Sleeping Princess is a 1958 animated feature produced by Michael Shires Pictures and Pentagon Distribution and originally released to theaters on September 25, 1958. The film spent nearly the entire decade of the 1950s in production: the story work began in 1950, voices were recorded in 1951, animation production took from 1952 until 1957, and the stereophonic musical score was recorded in 1956.


Storyteller Sara (Andrina Casselotti) tells the story of A Young Bat named Lollipop (Daws Butler) helloing Three Hummingbirds and A Prince wake up a Princess.

Voice Cast:


  1. I Remember You - Princess Akita
  2. Hummingbird Lullaby - The Good Hummingbirds
  3. Walking On Air - Chorus
  4. Sleeping Princess - Chorus


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