Slenderman 3D

Slenderman 3D is a 2016 found footage supernatural horror fim that. stars Bella Sana,Stefanie Scott, Rhyon Nicole Brown, Dianna Agron, Danielle Panabaker, Alexandra Daddario, Max Van Ville, Cody Longo, Brandon T. Jackson, Arlen Escarpeta, Max Thieriot, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Kellan Lutz, Ansel Elgort, Chris Zylka, Logan Henderson, Thomas Dekker, Alex Pettyfer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron, AnnaSophia Robb, Portia Doubleday, Brenton Thwaites, Indiana Evans Donal Logue, Kane Hodder, and Derek Mears


You can run. You can hide. But he will find you.


26 college students camp out in the forbidden part of woods for spring break to go swimming and have their own party. While there, some of the kids receive strange messages on their phones; one tells a ghost story about The Legend of The Slenderman and how inncocent young children and teenagers disappear in the woods. They find out that the story is true and need to kill Slenderman before anybody else gets harmed.


Stefanie Scott as Heather, The Main Protagonist who doesn't believe in Slenderman

Rhyon Nicole Brown as Donna "Dede" Johnson, Heather's best friend

Dianna Agron as Emma, Mary's sister

Danielle Panabaker as Chelsea, Emma's Best friend

Alexandra Daddario as Kate, Chelsea's best friend

Max Van Ville as Rob, Heather's boyfriend

Cody Longo as Tyler, Kate's boyfriend/Rob's best friend

Brandon T. Jackson as Jack Johnson"JJ", Dede's boyfriend

Arlen Escarpeta as Spencer, Dede's brother

Max Thieriot as Stuart, Emma's boyfriend

Jensen Ackles as Ricky, Stuart's best friend

Jared Padalecki as Brady, Rob's older brother who is in love with Chelsea

Kellan Lutz as Tommy, Mary's brother

Ansel Elgort as Jake, Tommy's bunk mate at college

Chris Zylka as Ryan, Chelsea's boyfriend

Logan Henderson as Ted, The leader of the group

Thomas Dekker as Billy, Ted's brother

Alex Pettyfer as Lester, The person who holds the camera

Jake Gyllenhaal as Zac, The 2nd camera man/best friend of Lester

Zac Efron as Nick, 3rd Camera man

AnnaSophia Robb as Mary, Close friend of Heather

Portia Doubleday as Amanda, Mary's best friend

Brenton Thwaites as Donny, Close friend of Billy

Indiana Ender is Maddy's, Heather's 2nd best friend and Donny's girlfriend

vans as Maddy, Danny's girlfriend

Donal Logue as Officer Robert Griffin

Kane Hodder as Officer James Griffin, Robert's brother

Derek Mears as The Slenderman, The Main Antagonist/The Killer of The Film


Nick-He was going to set up cameras in the woods he saw one of the camera's screen is getting static(Because Slenderman is near by) he then saw a dismembered body parts of a little boy and bloody yellow raincoat he then backed up a little then he was beaten and dismembered by Slenderman(Off Screen)

Tyler-He was dared by Brady to go in the woods for 1 hour and look for Slenderman. Hee accepted the dare and went in the woods with a fearless face. Then Slenderman walked up behind him without any noise and grabbed him and snapped his neck.

Stuart and Emma-Whilehaving sex The Slenderman was standing ontop of them he stuck out one of his tentacles and douple impaled them with it and Slenderman penis was in Emma butt with having rape

Maddy-She was looking for some more beers in the car she came in then Slenderman came out of the backseat grabbed her by the mouth then grabbed her by the throat then he slasher neck and bleeding and choked on her blood killing her

Mary-She was calling her parents about how she'll visit soon then someone(Slenderman) else was on the other line she called the other person and heard nothing but deep breathing but thought it was Nick so she hung up and then got 2 messages one was a "Do You Want To Die" and the other one was "Your Friends Cant Save You" she texted back "Fuck You" then the person texted back "You Will Never Escape Alive" slammed her phone to the ground she then turned around and saw Slenderman he then chased her into the woods she stopped at a steep cliff Slenderman grabbed her by the throat she could hardly scream then Slenderman threw her off the cliff and she landed on her head then cracked open her skull and broke 7 bones in her body

Donny-He was biking in the woods seeing if he could find his girlfriend, Maddy. Then one of his tires popped then he landed on the floor with a broken leg he saw Slenderman watching him in the bushes. Donny said Help me Slenderman walked up to him Donny smiled because he thought he was going to help him but Slenderman picked him up and impaled him through the neck with a tree branch

Ricky-When he went to get more hotdogs, beer, and chips from the RV he heard something cose the door he backed up then bumped into Slenderman The Slenderman grabbed his mouth really tite and then crushed his skull before he could scream

Ryan-When he grabbed a condom out of his pocket and went into a sleeping bag and laired Chelsea to the sleeping bag took off eachother's clothes and had sex in the sleeping bag then someone(The Slenderman) threw a bolder at Ryan's head crushing half of his body

Chelsea-She tried to escape but the rock and his body were to heavy then Slenderman walked up and stared at her grabbed one of his tentacles and impaled her through the face with it

Amanda-She was walking in the woods and heard Chelsea and Ryan's screams and sobs she then saw a sleeping bag(With Ryan and Chelsea's bodies in it)hanging from a tree and she saw blood dripping then the sleeping bag fell and ripped and saw

their corpses covered in blood she screamed leaned against a tree and tried to call 911 on her phone Slenderman then jumped out of a tree and chased her in the woods and stabbed her 20 times with his tentacles he finished her by picking her up threw and aimed her at a tree branch and then she was impaled on a tree branch

Kate-While she was looking for their friends she saw a white face in a suit she tried to run but The Slenderman then took out 2 of his tentacles dragged her by both of her legs pulled her in a bush and ripped out all her insides

Zac-He was spying on Kate to see if she would have sex with him then saw her getting killed while he was watching in the bushes The Slenderman spotted him he then impaled his neck with his tentacles dragged him closer to him grabbed his camera then hit him in the face with the camera 20 times

Lester-When he was looking for his buddy The Slenderman then through his camera and he saw that Zac's camera was broken and covered in blood he then ran in the woods as fast as he can with Slenderman's strength he pushed over a tree and it smoshed Lester

Dede-When they were talking that they thank this is ridiculous that they are looking for Slenderman what she saw behind her brother was the Slenderman covered in blood she was so frightened she went mute then she pushed Spencer out of the way and then Slenderman impaled her with her tentacles

Spencer-He tackled Slenderman to the ground and wrestled with him a little Slenderman then pushed him off of him and grabbed his head crushed his skull alittle bit and then bashed his head against a tree

Rob-After making out with Heather he went to look for somemore gas so they can get home tomorrow he saw a figure(Slenderman) run in the woods he went after him and got lost in the middle of the woods started hearing voices all around then Slenderman snuck up behind him then grabbed him then impaled him on a tree branch

Jack-Heather bumped into Jack and started saying that their friends are dead he thought it was Ted playing a prank he went in the woods then like 10 minutes later Mary went to check it out and saw some of Jack's mutilated limbs laying everywhere

Tommy-He was in the woods getting drunk and listening to music on his ipod he heard strange noises and kept saying in sarcasim "Come out Slenderman" hhe was then ambushed by Slenderman he grabbed Tommy's earbuds and choked him with it

Brady-When he woke up cause he kept hearing noises when he looked up he saw Slenderman then Slenderman zipped up the sleeping bag with him in it stabbed him in the chest 9 times through the sleeping bag then through him in the campfire

Ted-He was trying to comfort Heather and quickly kissed her took off his shirt and then Mary pushed him off he then bumped into Slenderman backed up a little and then Slenderman grabbed an axe that was in a tree stump and decapitated him with it

Tommy-Heather caught him, Billy, and Jake looking at a picture of her in bikini and masturbating she said she then locked the door when Tommy was leaning on the RV wall Slenderman's tentacle went through the wall and stabbed him trough the face

Jake-They all ran out the RV and into an old cabin in the woods where Heather saw some gasoline, oil, and matches and they also found pictures of missing children and teens with beg red x's censoring their faces on the flyers and when Slenderman jumped through a window in the cabin she started laying gasoline and oil all over the floor and started lighting a match and layed it on the floor Slenderman grabbed a shard out of the window he jumped through then threw it at Jake then he was impaled with it

Billy-Him and Heather found a door that lead to the basement where Billy found more oil and matches and all his friends corses laying on the floor and hanging from the ceiling then Billy made a fire where therre was a huge boom that made him get caught in the fire burning him alive

Officer James Griffin-While he was driving home from work with his brother they saw the cabin fire broker in saw Billy's corpse blocking the door saw Slenderman grabbed out his stun gun and said freeze Slenderman got out all his tentacles wrapped him up with his tentacles he was struggling to get out of his tenctacles he got out and then Slenderman tripped him then choked him with all his tentacles then threw his body in the fire

Slenderman- Slender walked down the stairs to the basement to find Heather then Heather noticed Slenderman and then started throwing axes, knives, spears, and other rsharp items at Slenderman then Mary found a bottle of Gasoline next to her opened it and poured it on Slenderman which made him catch in the fire he then passed out and died she then escaped from the cabin and then the cabin exploded and flattened from the fire and then it was raining so the fire stopped and then she saw flashlight coming from Officer Robert she ran to him and went to the car and went to the office and Jill was in the car she crush the Slenderman accident 



Officer Robert

Photo of Survivors

  • 2 hrs 10 mins
  • Rated R for sequences of horror violence and gore, language throughout and some sexual content.
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