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Snow White is a 2015 American-British fantasy film directed by Kimberly Peirce, the director of Carrie. This film stars Amy Lee, Jesse McCartney, Katie McGrath and Johnny Depp.


A princess befriends a prince, the forest animals and the seven dwarves when she is under her spell by an old witch under the guise of an evil queen.


  • Amy Lee as Snow White
  • Jesse McCartney as Prince Charming
  • Katie McGrath as the Evil Queen
  • Johnny Depp as the Huntsman
  • Crispin Freeman as the voice of the Magic Mirror
  • Martin Klebba as Doc
  • Verne Troyer as Dopey
  • Peter Dinklage as Grumpy
  • Warwick Davis as Happy
  • Danny Woodburn as Sneezy
  • Tony Cox as Bashful
  • Danny DeVito as Sleepy


  • This film is 110 minutes long.
  • This is rated PG for fantasy violence and scary images.
  • It was aired on FamilyChoice as a fantasy movie.
  • It will be produced by Norman Buckley, producer of Pretty Little Liars and written by Jennifer Lee, director and writer of Frozen.
  • It will be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.
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