Soap, Wash, Cleanse, Pain, Magic, Star is a 2015 Psychadelic Psychological Thriller film written and directed

Soap, Wash, Cleanse, Pain, Magic, Star
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
Produced by Lawrence Bender
Written by Quentin Tarantino

Gerard Butler

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Edward Norton

Daniel Hasan

Katherine Heigl

Natasha McElhone

Paul Rudd

Idris Elba

Jessica Alba

Music by Carter Burwell


Cinematography Robert Richardson
Editing by Sally Menke
Studio A Band Apart Productions
Distributed by Miramax Films
Release date(s) October 8, 2013
Running time 110 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $52 million
Box office $180,949,042

by Quentin Tarantino starring Gerard Butler, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Edward Norton, Katherine Heigl, Daniel Hasan, Natasha McElhone, Paul Rudd, Idris Elba and Jessica Alba.

It concerns the interlinking stories of six characters with unusual names threatened by a killer to which the audience is opened to from the start is one of them.

The film then serves as a Alice in Wonderland style whodunit.


Daniel Soap (Gerard Butler) is a maintenance man. Jackson Wash (Edward Norton) is a drug addict involved in a large drug cartel, Judith Cleanse (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is an Obsessive compulsive cleaner woman for a high end organization living in a terribly damaged small home, Tate Pain (Daniel Hasan) is a bullied pre-teen boy, Tina Camdone-Magic (Natasha McElhone) is a former lawyor turned landlord and Sarah Star (Jessica Alba) is a fancy ballet dancer struggling to make it to the big end of success in what she loves above all else.

How are they all connected?

The film begins with the man Daniel Soap sitting in an alleyway commenced in a muted conversation with the character Jackson Wash.

The story goes on and the characters we become introduced to are killed off one by one.

First the woman Sarah Star is attacked at her ballet studio.

She goes to the police for help and has two officers stake out the front of her house that night.

The killer however comes and murders one of the officers and severley wounds the other.

Sarah however in all the commotion runs to an exterior ugly small home which she breaks into.

She calls out for someone's name but the name is muted and and as she circles around in the small kitchen and is then launched upon by the concealed in black killer who proceeds to stab her multiple times with a butcher's knife.

The scene then comes to the house and a woman named Judith Cleanse who is an obsessive compulsive suicidal cleaner for a high end company who possesses a low rate pay and low rate home.

She is talking with a cleaning lady dispatched by her psychologist to assist her however she keeps beating her to all the cleaning need done.

The woman asks to how there came to be cracks all over one of her cupboard doors.

The story goes on and we are taken through all the remaining characters as the body count rises and the mystery unravels.

Believed target Daniel Soap who served as a partial narrator of the movie is revealed as the killer and his motive and connection for killing these people is revealed: The obsessive compulsive Judith Cleanse was in fact his ex-wife many years ago before he underwent cosmetic surgery, she was having an affair with the drug addict character Jacksoin Wash who is revealed as his adopted brother, Daniel had approached Judith about the affair and an argument broke out in which she blamed him for everything and when he started smashing up all her prize furniture she cracked him over the head with a glass kettel believably killing him, A woman running in the vicinity saw the whole thing through a window and her name was revealed as Sarah Star, The incident came to court and Daniel Soap was believed to be dead Judith being on trial for suspected foul play, her lawyor Tina Camdone-Magic got her off and made fake evidence to suggest Daniel Soap indeed tried to kill her for which she struck him back in self-defence and the young bullied boy Tate Pain is revealed as Judith's nephew who claimed the night he had run away which was the same night as Daniel's supposed killing he saw Daniel attack her acting as a lying witness.

The second to be killed is the adoptive brother drug addict Jackson Wash who had been stalked by Daniel for awhile despite this never being seen, he is killed in the alleyway from the beginning via having a barrel of sulfuric acid slplashed upon which then causes him to fall through an alleyway door.

The third to die is the lawyor Magic who is killed after coming to Judith's house whilest she is not there just like first victim Sarah had done.

Tanya Magic comes and unlocks her way in but discovers in a jammed off room the corpse of Sarah Star following which killer Daniel concealed in black advances.

A small chase intiates within Judith's small home as Tanya goes from room to room locking herself in trying to escape.

She is ultimatley killed however as she attempts a runner for the front door emerging from the room she locked herself in last.

Daniel swings an axe down upon her face.

Fourth to die is pre-teen nephew Tate Pain who is attacked along with Judith and the two attempt to escape the killer in a car intiating a car chase.

Daniel causes Judith's car to swerve off into the same thin alleyway of the beginning and one to which Jackson was killed in.

The car flips over and Judith escapes the wreckage.

She looks back to see Daniel laid down and sprouting blood from the mouth which he then dies instantly following.

Judith runs her way back all to her house before the police whose sirens are sounding arrive at the Car Scene.

She comes back to the house and discovers Tanya and Sarah's bodies.

She then locks herself in her bedroom and sits upon the bed crying and having a breakdown.

Daniel then attacks Judith in the house who is waiting for him with a butcher's knife which she stabs in his shoulder multiple times upon him grabbing her.

He unmasks himself and shows that his face is gigantically swollen and disgfigured from the cosmetic surgery her underwent.

Judith now too shocked to continue on attacking utters to herself: :"I Did this to you."

She tells him what i did was beyond wrong and i deserve to die for what I have done but my nephew and the others they don't.

Daniel becomes angry and yells "Yes They Do."

"All you monsters did this to me, took everything away from me, ability to be in public with others, have a job like everyone else or even have normal company like everyone else."

He proceeds to stab Judith but hesitates at first.

As he does her body which is propped up against the same cupboard Sarah was when she was being stabbed to death begins to crack even more.

Then Judith's eyes widen and she says to him she's sorry before engaging in a passionate kiss.

In doing so she grabs hold of a glass kettel and smashes it over his head.

Gunshots then commence and he receives multiple gunshots to the chest.

The surviving officer who was wounded who guarded Sarah from the start has killed him.

Judith hugs the man.

As the police begin going through the house with the Crime Scene Investigators Judith abandons her ambulance and sneaks into her house into her bedroom.

There she withdraws an evidence gun left on the table and shoots herself.

The movie ends with the shocking if only she hadn't of killed herself as a large city law firm had mailed her regarding a cleaning position which would pay big money and got her out of stingy small home.


  • Gerard Butler as Daniel Soap
  • Edward Norton as Jackson Wash
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Judith Cleanse
  • Katherine Heigl as Lara Pain
  • Daniel Hasan as Tate Pain
  • Natasha McElhone as Tanya Cambone-Magic
  • Jessica Alba as Sarah Star
  • Chris Evans as Contemporary Boyfriend Woodrow Vanderbelt
  • Lizzy Caplan as Babysitter Peta
  • Meghan Markle as Sarah's Roommate Paige T
  • Idris Elba as Sheriff Baston St. Finn
  • Laramie Eppler aas Pain's bestfriend Antonio Build
  • Michael Parks as Earl McGraw
  • Kenton Duty as Abe Dinkel
  • Sammi Hanratty as Cordine Busting
  • Daryl Hannah as Tanya's Bestfriend Elizabeth Cauldry
  • Manu Bennett as Landlord Timer
  • James Parks as Officer Edgar McGraw
  • Steve McQueen as Landlord Joseph
  • Paget Brewster as Landlord Carrie
  • Marin Hinkle as Jezebel Nicolson
  • Bai Ling as Cleaner Ming Wakamata
  • Karyn Parson as Psychologist Lara Collie
  • Donal Logue as Investigator Roberts
  • Eric Cantona as Investigator Douglas
  • Jason Scott Lee as Investigator Samuels
  • Greg Grunberg as Crime Scene Investigator Doudry
  • Emmanuelle Seigner as Ballet Instructor Lucia Goborovitch
  • Gina Bellman as Crime Scene Investigator Tina Blackenfeld
  • Irène Jacob as Crime Scene Investigator Lasa Drefield
  • Jonathen Silverman as Officer Feld
  • Thorsten Kaye as Officer Lewis
  • Maria Pitillo as Officer Julie
  • Antoine Fuqua as Officer Lexington
  • Laura Silverman as Principal Patricia Gaines
  • Billy Unger as Tate's Bestfriend Wallace Shores
  • Parker McKenna Posey as Tate's Love Interest Cindy Wallton
  • Noah Gray-Cabey as Bully Lester
  • Sawyer Sweeten as Bully Tester
  • Remy Thorne as Bully Spurn
  • Dana Barron as Mrs. Dirmon
  • Steve Valentine as Taxi Driver
  • Larry Gomez as Judith's Boss Drenford Dorman
  • Tom Hardy as Judith's Fellow Cleaner Friend/Love Interest/ Confidant Ryman
  • Lana Parilla as Employer
  • Danny Dyer as Employer
  • Rob McElhenney as Employer
  • Jason Reitman as the Strange Proposer
  • Sam Witwer as Judith's Stalker Employer
  • Maitland Ward as Lara's Bestfriend Cassandra Terminal
  • Barret Foa as Constipated Employer
  • Callum Blue as the Young Set-Up Date
  • Miranda Raison as Paige T and Sarah S's Older Party Friend Lois Butterfeld
  • Chandra Wilson as Ballet Dancer Dana
  • Heather Paige Kent as Ballet Dancer Dina
  • Amy Ryan as Ballet Dancer Marianna
  • Caitlin Keats as Ballet Dancer Mourna
  • Kim Raver as Dance Critic
  • Justin Kirk as Dance Critic
  • Tony Curran as Dance Critic
  • Josh Stewart as Officer
  • Shanola Hampton as Officer
  • Marisa Ramirez as Officer
  • John Hensley as Officer
  • Elden Henson as Officer
  • Kristoffer Polaha as CSI Instructor
  • Katherine LeNasa as Witness 1
  • Thomas McCarthy as Witness 2
  • Richard Steven Horvitz as Witness 3
  • Bill Goldberg as Witness 4
  • Jennifer Grant as Witness 5
  • Greg Wise as Witness 6

The Central Six

The categorized main six characters of the film, five of which are the targets of one of them:

  1. Daniel Soap: The end revealed killer of the others who left horribly deformed by Judith Cleanse. He was once Judith Cleanse's fiance who in an argument was severley injured by him and even believed to be dead. His body however disappeared from the Morgue and began hunting down Judith and the other four people he deemed responsebile for what became of him.
  2. Jackson Wash: Brother to Daniel Soap who disbanded from their family at age 18 and and legally changed his last name to Wash. He commenced in an affair with Daniel's fiance Judith which lead to the large argument in which Judith attacked him and left him horribly deformed and almost dead. He is marked second to die by Daniel.
  3. Judith Cleanse: The ex-fiance of Daniel Soap who left him terribly deformed and almost dead.She is the cleaner for a high end law firm organization and possesses a crappy apartment in the Bronx region. She was marked to be the Fifth to die by Daniel Soap though ultimatley ended up killing him. She committed suicide following the execution of Daniel. She had cheated on Daniel with his low-life brother Jackson.
  4. Tate Pain: Judith's young 16 year old nephew who stood up in court and claimed to be a witness to what had happened to Daniel Soap at he and Judith's crappy apartment. He lied and claimed that Daniel had attacked her and that she in self defence splashed his face with boiling hot water and smashed him over the head with a coffee glass. He is marked fourth to die by Daniel.
  5. Tanya Cambone-Magic: Judith's lawyor on the case regarding Daniel Soap who discovered that Daniel had not been attacked and almost killed in self-defence but rather attacked out of an impulsive act by Judith but instead decided to cover her in order to not lose face. She is marked third to die by Daniel
  6. Sarah Star: A young 21 year old ballet dancer who had been running around the Bronx Region when she heard a scuffle commencing from Daniel Soap and Judith Cleanse's crappy apartment and came to check it out. Standing outside peering through a window she witnessed Judith strike Daniel all of a sudden after pouring boiling hot water onto him and as Daniel looked up and saw her instead fled, deciding not to report what happened or when hearing of the court case crime not to step forward. She is marked first die by Daniel.


With a budget of $52 Million production lasted 150 days. The film was overseen by Miramax's Harvey Weinstein who recommended to Quentin the possibility of a seperation into 2 parts like his Kill Bill films had been done.

Tarantino however claimed the film would be stand alone and having two volumes would strip the speciality style of the Kill Bill films despite the fact Soap, Wash, Cleanse, Pain, Magic, Star does feature many similiar elements to the Kill Bill Volumes and even his Grindhouse feature Death Proof.


Soap, Wash, Cleanse, Pain, Magic, Star is heavily influenced by the original 1980 Prom Night film starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie Blanks' low receiving 2001 slasher feature Valentine (which coincidentally also featued actress Katherine Heigl) and heavily influenced by Jieho Lee's 2007 feature The Air I Breathe (which also starred central actress Sarah Michelle Gellar) and instead of being a slasher film was a character driven drama film.

The psychadelic elements of the film is derived from the classic Lewis Carrol story Alice In Wonderland as revealed by director Tarantino who combined all the elements to make a Psychadelic, Psychological Slasher Thriller film which also serves as a character driven drama piece.


With the casting of the film The Casting Director and Quentin decided instead of holding international anyone can come in auditions they would scale through all the recent most inspired movies.

He first began the search for his Daniel Soap and Judith Cleanse.

He came to find Daniel Soap first and even unintentionally Tate Pain mother through the movie The Ugly Truth.

He found Gerard Butler in the film Tarantino did and thought this actor has strong minded potential and then came to watch Law Abiding Citizen and then decided on him for Daniel Soap.

Reflecting back on starting point movie The Ugly Truth he looked and noticed actress Katherine Heigl who happened to be from one of the movie's inspiration movies Valentine then came and stated that actress has to appear in the movie in some shape or form.

Editor Sally Menke one of Tarantino's most faithful crew members apart from long-time producer Lawrence Bender recommended her as the mother of the Pain Character and sister to Judith Cleanse giving her a significant role apart from the central six.

Quentin realizing his diamond characters can come from inspirational movies thinking back to Valentine then went through and the others and upon looking in the Air I Breathe saw Sarah Michelle's Sorrow and decided she is indeed Judith Cleanse.

Quentin however before getting in contact with the talented actress' agent went and watched a few episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer one of her most popular outings which shot her to stardom.

He watched the episodes: Hush, Restless, Anne, Buffy Vs. Dracula, The Gift, Chosen, Becoming Parts 1 and 2 and Primeval and then decided she was indeed without a doubt the one to be Judith Cleanse.

Then came the basic casting of all the other characters apart from the central six through international auditions and agent recommendations.

Quentin along with the casting director and editor Sally Menke came back to the central character casting and found Jackson Wash as Edward Norton's agent called in stating he was interested in private auditioning for the role.

He came in and Quentin clicked to the actor and told him as he was about to head out following reading the required lines he had acquired the role.

Quentin's bestfriend Robert Rodriquez called in and stated he believed actress Jessica Alba was suited for the role of Sarah Star upon getting a draft of the script from Quentin who had originally wished him to serve as an associate producer (which he backed out of do work on future projects.)

Quentin came to watch Rodriquez's Machete again and Jessica in the Killer Inside Me alongside Casey Affleck.

He was highly impressed and telephoned her agent requesting she come in and read for the role.

She did and won the character.

Actress Daryl Hannah who had served as the eponymous Elle Driver in Quentin's Kill Bill Volumes (A.K.A The California Mountain Snake) called in following that recommending actress Natasha McElhone her friend as the one to play the character Tanya Cambone-Magic (Hannah had indeed also been given a draft of the script by Quentin who requested her as an associate producer to which she also politely declined.)

Natasha came in, read and immediatley impressed both Sally, The Casting Director and Quentin winning the role.

Finally Quentin opened up free to come in auditions for any child aged 14-17 who would like to come and read for the character Tate Pain.

After 201 kids from the United States region coming in, in came rising actor Daniel Hasan aged 17 who read for the role and caused Quentin to jump up with excitement stating he possessed tremendous talent and that he's got it.

Daniel stated to Quentin he was a big fan and Quentin in the audition enquired to what was his favourite film of his.

Daniel answered with he possessed two: Both Kill Bill Volumes.

The two shook hands and Daniel departed having won the character.


  • Prom Night (1980)- One of the films which serves as great inspiration for this film, a film the actors were all required to watch by Tarantino prior to filming and the sequence in which Natasha McElhone's character Tanya Cambone is killed mirrors Anne Marie-Martin's Wendy death from the film with an axe coming down as after discovering a body a door is opened
  • Valentine (2001)- Film's revenge plot inspired by film, film actors all had to watch as a director's demand and actress Katherine Heigl who appeared as a beginning victim in the film named Shelley portrays a protagonist character in this film
  • The Air I Breathe (2007)- Character representations, film featured Sarah Michelle Gellar as a main character
  • Paper Moon (1973)- Jackson Wash states he's saddled with the burdon of possessing a girl who may or may not be his daughter before laughing and stating to an unseen companion (later revealed as Daniel Wash) that he's just referencing the film Paper Moon
  • Friday The 13th Part 2 (1981)- Sarah Star is threatened by the killer brandishing a butcher's knife who slowly approaches her in Judith Cleanse's kitchen with it
  • Weird Science (1985)- Tate Pain remarks to Babysitter Peta
  • The Name Of The Rose (1986)- Sheriff Earl McGraw refers to the killings as following along the lines of the killings in the faraway Abbey
  • Harper (1966)- Edgar remarks should they call in Harper as a joke


  1. Snow (Hey Oh)- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  2. Loser- Beck
  3. Ceiling of Plankton- GIVERS
  4. Sleigh Bells- Infinity Guitars
  5. Need Your Love- The Temper Trap
  6. Ho Hey- The Lumineers
  7. Big Parade- The Lumineers
  8. Morning Song- The Lumineers
  9. Up Up Up- GIVERS
  10. Walk The Moon- Anna Sun
  11. Strange Attractor- Animal Kingdom
  12. Domino- Jessie J
  13. Emeli Sande- Next To Me
  14. Walking On A Dream- Empire Of The Sun
  15. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy- P.I T Chaikovsky
  16. Waltz Of The Flowers- P.I Chaikovsky
  17. Nocturno- Frederic Chopin
  18. Prelude No. 4- Frederic Chopin
  19. Storm- Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
  20. Love Story- Beethoven
  21. Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven
  22. Fur Elise- Beethoven
  23. Drug Music- Non Phixion
  24. Say Goodbye To Yesterday- Non Phixion
  25. Feel So Close- Calvin Harris
  26. Pumped Up Kicks- Foster The People (serves as the end credits song and as a song heard briefly in the car sequence with Tate Pain and Judith Cleanse)
  27. I Need Your Love- The Temper Trap
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