhere near reached its modern territorial extant, many holdout territories and petty kingdoms still remained; hence all the grey within Soleil's modern borders on the map.