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Sleepaway Camp is a 2007 American Horror-Comedy film and remake to the franchise of the same name. It stars Tom Holland. A sequel called Sleepaway Camp: Reunion. It is liked by so many people who are bullied and it's declared one of the best horror comedies of all time.


A 13-year-old orphan is attending camp but is bulled by campers and abused by counselors. Then they take it too far and intend on making his life very hard. However, he starts fighting back.


In 1997, 7-year-old Peter Baker (Thomas Robinson) is having a summer vacation with his parents (Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow). However, they encounter a serial killer called Ripper (Raul Esparza), who robbed a store and killed the clerk. John Baker tries to drive away in reverse but is shot in the head while Mrs. Baker is dragged onto the side of the road and her throat is slit with a knife. Ripper tries to kill Peter but Detective Chapman (Frank Grillo) shoots him from behind and saves Peter. The cop is left comforting the devastated boy. Alan is adopted by the Chapmans and renamed Alan. However, he is abused by his older step-brother Eddie Chapman (Devon Bostick) but he is protected and cared for by his step sister Angela Chapman (Chloe Grace-Moretz). However when he tries to be alone in a room, the babysitter Megan (Zendaya) sexually abuses him but this causes him to run away from her and into Angela's comforting arms.

6 years later after the tragic incident, 13-year-old Alan Chapman (Freddie Highmore) is invited to attend Camp Arawak with Angela (Emma Stone). When he gets there, he develops a crush on Karen (Samara Weaving) but she doesn't return the feelings and is dating Paul (Stephen Amell), who beats up Alan for being attracted to Karen. Also, Eddie bullies him with encouragement of sociopathic teenager Teague (Avan Jogia), who was never convicted of killing his own baby brother in the past in fear of being replaced. Other bullies include the rough house Billy (Joshua Ballard), the peeping tom Emilio (Samuel Patrick Cho), and the belching Spaz (Bryce Hodgson). However, a beautiful counselor Petey (Elizabeth Olsen) stops this and protects him.

At the mess hall, Frank Chapman (Thom Mathews), now sergeant, is the head counselor and starts introducing the other campers: a 14-year-old obese boy named Rowley (Robert Capron), a 15-year-old stuttering boy named Gregory (Zachary Gordon), and a 13-year-old foul-mouthed but kind hearted and very funny boy named Fregley (Grayson Russell). The other counselors include: the snobby rich kid named Mark (Benjamin Diskin), a thuggish urban-raised teenager named Griff (Zeno Robinson), abusive racist Ken (Robbie Daymond), his angry wife Tiffany (Natalie Portman), the tough looking but friendly Tony (Mark Wahlberg), the shy girl Marcia (Leslie Mann) and the love seeking Meg (Emma Watson). However, an fight starts when Griff rudely burps and calls Tony a racist term but this is stopped by Frank.

At the boy's cabin, everyone starts unpacking but Alan just stays silent. However, Petey walks in and decides to know Alan a bit more, secretly having a crush on him.

At dinner, they start hanging out but Alan doesn't eat the chicken, causing Ken to make him eat it until Frank stops him. Alan goes into the kitchen to get ice cream from Charlie (Cle Bennett) but the chef gets him taken care of by Mickey (Brendan Fraser), who annoys Charlie by not taking out the garbage and is also disliked by Alan for laziness and child abuse. Alan is about to eat ice cream but Mickey starts shoving it in his face. Before Alan could leave, he gets assaulted with eggs by Mickey but manages to stop the fight by throwing a meat clever. When the counselors come, a crying Alan runs out of the kitchen and Petey goes to comfort him while Frank scolds Mickey for his actions.

At a hideout that Alan makes and starts showing a look that he hates the camp, he is comforted by Petey and is encouraged by her to try and stand up for himself. When she's gone, Alan thinks about it and shows a vengeful look.

At the kitchen, Mickey is making dinner for himself and mocks the kids but Alan lifts him up by his legs and dips his head into the boiling grease/oil, scaling him.

Outside, he throws the body into a dumpster and has it destroyed.

At his cabin, Alan is at first shocked by the first kill but starts to like it and finds a way to get rid of bullies.

At night, he comes to the social and goes by himself but T.C. (Robbie Amell) drags him towards the older campers, who pick on him while Karen starts to seduce him. However, Mark cruelly calls him a "urgent" for not having any parents, causing him to angrily leave only to run into a dangerous killing prank by Teague, who is using deodorant and a lighter to make a flamethrower. However, Karen stops this and doesn't want Alan to get killed so she has Petey take him to his cabin while they are urging Teague to stop because Teague lost his baby brother to a pillow suffocating, which is revealed to not be an accident.

After the social, Alan secretly programs an animatronic clown to go into the sewers. Mark walks by but notices the clown holding some cash. Mark decides to get it but his arm is grabbed and ripped off. Whimpering in pain, he tries crawling away but is dragged into the sewers by the clown. Teague hears the screams and decides to enter the sewers to investigate. He uses his flamethrower as a flashlight but gets scared at seeing dead zombies. Running in fear, he stops at dead end and uses a fire poker as a weapon but only for the animatronic clown to appear and charge at a screaming Teague, eating him alive.

The next morning, Teague and Mark are reported missing but a few people don't seem to volunteer finding them. However, Griff is attempting to find his rich friend and Eddie is suspicious of Teague's disappearance.

At a sports ground, Alan sees his friends get in a fight with Billy but manages to stop the fight only to get punched in return.

At the beach, Tiffany starts abusing him by violently shaking him to make him talk but Tony stops this and is upset at her.

At the boys cabin, Tiffany blames Alan for getting her into trouble and starts to insult him but Petey stands up to her and slaps her. Alan just decides to go outside to avoid being caught in a conflict.

Outside, he sees Angela getting hit with water balloons by Billy, causing her to start cursing up a storm at him.

In the boys restroom, Billy goes into a stall but Alan locks it from the outside and then goes outside to a netted window to dump a bee hive in the stall. A panicking Billy yells "Not the Bees" as he is stung to death by them, much to Alan's amusement.

At night, he encounters Meg and she takes him into the woods. However, she corners a him towards a tree and molests him but he suffers a flashback about what she used to him in the past and he quickly leaves in disgust. On the way, he finds Griff's tent but sees him looking at a playboy magazine that has an edited picture of Angela on it and saying more racist terms. Angered by the picture and those offensive remarks, Alan does something about it. He distracts him by throwing a tape recording him singing about Griff's death in a disguised girl voice. Griff gets confused by it but Alan takes two spikes off the tent. Griff angrily reaches his hand out but Alan pins it down to the ground with the first spike. After attacking Griff with a stick, Alan pins his head with a spike, killing him. He then takes the tape to remove evidence.

The next day, Alan somehow manage to report what Meg did to him and he is comforted by Marcia while Tony talks to Frank about it. He walks along across the camp but sees Karen purposefully making out with Paul, upsetting him. However, Karen sees him and tries to explain but Alan runs away from them in sadness.

At the beach, Petey comforts him over that but when she's gone, Meg (who is upset from being told on) picks up Alan and helps the bullies prank him by throwing him into the water while planning to make a fake rescue so she can have him. However, Petey gets Alan out of the water and they go to Alan's hideout.

At his hideout, she comforts him but they find his pet frogs skinned alive. Then Eddie comes out with a bloody knife and evily laughing. An angry Petey calls Eddie a psycho and wants him to stay away from Alan but Alan's friends saves Alan by winning a rock war with Eddie, who gets a bloody gash on his head and vows revenge.

At night in the social, the bullies talk Karen into a prank and she agrees to it since she doesn't share Alan's feelings. When Alan appears, Karen tricks him into coming with her onto the stage but when the stage light operates, they dump pig's blood on him. A humiliated Alan sobs as everyone laughs at him, including an unremorseful Karen. However, Petey takes him off the stage while angrily calling the audience monsters for their behavior and Frank angrily demands to know who did that prank.

At the counselor's cabin, Petey and Angela comforts Alan over the prank but everyone starts seeing Angela as a killer because how she cares about Alan. However, Karen and the abusive campers start calling him, "Bloody Carrie" and she cruelly reveals that she doesn't love him nor does she ever want to befriend him. Having enough of this, an angry Alan marches outside and angrily yells "F**K YOU", much to everyone's shock. Terrified, he runs away from everyone, causing Tony and Marcia to go find him while Frank angrily grounds everyone for their behavior and Angela headbutts Karen in a fit of rage.

At Tony and Marcia's cabin, an angry Alan decides he's had enough and decides to do something about this. However, Tony and Marcia find him but he convinces them to go on a date while he protects himself. When Petey sees him, she confesses her feelings to him and he accepts her. They then see some singing campers and dance to them singing "Joy To The World." Once she leaves, he makes a promise that when he's done with his work, he'll retire and spend more time with other people like her.

While Ken and Tiffany are in their room, they start making on the bed but a bored and annoyed Alan grabs a spear and impales them with it.

At T.C.'s cabin, Alan hides under the floor boards and catches T.C. reading a porno magazine. Irritated by the pervert, he stabs with a big, pointy wooden stick, getting his attention. A laughing Spaz (Bryce Hodgson) returns in girls' undergarment but only to see his friend freaked out and they take turns looking at it. When it is gone, T.C. looks again only to get his right eye stabbed with the stick. He starts screaming until it hits a wall and further impales his eye, killing him as Spaz watches and screams in horror.

At Meg's cabin, she takes a shower but hears Alan coming in. Thinking he wants her, she invites him in but only to be stabbed by him with a knife several times until she dies of blood loss. When Eddie finds her, he is angered and depressed by this that he blames Angela and plans to kill her.

When Angela's out looking for Alan, Eddie grabs her and tries to get help from Spaz and Emilio (Samuel Patrick Cho) only to find them throat slit and tied to a window. Angrily blaming Angela, he then kidnaps her and takes her to Alan's hideout but they are being watched by Alan, who follows them.

Once they get to the place, he starts physically and verbally abusing her with croquet mallet and ignores her pleas of mercy but Alan luckily comes to the rescue and breaks Eddie's arm with a brick. Finally having a chance to stop this madness, the angry Alan pushes Eddie towards the end of the cliff, causing the now screaming abuser to fall to his death on a tree. Alan then shoots a flare gun in the air to get everyone's attention and have them call an ambulance.

At a boathouse, Karen confronts Alan and wants him to help her but she finds out he's the killer because he's pretending to be his childhood self Peter Baker and he starts informing her of his past while also having to suffer abuse for being a lonely orphan. Realizing that she's next because she mistreated him and rejected him, she tries to reason with him but he refuses to listen. She tries to run away but gets her back slashed. Paul hears the commotion and goes to help but gets decapitated with an axe, much to her horror. She then starts crawling away but Alan grabs her and then throat slits her before throwing her body into the lake. As her body floats, he says good night to her and makes her give him a kiss smear on his face. Then he uses some gloves to put some of Karen's fingerprints on the weapons and stages the massacre, framing Karen in the process but he decides to take credit for Eddie's death since it was self-defense. He then burns the gloves and forges her handwriting to make a fake suicide note. Once he sees Petey coming, he puts a padlock on a bedroom door but is forced to walk on a roof until he reaches the window of the bedroom. Once he's inside, he pretends to be a sole survivor that was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by Karen before being lift in a bed. When Tony and Marcia come back from their date to find the bodies, Petey screams in horror, believes his story, and runs to the locked room but Tony helps her break the lock and she goes in the bedroom to comfort Alan.

When they get back to camp and are in Tony and Marcia's room, ambulances have arrived and Tony is in the upstairs hallway talking to the officers about planning to inform the families about this horrible event while Alan secretly smiles at not getting caught but hears about a survivor. He then looks out the window to sees it's Angela but she gives him a thumbs up, much to his glee. Then Petey hugs him from behind and they just watch in happiness and relief as Angela is taken away in a ambulance. Then they smile at each other and share a kiss. (Joy To The World by Pentatonix is played in the end credits)

In the mid credits after Petey has gotten over the incident and is calmed down in the morning, Alan then asks Petey if she can spend time with him so they can not remember the massacre and she kindly accepts as she gives him a hug and kiss, much to his happiness. (Ain't We Got Fun by Peggy Lee is played in the second end credits)

In the post credits at night, Alan and Petey are sleeping with each other but hear loud music coming from her annoying ex-boyfriend Ryce. However, they smirk when they hear a recovered Angela breaking his radio and yelling at him to get out of here or they'll call the cops. They go back to sleep but Alan mumbles about forgetting to kill him, much to her agreement.


  • Freddie Highmore as Alan Chapman/Peter Baker - A quiet boy who suffers abuse from campers and counselors. However, he has a second personality who kills his abusers. Alan is also declared of the most tragic heroes of all time and the fangirls considered him to be the most precious cinnamon roll throughout the whole movie.
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Petey - A beautiful teenage counselor who protects Alan and has a crush on him.
  • Emma Stone as Angela Chapman - Alan's adoptive older sister.
  • Devon Bostick as Eddie Chapman - Alan's 18-year-old sadistic and abusive adoptive older brother who hates and bullies him.
  • Bryce Hodgson as Spaz - Emilio's best-friend.
  • Samuel Patrick Cho as Emilio - Spaz's best-friend.
  • Emma Watson as Meg - A pedophile counselor who has a crush on Alan and would do anything to get his attention.
  • Avan Jogia as Teague - Eddie's psychopathic best friend who encourages the bullying and takes part in it.
  • Natalie Portman as Tiffany - An abusive counselor.
  • Joshua Ballard as Billy - The third member of the bullies but has Entomophobia (fear of insects), due to a severe bee allergy.
  • Benjamin Diskin as Mark - A snobby rich counselor.
  • Zeno Robinson as Griff - A street gang member.
  • Robbie Daymond as Ken - An abusive and racist counselor.
  • Samara Weaving as Karen - A popular blonde camper who Alan has a crush on but she betrays him by pranking him. This makes her a target of the killing spree.
  • Stephen Amell as Paul - Karen's boyfriend who also pranks Alan. He is also a target of the killing spree.
  • Brendan Fraser as Mickey


  • Alan - Gets away with the murders and dates Petey.
  • Petey - Dates Alan.
  • Angela - Taken to the hospital.
  • The other nice campers - Comforted over the tragedy.
  • Tony - Dates Marcia but finds the dead bodies and talks with the police about it.
  • Marcia - Dates Tony but finds the dead bodies and helps comfort Alan over it.
  • Frank - Possibly informed of the tragedy but disowns Eddie.


  • Mr. Gordon - Shot in the gut, stomach, and head by Ripper (flashback).
  • John Baker - Shot in the head by Ripper (flashback).
  • Mrs. Baker - Throat slit with a knife by Ripper (flashback).
  • Ripper - Shot in the back of the abdomen, chest, and head by Detective Chapman (flashback).
  • Mickey - Dipped into a giant pan of boiling grease for being lazy, ill-tempered, assaulting Alan, and neglecting his job.
  • Mark - Arm ripped off for being greedy, nearly killing Rowley with his car, insulting Tony's sick mother, and calling Alan an urgent. He was later dragged into the sewers.
  • Teague - Eaten alive (off-camera) by an animatronic clown in the sewers after being grabbed by it for killing his own baby brother in the past, sexually harassing little pre-teen girls, and for almost killing Alan in a dangerous prank.
  • Billy - Stung to death by bees for starting fights with kids and assaulting Angela with water balloons.
  • Griff - Attacked in his tent, hand pinned with a tent spike, and his head is pinned with the spike for being rude, racist, selfish, anti-social, and starting a fight with Tony.
  • Ken and Tiffany - Impaled with a spear to the bed because Ken made racist remarks towards the chef and also both Ken and Tiffany abused Alan
  • T.C. - Right eye stabbed with a big, pointy stick for pranking Alan, giving him the nickname "Bloody Carrie", and reading a porno magazine.
  • Meg - Stabbed to death while she's taking a shower for molesting Alan and also throwing Alan into the water so she can have all to herself. Her body is found by Eddie, who becomes angered and depressed.
  • Spaz and Emilio - Throat slit (off-screen) for committing a panty raid. Also, Spaz burped in people's faces while Emilio was a peeping tom.
  • Eddie Chapman - Falls to his death in a geyser pit after his arm is broken for abusing Alan, assaulting Angela, and committing animal cruelty. This was also to save Angela. His body is later found boiled by the hot steaming water.
  • Paul - Decapitated with an axe for pranking Alan and sometimes beating him up.
  • Karen - Back slashed and throat slit with knife for betraying and pranking Alan.


  • Freddie Highmore received a 2007 movie award for best killer.
  • This is one of the only horror films where the killer is the good guy. In the trailer, it was advertised to make him look like a survivor while the bullies are the killers.
  • Emma Watson didn't like what her character did and apologized to Freddie Highmore, who didn't mind since it was acting but he did secretly get mad at her and tried staying away from her. Since then, he developed a dislike for her and seems to fear her.
  • Devon Bostick and Avan Jogia were not to fond of their characters and were actually relieved when their characters died.
  • Zeno Robinson made a public apology to all race cultures for his character's racial and offensive comments.
  • The film had a lot of bloopers with how the actors feel about Freddie Highmore and couldn't bring themselves to be so horrible to him but eventually manage to and decided to give a positive review on the movie to make him feel better. They also couldn't resist laughing or in the actress' case giggling at his funny moments.


It got over infinity positive reviews from those who were bullied (mostly Brandon Keffer-Robalik) and it was declared one of the most fan favorite horror movies of all time.

T.V. Tropes

  • Adaptational Heroism: Unlike the original Angela, Alan doesn't go as far as to kill innocent people for either self-defense or a disguise. Sure, he had the chance to kill Angela when she was wounded and couldn't fight back but decided to use a flare gun to signal for help and didn't care if anyone knows about his killing spree, as long as there safe. He also choose to spare Ryce because he didn't hate him that much and instead found him only annoying but then thinks he forgot to kill him. Also unlike his Earth-Prime inspiration Luke Lerner, Alan does not act Pure Evil and is actually more sympathetic.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Unlike her 2008 counterpart, Karen is more selfish and manipulative than her and when she pranks Alan, she doesn't show any remorse nor does she even apologize. Instead, she's just using Alan for her own gain and to control him. The same thing goes to Paul as he was also nicer in the original adaption but in the remake is now a unsympathetic brute whose death was well deserving.
  • A**hole Victims: All of Alan's murder victims are this trope since they are nothing but a much of unsympathetic brats who underestimated an intelligent orphan boy who has seen murders before. They're their own reason for why he killed them. Eddie and Teague are the worst since they are completely evil psychos with any redeeming qualities.
  • Anti-Hero: Despite having a good excuse, Alan has still murdered over 14 people and a little bit showed no remorse over it but to be justified, he did look like he was giving them a chance to change their ways but they still are horrible and beyond redemption.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: However, Alan's actions are justified and for good intentions. Also, Ripper did successfully turned Alan into a serial killer but didn't fully win because Alan had became better than him.
  • Big Bad: The Bullies but mostly Eddie Chapman.
  • Bigger Bad: The Ripper. If he hadn't did what he did, then Alan wouldn't kill his bullies.
  • Complete Monster: Eddie and Teague are both sociopathic bullies whose antics are not only dangerous but could kill people. Like for example, they have no problem want to kill their siblings who are younger than them as Teague murdered his infant brother and Eddie tried to kill his own younger sister but luckily, they got their well deserved deaths and don't get any sympathy. Not even their actors like them. The same can be said for Ripper, who just killed innocent people and turned an innocent surviving child into a vengeful vigilante who also goes on a killing spree. However, the lucky difference is while the Ripper murders innocent people, Alan only targets bad people who commit unforgiveable acts and don't show remorse for it.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Alan managed to kill all the bullies, framed Karen, got away with it, saved Angela, and finally got Petey as a girlfriend.
    • Bittersweet Ending: However, it's revealed in the sequel that he turns himself in and is living with the guilt of now being a murderer. Yes, he is easily forgiven because his victims started it but he also realizes that he still shouldn't have murdered them.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Despite being a manipulative b***h, Karen was disgusted by Teague's sociopathic antics and she also felt bad for Alan when she heard he was molested by Meg. She might be bad but not that bad.
  • Karma Houdini: Alan has so far killed all of the bullies and hasn't left any survivors. He then also manages to frame Karen for the murders and is seen as the sole survivor of the killing spree. However, he is mentioned to have confessed to his crimes in the sequel but only gets therapy and is not punished since his actions are understandable. Heck, they even hire him as a camp counselor.
  • Protagonist Villain: On top of being the serial killer, Alan is also the protagonist of the film.
  • Tearjerker: When he sees his parents get murdered by a criminal and since he's just a little kid who is bullied by a bunch of older jerks who think it's funny that he's an orphan, it's really hard not to feel bad for him.

Why It Rocks

  • This film is very truthful about how people are bullied and that some bullies would do criminal things to torment their victim.
  • Alan is a likeable and very understandable protagonist with a tragic and sympathetic backstory. His parents were killed by a criminal right in front of him when he was 7 years old and he was molested by his babysitter Megan. The whole movie also showed him getting bullied for being an orphan and how he's finally snapping at it. In his defense, the bullies are kind of criminals and they haven't been punished by adults for their behavior. Anyone could understand why Alan punishes the bullies. He's also very adorable and he spares innocent people who didn't do anything wrong.
  • The romance between Alan and Petey is very likeable and adorable; despite the age gap.
  • Alan's friends, real parents, adoptive father and sister, and the kind-hearted counselors are very likeable.
  • The part where Billy says Not The Bees during his death is very funny and it's understandable why even Alan laughs at that because he possibly knows the reference.
  • Watching Petey slap Tiffany in the face was very satisfying to see and shows how much she cares about Alan.
  • The head cook is also very likeable and his anger towards Mickey is very understandable since he keeps telling the guy to take out the garbage due to it attracting rats in the kitchen. He also defended Alan from Mickey and understood the kid's annoyance towards Mickey.
  • The deaths of all the unlikeable people is very satisfying to see because of the bad things they've done.

Bad Qualities

  • Watching Alan get bullied is very hard to see and it's disturbing how the bullying became worst.
  • The bullies and abusive counselors are very unlikeable and they deserve their deaths. The bullies act more like criminals instead of normal bullies. The abusive counselors don't even stop it but instead, they take part in it.
  • Eddie and Teague as the most hated bullies as they are actually criminals and their bullying antics are very illegal.
  • Plot Holes: "Where did Alan get the murder tools from?", "Why did the camp have a dangerous thug around as a counselor?", "Why aren't Eddie and Teague in jail for what they've done?", and "How did the bad people with criminal records managed to be invited to the camp?"
  • Despite the understandable reasons, many people don't see Alan's actions as excusable.