Smallville is a 2005 video game. based on the CW's hit Television series of the same name. The game, as does the series, focuses on super powered teenager Clark Kent, who arrived on Earth in a meteor shower, fighting people infected by the meteors with bizarre abilities. There are twenty five levels, interlaced with over an hour of footage from the series. It was released on May 30, 2006, for Xbox, PlayStation 2, Gameboy Advance, and Nintendo DS.


The game follows the series storyline of Seasons 1-3 closely, incorporating footage of the series into the film and blending it well into the game portion. Play as Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Jonathan and Martha Kent, Lana Lang, Pete Ross, and Chloe Sullivan, as two farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent find a baby in a spaceship, during the Meteor Shower of Smallville, Kansas, and decide to raise the boy, naming him Clark. Now, Clark must face a line of meteor freaks, humans infected by the meteor rocks, giving them strange abilities, while also exploring his newly discovered extraterrestrial origin.


The player progresses through 25 levels, with 8 playable characters, as you explore the fictional Kansas town of Smallville.

For Clark, there are certain points where certain powers are needed, marked by a glowing blue octagon, such as superstrength to break through certain walls. As Clark, the player can use "X-Ray Vision", a visual mode that highlights enemies and certain elements of interest on the screen. Obviously, the town of Smallville acts as the Game Hub, in which the player can travel anywhere with it's boundaries, including the Kent Farm, the Luthor Mansion, the Talon, and Smallville High.


Playable Characters

Clark Kent - A young alien who crashed in Smallville, Kansas, in a spaceship, during a meteor shower, in which he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, instilling in him good morals and teaching him to use his powers.

In game, Clark can use the following abilities; super strength, super speed, limited vulnerability, x-ray vision, heat vision, and super hearing. When a blue octagon symbol is on the ground, Clark is needed for a certain tasks; super strength to break through certain walls, x-ray vision to see through certain objects, super hearing to hear certain things and/or people, heat vision to melt certain objects, and vulnerability to deflect certain blast or objects. Clark has a weakness of the meteor rocks/Kryptonite. While around them in the game, Clark begins losing life until and will eventually die.

Clark has five playable suits

• Blue shirt and red jacket
• Red shirt and blue jacket
• Buttoned-collared shirt
• Button collared-shirt with jacket
• Kal - Black shirt, black leather jacket, and sunglasses

Jonathan Kent - Clark's adoptive father, who raised him and taught him to use his abilities, along with Martha Kent.

In game, Jonathan you can choose between two weapons; either a sledgehammer or a rifle, or you can choose hand-to-hand combat. He has two alternate costumes; One with a dark tan jacket and plaid shirt underneath and the other without the jacket.

Martha Kent - Clark's adoptive mother and Jonathan's wife, who found and raised Clark, alongside her husband.

In game, Martha has no powers or weapons and only one costume.

Lex Luthor - A young billionaire and Clark's friend.

In game, Lex has a gun and access to certain LuthorCorp buildings. Lex also has 3 alternate suits; A dark blue long sleeved shirt, a black shirt with a black jacket, and a black shirt with a black trench coat.

Lana Lang - Clark's love interest from the series.

In game, Lana has a meteorite necklace that weakens Clark. She has two costumes; a long sleeved pink shirt with a white skirt and her meteor rock necklace and one without it.

Chloe Sullivan - Clark's inquisitive best friend from the series.

In game, Chloe has special access to the Torch and only one costume; a red shirt with a long brown jacket and a pencil skirt.

Pete Ross - Clark and Chloe's childhood best friend.

Non-Playable Characters

• Lionel Luthor • Whitney Fordman • Principle Kwan • Jeremy Creek • Greg Arkin • Coach Arnolds • Tina Greer • Sean Kelvin • Jodi Melville

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