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Smashed is a 2011 Slasher Horror Film starring Chelan Simmons, Lucy Hale, Katija Pevec, Alison Pill, Gerry Mendicino, Rachel McAdams, Sir Patrick Stewart, David Carradine, Emma Watson, Clea DuVall, Siu Ta and Jessica Biel. It features a cameo from Jack Nicholson as the Transvetite conversing with Lucy Hale.

It is written by Jennifer Derwingson and Zane Devine and directed by Todd Phillips in his first horror/thriller debut.


Eight Teenage Girls Evanna (Lucy Hale) Cassidy (Chelan Simmons) Lisa (Katija Pevec) Jennifer (Alison Pill) Tessa (Emma Watson) Kim (Siu Ta) Jeanine (Clea DuVall) and Lynn (Jessica Biel) at the age of eight accidentally killed their School's Strange Janitor as an unruly prank backfired.

Now at the age of eighteen they are killed one by one by an unruly killer with a twist and a heart of vengeance.


  • Chelan Simmons as Cassidy Tobias
  • Lucy Hale as Evanna Winstroke
  • Holly Marie Combs as Layla Winstroke
  • Katija Pevec as Lisa Annister
  • Emma Watson as Tessa Fiore
  • Siu Ta as Kimberley Tanaka
  • Alison Pill as Jennifer Johnson
  • Jessica Biel as Lynn Crawford
  • Rachel McAdams as Whitney Axen-Verabilla
  • Gerry Mendecino as Walter Axen
  • Patrick Stewart as Principal Craze
  • David Carradine as the New Janitor
  • Jack Nicholson as Transvetite Tammy
  • Clea DuVall as Jeanine Crozzberry
  • Jadie Rose-Hobson as Young Lisa
  • Maria Lark as Young Jennifer
  • Allisyn Ashley Arm as Young Evanna
  • Taylor Atelian as Young Lynn
  • Darcy Rose Byrnes as Young Cassidy
  • Mackenzie Foy as Young Tessa
  • Nozomi Ohashi as Young Kim
  • Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas as Rita Treater
  • Mehcad Brooks as Tunson
  • Jake Abel as Chris
  • Stephen Adshead as Nulo
  • Tatum McCann as Young Jeanine
  • Ellis Hollins as Young Whitney

Death Sequences

  1. Walter Axen: Killed accidentally in warehouse by falling onto Glass Window by Cassidy Tobias, Evanna Winstroke, Lisa Annister, Tessa Fiore, Jennifer Johnson, Lynn Crawford and Kimberley Tanaka.
  2. Lynn Crawford: Killed in home via being pulled through back sliding door glass and broken in half
  3. Chris: Pole through chest onto Evanna's bed and sides of face sliced with glass shards before being stabbed with them in back
  4. Tunson: Killed outside in front of hedge following urination via prunign shears through chest
  5. Rita Treater: Decapitated with Pruning Shears
  6. Nulo: Killed in Boy's Locker room via baseball bat through mouth
  7. Principle Craze: Machete to head and stapler to hand
  8. The New Unnamed Janitor: Killed following chase via head cracked on mop bucket and drowned in blood water in bucket
  9. Jeanine Crozzberry: Killed in rain following chase via Pruning Shears to head
  10. Transvetite Tammy: Split in half with Axe in alleyway residence
  11. Evanna Winstroke: Chased through alleyway following Transvetite's death and killed via being pulled across ground on face
  12. Jennifer Johnson: Killed on couch via pruning shears through head
  13. Tessa Fiore: Killed following Jennifer via Harpoon through throat in shower
  14. Cassidy Tobias: Killed in school via hanging from Principal's Office Fan
  15. Lisa Annister: Head Blown Back Against Girl's Bathroom Mirror
  16. Whitney Axen: Same Fate as Father dealt by Kimberley Tanaka

The Masks

Throughout the film the killer secretly Whitney Verabilla wears different masks through the course of her killings of her main targets.

The masks are the ones worn by her friend targets who accidentally killed her father at the time of his death which was used to frighten him into a fatal fall.

As she kills the girls she places the mask they wore on their face and then in their blood from the killing writes their name on the floor, wall or object near them.

The masks are:

  1. Lynn Crawford's Phantom Mask: The twin mask to Kimberley Tanaka's Ghost Mask, a white porcelain mask with a doll like pale face, it is the first mask of the film and is worn by Whitney as she pursues and kills Lynn in her home, and then finally placed on her following her murder
  2. Jeanine Crozzberry's Metal Monster Mask: A scary looking steel red eyed beast mask worn by Jeanine, it is worn by Whitney in her pursuit of Jeanine through the main street in the storm and then placed on her following her murder
  3. Evanna Winstroke's Black Menace Mask: A Black mask with Blacky Eyes and Black Teeth made of rubber, it is worn by Whitney in her pursuit and murder of Evanna and then placed on her following her death
  4. Jennifer Johnson's Orange Fury Mask: A Chinese Decorated Orange Gaping Mouth Mask worn by Jennifer, it is worn by Whitney in her sneak up of Jennifer and then placed on her following her Pruning Shears to the head
  5. Tessa Fiore's Fish Face Mask: A Creature Of The Black lagoon styled mask, placed on her face following her murder on the shower moments after Jennifer
  6. Cassidy Tobias' Clown Mask: A Joker From Batman like Clown Mask placed on her face following her murder by Whitney in Principle Craze's office
  7. Lisa Annister's Masquerade Mask: The twin mask to Whitney Axen's Masquerade Mask thought in the colour Black with the supporting colour gold, it is placed on her face following her murder in the Girl's Bathroom and is the final mask placed in the film
  8. Kimberley Tanaka's Ghost Mask: Twin Mask to Lynn Crawford's Phantom Mask, Isn't Placed On Kimberley as she overpowers and kills Whitney
  9. Whitney Axen's Masquerade Mask: twin mask to Lisa Annister's Mask of Black her's in the colour of blue and silver. Her mask is only used in the killing of the other victims who aren't her main girl targets

The Masks of the film were born by the girls first as Halloween Masks when they were seven and trick'r' treating together.

The Girls however apart from Whitney reused their masks in the prank of Walter Axen the school Janitor the following year when all the girls had just all became eight years old.

Whitney Axen then purchased the same types of mask in adult size and used them in the killing of the girl's the mask belonged to before placing on their dead face.


  • Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus
  • Absolutley (Story Of A Girl)- Nine Days
  • Green Eyed World- The Blips Ft. Amiel
  • All The Small Things- Blink 182
  • I Miss You- Blink 182
  • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic- The Police
  • Magic- Selena Gomez
  • Good Girls Don't- The Knack
  • My Best Friend's Girl- The Cars
  • Catch My Disease- Ben Lee
  • Stuttering- Mario