Smallville is a 2016 American Action Superhero Drama Film, acting as a prequel to the iconic DC Comic's character, Superman, premiering in theaters on October 21, 2016. The first of three installments, distributed by Warner Bros, the film stars Dylan Sprayberry, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Jesse Eisenberg, Jadin Gould, Emilia McCarthy, and Jonny Gray, and follows the early adventure of a teenage Clark Kent, learning to use his powers in his hometown, Smallville, before becoming the Man of Steel

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During a meteor shower in Smallville, Kansas, two farmers, Jonathan and Martha Kent, find an alien baby in a spaceship. They decide to adopt and raise the boy, renaming him Clark and discovering his superhuman-like powers. Years later, a teenage Clark Kent takes his first steps towards his destiny, developing new powers, beginning a friendship with both young billionaire Lex Luthor and his life-long crush Lana Lang and discovering a weakness in the meteor rocks themselves, and the bizarre effects they have on humans. Now he must face a group of these "Meteor Freaks", as he discovers the extraterrestrial origin of his powers.


Main Cast

  • Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent - As a baby, he crashed on Earth in a spaceship, followed by a massive meteor shower, and was found by two farmers, Jonathan and Martha Kent, naming him Clark, instilling in him great moral principles, and teaching him to use his abilities. Upon discovering he is an alien, he befriends Lex Luthor and his life-long crush, Lana Lang. He also discovers that the meteor rock weakens him and has bizarre effects on others, with the help of his friends Pete and Chloe, he must find these "meteor freaks." Clark is a reporter for his school newspaper, a reference to his future job.
    • Cooper Timberline portrays an 8 year old Clark and Logan moreau plays a baby Clark.
  • Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent - The adoptive parents of Clark, who found him in a spaceship and raised him, teaching him to be respectful, loyal, and selfless, also teaching him to use his abilities for good. Unable to have a baby of thier own, they see Clark as their greatest miracle. Clark and Jonathan are both very stubborn and often argue over Clark being unable to do normal things, such as him playing Football, leaving Martha to play Kent family peacekeeper.
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor - A young billionaire, who was sent by his father to manage the LuthorCorp fertilizer Plant in Smallville. He was furious at first, but that changed when he was saved by Clark Kent, starting an instant friendship between the two, and Lana Lang. He even refused to return to his father in Metropolis, when offered a chance, wanting to leave behind dark deeds from his past, and start fresh with new friends. Lex constantly tries to get Jonathans acceptance, but fails a majority of the time. He becomes obsessive with the accident in which Clark saved him, even having the Kents researched. With his mother and baby brother dead when he was nine and being fathered harshly by his father, Lex is very envious of Clark's perfect family.
    • Jesse Eisenberg has been cast to play Lex in the 2016 film, Man of Steel 2 Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice.
  • Jadin Gould as Lana Lang - Clark's life long crush, whose parents died in the meteor shower. Following the death of her parents, Lana was adopted and raised by her Aunt Nell. Growing up, she's lived only a mile away from the Kent's and is admired from afar by Clark. The two quickly became friends and start a relationship, but sometimes it is hard for Clark, when Lana wears her meteor rock necklace, made from the meteor that killed her parents.
  • Jonny Gray as Pete Ross - Clark's first and best friend, whom he met when Clark stopped a bully, by shoving the bully into a door so hard that the door shattered into pieces. The Kents treat Pete as family and Pete is grateful for that, after his parents divorce. Pete was reluctant to be Clark's friend at first, since Jonathan convinced Pete's father to sell his business to Lionel, which devestated the Ross family. Unlike his and Clark's friend Chloe, Pete does not question Clark about keeping secrets, even though he tells Clark all of his secrets. He harbors a secret crush on Chloe, but never told her, because he knows she likes Clark.
  • Emilia McCarthy as Chloe Sullivan - Clark and Pete's best friend, who is very intelligent and inquisitive. She is very skilled with computers and in journalism. Her inquisitive side usually gets the best of her, causing her to cross personal boundaries, such as researching Clark's adoption, which causes fights between the two. She has secret feelings for Clark, but doesn't tell him, because of his feelings for Lana. She is the editor for the school newspaper, The Torch.
  • Robert Girdisch as Whitney Fordman - A senior at Smallville High, the popular quarterback for the Football team, and the boyfriend of Lana Lang. When Clark and Lana became friends, Clark became his rival for Lana's heart. Jealous, Whitney chose Clark for a harsh Football tradition, to hang him as a scarecrow before the big homecoming game, but when Clark saved his life, he regreted the things he did and they became somewhat of friends. After graduation, Whitney joined the marines.
  • Chris Cooper as Lionel Luthor - Lex's father and CEO of LuthorCorp. He has been harsh raising Lex and has multiple connections to the criminal underworld. He will do anything to gain more power, even using Lex as another business venture.

Meteor Freaks

  • Blake Michael as Jeremy Creek/The Electric Scarecrow - A metahuman with electrokenisis. During the meteor shower, he was strung up in the cornfield, as the Football team's chosen scarecrow, before the homecoming game, he was exposed to meteorites, causing his body to suffer from an electrolyte-imbalance, allowing his body to store electricity. In a 12 year, his organs wer in static hibernation, keeping him from aging.
  • Asa Butterfield as Greg Arkin/Bugboy - A reclusive teenager and former friend to Pete and Clark, who is obsessed with bugs. Attacked by a swarm of multiple species of meteor-infected bugs, Greg gained the abilities of each species, and decided to use them to mate with Lana.


  • TBA as Narrator - A girl that is narrating the story. She has revealed to be in the story herself, but is not revealed. To most Smallville fans, it should be obvious who it is.
  • Rosa Blasi as Nell Potter- Lana's aunt.
  • Eric Krammer as Sheriff Ethan Miller - The first sheriff in Smallville and old friend of Jonathans.
  • Russel Crowe as the voice of Jor-El - When Roger Nixon activates the ship, Jor-El speaks one line "I am coming Kal-El.


On the day of October 7, 2002, a group of meteors, with green, red, and blue streaks, followed by a Spaceship are seen heading towards Earth.

Meanwhile on Earth, in the small town of Smallville, Kansas, happy couple Jonathan and Martha Kent drive into town to visit florist and friend Nell Potter, who is watching her three year old niece Lana Lang, while her parents are at the homecoming game. Lana, dressed as a fairy princess, asks Martha to make a wish. As they leave, Jonathan says that he knows what she wished for, but sadly, they can't have a child.

Elsewhere, as Lionel Luthor negotiates a deal, his son Lex wonders into a Cornfield, following a weak voice. He finds a teenager in his underwear, with a red "s" painted on his chest, and strung up like a scarecrow, when suddenly a meteorite strikes down near them, causing a shockwave of debris that covers Lex and the boy.

Back in town, people look at the smoke it left behind. When Lana's parents return, they are struck by a meteor, leaving Lana devesated. Then a whole shower of meteors fall down. Lionel then finds Lex laying in the field, with only a small patch of hair remaining on his head.

Driving home, the Kents witness meteors falling down all around them. When one lands in front of them, the truck flips over. Upside down, Jonathan spots what seems to be a two year old baby. When they get out of the truck, they find a ship in a crater and realize the boy is not of Earth.

Over a decade later in the year 2014, Smallville is now called: "The Meteor Capital of the World." At the Kent Farm, after using his speed to get dressed, teenage Clark Kent attempts to persuade his parents to let him join the football team, but being overly cautious, they refuse. Missing the bus a moment too soon, Clark uses his super speed to make it to school. Walking off the bus, Clark's best friends, Chloe and Pete are shocked to see Clark, who they saw miss the bus, arrive at school before them. Pete interrupts Chloe's sentence about the wierd things that happen in Smallville, and tells Clark that they need to hand in thier permission slips, causing Chloe to laugh at the idea of them on the Football team. Pete and Clark explain to her the pre-homecoming "Scarecrow" Tradition, that every year before the big homecoming game, the Football team chooses a freshman, take him out to Reilly's Field, strip him down to his underwear, paint a red "S" on his chest, and then string him up like a scarecrow. Trying to approach Lana, Clark suddenly falls ill, as she helps him up, he notices her meteor rock necklace.

Elsewhere, the teenage boy Lex found in the cornfield tracks down one of the 2001 football team members and kills him with his new found electrokenisis.

Before leaving school, Clark stops by the tryouts and watches Lana's cheerleading practice. Afterwards Clark walks home. Meanwhile 21 year old Lex Luthor arrives in Smallville to assume management of a fertilizer plant. Unaware of an object blocking the road, Lex swerves and hits Clark over a bridge, causing them both to crash into the water. Clark pulls open the top of the car and pulls Lex out. On the shore, Clark recuscitates Lex, who is sure he hit Clark at 60 miles an hour, but Clark brushes him off. When Jonathan arrives he is very unhappy with "the mainiac in the porche.

The next day when Clark returns home from School, he spots a truck, as a gift from Lex, but Jonathan tells Clark they will return it. When Jonathan states it's normal to be upset, Clark stickes his arm in the wood chipper to demonstrate the fact that he is not normal. To explain why Clark has his abilities, Jonathan and Martha show Clark the spaceship, which he has been hiding in the storm cellar, and explains he crashed on Earth with the meteor shower. Angry, Clark speeds into the woods, where he finds Lana at her parents grave. They quickly become friends, causing Whitney to be jealous, when he sees Lana kiss Clark on the cheek.

The next morning Clark takes the truck back to Lex's mansion. Lex assumes Clark's father wasn't fond of him because he's bald, but Clark assures him that it's because of Lex's father. Lex says that he thinks that thier friendship can be something of legend and doesn't want anything to stand in the way of that.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Pete check out the crime scene of another former football team member put in a coma. When they spot the boy, they snap his picture. Chloe, Pete, and Clark find a picture of him in an old yearbook, finding his name to be Jeremy Creek. Clark states how that doesn't explain how he fried two large former football players. Chloe shows Clark her "Wall of Wierd", a collection of articles of strange phenomenon in Smallville, since the beginning of the meteor shower and shares her theory of how the meteor rocks give humans strange abilities. Believing himself to be the blame, he storms out angry, only to be kidnapped by Whitney, who had Lana's necklace, to be the new scarecrow.

Jeremy finds him and explains that he will stop the tradition once and for all and leaves. Driving by Lex sees him and recognizes him. He hears Clark speak "Please help me", very weakly. He finds Clark strung up, with Lana's necklace around him. He unties Clark, who suddenly disappears. Lex finds Lana's necklace before leaving.

Clark arrives and battles Jeremy. After a short battle Clark wins. Before leaving the school area, he stacks the football team's trucks and leave just as the dance ends.

Clark returns home and apologizes to his father and explains what happened with Jeremy and tells him about his weakness around meteor rocks. Jonathan tells him to stay away from them as much as possible.

A few days later at the farmers market, Whitney asks for Lana's necklace back and says that the scarecrow thing was just a prank, but Clark says that he doesn't have it. Meanwhile, young student Greg Arkin encounters Lana and asks her to tutor him, and she accepts. Whitney tells him to stop hitting on his girl and Greg shoves him as he leaves.

Lex encounters Clark about last night. Clark replies that it was a stupid prank and Lex states that he could've died. Lex notices Clark's attraction to Lana and asks if she knows what her boyfriend did, but Clark tells him to forget about it. Lex shows Clark Lana's necklace in a lead box, helping Clark realize lead can block his meteor rock weakness and puts in the truck.

Lex introduces himself to Lana, but she states they met, when she and her aunt stayed with the Luthors for a night when she was younger, and found Lex skinny-dipping with two girls. Lex questions Lana about Whitney and asks her to ask Whitney where he was before the homecoming game.

While driving home, Whitney's truck is attacked and crashes into a tree, causing a spark to light a fire and knocking him unconscious. The Kents drive up and Clark saves him before the truck explodes. After taking Whitney to the hospital, the Kents are puzzled on how he crashed. Lana arrives as the Kents leave and confronts Whitney about the scarecrow prank and breaks up with him. She goes to the Kent Farm to talk to Clark about it. She finds him in the loft and apologizes for what Whitney did and tells him that she broke up with him. They almost kiss, but Martha interrupts, by walking in and telling Clark to put up his clothes. Lana asks him to go to the county fair to help her set up her booth.

At the fair, while helping Lana, Clark spots Lex in a booth selling a large collection of books. Clark asks Lex why he's giving away the books and Lex replies that he's already memorized the useful ones. Clark reads an the title of an old book featuring a grey alien reading "Are We Alone?" The wind starts to pick up heavily. Lex asks Clark if he believes in extraterrestrials and pulls out a meteor rock. Clark begins to weaken, bumping into Lex, causing him to drop the meteor, and falls on the table, causing it to collapse. Lana sees Clark on the ground, but turns to see the crowd running from a tornado. Lex tries to pull Clark to safety, but as soon as Clark is far enough from the meteor rock, he rushes to save Lana, who trips in the crowd. Clark suddenly sees Jeremy standing in the middle of the running crowd, but Lana is pulled into the tornado as she screams for Clark and he super speeds in after her.

At the Kent Farm, Jonathan and Martha go into the storm cellar, where they see the ship activate and fly off, causing a wave of energy that pushes Jonathan and Martha back and then flies out, straight through the Storm Cellar door.

Back in the tornado, Clark saves an unconscious Lana, jumping from object to object carrying her, until they are thrown from the tornado into a lake. The ship is seen flying through the tornado to get to Clark but de-activates when lightning strikes it, causing it to crash in the cornfields. Lana wakes up and he explains that they both got swooped up in the tornado and that they were thrown from it as it began unraveling, but she claims that she remembers a faint sight of Clark running in after her and jumping from object to object to get to her, but he brushes her off. He notices that they are farther from the fair than he thought. Lana kisses him, causing his heat vision to activate, and he burns down a tree.

Clark returns home to see his parents waking up in the storm cellar and notices the ship missing. They go into the house, where Clark tells his parents what happened with Lana, the tornado, and his heat vision and tells them that they landed far from the tornado and that when he was in the tornado and when he was thrown out, it felt like he was flying. Chloe and Pete visit Clark, who notices Pete's broken arm. Pete explains that he was injured during the tornado storm. Before leaving with them, Clark starts to get a headache, then sees straight through Pete's cast and sees the skeleton of the broken arm and then sees Chloe's muscles. They ask if he's ok and he replies that he just has a little headache, while breathing heavily.

They go to the Talon to meet up with Lana, but are surprised to hear that she quit cheerleading and is now working there. Clark suddenly looks out the window to see Jeremy on the other side of the street. They see that something's bothering him and and ask what, but he says that he has to go, kissing Lana before leaving to confront Jeremy. Clark uses his super speed to tackle Jeremy all the way to the cornfields in which they were both tied up as scarecrows. They begin battling, starting with Jeremy blasting him back with a bolt of electricity. After a long battle, Clark struggled to walk through a powerful wave of electricity, but he walks in front of Jeremy and punches him into a lake, causing electricity to flow through the lake. When Clark pulls Jeremy out, Jeremy appears to have amnesia.

Clark returns home and thanks his parents for taking him in, glad that they were the ones who found him. Jonathan replies with what Martha said upon finding Clark "We didn't find you son, you found us."

The next morning, Whitney talks to Lana and asks if they can be friends, knowing she's with Clark, but Greg appears and throws him as if he's nothing and takes Lana. Clark arrives to find Whitney waking up. Whitney explains what happened and Clark says he knows where Greg took her. Getting in his truck, Whitney tries to apologize to Clark, but looks up to see that Clark has disappeared. Clark super speeds to Greg's old tree house and saves an unconscious Lana, super speeding her to safety and back. Clark attacks Greg by using his super speed to tackle Greg out of the tree house.

In the mid-credits scene, a drunk driver causes Pete to crash in the cornfields, where he discovers Clark's ship.


  • Jonathan: "Kids don't just fall out of the sky, Martha. He must have parents somewhere."
  • Martha: "If he does, they're definately not from Kansas."
  • Jonathan: "We can't keep him. What are we supposed to do? Tell people we found him out in the field?"
  • Martha: "We didn't find him... He found us."

  • Lana: "So what are you Clark? Man or superman?"
  • Clark: "I don't know. I haven't quite figured it out yet."

  • Clark: "Hey dad..."
  • Jonathan: "Yeah, son?"
  • Clark: "I'm glad you and mom were the ones that found me."
  • Jonathan: "We didn't find you Clark. You found us."
  • Jeremy: "Who are you? Where am I?"
  • Clark: "I'm Clark Kent, and you're in Smallville"
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