Little Kid But Big Love (2)

No. in series: 10
Release date: July 1, 2017

Slightly Chubby is a romantic fanfiction written by an anonymous author. It is the tenth story in the Same Love series of romantic fanfictions.

DISCLAIMER: For privacy, characters will be referred to by their first name or by pronouns. Main character will have his name removed and referred to as "the kid" in story summaries.

WARNING: This fanfiction contains material that may offend those who are sensitive. If you happen to be such person, please refrain yourself from resuming reading. Thanks, and enjoy!


One of my classmates and friends, Christopher, is a slightly chubby kid who has a hawk-nose and usually wears these black and worn-out Nike Air Jordan Mid Black Casual shoes. I've known him ever since the first grade, though at the time he was supposed to have moved to the second grade. However, he failed, and had to go to my first grade class. Apart from being classmates, he is also a neighbor in my neighborhood. He lives next to my aunt, who also happens to live in the same neighborhood. So I've seen him a couple of times. Now, why am I describing him, you ask? Well, because as you'll see, me and Christopher are going to have a very sexual I'll never forget.

So, in order to retell this particular sexual encounter, we must go back to the summer of 2016 which was, if not obvious enough by the aforementioned season, really hot. Back then, the room I shared with my younger brother did NOT have an A/C installed in. So me and my brother had to do our best to enjoy the crappy tower fan that provided our room with that ice cold "goodness". But I couldn't stand the fan that provided more air than cats providing exercise by themselves (Yikes, that was a bad metaphor. I a-paw-logize). So I decided to go out in my backyard (But with the lack of any grass and the constant surroundings of dirt, I don't think I could call it one.) and play soccer. By myself. Couldn't invite any friends at all. At least, my mom won't let me. Not fair, honestly. But, I make do for this by talking to myself. I ask permission to play outside, and then I go get a soccer ball and use this small-sized storage garage that sits next to my house as a goalpost. It was really boring just me, honestly, and I decided to call it quits after a quarter to 8 came. Which by then, I had already played for an hour and a half. But life turned all of that around when I saw Christopher riding on his bike.

I was going to pretend that I had not catch eye of him, but my efforts were fruitless. He saw me.
"Hi, (name removed)," he said to me as he slammed on his pedals. "Um, what you doing?"
"," I said nervously. Usually I don't talk more than a word to him.
"Oh, ok," he said, and I was hoping he would continue riding his bicycle. But then he said this: "Can I play, too?"
"Yes," I said reluctantly. Oh, well. My mom was at the gym, and my brother was inside on his phone. My dad was at work, so I doubt anyone cared if I played longer than I should have.
"Great," he said. "This'll be my goal". He was signaling the bottom of the porch, which is paralleling the storage house.
"Sure," I said, surprised that I was speaking a whole lot to him than I ever would at school.
So we played and, of course, he won. But I didn't care. My awkward self wanted him to leave. Like, right now.

It was only 6:30 when we stopped playing. The both of us were sweating like wild, so this reasoned our calling it quits. We sat down beside the storage house to rest and looked at the sky. Then Christopher did something that made me immediately pop a boner. He took his shirt off.
"It sure is hot, isn't it?" He asked. I just shook my head and was wondering when he was going to leave.
Then, all of a sudden, he started kissing me. It took me by surprise, and I didn't know what to do. Kiss him back? I guess. So I did. And we were slobs at it. A flood of saliva escaped our wet and wild mouths and drooled all over us. All of a sudden, I got so horny that I moaned for him to fuck me.
"I will, (name removed)," he said, and he took off his baggy jean shirts to reveal a boner poking out his plaid boxers. It was so big that my mouth got wet at the though of that dick pleasuring me. So when he took off his boxers, I immediately started blowing his boner. He moaned my name and told me to suck harder. I managed to do so, since I had been a pro for a long time. After 5 minutes or so, he stopped me so we could have missionary sex. So I laid down and spread my legs wide so I could receive my deserved thrusting. He was about to fuck me, but we didn't have lube. I was worried that I wouldn't get fucked by him, so I begin to think fast for a substitute lotion that he could use.

Then a lightbulb appeared on my head. I told him we could use the dirt that covered my backyard. He liked the idea, and he started rubbing dirt all over his 5-inch erection. Then he started thrusting me, and I moaned for him to go faster. He did, and we kissed while he fucked me. His hot and humid breath just got me an even bigger erection. Afterwards, I bend down on all fours so he could finger me with dirt on his fingers. I moaned as the feeling of smooth, yet gritty dirt filled my butthole with love. During the fingering session, Christopher kept slapping my fat ass. This just provoked me to moan harder.

The fingering session had to close its curtains as Christopher rubbed dirt all over my dick. Then he started blowing me, with dirt particles clearly visible on his upper lip. I said, "Oh god, Christopher. Harder, you fatass!". Never in my life did I ever think I would say that out loud, lest even moan it at all. But I didn't care. So there was me and Christopher, fucking each other, outside of my house, on one particular evening. Wow. What a best-case scenario.

Anyways, I started masturbating on Christopher's face, and out came all the cum into his hawk-nose. I licked it off for him, and he moaned a response. After he came on my dirt-filled shithole, we layed down in the dirt, all covered in dirt and cum, and also...covered in love, as we hugged each other and starred into the sunset. As we did so, I fingered Christopher's butthole with dirt. He got me back by kissing me with his dirt-covered mouth. We kissed and kissed until even our faces were coated with dirt.

Man, I loved that experience. And ever since it happened, he blows me a kiss when we see each other in our neighborhood or at school, once in a while.

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