Slumber Party Massacre 3D is a 2008 horror slasher film and remake of the 1982 horror movie of the same name. it stars Ashley Tisdale, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, Daniella Monet, Nick Palatas, Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, Brooke Shields, Julianna Guil, Ryan Merriman, Courteney Cox, Jamie Kennedy, Rose McGowan, David Arquette, Hayden Pannetiere, Emma Roberts, Scout Taylor-Compton, Zachary Gordon, Bailee Madison, and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Scene Selection

• 1. House Party • 2. Slumber Party begins • 3. Unseen figure • 4. Opening • 5. Asylum for the Insane • 6. Dining In • 7. The attack • 8. Escape through the window • 9. Sleepover • 10. Staying night plan • 11. Comfort • 12. Casey's Corpse • 13. The killer Stranger takes her away • 14. Local weapon shop • 15. Scary stories • 16. The Party's Host • 17. Truth about it • 18. Laundry work • 19. Storage room • 20. Finders Keeper • 21. Russ makes an escape • 22. The murder of Malcolm • 23. Downstairs Panic • 24. Go to Prison • 25. Bethany and Nick • 26. Party Chaos • 27. Fuse box • 28. Trowel • 29. Housekeeper • 30. Find Sandy • 31. Split • 32. Discover • 33. Lines have been cut • 34. Police Station and Russ at the house • 35. Check on • 36. Functions • 37. Killing Spree • 38. The Hangover • 39. Jill, Greg, Nick or Bethany • 40. Paige's Temple • 41. Storage room • 42. Paige and Brenda's Corpse • 43. Secret Hole • 44. Firepoker • 45. Display • 46. Bethany, Greg and Nick get locked out • 47. Attack the two killers • 48. Incident • 49. Hospital • 50. Russ the killer • 51. Blood work • 52. Defibrillator • 53. Bethany's Corpse • 54. Syringe • 55. Tell the doctor • 56. Final scene Decapitate Russ • 57. Ending scene Hospital pickup • 58. Credits


The film opens with a house where girls partying can be heard. Casey (Emma Roberts) is upstairs in one of the bedrooms talking on her cell phone with her older siblings Bethany and Nick (Neve Campbell and Matthew Lillard) about when they should pick her up from the slumber party when they hear strange noises and are forced to hang up. An unseen figure then stabs Bethany in the neck with a power drill, Nick grabs a gun and shoots it in the head. Then we see the opening credits. The film then cuts to an asylum for the insane. A security guard, Sgt. Radford, goes onto the third floor to give dinner to one of the most dangerous inmates, spree killer Russ Thorn (Jamie Kennedy). While doing so, Russ attacks him and cuts his arm off, killing him. Russ then escapes through the window.

Back at the house where Casey was murdered during the intro, we see that downstairs, a bunch of sophomore girls are having a sleepover. Everyone but Casey is planning on staying the night. Jill (Ashley Tisdale) goes upstairs to comfort Jenna (Hayden Pannetiere), having been dumped the previous day, but a crabby Jenna tells Jill to leave. Jenna then hears footsteps, and is eventually lured into the storage room of the house, where she discovers Casey's corpse. Before she can panic and tell the others, the killer drills her in the temple and kills her. Meanwhile, Russ stumbles upon a local weapon shop, where he steals a large knife, kills the store's manager, and runs off.

At the house, the girls start telling scary stories. Brenda (Julianna Guil), the party's host, tells the scary true story of Russ Thorn, who coincidentally lived in her house before her parents moved in: as a kid, Russ's parents (Courteney Cox and Freddie Prinze Jr) hated each other. When he was 5, his mother and his father's brother Malcolm (David Arquette) murdered his father with a power drill in the basement. Russ witnessed everything through the laundry chute, and his mother saw him. She chased him and locked him in the storage room forever. She and Malcolm then got married and had a daughter, Linda. When Linda was 10, she was having a sleepover with her friends when Russ finally escaped. He murdered Malcolm with a shard of glass while he was having sex with his wife. Panicked, she ran downstairs and told all the guests to leave. After they left, Russ came downstairs and viciously stabbed his mother and sister. Russ was sent to prison, while Linda, who survived her wounds, was sent to an orphanage.

After this story, Bethany and Nick arrive at the house to pick Casey up, but she is nowhere to be found. By now, everything is chaos: Jill's boyfriend Patrick (Ryan Merriman) crashes the party to tell Jill they had a date planned that night, and they begin to argue, Brenda starts puking because she's deeply drunk, so best friend Paige (Victoria Justice) must comfort her and even send her to bed, and the power even goes out (the killer has secretly cut it). Sandy (Daniella Monet) and her boyfriend Greg (Nick Palatas) go in the basement to see what's wrong with the fuse box, where they find the decayed body of Russ's father. the killer then stabs Sandy in the head with a trowel, then the killer tries to kill Greg, but he manages to escape, to find Bethany and Nick.

The other girls, including Bethany, Nick, Greg and Brenda's family's housekeeper, Mrs. McCarthy (Brooke Shields), hear screams and go in the basement. When they don't find Sandy, they get extremely concerned and look for her outside. Bethany, Nick, Greg and Patty (Miranda Cosgrove) split up from the rest of the group and find the car of Hailey (Scout Taylor-Compton), a girl thought to have left over an hour earlier. They open the door and discover Hailey with her eyes ripped out. The others see it, and they try to call 911 on their cell phones, but the lines have been cut. Mrs. McCarthy and Patty try to drive to the police station themselves, but Russ, having finally arrived at the house, slices Patty's neck in the car, and then chases Mrs. McCarthy outside and eventually impales her in the head with the knife.

Jill, Bethany, Greg, Nick, and Patrick get concerned when the car is not leaving and the five go outside to check on them. Hearing them coming, Russ runs inside through the garage. He encounters the other killer, who is revealed to be Linda (Rose McGowan): after 10 years in the orphanage and another 8 in rehab, she became evil and decided to join her brother on his killing spree. They then hear Paige upstairs comforting Brenda, who is now on a hangover, so they go upstairs. Paige hears footsteps and, thinking it's Jill, Nick, Greg or Bethany, leaves the room. Russ trips Paige and runs into Brenda's room with the knife, while Linda drills into Paige's temple. The two hear Jill, Patrick, Greg, Nick, and Bethany coming and flee into the storage room. The trio finds Paige's corpse in the hallway, and also find the dead body of Brenda, who was gutted offscreen by Russ after he entered her room, spread across the bed. The trio find a secret peephole in the storage room door and see Linda and Russ inside. They grab a firepoker and they sneak inside, but Russ sees them and drills across Patrick's chest, killing him. Bethany, Nick, Greg and Jill then see all the bodies of Casey, Jenna, and Sandy all on display by the storage room window. Linda appears and pushes Bethany, Nick and Greg out the door, and then locks them out. After being tortured for a minute, Jill attacks and seemingly kills the two killers with Russ's knife, breaks the door down, and her, Greg, Nick and Bethany run off.

It is know the next day, and Jill, Bethany, Greg, and Nick are in the hospital recovering from the incident the previous night. Linda and Russ, surprisingly still alive and well, sneak into the hospital. Russ kills the doctor that's supposed to examine Bethany, Greg, Nick and Jill with Linda's drill. After Jill leaves the room to get some blood work done, Linda enters the room and attacks Bethany. She tries to fight back, but Linda electrocutes her with a defibrillator. Jill, Greg and Nick return and see Linda playing with Bethany's corpse. Panicked, she, Greg and Nick attack Linda and eventually stab her in the eye with a syringe. Jill, Greg and Nick run off to tell the doctor, but discovers his corpse. They scream and attract Russ's attention. He attacks her and, after a long brawl, almost stabs her with the knife, but she turn it around and decapitates him, Greg and Nick help Jill up. The film then ends with Jill's parents picking her, Greg and Nick up from the hospital an hour later.

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