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Sleepybye is A 2015 Shires Junior Show. It is about Four Live Action Costume Animal Hybrids learning how to make dreams and also play in a band. It premiered in September 7, 2015.


Each season brings Something different for the four main characters that run a band.

Season 1 only takes place around The Sky High Town of Sleepybye. Season 2 takes place all around the world, with numerous guest stars that are voiced by Celebreties. Season 3 and Season 4 take place in the newly opened Show Stage where everyone Around the world comes to visit.

Season 2 also gives guest stars a chance for characters other than Zonkey and his band to sing. One example would be The Huahuaotes from Mexico that we’re Ladybear’s childhood friends.

But between the Real Story going on, there would always be animated stories, each animated in different styles.

In all seasons, the episode would wrap up with a song called “Sleepybye and Sweet Dreams”, which during an instrumental verse The Characters would talk about their favorite part of the show.


Main and Recurring Costumes and Puppets

  • Zonkey (costume performed by Matt Vogel, voiced by Lara Jill Miller (speaking) and Tara Strong (singing)
  • Ladybear (costume performed by Peter Linz, voiced by Veronica Taylor (speaking) and Renee Elise Goldsberry (singing)
  • Sheepdog (costume performed by Dave Goelz, voiced by Nika Futterman (speaking and singing)
  • Hycheetah (costume performed by David Rudman, no voice because character was mute)
  • Skunkalo (costume Performed by Eric Jacobson, voiced by Will Ferrell)
  • Peacockpine (performed and voiced by Eric Jacobson)
  • Giralien (Costume Performed by David Rudman, voiced by Bill West)
  • Deaver (Puppet Performed by Sarah Shires, voiced by Ben Diskin)
  • Baby Buppy (Puppet Performed by Tyler Bunch, voiced by Tara Strong)


  • Mrs. Magica (portrayed by Megan Hilty)
  • Dr. Boneman (portrayed by Will Sasso)


Season 1

  1. First Day at Dream School
  2. Joyride on the Class Bus
  3. The Dreamstealer
  4. A Tale of Two Different Creatures
  5. Zonkey Gets Sick
  6. Dance of Peacockpine
  7. Sleeping Sheepdog
  8. Where Hybrids Come From
  9. The Sleepybye News
  10. Ladybear’s Pet
  11. Why Hycheetah Doesn’t Talk
  12. Sheepdog’s Sadness
  13. Everyone is Special
  14. Different is Good
  15. Band Feud
  16. Hycheetah’s New Friend
  17. The Haunted Ghostetan
  18. Thankful to Be Together
  19. The Christmas Performance
  20. New Years Musical

Season 2

  1. Flight Delay
  2. Old Town Hybrids
  3. Skunkalo Goes to Sweden
  4. Memories of Mexixo
  5. Opposites Attract
  6. Thief of The Italian Food
  7. The Squabbling Country
  8. A Canadian Hero
  9. Down The River
  10. Romantic Atmosphere


  • The reason why this show was rated TV Y-7 is because Hycheetah got constantly injured during the show.
  • Every night on the Shires Junior Channel Ever Since the day of the show’s debut, the Sleepybye and Sweet Dreams Song would be played and show characters from the other shows Sleeping.

Characters Sleeping to The Ending Song from The Show