Snowy Twoflower, also called "Snowy", is the deuteragonist of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.

Personality and Traits

Like majority of member of his race, his demeanor is akin to friendly child, albeit in this case, his mind set in 12-14 year old human child. He has a good sense of humor, and loves to joking around albeit sometimes tend to annoying everyone around him. Snowy has been more like a brother for Raido, as he always support him for better or for worse. However, he could be serious when the situation call for it.

Much like all snow fairies, he resembles a small snowman with two pairs of insectoid wings and is 30 cm tall. His attires consists of grey pants, white tunic, and matching shoes, cap, and cape.

Weapons and Gadgets

Snowy's weapon actually either snow, water, or water mositure due to his sorcery mostly in form of cryomancy.

Magic Spells

  • Ice Shards: Spell to conjures several ice shards as projectile.
  • Blizzard hose: Spell to create a cone-shaped, freezing beam out of cold steam from one's mouth or palm that capable to penetrates and freezes anything upon impact which the strength depends on the used amount of magic. This is Snowy's signature spell.
  • Ice Barrier: Spell to create a barrier out of solid ice, either as floating ice plates or pavishes-like constructs.
  • Ice Comet: Snowy can conjure an ice comet that explodes and freezes anything upon impact.
  • Air Blast: Snowy can also conjure concussive blast of winds, but he rarely used this.
  • Teleportation/Blink Spell: Snowy can teleport from one place to another through certain distance.


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