Slenderman 2 is the sequel to Slenderman. It takes place immediately after the previous film. It stars Kailey Cuoco, Jackie Earle Haley, Zoey Deutch, Dylan O'Brien, AnnaSophia Robb, Ansel Elgort, Spencer Boldman, Chelsea Gilligan and David Henrie.


In the beginning of the film a young six year old Claire is shown hiding in her bed staring at the closet. Shadows are shown moving around her and the closet door begins to slowly open, until its open fully, only showing the darkness. She hears whispers calling her from the closet and her friend, a young boy who was taken by Slender is heard asking her to join him. Her bed begins to slowly move toward the closet before her mother enters the room and turns on the light. She tells her she's scared of the dark and her mother tells her that's okay, as she's scared of the dark too but her mother tells her not to ever be scared of the light. Her alcoholic abusive father is heard shouting and throwing things around downstairs. Her mother kisses her goodnight and leaves, turning out the lights as the shadows begin circling her again, including Slender's.

20 years later in present day Claire is shown on the ground after the events of the previous film holding a revolver to her head as Slender approaches. She fires all six shots but she doesn't die, despite a bullet inside the gun. Slender walks up to her and she goes unconscious as he stares at her. Several days later four college students (Dillan, his girlfriend Emily, her friend Jenny and Jenny's boyfriend Scott) are driving from Prom to go to Dillan's family's lodge in the woods. As they are driving Jenny loses her mobile signal and Scott keeps trying to make out with her, but she keeps rejecting him. Emily admits her father would often take her to go hunting in the woods when she was a child, although she never liked the woods as she always felt like someone was watching her. Meanwhile, Prom Queen Tamara, her boyfriend Brad and friend Jason are driving in the same direction heading for a party Tamara is having at her house. Tamara recognises them and begins talking about how she dislikes Jenny and Emily and mocks them. She doesn't understand why Scott is with Jenny. Brad begins getting jealous and she teases him. Tamara suggests Brad pranks the group and Jason agrees. They begin slowly ramming the back of their car, pretending to try and drive them off the road. Tamara begins shouting at Jenny, who is scared, from the car. Emily warns her but she begins mocking her too and they continue to try drive them off the road until Dillan sees Slender Man standing in the middle of the road and swerves hitting a tree. Brad goes to pull over but Tamara tells him to keep driving while Jason smokes weed. The group regain consciousness in the crashed car and Dillan sees Slender Man standing in the woods, but he disappears. Scott is injured in the crash and they have to carry him as the car isn't working. Emily asks Dillan why he swerved and he tells her he saw a man. She tells him he must be hallucinating as their is no man. The group can't get a signal so they begin to walk the rest of the way to the lodge as Slender Man watches from afar. Meanwhile, Claire wakes up in the old abandoned house from the first film. She finds a page reading "SOON" covered in blood and sets out into the night with only a branch to defend herself. The group arrive at the lodge but Dillan continues hearing whispering and noises from the woods. Jenny tries to ring for an ambulance again but the line isn't working. Dillan and Emily put Scott in an upstairs bedroom to rest. Jenny breaks down crying and Emily comforts her. Jenny confides that her family are moving and this could be the last time she sees Scott, and that everything's a disaster. Emily comforts her and tells her everything will be okay. Dillan begins to think he's losing his mind until he finds a page reading "REMEMBER ME" nailed to the front door. Tamara, Jason and Brad panic believing they just killed the others and Brad decides to turn the car around to go back and check despite Tamara ordering him not to as they'll miss her party. Scott awakes upstairs and feels someone is watching him. Slender Man slowly approaches him from behind but Jenny walks into the room. They hug and Jenny tells him she loves him. She tells him's he's a virgin and wants him to be her first. He tells her he is too but she knows he's lying and he admits he's joking. They have sex as Slender stands in the corner of the room, hidden in the darkness. Brad, Jason and Tamara arrive at the crash site but find only the car and a page reading "YOU WILL PAY". Tamara is enraged and she drives the car towards the nearby lodge planning revenge for them "blackmailing" her. Claire continues to wander through the woods but sees Tamara's car driving towards the lodge. She runs after them screaming for help. Emily tells Dillan she hated going to the woods because her father would sexually abuse her when she was young and she has only been able to tell anyone this after he died last year. Dillan is shocked and comforts her but the moment is ruined by Tamara who begins knocking heavily on the door. Dillan answers and she storms inside shouting at them about the page which she shows to Dillan. Emily tells her they didn't do it but Tamara taunts her calling her a freak and that she's going to suffer for blackmailing her. Emily insults Tamara and Tamara goes to attack her so Dillan tries to throw her out of the house but Brad intervenes and they begin fighting. Scott and Jenny come down the stairs just as the lights go out in the lodge. The front door slams shut locking them inside. Tamara thinks its another one of their sick jokes and storms off looking for another exit, with Brad in tow while Jason goes upstairs to throw up. Scott volunteers to go check the backup generator but he's too injured so Dillan goes instead along with Emily. Claire arrives at the lodge and looks for a way inside. She sees Tamara at the door with Brad trying to get out but Claire notices the handle has been twisted around. She then sees Slender Man in the upstairs bedroom and tries to warn them but they think she's insane and flee further inside. Dillan and Emily find the generator and have a heart to heart and turn on the generator but Dillan sees Slender standing behind Emily who then pulls her out through the window and drags her into the woods. Dillan chases after and finds Emily being dragged into a lake and under the water. He tries desperately to save her but its too late, she's dead.

He carries her body back to the lodge as Slender Man looks on. Jason throws up and begins looking around the house, stealing valuables and drinking a bottle of whiskey. He is stalked through the upstairs by Slender. Dillan arrives back carrying Emily's body and collapses. Jenny runs upstairs to get the first aid kit. Jason wanders over to the balcony and turns round to see Slender directly behind him. He falls back over the balcony in shock and hits the ground, unconscious. Jenny hears the noise and goes to the balcony as Tamara and Brad find Jason. They believe Jenny is responsible and run away after Tamara taunts her, believing Jason is dead. Downstairs Scott tries to question Dillan but all he gets is Dillan saying "he has no face". Jenny tells him what happened and Scott tells her to watch Dillan while he finds a weapon. Tamara and Brad find a way out but realise Jason has the keys to the car. Jason awakes but sees Slender Man walking towards him. Jason stumbles around trying to escape but is thrown around the room and Slender begins breaking his arms and legs before tearing his head off and throwing it out the window and landing onto the windscreen of the car. Brad flees deserting Tamara and pushes Claire out of the way. He runs into the wood but walks into a bear trap. Slender Man begins circling him before pulling him from the trap ripping his foot off and throwing him at a nearby tree when Brad taunts him. Brad crawls towards a metal fence but is lifted and impaled on the fence, being left to die. Claire calms Tamara down and they go back into the house. Jenny hears noises coming from another room and goes to investigate. She looks around and finds a page with "Eye See You" wrote on it and Emily's eye on the ground. She screams waking Dillan from his almost catatonic state. Claire and Tamara run into Scott and Tamara warns him to stay away from her mocking him and Jenny before running off alone. Scott threatens Claire not knowing who she is and she tells him their safety is what most important. They head back to Jenny and Dillan. Tamara flees into the greenhouse and begins seeing Slender everywhere she goes. She is stalked and jumps out through the greenhouse window. She stabs herself repeatedly to avoid Slender getting her and he rips her eyes out. Jenny runs upstairs into the attic to hide. The attic door locks behind her and she realises she's not alone. She grabs a knife and walks around the attic. She thinks she sees Scott in the corner and runs to him only for her to realise its Slender Man. She screams and runs to the door but freezes when she finds him behind her. He gets closer to her as Scott, Dillan and Claire run upstairs. She is about to scream again but Slender impales her through her chest with his arm and rips her heart out in an instant before vanishing in the darkness. Scott breaks down the door and breaks down in tears cradling Jenny's bloody corpse. Dillan hears the voices again, including Emily's and runs after the noise as Claire stays with Scott warning him not to trust the voice. Dillan is led into the living room where he sees "Emily" standing drenched in water hitting her head off the window. He believes it to be her until she turns around revealing her true identity, Slender Man who begins morphing into all of his victims. Dillan in shock falls back onto the sofa in a trance. He snaps out of it and hits Slender Man with a bottle and tries to flee the room but is lifted and thrown around the room. Claire goes to find him while Slender Man begins strangling Dillan. Claire stops this by shooting at Slender Man who vanishes. Scott then finds a page with "LOSE YOUR FACE" wrote on it. Slender attacks and rips most of Scott's face off, and Scott falls around bleeding heavily. He eventually bleeds to death. Claire and Dillan try Tamara's car but only find her corpse so they hide in a nearby shed. Dillan tells Claire he remembers Slender, but he doesn't know where from. Claire admits she remembers him too, but that she doesn't want to. She tells Dillan they need to stick together and return to the old house, admitting she believes it is connected to Slender. They begin travelling through the woods while Slender follows them. Claire tells a scared Dillan not to be, as Slender senses his fear and feeds off it. They make it to the house and investigate inside. Claire has flashbacks of being inside as a child. She remembers a strange man in a house. Claire and another boy called Joshua sneaked into the house and the man found them. Claire was scared but the man was friendly and calmed her, but she doesn't remember his face. Claire has a panic attack as she remembers he didn't have a face. Claire remembers waking one night to her dad screaming in terror that he saw "him" again and her dad lashing out at her mother, beginning the abuse. She then remembers sneaking out of her room to see her parents arguing downstairs. Her dad, in a fit of rage brutally murdered her mother before telling Claire "he's coming for you. Be ready" before killing himself. Claire realises Slender caused all the misery in her life and has been stalking her for years. Just then Slender appears behind Dillan and Claire shoots at him but Dillan is thrown against a wall. Claire flees with Slender in tow and she decides to burn the house down with him in it. Slender, getting angry, begins attacking her more violently and directly and none of Claire's attacks work. Dillan wakes and Slender appears to have the upper hand but is stopped from killing Claire by Dillan who manages to successfully shoot him. Slender, enraged, reveals his true form as a mass of tentacles erupt fro him and he begins attacking Claire and Dillan. Slender stabs Dillan in the leg with a tentacle and manages to pin Claire but she gets an arm free. Just as he's about to kill her she tells him "I'm ready" before setting herself on fire, burning Slender and the house in the process. Slender Man and Claire vanishes as Dillan escapes and the house collapses. He escapes to a main road and collapses as a car approaches to help him and the sun rises.

That day police and fire services are searching the rubble, but find no corpses and no sign of life whatsoever except dozens of intact pictures of  babies from an ultrasound, showing he's been stalking Claire since birth. Dillan is believed to be responsible and sen to an asylum. Meanwhile, at an abandoned silo a strange song plays while Slender is shown looking at a picture of Claire which he then puts in a drawer with hundreds more. He takes out a new picture from drawers filled with dozens of pictures while Claire, now heavily burned, sits emotionless in the background now a proxy of Slender Man. Behind her are dozens of proxies, all past victims from centuries.


Kailey Cuoco as Claire

Dylan O'Brien as Dillan

Zoey Deutch as Emily

Ansel Elgort as Scott

AnnaSophia Robb as Jenny

Spencer Boldman as Brad

Chelsea Gilligan as Tamara

David Henrie as Jason

Jackie Earle Haley as Slender Man


Emily - Pulled through window, drowned in lake and eyes ripped out

Jason - Falls from balcony, thrown around room, legs/arms broken and head ripped off

Brad - Foot trapped in bear trap/ripped off, impaled on fence

Tamara - Stabbed with glass shard, mutilated and eyes ripped out

Jenny - Impaled through chest and heart ripped out

Scott - Most of face ripped off and dies from blood loss

Claire - Sets herself on fire (turned into a proxy)

Slender Man - Shot repeatedly/Set on fire (doesn't die)


Dillan - Blamed for murders and sent to asylum

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