Slender is a 2019 American Psychological, Supernatural Teenage Slasher Horror film written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger directed by Yorgos Lanthimos starring Peyton Meyer, Zendaya, Tyler Hoechlin, Genevieve Hannelius, Shawn Mendes, Jacob Batalion, Olivia Sui and Lara Robinson.

The film is an adaption of the classic internet legend character and pop culture horror icon Slender-Man, which began as a series of blogspot photographs and evolved into a series of internet and phone based video games of the same name. The character Slender Man being a faceless, white skinned figure dressed in black formal attire causing the disappearence and death of several children worldwide. The film borrows elements from the provided popular story sources and games of the same name.

The film is produced by Jason Blum and distributed by his company Blumhouse productions also like the previous Blumhouse teenage slasher horror feature Truth or Dare (2018) bears the company's name in the title.

Unlike Truth or Dare however Slender proved to be successful beyond box office revenue as had been done with all previous Blumhouse horror features as it was also commercially successful with audiences and critics.

The film as cited by art house director Lanthimos (who had previously helmed the critically well received horror feature The Killing of A Sacred Deer) as being heavily inspired in style, atmosphere and approach by the more heavily layered, stylised psychological teenage horror pictures: such as John Carpenter's original Halloween (1978), Wes Craven's original A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984), David Robert Mitchell's recent modern age horror classic It Follows (2014) and Bob Clark's original Canadian horror masterpiece Black Christmas (1974).

The film also features other popular internet horror story monster The Rake and several homages to the works of H.P. Lovecraft in particular The Call of Cthullu.

The film was released theatrically and in select IMAX theatres on Friday the 13th, September 2019, marking the third Blumhouse feature to be released on this occassion and date, following Happy Death Day (2017) and Truth or Dare.


The film begins at night in the woods surrounding the fictional Holz Tod, Germany where teenage Tara Ren and her boyfriend Laker Stein flee from the Slender Man. Tara hides in a nearby rest stop as Laker lures the Slender Man away from her, encountering scrunched up paper notes sets of hollow area with vague warnings before having all his bones contort and break on him. Finally gaining reception on her about to die phone Tara calls the police and leaves a message for an unknown recipient, she then whilst hiding in a cubicle is suddenly seized by the mostly unseen slender man and is killed as the entire toilet area collapses.

Meanwhile, in Calabasas, California high school graduates Brodie Sloane and Lily Roseman a former couple gather their friends, Lily's gymnast best friend Maya, Brodie's best friend Matthew, Matthew's constant companion Patrick and mutual friend and Australian born guitarist Abbey Rice.

Brodie has a plan for their high school finish trip to do a Eurotrip beginning with Berlin but need a little extra funding and have two spots.

On Abbey's suggestion they travel to local college gay bar Try-Angle and meet up with friend Bennett Trainor a college tutor and night time entertainment drag queen by the stage name of Dromana Taylor. Dromana's saved college tuition and family money ties help ensure their funding plus a spot filled, the final place taken by Maya's older college drop out ex-boyfriend and current mechanic Gray.

The group then become delayed in a sabotaged flightplan by Brodie and an assisting Patrick to arrive instead in Northern Germany in the village of Holz Tod.

There they settle in to a local open for stay village home and become acquainted with withdrawn villagers and the mythology of the Slender Man among many other local demon and spirit legends including the Rake.

Overnight various belongings of theirs disappear and after a planned woods hike proposed by Brodie and a reluctant Patrick, Abbey disappears.

The group frantically tries to locate her and consults with the local police who do not offer proper assistance within the time frame constraints of her apparent disappearance and divulge to the others that fellow Calabasas seniors Laker Stein and Tara Ren had previously came here, caused a stir amongst the community and departed.

A furious Lily and the others confront Brodie and Patrick, causing Patrick to reveal the trip set up as a fun graduation trip before separate future endeavours and an attempt at picking up on Tara and Laker's exploration into creepypasta related legend stuff such as pop culture's Slender Man.

The group back up ready to leave and wait out the period of 48 hours to see if Abbey returns, prepared to contact her parents if she doesn't and return to the police.

As night falls Brodie out of concern and guilt for the missing Abbey and his manipulation of the trip decides to throw up and pack like the others until he sees pictures on the walls unseen before depicting children and slender man.

Comparing his phone and search results of Slender Man and the children he sees a correlation with the 4chan and CreepyPasta site stories.

Lily and Maya discover the wall concealed bodies of Tara and Laker and Matthew is killed in front of Patrick by the Slender Man, which in the billiard room suctions him into the air and causes his body to twist and wring itself, killing him instantly.

Patrick is then killed before the others can get to him as the slender man transforms into a rabid white dog humanoid version of itself (The Rake) and disembowels Patrick.

Patrick's blood runs under the billiard room door and proceeds to go against gravity, rising up in endless streams.

As Gray breaks into the billiard room it smashes apart in a concussive blast of furniture and destruction.

Maya calls the police and the remaining group gather outside armed with kitchen knives and an upstairs musket Gray acquired awaiting the authorities.

Slender Man distorts reality and separates the group inducing frightening hallucinations relating to each of their personal issues.

Lily, Maya and Gray are able to save Brodie from being killed by the Slender Man who separates him to the house pool area and almost drowns him the way he almost did as a boy.

Drag Queen companion Dromana in full make-up remains at the precinct in the meantime of all this and rewatches the video of a previous gig assault on YouTube when attacked by homophobic patrons. Slender Man has all present officers in the waiting area come under control and in homophobic rage attack with their batons in a circle beat Ben/Dromana to death.

The officer escorting the others to the precinct receives the patch in from the other controlled others of their killing of Dromana and the others discover he intends to under the Slender Man's control attempt the same. Gray and Brodie kick the divider in the car as Lily and Maya break the windows. The car crashes in brutal fashion and as a result controlled Officer Ludwig dies.

Gray is severely injured in the crash and begins to bleed out.

They flee into the woods and stop at the Lovers Rock titled rock cliff portion the group hiked earlier. The Slender Man appears and causes by a form of extreme biokinesis Gray to bleed out almost instantly to death.

Lily is knocked down a rock embankment and bashes her disorientating her vision. As Brodie tries to lure Slender Man away Maya with her gymnastic skills tries to scale the cliff itself to the other side, she is killed as the Slender man causes her to hallucinate at the last grabbing the wrong section and falls to her death.

Brodie tries to with Gray's musket shoot the Slender Man and Lily getting to her feet stumbles to Abbey who was left for dead with what seemed to fatal wounds amongst the shrubs of the rocky area.

Brodie incapacitates the Slender Man long enough to be grabbed by the others and three make it back to the house.

There in the basement starting a fire to destroy it as it returns for them at the house Brodie is killed after being drowned in a shallow pool in the basement.

As the explosion is about to take again rapid collapses caused by the Slender Man claim the life of Lily.

Abbey is able to among fiery debris crawl to safety as the sun rises and she sees the Slender Man become it's rake incarnation again and return to the woods.

Paramedics and uncontrolled officers tend to Abbey completely unaware of what has happened despite their first hand encounters confirming the clippings compiled by Tara and Laker, that the entity fills a quota of young deaths and moves on to other areas across the globe, wiping the memory of all surrounding sentient life.

As Abbey returns to Melbourne, Australia having moved from Calabasas in the year since what has transpired, she hears of several missing Victorian children and a Melbourne couple, implying that it has begun again.


  • Peyton Meyer as Brodie Sloane
  • Zendaya as Lily Roseman
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Grayham 'Gray' Bridges
  • Brian McCook/Katya Zamolodchikova as Dromana Taylor/Bennet Trainor
  • Genevieve Hannelius as Maya Saunders
  • Shawn Mendes as Matthew Stares
  • Jacob Batalon as Patrick Lu
  • Lara Robinson as Abbey Rice
  • Olivia Sui as Tara Ren


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