This is a sequel to Slenderman 3D and a 2017 Horror-Thriller films featuring Stefanie Scott, Mason Cook, Alina Foley, Tyler Posey, Dylan Minnette, Josh Hutcherson, Jeff Bridges, Sheri Moon Zombie, Katie Cassidy, Diora Baird, Miranda Cosgrove, Nicholas D'Agosto, Mike Vogel, Logan Lerman, Deon Richmond, and Derek Mears


He Will Never Die


Heather went to a her family's cabin in the woods with her new boyfriend and they live next door to a group a teens who doesn't like Heather because they thank she lied about seeing The Slenderman but one day Slenderman's ghost rises and then he hunts Heaather down to kill her and then he finds her and is killing everybody that is in his way of getting Heather.


Stefanie Scott as Heather, Main protagonist

Mason Cook as Richie, Heather's youngest brother

Alina Foley as Amanda, Heather's sister

Tyler Posey as Randy, Heather's oldest brother

Dylan Minette as Anthony, Heather's 2nd older brother

Josh Hutcherson as Ryan, Heather's new boyfriend

Jeff Bridges as Thomas, Heather's father

Sheri Moon Zombie as Tracy, Heather's mother

Katie Cassidy as Kristine, A girl who is part of the group of teens

Diora Baird as Tina, Kristine's sister

Miranda Cosgrove as Katy, Tina's best friend

Nicholas D'Agosto as Mike, Kristine's boyfriend/ The leader of the group

Mike Vogel as Wade, Tina's boyfriend/Mike's best friend

Deon Richmond as Justin, A boy from the group of teens who has a romantic attraction to Heather

Logan Lerman as Jon, Katy's boyfriend/ Justin's best friend

Derek Mears as The Slenderman, The Main Antagonist


Tracy-After she went back to the town to get groceries she gave them to Thomas and went to put all the cold beverages in the refrigerator down in the basement she heard the door shut and saw things getting knocked off she was picking it all up then a pale white hand grabbed her then pulled her in the shadows then was stabbed 7 times in the chest then stabbed in both of the eyes

Mike-After having sex with Kristine he went to get his pack of ciggaretes out of the car he turned around and he kept hearing footsteps he could barely see since it was nighttime he kept yelling Wade is that you then 4 of Slenderman's tentacles wrapped around his legs then he fell to the ground then another tentacle stabbed him twice in the face

Wade and Tina-He finished cooking a frozen pizza and ate it with Justin and Jon he swiped pictures of Tina in a bikini and they all started stripping nude and masturbating and then he went upstairs to Tina's room and then they had unprotected sex a few minutes later then they heard a knock the door they were going to surprise who ever was at the door when they yelled surprise Slenderman popped up and grabbed them by both of their throats then both of their mouths started dripping blood then Slenderman dropped them to the ground

Kristine-she was in the bed polishing her nails waiting for Mike then Mike's corpse was thrown through a window she was sobbing because Mike was dead Slenderman jumped out of the broken window grabbed her then slit her in the throat with a glass shard

Katy-She was in the bathroom with a pregnancy test and finds out that she's pregnant with Jon's kid she went to tell him the news but when she was in the hall Slenderman jumped out of a closet grabbed her by the mouth then dragged her in the closet then bashed her head against a wall 6 times cracking her skull then stabbed her in the back 20 times

Justin-He was watching Heather undressing through a telescope he started taking off his underwear and he heard his bedroom door open then close then he said Is that you Tina when he turned around Slenderman grabbed him by the throat picked him up then Justin punched Slenderman and crawled to the door but then Slenderman grabbed his head then twisted it

Jon- He was going to use the bathroom then he saw a pregnancy test on the floor and he yelled through the hall Katy it's over he slammed it to the ground and tried to find her he saw blood coming from a closet he slowly opened it and saw Katy's corpse laying there when he backed up then ran down the stairs when he was still running down the stairs Slenderman grabbed his foot then dragged him in the stairs then blood was flying everywhere and he screamed his last breath

Ryan-He was making out with Heather on her bed he took off his shirt and pants then layed ontop of her then they started having sex but while he was having sex with Heather a tentacle went through his stomach he was picked up by Slenderman then thrown across the room then Thomas ran in and tackled Slenderman

The Slenderman-After tackling Slenderman and making knocking him out he got the rest of the kids to get in the car the car wouldn't start then Slenderman woke up and broke the front dor down everybody was screaming Thomas put the car in reverse then he tried to run into Slenderman on purpose then Slenderman grabbed the car and then Thomas ran into a tree after everybody got out of the car the car was set on fire but Slenderman wasn't dead he walked up to Heather while he was on fire before he could grab Heather Thomas ran up behind him then impaled him with a spear he stabbed him 12 times until he finnaly died when it was morning they woke up on the couch and a paramedics and police everywhere








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